A 34 per cent drop in Early Birds for Wolves

Wolves today announced a 34 per cent drop in Early Bird season ticket sales as fans delivered a major snub on the club’s decline.


A total of 8,063 supporters have renewed their seats so far, which represents a 4,152 drop in sales from the 12,215 renewals by the end of last March.

It’s one of the lowest take-up in the 12 consecutive seasons the scheme has ran. And it means Wolves have lost almost half of their Early Bird renewals – 45 per cent – in just two years.

Sales were 14,780 in March 2011, 14,300 in March 2010 and almost 14,700 for March 2009, when season tickets eventually topped 20,000 for the club’s return to the Premier League.

The news comes despite prices being held at 2011-12 rates, which means adults pay the equivalent of £16 per match behind the goals if they renew online.

Fans also have an extension to renew until midnight on March 30 under an ‘extra time’ window.

This allows fans to renew at the same rate online but paying the £6 booking fee and receiving a £5 merchandise cash bonus on July 1.

Junior prices are frozen in the Early Bird ‘extra time’ window at the same rates as in 2007-08.

Chief executive Jez Moxey has even telephoned some ‘lapsed’ season ticket holders to plead with them to think again. Wolves thanked fans who have renewed.

Moxey said: “We thank all our supporters who have renewed their Early Bird season tickets so far.

“Despite so many disappointments over the past two seasons, the fact we have over 8,000 season ticket holders committed for the 2013-14 campaign – hopefully with more to follow – is testimony to the loyalty of so many Wolves fans.”

Moxey understands why the take-up has been so low compared to previous seasons. “Inevitably this is a much lower number than at the same stage in previous years,” he said.

“It’s a reflection of the feelings many fans have right now about this season in particular, which has been such a massive disappointment to everyone.

“To be in danger of a second successive relegation is not what is expected at Molineux and many fans are, understandably, showing their disapproval.”

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Comments for: "A 34 per cent drop in Early Birds for Wolves"

stevieG Droitwich Wolf

Whatdo u expect M & M

You reap what u SOW

So Sad Wolf

StevieG, you beat me to it so I can only say. Well Mr Morgan, another piece of astute business by your brilliant CEO. Nice one.

gold and black in the veins

no surprises then, more worrying is that Doris is the only fit keeper we have, he's rubbish. Stick one of the youth goalies in, cant be any worse !! Also what has happened ref Premier striker loan signing, yet another red herring. Shes on stage and warming up folks ! ( the fat lady )

Old Man in Old Gold

So wise one, on what do you base the statement, "Doris is rubbish". He has barely played all season. Buy a programme next time you go to a game, the facts and stat's are there to see. They don't lie. When he was at Swansea he was a good keeper. If you have nothing constructive to say - then say nothing, people may then gain a higher opinion of you when you do go into print.

quality counts

so disgusted I nailed my season ticket outside the stadium, decided I was being hasty, went back and some bugger had stolen the nail..

Nottinghamshire Wolves

SO - What are the two M's going to do about it ?


They will sell the " better players " and keep the money again. And say we still have the more money on the pitch than the other teams in division 1


Reap wot u sow moxey n Morgan.uv kept the purse strings tight so we are aswell.uv ruined our club.reap wot u sow


It is a reflection of how the fans feel about those running our club. If Moxey really understood why fans aren't renewing he'd solve the problem by resigning.

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Tony, I think it's more a statement of feeling about the dross that is served up every week purporting to be football !! This has been evident for a number of years now. The fault for not strengthening the team must lie with the owners but the main problem has to be the team and their lack of commitment. How can the team expect commitment from the supporters by way of buying season tickets and following them week in week out when half the time they give the impression that they just can't be bothered.

I say this for the umpteenth time...................Solbakken should have been supported in the market in January for him to continue his transformation of the team. Yes we were having a rough time.....................but not as bad as it is now !!!!


solbaken, he wanted to keep Berra, enough said


Filtonwolf (Bristol) and i agree with you for the umpteenth time about solbakken, he just was'nt given enough time to put his own mark on the team after all he was a manager with champions league pedigree who did wonders with a small team and like you i think if he had been given time to get players in january theres no way we would be in this position now,but morgan used the reaction of the fans to get rid rather than back him and we got the cheap option in deano a yes man who would do anything to be a manager at a club like wolves who lets be honest even when we are in the doldrums we have still got a big reputation and a massive following,the problems we have now is all down to morgan and its now up to morgan to get us out of it if he really wants wolves to be up there with liverpool he has got to prove it and quick with some quality loan players,morgan your club needs you!,,,,/\/\wwfc/\/\,,,,

Stourport Wolf

I would renew 2 season tickets if Moxey resigns or is sacked. My non renewal is a protest at the clueless, condescending and shambolic way the club has been run under Moxey for 13 years. Morgan is equally culpable over the last couple of years but I would settle for Moxey going. I love the club and it pains me not to renew but voting with my feet is the only language the 2Ms understand.


Value for money, and looking after the younger supporters should be a priority, Walsall FC could teach Moxey a thing or two.


I have renewed but i must be mad like the other 8000

Wolves dont deserve 1 renewel really but i love my club and its heritage like so many others it breaks my heart to watch them dive into the lower leagues

gold and black in the veins

Isnt the renewal due to this being the only thing to do in Wolverhampton these days ?


Excuse Me who are you to tell me I'm Mad - I'm as Sane as the next man or my name isn't Major Buckley


Me too bud, loyal through good and bad.

Sell these over paid clowns, and play the under 21's who are streets ahead, and play with pride. Cassidy and Mcalinden will get us back up.

The Flying Winger

Well no surprise there what did they expect, they have treated their fans with contempt, and the complacency of the club this season has been extraordinary.

The lack of new blood in the two transfer windows is astonishing and will lead us to be relegated.

You get back what you put in, which for this club is nothing.

All we get is Moxey working tirelessly to bring in players.


I think the reason why there was a lack of signings is that the squad was already too big and we couldn't move out the deadwood we already have


and who's fault was that mm has always bought quantity over quality and moxey gave the go ahead for them so moxey is to blame for an oversized squad so moxey's head should be on the chopping block for restricting the players we could get in?,on the point of mm buying lots of players do you think he does that because he knows he's going to fall out with half of them so thats why he buys quantity rather than quality just a thought,,,,/\/\wwfc/\/\,,,,


Flipping heck, he looks like someone has stolen his pies.


Cant believe we still have 8063 mugs that support Moxey and Morgan. Fools


That's why they call us supporters mate through thick and thin,not you lot is all you can do is winge,we all know that big Mick after the first season back ln the premiership had over achieved,but just imagine if we would have got rid of him than you lot would whine about loyalty.

Captain Sensible

Change will only happen if people stand up and be counted. whilst they still have gullible people like you prepared to pay Premiership prices for 1st division football nothing will ever change. Does that mean I am not a supporter because I choose not to give them my hard earned cash - I think not my friend. In fact you could argue I am actually doing the club a massive favour by not buying a ticket

So don't whine on about being a loyal supporter because you are stupid enough to keep paying their over inflated wages to go with their over inflated ego's

If you always do what you always did - you'll always get what you always got!

Sedgley Slayer

I agree with the sentiment but what Bograt is saying is that some of us will show our support for the club through thick and thin, whilst others are only present at the Mol when everything is hunky-dory.

Bograt and I are the former, I suspect that you are the latter.

If we are mugs, then we are at least loyal mugs.



Nicely put!

old salopian

Mate, you are not a supporter either. You may be a regular moaner, a statistics gatherer, a tv pundit or someone who likes to moan over a pint in the pub. The choice is yours. But don't besmirch the loyal supporters who through thick and thin follow the Wolves, In fact, just sod of with JEWAl to Walsall, you won't be missed.

Reverend Wolf

Why are we fools? I think you misunderstand why we go to Molineux. We go to support our team. We don't 'support Moxey and Morgan'. If you don want to go, don't. But don't criticise those of us that do.


Well said Bograt and Rev but you must know he (Jiwal) never says anything good about the Wolves, No.1 whinger that's him! We support our team through thick and thin and it's all our fault for renewing!

Phil Smith

You're absolutely right, however, you can still support your club and protest if you think all is not well and all is obviously not well.

I have chosen not to renew. Up until now I haven't advertised the fact.

The reality of that decision is that I will probably end up paying more over the season, but its my protest. I still support the club, but would relish Jez pleading with me for my money.

Oh and by the way he wouldn't get it!


The problem is, Bograt and Reverend Wolf, support is a two-sided coin. You support the team because they are doing their best to give you the entertainment worthy of your money. What fans have witnessed this season from the playing and managerial staff is not worth the entrance fee.

Would you continue to visit the same pub if it sold stale beer just because you have been using it for years? This mindless so-called "support" is the reason the club is in this mess. Where is the incentive for the players to improve or work harder if they know the money is in the bank irrespective of effort? That money is provided by those who will turn up to watch any level of incompetence.

Your logic implies that if they just ran out and sat in the centre cicle and let the opposition score as many as they liked, you would still pay to watch it because yu are a supporter. A significant number have finally decided that support should be matched with effort and competence. This could now be the turning point where Morgan finally realises his wallet needs an airing or it will get worse. At the moment he is not acting like a club owner and he will reap the whirlwind.


What nonsense ! If I got fed up with a pub's stale beer I'd start going to a different pub. I wouldn't sit on me arse at home complaining about it. Football ain't like that though is it? - can't just up and leave for another club - well suppose we all could go & support Man Utd., but it's not what it's all about is it ? I'm no happier about M & M than you are, b ut the difference is, I'm not slagging you off for your choice to abstain. You should not slag off the people who have decided to renew - it's not your place. I have renewed in the hope that things will eventually turn around and that I'll enjoy next season regardless of the division we get to play in.

Wednesbury wolves

Couldn't have put it any better myself, well said seaside wolf!!!!!!!! I'm just going to away games next season, not putting anymore money into bridgemere group, till Morgan and moxey have left the building!!!!!' Hats off to the 8000 who have renewed, I will still support my team at away grounds!!!!


Well said

Waggies Left Peg

Brilliant post Seaside Wolf. You have put the reality of the situation into crystal clear terms. In no other walk of life would a customer continue to use a business that produced its product so badly. I too feel that the players have nothing but disdain for the supporters. I was at the Bristol game and noticed that the only players who applauded the fans were the loanees, the rest either trooped off in a defiant sulk, or as in the case of that prat Johnson, mocked the supporters. They have no respect for the fans, we are "not in this together", ours is a lifelong love of our club, while for the players it is a stop gap in the hope of finding something better, they are not fit to wear the old gold and for me are barely even trying.


