Wolves in new injury blow on Matt Doherty

Wolves could be without Matt Doherty for Saturday’s crunch relegation collision against Huddersfield as David Davis was all-but written off for the season.

Matt Doherty and David N'Gog of Bolton Wanderers
Matt Doherty and David N'Gog of Bolton Wanderers

Manager Dean Saunders had been clinging to a glimmer of hope that Davis’ ankle injury was not as bad as first feared.

but scans have shown there is ligament damage and he has now effectively been ruled out of their plans.

And he is now concerned about Doherty, who is a doubt after hurting his ankle during Saturday’s 2-0 defeat at Bolton.

Saunders said: “Doherty might not be fit for Saturday. He ‘rolled’ his ankle, which is swollen. We’re waiting on it to see if the swelling goes down.”

Kevin Foley stands by to replace Doherty, if the 21-year-old is out.

Asked if Davis would miss the rest of the season, Saunders said: “That’s what I’ve been told. It doesn’t look good.

“I had been hoping he might just be out for two weeks and he might be ready for the last two games.

"But the X-Ray and the scan shows ligament damage so he’s likely to be out for the season now too.”

Davis is the sixth player Wolves have lost for the rest of the campaign inside four weeks after injuries to goalkeeper Carl Ikeme, Dave Edwards, Bakary Sako, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Razak Boukari.

Saunders admitted their injury crisis had turned into a “nightmare”.

He said: "To lose possibly six players in four weeks – three to broken bones with Ikeme, Edwards and Ebanks-Blake – is a nightmare.

“These are mostly all players who have been regulars.”

Saunders insisted he had no problem with Jay Spearing’s tackle which caused Davis’ injury, however.

The Wolves boss said: “It was a strong tackle but normally one where the player gets up.

“Paul Robinson’s tackle on Sylvan Ebanks-Blake was a strong one but, sometimes, it’s just bad luck.

"The player’s foot is planted a certain way and his ligaments went. But those sort of tackles are made by us as well, so I’m not going to complain.

“It’s a man’s game and it’s just unfortunate he had his ankle on the ground at the time of impact.”

Ebanks-Blake is expected to be out for six weeks.

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Comments for: "Wolves in new injury blow on Matt Doherty"


Again, unfortunate but surmountable, we have a ready-made replacement who can slot right in. One thing this injury crisis is showing us is that we have, if not strength in depth, then at least barely acceptable mediocrity in depth...

Chillo Wolf

Leigh Griffiths?

old golds worth more

Chillo, don't you ever read about our loaned out players? For the last time, Griffiths is on an unrecallable loan. We can't get him back even if we wanted to, end of story, and hopefully end of the clowns who keep asking for him to be recalled.....sigh.

slow joe

Yeah Leigh Griffiths !

why hasnt no one else that thought about bringing him back off loan, great suggestion !!!

just what were after right now, call him back Moxley, can i make a suggestion ?

can we make chillo wolf our new ceo, he seems to be quick on the up take... well quicker than Mogan & Jeff Moxley anyway ;)

French Wolf

Well said, when will these fans!! realise that he cannot come back this season and probably would not want to do so as he is happy in Scotland.

Chillo Wolf

Thanks for that Old Golds worth more but i was being ironic

Now back in your box

chillo Wolf


It was irony and if you look through my past posts you would see that i am fully aware of the loan deal.

... and for the record i do not want that idiot back at our club

Get a grip people!


Funny, but it will now ironically come down to the ability of the often maligned, if certain senior players who were only a few weeks ago considered to be no more than surplus to requirements, even pariah type individuals who were castigated for dropping us in this mess, in the first place us here in the first place. Now, here they are, come full circle, with a chance to redeem themselves!

I also believe we have just enough left in the proverbial old tank to get us over the line.



Golden Wonder

Yeah Seattle, our so called experienced players will have to step up to the plate with all these injuries happening almost every game now.

Big blow to lose SEB when he seemed to be finding his best form so far this season and hope that we can scrape over the line with the squad we have.

Confident we can do it.


Oh no the halfwit manager is going to give George a game. I guess he has not seen him play!

When you thought it could not get worse He says he is going to give Ward and Foley a game and George is coming back.

