Wolves set to lose David Davis for season

Wolves were today expected to confirm the loss of David Davis for the rest of the season.

Soccer - Capital One Cup - Second Round - Northampton Town v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Sixfields Stadium

The 22-year-old midfielder suffered suspected ankle ligament damage in Saturday’s 2-0 defeat at Bolton.

Davis was rushed to hospital after hobbling off following the tackle by Jay Spearing in the 25th minute, but although no broken bones were discovered, he could be out for several weeks. Davis criticised the challenge afterwards, tweeting: “Dunno how people tackle like that!”

If he is sidelined, he will be the sixth player Wolves have lost for the season in the last four weeks after 15-goal top scorer Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Carl Ikeme, Dave Edwards, Bakary Sako and Razak Boukari.

“He’s been to hospital and hasn’t broken his ankle but it could be ligament damage,” said manager Dean Saunders.

“We were missing our top scorer with a broken leg, our left-winger is out for the season, so are Dave Edwards and Carl Ikeme, and we might have lost Dave Davis now as well.”

Karl Henry, who replaced Davis on Saturday, stands by for a recall for Saturday’s crunch visit of Huddersfield.


The setback left Wolves one place lower in 19th but they remained a point clear of the drop zone on the same points as the Terriers.

Saunders insisted they must put the result behind them quickly.

“We’ve got a massive game against Huddersfield and we’ve got to make sure we’re mentally switched on for that,” he said.

“We need to do them some damage by winning.”

Saunders admitted his players “hit a brick wall” on Saturday after they were floored by goals from David Ngog and Marcos Alonso inside the first 10 minutes.

Wolves produced a strangely lacklustre performance following two wins in three days the previous weekend.

“Sometimes emotionally and mentally you can hit a brick wall in the Championship because it’s so demanding with playing Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday,” said the boss.

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Comments for: "Wolves set to lose David Davis for season"


Jay Spearing, the classic example of the chippy little footballing thug.

Let's not get our knickers in a twist over this one too much, it's time for our much-maligned club captain to step up to the plate and do that whole captaincy thing. The finish line is in sight after all, he can't mess up THAT much in the next couple of weeks.

I honestly think - here we go, ludicrous prediction time - we should have win-draw-win in our sights for the next three games, and that should be enough.


I'm all in favour of some optimism Pete, but I swear it's only about 3 weeks since you were looking forward to a payout on a bet on our relegation. I wish I was so sure that we have turned the corner. Henry has done OK coming on recently but as O'Hara basically shifts the ball onto his left foot and kicks it at the furthest forward gold shirt he can see, we will effectively have two sitting midfielders. I do think KH has realised that he can go forward a bit (he even had a 30 yard shot in the general direction of the goal on Saturday) but I am still not sure we are going to be unlocking many defenses at home.


Yep, I hedged my bets there! At the moment though, I would favour the prolonged second-tier status over the cash, I'm nice like that.

The next two weeks are so crucial that I am excited and terrified in equal measure.


The mighty Huddersfield town are coming and no will we loose or draw this match


Blame Moxey he only allowed us to sign 38 players should have doubled that

chris h

Yes 38 players who are not good enough.If you include the acadamy players,most championship teams have 38 players,don't you buy a programme.Instead of strengthening the side like virtually every other championship side we have weakened ours,to the tune of a transfer surplus of £13.3m. If that is not the responsibility of the owner and chief executive,who on earth do you think should be held accountable? This is a chief executive who has been paid millions in recent seasons.A big fat salary but no accountability.And still people stick up for him.


ha ha quality


Quality piece, but no laughing matter.

Buriram Wolf

Feeling a bit worried if Henry is back in the starting 11.

He will play too defensive as ever and that sets the tone for the rest of the team.

We can't sit back in a must win game.

Either win it well or go down in a blaze of glory, not a whimper like last years relegation.


Hope he doesn't have a rush of blood and an early bath.

gold and black in the veins

rush of blood, thats not like our Karl, er Villa at home last season anyone.


Ok so the injury list is not great now to be fair, however, we had to bring in cover for our striking positions and we all knew that. The fact we did not bring anyone is at all was a massive, possible, monumental error.

