Dean Saunders: Wolves players deserve under-achievers tag

Wolves boss Dean Saunders today declared his players would all admit they deserve the under-achievers tag this season.


Saunders’ men go into Saturday’s visit of Middlesbrough second from bottom of the Championship, a point from safety after another wretched season.

They are looking to build on the much-needed 2-1 success against Bristol City 10 days ago but the manager, who has overseen two wins in his 12 games in charge, accepts the team hasn’t performed anywhere near as well as it should have done.

He said: “If you sat all the players down and ask them how they think they have done, they would all say they haven’t done enough, if they are honest.

“But you have to make sure when you go out on a Saturday, if you are playing left wing against a right-back, you make sure you get the better of him.

“That’s why you get paid a lot more than him and that’s why you cost a lot of money and he cost nothing – because, nine times out of 10, you get the better of him and that’s what you pay for.

“And if you’ve got seven players doing that all over the pitch, you’re going to get a good team performance.”

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Comments for: "Dean Saunders: Wolves players deserve under-achievers tag"


How is this man a football manager???


Wondering that myself m8.

What the heck is this about?

Dukinfield Wolves: Fairways Division.

GO DEAN is an anagram of the Spanish word NEGADO which translates as inept/ hopeless.

Not sure why I am sharing this useless information, but I wish he had never set foot over the door.

Downos randoms

" when you playing monkey socks against a y fronts you make sure you get the saxphone out of him the bobs your teapot."

Good luck me babbies on sat, were going to need it with looney giving the team talks....


Ha! I love it! Monkey socks

Filthy Wolf

He is a Master.

Of the bloomin' Obvious.

quality counts

Who bothers to inetrview this fool anywhere?

chris,pter knowles

thisis really getting serious, if we get no result against midboro, then lord help us and I;m not religious, this team of wolves players will go down in history, trust me as the most overpaid bunch of cowards in the clubs records, please don't do that to the thousands of long suffering wolves fans who deserve better. Love the Wolves


I'm not sure he is, any more than Moxey is a "Chief". They're a couple of cowboys if you ask me. At this point we couldn't do worse than bringing back the Indians.

Mr Morgan take note. It'll end in tears sooner than you think if these two are allowed to continue.......

Loyal Wulfrian

2 days plus today to go, all quiet on the transfer front!!!

SydneyAU Wolves

I have resigned myself to the fact that no one will be coming. This team has to do it on its own – somehow. But I’m sure the management team tried really hard to make it happen like the last few transfer windows, they ended up firing blanks.

Am I starting to get old and cynical, I would have to say yes.

Watching the team slide downwards at break neck speed is hard to watch and depressing week after week.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Loyal. Damnation you beat me to it!!!!!!

However. I am still going to make the point.


Like everyone from the TOP down. YOU ARE ALL MOUTH AND TROUSERS.

fed up wolf

deano, shut up, i am sick and tired of reading your rubbish, why tell us stuff we already know???? is it any wonder wolves have only sold just over 8,000 season tickets?? you are worse than a clown at a circus!!!!!!!! shut up and get on with the job in hand, if you cant keep your gob shut, CLEAR OFF !!!!

On bended knees


Bring Back S.S

I would renew again for this reason alone. This man had a plan and vision for the football club. It might not have worked as nothing is ever guaranteed but I believed in it.

Morgan and Moxey dont have the guts to do this and sacked him when he asked for money to replace the old, overpaid and under performing players.

Cheltenham wolf

Oh dear with a manager wilth that attitude we are doomed, why would he say something like that, unless he's being paid to take us down, part of Morgan's master plan perhaps ????


100% agree!!! Bring back Solbakken!!!

Bring Back S.S

@Ted Things were never going to be great in his first season as a lot of the "old guard" would be in a state of shock, when they finally realised they were going to be asked to play football and use their brains.

When they finally realised their time was up and they were going to be moved along our captain and players leader plotted to get rid of S.S.

No one would ever pay what we pay K.H and certain others and so they realised that and did not perform on the pitch.

To those who say so why didnt he bin them off, have you ever thought that the powers that be said to try and work with the current crop as they won the title etc

He did and he paid for it with his job. Too classy a manager for us, light years ahead in thinking that our board were too stupid to see and gave up on the project while still in very early days.

lets get behind them and back him


Thanks for that incisive insight Mr Saunders. I'm sure most of the paying public had not thought of that. must admit, I've been struggling to understand why they have been losing all season.

We are so grateful to have such an intelligent and wise-thinking manager such as you. I wouldn't say too much in case your wisdom is picked up by Barcelona or Real Madrid who would poach you from under our noses.



I have to say Saunders can't half talk some rubbish.

If this is the best he can do, he should say nothing, keep out of the press Saunders, stop making a fool of yourself!!!!!

