Wolves boss Dean Saunders wants 'damage'

Wolves manager Dean Saunders today targeted doing relegation rivals Bristol City some “damage” in Saturday’s home six-pointer.


Saunders’ side return to Molineux for the crunch game which could have a massive bearing on the Championship relegation race with the manager insisting Wolves can build on Saturday’s spirited 3-1 defeat at Nottingham Forest.

Only goal difference is keeping fourth-bottom Wolves out of the drop zone – they are two better off than the Robins – with nine games left.

Second-bottom Peterborough have their game in hand at Leeds tomorrow while basement side Barnsley play the first of two at home to Brighton tomorrow. Both rivals have a point fewer than Wolves.

Wolves lost the chance to build on Tuesday’s 2-0 win at Millwall when they went down to Henri Lansbury’s superbly-struck double in between Matt Doherty’s equalising first Wolves goal before Stephen Ward was sent off and Lewis McGugan added an unflattering third as Forest made it five straight wins.

But Saunders believes his side can take a big stride towards safety if they show the same battling qualities as at the City Ground.

“We can still stay up, and we have to take some spirit from the performance on Saturday,” said the boss.

“We’re not in the relegation zone and have to go into the Bristol City game thinking we can do them some damage.”

He added: “I’m sure we can take some positives from Saturday’s game. For long periods we were probably the better team.

"We could have drew or won, but there are fine margins, and we have got to make sure we’re up and ready for Bristol City.”

Saturday’s defeat was Wolves’ heaviest under Saunders but the manager is convinced they were hard done by.

“The scoreline didn’t reflect the game – we just didn’t take our chances,” he said.

Ward misses this Saturday’s game through suspension and Saunders had no complaints after the left-back hauled back former team-mate Greg Halford when he was left last man as Forest charged forward from a Wolves corner.

“It was a definite red card,” he said. “Wardy was left three on one.”

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Comments for: "Wolves boss Dean Saunders wants 'damage'"

gET A GriP

What are you on about, face up to facts!!!

At least Jack the lad can come back in at right back for Ward.


U mean left back????

The Teecher

Er, right back ?

Think you need to face facts.


Try left back mate

gET A GriP

Do we ever play anyone in the position they were brought to play??

Siggy - Right Midfield/Striker

Doyle - Striker/Right Wing

Ward - Left back/Left wing/Centre mid/Striker

Foley - Right back/Right wing/Centre mid

The list goes on!!


Yeah, and it's done us the world of good, hasn't it?

luke skywalker

Think you mean Left Back!


A man who is not a manager, trying to do a managers job.

He is sinking, we will go down with him.

What was the due diligence in appointing Saunder?, from what Mr Morgan said it looks like:

Morgan speaks to his mate the Wrexham chairman, who says when Saunders was manager there, he was as keen as mustard, and like to cut the grass on the training ground....

That's it.

He has achieved nothing as a manager, he should not be a manager full stop.

Let alone be appointed at a massive club like Wolves.

Yorkies are on you

chopping a manager without giving him chance to sort things out is often a poor idea, unless the manager is a tool!

no matter what happens this year i think we are stuck with this clown - if we stay up he will be the man who joined a sinking ship and saved it, if we go down he will be the man who joined a sinking ship and it sank - either way, he is here for at least half of next season

Filthy Wolf

I think Saunders needed to stay with Doncaster and try to bring them back up. Then with a year staying in the Championship he would have been a better manager. But still not for us.

The 'damage' he talks about doing to Bristol City was done when Morgan dawdled sacking Mick, then not appointing anyone decent, then giving it to Connor and watching us sink. Stolebakken had some promise but his sacking was too hasty, too knee jerk after Luton (who went on to beat Premiership opposition in the next round).

Stolebakken last comments were interesting when he said he was going to speak to Moxey about transfers and Moxey sacked him. On performance Saunders should be well out but who would want the job now?


