Wolves agree £1m four-year Puma kit deal

Wolves today announced a £1m deal with Puma to supply their new home and away kit.

SOCCER - Wolverhampton Wanderers End of Season Dinner
Jez Moxey

The agreement is believed to be over four years and it is understood the value of the deal will not change regardless of which division Wolves are in.

New home and away kits will be unveiled and be available to buy at the final home game of the season on April 27 against Burnley.

Wolves are renewing a partnership with Puma, who last supplied their kit in the late 1990s, when they designed an eye-catching home strip based on a giant gold wolf’s head with black surrounds, as well as white and teal away colours.

Puma supply kit for Premier League side Newcastle, leading European clubs including Borussia Dortmund, Bordeaux and Feyenoord, as well as 16 national teams including Ireland, Italy, Uruguay and the Czech Republic.

In addition to football, Puma’s portfolio includes Usain Bolt, Formula One giants Ferrari and Mercedes and top golfers Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter.

Wolves chief executive Jez Moxey said: “We’re delighted to have signed this deal with Puma, one of the world’s iconic sports lifestyle companies.

“Puma are renowned for their technical innovation and expertise in product design, and, having worked with them before, we know they are passionate about delivering great quality and service to the club, team and supporters.”

Puma UK marketing director Roger Harrison said: “Wolves is a great club at the heart of its community. When the opportunity arose to develop a technical partnership with Wolves, we were delighted to reach agreement with the club.

“We are proud to be associated with the club, and look forward to showcasing our expertise in delivering technical and training wear.”

The partnership with Puma ends a four-year agreement with Burrda.

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Comments for: "Wolves agree £1m four-year Puma kit deal"


£1million over four years! Doesn't even pay Jez's salary for one year!

psalm 23

When you think about it, it's probably a good deal for a league one club.

Jez Moxey

hahahaha brilliant !!


What an appalling deal. Can the management of this club get any worse?

Jon The Pope

It's better than nothing.

Stop moaning.

Filthy Wolf

Felt the same BUT then I remembered this is NOT the sponsorship deal which will be on top. So for them to supply the kit isn't too bad. They take the risk we will be League One next year but Wolves take the gamble we MIGHT get back up in the to flight in the four years.

Orlando Wolves

True, but if the sponsor for the top is anything like the tacky quality of `Sportingbet` sponsor logo, I hope we don`t get one. Maybe the club could make available some jerseys without the sponsor logo on it as some other clubs do.

Otherwise, I am happy that Puma will be the kit suppliers again, it will be a quality item even though inconsistent sizing has been a problem for Puma, since they began manufacturing in Turkey.


Have you watched this lot lately we will be lucky at this rate if we are on the blue square league


Hope they do XXXXL for Blake and junior sizes for Hunt the mascot.


Puma Kit signing for £1m. I thought at first Puma Kit was somebody who was going to get us the goals to stay up.


Is Jez waving goodbye in the picture? or perhaps showing 4 fingers to say how many wins we need to stay up?


Nah, thats my hand about to SLAP him !

kiwi wqlves

HeHeHeHeHe you and about 20,000 others LOL!

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

mossman. We can but hope!!


Probably the four points we're going to get between now and the end of the season!

Boy out of Black Country

This yet again proves that Moxey is clueless simply fiddling when the beloved Wolves ship is sinking.

Stop wasting time on sponsorship deals and spend time sorting loan player deals you fat clown!

Bricks and Mortar

The reason its so low is because sales of the Burrda kits (moxeys fault)wasn't good so were not going to get top dollar off anyone, if he would of gone with someone like umbro or nike instead of burrda we would of sold more shirts and had a better offer.

Moxey couldn't run a bath let alone a football club! how much did we turn down for zubar and de vires pre season????


£1.8m for Zubar who left 6 months later on a free. £700k for De Vries who hasn't worn the shirt since. I wanted to sell both as a) Zubar did nothing but give the ball away for £20,000 per week and b) De Vries wasn't as good as either Ikeme or Hennessey and we could have had a young keeper on the books for a fraction of his wages and be an asset in future years, maybe even take the gloves if McCarey didn't fulfil his potential and Hennessey and Ikeme left/were sold.

For a fifth of Moxey's current salary I think I could have provided better value as a CEO. He's heavily overrated inside Molineux.

