Wolves trio Carl Ikeme, Bakary Sako and Dave Edwards ruled out for the season

Wolves’ worst fears were confirmed today when injured trio Carl Ikeme, Bakary Sako and Dave Edwards were ruled out for the season.

Dave Edwards receives treatment on the pitch after tearing his hamstring
Dave Edwards receives treatment on the pitch after tearing his hamstring

Ikeme has had an operation on the hand he broke punching the tactics board at half-time of the 2-1 win over Bristol City and will be in plaster for five weeks.

Sako has a grade two hamstring tear and will be out for six to eight weeks and Edwards has broken his fifth metatarsal and will be sidelined for a similar period of time. Edwards will find out this week if he needs surgery.

All three were injured at the Bristol City game. With the final game of the season at Brighton on May 4, there are fewer than six weeks of the campaign left, ending the hopes of any of the three being fully fit in time.

“Carl has undergone surgery on his broken hand which has included some metalwork going in there which will be removed in five weeks’ time,” said Wolves’ head of medical Phil Hayward. “It’s going to be difficult for him to feature again this season.

“Bakary suffered a grade two hamstring tear during the first half against Bristol City, and will be sidelined for six to eight weeks.

“While we’ll be doing everything we can to get him back at the lower end of that range, recovery can often take eight weeks so it will be a battle for him to play again this season.

“Dave suffered a stress fracture of his fifth metatarsal, an injury not uncommon at this stage of the season, especially in players who cover as much ground in a week as Dave.

“He’d noticed an ache during the first few minutes, and picked up a kick to the same area, and with the concern he’d suffered a bone injury, this proved to be the case and he immediately came off.

“He’s due to see a consultant early this week to decide if treatment will be conservative or surgical.”

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Comments for: "Wolves trio Carl Ikeme, Bakary Sako and Dave Edwards ruled out for the season"


Oh dear,just when couldn't get any worse!


Who know's, this maybe a blessing in disguise....


Think you might be right Bob

Filthy Wolf

Agree: out of darkness................

Ronnie Allen

and the price of pies is goin up in the South Bank for the remainder of the season. This is far worse.

Tony Adams

Oh no! 'Ow much they goin 2 b now?


Jollie Ronnie. !!!! OFF to the VERY DARK SIDE.

Bunghoolioo Wolf

Shouldn't Ikeme face disciplinary action? He broke club property whilst being a petulant child, arguing with the manager and risking the future of the club by putting himself out of action for the remainder of the season!!! Totally unacceptable.



I think the club have more important things to worry about, don't you?


If we are relegated then we have possibly seen the last of Sako in a Wolves shirt. Edwards............well not bothered really. He is the gray man, don't do very much, doesn't stand out, nothing more to say on him really. Ikeme, we will miss him.

Again no news on bringing in any more loanees, says it all really.....Nothing has changed at this club and it never will significantly really while Morgan and Moxey are here.



The transfer window proclaims 'all quiet on the Molineux front'. It should be manic panic on the Molineux front with Saunders begging for players to come, Morgan should say money is no object.

This club stands no chance. Our record against Middlesborough is wretched and they are a settled team with a good manager. they'll probably soften us for Blues to formally put us into league one.

Well it was a great run but I see a lot of league 1 and it aisn't so bad. Indeed after watching Walsall a lot recently I must tell you that they would probably beat Wolves on current form.

Saunders will have to go of course and maybe Morgan should consider his future

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Doyler. "Bringing in loanees" Have you not realised that it is an SS move.


All talk and NO Action.


Thank god we have a massive squad full of quality and committed players to soften the blow, now I'm just gonna ring the local primary schools for a winger for Saturday.


The schools are closed so don't bother.

Woodley Wolf

Don't we have a Wonderkid called Ismail who is a winger?

Maybe he is no longer thought of in this way after getting kicked out of MK Dons before his loan period was up.

Can somebody telly me why we have Hamill, Pzeko and Ismail on our books if we never have any intention of playing them.

Bricks and Mortar

I dont think the 3 will ever play again for wolves again.

Now is the time to get loan players in a striker,winger,midfielder & goalie needed if were serious about staying up. I can think of a copuple of players at the albion doing nothing but would they come?


West Brom already have a smallish squad! I don't think loaning players out to our rivals, which in turn would weaken ourselves, is exactly a priority for the club.

