Dean Saunders defends Wolves' races trip

Wolves boss Dean Saunders today defended his decision to take the players on a bonding trip to Cheltenham races.


Several players were seen out drinking in a bar in Cheltenham to coincide with the Festival on Tuesday, four days before Saturday’s crunch visit of Bristol City.

But Saunders insisted the players needed to let off steam and there was no misbehaviour.

He said: "We trained in the morning and we left at 11am and everyone was back on the bus before the last race.

“I took the players to the races to try to get them to relax a little bit. You try anything when you’re in the situation we’re in.

“It was my decision to take them. They all came back on the bus and we were all back here by 6.30pm, or something like that.

“I thought it was important that we all got together and it was the first time I’d done it outside of football.

“So I could actually talk to them about something else instead of ordering them to do football things every day. Sometimes it helps."

Several weeks ago, Saunders said he wanted to create an Army-like mentality where players ate and drank the right things.

But he dismissed any suggestions that the bonding session flew in the face of his ideals and believes supporters would understand.

He added: "Some fans would think that’s a good idea, to relax because maybe the players are too uptight."

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Comments for: "Dean Saunders defends Wolves' races trip"


Fair play Deano, try anything you think will work fella.

How is the boys going out together going to hurt us in the slightest?

All teams in all walks of life bond in some shape or form at some point - non story.

Let's hope there bets won and lets hope it's inspires Wolves to a win at the weekend.


Who asked for him to defend himself? If it does them good then fine,


Now its a must must win against Bristol or it may be the last race for Shambles

Mills wolf

A trip to the races eh dean.....

Let me guess you didnt win a penny !!! Loool

Filthy Wolf

Saunders wanted odds of 4-5-1 when the horses had started.

Don't tell em Pike

Another day on planet wolves. Why the hell has Anthony forde gone out on loan? I thought we were struggling for right wingers (Deans words not mine). Get Sterling in or even Simon Church now! Wolves must be crackers to keep this clown on even if we stay up. Mind you he's cheap as chips and one of Morgans Carrington buddies. Its criminal that they overlooked O'Driscall, talk about a 'gift horse' (pun intended).

Just win on Saturday please!!!

Kev in Mallorca

And you wonder why people call you arrogant? Why on God earth would Stirling come and play for you?



it's a story to start a debate-to get a reaction from the anti DS/Moxey/Morgan idiots, why bother reporting it at all.


John, you are the idiot. well, im only going by your frequent preposterous posts. STOP CLAPPING THE CLOWNS FOOL!

Neil youngs head band

Shuuuuush scowling joe your booooring us to death !!!


Just get out of my club you clown. There's a little village somewhere near Swansea missing you.


When did Morgan sell it to you..... that was kept quiet!!!


and that's the problem ain't it? nothing to do with football just were he comes from - your village is missing you!


I just want Saunders out. I don't care where he goes, he just has to go.




Look we have all suffered for the last 24 months a multitude of disasters and heartache-not of our ( the fans) making ,the best I can say about the team / manager / CEO / owner is that they are like an unfaithful wife or husband eventually you just start not to care.

However that is different to supporting the club - hopefully that is permanent akin to your parents


Mr Saunders - are you making this up as you go along? #DeludedDean

colehill wolf

You whiners and numpties may have missed it but Redknapp took his players off to sunnier climes 3 weeks ago have you noticed their results since!!!

Mills wolf

Sunnier climates proberly ment training in the sun, not fueling there betteing habbits at the races while aving a drink

Does any body really believe a day out on the jolly is better preparation for the most important match in the world than getting out on that pitch and coaching them and pushing them hard as he can.... He could of used that day to watch the youth play to see if there was anyone. We could add to the bench or sumit.

What does he gain from tacking them to the races exactly ? Most of them have been here for years !!!

Luke skywalker

Quite clearly says they trained in the morning. Anything that helps team bonding, morale and reduces anxiety is worthwhile in my book. Pretty obvious the players are extremely uptight, particularly at home - anyone who actually goes to matches can see this!!! Give him a bloomin' break


Jeez Dean, I get the whole relaxation mentality, but these players need whipping into shape. There is an obvious clique in the Karl Henry clan who couldn't give a damn about the greater good of the club. The fans can see it, and it has been painfully obvious to us for a good couple of years. If you want to win our fans over, drop Karl, play Davis, drop Edwards, play Peszko. Players who will fight for the cause and have the ability to do so.