Northern Wolf

Sad truth is thatthe size of the deal is a direct reflection of the level of merchandise that we buy and that gets sold globally. After 3 seasons of Burrdatat we just aren't buing much - because it is tat not because we aren't loyal or don't want to. Jez was dead proud of his Burrda deal being £1m more than Adidas (I think?) but this was always going to happen - sales shrink and we can't get a decent deal. Stoke fans wear about everything they can bu, but then it is good gear (apart from the badge, obviously). Even the tight-wads at the Crem are buying it - so they get a better follow-on deal.

Jez has never really understood how to grow a business. He thinks having no staff on the bars makes him a shrewd and tough operator. It actually means that I leave with £20 I would have gladly spent if I could have got served. The kit is mickey mouse and his pie'n'pint offer is the worse thing I have heard since Chicken in a Basket and a beer at the dog track. Go to the Etihad and see how it is done Jez - then get back to cutting costs.....

Malcolm Crockett

Can't believe it's not Burrda !!


I like that, very clever.

Northern Wolf



ha ha, that is amusing. To be fair, the only fun thing I have linked with Wolves since we had 7 points and were 2nd in the Prem after 3 games. Now look at us

Old Wolf

Jim at 4.00pm on 21st August 2011 we were TOP of the Premiership (not for long I admit). I have the screenshot from the TV red button table, ironically Villa were 2nd.


Well done Sir!


Absolute genius! I for one might actually buy the kit for the first time since the old Doritos beast...


Wolves £1m (4 year deal)

Albion £1m a YEAR (5 year deal)


Plus Barclays Premiership payments.

gReEn NiGeL

But your strip looks like the Slumberland Hippo's.


I can live with that.


Albion are in a different division. Compare it with some lower level Championship clubs before making your not so smart comments.


Ooooooooohhh get you dear !!


The point is though is you are now worse off with this deal than with the Burrda deal; I find it unlikely that all Championship clubs receive is £250K for their kit.


Pyjamas, 'unlikely'? Come up with some facts?


Jake, as these are message boards people are allowed an opinion ,my dear little angst-ridden man. My opinion is based on the fact there are some big clubs in the league (Leicester, Cardiff, Nottingham Forest etc.) and there is foreign investment at many clubs including those mentioned. It is hence not beyond the realm of possibility that said clubs have deals in excess of £250K, particularly Cardiff when you look at the deal made for their kit and its change from blue to red.

Instead of snapping back like a rottweiler in the future, do your own research.


Fantastic deal for league 1 club !

Saunders Foot

Don't forget that Adidas have to use more material for Stripey Kevin tops, mostly 3xl and above, also there's the tesco copyright they have to be wary of. You'l find , if you look closely, there are slight differences between the shirt and the bag.

We Only Need One Half!

Saunders foot, your boring mate, if I was to list all our positives to your negatives at the moment you would cry for a week.

now shhhhh, just let it lie, it is what it is.


Respect, you really made me chuckle.


Baggyjon. Simple things please simple minds in Sandwell!!!

We Only Need One Half!

Realist, simple things please simple minds do they, presumably you will still be going to the Mol if you get relegated, wont you?

Do you get my point, or is that to subtle for you?

Now, let it lie, and we will say no more. Shhhhhh.

p.s. you really think calling us Sandwell is a insult? really? West Bromwich IS in Sandwell, what of it???


WONOH. I repeat simple things etc etc etc.`


If thats £1million over 4 years, (£250k a year) then that is pathetic, plus Puma is a chav brand so I wont be going anywhere near the tat

How low has this club sunk under this poor management?


Whinge whinge whinge.

Scowling Joe

Its not bad money for league 1.

Stallbokken OUT!!

Moxley OUT!!!


Scowing Joe out!!!!!!

Scowling Joe

Bazzrat OUT!!!

gReEn NiGeL

Baz and Joe out.


ding ding ding EVERYBODY OUT !


Puma isnt no chav brand. Some of their trainers are retro classics.

What sartorial masterpieces does JIWAL wear.


He's a Hi-Tech kinda guy!


Mainly Kurt Gieger, All Saints and UGG if you must know !

gReEn NiGeL

Lonsdale mate.

Bricks and Mortar

My misses wears UGG'S lol


Jiwal you sound like a WAG wannabe, probably shop at TK MAXX

The Teecher

Puma are very pleased about that....just stay well clear !


Actually puma is part owned by american nu-metal band Korn. So is not chav. Chavs can't afford stuff like puma after th're paid for their drugs. Job seekers isn't that much. Lol

Fact is who would offer more? Would somebody really offer a mil a year to a club that might be tier 3 next season? And when you read most of these comments you see why the don't want to offer more. It seems only a handful will buy e new kit. I for one am excited to see what the will look like... testimony to a bad season when that is the highlight.


