Blog: These players can't let Wolves down

You would have got long odds a year ago on a game against Huddersfield Town being the Mac Daddy of six pointers, writes Wolves blogger Tim Spiers.


Last season, we were mixing it with the likes of Robin van Persie, Luis Suarez and the-best-player-in-the-world-by-miles Gareth Bale.

Who would have thought that Alex Smithies – yes, that guy – would stand between us and the goals we need tomorrow to help avoid arguably the most embarrassing relegation in our history.

Embarrassing, because in the 114 seasons Wolves have graced the football league, the club has spent precisely five of them outside English football’s top two divisions.

Now I wasn’t around for the dark days of 1923-24 when we slummed it in Division Three North - a league won by Nelson FC, nicknamed the Admirals of course, a year earlier.

But I’m going to safely assume that relegation a year earlier wasn’t as traumatic as this.

That’s unless the 1922-23 side contained a group of ludicrously overpaid, pandered-to players who decided to start performing to anywhere near their potential 37 games into the campaign.

Or if the club had a chairman who acted about as rationally as Ken Barlow at an over-50s single ladies’ Gala Bingo night.

So in the absence of anyone who was there and who can offer reasonable insight, we will chalk that season off to experience.

However from years 1985 to 1989 – and I know there are plenty who can attest to this, including the 74,392 who say they went to Chorley – we were precisely where we deserved to be.

Mismanagement and broken promises were rife when we tumbled down the leagues in the 1980s.

The infamous Bhatti brothers playing their own unique role as we came close to not even existing as a football club anymore. But – and here’s the point to labour – we was broke.

Just under £2million in the red, barely a football ground to speak of, not even a pot to do whatever in.

Fast forward 30 years and, despite what Mr Morgan and Mr Moxey will preach about belt-tightening, we are absolutely loaded.

Morgan has amassed a huge multi-million pound fortune in his other life as an exceptionally good version of Bob the Builder.

The club – at least until this season – has probably never been in ruder health, financially.

As greedy clubs in the Premier League racked up debts to make your eyes water, we stayed in the black and were hailed as a bastion of prudency.

To offset relegation last summer we sold off Steven Fletcher for £14million and Matt Jarvis for £11million which by simple mathematics adds up to £25million – yes, £25million!

The sums wouldn’t cover Yaya Toure’s wages for more than six months, but they still beggar belief.

So why, someone tell me why, when we have one of the highest wage bills in the league, are we one of the worst teams in the league?

Sadly, the numbers don’t add up at Wolves these days and there are countless reasons – many of which have been pored over to death – why we are where we are.

Morgan’s heart-on-the-sleeve press conference a few weeks ago silenced his critics in the short term and three successive victories on the pitch quelled anger in the stands and gave us all hope.

But defeat to Bolton in another gutless display – combined with yet more table-defying results elsewhere – has left us teetering on the brink of the bottom three.

So this is where we are. Huddersfield at home. Defeat is unthinkable, particularly with a visit from high-flying Hull on the horizon followed by a difficult trip to Charlton.

Victory puts Huddersfield right in the mire and gives us the breathing room we so desperately need to avoid going to Brighton on the last day needing a result.

It’s the biggest game we have had since the stomach-churning rollercoaster than was Blackburn at home on the final day of 2010-11.

If we win we should have enough in our locker to get us over the line, but if we lose it may be one setback too many for this bedraggled confidence-shy squad – it really is that big.

So Dean Saunders, please, I beg you, please please please, do what you did against Middlesbrough and Birmingham.

Go for it, don’t sit back like you hinted at earlier in the week and make us "hard to beat."

We are not hard to beat Dean – the Aberystwyth Under-10s School Girls’ Choir would give us a decent game, you have got to face facts.

But when we attack at a high tempo, leave a few gaps, sure, but push teams back and bombard the penalty area, we are actually not that bad.

Yes, it’s not aesthetically pleasing but it’s the only way we know how, the way we were programmed for five years by Mick McCarthy.

So put Adam Hammill on the wing, Bjorn Sigurdarson up front, leave Jack Robinson at left back and just go for it, hold nothing back.

And the players, we haven’t had you all season but we need you now, more than ever, to strain ever sinew, fight for every loose ball and scrap for your lives.

