Karl Henry: My Wolves form’s not been good enough

Wolves captain Karl Henry today admitted he has no complaints with being axed – because he hasn’t played well since Christmas.


The 30-year-old skipper was replaced by David Davis for last Saturday’s 2-1 win over Bristol City – the first time he hasn’t been picked on merit this season.

Henry was disappointed at manager Dean Saunders’ decision, but admits his form hasn’t been good enough. “I was disappointed but I don’t think I’ve played well since Christmas,” said the midfielder.

“I’ve had maybe two decent games so I can have no complaints. I now have to work hard to get back in the team.”

Wolves return to action to host fast-fading Middlesbrough next Saturday in second-from-bottom, a point from safety.

Kevin Doyle and Stephen Ward have also been dropped recently and Henry believes the team has struggled because so many senior players haven’t done the business.

“We’re in this situation because too many of us haven’t performed,” he said. “There are no excuses.”

Henry is impressed by Davis, who scored the own goal that triggered the dressing room row that saw Carl Ikeme break his hand punching the tactics board.

“Dave is a good player and he’s going to have a big career,” said Henry. “He responded really well to the own goal and he’s a good player who will go a long way.”

Meanwhile, Jack Robinson has sent out a ‘don’t mess with me’ message to the Championship with his no-nonsense approach, according to Saunders.

The on-loan Liverpool left-back completed a good week with his first goal for England Under-21s on Thursday in their 3-0 win over Romania. Last Saturday he set the tone for his best game for Wolves with a firm tackle on Paul Anderson, who limped off with a bruised knee.

“Jack is aggressive – we saw that tackle on Paul Anderson and then he put in another straight afterwards on Albert Adomah,” said the boss. “They were clean tackles but he just showed some aggression.

“It sends a message out ‘you’re not getting your own way against me’. He’s only 19 and he’s learning all the time.”

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Comments for: "Karl Henry: My Wolves form’s not been good enough"


Hope you stay Karl. you will be needed in League 1. We all find our right level over time and this is where you and the team deserve to play. Table doesn't lie.


Re - Jack Robinson's tackle, if that tackle was "firm" I wouldn't like to be on the end of a hard one - it was MEGA! The best tackle seen at the Mol in years. Karl Henry take note.

Selly park wolf

It certainly was a fantastic tackle! A bit more of that from a few others wouldn't go a miss!

chris h

We want to finish the last 8 games with 11 men,so we don't want any more crazy tackles from Henry or anyone else. Nothing much wrong with Henry's tackling except when the red mist encourages him to lunge.The problem with Henry is passing the ball and it would help if he scored once in awhile. It is allowed to score a goal from midfield,Karl,have a word with Kenny Hibbitt.


Don't get me wrong, I am all in favour of good honest hard tackling in the game and as the football becomes almost a non-contact sport I miss the tough full-backs of old. However I think most coaches would be discouraging the sort of tackle he made, on the basis that if you get one slightly wrong then you are likely to be off down the tunnel shortly afterwards.


Fair point Noisy


It was a quality tackle from the old school I was surprised he got away with it.it was probably the highlight of the season for me..


Oh....Kevin Muscat what memories....

The Flying Winger

Only since Christmas!

Yes we know, a good manager would have strengthened the midfield and dropped him long ago, along with a few more.

There lies the problem, we haven't had a good manager.

Bazza B

Well thanks for admitting you have been inconsistent and poor this season. As Captain and a locallad you should be better.You and the relegation players have been poor for 2 seasons. Why is this Karl? What has gone wrong amongst this playing staff? Why have you all been FAILURES? My only solution at WW is to get rid of you and the 13 or so others who played in the relegation season. Until you all go the cancer of negativity, inconsistency and professional capitulation, will remain. You got 3 Managers the sack. Shame on you and all the players, bar Solbakken's buys. You let us down. You are unfit to wear the shirt. Go and go quickly!


Sorry but I can't add anymore to the above comment!!!! Bazza B spot on


Bazza, spot on!!!!

Bolton Wolf

I agree Henry dont worry .When were in Div 1 you've found your niche .Like the rest of the lazy overpaid comedian troop. I keep smiling.


So your,e form has not been good since x-mas Karl, Then why have you been picking your wages up...