Chav brand????

They have one of the best symbols that adds some style to a plain shirt.

Some, if not all, former Wolves shirts under PUMA are classic.



At last ...some positive news from Molineux

Ed Lampit

What's that Elokobi playing this Saturday


another few quid in the coffers and another nail in the coffin you could put Baca shirts on this lot and you would still have the same overpaid overrated under achievers SHOULD HAVE SPENT SOME MONEY WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE


Tenth highest spenders in all decisions put together,and look were it got us.

Mike Collins

Turn off ur predictive text,Baz.


Iconic? not quite the term I would use.


You are getting worse than Jack and he is diabolical.

Get a job.


I have a job thanks, a very respectable one in the square mile of London.


Jeffery. In a cyber cafe then! Gent's outfitters! Whatever it is there isn't a lot going on in the job, the amount of time you spend on this site


Why all the interest Tesco Boy ?

Go away.


Could be worse could have had Adidas identikit shirts, their designer must have an easy job! "Sunderland strip done now for West Brom, stuff it i'll just change the colour of the stripes and badges and have a long lunch"


Hopefully will be better than this seasons home strip.... it was terrible!

Whangarei Wolf

Agree Finchy.

I ordered this seasons shirt and had it delivered to New Zealand. The quality and fit left a lot to be desired and after I tried it on I put it to the bottom of my drawer, prefering to wear my old 'Le Coq Sportif' shirt instead.

Puma will be better quality I am sure.

Wim Doomed!!

What!!? We're getting rid of that beautifully made Burrda kit?

Arvinder Johal



Good old Jez, saved. The day again. What wonderful leadership we have at our club.

chris h

Two positives. New and better kit supplier. Plus Jez Moxey clearly and rightly stating Wolves demise is not down to the fans.Mind that is a bit of a change from last season's Fans Parliament meeting when he was quoted as saying 'newsflash Wolves fans are fickle'. Perhaps he has changed his mind after counting the Early Bird renewals.

Ye Olde South Bank

Ouch! I bet Moxey felt that much-deserved, sharp dig in the ribs, Chris.


I doubt Jez would feel anything poking in his ribs. You'd do well to fine em.


never felt a thing too much fat on him

The Magician

Surprisingly enough a few coppers for kit sponsorship isn't high on the priority list at the minute. Find a Director of football so you two blockheads can play spot the star and look at me.

Private Frazer from Dad's Army

So this is the major Premier league signing we have all been waiting for. Thanks guys it will look great in league 1.

We're all doomed I tell you ..... DOOMED

Don't tell em Pike!

Silly boy

Stupid boy

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Well done Wilson . I wondered how long it would take you to spot that.


Excellent, now we can all travel back to the 1980s and be really cool.

Get Raheem Sterling by any means necessary.


Quite. Some very good times were had in the 3rd and 4th tiers of English football in the 80s! How many goals will Bully score? How many will we win by today? Counting the away fans...

Alan in Cyprus

All well and good, but I think that you ought to be concentration on players at the moment.


A little lesson for you Mr Moxey.....A basic of good football business planning is...... SUCCESS on THE PITCH and for this you first need a decent Manager, something you and Steve have completely failed to get grips with. You have likewise failed in all the subsequent BIG decisons affecting this great Club.

By the way Jez, how is the Business Plan looking, after all you have prided yourself on being one of the best and shroudest CEO's in football and that's why WE pay such a handsome salary. Thanks to you and Steve we can look forward to LOTS of empty seats, hoofing football, real financial constraints and L1 mediocre. Where was that in your great plan?

I hope our days of enduring your dross, spin and ineptitude are nearly over. You have taken more than enough out of this Club and for very little return, the reality being that when you and Steve leave, we will be in a much poorer state than that illfated day when you arrived. Good ridance to both of you!

Selly park wolf

Well said brightonwolf!

I couldn't have put it better myself!


Nothing to do with the managers each one a godsend heh !!!.


Bang on the mustard Brightonwolf.

Trouble is SM & JM can't take any sort of criticism, let alone well written constructive critism.

They are in their own smug cocooned world, and don't give a monkey's about our club, or us 'customers'.....


King Midas in Reverse

It's a piece of nonsense to say they are cocooned in their own smug world and don't give a monkeys.

They are very aware of the complete hash they've made of things over the last 18 months. Do you really believe that a businessman of Morgan's quality is going to be happy with the mess he's led our Club into ?

My guess is they are exploring every avenue to rectify things. The problem is at the moment almost everything they try goes pear shaped.