You make a very valid point but implying that it's mindless support that got us in this situation is ridiculous. After all, wasnt it the booing whingers that finally got their wish to get rid of mick, and since they got their wish it has only been down hill. Yes we may have gone down with Mick in charge but I really dont think we would be in our current situation. It's the whingers that didnt think our most successful period in years was good enough that should take some of the blame. The grass isnt always greener afterall.

Distant Wolf

Razor you have epitomised the belief of a true supporter and I applaud you for that. Sadly Seaside wolf does have a point to make too and I tend to agree with him. Many of us have followed the Wolves for years, in situations worse than this, but I think that it is the decline of the club and its overall management which defies belief, combined with the sheer arrogance of M+M who not only have they launched the early bird option, they have extended it and may extend it again. I feel sorry for many at the club, even Mr Morgan who I feel is out of his depth and has given his best and his cash: not as much as many would expect, but a lot in anyone's eyes.

I doubt if I will be coming very often next season, not because we are not in the Premiership, indeed I enjoyed it far more in the season that we were promoted than at any other time in recent memory. It is simply the fact that support follows success, if you look at our performance over the last 50 matches, we have almost had as many managers as wins and whilst I acknowledge that is not what being a supporter is about, it does go quite a long way when you are losing to the likes of Peterborough and Barnsley and not through poor refereeing decisions or hard luck.

One last point, they sacked Blackburn's manager yesterday because of his poor performance. Get him into Molineux quick as his performance is far superior to Dean Suanders who many, like me, feel is yet another foolish decision by M+M: rather than be disappointed by the Early Bird sales, Moxey should be ashamed.

gold n black on me back

Well said mate. There are some idiots surrounding wolves and not just in the board room


I completely agree. I am one of the 34% who has has renewed 'without fail' for the last 24 years. I too, will probably renew and pay more in the Summer but I now feel enough is enough and I wanted to show my disgust somehow.

Mr Morgan is ruining our club, there's fundamental problems from the top down and it's just not a fun place to be anymore. Lots of things needs to change and quickly.


No its not well said, mick should have gone sooner but even when he did go if our chairman would have employed someone like he said he would not conner maybe we would not be in this mess, but we are and i for 1 cant see it getting any better till most of the playing staff have left because if 40+ players is to many for the championship then what do you think it will be for div 1 ??

i find it funny how you fans that have renewed are moaning about us that havent, i for 1 didnt abuse any1 during games i wanted too!! but since the happy clappers think you shouldnt moan during games!! you shouldnt protest before or after games and now your saying you should renew!

You realy are stupid but at least you 8000 fans that have renewed will be happy and make laods of noise now ??



At last a couple of true supporters.

If you doh like it, go up the road. No one is happy with where we are, but if there is one positive, we'll loose the loosing culture, and the negativity, when the kids play next season.

The team will rise from the ashes, and like when we went up, you'll all come back, stating that you were never away.

Bow down with shame, and think about Man City and Leeds, to see how they stuck with their clubs when they went down.

Big clubs, like us.

Ilkeston wolf

Many of the 8063, me included might instead, view it as support for Wolves not two individuals who, in time will depart OUR club. Just as it was when we supported Wolves through the dark days of the Dougan fronted charade of the 80's, the aftermath of sacking the great Stan Cullis in the 60's and the agony of succesive near misses in the Hayward era.

The sobering thought about 8063 renewals is that it equates, roughly to £2.5 million in income. Just about enough to pay the salary, pension and N.I. for one 'superstar' such as O'Hara for one season !

For those who ask where the money has gone just calculate the contracts handed out by McCarthy that are still to run, the financial committment is frightening.

Morgan has messed up, he is not helped by Moxey still being around and would do well to ask Graham Turner to return to oversee the overhaul of the football side with a compitent coach of his choice. However, despite everything we support Wolves not its owner or its admin staff.

Loyal Wulfrian

Totally agree, I remeber those days with fondness. Once it is in your blood, you can not stop supporting your team. UTW


Support for the team how??? By shoving money in the pockets of M&M when they shouldn't by rights be getting any money?

If you didn't spend money at Molineux the message would soon get through loud and clear!!! Spending money just makes it much much worse and they will continue as is.

Bunghoolioo Wolf

And what does that make you then bob? If you don't support your team when they really need it you shouldn't bother turning up when the going is good.

I for one, look forward to their being less idiots next season. Maybe there will be the genuine supporters instead.


fed up wolf

and do you realy think o'hara, johnson and the other highly paid players will be there next season??? NOT A CHANCE! they will be sold at the first chance moxey gets, and to replace them?? well that remains to be seen, if it is like last season they wont get replaced and saunders will have to make do which will leave us scrapping it out in league 1 and best we can hope for is fighting from relegation from league 1, so the 2.5 million will go into running costs not team rebuilding!!!


Well said, it really annoys me when so call "supporters" that only come out of the wood work when were doing well decide to criticise the people who support our club through think and thin, when were down or up.

I've renewed this season and ill watch wolves week in week out what ever there performance. If you going to come along and call me a mug for that then bugger off to another club I'm sure man city will have you, your just glory hunters.

Wolves have been through worse and we will come back fighting like before.

Through the good times and the bad that's TRUE SUPPORT!!!!!


You don't know me Jiwal, so don't call me a mug or a fool - I'm neither, but like Bograt says, I am a supporter of The Wolves and that's why I renewed! M & M have made mistakes sure, but I would still rather have them then the chicken nugget people in Blackburn, or the Chinese mafia in Birmingham - or the nobodys in Portsmouth. If you choose to vote by not renewing then great, just don't slag off the ones that do, because if we all had your attitude, there would be no club to support. Grow up or grow a pair - or both!


Sorry, you are one of the reasons we have missed the best opportunity ever to send a clear signal to the Board that things must be done. Instead, and admit it, it's a habit, you renewed without thought for the other fans making a stand. Every one of the lily livered hides behind the "I support Wolves NOT Morgan" maalrkey...rubbish....and as I said, if you are happy paying £340 quid 6 months in advance to fund a CEO being paid to take us backwards, and, stating you are happy to do os, then yes, you are a fool. Thanks for the advice, I have grown a pair, I found the strength to keep away, I am not supporting the Board, and 23000 empty seats wil be thanks to the likes of you and your blatant refusal to get the blinkers off


It had to be said!

Well said Jiwal.

Dont you just get fed up of the blinkered happy clapping so called fans who stand on their high horses because they've renewed and call themselves "the real fans"

Razor, you need to grow a pair and take your head out of the sand and look around.

Because of fans like you, this club will continue in its demise. And yes , i don't know you either. Thank goodness!


I have say, even though we've had many disagreements over the yrs, you've hit the nail in the head!!!!

That is the exact reason I haven't renewed.

I simply support Moxey's era of austerity any longer.


Quite right Jiwal. Question to all the happy clappy - support at any price fans. Just how bad does it have to get before you conclude £30 or £40 a match isn't worth it? Would you still turn up with your £30 if they were in the West Midlands Pub League? If they sold Molineux and played park football with anyone who happened to be in the park at the time, would you still turn up with your £30?

While we are on American sayings, one which Morgan and Moxey must repeat every day for all the diehard fans "Never give a sucker an even break" While you keep forking out, they will keep taking it and serving up the dross because you must like it.

Old Man in Old Gold

Well posted Razor. You are one of the few talking complete sense. Wolves isn't Moxey and Morgan. We are far greater than that pair and those of us who have been around longer than any season ticket or associated early bird scheme follow Wolves because they are our team (forever). We might not like the current team, the results, the management or this season's shirt, but again being a Wolves fan surpasses all of that. It's in the blood, the genes call it what you may but it never goes away.


notice how you compare them to blackburn birmingham and portsmouth.... the three worst run clubs in the land. says it all really doesnt it!

Old Gold heart

I renewed. I always renew because i support the club. I've been going for 43 years and I live 200 miles away. In my view this is the time real supporters stand up. Walking away isn't an option for me.



Who on earth do you think you are by slagging off people who are sticking with the club, granted Morgan & Moxey aren't exactly filling us with confidence but the 8063 who have renewed have stuck with the club as they are true supporters unlike yourself, I've had my season ticket for 18 years and I have renewed again out of love for Wolves. Let me guess Jiwal, if we do stay up and get off to a good start I bet you will come crawling back and then moan about the prices. Get a life

Jon The Pope

Without these "mugs" we wouldn't have a club to support.


gold and black in the veins

daft maybe but i think they support the name of Wolves not the people running the club !


I will look forward to next season when I am surrounded with the true fans,who support the club though thick and thin.Good riddance to the rest,I was there standing on the steps outside the Molly waiting to hear if we were gone,I was there though the wilderness years and I will be there as long as I live.

spanish ray

It`s not just the dissappointment of being so near to relegation it`s also the dissappointment of how the club is being run.Whatever Morgan says he doesn`t have a clue.Going for cheap is not the answer.When we were after a manager why did he bring in Solbakken who really did not know enough about English football and certainly knew nothing about Wolves.If he really did look at loads of videos on Wolves last season he should have seen enough to make him change a lot of the playing staff,instead he tried to change the way they played.Moxey may know about book-keeping but he certainly knows nothing about football.Stoke realised that and got rid of him.Now we have a manager,again who is clueless.You cannot keep changing a team especially 15minutes into a game.You do not make public a dressing down as happened with Ikeme who has probably been our most consistant player.I am amazed he punched the wall and not Saunders quite frankly.At the time he was hired we could have had O`Driscoll,why didn`t we.A wolverhampton man,a Wolves supporter,and a man who is doing well right now.Why did we not have Adkins? a proven manager,in fact why did we not carry out interviews for the job? and why was Saunders appointed so quickly? We keep saying it but Morgan you have to spend some money now,the longer this situation goes on the harder it will be to put it right.Get rid of Moxey and get in a football man who will care about the club,show you do care and the fans will back you.Act now Morgan,don`t wait.

Phil Smith

We've all been taken for granted thus far. A little bit short sighted if you wasn't expecting it?

A phone call from Jez pleading for money would only throw fuel on the fire I'm thinking.

Hednesford Wolf

I'm surprised that 66% ARE renewing. Given the way things have been at the club it's almost a success story!

The club need to forget about "windows" and do what West Brom do - it's a 3 month period in which you can buy your ST. No "super special discounts" for renewing in early March over later March. 3 MONTHS. Their cheapest ST is £349, which is less than you can now buy one for at Molineux...

One of the 34%.

Through thick and thin

Well if you like the way the Albion is run then jog off down the road to watch them lot.

We want proper wolves supporters supporting the lads through thick or thin. Thats the way I have been brought up and thats the way my futrue generations will be brought up.

Don't get singing Wanderers till I die at the next game and don't boo our players again.