Walsall Wolf

Sorry Karl what did you say ,you haven't played well since Xmas lol..Matey i'll tell you now that you haven't played well for 3 seasons and you should have been dropped ages back..since you have been capt we have been struggling cos we have had no leader, Aleast DS as seen it early not like the other useless lot we have had in charge


For some considerable time Mr H..we have paid good money to watch ...BUT you are not alone so do not feel so bad........

Bruno streete

Yes Karl,you have been awful for the last 3 years.arriverderci ar kid!

Son of a Pitch

'Not played well since Christmas' - which Christmas would that be then Henry!!!!

The Voice of Reason

Nevermind Christmas, you've offered nothing since the day you were sent against Villa. You also had the nerve to say we would've been better off if we started the season with the manager who has won 2 games against the league's poorest sides since he turned up. You can go at the end of the season, you won't be missed.

Frank Chickens

"He hasn't played well since Christmas"



Put the Champagne away lad ain't no party going on here also try and stay out the team until the end of the season.


Is that christmas 2008 by any chance Karl?...


So Mr Henry now admits he hasn't been at his best since Christmas. The other headline tells us "Karl Henry assured of his future at Wolves"

What does that tell us about the running of this club?

By the way, Karl, when you knew your form was inadequate, did you consider taking a cut in salary to reflect that inadequacy?

Do you have any idea when your phenominal frree-scoring form will return? Just asking in case we are in the Evo Stick league playing Northwich Victoria when you and your colleagues finally find their level.

yarmouth wolf

We all got sick of MM saying the team have put a shift in , but the sad reality since he left they haven't. Bunch of slackers . They are all coming out with we haven't performed well enough , but none of them are saying what the hell they are going to do about it .

Wolves ay we !

Dutch Wolf

Karl, with the best will in the world, you were the First Team Captain during this horrible decline this last whole year, and badly let yourself down, also your team mates, four managers, the coaches, all the other club employees, and the fans. You have a massive responsibility to lead the players and you have failed miserably for a year. How you remain Captain of Wolverhampton Wanderers when you have shown such poor leadership of the players is beyond me.


As club captains go, Karl Henry is not where he should be. He is a midfielder, but has a career average of only one goal every 45 games. Sadly, he’s more likely to get a red card than a goal! By comparison, Steven Gerrard is a midfielder but has a career average of one goal every 4 games! John Terry, a defender, has a career average of one goal every 11 games. Don’t get me started but Henry is just not the business and this in particular is where Wolves have come up short. The fact that Mick McCarthy made Roger Johnson club captain in August 2011 showed that he recognised Henry’s shortcomings, but that was a move that led to the steady decline from top of the Premier League to bottom of the Championship in 19 months. Roger Johnson wasn’t up to the job either of course. A good inspirational club captain who can bang a few goals in is worth his weight in gold. This is what we have been lacking for years now.


FAIR play karl for your honesty! just dig in get back to old form from when we first gtot promoted and prove these critics wrong!


Bunch of over paid,under worked senior waste of space.

Get rid of them all.

Do not deserve to wear the shirt.

That includes Moxey and his £6 sur charge.


Dave is a good player and he’s going to have a big career.

Where Karl, Poundland?

Id say he's worse than Crab Henry and that's saying something. Send him back to Chesterfield, and for good this time.


Kid just starting his career in a losing team - idiotic and cowardly post and a prime example of why some Wolves fans need to take a look at themselves just as much as some of the senior players.


Honesty at last, yes Karl that's correct you hav'nt played well since Christmas, but which one 2009 is my guess!


Glad to hear you admit you have not been at the races Karl. I still believe that as a local boy,you always give your all when you put on the shirt.

But such has been your complacency with your performances and the teams that a few weeks ago you were still thinking we would make a top six spot??.

I blame Mick, Stale, and Deano for continuing to play you when you have shown no leadership on the pitch for a long time. You slow down our attacks by passing backwards or sidewards and stats show you are more likely to get a red card than a shot on target.

Mick never gave the likes of you,ward,berra,doyle,edwards and jarvis any real competition for your places which would really have helped keep this team competitive, but he did give the captaincy to Johnson so maybe he did recognise your limitations

Stale made a big mistake of not getting a defensive midfielder to replace you at the start of the season.

