Wolves relegated to League One

Owner Steve Morgan has apologised for ‘failing our supporters and the city’ after Wolves were relegated to League One after defeat at Brighton.

The 2-0 scoreline condemned Dean Saunders’ crestfallen side to the drop, while Barnsley drew at Huddersfield and rivals Peterborough lost 3-2 at Crystal Palace.

Wolves’ second successive relegation means they have an unwanted slice of history as the first English club to suffer the drop from the first to the third tier in successive seasons twice.

And Brighton were again the team to deliver the final blow, just as they did when Wolves last dropped into the old Third Division exactly 28 years ago on May 4, 1985.

Relegation had been on the cards for two months with Saunders unable to stop the slide after the sacking of Stale Solbakken in January following just seven months in charge.

Wolves slipped into the bottom three on February 19 with the 2-1 defeat at Barnsley and have flirted with danger ever since.

Owner Steve Morgan said relegation was a ‘devastating blow for everyone who loves Wolves’.

He acknowledged he had made poor decisions which had contributed to the club’s crisis but also blamed the players for letting fans down with sub-standard performances.

And he vowed Wolves would ‘fight our way back’ next season, restoring ‘pride and passion’ with a core of younger players. Mr Morgan pledged to bankroll new signings and said a huge clearout of the current squad would take place this summer.

He made no comment on the future of Saunders, whose own comments following today’s game suggest he expects to remain in his job.

Dean Saunders said: “It’s a massively disappointing day for everyone and I am devastated.”

“The game was symptomatic of our season – we missed chances and just couldn’t put the ball in the net and Brighton did.

“Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before you realise it has got to change, and I have got to change everything and rebuild the club.

“I knew what I was coming into when I walked into the club – I have done this before with clubs who have been struggling and had lots of problems.

“I have no hesitation in wanting to try and take this club forward."

Saunders has blamed the slide on injuries to key players Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Bakary Sako, Dave Edwards, David Davis and Carl Ikeme.

But the squad should have performed far better over the season and avoided being in the desperate situation the club now finds itself in.

The future of Saunders is now one of many issues to be decided by under-fire owner and chairman Steve Morgan as they prepare for the grim transition to League One football, while huge changes are expected in the squad and possibly behind the scenes with jobs on the line.

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Comments for: "Wolves relegated to League One"


I feel numb :'(

lee kelly

i feel sad it is a black day morgan jez you have done this and the team to you alot have hurt wolvers morgan you will never be like sir jack with gold and black in your blood sir jack loves the wolvers where you don,t you and that jez as riped the wolvers apart so just go we don,t want you here

Throstle fatty



Can't you Baggie Boys think of something ORIGINAL!!!

General Mayhem

What? like what goes up must come down, that kind a of original?

How about only team to do the double, double when it comes to relegation. Cant be more original than that, because its unique!


We expected nothing and they lived up to our expectations. To paraphrase a former Prime Minister, "never in the field of professional football has so much incompetence been displayed by so many, to so loyal fans"

Now then, happy clappers, don't forget to have your £30 quids ready for when Walsall turn up at the mol.


What the hell has this Jez Morgan bloke done to wolves Gazza would sort this mess out why has Bully been dropped I'm going for a cup of tea now I'm to upset.

Can it boo boys

Could you just boo them from the pub, it is better for everyone

Billy Wrong

Who's the dunce with the banner?


I think its you with a comment like that? its a statement of where we have been and where we should still be if the club had been run right,,,,,,/\/\WWFC/\/\,,,,,,

Billy Wrong

If it's a statement of where you've been, I look forward to seeing the banner with League One on it,


It did have League 1 on it. They crossed out Premier and put a 1 at the end. U blind bat!


He is holding the banner because he thinks all this nonsense is a dream and we are still in the Premiership.

Old Trafford to Bescot Stadium in two seasons. Well done Messrs Morgan and Moxey, without your fine management expertise, heaven knows where we would be now.

So a clearout is on the way eh? And who do you suppose, with any footballing ability, will wish to play 3rd tier hoof ball? Interesting times ladies and gentlemen.

Mad Dingle

I know a mad old Dingle

He's always on our street.

A fat and jolly red-faced man

He really is a treat.

He's too fat for a Baggie

He's never known to frown.

And everybody says

He is the maddest man in town!.

He laughs upon point won

He laughs upon his seat.

He laughs at everybody

When he's walking in the street.

He never can stop laughing

He says he's never tried.

But once the Wolves had gone down

He laughed until he cried!

Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

His once jolly face is wrinkled

And then he shut his eyes.

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He said "I must support you!"

He didn't know what for.

And then he started laughing

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So if you chance to meet him

While walking 'round the town.

Shake him by his fat old hand

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His eyes will beam and sparkle

He'll gurgle with delight.

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With all his blessed might!

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To fat for a Baggie? Not the ones I have seen m8 ,Some of em look like beach balls in them stripey shirts they wear, Otherwise the rest is pretty good, By the way if anyone knows were Billy Quiet lives go and knock is door and see if he is all Wright.

colehill wolf

Yeh they can laugh and jibe but we all know they haven't got the history or guts even Bully's mates haven't called him and when the day comes that we meet they will have their running shoes on like always BAGGIE CRAP

Mad Dingle

You sure your from colehill? and not Aidensfield? cus your living in the 60's pal, at least we know what running shoes are, like I said, too fat to be a baggy!!! get it now numb nuts?

Baggie crap? its like Oscar Wilde is reincarnated!

Lavender Hill Wolves


Mad Dingle

Lavender, I totally agree, a must win game, and they bottled it, again!


What goes up must come down !

r in switzerland


sad times

BIG changes needed or this nightmare could continue into league two...


Massive changes are needed starting with Morgan & Moxey. A series of disastrous decisions have ruined our club and thrown away the Premier League legacy. How much of the £16m parachute payment we will receive next season will be spent on the squad? Anybody expect it to be more than zero?

Tony Gretton

What a shambles. Spending loads of money on a stand that wasn't needed, yet very little on players. How many times has that been seen at other clubs, with dire consequences.

On top of that, the board don't seem to have a clue where appointing a manger is concern. Steve Bruce was offered the job, only to have the offer withdrawn, and what has he done at Hull?

Mick apparently wasn't good enough, but he saved Ipswich from the drop.

Morgan and Moxey need to have a long look at themselves, because it's down to them.

The Goal Machine Leigh Griffiths

Shall I come back now?

Roger Johnson the 7 million pound man

Sad, sad, sad day, but its not all bad news, I'll still get my Premiership wages, its in me contract, see, there's always a High Ho silver lining!

Jamies Left Peg

And tell me any other player that has not done the same.

Portsmouth had loads...... so did Leeds

Roger Johnson the 7 million pound man

Exactly, I don't know what the problem is Jaime, I mean just look at Portsmouth or Leeds, never caused them any problems, did it?


Wel that's sums it up doesn't it go away u silly man and cause somebody else manic leave our club alone .

English Exile

Congratulations to STEVE BRUCE on getting Hull promoted.

The only Manager to be hounded out of Molineux BEFORE he got the job.

Says it all about Wolves supporters don't it.......

Realistic Wolf

If you believe that you are more deluded than Saunders. Whenever has Morgan and Moxey listened to the fans.

Sandy Gray ( a King is born to-day-ay-ay..... )

Realistic Wolf you talk sense. We fans have been treated abysmally and according to Mel Eves on WM yesterday, (some) ex-players aren't treated too well either. What is needed at this club is a forensic analysis into every aspect of the way this club is run. We need honest answers to searching questions and the first has to be, why are the fans treated with such contempt?


McSmug's legacy. Donkeys with bad attitude and little talent . Brighton supporters on 606 remarked upon RJ's rubbing of thumb & forefinger as he disappeared down the tunnel....Who does he think he is? Moxey dished out these contracts and needs to redeem himself . Suggest, Jez, forgoing your salary & using to either fund the legal fight with the bloodsuckers who are not fit for purpose, or reduce ticket prices for the long suffering supporters. The bloodsuckers' contracts need to be terminated. Pronto. The supporters need evidence of your commitment.


That just about sums it up for the last 18months at Molineux. McCarthy may well not have the right approch for Premier League style football, but he was a perfect fit for Wolves in the Championship. Mob Rule got him the sack.

Steve Bruce is a better manager in either league, and problems with certain players notwithstanding, he would have provided a quicker return to the top league than more or less anyone available. Mob Rule prevented the signing.