Don't forget HUNT says he can play left back!!!!!!


were saved foley and ward back in lol ,cant get any worse can it


Yes it can.... Berra

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Well Messr's Morgan and Moxey your short arms and deep pocket syndrome is coming back to haunt you.

Well done!!!!

gReEn NiGeL

Dean, give Geoff Palmer a ring,he is fitter than what we got now.

And better.


Christ, at this rate if I take my top I might get a game!

U t w

Chillo Wolf

don't forget your shinpads


The big squad is shrinking fast!

knocker knowles

What happened to the WARCHEST ????????


Which one? we have been promised so many now.....


how dare you use the great players name -he is ten times the man you could ever be - you are a moron! KNOWLES WAS A GREAT PLAYER, who was never in the gutter! like someone I could mention.

Saunders Foot

It's great being a Wolves fan and pickin up the paper, goin on the website or even driving past one of them little billboards outside the newsagents, wondering what fantastic and uplifting news is gonna greet us today. From today, instead of thinkin the squad is gonna be falling short due to injuries, I'm gonna take a minute up the corner of a quiet cafe and convince myself that it's an opportunity for a fresh player to come in and show everyone what we've been missing and that he's gotta be worth a new ten year contract on 40k a week..............no....sorry, the self-convincing hasn't worked, all I've done is squeeze the toast that much that the egg has catapulted out the bottom and hit the tomato, I'm now full frontal in tomato 'splash'. Not to worry, gonna go home, get changed and cheer myself up by buying an early - bird........erm........


Sorry you are to late -THANK GOD!

Darriel Terry

dropping like flies on a wet weekend is this what a back to back run of games does to our players maybe if they maintained a bit of consistency throughout the season we might not be in this posistion with a que outside A&E? will we have 11 players for saturdays game? seaons tickets are at an all time low but weve got a nice new stand? Wolves Ay We

Dudley Buoy

It does seem the curse is on WOLVES. We have not made it easy for ourselves with inept performances from a very low quality bunch of "professionals" at our club. Why have the club not got to the bottom of the decline of our team and individual performances. The old guard who got us relegated have not come up to scratch and when good professionals needed to stand up and be counted , they showed themselves as whimps. They are unfit to wear the shirt of our great club and should all be bombed out and let us start again. £1m for Stearman - bite their hand off! Losers will get us relegated...............shame, shame, shame



Mills wolf

this is what happend when u have tony daley as your fitness coach lol

worse injury record ever since he was appointed....

we've had at least 7 players out injured ALL SEASON


Is that the Tony Daley who cost £1.25M and only made 21 apps in 4 seasons due to fitness problems. Did he complete a full game for us?

sandy gray

I was there for Tony Daley's debut ....... all 10 short minutes......Illustrious- NOT. Cannot believe he made any more appearances for us Sussex & sure as hell cannot believe he is earning dosh as a fitness coach.....Which God's have we upset & how can we put it right?????

Ghost of Doog

Well said expensive disaster as a player (Villa laughed all the way to the bank). We are prob the most unfit squad in the division.

Mensa Eolves

Can't blame Daley for the fitness issues. It was Solbakken who ordered training with the ball in pre-season instead of the usual hard conditioning.

The arrogance and wrong-headedness of that decision quite possibly underpins the whole disappointing season.

Anyway, forget all that for now... deep breath, sleeves up, chests out, time to fight for our bloody lives!!


So it's the manger who got us training with a ball fault?..

Jesus Christ there's no hope for us with fans like you

Mensa Wolves

Of course it is. What did he expect? To transform a group of athletic triers into Barcelona with one pre-season?

It takes 10,000 hours of practice to become expert at anything, can't catch up that deficit with runners and jumpers.

Skill without fitness, especially in the muck and nettles of the Championship is useless.

Chillo Wolf

training with the ball is a bad idea ... i've heard it all now



Bot confused here. Is it Tony Daley's fault that Sylvan broke his leg? What improved training have you in mind to prevent this injury? Did David Davis' lack of fitness cause Jay Spearing to do his ankle ligaments? Did Tony put the extra stiffening in the tactics board so Ikeme broke his hand? Do any of you actually think about you posts or just have a go at anyone who works for the club regardless?