Deano has finally seen the problem and dropped you, but unfortunately has chosen Davis who is not consistent instead of getting someone experienced in on loan. Deano has made the defence more solid, but has done nothing to strenghen the midfield or forward line. His loan targets have been unrealistic and the weaknesses remain and may yet cost us and him his job if we go down.


Great post - nothing wrong with Karl's commitment - but you're spot on when it comes to our attacking moves and we simply can't have a midfielder who never ever has a shot - defenders know they never have to close him down - just stand off, wait for a sideways pass and use he time to get in position and get everyone marked up.


You don't say karl,thanks for the newsflash.lol

sports giant

Muppet's he's by far our best player,just get off his back

Bully bully

Yes and other breaking news water is wet and the grass is green talk about stating the bloody obvious


Meaningless words from the dressing room ring leader of the Luddite faction who have been instrumental in the sacking of 2 proper managers (soon to be 3?) plus Connor since his sulk at the time of RJ's arrival. His disciplinary record is atricious and this coupled with the ridiculous run in he had with Joey Barton have not only tarnished his own reputation but also that of the Club. His captaincy skills are non existent and he has offered little or nothing positive to the team or over 3 years.


What an absolute bunch of negative idiots wolves have as fans.

All I can hope for is if we do go down all the monkeys that post drivel on this site and other forums decide to not go down the molineux. Not that most go anyway.

Selly park wolf

That would probably leave just you in your gold and black tinted glasses then!


WHAT A PATHETIC BUNCH OF KEYBOARD WARRIORS. Someone posts a negative diatribe, and like the sheep or lemmings you all are, you follow his lead. Some of you have never been to Molineux, and yet you come on here with your drivel.

Karl Henry did not say he has not been trying since Christmas, but that his form has not been good. There is a difference. Maybe he should have done an Ikeme, and punched the tactics board. He hasn't. He has put his hand up, and admitted he deserved to be dropped. There is no spitting out HIS dummy (unlike some of you lot) or putting in a transfer request. This player has manned up, and you lot still lay into him. Why don't some of you lot man up, and get a life.

You call yourselves "Fans" or "Supporters." You are neither. You are just a bunch of saddo's that need some opportunity to whinge at someone else without rhyme or reason. Hiding behind a keyboard and spouting off does not help the team one bit. Try getting behind the players and offering support. No!! I have to realise you are not capable of that. Go ahead, now bleat about how it's up to the players to give you something to cheer about. It's pathetic, but it is SO you lot.


Great points! There is a vast difference between not putting any effort in and trying but nothing going right. Get behind the players and stop slagging everyone off. Negativity breeds negativity, positive thinking and we'll stay up and push on next season.


Brillant! Thank you for that a very sensible post unlike a lot on here, I was beginning to think that I was the only one to stick up for him now some have seen Sue off, hopefully she'll be back soon!

Wolf at Gate

Henry, and a number of others should have manned up on the field, surely that is not too much to ask !

And do you honestly think all the Wolves players including Henry have given 100% in every game this season.

I can remember well the dark days in Old Division 4, some of the players were simply not good enough, it was not their fault, but they like the Chapman Brothers and many others always gave 100% and were respected for that.

Rafael Villazan

That's a serious stutter you've got there!

Wolf at Gate

Henry, and a number of others should have manned up on the field, surely that is not too much to ask !

And do you honestly think all the Wolves players including Henry have given 100% in every game this season.

I can remember well the dark days in Old Division 4, some of the players were simply not good enough, it was not their fault, but they like the Chapman Brothers and many others always gave 100% and were respected for that.

Wolf at Gate

Henry, and a number of others should have manned up on the field, surely that is not too much to ask !

And do you honestly think all the Wolves players including Henry have given 100% in every game this season.

I can remember well the dark days in Old Division 4, some of the players were simply not good enough, it was not their fault, but they like the Chapman Brothers and many others always gave 100% and were respected for that.


And back then players were being paid peanuts.it was in there interest to give 100% and try to become the best they could to make a living. .I think players have been so totally overpaid for so many years now that us the fans are at the end of the road with average Joe players becoming millionaire s..iv give up blaming them now. Just hope we can pull off a miracle


i've been saying exactly that for years, but the keyboard warriors are too selfish to understand anything. utw

The Unhappy Wanderer

I have to agree with Wolf at Gate. While I accept that admitting you have been playing poorly is more mature than making a bad situation worse with a self inflicted injury, too many of the players have failed to do their talking on the pitch week after week.