I know it was said there is no point bringing in players who are not better than what we have got, but the cover was needed also in case of injuries, which is now glaringly obvious and should have been before.

Bad luck will not relegate us, bad decisions might.

Still if we beat Huddersfield we have a great shout at staying up.

They have Wolves, Blackburn, Bristol, Barnsley still to play out their 5 games left. Ouch.


Errm, yes they have got a good run in - better than ours!


I thought we signed Nouha Dicko as attacking cover?


Championship because it’s so demanding with playing Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday,” said the boss.

Do not tell the Express and Star, tell Morgan earlier in the season so he gives you money to buy cover for the expected injuries, off form etc. That would have helped

Too late, too late.........



Another one bites the dust.

We have been plagued by injuries since before I can remember. Question they need to ask is Why. I know other teams have injuries but year after year we seem to have our best players out for up to and beyond a year. Clearly something is wrong.

Drip, drip, drip

Its the flouride in the water, I told 'em, but nobody listened. I bet they've even got it on the magic sponge. No wonder they're dropping like flies

English Exile

Not your fault Dean, but we should never have been in this position.

Tipton Wolves

Bring on Doumbia, let him have his chance also I saw the Bolton goals earlier and I felt we were poor defensively cos we too busy ball watching when we should be marking players that are threatening to score a goal. Letting oppontments score goals freely unmarked this season has cost us points.

General Kitchener


Had a word with Mainwaring, he orders Siggo and Ward to lead the charge.

Sergeant Doyle to direct from midfield, and drive troops up front.

Ensure Private Doumbia stays and fights his corner.

Batth and Johnson bring up the rear.


Orlando Wolves

Rest assured, someone will come up with a cunning plan !


When you are down and another thing comes along and hits you again that’s what is happening at the moment. We will soldier on and hopefully pick it up again on Saturday

Best of luck WOLVES

Gerry Mannion

Our players appear to be accident prone. To lose 1 player in 6 weeks is unfortunate, to lose 6 is down right careless.

It does make me wonder why. It can't all be bad luck.

On a totally different note, I was thinking that if Sunderland are relegated who will Steven Fletcher be playing for next season as his loyalty is only to himself.


What an utterly ludicrous comment.


Unfortunately Dean, having come on our scene comparatively recently, is having to come out with all the expected observations we have become all too familiar with for, what, two and a half seasons? Can't blame him for that - but it is not what the long-suffering Wolves' fan needs to hear. The injury to Davis is a disaster and as as well as feeling for him (and the others), I feel for us - just what have we done to deserve this? You begin to wonder if the fates really do have it in for us. My determination to remain optimistic is wearing thin - but then, we did have that little good run and a win against Huddersfield would tip things in our favour. Yes, we can do it - the Molineux crowd can really play their part on Saturday, and they MUST get behind every member of the team. We have to stay in this division. UTW

Orlando Wolves

I am thinking along the same lines as you are, What have we done to deserve this ?

100% support needed against Huddersfield without fail !

Oh no that means crabby Henry

It just gets worse a big big loss as much as losing SEB . Since he has kept Henry out we have had more vision going forward . Gutted that the crab Henry will be back in the team back and side passing his way through games with the occasional un-skilled hoof forward and I mean occasional ( probably once a game ) .

One of the main players ( if you can call

him that ) in our demise !!!!


And I suppose that you are the sort to want Yobbo Griffiths back from Scotland too!

There is wood that is thick, thick and thick in your house.


You just lost a golden chance to keep quiet!!!

We need supporters at this moment! Meaning, supporting ALL our players on the field.

chris h

We know the previous manager wanted more players in Jan and then was sacked.We know the current manager wanted more players before the loan market was closed,due to the injury position at the time.We know Messrs Morgan and Moxey would not authorise signings of loan players refusing to make any commitments beyond this season . It should have been obvious to anybody that more injuries would be picked up before the end of the season.Responsibility for the mess we are in falls fairly and squarely with the owner and chief executive.


Right which one of you fans ran over a black cat recently!

