Wolves hit by injury to Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

Wolves were today sweating on the prospect of losing Sylvan Ebanks-Blake for the rest of the season.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

The 15-goal top scorer limped away from St. Andrew’s last night on crutches with suspected ligament damage to his left ankle.

Ebanks-Blake suffered the injury ‘rolling’ his ankle after a challenge from former Albion defender Paul Robinson and was forced off 64 minutes into the 3-2 win.

Losing the 26-year-old, who scored twice in yesterday’s victory, would be a huge blow, especially with Wolves already without four players for the season – Carl Ikeme, Dave Edwards, Bakary Sako and Razak Boukari.

Manager Dean Saunders said: “Sylvan Ebanks-Blake is possibly out for the season with ankle ligament damage. Fingers crossed that’s not the case, but we’ll have to see.

“He went over on his ankle and I think it’s partly down to fatigue and stretching.”

Ebanks-Blake wasn’t the only casualty, with Jamie O’Hara struggling with a dead leg from Saturday’s3-2 win against Middlesbrough and man of the match David Davis suffering a groin problem.

But Saunders is hoping it’s just fatigue and that the pair can make Saturday’s trip to Bolton after two games in three days.

“David was signalling to come off, but we had to leave him out there,” said Saunders. “It was just tiredness. Jamie played with a dead leg which he hadn’t fully got over.”

Victory was Wolves’ third in a row, their fourth in five and their first at St Andrew’s in exactly 12 years.

Goals from Stephen Hunt and Ebanks-Blake put Wolves 3-0 ahead at half-time before Wade Elliott’s brace made it a tense finish.

It lifted them a point out of the drop zone up to 18th, although five of the six teams below have a game in hand. Saunders believes the turnaround has been triggered by players rediscovering their form.

““We’ve started scoring and have a few players playing well,” he said.

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Comments for: "Wolves hit by injury to Sylvan Ebanks-Blake"

spanish ray

Hope the injury to SEB is not too bad.Once again the animal injures another player through his trademark bad tackling.It spoiled a good fighting spirit that Wolves are starting to show.Well done.In my day that animal would have been sorted by now.


Not the first time he has done it.

However if Blake had cut down on the pies and lost a stone or two he would have been fitter.

Two games Saturday and Monday, I guess the halfwit has got to rotation of squard in his schoolboy book of football management yet


Shambles, You have to be either a world famous football manager with a ton of trophies to your name or a donkey. Four wins in five in the toughest leauge there is for number of games played so closely and you think our manager should be doing better? Go to Sandwell mate, if that doesn't please you nothing will.

Speak as you find

None of us like Paul Robinson, but it was a fair tackle, SEB stumbled and twisted over on his ankle. You obviously weren't there !

Looking forward to saturday, oh how they love us at Bolton


Robinson is a thug but it is true that Blake is carrying far too much weight and is always likely to get caught by such thugs.

I think a slimmed down Blake would be a lot more dangerous and quite possible premiership class but we will never know. What he does need is a run of games because he is a confidence player and McCarthy never gave him that.

If he is out for the season then that's the last we'll see of him. He's out of contract in the Summer and will be a target for the better championship and the relegated teams. Fifteen goals in a poor team is excellent.


kevin muscat would have sorted out a pretender like robinson,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,/\/\WWFC/\/\,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


You are correct. Muscat used to eat raw Kangaroos for breakfast after going three rounds with a tiger shark. However were you ever comfortable watching him hack down anything that moved above grass? He was an embarrassment and generally provoked the other team to try harder.

Having said that, I would like to see him man to man mark Robinson just so Robinson appreciates exactly what he inflicts on others

Ebanks-Blake is out for the season...... If we stay up now the lads really would have done well and it would auger well for next season.....


Nothing malicious in the tackle, and SEB's movement in the last two games. He was absolutely excellent in the first half, as was the much maligned Doyle.

You armchair lot really get on my nerves. You never go, sit behind your keyboards knocking everything Wolves, but claiming you are Wolves supporters. I say once again, SUPPORTERS SUPPORT. You lot ain't supporters. You just don't have lives, and love to knock anyone that does.

Saunders has done a decent job in turning the team around into a unit that is starting to gain self-belief. He deserves support, and yet gets derision from a bunch of numpties that have never achieved even a small part of what he has. Mick had it totally right about you lot. You vilified him when he was here, and yet sing his praises now he has gone. WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES.