Ronnie Allen

and the pies are now expensive in the South Bank.


SPIT. Nice to see that you now realise that you lot are WEAK.


Orlando Wolves

SPT - Why you would consider us as a rival at the moment, is beyond me.

Please explain.


Orlando. Because he is a DIMWIT like the rest of the TESCO'S


There's not much news in this article - just an update of what supporters already knew from last weeks article about the three players.

What would have been useful to know is how Boukari is doing and whether he will considered in the forthcoming games. Last time he was mentioned he was back in full training.


Dave unfortunately looks like he will be the next Matt Murray or Mouyokolo. Sad to say but we shouldn't be renewing his contract when its up


For the first time DS has to deal with major injuries in the squad. Contrary to Stale DS has not yet been facing such troubles. Our best player Sako out injured is a big loss, but Hunt is back again and will now be able to reach matchform. Regarding earlier comments from our manager we have eight right wingers in the team, so apparently we have a lot players to retrain and fill the holes. I think DS must go out and take responsibility for Ikemes injury that happened in the dressing room. All the injuries must also be a relief for our manager, he can now blame on injuries if we go down to the League One wolves aye we


Problem: DS tells everyone that Hunt is going to play a big part in survival.

Open mouth put foot in and let opposition know who to target.


Keep shut until end of season.

Unless he has a cunning plan..........



Oh dear. Now wait for the quotes about looking for loan signings, but its oh so difficult to sign players etc. etc. followed by no one actually arriving. Sadly all too predictable with the muppets in charge of our beloved club.

Morgan's Conscience

EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES. What's done is done. Okay so they are injured, it doesn't stop us getting three or four loan deals done in the last week of the loan transfer window.

It's pathetic. Not one E&S story has had anything positive to say for ages, the same as Morgan and Moxey. It's always just an excuse as to why nothing has been done.

Even Cyprus seems to be getting out of an extreme situation but as usual nothing that's happening at Molineux gives us any confidence. Banks and countries are given a rating of AAA down to CCC but I reckon that the Wolves rating with Morgan, Moxey and Saunders in charge relates to ZZZ.

Ye Olde South Bank

Wow, you rate 'em as as high as that, my friend?

Muzzas mumblings

Now lets see how keen moxey is to allow a couple of 'loan' signings come in to save our season... Wolves need to pay big wages to get a couple of good players in on loan NOW! Erm somehow I don't think it will happen

Always the optimist... But doubtful


Wolves worse fears were that Dean Shambles will still be manager next season.


SJ Manchester

How did this guy ever pass our (obviously not) stringent medical, when he signed....? As good a player as he is, i'd be surprised if he's played more than 25% of available matches whilst he's been with us.

old golds worth more

So WHERE are the loan signings we so desperately need? We have had weeks to loan someone in, but like the January transfer window Zilch has happened. We cannot afford to wait while clubs see if they are safe or not, while we wait, we ourselves are becoming less and less certain of escaping relegation. Lack of activity in the January window added to our downfall last season, and looks like repeating itself this season, don't those at the top ever learn anything? People keep saying we shouldn't do a Portsmouth or a Coventry, but WE ARE already doing just that on the playing front. The only difference between us is, we are going down solvent while they went down insolvent! Okay we are a (well off financially) well run club, but its a completely different story regarding the footballing side, okay we will still get to watch football because we won't be going bust any time soon, but the standard of football we will be watching is (to me anyway) going to be appalling given our stadium, facilities and fan base. Those running the administrative part of the footballing side, need sacking forthwith, no other business would tolerate such incompetence, yet our club just keeps rolling along as if nothings happened. If ever there was a club in need of a Director of Football, then Wolves is it. Morgan and Moxey should defer to an experienced knowledgeable person, and let them get on with the business of running the footballing side of things. Pig headedness has cost us dearly these last two or three seasons, lets hope it doesn't cost us as dearly over the next two or three seasons as well!


Our loan signings to replace these are...............?


2 of the 3 have been our better performers this season - Ikeme and Sako - and therefore, will be missed. Personally, Edwards should not start and is no better than a 15-20 minute cameo, bit-part player. Rather than be negative about all this, it does give the likes of De Vries, Hunt, Peszko, Hammill and Ismail the chance, to show us what they have got and also I fully expect Ward to play on the left hand side this week?