One of the 66%

Hednesford Wolf

Only the most blind fan would suggest our club is run anywhere near as well as Albion. "We won't do an Albion" suggested our glorious leader. Well we certainly haven't emulated them have we?! They do so many things well that our club could learn a lot from in terms of pricing, offering free travel to away games and so on.

"Don't boo our players again", err, I never have! What a bizarre comment to make, no idea where your assumption came from.

I'll be at EVERY away game next season, as I have this season and many previously. I'll support the team next year and sing whatever I like whilst I'm at the games thanks. But I will show my displeasure at the way this club is run by not renewing my ST for the first time in over 20 years.

If the calamitous way the club is being run changes in the months ahead then I'll renew, whichever league we are in. I don't mind paying extra. But I reserve the right to say "I'm not handing my money over to these clowns".

Bring on away days in sunny Stevenage!!

Phil Smith

Well said my friend. Absolutely spot on !!!


Through thick....

I think your fellow supporter who has renewed his season ticket, was merely trying to suggest a way for WWFC to become more successful, both on and off the pitch and so used us as an example.

He no doubt is as passionate as you are about WWFC. Just chill out dude...

chris h

Given the rank awful executive management,the lack of ambition to deliver a quality football team,the creaming off of football profits to pay for not needed infrastructure and the the general poor decision making in all football matters;I think they have done very well to get over 8000 people renewing.Frankly, they do not deserve such loyal support. Personally I am waiting to see what happens in the summer,since I am fed up with all the spin and broken promises.


This is no surprise really is it? The only surprise is that they have managed to sell 8,000.

Whether we stay up or not the attendances next season will be on average around the 15,000 mark. This does not even half fill Molineux and for there to be any sort of atmosphere there needs to be at least 25,000.

Everyone is so disillusioned with the club that this gives a true reflection. Fans in previous years have never voted with their feet, but this shows how poor things at the club have become.

Unless the club get rid of the Karl Hebry's, Stephen Wards of this world these fans will never return. Stats show that once fans give up a season ticket they are 75% more likely to never buy a season again! On this basis, even if Wolves somehow manage to capture their public's imagination once more, which could take a long time, they will only gain back 25%, or 2,250 of the 'lost' 9,000 over the last 3 years.

This makes for grim reading, whether you are a fan, player, director or any associate of the club. This does no -one any favours which ever catergory you fall into.

The only way to get these fans back is to play exciting football, the Wolves way. Wingers, pace, committed. Not this mamby pamby rubbish we're constatly told is the way things need to be.

Either give the fans what they want or face the fact there will be no club without fans. To lose 34% in one year is a disgrace and if that continues the club face financial meltdown.

Get a football person on the board who can help with the 'football' side of the club. Moxey is a money man, and I have to say, a good one, but he is not a football man. Morgan is a serial entrenpeneur and again, I have to say, a good one. But again, he is NOT a football man. The club need Morgan & Moxey, but Morgan & Moxey need a football man on their level to make and advise on purely footballing decisions.

This is where M & M are going wrong and this is what they need to address before the club go into complete oblivion.


Moxey IS NOT a money man . If I was his boss I would have sacked him years ago. As a project look at the state we are in.

Poor funding& management has led to decline.customer satisfaction is a record poor , P R a joke , marketing ,what marketing....it's very school boyish.

When it called for investment to move forward he dithered or with held funds .

Stop this bull he's a good money man. He's not. Or why hasn't he been poached by a better club?


"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

Shame Morgan and Moxey are not familiar with this quotation from Abraham Lincoln.

Here's a few more from 'Abe' they should pay attention to ...

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."

"My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure."

"Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say for one that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem."

And finally, one for Dean Saunders, and some of the players (based on recent quotes) ...

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."


Bullys gonna get ya

Cracking! love the last one about Deano!!

Daniel Day-Lewis

I was good wasn`t i!


I wish we all could unite and not a single fan turn up against boro, what a message that wud send,

Please think I don't love the club, I do, and I will support them until I die, I just hate what's happended and bob the builder thinking he could get rich from us before buying Liverpool, mr Morgan, u are not a fan, football cannot be run as a business if u want to succeed, u have to be a daft millionaire, even Man U on of the biggest clubs in the world are heavy in debt,


Tell Portsmouth fans that football should not be run as a business. (Or Rangers fans.) Never heard such claptrap in all of my life.

Morgan has consistently laid out money on players. Season in, and season out we have seen new players being bought in both transfer windows. Not all have worked out, but you cannot accuse Morgan of bleeding the club dry.

My advice is, renew if you want, or don't if you choose otherwise. It would be hypocrisy, if you don't, to sing, "Wolves until I die," as that is just not true. You are "Wolves until we lose," or "Wolves until we have a a couple of bad seasons." If you are "Wolves until I die," bad seasons don't matter, as do not who the folks in charge are. You accuse them of not spending? I say to you that the evidence states otherwise.

chris h

Brereton, Morgan has made money available for players ,and so he should with over £100m in Sky money coming in.But the priority has been spending on infrastrucure.Knocking down a perfectly decent stand and spending £20m on a new one where fans in the first 15 rows,at least,get wet through when it rains,because of poor design the roof is not big enough.The facts speak for themselves the football club made profits in the Premier of over £31m and yet over half of these profits have been moved to Wolves Property ltd to provide for the ground redevelopment. Insufficent funds were made available to buy the quality footballers needed.We have lost the Premier money and now face an uncertain future with ever diminshing resourses.This may not be Portsmouth,but it is still mismanagement on a massive scale.Take the blinkers off and admit it: I told you so 2 years ago.

Morgan's Conscience

Scratching his head in the photo. It will take a lot more than that for Moxey to realise the nightmare he's put thousands of Wolves fans through in the last couple of years. He's made Wolves the laughing stock of football on a par with the chicken farmers from Blackburn. Lack of investment on the field, having primary school Managers or was it nursery school. Overpaid and underperforming players. Moxey, scratch your greasy hair and see what will happen in May if Morgan doesn't wake up and hear the alarm bells ringing. Even air-raid sirens in WW2 made less noise than what's happening in and around Molineux today.

Even IF it's the case that Wolves stay up by their fingernails and nothing changes then it will only be a matter of time when even 8,000 Early Birds will be down by a further half.

Love him or hate him Saunders is not the manager to give Wolves a lift-off, the Manager at once mighty Wolves needs to be a professional, well respected, tactically intelligent and a progressive person with a vision as to how the modern game is developing. He needs to be given a three year contract so that he knows that he can plan the recovery in stages. Wolves also need a Director of Football immediately.

The financial consequences of falling into League 1 are terrifying. Morgan you have 7 or 8 days left to give Wolves a chance of not falling into that big black hole.

Better informed people than me know who would be a good Manager and Director of Football for Wolverhampton Wanderers. MORGAN IT'S IN YOUR HANDS.

Piebald 'Oss

Well done to those who have resisted Moxey's cynical attempts to play on their loyalty. Moxey, it is not just a reflection on this season, it is a protest in a form you will understand against the way you and Morgan have run the club in recent years. Times are hard and your cynical, Ryanair-style add on fees and conditional offers which milk fans' hard earned cash won't cut it in the climate of a poor team.

Lower base prices all round, get rid of booking fees, 0870 numbers and the like...oh, and leave the football infrastructure of the club to someone who knows the subject.

Gordon Bennett

What a surprise Jez. Now could you possibly tell us how you are busting a gut to get someone in to save our season. Oh and could a journalist at the E&S do your job and find out what the hell is going on with Peszco. We want an honest answer but maybe that is asking too much.


You have to be thick-skinned if you occupy positions such as those filled by SM and JM, which from their point of view is just as well. Another attribute is one that ensures you get things right most of the time. Where this one is concerned they have been proved sadly lacking in what matters to us - a decent football team. Had they had the sense to appoint a respected football man as director of football, all of this could have been avoided. Our only salvation might be to cling on to Championship status - but can we?


Thats the only way the fans will be respected and listened to, if you don`t buy a ticket they will take the clubs performance seriously, keep it up folks!


Money talks - unlike Morgan!


Let's lighten the mood a bit. Caption competition for the featured photo:

"Jez hears rumour the Government are re-considering introducing the pasty tax."

Mountain Wolf

The only thing that's made me laugh for a long time.


Moxey, just resign and the numbers will go up.


I'm surprised it's that many after the dross and mis-management over the last 2 1/2 years!


All your fault Morgan.

Should have sacked MM 3 years ago

Should have sacked Moxey as soon as you took over

Should not buy a football club and have no idea how to run one

Should not have appointed SS

Should have appointed SB

Should not have appointed DS

Should have appointed a DOF

You have failed us and if you wasn't the boss you would have been shown your P45 for complete incompetence

Just sell up and take our money and have a good laugh and what you have done to our great club.

Same old, same old

Nothing new to say then?

Tony wolf

Who are the deluded 8063 souls signed up to watch L1 footy???

Still with gates of 10000 Mr Morgan will fill the new stand and be able to convert the 3 others into Redrow apartments!!!

K ford wolf

I've renewed although I'm not deluded!!! Supporters support, moxey and Morgan are mere custodians of the club, the fans will always be there.

I am not a happy clapper, I my friend have seen much worse than this at wolves. I can only hope we can get back at some point to the premier league, hope you stay away as your obviously a bandwagon jumper or a better word is fickle.

Cornish Wolf

£16 pounds a seat??

What do other division one clubs charge?

Up The Wolves


It's £19 for a seat at Crawley. Only £17 to stand which we will be able to do next year on current form. Much more atmosphere when standing, but then that seems to happen anyway at away games.


Well, our WALK UP is £25+ not £16 per ticket. So you can't compare what our season ticket price is with what you'd pay on a match day at other clubs.

Blackburn, for instance, are charging £230 for a ST, or £10 a seat in the terms the club are trying to use to persuade you to renew.

South Bank London Wolf

I would love a call from Moxey and after 20 consecutive years as a season ticket holder I will tell him where he and Morgan can shove my season ticket and it's not a nice place.


Likewise! I heard from a few fans that the club were calling before the EB deadline asking them if they were renewing and so forth. I didn't get any such call or email. I wonder if that's because I've been fairly vocal on the matter online?

Although I'd not be telling him where to shove it. I'd be explaining in detail the reasons why I went through an agonising decision not to renew this season. I'd love to get 15-20 mins with Jez and talk through the issues that so many fans have. The sad thing is, I'm not sure how much he'd LISTEN to what was being said though. Or how much will there is to change things.

Go on Jez, V69 in the North Bank Upper, you've got my details, give me a few mins of your time :-)


I'm slightly surprised that they have managed to contain the loss to only 34%. I've renewed my season ticket, as have my friends, but it's quite understandable that many have chosen not to.

