Wolves could miss injured trio for the run-in

Wolves were today dealt a triple injury blow for the Championship survival scrap.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Blackpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves goalkeeper Carl Ikeme could miss the rest of the season after punching a tactics board and breaking his hand following a dressing-room row with manager Dean Saunders.

And winger Bakary Sako, plus midfielder Dave Edwards, now look set to sit out the rest of the campaign following injuries during Saturday’s 2-1 win over Bristol City.

Scans today revealed Sako has torn his right hamstring after limping off 33 minutes into the game, ruling the 24-year-old out for around six weeks. And Edwards, who limped off five minutes later, has fractured his fifth metatarsal which will KO his season.

But it is the injury to Ikeme which will be the talking point among fans.

The 26-year-old damaged his hand punching the tactics board following a confrontation with Saunders, who is believed to have criticised the keeper for allowing David Davis’ backpass to squirm through him.

Saunders initially said the shotstopper had damaged his hand during the first half.

But it has emerged that he sustained the injury taking out his anger after being accused of his part in the blunder by the manager.

Ikeme, who has missed just one of the club’s 42 league and cup games this season, was replaced at half-time by Dorus De Vries, who now looks set for an extended run in the team after just two substitute’s outings in the Championship this term.

With Ikeme and Wayne Hennessey out, Wolves are set to recall Aaron McCarey from his loan at Walsall as cover, which they are allowed to do after the first 28 days, from Thursday.

Meanwhile, wide midfielder Stephen Hunt has today vowed to fill the gap left by Sako.

Hunt, who was man of the match against City after setting up the two goals when replacing Sako, wants to use it as an opportunity to force his claims.

“It might be good timing – I’ve got ambitions to get into the team and it might help with Sako getting injured,” said the 31-year-old.

“One man’s misfortune is another man’s gain.

“You never wish anyone to get injured but this is a chance for me and I intend to take it with both hands.”

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Comments for: "Wolves could miss injured trio for the run-in"


Ikeme has been Wolves best player by far this season without a shadow of doubt.

ONE error and this excuse for a manager berates him to the extent of the man loosing his temper.

Doesn't that prove what a rather pathetic individual Mr Morgan has chosen to

get this beloved club of ours out of the predicament it is in.

Still Mr Morgan your beloved Liverpool kid's won last night, that should keep you happy after

the Southampton trouncing!!!!!

old golds worth more

Get real, if you make a mistake then you should expect to be taken to task for it. Ikeme is a big boy now, he should have taken it on the chin. If players can go about smashing things with their fists in a rage (in this case it resulted in a self inflicted wound) then what chance discipline if the manager does or says nothing, and so is seen to be weak by the rest of the players! I don't care WHO the player is, if he cocks up in the managers eyes, then he should be taken to task for it. Well done DS for actually having a go for a change.


I'm sure Ikeme didn't need telling what a howler it was. If only Morgan and Moxey had made as few mistakes as Carl.

“It might be good timing – I’ve got ambitions to get into the team and it might help with Sako getting injured,” said the 31-year-old.

Well, Mr Hunt, you're certainly never going to win any tact and diplomacy awards! That said, I've always liked Hunt's combative attitude and I think his 'offend or please' terrier-like qualities are just what we need right now. It's not his fault injuries have cursed much of his time here.


ONE error! from Ikeme,were you at the Blackpool game when he didn't come for an easy ball in the box to gift them the first goal, were you at the Cardiff game when he missed two easy crosses & gifted them two goals.

Granted up until the end of January Ikeme has had a good season but lately he has started making too many mistakes & if he hadn't broken his hand then he deserved to be rested anyway & De Vries given a chance.

Players are quick enough to accept praise for something well done so if what is reported to have happened did happen & he couldn't accept criticism for his mistake then he should be disciplined by the club.

bekenham wolf

Spot on Ant, couldnt have put it better myself. Yes Ikeme has won us points this season... but he has lost us a few with silly mistakes aswell


Mike. What an excellent post. It is nice to see someone who, with some common sense, agree's with me on "poor management approach"

Foster at the Albion has dropped clangers which has cost them points but Steve Clarke used GOOD MANAGEMENT as has Mancini, Wenger et al.

This guy Saunders will never be a good manager with decisions like that.


And how do you know Doyle and Seb were not lambasted for there misses or lack of goals ? Were you in the dressing room after those matches? You cant invent facts to support your post just to make you sound right to have a dig at the manager. You also dont know what was said regarding the arguement with Carl in the first place. And before you kick off, I was not impressed when we appointed Saunders but the guy is here now trying to make the most of what he has been given so lets just stop all this pointing fingers at Management / Players and just support the whole club otherwise we have no chance of getting out of this mess.


does`nt it show that Ikeme cannot take warranted criticism and is not captain material.don`t just slag the manager all the time.