We have to pray luck turns in our favour, none of us want Third tier football and of course that includes Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Orlando Wolves

Agreed.......which is why they badly need a Director of football.


Well said Brighton Wolf ! Do you realise that if we go down we will be paying a CEO more than 1/2 million pounds a year for completely failing either the business or the football club. That is probably more than the entire non playing staff budget of any other club in division 1 and still people say he is financially astute, when in reality he has presided over a business which has lost half it's turnover in less than 12 months and is about to loose half of the turnover whats left !

Any other CEO would carry the can and resign. If he actually did this then the club would be at least 3 million pounds better off over the life of the Puma deal. we could then afford to employ a good accountant and also a good director of football.

We could, with a little imagination even employ a manager that actually knows what he is doing. Think about it Morgan.

PS heard that Morgan has lost patience with Saunders and he is gone if we loose on Saturday

Ye Olde South Bank

...and may I add my plaudits too, Brightonwolf.

You've spoken on behalf of many. Top lad.


Yes! Puma have some gorgeous kit's!

But back to real business, get Griffiths back from Scotland! At least he can put a ball in the back of the net, and how is a football game won again?

The Teecher

How many times do you lot have to be told GRIFFITHS CANNOT COME BACK UNTIL THE CLOSE SEASON

However, one thing we all understand, we need a striker who can put the ball in the onion net, NOW or we're unlikely to survive.


Firstly do you really think Griffiths will be happy to come back from the team he supports, to play in a relegation dog fight for us.. Would you leave Wolves if you were on loan here to go back somewhere else.. Secondly you forget his disruption in the dressing room, besides making stupid comments to the media.. His heart is not with us, at best we can hope to sell him for a lot more than we paid for him now he is scoring goals.. Be glad of that, all loans are not made with the thought of the player coming back.


Thirdly, you forget the "not recallable" bit of his loan deal.

Crikey, don't you lot get it? How many times does it need repeating on these pages?? He's not coming back because the contract says he can't come back.


luke skywalker

Puma make great kits, much more stylish and far better material than Burrda!!! Some good news, lets hope we can get even better news on teh pitch - 3 points !!

george berry's affro

Agree with you young sky walker.

Would like to see the curent wolf badge though replaced with the old club crest we had on the old nurmeg kit. " out of the darkness commeth the light".


Your so shallow - Just impressed by 'badges'.

All kits are made of the same stuff by the same women and children in Asia and the Far East being paid peanuts to do it.

I don't care who produces our shirts, I want players to wear them with pride.

Orlando Wolves

Puma kit is currently made in Turkey


they could play with no tops on then, like park football Shirts vs Skins


Your right none of these players wear the gold and black with pride. I like to listen to the fans phone in after the match I'm sure if Dean Saunders sat them in the dressing room after match some of them would have awake up call. But then again I'm not to sure they would just move on to other clubs,no aligence to Wolves what so ever

Come on Wolves


I do think we will get three points... but it will take 5 games

Phil Smith

Couldn't give two hoots!!!

sports giant

What a brilliant club we are Wolves aye we


Good news. Now get rid of a betting company as sponsor and I might buy one.

We Only Need One Half!

Sporting Bets sponsorship ends in May!


Who will it be......Titanic or Linda Lovelace


Ladbrokes to take over the way dean bangs on about them


I'll have a sporting bet that part of the Puma deal is to change the colour of that dirty orange shirt to something more modern and appealing

subway army

Are you lost pal ?

Oldbury Wolf


A little like when the Baggies changed their Blue & White stripes to err,.........Blue & White stripes.....?

Boing Boing baby....!


No, they actually changed blue and white to white and blue.

All the Baggy's fans thought it was amazing, well worth the money and effective.



Hello Derek how are you today ?


Can't believe puma only wanted a million to be linked to us!, only joking, good news, at last a decet kit maker, fed up of paying nearly 45 notes to buy a wolves top with happy shopper kit suppliers.

U t w

Sam Wolf

Puma Kit-Deal, is he another striker we have never heard of, the shirt is more important than what’s in it, another corner shop deal by Moxey to enhance sales in you know what, Moxey's corner shop, will he ever concentrate on the team?

Sir Lupi

I think this is great news.

I have never liked recent kits and always felt the current brand to be low profile.

Puma would of been my first choice of kit design.

Good news for once!


Good news, the current home shirt is very badly designed. Wrong colour (please go back to old gold). Sleeves too short etc etc. Didn't buy one and won't buy the new one unless it's half decent.