Greg Fletcher

I am bloody sick and tired of reading you Wolves Fans moaning all the time.

You have obviously been listening to Paul Franks from WM, because he hates us too.

I have been a Wolves Fan for at least 40 years. I was helping my father paint the windows at the back of the house, when Pat Foley broke into the music Beacon 303 to announced we were saved. We both cried. Yes grown men crying. That is how much this club means to me. It obviously does not mean that you feel the same way.


Compton Wolf

Yes, yes, been a fan for this long and that long, Im sick of reading this comment on these forums.

This mentality, of oh get behind the club etc is what Moxey wants, he wants blind faith, whereas the rest of us want results and improvement, no matter how small, we cant keep putting our head in the sand just because "ive supported them for 40 years, and i remember when we used to be good" no, its all about the hear and now, where we are dangerously close to relegation to League 1.

I've had enough, and want a change, not some-one stating that just because they have supported them for x amount of years that we should just accept the tripe that we are being served up down the mol.

Its the people that do want something to change that CARE about the club you numpty, not the ones like yourself that seem to accept the total cr*p that we are been given.


Halfwit comments again from somebody who should know what he's taking about.

2 wins in 12!


This village idiot will never make a football manager as long as I have a hole in my bucket dear Morgan dear.Morgan

chris h

The facts are obvious. Wolves finished a poor bottom last season. During that season it was obvious the team needed strengthening.We were even promised a treasure chest would be spent,but it wasn't. We were then told financially there was no need to sell our best players.But they did and only spent half the money received on replacements.We have sold a top quality striker and failed to replace him all season.Sadly this lack of goals will probably get us relegated again. .Instead of strengthening the team that was relegated they substantially weakened it. The players left are punch drunk and/ or not good enough .That is not their fault .Responsibilty for decline rests fairly and squarely with the owner and chief executive.

Gordon Bennett

The daily ramblings of Rambling Sid Saunders. We used to puzzle over Mick's mad musings but this bloke beats him all hands down. Deano, What about the other 4? Surely everyone should be busting a gut and shouldn't need any encouraging when we are one place from bottom.

Ps If Zubar could have gone to a team in the prem why didn't we sell him instead of giving him away? Questions all the time but no answers .


on the Zubar thing - it's not difficult to imagine a player refusing to sign for any UK team for cash, wanting to run his contract out on great money, then cash in as a free agent... So wolves send him off abroad fpor free, to save his waghes! That would point to his late inclusion in the team as merely a shop window exercise... so who picks the team? Moxey or the manager? I think we know... the money comes first every time. No one in, three (well, two) absolutely key players lost 10 days ago. I think that says it all. Morgan's 'i will go if you want me to' is beginning to look like 'i will go, with me boots full to the brim with profit, if you want me to, before you cost me any investment at all'. Sadly

London Bloke

Oh Lordy, yet again Saunders makes a complete fool of himself. Talk about stating the b******g obvious! Unfortunately, apart from Sako the players have not been beating their opposite numbers, hence the league position. if any player in the current squad were capable of beating their man 9 times out of 10 then they would be in the Premier League, not on the downhill slide to facing League 1 opposition next year. What a waste of screen space. What is his next pearl of wisdom? England should beat San Marino? When will this half-wit shut up?

Golden Nugget

Can't this guy offer more than banal statements. Reminds me of Keegan, all bluster and chest beating but nothing else. Difficult to understand how Mr Morgan has built a successful business. His management team are really poor and his own appointments have been even worse. You could not make this stuff up. Welcome to Wolves World where reality is left at the door!


so. much. talking.

so. little. action.


Orpington Wolf

Why should only 7 players and not 11 give their all?! The rest we have all heard before ad nauseum. Please just tell us you'll give Peszko and Hamill a chance and let the players do the talking on the pitch.


It's like football 101 for Dummies....

If you play better than your opposition you will 9 times out of 10 win......

It's like listening to the David Brent of the football world.

David Brent

Yes, very true, but also one in ten you lose......


This guy is an idiot!

“That’s why you get paid a lot more than him and that’s why you cost a lot of money and he cost nothing – because, nine times out of 10, you get the better of him and that’s what you pay for.

“And if you’ve got seven players doing that all over the pitch, you’re going to get a good team performance.”

You are an embarrassment Saunders - just go now.

Duuuuh brain deano

And 2 + 2 = 4

deano, its not 22.

Bring Back S.S

Totally out of his depth from day one. This just adds to the " we are going to push for the play offs" etc and all the rest of the drivel. Sad sad days for my football club.


if 3 of our key players are ruled-out injured, and the current crop are ''underachieving'' why didn't saunders strengthen the squad with loan signings before the loan window shut???...this guy needs to spend less time stating the obvious to the press and more time on the phone looking for players to help us out of this mess...losing sako especially was a real problem.

