Karl Henry assured of his future at Wolves

Wolves captain Karl Henry was today re-assured he has a part to play on and off the pitch in the survival scrap this season.


The club’s longest-serving regular was dropped for the first time under boss Dean Saunders for Saturday’s much-needed 2-1 win against Bristol City in favour of David Davis.

The 22-year-old ended up scoring the own goal howler with his over-hit back-pass that put the Robins ahead, sparking the half-time rumpus that saw keeper Carl Ikeme break his hand punching the tactics board.

Henry remained on the bench as an unused substitute but Saunders was impressed with the 30-year-old’s positive attitude and encouragement towards his team-mates during such a difficult period for the club.

“I spoke to Karl and he has a great attitude,” said the boss. “All through the game on Saturday and through the build-up to the match and on the bench, he was totally supportive of everybody.

"That’s the type of reaction I want. He’s shown what a good professional he is. And, like Stephen Ward and Kevin Doyle, they know they are going to play.”

Henry has played 33 games in all competitions this season, missing three through suspension after his dismissal against Brighton in November and others with groin and hamstring injuries.

But he has been a regular ever since signing from Stoke for a bargain £100,000 from Stoke in July 2006, reeling off 264 games in gold and black to make the top 40 Wolves appearance makers.

And Saunders revealed his decision to omit Henry for the Bristol City game was purely tactical.

“He’d played in every game for me and I just felt Bristol City were going to sit back against us and Davis – who’s been itching to get a start – would give us some fresh legs in the team,” said the boss.

Henry went on the pitch to shake hands with his team-mates and Saunders added: “People show their true colours in times of adversity.”

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Comments for: "Karl Henry assured of his future at Wolves"


please leave henry ,at the end of the season along with deano and the deadwood as well ,rebuild in league 1 ,but i hope we do stay up ,but still get rid of the deadwood in the summer


Henry would not be first on my list to get rid of.

First would be shambles

Second would be Johnson

Third would be Error

Fourth would be Ward

Fifth would be Hunt

Sixth would be Edwards

Seventh would be Doyle

Eighth would be that irritating chap who has the microphone before the match and at halftime

Ninth would be Foley

Tenth would be Daley

Eleventh would be early bird

I would keep Blake of he lost 24 lbs


Aldridge Wolf

To be honest it might be quicker and easier to list who we should keep at the club!

Henry has been a good servant to Wolves but I can't recall him either scoring or assisting heavily in a goal for ages now. Holding midfielder or not, that isn't good enough surely?!

For all Henry's limitations, I believe his heart is in the right place and it would hurt him how far Wolves have fell in such a short space of time. In my opinion, Wolves' problems began when Johnson walked through the doors. The man is cocky, arrogant and full of his own self-importance but all of these character flaws would be acceptable if he was amazing on the pitch week in week out but we all know that isn't the case. Admittedly, he's been better this season but he's playing at a lower standard and it wouldn't be that difficult to improve on last season's dismal showing.

£4.5m on Johnson.... seriously, football has gone mad.

Bunghoolioo wolf

Am I the only one that thinks Ikeme should get no pay for the next 8 matches or until he reports fit for work? In my job if I did that in a spat with the boss i'd be fired. Plain and simple. To injure yourself in petulance and jeopardise the team as a result surely that warrants some kind if serious disciplinary action? Or am I just old fashioned???



Good vote of confidence

Obviously on his way out of Molineux then


"That’s the type of reaction I want. He’s shown what a good professional he is. And, like Stephen Ward and Kevin Doyle, they know they are going to play.”

Surely this tells them that they don't have to try then. Have a week o two off, don't try too hard, get back in the team anyway.

The more I hear from DS the less I want to hear.


Then we are all equally assured, of a minimum of two entirely avoidable red cards during the forthcoming League One season. Pop the corks and chink the glasses!


A minimum of 2 Pete? How many red cards has he received on average per season during his Wolves career?


I don't know, I'm waiting for someone unutterably tedious to come along and tell me.