How thick can you get? Peszko... fight for the cause hahahahaha - nice one!

Burntwood Boy

Walsall took their players to Snowden, since then they have climbed mountains with some great results, SO we go to Cheltenham--- I wonder IF our players will FALL at the first fence?


Spot on!

Karl is the cancer cell that disown the club and poisoning the dressing room. Only reason DS is playing Karl is the flattery about DS being so good compared to SS.


Damned if you do ... Damned if you don't...

Lets face it Dean you probably had more luck with Champ manager 2011 , but daft Christmas tree and I'm making this up formations doesn't work in real life! Do the decent thing after Bristol and Walk!


and will you join him, we don't need idiots like you - stay in geordie land with all the other low life.

Chase Terrace Wolf

Johnwolf you are a very angry man obviously in need of a anger management course. Just because you don't agree being the happy clapper you are doesn't mean other people can't have a comment. You and the rest of us know this club is a shambles from top to bottom how you can defend it after the past 12 months is beyond me. By the way what village do you live in?

Mills wolf

I really hope i never have the mispleasure to sit near you johnwolf....

Your constantly on your high horse with your abuse of other wolves fans who dont share you deluded opinion

If any does sit next to this guy kick the back his chair for 90 mins for me !!!

Because thats how irritating you are to everyone else you sanctimonious hobbit !

Neil youngs head band

Shut up john wolf your boooooring !!!

Loyal Wulfrian

Well it used to work for Cloughie, maybe it will work we shall know at 5pm on Saturday. UTW

Andy Pandy

I thought they would have seen enough re-runs of The Donkey Derby during each post-match analysis.

Still, nice to see that they're taking the situation seriously.


101 chicken chow mein

it will make a nice change for em cause theyv,e been going to the dogs for the last three years

Boom Tish,

I thank you!


Welldone Dean just the sort of thing that needs to be done to break the normal day to day (same as). Ron Akinson used to do the same at WBA to good effect.

Kev in Mallorca

What a hilarious comment? It's hardly the same, you can't compare Regis, Robson, Cunningham,Cantello,Statham etc to the Donkeys yowv got.



Kev, just go away.

Andy Pandy

Did they watch the Sack Race?


I've really got no problem with this. Good idea.

Chris White

Can't see anything particularly wrong with this, but you can be sure all the 9 to 5 workers will be out in force to complain about this !!!


The world has gone mad we lose Saturday and we are probably down - But hey ho lets go to the races anyway

Wanstead Wolf

Spot on Deano.

Realistic Wolf

Good planning Deano, no doubt we will be playing Cheltenham soon with you in charge and need to know the way. As for letting off steam, they haven't built up any this season to let off in my humble opinion. That aside the Puma deal sounds pretty good considering what a mess we are in. Nice bit of kit.

Ye Olde South Bank

Actually, no, I don't "understand", Mr. Saunders. Why would our sorry lot need a bonding trip? Many of 'em should be familiar with each other by now seeing as they've been here for donkeys years. Besides, they quite capably 'assisted' Solbakken in his sacking thanks to the well-known cliques in the dressing room, so one assumes they must already be bonded.

"You try anything when you’re in the situation we’re in", says Dean.

Well, if motivation (which is what Dean really refers to) is still needed after the god-awful mess these players have helped put us in, I truly despair. One glance at the league table should be incentive enough -assuming they've got any professional pride left, that is. Alternatively, our boys could have popped into any number of schools or workplaces to speak to the fans first-hand in order to feel just a little bit of the pain we're suffering. That would've been far more productive and might have gained a bit of respect, too.

Incidentally, if anyone needs relaxation at a time when this football club has done its best to commit sporting hara-kiri, then it's us fans. Never mind the players, Moxey should have organised free coach travel to take 20,000 Wolves fans to Cheltenham with at least two pints apiece thrown-in for good measure (he can stuff the pie where the sun don't shine).

