Lack of Wolves deals irritates Dean Saunders

Wolves boss Dean Saunders today admitted his frustration at the low-key transfer business in the loan window.


Just two players arrived on loan – free agent keeper Marian Kello and Wigan winger Nouha Dicko – despite the club losing three players for the rest of the season through injury. Burnley rejected Wolves’ enquiry for striker Martin Paterson, one of many players the club was turned down for.

Saunders revealed yesterday the board, who met with him on Tuesday, were unwilling to sanction one more permanent salary, which is effectively what a loan player would have become as all targets wanted a contract at the end of the season.

The club’s £25m players’ wage bill is the second highest in the Championship and the board are concerned at the risk of dropping into League One and the Financial Fair Play regulations soon to be introduced.

“You’re never satisfied – we lost three players two weeks ago – but we have to get on with it,” said Saunders.

“I’ve got bosses to answer to. They run the club, I run the team and I keep pushing all the time to improve and keep presenting things to them. They have to look at the finances and decide what’s right for the club.”

Despite the lack of additions, Saunders believes the squad should be good enough to stay up.

“I didn’t say it should ‘easily’ be good enough but it should be good enough to stay in the division,” he said.

“But we’ve got to keep playing like we did and show the energy and the desire we displayed in the second half against Bristol City.”

Saunders believes there is a fresh buzz and a sense of purpose about the group after two wins and a draw in the last four games before today’s visit of Middlesbrough.

“I’ve told them to keep the picture in their minds of when Kevin Doyle scored against Bristol City and they were all celebrating,” he said.

n Wolves Under-21s lost 2-0 away to Southampton last night.

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Comments for: "Lack of Wolves deals irritates Dean Saunders"


I irritated that you got took on Saunders ....But we dont always get what we want do we......The guy is an idiot and plays to the press and the owners.


I would not say shambles is a idiot. He talked his way into a £750,000 pa contract! I am the idiot perhaps paying £490 a season to watch players not working to their ability and also to an owner who does not know a good football manager when he talks to one!!

Until these things change I feel like the idiot!


Quote "there is a sense of purpose about the group" Oh really? Are you saying that they had no sense of purpose when they kicked off last August? In that case, why have the fans being turning up and paying their hard-earned cash to a bunch of incompetents with no purpose?

I can imagine them turning up for training (late or on time) and one saying to the other, " remind me again, what's the purpose of us being here?"

Quote "unwilling to sanction one more permanent salary"

The club is in the relegation zone and they can't finance one more permanent salary. Well loyal fans, you know where you stand now.

In that case the fans can be unwilling to sanction another season ticket. It works both ways Messrs Morgan and Moxey.

Ghost of Doog

And welcome to the world of 'Cheapo Wolves' Deano, wake up and smell the coffee. You are now in reality so stop making ridiculous statements and get us enough points to stay up!

Bring Back S.S

Just goes to show when a certain manager wanted money to improve the squad in January while also getting rid of the old guard, that the reason for sacking him was not the poor results and that it was the board was not willing to spend more, when they finally realised how much it was going to cost them to sort this shambles of a squad out.

The players who won the division are also as much to blame due to their total lack of effort and disrespect for the club with their poor performances whilst picking up a very healthy wage.

Dutch Wolf

The Board are right. Lets just spend money on junk that is no better than what we have. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The players must sort it out. They have got away with seriously damaging our great club. Four managers now and Karl Henry is still Captain Useless. Sort them out instead of hiding Karl. NOW.

Definitive Wolf

Dutch Wolf - perhaps I agree with you, I don't know - but they haven't managed to sort it out in 38 games so what are the chances they can do so in the 8 remaining ones? I reckon neither of us would want to take a huge gamble on it.

