Stale Solbakken is blaming Steve Morgan

Former boss Stale Solbakken today pointed the finger at Wolves owner Steve Morgan as the club faced relegation to League One.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Peterborough United

Saturday’s 2-1 defeat against Burnley left Wolves doomed to third tier football next season unless an unlikely sequence of results can drag them out of the mire.

Wolves couldn’t recover from goals from Danny Ings and their recent loan target Martin Paterson either side of the break.

It was despite Burnley going down to 10 men after the sending-off of Michael Duff, with substitute Nouha Dicko’s 88th-minute effort their lone reply.

It left Wolves facing the prospect of becoming the first English team to twice suffer successive drops from the first to the third tier.

Wolves owner-chairman Morgan, who has presided over four managers in 16 months, was today blamed by one of them.

Solbakken accused him of failing to give new culture he introduced with the Norwegian’s appointment last May more time to succeed.

He left Wolves 18th in the table before he was sacked on January 5 and said: "I have no confidence in the owner.

"He’s a fantastic businessman and he could be a good owner if he had someone competent to deal with the footballing side of things.

“Morgan hired me because he wanted to build a new culture, create a new identity and make sure the club wasn’t ridiculed if given another chance in the Premier League.

“It was surprising that he thought this would be done in 15 minutes. My intention was to build a team over three transfer windows and get the right balance in the squad.

“But he got tired and went back to the previous culture. It still hurts.”

Meanwhile, Solbakken’s successor, Dean Saunders today insisted he wants to carry on as manager.

He said: “Yes, I want to stay. I got the team going again, but the injuries have done us – we are struggling to score.

“The chairman picks the manager and I stay as long as he wants me.

“Whether we stay up or go down, we’ll have to do this together.

“It’s a question of juggling four managers’ groups of players - even if you work in Boots the chemist, your staff wouldn’t know whether they were coming or going.

“I’m devastated we’re in this position but we’re not dead yet.”

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Comments for: "Stale Solbakken is blaming Steve Morgan"

Gloucester Wolf

Spot on Stale! You can't change the culture of a football club overnight. And you brought in some class players at bargain prices. I wish you all the best.

golden blood

I suppose he did the same for FC Koln too. Mate the ideas were fine, the reality is he was a terrible manager with zero credibility. I don't see other clubs bashing his door down, do you?


Listen mate could he possibly have done any worse at all than dean saunders, I dont think so.

Golden blood

He did do worse. The football was truly truly awful. He was hoddle reincarnated. Never ever again should we go down that route. NEVER.

To add to that, I don't rate Saunders either, he too is useless. He just continued the awful run.

There was only one man for the job and that was super mick. And so it has proved, again.

Bring Back S.S

The top performers this season were his signings not the old dross that he would have phased out over the next few transfer windows.

Players of the season was 1. Sako no doubt about it.

2. Siggy (even though played out of position this guy is a huge talent we will lose)

3. I will give to Blake ( second half of the season when he realised no other club will pay his wages so is better off here trying to get a new deal) or maybe Ikeme ( who was never shown any faith by previous managers apart from Stale.

4. Peszko this was a major blow to Stales reign as its when he got injured the results got poor and he also offered better balance in the team with Sako on the other side. He would be player 3 in my list but due to lack of appearances.

Golden blood

Sako was a great signing, no doubt, Pesko, Doumbia, Siggy and Margarita I do not rate too highly. But to be fair, every manager usually has 3 duffers to one good signing.

Saunders has bought 3 players in if I am correct. Robinson, Dicko and Gorkks. Apart from Gorkks they seem like half decent players, Robinson especially.

Stale record may have been good a FC Copenhagen but they are not exactly in the best league. That is Stale level.

His record sinse is terrible and his record at Wolves is no better than TC or Saunders, which kind of tells you everything you need to know.


You don't know what youre talking about. The reality is that Solbakken is an experienced Champion League manager and Dean Saunders a League One manager.Thats the difference. We all know that Stale wasn´t treated fair by the club and given the needed time to built a team.


Except for the fact, Ståle didn't have any money at Cologne and didn't got a single new player in after he took charge.

And the fact the fact that he built a very successful FC Copenhagen side, which qualified from the CL-group stages for very little money

Capital Wolf


Brain grower

Why did he spend near £18 million and conspire to get us relegated? As well as lose an FA cup tie to Luton.

He did not arrest the slide he Increased the intensity by being unable to manage people and forcing a style that nobody could get to grips with. Teams are Evolved not revolutionised. A. Concept sadly lacking in Stalebacons mind.

He confused the hell out of everybody and the football bored me rigid.

Clearly there is not a massive transition of Danish managers over to the UK and I would say there is a pretty good reason for that?

vae victis

The chances for FC Köln to avoid relegation was already slim before Stale was brought in, and they didn't avoid relegation after he was sacked. They had empty coffers, so Stale couldn't even bring in any players suitable for his style of play. If he had been given more time, he might have been able to pull it off. The same goes for his assignment at Wolves. Although he was able to bring in new players, he didn't get the time to establish his style within the team. I'd prefer a bad season with Stale if it gave him the time to turn the team around.

Other clubs aren't bashing his door down because of the fans and owners' impatience in Köln and Wolves. Köln, however, did bash his door down when they saw how he turned Copenhagen from a top club in Denmark to having complete dominion in Scandinavia. So he really isn't a bad manager.


here here, well said vae victis,,,,/\/\WWFC/\/\,,,,

Golden Wonder

Tend to agree with some of your points.

A club like Wolves weren't ready for Stale's radical changes.

As poor as the football was i was trying to look at the bigger picture.

Orlando Wolves

Look up FC Koln before he arrived - it has always been a fractious club from top to bottom. Rather like somwhere else I can think of.


what you fail to relise is fc koln where in a worse state than wolves when he took over there and just like the wolves players they didn't want the change in style of play,so lets look at the other side of the coin at Copenhagen he won countless championships and cups and he got them to the last 16 in the champions league beating man utd and drawing with barcalona along the way all he wanted was a bit of time time time but wasn't given it and if It was up to me I would be bashing his door down to get him back immediately,,,,,/\/\WWFC/\/\,,,,,

Wolf at gate

I agree, we should have stuck with Stale. He had a vision and the determination to get it right.

As for Saunders, I have no sympathy at all. The should walk next Saturday, would not even pay his taxi fare.

As for Morgan either sell up or TAKE SOME ADVICE, this club is not a rich boys play thing !

Orlando Wolves

Sadly, the direction and ambition of this once great club has yet again changed and it looks like we are back again to the echelons lower league football.

I still can`t agree with the anti Solbakken faction, and in particular his dismissal. If fans expected the team he inherited, minus the three best players who were sold, to be transformed into a skillful, Championship winning side inside 6 months, then those Wolves fans are delusional.

Wolves supporters were warned by Roy Hodgson to be careful what they wished for, when calling for Mick`s sacking. Well they got their wish, Mick was sacked.

After disasterous attempts at appointing a new manager they got Terry Connor and the relegation that went with it. If that wasn`t disasterous enough more was to come…

Then we have the Stale appointment, with a promise transformational new approach to the way we play, and God knows we needed it! Hodgson again commented, on what an excellent appointment for Wolves. (But what does he know? He`s just one of the most successful English managers in European football) Morgan and Moxey heralded Stale`s appointment as a new era of Wolves football.

Then what happened?

Clearly, the players he was left with, were not professional, intelligent or talented enough for the job at hand. The fact was that Stale actually bought quite well from Europe but, unfortunately, injuries to some of those players he bought sunk his attempt to improve the quality of the team and he was left in the main with the remainder Mick`s men. They clearly could not or, would not, play to his system.

Following this a poor run of form was inevitable, it happened and predictably, a large proportion of Wolves fans voiced their criticism on these pages. The impatient, vociferous masses got their way and he was sacked in the most appalling and disgraceful way (by telephone), when he was wishing to discuss the signing of new players.

This is no way to run a professional football club. We are currently like a ship without a rudder sailing, merrily from one disaster to the next. Now it looks as if we are doomed to League One Football for next season.

You sow your seeds and you reap your harvest. As a club we have got what we deserved, I am sad to say.



Well said, the only so called fans that didn't like Solbakken's style of play or ideas are those stuck in the past with no patience. they all want immediate success, well i'm afraid it's not going to happen! you want immediate success I suggest go and support Man Utd or Chelsea.


Totally agree. The problem is that the supporters often have a bigger say than they would in other football codes. Mainly not a bad thing, but we are not privy to what goes on behind closed boardroom doors, and the masses baying doesn't help any managers cause.

For me we needed Stale to bring in some defenders and that was our achilles heel. For 2 seasons though, not just this one.

Still, from my comfortable Aussie home, I can at least go and watch my other football passion, AFL football. Go the mighty Saints!


C'mon mate. Being from Adelaide, get on the Power.


up the crows you to adelaidemike and adelaide united are a good side to


Solbakken had a vision but I'm not convinced his playing style suited the Championship. Many ex-players said it was way too slow for the pace of the Championship and I believe them. The foreign players he brought in were shell-shocked and even 'exhausted' after a few weeks. Saying that, he stood by his convictions and tried to get the squad to see it his way. Unfortunately it was a bitter pill for some and you could see the division on the pitch. It also caused an enormous amount of backlash from the fans and eventually that made Morgan's mind up. Personally, Morgan shouldn't have appointed him in the first place as there were several good candiates around at the time. However, non seemed to fancy a 6 months contract on below average manager's salary relying on a bonus if we made the play-offs! 1 word ... crazy.


Don't be daft. SS was a big mistake---why hadn't big clubs in any part of the UK "found" him ?? Cos he was rubbish. As for Saunders, he is just like Terry Connor ( except he never played for England)---nicish bloke, 5th rate manager.

WHY HAS EVERYONE GONE QUIET ABOUT the best manager Wolves have had for years----the one and only MICK THE MAN.

Lucky Tractor Boys !! Would you care to do a swap with us ?????

Moxey---you are a disgrace ! Morgan---you are a clown !

Northampton Wolves

" the one and only Mick the Man eh " We were dead men walking after the miracle with Blackburn.

Have a look at his win stats in the prem. Think some of you lot ave got short memories about the shocking run we had before he got the boot.

Morgan struck lucky with Mick to get us in the prem and has not made a good decision since.

I will go to Jody's testomonial but nothing else while at least 2 of those idiots are in charge.


I think Carl Henry said it all after Dean Saunders was in charge after a couple of weeks. I quote " We wouldn't be in this position if we had of had Dean Saunders as manager from the begining of the season"

Wolves Mad Fan

Bring back solbakken now! Give him a real chance! Least the club should do! Top manager! Only had one transfer window to bring in his own players. Only had a couple of weeks to replace fletcher and Jarvis. Club insisted we were hanging on to them. Very unlucky with injuries. not confident with dean suanders, dont have the same faith as i have with solbakken. It's clear solbakken loves the wolves, so bring him back!


The principle is correct, if we were going to change so that eventually we could be a Swansea type side then reverting to 'get it forward' Saunders was madness. On the other hand we should not forget that Stale turned us into the most boring Wolves side I have seen since Hoddle tried to play exactly the same way. Fundamentally a lack of long term planning from the top is the problem - Albion have been through a string of managers but maintained a very similar philosophy, we just seem to swing from one idea to the opposite, which will always end in disaster.

luke skywalker

Absolutely spot on Noisy

Bring Back S.S

He wanted the old players out when it finally dawned on everyone that the old cloggers are not capable of stringing 2 passes to gold shirts together. He had to play them as they are on massive long term contracts. No one cant say he didnt give them a chance, he did they didnt.

When they got shown up for what they really were, they didnt play for him and eventually got their own way and got him the sack.


I am sorry but Albion were a yoyo club until Hodgson sorted them out.


God forbid we should be a yoyo team! Maybe we are yoyoing down to the 4th division and back again!