Solbakken was a bit of an abberation, and his attempts to transform Wolves from a battling side to pretty football may not have succeded, but the Mob at Molineux was never going to give him enough time to make a difference.

Half way through the disasterous year, heading downwards and in mutinous disarray, Dean Saunders was about all that Wolves could attract. As expected, he failed, and the Mob is after his blood.

Of course, the irony is now that neither Bruce nor McCarthy would work for the Wolves in league One, even without the bad history. Dean Saunders is now managing in a league suited to his abilities, and I doubt that Wolves could attract better.

With the money available at the club, and with the players that it has still under contract, Wolves should walk back into the Championship next year. But will the Mob let Saunders stay? Will it hold back from hounding out it's owner? Or will it will just carry on trashing its own club so bad that it fails to get promotion next year? With Mob Rule, it's a matter or debate.

The Corner Flag

So your saying that Morgan and Moxey (the cowboys in charge) have no backbone ?

Surely if the mob ruled as you want to have it, Saunders would never have been given the job, as I don't recall the mob calling for him to be given the job.

PS.....there are some lovely houses for sale on what was green belt land on Compton Park


Yes well said. The 2 Ms are undoubtedly culpable but all that great hounding managers out hasn't helped has it. Hull are laughing all the way to the premier league. I believe Mick, its more likely we'd be in the play-offs now if we had had him or Bruce.


Danny, I wish Morgan and Moxey would have listened to the mob when they were crying out for defenders for the three years we spent in the Premier League and the striker we've needed since January! Trouble is neither listen to anyone if it involves investing money into the actual football at what is lets not forget a FOOTBALL club!

Promotion has to be earned!

You see Danny, what you say is the root cause of the problem - Wolves have to earn promotion not because they have more money or players than everyone else!

Football is a results game and no results mean relegation - Savvy?

Eye For An Eye

Steve Bruce wasn't hounded out of Wolves, like Curbushley he didn't share Morgans vision for the club. he liked what he saw at Hull.

End of Story.


English Exile,

lay off the supporters, they DONT appoint the managers, that is the job of the BOARD and they have made SHAMBOLIC decisions.

If they felt Bruce was the right man they should have appointed him despite the fans reservations???

Villa fans didnt want Mcleish and chelsea fans definately did not want benitez but got them anyway.


Corner Flag and Simon, it was the cowboys who - with Mick McCarthy as manager, oversaw Wolves when they won the Championship after leading it for almost the whole season. It was that trio who took them into the Premiership - and kept them there for two years. Morgan, as owner of a fairly big football club, knows that he has to keep the fans on board. After six months of constant haranguing from the stands, and after the 1-5 defeat to Albion, as always in football, it was the manager who had to fall on his sword.

I watched the Mob hold the club to ransom for weeks after McCarthy left. At the time they were still a top flight club, and able to attract decent managers. The problem was that the mob didn't want any of them, and Morgan knew that appointing an unpopular manager in a club in danger of relegation would be suicidal.

Yes, I agree that the directors handled the Mob badly, by even allowing them to hound McCarthy out, and the ultimate responsibility must as a matter of course rest with the owner, despite the millions that he's invested.

But make no mistake. With a sizeable section of the crowd every matchday, and in comments on newspapers and in forums, continually behaving like foul mouthed, overgrown infants, showing no loyalty to the club they claim to support, made lasting success at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC nigh on impossible.

Like all badly behaved children, they didn't get what they wanted, because no decent manager would want to work at a club in mutinous freefall. But they certainly got what they deserved.

The Corner Flag

Danny there is a "mob" at most if not all clubs, just look back to the stick Arsene Wenger took recently. The "mob" here are no different to those anywhere else.

What is different here are the inept and useless Owner and CEO as well as the board of yes men/women that go along and agree with all that seems to take place at the club.

Can anyone remember the last time a board member spoke out, disagreed or stepped down, I can't. I doubt any will feel the need to do so now either.

What we lack is leadership at the very top, Morgan is the Owner but he's a house builder and not a football or sporting man, Moxey is a business man and not a football or sporting man.

Two men making decisions in area's where they, clearly now, have no skill or expertise.


I can't help thinking that if Wolves had appointed Steve Bruce when they had the chance then they wouldn't be going into League 1. It's time for you Wolves fans to get a reality check: you will be going to Stevenage, Crawley and yes the mighty Saddlers next season when you really should be playing Man U and Liverpool. You are the epitome of a badly run club and you fans have been badly let down by some woeful mismanagement and some vastly overpaid PrimaDonna players. See you next season.


Be sensible please, did Wolves fans get a vote on Terry Connor, Solbakken or Saunders, if we did 10 times more would have voted against them than Steve Bruce. A few fans did not want him, but not all fans would agree on any appointment. The sad thing is you believe what Jez Moxey has told you. There is treatment for that friend, get some fresh air!


Although looking back to when we were trying to find a manager at the time I can't find you throwing your weight behind Mr Bruce. Maybe you can point me to when you were fighting against the tide of hostility towards Bruce?


Steve Bruce is still in running for Wolves job

February 20, 2012 9:59 am



February 22, 2012 4:54 pm

I've been a West Brom fan for fourty years, so I don't suppose anyone here's likely to be interested in my views. But having watched and admired Steve Bruce since he was the Birmingham manager, I've no doubt that he would be a terrific boss for Wolves. All the bull about loyalty just doesn't apply in professional football. Give that man a good salary and the freedom and cash to mould Wolves the way he wants and I've no doubt whatsoever that he'd make them a safe mid-table regular side within two years. Stop shooting yourselves in the foot you Wanderers and sign the man before it's too late!


Thanks Danny - I'm sure you are a decent bloke, although you are correct in that I couldn't really care less what Albion fans think of our plight.

However it was English Exile that I was referring to.


Bruce wouldn't accept the contractual terms. Neither he nor Curbishley fancied a short term contract on relatively low rewards all dependent on getting into the play-offs (or better). So they walked away!


This is simply not true. I have heard Steve Bruce interviewed on this and he always sounds completely mystified that he was offered the job and then the offer was removed.


Were the other candidates that were offered the job in the same position? It's highly unlikely several proven managers came and looked at Wolves with not 1 of them being employed? If Bruce said he was offered the job why does Morgan say he never was? Even Morgan wouldn't be this stupid, would he ????? Hmmmmmm, you may have a point :-)



You are in denial.

Wolves fans need to accept whats gone before.

Yes stand up for your team, but accept facts.

Yes it was a good team in the late 50's, which my dad bangs on about, but also recognize the problems now as being a totally mismanaged club on the football side.

Do you have concrete facts about your statement? Probably only hearsay-Pure and Simple.

Smell the coffee and all will be better in the world.

Taxi Morgan


Bye bye Saunders, Ohara, Johnson, Ward and Henry. Steve Cotterill for me!!

Darlo Wolf

If Mr Morgan does not fire Jez Moxey and appoint a Director of Football + Sack Dean Saunders and get a proper management team in + Pay off Johnson,O'Hara,Henry,Ward and Doyle We'll be talking about relegation to League 2 this time next year !!!

You thought We had it bad now......... wait till Walsall beat us next season and they will unless drastic action is taken.

Sad day for all Wolves fans..............

somerset saddler

good comment. .Walsall had a great 2nd part of the season and will expect to do well again next season so we wont be a walk over at ur place or the banks.. 1 other thing don't think cause u got the paracute payment you.ll walk this div, just ask man c sheff wed leeds wba Coventry all pretty big clubs who didn't go up 1st time..


and who's the clueless idiot in the suit?


Did anyone else read the saunders interview in e and s about the reason we are down is due to lack of goals?


Makes me sick

The Cullis Dome

Saunders must go now....a worse record than Solbaken, crazy selections, delusory post match analyses.

Big clear-out of players, O'Hara and Johnson first....Mick's brilliant signings..send them to Ipswich!

Ghost of Glenn Hoddle

OK Steve, time to dish out the P45's. Don't forget to slip one into O' Hara's handbag.


Stevie Morgan he's our man,

What the Bhattis couldn't do,

Stevie can!!!!