Dutch Wolf

Fair point Definitive. I am just fed up with this. I stick with my point about the never changing Captain who should have got a grip on the players and at least shown us on the pitch some serious attitude like Incey used to.


can we now sign players who are unemployed ,perhaps on the continent or

nearer to home such as the Dunfermline players who could be useful,otherwise copy birmingham with their young players ,we have a good squad in reserve


'The Board' have a lot to answer for... absolute disgrace. Unfortunately, now this has been said I can see that a loss today may see Saunders on his way...

Realistic Wolf

Irritates you does it Mr Saunders. What about us long suffering fans who have to put up with all the garbage both on and off the pitch. As for the boards views, didn't Jez infer money wasn't the issue. Could it possibly be someone may be telling Porkies down at the funny farm, surely not. In my opinion they are all a disgrace to our once proud club.


Once agsin Moxey's fingerprints all over this shambles. Won't pay for the players to keep us up, so we go down, even less money the following year. How many divisions do we have to fall through? Still once we hit rock bottom and our club is totally destroyed, Moxey will be able to walk away a very rich man indeed from the salary and bonuses the club has paid him.


25mill fot that shower. U got 2 b jokin. What a shambles. Ive had enough. I hope we go down. Get rid of all the leeches. Start over again


Nice to see Dean is slowly working out what he has walked into.


The fact is moxey dont want to back dean because hea scared of the prospects of bein relegated to division 1.

Does that not prove moxey has no ambition to take this club forwards? Look at tony fernandes at QPR..they are in the depths of despair and yet he backs his manager. Why? Because he has faith and he loves his football club and will do anything to take it forward even if the risk is high.

I for one want moxey out, any1 else?


What are you talking about it is morgan who owns our club not moxey.he's just there to take the flack.why can no wolves fans understand this?moxey is the chief executiveof the thing i would like to know,why appoint a new manager if you are not going to back him with new signings?morgan has made us a laughing stock,other teams in similar positions have managed to get decent signings in whereas we have not why morgan?because you have made us into the poundland club of the championship you cheapskate.invest in the aying staff or go please and sell to someone with the ambition to take us forward instead of backwards

Sir Billy Quiet

Even us 'Happy Clappers' want Moxey out.

Split his salary between a Finance Director and a Director of Football lets have a REAL Board of Directors rather than the two man Moxey/Morgan show. Corporate Governance requires an effective Board answering to its stakeholders - one of which are the customers, that's us the supporters. The fans parliament should have representation on the Board.

We can stop up with this squad of players but change is required in every area in the summer.

If you are coming to Molineux today get behind the team, we need the points - there in no place for stupid chants and protests now.


Happy to agree with you, Sir Billy. Incidentally, I imagine that the last thing Jez wants is someone in the club with similar authority to his. Don't think his ego could take that.

Wednesbury wolves

Sir billy, am I reading right? Even the happy clappers want moxey out!!! Even you now are going to upset the likes of sue Lincoln Johnwolf forever jez moxey son, but I totally agree and said it since moxey has been here, that a director must be brought into wolves fc. MOXEY MUST GO, also fellow fans happy clappers and numptys like me, give em a roar for me as I'm on holiday, and if we lose numptys give em a boo or 2 from me. Hope dicko scores on his debut.

darren woolridge

Sir Billy, for once and once only i totally agree with you apart from your last paragraph.

Question 1 - What do you think will happen if we stay in the Championship?


Question 2 - What do you think will happen if we get relegated?

Answer - The exact opposite of answer 1

I Hope that if answer 2 materialises that EVERY wolves fan will boycott EVERY home game.

If this action is not taken then EVERY wolves fan deserves EVERYTHING that happens to wolves.

If iv'e said it once iv'e said a thousand times, STOP GIVING MORGAN MONEY!!!!

This is the only way things will change. If Morgan keeps having to spend his own money.

Forget about talking about the football side of things now because its getting us nowhere and a waste of time. Lets talk about the only thing that matters regarding Wolves and thats MONEY.