And if the supporters get agitated, block it out, don’t blame anyone but yourself, do what you’re paid to do and perform like you’re supposed to perform.

Don’t write your name in the history books for the wrong reasons. Don’t let this great club down.

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Comments for: "Blog: These players can't let Wolves down"


Hey, at least we can say we still have an interest left in the remainder of the season.

It's spelled "Mack Daddy."

Drw Wolf

Mac Daddy, Mack Daddy, MacDaddy are all equally interchangeable and acceptable in modern language. However, if you bump into a Patois speaking resident of Louisiana, where the term originates from, it is likely they would spell it Mac Daddy, if they could be bothered to confirm such a petty matter.

Petenuts, if you stop getting itchy armpits every time you see poor spelling, grammar and stuck caps locks on a local newspaper comments board and concentrate your efforts on being more constructive you just might develop a more positive outlook on life. I shan't be revisiting to see if you have responded.


Yeah, you will.

It's a shame if you don't. I was going to concede that there are indeed alternate spellings and tell you you're correct. Still, if you want to hoist up your petticoat and go flouncing off...

I have an incredibly positive outlook on life. I'm positive, for example, that you WILL come back for more, and I'm positive that the next comment will come from an imbecile. Just watch.


Like father like son . . . . .

geof palmer's mo stash

Although your version is sometimes used, in this country SPELT is the usual spelling.

So get back to dictionary corner.


Nice try, but a) not correct and b) well done.

geof palmer's mo stash

So if your toast pops up black have you burned it or have you burnt it?

Your version is acceptable but used more in American English to avoid confusion with a variety of wheat (spelt).

Have a read up on English grammar and when you've understood it will you have learned to spell or will you have learnt to spell?

All very anal really but you are what you are.


Burned. Learned. Happy to help with any and all queries, my rates are reasonable, my methods Dead Poets Society-esque.

(I wouldn't burn toast, I'm not thick)


spot on ,yes go for it deano ,nothing to lose now ,if we go down i think morgan should sell ,deano ,get the sack ,moxey first to go ,then the deadwood should go as well

Look at where Mick is now

We look well doing that stupid huggle


Tomorrow is not the time for inquisitions into whose fault the debacle of the last 18 months has been. Turn up, get behind the team, as it says attack like a team who can't defend, give 100% on and off the pitch and against a team in awful form (who destroyed us at home) we can win. I actually think this is more of a must win for us than them. Hull will look like a very difficult game if we can't beat Huddersfield and then we have two away games and 4 points is the most we can realistically expect to get.

Morgan's Conscience

You are 100% correct with every word that you say and the same thoughts are shared by 99.99% of Wolves supporters. The question is do Morgan, Moxey, Saunders and the overpaid, under performing so called footballers HEAR YOU or even CARE.



after 3 years of complete humiliation!!

you BLOG these players cant let wolves down.

you have to smile sometimes haha

Saunders Foot

Good blog, but to some people it just dont matter what league we end up in, honest mate some of us realy aint bothered. I travel with lads who love the club , want to see good footy but wont let it spoil a good day if things dont go to plan. If its league 1 next season, then shame, it'l just make us drink you know why...its cos wim Wolves ay we.


Saunders Foot

You may be right, I've heard it many times, but there ain't no pockets in a shroud mate. The telly's crap anyway.

Not a Happy Wolf

So why, someone tell me why, when we have one of the highest wage bills in the league, are we one of the worst teams in the league?

Average, over paid players, most are only interested in the money, and most have already made comfortable lives for themselves. No Ambition, pride or determination, coupled with a naive Owner and a lack of football knowledge at the club, then throw Saunders in to the mix !

Whatever happens at the end of this season, the club needs a radical overhaul, lessons need to be learned and the underperforming/ over paid players replaced, and start with a new manager. We started the process last year, then got cold feet, when results started to go against us - but at least we had a direction. We have no automatic right to be in the premiership, that needs to be earned.

Incidentially, did anyone else think that Hammill pulled out of that chance at Bolton last week, in fear of being hurt !

Jack 'EBANKS' Braid

These players have let us down for the last 3 years, so why will they change now ??