Get to the point , wolves fans don't let a win cloud your judgments

The owner is not interested , what part does he play in the reality of boosting the fans,

I was a season ticket holder, but I cannot understand what has happened to the money

Ye Olde South Bank

Paul Robinson. Enough said.

Dean 'David Brent' Saunders

Ginger and Black army going down... Enough said.

Lets hope Blake doesn't let himself get out of shape while he's injured.

tickle tackle

was the defeat at west ham that bad?


we get alot of moaning on here and i agree with alot and i wasnt particularly impress with DS as our new manager but credit where credit is due, somehow he has got us getting results where none of us could see how this group of players would ever win again !

not overly impressed with the board though, looks like u didnt support Deano with the loans, wages again ! surely after all the money u made from jarivs etc u could have sanctioned wages until the end of the season , poor..very poor !

but well done Deano, despite everything !


Robinson is a thug and an animal. Playing for Blues is about his level. How we managed to win that yesterday against biased officials ( again) was a miracle

Morgan the scouse

About his level??... What, above you??


your right robinson is a thug and hopefully he'll get a taste of his own medicine soon that puts him out the game for a while,ive been saying this for most of the season for some reason the refs have got it in for wolves the amount of blatant penalties we have had turned down compared to non penalties given against us,/\/\WWFC/\/\,

Dutch Wolf

Well done Wolves!

Tipton Wolves

If Blake is out for the season I say stick Stiggy up front with Doyle and have Dicko or Hammill or Peskzo on the right wing.


It's not great - but we shall overcome. Doyle, Sigurdarson both doing well, Cassidy an option. It's a pain in the a***e (actually, I don't need to put asterisks in "ankle" do I?) but we'll flop over the finish line okay.

sedgLEE wolves

Much better, 6 goals in last 2 games, 4 wins from 5. Don't be fooled into thinking its job done, we are still only 1 point above the drop zone with most of the teams below us having a game in hand. We need to use this run to kick on and ensure we get another crack at the Championship next year.

knocker knowles

Get back Leigh Griffiths from Hibs NOW !


look griffiths is gone for the rest of the season how many more times do you have to be told season long loan he ain't coming back


How many times does it need saying - LG is on a SEASON-LONG loan with no recall.

The Teecher




You not really on the ball are you ?

Chillo Wolf

Listen very carefully i shall say this only once

We cannot recall Leigh Griffiths until the end of the season. It's part of the loan deal.

Do you understand?



Dense or wot ?

Here's your challenge Knocker Knowles

Explain to one and all exactly why you don't know Griffiths cannot come back this season

We'll all be very interested


I suppose anyone with "Knocker" in their Nom De Plume cannot be expected to say anything positive, but do try and say something sensible. Griffiths made it obvious that he did not want to play for us, and wanted to go North of the Border again. We decided we didn't need any more negative influences in the dressing room, and so got shot "for the season, with no recall." He will NEVER pull on a Wolves shirt again.


Lets BUY Griffiths from Hibs and all will be well.

We can claim extemporary circumstances from the FA...WE just say to the 'Look our management' and they'll be so sickened/amazed/saddened they will sanction the move.

They'd probably throw in a couple of more players and give us an extra 10 points because it's against our human rights to be subjected to the cruelty this season has brought.

But I am starting o hope. League 1 would be such an awful thing.

antony compton

Congratulations should go out to the whole team, other than two " soft " penalties the perfect result.

Only negative, " not sure about the have and hold policy taking off offensive players to defend a lead

thereby inviting pressure.


Why. He does not wish to play for us, so it is not the right time to play him

psalm 23

Where will the goals come from now, doomed!


not from odemwingie thats for certain you tool.

doyle,siggy,hunt,hammill,dicko,cassidy,davies,doumbia......thats where the goals will come from.

rowley wolf

so negative,won 3 in a row still negative,in the 2games we won before the blues game we scored a total of 5goals & ebanks-blake scored none of em so i hope that answers your question where the goals will come from!


You should concentrate on your own goal problems. The ones you will have when Lukaku and Odemwhingee leave at the end of the season.


A loan player and a player surplus to requirements leaving don't constitute much in the way of 'problems'. We will buy what's required as we have done for the past three seasons. We are, after all, a top ten side this season.

