Wolves' boost from Kevin Doyle Ireland axe

Wolves boss Dean Saunders today declared the club will benefit from a ‘fresher’ Kevin Doyle after his snub by the Republic of Ireland this week.

Soccer - International Friendly - Republic of Ireland v Oman - Craven Cottage

Tonight’s World Cup qualifier away to Sweden and the visit of Austria next Tuesday will be the first time in seven-and-a-half years that Doyle has been excluded from the Ireland squad through anything other than injury.

Wolves team-mate Stephen Ward was also left out of Giovanni Trapattoni’s final 23-man party for the two qualifiers.

Doyle has amassed 53 caps during his time at Reading and Wolves and has often been seen as a talisman for club and country.

Trapattoni said Doyle was omitted in favour of  Derby striker Conor Sammon because of his lack of confidence on the pitch and after seeing the club block a loan move to Celtic in January.

Ireland No 2 Marco Tardelli insisted Doyle can win his place in the squad back. And Saunders reckons Wolves can reap the benefit of a refreshed Doyle.

The boss, who has had the players in for training for most of this week, said: "It’s a boost having Doyle and Wardy here.

“They were left out of the national squad which I’m pleased about because I’ve rested Doyle at times and he’s looked fresh.

“He played well when he came on against Cardiff – he looked a different player.  From a selfish point of view, I’m glad to have him here and missing out on these Ireland games.

“There is less chance of the pair of them getting injured.”

Doyle seems certain to keep his place for the visit of Middlesbrough in eight days’ time, after his match-winning header that clinched the much-needed 2-1 win over fellow strugglers Bristol City last Saturday.

Ward is available again for the Middlesbrough game after missing the Bristol City match through suspension after he was sent off in the 3-1 defeat at Nottingham Forest.

But his return to left-back is by no means guaranteed after on-loan Liverpool defender Jack Robinson, 19, had his best game since his arrival.

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Comments for: "Wolves' boost from Kevin Doyle Ireland axe"


Bingo! Another triumphantly stupid remark from our village idiot manager. How is Doyle being told he is no longer good enough or confident enough to be selected even for the Irish squad, never mind team, going to improve his performances for us? Bound to have the opposite effect.

chris h

Jersey, What good does it do calling our manager a' village idiot'.How will that help us avoid being relegated? He has got his coaching certificates,he has successfully played football at the highest level .Unlike the previous manager is on the training ground every day,trying to improve the players. Give the guy a break. We all need to stick together and fight the opposition,not ourselves,if we are to have any chance of staying up.

Farmer Ted

Absolutely spot on Chris. Unfortunately there are too many throwing abuse at a young manager who is clearly trying his hardest. He's certainly improved things on the pitch and just as the Bristol City victory was tainted by some awful football so the Leicester City defeat was laced with some thrilling play.

Just what do these people thing they are contributing to the cause ?


Dean is 48...I don't think that can be called young.


100% agree with you Jersey. BRING SOLBAKKEN BACK!!!!!!

Roaring Boy

Everybody waiting with baited breath for loan signings before window closes. What history do we have in signing players Muppet Morgan wont do anything. If by some miricle they pull one out the bag it wont be this week as they have to pay his wages with no game due to international break.

Morgan go now please leave my club go a build some chicken runs in Blackburn for the Venkys you are both well suited to each other. Both idiots ruining to good part of the commuinty fooball clubs.

All that money and banging the drum about Academy status, I think you loose it if your not in top two divisions. What a Muppet

Balham Wolf

Doyle in Ward out! We all know he is not a left back and young Robinson does a better job.


Conor Sammon is even less prolific than Kevin Doyle. Who wants to be part of a boring Irish team in anycase? Look at their side tonight and it is full of journeymen!

We have Ebanks-Blake, Doyle, Cassidy and Sigurdarson - when they play him as striker - and I therefore suggest that if we are to bring in loan signings... midfield is the issue? Henry cannot offer us anything and Davis has not developed as he should have!


Another reason not to get a loanee..... see Moxey and Morgan have got me thinking like them now ....


He's off again!!! I am imagine Doyle is gutted at being dropped by his country. My view is he is a quality player who is low on confidence and enthusiasm and the last thing he needs to hear is that its good news he has been dropped. Will someone gag this bloke!!!


Doyle, Ward, Hunt and Foley are just past their sell by date! International managers know this so it just goes to show our halfwit manager just does not have a clue. I know he has to work with these players who should have been sold two seasons ago but until these players are gone together with shambles at the end of the season we won't be any better. Going down !


Great news! After all, he's on a hot streak now.


Ok lets get the moaners started least we will have a fully rested Doyle for the end of the season.

Angry Wolf

Who cares if Doyle plays for Ireland, he is no longer committed to us, it’s the same scenario that we had with Miller, head and heart are already at Celtic, why risk injury when you know your off in the summer.

Ron Burgundy

Did he just score one of the most important goals of Wolves recent history you ignoramus ...

The Unhappy Wanderer

I don't agree with the logic. Doyle's form has been poor all season, so I don't think it's explained by the interest from Celtic.

I think it's more a combination of complacency (he thought the Championship would be easier than it is), a lack of understanding with SEB, and poor service (most players would get fed up trying to make something of aimless punts forward eventually), all leading to low confidence.

Golden Nugget

Don't agree with you at all. Whatever you think of Doyle's ability i think he is a totally genuine guy who i have never seen give less than 100%. He is prem standard for playing up on his own, holding the ball up and drawing the fouls for free kicks. Granted not the most natural scorer but never less than totally comitted. I assume you don't go to games and just listen to some of the muppets on here slagging him off. By the way - never seen Hunt give less than 100% either.