As a pensioner on my own, I can afford it, but for parents with kids, or supporters who travel long distances it's very costly when the entertainment is so poor.

Hopefully, next season Wolves will rise again from the ashes of the last 12 months like the Phoenix. Perhaps the Phoenix ought to be our new mascot.

The Magician

Probably got more in common with the ashes at the moment.

Mike T

Simple economics:

If the product is sub-standard you do not buy it especially in hard times.

Ancient Wolf

What we have is a true catch 22 situation. Fans may feel entitled to withhold their hard-earned cash because the product is so poor. But what happens next? The product goes into further decline due to lack of funding. And so the downward spiral continues.

Then, in a few years time, when the Wolves are playing Conference football (or, worse still, gone out of business) will there then be thousands of Wolves fans congratulating themselves for having taught Morgan and Moxey a real lesson. I think not.


Wolves fans from both sides of the argument read what this bloke above has said.

How do you bring about change without jepardising your future ?

Drw Wolf

Unfortunately I think you are along the right lines. Too many armchair heros who genuinely believe that doing nothing is the best way forward, a poor strategy. Maybe they have more in common with M&M than they realise.


A great post. Perhaps only those of us that are older, and have seen such things happen before can really understand what happens in such cases.

If these folks nowadays think this is bad, they should have been around when we got beat by Chorley. There were so few of us, and yet you read of 20-30,000 that say they were there.

I go back to what I have always said, and that is "SUPPORTERS SUPPORT."


You're speculating on further decline when actually, with correct decisions, a good manager and some new faces the club could easily climb back up he league.

Things are bad at the moment and fans are rightly aggrieved because the board has constantly reneged or done the total opposite of what they promised.

But, for those good decisions, new faces and a decent manager to happen we need a change at the top, whether it be a DOF or a new Chairman and CEO; the fans' trust is gone and I don't see how M & M can win it back.

Saunders Foot

Hats off to all early bird takers, you all deserve a pat on the back, either that or a head examination. I don't think senior management can ask any questions about fans, I think come the seasons end they should be asking themselves how they can reverse car-crash Wolves.

Is the structure in place to properly source new players ?

Are the current management good enough to take the necessary strides forward?

Can Morgan see that proffesional advise is needed for top level decisions....

Is funding available , no matter what division?

A statement given to the E and S at the end of the season, pinpointing what the clubs ambitions are, would go some way to clearing the air with supporters who feel let-down and deceived. We just want honesty and a little appreciation , still Wolves though ay we !


Although understand why the sales have reduced and hopefully will teach the 2 M's a lesson.... I cant help but feel so sad at the rapid decline of my Wolves club...... I hate the situation we are in.

Management need to be looked at by the owner and the people at fault need to go!

Comon Morgan show some fight for your business!


i can understand big drop in early bird prices,and i think this his only the start because they have taken the wolves fans for idiots,and i am afraid this his the only way to let the 2 ms know,i for one will not pay another penny to watch them ,if they dont help deano out in the loan market which i think ends tomorrow,i for one will be disgusted with the club if they dont,because anybody with any knowledge of football knows we are in a terrible mess ,all because the person or persons that are running the club are brainless,worst first half of football if you can call it that, at molineux for years on saturday,just glad we got result, only hope we can stay up because it would be unthinkable if we go down,sort it morgan,moxey you are to blame for this mess, nobody else, with your terrible decisions which are making this club a laughing stock


I have renewed as I have done for the past 18 years and will support the team no matter what division they are in, the problem with some supporters you will always get the fair weather fans i.e if we go up i'll get a season ticket, if your a true fan you will support the team no matter what.

Like so many fans I do not agree with how the club is being run and I think Moxey & Morgan need a reality check.

Don't act as though you are doing us a favour Jez by not charging us the £6 booking fee as the fact of the matter is you charge you £6 for someone hitting enter on a keyboard.

Stick with the team as us supporters will be here forever unlike Moxey & Morgan


This is testament to thousands of fans who are fed up with the penny pinching antics of Morgan and Moxey. How many will renew for our League Two campaign the season after next?


Stupid comment, unlikely they'll go down to League Two, idiot!

Chris pea

not really a stupid comment, How many people would have laughed in your face last season if you told them wolves would be relegated again this year !!!

if they drop any lower, I look forward to watching them play Sedgley Rovers on a Sunday.

Mark b

Never say never if we do not get the right players in. The costs might kill us if we do go down and I am hopeful we can survive.


I take it you do not go to games as this shower would seriously struggle to win in Div 1.


This time last year, if someone had said we would be likely candidates for the drop into League 1 they'd have been laughed out of Wolverhampton. With the current management don't rule anything out..............

chris h

Not so,Peteinblack, last Feb I posted on here before they appointed a manager,'get it wrong and we could be somewhere near the bottom of the Championship this time next year.'No one at the time seemed to disagree with me.


That's a lot more than I expected! Fair play to the 8,000, Molineux has been a depressing place to be over the last 18 months and i'm sure most of us have renewed more in hope than expectation!


I think the fans are sending you a message or are you to arrogant to see it!


Great work Moxey... brilliant business planning!

You are a failure, just like your chums Morgan and Saunders....bye, bye!



At some point M&M have got to start listening to the fans if this doesn't sink in with them there is no hope. Change things and change things now and the long suffering fans will return. All it needs is commitment from Morgan a new and credible manager and some funds to rebuild the squad. Then we are all happy and back but for my part not until there is change!!!

Laughing Stock.

More than i expected. Morgan will be able to knock down the Steve Bull stand and carry on with the redevelopment now. All part of the master plan.


What a pity those who have renewed did not not hold back. That would have really hit home the message that fans will no longer be short changed by a club whose ambition is to keep the books in the black but let the team become weaker and weaker by not putting serious investment into it.

Still, those who have renewed obviously do not have a life outside of Molineux and would not know what to do on a Saturday without their 'fix' of Wolves, even if that 'fix' is no better than watching paint dry!


What's your other life consist of then mate - going shopping with the missus are ya? Or you gonna play golf, or sit at home watching black & white movies on the telly ? I have a life outside of Molineux - but I am a Wolves fan first & foremost and I have enough intelligence to know that there wouldn't be a club if it wasn't for true supporters. Am I happy about the decline? - of course not - I'm as revved as anyone else, but if you choose not to renew, that's your prerogative - but don't slag off the ones who will help to keep the club going until the day you good-time fans come crawling back!! Moron!


Well said Razor, we don't need fans like 'non renewable' it's another 'fair weather' supporter showing his true colours. I have renewed aswell purely because I love Wolves. If we do stay up and start to build for next season and come Christmas were in the top six wishfull thinking I know, do you reckon 'non renewable' will purchase a half season ticket then? I think he and along with many others who are slagging off the season ticket holders who have renewed will soon come flooding back.

Old Man in Old Gold

Keep fighting Razor, you have at least 8,000 supporters. A blast of the truth really aggravates the constant whingers who attach themselves to the club. Up the Wolves.

Tony Gornal Wolf

We all knew the team needed major investment 2- 3 years ago but thIs never happened despite clubs promise after last game of the season against Blackburn that the club would never be in this position again. About time M & M realise that success means spending money on players who are better than what we''ve got which shouldn't be to hard

Farmer Ted

Please, please let Jez phone me ( I haven't renewed my two Steve Bull STs) I will try and get through to him how many level headed fans feel about decisions Morgan and his board have made over the last two years and try and establish if there's a plan in place or indeed if there has been a plan since MM was sacked without any thought to a replacement.

There will be no personal abuse and none of these childish cliches so many seem to revert to.

It was odds on that this 'extra time' would be added on.... And probably another 'window of opportunity' if sales don't improve, I would guess.

Please, please let Jez phone me. I promise not to use the word despot in the same sentence as Steve Morgan.

Please, please let Jez phone me. I promise not to say 'be careful what you wish for' or 'where's the money gone? ' or can we all have a free balti pie in next seasons opening game against Crawley Town ?

Come on phone....ring !


Ted. I'm sure you could be relied upon to get some valid points over, but, unless you're one of the hand picked Wolves Parlaiment you're never going to get a call.

Distant Wolf

Very very good. I do hope Mr Moxey telephones you, but if he does can you tell him to read this page as some of the comments made by true supporters to other true supporters are the result of M+M incompetence. I have read this page today and cannot believe how bad the sense of feeling is and how supporters of the same club are attacking one another.

I do applaud those who have got their ticket for a further year and can understand those that haven't, they are both right. Allowing for that comment, I witnessed Southampton playing Doncaster in the season that they were relegated into Division 1 and a 30,000+ stadium is a very empty place with only 12,000 in there and it isn't just the tickets that they will lose revenue on, its decline in sales for the over-priced food and drink, programmes which cost pennies to print yet sell in thousands and that which they look on as petty cash at the moment will soon seem like big money when the parachute payments cease.

Sad that so many loyal supporters are having a go at one another. Personally I respect all of you, whatever your background, whatever your status is as a supporter. I've always been proud to be a Wolves fan, but the cracks are starting to appear, you stop going to the games and other things fill the time (not just shopping with the wife or golf) and the next thing you know, you just can't be bothered to go any more.


I'm 1 of the 8k morons. Please lock me up for my own good!


The white coat brigade are on their way hang on.


Asap plea, before I start buying shirts, jackets, etc.

Lord Brewood

Newest line in the clubshop - Straightjackets with the Wolves logo prominently displayed.

Should shift a few of those.



The Duff

A good friend of mine pays £340 for her and her son to go to Walsall, he then gets £2 back every game he goes to up to twenty games. So basically it costs £300 for the Adult ticket! Mr Moxey wants me to pay £465! In these times when wages are getting squeezed on bills around the home i'm afraid hes not living in the real world!!

Bradmore Wolf

1 - Its too expensive, the reduction was OK but why not go the whole £50 the albion dropped theirs by

2 - Your advertising campaign for this was terrible. You cant just bring a video out thanking us at season ticket renewal time and expect everything to be ok.

3 - its a rip off in general the programmes cost too much the pies the beer everything

4- once we have bough the season ticket have you done one thing to make us feel valued as customers, the answer is no.

5 - last year you allowed people to buy a season ticket at early bird prices in the summer - no apology that i remember for those that backed you.

6 - you keep us waiting when we ring the ticket office to earn more off the 0870 number.

7 - give aways/ free tickets ect are great. 4000 extra people will be taking advantage of them next season.

8 - you said at the fans parliament that you could not include a cup game for free in case it was a 5th round tie. You must be deluded, firstly its us taking the risk that this crop of losers would ever trouble the 5th round, secondly its more likely to be us going out on penalties to brentford on a cold tuesday and thirdly just imagine the goodwill if your customers were to get something of that value for free.