Mills wolf

dearry me, do you lot not look past your noses, its not just this season, no he cant stop freak injurys but ever since he has been past of the fitness and working with the medical staff we have had more than our share of normal injurys not just the legs breaks and that.... just look at hunt, sed and ohara, its took all of the ages to get fit again !

then theres tongo doumbia who struggles with a full 90 mins, i mean what is tony daley doing to stop this ????

get rid of him, useless signing useless fitness coach, take not mick didnt want him at Ipswich when he took clip boars, stalle wanted to bring in his own fitness coach too and so does Saunders.... the guys a joke !!


But you don't have the slightest idea whether this is actually Tony Daley's fault. He is not even Head of Medical, as I understand it he only really works with the fit players. Specialist medically trained staff (lead by Phil Hayward) work on injury rehabilitation. I doubt if O'Hara or Hunt have spent much time with Daley until recently, Doumbia never really got a pre-season so maybe his lack of fitness is a tribute to the work Daley did then.


Some of the more senior players have rightly deserved to be dropped in favour of the youngsters but the good news is that if they have to come back in, they are no longer indispensable and are more or less playing for their Wolves careers. Some of them will be lucky if they have a future at Wolves? The likes of Foley, Henry and Ward are likely to be recalled at some stage and better be up for the challenge and show some pride and passion!

I think that we have enough in our locker to survive but Saturday is one that we cannot afford to lose. We should not gamble with Cassidy upfront though. Sigurdarson should be played as a striker and we must use Dicko, Hammill or Peszko wide - the latter Saunders does not like...ridiculous.

I reckon the season might pan out like this :-

Huddersfield (h) Win

Hull (h) Draw

Charlton (a) Draw

Burnley (h) Win

Brighton (a) Lose


Morgan was whingeing that we had 40 professionals earlier this season. You only need 18 for Saturday, so what's the problem? I'm so glad I haven't renewed my season ticket. The whole place has a stench of disconnect and apathy. Look round the ground on Saturday, the time on the clock is wrong, the flags are tatty, the inside wings of the Steve Bull are filthy, and all the replacement yellow seats are different colours, and that joke of a roof on the NB keeps no one dry in bottom tier .Absolutely appalling management and no passion from the players. They have zero pride in playing for the club. Anyone who has renewed has rocks in their heads


I'm so glad you haven't renewed Mr.Negative of the negatives ! I think you'll find it's whinging I'd have you would have known that!


Come and stand in the Southbank JIWAL. The roof is fine (as long as you are not in the very high numbers), you can't see the clock, it's tidy apart from the empty lager bottles, nobody sits on the seats never mind cares what colour they are, we will be watching the game not the flags and we get behind the players who all know where to look for support (even if occasionally some may get the odd boo).

tickle tACKLE

noisy, i would'nt bother with jiwal

, "anybody that renews has rocks in their head"

he /she probably never had any intention of supporting wwfc in the first place, and every post has affirmed that thought.


Noisy are you taking the urine! SUPPORT!







And although there is no proof that it was anyone from the SB but my guess is it was! attacking your own players - SUPPORT!


chris h

John , If after reading Noisy's comments on here for a number of years,you don't think he supports,then you have completely lost it.


Your rants are so amusing John. Molineux would be like a morgue if it weren't for the Southbank. I have never booed a Wolves player in my life. All-seated stadia are the reason for the complete absence of atmosphere at most grounds and let's not forget that they were introduced as part of a cover up of police incompetence at Hillsborough. Looking on the bright side of relegation, apparently it is safe to stand if you are supporting a League 1 club - figure that one out.

I await your reasoned response.


Cheers Chris - to be honest I'm not sure he ever had it

Tamworth Wolf

Goodbye and good riddance Jiwal, I feel so much better now.


With all these injuries it raises the question; is the physical fitness of these players fit for purpose?


Not really sure why Kevin Foley's stock has fallen so low on here. He has had a few poor games, but he has played when not fully fit. He was player of the season when we won this league after all. If he is now really fit (not sure he is) I don't think he will let us down.