Hodgson just did as Ashcroft told him to I think you will find.


it was only boring because of mad micks players in the team when they got the ball they didn't know what to do with it apart from hoof it sky high, where as solbakkens signings were more cultured in the passing game its all about possession and keeping the ball and at times it can look boring but that is the way forward just keep the opposition off the ball and they cant score, given time solbakken would have had us playing good attractive football like albion as you mention them it took time for them to get it right but get it right they did and now look at em there doing what we wish we could do,solbakken was right for this club but most of the fans couldn't see it now look where we are in league 1 so id just like to say well done all you short sighted fans who wanted solbakken out stop moaning on here about relegation its all your fault,,,,,,/\/\WWFC/\/\,,,,,,


Goldon blood - Noisy, you are so blind firstly i for one wanted to get away from kickand rush football. if it wasn't that thier was 3 realy bad teams worse than us we would of gone down in the first season in the prem and goal differance saved us the seconed, so no real inprovemant.

to my main point you might be right Noisy but with most of the team not being able to pass the ball forward to a players feet. not with the likes of Johnson, Beara, and dont get me started on the pass back king henry who slowed down every move, just look how many game we recently won when he was dropped and look whats happened since Davis injiury!!

Stale is absalutly right in what he has said, the club even told us (At our supporters club dinner) that he was to have 3 transfer windows to firstly though to reduce the squad and to bring in his own players.

how many players did DS bring in jan? so morgan you are a lie'r in many ways, you tell us lies you tell your manager lies you tell the press lies.we are not a sacking club, well i for one hope you lie once more and sack DS, Goldon blood would agree as well cuz he dont like managers that have a relagation on their cv from another club!!!



"He’s a fantastic businessman and he could be a good owner if he had someone competent to deal with the footballing side of things.' Are you saying Moxey doesn't know how to deal with the footballing side of things? Wha, no, you don't say.

“Morgan hired me because he wanted to build a new culture, create a new identity and make sure the club wasn’t ridiculed if given another chance in the Premier League.' To be modeled on West Brom, their internal processes and operating-framework. Absolutely a million miles away Stale.

Stale, you deserved more time, sorry


Suspected as much!!!!

Bring back Stale!


God wolves fans are so quick to jump on the band wagon. You probably said you wanted him out when he was here. We are crap but I think this season will be the most points a team has to be relegated

Dave Jones

Please get real Dean we are down and part of that blame falls on you,stop bleating about injuries,the Squad was still good enough anyway to stay up.

Your team selection and tactics have been at best amateurish,please explain to me what Danny Baath has to do to get a game.

You have now got 2 teams relegated from the Championship and why Messrs Morgan and Moxay didn't notice you had over 30 games to save Doncaster and didn't, before they appointed you ,beggars belief.

Sorry Deano you aren't good enough to manage in the Championship so do the honourable thing and resign

Aldridge Wolf

I totally agree Dave. Saunders will escape a lot of the blame and vitriol simply because Morgan and Moxey are public enemy number 1 and 2 but for me, he is simply not equipped with the ability to manage a club of this size. Wrexham yes, Doncaster maybe but Wolves never.

The football (if thats what you call it) has been truly awful; its basically ineffective hoof-ball and quite frankly if it hadn't of been for Stephen Hunt's efforts we would have been relegated weeks ago. Saunders' footballing philosophy and tactical ideas are prehistoric and coupled with this disgraceful set of players lack of effort AND ability, we were doomed from the minute Saunders walked through the door.

Considering that Saturday was virtually the last chance saloon, I couldn't believe how poor the level of effort and certainly the quality of the football was, it was just shocking.

Now is the time for some very brave decisions Morgan. A lot of fans want Moxey sacked and a lot want a director of football appointed etc, but for me, the most important decision is to remove Saunders from his post after the Brighton game, regardless of the result. This job now calls for a manager with vast experience to arrest this slide and Saunders is not that man, nice chap that he is.

WWFC always.


It beggars belief every time Dean opens his mouth. He moans about lack of a goalscorer, but he had a look at the hugely prolific Lee Griffiths & sent him back on loan. He moans about the defence letting in soft goals, but despite Danny Batth looking our best defender when DS was forced to pick him due to suspension, he dropped the lad ASAP to bring RJ back. Wake up & smell the coffee Dean, your problems are your own making. Just another cheap appointment by Morgan & Moxey, who talk a good game but fail to deliver.


Saunders there is a managers job going at my local boots now bugger off and take those overpaid jokers with u!!!


WE ARE DOOMED DEANO, but we have been in worse positions before,

Wolves till I die


“I’m devastated we’re in this position but we’re not dead yet.”

That sums it up to me. The others all have to lose, not only that we need to win and a 4 goal swing on Petebrough...............

Sorry Dean, we are dead and playing league one football next season.

From start to finish this season has been shambolic and I agree totally with Stale, the man to blame is Steve Morgan who has not got a clue how to run a football club. This is coming from our former manager even so my opinion seems about right on that one.

Stale was not great for us but he should never have been appointed in the first place. His appointment was yet another mistake by Morgan.

Morgan needs to fire Moxey and get someone in with football nouse. The balance between accountant and football sense. I say sense as nothing thats happened in the last year and a half has made any sense at all. The average intelligent fan could have done a better job.


I'm afraid it would actually need a 5 goal swing.

Whilst 4 would bring goal difference level, Peterborough have scored 9 goals more and would remain above Wolves because of that.


Ah, but as this assuming Peterborough lose then they will have at least one goal difference less - so it is four maximum. Ain't going to happen though! Don't know why I'm bothering really.


Give Dean the chance he deserves!

The Voice of Reason

That'll be no chance then.


Eh No ...why do you think he is going to improve - based on previous evidence no chance

Filthy Wolf

Surely he's more than had that?


WHAT! way thank you.

It seems to me "Deano" is escaping the blame for the second half of this pathetic season.

Pezsko, the best right winger at the club not being played and then DIcko being brought in blatantly to keep Pezsko off the bench!

Hunt plays very well on the left but then Dumbo Deano decides to waste the last few matches with him on the right???? why? oh yeah so that renowned left winger Stephen Ward can play....

Siggy wasted on right wing most matches...

and lets not start about the constant hoofballs that our defence constantly plays..

Saunders should quit, hes utterly hopeless at this level and everytime he opens his mouth i feel embarrased to be a Wolves fan.

Bring Back S.S

Erm 20 games to try and show fans what style of football he wants to play. We can see the "get it forward as fast as possible hoofball" NO THANKS.

Orlando Wolves

A fresh challenge for Dean and Jez perhaps?

NASA, Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral , are once again advertising for volunteers for an initially advertised (one way) space mission to the planet Mars.

Particularly suitable applicants, should have outlived their usefulness, and tenure in their current position, but have unlimited ambition, self confidence, with a hugely inflated ego and vast experience of media interviews. People who are legends in their own opinion, are the perfect candidates.

Volunteers are needed to forge a historic manned mission to Mars. (I am in the perfect position to know this, and I have a certain amount of `pull` in Florida...and I know several Cape Canaveral personnel)

The President has stated that the `return` would be in January 2018, but, take it from me, this guy`s track record dosen`t live up to reality (Hope and Change 2008 ?) (So, the hope for a return, if possible, is Jan 2018. Don`t depend on it! If it dosen`t return, bad luck. He will not be in office then, so he will not be blamed, and it almost certainly will be someone else`s fault.)

The lucky appointed volunteers, will achieve deserved, legendary, worldwide, pioneer hero status, merely for sitting on their a**e, and letting others do it for them. (As NASA, undoubtably will).

Initially it is proposed that it will be a two man mission, with options for further exploration. (There is also a possibility, if necessary, of stuffing a third person into the capsule) They will also receive the legendary `Steak and Eggs Breakfast` before blast off. (Believe me this is not to be missed. Note: It is not a pie).

Should some prospective applicants by shy in nominating themselves for such glory, please email your suggestions and nominations to NASA or directly to Cape Canaveral / Kennedy Space center.

You never know, maybe we can get a Wolves flag on Mars? The supreme accolade! Another first!

Should a Wolves bid be successful, it is proposed that slash down will be in the West Park Boating Lake, this will save the lucky applicants a lot of pennies on return travel expenses. (To all prospective applicants, I hear that there is no booking fee involved.)

UTW :)

spanish ray

I,and many others,have said that Morgan should have had someone with knowledge about football and running a football club along side him instead of Moxey who is clueless.Morgan wants to wake up and show the fans that he does care for Wolves by getting rid of the fat controller.If he doesn`t act it will show contempt for the club,the fans and Sir Jack Haywood who virtually gave him the club on certain understandings which,in my oppinion,have now-where near been met.I never thought I would ever see this club so badly managed again following the Bhatti regime but,I was wrong.Actually,I believe Morgan should clear the decks to include Saunders and his staff and start from scratch with recognised people even if it means poaching someone else`s manager,other clubs do so why shouldn`t we.I will have my fingers crossed for a miracle this weekend but do have doubts and I would like to wish the team all the success in the world against Brighton.


Im sure it's been mentioned that Solbakken was promised a director of football. Perhaps he knew Moxey wasn't the right person from day one.

Bring Back S.S

He knew alright but Moxey has too much power and didnt deliver the English coach either that was asked for.

Penny pinching on the infrastructure that was needed and at the same time protecting his own intrests (less costs = easy to reach targets = bigger bonus)

Football people on the board please with football brains.

Matt Murrays Massive Mitts

Sacking Stallenbokken was probably the stupidest decision in a catalogue of stupid decisions by Morgan.

Some people blame the boo boys. But every club has boo boys to contend with, people who aren't happy unless they're calling for someones head. This is where you need a chairman/owner who's going to stick to his guns and keep his resolve and faith in the manager.

Sticklebricken I'm sure would have avoided the current catastrophe, and would have gone on to build a decent squad, had Morgan not panicked when the boo boys started booing.


Agreed, Mr Morgan has some big decisions to make again


shows how much you know about our recent history saunders as you stay 4 managers players, connor was micks assistant and worked with the same players not really bringing anyone in.

your a joke of a manager and need to be sacked !!!

The Teecher

"As you stay4 managers players " ???

Well that's a load of garbage innit?

So if Connor wasn't a manager what was he ? Maybe you think it was Des O'Conner.


Des would have probably done a better job.

Mills wolf

I think you miss the point "teecher"

he was Micks assistant promoted to caretaker manager till end of the season, he never bought anyone in and had already worked with all the player the same time as mick so no new idea's, no new signings...

so what i think the first poster is trying to get at is Saunders is under the impression that its 4 managers worth of different signings and tactics when really if he knew our history ha would know thats not a case

psalm 23

Stale's damming indictment of Morgans management, time for the taxi Jez


Its obvious he cares about the club, and wants to be here.

Let him finish the job he started,


I agree. Let Stale finish the job he started!!


Everyone is to blame, and you're part of "everyone", Stale. Maybe I'm to blame. Maybe the extra £200 I could have brought into the club on match days, instead of relaxing in the Newhampton while the latest disappointment unfolded 500 yards down the road, could have made the difference. Well, I'm sorry, but the pull of Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Challenge on the quiz machine, and sexy Maria with the red hair in the kitchen, proved too strong for me.


well said stale ,wish you were still here ,deano out ,i blame morgan for not backing you stale morgan out

Sir Lupi

Caring is all well and good, but seriously, Saunders is so much out of his depth it would take a search party to find him.

Get out of the club and take Moxey with you.

Blaming injuries with a squad the likes half of the Championship would dream of at his disposal, is pathetic.


When they penny dropped how much it was going to cost to build an effective football playing team Stales days were numbered. Hence sacking before the Jan transfer window when more money was asked for.

He made a call to discuss transfers and got sacked.

Here is an example, we as fans all knew the need for another striker. Under Stale we was linked with Tim Matavz and Alfred Finnbogason.

Under dean it was Jason Scotland and Martin Paterson from Burnley.

Stales vision was for young technical talented players which would develop into better players under the right coaching.