Compton Halt

' Come on lads you cost a lot of money and he cost nothing '


This is good tactical chatter.


Tic Tac - don't knock it there cud b logic in the madness......


I was getting worried that he had died been as he had managed to keep his mouth shut for 5 minutes. I tell you what if this guy could manage half as well as he can talk he would be in charge of Barcelona. Unfortunatley he does not know how to manage what his best team is what his best tactics are of I fear how to play the game. He is also a man of no honour anyone with any honour would have walked out after a winless run in there first ten games but not this guy he will need to be paid off despite his totally poor performance and being totally out of his depth. It is Morgans fault everyone apart from Morgan knew he was not the man but this stubborn owner thought he knew best not for the first time he was wrong and it is now going to cost us to get rid of him and get someone in who knows what he is doing. Moxey though will want to do it on the cheap as always so we may as well make the sponge bucket the manager it will still be a massive improvement on Saunders.

Orpington Wolf

Why should only 7 players give their all and not 11? The rest we have heard before ad nauseum. Please just tell us you'll give Peszko and Hammill a chance and let the players to the talking on the pitch.

Worcester Wolves

Yet more Drivel from Saunders. HOW did he get this job??? A Left Winger plays against a Right Back! Well done Dean! You're learning! And now only 7 players need to play well for us to "get a good Team...".

Get Sammy Chung back in...


your kidding have you just worked that out bye bye my club

Spanish wolf

Under achived? Understatement of the year!

Selly park wolf

More blah blah blah!

Nothing that we don't know already know!

What we all want to know is where are these new loan signings?????????

It's getting beyond desperate and we are not even so much as linked to anyone.

We are a joke club!

Greg Fletcher

Call yourselves Wolves Fans.

You lot ought to make up your minds. When we lost against Luton Town all of you were calling for SS to go and when Steve Morgan pulled the trigger you bloody lot were happy.

Maybe you are not Wolves Fans, but cheap and tacky Tesco Fans having ago.




well said Fletch - most of the idiots on here have to use the internet, because they wouldn't be able to write in - they're not allowed anything sharp in the institution

Reg Smith

Fletch, do paint your windows with your dad!


Our very own David Brent speaks again.

Cyprus Wolf

I agree they have greatly under acieved,

But it's like the pot calling the kettle black because as a manager and tacticion you have greatly under achieved.

Phil Smith

Bet he was top of the plasticine class at school???


not even a snippit of news well says it all

Ben the disgruntled Dingle

“If you sat all the players down and ask them how they think they have done, they would all say they haven’t done enough, if they are honest."






if its true they carnt play pesko because of having to pay more money on his contract because of the amount of games he would of played why did ya not send him back in january and get someone else in


sack the lot of them ,morgan sell up i see adkins as gone to reading ,and were stuck with this numpty ,league 1 here we come saunders out ,

Spanish wolf

Under achived ? Understatement of the year or what!


He deserves an Honorary Masters Degree in the art of the 'Blatently Effin Obvious'!!!


“And if you’ve got seven players doing that all over the pitch, you’re going to get a good team performance.”

Isn't there 11 players in a team Deano?? Can we not expect all 11 to do this?

I sort of get what you are trying to say but any point in saying it?

The Football Bible according to Dean...............................

old golds worth more

I blame the E & S for most of the drivel printed about Wolves. They seem to take great delight if printing extracts from interviews, and then printing them at different times just to get a reaction from the fans in these forums. Well to that extent the E & S is succeeding. I wonder when DS made these comments, was it yesterday or a week after he arrived?


Fair comment.

London Bloke

The people to blame for drivel about Wolves are the players, manager, Chief Exec and Owner. It doesn't matter when Saunders said this, it is still completely fatuous and indicative of his utter failure to get a real grip on the situation.

Never mind, it won't be too long before the season is over and there will be a few weeks break from listening to the buffoons until League 1 kicks off. Have any of the bookies got odds on how long it will take this shower of failures to hit the Blue Square leagues?


Quite right... and it’s interesting that some of the topics don’t invite comments ??

This appears to be a great example of a topic which is totally unnecessary other than to provoke a reaction - much like the Zubar transfer info, he's gone... who cares...

Mills wolf

Well if they wasnt accurate comments then im sure the club would kick off....

Personally they proberly bend his words abit but he's still gota come out with them in the first place, you dont see the e&s doing this to villa n albion managers cos they dont come out with deft enough thing to inipulate.

He comes across as thick as bully, so if we were going to enploy an ex quality striker it might aswell been a ledgend for this club not ex vile n scouse....

Big Stu

The first line says the comment was made today.


Yes that's what I thought. It's also what Morgan complained of.


They are all to blame, the players, the manager. M & M and a fair chunk of so called supporters who boo replacement players during a game.

The players need your support not premature judgement on their effort.

So if you can't muster applause when a substitution is made shut your gobs and let the players hear the ripple of applause by the truly faithful!!!!!!