Expected from a bunch of "players" that haven't been good enough all season. This hopefully will be a blessing in disguise. Start again surrounding players that want to play for old gold and black.



congratulations to Morgan Moxey and Saunders on a job well done what next , you are a disgrace to our once great club , good thing Bruce went to Hull or we may have got promoted

Sir Jack

I want a refund


Refund???....I want my £10 back.....you robbed me

Ed Lampit

Here's 68p spend it wisely

sorrow wolf

what a pathetic season, if i were the owner and board id refuse to sell any players and make them play in league 1.... they should not be allowed to walk away from this club without getting us back to the championship

tom sandbach

I'd let some of them rot in the reserves.. Let them have their money for another couple of years and see how their careers go after that....


We can't allow the high earners to stay because of the financial caps on outgoings in Div 1. We have to off load them because we have no choice. This is a good thing as they have exploited their positions all season. Some players have shown open contempt towards supporters especially at the end of the Brighton game. That was unforgiveable.


Looking forward to a refund on my earlybird ticket. Will use the money to but an away season ticket as more games nearer home. Not all doom and gloom yes loss of revenue and players but a chance to rebuild. Get rid of the deadwood on and off the pitch and start again. Wolves have done it before and can do it again. Remember 'Out of darkness cometh light'


Won't be a refund bet money on it being merch cash or a free shirt


Moxey out ! Saunders out ! Morgan out ! Plus goodbye Henry, Johnson, O,hara, Doyle, SEB , Ward the list will go on. A pity about SEB and Doyle but they will not play in league one.

Dan the Man

I said I'd be back at the end of the season. Everything that I feared, and predicted would happen, has happened.

Now we wait and see if the club is sold and Moxey packs his bags and sails of to the ol' USA. These were, and remain, my last two predictions.

The first is spiced up by rumours of a new buyer for the club. The latter is yet to be confirmed.

My last question is this: Will those of you who purchased early bird tickets get a partial refund? It will grate Moxey to give anything back to the supporters, but he may have no choice.

Here's looking forward to the future with new owners, a new CEO, a new team, and the existing Moxey-loving Board of Directors consigned to the dustbin (where they belong).

Wednesbury wolves

Good to see you back dan it's been some time, anyway we have to be positive now, now we have been proven right, all mucks rubbish needs shipping out, along with moxey gough and threlwell, and appoint a dof straight away if Morgan ain't selling up, as for where it's all gone wrong, there's every where to look, Morgan moxey players, and a certain muck McCarthy for not replacing a certain van damme, at left back, and who brought in ward as cover, and as the manager why o why did did he always put square pegs in round holes!!!!! Never mind it's all history now, looking forward to a few wins in league 1 and a wembley appearance

Dan the Man


Must admit though, (potentially) winning the Johnstone's Paint Trophy does not exactly excite me. Promotion back to the Championship is my only real interest.

The real bonus this close season will be the removal of all concerned at the Molineux. If it were me buying the club, I'd even have the tea lady looking over her shoulder. Nobody is safe from the chop in my book!


genuinely sorry to see you guys relegated again, what the owners fail to realise is its the fans who suffer the most. stay positive and you will be back before you know it, I for one miss the derby and the banter between us.

one thing for certain, you need to get rid of that moxey bloke, he is ruining you!

all the best for next year, we will see you soon


Well done to you for not going the typical baggies route and making a sensible comment.

Wolves will soon be back and we will once again have our derby days

Edward Elgar

Wolverhampton, land of no hope, and defiantly no glory


It saddens me to say I'm afraid the DS experiment just hasn't worked, his team selection, tactics and use of subs hasn't been up to sctratch. We went down with a wimper whilst everywhere else the action was pulsating goals flying in everywhere.

I liked Dean for his infectious enthusiam - but that's about it - he should go back to Doncaster and take the vacant Managers job and we go back to square one and start rebuilding with a new Manager all over again.


Sad and angry! I don't ever want to see O'Hara, Johnson, Gorkss, Henry, Doumbia, Foley, Ward, Hunt, Edwards, Doyle, Stearman and Jonsson put on a Wolves-shirt again!

WWFS forever!

sorrow wolf

pathetic, cant even see us coming straight back up.


they would not be in this state if mccarthy had not of gone

Tenby wolves

Feel deflated followed Wolves for 55 years , Remember the 50s & 60s Morgan should have forgotten new stand and kept Mcarthy at least we had players working for Him. It's hard for fans to pay upfront for a season and have rubbish results.Sell the club Mr Morgan and retire Mr Moxley and we can start again.


Joe. RUBBISH he was 2 years past his sell but date.

African Wolf

Ashamed to be a Wolves fan, the owner, management and most of

the players have bought disgrace on our club. Only a successful clearout and rebuild will suffice

Martin O'Neal. backed by cash a man who knows what it takes to build a successful side on a budget.

Jack Uzzi

Are you for real, he's spent how much at Villa, how much at Sunderland, every club he goes too in fact, and whats he ever won for all those millions?

Don't forget he paid 12 million for Fletcher, who went down with Burnley, went down with Wolves, fair chance going down with Sunderland, go on try and convince me that's all down to bad luck, who is at best a below average Premier League player, and he paid 12 million quid, astute.

Sure you don't want one cup arry he will also spend you to oblivion


So much for king out with pride!! A disgrace! In a way I'm glad we are going down if its the fastest way to get rid of you lot!

Can't help but think this was the plan from the beginning with the micks golden boy gang!

Morgan, time to show us why your a successful business man and sort out this mess! New team in the summer and and instant return to championship is a must!!

You'll still have my support next season.

Wolves forever

Morgan what do you really want from wolves? What is your agenda?

Why have you let this happen?

No ambition!

Terrible decisions!

Contempt for the fans!

You have not invested a penny of your own money.

So for once tell us now, tonight what you are going to do about it...You won't even do that will you! No respect for the fans or our great club!


The current regime, players, management, board.

Disgrace to the shirt & to the history of this great club.

Hang your heads in shame.




Anyone else spot Roger Daltrey in photo 2 ?

Newark Wolves

I did, just above Morgan's right shoulder.

gReEn NigEl

Roger Daltrey is an Arsenal fan.

Steve Morgan is a Liverpool fan.

Golden Wonder

We should have bought our ace in the pack Robert Plant to pop up behind him as that photo was took.

Why is Planty signing for us


The House that Jack Built was doing well....then a couple of pikeys called Jez and Steve built an overpriced extension that will be a great League One Stadium.....when the wind blows through the empty spaces.

Where are the players who bleed Gold and Black....

Not in them million pound houses tonight thinking of their next clubs...


So let the clear out begin. The whole club needs redefining from top to bottom. I trust that O'Hara will be run out of town after his disgraceful non-contributions to the club on the pitch this season, but he is by no means the only one. Based upon Saunders' pre-game comments alone he should be the first out the door with a very large imprint of Steve Morgan's boot on his backside.


Morgan football man who advised you why have you let our club become a laughing stock it may be years before we can come back from this would you have let your business decline like this sad day today feeling like the death of a mate very upset

Ash wolf Johnson

Nothing more then we deserve hate to say it but its true. Get rid of atleast 3 quarters of that team bcuz we won't even last in league one!! What an absolute embarresment!

Quote from E & S

The future of Saunders is now one of many issues to be decided by under-fire owner and chairman Steve Morgan as they prepare for the grim transition to League One football, while huge changes are expected in the squad and possibly behind the scenes with jobs on the line.

Oh how I would like that last part of the quote to be true. 'Behind the scenes jobs on line' is that the end for Moxey?

No chance ..more like the tea lady.

All we can do is hope but the writer 'English Exile is right in what he says. These so called fans who did not want Bruce as manager are very quiet now.

I am on the verge of becoming a Villa, Man City and Arsenal fan from my armchair and watch the football on Sky, Sat night


As I've said all along Saunders is not up to the job. He needs to go and learn his trade in the Conference or league 2. I hope Morgan has enough about him to make the right decision for once and sacks him. Let's hope somebody on the Board has enough about them to stand up and speak their mind and point out the obvious SAUNDERS MUST GO!!!!

Wolf in Wales

It would appear that O'Hara has today shown his true colours - shame he is an over paid under achiever - don't cal us we'll call you !

Jamies Left Peg

That`s right.... Blame someone whohas hardly played this season......


Weeping Wolf

O'Hara is totally representative of one of the main reasons of why Wolves are where they are now.

Paid too much....all too cosy....not enough prefessional pride and totally lacking in comittment to Wolverhampton Wanderers the institution, its fans and its history.

He's not alone by any means.......... in truth, even a poor manager like DS should've been capable of wringing enough results out of this squad to survive in this division.