101 chicken chow mein

he should be criticised for his role in the goal as should davies for the appalling backpass, ive seen under eights pass better,half these players think their above criticism ie hunt johnson o hara, man up and take it on the chin take your frustrations out on the opposition and the fans will get behind you.

beckenham wolf

Is it only me that thinks Ikeme is a liability? Yes i agree in patches he has saved us this season & on his own picked us up points, but he has also made some stupid mistakes and cost us a few aswell (at home to blackpool, cardiff, bristol, away at leicester-and there just off the top of my head). He has continuous awful distribution. I think this could be a blessing in disguise as imo dorus a much better keeper all round keeper.

This all from a fan that travel 360 mile round trip every home game!

Filthy Wolf

I always feel Ikeme is playing a league above his ability (which currently with relegation looming might even itself out unfortunately). Same with Hennesey - a Championship goalie in the Premiership last season. We never seem to take the sort of consideration in getting a good keeper anymore. Matt Murray would have been the God between the sticks, but sadly injured out and we have relied on youngsters coming through the ranks rather than buying proper decent good cover.


I've always thought that goalkeeper has been the one area Wolves have been outstanding at in the past few years. Matt Murray was superb, Hennesey had the highest save % in the Premier league two seasons ago (and was up there last year, shame about the defence!), De Vries would have been Swansea's first choice keeper last year if not for being an idiot and coming to us and this lad we've brought back from his loan seems decent. Lets focus on areas we're weaker - like the entire outfield! :p


Take my hat off to you, whatever your views - I used to do the journey as a STH from Maidstone before I moved to Hampshire. It's a long old time in the car ... not helped by results in recent seasons.


Sorry must disagree, don't get me wrong I like him. Local lad and I hope he comes back from this. But he is not a top quality goalkeeper, very rarely makes big saves at critical times in matches to keep us in games like Hennessy or Murray. Does the basics OK but nothing more. Has beaten from distance loads of times this season. Only great game was away at Blackpool. For where we are in the league he should have been dropped along time ago. De Vries is experienced and is much more vocal, is a calming influence on the defence. Time he had a chance.


I agree that Ikeme has pulled off some great saves to earn us points this season i.e blackpool away but on the other hand Ikeme has made a lot of mistakes and his main weakness which has cost us a few goals this season is his inability to command his box and come out for crosses from corners. This has put a lot of pressure on us when defending corners and has also cost us points.

older gold

this is what its all about PLAYER POWER, thump the wall in front of your boss and you will be out of a job!!!!!!!! now because he cannot take criticisum WOLVES maybe will suffer, then again maybe Doris will take her chance and excel they are all bloody proffesionals


Yes I guess decidedly average for the bottom half of the Championship would probably make him our best player this season.

Drw Wolf

One error?!!! Now who's the happy clapper?

Ronnie Allen

Can he still be be Mr Punch??? ' Thats the way to do it. What about the sausages'.

However difficult to say 'Npower League One'.

Very funny though.


Ikeme best player? Rubbish, his fault for a majority of the goals conceded nower days. Blackpool, Bristol and Cardiff all mistakes made in these matches which have cost us, apart from the Bristol match. De Vries is a much better keeper. He is calm and composed and his kicks lead up to chances whereas Ikeme's kicks go either into the corner of Steve Bull or Billy Wright lower.


You are so right. Saunders has shown himself to be a poor manager and not only here. His bleatings about deep seated problems that he has to sort out (ie blaming McCarthy) is pathetic. He spends more time looking for excuses rather than answers to the deep seated problems.

He's got the job too soon. It's another poor decision by the two M's. Look at what has happened to other clubs which changed their manager. Hull and Peterborough and.....Ipswich. Most clubs do a bit better with a new man in charge - we relentlessly stayed poor and beating the bottom club was welcome but does not exactly mean we've turned a corner. I doubt if Ikeme or Sako and probably Edwards will play for the club again if we go down and probably even if we stay up.

Morgan's Conscience

The answer's quite simple, get Morgan and Poxey to stick their hands in their pockets and finally get some decent loan deals done. Relegation will cost a damn sight more if this isn't done immediately.

Telford Wolf

Well said, it should have been done weeks ago.


Poxey is too tightfisted to listen to someone speaking logically. I follow your comments and they're always are spot on. Keep up the good work.

Bilston Fang

Morgan's Conscience, I'll vote for you as the next CEO or Director of Football once Morgan gets rid of his sidekick.

Bully for Wolves

According to Ladbrooks Wolves are one of the three favourites for relegation. Morgan must realise that no less than three good loan signings need to be brought in this week to give them a further week to gel into the team before the Boro match.