Ever the Optimist.

At last. Amongst the endless whining drivel, a few words of sense.


Who's under-achieving??

Ikeme - Done well, one clanger.

Ward - Seriously though, does anybody still think hes a footballer let alone a left back?

Foley - Plucked from league one, out of his depth ever since.

Johnson - Scott Dann made him look better than he was.

Berra - Hasn't given away 30 penalties, that's an achievement bordering on a miracle.

Sako - Good fun to watch, will be sad to see him leave.

Sigurdarson - has potential but is played out of position.

Henry - Backwards, sideways, sideways, backwards, pass it straight back to the man who just passed it to him...

O'Hara - under-achieving or over hyped I don't know.

Ebanks-Blake - fed scraps and not done badly with them.

Doyle - MM work 'oss. Runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and...

For any Wolves player to still be saying they are under-achieving belies the fact that they still think there are premier league players, when they are not. Any single one of them could be the worst player in a prem team and get away with it, but all together on the same pitch and their individual and collective failing are exposed for all to see.

They aren't unlucky, they aren't lacking confidence, they just aren't good enough.

Doyle's Reply

Be Jesus, now don't you be forgetting all the falling over I do as well as all the running. Ow how I miss Mick, I don't understand why he's not called me down to Ipswich, I loved that guy, truely, I loved him like me daddy.........

Top post above ^^^^^

Bang on the money mate !!!!!

Mills wolf


Doyle - MM work 'oss. Runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and..

Shall I finish your statement AP

falls over!


Hear Hear !! You then realise that with Sako and Ikeme getting crocked Deano should be driving around every premiership club begging for recruits rather than talking "Monkey Teapots" to the press... Ce Sera Sera... we're heading to Crawley

Definitive Wolf

If he can conjure up 4 wins from our remaining games, I'll forgive him. The kindest thing I can say at the moment is that perhaps his comments are isolated extracts taken from what he actually said - and if we could read all that he had to say, they might make more sense. At least I have learned that LWs cost/earn more than RBs - or have I? I'm still confused about the 7 players. In fact, where Wolves are concerned, these days I'm totally confused.

Reg Smith

You're more deluded than DS!


Even the most ardent fan of Dean Saunders (and there surely can't be many) must admit that his statements are getting more and more bizarre by the day. Not a single post to date has tried to defend him.

gReEn NiGeL

Nigel Adkins gone to Reading, would have been ideal to stop us going down to the 4th djvision.

Colonel Saunders out

Captain Morgan out

Fat Controller out.

Wolves facing another decade of misery

Jonny D

Happy Days :-)

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Nigel. Have you and everyone else noticed the a transfer(loanee) target Simeon Jackson has gone to Brighton, yes Brighton. Tells you everything about Wolves doesn't it!!!!!!!


Read the comments above and can understand the anger that has been shown, but what people have to remember is it's the players who are the only people on the field of play during the game. They pick up salaries that most people will only ever dream of and never get in a life time of working, yes these players have under achieved and have done so for a number of seasons so now it's up to them to get this club out of the mess they have put it in. Sir Alex could not have done any better with this lot, all though he may have turned the air warm with his comments. OK lads now it's your turn to show some respect to the fans who turn up week in week out and fight to stop the rot and relegation, WOLVERHAMPTON IS WAITING FOR YOU TO SHOW THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY FOOTBALL ?

nigel wolfnut

More drivel from Saunders. He says 'If you are playing left wing against a right back - make sure you get the better of him' Trouble is Deano what happens if your right back is a centre half {Batth against Cardiff} or your striker is a left wing/midfielder {Sakon also against Cardiff}; or your striker is on the right wing {Siggy - pick any game you want}. Then he is going to give Kevin Doyle the 'eye of the tiger' and puts him on the bench only to reintroduce him as captain. If we stay up surely this clown has to go? I fear the other clown {Morgan} will keep him though.

I then read Zubar had offers from Premiership clubs - so we release him from his contract. But cap it all Deano says 'If you ask the players they will all say they have underachieved'. Wonderful man management that. I see Adkins has gone to Reading - is Mike Bassett free??

The Voice of Reason

Bertie Bassett would do a better job than this clown.


Fred Bassett even...

jimmy paige

....can we have a circus instead, please, please. Or a big, big ski jump, pleeeeease! When can we finish the ground off? I have OCD and the big lumpy bit sticks out from the smaller lumpy bits.


You could not make this up! Dick Clement and Ian LaFrenais never produced finer comedy one - liners. Deano has evolved into our very own Dan Quayle.

Spain Paul

I have not renewed after 20+ years a season ticket holder.

This guy has got to be the biggest joke of all the managers we have recently had. He must be the most uninspiring tactically incompetent individual in the league.