What I do know is, "Karl Henry apologises red card" produces one and a half million hits on Google. It seems he has a habit of trying to go in hard without the necessary skill and thinking. Sounds like someone else I know...


That's what we in the battle world call a "bodybag".


Standard response. Personal abuse, irrelevant fact, personal abuse.


PeteNuts.... Are you DS in disguise?? You talk as much tosh as him aswell.


"As well" is not one word. If you're going to accuse someone of talking (well, writing, actually) tosh, you need to not do so yourself.


There's much more to come you know,

and i can hear you sobbing so,

I guess all it goes over your too clever head.

Well, never mind...just be kind.

You are the one who sees the red.


I agree Pete his sendings off have all but 1 been meaningless and stupid.


Yeah, I suspect Noisy agrees with me too, secretly, he just likes to comment on my postings. It's rather sweet.


Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint so...

v Wigan very late and ill judged tackle definitely stupid. Sending off

v Arsenal never a red card, not even a foul

v Villa petulant and stupid, if I could pick a single moment on the pitch that led to our relegation that was it

v Brighton reckless rather than overly aggressive

So now I have covered all the red cards Karl Henry (from memory rather than via Google) has received in his 7 year Wolves career maybe you could admit that your prediction that he will receive a 'minimum of 2 next season is a bit over the top.


Good. We always look better with Henry on the pitch.


I Totally agree with you "Ben", people bang on about playing Davis instead of Henry. But Davis plays exactly the same way as Henry and he isn't as good as him

whitmore wolf

Got to disagree, Henry takes too long when passing the ball, the opposition can move across to cover quite easily, that was a big factor when Stale was manager, the passing was too pedestrian. Davis passes the ball much better (except to Ikeme!) and quicker.


The Golden destroyer is essential for breaking down other teams midfield.

Getting sent off when you tackle hard to break a team is inevitable sometimes.

Move on everyone. Stop moaning, get chanting

Distant Wolf

BOF well said. I thought that I was the only spectator that thought that Henry was any good. But then again, I thought Jarvis was nothing special, se what do I know; that is unless you ask the average West Ham supporter........................


How come it took Walsall one day to get a keeper on loan, yet it takes wolves months to get players on loan.

Deans losers

Haven't you caught on yet, Walsall are a well run club who realise if they want to loan a player their wages have to be paid. The bunch of cheapskates at Molineux run a mile when money is mentioned. How else can you explain going through the whole January transfer window with so many awful players and barely do a thing about it!!

Johnny Lever












Washing out?

Simon Vickers

No! Leave him out; he's a liability.


Stop passing backwards Karl. !!!!! The goal is in front of you !! Just try passing forwards just once, a through ball or just a simple punt to the forwards. It's not too much to ask is it ? Or maybe it is

give it to doyler

That's just great !




At least he is not slagging his club off on Twitter? lol


That clown has slagged off every club he's every played for including his country! We really don't care what he does or says anymore. Sooner he's gone the better.

You just worry about your own problems

Wim Really A Brummie Club, We Am!

I agree. Everyone should just worry about their own problems. So, what are are you doing on here?


Too right arfa. He'd be the best player by a mile for this lot from stafford but then again they can't pass the ball on the floor so he'd get no service.


Nah that's Stephen Hunts job.

Wim at a Black Country club wim Staffordshire

And Johnson... Oh, and the whole crowd ( all 18,000 of them!)

Kev in Mallorca

That's it mate! grasp any crumb of comfort.



He was not there when we needed him most. 33 GAMES! Id also have a possitive attitude getting the money they do and not having to play a match.


I really like Henry, always have. Big-hearted local bloke. But the fact that he hasn't scored (or even created in my memory) a single goal in the league for 4 years makes his automatic selection in midfield a mistake in the situation we are in (desperate for enough goals to win 5 more matches!)

Mind you, similar criticisms (forgotten how to score) could also be levelled at OHara, Cassidy, Davis, Peszko, Foley, Forde, Berra, who have probably amassed 75 appearances between them this season without a single goal!


