Wolves ace Jamie O'Hara considered quitting

Wolves midfielder Jamie O’Hara isn’t likely to be derailed by a dead leg – after revealing there were times he felt close to quitting the game he loves.


The £5million midfielder is expecting to be available for Saturday’s crunch game at Bolton after being taken off in the 3-2 win at Birmingham on Easter Monday.

It was a dead leg sustained in the opening minutes of Saturday’s 3-2 victory against Middlesbrough that put O’Hara’s participation in the St Andrew’s derby in doubt.

Manager Dean Saunders eventually went with an unchanged side but took the former Tottenham schemer off after he had been booked, shortly after conceding the 55th-minute penalty that gave Blues a lifeline.

O'Hara said: "I got a dead leg in the first 10 minutes against Middlesbrough and I was struggling.

“To be honest, I thought I might not have played against Birmingham but I rested up and prepared right and managed to get out there.

“Getting an early booking probably killed my chances of staying out for the whole of the second half because the gaffer told me he took me off because he didn’t want me getting sent off.”

But that was all small beer to the hell he has gone through over the previous 12 months or more with three operations on his troublesome groin.

And the long struggle and seemingly constant setbacks made him feel at times as if he was never going to kick a ball again.

He said: “I’d had three operations and nothing seemed to be going right. I’m an impatient guy – I wanted to get back playing football because I was missing it so much.

"There were times when I thought that I might just have to retire. But the wife (celebrity WAG Danielle O’Hara) and the family kept me going and the physios have been tremendous as well.

“It’s a massive plus for me to be playing now.”

After so long on the sidelines, every game is a bonus for the 26-year-old.

It’s going to take a while before O’Hara returns to his best but after 18 games, following his comeback against Peterborough on Boxing Day.

But he is gaining valuable time on the pitch from which he feels he is improving with every match.

He said: “I’m feeling better every week. Hopefully, I can carry on getting my sharpness back by getting games.

“If I can play from now until the end of the season, I’ll have got 20 starts under my belt.

“That’s a massive plus for me after being out for so long.”

O’Hara had few complaints about the penalty he gave away for a push on Wes Thomas on the byeline

Alsor eferring to Blues’ second spot kick for Jack Robinson’s handball in an aerial challenge with Nikola Zigic, O'Hara said: "We gave two soft penalties away.

“I just tried to stand up – I was on the byeline thinking the ball was going to go out of play and he was clever in a way. He pushed back into me and then went over to win the penalty.

I felt the referee was looking to give them something with the game and we were hanging on in there for the last five minutes.

“But it had been a really good first-half performance. I thought we were tremendous all over the pitch in the first-half.

“We prepared really well for the game, because we knew it was going to be tough playing two games in three days.

“The three wins have given us a real lift.”

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Comments for: "Wolves ace Jamie O'Hara considered quitting"

Tim Vine

If we don't get leigh Griffith back soon it will be too late


What does it take for you and others to understand once and for all that he cannot come back this season, even if he would?

Manchester Wolf

The deadleg explains the poor performance against Middlesborough and Blues. What about Millwall which was the worst I have ever seen him play?

Personally we have better players to choose from that a very unfit O'Hara. Will be interesting to see what happens to him in the summer.

Billy O' B

M8 what matches you been watching - bet you've never been with a stupid remark like that - doh!


Best idea you have ever had and you are the biggest waste of money ever

Golden Nugget

Really dumb penalty to concede. The guy was going nowhere and you shove him over. That got them back in the game. O'hara was definitely tiring and by the looks of him needs to lose 10/12 pounds. Clearly not fit yet, we should be playing Doumbia who has got a real engine.


Doumbia has been offensively bad ever since he got a contract, O'hara or Henry far far better options.

Coseley Wolf

Don't start about Henry lol. Coincidence that the 3 games he's been dropped we've won? I think not. Davis got slated for the own goal but DS kept faith and look how good he's been since. Doumbia and Davis in the middle for me.