Stale never claimed his signings were the finished article but the stategy was to come out of each transfer window stronger whilst also getting rid of the old brigade on huge wages.

nigel wolfnut

Thank you Stale for telling us the truth. Morgan listens to no one. I have said for a long time that if he ran his business like he does the club he would be bankrupt. Instead he puts the day to day running of the club in the hands of an accountant. The last thing you want is an emotional scouser in charge - but that's what we've got. For God's sake go Morgan. And before anyone says 'Be careful what you wish for' I will say only this. I did not wish for an owner who has made the club a laughing stock, built a stand when the emphasis should have been on the team, and skulks away into the night before the end of the game. With a massive wage bill it is inevitable what will happen. Morgan - tell me what your vision is for our club and how you planned to achieve it, because you have failed in every Department - and can you get rid off the useless Manager whom for some misguided reason you thought could succeed. The trouble is even if you stay and you do sack Saunders, which performances and results merit, I have no confidence in you appointing anyone else.


And before anyone says 'Be careful what you wish for'

I am also fed up of everyone quoting Roy Hodgson. It was interesting that Hodgson was a big believer in the Solbakken appointment. Maybe he would have said be careful what you wish for when Solbakken was sacked.

Stato's Boring Brother

The trouble is that Steve Morgan IS running the club like he does his business. I would imagine that he money men have a major say in the strategy of his building business and then departmental managers are appointed to do a job and expected to do it in accordance with the plan.

Unfortunately football doesn't work in the same way as building. A bricklayer does not suddenly lose his form. A plumber isn't pushed in to cover for an injured plasterer. A linesman doesn't mistakenly flag a digger offside. There is no transfer window for builders. etc etc

Yes, Steve Morgan has made mistakes and his over reliance on Jez Moxey (who is very good at his day job but less good when he meddles in the football side) is probably his main fault.

I think Steve Morgan ought to be looking at getting in a senior football person for a couple of years to look at the way the football side is run and find a director of football or a general manager as they used to be called. Possibly someone like Graham Taylor or Ron Atkinson.

Ben the disgruntled Dingle

"He’s a fantastic businessman and he could be a good owner if he had someone competent to deal with the footballing side of things."


He is blaming Poxey not Morgan!! And absolutely right in doing so.


Gary Cook in.

The Flying Winger

It has been a concern all along about someone at board level will happen?

The mistakes are all well documented, but what has got lost is that we have spent money on players, who were either not good enough or the culture in the dressing room was to resist all change.

Stale intimated this several times whilst he was manager, we didn't break up the squad that was McCarthy's

Listening to Harry yesterday he hit the nail on the head, if players who have played in the PL are not fit they will not cope in the Championship.

How many times were we told about tiredness this season.

I hope now that Morgan reflects on this whole debacle and makes an appointment of an experienced manager well before the season starts this time, giving him time to remove many of the current squad and bring in his own team

Well that is my hope, no use looking back any more only forward now.

Out Of Darkness Cometh Light. And so say all of us!!!!!!!

Ye Olde South Bank

Stale somehow expected his inherited donkeys to be able to perform like Grand National runners. He also disliked tackling on the training pitch. Probable mistakes, there, I'd say.

On the flip side, Wolves needed bringing bang-up to date, technically, and the poor bloke never got the chance to show what he could do with his OWN team in place before getting the push. Another probable mistake because I'm sure he could've gleaned a few more points than Saunders has, and saved our skins to boot.

Mr. Solbakken has no confidence in the owner? Well, join the club, Stale, but you're only telling us something we already knew, mate.

Pensnett wolves

Really you got no chance of working at Boots Deno, Superdrug would have to think twice.


as soon as solbaken mentioned money I knew he would be out the door never had a chance player power and tight chairman gave MM loads to waste and he did


But Stale, you left the defence as it was, you gave Henry a new four year deal and you needed results! How many points from your last 16 games? 12 and knocked out of the Cup by Luton!

sandy gray

But Luton had had 30 points deducted for financial irregularities and are not another Chorley......Bring bakk the man with a plan, get rid of the gutless, spineless , dressing-room troublemakers who have undermined our whole season, perhaps future, and back him financially.

I am still suspicious about the timing of SS's sacking, just before the transfer window. DS's appointment was hardly a spur of the moment decision was it?


I still think now ss was a good appointment, I know thinks had become bad but he would have put it right given time and investment. I was very disappointed when he was sacked and we would have been playing championship football next season if he was still here. An interesting summer awaits!

Kev H

The Blame Game!!

As a season ticket holder I with many others looked on in despair on Saturday, driving home with that sick feeling likely relegation brings? Five of us travelled home and all had opinions, it’s the players, manager, Morgan, Moxey and we even questioned the apathy of our loyal supporters.

Do I think that Morgan and Moxey made some poor decisions, yes and I’m sure they appreciate that?

Do I think they made them in the best interest of the club yes!

Do I think the players gave 100%, for Solbaken no, they looked like they were struggling to cope with his philosophy. But for Saunders they seemed more committed?

Do I think Saunders is the right man for the job, not sure but I certainly don’t think swapping and changing is the answer?

Do I think we had a lot of bad luck, well let’s put it this way ‘if we hadn’t had bad luck we wouldn’t of had any!’

The whole season has been a disaster, our most expensive signing Boukari out for the season. Just when Saunders seems to be getting things together, Ebanks Blake, Davis, Edwards,Ikeme and Sako get injured. And then Mr O Hara throws his rattle out the pram and gets himself suspended.

Yes it’s easy to get carried away and to start pointing fingers, what in my opinion we should do is stick together, show maturity and regroup for next season under Mr Saunders. Yes I questioned some of his team selections and formations but to his defence his hands were tied by injuries and suspensions.

But before all you anti Saunders have a dig at me a few facts lol

Based on the last 10 games we secured 15 points:

That was better than, Cardiff (15), Watford (14) Hull (13) and Crystal Palace (10) all currently in the top six.

On current form we would be one point off a playoff place? Where would we be if we hadn’t of lost Ebanks, Davis, Sako and O Hara for the last three games?

Last 10 Games Form Table: (What a Crazy Division!!!)

Bolton 19

Charlton 19

Birmingham 18

Ipswich 18

Pete,boro 17

Forest 16

Brighton 16

Blackpool 16

Huddersfield 16

Barnsley 16

Wolves 15

Cardiff 15

Sheff Wed 15

Watford 14

Derby 14

Hull 13

Blackburn 12

Palace 10

Burnley 11

Millwall 11

Leeds 8

Leicester 7

Bristol 6

Midd’boro 5

We are Wolves ‘Ay We’, now let’s regroup for next season, start a fresh and enjoy all the local derbies, Port Vale, Crewe, Shrewsbury, Walsall lol Oh and we should be able to stand at a few away games.

Always look on the bright side of life de da de da de da de da

Brizzle wolf

I think if we could have won just one of the last two games we maybe, just maybe could have pulled the likes of Millwall in (who appear to be dropping like a stone). I think my biggest opposition to to saunders is that he could not motivate the team to pull off a performance in either match, or make the right tactical decisions, or select the right individuals (where was hammil last game not even on the bench, why oh why Steven Ward).


Please Note!

Both Barnsley and Peterborough are above us in the Form Table.


Was agreeing with most of what you had to say................however:

On current form we would be one point off a playoff place? Where would we be if we hadn’t of lost Ebanks, Davis, Sako and O Hara for the last three games?

O'Hara! Really??? He has been dreadful!


Of course he will blame the man who sacked him. I would as well BUT

If I was the owner and I employed Stale and he failed I would sack him as I would with Dean Saunders who has also failed

Mr Morgan is not the problem! Its down to the people he has employed


It's down to Morgan for employing them. The main job for a chairman is to appoint the right manager and he's failed 4 times.


Morgan is the one who appointed all the managers!!


I don't really think you can blame SS and Deano for this - nor MM. As Stale has said all along - you cannot change a culture in 15 minutes - it takes time, and fans, owners etc are not willing to wait.

Maybe hiring SS was a bad choice, but it was definitely a bad choice sacking him.

Would like to see him back!


Mossman your a plonker you look at things so wrong, in your words along with DS's if you are manager at boots and head office dont supply your shop with the goods for people to buy!! do you deserve the sack if you dont meet targets, further more youve allso been promised the next 3 trucks will have your goods.

Kev H so we are not getting relagated then because we will forget the first 10 games DS was in charge of!! thats a relief then. when did these changes take place. do borough & liecester know they are going down, some body ring them!! i suggest you and the other 4 in the car chat about something els.


chris h

'He could be a good owner if he had someone competent to deal with the footballing side of things.' Many of us have been saying the same thing on here for years.The transfer strategy adopted by the club has proven to be flawed.Jez Moxey has been the main architect of this strategy.Signing players from clubs in financial trouble,clubs that have been relegated and want to offload,missing out on signing players where there is competition from other clubs.This strategy was always doomed to fail.There is almost a moral justification in this failure,trying to screw the best deal from clubs who were financially on their knees at the same time that our club was receiving multi millions from television rights.There is also an irony in that we are now desperate to offload our players,and the vultures will be circling to see if there is anything left on the bones.


Hear, Hear. Everyone will love getting their own back on Jez Moxey by screwing us into the ground. What goes around comes around......


Don't get me wrong, I'm no Moxey apologist, the man has inflicted untold damage and must go. However, I can't see from what we have been led to believe that the appointment of either Solbakken or Saunders were down to him, indeed he probably had little input if any. These decisions were down to our egotistical, pig-headed owner who took poor advice from hid Merseyside mates. This man is incapable of admitting he is wrong about anything or seeking advice from anyone whose views are worth listening to.Regrettably he owns the club and is therefore a law to himself much to the dismay of most Wolves fans.

I P Quickley

If Saunders is still manager next season I will be supporting Telford Fc. He is simply unqualified and has no clue how to deal with players or tactics. He could'nt run a bath.!


You clearly enjoy self-inflicted pain after the season Telford have just had!

Laughing Stock

I just hope that Steve Morgan has the good sense to fold the club to stop them bringing anymore embarrassment to my home town. The whole club is rotten to the core.


It's not a town it's a City and Wolverhampton Wanderers have brought a lot of pride and joy to it over the years.

It may not seem so at the moment, but, things will turn around, it's football, they always do.

Yours is a stupid post and you should apologise.

It's a bus stop in Walsall mate


That comment doesn't even make sense



i said we wont do an albion and i have stuck by my guns on that one!!!

you could not sing tom jones songs as good as deano thats why i had to bring him in

Chillo Wolf

ok that's not even funny

Paige Turner

Depends on your point of view!

Chillo Wolf

Yeah i know ... i was giving my 'point of view'

Keep your beak out!!


Dean ,sorry you have to go.

Your style of football and tactics have failed.

I for one will not be coming back until you and Moxley resign and Morgan brings in someone who can advise him on footballing matters to enable him to make sensible decisions. UTW

Golden blood

Was FC Koln Morgans fault too Stale?

Glass houses and stones spring to mind.


You don't know what youre talking about. The reality is that Solbakken is an experienced Champion League manager and Dean Saunders a League One manager.Thats the difference. We all know that Stale wasn´t treated fair by the club.


FC Koln was way worse than Wolves, but Wolves are starting to look like FC Koln now. But yes - SS was given the job at FC Koln because they wanted a change - but when the change didn't happen in a few months - they sacked him.

SS had the same trouble at Copenhagen at the start - but they gave him time and look what happened there?

SS has the ideas and the knowledge - I agree he made mistakes - and I'm sure he knows as well, but Wolves would be far better off if they had kept him for a few seasons.


The only one in this article that talks as if he knows about football is SS and we sacked him! well Morgan sacked him! our current manager tries to give analagies of Boots the chemist.

It's obvious someone has advised Morgan to make this decision. I think come the end of the season Morgan needs to do something big to win us all over and show his intent to get this club (his business) back on track.

I cant help but this the old MM mob of players had a packed to not play well because they didnt want him to go. I hope Johnson leaves he is one of the main reasons for our position.

To be honest I'm kinda looking forward to starting again and removing the viruses in the Wolf's blood.


Be careful, Deano! Don't tempt providence! Your next job might be working on the checkout at Boots.

As for SS, sorry, but your 'culture' wasn't perfect. Playing a rigid 4-4-2 was never going to work for you. So don't (can't believe I'm saying this) entirely blame Morgan or Moxey for that problem.