Win Saturday and I reckon Wolves will survive? We must win 3 of our remaining 4 home games, which is a tough order based on our showings so far this season but achievable based on the opposition and their recent form!

Sedgley Slayer

I think that most fans were already resigned to losing these players for the rest of the season.

What many of us are getting really sick of is the lack of transfer action, with the loan market closing in a few days. It really is getting ridiculous.

When Wolves recalled McCarey last week, Walsall made another loan signing within 24 hours. There is no excuse, the club keep making the same mistakes and the short sightedness of their decisions is truly frightening.

Definitive Wolf

Transfer Rumours - Express and Star, March 25th. - All quiet on the Molineux front. Nothing changes.

are you watching what I'm watching

You should ashamed of yourself

Cairo Wolf

After trying to kid myself, I am officially preparing myself for relegation. It's just been one step forward and two steps back. Thanks Morgan and Moxey for ruining what could have potentially been an stable premier league club. Bring on Walsall!

I saw Wolves beat Honved

Haven't you noticed Walsall nearly in the playoffs - might even pass each other going in opposite directions!!


Saunders has to take the blame for the Ikeme injury. It was obvious to everyone how disappointed, angry and frustrated he was over the own goal and a proper manager would have got hold of him as soon as he went down the tunnel, sat him down and then built him up for the second half. Whatever happens this season, there aren't many players who will be able to hold their heads up - Ikeme is one.

London Bloke

I don't rate Saunders but he didn't punch the board, Ikeme did so the injury is entirely down to his own lack of self-disciplne and his childish petulance. I would hope that Ikeme has been fined.

By and large the chickens which have been threatening to come home to roost have now done so. A year of penny-pinching, indecision and appalling board level management leave WWFC staring League 1 ever more closely in the face.

Selly park wolf

Well said London bloke!

Drw Wolf

Wow, someone who is average at best can hold their head up high, bad times.


You obviously don't go much as he is far better than average! The person who is equally to blame was Davis, as you should never backpass directly to the goal. Carl Ikeme is as good as Hennessey!

gold and black in the veins

ikeme is still miles better than de vries, one hand broken or not,

old golds worth more

DS is the manager, and as such was quiet right to have a go at Ikeme (and no doubt Davis) about the farcical goal they gave away. Ikeme should have reacted by holding his hands up and admitted he was at fault, and not by reacting like he did. It was about time DS got hold of the players and rollicked them, so good for him, hope he does it more often. So to blame DS is nothing short of pathetic! As I have said in another post on this subject, Sir Alex Ferguson cut Beckham (who is ten times the player these two are) by throwing a football boot at him in the changing room, yet I didn't hear anyone saying he's a crap manager! If players cock up then they should get a rollicking by the manager, if for no other reason then they are likely to not only cost the team points, but the manager his job as well!

Ben the bean

100% agree Kevin. Saunders shows lack of skills when it comes down to handle people, that´s for sure. I really hope Saunders takes the responsibility for Ikemes reaction and injury. The injury happened in a meeting led by Saunders. An inexperienced manager under pressure will not necessarily handle people correctly. The club should fine Saunders if he get away from it so easy. It´s the manager who is responsible for how the team perform on the pitch as well as in the dressing room.


Ikeme hold his head up! If you acted like he did at your workplace you would be bloody sacked! He has played well this season, but no excuse for the way he has behaved.

Tipton Wolves

With the injuries to our squad I hope the Hammill and De Vries get a chance to show what they can do for wolves. I also think this might be a blessing in disguise for wolves as we never seen what De Vries can do as some of the wolves fans here already judging him and said that De Vries was crap and I hope De Vries can defend free kicks and organise the wall better than Ikeme who let in a few free kicks this season.

carl wolves

The Moxey led PR machine will be working on the next story as we speak. 'We are doing all we can behind the scenes to bring in a couple of quality loan signings. However, we won't compromise quality and won't bring players here that are not better than those we already have'. Roughly translated as 'We're tight fisted ******** so make do with what you've got and be grateful!'


Agree, Tipton. Ikeme is not the best when it comes to walls and he is also not the best at kicking or throwing the ball up the pitch with precision, something that De Vries is said to be good at.