I would still stick with Davis over Henry for the next few games.


People do indeed show their true colours in times of adversity, as demonstrated by Roger Johnson's ear cupping gesture at the fans. I'm still totally bemused at how this man is back in the team ahead of Danny Batth, who, in the few games he has played, has looked like our best defender. The young man hasn't put a foot wrong, but gets dropped to bring this clown back.


Spot on mate. Roger Johnsons attitude since he has been at this club stinks, the sooner he goes the better.

Golden Nugget

I never doubt his attitude or effort. These two attributes are laudable and admirable. The problem is his ability or lack of. I would have a great attitude and commitment, that doesn't mean i should play either!

London Bloke

Has Henry bought the champagne to celebrate their massive success?

From another thread- Saunders said: "Go and do what Stephen Hunt did – there’s an example for everyone. When you play for a big club, you have to take criticism, and that’s the price on the ticket.”

What big club are they playing for then..? Talk about inviting mockery.


big club compared to doncaster,stockport,ipswich,coventry,watford,hednesford,wigan, you get the idea


Garbage. Get rid of


A part to play on or off the field. I vote "OFF"

gold n black on me back

I agree that its good to have some encouragement about the place but to me in a must win game you need your captain on the pitch for 90 mins. Unfortunately although he's a nice guy he's no captain and can count himself lucky to even get into the starting 11. Paul ince was a real captain and he would of played tired or not


The XI that finished should be the XI that start. Henry being dropped has been coming for a while, he didnt play and although not pretty Wolves won. Its not rocket science Mr Saunders.


Couldn't have put it better myself!!!


I have heard that he is the main problem in the dressing room and probably was one of the main reasons why Solbakken went? Irrespective, Karl Henry is a waste of time and space for Wolves in this division. He is scared to shoot - remember the 2nd goal at Leicester - and as O'Hara is choosing to sit deep to collect the ball, he offers nothing in the further forward role! It's worrying that Saunders thinks that the likes of Henry and Edwards are that important to Wolves midfield?


Whilst Karl Henry has been a loyal servant of our club for many years and one must show him a certain level of respect for his contribution, I simply do not understand how he has managed to play so many games. Yes he is a disciplined player - he will cover for others and fill the hole in front of the defense but as a centre midfielder you have to be able to offer something more. Watching him for 10 minutes you can't help but sense that he doesn't want the ball.. Very rarely will he show feet and when he does he looks panicked before playing the inevitable backwards or square pass. On the odd occasion that he does try and play a forward ball, it nearl always results in us losing posession. Add into the fact that he often misses challenges and gives away silly free kicks and all in all he offers very little. We have a young, willing and enthusiastic prospect in Davis, who is strong enough to tackle well and defend, but who also looks to get on the ball and control the game. Throw into the mix his ability to shoot from distance and desire to get forward and we've got a potentially very good prospect going to waste. I would much rather see him given a permanent berth in the middle of the park than continue to watch the ever-average Karl Henry. After all, up until the Bristol City game, and ok, Davis was at fault for the own goal, we had changed pretty much every single player in our starting line-up countless times with the exception of Henry and it had made little to no impact. We drop him, and we win. I appreciate that win was against a very mediocre Bristol City side but I think it's time we gave Davis an extended run in the side alongside O'Hara. And then, may I add, we might actually see the return of the Jamie O'Hara that once played first team football for Spurs. Thanks for the memories Karl but the time has come for you to go.

Dominic whitehouse

What else can you say to this than "spot on dude"

Manchester Wolf

He needed to rest him as he has been really poor this season. However his attitude needs to be copied by some of his colleagues. That will be the reason we stay up. Commitment, honesty and bravery.


Yes..I think a rest will do him good but wait for all the negativity on here now!

manc andy

Deano must be gutted hes become an overpaid babysitter,i bet it wasnt in his job description when he took the helm of this under performing giant.whos going to pay 100grand for Henry now ? Dont let him slouch about , stick him in the museum ticket office , make him earn his corn.Roger , half a dozen average games and hes giving the fans stick, enough said about the caurse of our current decline.UTW

dennis/ swansea.