Whitmore Reans Wolf

You're dead right. Why don't the 2M's tell us poor fans what the actual cost of relegation will be if we go down or are they planning to jump ship at the end of the season.

old golds worth more

Don't think that is the issue now. The money will be there for the loan signings, but the problem is convincing the players to join a sinking ship! DS has already said as much, plus the players, clubs are willing to let go on loan, are the ones the clubs no longer need or want (just like we are prepared to do, regarding loaning out players according to DS), and therefore won't be renewing their contracts. So in addition to agreeing to come here on loan these players are also looking for a contract at the end of the loan term, something the club are understandably reluctant to do given our circumstances. Which all adds up to making the whole process a lot more difficult. The time to have acting was during the January window, yet like last year when we were also in relegation trouble, absolutely nothing was done to strengthen the team, Moxey dithered and refused to open the purse strings a little further, and we are now paying the price once again.


Of course I see where you are coming from, but not all loan players would come looking for a contract. Fringe PL players would be hoping to benefit from a loan and then return to their parent club all the better for it. With only 8 games left, what have they got to lose? Good facilities here, etc etc. - better to play for us if you are ambitious than to be kicking your heels at some PL club waiting for your chance. Look at all those Man. U/Chelsea etc. players out on loan. We have again become pathetic at this window business. (Now I've said this, perhaps things will look up).


Nice one Deano. As if we didn't have enough problems already. Carl has been our best player for this season and gained us countless points with his heroics. Do you honestly think he didn't realise the gaff was his fault? You've given us enough problems without adding to them like this.

Dean Sound as Pounders

Were you at the game? It was totally his fault. Don't get me wrong Ikeme has been one of the positives this season, but lately he has been poor. De Vries is a better keeper in my eyes with bags of experience at this level and a good kicker to boot.

nice hair

at least he's honest

The Newt

Injuries are part and parcel of football and you have take them on the chin unfortunately in the case of Sako and Edwards. But if it is true that our first choice keeper has broken his hand by punching a wall after being criticised by his manager then the club should tell us straight and also discipline Ikeme. The lad has had a good season and has played well but he dropped a clanger on saturday and should take the criticism for that on the chin. Unbelievable!!

old golds worth more

Spot on assessment.


Absolute rubbish. Criticism needs to be constructive. Do you honestly believe that Dean's actions have resulted in a good outcome for the club? I don't know if you've ever played anything but when you drop a clanger, on the pitch or in life generally, and are already feeling really bad about it the last thing you need is someone being critical.


We'll never know exactly what was said. I'm sure Ikeme is old enough and ugly enough to know it was a clanger but you can't single people out like that - it's not just Ikeme's fault that Wolves are in such a mess that an honest and stupid mistake could mean relegation or otherwise. That said, what a whalley for ending his season like that.....that is a 100 times worse than the own goal! Cool heads required here not hotheads.


Absolutely spot on.

If it is true, Ikeme should be fined as much as he can be for gross stupidity. Of course players should be able to take criticism, of course they can not punch things in anger especially when your hand is your weapon of choice in a relegation battle. Absolute stupidity.

If Henry had kicked out at a wall at half time after being berated for a mistake and broke his foot, out for the season, i'm pretty sure a huge fine and even being asacked would be talked about - no difference!

People having a go at Deano for this are pathetic and need to change the record. His 'criticism' at half time changed the game and although we wouldn;t choose to be 1-0 down, his words and teamtalk changed the game - exactly what everybody has wanted - a manager to make a difference - he made it, you moan because the GK didn't like it?!

Chris. Camp

Fair enough for DS to criticise Ikeme for own goal but he should have taken into account how well has played throughout the season. Dread o think how many more goals we would have let in had Hennessey been in goal! It's a big ask but youngsters now have to step up and perform but the main problem is still at the other end of the pitch where we do not score enough goals - an additional striker is essential if we are to avoid relegation especially as it looks as though Sako may be out for rest of season..

chris h

Goalkeeping position will be fine with De Vries. In fact I think we will be better off with his experience. Edwards just cannot sustain a decent run without picking up an injury,I thought Bristol went in hard on him because they knew he cannot sustain many tackles. Sako is inconsistent ,but his goals will be missed and need to be replaced with a decent striker,this is especially the case since we are told Ebanks has fitness issues. They need to act in the loan market before it is too late.

Dr Wolf

Its time for Hunt to repay all the support and wages this club has given him since he joined.

London Bloke

He's entitled to the wages under contract and I have not seen much support for him on these pages. The poor bloke has been getting stick for months, booed off the ptich and now you expect him to be the saviour. Hypocrites.

Dr Wolf

That's because he's been poor for months. I dont expect him to be a saviour, simply worth his coin will do.

Hypocrites? Poor choice of word, you're assuming all others have acted the same.


hit the nail on the head, i had to walk out for five minutes to calm my temper at the reception hunt got, bloody unbelievable

Saunders out

I hope we get some unexpected good news on the injury front. I have no faith in Dean to turn the situation around.