STOP IT COMING IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deans the man

Finally dean you realised what Morgan and moxey are ?tight fisted gits who have not a clue about football who would blame you if you walked away from this mess hope you don't as who would we get as a mangers with our fickle fans


I thought l read money was no object and now a different tale.

Same old story gone on for last three years and through numerous managers.

Whos fault is it that the wage bill is so high with a number of players not performing.

CEO wage bill is also high, time that was cut and the money spent on trying to save the Wolves from another relegation


this guy is an absolute joke 2 wins in 12 is the truth and he had a similar record last season with Doncaster totally out of his depth and has turned my beloved Wolves into a laughing stock. I would walk over heated coals to pull that shirt on but if I am totally honest right now if I was a great footballer I would not want to play for this useless manager and if I could ask him one question it would be which one of the players you having a fight with today?

Isle of Bute

Obviously a WUM. Three wins in four games, and confience returning.

Much needed after the debacle with Stale "Mad Professor" Solbakken's experimentations.

English Exile

Dean, put it down to experience.

What the CEO says and what he does are two different things.


Exile. EXACTLY. Could not have put it better myself.

Until he goes the club will continue to suffer and be the laughing stock of the Midlands.


Fans have been treated poorly, the board have been useless.

I hope wwfc win today.


Here we go...... the board doing what they do best...sod all....but at least it looks like Saunders is looking for excuses which might just mean we end up with a manager for the start of the League 1 campaign!

Eye For An Eye

In life you get what you accept Dean, the only reason you got the job is because you are a yes man, the reason Curbushley, Bruce and any other manager worth is salt didn't want it is because they new exactly what Morgans vision for the club was, and yes that didn't include much money for transfers, I read every day the so called fans running the players down that Mccarthy bought, so why hasn't Morgan replaced then 12 months down the line? Fletcher, Jarvis, Keightly all playing in the premier league, who bought them? McCarthy! more to the point what happened with the transfer money? The way that this club is being run makes me sick. it's nothing short of disgracful.

Won't Get Fooled Again.

The fact that we can't attract a Burnley reserve to the club says it all.


That's right (underline burnley reserve)


Wolves even came cap in hand for some of our fringe players apparently! Have some self respect Moxey!


you have to feel sorry for Deano really cause he only wanted one more player really thats not asking for a lot. and he is trying to make us better but Moxey will never ler this happen i for one like what Dean is trying to do here if we stay up then next season we be brighter one out of darkness cometh light. UTW


It was no surprise to me that Wolves did not sign any significant players in the days prior to the closure of the loan window. The best players that would or could have made some impact were always likely to be kept by their respective clubs.

The goalkeeper we've signed may never actually play a game for the first team. I assume that he has been signed on a short term contract as a precaution in case De Vries gets injured. Probably be gone in the summer. Like most supporters I know nothing about the young Wigan lad who might just end up being a bench warmer.

Saunders might be irritated, but he knew the scale of the task when he agreed to take over in January. He got his way with keeping Ebanks-Blake and fending off a last minute raid by Celtic for Doyle. On top of that he has brought in Gorkks and Robinson. The squad overall is capable of avoiding relegation if he can motivate them. Saunders needs to stop bleating about his situation and get on with it.

Time to earn your corn Deano!

Frank Chickens


Donkey from Doncaster

Come back Deano,we miss you.I will drive you home for free.


Why would anyone trust this chump Saunders to bring in players


Disappointing Board

Disappointing performances

Disappointing results.

Says it all fior past 2 seasons.

Definitive Wolf

Are they allowing Dean to dig his own hole so that they can send him on his way if it suits them?


How much will it cost us if we drop into Division 1? Will it be worth sacrificing paying top wages for just two months to a few decent loanees?

Where is our scouting team? We know Solbakken was adapt at bringing in foreign players (albeit a mixed bunch of successes and failures), but did we not have some people scouring Europe for capable loanees?

It's too late in the season for the club to introduce more inexperienced reserve team players, and we needed some quality. Now the transfer window has closed, big opportunities have been wasted.