Paddy. THROWING the ball up the pitch. It is football sunshine NOT netball or basketball for goodness sake get a grip.


dont forget 'and buy a season ticket'


If there is no room for Peszko in the team after this, I will really doubt DS managerial skills and I will never understand him, DS has never explained why he has put one of our best players out in the cold. That is not fair. Peszko made a great impact to the team earlier in the season, before he got injured we where third in the league.


They reckon if he makes another appearance it will trigger a clause, and we will have to make a payment, That's the reason he has not even made the bench recently, I don't know how true this is, but it wouldn't surprise you the way this club is being run.


Hmmmm....still missing the Solbakken project. 2-3 players out i Jan - new faces in. Was excited by the idea - but stuck with DS this season. Main goal - no relegation. Next season ? 6-8 players out - and get some hungry players in and mould a team during the summer that really wants to play for a promotion - and to be proud of wearing the B&G shirt! Attitude / quality / plan of play / committment aso......................... tired of kick & run!


Our only chance of loan signings is to try and find supreme optimists. Any less than that and we shall fail to get anyone in. After all, and let's face it, working in a funeral parlour like the Molineux is not everyone's cup of tea.

Selly park wolf

At least they should be back just in time for the play offs! Lol.

Loan signings please DS.

A target man for SEB to play off a creative midfielder and maybe a keeper just in case and please give hamill and pezsco a chance!


so now we need 5 loan signings just to get back to where we were before the injuries this season just gets better long gone the bright new future of wolves 50000 ground capacity euro football top four team this season cannot end soon enough no matter what division next season bet it's div 1 GO NOW POXEY THE FAT ONE MORGAN THE SILENT ONE AND DEANO THE CLUELESS ONE

Waggies Left Peg

It is now quite simple, if we do not get the promised three loan players into the club before the window closes we are down. Over 8,000 hardy souls have put their trust in you Morgan (God only knows why), now it is time that you repaid that trust, if you don't, then start walking and don't stop until you reach Merseyside.

Esso Ian

I for one wont miss any of them . Bring in the young wolves for me they never get chance to shine. Think moxey scared he might have to pay them a bit more money.


I think you might find that they would struggle to adjust to the pace of Championship football. They need to be introduced carefully, preferably into a confident side. Anthony Forde was thrown straight into the Scunthorpe United team last week, but struggled with the pace of League 1 football, and was substituded after 75 minutes. Brian Laws (manager) admitted after the match that he had made a mistake and that he should have introduced him from the bench.


Bakary Sako: One of those things.

Carl Ikeme: Self-inflicted stupidity.

Dave Edwards: Sorry, he needs to move on as he is injured all too often.

Sadly, regardless, we will be hard pressed to survive a second consecutive relegation with or without these players.


So according to deano Sir Alex is jealous of his record as a manager


as usual a nothing story from the local rag, and the doom merchants go in to overdrive.

team for boro

de vries

doherty rb



robinson lb.




siggy or davies


ebanks blake.


101 chicken chow mein

got a bad feeling it will be foley right midfield, back to square pegs in round holes

Woodley Wolf

Not bad.

Given we need a win I would start Siggy instead of Davies and use Pezcko instead of Hamill.

On paper, this is a good team. Players should start taking responsibility for results. Admittedly they go out with Saunders tactics ringing in their ears, but they should be adept enough to make something of them.

However, I believe Saunders will be cautious and play Ward on the left and Davies in midfield, with Henry if fit maybe getting a run out instead of a winger!

FairOak Wolf

Where are the loan signings Moxey?

What do you do all week to pick up that ridiculous salary?

Get on the phone and sort this mess out, you fool.


The Teecher

What a peice of nonsense

He's part of the problem but its not all his fault

Look no further than Steve Morgan


so where is the frantic loan activity then? you couldn't make this up, we just lost our most creative player for the season so who is going to be the difference now?

spanish ray

Where are the loan signings we were supposed to be after?Another pack of lies for the fans to swallow and don`t tell me they won`t come because of our position Mr.Morgan.If you pay the correct money they will come just to be able to play first team football.Sell up Morgan we have had enough of you lies and incompetence.

John De Wolf

I think the egos at wolves like O'Hara, Henry and Johnson et al, were all jealous of Sako and this showed in their performances. I think they were happy to just sit back and let him win games on his own. Just pass it to Sako rather then try and do anything themselves.