Stability is the key at all clubs but make the change again now Mr Morgan please. Thank god I'm moving to Spain in 12 weeks at least I can watch Malaga in the Champions League and not understand the excuses from the Manager if they loose.



There is no doubt in my mind that the reason why we have gone from 3rd in the league to 2nd from bottom is down to player's attitudes, cliques and dressing room unrest and that is down to ringleaders like Karl Henry! Also the managers have to take some blame for picking some of these idiots - as all they are thinking about getting a new contract - and not picking better players? Why has Colonel Saunders picked Foley and Edwards ahead of a player like Peszko, for instance and why was Batth dropped?

Compton Halt

Your bang on son a good manager would have put a stop to Henry and co a long time ago.

Tick Tack Head

So full backs cost nothing and are on cheap wages? Can we sign Ashley Cole then to solve our left back issues?

His wages will be cheap of course, because as we know all our wingers at the club will be on more money.

Does anyone know if Dean has lost his carer?


Very nice Tick Tack


It's what he tells the players that counts. Trying to come up every day with something new and coherent for a newspaper - usually by stating the blindingly obvious - is going to tax the best of brains.

Codsall Wolf (the real one)

You can't really blame the latest manager for the current dilema...

We've been heading for this spiral decline since we got promoted to the Prem.

All we saw fit to buy were ex Championship players or Prem players from relegated clubs, hence the mess now???


Perhaps not entirely, but Saunders was appointed presumably to motivate the players, drop the Solbakken style of play and to arrest the decline down the Championship table. In that respect he has failed. At least Solbakken had a clear philosophy, whether you agreed with it or not, and he did not buy ex Championship or relegated Premiership players. He would have needed at least a season to implement such a change in playing style, and only then could any judgement be made on his success or failure.

Jonny D

And that is why my seat will continue to be empty for the rest of this season.

It's not about a losing team, a manager who doesn’t know how to manage.

It's about a club, who at the start of the season had a vision: - it's about a CE, who thinks he knows better than the manager as to the quality of the team: - it's about a owner who bottled it, taking the advise of a CE with no vision: -

It's about supporting a team with a direction and a plan. If Wolves had have stayed with the manager at the start of the season for 3 years, we would have been back or on our way back to the Premiership at the end of that time, playing a type of football that would have been entertaining and skillful. If you have a vision, you have to believe in it and stick to it.............the board like the fans have no vision, and you have exactly what the fans wished for, and what Steve Morgan did not want.

As long as Wolves have the current CE, my empty seat will remain empty.

Empty Seat, Row C, Upper North Bank.

The truth about wolves from a wolves fan

We are going down, if not this season next cos this guy hasnt a clue, moxey hasnt a clue, morgan hasnt a clue and is tight with his money and the players are not underachieving by alot the simole not good enough !!!!!!


All this talk about money, what on Earth is this???? How can this man be a manager???? Bring back Solbakken!!!

The Flying Winger

What a poor statement to make,

Where are the loan signings, why no action from the board.?

Truly baffling, sad times at our once great club.


cringe cringe omg cringe.


OMG indeed

So Glad that we have got SC as our manager as DS is worse than Mike England manager. Does he do the team selection on his fag packet, what a laff.

With your three major injuries and him in charge, it looks pretty grim.


Nurse! He's got out again.

Mike Gough

Everyone at the club from Steve Morgan down has under performed including DS, but now is not the time to be airing these views. You could though, tell Davis he as nothing to reproach himself re. The own goal. Ikeme made the decision to go short when we had been hitting everything long anyway and then allowed a ball to go through his legs. Davis was put under pressure from closing forward and had to hit the ball quicker than he would have liked.

Esso Ian

WHERE ARE all the players we brought and loaned at the begining of the season ? only SIG left, The best of a bad bunch. MOXEY OUT!!!!

paul davo

I am not dreaming am i, I think i would of told them go out Saturday and be hero"s you owe to the fans but most of all you owe it to you and each other, take them round the trophy room and tell them thats what it"s all about.

Are you watching what I'm watching

Dunno why deano gets so much stick - we were rubbish under Mick - we were worse under Conner - relegated in a poor premiership division - we were rubbish under Stale - lost to Luton and no sign of making the top 6 - and we are still rubbish with saunders....... its Morgan who is to blame - him and the players.

Morgan has the purse strings and the power to sack some of these under performers....


No wonder these players are not performing with comments like that! if thats his team talk god help us!You would not say those things running a U8,s side,I WILL SAY IT AGAIN OLD HEADED MANAGER REQUIRED URGENTLY!to get we out of this mess,


We have the best fans in the world. They are ultra-supportive of their players, their manager, their ... Unfortunately, none of them come on here.