Whilst one can admire his loyalty towards the club and his team mates, his shortcomings are there for all to see.

He seems unwilling to drive forward and with his sideways passing he puts the onus on the other midfielders to make the killing pass.

His tackling will always get him and the club into trouble, as his collection of red and yellow cards for his reckless and sometimes violent tackles will testify.

There is a need in any club for a man to play a defensive midfield role but whether Henry fits all of the requirements is doubtful. Have we another one in the club who can play this role or do we go back to him or get a loanee in ASAP

The Voice of Reason

Clownders out

Kelvin out

Moxey out

Morgan out

Move the circus on to some other club.


Give it a rest, getting boring reading this drivel day after day.

The Voice of Reason

You might be happy with the sub-par offering at Molineux but I'm not. Saunders OUT.


The voicr of reason OUT


Jon The Pope

We show ours too.


Wulfrunian Pom

"they know they are going to play..."

Why bother having a manager then? - Oh hang on we haven't had one of those for a while....


I am eagerly waiting here in Hong Kong for what moves Wolves have made into the loan market before the deadline time

Wolves state they are prepared to loan a backup Goal keeper as a result of a self inflicted injury, obviously because they need one now for cover.

One has to ask the question if it is obvious to the Wolves board and manager they now need a backup goal keeper why was it so clearly obvious in January the squad needed fresh quality players etc.

The money would appear to be available now in "a possible crisis" why was the money not forthcoming when "a more serious crisis" was looming up in January and months before and now we see the results possible double relegation, it beggars belief whats going on.

stafford pete

ive got great attitude but im not sure that alone is much use,for goodness sake get rid of the rot,we will never get anywhere with mcarthys favourites.i give up

The Teecher

'Ive got a great attitude' and ' I give up'

Rather contradictory.

They won't get rid of the ROT with people like you involved


Again, the PreacherTeeecher,

spewing on his fellow fans.

give the anger some respite.



I've said it before and I'll say it again.Roger Johnson is a bad apple.We weren't the best team in the Prem,but we held our own and most of the same players we have now fought and ground out results for the shirt.Everything went threpennies up as soon as we signed this fella.Team morale disappeared,performances disappeared,our quality players disappeared,our Premiership status disappeared,etc etc.To all those who want to tell me about "Well what about his performances on the pitch this season",I'll retort by saying, "How about him affecting us off the pitch behind the scenes".Bad apple end of,get rid when the seasons finished even if it means taking a loss.Then mark my words,watch us rise from the ashes whichever league we may be.Wolves Till I Die !!



Totally agree thats when the rot seemed to set in and the timing of MM sacking should have had a big named manager in place first. UTW.

gold and black in the veins

ask any blue nose if they want him back, couldnt get rid till we showed interest, cockney motor mouth !


This is not what wolves fans want to hear Karl Henry needs shipping out of molineux as soon as possible

he was a good player 2 / 3 years ago his legs are now gone and has forogtten how to tackle Saunders Out alongside Morgan and Moxley if this is what he thinks

spanish ray

Johnson needs to change his attitude altogether.He should take a long hard look at himself and,if he does,I am sure he won`t like what he sees.If we were in a better position I would say get rid of him and we would have a better dressing-room.I don`t think Hunt is any good to be honest but,he has a good attitude and a big heart and this is what is wanted by a team in our position,a false position, may I add.

Filthy Wolf

We're always gonna need programme sellers, Karl

Knocker Knowles

Does Dean Saunders have a future at our club ?

Not in my book !

stevieG Droitwich Wolf

Johnson has a very short as wells selective memory , I also noted his disrespetful gesture of cupping his hands to the southbank ! It very nearly caused a punch up between 2 arguing supporters near me .