The Flying Winger

I agree, wonder if it Is because he has been moved around so much and played in a very poor back four?

old golds worth more

Well the people at the laundry love him anyway, after each game they never have to wash his kit as it never gets dirty!

john payne

Foley and Ward - and there are plenty more in the squad who can fill the gaps left by injured players - they can all perform well if they want to -after all, only recently - last season, they were playing against top premiership teams. If DS adopts sensible tactics and the fans get behind them on Saturday we can easily beat 'uddersfield. We still have Sigurdarson, Doyle and -yes-the reinvigorated Hunt -to get our goals.

Tactics Man

JP `sensible tactics` you say!! Its now dawned on me why Ikeme went to such lengths to destroy the tactics board.

Sound tactics dictate to select players for their best suited natural positions.

Siggo up front with centre forward Ward. Drop creative Doyle to midfield

and try Doumbia with him. JOH super sub for tired legs.

Pescko on right wing, Hunt on left, Foley at right back.

Nothing assured in soccer, but positive thinking leads to positive playing !!!

The Flying Winger

Foley is a better full back than Doherty.

Perhaps instead of playing in designer boots, they should be given some that protect their feet!!!!!


These injuries are mounting up, but it wasn't so long ago that Deano was complaining the squad was too big, well thankfully it is.

Team for Saturday, and a 3-1 victory. Doyle x 2, Doumbia

De Vries

Foley - Johnson - Gorkks - Robinson


Doumbia O'Hara

Siggy Doyle Hunt

UTW and hear us roar!


NOT a bad shout! agree with middle three with henry sitting,but I would play WARD up front! no one to hold the ball up sat at BOLTON,lost possetion to much,

Winchester Wolf

I'm cleaning my boots right now. And I'm available for a range of interviews in the days leading up to the match in which I'm happy to boast that we're going to burst out of the blocks, take the game to them, pull together as a team, learn from past mistakes, we're too good to go down, the players are all feeling it as much as the fans etc etc etc etc etc


What is happening to the search for loan players? Looks like a repeat of the January transfer Window.


Hmmmmmmmmmm let me think,sorry I can't.I'm too busy rolling around on the floor laughing.


Oh and I forgot,get that lad Griffiths back down here sharpish.

The Teecher

The concern here is that Barrie is one of the directors

He's the one in the corner who's been asleep since the snows came and still thinks TCs in charge

Tim Vine

And still no sign of Leigh Griffiths

WesternIsles Scotwolf

Leigh Griffiths CANNOT, repeat CANNOT be recalled until the end of the season. And even at that he has shown little interest in pulling on the old gold and black shirt, much preferring to stay in his home city of Edinburgh.


I think that was ironic WS

Maybe Barrie was too, who knows who cares ?

Too much flouride in the water

BERNARD from Tixall

Der de der Georgieeee Elokobiiiiii

Definitive Wolf

This over-large squad we were recently being told we have should be more than adequate enough to plug this and any other gaps that may arise. If I were Foley, I would welcome the opportunity to prove my doubters wrong. Henry too should seize the opportunity to play a real captain's role if picked from the start. Whoever plays, the fans must back them to the hilt. There is too much at stake on Saturday - whingers and boo-boys not wanted.

Orlando Wolves

I agree with you 100 %. Support is essential against Huddersfield !


Obvious we didn't have enough strength in depth, most fans could of tod you that, penny pinching at the club yet again, well done steve n jez

Tipton Wolves

I thought Mal Purchase supposed to have a good record of reducing injuries to players. Our squad are falling to bits at the moment.

chase terrace wolf

Errrrrrrrr the window is closed and has been since last week.


Going to start re-watching all my old MASH reruns with Alan Alda and crew! Can just imagine the "Wolves" Episode...

Captain Pierce (Dean Saunders): "Colonel Potter (Jez Moxey), I need you to requisition two defenders, a wing and one forward, preferably all experienced, relegation battle ready players who can hold this Championship ridge for a few more weeks, until more renforecements come in the summer, and see to us finishing out the campaign above the bottom three enemy held positions."