With regards to Psalm 23 - he's not exactly a WBA fan and you've all bitten perfectly.

old golds worth more

Err, any team that loses a player of Lukaku's class will have problems, regardless of whether he is a loan player or not. Not many of you lot were against Odemwhingee before his last day of the transfer window fiasco either. So in my opinion you will be in trouble without them. You have had a great season and top marks to your team, but where would you be without either of those (particularly Lukaku) two's goals these last two seasons?

psalm 23

I am, very much so.


without lukakus goals you would be

bottom three


And yours when Lukaku leaves? ( you know, the striker that has saved you from relegation, and, can't afford)

Look after your own small time club , wally


Saved us?

What about last season (finishing tenth)?

What about the season before (finishing 11th)?

Lukaku has been key but you forget we at the Albion are actually capable of signing adequate replacements. For example, Scharner left, Yacob came in. It must really hurt that the gulf between the clubs is so great now.

Only one of our two clubs is "small time" and they've spent all season struggling against Barnsley en co.


All mouth when things are going well. V quiet when struggling. Well next season our 'friends' in Sandwell will be struggling when they lose their on loan players and the brat forward!


The Man in the Jarmers. and the rest including BOO HOO.

One word. HISTORY.


Sigurdarson. At least we have not borrowed a £18m Chelsea player that will be leaving you shortly!

Peace on, Peace off

Shut up Baggie and think about all the players you've got that think they can do better than West Bromwich Albion.

Probably the manager too !

Psalm 22

I would be more worried about your teams dip in form over the last few games. If this run continues into next year, without Lukaku, then you could be boing boinging down to the Championship again!

Tividale wolf

I look forward to next season when the tesco bubble will surely burst!!


Real shame for the lad, I don't know who is in the running for the golden boot this season but Sylvan must be in the running, and the way we're playing at the moment he stood a good chance of getting it again.

rowley wolf

golden boot? really he would have had to score a lot of goals in last 6games think charlie austin is leading the way with about 25goals,ebanks-blake had no chance but i do agree its a shame he's injured he was just coming into form & starting to look like ebanks-blake of old!


Hopefully it's not the end of his season. I was pleased to see him not hit his pen straight down the middle yesterday as I think he worked out that was starting to become predictable. However the idea that he might have had a chance to be the league's top scorer is a bit far-fetched!

Murray from Palace has got 29 blake would never have caught that

Drw Wolf

Erm... Yeah, if he can score 15 goals in the last 6 games and no-one else in the championship scores any then I'm sure he will get the golden boot.


That'll do for me.

luke skywalker

Last thing we need is these injuries.

rowley wolf

your right young skywalker but the force is strong with us & we have enough to stay up!


Have to agree with what Deano complained about in his post game comments, that we got the short end of the stick having to play two games in three days, when a few others received three days rest with two in five days.

Still, can't make excuses if we plan to make our escape from League One, so hoping the new Wigan lad can get a start against Bolton, and that O'Hara and others who are fatigued get a day or two off this week, before we need them for the trip up to the Reebok.

I think this thing, the season that is, is gong down to widdle itself down to the last game, and we might end up with a skeleton crew, if just enough to pull off the escape. Fingers crossed!


rowley wolf

deano's spot on it was unfair that other teams got more rest & it wasn't a excuse it would have been 1 if we lost but we didnt we won! hopefully we will be safe before end of season! bolton & huddersfield next so hopefully at least 4points but 6 will be even better!


This will always be a problem when television companies can decide which matches they wish to televise and when they want to broadcast. This would only be resolved by giving up television money and that will never happen.


Massive blow for Wolves. Blake has been great for the last 2 games in particular.

Still, we have to cope without him and although this weekend will be very tough, we can survive now. The main difference is the energy Hunt has injected into the team!

rowley wolf

your right hunt has injected energy & got other players scrapping with him! though it was unfair the reaction he got from fans otherweek i dont totally blame them they pay there money & have a right to voice there opinion & he did have a stinker but that was down to him not being fit so dean should take some blame for playing a unfit player but hopefully thats water under the bridge now & its onwards & upwards!

Selly park wolf

This is exactly why we should have got another striker in the transfer window or at least the loan window having said that fantastic Easter for the lads but how can you win 4 out of 5 and still only be safe by a point!

This league is crazy and even blues who are 11th are only 5pts from the drop.