So, yet more cosseting for serial losers. I bet you fans all wish your employers were so accommodating. Me, too.


Good shout YOSB - lock them under the stairs when they're not training - that'll get them motivated and fired up for Saturday - once their eyes have adjusted to the light that is - or maybe we could send them down the pit for a shift or two - find out what hard graft is like - then they might like try harder.... when your done pontificating you might care to join us for a stint in the real World??

Ye Olde South Bank

....alternatively, you could have kept your (obviously) very sensitive disposition in check and replied to me in a sensible, cordial manner by simply saying: "I tend to disagree".

Lock 'em under the stairs? Send 'em down the pit? How old are you? No need to resort to that nonsense. I'm afraid that such gushing, OTT imagery indicates that you, too, stand guilty of "pontificating", my friend. Just accept that people have views contrary to your own. One could be forgiven for assuming you live in Buckinghamshire, judging by your pen name. One could therefore be tempted to ask:

"How would you know how it feels to live and work in Wolverhampton 7 days a week when you're insulated from it all, except, maybe, for a few hours each fortnight at a home game? Do you have to endure rival West Midlands fans scoffing at you on a daily basis as many proud Wolfs on here do? Do you actually know what it feels like to be the laughing stock of the entire region?".

No, I won't ask those questions because, unlike you, I'd prefer not to jump to conclusions about a fellow fan. Hell, you might live in Whitmore Reans for all I know.

Okay, end of pontificatio #2. You have your view, I have mine. Let's just agree to disagree.


Tempting to ask Deano to pin this to the dressing room door for the players to read ...there again wouldn't want to upset anyone ...would we?

Hope it all works out on Saturday is all I want to say at this point.


Hi YOSB. I decided not to comment this season but after reading your text had to just say - spot on! Great summary

Ye Olde South Bank

....and "Hi" to you, too, Perthwolf. Please start posting again, mate. I wondered what had happened to you!

Mark B

Only if we win will this ever be seen as a good thing.

Did Moxey supply the pie and drink??????

quality counts

Why would they need to bond? aren't they supposed to be a team? Sugggest MORE training rather than less wouldn't do any harm...

Deans easybeats

They've already gone to the dogs so they may as well go racing as well!! Bet they all backed losers, winning is not their style.

Bolton Wolf

Shame some came back .Good Swop Doyle Ohara for a race horse.Why not go full hog a bonding exerccise in Barbados. Why the supporters Freeze and lament on our predicament.


What a disgrace these players and this manager do not deserve a day out after the performances they have put in TAXI FOR DEANO NOW

The Flying Winger

I guess anything is worth a try, still think they would have been better looking at a repeat of Barcelona's game the other evening.

They would have learnt at least how football skills and high energy go together.

At least it has kept them away from the press with the usual pointless comments, and no doubt they had a good old sing song on the way back.

Cliff In Wales

why not take a few supporters of the club with you next time Dean? I'm sure they are a bit uptight as well


I hope that they were all tucked in bed after the trip OK.

StevieG Droitwich Wolf

They would be better off on the training ground picking up hints of how to pass to each other , instead of picking horses !

They must of been eager to spend their WIN BONUS !

What will u reward them with at theend of season forgetting our once great club relegated to the 3rd tier


Simply unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!

Get Him Out!

So an experienced manager (Martin O'Neill) decides that it is not a good idea for his players to go to Cheltenham as he wants them focused yet our inexperienced numpty thinks it is good; says it ALL!

Chris White

It's a two day trip from Sunderland not a 2 hour coach trip !

Penkridge baggie

Sunderland players had put together and had hired a plane for the day


Monmores 5 minutes down the road...same thing.

London Wolf

Day at the races eh ? I wonder if the players put any money on Wolves to go down? Seriously though I think this is a good thing, the best teams know each other on and off the pitch and anything that can help at this stage has got to be worth a go! Up the wolves!

Angry Wolf

Doyle , Blake, Hunt perhaps ?


I am lost for words....................................................