Shame about the Dunfermline. But it must have been on the grapevine that the club was going to offload players. Were any of them worth poaching?

The club is in a slippery slope to oblivion. All the support the club can get from it's fans will not stop this. The only solution is to get out of the slope altogether. Now way can we do this while Moxey remains in place.

So! Moxey is the common denominator here. The club is going nowhere while he remains CEO. Sooner he's packed his bags and sailed off to to foreign shores, the better.

The Flying Winger

Think this will be the start of him walking away soon.

He didn't read the history of the board in recent years, or phoned Curbishley by the comments.

Sick of it

All you people are blind why don't you leave Dean to do his job


As soon as he starts, we will!


Well said. The side has improved since that Luton defeat and three wins in four games, with confience returning, is a reason for optimism, rather than the nonsense some spout on here.


and we wouldnt even be talking about relegation if solbakken had been given the time and the players he wanted in january,we would already be safe,/\/\wwfc/\/\,


For all those who want Saunders sacked, you can bet he has negotiated a massive fee running to millions if he is shown the door!!

English Exile

Absolute Tosh, the only one who has a contract like that is the CEO....


Where are all the happy clappers now who wanted SS out after the Luton game, you lot thought it couldn't get any worse you reap what you sow . And as I said after the appointment of DS I predicted he would get us relegated , and next season when we are without players like Hunt , Sako and Ebanks Blake , we will probably be in the same position next season because 1 the club won't attract any decent players and 2 the board will say we've no money to spend . The first thing they should do at the end of the season is get rid of the worst manager I've seen in over 20 years at the club and cull all those players who got us into this mess in the first place. But it's not all the players fault the board had £24 million pounds to spend on replacing our three best players which they sold Fletcher , Jarvis & Kightly but failed to do it and now we are seeing the consequences of that. See all u happy clappers in league 2 in the 2014/15 anybody want to bet against any of this happening . ?


Happy clapper here, we won today and i for one really enjoyed it, oh dear I'm happy clapping again.loving it...


Three wins in four games now. Or does that not fit in with your agenda?


They did they sacked Solbakken


OK cards on the table, most of the players who play now are going up the road if the club gets relegated also if the club stays up most of the players are going to be sold on. This type of situation at any club is not going to instill any confidence in your players, yes it's these players who have contributed to this disastrous situation the club now finds it self in and it's only these people who can prevent the inevitable happening. As for trying to attract players to the club who in their right mind would want to be involved in a relegation battle, does not look good on your CV. Mr Saunders has faced this situation before but at kick off it's those players who have to perform for their wages should now start and perform, after all who wants to buy a player that has under performed for a number of seasons not too many clubs want this type of player. Good luck for today lets start the fight to stave off relegation as of today, show the supporters that have shown both the players and the club some of the loyalty that they deserve.

Waggies Left Peg

I dread to think what the 8,000 early bird renewers think about all of this, looks like you have been sucker punched again guys, just goes to show that Morgan and Moxey have no shame, they have taken your money under false pretences as I knew they would and now we are heading to division one, simply because they will not spend to keep us up.

Walsall Wolf

Mr Moxey did exactly the same at Stoke. He didn't invest in the team and put Chic Bates in charge - their number Two.....

Stoke fans did the right thing and protested. Moxey left to join Wolves. Stoke are now established in the Prem....


We should be up there with the likes of Man Utd and Arsenal with our fan base and history.Where did it all go wrong,if we survive this season we will be back next season to storm the league and regain our rightful place

Walthamstow Wolf

So true. We are not even a sleeping giant any more. We have been plunged into a deep coma.

Radical action is called for, but there is nobody at the club, in ownership or management, of sufficient calibre to see it through.


Get him back in bed nurse.

That knock on the head,was a lot worse than we first feared.


The problem with the Wolves board is the total lack of communication with the fans.

If its true that we have such a high wage bill, i can now see why they dont want to santion any long term deals, but why not just say so in the January window?????. There are plenty of free transfers around??