I think they'll now have a point to prove and will try and show they are a better team without him. I actually think, like on Saturday, we will be a better team now he is out injured. Don't get me wrong. I think he is our best player but the rest of the team have their own motives as shown by the hiring and sacking of recent managers.

I think with Edwards out also, we should get Sigurdarson or Hammil on the RW (not Foley). This will also be better for the team as Edwards is not a winger.

Ikeme's form had also dipped for me recently, although he has been solid most of the season. I think De Vries deserves a chance and will again have a point to prove. If we could get in a midfielder and striker on loan we should be ok.

The Teecher

People come up with some right bunkum on these threads but the first paragraph of this takes the biscuit

Have you given any real thought to this particular piece of tripe?


Dead right Teecher

Where do they get this rubbish from?


E&S don't have sports journalists any more, hence the recycling of old and recycled Wolves-spin news. All they do is cut and paste off the Wolves website. The only extra is this comments site and nobody at Wolves reads it anyway.

Loyal Wulfrian

3 days left after today, the nearer the deadline we get, other teams will know we are getting desperateand the fees will inflate, it looks like we will be stuck with what we have got, big surprise there then.


Oh no, but please don`t bring on Henry ....pleeeeeeeaaaase !!


passed caring to be brutally honest as long as morgan and moxey are at the club myself and the 30 that sit together will never step foot in molineux again , this club is rotten to the core, non of us have renewed ...and dont give me all that stuff about support your club through thick and thin , i have spent ££££ home and away since the 1980's and this is nearly as bad if worse than the bhatti era, dont be fooled by a new stand and a ceo and chairman saying the things we want to hear its all just pr claptrap, their is a major major underlying rotten apple/apples at the club with hiddden agenda's both on and off the pitch , im afraid to say it but until this all changes wwfc are only going one way ...down ... and even if we do stop up we will hear all the pr rubbish from moxey and co and the 'sheep 'will be brainwashed once again !


If you're past caring why do you keep coming on here? nobody's interested!

StevieG Droitwich Wolf

Forget about loanee's , the squad that got us into this mess should be made to bust a gut to get the results needed to get us out of this

If we fail to beat Boro on Sat

then we are DOOMED !

No if's or butt 's

So WiN or Bust Wolves , pull your bleedin fingers out ! & fight for it !


I'm The DJ



Sheffield Wednesday, promoted last year, currently 4th from bottom in The Championship, recently signed two

Premiership strikers on loan (Connor Whickham and Leroy Lita).

Shareholders funds / Nett worth from last financial year end £5,823,000.



Cardiff City, currently top of The Championship, recently signed a Premiership striker (Frazier Campbell).

Shareholders funds / Nett worth from last financial year end:-

Cardiff City Football Club - (minus) £39,002,000

Cardiff City Holdings - (minus) £28,691,000

Total deficit = minus £67,693,000



Wolverhampton Wanderers, currently in the relegation zone of The Championship, recently signed two Premiership

defenders, however appear to be struggling to attract players of an attacking nature, midfielders and strikers.

Shareholders funds / Nett worth from last financial year end:-

WW (1990) Ltd + (plus) £74,871,000

Wolverhampton Wanderers (1986) Ltd + (plus) £23,969,000

Wolverhampton Wanderers Properties Ltd + (plus) £18,369,000

Total: £117,209,000

Directors of all three companies Stephen Peter Morgan and Jeremy Derek Moxey.

We will be definately be the richest man in the graveyard of League 1


Has Ikeme's pay been stopped after his childish self inflicted injury............I bet not, however, poor Mr Fan still has to stump up his cash and endure dire performances.

How about sticking Moxey in goal........


Good idea - he's a tight as two coats of paint!!!!

Selly park wolf

Good call joe! I doubt much would get past the pieman himself!


don't be silly poxey wouldn't fit in the goals he's to wide

Wulfrunian Pom

I was just about to ask the same question. Is a self inflicted injury covered by insurance? Would love to see the claim form....

Gordon Bennett

Dear E&S when you are speaking to Deano every day why are you not being a journalist and asking why Peszko has not been selected week after week and where are the loan signings and what exactly is Moxey doing to earn his money. Printing Deano's ramblings without getting clarification on the major issues is lazy stuff.

The transfer window has been open for weeks and all the club does is wind us up. How can Walsall find a goalie the day after our boy comes back and we can't find anybody.


