Wolves boss Saunders urging Dorus De Vries to grasp first-team chance

Wolves boss Dean Saunders today urged Dorus De Vries to seize his fresh chance at Molineux.

Dorus De Vries
Dorus De Vries

The Dutch keeper has been handed an opportunity for the rest of the season with Carl Ikeme out with a broken hand.

De Vries had a similar chance almost a year ago when Wayne Hennessey ruptured his cruciate ligament and played the last four games of the season.

The last time the 32-year-old started a league game was the 3-2 defeat at Wigan last May and his only start since was the 6-0 Capital One Cup exit at Chelsea in September.

But he has replaced Ikeme twice, in the 1-0 defeat to Millwall in November and last time out against Bristol City, when his kicks helped set up the goals for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Kevin Doyle to win the game. De Vries’ previous spell in the Championship saw him help Swansea to promotion in 2010-11.

And Saunders believes the Dutchman can play a key role in the club’s survival bid as they prepare to return to action at home to Middlesbrough on Saturday.

“It’s a chance for Dorus to put his marker down,” said the boss.

“He’s waited a long time but he’s been good in training and there’s a very good chance for him.

“He’s different in stature to Carl but he’s very good with his feet – so good he could play outfield, near enough – his reflexes are good and he’s sharp around his goal.

“His attitude has been good while he’s been waiting for his chance and hopefully he takes it.”

Saunders is confident the former Swansea shot-stopper, who played as a centre-back until he was 15, won’t suffer the same fate as Ikeme did with David Davis’ own-goal blunder.

“His kicking was good against Bristol City, but his actual passing is good,” added the boss.

“Dorus can pick a player out by clipping the ball to him. He’s good at it, one of the best. That’s what he has been brought up with, not just at Swansea but from earlier in his career.”

Saunders warned fans not to expect too much too soon from De Vries after so long out of regular action.

“He’s not played for something like six months, so it’s difficult for him to step in,” he said.

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Comments for: "Wolves boss Saunders urging Dorus De Vries to grasp first-team chance"


I'm sorry, "don't expect too much of De Vries"? He's the goalkeeper! We expect him to (try to) keep the ball out of the net. If we don't expect him to do that then we might as well stick Dame Judy Dench or Johnny Vegas or my elderly dog Parker in nets… we won't expect much of them either! More trademark nonsense from SOUNDBITE SAUNDERS.


After reading DS's latest comments put the number 9 shirt on him and play him up front as I've heard Doyle is good in goal.

Beam Me Up Please!!

Filthy Wolf

I can go with this logic. Doyle doesn't seem to want to get in the box at the other end, so maybe he would be more at home in nets?


I hope you are right? What I have seen of him so far, he does not impress me but obviously did well at Swansea. Please shut up about the own goal error. Don't you think Ikeme has heard enough about it and at the end of the day, Davis was equally to blame?

Now let's see if our super scout - the Fat Controller - gets his loan recruits!

darren woolridge

He aint got much choice has he?


the ideal replacement for karl henry , so the answer to all your problems was right in front of saunders eyes it only took him 6 weeks

North Bank

from the handful of games I have seen him play, he looks like a good goalkeeper. Unlike many other areas, Wolves have always been blessed with good goalkeepers. I just want to see a striker and a midfielder signed before the loan deadline; what happened to Glenn Whelan, does he play much at Stoke? if he was avialable I would snap him up in a heartbeat. I've never been a Cameron Jerome fan, and we've messed up on Jackson as hes gone to Brighton; typical Wolves talk about it but never actually get anything done. I hear Andy Johnson is up for grabs from QPR, i think he'd be an excellent addition to the squad.

spanish ray



Haha nicely put. He does talk some rubbish!

Are you watching what I'm watching

"De Vries had a similar chance almost a year ago when Wayne Hennessey ruptured his cruciate ligament and played the last four games of the season"

.... and what happened then ??

Not exactly a lucky charm is he ????

Hardly his fault was it!!!!!

I thought a team is made of 11 players??!!

As a goalkeeper myself.... for the ball to get that far in the first place...surely that's down to the 10 muppets in front of him?!?!

A goalkeeper's record is only reflected by the players protecting their own goal.....you know the 10 gold shirts in front of him!


Deano when are you going to leave you are totally crap and out of your depth any man with any honour would have walked after your disastrous record you ask De Vries to step up yet talk about getting a goalie in on loan and trialing another that should do his confidence the world of good well done deano PLEASE JUST GO

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Oh dear more gobbledeegook! Mr Saunders. Please tell us something we want hear not something of no consequence.

How about for a starter:- I resign. Moxey is resigning. Morgan is spending money on the team. Morgan is selling up.

Anything of interest to us supporters not the damned rubbish you KEEP SPOUTING>


"but he’s very good with his feet – so good he could play outfield"

One of your best yet Dean - we could do with a centre back, midfielder, striker . . . . . .