Should have gone to specsavers


Telford 1877

Well looks like poor old saunders has realised the game can be a cruel kick in the middle regions but as usual the blows could of been softened if the board backed him and the club had formulated a plan B, I hope we stay up on the evidence of the Bolton game that doesn't look likley with the injuries just when we was pulling together a stark reminder that teams around us r going to be harder to beat than Bolton as they are playing for there life's Deano will be performing a manager masterclass if he can keep us up its down to the fit players to show guts, pride and determination as a team to beat the drop Wolves Ay We!!!


I like your sarcasm Emma Dale getting in there before the whingers start. Davis is a blow to us though just as he was starting to play well because he was playing from the start regularly, how about Ismael getting a chance, maybe not though at this crucial stage of the season. COME ON WOLVES.


Stand by for Jez asking us for understanding at the end of the season. Something along the lines of; "No-one could have predicted the sheer number of injuries to players, key players at that, which clearly hampered our fight for survival."

Yes, it's been cruel luck. But the point is you didn't need a crystal ball to see that cover and some fresh blood was needed anyway in January. Then the loan window came and went with minimal activity. Maybe it wasn't psychic powers he and Morgan needed just a willingness to spend the sort of money to give us our best chance of staying up.

We may still survive....but it will be in spite of the two clowns instead of because of them.

John De Wolf

It's a blow to lose Davis as he has showed real promise over the last few games. We should have brought in extra cover in the last transfer/loan window.

If Henry comes into the team, we have to start with either Hammil or Dicko on the right wing v Huddersfield. Push Sigurdarson up front alongside Doyle. This represents our most attacking line up.

The game v Bolton was lost in the first 10 minutes but reverting to a 4-5-1 doesn't help us and we need wins. I'd like to see us go for it with a real 4-4-2.

paul davo

We only have our early season results to blame, but that is now past, so just go for it DS , Sigi with Doyle and hunt and Hammel or Pezko to keep the ball in there box on satuday , if you keep putting the ball in the area then sooner or later a chance will fall at there feet, forget midfield we don"t have one anyway so hump it and it will happen,


Our early season results are not to blame. When Saunders took over we were 6 points clear of the relegation zone.


6 player injured in last 4 weeks BUT stubborn DS will still not play Pesko. So he fell out with manager -no surprize there as he still refuses to pick him despite his undoubted talents. IF HE HANGS ON A FEW MORE WEEKS HOPEFULLY WE WILL BE LOOKING FOR A NEW MANAGER AND STILL BE IN THIS LEAGUE!


Certainly hope we are up from it from the start this Saturday - we certainly werent at Bolton. Disappointing for travelling supporters who expected more after recent games and were let down..

Mark B

Back the boys on Saturday and push them on to victory.




how ridiculous 38 profesionals should be enough do you want us to end up like portsmouth, Leeds and now Coventry?


That is a big, big loss at this stage. More so than SEb in my book. Let's just hope the lads pull together and Brighton go on a run, so they ain't playing for anything come the final day at their place! Could be a great day to stay up by the sea if we can pull it off....?

wolves benalmadena

We have to beat Huddersfield, need to give Doumbia a chance instead of Henry at least he is capable of scoring a goal and play Siggy up front with Doyle and the Wigan loan player on the wing or Hamill. We cannot afford to be defensive again the rest of the season, keep going for draws are no good it is better to win one and lose one and draw one away than have three negative boring draws. We cannot defend still so we have to score a minimum of 2 goals every game to stand a chance.

Ian W

Blimey, talk about what can go wrong will go wrong!

Ikeme must've smashed a mirror as well as the tactics board.


"Hit a brick wall"???????????? What is he talking about now? How can you "Hit a wall" when you train every day?

Mensa Wolves

If you train near a wall?

Wolf Blast

The injury list limits our options and without SEB who is going to score. I thought Doyle was coming back to form but not so sure now. Nevertheless, we need him and someone else to rise the occasion if we are to survive as we are still leaking goals.

Peterborough has a tough run in but they have played well against all the top teams. Huddersfield will feel they have a good chance of survival given they play the teams around them so it is vital be beat them. I think we need to aim for 7 points and not worry too much about what the others are doing.

Thoughts anyone?