Wolves are a Mess

Let me guess

Your are happy clapper

And that's not Dapper

Join in with the shout

DS Clown out


More unwelcome news. Okay Hunt played a blinder but he has not got the left foot of Sako. I believe he will do us good though as for Edwards, well he don't do that much so ain't bothered about him really. We need a Striker and an attacking Midfielder and the deadline is getting close. Why is always Wolves who have trouble getting players in? while our opponent clubs are reinforcing?

We need a Director of Football, someone to advise Morgan and take that responsibility from Moxey who clearly has, indirectly, affected the position the club is in now.

The facts speak for themselves.

I wonder what Deano means when he is going to take stock over the break? Still no news of them bringing in more loanees!



Not very professional..Is it just me but does he seem a bit cocky????

old golds worth more

I'm assuming your talking about Carl Ikeme. He has played well for us for most of the season, but that's no excuse for reacting like he did to DS's criticism. Ikeme should be fined for a lack of discipline, and for now making himself unavailable for the rest of the season, especially considering the position we are in. Did Ikeme react like that to any criticism he might have got while away on one of his numerous loans? If he did, then that would explain why none of the teams he was loaned out to actually (to my knowledge anyway) made a bid to sign him!

The Flying Winger

I am disappointed for him he has played very well for us, a keeper always puts his team mate under pressure with a poor ball to him, this is what happened then calamity struck.

If Saunders did throw his toys at him then that is wrong, although it was a dire performance and we were staring into the abyss.

Forever, I did not and never have said that Davis is sooooo. Much better than Henry as you put it, however I think he would be playing better if O Hara was on top of his game, which he hasn't been since coming back.

My view is and always has been we need a midfielder who can be dominant and be a good leader.

The club have chosen not to do this and we are paying the price.

So where are the loan signings that Moxey is working tirelessly to bring in, not surprising no where to be seen.

old golds worth more

Think any throwing of toys came from Ikeme's corner, DS had a go at him over the sloppy own goal (quiet rightly IMO, he is the manager after all) and Ikeme couldn't take it, and reacted like he did in a totally unprofessional way. His actions have now caused the club to use the reserve goalkeeper for the rest of the season and recall the keeper on loan from Walsall. Well done Ikeme, just what we needed at this stage of the season. For me he's another one to be added to the list to get rid of at the end of the season, not because he isn't good enough, but because he obviously lacks discipline and is unprofessional.


You have to admire Hunt's honesty - he'll never make a politician but he made the difference on Saturday - bit of a dilemma for the boo boys now I guess - "too boo or not to boo - that is the question"... UTW


In a way this makes things simpler in terms of squad selection and possibly improves the team, Hunt for sako (adding some much need workrate) siggy for edwards (adding a footballer!!) plus the forgotten man pszeko. So im quite happy for now to see sako out, yes he offers loads creatively but we need to get down and dirty at the mo.

Blessing in disguise??


Without Sako's goals and assists we'd be down already.

Hunt has a decent half hour and you think he's Pele! We're in this mess because we have too many players like Hunt and not enough like Sako.


I don't believe in destiny, and that's a good thing, because we are clearly destined to be relegated.

The Versifier

Wolves are a mess,

let me guess,

you're a happy Clapper,

that's not dapper,

join in with the shouts,

DS clown out.

The Teecher

Why did we have to have this garbage twice ?


Wolves are a mess,

let me guess,

you're a happy Clapper,

that's not dapper,

join in with the shouts,

DS clown out.


Call yourself a Versifier? You're pulling my leg

You can no more rhyme than lay a Fabergé egg

Your meter's all over the place like Deano's line-up

So stop with the "poetry" and go fill my wine up

You clearly think you're a one-man laugh riot

When you're about as amusing as Sir Billy Quiet

So sticking to the day job is what I'd advise

On the subject of which: yes, I'd like extra fries.


Three times - this poet has unloaded his substantially worse verse on two separate threads, labouring under the misapprehension that they were worthwhile and humorous. As Vic Reeves was once fond of saying - very pooer.


Wolves are a mess,

let me guess,

you're a happy Clapper,

that's not dapper,

join in with the shouts,

DS clown out..


I already dealt with you. Amateur.


Not looking good on the injury side.

Need urgent influx of loan player to help out


were doomed ,dont forget the loan market is still open ?

Kev H

What’s worrying is the manager’s naivety; to say publically that he got injured in the first off was an outright lie (After hearing his comment on the radio whilst traveling home from the game 5 of us too a man said, Bol*****).

Now we all understand that he needs to keep his credibility with the players but surly if he had turned around and said:

The passion was high in the dressing room at half time and some home truths were said and Carl took his frustration out on the changing room wall injuring his hand.

I for one would have said fair play passion at last, they do care!!

