You can stick your shirt Roger Johnson, say Wolves fans

As the Wolves players threw their shirts into the crowd at Brighton, the fans delivered a snub to Roger Johnson who has become a symbol of the club’s decline. Tim Nash reports.

Roger Johnson has disgraced the Wolves shirt so much he couldn’t even give his away – as boss Dean Saunders vowed to bring in a new breed of hungry players.

The £4m defender joined all of his team-mates – apart from the disgruntled Jamie O’Hara – in applauding the 2,000-strong sell-out travelling contingent at the Amex Stadium after the 2-0 defeat to Brighton which confirmed Wolves’ ‘double-dip’ relegation to League One.

Like several players, including captain Kevin Doyle, Stephen Hunt, Bakary Sako and the tearful George Elokobi, Johnson offered his jersey to supporters behind the goal as a souvenir, while clapping the fans.

But while fans snapped up the other players’ shirts, no-one wanted the No.14 which has been worn with little distinction since Johnson’s big-money move from Birmingham almost two years ago.

O’Hara was the only Wolves player not to acknowledge the fans after turning his back on them at the final whistle and storming from the field. The fans furiously turned on him when he remained on the turf behind the goal, punching the ground as play continued, before sarcastically raising his thumb when they chanted ‘£40,000-a-week, you’re having a laugh’.

Even Brighton’s fans joined in and sided with Wolves supporters, chanting ‘You stupid b------s, you’ve let your fans down’.

O’Hara was only back in the team following a three-match ban after he was sent off for violent conduct for shoving Huddersfield midfielder Keith Southern in the throat.

Johnson has plenty of ‘previous’ controversy with Wolves and the fans. After being dropped from the team and stripped of the captaincy by then boss Terry Connor, he infamously turned up for training showing the effects of alcohol following the 5-0 defeat at Fulham on March 4, 2012. Later that month he was involved in an angry clash with goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey then goaded fans from the touchline in the last game of the season at Wigan, applauding the Latics supporters when Wolves’ shouted abuse at him.

Last month, he petulantly kicked at an advertising hoarding after Kevin Doyle’s winning goal against Bristol City, then argued with protesting fans who invaded the pitch against Burnley last week.

Johnson, who was the club’s top earner on £42,000-a-week when they were in the Premier League, is one of the players Saunders will look to move on this summer, if he gets the go-ahead to carry on from chairman Steve Morgan.

And he repeated former boss Mick McCarthy’s pledge to build a young and hungry side.

“We need hungry players who will be delighted to play for Wolves and will roll their sleeves up and have no mental baggage,” said the boss.

“There is so much damage that’s been done mentally to the players that it will be hard to put it right. However I do it, I’ve just got to get the right culture at the club and build a team that works for its wages where they all want to win and they’re proud to play for Wolves.

“I want players who feel so lucky to be here and believe what I’m telling them.

“I need to get players into the club who are proud to wear the shirt and I need to get the culture right at the club.”

Saunders took 20 points from his 20 games in charge after being appointed in January.

But he appears confident of his chances of keeping his job.

“I’ve got a contract and no-one has said anything different to me,” said the boss, who has a rolling 12-month deal.

“I’ve been here since January and haven’t been able to get my team on the pitch yet.

“I’ll sit down with Steve and Jez Moxey in the next few days and start looking at things.

“I’ve got targets in mind to bring into the club.”

“It’s been difficult, because we didn’t know which league we’d be in.

“We’ve discussed it briefly, and we’ll have more discussions in the next couple of days.”

Did you turn down the chance to take Roger Johnson's Wolves shirt? Get in touch - email

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Comments for: "You can stick your shirt Roger Johnson, say Wolves fans"


There was a little child by me who wanted it- he was maybe 7 or 8. Sadly he could not be seen behind the police and stewards and also was unheard behind some of our moronic fans.

Johnson went up in my estimation on Saturday for that gesture- it showed he was man enough to take the criticism ( and surely it is the useless Saunders who the criticism lies with fior picking him instead of Danny Batth) and still come over and offer his shirt.

Jamie O' Hara was probably already on his way to Gatwick at the final whistle.

DIss Gruntled

Saunders MUST go. He's USELESS!!!!!!