Just one thing Jez, will the league one badges cost extra?

Chris, Northants Wolf

At last some good news. I still have my previous Puma shirt which I think was the best shirt Wolves had had for ages and hasn't really been matched since.

Orlando Wolves

Have to agree Puma were the best shirts I have seen Wolves in.

Orlando Wolves

Would that be Coxy by any chance?

swansea wolf

lets hope they play with a bit more pride, like the early days of puma,

Saunders Foot

It ain't the shirts we need, it's what's inside em. Talkin of players, Raheem Sterling on the rumours thread ! Now if there's a club out there that needs a quality forward, well.......

Wiseman's bridge

More chance of Sterling Moss playing for Wolves.

Worcester Wolves

£1m over 4 years. £250k per annum. Under £5k a week. That won't even pay Wards Wages.

Got a good news Moxey? Like ..... oh I dunno ..... YOU'RE RESIGNING AT THE END OF THE SEASON????

Winchester Wolf

They can revisit the 'classic' wolf's head design and replace it with a donkey.

gReEn NiGeL


Funniest post ever....

The Flying Winger

Bully for that.

It would have been better if he had got his head out of the sand and signed some players, guess that's harder as he has to spend money instead of receiving it.


Thats a great deal for a league one club.................. lol

Can we sign a striker on loan now? Or we going to wait even longer?

Jon The Pope

Nice bit of revenue secured for next years uphill battle.

Nottinghamshire Wolves

Looking forward to seeing the new kits as there were some good ones in the 1990's. Won't be sorry to see the back of Burrda though. This season's away shirt was okay but the home shirt has to be one of the worst for many years. First time that I haven't bought the home shirt from the club shop as soon as it was released. Although I did buy it off Ebay for £9.99.


This is so very apt when you think about it:

Adidas and Puma - the rivalry between the two compaies (back in the day) mirrored the rivalry between the Baggies and Wo1ve5: both set up home within a very short distance of each other (across a river in the same town in the case of Adidas and Puma), and in that town you either worked for Adidas or Puma - and their was definate pride and rivalry between both sets of workers. Family members even fell out with each other, the rivalry was THAT intense.

Yeah. I like it. As said, it's apt that the (as was) rivalry between the kit manufacturers mirrors that of our two clubs.


Adidas and Puma came about BECAUSE of a family rival not the other way round.

Adidas kept the premises and Puma were the noisy neighbours.

Boing Boing!

Morgan's Conscience

Not a bad sponsorship deal for a Conference League team because that is where Wolves will be in three years time if Morgan, Moxey and Saunders are still in control of the fast sinking Yellow(Old Gold) Submarine.

Captain Nemo

Here, Here. At least we'll find the lost city of Atalantis

The Teecher

Atalantis ?

Is that anywhere near the Atalantic Ocean ?

Captain Morgan

Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of Captain Morgan's Rum. Thank God there's no vodka called Poxey.


I know its easy to take the mick out of Wolves situation like I have previously, but when you look at the fixtures, having Bristol City, Middlesbrough, Huddersfield, Burnley and Hull all at home gives us a great chance of survival surely? If we cant win 3 or 4 of them we deserve to go down.

Birmingham, Charlton, Brighton and Bolton away we would need 1 win from too. Again we deserve to go if we cant pick up the occassional away win .

Its far from over even though the majority of fans seem to think it is.


Yes, we have to be optimistic. There's always a twist in any relegation struggle - let's hope it works in our favour. UTW

(Who makes our kit is the last thing on my mind as things stand.)


You would think so, especailly give the relative size and experience of our squad. However, we have a big liability in Deano and his record speaks for itself, remember when he was appointed, there was still talk of promotion!!! Wrong man for the job...again! Things could have been so different eh?

Moly new

Defo win at Charlotte and brum we never lose at either ground and wins at home against Bristol city ,burnley and hull BINGO


Never lose at Charlton and Birmingham ?

You don't go back very far do you ?

old goldy hates this season deeply

thats secured your pension then for next year!

Smerrick Eric

I can now put me Burrda on eBay and stop itching like a man on a furzy tree and do me Usain Bolt pose when we score the equaliser at home to Yeovil next September


yes good news at last ,now go get sterling from liverpool ,make it a good double for the day

colehill wolf

Whoopee thats it everything rosey in the garden now a new kit sponsor new kits for the fans to have to buy yet again!!!!!!!! a cool million over 4 years the bank balance growing and growing and the football dwindling and dwindling this smacks of arrogance beyond anything I have known before we are a joke on the pitch we have apart from a few third division rated players and not a cat in hells chance of avoiding relegation and I have been a supporter for over 50 years starting by standing in the boys pen on the north bank please wolves prove me wrong on saturday and on other matchdays cos as wolves fans this last 2 years has hurt badly UTW


How about sorting the mess on the pitch now Moxey!