Last time we were relegated, Jez Bhatti personally decided to sack Dave Jones, and personally decided to appoint Glenn Hoddle

18 months later, Wolves had blown their entire parachute money and were £40 million in Debt.

There was no money for Players and we were reliant on free transfers. Jez Bhatti had bet the House on Hoddle, and blown the lot

It was only Sir Jack writing off that £40 million when selling for a 'tenner', that spared Jez Bhattis shame that time. Otherwise we'd have likely dropped to Div One then, and 'done a Coventry' then.

Almost 10 Years later, Jez Bhatti has earned the thick end of £10 million from Wolves and now presides over our relegation to Div 1

Bhatti Bhatti Bhatti

Out Out Out


Today was inevitable unfortunately although the writing has been on the wall for some time. The leadership of DS has produced two consecutive relegated seasons for different clubs. A drastic turnaround in fortune will not be forthcoming in the hands of DS. He lacks the skills necesary to revolutionise the state of Wolves football that is fundemental for long term growth. I sincerely hope the right decisions are made but recent history has shown the team to be as useless as their leaders !! It feels like the inmates are running the asylum - even Sigmund wouldn't be able to sort out this load of madmen !!!!!!!!!


Knowing Morgan even though Saunders contract runs out this summer and he has been a massive disappointment and failure he will keep him, against all logic...which we all know he has none of.


Yeah ! Henry, Saunders either knows or thinks he's got the job listening to his interview on final score,He says, His plans to turn this club started 10 minutes after relegation, Gawd help us.As of the game he said ,We started well ,We hit the post,But was a goal down after 5 minutes? How is going a goal down in five minutes a good start?


Sut up tank your a mufc fan


On a positive note it is a chance to rebuild the squad with players who want to play for Wolves giving 100% on the pitch on the day, a time for home grown talent to shine, having won the right to wear a Wolves shirt. I am sure we will come back stronger & wiser from the last two drops. So chin up lads those that are leaving all the best those who stay & help us back up the divisions give it your all.

mr refuse collector

These so called footballers on huge wages should give some of their loot back to the fans who pay the wages every week. I feel ashamed and so should that shower of a football club for robbing the fans of any pleasure in life. You are a miserable bunch of players. I will never watch these comedians or pay my money to see them again. If anyone of them has an ounce of shame they should give some of their wages back to the loyal and suffering fans.


saunders out aint got a clue need some one with know how not another cheepo , get rid of ohara, henry, pay johnson off get rid no one will want him . elekobi dumbia /// try and keep doughty and batth probably wont want to stay . rebuild with new blood who want to play ... keep hunt only one who put a shift in Morgan sell no interest sept in houses


Useless team selection

Useless tactics

Useless Manager

Taxi for Dean Saunders

Hold on make that a mini bus and Jez and Steve can go as well

Gez Wolf

Four Foot Snakes Morgan! If your heart is still in it then time to sack the manager, appoint a DOF to oversee the appointment of a new manager and take a back seat yourself in future.


Although Saunders record ain't great what backing did he have? We had no buys in jan and moxey tried to say it was because Saunders didnt want to be overpriced on players. He had two managers team with no coherence. We don't want to have same situation as this one so we might as well give Saunders a chance as he got Doncaster on a good way. Should never have been offers the job on first place with his record of taking Doncaster down. Graeme sourness as director of football if Saunders stays. Graham Taylor if not. They can all go except Batth, Davis sigurdssons and Doherty. Moxey has to go. Bizarrely thinking of getting a season ticket as will be good to see no more wasters. Only hunt, gorkls, Doherty and Robinson look like they have tried lately. Might as well knock Steve bill Down while we are down as we won't fill ground in that league. People who moan about money should look at Albion as we spent more in premiership but we had mick a good championship manager and they had Roy hodgson as without him laying the foundations they would be in championship! Johnson, o hara, Henry out. Chris Powell or warnock if we are gonna sack Deano!!!

Alan in Cyprus

I want to say something constructive and intelligent.....................but can't.

I am so sad.



picture the scene Wolves lose to Liverpool in storms Steve Morgan into the dressing room gives the players rollicking storms out red faced .The players look at each other, one turn to the rest and says if you think that was bad just wait .Just a thought. Like the phoenix we will rise again better and stronger


Hahaha doom and gloom or what.

The thing is guys is that players either make it or dont make it.

That squad that got promoted in 2009 how many actually made it or was there a reliance on certain individuals-ie doyle (when he played well), fletcher, craddock?

Also the club is well run what ever you want to think we are going into l1 with at least 12 million in the bank and probably a tad more!!!!

This is the perfect opportunity for our youngsters to get a chance a young and hungry bunch from our area who are proud to wear our shirt!!!!!

yes things do have to change at the top for example a manager with tactics, a ceo and chairman on the same page and some amount of motivation to what to get us back to the top again within our means!!!!!

See that is the reality Wolves can exist for another 10 years some clubs cant without living in some ones wallet!!!

Also the club is in great shape its just a shame the players are not fit to wear the shirt!!!!!!

We want answers by Tuesday Morgan and some fresh ideas to get us out of this mire!!!!! UTW :)

chris h

Realist, How on earth can you say the club is well run.We are a football club,we have just been relegated two years on the run,we have entered the record books for all the wrong reasons,revenue was down some £20m this season and will now be down next by a further £5m. What money they have got will soon be down the pan at this rate.Clowns to the left of us ,jokers to the right.

Dave O

Ahem excuse me if i am wrong Fletcher never got promoted with Wolves I think he was bought the next season when Burnley went down but hey you are the realist so you must be right. I am sure you will find its SM that has got the money in the bank not WWFC

rusts wolves

who sanctioned ohara could go on holiday ,when he got sent off against Huddersfield ,shouldn`t he be training with the rest of the underachievers .£46,000 a week to go on holiday a total disgrace.


morgan has decided to sell i am told, will except a loss,will take 8.50 for the club.


Saunders must go, man is clueless. Cannot defend at all but he plays the same centre halves every week. Johnson is awful and the fact that he thinks Gorkks is a good player says it all. If these 3 are there next season i wont be.

Cannot believe morgan wants to do anything other than well but last 3 appointments baffling. Time for the under 21s to be given a chance.

Tin of Bully Beef

Does anyone wanna buy a dead horse, because I think Morgans flogging one

Ireland Eye

No miracle but a blessing in disguise. Imagine we somehow survived, then we would have these same players and Manager here for the foreseeable future! If only Morgan could now grow a pair and bring in the man with a long term plan to bring on a youthful team and clear out the rubbish. The man - Ray WIlkins


Always a sensible and positive poster Ireland's Eye BUT HELLO!!!! We are in League 1 - Ray Wilkins in our dreams

Ireland's Eye

Who would be the best person to take a youthful Wolves team forward and build them into a team capable of back to back promotions - Wilkins

Pay the right money and make it a long term plan (job) who would / could come - Wilkins

Who has benn out of work for a while and could build his reputation back up - Wilkins

Your lack of ambition or desire to be successful is typical of the club in general. We all want the youth to be given a chance but with Saunders as boss ........ REALLY

Pay the money he will come


Well they can ask, but do you think he has been out of work because he has had no offers or because he is waiting for a good one or one handy for his base. If he was only coming for the money wouldn't that make him like so many of the players we'd rather not have?


I am very down wolves runs in my blood but I have 2 say many bad decisions been made from the board may be it is time 4 them 2 move on and also the players certain fans who wanted mm out should be ashamed


Well, that's it then! Wonder where Mr Moxey was today........weren't in the box with Morgan!

No doubt we will find out what's going on over the next week or two. O'Hara's behaviour was a disgrace today leaving the pitch as he did leaving the rest of the team to clap the fans. Good bloody riddance mate we do not need your kind. Ignorance!

Hopefully if the rumours are true we may have new owners and new CEO. Au revoir Moxey hope you clear off state side.

As for DS I think he will be kept on as he is proven in the hoofball league. Refund request will be piling up on Moxeys desk now from what I hear!

What can they say now to appease us?