Billys tights

Sling your hook Saunders.

Wolf At gate

I spent a few days in Brighton, and went to the match, and If anyone wants to retain Saunders after that, then you need your bumps felt. Hunt & Siggy on the bench. Elokobi starting in place of Robinson, no motivation, no tactics, no heart, no plan - nothing. Sako & O'Hara playing when not fit. Even the Brighton fans, were asking us, why our team did not have a go !This guy has nothing to give to Wolves and has proved it time and time and time again ! Yet another so called must win match, and we put out a team who could not get out of a wet paper bag.

Tipton Wolves

I have your shirt then Johnson if you want me too cos he may not be the best defender in the world but he did head in some goals and heading assists I think. I don't think Johnson deserves this much of the blame as other defenders were as fault too cos a lot of the times the defence were too busy ball watching letting oppontments forwards get the ball and scoring goals unmarked when we needed our men to get behind the opposement men and also defends as a unit. We also had central defence midfielders like Henry, Davis and Doumbia (although a bit physical and reckless at times) who could help out the defence. We need defence who are strong with nerve of steel that can defends in a more organise and unified sort of way instead instead of wing backs relying on wingers to help them out so bye bye Ward and Foley.

General Mayhem

“I want players who feel so lucky to be here and believe what I’m telling them."

Try Parkhurst, that's full of the criminally insane!


IF the players are the problem then they should be held responsible for getting us back to at least the championship.

Keep em here and let them play in Division one!

How humiliating will that be.

Nice to see Morg has one tie.

Johnson can at times play well and should be kept.

Make sure all the players get rid of those multi-coloured tatoos. Are they celebs? Nah, they are footie players with big cars that is all.

Nurses, Doctors, teachers, firepeople, street cleaners etc they are the REAL celebs of Wolverhampton.

They at least work hard for their money.

Stowells Finger Tip

Absolutely brilliant,I love it.What a better way to say we don't want you here anymore.This blokes been nothing but a bad apple since the day he arrived,get shot ASAP even if it means taking a loss.Let him go and infest some other team,whoever he goes to I'll be following with great interest next season.Just to see if he turns them from contenders to no hopers.

The Voice of Reason

Saunders is not wanted here. Get him out.


all 3 of you talk rubbish why dont you do us all a favour


I would have taken your shirt Roger - sorry I couldn't be there. I think you are one of the few players who has given 100%+ this season.




So basically Saunders is saying the current squad don't want to be here???

Well guess what???

We don't want them either, anyone that doesn't want to be here please go, don't where the shirt, don't pick the wages up, don't hang around, just go!!!










Can all go, with pleasure.






Have all showed a desire to play for the club, but their lavish terms will need cutting. But these players along with these









Could be the basis of a decent squad for next seasons promotion push. Under a new management team, Phil Neville, player/coach & Greame Souness, Director of Football






Jeez, Saunders talks absolute garbage - get rid now, he's clueless.


Wise words Deano, i just want to see you do it, O'hara should be one of the first out of the door or window which ever is nearest.However he's got the cheek to pick up his wages amazes me, get rid soonest.COME ON WOLVES.

paul davo

The clear out needs to happen asap and that includes Saunders, 20 points from 20 games is a disgrace, Bring in D of F right away, this week and stop all the bad luck bull thats come out of the club already, Appoint a top man and stop making excuses Morgan you are boss so act like one and get it done now , 1st to go is Moxey, he has to take a large slice of the blame 2 relegations and a massive loss of money, next up the top earners such as O:Hara Johnson,Henry, have to move on not just for the way they let the fans down, but we no longer can pay the wages they are on, Give the players no holidays in the summer make them train or if injured report to the club every day in person, BE hard on them thats what they deserve, that way there reps will get them out asap, then we can get the youth players in along with 1 or 2 good pro"s and build a proper football club, no more big time charlie"s wanted, if it takes 2 seasons to get back to the championship then so be it, a 5year plan should start now and not in 3 4 or 5 weeks.

Cthulhu Wanderer

Yeah, hopefully the discussions will go thusly;

SM: "So, Dean, do you want to get the bus or train back to Wales? We're paying so bus would be better for us. While you're at it, can you point Roger and Jamie towards London? them two have trouble with directions"

DS: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'm reet good at that me, 10 years working for british rail, one of their top conductors, i was. Schmickles!"