After all the support we've given him - & his second chance after his hmmmm Drink Fiasco u would think he would be more appreciative of the southbank support he has been given this season , & not behave like Billy Big balls ( ala Leon Clarke's gesture to the south bank ) & look where his career has taken him !

Selly park wolf

Hopefully Henry will be rested for the remainder of the season as we need to attack in every game now and he can only go sideways or backwards!

Fair play to DS for telling RJ to replicate what hunt did on Saturday as opposed to sarcastically having a pop at the southbank!

It's the first decent thing to come out of DS mouth however what I want to know is why was batth dropped in the first place after playing very well in RJs absence?

Hopefully batth will come back in and RJ could keep Henry company on the bench!


I was also disappointed to see Batth dropped. Thought he came in and did really well and unlike our other centre halves looked half decent on the ball. Maybe they're fearful we could lose him at the end of the season if he impresses and we end up going down?

Realistic Wolf

Never mind this garbage, what about getting a decent midfielder and striker in.


We always do better with him out of the side, I mean, we even managed to win on Saturday !

gReEn NiGeL




Crab Henry

Please leave the doofus Henry out , all he can do is pass backwards or sideways or cost us points with ill timed tackles !!!!

He has no footballing vision to bring to the team of any benefit whatsoever .


its simple Karl face towards the oppositions goal and pass the ball that way.

Thats how we score!!!!!!


Granted Henry is not the best forward fronting midfielder we have but let's face it Hoddle Scholes And Gazza in their pomp would struggle in that team no movement upfront no wingers no midfielders moving where the hell can he pass it.........oh yes to the keeper just like Davis did. He has been poor this season but haven't they all, but sit high up in the stand and see how much closing down he does, that's his job not playing one 40 yard pass and then most the rest of the game like O hara . Secondly ref JOhnson he hasn't done to much wrong this season and if Berra and Stearman played in front of me perhaps I wold turn up hammered for training

Simon in Oklahoma!

No, no no...he should face his own goal at all times & then pass it backwards behind him...which would be towards the opponents goal ;)

John De Wolf

Are we signing anyone? A striker and midfielder is a must.

I'd stick with Davis for the next game, as we won without Henry! I hope DS doesn't bring him back in.

Re: the other article; I'm not a big fan of Hunt but he deserves credit for his performance and always gives 100%. I think he's what we need right now. Johnson has to go in the summer. Overrated and a bad attitude. Perhaps McCarthy's worst signing.

Overworked Wolf

That's possibly the second best bit of news I have had all day.

The first being my boss telling me I had wasted two hours of my life doing some corporation tax this morning.

Simon in Oklahoma!

...which you didn't actually do cause you were doing vital Wolves research on here instead. I'm also one working so hard I haven't got time to read through 100 comments on every article making my own flippant comments.

The Unhappy Wanderer

I suspect Johnson's gesture is a sign that he'd prefer to be playing somewhere else. However, in my opinion he has been our best defender this season (I know that's not saying much), and if you looked at the body language after the own goal on Saturday, he was one of only a few trying to rally the team. Considering his wages, he may be with us longer than he'd like, (and longer than Moxey would like), but I think his attitude problem is pretty low on our list of problems as long as he maintains his form.

Compare that with Henry, whose attitude is good (apart from the occasional serious lapse in getting himself sent off in key games), but whose role in the team seems to be to keep the ball long enough to make sure the opposition defence can get themselves organised before we pass the ball forward.

I think we need more of Johnson and less of Henry.

Having said that it was Hunt who sparked the recovery on Saturday, and we certainly need more of his determination to make life uncomfortable for the opposition. It's the main thing we have been missing all season.


Fantastic news well done karl it's well deserved

Son of a Pitch

I can only hope this Muppet IS on his way out, not onlyis he a liability but a complete and utter loser!!


he is a dreadfull player all he does is run about he doesnt create anything he is arrogant he cant tackle fairly if he passes the ball he puts his team mates in perilous positions, he has been one of the problems at the club drop him completely and get someone in who can assist the manager. Get him to watch steven gerrard videos however he cant play foortball so may be waste of time!