What total and utter drivel. Doyle had chances to leave Wolves on several occasions, and always said he was happy to stay here. He has always given 100% in a Wolves shirt, and will continue to do so.

As for it affecting his confidence, as suggested by a previous poster, my guess is that it will have the opposite effect, and galvanise his determination to get his Ireland place back. Having had two weeks clicking his heels, he is going to be raring to go.


Being dropped by your country makes you feel better?

I dont think so. Maybe it motivates Doyle and Ward a little more, lets see.

You cannot blame Trapattoni, why pick players that are not scoring regularly or defending badly in a team near the bottom of the Championship. He has other options.



Filthy Wolf

Hardly surprising as they want someone who SCORES regularly. His head is gone now he is off to Celtic in the summer.

mr smug

doyle... not good enough on so many levels.

who cares.


Axed from Ireland now axe him from Wolves.


Being dropped by your country must be a tremendous boost to the confidence - doh!


Angry Wolf Did you see last Saturday Doyal desves an call up fans like you will send us down!

The Real Bangkok Wolf

How are we going to put the club down?

I don't play for wolves and get 20k a week.

Celtic must be desperate if they want him


Dont care where he goes as long as he can get us 2 or 3 goals from now till the end of the season

wolves boo-boy

Some said we are following Coventry City in our decline, but Im starting to think its more like Luton Town


anybody who GOES to the matches will see how commited doyler is to the cause. said it a million times,he isnt a prolific goalscorer ,but his work rate on and off the ball is excellent. i would play him right wing,as dean seem to keep on ignoring hammil and pezco. as for ward unless you gonna play him upfront,TAXI TO IPSWICH PLEASE.

old golds worth more

Of course Doyle not being selected for ROI is a benefit to us, he will have had a longer rest in which to recharge his batteries for a start. Who would pick Doyle to lead their attack, given his goal scoring record this season anyway? Hopefully being dropped is just the jolt he needs to get him scoring again. As to Celtic being desperate as somebody commented in here, well Scotland (Jason in this case) couldn't get a game at Ipswitch, yet since his move to Barnsley his goal scoring record has been good. So the same thing will probably happen with Kevin Doyle should he go elsewhere, I'm willing to bet he will score far more goals next season if he moves, then he has/will this season with us.


Yawn didn't know life could be so boring reading this type of story


To be honest, neither Doyle or Ward deserve to be selected to play international football; their form has been terrible this season. Lets just hope Doyle can hit the goal trail at long last now that he has got one against Bristol.


When players loses their place in the national team, it's a signal that both the player and the team are on a bad trip, and the manager has the responsibility. DS is trying to think positive, but it is only pathetic.


Moaner yes! I have just watched San Marino get stuffed by England, You happy clappers go and watch them next season they have the footballing statistics you like no shots on target, One corner ,Dreadful defence,Can't put two passes together.And played in front of a crowed of 4,250,That will be a third of next seasons attendance at the Mol next season.By the way Doyle and Hunt could not stop scoring for Reading until they came here, Two decent players ruined by shocking management,Has for comments saying Doyle will benefit from being dropped from the Irish squad and will benefit from a rest. Get a life, Soon as a player gets dropped from the international squad these days you can bet he will be off like a shot.


Doyle has seriously gone off. As a £6.5m buy he has performed at nowhere near that level for over 12 months. What would WW get for him now?Maybe £1m. He should be ashamed of his deterioration and lack of consistency. We should expect him to be a leader , not a whimp. He, like about 12 other of the relegated failures from last season, must go before we can move forward. No fight, no mental strength, no ability, no adaptability.There is something rotten and broken about our squad. They all have to be culled..... and Morgan will get next to no money for them. Watch Doyle go to Celtic and get 25 goals next season. Poor Saunders has come to WW to find a shambles. All he can do is be a Mr Motivator. Sadly he is a Motormouth. What drivel he speaks. SHUT UP DEANO. Do it on the pitch! For the 2nd season running I call on WW hierarchy to level with us over the player capitulation. Why have they gone from heroes to zeros in 2 seasons?

Definitive Wolf

Of course Kevin Doyle is likely move to Celtic in the summer. He would probably benefit from a change of clubs and the prospect of Champions League football and home crowds of 40,000, as opposed to whatever we can offer, make it a "no brainer". His form has not been the best lately, but people are too quick to forget what he has contributed in the past. The role he was given at times did him no favours, but he got on with it uncomplainingly. I am one who appreciates what he has given us in the past and I wish him well whatever he decides to do.


some might think this is a bit silly but stop and think about it seriously. ive always thought of doyle as the answer to our midfield problem. you watch every match he plays and he gives it 100% no doubt. hes a good tackler of the ball and unlike henry would get a bit forward at times. I think he would be a better player there than anything weve already got

Doyle`s War

Wanderer, it`s not silly at all, but absolutely sound thinking, and for the reasons

you give. Doyle`s form dipped since playing `one up front` for too long, it is an outdated tactic. Plenty of forwards dropped to midfield and found better form there feeding the attack, and also scored more from close support.

Conversely, Ward has unselfishly played in defense when he is really a centre forward, and richly deserves a chance up front.

Play Doyle left midfield, Hunt left wing, and Ward left side up front, and let these boyo`s from Ireland have a go together. What do you think ??



Solid positive fans wanted by WW so we can beat the drop. Negative moaners need not apply. Expected crowd for next home game 26. Enough all ready support the team through good or bad or support someone else.