We know it is another bad season, but the way out of it is not to allow more and more negativity. It breeds like a cancer, threatening the very life of a football club. Imagine coming on as a substitute, and being booed BY YOUR OWN "FANS." The manager says something to drum up support, and the neanderthals on here jump straight down his throat with negativity. We may yet become a third tier club, but THAT IS ABOVE WHAT SOME OF YOU LOT DESERVE.

Some of you complain at the lack of spending? Tell me two teams in the lower Prem or in the Championship that have spent more in the last three years on players than Wolves? Then you also say that the Wolves will have no more of your money? How will they buy more players with less money? If they can't buy players, how can the team improve? It's called "Catch-22," and some of you are too thick to see it. You want success, you want new players, but you want to starve the club of revenue? How does that happen? Lets convert Harry Potter to becoming a Wolves Fan. He can always magic up the funds. (I know he's not real, but most of you don't live in the real world either.)

You lot are an embarassment to the real Wolves Fans. All you want to do is knock, knock and knock. Never ANY support. Just knock anything anyone associated with Wolves says. PATHETIC.

chris h

Brereton, 1 Stoke,QPR,Villa,Newcastle,Fulham,Blackburn.West Ham.

2 What matters of course is how well you spend the money.We have spent money poorly,largely down to the club failing to sign Mick McCarthy's main transfer targets,this was especially the case in the summer of 2009.A failure to bend on wage restraints being a prime reason for this failure.We have had a chief executive encouraging signings from teams in financial trouble or teams that have been relegated.We failed to pay the going rate for footballers whilst paying top rate for a chief executive,We have had an owner who has spent heavily on infrastructure projects,this has resulted in football profits to the tune of £17m plus being moved from the football club to the property company.I believe you are an accountant ,you should know all this.

3) You blame the fans,but can you tell me any other fans who would put up with what we have had to put up with in the last 2 seasons? The club has become a national laughing stock and they are laughing at gross mismanagement,not the behaviour of the fans.

Northern Wolf

It is not as black and white as you seem to think. I travel all over the country with my son (with Molineux being one of the furthest trips) and don't have any problems calling myself a real fan. I smile my face off from the time I get up in the morning to the time when I walk up the steps and see the pitch. I will support anyone who wears the shirt. It doesn't mean that I am blind.

Have we spent money? Yes. Loads. usually in £1-3m bundles on £10-20k players, of which we have 50 that no-one would sensibly want to buy. How I would kill to see a squad of 20+ £5-8m players on £40-60k (like, G-help me, Stoke/ Wigan/ even Blton carried it off for about 10 seasons)

Each window/ end of season/ start of season we are plied with the same lies and we swallow them. Loads of new players, great new facilities (have you tried buying a beer and a pint in the new stand?) Bigger/ brighter future (Burrda kit and tat in the club shop)

I used to joke to my son about being a Wolves fan when I first brought him 6 years ago, "being rubbish doesn't matter, it's the hope that will kill you" - We let these clowns lull us into hoping. Better I vent it here rather than abuse the players in the ground, isn't it?



Quite brilliantly put.


Keep clapping fool

sandy gray

Sanctimonious, pompous, self-righteous clap-trap from the shanty town nr. Lichfield who looks down on so-called lesser mortals who cannot/ do not/ will not part with HARD earned cash to keep ******* in styles to which they have undeservedly become accustomed.....Yet I am a fan with some wonderful memories and an enduring love that will never die but a fan with enough grey matter to workout the bottom line..... Wolves fans we have been shafted AGAIN &AGAIN & AGAIN.....You mortgage your house and hand the dosh over as you are so giving and unforgiving.


sandy gray-why is he sanctimonious,pompous,self righteous? just because he does what it says on the tin,supports!!!


wolves might have spent more but on what?the players bought in were of low quality mms style of buying is purely on quantity and not quality hoping he gets 1 or 2 gems which to be fair he did but they are gone now so we are left with the quantity not good enough,where as solbakken wanted to try and get quality he did that even when they have bad games they still look head and shoulders above mms players,he wanted to buy 3 or 4 new players in january but morgan and moxey did'nt want to spend more money even though we had millions in the bank instead moxey says we have to many players we have to sell before we buy!well moxey you gave the go ahead to sign all these players so the buck stops with you,now onto saunders he was a cheap option a yes man who knew he would never get a chance like this again to manage a club like wolves its a no brainer for him but he is way out of his depth and he shows it with his team selections and comments not his fault i know but we are going down and i promise you it will take us many years to get back up because saunders will go and no other decent manager will want to come here when we drop,ohh and by the way when you see players who try there hardest not to play for a manager as happened when solbakken was in charge i can understand when fans get on players backs and boo them i work for just above minimum wage not 15 to 20 grand a week so if they dont want the abuse they should start earning there money and start playing like footballers and not headless chickens,/\/\wwfc/\/\,


Hallelujah. The voice of reason at last - well said BW. It's about time the E&S stopped publishing most of the negative diatribe from these morons. It helps no-one - just creates the continuing negative atmosphere surrounding the club. Unfortunately most of 'em don't have the brain power to light a 40 watt bulb - don't they realise that managers are duty bound to give interviews and most of the time are just replying to questions given by the local press ? If he didn't give the press his time the morons would then want to know why we have a manager who doesn't communicate. Agree with your comments entirely - thank God this lot ain't the majority of the fans. Agree with your comments also on the booing of Stephen Hunt - what was all that about ? He's one player who will give his all for the cause and has not contributed to the recent down-fall. Likewise DS has inherited a bag of crap and is trying his best to sort through it. I believe he will prove all the doubters wrong.