Credit to SEB still by far and away our best striker and 15 goals from around 35 games proves what I was saying ages ago that if we create the chances for him he will score also well done hunty 1 goal and 3 assists in the last 3 games.UTW


we needed another striker on loan ,shame really beginning to like a reasonable side again hope SEB's injury not too serious and he's back for the run in ,people go on about henry but robinson is without doubt just as bad if not worse always seems to injure our players , as always, up the wolves


Get well fast SEB

rowley wolf

if ebanks-blake is out for the season keep siggy out on the right where he has been doing so well & give cassidy his chance & a run in the team & we will see if he can man up & take his chance! the kids a goalscorer he's proved that for tranmere but if he gets a run we will find out if he's good enough for championship level & if not we can either cut our losses in summer & sell him or send him out on loan to see if he develops!

Old wulf

This is the exact reason a striker should have been signed as cover. As we all know though they could not afford to pay any more wages! Not much fun being poor.

manc andy

Blake was just starting to look good again over the last few games,we could do without this at this stage of the season.Hunt been like a breath of fresh air since returning from injury, i said weeks ago hes just what we need to get things ticking again, hes shamed the other players into doing abit, lifted the gloom and showed the rest of em what playing for the wolves is all about .UTW


If ever there was one event that has turned wolves fortunes around it has been the introduction of Steve Hunt, not only was he brave enough to take the stick given by certain sections of the crowd, he took a swipe back, then he put in MOM performances in the last two games which has galvanised both team and supporters.

Please keep fit Steve and continue with the great performances, Sako, whose Sako?

Golden blood

Oh the irony.

This is what happens when you fail yo make a decent fist of things in transfer windows and loan transfers. MOXEY. This is your fault. The finger once again is pointing at you.

If it wasnt for a fluke of nature at this moment in time we will be down and that would be your fault too.

I do not want Morgan or Deano to leave. But I sure as hell want Moxey out of this club!

In the closed season the first transfer out has to be Moxey the failure!

London Wolf2

The very reason that we needed to sign another loan striker in the last loan period. Will the idiots running this club never listen or learn! Lets hope Sylvan's injury is not as serious as it looks. Shame on all those idiot's who previously booed Steven Hunt, if we had 11 triers like him who give their all we would not be in our current predicament. Lets all get behind the team like all those of us who went to Birmingham. If we all pull together we will get out of this mess.

Well done boys a great result yesterday.

We are Wolves, we are Wolves, we are Wolves.

English Exile

Got to be more than coincidence that the man that ''did'' Ebanks-Blake also ''did'' Kightly a few years back......

The Real Bully Hoo.

The reporter and one of your own fans have said it was a fair tackle. Michael Kightly has stated that he damaged his ankle when Robinson was nowhere near him. Still never let the facts get in the way of a good bit of prejudice.

Stuy London Wolf

This is where Moxey & Morgan's penny pinching by refusing a third signing will now come back to haunt us!! Hope your happy Moxey counting all the cash we got from Fletcher, Kites and Jarvo while we are in League 1!!

tickle tackle

wwfc 1-1 watford

milwall 0-2 wwfc

notts for 3-1 wwfc

wwfc 2-1 bristol city

wwfc 3-2 midd,boro

birmingham 2-wwfc 3

bolton - wwfc.

thats 13 points from the last 18!!

some call him shambles? he wanted to give the team he inherited a chance, fair enough when dean saunders took over before the draw against blackburn we were 17th on 32 points.

then with some chopping and changing we lost form dramatically and at one stage were 23rd, but when he startd to play to proper full backs and dropped henry and the re-emegence of hunt we started to regain form and results picked up.

we have lost, boukari.sako,and now ebanks blake so bolton away will be our toughest test as they have won 5 and drew 1 of thier last 5 home games.

team for bolton

de vries





o'harainjury permitting,if not doumbia





cassidy. utw


Is Davies a new player? or is it DAVIS? Wolves fan? can't even spell the players name? - and it's Gorkss.

tickle tackle

jhonwolf, see i even misspelt your name!! who cares as long as they keep picking up points!!

PJSwolf. He has got about half of the goals that the lad at Palace has got so unless he gets fit and goes on a hell of a run I don't see a golden boot going his way ! he he


moxey fault not backing deano on the loan or transfer market ,now we could be in trouble ,moxey out

Realistic Wolf

Hope the lack of transfer/loan activity by full of excuses Moxey/Morgan doesn't cost us big time now we have come this far.