Colonel Potter (Jez Moxey): "Captain Pierce, don't be ridiculous. I can't ask Uncle Sam (Steve Morgan) that. He doesn't grow players on trees! You'll just have to get on with the meager tools you have if you want to save yourself and this platoon from going down. Besides, I spent all the money we once had on the company's new Stan Cullis operating wing, you know, the half empty one we never really ever fill to even near capacity with our loyal soldiers of support."


Gordon Bennett

Barrie, keep up mate, the loan window shut in March.

Anyway Deano brought in Dicko but doesn't look like he fancies him, like he doesn't fancy Peszko or Hammill. What has he got against proper right wingers. I think his team selections and tactics are pretty poor and that massive squad that Moxey was squealing about now looks a bit thin doesn't it. ps Will O'Hara be fit before the end of the season?


Is it me or does one assume our players have ether rather bad luck or just very week skinned or more likely that DS is pushing these guys to much in training so much there getting injured at every turn thats what 6 in 2 games now c'mon something's not right but on saying that just look at the entire club somethings definnaly not right from owners to manager.

sandy gray

Spot on. Deano ( & our owner) like perspirers, not inspirers. Limited brain cells, these fellers. Very limited.


It's a shame that Davis will now miss the remaining games this season. He was just establishing himself as a first choice regular.

Matt Doherty's injury does'nt sound that serious, but if there's any doubt, it would better to bring in Foley, even if it's only for this one match. Too many times in the past, Wolves have gambled on the fitness of players only for them to break down and end up missing for several weeks as a result.

The games against Huddersfield and Burnley could well decide our future. If we win them both, then it should be just enough to keep us in this division for next season.


Are any of our players out on loan that we can recall?

I have lost track of who may be where.

Is Don Goodman still available? I know he is a fitness fanatic and had a mean head ( plus hair of course).

C'mon back Don.

Richard Keys

"It's a man's game..."

I completely agree Dean.

Walthamstow Wolf

Saunders: “We’ve still won four out of six and had some good results but lost against a very good team in Bolton. We won’t be facing teams of their quality every week. Some of their football was excellent and they caused us a lot of problems.”

Bolton are eighth in the table, and Saunders clearly believes that we are not good enough to compete with them, so what does that mean for next season if we manage to stay up? Assuming that our half-dozen injured players (who are being used as an insurance-excuse already for relegation) are good enough, we can only have another five or six who meet the required standard. That means we should be shipping out around twenty-five players during the summer, and, if we are to trim the playing staff down realistically, sign another fifteen, at least ten of whom need to be of the required standard.

These are not my numbers, simply those clearly implied by statements from the club's management. Given that signing two players on loan has proved to be about as easy as swimming in treacle, I think we can conclude that next season will be no better than this.

Something drastic needs to happen. If I were the chairman would be asking Saunders to show me his clearance list of twenty-five now, and instructing Moxey to start opening lines of communication so that they can be offloaded during first the month of the transfer window. At least that way we could be getting some money in to help pay for the right newcomers, a dozen of whom should be in place when pre-season training starts.

Of course none of this will happen, because we prefer to sleepwalk towards the next precipice whatever or wherever it is. It would useful if the E&S were to be asking some pointed questions on this issue in order to get discussion of it out into the public domain...

Ben the disgruntled Dingle

Completely agree WW.

There is a horrible losers mentality at this club at the moment which disgusts me. Wolverhampton Wanderers should be comfortably beating every side in this poxy division for no other reason than we are Wolverhampton Wanderers.

If the players, manager and owner are not able to maintain the exceptionally high standard of this club they should get out. No excusers, no dithery/meaningless interviews, just get on or get out.

Realistic Wolf

Like your comments Walthamstow. Good idea about the list but first names on it should be Saunders and Moxey. Saunders comments merely confirm he is totally clueless or perhaps his strings are being pulled. Either way IMO he is not up to it. As for the present squad, well it does not take a genius to work out they are well past their sell by date and have been for the last two and a half seasons. What a mess Morgan, Moxey and the board have got us into. Got rid of Stale rather than spend money on bringing in his transfer targets, used results as the excuse. Big improvement since he went, Saunders promised us exciting football, yeh right. What a complete and utter shambles and despite this, well after much soul searching I did renew my season ticket but only because of loyalty.

north st born

yes you care about the wolves dont you mr morgan

Burntwood Boy

Just imagine IF our huge squad would have been whittled down during January------------ DS would have had to play to make up the 11, BUT M&M would be happy with a smaller wage bill. Well NOT strengthening will surely mean another relegation, Huddersfield will have to have a bad performance IF we are going to get 3 points. 100% required from all the team please.