No, All we got was DS talking big about trying to sign high calibre premiership players who clearly we cant afford and more importantly dont want to come here.

Better still, why did the the board not start reducing the squad and wage bill last summer after we went down????. Looks like they just sat on their hands.

Commercially the club is well run, but the football side is absolute pants. They dont have a short and long vision for the club and the type of football they want,and keep chopping and changing like the wind. It is an absolute disgrace


People on here seem to blame the CEO for lack of spending,the CEO does not own the club so I'll remind you who does it's Steve Morgan and the final decision on spending is his be glad if people on here could maybe understand that?most people on here wanted a certain Sean o Driscoll as manager proves what you know about football lost to us lost 3-0 last night and btm of table need I say anymore it's not the club or manager who are clueless it's the people who write rubbish on here.


yes and a certain Sean o Driscoll got forrest on a good run and just 1 point off the playoffs and was sacked why? he had better players at forrest than at b city and would you say we have better players at wolves than at b city if so then Sean o Driscoll could have done a good job at wolves and thats why we wanted him here or just go cap in hand and get solbakken back to finnish off the job he was bought in to do,,,,,,,,,,/\/\wwfc/\/\,,,,,,,,,,


for god sake, morgan just sell up to a wealthy wwfc supporter, who in turn will get rid of 80% of the under achieving players and moxey so wwfc can start all over again in the summer.

and get rid of the board of rich directors who would'nt know a turnstile if it was staring them in the face. irritated. utw


Dumbo Deano. The guy is totally clueless; Plain inept. What half decent player form any division would want to play for this clown /


Deluded, if we survive this season whoever is in charge as got a mighty big job to do before even thinking about promotion to the PL. COME ON WOLVES.


Saunders pack your Trunki. You are not needed at this club.We have had enough.


If the board would have stumped up some decent cash for Mcarthy in January last season I don't think we'd be where we are today. But all they paid out was enough money for us to sign Eggert Jonsson - and look where that's got us!

bottesford wolf

So according to Wolfboy, the CEO is blameless, ask Stoke fans if they want Moxey back?


How badly is Saunders doing of late? The numpties wanted O' Dricoll. He went to Bristol City, who are now six points off safety. We have won three out of the last four, and you still want Saunders out? You lot really don't deserve to be called fans. Some of you must be gutted again today. How DARE Wolves win again?


Lets look at the Cv credentials of our current players. Relegation on their Cv are:

deVrie x 1

Doherty x 0

Johnson x 3

Gorks x 0

Ward x 1

Henry x 1

Hunt x 3

Doyle x 3

Ebanks-Blake x 1

O'Hara x 2

Sako x 0

Sigadarson x 0

Boukari x 0

Hennessy x 1

Stearman x 1

Speaks volume eh - who is going to want these footballing gods with anything above 0 on the Cv


What a truly ridiculous post. OK so players who got relegated with us last year have one relegation against their names, well spotted! That leaves 4 others. O'Hara was immense for Portsmouth when they went down so to hold that against him is ridiculous. Not sure when RJ's other relegation was, but he wasn't the reason Blues went down which is why we bought him. That leaves Hunt and Doyle who have both been responsible in their own ways for us avoiding relegation previously.

Of course if you have time on your hands you could work out the number of promotions these players have won which, I suspect, would be at least as many. Still I'm sure your glass will continue to be half empty.


I hate to say it but moxey is right. Fair play is coming to championship and league 1 and 2. Some fans have said the FFP won't affect us but it will. Check for yourself on the football league site.,,10794~2748246,00.html

Last thing wolves need is transfer bans and points been deducted.


havent commented for a while. Everyone get off his back! doin my head in reading all of negative comments all the time. Hes the manager and there is nothing that we can do about it.


Well I was feeling quite good about recent events untill I started reading this load of drivell on ere. Why don't you lot go and support Man Utd.