We needed to get loan players in before we lost the goals and assists of Sako......... Cant help feeling this is the nail in the coffin. Where is the match winner gonna come from in tight games? Gutted at the lack of transfer activity since January..............

Ye Olde South Bank

It's tough luck for all concerned, but there's no point in dwelling on it. Their replacements have a big job to do so let's hope they can produce the goods and save our skins.

What with Ikeme's daft, half-time punch job and Sako and Edwards biting the dust (and all in the same game!), well, you really couldn't make this joke of a season up, could you?


I note that there have been a lot of posts on this website over the last week or so complaining about the lack of activity regarding the signing of loanees. Yet few, if any actually propose any names that are a) available, b) affordable, c) better than what we already have.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if Wolves do sign someone, 50% of postee's will immediately complain with comments like "oh no not im, e's a donkey" or such like.

The fact is that there are very few available players around, that at this stage of the season, will make much (if any) difference to our plight. Like it or not, the present bunch of players - whatever you think of them - are the ones that will determine our fate.

Hard Wolf

I do understand the logistics of trimming such a big squad, but are we or where we not in a financial stable enough position to at least to foot the bill till the end of the season giving Saunders more options to choose from and to bring in players during this transfer window, the loss of sako is a huge blow and simple fact is trimming the squad like they have gave less options from players that have simply not performed this season. To be honest i think we all know that they all have to go apart from one or two, i do not believe any manager we get will be able to motivate or get the best out of these players that manager has gone (MM).

chadsmoor wolf

at last some good news ikeme and edwards out for the season with a bit of luck we won,t see them again


Ikeme shouldn't have hit the board, true but at least it shows he cared and really wanted to win which is more than can be said from the body lang and performances of most of the team over the whole season.

Ds should have handled it better ie defused the situation.

Simple question to all you who think he was being childish by loosing his temper and hitting an inanimate object.

How many of you that have been screaming at radio tv pc screens or player from the stands this season, have wanted to or hit out at the chair sofa a cushion etc.

I bet many of you and why for the simple reason frustration and anger at what you have been listening to or watching.

So fine if you can say hand on heart you have not let your emotions get the better of you following the Wolves this season and or never stuck out at anything in your life when emotions high.

Then you have the right to question Ikemes actions, he could have handled it better but how many of use could look back and say the same about our selves at some time.

I think only having use of his weaker hand and watching helplessly the survival fight, without being able to do anything about it.

Will hurt Ikeme.

Why not moan at players who are just happy to pick up wages instead of one who has tried all season for our team, for me without Ikeme and sako this season we would have been relegated over a month ago.

So give him a break at least he tries for the club so for give him for letting frustration and anger get the better of him once.

I for one watching everything that has happened infront of him this season would have wanted to hit something more than once.

my mindless waffle done agree or not


And the players to be bought in on loan are............................??????????

gReEn NigEl






Although Ikeme has had a generally good season, I think he has been struggling for form a little bit of late, so De Vries coming in is no bad thing. Sako will obviously be missed but if Hunt can maintain the standard of his performance against Bristol then the blow of losing Sako will at least be softened. As for Edwards, well we're more used to having him on the treatment table than on the pitch, so his absence won't take any getting used to.


Goal?As in jail?Damn good idea!!!


just heard about the 3 new loan singings. no wun wil sine, no wun cum in and the invisable man.


shocking absolutely shocking!!!!!!!!

dynamic is a word that no member of staff has heard of at the molineux!!!!


De Vries is a perfectly capable replacement, Sako is a luxury and Dave Edwards is, well, Dave Edwards. We'll be fine.


DS must go out and take responsible for Ikemes reaction in the dressing room, DS is responsible for how the team perform on the pitch as well as in the dressing room, and an inexperienced manager under pressure not always handle people correctly and this happened under a meeting lead by DS. DS is a kind of manager who blame everyone else than himself, in my opinion DS should change the focus away from the players mistakes to what we want to do as a team.

chris h

The problem on Saturday,will be the same problem all season;where are the goals going to come from? And still they do nothing in the loan market to address this obvious weakness since Fletcher was sold. The arrogance and/or incompetence of the Directors is quite unbelieveable. They do not deserve to have sold more than 8,000 early bird seasom tickets.

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