On top of that you constantly insist that the club is well run. By almost any measure of that you are wrong.

Without the fans there is nothing, start treating us with some respect.


Great post

Absolutely spot on, in every way.

All of the above are symptoms of Moxey's cheap & nasty approach to the running of the football club.

As soon as the last ball is kicked of this dreadful season he should be relieved of his duties for overseeing & being largely responsible for the worst 2 seasons in this great clubs recent history.


Grace. Worst TWO seasons??????? Come on, remember the Hoddle debacle to name just ONE of his many cock up's. It has been an ongoing downturn since Sir Jack made the horrendous mistake of employing him.



I do remember the Hoddle debicle, very well, but let me tell you, it was no where near as bad as what has gone on over the last 2 yrs.

Dull it was, but not distructive.


Grace. I am sorry to disagree with you but, because of his lack of any knowledge of the basic's related to football his reign as been nothing short of a disaster. Why do you think Stoke got rid?

Mountain Wolf

I have renewed but I wish to make it clear that this is because I will continue to support my club and my renewal is in no way an endorsement of the way the club is being run. In fact I have had sleepless nights worrying about whether to keep my purse as tightly closed as M&M have kept theirs. It is inconceivable that businessmen could accidently allow this shambles to happen so I am at a loss as to why it was allowed.

Robert Perry

I have renewed but this figure has come as no surprise (in fact I thought it would be even lower!) .I have supported the club for over 40 years and I never felt so bitter towards the people who are running the club. Their attempts at keeping us in the premiership were pathetic and their attitude in trying to keep us in the championship doesnt seem to have altered. Their lack of activity in both transfer windows leaves me absolutely convinced Morgan and Moxey are not bothered which division we are playing in as long as the club doesnt make a loss. When I talk to mates who arent Wolves fans I realise what a laughing stock we have become. The pair of them should hang their heads in shame.

The Teecher

If they sacked Saunders and got McDermott in we would have the three MMMs back and all the morons could fish out their old abusive posts instead of hurting their brains trying to think of new stuff.

Would save so much time.


Just a small prose,

for the ego that grows.

Humpty dumpty numpty preacher.

So full of bull, is "the teecher"

William Wordsworst

Oh you're back are you !

As others have said you are the pathetic poet,

It's neither funny or clever

But worst of all it doesn't scan

Give up and go back to the paper round

The Teecher

You think this garbage you fill our threads with is of some value. Get one of your best friends to tell you the truth.

It's going to hurt a precious like you, but its best you know before you embarrass too many of your family and friends

Love your Verk

We love you Versey,

Ignore the bad commentators.

They have hate and envy in their eyes.

Keep em coming


Just a small prose 

for the ego that grows.

Humpty dumpty numpty preacher.

So full of bull, is "the teecher".


Versifier?????? Not again. For goodness give it a rest. You will never be POET LAUREATE!!!!

sports giant

Come on lads get buying so we can invest in some players


Until Dean Shambles is sacked and a good manager is appointed I will not renew my ticket. Going nowhere with this halfwit. After saying that the fault is with the other clowns in the circus who appointed him.


I applaud each and every one of the 4.152 people who chose to vote with their wallets, and commiserate with the 8,063 who couldn't help themselves.


Hedonists eat nuts,

While cuckoo's live in huts.

We, are all in the stands.

So love your fellow fans.

Fozzy Bear

You were looking over John Betjeman's shoulder at school weren't you ?

Such a wordsmith you are, 'while cuckoos live in huts' ! Indeed !

Don't go hiding your light under a bushel, the poet laureate's job could be yours.

chris h

Fozzy, Seems to me all you can do is criticise people who post on here,whilst making excuses for those who should be held responsible for our current problems.As I have told you many times:ANOTHER FINE MESS,JEZ.


Stinky winky wobbly woo

Nic nac paddy wack ongly pongly poo

Wingle dingle eat a pringle

This ode makes as much sense as anything from you


Can't blame people not renewing when we are a laughing stock only second to Blackburn Rovers. I belive Moxey and Morgan are the right people to lead this club. Moxey has proven to be a good businessman and Morgan has his heart in the right place but needs to learn from his mistakes with hiring/firing managers. Ideally, SS would have remained at Wolves and given the summer to get rid of the players from MM/TC's days. We need long-term thinking, not fierfighting.

Personally, I think league one would give the club the fresh start it needs. Molineux is like a stagnant pond, with the players a green algae preventing anything positive ever occurring!

OH where did it all go wrong?

1) not backing TC (if he'd been given an IPAD to replace his old clipboard we would still be in the prem!)

2) Not giving Eggert Jonsson a chance. He could have been the linchpin for glory

We could just knock down the other sides to Molineux and allow flats to be built to raise some capital. The season ticket holders could all then fit into the new stand.


You treat your customers like Moxey has treated the Fans and this is what you get,Moxey has taken for granted that Fans would renew come what may big mistake.The big new stand doesnt look so clever now should have invested in a good manager and consolidated the team in the prem rather than buying bargain basement.


reap what you sow


It's a reflection on you, Mr Moxey, and your failed business plan. If this had had bn a FTSE 100 company, you would have bn fired months ago.

What do WW expect. They serve up a load of drivel for 2 seasons, treat us like marketing targets not as stakeholders, put that awful Wolvesspin on everything, have failed to clear out a very very poor set of professional who got us relegated and we have Morgan and Moxey who have had 2 season when they got every major football decision wrong. I travel 230 miles round trip every home game and can barely recall a match that I feel I got vlaue for money. Morgan's pathetic "pig sick" rant is not enough. Steve, you blew it. As the custodian of my dream you have turned it into a nightmare. Whatever the outcome this season, unless WW radically change in the way they engage with supporters and have a massive clear out of staff, I will not renew my season ticket and will cherry pick the games that I attend> How can we have plunged so low so quickly. Wh is going to explain the utter capitulation and deterioration of our playing squad> you let us down, boys

No Ambition

A clear vote of no confidence from the fans

Message to Morgan Get rid of Moxey & Saunders

Tamworth wolf

I am one of the non renewals this year after 42 years of loyal support and have never before felt so disillusioned as I am right now. Forget the season ticket prices and taxes Wolves charge, forget my 80 mile round trip and time and consider what got us mess in the first place.

1 MM should have been sacked at the end of season 2011, he could take us no further.

2 Connor should not have been appointed, he was not up to the job.

3 Solbacken had no chance, losing 11 players and having to recruit a similar number to replace, most of whom are poorer players than we had.

4. Why DS, he has no clue, changing formations 2 or 3 times within a game, rarely as a result of injury.

5. Why, oh why has the owner or CEO chosen not to provide a vision for improvement until it is too late to reverse. Why not stand up and be counted, we season ticket holders have been doing so for along time.

6. Why no Technical Director to determine player purchase, let the CEO manage the finances, and let the Owner bask in the glory, or sulk in disgrace.

7. If you no longer want to own the club, please sell it to someone who will before you ruin us.

Finally, if you want my money in future, earn it.

GrEeN niGeL





From another article today:

“Carl expected the tactics board to go flying but he chose the one spot where there was a metal bar behind. It was freakish – a couple of inches either side and there would be no injury to him.”

You really couldn't make up this circus could you? Spike Milligan couldn't have come up with a script as ridiculous as the one played out at Molineux over the last 18 months.


I'm amazed that we have a tactics board to be honest. You could have fooled me.


What amazed me about this story is that Wolves actaully had a tactics board !

Waggies Left Peg

I expected Deano thought that tactics are little white mints !


didnt think you could injure yourself on a fag packet


I wonder why he has not phoned me!.......................................Best he doesnt


I would say that they are extremely fortunate to hit the 8000 mark and if we get relegated we will be lucky to get gates of 15000? I gave up my season ticket during last season and that was down to the distinct lack of investment in our final Premiership season - De Vries, O'Hara and Johnson was a pathetic investment in new recruits!

Laurel & Hardy at the helm - in terms of incompetence levels - are second only to the Venky's and they actually went and spent £8m on a proper goalscorer. The whole Molineux package has to come into focus ie poor home performances and very poor and expensive catering facilities and that is why away trips are the way forward!


Well, well, well! Who'd have thought it eh? Moxey on the blower spinning more dung! They only have themselves to blame for this dispicable situation the club are in and facing. You reap what you sew!

Never mind the so-called £76 odd mill Morgan said he has spent. If it is that much then he should have acted far far sooner when

the alarm bells began to stir. Never forget, Wolves are a very financily stable club. who have serously UNDER-invested in quality players and instead M&M held onto the purse strings and passed by opportunity transfer windows.

Director of football is what is required but will it happen? Or will Moxey boot it out like he did when SS came on board.

It is startling to see, given that Morgan is a wealthy business man, the club in the position it is now.

Again both have failed to take us further by being tight-fisted. What's the point in talking about a Prem return when they will NOT put up the funds required? Every single time they have baulked at bringing quality becasue they will NOT pay the going rate hence where we are today. Not rocket science is it?

Morgan and Moxey are NOT the men to take this club forward despit any fans parliament out pourings of purpoted honesty.

Even TV pundits are critical of the them.

So the drop in EB is not surprising really. Hope they take a long hard look at themselves now. You have let the club down, the fans down and the city down. Facts speak for themselves!



Fair play - I am surprised we have sold that many!

The downside of course with selling substantially fewer tickets is that the club does not build up the cash reserves it needs to meet the costs of running the club in future months.

Given that, whatever happens, a major squad rebuild is needed in the Summer, having fewer resources to achieve that is not good news.

The sad thing about where we find ourselves is that much of the damage has been self inflicted and, to coin a phrase, things will probably get worse before they get better.

I suspect that had we appointed a more credible manager in January that we could all have confidence in (as we did in McCarthy early in his reign) then we would be feeling a lot more positive and more fans would have committed for next season.


If WWFC was my business I'd want an explanation from the CEO why the company is going downhill. It has been for at least 2 years even though it hasn't made a loss (yet). When the money from the sale of players has dried up and parachute payments stop then the real tripe and onions will hit the fan. By that time it will be extremely difficult to turn the club around and any player worth selling would have gone. I just hope Morgan has a good recovery shot in his bag although I suspect he will sell the club and cut & run. He is obviously losing his appetite for WWFC and selling looks the least painful option. Moxey has made enough money so he's ok. I'm sure Morgan will find a job for him somewhere in his empire.


You know the advertisement punchline; "Have you been mis-sold, etc." So, here goes ...

Have you been mis-sold Early-Bird tickets? Have you been mislead about their potential value? Have you failed to see returns on your investment(s)?