Wanderer Will

Wolves have made a £6m annual loss so can you lot tell me where this so called war chest is supposed to be ? not forgetting our gates have been 7-8k less than last season which will again make a huge dent in the war chest WE DO NOT BLOODY HAVE so get it into your thick skulls !

Squad of 40 and you expected us to buy more hahaha but hey lets blame Morgan n Moxey for not buying even more lol , some of you lot are absolute clowns who think buying is the answer. it is if previous managers bought the right players or didn't get injured ! Solbakken may aswell have spent £15m on Sako/Sigurdarson not £5 as we never saw the other £10m's worth of signings did we ! 5/10/15m these numbers and we are a championship club yet you lot say Morgan n Moxey dont supply funds pmsl no wonder Albion fans have a laugh at us when numptys like we have spout rubbish every week in this paper !

Mills wolf

Ok so if we dont have it which i dont dispute, my have we been told we have for years now and told we dont need tosell our players ??

morgan and moxey just lie through there back teeth to the fans when it comes the time show them OUR money !!!

pair of jokers !!!

loyal wolves "SUPPORTER"

Its a shame Matt is injured but i do like kevin foley at right back and am very confident he will do a great job if called up on.


wow more injuries! this would be my team for Saturday

De Vries

Doherty- Batth - Gorkks - Robinson

Hamill- Henry - O'Hara - Hunt

Doyle - Sigudarson

I wud expect Doherty to be back in time and batth needs to come back in the team as he is our BEST Centre back and henry will replace davis who is a big miss don't understand fans who want doumbia back in the team after watching against Bolton he didn't look fit was well off the pace would also be nice to see young mcalinden on the bench and maybe to bring on for last 10mins!





Dean wouldn't mind the tackling, he always tackled fairly?


Time to bring the youth players on, forget how young some of these players either you can or cannot play football perhaps now is the time to find out what they have learned. Some of these young players are six feet tall and well built so lets give them a chance, cant be any worse than some of the older ones.

paul davo

I think we are being conned here, i bet Moxey has told the players to fake injury to give the perfect excuse when we get relegated, only joking " I THINK" 3 points on saturday lads and surly the other results have to turn, see you all at the mol,


Davis and Doherty will obviously be replaced by Henry and Foley. But with biggest question remains: Who will take Cassidy's place ( I'm assuming DS won't make the mistake of playing him again). I'd like to see either Siggy moved up front to partner Doyle, with Peszko coming in on the right wing. Or Siggy remaining out on the right and Doumbia coming in to make a 5 man midfield, with Doyle up front on his own.

spanish ray

I`m over the moon that Elokobi is back and training.God help us.

At least we should have George back in the next couple of weeks


Just seen the Tuesday evening results. Barnsley and Sheff. Wed. are displaying the very qualities we need to show if we are to survive. Saturday's game is now a must-win for us, make no mistake. With Huddersfield virtually in the same boat, we must play our part and roar the lads home. UTW


about the Steve Bull stand, it's coming down sometime in the future as part of the ground improvements taking the capacity up a few thousand. COME ON WOLVES.


an other player mad mick ruined,kevin foley. he went from player of the season to zero. the reason why zero,mad mick decided to convert the best right back at the club at that time into a midfielder. i would say foley just about played 30 times as right back in 3 years,shameful. im hoping he can shut up his critics on saturday, just like seb has.

Gerry Harris Own Goal

I'm available!

Joe Wilson's Clog

I'm ready to play.


Even though we have these two fresh injuries a squad is a squad what we have on the bench is as good as whats on show, pull together support and lets see what happens in the summer when we survive, full loyal support please! and i have no time for moxey or morgan who have let this happen.


Id rather play with 10, than play Elokobi. Any of ward, henry or berra are equally as bad!! Desperate times if DS thinks he(Elokobi) can make a positive difference.

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