I don't think the managers have helped by continuing to pick them. There's nothing says "you need to pull your finger out" more clearly than "you're dropped" and Saunders, for all his faults, does seem more willing to do that than Solbakken was.

But ultimately the players should be responsible for their own performances and holding your hand up and accepting you've not played well doesn't move us up the league table.

Ghost of Glen Hoddle

I have to agree with Rafael Villazan


breretonwolf please read the earlier posts again including mine and be objective as a wolves fan watching games and individual players performances over this season

If the team is playing well you can easily see the players in the team that are really performing well. Equally when we are struggling you can see the reasons why, difficult as it may be.

Are you seriously saying that Karl by his performances as a captain deserves to still be in the side?

This is not whinging, its merely fact. Karl is simply not playing well and leading the team through difficult times. His ball control and passing seriously hinder the teams forward play.You dont have to go to molineux to see that. if you watched the game against leicester you would have seen us 2-1 down and Karl trying to pass backwards on the edge of leicester's box instead of trying to shoot at goal.. Deano subbed him after that... I think Deano's gets it too.

One last thing - football is supposed to be entertainment and fans come to see a performance and goals. They need something from the players to get behind them and apart from Sako little i have seen in the billy wright stands when i go has raised any excitement and some of the performances have been beyond pathetic.. Maybe thats why the early bird resales are so low??

Compton Halt

A keyboard warrior hiding behind a keyboard Interesting.

If KH knew his form was dipping since Christmas why didn't he man up and step down from being captain?

This Individual orchestrated the dismissal of SS, It's common knowledge so sorry can't get behind players upto this sort of sinister behaviour.

Henry Is a happy clappers delight and part and parcel of the mess were In.


what a sad little rant. Clearly you haven't heard of expressing an opinion.

bad wolf

Thanks for all your efforts in trying to get Stale sacked !


what do you mean 'trying' !

Karl The Crab Henry

Now now Karl not just since Christmas but at least the past 3 years have you shown no football vision . You always take the back or sideways pass with no forward thinking ( due to your lack of football skill ) not to mention your wayward tackling . To cut a lib story shirt you have been a player that has cost us far more than bringing any benefit to our great team now for 2+ seasons . Do an honourable thing even if you're a local lad putting in a so called shift as the happy clappers claim ( even that is dubious ie putting in a shift ) and stop leaching off us and leave with a smidgen of dignity , and please convince the rest of the poison McCarthy clan to go with . We don't need long tongues brown nosed players we need hungry passionate grafters with vision and pride !!!!


He does pass forward when there is the option to do so. What he doesn't do is aimlessly punt it forward for the sake of it. If that makes him a bad player then I'd hate to see a good one.

big les mitton

Tarrar a bit

English Exile

Henry said “I was disappointed but I don’t think I’ve played well since Christmas,”

Do you want a second opinion?

and which Christmas did you mean???

rowley wolf

karl your not good enough,since you have been at wolves you have probably played well in a dozen games out of over 260+games,you are meant to be the midfield general but the problem there is you cant tackle,pass or head & you also cant shoot so what do you actually do apart from talk a good game? how your wolves captain i will never know,you have no leadership qualities whats so ever,but there is where the problem is,we have no leaders on the pitch at wolves so i suppose you all drawed straws & you won! in the summer this is a major position we need strengthening we need a ball winner who can put his foot in without getting sent off& be able to pass the ball & wolves have not had a great one since paul ince in my opinion & i can not think off too many about at the moment,none that wolves can afford anyway! oh but there is a guy at forest doing ok name guedioura definitely a better player than super karl,do you remember him mr morgan!


Absolutely spot on Rowley. We are where we are because of vastly overrated players like Karl Henry.

The sooner we clear them out the sooner we can start moving on again.

Karl's Reply

Come on lads, I was talking about Christmas 2012, now I'm not having a go at the fans here, but I train for 2 hours, 5 days a week and then some times have to play 2 x 90 minutes games in a week. And you lot haven't been outstanding support for years.

Ow, and if I had the chance to move i would, It's not my fault that no club has come in for me for the last few years.

And it's hard to play Championship Football when you a skilled Premiership player, which all of us at Wolves were before this season.