I will tell you exactly what will happen shall I ? On the 4th May, in the 94th minute , Blackburn will score their winner at St Andrews, in a complete role reversal to when we scored against Blackburn and put Blues down...this late goal will condemn us to the deserved level of League 1 football. Blues fans will have the last laugh, even though we have beaten them twice in the is ALWAYS other clubs in the area that have the last laugh

If anyone can't see this coming, they are utterly thick. Mind you, the 9000 numpties that have renewed take some beating. This blatant support of Moxey and Morgan is a smack in the face to all of us TRUE fans who will just pay on the day and choose our matches next season. Saturday's game is a great example of just how much our support is valued. The game is pivotal, and yet the club cannot reduce the admission prices to get more bums on seats. Moxey and his purse strings are a joke, and the main reason we are where we are

I won't ever have another ST..I don;t need to, and neither did the 9000 wallies. You can pick your games next season, and we have missed the best ever opportunity to send a clear message to the board

I will wait for the inevitable offers , ( 4 for £40 etc), that will have to come when we are relegated, and then this will bring on whingeing from those daft enough to part with money 6 months in advance.Well, don;t even think about moaning on here, you have made your own bed, you can lie in it

We are in the midst of the worst ever season as Wolves fans yet people condone the board with their financial support. Cue the sheep " well I'm a real fan" " thick and thin" " the club need our support" ....yawwnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!

Anyone who went to Bolton last week ( me included, where were all the true fans then??)...can see all what is wrong in ten minutes, yet we never do anything about it

The club is a shambles and do NOT deserve my support until a new regime with heart and credibility are in situ


Yes JIWAL always the other clubs in the area who have the last laugh, just like when we sent Blues down on that last day 2 years ago.

Wednesbury wolves

Jiwal buddy, calling them thick is a bit harsh!!!! But I bet they will be offering tickets for less than 4 for £40 next season if we're in league 1, then maybe my friend they will be calling themselves thick for renewing, only time will tell, but everyone has an opinion!!!!!


Rather have 9000 numpties there than you moaners..

Yes pls don't come back and your booing days are finished lol

Long live Morgan and Jez!!

The Voice of Reason

"Yes, it’s not aesthetically pleasing but it’s the only way we know how, the way we were programmed for five years by Mick McCarthy."

Deprogramming urgently required. This dross football has gotten us nowhere, except perhaps League One in the next few weeks.


The players have not played to the high level of their sign on fees and wages.

The reason is that they have not been a 'TEAM'

Why ?

Clueless management!

Need to appoint a manager who can build a TEAM from the current players or new signings. It's clear Saunders will fail as his results in this division is poor at best.

IF we stay up as we should with the players we have Shambles should go ASAP and Mr Morgan needs to get it right on the 4th attempt!

Wolfman Jack

'Need to appoint a manager who can build a TEAM from the current players or new signings.'

Isn't that what Solbakken was brought in to do ? Sadly Morgan lacked the guts to back him and let the players get away with refusing to take on board a new style of play.

Sir Billy Quiet

Good article Tim (for a change).

I was at Luton this season and losing to a non league team is an aberration that should make any full time professional hang their head in shame.

The argument over the timing of MM's sacking and the subsequent debacle that the Directors made of appointing a successor will be talked about for years to come.

I personally believe that if we go down or stay up it is time to stick with a manager and rebuild this squad. Unless we get lucky next season promotion out of the championship will not happen (if we are in the division).

Dean Saunders needs to be given time to get rid of the players that he does not want and get in replacements - this won't be possible in the summer with players on long contracts.

I have said it before but whatever division we are in Moxey should go and his wages should be divided between a Finance Director and Director of Football - what on earth makes Moxey believe he can do both jobs plus Director of Marketing? Wolves need a Board of Directors that are responsible for specific areas just like every other well run multi-million pound turnover business.

Saunders has demonstrated that he is single minded and if you look at the team that beat Middlesbrough and Birmingham then you will see that it is significantly different from Stale's teams.

I fear we may be scuppered by the number of injuries but with the fans behind the team we may just limp across the finishing line.

Credit Where Credits Due

Good blog Tim. Not sure Yaya gets paid quite that much a year but all in all a good post.

I for one will be there on Saturday and hoping they play better than they did when we lost to Blackburn a couple of seasons ago.