Dilly Dally Dolly

Nothing wrong with that, what we got to lose. Deano!



jon mason

is this geezer a comedian why dont you say it was just a jolly up you aint got a clue what to do with this ramshackle of a team


Win our next two home games Dean and all this nonsense will dissapear.


I would love to be able to go to Cheltenham have a few beers, go on to the races and relax.

I have no job at present and the outlook is not looking good so I can't afford to renew my season ticket to watch the team I love and then I hear this story about Dean Shambles taking his team to Cheltenham to get their heads right for a football match.

This is taking the P out of the fans.

If we don't stay up now I think Shambles and the rest of the team will have to leave town!!!

Sedgley Slayer

Who cares, as long as they win on Saturday they can do whatever they want!

Just a thought, but wouldn't it be nice to have got a striker in on loan BEFORE the huge game on Saturday. By the time Moxe and co sort themselves out we will already be doomed. More mis-management.

Northern Wolf

Congratulations to the E&S for hitting a new low in Non-Story Reporting. Also a PB on Lack of Interest, Lack of relevance to Anything and Does Anyone Care

Keep up the good work boys!


Racing certainty we're going down !


I wonder if Eggert Jonnson went? I hope he didn't and that he is ready for Sat. I think it's time for DS to unleash TC's secret weapon. TC planned to build a team around him and things could have been so different.

I also think that if TC had been give the proper tools for the job (an IPAD and not a clipboard) then we would still be in the prem.

Do it Dean, bring Eggert out! It is time to bring out our secret weapon!


As a Walsall supporter it appears these "bonding days" do work. Dean Smith says our resurgence was as a result of trekking in Snowdownia at the end of last year!

Mindst you, I suppose that was healthy, walking and climbing and things and doing some real teamwork. Don't know how a day at the races could compare really!!!!!

Orlando Wolves

The bars are further apart in Snowdonia, and that wouldn`t do for our lot. We don`t want them out of puff after a morning`s hard training, with such an important match on Saturday.


I think our lot are more interested in pony trekking than yours.



He's probably tried everything else so maybe bonding will do the trick. The boot camp hasn't worked so now it's the holiday camp. Even if we stay up it's obvious that several players have to go at the end of the season, if they have contracts, pay them up and get them out of the Mol.

Marlow Wolf

Dean, ignore the negative posts. At least you are trying with what is a sub-Championship quality squad (and probably sub Div. 1 as well!).

You seem to be working your socks off to try and get these losers to play. The fact they have no character as well as can't play football is not your or SS's fault.

If it doesn't work here, I am sure you will do well elsewhere. You can leave with your head held high as far as I am concerned.

Premiership experience?.......................the squad is a joke. Cheers McCarthy and the Owner, who seems to be an unbelievably poor judge of people and a disaster when it comes to PR.


Hope they didn't eat any horse-burgers.

Mike T

Anything that gets the players in the right mood to bag three points is OK in my book.

Best of luck on Saturday guys.


Plenty of legitimate angles to criticise the appalling mismanagement of our Club, by Morgan, Moxey and Saunders.

This however isnt one of them

A complete 'non story'

Anyone moaning about the costs/luxury angle, might as well give up being a Football Fan in the Modern World

Moxey earned more sat in the Office on a single day than this Day Trip will have cost

Everything crossed for Saturday


Ok, so the club announced they won't be having an end of year party due to a poor season. So they go to Cheltenham! To me yes if it works on the pitch great, but surely the team needs to be drilled in how play football. Yet again our club is a joke. I wish Dean would spend more time training then talking to the press!!

Mountain Wolf

Bonding? The Cheltenham races for BONDING???? For £10,000 a week I'd bond in three seconds flat. Dear, dear, dear. I read this about an hour ago and haven't beeen able to gsufficiently ather my wits together to be able to respond until now. Incidentally, I've seen them bonding in a local pub one lunchtime quite recently. They seemed very happy and very bonded but we've still lost five games since then. Bonded!!! In the words of Mr Royal "..... my ****!"

WW Fan For Life

This manager and the players don't care about the future, when the going gets tough they will just move on to other clubs.