Tom Taylor

If the manager weighed Johnson's shirt after the game it would weigh the same as before as there wouldn't be a ounce of sweat on it!

I'd take the shirt I'm sure I could get 2 p on eBay for it!

Judge Jeffries

I dont like the bloke, and cant excuse what he has done.

Whether he was brave or stupid (in going over to the fans) is up for debate

But at least he showed some decency in going over to the fans and acknowledging them.

....... not doing an O'Hara, and storming off like a petulant child.


No no. No...goodbye to you and Jammies please.......Deano Wolves is not for lack application..explanation..devoid of tactics and you are unable to motivate..go please...look forward to the Saddlers next year and of course a trip to Shropshire..Lets do it with new stock please..xxxx


How sad that fans openly abuse players that wear the old gold and black. Our demise is not down to individual players but the manager who puts the squad together and picks the team, The more vocal of the fans should realise that potential players will not come because of the open hostility of sections of the crowd and its worked against us particularly in the last few seasons. Vile and abusive language should not be tolerated and I for one feel embarrassed at the treatment of both Johnson and O'Hara and yes I am a STH.

Brian Cox

BUILDING PLOT for sale. Suit 200 Semi,s. Reason :- We cant find 11 to play football on it. Mr Morgan need not apply.

bolton wolf

hope you keep griff who is on loan at mo in Scotland.


Most of the criticism being dishred out from both supporters and press seems to be directed towards Johnson and O'Hara and not without justification, but little attention seems to be aimed at the cabale of McCarthey's senior players who quite clearly deserted their posts in the Autumn of 2011. It was clear to most obserevers that a number of players to whom MM had shown excessive loyalty turned against him for whatever reasons (jealousy re - O'Hara and Johnson & O'Hara's wages?) and particularly those who have made the majority of the pathetic press statements ("we won't let you down", "wer'e too good to go down", we're committed to Mick then Terry, clearly not Stale, then Deano etc.) and I particularly point the finger at Henry, Ward, Edwards and Foley; it's interesting that the only member of his old squad that Mick seems interested in signing is Richard Stearman - perhaps the others left their fingerprints on the knives they stuck in his back.


It always amuses me that the weekly wage of the Wolves players vary week to week. Here Johnson is on £42,000 per week. I read last week that he was on £25,000, O'Hara £20,000 and Doyle and Hunt on £16,000.

If Johnson is on the wage you state then that is disgusting, full stop.


Why sit down with steve and Jez, they ain't got a clue about footballing matters!


dear mr morgan ,

as times are hard would it not make sense to off load two , three nay four high

earning so called premiere league, I hate to say it footballers.

rather than make redundant the hard working and dedicated back room staff that make it possible for the fans,

( unless its the bloke that opens roger Johnson's cans of tenants super at 50p a can at half time),

COME ON !!!!!!

people that care about wolves should stay at wolves if not go and get p***ed somewhere else !

Mick Dingle








Agree how they can consider him for the managers job is beyond belif. Mr MORGAN also get rid of your over paid CEO who has conned you and paid ridculous wages to overated players.

Gravedigger Ray Nuneaton Wolves

Saunders says he wants he wants" hungry players who will be delighted to play for Wolves"

Why then has he been leaving Danny Batth on the bench.


spot on. And what on earth happened to Peszko??

spanish ray

Johnson has a personality problem.He thinks he`s better than he is although if he puts his mind to the job and shows a bit of loyalty he could be a good assett.I don`t think this will happen and probably his wife rules the roost and is telling him to get a move.O`Hara is another player who thinks he`s better than he is,he thinks he`s bigger than the club and needs to stand in front of a mirror and take a good hard look at himself and ask himself if he really has given Wolves his best.As for the rest,Ward,Elokobi,Berra,Henry,Edwards and Foley ,should be shown the door.

daft ada

Get Tony Pulis in for next season,at least we can already play his style of football


i hope to god you dont get the job, otherwise we will go down again.

capital wolf.