What I’m thinking now is what other lies have been told.

Dean your managing a big club now and you need to learn quickly!!

old golds worth more

DS tried to keep a lid on it for the sake of the team and Ikeme in particular. Would you rather have heard DS say, I had a go at Ikeme over the own goal fiasco during half time, but he couldn't take the criticism, and punched the wall in a rage thus breaking his hand? DS also said, "what is said in the dressing room stays in the dressing room", so there's a sneak in there it would seem, as I can't see DS telling all to the press.


I agree, DS clearly said Kemes hurt his hand on the pitch. Fans don't like being lied to, it is disrespectful. How can we now trust anything that comes out if our manager's mouth?

The Teecher

You are VERY VERY naive !


Surely telling a lie which is bound to be found out in a matter of hours is the naive part of this story. I like some things about Saunders, but his idea of how to spin a story his way is shocking.


The unfortunate amongst us say that when it rains, it pours. Not so much pouring these last 12 months as a Monsoon.

As for Peszko, he must be wondering how many first (and possible second) team players have to be sidelined before he gets a game.

It' so pathetically sad at the Molineux, that one wonders what new depths we shall plunge to before the end of season.

Mills wolf

Morgan and moxey


Anymore injurys with the loans then our squad looks very weak.


morgan get your money out, if you dont get we loan players in, theres only one way we are going with these 3 injuries that have happened,if it means paying over the odds to get them you will have to do it,at least 2 players,cant understand why you havnt bought with how we are playing and position we are in its like waiting for an accident to happen again like last year ......WOLVESFOREVER

Mike Gough

What a time to have a man learning his trade in charge of your club.

Definitive Wolf

Trying to look for positives is difficult at the moment. Sometimes new found strength and belief can be born out of adversity. You've still got to hope, haven't you - can't just roll over? As "me" says, use the loan market; despite all the protestations we hear coming out of the Mol., other clubs seem to be able to find players.

Gordon Bennett

Was there ever a club with a bigger self destruct button? It was clear Ikeme hadn't done it on the pitch as he hadn't had to save anything. How are we going to escape from this nightmare of a season. Perhaps when you hit rock bottom the only way is up. Lets hope that win on Saturday will be the start of everyone pulling in the same direction. Do or die time! It is still do-able.

Oh and Morgan find the cash from somewhere to get some loanees in before the window shuts.


Yes - Blackburn Rovers

Saunders Foot

Looks like Ikeme has been reading Odemwhinger's book on attitude adjustment! Don't they realise that to be a top pro you have to match brains with talent. If he don't agree with the manager, then sort it out in private, but I think this time it was more a case of self- disappointment and frustration. No excuses for hitting the destruct button though, don't think Ferguson would put up with it, just another case of the lunatics running the asylum and aggression being channelled the wrong way yet again. Who really cares though , if all this stupidity creates a togetherness and we can take another 6 points outa 9 I'm all for it. At the end of the day, Wolves ay we...


We should just loan a goalkeeper from premier league, we also need 2 more loan players to stay up we need an exciting midfielder and maybe a out and out goal scorer


I'm sure Deano will smooth this over - "I wish i'd taken this on the chin instead" - Players need to focus on the massive challenge now and follow the lead shown by Hunty. Oh, and us fans need to follow the South Bank lower tiers and bust a gut to support our team in the 500 odd minutes remaining. COYW!

dean shambles

Dean Shambles circus comes to town.


Saunders you ain't got a clue, resign and give some other fool a chance.

Moxey out

Saunders out

SBQ out

knocker knowles

Steve Morgan is a JOKE!

Jez Moxey is a JOKE!

Dean Saunders is a JOKE !

The Three Stooges are turning OUR club into a bigger JOKE !


Does that make it 22 goals Ikeme has let in from outside the box this season? Hardly makes him blameless!

Lee farr

What surprises me is that a wolves player hit anything and a tactics board well that's obviously working. Morgan now needs to bring in a couple of players to freshen things up and give squad a boost. I am disappointed that the parachute payments were not invested in a plan to return to the premiership, I think the fans will never trust this scouser and his puppet Moxey again. Like most fans we have our ups and downs we just expect to be treated with respect.

So Sad Wolf

Some people said before McCarthy was sacked it can't get any worse than this...............................


If losing Ikeme, Edwards and Sako is such a blow, then how do you explain our 2nd half performance being so much better than the 1st?


To be fair the goalie has not been on form in recent games, wtching balls go in the net, not the way he has been which was world class. Yes he made a mistake, and now hes made an even bigger mistake. How can you blame the manager for some stupid act like punching a wall. Sorry, give the standin a chance.

As for the other injuries, we have Henry to come in for Edwards, Ward will be available he only has a 1 match ban. Play Siggy down the right which is his best position, and what about Pesky and the other guy whose name escapes me hes nearly fit. Ime optomistic (for today) that we can survive with the players we have.