Give me some credit..............


You think you're very clever don't you but you're not what does ow mean?

Karl's Reply

Ow, you no so clever fan then :-)

Karl's mom

My son is too good for this league so please lay off him, you will see once he's back in the prem

karl's Reply

Mom, I told you, ever since that day in the park and those guys took my football, and you beat them up for me and made them say sorry Karl, please leave me to fight my own way.

I know you love me, but so do most of the Wolves Fans.

Can't help them thick one's......who don't know what Ow means.........

hi karl.

just look at paul cook, mike bailey ernie hunt I could go on Kenny hiibit , I give up, if you get out of this mess I bet you will be off, maybe villa???,


Which Christmas? I've no doubt his heart and soul are in the right place but he really is a one dimensional midfielder. Davis appears to have picked up a fair few of Henry's bad traits, like calling for the ball from the goalkeeper when unaware of the pressure around him.............Henry is not good enough. He did a job for us many moons ago but has been out of his depth / found out for the last three years. I've always said that our imbalanced approach in the team has stemmed from the midfield and the continual push from previous managers to play Henry really hasn't helped. He's an anchor man and doesn't have the vision or ability to play any other position, but we don't play that formation so he's really superfluous to our needs.


Karl Henry was a good solid championship player in our seasons before we got promoted, IMHO. He got forward, made runs and played at a reasonable pace, he even shot at goal on occasions. Since he played in the premier, he has become a one dimensional sort of hitman. Slow in possession, lacking any forward intentions and very easy to see why he has been likened to a crab. The macho stance he seems to prefer than the running hardworking 'get about the field' which he did previous is completely out of place in this or for that matter any division IMHO.

Get back to the old ways Karl, to make a difference. Not this style probably indoctrinated into you by your old mentor MM.


Good point MM turned a lot of half descent (that's as far as I wil go) players into negative numptys,defending to the death and boring the opposition and fans to death.Three seasons that man had to create a half descent squad, he failed abysmally!


So true - no wonder things have gone so well since we got rid of that idiot!


I can't believe you're all knocking the captain of WWFC. Have some respect.


It's not about Form. It's about quality. And sadly, as much as I like you as a person, you aren't good enough.

There just is no creativity at all with you in the team. And we certainly shouldn't need a holding midfielder in the Summer , whatever league we are in. If the defence is strenghtened properly, then we should be looking at improving the midfield and strike force.

There is no room for Karl Henry anymore. I suspect you'll end up joining Mad Mick in any case.

ste io

We have run out of patience you and others who dont play well ,you have made us laughing stock of midland football teams.You personally play like you have bet on wolves to go down ,we know you like a bet.

Cornish Wolf

Sarky Git!


I for one am sick of his attitude. He's smarmy and thinks he's a lot better than he actually is. Our midfield has not been good enough all season, it's just a pity that we have players that actually want to play for us that won't get given a chance.


Take ur red cards and backwords tactics and go back 2 stoke and while ur there take poxy moxey with u 2


Karl Henry could not adapt to a modern style of playing football under Stale and as a captain he then started to work against Stale, and he has instead brought us back to the stone age under the mediocre kick and run manager Saunders. A mediocre player and a mediocre manager hand in hand towards League One.

Orlando Wolves

Brett, you have hit the nail on the head!

Henry was instrumental in getting Stale dismissed, and so were others from our relegated team of last season. I am of the belief that the 50% pay cut that SOME players had, has resulted in a 50% effort on match days by certain individuals.

Sadly, we have gone back to schoolboy kick and run tactics again, with an inept manager.

Karl Henry is a players player . If you asked the dressing room to pick a team , he would be on every players list but not on many fans team sheets . I ve been watching wolves regularly since 1977 and my humble opinion is that he has been a good player for us . He doesn't pull up trees but we leek goals when he does nt play . In fact no on ever says when he has a good game and he s had plenty , remind s me of Geoff palmer in a way but he never got the stick Henry gets .


I tell you what, don't bother stating the bleeding obvious, just improve your game to the standard your paid to play. Try not getting sent off with ridiculous tackles & just get on with your job!

Karl's Reply

"standard your paid to play"..........I think you will find last season we were all paid twice as much as we are on now.

If your employer cut your wage by 50% then I sure you would be working as hard.