42 professionals on the books so we obviously didn't need any loan signings or transfers ....

If after all this we still go done its yet another sad indictment of the senior management of the wolves .


SEB is the only proven goalscorer at Wolves, so if he's out it'll be like fighting with one arm behind our backs. Not good news for the next few games (Bolton and Huddersfield will be tough games to get points) and could ultimately be a massive blow.


Top scoreres in the league below for the guy who asked if Ebanks Blake was near getting the golden boot. I fear for us, if he is injured, Dicko was an awful replacement for him. We went from attack after attack to defending, Dicko never managed to hold one ball up or pass it, he just fell over. We nearly lost the match because his ineptness invited needless pressure on our defence. I hope not to see him play in the team again. Good result though considering all this UTW

Murray Crystal Palace 29

Austin Burnley 25

Rhodes Blackburn 23

Vydra Watford 20

Ince Blackpool 18

Wood Leicester 18

Becchio Leeds 15

Deeney Watford 15

Ebanks-Blake Wolves 14


We had stopped attacking long before Blake went off and although Dicko didn't look like a back to goal sort of striker he looked quick and positive and I thought he did well. Still not unusual for people on here to write a guy off after a 20 minute debut.


Now we are paying for a lack of activity in the various windows!

Money, money, moxey.

It pays to take a gamble

I had warned of the lack of cover for forwards.

It may come to fruition. But lets hope not.

Just means other players have got to run and run and run to make up for the possible loss of SEB.

Loyal Wulfrian

Let's focus on the positive, we are playing well and the team spirit is excellent, we keep this going we will be safe. Anyone comes for SEB will have their chance, it is up to them to take it. UTW


`Turnaround - by players rediscovering form` ???

Or is their form rediscovered by injuries forcing a more attacking selection, which is what many posters have been clamouring for. Previously, Sako out for Hunt changed everything. Edwards out for Sig brought improvement in forward momentem. Ikeme out and DeVries was sad but a change of face still helps to uplift team spirit. Doyle as captain is appropriate. All of these may result from injuries but could prove very beneficial, but the most important one was Davis who showed character strength after last week and played a stormer against Blues. Davis was brought in due Henry`s poor form and hopefully will keep his place. How noticeable when DS introduced this defender (57mins), that Wolves came under greater pressure, and ultimately conceded a second goal. Karl is tenacious player, but seems to imbalance wolves forward movement.

Moral, as I see it. Manager should select players who can attack when opportunity presents itself.

Kevin Doyle as captain is surely deserved, but prefer him in midfield to drive attack, with Ward and Siggo upfront . Hammil or Dicko on right wing. Folks have differing views, this is just mine ??

Attack is the best form of defense !!! Hope DS will see it this way. Cheers.

paul davo

If we do stay up no one can say we were lucky, just how much bad luck have we had this season, players out crocked its the worst i can ever remember, they are saying 54 points is needed so i back us to get the 6 we need, Bolton are the bogey side so i will take a point any day , a win is a massive bonus but who knows, i had us in league 1, 3 weeks ago so i am happy to eat humble pie, i think sigi can be the new hero if seb is out for the season.


3 words ...... Paper ,over, cracks ...work it out

Mr Dimwit

Work it out ?

You don't have to be a deep thinker to 'work it out'

Bet you don't try the Times crossword

Stars In Stripes

spanish ray; YO South Bank; Jiwal

Do you only consider Paul Robinson to be 'an animal and a thug' because he's an ex-Baggie. After all, I seem to recall a certain full back who achieved almost God-like status at the Molineux by being exactly the same. Or does Kevin Muscat not count because he wore the Old gold shirt?? Just asking.


Muscat was much worse than Robinson and his popularity with some Wolves fans is beyond me. He was the king of taking the ball with one leg and the man with the other. What really surprises me is that he maintained his popularity despite being more to blame than anyone for the meltdown season that none of us at the civilised end of the Black Country like to remember. Robinson was blameless in his tackle yesterday in my opinion (and clearly that of the ref). However Robinson has always had a nasty side to his game and was more than happy to take some man with the ball in many derby games. How is that for a fair analysis?

Stars In Stripes


I consider that to be more than a fair analysis and I commend you for it.