We Only Need One Half!

I can not believe some of the comments on here! have you looked where you are, and where your likely to be??? Jez has done a good deal here, any division, and you still get the money! precisely how bigger deal did you think you would get in your current situation?

Good grief.

and Saunders Foot calls me deluded!

Montreal Wolf

Finally a supplier that distributes to Canada

Keith Curle's backpass

Buy one of those and you'll be the laughing stock of Montreal. Even the real Wolves up in the mountains will be howling

Montreal Wolf

Hahaha! I'm lucky, not many people know of Wolves to begin with! Those who are aware have questioned my support for years!

Orlando Wolves

Are they questioning our support or our sanity?


ach, some of us do up in ON :)


The deal reflects our situation at the moment. Even if we survive and stay in the championship. it may well take us four years to get promoted. If we get relegated it may take even longer as Leeds have found out.

I neither applaud it, nor condemn it. The deal is probably the best the club could realistically expect. Just hope it's a decent design.

The Flying Winger

Perhaps they could loan us Usain Bolt.


Cant we have umbro with three leaping wolves down the middle?

Ye Olde South Bank

Loved that classic 70's design, so a good call, mate. The bright, 1980 shirt weren't 'arf bad, either!


Finally Burrda's curse will be lifted. Perhaps the board misheard 'Moxey Out' or 'Berra Out' for 'Burdda Out'?

Their shirts have bought nothing but bad luck and Puma will help us to turn the corner. Might be too late by April 27th though.

If MM, TC and SS had Puma shirts I'm sure we wouldn't be in this situation. That 1 million could easily have funded another two Eggert Jonssons. Just think what we could do with three Eggert Jonssons sitting in the middle of the park. TC never got to fufill his vision for the club and sadly we will never know what could have been.

Moxey don't forget this is only 50% of the problem. We now need to focus on the shirt sponsor. How about one for Money Saving Expert.com?

Berks Boy

Why compare with Albion's deal? Albion are a top half Prem club so are bound to attract better deals at present.

Andy Williams

Is Ricky Fowler and relation to Robbie?

Might be worth a run-out!

If not, what about Ricky Butcher ...or Frank (dead or not)?

Stoubridge Wolf

A dead Frank would still register more shots on target than Doyle!

Ye Olde South Bank

Personally, I intensely disliked that so-called "eye-catching home strip", hence I never bought it. I wasn't overly keen on the teal away kit, either. Gimme a more traditional gold home shirt and plain white away kit any day, thanks.

Sorry, but I'm already worried about what kind of kit Puma will supply, judging by their previous, yukky efforts. Mind you, anything's better than a cheap, stripey supermarket plastic bag with three scissor-hole cut-out for arms and head, though. I guess I should count my blessings after all.


"anything's better than a cheap, stripey supermarket plastic bag with three scissor-hole cut-out for arms and head, though. I guess I should count my blessings after all."

One kit belongs to a top-ten Premier League side, is made by a world-leading kit manufacturer, actually looks smart on the team and has a non-intrusive sponsor. The other, new hypothetical kit, belongs to a struggling Championship side, will no doubt be a template of all the other Puma kits found around Europe and in the lower leagues, and will in all likelihood have a garish new sponsor to suit the club's downward spiral.

Blessings indeed.


And the Adidas kits are not templates of each other? take off your rose tinted goggles . By the way you'll also find that Adidas also supply to many lower league clubs, try doing some research before biting


Where did I say the design was unique to Albion? The Adidas templates aren't reproduced that often (granted we and Stoke have the same one) whereas the Puma kit is VERY popular in the same design in the lower leagues.

Oh, and if you're going to quote me, at least get the context right.

Bedford Wolf

Great! That will help us beat Bristol City on Saturday.

Wolf Blast

As I said yesterday Dean should not be talking to the press everyday so this is a much better distraction. This smacks of desperation but we are in no position to negotiate which is what we are going to suffer for a while I suspect whether it be for players or sponsors.

Despite all the poor decisions by management, managers and lack of steel by players we need to get behind the team for the remaining games as we don't have long.