The Corner Flag

"Hopefully if the rumours are true we may have new owners and new CEO. Au revoir Moxey hope you clear off state side"

Please share the rumour(s)


the money that has been used on the stadium should have been used to buy players and he should have employed either steve bruce or alan curbishley after getting rid of mccarthy although he shouldnt have sacked mccarthy, morgan should go as he is rubbish




How long has Jez Moxey got to keep his job? Isn't the job of a CEO to advise his chairman and owner, hence the reason they get paid so much money? Even when asked on radio or in other forms of media interviews, he still says that they did the right thing appointing Terry Connor as manger and defends other woeful decisions he and the board have made. I ask you, is he deluding himself, or is he and his owner so obseively arrogance and up themselves to think that us mere mortal supporters, who will be here long after they have gone, are so thick we will believe any piece of garbage that is fed to us, by these quote on quote "successful business men"

I wonder if Mr.Morgan has been so lax with other business decisions he has made, i doubt it or he would never eclipsed such a vast personal fortune!

I am sure my self and others would have had more respect for Jez and Steve Morgan if they had just been honest, or i am just deluding my self in thinking that?

Nevertheless, this once great and pioneering club has been submitted once again in an ignominious way to the lower levels of the English game.

To me, its not so much being there that hurts but the way it has been done!

I end by saying, In all businesses, the men at the top always take the blame or the adulation for things going right or wrong, or they should do, they live by the sword or die by the sword, that is why their rewards are so great. So Mr Morgan, if any other top advisers in your businesses had failed you like Jez Moxey, would you still have employed them, the results read for themselves.

A change needs to come!!


No sign of Moxey in the above pictures. Does this mean that out of such darkness comes a ray of light?? Please tell me it's true!! He's been given his marching orders!! Please, please tell me it is true!!!!!

craig in belgium


remember out of the darkness cometh the light.......although not looking forward to the friday nights out against port vale :p

Cannock Wolves

I don'y know what to write, I want to write something, but I don't know what....

Rich Pickings

Just write any old meaningless, clueless crap, why should you be any different to the rest of the contributors on the Wolves boards?

Canadian Baggie

Truly sad to see the grand old gold in this sad state. Come derby day and in banter Wolves demise is a source of jokes - but a really dreadful day for my brothers at the Molineux.

The players and management have been inept and caused this with negligence.

Black Country Bluenose

I don't understand why the Wolves fans are so upset with Mr Moxey. He promised last year that Wolves would only be in the Championship for 1 season and that's exactly what he has delivered. Clearly a man who keeps his word....!!!!


Villa fan here. I feel for the fans. Your chairman chose to build an unneeded stand to pay his own company instead of buying quality.

Hope you bounce back.

The Flying Winger

80 % think Saunders should be sacked, what odds on him being kept on by the 2M's????


Saunders is the worst manager wolves have had in my 63 years of following , MY grandson could do a better JOB.

Bad company

Deano is certainly up there with tommy docherty and sammy chapman as the worst managers. For me docherty just about edges it - and was also good for a quote or two - but Saunders has to go doesn't he?

Have supported wolves for 40 odd years. And most of the last 30 have been a nightmare!


I'd sooner have Gazza in charge than another Saunders relegation battle

Bruce, Trinidad

Since November this has been on the cards, yet the official club position was "we can still make the playoffs!". We have had four managers in just over a year and all have failed. We have bought no end of players who have just not been up to it. Surely those at the top must take the blame. Morgan can you see that Moxey has not been giving you good advice? Or perhaps charging top prices for everything including season tickets, match tickets, programmes, concessions, away travel transport, phone calls to the club, items in the club shop, booking fees etc is a great way to run the club. Morgan please sack Moxey and get somebody in who knows more about football and less about making money (you are good enough at that). Otherwise please sell up to somebody who will take more care on the footballing side or I fear another struggle next season.

Stevenage here we come

And Milton Keynes, Walsall, Yeovil.... Billy wright must be tuning in his grave....


Living in Wolvo the last couple of weeks has been really depressing. Sorry to see you come down. IMO your probs/bad decisions started when MM was sacked in a knee jerk reaction last season. No plan and no leadership for 18 months.

See you all at the Bescot..:)

Sue Icide

"Living in Wolvo the last couple of weeks has been really depressing"

What you taking the rest of the time and can I have some?

Robbie Saddler

No, Billy Wright would have shown more respect! Your derisory comments about the likes of Walsall and Yeovil as if these teams are somehow beneath your standing, are insulting to both the clubs and their fans. Wolves fans need to stop living in the past - you do not have a God-given right to be in the top tier. It's this attitude that makes Wolves so unpopular everywhere outside Wolverhampton! you are where you are, get over it, join the real world, support your club and stop moaning! Welcome to League 1. I hope you find it as easy to get out of as some of the other 'big' clubs like Leeds, Sheffield Weds, Sheffield Utd, and Coventry have done in the past.

PS. Yeovil are in the play offs so you may not be going there next season as they could be in the league above you.

Essex Wolf

Have some respect for these clubs. Some of them play a lot more entertaining football than we have done in three years.

And it's "turning" not "tuning". BW played football, not the piano.

It's worth pointing out that this season we were soundly beaten by Luton (non-league) and could only draw against Aldershot (League 2) after 120 minutes.

We deserve to be where we are going. No ship and no football club are too big to sink.

swansea wolf 1.

Read the f a of Ireland to be appointed next week to replace jez. any truth in it?


we were down some weeks ago so ive come to terms with it now.

I know a lot of fans will be gutted and hurt but look at the positives....

1)We will now be able to get rid of the dead wood and cut the wage bill.

2) Hopefully the board will make the right decision to let saunders go and appoint a proven replacement. Even in Div 1, there are a lot of excellent managers who would still come to the club and lift spirits like darren ferguson,owen coyle,warnock,mcallister,

3) I know a new look side will take time to settle but it would be exiting to see 6 or so new players coming into the team to replace the dead wood.

4) I look forward to a wolves team who can pass and control the football and defend as a team.

Molly Knew

"A team that can pass and control the football and defend as a team" that ship sailed when we got rid of Stalle

essex uni wolf

Owen Coyle, bring him in now and lets hit the ground running, have not got time for Saunders to mess about, I think his record says it all.


Thank you Mr Morgan for humiliating this great club it's fans and its great City by chronic under-investment in the team ,although its reassuring to know that the top Executives earned well over the seasons. It would be great if the club was run by someone with integrity and we could be free from spivs.


Solbakken was sacked from FC Köln and they were relegated. Then he was sacked from Wolves and they were relegated. It doesn't work to sack him.

Shropshire lad

Get the scouts out to watch the kids in the Sunday and Works league. They will find any number of players better than the current lot.

Anyway you Wolfies see you when you play against the Shrews next season.......

By the way, please let's have no more comments about how good Mick the Muppet was. He is the main reason you are being relegated.

Next question is can we have the statue of our lad Billy Wright shipped over here ? It would be better if he stood guard on the Ironbridge rather than have to suffer the disgraceful spectacle of watching the Wolves going down the pan.

Little Billy

I Forecast Burnley would put us down. Lots of records though. Only club to achieve successive relegations twice. Club hat trick to third tier Deano double - two relegations in first season from Champs League. More like lambs than Wolves.

West brom Baggies

Genuinely sorry for you guys today, yet again another terrible example of owners and chairmen trying to be bigger than their clubs! Most on here can clearly see what needs to be done, forget managers and players we would not be where we are today without dan ashworth and JP, they have run the club professionally and correctly! Unfortunately from an outsiders point of view what has gone on at wolves over the last couple of years has been a mixture of reactions to what the owners believe the fans want (Sacking of MM, which was a knee jerk reaction) and extensions of their own bravado's (why focus on renovating the stadium if what goes onto the pitch is not good enough! I hope you bounce back and the parachute money has not already been earmarked!

Bern wolf

Well done Steve Bruce, not good enough for the Wolves, who needs success anyway ??????

Morgan & Moxey thrive on disasters


I think enough has been said about the owner and CEO, get rid. But I think most importantly of all is keep our youth players and keep The Sig...i feel he could be like Bully for us in these lower divisions...50 a season for us with some decent supply mark my words.

Time for a clear out and time for some progress..young and hungry...literally!


as bad as it is, it's happened. instead of moaning none stop. maybe now we take a page out of Glasgow Rangers book. all the way down, and still will loyal fans supporting the club back up the leaugues. Wolves fans, we now need to club together and support the club. wolverhampton wanderers have a long way to go, but with the fans support, it can be done.


well said tommo.we come thru the80s.we will get thru this.whatever I think of morgan and certain money grabbing players we have to move on.have lived in durham for 9 years.go to wolvo every year to see family and wear goodyear shirts and some fans look surprised.those were the days my friend.UP THE WOLVES


Oh Deano, where did todays team selection come from ?