Farmer Ted

I know a number will disagree, but, Karl Henry does a good job breaking up play and his attitude is just what we need with the fight we have on our hands. Davis disappears out of the game too much for me and KH would never have allowed that farcical goal to have taken place last Saturday.

Okay he has been off form the last few games, but, still better than four or five others I won't name.

Maybe the rest will have done him some good. He may well be on his way during the summer, but, slagging him off whilst we are where we are makes absolutely no sense.

I still blame Morgan for this mess and I see no signs of him trying to improve things by backing his manager. Was that Fans Parliament " pigsickiness " just mealy mouthed claptrap ? Don't tell me there aren't players good enough and available on loan who would jump at the chance to come to Wolves for eight games, cos I don't believe it !

C'mon Morgan give me an incentive to renew my two long standing season tickets !

Why should we pay more for our tickets, when we don't know what we'll be served up next year, than Baggies fans are paying for Premiership football ? We need some clear indication that the Club are fighting to stop up ( eg quality loan players) and a guarantee that there will be a pay back should we go down.

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot



one out,all out

Wolf Blast

KH has done his bit for the club over the last few years. Equally, at crucial moments he has let us down generally by being red carded. I don't really care if he stays or goes but I think we all know that while he can add a steeliness that you need from time to time he decision making is poor.

Given where we are and that he is one of the guys that has been part of our rise and fall for which he has been well rewarded he can't complain if younger more talent guys are given a chance.




who? at least iwan did'nt waste driving 2 hours driving to a small carpark in west london

Shocking grammar and spelling


Wolves fans what would you rate each player out of TEN for their grafting performances this year?

I'll start us off:

Siguardsson (8)

Ward (3)

Eggertt Jonsson (9)

Davis (4)

Maybe all DS needs is TC by his side. After loosing the tactics board to Ikeme's anger, do we not need a clipboard to replace it?

Wolf at Gate

The Tactics board was covered in 3 inches of dust !

The whole team were sneezing for 5 minutes after Carl punched it !


this is difficult as karl is a local lad who wears the shirt with pride, but as a captain and leader on the pitch he has been found sadly lacking. his own performances have been poor and he has been a weak link in midfield. what i mean is we need to win games and karl slows our attacks by not passin forwards and going backwards instead. he wont get forward and looks like avfish out of water in and around the box.

i dont think he has future at the club unless we play with 3 in midfield so he can sit in front of the defence. deano chances of turning things round will be slim if he keeps the old guard like henry, ward,foley,edwards,berra and doyle. most of these guys have to go.


The moaners on here when they get repetitive strain injuries to there fingers,will they be sueing the wolves.


I feel sorry for a local guy who plays for his local team but unfortunately in the Championship/Premier League you need certain qualities

to Head, to Tackle, to Pass, and to Score ....unfortunately in my opinion it seems he cannot, but 4 managers think he has 'something'?

Billy Wiseman

Never understood why people get on his back-Wolverhampton Lad who did good for us- Perhaps we should look at some of the players around him- Play him at the back of the park, not a playmaker but he has done his best- I can think of others who should be getting it in the NECK-- Stay CH you are okay- Go the money drawers lets move on-Now is the time to be behind all our players especially WOLVES PEOPLE-


I'd love it if you could come back and shove it down the throats of the boo boys and perhaps girls!!! Just like Hunt did!

Blackie Gray

This is pathetic. Henry is our worst player. We should not build a team around him.

Comedy Club

I couldn't care less anymore


DS did the right thing in dropping Henry; he's been rubbish all season (just like most of the other players). I hope Henry stays on the bench now - no need for him to be brought back in; Hunt and Siggy should take the places of Edwards and Sako.


Facts first please Blogger !!!

David davis did not score that `own goal` at all.

True a poor pass, but Davis under pressure

hit a bouncing ball to Ikeme, putting him under

pressure, and the ball came off Ikeme`s leg and

into goal. Why not say it as it is ! Also what would

make anybody think K. Henry would have done

anything other than pass back in that situation ??