If you fall into any of these groups, then please call the *Money Making Insurance Group. This company is run by Messrs. Morgan & Moxey, well-famed money 'conservationists', who will happily take more money from you.

*The Money Making Insurance Group is fully endorsed by the independent and unregulated Bank of Nigerian Investments. Please write to either Jez Moxey or Steve Morgan for further details at the Molineux Stadium. Alternately, email: stuffingourpocketswithyourmoney@cash.cow.

Are you watching what I'm watching

Oh gawd - just read the piece about Albion putting £1 million into improving their training pitch - when our owner spends millions at our training camp on houses !!!

Apparently they also have a "head of facility operations and development".... what do we have - Jex Moxey !!

hate em as much as you like - but god I'm jealous.

Bolton Wolf

Well Well What planet is Moxey on. Were are the loan players Why not take on Omwingie from those down the road on loan.?!!!!!! Don't have a go at supporters just leave


At least while Blackburn have the Venkys Wolves looks like a well run model football club!!



If Morgan, Moxey and Saunders all quit before August , I will renew

...and there's a challenge that would see about a further 5000 people renew immediatekly


What exactly has happened since the fan's parliament? Nothing as far as I can see. No loan players, no statement about a plan, no-one loaned out apart from Forde. Silence from our pigsick owner. Nothing to reward us loyal fans who keep going. No free travel like the Albion fans get. No improvement to the match day build up or half time entertainment. No instruction to the announcer who cannot pronounce Siggy's name properly. No video screen. Fans still getting soaked in Morgan's folly. No reason why the only proper right wingers never get on the pitch. Just a publicity stunt at early bird time. I wish Jez had phoned me.

Sir Billy Quiet

Good points well made.

Wednesbury wolves

Blimey bill your not agreeing with some one, whose having a go against the leaders of Wolverhampton wanderers are you?????? Are you the real sir billy??????


Your best ever post Sir Billy


Good points well made, supported since 1968, didn't renew my season ticket this season after 21 years, but was convinced by my son to go and watch the 'six pointer' on Saturday.I got absolutely bloody soaked in that folly of a stand built by Mr Morgans arrogance and after that abysmal 65 mins of "football" I need never go again!


Times are hard and perhaps 4000plus fans are those who are struggling financially and would rather spend the money on other things than on a poor deluded team!!

Southbank dodgybird

The ONLY reason me and my mate haven't renewed after 10 seasons is down to the pure arrogance of Moxey and Morgan!!! If they had released a statement close to deadline day explaining what would happen if we are relegated, how much money we would be refunded we would have renewed without a second thought but yet again, we are treated like dirt, no respect for us fans at all!!! Knowing Moxey if we are relegated he'll probably 'refund' us with club vouchers!!! Cannot see him parting with money to be fair!! I am Wolves through and through and it breaks my heart to see the state the club is in but I'm fed up with being treated like dirt!! We will go to the matches but we will pick and choose the ones we will go to until they have the decency to show us some respect!

manc andy

Dont worry southbank dodgybird, iv not renewed for years and have yet to this day want to go a game and not been able to get in, away games and home games.I would also recommend a new roof on the north bank might get more season tickets sold.UTW

Andy South bank

STH of 15 years - south bank not renewed for next season.

I could renew by the end of this month, but out of priniciple im not because of the £6 fee (money for nothing).

Morgan and Moxey you have just lost £370 revenue because of this £6 fee, infact you probably lost alot more as more people like me

Ok you could argue why didnt i renew by 11th March..

You need to listen to your customers, maybe a survey before hand to all STH's to help shape the way you sell your STH's

Mark b

Could not renew on the basis I like to be entertained and that has not been the case for 2 years let alone this one.

Although other priorities have to take centre stage this year I will be attending home and away as I can make it, support the team no matter what.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Baggie in peace. I don't pretend to have an answer but I can see both sides of the argument. Buy a ticket and you're supporting the blokes that have run your club into the ground but if you're a fan you buy a ticket and support your team it's what you do. Neither is right and neither is wrong. I've been there with my club and I'm sure many of you have with the Wolves in the 80's and 90's. Like I said to a fan of yours on our site earlier whatever our colours we're all REAL supporters that follow our local team.

Remember the Mama's and Papa's song, The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn and keep believing.

Orlando Wolves

It is certainly the case that the Baggies and the Wolves have had their ups and downs over the years. In Wolves case, their current plight was entirely avoidable and was caused by mismanagement of the highest order.

Whilst I don`t buy a season ticket nowadays, as the travelling would be a tad expensive, I have some sympathy with those who do, and having done so, are then subjected to over inflated prices for refreshments inside the stadium.

Several supporters allude to this, coupled with booking fees, 0870 number charges and long waiting times when fans do call it.

Like it or not, it does seem that Wolves management are milking their supporters for all their worth in difficult financial times.

WBA, on the other hand have reached out to their fans by reducing season ticket prices, freezing prices this year and provided free away travel. I also believe that during this time their season ticket sales have increased. They are a good club and well run.

Some who will read this will, no doubt react by saying, `Well go and support them then`, or words to that effect. What should be recognised however, is that fan loyalty is the lifeblood of all football clubs, and abuse of that loyalty can come with a sting in its tail (See the headline above).

Jez Moxey and Steve Morgan, would be wise to reflect on the causes of gulf that has opened between both clubs that draw their support from the same catchment area. Vast differences exist in the managerial competence at team level and executive level at both clubs, and work should begin immediately on rectifying the situation.

Thanks for the thoughts Real Bully Hoo, but I think more Wolves fans are more in tune with the Ivy Leagues `That`s why I`m Crying` at the moment than the Mama`s and the Papa`s song.

We have to believe though.


The Real Bully Hoo.


I know what you mean but I put that song title in because that's how it seemed to us when Paul Thompson took over in 1998/9. The club were haemhoraging (spelling?) money, the team were struggling at the bottom end of the championship, the manager wasn't inspiring any confidence and the board hadn't a bean between them to put it right. Then along came MR Thompson followed by Jeremy Peace and although it's been a long struggle, little acorns and all that.

chris h

Bully Hoo, One of the few decent things recently has been a number of Baggies fans coming on here, and not gloating, but wishing us well.Perhaps it is appropriate then that the title of that Mama's and Papa's song is actually 'Dedicated to the one I love'.

Orlando Wolves

TRBH - I appreciate exactly what you are saying, but it is so frustrating watching Wolves upper management continue to hit the self destruct button with such stunning regularity.

Sacking Stale Solbakken and replacing him with Dean Saunders was a huge mistake, and at the moment, it looks as if we will pay for it with a successive relegation. Solbakken said in an interview recently that `Wolves don`t know which way they want to go`. How true.

In the meantime, back to hoof and hope.

I hope we can survive this year, but I have my doubts, the real BCD seems further away than ever.

Good luck for the rest of the season !


It is not a shock at all given what is being dished under the name of football. I have renewed and I make a near 400 mile round trip for each home game. The hope is a GOOD decision will be made to sack this clown of a manager and appoint a good manager. I would go for Brian McDermott who can build the playing side and get us playing football. I have just seen a comment from Shambles saying the own goal won't stop us playing from the back and he doesn't want us to just boot it. OMG he is on another planet, we only have 3 ways to play under is sidewards, backwards and hoof it. This is the worst "football" we have played since the dark days in the 80's. If anyone at the club reads these posts please sack this clown because he WILL take us down.


So finally we know how good Jez Moxey is, it takes him and his staff nine days to count to 8063 so not such a good CEO or accountant for that matter afterall. So Steve is it not eventually time for a taxi for the useless Jez?


Nine days to press a button on a computer more like!


Time for the moaners to put your money where your mouth is - Why don't you all agree to buy early birds - if Moxey resigns

Sam Wolf

Gerald my good man your arrogance is finally getting through to the people that matter, the supporters, rather than taking a million and more salary out of the club it’s time to put some in.

This mess has been coming for a long time; you may be able to look after the finance but you have two major faults you don’t know how to treat customers and you don’t know much about football.

Ye Olde South Bank

The choice to renew or not is precisely that: a choice; nothing more. Those that renewed their EB's are not necessarily 'more loyal' because of their actions. Sometimes supporters have to make a statement in the only way they realistically can and, in this case, it's the EB scheme that provides the opportunity.

My kids have already renewed without so much as a second thought -but I've chosen not to, simple as that. Think I'll wait until the Summer comes round to see what direction Wolves are taking before I make a final judgement. I owe them nowt after five decades of paying support, so harbouring guilty feelings I certainly aint.

Whichever option you chose, guys -and for whatever reason- it was naturally to benefit yourself, and I've no problems with that. After all, it's no different to how Morgan and Moxey do things down the Wolves.


TRBH. I cannot yet make my mind up if you are being sympathetic or patronising.

If it is the former it is most unusual. If it is the latter "no Comment"

However I will not be buying. Why should I subsidise a construction company and an

overseas real estate company!!

Sir Billy Quite

I renewed my two tickets at a cost of over £900.00.

Along with the other 8063 supporters it would be nice to receive a thank you letter along with a guarantee that if we are relegated we will get a 25% rebate.

Its all very well phoning those that have not renewed but how about an appreciation of the loyalty for those that have?

Offer those that have not renewed for next season a match by match discount for next season to keep them coming to the ground.

Get out to the schools and sort out out match day free entry for school kids in Wolverhampton - build the loyalty don't expect it............


There's a good point in here, that of the offer of a rebate. If you're buying an Early Bird, it shouldn't have to be a financial transaction in which you're gambling on the quality of the product you're purchasing. If the product with which you're presented happens to be substandard, then it's only common sense that you get some kind of reduction in price. Who'd pay full whack for a jumper with a pull in it?


Sir Billy Quiet?


1981: How Not to Run Football. Derek Dougan. All Seasons Publishing.

2013: How Not to Run a Football Club (2nd edition), Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey, foreword by Dean Saunders




Could the E&S do a poll on if the manager was sacked would we renew ST and also if Moxey was sacked would we renew ST

Would be interesting to see the results (we all know what they will be) and would be in black and white for Morgan to read!

Something drastic needs to happen now to save Wolves. Who ever advised Morgan to higher Saunders should be named and shamed!


Can't believe i have sold 8000 eb'$ - glad i don't have to buy one, because i get paid loadsa $$$$$ to watch garbage week in week out.

Morgan, Is Moxey such a valuable asset to the club now?????????????????

Keep votin g with your money guys until Moxey is sacked!