Definitive Wolf

Do you remember those comments by Solbakken? A man of obvious football knowledge, despite his unfortunate stint at what was a car crash German club? They exuded common sense. One sensed he had a vision of a better tomorrow - which was why, we were told, he was employed. He brought in good players and, given the money and the chance would, one feels, have brought in more. But M&M bottled it (could things have been any worse had they stuck by him?). Now we have Dean. Compare his pronouncements with those of Stale. Need I say any more?

The Voice of Reason

Sacking Solbakken was the biggest mistake the club has made in decades. Bring him back.

Rowley Wolf 65

Here Here!

The threat of going down with a transparent plan to build a team that can actually play attractive football would sit better than what we are currently faced with.

I'm glad that my 8 year old son is a wolves fan. I've spoil him rotten, but supporting our great club with this lot at the helm puts life in to perspective for him. Character building I say..... Thanks Mr Morgan.

Waggies Left Peg

What, really Deano, and there was me thinking you had all done so well. Please let me know if you have any more words of wisdom to share, perhaps you might mention that if we score more goals than the opposition in our remaining games we will win them all. How I cope without your insightful words is a total mystery, so thanks again Captain Obvious, i await your next revelation.

Eleven in Gold

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. Can't see the king at Molineux.

Bolton Wolf

anotherbload of dribble .Were are these loan players.How are we saving our selfs when we go down just like Dunfermline to the wall we go .All high earners will leave . laughing . Don't turn up for games.Lets have more empty seats just to show our ddiaprovel


Not sure why everyone is getting so upset because Dean Saunders said his players have under-achieved. Well, they have haven't they ? If you are a true Wolves fan you will support your team. By the way how many of you have renewed your season tickets ? If you can't say anything constructive then just go down the Tesco's.

Wolf Blast

I said about 10 days ago that DS should not speak to the press other than on Fridays, post match and Mondays as all he seems to do is to dig himself a deeper hole. This is another example - poor man management and poor PR advice.

On another topic I read that Whitbread have announced they are launchinga new chain of hotels similar to the Moxy - the stylish but cheap hotel brand recentyly launched by Marriott and Ikea.

Sir Lupi

Mourinho eat your heart out.

The lack of intellect observed so far listening to Saunders is scary.

The results so far under his leadership, are even scarier.

Why cant Morgan/Moxey do anything right? The fact is, we will never achieve anything remotely near Wolves expectations under Saunders.

Why did we hire him in the first place, its obvious he lacks IQ??

Why wasn't a more proven manager like Driscoll appointed?

Total madness, I have no respect for Morgan/Mox with the catalogue bad decisions they have unforgivably made over the last two seasons.


Looking good for relegation.


Apparently we have David Davis bouncing back after his own goal, Kevin Doyle bouncing back after his international snub and Adam Hammil bouncing back from not being selected.

Maybe we should all boing boing on Saturday????

wednesbury wolves


Anne viola

4 god sack stop moaning about Saunders and get behind the tesm


Underachievers? Wow! Didn't see that one coming!

Seriously, Dean, add yourself to the list of underachievers.


What What Whaaatt ??

What must the players be thinking... how on earth can we expect 100% on Saturday. What a Mr Motivator he is.

Bully would do a better job than this, and he would probably do it for free! (which would suit Moxey) Mind you he would have to pay for a translator... :-)

loyal wolves fan

8 games to go , lets back the team both home and away , i hear we have only sold around 700 for bolton , oh dear , come on wolves fans !


Translation Please

I've said it before and I'll say it again NO one will move to a sinking ship


its ok saying the players on the pitch are to blame,this is definately true,but to say sir alex couldnt do anything with this squad is garbage. a decent manager wouldnt of allowed these shirkers to be in the position we are in. a decent manager would of got rid of mad micks deadwood.a decent manager would of kicked arse,he would of brought in players to replace the shirkers,he wouldnt of let the board or the players to walk all over him.somebody like hughes or di matteo is what are required,but capt morgan and the fat contoller arent intrested in success on the pitch only in their wallets.

Mrs Nussbaum

Did anyone check this blokes references prior to appointment? there no end to the misery? , haven't been this upset since Oasis split up and my dog ran away.