We're the people with the problem because we're here for life, I would love a trip to the races but my spare cash is spent on travelling around the country watching this shambles unfold.

I agree with previous posts, if we win the next few games we'll forget their day out.


The Real Bangkok Wolf

I wonder how much money our millionaires lost?


You just knew this would get a polarised reaction! If we win on Saturday, it will be seen to have had its merits. Hey, in the past they have had golf days, go-karting (Ok those events didn't work) - so why not a trip to the races? I am not happy with the way things have been going, but I don't expect them to mope around all week. As long as they have trained and prepared correctly, and done everything else professionally - I'm not bothered about them going to Cheltenham for half a day. Boozing on Friday night would anger me, but definitely not this. This story is just a bit provocative really. I bet quite a few footballers will be gracing Cheltenham this week, e.g. Michael Owen, oh and Sir Alex?


I bet on a horse today called Wolverhampton Wanderers. Fell at the first. Remounted, then fell at the second. Remounted again, fell at the third. Think you get the picture. Eventually finished tailed-off and had to be put down by the vet.

Not sure whether to blame the owner (Morgan), the trainer (Moxey), or the jockey (Saunders). Probably all three!


just lets hope they are at the races on saturday they haven't been for 80% of this season.

Aberdeen wolf

95% should be top of the league not bottom 3


SATURDAY is judgement day. if we wolverhampton wanderers can not beat bristol city at home, no disrespect to bristol. then we .deserve to go down. and the people .responsible ,are firstly the players,and mostly the board,for letting this situation happen. obviously dean is gonna get the blame,but like stale he has inherited, mad micks dead wood,and for some reason,they have become untouchable. if you or i was the manager.ward,steerman,hunt,henry and berra,would never walk inside molineux ever again,but some how how they seem to be holding the club to ransom.if im wrong,despite his form,why has henry never been dropped???

PJW Holland

Did he not know there is a racecourse in Wolverhampton which holds far more meetings than Cheltenham?

He could have saved a lot of money by taking his group there.

Burntwood Boy

Deano could have took them to Alcatraz and left the deadwood on the "Rock".

I would have took them to the Barcelona game and pointed out to them "This is what you call football".

jimmy paige

Did the Keystone Cops see the Marx Brothers?


Quite frankly I think this is an irrelevant story in which most supporters will simply say "so what".

A more relevant story is that Anthony Forde has been sent out on loan to Scunthorpe until the end of the season. I believe he, and quite a few others currently playing in the Elite U21 league, will form the basis of the squad next season, whichever division we find ourselves in.

The academy has been unjustly criticised on this website by some supporters as being a waste of money. But there are some very promising youngsters who are holding their own in a competition against higher status clubs. Any rebuilding to be done will inevitably have to include some experinced players, but I believe our future lies with these youngsters. The kids are ok.

south bank

bring back the passion deano says.



play it loud and watch the WOLF HOWL



manc andy

if they wont play the liquadater we will hum it, sing it and shout it out loud and proud,,UTW


Orlando Wolves

At least the majority of the `deluded fools` who post on here do so with an ID.

Have to agree about Saunders though, I have not thought him up to the job since he came here. However, most fans out of respect wished him success. Sadly, it hasn`t happened.

mister dj

I cant believe it, you mean footballers dont spend all their time at the football club, only going home to sleep? they get spare time to do other things? I am so amazed....


shreks left foot

So instead of extra training and focus on the next MUST WIN game he takes known gamblers to the races for team bonding......this team has had a very long time to bond and they know each other too well and this is the problem that they all want to be payed and don't give a toss about the club and thats why they are dross NOT because they need bonding time........................OUT OF YOUR DEPTH........................!!!


Great idea this bonding session Dean, Because they play football together like total bloomin strangers, If you and the players have got that much time on your hands Try learning them how keep the ball and put the ball in the net for eight hours a day.

Kenilworth wolf

Lets face it the team need something to raise their spirits. If it works fair play !

Farmer Ted

As usual there are some really childish posts on this thread.