What do you expect fans hard eaened money on season tickets,and this rabble of players still earning massave wages,and playing rubbish on the pitch, they should not be allowed to pull on the old gold shirts again, as for Dean Saunder he is way out of his depth, and the sooner Steve Morgan gets rid of Jez Moxey the better,because until he gets rid of him we will not begin to climb up any divison at least we will have the best stadium in league 1 and with plenty of empty seats, i have supported WW for the last 60 years plus and the club has gone down & down since tight arse Moxey has been at Wolves, the sooner Steve Morgan gets a director of Football in the better and stops listening to the crap Moxey is preaching to the chairman the better, i for one will not be attending any matches i have a round trip of over 250 miles to watch this crap but No more until MOXEY goes.


''Chief executive Jez Moxey has even telephoned some ‘lapsed’ season ticket holders to plead with them to think again.''

A fact provided by the Club PR Machine to The E & S, on the instruction of Moxey.

Shows how utterly deluded He is

He Thinks that this should demonstrate/ represent some humility?

The Guy is on £3k plus every day of every week!!!

... and We should think that him personally ringing supporters, whilst being paid that ludicrous amount ..by supporters!!... is a good thing ???

Absolutely Bonkers

Moxey should have been ringing Players Agents in the January Transfer Window, not calling disenfranchised supporters in March

Talk about shutting the Stable Door after the Horse has Bolted


Don't get these people who have bought a ST to "support the team" - you are only supporting Jez and Steve. I have not renewed my ST but will still attend 15-20 home games plus a decent few away next season to "support the team".

It may cost the same as a ST, but I am showing my non-support of the board, and 2 it will be spread over the season (yes I know you can get interest free credit but that would undermine my non-support of the board).

I didn't renew as not happy with the last 18 months at the club, this is the only way I think I can get my voice heard to the board.

Fans parliament appearance by Morgan was just a stunt to get more ST, nothing significant will happen from the fans parliament.


Like all business in this world sometimes it is up and sometimes it is down. Those who have not renewed their season tickets have that right as they continually say they are in a democratic country, also a free world WITHOUT LIMIT. But they should realize that there is, however, a limit in that failure in all competitions is a natural thing, whether you vent your anger or not. It is like death as God has said any human being will TASTE DEATH ONE DAY WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

As to attacking S. Morgan as a builder, it is a cheap thing to do so as any chairman must show he has succeeded in life before taking the helm of a club or any other business. Idem to J Moxey who is paid to do a specific job like any fan is paid to do a certain job in his life. Those people using these turpitude tricks against these men are doing things they don't know because they feel free to have the right to accuse, to lessen the work done by the board and in fact they are always moaning when they must realize we are, specially in England after 1966, to accept football has been in a very bad mess with money obtained abundantly from TV and sponsors has completely killed the emergence of youngsters.

England compared to other major countries are very poor in terms of producing QUALITY players. So Wolves are not going to follow the examples of Portsmouth, Coventry, Glasgow Rangers, Bolton and Blackburn to splash money they don't have on craps even when they know that their income will be reduced due to lack of success. That's something which arrives to any club in their history. Look at the enormous amount spent by Man City to win by a whisker the title and this season are 15 points adrift with so many so-called stars. Just reflect on Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea who are further down with so much money spent. How much Wolves will have to spend to just keep their head above relegation from the Premiership, else they copy QPR whose stadium is smaller than Wolves. Of course S. Morgan has the very good idea to raise the capacity of Molineux as well as providing the club with an impressive new Compton academy. We must show patience as the projects will bear fruits one day with or without the moaners whom I consider have blind sights and blind hearts.

The Teecher

Many good points, but I nearly lost the will to live halfway through.

You talking to the majority of the fans in that way was a bit like Solbakken trying to introduce a new generation of football to an old generation of players.

Suggest you get your thumb out of you bum and keep it simple.


Though it pains me to say this but our the board should look and learn from Bescot Market FC they encourage the next generation of fans with one of the best payback schemes I have seen. Wake up Wolves before we loose more £'s and support.


Good grief, look at the look on Moxey's Cannock Chase.

I bet he is thinking my God I have had a 50% cut in my wonga lol,

now this is it never going to end.

Answer Mr Moxey NO NO NO until you GO GO GO.



Definitive Wolf

It's supposed to be a free country - do what suits you and don't be put off by those who disagree with you.

Waggies Left Peg

Surely this is a typing error on the Express & Star's part, surely they meant that renewals were down by 84%, now that would at least make more sense.

Muzza's mumblings

Fact 1. Wolves could not sign 'top players' in the premiership due to wage restrictions'

Fact 2. Every year we have heard 'will will sign players that will improve the team' but never did due to fact 1

Fact 3. 'We are looking to sign players...then it was we are looking to loan players' for the last 3 seasons...but only if they were cheap enough hence fact 1 + 2 being red herrings!

Fact 4. Morgan you need to allow wages outside the wage structure to sign 3 players on loan just for wolves to survive this season. 1 striker, and 2 midfielders due to the injuries we have sustained! Would have loved a left back but winger and central midfielder are musts


Did I not read we appointed a scout to recruit new talent and additions to this woeful team, what has been his contribution, yes we all make mistakes even my spelling but Mr Moxey you keep making them, I'm sure vitually anyone on here will forgive one or two clangers which even Sir Alex would admit to, but you have continually made bad decissions, the new North Bank what was that all about a complete waste of money.

Yes we can all wish for a Crystal ball and moan after the event but this has been bad decision after bad decision which for any employee would not have been tolerated in any any other other company. With your luck please forward me your lottery numbers they are bound to come in. Come on Mr Morgan act and fast please.

Muzzas mumblings

In the picture is moxey thinking ' 18000 pie and a pints =... Erm 2 wages for loan players I will allow....forget the pie lets get young and hungry players in for the future even if that means division 1....damn I only earn half wages compared to last year but my bonus is bigger so that offsets it...oh I've got my ray reardon lookalike gig tonight at dudley snooker club!

jimmy saville


kford wolf

The comments between us all display the incompetence of Mr. Morgan, and how he has split our loyal support. Ican testify how painful sucessive relegations are as I like many people who have commented on this page, suffered home and away in the 1980's.

I however can finally take no more of the arrogance and "spin" from Morgan and his yes men, and reluctantly have and will not renew my season ticket after attending games over the past 35 years.

Under the Bhattis, the players however poor they were tried 100%, and we all new that at any point we had watched our last game as we faced oblivion.

I feel that our current situation is worse, as i feel we are been conned with the arrogance of Morgan towards the supporters. Seriously i cannot beleive he appointed Dean Saunders and his obvious clueless tactics, poor man management (his treatment of Carl Ikeme was apalling on Saturday.), and his ridiculous quotes in the Express and Star every day!

What really frightens me is that if he is still here in the summer, the quality of his signings will be apalling, with or without money!

So my point is they have finally broken me, but how can we register our feelings, apart from voting with our feet?

I will attend games next season, home and away, but will not buy in to the current way our great club is being run.



Ive renewed and dont even live in the uk anymore. It gives me pleasure to pass my ticket from nephew to neice week after week. They understand things are not so great on the pitch, but like me they beieve in the club and what it means to those who bleed gold and black. Wolves are much bigger than 2 men. Keep the faith and lets hope our motto come true and out of darkness will cometh light.

I watched my local team kc sporting play chicago this weekend and sat there proudly in my gold and black, and proudly took time to explain to the curious who wolves are and why they will always be a great club.

Oh it was a 0 0 game but 25000 home fans never gave up cheering their team on!


We are a laughing stock!

If only M&M had some brains prior to getting rid of Mick. ( which I didn't agree with !) we wouldn't be in this mess! So reality is that next year we will be playing in Div 1 with overpayed players that will look for any way out!

But on the bright side we got a new sponsor from PUMA!! (1 million which will pay for the piemans wages!!!)


Then you are a fool. McCarthy built this team largely. He wasted millions upon millions.


Now we shall see who the true supporters are. All you lot who find it so easy to abandon your club, don't dare sing "we'll never die" at the next game. I shall be me along with 8,062 others who should be making that noise alone.

Loyal supporters through thick and thin. If you haven't renewed, your opinion no longer carries the weight of mine and the other LOYAL SUPPORTERS. On you go armchair fans!


8063 ticket buyers need to get a life


I'm drivin over and I'll be ready for the next match, can ya give me directions to the custard bowl


Had enough after years. Don't mind paying if your getting something back but with 2 kids it's an expensive game. Kids haven't enjoyed it at all and now want to go to the biscuit tin with their mate. At least they get in free there so will save me some money .

Will always be wolves but at least in the the meantime the kids will enjoy themselves and I'll know my money is going to a club trying to build something instead of destroy it, so it's off to the saddlers for me as much as it pains me.




What is the point in buying a season ticket.The stadium is never full and always thousands of empty seats so you can pick your games that you want to watch, so cant see a problem...

Exeter Wolves

Some of this is really amusing (although maybe not meant to be) but in the final analysis it is up to individuals to renew or not and no-one can criticise anyone else for deciding whatever they decide.

For me the facts are:

I have supporeted Wolves for not far off 50 years, you just know when you are a real supporter because of what it means to you, and usually that doesn't mean shouting your mouth off at everyone on forums. You can't liken it to going to the pub as someone did earlier.

I think the club has been incredibly unlucky of late. Yes there have been some bad decsions but we only really know that with hindsight, they could have turned out to be fantastic decisions.

Overall the club is well run, if a little too 'safe' for my liking. I don't mind Moxey looking to do shrewd deals but I guess in the end Morgan calls the shots and maybe he just doesn't care enough about anything except his money. Fair enough, it is up to him but we don't have to like it. Makes me laugh when I think of all the critisism aimed at Jack Haywood though - the man who more or less saved the club.

Things don't come easy in football, just ask supporters of Leeds, Southampton, Coventry, Bradford and many others. I am afraid that we are not immune to the uncertainties.

Did I renew my season ticket? No, and I won't be doing so. It wasn't an easy decsion to make but despite being a true Wolves fan for so long I am losing my love of football beacuse in most cases it is just a cold-hearted business now, credit cards, early birds, expensive museums, loyalty points. I lost my enthusiam to travel up from Devon this year. No doubt it is because we have had a poor season but that is the way it goes. Players get paid top wages but have no loyalty to the club. I know they get a rough deal from fans sometimes but given the rewards they get they should just shut up and get on with it instead of hitting back.

I really hope we can avoid relegation but I have strong doubts. Please don't be stupid enough to blame Dean Saunders because you expose yourself as being not very intelligent if you do. We don't know yet if he is a good manager or not, at the moment though he doesn't look like a lucky one which is a real shame.

See you for the party at Brighton because I can't be bothered to come up for any more games this season (at least i don't think I can).