Finally, bye-bye Jez. Hope you enjoy the American sunshine.

The Voice of Reason

It wasn't going to be after 6 months, that's the point.

Old, Mustard & Black

He's hit the nail on the head. It needs someone competent to run the business side of the club aside from Morgan. Stale is also correct when he says he should have been given more time to turn things around. As it stands, you wouldn't have been any worse off. Something needs to change at board level because the lot you have running your club couldn't run a bath between them.


Edward Hitler

Well said Stale.

Not well said Dean ( I've got the team going again )



Steve Hitler

Stawlbawkawn OUT!!!

Dean Assunder OUT!!

Moxlbacon OUT!!

Maunders OUT!!

Storgan OUT!!!

Everyone OUT!!!! NOW!!!

Phil Smith

Yes we are dead and have ben for some time.

Solbakken wasn't supported by the board. Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey have always tried to hide behind "It's the players fault" It's not the players fault....They are just not good enough and not even good enough for division 1.

Sorry Mr Morgan, but you've not only succeeded in the severest demise of this football club in recent times, but also the the local community and surrounding areas.

If this is your contribution to Wolverhampton then I really do think It's time you called it a day.

Having a wealthy owner is absolutely useless unless he's prepared to support the club when required. You've not only failed, but failed abysmally.

Pete Jacques

Colin Lee summed it up well on the radio yesterday am, but here's my £10 worth.

senior stakeholders throughout the club are out of their depth. For example:

“Whatever happens to us now I am 100 per cent confident that I can give them some happy Sundays.

Really, Dean?

Absolute statements like this aren’t wise in any situation, but you keep saying stuff that fully illuminates the limits of your imagination. You might imagine these statements (April 16th - ...‘we won’t go down’) provide us with reassurance, but they have the opposite effect. There was once a time when this British bulldog approach might have worked and maybe it still does in the lower leagues where your name might carry more weight, but the game has overtaken you and people like you.

“I have got to sort the club out from top to bottom, whatever happens, and change the mentality.

Really, Dean?

In case you still haven’t grasped this let me point out that this is beyond the remit of your job description. You shouldn’t need to worry about that from next w/end, though. Pack your bags and leave, please.

Mr Morgan - it’s your job to sort the club out from top to bottom. Can you start straight away, please?

One thing that particularly worries me is that when you first talked with the media about your Harrow estates venture you stated that you didn’t want a people business any longer. Well, Mr Morgan, what is a football club if it is not a people business? I can’t help wondering if you were so keen on Liverpool FC because you had a dream about all the derelict housing in Anfield. At least you actually had that club in your blood. The people of Wolverhampton do not want you - any chance of selling up?

Toxic Moxey - do the honorable thing and get your coat

Steve Bull - please stop saying Saunders’s mix of youth-ism (sic) and experience is the right thing for Wolves. Legend? Yes. Spokes person - perhaps not.

Doyle - thanks for your efforts over these last few years. I don’t get to go to games much now (time and money - mainly money), but when MM was trying to get the most out of his team playing 4-5-1 you were top class up top. The financial imbalance inherent in this brave new football meant that you weren’t given the opportunity to score many goals, but the work you put in when I saw the team play was faultless. I have only been a few times this season and was surprised to hear the fans' grumblings extending even to you, but I want to say thank you - you can leave with your head held high in my book.

Supporters trust, anyone..?


Fans are hurting. Morgan what have you done to our beloved club.


Stale is right, the owner, board and some of the players are incapable of taking this club forward !!


I agree with you Solbakken, though I am still not sure of your style of play. We would not be in this position if any of the last 3 managers were given the correct tools. We had no chance in hell with Terry Connor, so I discount him. I await the removal of those who have not helped, Solbakken points out who he feels has not helped, need I break my good language by swearing on this post by mentioning his name.. (sounds like a place in Bilston)

Joe 90

What a stupid comment. But then DS is already full of them. Everybody knows "death is inevitable" when the "HEART" stops beating and the "Heart" went out of Wolves many moons ago.

Mike Gough

How do you know Dean Saunders is talking rubbish. His mouth is open.

I refuse to apologise for such a statement. It would be better if he just shut up, instead of this continual job interview.


Agree with Stale, don't thinking sacking managers too often brings good results. I feel Stale should have been allowed to make his style a success and feel he would have done so. The signings Stale brought in were very good ones and with more transfer windows Stale would have brought in more players to improve the squad. That said poor Dean Saunders has had to take over and really hasn't set Wolves on fire. The top end of Wolves(board etc) need to weed out the current rot, Steve Morgan may have good intentions but I feel the advice he gets isn't that educated(football wise). I also feel Moxey runs a tight leash(bit too tight) however Wolves are not in debt.

Unfortunately Its div 1 footy and some hard thinking to be done. The violence and damage really doesn't help despite passion but unfortunately for the fans the past years have been torture and its about time it was put right ! Up the Wolves !


"He’s a fantastic businessman and he could be a good owner if he had someone competent to deal with the footballing side of things.

Exactly... in one succinct sentence

The person who has presided over the Football side of things is Jez Moxey

The person who blocked the Director of Football role is Jez Moxey.

The person who is paid £20k per week to run the 'Football side of things is Jez Moxey

Steve Morgan is ultimately repsonsible for the final decision on the hiring and firing of Managers

For EVERYTHING else on the 'Footballing side of things', He pays a Chief Executive over £1 million pounds per year :-

'You tell me Jez... You're the Chief Exec, I m a Housebuilder'

Someone competent to deal with the Football side of things???

For £1m a Year?

Sort it out Mr Morgan


To be fair to Solbakken, he said this in Norway the other week. This article makes it sound as if he's twisting the knife this morning, which he isn't.


Finally the truth is coming out, the truth what the fans knew all along.

Senior management to blame all along!



Well said Stale. Why did Morgan give the job to Solbakken, only to give him six months.

I honestly do not think Deano has got a clue. Deluded comments from him get on my nerves. In Footballing terms the guy is a dinosaur, I would imagine now it's going to a long haul back.

Wolves need direction and people running the club who know about Football, Morgan is obviously going to be around until he sees a reasonable offer to buy club. So we are stuck with him, however the end has surely come for Moxey and Saunders, They have to go, Get some one in who understands Football

Just thinking about Ten years ago at Cardiff, and the excitement at Promotion to the Premier League under Dave Jones, seems a long time ago now. We should have been permanent fixtures in EPL by now

How can a club like Wolves, and its Fans suffer so much from people who have no clue about Football. I understand that they may be good Business people, but that in itself is just not good enough.

I for one think that if we kept Stale we would not be in the position we are presently, but he had to be backed over the course of few transfer windows.

Get Saunders out Get Moxey Out.

Get someone in who change the mindset of this Great Club.

wwfc till i die.

Little Davo

bring back solbakken, let the man start a new era at wolves


100% agree!!! Bring back Stale!!

Woy Hodgson

Me too. Bring back the Viking.

The Cat

I have supported Wolves for 65 years. Having seen the dismal performance against Burnley, I will never go to Molineux again while Saunders is manager. No craft, no skill, just hit and hope. Bring back Solbakken!

Bring Back S.S

Bring him back. Swallow your pride and then support him to the hilt.


And why would he want to come back? To face the same people in charge, the same players (minus a few), and on a lower salary? Oooh, the Challenge ...

PJW Holland

It seems to me the problems at Molineux preceded the takeover by Mr. Morgan. Now what remains of what was there before he did so? Only one thing I believe... or rather ONE person.

Mike Wolf

He's not just blaming Morgan, quote from above "he could be a good owner if he had someone competent to deal with the footballing side of things" - says it all!

Roaring Boy

Steve Morgan you are to blame 100% the buck stops with you. You appointed managers 25,000 wolves fans were saying in the last window we have nobody to sore any goals this has been right.

Yet Moxey and Saunders said they tried but failed, yet other teams around us signed strikers

The only consultation is it really hurts at the moment but i have the knowlege it must be huting you more, i really hope this is the case. I doubt it like any normal bloke I struggle to pay the bills every month as one of the richest men in the UK you don't, you sleep easy.

On final note If I hear Moxey say once more we had somebody lined up following McCarthy's sacking I will go mad. Thats like saying if we signed Messi and Ronaldo when they were kids we would not be in this mess. He was the wrong person, so you did not do your homework end of, from then on you had no plan.

No Plan, No idea No Clue

I will start the vote now you said you would leave when fans did'nt want you. I don't, please leave Steve Morgan.

Be carefull what you wish for?

Blahhh how can it get worse than this?

Solbakken DVD Club

All the best to Stale, id have him back in a heartbeat. He thought he was dealing with professionals and they let him down big time. What a shame, I think he knew around Christmas time he wasn't going to get the backing and lost interest. I'm glad he's spoken out I really felt for him when he went because it seems he was given an Impossible task from an owner and CEO who are more happy going down that paying money to improve the squad. Well Stale i wish you all the best and im sure you will bring success to a club that will give you the respect you deserve. Top bloke

Loyal Wulfrian

We are all but down.

Dear Mr Morgan,

Please hear my plea. Get someone in who knows about football, I doubt that Ray Wilkins would come to us now, but pkease get a technical director in asap, leave the football decisions to him, please.

Thank you.

Tom Wolves

True words spoken by Stale! If Morgan had a back bone he would have stuck with him! Instead of appointing an under experienced version of MM!

The board should hang their heads in shame!!!


The prescriptions would get well mixed up if you where handing them out Deano, absolute garbage talk.

The Voice of Reason

Solbakken bang on the money as usual. Saunders isn't fit to sit in the same chair as he did. Get him out.

Note to Dean from disgruntled Boots employee

I work at Boots and if i was as inept as you Charlie Chalks then I would have my P45 on the desk


Solbakken is right Morgan is clueless when in comes to footballing matters but Moxey is certainly partly to balme as well.

Solbakken should have been given more time and I think we would have stayed up. Easy in hindsight but there has been too much chopping and changing of managers and team formations.

Unfortuantely, Saunders has continued with the tinkering and the players have not responded.

We are down and now is the time for a clear out. All we as fans of the club can hope for is a new exciting bunch of youngsters who play with pride and passion sprinkled with a few experienced heads. We also desperately need a stricker who can score 20/25 goals. Is Griffiths that player?????


Forget Griffiths, He's moving to Hibs in June because that's where he wants to be. His younger days were at Livingston and Dundee so that's what he's comfortable with. Dundee sold him to Wolves because they needed the money and I guess Wolves wasn't a bad choice on face value? He hasn't wanted to come back to Wolves since moving back up there. Good young forward but time to forget him.

Stale is right!

Yes Stale, Morgan IS to blame but he is not alone, is he? The blame also falls upon the shoulders of Moxey and his 'balance the books' policy which will never see any football club achieve success only stagnation or as we have found at Molineux, relegation - twice (there is little hope of preventing it this time!).

The players also have to take some of the blame for their continual bad performances and lack of enthusiasm when wearing the old gold and black which in turn has placed the club in the position it is now.

In my opinion this is what should happen -

Morgan MUST DECIDE whether he has what it takes to be a football owner or not and if he wants to remain at Molineux he must put his hands into his deep pockets and lay out serious money for players who will return Wolves to the Premier League and forget about all the money making schemes he has for the club and concentrate on the football side PLUS employ a Director of Football who knows his stuff.

IF Morgan does remain he also has to make drastic changes in all the backroom staff starting with Moxey who in most peoples eyes MUST GO!

The fact that so many players will be on 'high' salaries in League One proves that Moxey has little idea about football matters and his bad decisions have cost the club many 1000's if not millions - and yes, no one would have thought 2 succesive relegations would occur, but they have!

Should Morgan decide to go and personally I think he should, then the 'for sale' sign should go up very quickly to give sufficient time for any prospective owners to come forward - and I do believe they are out there and will come forward providing Morgan asks a realistic price, maybe a fiver?

Finally Dean Saunders. As many have commented, he should never have been appointed in the first place and he must also go and as soon as possible!