Why do you never leave any of our players up front at corners ?

Why did you change the formation after going 1-0 up at Barnsley ?

Why did you play Sako on the right and bring back an half fit Hunt against Watford ?

Why did we start 4-5-1 against Burnley in a must win game ?

All the above decisions mean you must leave the club now and get someone like Warnock in aided by Ray Wilkins as Director of Football.

Also message to Moxey on his philosophy of never paying over the odds for players, well shame on you for not improving the team after surviving by the skin of our teeth in the premiership. Well I hope you are proud of yourself and you too must leave the club with immediate effect.

We will still be there next season but you and Deano must be gone as part of the re building process.


Jez wasn't at the match today he was to busy writing his own obituary. Morgan's given his end of season address even though I don't think he wrote it. Jez promised the star that he would give his this week. I think the blame game has now begun m&m could be splitting,!!!!!!!!! We fans live in hope!!!! Time for Jez and Saunders to leave the club, . This club needs a change from top to bottom. Time for the board members mates of moxey's who know nothing about football to go and be replaced with football people, a director of football a must, moxey if he stays to number crunch only, no say in football matters, roles in the club for our football heroes and better treatment, clear out all the parasitical players now and Morgan let the football people run the cub. It's like asking Steve bull to run Redrow

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Hi guys. I am sitting here with a wee dram of you know what, looking seawards upon a glorious evening view of the blue Atlantic, dotted with other small islands, trying to come to terms with the fact that in faraway (400 miles) Wolverhampton the future of my beloved team is in tatters.

I prayed for that miraculous turnaround today, but in my heart of hearts, I could not see it happening. I feel so much for you fans in the West Midlands who have to pass The Mol going about your daily routines. I was down for the Hull game, and thought after that result we just might make it, but at the same time I had to accept that Wolves were the slightly better of two poor teams on the day.

What now? Well, I have suggested on another post that Steve Morgan could do worse than get rid of Dean Saunders and appoint a player-manager in charge of a hungry young band of wolf cubs, complemented by a few of the 'old heads'. I don't even need to mention the youngsters' names.

Player-Manager: what about Becks, or Paul Scholes? Even Jody Craddock.

Come on Steve Morgan. If you read these posts, for once, please admit that your CEO must go. I can not believe you would tolerate such incompetence in a Redrow employee of comparable stature.

A 'hungry for success' Player-Manager working with a Director of Football is the way forward for WWFC. Director of Football? Well, really the list is endless.

Come on Mr Morgan, get us back on the rails for goodness sake.


the scum holding the flag up - joke club are the biggest joke and amongst the ones we need to kick out of the club along with the low life that smeered our good name by kicking out at innocent stewards and damaging club property - we have a chance to re-build the team but we also have a chance to kick out the scum that are dragging our name through the gutter.

One thing about it - if we only have 12 thousand+ fans at games - they will be true fans, the next thing we need to do is sort out the south bank - make them sit down until the law is changed and if they don't like it take their season tickets off them and ban them.

The club have got to start "running" the club and stop listening to the fans who think they know it all were in fact they know SFA, Morgan, Moxey and DS run the club - the fans are customers and it's about time they knew it! only then will this club move forward.


John your talking absolute crap, south bank sitting down, what planet are you on, people like you are killing the game, no passion at all, the fans have the right to have their say, and if people want to stand up and show their emotions they should be able to Without all this crap about health and safety and numpties like you. Start running the club with the people we have in place now! Are you for real? All I can say is ill have whatever it is that your on!

Lar lar land,

By the way is this moxey in disguise?

Cat Shannon

Did you go to Brighton !!!!

Wednesbury wolves

A certain johnwolf ( mr Davies from wednesbury) never follows wolves away and only ever criticises wolves fans, who has wolves at heart, the man is deluded!!!!!!!!! Even sir billy noisy chillo teecher know we're right about John wolf!!!!!


Stand up if you hate Johnwolf.

Ginger Wolf

As predicted 23rd place finish.

Im afraid were have a severe case of the Mox .

We all know the cure for that is.

Suppose some good comes for the lower league teams

They get to visit The Golden Palace and play at a ground

worthy of a premiership side. Bullies stand reached new heights!

The team hits rock bottom. Great Vision don't you think.


and not the small mox either.

Chris N

No pride or passion in the shirt yet again and what does that idiot Saunders come out with? apparently 8 clear chances on goal!!

Morgan is the worst chairman in memory, Moxey must go and Saunders must be on something as he is simply deluded


On the plus side, we all now get a well earned break - just think, three long months now of not being depressed almost every single week because of events at Molineux.

So, enjoy the reprieve. The season of tortutre is over. Lay off the Prozac. Feel free.

Granted we'll all be back to weekly misery come August should Jez Moxey remain at the club, but first, we have three months without Wolves having any games.

Not even Moxey can torture us all on a weekly basis now. We're free of him until August! Yay!


I have no time for appologies and neither do most fans, the only thing that will appease us is the sacking or resignation of Moxey, the removing of most of the players that let us down. The sacking of Saunders, and proper investment in the team by Morgan or a new chairman. Thanks for nothing Mr Morgan!

Erin go Bragh

Moxey did not want Celtic in premiership. After all. It's our product. Was his quote. Well. We will. Enjoy our trips to Milan Barcelona etc. in the champions league next season. Of course you will. Get to new York next season. That's the one in Rotherham


just got back from Brighton

great day out and thanks to all the Brighton fans great fans great ground good luck in play offs

ohara a disgrace hope Danielle has written his transfer request.

big clear out and rebuild

wolves till the end


He as gorra gew!! I am gutted to say the least. These players ay fit to wear the famus orange and black shirt.

Billy Right is turning in his grave.

Yo av let us down agen!!


All those calling for Morgan, Moxey and Saunders to go, bear in mind that if they all left at once we'd have a drifting, rudderless no direction football club which was bound to fail.






Oh! Wait !

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Cant wait till the Johnson Paints Cup, just like old times!

Have the tesco's got a striker they don't want?

Walsall, Shrewsbury, Coventry the bid bad wolves are coming

Chris White

And in the West Country trips to Ashton Gate, Swindon (maybe), Yeovil (maybe), Cheltenham (maybe) and potential Carling Cup/Johnsons Paint Trophy trips to Bristol Rovers, Exeter and Newport County. Truly shocking.

WWFC out of darkness cometh light -in Div 1 we go.

in the words of Status Quo;

Get down deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Get down deeper and down

I want all the world to see

To see you're laughing, and you're laughing at me

I can take it all from you

Again again again again

Again again again and deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Get down deeper and down

I have all the ways you see

To keep you guessing, stop your messing with me

You'll be back to find your way

Again again again again

Again-gain-gain-gain deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Down down deeper and down

Get down

Even in 1975 the Quo could see were we would go twice!!


Apology NOT accepted Morgan.



Really feel sad and I hope this will only be a one-year stay!

From the outside, just watched you play about five times each season, to me it seems like your managers and board are on separate planets kind of?

Under McCarthy you made a kind-of-stoke-team that is with players with specific abilities to play the kind of game you set to play. It kept you in the regions around relegation in prem. But your expectations grew. The "5-1 demolition" when McCarthy got sacked really had nothing to do with that.

Then Solbakken came in and was supposed to "reform your style of play". If given time and funds I think he would have managed but the board did not give him enough "Solbakken-players".

Then came Dean Sounders as the nail in the coffin trying to reinstall McCarthy ...

I left out one manager not of disrespect.

Conclusion: I think you have a very inept board that is way apart from your managers.


It's Henry's fault majority of the games why we loose, with his negative play always playing back instead of playing forward, midfield has defiantly killed us, no creative play what so ever, long ball from defence every time, so how can our strikers even have a chance, their expected to create their own chances most of the games, lets not forget, every time we get a free kick anywhere close to the goal we pray that sako will score purely because we know theirs no other way for us to score. Sako been the best player for wolves this season, the rest have not played at all. Saunders out moxey out Johnson out, o hara out, Henry out, hunt out, sig out, peszko out, Berra out,margreitter out,craddock out, elokobi out,Edwards out,hammill out, Doyle out....... This is what is needed to clear the dead wood out of wolves FACT!, keep Morgan and re build, the fans will not be happy until moxey is out!