Billy Wiseman

I think it was Dave Jones who claimed the Black Cat sometime back--This is another bit of awful news--CD

Gordon Bennett

Great! So from having this massive squad that we can't afford we are now looking decidedly threadbare. When will M&M ever make a sensible decision and ensure we have enough quality in the team to compete. Let down again by pennypinching. What has Morgan done since his performance at the parliament, except to twiddle his thumbs and keep his wallet in his pocket.

Also why is it when a player is injured he has to hobble off the pitch instead of getting them on a stretcher. Both SEB and Guedioura hobbled off with broken legs and we even sent Davis back on the pitch. Doh!

Not convinced that Deano has much idea. Cassidy was too big a gamble when Siggy can play up front and we have wingers available.


The high proportion of injuries we have sustained at the back end of this season (not unusual) and our failure to bring in adequate replacements (not unusual) highlights the lack of foresight and experience of our executive management team.

Sir Billy Quiet

At least DS is getting to look at all of the squad before the season ends........

South Bank

I think the club should refund the supporters who travelled to bolton saturday. The game had been lost after 10 minutes. We made bolton look like barcelona we were that bad. No goal threat at all and i had seen enough after 60 minutes and and headed back to get train home. Bolton were in the premier league as were we last season and we looked like we had just come up from league 1 . Embarassing.


if they sack ds at the end of the season the board will appoint a new manager and he will keep the same players so it makes sense to keep ds and he will bring in the players he needs to improve the squad up the wolves


You make me laugh Deano, its hard playin Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday! These guys are sopposed to be FIT, wish i only worked twice a week for 20 or 30 grand, they want to try workin for a living!! Try 6 days a week for £400 then you would no what demanding!!!!


if we go down d/s has to go he not up to it,maybe he can say why is that siggy came hear as a front man, he better in the air than the rest quicker and and has a better touch but is played out wide right even when in your words we have two maney wide player.


Davis will obviously be replaced by Henry in the centre of midfield. But what concerns me more is why Peszko is being frozen out. He should start on the ring wing against Huddesfield and Siggy should move up front with Doyle. I can't understand why even Hammill is getting in the squad above Peszko when it's quite apparent that Hammill has no desire to play for the club.


This is typical of the mess that is Wolves.Davis should have been a first choice shoo-in in front of Henry since September. He has had to put up with a bit part. Then, when he gets in the team and shows form he is injured and we lament his absence. The playing staff at Wolves are crap due to us NOT culling ALL those who got us relegated..... flawed, moderately- talented, mentally-weak, unadaptable, cliquey, pathetic and unfit to wear the shirt. They are seen as "assets" by Morgan, when in truth they should be shown the door. We will get next to nothing for them as transfers. Watch them dive off the sinking ship if we go down. As long as these failures are at Wolves we will be rubbish. Hunt is poor, a headless chicken, SEB is an under-achiever. Mr Saunders, please shut up. You are a stereotypical football thicko!


draws no good might as well go for the throat hammill peszko siggy up front with doyle.


last home game of the season is gonna be intresting, player of the season,ikeme injured, goal of the season seb overhead kick, injured, young player of the season, davies injured. at least we can look forward to poxey and morgan spouting their speel on why we had a terrible season,like they did last season. oh sorry i forgot,they didnt bother to busy hiding in shame.

Bedfordshire Wolves

Good on DS for picking the young players, Batth, Cassidy, Davis, Doherty, Ford, McAlinden, etc. are all stars of the future for Wolves and much better value than some of the recent rubbish that has been purchased by past managers.

You only have to look at Villa, Lambert has been brave enough to show faith in his young players who now have almost a season of premiership experience behind them. I'm certain that Villa and eventually Wolves will be better for having patience whilst the young players make the step up to Premiership & Championship league football.

Note to DS, when Batth partnered Gorkks in central defence we conceeded far fewer goals than the Johnson/Gorkks partnership has done in recent matches.

Must win game on saturday, but which team will Deano pick?


Why is Henry in pole position for a recall ?

If we include him he causes more problems than he solves.he is slow and not attacking in any sense for a game we have to win.

whats happened to Doumbia? he is a better option.

Also on the wings hamill and pzesko need to be considered. DS needs to use all of the squad.