Whatever Wolves try and do there are always plonkers who want to find fault. There are periods during a footballer's working week when they are left with time on their hands. They can only train, or watch reruns of matches, or talk tactics for so long during a week. We need this team together and ready for action on Saturday, so what better way than a short trip down the M5 for a bit of important bonding where they'll spend/win/lose their own money. Would you rather them have flown off the foothills of the Costa del Sol or a training camp in the Canaries ? You can imagine the stick they'd have had for that.

Grow up some of you.

chris h

Farmer Ted, In the heady days of the Premier ,I always complained on here when the players had midweek off for Steve Morgan's golf day which was no doubt always followed by the gala dinner.All I know is they lost every game immediately after the golf.One of the games was Portsmouth at home. The proof of the pudding will be how they get on on Saturday.It would also be interesting to know what exactly Bristol City were doing today.Did they have a jolly at the races or were they fine tuning their game plan?

Streetly wolf

If we win who cares. Give him some credit. He's trying to get the players in a siege like mentality, they can always go paint balling !!!


What is the issue here? Fair play, they are human beings who need recreation just like the rest of us.

Ok, if they'd been out on the smash until 3 in the morning then there would be a story, but they wern't! They were all home by 6:30!

My nephew stays out later than that in a school night!! Good luck and I hope it works on Saturday. Bristol City are a terrible football team, we just need to have some belief and we can turn the teams we need to overin the coming weeks.

We all need to get behind them now, whether we agree with the current regime or not. We all need to pull together for these last few games and deal with the issues later when and if we manage to escape relegation.

Shout loud, keep some faith, kick out the boos for the next month........


Brian Clough used to let them get on the booze before a game.They did their training before and didnt get back too late. Well done Dean


And he still couldn't back a winner


Should have took them to Snowdonia and cooked them spog-bog like dean smith at Walsall, seems to have worked for him.

If they won't to see how to chuck money away on three legged donkey's with no chance of winning we could have stayed at home for that.

Not a bad idea but a day at the races doesn't sound much like a team bonding exercise to me and what sort of message does it send to fans?

The Flying Winger

We send Ford out on loan, but put up with the others!!

Still no one comes in, but we have a new strip

He must have lost the money at the races.


Just sell Henry and watch the transformation.


Could not give amonkeys.

Start winning that is al i ask

The foreign legion

Come on guys, Cloughie used to take his lads down the pub before an important game to relax

And indulge in a spot of team bonding.

At least Deano is trying something different. Anything to get us out of this mess. I still feel he is

much too inexperienced for the job but that is down to Morgan.

While he is in the job we should support him all we can.

G Bull

Presumably,they are not fit enough for all outdoor pursuits and horse racing watching is not too strenuous and more favourable than snooker or darts which are all team bonding. With a day at the races it also allows Dean and the boys to have a little flutter and gamble away the thousands that they earn every week and get away from the pressure of failure. I wonder if its really appropriate considering our situation.


I am with you Ye Old South Bank..This beggars belief..stuck for words..hoping to win enough money to buy a striker..What's going on they do not need bonding they need a kick up the arse...come on D start making some sense please... cD


where is Roy of the Rovers .? We need him


Why take them to Cheltenem? Horse racing is boring. Then again, it must have been a better viewing experience for the lads than watching Karl Henry going around in circles. Sidewards, backwards, sidewards, backwards, sidewards, backwards. That is what the Wolves squad have watched thier captain do for the last 7 years!

old golds worth more

Nothing wrong with the odd "Works outing", if it relaxes the team, and lets them bond a bit better then there is no problem. The problems only emerge if they start behaving like idiots because they drank to much etc, but that didn't happen, so as has already been pointed out, it was another non story by the E & S!

Hatch End

I'm not keen on Deanosaurus and hate most of the deadbeats, in gold and black, pretending to be professional footballers...............but a day at the races? I really can't see the harm.

They won't be any more or less useless after their day out and maybe, just maybe, they might discover some teamspirit in time for Saturday.



Several players were seen trying to play football during Saturday’s crunch visit of Bristol City.

But Saunders insisted this was simply a misunderstanding of his tactics.

He said: "We trained in the morning at 11am and everyone was back on the bus before 11.05.