How could anyone be proud to display a shirt this guy wasn't proud to wear?


why would anyone want johnsons shirt , he is not fit to wear the shirt himself ,he has shown nothing but contempt since he came to wolves, get rid now he won't be missed same for ohara get rid now


Johnson & O"Hara have at least proved that as far as tMoxey & Morgan are concerned that "YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME".

What does it matter to these guys ,except they are shrewd enough to realise that they will never justify their ridiculous wages ever again ,so why not sit it out at Wolves or cop for a huge pay off .

They are winners either way and they bloody well know it . Says a lot for Moxey doesn"t it. .

Rick O'Shea

What a heart warming story. Nice to know our fans have the integrity not to take it and stick it on ebay.

John De Wolf

Saunders must go. Coyle in.




I can only think you are either a Baggie or, you are having a laugh.


I agree Karlwolves. I think he gave 100%+ and was definitely my player of the season

Realistic Wolf

Just go Saunders, you are as big a disgrace as the players. Get the right players in you say on one hand then talk about keeping O'Hara. Never have been and never will be right for Wolves. You took us down remember, as for the complete lack of anything other than hoof and hope is parks football. It was you who said the squad was good enough and failed dismally to sign anyone worthwhile. Also don't blame injuries, I accept they didn't help but neither did your weird strategies and chopping and changing. Look at the Express and Star poll on whether you should stay. Speaks volumes.

telford 1877

la de da saunders you failed as much as the players look at mick mcarthy he took over a team who was destined for the drop even the bookies had odds on while wolves were hanging around the top. now all be it narrowly ipswich have avoided the drop because of mick he is a good solid championship manager not prem though. loosing 4 derbys has cost him you cant loose 4 derbys and expect to keep your job however saunders gobbed of when he took on wolves saying he would cut, swap and scrutinise the team no wonder they have failed mick for 5 years then they employ understudies yes stale would of done his thing over time and he said that morgan messed that up saunders took it on and trapped off to make morgan hear the right vibes but instead hes ridiculed players before the season has finished. dont get me wrong overpaid backstabbing players that dont deserve to put on the gold and black and hes on about ohara staying on get a grip dean

telford 1877

if morgans committed then moxey must go and morgan learn from his mistakes and get somebody in that live and breeds the sport funny im saying this as tescos apointed a director of football now it kills me to say this but they got it right COUW


This is the same rhetoric as last year.

Come on lets do it. Sweep clean top to bottom. New system and Culture.

No more "we are still great" (even though that was 5o years ago)

No more we're better than our neighbours.

Start afresh assuming this is the bottom and build with a dream, not just dream.

Taxi Moron et al

Ted Bovis

No, Roger did not offer me his shirt. However I would have taken it had he done so. I do not like him, but, wow, to own a shirt worn by a man that earns £42,000 a week! Incredible. I would only hope he has a good choice in "under arm spray" only I cannot stand the thought of a Wolves shirt smelling of loser.

Ronnie Allen

'Mental Baggage'. Thanks Colonel. Priceless.


This man Saunders is a man with very little to offer but a great deal to say. What he does say however has some vestige of truth, obvious truth but of meaningless content

The problem for me is that I doubt his ability to sort things out.

Goodness knows how many changes he has made to the team, week in, week out but he has very rarely picked the same eleven two weeks running. No wonder the players are uncertain as to how they must play and which method of play to adopt

When he was appointed, did he bring along with him, an assistant? . If he did, his silence has been golden. If he did not have a number two then, he ALONE, has been handed the poisoned chalice. A Manager without back up, with very little experience and appointed to resurrect the Wolves and in charge of a load of players (48) with big ego's. No chance whatsoever.

The need for an experienced football man to come in and assess the the players competence and ability. He, along with the manager(?) must then in the first few weeks of the close season, get shut of the dead wood and please Mr Moxey do not wait too long to get the best price for a player. If he is dead wood...GET SHUT now!!!

Having got shut of the best part of 28 players then the time has come to put in place a plan, a strategy to resurrect the club.

This plan devised by a Technical Director of football and a manager with his No 2 and put in place a squad of 20 players, new and young who will play to a method which will not change throughout the coming season.

That is my plan, it may not be everyones choice but at least it is a plan that the Wolves have not had for a long long time.