I put the question out there not to defend Paul Robinson, as like you I do believe he did have a nasty side to his game, but to try and strike a balance against some of the previous comments on this thread. As we all know, there are more than a few from both sides of the BC who are so one-eyed that it prevents them from any rational thought. However, your comments prove that you are clearly not of that ilk so fair play and respect to you.


No... Kevin Muscat was an animal and a thug too!! and he should never have been allowed to wear a football shirt of ANY colour

Ye Olde South Bank

Seeing as you ask, Paul Robinson is, to my mind, a 'borderline' thug. However, my dislike of him has absolutely nothing to do with his Tesco connections. Muscat, though, was most definitely not a 'borderline' case. He positively sprinted across the line into fully-fledged 'thug territory' on far too many occasions for my liking. He utterly embarrassed me, on occasions.

A player's either hard but fair or isn't. Accordingly, you either respect a player or you don't. Club colours have very little to do with commanding respect to the average, fair-minded fan because, let's face it, it's merely a game that just so happens to employ professional mercenaries -no matter who you support.


No Brainer! Have you got one? OR DO YOU JUST HAVE TROUBLE READING! He is on a Season long loan and "CANNOT BE RECALLED".


he makes Muscat look a saint - mind you maybe Muscat trained in the baggie kicking academy.

Saunders Foot

Graham Roberts was worse till Bully put him in his place. Just telling...


no, muscat was an animal who cost us promotion a few years ago with his antics!!


Muscat - Grimsby. Enough said.


It will be a great shame for both the player and the team if Ebanks-Blake misses the rest of the season. Hopefully the injury is not as bad as looked on the TV. He seemed to be just getting back to his best form.

We have got some options regarding strikers to replace Ebanks-Blake if he does'nt re-appear before the season ends. As well as Cassidy, Saunders could utilise Ward, or possibly bring in one of the U21 lads - Winnal and/or McAlindon.

Looking on the positive side, the team have managed to put themselves into a reasonable positon in the table. Two more wins should be enough from the remaining games. Of those remaining games, I think the most important one is going to be against Huddersfield, which we really need to win.

There's going to be more fluctuations in our position in the table over the coming weeks as some of the other teamsbelow us catch up with their games in hand. But as the old adage goes: points in the bag are better than games in hand.


Get grifiths bk. Dont care what people think. A striker on OUR books who actualy knows where the bk of the net is. You look at his goals in the spl, left foot right foot header. No brainer!

Chillo Wolf

CANNOT be recalled ... jeez


just shut up and take a look at the previous posts AND all of the posts since Mr Griiffiths went back to Scotland on a SEASON long loan with NO RECALL OPTION!!!


You can only blame Morgan, for not allowing another proper striker, to come in on loan, ( which we've needed all season ). As Moxey/Saunders said he would not sanction another wage on top of our high wage bill we already have. So if SEB injury does prove costly, then he's the person to blame, perhaps Moxey should have pushed him harder, but he's such a penny pinching yes man, there wasn't much chance of that happening. Its a real shame for SEB as he seemed a lot sharper in front of goal lately, and his workrate had also picked up. But anyone who's suffered ankle injuries, will know its a minimum of 4-6wks in plaster and a further 2-4wks getting it strong enough for any kind of contact/twisting/turning/running. So he will be a huge loss this late in the season. UTW:


Spanish Ray Is that your style of football, god help you, for you are sick, a good job done Saturday, thanks to all the players that put in 100%


Ain't it strange how things change. In January a huge percentage of people (including folk from within the club) wanted SEB gone in the transfer window. "Get a million for him now while we can!" etc etc...

...Now all of a sudden it's all doom and gloom because we may lose him to injury for the rest of the season. He is without doubt the most natural goalscorer we have and 15 league goals in a team that has struggled for 90% of the season is a pretty good return.

Well I have to say, if I were SEB then I would seriously be considering whether it was wise to re-sign in the close season for a club were the support seems more intent on commenting on his waist size or mobility... I think we will be LUCKY if he does re-sign for next season because we sure as hell don't deserve to have him on the books.

chris h

Fans happy when their team is winning,but unhappy when losing.Output goes up in an area where a football team is successful and goes down when it is unsuccessful.This has been going on for years and years. And going on everywhere, not just in Wolverhampton. What is surprising is that you are surprised by this.

are you watching what I'm watching

You lot change direction so fast im surprised you don't get whiplash.