Appointing a new manager with the credentials to obtain promotion fairly quickly must be paramount and he must also have both tactical nous and the ability to have more than one game plan when the need arises and 'do a McCarthy'.

Of course, the biggest problem is the current bunch of misfits at the club. Mind you, many of them will be faster than a bullet to leave Molineux for pastures new, that is IF any club is stupid enough to take on worthless, useless and money-grabbing players who call themselves professionals!




Exactly, and Luton went on to beat Norwich, a PL side. Last time I looked, they still had the very same manager in charge.

Neilo M'Boro Wolf

I have to agree with Solbakken what was the point of bringing him if you aren't going it give him time to changes things around. Morgan new the style of football Solbakken liked to play and was happy to appoint him, but only gave him 6mths to change things around which was an impossible task. I also agree that Morgan is a good business man but knows nothing about running a football club, he needs help with the football side of things before he can make us great again. I think we should appoint Ray Wilkins to over see the footballing side of things.



Stale has always talked more sense than Saunders.


absolutely right, that he was given no chance - basically he couldn't do much dealing in the first (and only) transfer window, until three days before it closed, as the Large Controller played poker to squeeze an extra couple of quid (so we are told) for Fletcher, Jarvis and - to a lesser extent - Kightley - all of whom were under contract to stay of course. So, effectively, one month INTO the season, Solbakken lost three stars, and signed three replacements on the cheap, untried in the UK. They needed to bed in...

Days before the next window opened, with some of the team likely to go, and better suited fresh-style ones brought in, the 'family' of Mick's players - let's face it - sensed blood, at the Luton FA cup tie, and got what they wanted, abject defeat for the fourth game in a row leading to Sol out, and 22 hours later a sort of return of hoof and hope with a manager who lacks Mick's undoubted organisational and motivational skills, plus his ability to generate loyalty in most of his signings.

Solbakken was sold down the river, and both managers not supported in the transfer windows... next one is all about players leaving too, as yet again we downgrade to quality that suits the division, wage-wise, ambition-wise. People scream 'young and hungry, playing for the shirt, bring on the kids' on here, without thinking - youth does not equal quality, enthusiasm not equal to success - it's about a manager who can bring out the best in players and organise / motivate a team. Dean cannot - look at that performance on Saturday - dire, embarrassing.

Morgan will not invest yet again - we will be an ordinary team with a big stadium and big expectations - in a c*ap division, hoping it goes right, downgraded, but profitable all the way to effective oblivion.

disgraceful. I was positive about rebuilding the stadium, as an expression of intent to get bigger... but once they cancelled the Steve Bull the reality hit home - it's not really about long-term planning and ambition, is it, it's about the eventual resale value of the bricks and mortar - it's what builders of bricks and mortar businesses do, not what builders of clubs with ambitions for football PLAYING success do.

"we have a strategy for all eventualities at the club" - a strategy to personally profit from the forlorn hopes of lifelong supporters at whatever low level we drive the club.

The club may be financially healthy - for the couple of people who profit from the profits - but for who else does it feel healthy?

old golds worth more

Though I share a lot of your sentiments, with regards to kightly, I was under the impression that he refused to sign a new contract, and went to Stoke City for nothing!


Solbakken is totally correct. It is the lack of football leadership that is the problem and leaving that side to Saunders is absolute madness. He is an inexperienced and naive manager

Obviously both Morgan and Moxey are frightened of recruiting someone who will work in this position. It is a matter of putting faith in this person and they do not want to do this. As a result we will flounder until Morgan sells.


Problem was Stale, you were clueless too. You changed the style of play with a set of players incapable of executing it. If you had half a brain you would have played according to the players strengths until such time as you had changed enough personel to intall your ideals. I think Saunders got the players to play more to their strengths to some extent, but confidence and injuries coupled with DS's inability to have any real 'impact' sealed our fate. And behind it all was Morgan, agreed, the buck stops with him.


Thats a great point. Staale did the same thing in Koln, i saw some of the games, the playes seemed confused. You have to adapt to the quality of your players and give the squad time before you make to big changes. The end result would probably have been good though, FCK was a very very good solid team in Champions League with Staale as boss. I saw many of the games.

Stales Umman

Asking a professional to pass the ball is not a big ask. Truth is they never gave our Stale a chance. Professional footballers earning in excess of 10k a week ought to be able to play with either foot and play in any formation or style that is asked of them.


Due to the many years of continuous under achievement the light at the end of the tunnel has finally been turned out!!!


Ronnie Allen

He reminds me of another Welsh bloke. Harry Secombe out of The Goons. And just to clear up whether 'the Boots staff wouldn't know if they were coming or going', I suspect they would be going.

Glad that Stale Ogdy Dogdy is well and still got plenty of his payoff left.

New England Wolf

Bold decisions win the day and we are pathetically weak in all departments of the club with no short or long-term vision. Sunderland were ridiculed for appointing a maverick like De Canio - who's laughing now? We should have taken a punt on Ince.

The Nerd

Slackbacon out!!

Jez's Favorite Burger Recipe

Blockenstackenbaconhoffen OUT!!

Moxbury OUT!!


Nerdenbacon out

Jezenburger out

Morganredenfacenscousermonkey out

Matt in BKK

spot on Stale! Never given the chance or the backing to at least try and make it work. M&M get the blame from him and many, many more. A "football brain" is needed to point Morgan in the right direction, obviously Moxey is not the man for the job.


Four managers > 16 months .......... :-((((((

Morgan will walk the poll, with regard to who should take the blame for your demise. I have to ask, what exactly does Moxey do ?

Getting Back To Where Wolves Belong ..... Football The Nitty Gritty

Nearly all 'managers' that gain promotion from the Championship can not hack it in the Premiership, but in most cases Chairman or Owners remain loyal with that manager.

Gary Megson and Mick McCarthy are the perfect examples, their knowledge and tactical knowhow make them No1 'Championship' material. Water under the bridge now, M McCarthy will go from strength to strength at Ipswich, mark my words. Mr Morgan take heed, install a Technical Football Director, and chase up G. Megson.

Bare in mind what i said, McCarthy and Megson are not Premiership material

but they are the tops at Championship level.

B71 Neighbour


Megson did a great job at Bolton he learnt from his mistakes with us and kept Bolton up twice

But to be fair its a good shout i have gone for Warnock not sure how Wolfies will take to an ex Baggie manager

Mike Pearson

Unfortunately, I have been unable to see too much of the Wolves this season as in the USA the Championship gets little coverage. There are many on here who obviously do see many of the games and a common thread in the opinions offered is the poor quality of the football we have been playing and the tactical ineptness of the Manager. I can believe the paucity of the football as that was on parade for three seasons when we were in the Premiership.

There is no doubt now that we are going down to League One and the major concern will be the negative impact on the financial stability of the Club. Morgan may be a decent businessman but it is very clear that there is little footballing competence at senior management level and indeed in the coaching staff. Surely Morgan, assuming he wants to continue to fund this Club, will have to bring in a Director of Football and allow that person to restructure the Club from top to bottom.

Morgans decision to replace Stale propelled the team into this situation and DS has proved not to be the man to stem the tide - his first ten games in command made no difference so there was no bounce and that was BEFORE we started losing key personnel to long term injuries.

It is devastating to me how fast this great Club has declined - it has great infrastructure and the fan base is there for the person who can come in and bring back a winning attitude. I cannot believe Morgan will leave the Club in the hands of DS - he simply does not have the credentials to manage the Club and oversee a major restructuring. With two relegations in his résumé, how can he possibly command the respect of of a new group of players who will have to come in and resurrect the fortunes of the Club?


It was said in one of the sundays newspapers,that the players left behind from last seasons relegation from the Prem,were jealous of Jarvis,Fletcher and Kites being fixed up with top flight teams.They felt to good for the Championship,and sulked because they didnt get a move.

This was carried on into the new season,and none of them where able to lift their depression.

Keith Curle's backpass

Agent Saunders, your mission is complete!

New York Wolves

Looks like we'll be trading places with Saunders previous team. If he stays he can do better building his own team in League One. But, it ain't over till its over.


Typical stupid journalism - Stale is actually blaming Moxey and how right he is. Absolutely gutted that we'll be in the third tier next season but the Fat Controller has to take the blame. Good accountant, rubbish CEO. I have harped on about this man for many years - he treats our supporters with utter contempt and thinks we're all too stupid to realise exactly what is going on behind the scenes, all fronted by his latest "yes man" manager. Morgan - if there is another club interested in the man that Stoke got rid of because of his incompetence, let me know and I will happily drive him there for you.

Orlando Wolves



Glenn Hoddle Out!!!


Interesting to get a quick look behind the scenes, although perhaps Ståle Solbakken has left out some parts of the large picture. I would have liked to have his thoughts on e.g. the players' efforts during his regime and their role when he was sacked. As I'm quite sure no-one on here will remember, last summer I posted some comments expressing some skepticism regarding my compatriot Solbakken as the new Wolves manager. While also expressing that SS imv could provide positive contributions to the club, like implementing a different way of thinking and playing football, more adapted to footballing requirements in the PL (Swansea springs to mind), I warned that

- SS would seem to have a 'professional behavior' or style that might alienate some players;

- his directness, sincerity and outspoken manners (integrity?) might cause frictions with/within the Wolves hierarchy.

In retrospect, I'm glad to say I was wrong! ... Oh, wait -

Anyway, given more time, maybe he could have changed things for the better. We will never know, as he's not coming back, is he?


I think there are a lot of WOLVES supporters who wish he was.

Penkside Wolf

I agree with Frogatt we need a director of football, then either to get rid of Moxey or give him a sideways move away from 'on the pitch decisions' A good chairman needs sound advice in any venture after all.

Let Moxey deal with kit sponsors & conference booking etc... But please leave footballing matters to someone who has a clue, oh and in the interest of saving money stop him taking such an obscene salary, he should donate this years wages to charity.

georges vest

Now is the time for peaceful protests.... I suggest everyone who goes to Brighton on Saturday wear black in protest for the board "killing our club". Lets have a minutes silence and take coffins, flowers the works.. let's do this properly so that we get the publicity we need to try and make a difference. Smashing and fighting only deflects the focus away from the true route cause of the problem! WTID!


Gutless Moxey won't fall on his sword...............we'll get the same rhetoric as before with little investment but does it really matter while we have a CEO in Moxey.

Just look at his record between Stoke & Wolves...............he Should GO & GO NOW!

Filthy Wolf

Morgan simply needs to switch off his 'Construction Boss' head when he walks into Wolves and think Football Owner, but it is clear from when he first put down Curbishley then Bruce as they appeared not to agree with his 'vision'. Biggest issue? Possibly the overpaid Moxey. The one person between the owner and the club and the one that obviously negotiated some awful deals for the club on players contracts - no relegation clause for falling to the Championship so NOTHING for going to League One.

Hard to see where we go from here as it's all maths now, but Barnsley and Peterborough will fight tooth and nail to stay up. They are showing the determination that the players are not.

If SS could not get Morgan to allow him to change then Saunders is sunk as well.


SS wasn't given the time to change the culture or the personnel , it's as simple as that . Anyone who knows anything about culture change can see that and the 6 ish Months he was given wasn't enough.

Do you honestly think a guy as astute as SS wouldn't have had that conversation with SM before he took the job? Of course he did but SM didn't back him to follow the job thru the 3 transfer windows.

Then he gets us lumbered with DS, a guy out of his depth with no tactical nous and a reactive style of management, constantly altering things without any real strategy . He always talked a great game but never delivered.......did he ....??


Solbakken's sacking, although inevitable at the time now seems very ill timed. The last year or so has been utterly depressing for Wolves fans, and it is shocking that we are going to be in

League One next season.

Morgan has to shoulder much of the blame, and he owes the fans an apology, and reassurance that things will change drastically. And although Saunders seems to make the most bizarre decisions and team selections, most of the players probably deserve more blame. The sooner we get rid of the overpriced players who don't care about the club the better. Lets start playing the talented and enthusiastic kids sitting in our Under 21s.