Mr Morgan your big big mistake in appointing this man.


If only the players and management cared as much as the supporters who work hard to pay their wages. Summed up, I think, by the poor blonde girl in the headline pictures next to the non tearful Steve Morgan! Get Mick back.....NOW!!!!


Yes move this waster on out of our club now,both he and ohara signify all that is wrong at wolves.overrated,overpaid players who think they are much better than they really are.i think players like these will have to have their contracts payed up because i cannot see any other championship /premier team being silly enough to pay them what wolves have been.then theres berra who im sure manure tryin to sign already(not)


The following Ten Players are all out of contact this summer and to reduce the wage bill will proberbly not be re-signed.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

George Elokobi

Stephen Hunt

Danny Batth

Kevin Foley

Jamie Reckord

Aaron McCarey

Sam Winnall

Ethan Ebanks-Landell

Johnny Gorman

This could explain why Danny Batth is not in the first team starting line up.

The remaining players are on 1 to 4 year contracts and from these Sako, Davis, Hennessey, Ikeme, Sigurðarson, Ismail, McAlinden and Leigh Griffiths are the only ones we might get any decent offers for.

The rest especially the big earners, who we really need to shift are in my option un-saleable and therefore we will be unable to reduce the wage bill to below 60% of income; resulting in a fine and a transfer embargo.

In Jez’s words “Things are going to get worse before they get better”

In Darkness we still are with no sign of Light.


Trouble with Wolves fans they live in the past, the club have been going down hill for years. The club thought they was to good to go down.Selling players like Jarvis and Fletcher for what to spend money on the ground. Pointless adding more seats when fans are going to stay away next season.Spending more money on ground improvements does not make you a better team.Money has to be spent on players you have only got to look at what Arsenal have won in the last seven years.

chris h

I disagree with your first sentence,Wolves fans do not live in the past:we are proud of our history and for some of us we have some wonderful memories.I believe most Wolves fans look and hope for a better future ,and why not. Our neighbours have done well and we have had numerous opportunities given to us by a wonderful benefactor.But time and time again poor executive management has wasted the opportunites provided to the club for the last 20 years by Sir Jack.We should be in a better place given these advantages than West Brom.That is the root cause of the frustration we all feel against Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey.As for our new owner pursuing the wrong priorities in spending television rights money on the ground and not the team:I agree 100%.The only trouble is you are 3 years too late.Some of us realised the mistake at the time,and we needed more Wolves fans to equally express concern when the ground development plans were first announced.It is too late now.

Definitive Wolf

Everyone has to start somewhere, but it seems strange that so many of our background staff have a Wrexham connection - something like five of them? Nothing against the Welsh club believe me, but it is a remarkable coincidence.


Sorry to say but I actually predicted the relegation at the start of the season. It was kind of obvious that a bunch of players picked from other relegated teams would lead to this one being relegated again too.

McCarthy has to take a lot of the blame. He bought most of these players. But ultimately both Morgan and the useless Moxey have to take the lions share of blame.

As for Saunders, his tactics have been shocking. He has shown that largely, he can't motivate this bunch and his only experience now of league management has been two straight relegations.

We need to get out of this losing mentality so players, manager and Moxey should all go and we can then, and only then, start the long , long road back to the premiership.

I honestly don't think we will get back into the premiership under Morgans stewardship. We won't have the money to compete with teams coming down next year ( assume we are promoted) however.

It could be a very , very long wait.

Daniel Hounslow

All you people saying you want Saunders to go. Answer me this who will replace him as Manager? Or in a different way who would want to come in to a division 3 club?


Ime worried about how long it will take to build this new side, and where we will be positioned in the league during the process. Surely Dean and his scouts would have been looking at players required to build in the championship, they aint going to want to play in Div 1. Could be another nervy season, and almost certain we wont get immediate promotion.

Geoff 35

I've sopported Wolves for70 years and I have found the last 2 years absolutly soul destroying. Steve Morgan should stick with building he would make an excellent hod carrier. He should fire Jez Moxey and employ a worthwhile CEO who understands Football and Finance.

P.S. Why Roger Johnson wasn't sacked when he came to training drunk proves the managements uselessness.