Karl Henry

If I go from side to side enough the opposition will get really dizzy and fall over, must work on that in training..............

Wher did I leave that piece of bacon mmmmmmm !


Stating the obvious but more like deflecting the complete ineptitude of his manergerial skills!!!!!

Cookley Wolf

Would it not be nice for the headlines to read 'Wolves have signed'. No more talk about the rubbish squad we have here. Please Dean shut up and concentrate on getting some new faces in until the end of the season. Then get rid of the overpaid dross, as Solbaken would have done given the chance.

The Voice of Reason

Down Clownders out. He's the biggest underachiever of all.


That’s why you get paid a lot more than him and that’s why you cost a lot of money and he cost nothing – because, nine times out of 10, you get the better of him and that’s what you pay for."..........For the love of God, can someone please translate this into English!?? I've looked on "i-translate" but this particular language is not registered!!


At least DS has identified our players are crap.What to do with them though? Morgan, you will get nothing for the relegated players last season but do bomb out all of them. Failures who will not improve..............bomb them all out. They are a disgrace

Deans the man

Why does everyone keep having a go at dean when we known the fault lies I am surprised they have not blamed the tea lady .true fans will get behind the team if you do not like what he says sod off to Sandwell town and yes I have renewed for next year because WWfc is in my blood


Followed the Wolves since Christmas 1960, moved to Oz in 77, but did manage to see an awful lot of the Dougan/Richards era before. TV coverage was scarce in Sydney, till !!!!! they made the Premiership a few years ago, then I managed to watch most of their games. 1st season, they were not to bad and I thought deserved to stay up, second season, instead of getting better, just worse, and last season they deserved the drop, this season I hav'nt seen them at all (it is one of the pay TV channels I dont have) perhaps I have been saved, I cannot comment how they have been playing, but I think they should have stuck with SS, instead they get someone who has limited experience, and perhaps worse still the majority of the same old players, the majority of whom took the club down, and they cannot get it together in the Championship!!!! if it was a business (and I do own one) I would have paid their contracts out!!! and started again, and I think SS was trying to do that without the termination bit which would have obviously cost the club money.

I guess easy to critisise, and I will always be a Wolves fan, but I dont believe they will survive the season, hopefully I am wrong and I hope I am wrong about Saunders.


This is unbelievable- This is not the banter I expect from a Manager who

is on the ropes-Take a leafe out of PRIOR and bat it out with a bit of fight-

On tablets I think may have forgot the dose to-day

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

I have read this article about 5 times and I still cannot comprehend what the hell he is talking about.

We are in dire straits and this guy waffles on and on and actually say's nothing. Very much the same

as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Has anyone any idea about the input of loan players? The 28th looms large and NOTHING.

Mr Morgan and Mr Moxey you have made some cock up's during your time here but the appointment of

this ROOKIE surpasses them ALL.

Is it not about time you BOTH came out and told us supporters EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!

Cape Town Wolf

All you people who post negative comments about OUR club, do us all a favor and go support WBA. You are truly the ones that add no value. Just saying


I see Kevin Davies has been let go by Notlob! Wouldn't do us any harm getting him on loan! UTW!


Deano is making the same mistake as Hoddle, he is to busy blaming everyone else for his own lack of managing skills.both were great players butas managers. NO WAY,

Billy Wiseman

AP-accurate BUT you forgot the PIES BIT-

Staffs Wolf

Bob Wolf for boss!


Under achieved? Just a little bit!!!! Most of them should be got rid of in the summer. I hope Moxey doesn't price this bunch of flops out of moves from our club - just be glad to get any sort of money for Mcarthy's players and let them leave Wolves before they rot us to the core.

Stafford wolf 1970

Spot on Breretonwolf you're bang on. I'd say ninety percent on here are negative numpties. Bog off you lot and slag another team off. You're pathetic.


Oh dear....

I fear....

And just when I think I've heard it all...

I hear drivel like this.



we go....




I don't know so much about being 'under-achievers'?Many in the team are simply not good enough and need to be shown the door ASAP.


so basically he's saying that defenders are worth nothing even though they're the ones who need to stop goals going in? okay this guy is a freaking idiot

gave up weeks ago

it all comes down to one huge mistake made by M&M......Stale should of been given time & money to turn the club into the new Swansea, his goal all along.

It may of taken a couple of seasons but we wouldnt be nose-diving into league 1 & he may well of got his wish of off-loading the rubbish leftover by M.M. Players that are clearly not good enough to play the game in the modern era.

End of...


I think that we have exhausted this subject but just to summarise we have the following facts.

M & M are out of their depth football wise

SS should not have been sacked

Saunders should not have been appointed

We have not bought any class players

We have sold our best players

The players we have left are rubbish

We are all totally fed up and disappointed and await relegation

Lord help us please

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