Well done Jez - we now know exactly what you have been doing over the past three months as opposed to trying to negotiate deals to get players into the club. Was it Puma taking you out for dinner on the night of the Leicester game when you, initially, said you were out negotiating for players? You couldn't make it up. I'm all for sponsorship deals but surely there have been bigger priorities since Christmas? Perhaps I should stop moaning about Jez..............Here's to Saturday. Quietly confident, although the first goal will definitely define the game.


Current shirt horrible it has buttons yuk!


At least we'll look smart in Div 1 next season even if the team resembles a pub side!


Cant say i'm impressed but at least dean has kept it shut today


some people are never happy you moan about having burrda then we get a bran 10x better within puma and you still moan so fickle


no it doesnt mean theyre fickle.

different people like different stuff.

laugh @ this idiot.


Not a great deal if I was Moxey I wouldnt crow about it,the idiots in control have neglected the basic product which is the football we are always in at bargain basement level a bit like a tramp looking through skips for food its no small wonder we are where we are but on the bright side we have a shiny new stadium that will be the best in div 1.

John De Wolf

£1M over 4 years NO MATTER WHAT division we are in says it all. There is nothing written in where we can increase the fee dependant on promotion. Where's the sense/ambition in that?

It's a bit like not having a contingency plan for relegation written into players contracts i.e. a wage cut. Another relegation could ruin the club financially as we can't afford the wages, leading to a a clear out of our assets (players) at a slashed fee. It's a joke. Great business by Moxey.

Greg Fletcher

For those Albion Fans who are throwing stones at us, be very careful in what you wish for.

Finally remember at least we had our Annual General Meeting in Wolverhampton unlike your Chairman, who thinks that the tip called Sandwell is in London.

We are still a bigger club than you, both in history and on Fanbase. If you do not like that you can ring your new friend, Paul Franks and complain, whilst I listen to an intelligent Radio Station, called Talksport.

Fletch Gold and Black to the End


Well said Fletch. My sentiments entirely!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Ouch that really hurt!!!!!

Sir Billy Quietly

talksport pal.....you wont be listening then for any wolves coverage then cos unless you support a club in manchester or london you dont get a look in........intelligent?? not very!


Greg you keep living in the past, best place for you and all the other deluded lot!!


Ermm... Ouch(?)

Are you even aware what "be very careful in what you wish for" is a reference to? It refers to your fans 'wishing' for McCarthy to be sacked following your 5-1 defeat to us; the only thing we Albion fans are 'wishing for' is European football, the continuation of our rich form and a continuation of our improvement on and off the pitch. Those are hardly things to be careful of!

Oh and nobody cares where the AGM's are held; ours discusses Premier League football and pressing concerns like whether we are ready for Europe and whether the stadium should be increased; yours concerns relegation, turmoil on and off the pitch and disgruntled fans. I'll take ours any day of the week. Cheerio.


Why would you want to increase the capacity at the Sandwell CC?

If it wasn't for the large numbers of away supporters your attendances would be lower than ours.


Yerrrr you tell him kev rodent power vermin rool

gReEn NiGeL

Cheerio then.


I seem to remember when Wolves signed with Burrda we were that the kit deal was worth around £1m a year. The Puma deal is worth £250,000 a year. This is just another example of the clubs demise.


Thought everyone knew that's why we haven't been performing well over the past few years,those flaming Burrda kits.It's the nipple chafing I tell you,onwards and upwards now Puma are making our tops.

Dave O

Now we know what deals Jez has been trying to do.

Nevermind a striker on loan to keep us in the division.

Change the kit so we all gotta buy a new one.

Jez Moxey please RESIGN


Good news. However please please please bring back the auld gold in a nod to our glory days when we were actually good. I'm sick of the previous few orange efforts.


First normal deal done at Wolves in years.. At least the shirts will be made properly and not on the cheap.. Maybe they will wake up on the managerial and player front soon.


Great way of deflecting attention from the fact that Dean Clownders is still managing the first team. Get him out.

fed up wolf

The burrda fiasco was yet another exmaple of greed / mis-management and shortsightedness by Moxey.

1) took as much money as possible from a rubbish / relatively unknown kit maker

2) refused to see that even if we got less money in sponsorship from an addidas / Nike, kids might actually want to buy it and thus make more money that way / get new fans( and it might have looked cool too!)

3) above coupled with fact that wolves continue to only sell their strips in the club shops. All other clubs sell in high street sports shops (albeit local ones) and thus maximise their exposure

Puma a step up from the burrda garbage, but i'll reserve judgement. Can't trust anything these muppets do lately. New design will probably be rubbish and cost the earth.

moxey out, new broom required please. someone who actually has a business brain and can see the bigger picture.