“I took the players to the training pitch to try and familiarise them with the ball and passing and all that sort of stuff. It was my decision to take them. You try anything when you’re in the situation we’re in. I thought it was important that we all got together and it was the first time I’d done anything like this.

“So I could actually talk to them about something, I pretended I was their manager and knew what I was doing. Otherwise I just end up ordering them to make coffee and things like that every day. Sometimes it helps."


Its the only way that Dean could think of to get a day off. Lets face it he may as well as he isn't achieving anything doing what ever he does on the training ground.

What he may be saying to the players is lose this Saturday and you could be for the nackers yard like the last nag past the post.


I'm so sick of this, to the point that in some ways I hope Bristol beat us!.

I know, it's dreadful to be taken to such a low point but Sean O'Driscoll, a Wolves boy and an honest man who could even have managed us, could end up seeing off these free loading Muppets that are destroying our club.....Maybe it has to get so bad to rid us of these vermin.and we can restore our pride and ambition that is WWFC!

The Liquidator

When Saunders got the job a friend of mine who is a Doncaster season ticket holder told me what Saunders was like. I put this on here then and I repeat it now.

He likes to talk to the press, is tactically clueless(all long ball), and takes players to the races. Sounds familiar doesn't it!


LOL, spot on!!


AND the Doncaster league position IS?

sam brightmore

Are Doncaster top of their league with a team re- built by Saunders???

it takes time as Sir Alex well knows, didn't everyone want to sack him??


Doncaster are in League ONE.

Which says it all. I don't care whether they are top or not, the fact is, they are in league ONE.

And when saunders took over, they were in the Championship.

Mrs Nussbaum

What a lovely idea,i like this Dan Sanders chap so much nicer than that horrible bald German.


It is March 2013 and we have 9 games left - a bonding trip to Cheltenham !!! Perhaps you could of focused on getting the team to bond 11 games ago and we just might have started to play like a cohesive unit. What have you been doing since January playing tiddlewinks !!! Have you even heard of the concept of team dynamics as a principle and the notion of producing a high functioning team ? NO clearly not because your record is all too clear 9% win ratio. Clearly you have failed on the training ground so why not maybe a trip to the races will do more than all your team talks !! Although I can see a Stroke of Genius Deano you have taken them to the races to educate them about winning and losing, that is, when you back a winner you get a nice return and a loss you get nothing. Have you told the players yet the new wages policy ?

English Exile

Dean did you show them what the winners enclosure looks like??

At least everyone will know the route to Cheltenham for next season.....


I hope they did better than I did yesterday!!!!


I wonder if Moxey gave Saunders some money to have a bet with? 10p e/w on an evens favourite probably


were cumin up 5, 2 collect 3 points and a few beers 1,600 of us lookout..

It would appear that, from the random collection of numbers and letters that you have managed to post here, a 'few beers' have already been consumed.

Perhaps you should consider a nice long lay-in to allow the effects to wear off. Leave the supporting to the sober grown-ups.

ian clarke

oh dear Spoil them like rotten don't deserve this treatment

I thought no one has to go out on loan how come he sends Forde to Scunthorpe who is ten times better than Hunt next it will be Hamill mark my words.

This manager has lot the plot he wants the fans to roar the players we always have and always will, he needs the players to look in the mirror they are not fit to wear the shirt if they dont perform saturday dont blame the fans. bring in Adkins quick, day out at the races more like a day out at west park talk about spoiling them, wheres the loan striker we are supposed to be after all talk again I suppose, Doyle the saviour glad Ward his suspended Take out henry play hamill in central role along side o hara and bring back in Batth instead of kasper, has for ikeme his gone sour now hurry up wayne get fit soon.


On the plus side the one thing you can bank on - We will become the first team in history to be relegated from the top two divisions in consecutive seasons - TWICE!!!!

Realistic Wolf

Trained till 11.00 eh then off on a jolly. Exactly how much training do they do. By the way they play certainly not much and certainly very little with an actual ball. More importantly what about the new striker we were allegedly closing in on. No doubt we will hear the same old excuses. Not the right sort of player, wrong mentality, changed his mind, yeh right. Bottom line as proven with Stale, the two Ms do not want to spend money. Some do not blame Saunders, well I certainly do, our win tally says it all. Absolute Disgrace and the two Ms do nothing.