Incidently, the goalies first mistake was the short ball to the defender, so he made 3.


I can't believe the Saunders "OUT" brigade are at it again. We just won on Saturday so a slightly more positive stance would be appreciated. We all know the problems at the club but sadly NO ONE has a magic wand so get real. Yes we could do with a good midfielder as O'Hara is not the player he once was and is not quick or fit enough. Davis should play instead of Henry for sure as he is too one dimentional and not attacking or creative enough. I have always like Doumbia so would play him.

I think our main problems are creating enough chances for our forwards which means we need a better midfield general- get one on loan and our season could yet be salvaged.

Glyn ( The North Bank ) Owen

We could end up being the 2nd Club that Mr Moxey has taken Into League 1 under his tenure.Its just taken him longer thats all. On the Player front We will miss Sako badly but I think Hunty will do a good job for us,he did well on Saturday,Edwards Is Injury prone,and although Ikeme Is a good Keeper ,he's also Gaff prone.So I for one wont really miss him.

stafford pete

school boy football lesson,you do not hit a pass to your goalkeeper

1. directly at the goal

2. waist height or above.

3. at speed

no wonder ikeme is that frustrated with the amatuers in front of him or the manager,ikeme has kept our pathetic team still in with a slight chance of survival,with him and saka its no chance saloon time


Just read about Ikeme and a couple of things strike me as not adding up

1. We have a tactics board??? This is quite clearly a lie

2. If this alleged tactics board exists then Ikeme must retire immediately and take up a career as a pro boxer as his punch must have been incredibly accurate to hit such a small object.

Ive heard that all this tactics board shows is a cartoon picture of Roger Johnson and Gorkks launching a ball shaped object 80 yards across the pitch to a individual (who resembles Kevin Doyle) lying face down on the floor.

The tactics board is apparently unharmed and bloked Ikeme's shot so well he is expected to be on the subs bench next week as cover for De Vries.

Indeed Ebanks-Blake is so impressed with the tactics board resilience and strength he has asked DS if he can be his partner up front next week

Steve B

I have been in the dressing room and I can confirm that we have a MASSIVE (blank!) tactics board.. Well, we used to have one.....


Why is it the fan can see what needs doing but the owners can't. Would you trust the Wolves Management to run your company ?

Albrighton Wolf

Ikeme breaking his hand us the best thing that could happen this year, he's an absolute waste! Easily the worst keeper I have seen at wolves!

He can't kick to save his life, he takes too long on the ball before kicking it and loses chances at rolling the ball out, and a few times this season has punched the ball straight to opposing strikers rather than catching.

De Vries came on and looked good, made done good catches, always looked to release the ball quickly and was always talking to the defense.

Stato's Boring Brother

You're obviously too young to have seen Tony Lange then. The man with the rubber hands. On the few occasions he actually got his hand(s) to the ball it just seemed to bounce out again.

Orlando Wolves

Alan Boswell is surely a candidate, with his ex Army utility gloves. Famous quote: `I model myself on Yashin`, just before he let 6 in against Liverpool at the Molineux!

Bazza B

The hex is on us in another sorry season. Support the team to the end but ................... the players are rubbish and the leadership by Morgan and Moxey has been wanting. Getting all the major decisions wrong. I want the players to go who got us relegated last year and Mr Morgan also to take a walk. You ruined us!!!

Spa Wolf

What did you expect D.S.to say at half time '' well done lads that was the best football I have seen for a long time.

Ho! and Carl don't worry about that incident with Davids back pass its the sort of thing that happens in a Sunday morning under tens game all the time. The 20,000 fans who turn up week in and week out will understand that at this very Minute you have just put us the bottom of the championship.Now lads lets go out there and have some more of the same.''

Or did you think he should have ripped in to them


Yes, rip into them as a team, but to single out individuals at half time in a match is man management at its worst. Everyone knew it was a massive cock up no one more than Ikeme, but to insense a player to the extent he punches a wall shows this manager is clueless.

Smerrick Eric

Ikeme actually punched the tactics board at half time, smashing it to smithereens.

The big mystery wasn't about why did our goalkeeper show a distinct lack of professionalism. It was what the hell was a tactics board doing in our dressing room ?


SO Edwards will be missing..

so Deano we need a right winger...yknow one of those 6 we have at the club that you mentioned earlier on.

Thing is, Edwards isnt a right winger...nah actually Doyle isnt either...and Siggy isnt either (he actually plays well upfront when you play him in his proper position...