Roll on August Our youth will get us back up


What we get from Morgan is emptiness...typical business false openness.......we need real insight into how such incompetence was actually manifested. The filthy turmoil Morgan that you and Moxalot have generated in supporters hearts and minds needs to be laid bare. If you have the courage for this level of transparency stay awhile and then we will silently observe you leaving. If not then please diseappear and not lay claim to our attention; ah, money!


As an Albion fan, with hand on heart, I would rather see Wolves in the Prem than Wigan. Founders of the football league with a proud history it's sad to see what has happened over the last couple of seasons. I suppose McCarthy had to go after the Albion defeat at Molineux, but apparently with no thought to a successor. Poor leadership. Feel for you tonight Wolves fans. Keep the faith and see you in a couple of seasons.

2,205 v Bury

Stop talking saft.......


Pay off expensive contracts of players with no dedication to our club. Start again with keen youngsters on low basic salaries but with bigger than average win bonuses. Or am I being very naive in these money grabbing times! UTW


Jez Moxey should be sacked by Steve Morgan because he's done the same to Wolves has he did to Stoke City when the owner is reliant on his ceo and makes such horendous mistakes he should br fired with immediate effect and so should Dean Saunders and please bring in a director of football if you are serious in getting this once great football club back to where it belongs,also you need a manager that is experienced enough to see the club through the transition from league one to premiere lets hope Steve Morgan realises this is the only way forward we can only hope he listens


Never saw this day coming 4 years ago did they?!


Batth to captain wolves attempt to return to the championship next season.

GK Mccarey or Hennessey until he regains full fitness to be sold jan 2014

DR Doherty

DC Batth

DC to be filled

DL Elokobi

MC Davis

MC to be filled

LW Sako

RW to be filled

ST Cassidy

ST Griffiths

Also to use Forde, Flatt, Ismail, Mcalinden from development squad and get rid of every other mercenary from WWFC!!


Down Down Down, Red Knights Going Down

Down Down Down, Red Knights Going Down

Down Down Down, Red Knights Going Down

Down Down Down, Red Knights Going Down

Down Down Down, Red Knights Going Down


Simply gutted. Strangely feel like it's the late 80's again, which isn't a bad thing. I just hope we build a team with spirit of Kendall, streete, bellamy, downing, cook, dennison, mutch and that bloke from norton caynes. Happy memories of a ten year old wolves fan.

Wolves players of now take a good look at yourselves in the mirror you should be ashamed, not mentioning any johnson's, henry's, berra's, o'hara's e.t.c....

The wanderers will return!!!!!

Iam Locutus of Wolves

You know what i've had 4 seasons to get used to this, so today was no surprise and it was never going to be, so i'm not gonna spill any malice, i don't blame Steve Morgan and certainly don't Blame Jez Moxey, i do blame our senior team, a bunch relegation journey men who were never quite good enough, but when skill is not available, all we need to see, what we all wanted and begged for was passion and fight, Hunt summed it up in an e&s video a few weeks back he claimed 'Most of this team has been in a relegation fight' he was saying this like the experience would help in reality most of our team is built of LOSERS and i mean that in the most nicest and most forgiving way....i would rather see the academy kids lose but TRY than over paid over/under achievers any day of the week no matter what division we are in. FACT

chris h

I have to say it is very strange logic to absolve those two people who are responsible for the management and stewardship of the football club..If the footballers were not good enough,surely those who hold the purse strings,those who signed the players in the first place ,should be held responsible.Perhaps you blame the crew for the sinking of the Titanic, and not the owners and captain, who allowed the ship to set sail without enough lifeboats and who signed off a ship with a flawed design.If you have been to matches this season,you will have noticed our strikers failed to win enough of the ball in opponents penalty area.It is a bit unfair to blame Doyle for not being tall enough.Surely the people responsible should have signed someone else to help him out.Then there was the lack of pace throughout the side.Players cannot grow wings,this weakness in the team should have been addressed,that is if the people responsible actually wanted us to avoid relegation.As for playing the kids,how do you know they are good enough? The young right back who played yesterday was badly out of his depth defensively and could not cope with the pace of his opponent.

Iam Locutus of Wolves

Sad, oh dear, this was my first comment on these boards despite reading and wanting to reply to every happy clapper and over angry ejit on these said forums for a very long time, you all want a scapegoat.....too easy, i watched us in the cow shed lose to Aldershot in the old fourth so don't come here shouting the odds. This Forum has been vile and mostly ill informed and just angry idiots quite frankly making this whole situation worse. In those transfer windows there were no one available, no one, yes we had some cash but who the hell would want to come here and play with this lot, would be like career suicide, hence nouble, dicko, gorkks just dudes with no where else to go nowt to do with morg or mox just plain simple fact our team is poison,now if you want to blame them for not spending money a few seasons back well valid point and those decisions have had a major impact on everything there after, but they're just men ....and i ay no saint...they don't cross that white line. i work in the entertainment industry and im getting older, does this make me give up and die off....NO, i try bloody hard to keep up, i have not seen this from our team, if i worked somewhere and could see everyone around me just trying and simply doing better, i get better cos i wont av it any other way...FIGHT, our seniors have not done this for 3 seasons. Watching these players get done over by Wigan a couple of seasons back, hunts goal was irrelevant, that team didn't turn up and us fans really needed them too

chris h

Sorry you were not in the Cowshed end for the Aldershot game.It was shut and had been for two seasons by then.

Iam Locutus of Wolves

you're right i apologise, i was bout 6, so again i apologise i knew as soon as i pressed send, my more relevant statements still stand though....and Doherty is a great right back just in a very bad team and still a boy

FairOak Wolf

No surprise - been coming for months. Prepare for the tide of rats fleeing the sinking ship Molineux. Saunders hinted there will be changes over the summer, I hope so and I hope he is one of them. Morgan, you need to (1) sack Moxey and get a FOOTBALL man in, (2) hire a decent manager and (3) get rid of the olg guard and troublemakers who have poisoned the atmosphere in the dressing room - Foley, Ward, Johnson, Berra, Edwards, Henry, O'Hara and Doyle. If you are not prepared to do that then please leave and we'll hopefully find an owner that can fix this mess - which I might add is ENTIRELY of your making.


We all knew it was on the cards but it's still tough to deal with the fact that the team have let everyone down badly. There wasn't 1 jot of desire after the 1st 4 games of the season. From then on in it was poor performance after poor performance with a few lucky exceptions. Anyways, that's behind us. It's the players who need to worry now even if they are on good contracts because it's going to be difficult to resurrect their careers after their efforts. People in the game know exactly what mindset the players were in and what they were trying to achieve. Well, they've achieved it by getting the club relegated and now they will reap the whirlwind. I hope they enjoy their exotic holidays in Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles etc. We've been here before and recovered and I know we can do it again. Maybe not for a few years but we will be back. UTW

Frank Chickens

A written apology is the mark of a coward.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Frank. It should read COWARDS. The club is full of them.


Messrs Morgan, Moxey and Saunders. Ever heard the adage:- Empty vessels make the most noise.


Morgan the only way to get this mess sorted is simple

1. Sack Moxey and get a CEO who understands football

2. Sack Saunders and get Martin O'Neill

3. Get rid of all the trouble makers and whatever cost, even pay them to go

4. Get the kids in and buy a few older players to help them.

4 Steps Morgan then we will back you, If we start the season with Moxey things will never change and i will still not step foot in the mol till he has gone. Sack him and i will buy a season ticket and i don't think i would be alone.

Wolves fans will tolerate alot of things but players not trying and Moxey guiding the ship is not on.

Over to you Morgan to grow a pair and grab this great club by the throat and show some leadership and ambition.


Ok Morgan now is the time to get it right, sack Moxey, Saunders and appoint a new CEO and Manager with a bit of Football knowledge.

Moxey nearly bankrupted the club after Hoddle almost done the same again and any Manager who drops Danny Batth in favour of Roger Johnson clearly lost all Wolves fans respect.

Get it right Morgan Mass clearout please........................................


The Solihull crew , O'hara and Johnson and their attitude must take a lot of the blame. No doubt both will move on if any mugs will take them.

Listening to Radio 5 live yesterday while travelling back from Brighton.Their reporter made a comment on that when he visited Wolves compton training ground few weeks ago he was amazed at the players cars parked up on the car park which included 2 Bentley turbos, Maserati, Ferraris and top of the range Mercedes maybe this is one reason why this is club is being relegated to the 3rd tier of english football...He also made a comment of when Morgan made an attempt to buy liverpool and gate crashed the liverpool meeting accusing Moores of liverpool that he didnn't Know what he was doing.Clearly Mr Moores did no what he was doing, and Morgan didn't.