Where does this rubbish come from? Grab his chance? He's all wse've got.

Selly park wolf

So he can pass the ball eh?

Well maybe we should play him in the middle of the park as Ohara couldn't pass water at the minute!


Is Dean Saunders for real? WWFC has ruined this guys career over the last couple of years. Signed from a newly promoted team with promises of challenging for the number 1 spot and being overlooked time and time again. Then when we get relegated and his old team where he was undisputed Number 1 stay up - Liverpool want him and we flatly turn down the opportunity for him to play for his old manager in the Premier League and Europe at another one of the most prestigious clubs in world football. Instead tell him to warm the bench in the Championship. Go on son - take the opportunity...


Couldn't agree more tanko! "Grasp first-team chance"... more like, "Erm, we know you've wasted 2 years at Wolves but can you now try and keep us in the division?"

Have to say, DS does spout some right rubbish!

Realistic Wolf

Never mind about this garbage, goalkeeping has never been our real problem. What about the real issue, like getting some FRESH FACES in.


I have no worries about De Vries between the sticks; he's a very good keeper. I think Ikeme had lost a bit of form recently aswell so the enforced change is no bad thing in my opinion.


I have a feeling that this is our "Fresh face"........with Saunders saying......" Having him in goal is just like having a new signing !!!"


De Vries is rated as one of the best in the championship but never been in our team regularly. No problem with that.

We need a striker.

We have known this now since January................

What is the issue here. Its fairly obvious we need a boost and some cover so why have we not brought anyone in??

At the end of the season when you look back on this season its never going to look great even if we stay up, but if we go down then shame on the lot of you. From owner, to chief exec, to the players and the yes man manager who should be bashing the owners door for players and not accepting failure to recruit.

Shocking. Even if we get someone in tomorrow before the deadline, we should have done this ages ago. I was in the minority that would have taken Scotland for a start..................


If hes good at pickin people out why isnt he playing saunders u really need to go back to your level one coaching certificate mate u dont have a clue dorus will be gd in goal we just never give him the chance

The Teecher

Not been watching Ikeme this season ?

Outstanding apart from the two recent calamities.

Don't forget Dorus blotted his copybook with his tantrum when he wasn't allowed to go to Liverpool and lost his right to the first team spot.

I really hope he shows the form he reputedly showed for Swansea.

Bolton Wolf

We need a striker Omwigie ?!!!! ! He's not doin alot.

quality counts

Deano babe, stop wasting hours talking to the press, with the results so far I think you need to concentrate on other matters.. don't you?

Farmer Ted

It always annoys me when posters come out with rubbish like this. Use a hackneyed old cliche that was used when I played (and that was a long time ago ) to try and get a cheap laugh. O'Hara has had a mixed time since he came back from injury, sometimes poor, sometimes very good, but he's one of our main hopes of getting out of this mess and he can certainly pass a ball.

The Bristol City match was a good example of these two extremes, poor in the first half but good in the second and definately one of the reasons we got a result in those last twenty minutes.

The players read these threads, so Selly Park Wolf, what the hell do you think your thoughtless comment brings to the cause ? It's more likely to turn his mind to summer and getting away from the abuse.

The more I hear off Deano the more I like him

He would have been my first choice when Hennessy got injured , don't know why he came to wolves . A fine keeper that ruined his career . We owe him a run in the side


Bet he's full of excitement to be sat behind that back four! Poor blokes gonna be on a hiding to nothing! He'll think he's in a turkey shoot, De Vries being the turkey! See a few less of you fans in league one, keep smiling!!!!

Baldrick Dingle

Why don't we ask to loan Peter Odemwinge from the Baggies, look what happened the last time we had a centre forward from them, in fact why not ask for all their spare players as they always seem to do well for us when they have finished playing for the Baggies, remember Bully, Thompson, Regis, Ally Robertson, etc etc........


I think De Vries has (used to have, anyway) the qualities that will make him a key player for the rest of the season. His abilities, when it comes to communicating with his teammates and precise kicks, could very well make an important difference, now Ikeme is out. He can't do it alone, though - more quality and determination is needed in all parts of the team. Fingers crossed for a quality loan signing, but frankly, at the moment I can't see who that might be. It will be necessary to motivate and get more out of the present squad. Stay up, the Wolves!

rushall wolves

Seems that DS can make comments which are taken out of all proportion - but you lot get away with it week after week with your moronic comments. Bring on the Cricket season!

now im confused

hes good in training, good with his feet, could be an outfield player, good reflexes and sharp around his goal. his attitude is good, his kicking and passing is good, he can pick out a player, one of the best . . . . .

. . . . but dont expect too much from him.

back down to earth with a bump!


If he's that good with his feet drop a centre back, pack the midfield and play him as sweeper/keeper. It would make for great entertainment and solve our defensive woes!


god it would be great if we played as well as well talk all the rubish we get on here from wolvers and e/s.

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