I genuinely think Wolves are capable of doing a Southampton and bouncing back up to the Prem, but we will need to make lots of changes. Morgan, please start listening to the fans.


Bill McChung

Dean Saunderbrokken out

Jess Mocksey out

lord palmerston

the club were on the verge of appointing George Berry as manager, but plumped for saunders, its such a shame as Berry had Already got the club to agree deals to sign John Richards, Geoff Palmer, Derek Parkin and Steve Anthrobus, these players would have got wolves out of trouble, and in the close season sources claim that money would have been available to bring in the Doog Steve Daley and Kenny Hibbit, this team would challenge the top of the league, not the bottom, Morgan NEEDS to EXPLAIN why Berry didn't get appointed, when negotiations for these players were almost complete, it beggars belief!!!!!!


The way I look on it is this...I blame morgan, but we shouldn't have appointed solbakken. The players couldn't adapt to his style of play and it wasn't suited to the championship. If we appointed dean saunders at the start of the season we would have been midtable now.

When dean finally got the right balance and got the confidence back we were winning. That sequence was how good a team we would be under dead. But then the injuries struck and we have gone down. So I don't blame dean at all. I blame morgan for appointing solbakken and sacking him too late, not too early

Pantomime Jim

O no he didn't! The only games we won were against teams who were in worse form than us! (Which by the way is a tall achievement). Middlesbrough who can't win away, hull the serial chokers, Millwall who've died since the cup run, Bristol city worst defence in the league (and we only just scraped that one). And Birmingham, which was a miracle as they peppered the goal all second half and missed plently of sitters.

Saunders and the hoof it up fast club should be over. (Not that we have any players with real pace) Can't believe anyone can't see that, let alone stupid enough to support Deano....

And I absolutely agree that Steven hunt did his best to keep the corpse alive.

Cannot believe how disappointing this year has been. The solbakken appointment was the first real positive decision the club has made in 2+ years and I was gutted after the stupidity of the knee jerk sacking. Saunders was a nightmare from the off. Copenhagen in the champions league over and over again or relegation with Doncaster and average conference hoof ball with Wrexham. Who would choose (b)???


are you seriously saying that you would've appointed the very same Saunders who, at the point Solbakken was appointed, had just taken Doncaster down from the Championship, after 8 months in charge?

Please, tell me the happy drug you are currently on, because if it's legal I want to ask the doctor for a prescription to help with my own football-related depression.


Clearly SS has Moxey in his sights when he said this.

If Morgan is any sort of business man this level of abject failure and capitulation over an extended period cannot be tolerated and deadwood should be cleared out. If Moxey had any self respect he would be walking away NOW. Doubtless he will however hang on until he gets a golden goodbye.

The Unhappy Wanderer

Well I agree that Morgan must take a lot of the blame (refused to strengthen in the Jan 2012 transfer window, sacked McCarthy at the wrong time, appointed Connor, appointed a manager with virtually no experience of English football, replaced him but refused to back his replacement in the Jan 2013 transfer window).

I also agree that it takes time to change a team's playing style, but the rest is rubbish. After 6 months (not 15 minutes) I didn't expect us to be the finished article, but I do think it was reasonable to expect to see some signs of what was to come. What we got was a midfield who clearly didn't want the ball, and a back four that was left with little option other than to pass the ball to each other before rolling it back to the keeper who lumped it aimlessly forward to strikers who were never going to win anything in the air. On top of that players were allowed to play poorly with no threat of being dropped. If you think that was a work in progress, please tell me what signs there were of what we were progressing towards.

As for the signings, we got Sako, who has been our best attacker, but is a liability defensively, Siggy, who has ability but still needs to be tougher, Doumbia, who looked great while on loan, but has been rubbish since we gave him a contract, Margreitter, who hasn't got near a poor first team, Boukari, who is a sick note, and Peszko, who I thought looked bright, but for some reason isn't being considered. I don't think we got value for money overall.

Had Solbakken stayed in charge, I think we would have finished bottom, which is obviously only an opinion, and the only thing I can give him credit for is that he did give considered, sensible answers during interviews; and you wouldn't accuse DS of that.

As for DS, injuries are always trotted out as an excuse by failing managers. We are going down because we have played poorly for most of the season. You can't blame injuries for the run we had through January and February. And please learn to count. You are not blending four managers players. Connor didn't sign anyone and neither did you. It's as bad as the seven right wingers and five right backs comments.

Pete jacques

A succinct analysis - something DS has not managed ever, as far as I'm aware.

If SM keeps DS next season citing him as someone who knows football at that level then I might start a new campaign to out the ruddy faced reprobates that are ruining the image of football for right thinking people. I find it disgusting: a 'pigs in the trough neo-liberal cash-fest for the haves and a lock out for many who knew about football before the so-called promised land of Premier League football.

What disgusts me further is these profiteers and opportunists probably had a tear in their eye over the whole Thatcher love-in last week. Here was a woman who misunderstood football and football fans and went on to set out the framework to cause a generation of grief on Merseyside and enable Scudamore and the market to milk your money regardless of the personal cost to you and those around you.

Shiny happy people having fun - or something a bit more sinister..?


I'm not a "football professional" or have the privelege of running a great football club, so the poor choices made by Morgan and Moxey are summed up by my choices as Manager at the end of last Season, my short list read, Paulo Di Canio, Dougie Feeedman, Stuart McCall and if none could be tempted Billy Davies. My belief is that any one of these wouldn't have us in this position. One last point before everyone jumps on the Morgan out bandwagon, be careful what you wish for, we can turn this around next season but we will need an Owner who is capable of funding us, and anyway no one will take this bunch of overpaid failures and pay good money for the privlege, long well paid contracts is a major problem..


Stale is right that he wasnt given enough time, but his style wasnt working.

We were really exposed in midfield and only Sako's forms won us games.

Having said that if Morgan had sacked Stale and brought in another more experienced championship manager whose teams play good football, I would have understood it..... but he didnt.

Morgan has made appointing the right man for the club look so difficult, and he has had 3 chances and failed each time.

He will compound this if he chooses to keep Deano whose performance has been poor and he needs to move on. I still feel that an experienced manager would have won the 1 or 2 more games we needed to stay up with the squad we have and Deano has looked out of his depth on too many occassions.


Should have definitely been given more time.

Ståle, may I apologise of behalf of our inept board and the idiots whom hounded you out of our once great club.

Down and out… and without a breath of fight left in us.


Wolves fan in the USA.....completely agree with Stale...he NEEDED more time

eddy killer machine

We have never played nice football,even in the 50s we played kick and chase


Hello Wolfies i come in peace and have no desire to kick you while you are down.

I posted on here 15 months ago to be carefull what you wish for with MM but you got your wish and from there it's been all down hill. I said i wanted you in the prem so we can play our little derby game i want Blues and Villa to be there as well as we can all add to the Premier league.

Don't get me wrong i cheered when Burnley scored it's only natural and i can't get to smug as we could easily meet up the season after next in the championship but what has happened to you beggers belief and every time Saunders speaks i cringe so what the players make of him i don't know. How he got past the interview stage is a mystery and that alone says much about you management team.

If i were in charge now i'd go for Warnock he has a wealth of experience at this level and seven promotions on his CV. Forget the beautiful game you are where you are and he can steer you back on the right path.

For what its worth i believe you will beat Brighton but it wont be enough to stay up but your next appointment is critical and Morgan and Moxey need to get this one right i also believe they won;t go until the premiership money runs out and they have bleed it dry so good luck with that one.

Chris Wilcox

The main problem at the club is we have no one with a Football brain on the board, we tried to get Graham Taylor in but that didn't work out. I agree with Neilo M'Boro Wolf Ray Wilkins would be fantastic for this club but he wouldn't come down to the level we are at now Division 1 and i'm afraid Morgan and Moxey wouldn't pay his wages they lack ambition they have proved that to all Wolves fans.


Stales problem was refusing to get tough with certain players who just where not doing it for him or the team,Foley ,Stearman,Berra,Ward and Henry should have been shown the same door as Terry Connor

k wolves

bang on mate !

loyal wolves "SUPPORTER"



An old express and star article from this time last year. Morgan promises the world and gives us nothing but heartache yet again.

pete kiddy wulf

stale has hit the nail on the head how was he expected to change a losing team overnight the players failed to grasp the concept of keeping the ball its simple really control the ball control the game now we are left with hoofball tactics we may have been boring but at least we looked a compact team that played passing football now we have a wild melee of a team that runs around at 100 mph and gets nowhere , personally id rather have been bored and staying up than chewing my fingernails and fretting about us scraping for points STALE WAS NOT GIVEN ENOUGH TIME AND ANYONE WHO SAYS DIFFERENT IS BEING FOOLISH .


as ive said many a time,wolves major problem is karl henrys clique,when stale arrived they didnt want to do proper training, which meant putting in effort. so the same players repayed him on the effort so they got him sacked. the sooner henry and his cronnies leave, and dont forget to take the 2 ms with you. wolves will become a good club again.


Why all this criticism of Morgan? when he built the new stand he said he wanted the Moly to become a fortress--- he's done it nobody tries to get in now

Bruce, Trinidad

"He’s (Morgan) a fantastic businessman and he could be a good owner if he had someone competent to deal with the footballing side of things.". Doesn't this mean that Moxey is the real culprit?


Looks like ss did really know what was wrong with our club.

Just ashame he thought his style of football would work in the championship, him being set in his ways and not willing to let players get at other teams is probably why he lost the dressing room.

The players he had couldnt do what he want and both he and them new it hence them getting him sacked after simply not trying through december.

I strongly think ss long term plan would have work just his execustion ie no transition was not going to work well in the championship, were you need to get at the other team.

Standing off trying to pass the ball about with a team that acted like it was a hot potato ie didnt want it got the ball away as quick as possible or just didnt know what to do with it when they had it, never moving into positons so they could recive the ball was doom to fail or at best keep us above the drop.

Funny the timing of ss sacking. Which happened when he went to moxey with his list of player for jan transfer window, which was a planned meeting for transfers.

So to me ss did have a very good idea what was wrong and needed changing, i cant fault his player buying to much from what little i had seen. It's just a great shame he didnt understand the type of football needed in the championship.

ok thats my bit agree or not doesnt matter putting my view in type has helped me.

At least no depressing weekends for a few months, i know were we stand living i hope as always the powers that be at wolves will start to sort this big mess out .

1 Pay the money and get a good manager in this time

2 Someone who actually knows about football above moxey to help morgan out.

or replace moxey which im not sure 100% is right.

For those who dont know Moxey isnot an accountant, he actually has a sports science buisness degree he could well and probably does have a chartered accounting degree also.

So for all those who slag him off for being an accountant right or wrong in what he has done. He actually knows how to run a football club but in a balancing the book way rarther than allowing the creation of a good team.

As im sure if you have a team that is doing well on the whole the rest will follow on ie new stands etc

Wolf Blast

SS is right and highlights that someone has to take responsibility for this namely Moxey who should fall on his sword - not be pushed so he can walk away with no golden goodbye - and do the right thing by the club. Why weren't relegation provisions incorporated into contracts? I had read somewhere that they had been but clearly this was incorrect.

The only good thing coming out of this is that Morgan wanted a new culture and playing style. OK you have a second chance so don't waste it. Get rid of Saunders, sort out who is staying and who is going in the next couple of weeks and be prepared to make some investment for the short term as well as the long term.

Realistic Wolf

Stale you are a true gentleman who speaks openly and honestly. Problem is that is probably why you got the sack. The Luton result in my opinion was irrelevant, the transfer window was about to open and you had a list of targets. Hence panic by the deadly duo who chose the easy option rather than provide funds. They chose to use the fans as the excuse for your sacking and allegedly for the Steve Bruce fiasco. Seems to me they only hear what they want to hear, unless of course it may simply be a case of selective hearing syndrome. Regret Alan Curbishley turning us down, he was obviously wise. A new start is needed but as Morgan holds the strings we are stuck with him. However, he could help himself by getting in a director of football and parting with the pieman and the manager who appears to believe hoof and hope is entertaining.


Well done Stale, a Wolves manager who's not talking total rubbish!! something we 've missed since January..