If you had a ticket for yesterdays game it included free travel on Bus and Rail all day within the Brighton area to enable fans to get the stadium...Maybe wolves should learn from this and try giving something back instead of take, take, take. Probably if the table was turned and this was at Wolverhampton Moxey would charge £10 travel to get to the stadium.


The problems at Wolves are numerous but it all starts at the top. Morgan as Chairman trusts the CEO to sit in front of the Board and give them the advice they need to make the right decisions. Our immediate problems have all stemmed from two years ago when Morgan undoubtedly wanted to get rid of MM. And no guesses who advised the Board not to do it. I've no doubt it was exactly the same the following Christmas with the Fat Controller telling the Board to stick with the man that had kept us up the last two seasons. Come February and one of our worst home defeats against WBA and Morgan lost his cool. Completely ignored Moxey and sacked MM with no plan B of who we would get in first. The following 15 months has all been one mistake after another. Morgan needs to sack Moxey and get a manager in with extensive English league experience and who will sort out the mess the dressing room is in. If I was the likes of O'Hara, Johnson, Henry (add to this who you will) I would have looked at the managerial appointments here over the last year and a bit and lost all respect for the club, which is undoubtedly where we are. Yes, we need desperately to start afresh, but with a new CEO, a DoF and a new manager who doesn't have two relegations in four and a half years worth of management on his CV. And as for some of our highly paid failures of players, we realistically can't just get rid of them and need to wait for a decent offer, but they should rot in the reserves in the interim.

Italia Wolf

Don't believe it's been posted yet - I think Mr Morgan needs to employ a PROPER footballing man to act as a buffer between him and the coaching staff. That might stop him playing with his train set abd getting upset when the tracks or trains aren't working properly!!!

Moxey might be a good accountant but footballing scout he is NOT! my shout would be for an ex Wolves legend in Graham Turner, been in management a long time and knows the club very well. Other names to consider would be Rob Kelly or Chris Evans, both a wealth of knowledge footballing wise and again well known to the Wolves family.

c'mon me babbies /\_/\


It really makes me laugh, some of our fans think we have a divine right to be a mid table championship club. Deano talks a lot of sense and knows what he's doing we are very lucky to have him. If it wasn't for the baggies being so successful our fans would be happy where we are. We need to stop looking over at our neighbours with green eyes and get behind Deano, Jez and Steve. Getting relegated again isn't so bad we have probably found our level now to be honest. We where punching well above our weight anyway being in the championship and as for being in the prem, I never really felt comfortable being there. It always felt as we as a club where at some extravagant party and we where the hired help and not the actual party goers. Any way what I'm trying to say in around about way is count our blessing as we have some fantastic away days coming up and we can always shut down part of our stadium when the crowds drop below 10k. WULFS AY WE.


Almost funny but not quite. See you on your way down!


Your name says it all - and deluded as well

He (Saunders) will never be successful manager above even 1st division le vel)

what morgan needs to do if he wants a succesful club is get some proper football people in who have some 'character' about them - not a yes man and certainly at the same time a proper director of football.

Im sorry Dean has to go-in the next 7 days - do not wait.


Irony lives ! Right ?

Paul Terry

Italia Wolf. You are correct in what you say. GT or GT for me as CEO.. Also bring back Chris Evans as DOF as we have not produced a good academy player since he went with Megson to Bolton. We also need a manager who can handle what is required and needed at WWFC. Knowledge of the old 3rd division is paramount and also a very good coach in his own right. When you analyse what is required and who would take the job I imagine you could name 20 managers who would do a good job. The big problem at WWFC is evident to see. You cannot have your CEO who has no football knowledge telling the manager who he can buy and who he cannot buy. We need to get rid of the 9 high earners and that would save us some £10m in wages alone. pay them off and start again. Some players we would get a fee for some I would let go for free. I am not sure DS is the man to lead us into the future and I believe SM should give JM and ultimation either look after to accounts only of leave or sack him. I believe SM will sack JM and bring in a DOF who will work with a new manager. Maybe we just clear the decks and start again. It cannot get any worse so lets start again with some kids and a touch of experience. Start with signing Naki Wells from Bradford and build a spine with A new Keeper, Baath as captain. Sell Griffiths as he has stated he hates England. Sell Hennessey When fit and buy some young hungry talents. I once worked there as a scout so I know what I am talking about and to reemploy Chris Evans would be a good start.

De Monte

Wolves are a club with the stature of an elephant and the ambition of a mouse , bet Steve Bruce , Stale are thanking their lucky stars: 1st the squad from Mick Mc Carthy's time the players he bought in journey men,after we got to the premier he did not improve the squad...£7m for players who cant score 15 goals per season, a club captain whose timeing the tackle is like a clock with a run down battery,a red card and sent off specialist. Could you honestly imagine or see Mc Carthy or Saunders building a squad to take us into the lower echelon of Europe? Dream On. Over years from before a great manager Graham Taylor's time I have had this argument in correspondence with Mr Moxy and Sir Jack who would respond that they have taken my observations on board. The solution I believe our club should should clear out the squad and management, chairman sells to a consortium with real resources as Man City did, and in the 12 weeks close season bring in on trial ,expenses paid short term contract with 1st option of signing long term 30 disaffected technically skilled young players released by top clubs around the world,trail them in 2 terms that play against each other and build a squad the Wolves supporters can really howl about .


Time to stop bickering and infighting if the Morgan is staying andit looks like he is continually infighting will see us fall even further .Saunders does not appear to grasp what we are about but if he remains please get behind the team For me I would try the Neville brothers yes untried but both know the game inside out and Phil would play.The next chapter in our history is probably the most important ever we have to get this right.We will be a scalp every week get Leigh Griffiths back he scores goals.How we get rid of the tripe who knows for the players who actually care thanks for O Hara and the like good bye and good riddance .Take note MR MORGAN NOT SO LONG AGO STOCKPORT COUNTY PLAYED US IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP THEY ARE NOW IN THE CONFERENCE NORTH.

The Black Pearl

I am not going to feign any sadness, Wolves fans can do with a good dose of humility to realise they are not a Big Club, far from it, they are just a mid sized club like many others, but, their lack of patience as fans has driven them below even that level.

See you in about five years time.


Time for a clear out and a big re think in the way our club is run.

For us to have any chance of success in the future we need to emulate what the albion have done.

If only we could be like them.



Lads remember the clubs motto. "Out of darkness cometh light"

Now what the motto should be is

"And the great shall fall from grace and descend into the dark"


" Will someone please turn the bloody lights on we have been in the dark long enough"

Lets hear some more motto's from you fans.


In difficult circumstances Deano has been grate, for us.

I say give him another season to get the club back to where it really belongs.


Furzedown Wolf

I was at Brighton on Saturday. It wasn't much fun, but there again that's true of Wolves for most of this season. And last. Relegation has been on the cards since before Christmas.

I was there with a Brighton fan, and he said that it wasn't easy to tell which team was challenging for promotion and which was being relegated. Brighton were careful, but slow, and will struggle if they get promoted. Wolves played OK. Better than in some other recent games. But the defence is always one through pass from disaster. The midfield lacks creativity and the strikers don't strike.

It's sad that we've come to this, but it's part and parcel of what being a true Wolves fan is about. I first saw them in 1959. I've seen them in every division, with good and bad players and managers and owners.

Maybe now, out of any sort of limelight and with the remaining parachute payments, we can build something exciting. I remember the thrilling Man U team that Tommy Docherty brought up after their relegation.

I don't think Morgan is a bad man, and for all of his decisions (and grotesque salary) Moxey has the club in a decent place financially - think of Coventry and the Blouse as well as Pompey. Be careful what you wish for at this level.

Dean Saunders was a surprise appointment and has been pretty inept. Most of the team should also be sold or given their P45s.

What's really disappointing is how so many players come to Wolves and go backwards. Why is Kevin Foley so much worse now than in our promotion season to the Prem? And Doyle? And Henry? Who has improved? And who of the current generation will ever have the respect shown to Wagstaffe, John Richards, St Bully, Mike Bailey, Kenny Hibbert etc

One thing I do know is that Wolves fans moan. They always have and they always will. Its the way the Black Country is. Even our accent is a whinge. But Wolves could be in the conference and I'd still support them.