Don't let us down again Wolves!!!


best player in the world gareth bale!!!!!does the home know you are out?he ain`t the best player in the premier league


formation for saturday,

De Vries



formation for saturday,

De Vries

Doherty Batth Johnson Robinson

Hammill Ohara Doumbia/Henry Hunt

Siggy Doyl


The biggest problem we have is having to recall the chief troublemaker in the dressing room Skipper Henry - one of the main reasons alongwith Laurel & Hardy that we are in this position? If Doumbia had any form, I would go with him!

Hopefully Doherty is fit - he is currently 60/40 - and this would be my team :-

De Vries Doherty Johnson Gorkks Robinson Dicko Henry O'Hara Hunt Sigurdarson Doyle

Why Saunders does not like Peszko, God only knows!

With the fixtures left, at the start of the season I would have said 10 points from the last 5 games but we are more than capable of getting 6/7 - even in our current predicament, starting with 3 tomorrow!

Ooga Booga

Great article - very inspiring.... why don't you go for the Wolves Managerial job?


Be positive tomorrow Deano and if we go infront don't change things and try and defend. Whats the old saying, best form of defence is to attack, attack, attack. If they get tired replace them like for like and continue on the front foot not the back foot. If we lose let's make them earn it and know they have been in one hell of a scrap. COME ON WOLVES.

Orpington Wolf

Peszko PLEASE!!!!


Can only agree on the above.

Biggest wage bill and look where we are....

Beat Huddersfield and maybe a win against Burley and we should stay up. Bristol are gone and hopefully Blackburn will be the first to go from Premier League to League One in 2 seasons.... Which means Wolves will be one of 4/5 teams trying to avoid the other relegation place I hope its either Huddersfield/ Peterbrough (both of who have beaten this season)... So lets hope the 22+ thousand supporters will get behind us tomorrow and come 5 o'clock tomorrow we can breath a bit easier...

I will go for a 3-1 win to Wolves..


Ye Olde South Bank

Of course we have to "Go for it". We're the home side and we need those 3 pts like never before. Sit back and invite 'Uddersfield on to us and it's just asking for big trouble with a defence that's leakier than a sieve pumped full of buckshot. Nobody inside Molineux will expect anything other than attack, attack, attack....and why the hell should they? Fortune favours the brave, not wimps.

Good luck, lads, but make your own luck. Fans will forgive many, many things but never the waving of a white flag.

It's time for the real men to show up, tomorrow -not boys. C'mon, me golden babbies!

Kev Jones

"£25 million wouldn't pay Yaya Toure's wages for more than six months"?? Well if there are 26 weeks in 6 months that's almost a £million a week! Sadly, those numbers don't add up either!

Definitive Wolf

Let's not be picky - you know where he is coming from, that's the main thing. {After some of Deano's sayings, Tim is surely permitted a few of his own!)

Newark Wolves

Go for it lads. Nothing to lose now. Me and the wife will be making our usual 166 mile round trip and spending a fortune on hotels, beer, petrol, beer, food, programme, beer and meal out with beer so please make it worth our while - thanks.


Succinct post and spot on. The myriad of problems we have at this club now are a legacy of the average back room staff who are now elsewhere and players whose overall ability and technique is questionable. I think Mick did a reasonable job of taking a number of half decent players and getting them to fit into a single way of playing but he and Clipboard were unable to coach a plan B into any of our players and we're now seeing that a number of them simply cannot play any other way. That's a sign of lack of quality, which I have continually blamed Moxey for as a lack of investment in this team. I shall be cheering us on tomorrow in a desperate hope for 3 points, but somewhere in the back of my mind I wonder whether if we were relegated we'd be able to offload the perennial underachievers more easily. Unfortunately we have no release valve to simply "get rid" of some of our overpaid failures. UTW and let’s truly hope there are no trips to Crawley in the offing.

chris h

Green Wolf, Make no mistake relegation will be terrible news for Wolverhampton Wanderers.Moxey will cut and cut again to a vastly reduced budget. Last time we found a Steve Bull,that would never happen under Moxey and it might take us a long time to get back even to the Championship,never mind the Premier.


Green Wolf - Absolutely spot on.

Poor-Average players at best with a few exceptions. It's a sad day when players admit that they can only play to one system. My other gripe is that we have persisted with players who have made it crystal clear that they want out, personally I would have let them rot in the reserves.