Waggies Left Peg

At least we are capable of signing something, although I have to say I would prefer a striker and a creative midfielder rather than a shirt deal. Still, it is more money for rob dog bar stewards Morgan and Moxey.


we can show our lovely new kit off at hartlepool next season .


why not go with Adidas or Nike ? Its a more reputable brand?

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

There are more twerps from Sandwell on here than in Sandwell.

Moxey's Accountant.

One for the club, two for Jez, One for the club three for Jez. Whoopee!!!!!!!

English Exile

Jesus Christ.... anything is better than that cheap crap we use now..... Cheap quality that is...NOT cheap price


Where does it say £1m in total? It says the deal is £1m and is for 4 years.

It may be £1m per year.

PS Puma is not Chav it is one of the big 4 sports brands.

Give them a break and stop criticising evry single bit of news

My Friend Stan

The shirts have never been the same since they took "Goodyear" off the front, the clubs now heading the same way as the factory.


The town (not anywhere near being a city) has not been the same since they took Goodyear off the chimney.

quality counts

yes but the clicker is that if we go down they take back the shirts and supply the team with brown underwear.

Cyprus wolves

Puma! Well I'm happy as they supply our (APOEL)kit back home-top of Cyprus league-and now my fave uk team wolves.

On a serious note its money in the coffers and its better than nowt,

If we do drop a division (I still think not) then it's good income.

Jez Moxey

I do try!

Hopefully this will be the motivation for the team to produce the goods on the pitch!

Next stop Poundland!

Then I will renew the contract on them lively pies !!! Hmmmmmmm!!!

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Yes Jez you are very trying!

Costa del Sol Wolf

Nice - always liked our tops in the 90s when they were the suppliers. Didn't think much of the Burrda designs and this season was the first season since that awful Goodyear tyre mark top that I didn't buy one.


Bad deal. And it's certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons!


I would accept going down now - IF !!!! We could find a new Bully and i could re live the charge and excitement again !!!

Molineux Max

Dogs and cats on the same shirts lol-new sponsors Dudley Zoo?

Old Gold Portion of Chips

I'll be glad to see the end of our current home shirts . By the way E&S , please , please , please ......................no more close up photos of Jez !!!

Time Team Tony

Archaelogists in China have unearthed 9000 Puma wolf head shirts from the mid.90's. They were offered to Jez Moxey for £3 each.,or £4 if the Goodyear logos were removed..Jez hasn't made up his mind yet.


Is this the Boggies site? Seem's like it to me.


That ain't Jez,it is Roy Orbison without his glasses playing at being the Pope


Its the wedge to pay DS when they sack him next year for getting us relegated again , Albion are laughing at us make no mistake .


Puma are a good brand so the quality should be good.I think they should listen to the fans regarding the badges on the shirt, there should be a vote.

I would like to see the Wolverhampton badge as well as the wolfs head on the shirt.


money involved? look whos face appears,your friend and mine moxey.any chance of investing this one million in the team......im sure theres more players at newport we could buy

Alan in Cyprus

Hopefully the new kit will be old gold AND black.


Nice one first step forward for our club


Decent brand for a change, just a warning for the larger Wolves supporters PUMA tend to make their kits skin tight (see African Nations Cup) so you may not look too good in the new home shirt

Burntwood Boy

WELL DONE JEZ----- While you spent time negotiating this so called "Super Deal" we missed out on improving the team with new signings. Still I suppose you will get a bonus from this, BUT it will be no help in staving off relegation.

Frantic Friday

Wow thats really going to improve the team...Does it really matter what logo is on the shirt, because it wont make them play football any much the better..Its whats wearing the shirt that counts.! "You have spent time negotiating a new sponsorship deal Mr Moxey, while the ship has been sinking"

Frank Chickens

I just heard we signed a striker on a four year deal.

It's Marlon King's brother......


Neil Gubbins

Wow. I am really starting to get irritated by certain "supposed" Wolves fans finding fault with literally anything they can. Puma are a very good sports brand. My company use Puma training wear as uniform (Sports Coach) and they supply really good products. I can guarantee the quality will be far better than that of Burrda. I seem to recall people moaning about Burrda before as it wasn't a "well known brand". Now we have a well known brand people STILL MOAN.

Go and support somebody else, because I'm seeing very little "support" right now.

I'm as disappointed and upset as the next person, but finding fault and moaning about everything will do nothing but make matters worse.



Thought the headline and story were about the new kit.

Agree with the above,go and moan on another headline.