Definitive Wolf

Reference the training - par for the course according to Robbie Savage. Nothing unusual there - it would be the same at any club.


Lot of the idiots posting negative comments are not Wolves fans.....probably them lot down the road. Thats the problem with allowing comments....ANYBODY can post.

Stick with the team...if we go down, it'll set us back a few years.

Come on wolves!!

Paul Merson

Sounds like one of my ideas


Even Stalle Sollbaken could'nt win with these players.


Actually he was a far better manager than Downo will ever be.


Could have at least took em to Monmore,lets keep it in the community at least.

albion forever

As an Albion fan I won't be losing any sleep if Wolves are relegated but just have to say that the fickle nature of some of these fans amazes me. They have now had 4 managers since Mick McCarthy (who let's face it was hounded out by the fans) and not one of them has 'been up to standard' in the eyes of the fans.

I think expectations need to be drawn in a little bit. Wolves are no longer that force that they have been (i.e over 50 years ago) They are like Albion a mid range team. The only difference is that in the yo you years the expectations were exactly that - we would get relegated and promoted, then relegated then promoted again. Jeremy Peace acknowldeged that and built the club around that principle and slowly but surely has established the Albion as a well run premiership club with sound financial backing and a decent squad of players - but it has taken the best part of 10 years to achieve that.

If Wolves had stuck with MM, I think they would have survived last years relegation and then built on it - after all MM had already got them promoted and kept them in the Premier League for 3 years. He had been their best manager for years, but no, he had to go because Albion beat them 1 - 5. !!! If they had have been relegated anyway then so be it - just bounce back like the Albion instead of all this knee jerk reaction demanded by some fans to sack the manager which only increases the instability in the club. It will get to the point soon when no one will want to manage the club (remember Curbishley, Bruce etc)


I'm sorry but if a trip to the races is what is needed it just goes to show how rubbish we have become. This wouldn't even made the press if we were still in the Prem. Says it all really and sums us up at the minute. There is still something not right behind the scenes at the club and can't put me finger on it - just not right and it's all to do with the evil wonga.

Waggies Left Peg

Two things are certain

1. This lot went to the dogs years ago.

2. They probably didn't come back with a single win.


I heard Edwards won the 3.15!


No problem with this at all.

Perhaps some of the palayers expressed an interest of a career change ??

That or it could have been a scouting trip for some lofty striker who was said to be good at jumping...??

However I think 'Lofty Striker' turned our to be a horse...


If it relaxes them why not.

Bit of bonding doesnt go a miss, lets hope they bond on the pitch on Saturday and give us some good football and plenty of goals.

Bolton wolf

Just read in Bolton Evening News this morning Bolton Wanderes have been knocked back for Sterling from Liverpool. But Rogers has offered Jonjo Shelvey or Suso on loan for rest of season to any championship clubs till end of season.


We will surport the team..One question...Do you know what you are doing ?


Do you know what you are!!!


A day at the races will probably do the players good - why not try A Night at the Opera as well?


Breaking News: I hear that some PL strikers available for loan don’t fancy slumming it at a club where the balls are hoofed upfield. They’re on a hiding for nothing when they fail to connect with a ball ten feet high! Rubbish, we’ll all shout, call yourself a PL striker? This is what we’re up against. Don’t blame McCarthy entirely. I remember a home win against Spurs in the PL when we scored after 18 or 19 passes along the ground. It was almost Barcelona. We also went 3 nil up away to West Ham, after some decent passing moves. We can do it when we try. Solbakken was right to try and get us to change, as we can do it even with the present bunch of players. Shame on those who wouldn’t try for Solbakken though.


your memories of McCarthy are very selective.

I remember those games, and, I also remember the rubbish which made up around 90% of the games.

Arrested MP

Dean likes visiting the stables at the races. Inside he finds a big pile of what he talks all of time.


Really helping at half time eh?! Just go now Morgan and Moxley, you've completely shafted this great club.....go screw up another club now before its too late!

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