No, like us Wolves players you would be putting in half the effort, which is what we are doing...........If you have a problem with that, well you need to have a chat with Jezz Moxey, cause we told him and he just went on about income streams being reduced. seems like a river to me........


At least Henry is being honest; he did deserve to be dropped. I just hope DS keeps Karl on the bench for the Boro game because Davis deserves to start above the skipper. Also, Henry was right to say that Wolves' top players haven't performed this season (although he failed to mention they were crap last season as well). Most, if not all of the Mcarthy brigade should be shipped out at the end of the season, regardless of what league we're in - then we can rebuild with new players and look forward to a hopefully a brighter future.


its a bit late end of march admitting you and the rest of mad micks castoffs havent performed very well this season.as team captain you should of been kicking some butt. but deep down so long as you didnt have to take a massive pay cut or train too hard,you werent bothered.


Please shut up Henry! We all know you are out of your depth, in the end you will find your level in League One.

Walsall Wolf

You Wolves fans who are sticking up for Henry make me laugh but i never hear you on the radio ,all i hear on radio is people saying how bad he is ,not once have heard someone saying how good he is so come on and get some balls and get on radio WM and tell us how good he is.

Henry as cost us dearly over the last 3 seasons

Bad tackles

Sending off's

Negative play

No attacking abilty what so ever.

Talking absolute rubbish in papers and making himself sound completely thick.

Blaming other teammate for mistakes when he give the ball away in the first place ....ie sako

As soon as this player is out of Molineux the better and then the team can move on


Sorry, we all forgot that real wolves fans do radio phone ins. Should have known, I always feel so enlightened listening to them. I used to slag off Henry but then I spent a coupe of games specifically watching what he did. Proved an eye opener. He may not get goals but he's the only player who has a clue how to shield the defence in our team.


Has played well since Christmas, Christmas 2009 right or have I got the dates wrong? Karl your 30 move to Walsall thats where you and 70% of the rest of the team derserve to be. A disgrace to the shirt and the club as a whole.


Christmas. . . 2006




Henry,i've got more goals in me than you have.The most negative captain the club has had since 1877. A disciplinary record worse than Saddam,and distribution worse than the Sandwell Financial Times.







I smacked you Son! How you feel? I smacked you like BLAAAH!


Okay, I don't know who those posts were from, but they weren't from me. So now, in addition to having stalkers, I have tribute acts too.

Greg Fletcher

I totally agree with Breretonwolf.

Our problem is we have been the spoilt bratts of the football world for so long that we took for granted and now because some of our so called supporters we are now a laughing stock.

I have been a Wolves Supporter for around 30 years. I was born in Southampton and moved to Wolverhampton when I was 2 with my twin brother.

Let us get behind the lads and make the Golden Palace an environment that other team and fan will hate.

Fletch - Wolves forever

chris h

Fleas bite,monkey's scratch and zombies give unqualified support. Human beings should engage their brains. Do you really think our current demise is down to the fans? Have you not read the criticsm of Morgan and Moxey in the national media.Criticism that has been endorsed by numerous ex professional footballers. I agree wholeheartedly we should always get behind the team and by and large fans at the games have done that .Even Moxey agrees this is the case,although he is of course touting to sell season tickets.It really is quite unbelieveable,when you look at all the managerial mistakes made, and the obvious lack of ambition at Board level; that some people still try and blame the long suffering fans.


Complete good sense as usual.


Look whilst i agree Henry hasnt been 'on top' of his game for sometime now we shouldnt really be aiming this amount of abuse and negativity at him.

The real reason for our fall from the Premier league and the continuing fall into the abyss is for the most part down to the management at the club - and by that term i mean the guys with no footballing sense or perspective between them.

I dont think we need to spell it out do we.


Stop talking Karl and start doing and that's also aimed at all at the Mol, top to bottom. However, in regards to us on here let's stop ripping the team and start backing them till the end of the season and then take stock. We know the problems but let's all stop bitchin, me included and get behind the team!! Come on me BABIES!!!!!!


I've not seen Dean Saunders quoted that he "wants another 2 or 3 players before the end of the season" for a while. Has he grown tired of making an idiot of himself? Or, has he realise the loan window closes Thursday and that we're running out of games!? Clueless. If it wasn't about the demise of my club, it would be funny!