Long standing South Bank

Oh Yesh, some body else has seen the weak link. The start of all wolves problems is with Henry.... Didn't like being dropped as the captain when Mad mick brought in a replacement and still don't like it now. New contract. Sell him for a quid and get rid of this poison !!

Definitive Wolf

"The three wins have given us a real lift." You speak for the fans there as well, Jamie. Keep it going! UTW

Solihull Wolf

Well done Jamie for overcoming your injury nightmare so i hope you & our team finish well as the season closes. Like all fans I hope we will stay in this Division now, i didn't think any Wolves fans would of expected that scenario back in August & heres to next season. UTW


Which is exactly what we said this time last year.

Don't you ever learn????????????


Would it be any loss if u did pack it in? Done nothin since u got ur contract. On an easy number here.

Pity he didn't quit,big time charlie


Good to see JOH has poz. desire to play and give all, even though not yet on top form.

It needs Doumbia to get the message and follow suit, his attitude has disappointed.

Injuries forced changes, Siggo getting his goal touch at right time, needed up front,

If put with Ward, and Hammil, Hunt on wings, will give forward thrust. Still think

Doyle should feature in midfield, energizing part game with Davis and JOH.

Current players are more than good enough, with renewed spirit for better things.

Wolves cannot afford to support a player who relies on sideways and back passing .

Only my thoughts, always interested in reading yours. Cheers.




Just to answer your response from elsewhere on Hunt, his goal did keep us up. I have previously explained why this is true as have several other real Wolves fans. By the way typing fact at the end of a sentence is not generally accepted as proof of its truth (even if it is in capitals). The irony is in your last three posts two have slagged off Wolves players and the third has slagged off someone for slagging off a Wolves player.

Rampton Wolf

Ok lad enough of the clap trap we need men on the pitch for a real battle now so if your not up for it stay at home with Danielle putting your designer curtains up.


As anybody done a progress check on Evans, the young lad he bought from Newport County. We had a centre forward Alun Evans in the late 60's, sold to Liverpool youngest £100,000 player, i hope it won't be long before we have another one like him coming through. Preferably more prolific like Ted Farmer was. COME ON WOLVES.




Go on, Jamie, get stuck in these last six games and lead us to safety! Glad you had guts and desire to not ps k it in. Good attitude and team spirit will win the day for Wolves and save us from the unthinkable. Keep it up!



Couldn't agree more. Potentially one of the few players we have who can play at a higher level.


Tim Vine "Griffiths" is under contract, we are unable to get him back until the end of the season, didn't you know? Now as for O'hara to me he is Mr average


Evans, Jacobsson and McLindan all look players who are on the verge of breaking through and then there's Reckord, Iwiele as well. Regarding the Ebaks situation Hammill could play on Saturday with Sig moving up front - Dicho and Cassidy are other options but the most bizarre decision is not to recall Griffiths from Hibs???


Please read the reply to Tim Vine`s post,& inwardly digest.His loan contract does not allow him to return this season.This explanation is posted nearly every day.


real wolves supporters go to the games, real wolves supporters dont look through tinted glasses,seeing what they only want to see. real wolves supporters arent happy cclappers that cant see this board is destroying are team.


If that is a reply to me, can I point out that there is a button to click that says 'reply' to simplify things. Do you actually have a rational point to make? Did I defend the board at any point? I have been complaining about the lack of investment in the team since the Jan transfer window last year. Calling anyone who disagrees with you, or points out factual errors, a 'happy clapper' is not an argument and that is a FACT!

By the way I was at Blues, I will be at Bolton, I have had a season ticket for 23 of the last 25 seasons. Not this one or Hoddle's as my comment on the attitude of the club (still barely missed a home game in either season though).


go on jamie and shut some of the the moaning fans up


Karl Wolves, here's one for you, "If you are all going to Bolton clap your hands." COME ON WOLVES.