Incidentally, Roger johnson`s expression to the

crowd seemed to be aimed at the bunch of booboys

who Stephen Hunt said were embarrassing, so

Johnson evidently had similar attitude to Hunt !!

Also like to know what were the Tactical reasons

which decided why Henry was on bench, and Hunt

was out in favour of Edwards ? Just wondered ?



I hope he has a longer future at Wolves than Saunders........

ed killer machine fletcher

wolves aye we

tony the tiger

League 1 aye we !!!!


Karl has been the water carrier in WW sides. As Captain, he presided over a toothless surrender of Premiership status that has continued to falter this campaign. He has been Captain when so many of MMs signing imploded last season and have continued to decline this season. What, therefore, is his value to WW? We all know something has gone disastrously wrong with the players and no-one id saying what it is. As Captain and a regular in a side who have not performed for 2 seasons, he, like about 12 regulars from last season who are still at WW, should be shown the door at the end of the season. As long as the worthless MM boys are at the club we will be rubbish. Get rid of ALL of them and start again. Thanks Karl, but you aren't good enough

Dudley Buoy

Davis will leave if he doesn't get Karl's place in the team. He is the future of WW, not Karl


I feel that Karl henry is a liability and is one of the players who needs to be on his way at the end of the season.However the more i get the feeling that the clear out is not going to happen.Any players who go will be due to Management's plan to reduce the playing staff.The upshot being that we are still going to be left with a lot of the deadwood.

Stourbridge wolf

Sure he'll be just the type of player we need after relegation - if he holds on long enough we'll be in non-league and he can really find his level.

Not just picking on Henry though, every member of this team should be ashamed.

Ben the bean

Karl Henry is not good enough at this level and shows an embarrassing character when commenting in the media. He's not worth the captaincy, but he can tackle, kick and run and get some red cards now and then and therefore a perfect player for Deano and his regime. At least we have a manager now that knows the English game, thank goodness. Hooof we go wolves aye we

rowley wolf

henry simply aint good enough,never was & never will be! meant to be a ball winning midfielder & he cant tackle to save his life! young davis is no better either....we have not had a good ball winning midfielder since paul ince unless you count frimpong who's injury prone so wasn't here that long! we really should be looking for one in summer because henry or davis aint the answer! davis does have one advantage he's cant time on his side to improve,cant see it though!

oxley wolf



old golds worth more

There was a time when you could rely on Henry to do a job for you, but sadly that has not been the case for the last two seasons. He constantly gives free kicks away in dangerous areas, has been sent off more times then the rest of the team put together (leaving us short handed at crucial times), and his general play (even by his own admittance) has been very poor. Davis needs to be playing regularly to get more experience, and to gel better with the team. I'm sorry Karl, but if you get transferred at the end of the season, (and good luck to you if you do) then I for one won't be sorry to see you go! Same goes for Kevin Doyle, thank you for what you have done for the club Kevin, but its time you had a fresh challenge elsewhere (probably Celtic), and the club cashed in on you while your still worth something. There could well be a fair few more of the current first team going out the door if we do get relegated, Premiership/Championship wages, will no longer be viable in Division One. I also don't think that getting rid of DS if we go down, will be beneficial for the club, he inherited a mess, has had no backing to date (from you know who) in the transfer market, and is expected to work miracles with almost exactly the same players as the previous managers failed with. He also inherited all the injury problems as well, apart from that who in the managerial world would want to manage a club the size of Wolves, on Division one wages? I hate to say it, but maybe going down again could be good for the club in the short term (as long as well bounced straight back up to the Championship). It would give us the perfect excuse to clear the decks, and start anew with the fresh faces we desperately need.


At least you give good,honest views not the abuse that some give, I've always liked Doyle for the 100% he gives but maybe it is time for him to move on,I for one would be sad if he did and the same goes for Henry who in my opinion always gives his all...