Only last week everyone was calling the manager "shambles" or "clownshoes" or worse.... and the players all needed sacking and replacing with the kids.....

Now suddenly it's Deano this and Deano that and SEB was going to win the golden boot and Hunty is a great player (and you always said it).

No wonder we get laughed at - if the teams around us win their game(s) in hand we will be going into Div 1 - so whilst I am delighted at recent results just try to retain some sort of realism - you make the rest of us look like mugs !


Just exactly what we didn't want from the player point of view and indeed that of the team right now. The news on O'Hara and Davis is telling also.

I suppose the best thing to do is to keep things simple and replace a CF with a CF, in other words replace EB with Siggy. But then he needs to be replaced on the right. Peszko might do the trick if forgiven. Otherwise it might be Hunt on the right and dare I say it Ward on the left.

In any event this problem does need careful managing, with six games to go and the midfield situation not being too clever either, it will be a test of Deano's managerial capability in bringing this (increasingly injury-stricken) team safely over the line.

Cool heads required.

Thanks Sylvan for your goals, particularly the recent ones, here's hoping for a speedy recovery.


Fingers crossed for SEB, let's hope his injury isn't as bad as first feared. But if he isn't available for selection for saturdays game away at Bolton, I'd go with Doyle up top on his own and a three man centre midfield.


It was a scissor tackle, plain and simple and was left unpunished. Now we have ESB injured and could be out for at least 4 weeks. The officials weren't up to a high tempo game and their performance should be examined.


At last a win over Birmingham away and something to feel way good and better about...

At last some relief all around....

C'mon you Wolves



Amazing, 4 wins in five games..... What do you moaners want before you shut upand actually Support the Wolves!


Can you point us to a post where you were telling us DS was going to get us home from a month ago? I'm optimistic but not confident even now.


Get Derek Griffiths back now!

tickle tackle


March 30, 2013 11:02 am

25mill fot that shower. U got 2 b jokin. What a shambles. Ive had enough. I hope we go down. Get rid of all the leeches. Start over again

you should be ashamed. support through thick and thin. utw

tickle tackle


March 30, 2013 12:45 pm

Where are all the happy clappers now who wanted SS out after the Luton game, you lot thought it couldn't get any worse you reap what you sow . And as I said after the appointment of DS I predicted he would get us relegated , and next season when we are without players like Hunt , Sako and Ebanks Blake , we will probably be in the same position next season because 1 the club won't attract any decent players and 2 the board will say we've no money to spend . The first thing they should do at the end of the season is get rid of the worst manager I've seen in over 20 years at the club and cull all those players who got us into this mess in the first place. But it's not all the players fault the board had £24 million pounds to spend on replacing our three best players which they sold Fletcher , Jarvis & Kightly but failed to do it and now we are seeing the consequences of that. See all u happy clappers in league 2 in the 2014/15 anybody want to bet against any of this happening . ?

shame on you, wwfc for ever.


i firmly believe we will stay up.saunders has done what all wolves fans have been saying all season,get .rid of mad micks dross from the team,and results will improve.theal.injury to blakey is a big blow, our top goalscorer, will be a big miss.lets hope it aint as serious as they are saying. ive always said blakeys confidence had been destroyed by mad mick,and now look at him,shame this injury has happened now just as he was shutting up all his .critics


Do you ever make a sensible post? I see you have conveniently forgotten your idiotic rant against Hunt who apparently didn't keep us up v Blackburn. Maybe Sylvan could move to another club where he could get a manager who will destroy him until he wins a couple more Golden Boots?


Don't know who it was, never left your name but he answered PJS Wolf talking about SEB and getting the golden boot, well anomous surely you must be a Tesco supporter, who's to say SEB would not have scored another 20 + goals from now to the seasons end. COME ON WOLVES.


NOISY, just because im Not a happy clapper you dont like my post. well FACT ,hunt didnt keep us up. if you knew your football,it was spurs beating brum that kept us up,hunts goal didnt matter. yes i did slag off hunt in a previous blogg. but as yet again i need to point out im not a happy clapper. hunt i will give him that has done well in his last 3 games, but does 3 games justify ignoring his overall record in 3 years,i dont think so. if running around putting your face and body in the oppositions face then its not football any more. as you are .obviously a happy clapper,i suppose you think the sunshine out of poxeys a..e

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