But im sure we have a talented polish player on loan who ive seen play quite well in that position.....time to bury the hatchet Dean if you want to help save whats left of your job.


for some reason managers do this with players even in a situation as perilous as this,we need points and lots of them and we need our best players playing and in there right positions and on his day pez is one of the best in this league,wolves can't boast a team of quality players so the ones we do have should be playing but noooooo deano would rather risk relegation rather than look to back down and play a player that might just be the difference in keeping us up,but what do we know aye,,,,/\/\wwfc/\/\,,,,


we dont know what excactly occured in the dressing room. but i just hope deano didnt single out ikeme when all the outfield playersb were having a shocker and many have been missing throughout the season.

nothing needed to be said about the mistake a both davis and ikeme would have been sick about the error.

my worry is deanos ability to lift the team. i dont see the same fight and passion from wolves players as i see from villa. if the players at least showed that then the fans would have something to cheer. a few shots on target would help too.

manc andy

The one light at the end of the tunnel is Edwards,,atleast he is now injured and shall not be able to caurse any more damage to our under performing team.UTW

Dutch Wolf

Blackburn have sacked their manager after 2 months - In 15 games after taking over from Henning Berg, he won four, drew five and lost six.

It clearly is not working with Saunders ad suggest we d the same!



Dutch Wolf. AGREED..

But Mr Morgan HAS NOT got the bottle




Noisy. Who? Me? Dutch? Or anyone who makes a comment about the pathetic situation surrounding Wolves from the TOP to the BOTTOM

Bojangles Wolf

I like Ikeme and in fact personally prefer him to Hennesey (Controversial I know but its just my personal opinion).

However, what now happens if Dorus goes out a week on saturday and breaks his leg or his arm? We will be left with a kid in the first team who has played a few games for Walsall. So Ikeme has potentially put the season at risk with his petulant stupidity.


Got to say I do t think he has played that well lately and should of saved a few e.g black pools and leics second. I'm also beginning to think its not our defence that is the problem but centre midfield. Hope Sako is ok but if not hunt and hammill on wings as if the crosses come in we will score as Sako just wants to shoot!

Silver Wolf

The belief that Ikeme smashed his own hand in the dressing room at half-time suggests a state of near panic and anarchy in the place. The back pass wasn't the best, but nor was his clueless push to the defender in the first place (did he not see the attacker ready to close the defender down?) and his legs akimbo comedy act deserved all it got.

Contrary to popular opinion, I reckon he has been sussed by opponents in the Championship. He is fair game for shots from outside the box and it was Leicester, I believe, who were taking pot shots from range after only five minutes of the game starting. Now he pulls the most stupid stunt by injuring himself - I hope he is fined full pay for as long as he is out of contention.

He looks to me like a brilliant stopper and in one on one situations, but after that he's barely bog standard.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Saunders was lucky it was the wall and not him that Carl hit.

Over the course of the season I dont think Carl has played that bad compared to some of the others.

Carl knows he made a mistake but how many times have other players made mistakes and the manager keeps playing them?

I hope Carl and Saunders have both learned from this or is Saunders going to do a Mick and Carl will never play for wolves again?

The Unhappy Wanderer

Whatever the rights and wrongs of what Saunders said to Ikeme, to react in that way, and find the only possible way he could make things worse (apart, I suppose, from chinning the Centre Forward and getting sent off), epitomises our season; the only passion we see being completely misdirected. I think Ikeme has been one of our better players this season, which isn't saying much, but I don't see how anyone can defend him on this.

The thing I really don't understand, though is Dave Edwards suspected broken foot. How can they not know by now?

Unlike a few on here, I don't think loan signings are the answer. We just have to hope that our existing players play better. I believe they are capable, as they showed in the last 20 minutes on Saturday, and I hope the feeling they got from winning will be enough to get them wanting more.


All you lot wanting to get rid of Moxey,Morgan and Saunders should look at what has happened at Blackburn where owners sack on sight.

We may get someone like the Venkys so If I were you I would start to support THE CLUB instead of trying to disrupt


I have this picture in my head, all the little gold and red counters are scattered all over the dressing room floor. Oh hell, what are we going to do now? I know says the boss, make it up as you go along. Genius.

Steve B

Of course! So obvious now!!


let's be positive, this is the perfect opportunity to give some youngsters like McAlinden a chance!


Can the E & S ask Deano what is is the position with Pesko. Is money keeping him out of the squad? If so shame on the club (the 2 M's) should clear their desks & leave the building!!




Of the three players, I think Sako is the one that should cause us most concern. He's an unpredictable player with skill that creates chances and scores goals. Opponents are'nt quite sure what he's going to do. At times, neither do his teamates. Nevertheless, when the mood takes him, he can create an opening when nothing seems on.

De Vries is a good experienced goalie who should be more than capable of taking care of the goalkeeping duties until the end of the season. Aaron McCarey will no doubt be recalled from Walsall and is quite capable of providing the necessary cover.