Saunders speaks more tripe than clipboard did!!


For the past two years the fans have been calling for Henry to be got rid of, Ward Foely Johnson (boozer) Berra Henry Edwards shoul be sold they are not wanted by the fans, wake up Deano before it is to late.


Show me the loan players !!!!!!!

Because after Boro it will be downhill



Cannot blame henry, all the players have been rubbish.







FOR GODS SAKE SAUNDERS,IF YOU WANT TO TRY AND SAVE US FROM ANOTHER RELEGATION SEASON,YOU MUST NOT PLAY KARL HENRY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Nice...since he came here you must be joking,ok so of late he hasn't played that well neither have a lot of others, please think before you write such tosh!!!


Why do the fans who moan about Henry, Ward, Berra, Foley, Doyle etc moan about the first manager we've had who has the guts to drop them and tell them whats expected?

Give DS some slack, he's got a difficult job on here and he's not just picking the same failing 11 week in week out. If they don't perform or make mistakes he tells the players straight and drops them! What's wrong with that? We've started to pick up results now and I think we will pull out of trouble over the coming weeks.

Lets draw a line in the negativity


Taxi for Henry.

The Sydney Wanderer

One question...What value does all the negativity add? Given our predicament surely the conversation has to be "how can we SUPPORT!?" as opposed to how can we best criticise KH!....BOrING BOrING


If i remember rightly against Leicester Henry had the ball as we were pushing Leicester back at 1-1 and had the time to shoot and you could clearly hear the Wolves fans shouting SHOOOOTTTTT but typical Henry put his foot on the ball stopped tried to play a pass, it got intercepted and Leicester broke, played into Nugent and scored. Leicester won 2-1. Id rather Henry shoot and end up in the stand and concede like we did. I'm sure Henri Camara hit his shots in hope rather than planned and scored a few belters for us. JUST HAVE A GO!!!!!!!


Where is the loan striker and midfielder?????cannot believe how badky run we have become it seems in all departments.


bring back peter daniel and mike bailey and peter knowles all is forgiven


We know what kind of a manager we have today, he showed his great skills in the dressing room when our goalkeeper Ikeme broke his hand. DS is smart and very sophisticated manager, a well articulated manager and a good representative of the English tradition at the Mol. Thank goodness we sack the last foreigner we had here, who unbelievably enough tried to introduce modern football for us..wolves aye we

paul davo

not the time to slag our players , Ward was a striker then gets turned into a fullback WHY, Karl is Wolves 100% cost 100,000 and will we will get a mil for us in the summer, Johnson will be off in the summer along with O Hara, Sako and Pezko so we should amass around 15m for Morgan to give to a new manager to try and buy a few players to get us out of League 1 , BIG SAM For me, if not Adkins will get us back to the prem, then sack him and replace with a proven manager, don"t make the mistake we made with mick who i think should have been replaced after the first great escape.


karl henery im afraid is well past his sell by date,anybody thinking we would get millions for him,must be deluded.if anything for the past 3 seasons he has been a liability with his sendings off and susspensions,hate to think how many points this has cost us.when he is on the pitch,yes he might win the ball,but then the problems start,he has either seriously injured the opponent,or doesnt have a clue what to do with the ball,gives it to the opposition,passes side ways or backwards. the last time he had a shot was at a rifle range,AND HE MISSED.for some strange reason,managers up until saturday have been scared to drop him? i think its because he is a major part of the clique that exist at the club,and up till now,henry,berra,ward and steerman,thought they were undropable. well thankfully we have now got a manager who isnt scared of them. on dean you can not blame the man for excepting the job,the problems were already here. im not saying the team has improved under him,far from it.but these things need time,and unfortunately,time wolves dont have. as stated you cant blame dean for taking the job,but the fat controller and captain morgan went for the cheap opption,as they always continue to do. when the likes of curbishly,davies, hughes and my choice di matteo,were out there to replace stale. yet another mistake,player power ended his reign.


Did you mean accepting the job?