Boots would have sacked you along time ago Deano!!

I have no faith in this man bringing us back up, but i'm sure Morgan will give the cheap "yes man" a shot at it! with the quote "look what he did at Doncaster in league1".

English Exile


"He’s a fantastic businessman and he could be a good owner if he had someone competent to deal with the footballing side of things.''

So go please Jez because you have been here 13 years and we are NOW worse off that when you joined us.


joke!! we're the laffin stock of west brom.. fans deserve better.


i blame the dead wood they have got four managers sacked and when saunders goes it will be five so get rid of the dead wood asap

Worse than the Bhattis!

Bring back Graham Turner!

Stafford Wolf

Until the board move away from income and profits being the main driver Wolves will never be a top football club. They wanted a swanky stadium to increase revenues with Museum, Hotel, Casino etc not for the football club or fans.

I said in September that they should have given Stale £20m to spend on a new team. £8m was not going to do it on the basis of the squad still being made up of McCarthy’s try hard’s - but with little skill. If they were not going to give him the money straight away they should have at least given him time. In the end they gave him neither and we went back to type.

I am afraid we need to gamble on a new owner. The owner, CEO and manager have proved they are incapable of producing a football team. The profits and salaries they have taken have been obscene. Morgan will say he has not taken a penny but everything he has done is to increase the capital value for when he comes to sell. They have done everything on the cheap to ensure profit and asset growth rather than building a team fit for purpose. A football club should be part of the community not some corporate business venture.

Guildford Wolf

Well said Staffy.

Maybe we can buy the Wolves and become another Bayern Munich!


Well said Stale, I liked you as a manager and your work in transforming the squad. When Steve Morgan sacked Stale in january, Morgan made a comment in the Birmingham Post. He said he didn´t like Stale talking about crisis after a game in the E&S, and therefore sacked him. Stale was right. The club is really in crisis, and Stale wasn´t given the needed time to built a unit. Stale wasn´t treated fair by Steve Morgan. Yes, Steve Morgan is the one to blame!!!


I blame a number of people, but ultimately Solbakken for this.

People say McCarthy started the rot and the team still has that losing mentality. If so how did Solbakkens team pick up 12 points from 5 games in September to then go on a 9 game run without a win after the Blackburn away game? Thats one hell of a slide considering there were only 2 more wins since that game culminating in home defeats against Peterborough and Ipswich who occupied the bottom two league positions at that time?

After that run he didn't deserve another transfer window in my opinion as the football being played was worse or on a par with the Hoddle era!

I just hope i have finally seen the back of some of those players at Molineux and that (somehow) we manage to persuade Doherty and Batth to sign new deals to play regurlarly next season alongside the likes of Davies, Cassidy, McCarey and Gorman. However i wouldn't begrudge either of them a move should a club come in for them.


Greengras - i take that's what you're smoking?? It will take more than a few months to change the way to play... and in transition there will be ups and downs. SS had planned to use 3 windows and 18 monts to change Wolves. He only got 6 monts. I for one would like to see SS back to complete his plan.


Greengrass, you have ridiculous expectations. The Stale-project with all the players that won 5-6 games last season in PL should have been perfect from day one with a new system?? Stale starts up a transformation i august and you demand the work finished in october???? Peszko and Boukari got injured in october and all the other injuries we had at that time....And what on earth has Stale to do with the Hoddle era??? I am sorry mate, you don´t know what you are talking about.


Solbakken has got nothing to do with the Hoddle era, have another read of my post and you will see I was comparing his boring/negative style of play to that of a Hoddle team.

I might not know what im talking about, but as a season ticket holder I have witnessed enough dross over the last 3 seasons to know Solbakken was no improvement and in my opinion, was not going to work.

A number of teams and managers would have snapped your arm off to start a championship season with a squad we had.


I concur with much of what you say, particularly your criticism of Solbakken and his boring dreary football.

My concern is that despite ignorant fans calling for 'deadwood ' to be removed these opinions could well be short sighted.

1) Some of that deadwood may well be invaluable in The third division. Henry, Hunt and ward come to mind

2) who will buy expensively paid failures like Johnson and O'Hara ?

3) why should talented youngsters want to play in the third tier ? Davies, Doherty, and Batth ( why can he not get in the current shambles of a back line. What happens if we lose them too.

Sako, Doumbia, Doyle and others. Unlikely to keep them.

Morgan, we need some positive signs that you are putting this mess right.


Stale has hit the nail on the head here! When he was recruited there was talk of a DoF coming in, then.........Moxey! All of a sudden it was knocked into touch! Why? Because the person who got the job would be telling them how to manage and control the club a hell of a lot better than the balls-up they have now done and they wouldn't allow themselves to do it. They would have been and have been now found wanting.

Moxey is spouting that Morgan is committed to the club.........Un bloody believable! Sorry but fans do not want him or Moxey at the club anymore. Moxey is now spouting that he will 'Fix the Problem'!!!

I'm almost lost for words. He is arrogant as well as useless CEO in charge of a club who have repeatedly failed to do what was needed whilst being paid a vast vulgar salary. THEY HAVE HAD FOUR YEARS TO PUT IT RIGHT AND HAVE FAILED!!!!!!!!!!

What are they going to do different after they have lost millions in revenue?

That excuse for a CEO has systematically along with Morgan, ruined this Football club through ignorance, arrogance and complete lack of footballing knowledge! Pundits everywhere are saying it is the top management that is at fault as they make the decisions where the club goes.

Moxey now says the board will do this, the board will do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is too late Moxey! You have derailed a once great club. You have no credibility left....none of you have. The fans that invaded the pitch are not on their own when it comes to wanting Morgan to sell up and buggar off and you to be sacked. If you were in any other employment you would be either sacked for a disgraceful handling of your charges or making the tea. Why oh why will no one listen.

The man is no fool but an ignorant, arrogant fool!

Fans DO NOT want Morgan and Moxey here any more. This posturing trying to look concerned and in control as if it is an unusual blip will not fool us. You can offer fine sentiments and the board this and that but no one has a shred of respect for them. You are failures. Only now do you put your fat head above the trench wall and bellow nothing more than bull and hot air! Blah blah blah!

JUST GO!!!!!

13 years ago Jez Moxey came to this club with a average attendance of 23,700 and Wikepedia also noted the season finished with a noticeable dissapointment.

Today ........hmmmmm exactly the same .....someone taking wages for a job theyre not doing very well.

SACK HIM Morgan!


Bang on the nail Stale, absolutely and without any shadow of a doubt!!! Given the chance, the time, the financial resources- you would have been a success. Alas, the buffoons that you had to work with, on and off the pitch severely prohibited any kind of a future footballing plan that you tried to implement. You are an honest and true gentleman, and I personally wish you all the best for the future. The football club is rife with rubbish, and alas I cannot see anything changing. Again I thank you for enlightening and ultimately verifying what Wolves supporters have thought all along!


Once we had bought into Stale's philosophy, we should have stuck with it. He is right to point the finger at Morgan and Moxey and also make the point that most of the old guard are quite simply not good enough to pass and retain the ball. Sides like Swansea and Brighton have been successful but had to import a number of better quality players than the current Wolves crop!

I would suggest that we get rid of most of the old guard and work round the youngsters with some new recruits? It would look something like this - based on performances, effort and potential - Ikeme McCarey Doherty Batth Reckford Hunt Hammill Sako Doumbia Davis Ismail McAlinden Griffiths Cassidy Ebanks-Blake and 10 new recruits or other youngsters?


Mr Morgan. How about a statement of account from your mouth! NOT from your muppet puppet


Telford Gerry

I am mazed at the edotic commentsI have just read lets get the facts right

1 We lost to Litom inder stale if he had stayed we woulld have struggled to jave reached 35points

2 Dean Saunders turned Doncaster into a team that he left top of thne league clieless] ? more like outsstanding ask the Doncaster chairman

3 Moxey has been with the club for 12years where were the compplaints durimg his two prommotiom and four years in the prem ? The truth is that he is the best exec this club hasever had

4 Morgan has made mistakes but has also spent a record ammount of money on players what apity so much was wasted by Mick

5 Finally if wehad not lost those four key players we would be safe now . Thats fact


Teecher where are you????


Well said Stale - you went entirely blameless yourself but you should have had a director of football who knows the English game, particularly the Championship to assist you, and act as a buffer between you and Moxey. Do you blame Morgan for sticking with Moxey, or Moxey for not doing the job Morgan wanted him to do (i.e. look after the football side of things)?

Moxey's clearly only interested in shoring up his own position (reportedly blocking the director of football appointment) and would never earn his high salary if it was performance-related, as it should be:

He's the guy who never negotiated a further wage drop if the players suffered a second relegation - so much for his financial brain;

He's the guy who said we wouldn't do an Albion (of course he was right, but not in the way he intended);

He's (probably) the guy to advised Morgan to stick with Mick when he should have sacked him, and sacked him when he should have stuck with him;

He's the guy who said it was no job for a novice, then appointed TC.

So take a bow Mr Moxey!

Having said all that, Morgan as the owner has to shoulder the lion's share of responsibility for this abysmal season, and the two before that because he's persisted with Moxey despite every season in recent memory being worse than the one before!


Bring Ståle Solbakken back - now!


What good is a foim table based on the last 10 games! Utter clap trap. 46 games is your form table and we are almost bottom of the heap.


Blame jack Hayward for selling to Morgan

Stafford wolf 1970

Mick Mcarthy is right. We would have been going for the play offs under him. Morgan has never got any body in better than him and that is a fact. When Morgan sacked him he should have got Chris Houghton in when he was at blues, a good manager in championship and premiership.


Bang on the Money Stale! (or not in our case as there was little made available. We are where we are on the owners merit.

Kent Wolf

Try losing 3 of your best players ( kightly, fletcher & jarvis ) along with the disposal of Milijas & Guedioura then add wolves long term injuries ( hennessey, o'hara, hunt, elokobi, pezcko,doyle, doumbia,boukari, edwards) plus others,that's 15 players he didn't have available for selection at times.

Stale should have been given more time to get rid of the deadwood & smash the dressing room clique.

Brazil Wolf

I for one was a very happy person when Mr Morgan appointed Stale. Mr Morgan stated, the position of Wolves Manager was not for a fledgling manager, he also said he had thought hard and long and decided to think outside the box with Stales appointment. Stale was bought in, to change the style and culture of the way we play football at Wolves and I for one was looking forward to seeing the germ of an idea grow into being able to watch my team play the beautiful game in a way unseen before and be successful.

WHAT WENT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just about everything,,,,,,,,,,,,

The idea and perception of Mr Morgan was spot on to my mind.

The idea he sold to Stale must have tugged at Stales heart strings, because he too had the same vision and passion for his most favourite English club.

Time is an important factor, when you want to change a perception, it is needed, especially with a football team to be given enough of it for the seeds of the perception to germinate to fruition.

Stale was not given the time needed in his words 3 transfer windows, very shallow thinking by Mr Morgan to my mind.

Stale was not given the financial backing by Mr Morgan to bring in the players he wanted, he also was denied a Director of Football by Mr Moxey because it would have underminded Mr Moxey's position.

I could go on and on recounting the things Stale needed to succeed but just think of this.





Now think of the future being offered up by our beloved board, CEO, manager and owner.


Mr Morgan, we are rock bottom, swallow your pride, go back and beg Stale to return. Get rid of that voice in your ear called Mr Moxey and give Stale the tools to do the job.


Solbakken is taking a swipe at both Morgan - could be a good owner (in other words, is not right now) and Moxey - not competent (if he (Morgan) had someone competent to deal with the footballing side of things). Four managerial appointments in eleven months tells its own story, the one that is unfolding - dare I say unravelling - before our eyes right now.

A second read of this article though says the buck rests with Morgan, essentially not patient enough, and did an about-face on his "left of field" managerial appointment only to find another.

In fairness, how many of us would have penciled in the names of Stale Solbakken or Dean Saunders in a top five or even top ten of preferred choices to fill the manager position at Wolves?