Morgan should have gambled and spent some serious cash in the last two january transfer windows then we probably wouldn't be in the position that we are and consequently he would have got his money back by thousands more fans buying season tickets.


well well has the penny dropped...........successful team more gate receipts.worried about your bonus now are we......tough luck.get out you joker


When i lived in Leicester me & the wife (a converted Yorkie) used to come to the delapedated Molineux in those dark days of 4th & 3rd division football amd also go away when we could to some pretty awful grounds in them days, like Wigan, Mansfield Doncaster etc. We did it because of our love of WWFC and it was fun! We even went to Ipswich to see Bully put on his first England shirt on home soil (for those there - remember the pitch invaison when he scored!!) i'll always be Wolves, but have stopped attending on a regular basis now for over a decade - my last but one game was the game that Bully waved goodbye on and when Robbie keane played his last match in an old gold top. What made me stop going? A number of factors. Firstly i got sick and tired of hearing people whinge and whine and chant crap about our team, whilst moaning on their mobilestoo!!! Secondly - economics, it's not cheap any more watching football and i can't do season tickets 'cause of the work i do and thirdly watching Wolves wasn't fun any more - partly down to the 'product' and partly down to the fact we now seem to have a side of 'mercenaries' who seem to be here for the money. Last time i went was in the promotion season when we managed a 0-0 with Ipswich and in a decade, (even with a side who looked certain for promotion) nothing had really changed! I now watch BTFC, it's cheaper, the team give 100% and more to the point - it's FUN!! Unless there's a real revolution at Molineux, i don't know when i'll go again¬! Have been offered a ticket this season, but chose to visit someone in hospital instead. There needs to be a revolution, not just in how the club is managed, but within the playing staff and also those who go - what on earth do you think you will acheive slagging the players off??? Take a look in the mirror some of you and if you don't like it don't go!!!


someone suggseted every one not turning up for the boro game as a protest against morgan/moxey. when was the last time that happened at any club??


if so called supporters have not got the will or the finances to buy out morgan then there is really nothing that can be done.

the only choice for most fans is if you can afford to go to matches or not. utw.


I can well understand the situation of balancing the books, but the current state that Wolves find themselves in is really, REALLY DIRE.I cannot understand the managerial mentality here.When Wolves obtained their objective (being in the premier league) this should have been a priority.Staying there means everything.So every effort and sensible expense should have been used to enable Wolves to stay there.So what did they do ?.......go on a car boot sale player spending spree (buying crap players) and degrading the club by not keeping premier league status (by being by a long way the worst premier league team for some time) and then wasting 18 million on a stand.Its the same old story...when we get decent players they get sold to be replaced either by has beens or no-hopers.I'm very sad about this like all life long Wolves supporters.WE DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS.Then to top it all Moxey is surprised about the lack of season tickets sold ?.I'm not looking forward to Division One next season.

Your Turn Tim

The 2 M's obviously don't take notice of these threads, so it's over to you Mr Nash.


If Morgan & Moxey can not put money into improve the squad, they can not expect the fans to pay money to watch the crap we have had to put up with for the past two years, lesson learned I hope.

Moxey Out!

I sent my season ticket back when Moxey appointed Hoddle. I did this because of his comments about disabled people. I have wanted Moxey out of my club almost since the day he started. He has never acted in the best interests of the club, he has merely lined his own pockets. I have not set foot inside Molineux since I relinquished my season ticket. I still love my club and will always support them. However I will only go to away games as I am not prepared to feather Moxey's nest. Steve Morgan is doing the same thing. We need to remove this pair or we will have no club left to support.

paul davo

I have complete respect for those of you who have renewed, but the old saying a fool and his money rings a bell, I also have a little sorrow for Mr Morgan, HE has not had the time to run the club on a day to day basis so has left it to a CEO who has not performed, So he must get to the end of the season and get rid of the CEO who has overseen a complete shambles over the last two seasons, Mr Morgan if you do have any feelings for our club then sweep away the rubbish and start all over again, NEW DOF is a must, then give him the tools to rebuild a broken club, THE club is massive bring it back to life and you will need to complete the ground to get us all in.


Fair play to those who renewed. But tickle me sideways with a pie and a pint if this is purely down to loyalty and supporting the team.

The chancellor can constantly put massive tax increases on cigarettes because at the end of the day you can always give up can't you?

I gave up my season ticket last year. My 320 mile round trip and two young kids meant it was the sensible thing to do. Worst thing i ever did. My weekends now involve DIY shops, kids parties and soft play centres. Can I get a Banks' and a bag of authentic Black Country scratchings at my local leisure centre before watching 11 over paid and under performing millionaires trying to kick a pig's bladder into the back of an onion bag? No - But I get to see snotty nosed kids (not mine obviously) on a bouncy castle whilst my phone struggles to update the text commentary of our latest showing of over paid under performing players. I don't care how bad it's been - I miss it.

Moxey knows he can rely on a hardcore season ticket base who are only too aware of not making the same mistake I have made - albeit the 7-8 hr round trip gave me a bit less leverage with the missus when i came to renew last year.

All this bit about voting with your feet and protesting. What a load of old tosh. It makes no difference whatsoever. It's football, it's tradition, it's me at the age of 6 arguing for hours with my brother that John Farley would be a Wolves hero ahead of Steve Daley. It's not a matter of life or death - it's more important than that.

It's the Wolves


We can't even attract anyone to come & play for us on loan let alone attract supporters. I repeat - on loan, not permanent.

Is it really that bad!!

Who Do We Sing For ?

Pack up your stuff and come and watch the new Wanderers in Western Sydney.


I feel that many season ticket holders and supporters through the turnstiles pay their money out of loyalty.Unfortunately supporters are not getting much back in return.Morgan and Moxey have exploited their loyalty and the time comes for many to say enough is enough.Voting with one's feet is probably the best form of protest though most fans may feel some guilt about it.There is so much support potential for this club but Morgan & Moxey and the deadwood are driving fans away.

Joe Wilson's Clog

I fear that at the end of the season relegation or no relegation that any clear out will be limited.Management want to cut their playing staff.Morgan & Moxey will use the fall in the early bird as an argument not to invest in new players stating falling revenues.Whatever happened to that 20 Million profit in transfer sales?Subsequently i fear that some of the deadwood will still be at Molineux ending up with the club not going forward.The Wolves fans have been treated with contempt by Morgan & Moxey.This club is going nowhere and they expect the supporters to pay their money and if they don't,they blame them.Falling gates and it's ever decreasing circles.

Alan in Cyprus

Just when you thought that things could not get any worse.........the banks are taking 10% from our accounts!

Definitive Wolf

A nightmare situation for you - and, to be honest, of far more importance than footballing matters. Hope events take a better turn for all of you in Cyprus - but heaven knows where we are all going at this rate.



Lets try & keep a lid on slagging each other off, now is the time for all supporters of the club to stick together.

I have decided not to renew my EB, something I thought I would never do, after 20yrs of renewing without thinking about it, but that is my message to the board of the club, that I'm not prepared to accept their dreadful mismanagement of our great football club & the general poor treatment of the loyal fans in terms of the 'rip off' that is know as the Molineux match day experience, the cheap & nasty merchandise peddled in the 'official club superstore' & above all BOOKING FEES.

But that is my personal choice & I'm not arrogant enough to say that my decision is the right one, but it suits me, I actually admire the fans who have renewed, their tolerance levels are way better than mine, a quality that should be applauded, not criticised.

If at the end of the season, Moxey goes, I'll come back, if not, then I'll stay away, as, in my opinion, he is the root of most of the problems at the club.

And it will be away days for me next season, so that I can get my 'fix' !!!!!!

There are no 'happy clappers' or 'numpties' at WWFC just long suffering, unappreciated, loyal fans.


Moxey is a waste of space. His comment ' I have a job to do and I'm going nowhere' shows just how far detached he is from the real world.

Moxey, you've always had a job to do. That's why you've been paid a million quid a year. The problem is, you've failed. And frankly, you should be sacked.

Until you go, I'm definately not renewing. There is no point, we'll just get more of the same.

So, here's a deal. You resign and I'll renew. Simple.

Rhyme and Reason

There was an old man from Stoke,

Who's quite a reserved bloke,

When asked to spend money,

He replied: That's not funny;

No way will I end up broke!


Football is in the entertainment and results business, pure and simple. You get the product right and people will buy it so the drop in sales is because the market is following some of the basic business rules...as business men Mr Moxey and Mr Morgan will realise this and they have done well to get 8,063 to renew. One difference with other business sectors is that Football has a much stronger loyalty factor which is why they are still able to sell at least some of the tickets.

So, with the entertainment on the pitch rubbish (which it is) if we don't get the results (which we arent) then sales inevitably drop, often it only takes one of these to be successful to change the complexion of football sales and attendance.

One final element can make a real difference......."Hope"......that things will improve...when that goes as well the numbers drop dramatically. At the moment 8,063 people have more hope than the rest which is remarkable considering the state we appear to be in.

As it stands Wolves are rubbish to watch and they don't win much at home......the outcome is obvious so nobody should be surprised.

Last time I felt anything like this was under Glenn Hoddle.


It wasn't good under Glenn Hoddle - I was there - but it wasn't as bad as this.


some interesting points. but some unrealistic ones as well, jiwal says he will only renew if morgan/moxey/saunders go before august!!!! and what if he does'nt like the new owner/ceo/manager??

contempt is a two way street.

Bob from Acme Tactics Boards

Yesterday, i made a call to Mr Saunders offering to replace the broken tactics board free of charge.

He replied "Sorry Bob, we don't need a new one,because we stopped using it years ago.."


I admire the 8000 plus who have renewed their tickets. I am not one. After 23 plus years I can't justify spending that amount of money. This season more than last I have felt betrayed by the players and although I will always be a wolves fan I feel it's time to spend my Saturday afternoons doing something more valuable. I really hope wolves avoid the drop and can build a successful team again. I also hope that eventually players wages are capped or maybe like the majority of the work force they should have targets and be made accountable when they fail to reach them.

Been here before

As gates collapse and things spiral there is one bright spot on the horizon. Fans of the big local clubs like Albion, Villa and Stoke might adopt us as their second team, bit like Walsall of Kidderminster Harriers. That might boost the crowd by a few hundred.

Empty seats

12000 empty seats typically every week. 15000 next season?

Morgan's judgement is poor. Presumably that idiot Moxey helped convince him that 18m for a new stand was a good idea

Rubbish team, lop sided ground, deserting fans, league 1. Sound familiar? W

There is huge disparity in the wealth of morgan now and the Bhatti brothers but its happening again? How?

Answer - delusion about the status of the club. It makes for very very bad decisions. Apart from five good years 60 years ago the club hasn't ever done much in truth and has had more years outside the top flight than in it. Until that is accepted wolves have nothing to work with and won't get better

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