THe main overriding thing is that we can stay up and then have a fire sale and be rid of those who take no pride in our shirt and think only of themselves. ALL the trouble makers need to be shown the door, no exceptions. THis whole charade has gone on long enough and had almost destroyed what team remains..Good luck me babbies..


Tim, I support your clarion call - hope it is answered positively.


Have no fear Solent, the general attitude on here and that at the ground have very little in common.


Well its no if's or but's, this is a must win game. If Karl Henry plays, he must lead by example and be spot on with his tackles, same goes for Jamie O'Hara, we all know that ref's in today's modern game, cant wait to flash red cards. We cannot afford to go down to 10 men, in a must win game. I would also like to see Siggy partner Doyle upfront, as he's a better target man, and a player in form, and play either Hammill who's a more natural winger, or the on-loan lad Dicko outwide. We need to attack from the first whistle, and keep Hudd'fd on the backfoot, i hope we can perform like we did v Bham in the first half, and get the game done n dusted, and then like at Bolton in the second half. We cannot afford to go down to 10 men or perform like we did the first half at Bolton. I would have thought that Moxey could have given free tickets to ALL school kids for tomorrow's match, as a full ground would create a great noisy atmosphere, we need EVERYONE behind the team tomorrow for the 90+mins. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW LADS: UTW:


Good point about filling the ground, Tomwolf. You would have thought they'd have considered that and put profit to one side for once. As you say, support will be vital tomorrow.


Correct Mossman.

Win, lose draw any of our remaining games and shambles needs to go. Morgan needs to start thinking long and hard now in preparation for getting it right 4th time around.


Good read, until you mentioned Hammill. This guy is a convicted thug and doesn't deserve to be a part of our club

Depressed Dingle

It doesn't really matter anymore, because Wolves are rubbish.


The players MUST show the fighting spirit that they have lacked for most games this season. We need a high energy, attack minded approach in which the players all win their individual battles and leave the pitch haven given everything.


Director of football now!!!!!!!!!! Repeat Director of football now!!!!!!!!!!!

Waffle Wolf

It's not the biggest game since Blackburn in 2011. It's the biggest since the 6 pointer against Bristol City, all of one month ago! I expect there will still be another "biggest game since...." to come between now and May 4. It's the way with Wolves.

Oh, for a season of mid- table mediocrity just once in a while, without nerves being shredded and nails bitten.

Supporting Wolves is not for those of a nervous disposition !!

Dutch Wolf


We didn't go to Chorley. It was played in Bolton. There were a few hundred of us and most of us had left by the time the third went in.

Nuff said.


There was more than a few hundred of us at Burnden Park and that was the worst Wolves team ever! We had legends like Zelem, Eli and Herbert playing and things changed when we had players like Bull and Thompson replace them.

Reasons for our demise are down to player power - starting with the ringleader our skipper - and losing key players due to the Fat Controllers hardball tactics. Here are a list of players - Gardner, Dann, Distin etc. - that could have come and even recently we knocked back Phillips. This was due to his Albion link... farcical after what I said earlier!

chris h

Dutch, There were two games at Burnden Park,I was at the first on the Saturday,didn't see the 7O,OOO others.Andy Mutch scored for us 15 or so minutes to go. I did see somebody selling pies who looked a bit like Jez Moxey though . We had turned the corner by the time of Chorley,Bully had just arrived.The season before was far worse. What ever this is history,it is tomorrow that matters.MUST WIN.


I have just had a brain wave that will solve all of problems!!! I can't believe no one has thought of this

Recall Leigh Griffiths as he's banging the goals in up north.

Anyone agree? ;)


IF Wolves do play above themselves and survive the drop,my big fear is that management will reward them by retaining the deadwood.Due to falling revenue of the early bird,falling gates,etc,management will use it as an excuse to sell Wolves more 'quality' players .Are we going to have a club that is spiralling down or does the rot stop now?


I called for a full, open and honest debate about why the players capitulated last season. Something is very rotten in our playing staff and so many must go at the end of the season. We MUST have this debate this season.The club treat us a repeat sales clients NOT as stakeholders who have a deep emotional tie with a club we care for. I will support the team on the pitch even though I have little faith in most individuals in this team.