Talking of which, is it me, or was Warnock looking particularly smug on the Beeb's Football League Show last Saturday?

Allen Lowe

Sir Jack Hayward, I can't imagine, being more livid! He would not have allowed such poor decisions to have been made in his tenure. Sir Jack saved us from extinction and within 3-4 years of him passing the club on, we're on our way down the leagues again. All the hard work of Sir Jack and the board of then has been let down massively by the current board!

STEVE MORGAN, IF YOU WANT TO STAY AS CHAIRMAN, GET A FOOTBALLING/TECHNICAL DIRECTOR ON THE BOARD! I know you may not read this but the footballing decisions you have made have been atrocious! At least give Saunders the time to rebuild, which you didn't give to Stale! Disgusting how you treated Stale.


Am I the only one looking forward to league one football , me being a bit of a bloater I've been told the pies are much better in the lower leagues .


you all on here blame solbakken and saunders ,i dont blame the managers i blame morgan hes got a right load of mccarthy dross here i think the chairman needs to get rid of the old regiment players who were playing in the prem and now took us down ,they have been found out

Black Country Wanderer

SS was treated disgracefully,

He asked for money in the transfer window to carry on rebuilding a new culture and instead was sacked by Morgan ,so much for vision, no wonder Curbishley turned down the job!

Saunders has taken us back 5 years to kick and run football ,is that what Wolves fans really want?I don't think so ?

Solbakens comments spot on top to bottom reform required no matter how long it takes lets do it right!

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

I'll say this now, just like I said this last summer about relegation from the Prem. If we play like we did on Saturday next season in League 1 (which lets face it is Div 3 !!) we will be lucky to finish mid-table !! That was an atrocious performance................we played like a team that had been relegated weeks ago......................which we probably were in effect. Stale should have been given the chance that he wasn't.. How many posters on this thread were clamouring for him to be sacked and are now saying that he should have been given a chance ? Reading what's been flying around in the newspapers...................everyone is blaming everybody else...............................but no-one seems to be blaming the players and that is ultimately where the blame lies.


I always liked Solbakken, he spoke a lot of sense. The players stabbed him in the back though and sabbotaged his reign. Morgan should of sold Henry and his mates in January and let Stale bring in a few new players, then I believe we wouldn't be in this mess.

Jonny D

Funny thing, Stale states the bloody obvious.........Jezz is the Problem cause he ties the managers hands behind their backs.

This has been a problem long before Morgan, and as long as Moxey is here it will always be the same.

Morgan with a good accountant and a Director of Football would be a good future for Wolves. Bring back Stale and let him do what he was brought into do in the first place. Stale had no chance with the present squad. Sack them all for been unable to complete the job, let them claim unfair dismissal, they would not be able to.

Another thing though happened on Sunday

I was driving round Wolverhampton Ring Road, Clockwise direction, Got to Waterloo Rd junction, the traffic lights were Red so I stopped………while waiting for the lights to change to Green I noticed an advert for the Wolves Museum,

A Museum I thought, what’s that about………..Then I remembered, long ago, once upon a time, Wolves were a Great Club, Wolves played the best and beat the best in Europe, Won FA Cups, League Titles.

Mr Morgan and Mr Moxey built it………………...They said it was so the fans can re-live the Past Glory Days as the future Glory Days won’t ever happen………..WWFC RIP

Jonny D

Bring Back Stale and I'll renew my season ticket,


One of the reasons we sacked Stale was that we needed a manager who know the English game. Stale had not a clue how we do it here, so I feel sorry for him, even though we won games in a row with him as manager and he unfortunately attempted to introduce modern football for our talented players.

I can remember back in November against Forest, when we scored the first goal, I screamed for Stales head on a platter along with the other guys at Molineux because we could not hold onto a lead anyway, and certainly we conceded twice and lost the match.

I sat also on the pubs nearby some times swearing that Stale Bacon must go, I think that was already as early as in August. It must been on those occasions one moron snapped up the brilliant idea throwing paint over Stales car just for fun. But Stale kept it going until January until he deservedly got sacked. Six months is a long time for a man with champion league experience who didn't know what he was doing.

With Deano finally we have an intelligent and sophisticated manager who know the English game. He has lost a few games, but hoof we go, League One here we come. Wolves ay we


Well thats very honourable of you Mr Solbakken. Trample on us when we're battered. The thing is is everyone and anyone can blame the groundsman to there mom not washing their lucky pants but ultimately its the players fault no one else's. Mr Morgan please come to us next monday with a definitive 5 year plan so we know what to expect. As it stands u'll be lucky to have anyone filling Molineux.

John Mansfield

Understand where you're coming from Liam. I do however believe that the last thing Solbakken would want is to add insult to injury at this sad times for Wolves. The story in the E&S is the exact same information Solbakken gave to a Norwegian newspaper last week (..... maybe the sports journalists from E&S just found it more appropriate to print now)!

Gerry Harris Own Goal

I wondered how long it would be before the recriminations started.

Joe Wilson's Clog

With regards to Solbakken's appointment,two major mistakes were made.Firstly he was appointed in the May but did not take up the appointment until the July.That was two months wasted in starting to get rid of the deadwood and entering the transfer market.

The second mistake was made by Solbakken.After watching all 38 videos of the 2011/2 Season,he decided to give the players another chance.This would come back to haunt him as these players turned on him which resulted with his dismissal.I feel that it is important to give Saunders another chance because a new manager would want to assess the playing staff and we would be back to square one.Top priority must be to finally get rid of the deadwood.They are failures,not 'under-performers.


After consulting with some Wolves fans from afar, I get the idea they prefer the old fashioned football of Mick compared to Stale's more European style.

That being the case, this is what you end up with.

Chillo Wolf

what a completely pointless post


We have been here before in the eighties! We survived ,thanks to ,loyal support, a couciller named "John Bird" and a "Super Hero " ?

Yes Stevie Bull !!!!!! .I can't see us finding another one , So it's all down to prayers, loyal fans and a new set up . God willing !


Let the blame game begin. Maybe, just maybe, the players weren't good enough. Injuries took their toll as well. If we want to go back up, time to get some damn defenders though, because at present there is nothing back there that thrills me.

wolves4 life




“He has no hair, but we don't care, lykke til, Ståle"




"Jez Moxey warning of worse to come at Wolves" - E&S, 5 September 2012

Well, he got something right.


4th Generation Wolves STH


Stale has a point !!! Morgan made the fundemental error of not backing his own judgement. If anyone is to blame for our current position the buck stops at the top i.e. M&M. He was employed to do a job but not backed when it was crucial by weak leadership. The inertia at the club to change was enormous and was going to take a gigantic effort to move it towards a new footballing culture. Would we be in this position if SS was not sacked but backed ?? That question is impossible to answer but the stats do not lie - compare the win % stats of Stale Vs Deano.


Morgan hired him so should have stayed with him so he could begin the much-needed clear out of the 13 or so FAILURES who got us relegated last year. Yes, this would have taken 3 transfer windows. Without this clearout WW will remain a rubbish outfit. Morgan dithered last year over Connor. He has back tracked again in losing faith with Stale. Stale was very badly treated by Wolves. Who would come to Wolves with such a dabbler as owner? Another season has gone and no clearout has meant we go backwards as a club. Pretty poor performance Mr Morgan. No crocodile tears after Brighton about how gutted you are. You presided over the worst drop in status and performance since the Bhatti era. How could you get major decisions so wrong?

Harrow Wolf

What about the players. You haven't included them in your poll. It's also down to them.


The problem with Wolves is their defence. It was when Mick was here and no one since has sorted it out. Look at the pictures of the goals scored against us this season. 5 players watching whilst players like Stevie Hunt work like hell to keep the ball out of the net. Same thing week after week and don't get me started on the midfield, isn't there supposed to be someone in there?


Saunders,rabbit in the headlights.

Hoof ball ,hard work ethic equals going nowhere for the next 5 years.

Best up and coming manager Eddie Howes get him in now.


Deano is obviously out of his depth, but there's almost no point calling for his head as who would Morgan appoint next? Deano got the job because he was an ex Liverpool player & Morgan knew him from his Wrexham days when Morgan had put £1m into Wrexham (probably connected to some land deal).

If Saunders gets sacked we'll probably get John Aldridge or Ian Rush as a replacement. I'm sure Morgan only became aware of Solbakken after a conversation with someone on a golf course.

We won't make (m)any new signings next season, so even the 'clear the decks' wish won't happen. Henry will still line up in midfield, Doyle will go on the cheap to Celtic, we'll cash in on Sako and a few others and 70% of the team will be academy players or long in the tooth Championship players.

We'll have a bad start and finish off mid table which Deano will call 'Consolidation' in front of crowds of 12k and every away team will laugh at us for having a ridiculously big ground.

Ye Olde South Bank

Just a thought........

With the E&S poll showing only 1% of fans apportion blame to Mr. Solbakken (whilst simultaneously aking into account that many posts on this site back his long-term vision and footballing philosophy), then I'd be very interested to see the results if the E&S ran another poll which simply asked:

Should Stale Solbakken be reinstated? Yes or No would suffice.

Strangely enough, I kinda miss the Bald Eagle! :-)


It's a bit more than "yes" or "no", to be honest, YOSB. Solbakken was running into trouble even before he was sacked and he was looking for three transfer windows to sort things. He wasn't gonna get one.

Problem's at the top I'm afraid, no direction there at all, certainly no consistency or commitment of the kind we want - that needs sorting first, urgent priority.


Time for the board room too get their act together. Running the buisness of Wolverhampton FC should include supporters in a bigger way. Silverware is non existant. Owning a very high profile football club, and trying too run the show from somebody who is a non bona fide native tells me this is deeply distressing too the handle of the club, and "focus" have been a major problem.

Are You Lot Thick Or What

Pee Poor Descision making -

Thought MM was good enough to manage a premier league team for the 2nd season running when we just about stayed up the season prior to that.

MM unsuprisingly didn't cut the mustard again so what di they do

Made a knee jurk reactive descision to Sack MM without having a propper plan B

Plan B turned out to be another pee poor plan - appointed the olf faithful backroom coach as first team coach - Terry Conner

Terry Conner then had his carrer at Wolved ruined because unsuprisingly he didn't cut the mustard either.

Bye bye Terry Conner - Hello now deflated unstructured Wolves FC with no confidence and no familiar faces in the back room

Hello terrible speaking Head Coach Stale - Hello bottom of the Championship

Goodbye team spirit - Goodbye confidence on the pitch - Goodbye Solbakken

Hello Fluff head - who the heck is Dean Saunders anyway?

Goodbye Championship - Hello League one

What next Moxey? Morgan?

Put your bloody hand in your pocket and stop playing monopoly with our club

Take Take Take thats all you are interested in

Well Give Give Give us our club back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Jog on

Chillo Wolf

It's decision not descision

It's unsurprisingly not unsuprisingly

It's Jerk not Jurk

It's reaction not reactive

It's proper not propper

It's Terry Connor not Terry Conner

It's Wolves not Wolved (inexcusably)

It's career not carrer

It's old not olf

Not to mention 'Hello terrible speaking head coach Stale' slightly racist as Rajesh Koothrappali would say

What's your name again?

Maybe I Am The Thick One But.........

I learnt how to spell at a School owned by Moxey & Morgan


Solbakken made two terrible errors- he tried to get them to play football and he treated them like adults...


No-one has yet said this, so let me be the first.

Solbakken's plan to revolutionise our game was fundamentally flawed. It required that a team that had been suffering with a complete lack of confidences ever since being battered out of the PL, change its style of play into one that relied on confidence to play effectively. Losses were inevitable!

Lets not forget that it wasn't just our fans that expected us to compete for automatic promotion. The bookies, TV pundits and generally everyone in football expected it too!! Our players had the skills to win their confidence back, until Stale made that task even tougher for them.

Stale engineered his own fate - make no mistake about that!

Chillo Wolf

Stale would have gone through the interview process outlining his plans. He would have stated exactly how he wanted to revolutionise the team and he got the job on these grounds.

Stale did not 'engineer his own fate' as you say. He simply wasn't given the time required.