Edwards seems to be very unlucky when it comes to injuries. Every time he recovers from his latest injury, he plays a few games, and then gets injured again. Too few games over his time at the club. Maybe after this season is over Wolves may have to move him on.

Bad though things are at Wolves, it seems even worse at Blackburn. I can't believe they've sacked another manager after only 67 days. Some supporters may moan about our owner, but pity the Blackburn supporters who have to put up with the Venkey's. I wonder if they are related to the Bhatti's. It may pay Saunders to inquire whether they would let Jordan Rhodes come to us on loan for the rest of the season. They appear daft enough to allow it to happen.


Carl Ikeme has saved Wolves a number of occasions but everyone makes mistakes which is acceptable, however this "SELF INFLICTED INJURY" should not be a burden a Wolves, obviously at the wrong time and of no use to Wolves to avoid relegation.

Perhaps a fine or wages stopped will bring this sort of behaviour into the real world wheres the discipline and who is in charge of the team, l can see a Brian Clough standing for this.


Just when you think the comedy of errors can't get any worse and that we have heard it all this season, we find the manager causing the injury to the player during half time and not even on the pitch, and then the manager lying to everyone the reason for the injury. Seriously, you couldn't make this all up. It is becoming clearer by the day that staying up will be a miracle!!


To be fair, Deano didn't "cause" the injury, Carl's a grown boy and one can reasonably assume that, as a goalkeeper, he ought not to be punching solid structures lest there be some kind of negative outcome, like getting all hurted in the pinkies and that. But yeah, don't try to feed us bull fritters - in a weird way, it's actually quite heartening to know that at least one player at the club still has some kind of fire in his belly, even if he chose to express it in a daft-as-a-brush way...

Dorset Wolf

Im sorry Guys, but this bunch of prema-donnas have managed to get us relegated and routed in the relegation zone in the Championship,as well as removing in my oppinion three managers, with their inability to listen to new ideas, which they knew would lead them ultimatly to the molineux exit door. Mr Ikeme is an highly paid individual who threw his toys out of the pram.BOO HOO !!! .Saunders has at last found some bottle by dropping Henry and also so it seems decided to take on this bunch of Bullys. I think its about time we started trusting the Managers decisions and took a long hard look were the real blame for our demise lies.


At least all this takes the attention away from the yet again provokative actions of roger Johnson at the final whistle, all went wrong when we signed hum, total poisen, cancel his contract or carry on this decline


This story as attracted all our managers out today to comment


A bad mistake by the keeper on the day which could have had dire effect - fortunately it didnt - he neededto be told - now lets forget it and get behind the team from a week Monday


moxey and morgan are not bothered whether we go down or not , if things get tough they will just walk away, its just buisness to them.


Re the Ikeme injury - there are times when you'd like to be a fly on the wall or in this case perhaps the ceiling would be a safer bet.

Anyway to all three of you get better soon, particularly Dave Edwards, as he has had a really bad time of it.


dont know why some supporters think morgan is our only opption. this man and his muppet the fat controller are destroying our football team on the pitch. the way things are going,.we are going to be the richest team ,with one of the biggest grounds in div1, which of course will be embarassingly empty. he needs to sell up in the summer,.to people who put the football side of the club,just as important as the finances.im sure .there is plenty of rich wolves fans out there,even sell it back to sir jack. he might not of put his hand in his pocket at the crusial moment,but he certainly wouldnt of allowed this embarrasment to take place to his beloved club.


Stephen Hunt proved to be an adequate replacement for Sako against Bristol, let's just hope he continues to be an adequate replacement for the rest of the season. Edwards is no great loss; I'd rather see Siggy or Peszko on the right anyway. And as for Ikeme, he's had a good season overall but has looked a little less convinsing lately, so the experienced De Vries coming in to the team might not necessarily be a bad thing.


ikeme should be punnished for not just a run in with manager and for doing what he did idiot

Brewood Wolf

First things first I have to pick up E&S on part of the story, I was nearly crying with laughter when it was suggested that Dean Shambles has a ' Tactics Board' !!!! He may have a little board with Super Mario and In the Night Garden on it but tactics !!!!

Firstly Ikeme has been one of the better players this season, that is beyond dispute. Secondly he made an absolute howler, do you really think he needs our excuse of a manager to berate him for this, surely the arms around the shoulder approach would work better, now as a result of Shambles' actions we are plunged further into the mire.

How can this excuse of a manager have ever ended up at this Great Club? relegation is an absolute inevitability I'm afraid>

Hang you head in shame Moxley and Morgan, Morgan said at the fans parliament that Shambles had been touted as 'the best young manager around', firstly at his age don't you think someone big would have snapped him up if he was that good, secondly did you ever see him ever at the head of the betting when any other jobs came up. Answer: NO.

Classic wolves on the cheap !!

paul davo

Tactics board " ? " that"s got to be a misprint !

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