That's one of the reasons we are in this mess and what you get when none footballing numptys are

In charge making player purchases, an unbalanced overpaid squad of player. Imagine an IT company employing mainframe analysts to do web development or Unix analyst to do mainframe, yes they all work in IT and they may get by with the basics but it would be a disaster. But of course those companies have professionals that know the business to do the hireing so that would never happen, and that's what wolves need an experienced director of football.

lee wolf

well said paulo, feel for deano to be honest, but why o why was he given the job in the first place? with better managers out of work! Morgan you have got a lot to answer for! Also speaking to a guy i know who has a box in the steve bull stand, wolves have told him that if we go down the steve bull stand will be closed next season so he can not renew. So anyone that has renewed on the earl bird for seating in the s/b stand will be relocated next season. I bet moxey never told you that in your letter did he? as he's laughing taking your money!


Massive club? Your deluded mate. Wolves may be massive in Wolverhampton, but for the rest of the world we are a very average club. Not massive by any stretch of the imagination. We won something 60 years ago its all in the past.


Well said Ozwolf - spot on! We are NOT a massive club anymore - barely a Championship (aka Second Division side in old money!) and we will remain like this for another 60 years at this rate!

lucky Welsh socks

The only damage we seem capable of doing is to our reputation and credibility, if we have either left after the last few weeks. Just go, Dean. Just go.


massive club? Have I missed something?did we win the champions league without me knowing?you are obviously suffering from delusions of grandeur matey,we are an average club,with below average players that will sink to the level that matches their ability,namely the old third division.Saunders,Solbakken,Ferguson,or mourihno would not change that.the best thing that could happen to our team would be relegation.Then the (old school) players will walk and the new school players can then do the talking.

Another anon

Couldn't agree more with this. Relegation, as financially damaging as it could be, will bring revolution. The only way to truely revamp the squad is to start from scratch. A couple of seasons in League 1 will do us good. The only thing that will come of staying up this year is another year of watching the same old players doing the same old thing.

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Paulo my friend, please face the truth. Wolves have not been a 'massive club' since the days of The Doog, Frank Munro, Jim McCalliog, John Richards , Mike Bailey, Kenny Hibbit, Dave Wagstaffe etc etc. Oh to be able to turn the clock back!!!

St. Louis Wolf

I am sick and tired of the club (manager) saying we are going to build on a "spirited performance". We LOST......AGAIN. It's difficult to build when the foundation is made of sand!

Another defeat has made the Bristol game a MUST WIN. We have the best run in of any of the bottom sides; only one of our remaining 9 games is against a team in the top 6, so no excuses if we go down.



I'm sick of hearing after every game, "we deserved to win, we were the better team, we created loads of chances*. If we were that great why are we in the position we are in Deano you numpty.

Sort it out or do the decent thing and fall on your sword. Hard working loyal fans deserve better than this dross.




Can I just say I listened to DS on the phone in on saturday and the man seems deluded. Some of his comments were very strange to say the least. I.e and I quote "on another day they would have hit their shots wide and we would have scored ours".

Now correct me if I am wrong but surely that is football. What DS seems to forgot is that NF missed other attempts aswell. I can see how many Wolves fans will be bitterely angry with that interview.

Anyhow, I hope you get out of it. After all we want all WM teams up there.

All the best!

Worcester Wolves

Saunders IS deluded, but the people that matter just can't see it...

manc andy

Deano, football management isnt for everyone, aleast conner new this and realised he wasnt up to the job. I think its time to sit the lads down for a watch of The Goal Machine video, i split the onion bag in two on more than one sunday morning after watching it.On the plus side im glad to see you havn't blamed ur socks for the forest defeat.How many wins do we need now? UTW


The only team getting damaged on saturday will be us and not bristol city!


I have worked it out we are witnessing the new Batman film in real like deano is the joker, morgan is the penguin and poxey is Professor Pyg, PLEASE BATMAN HURRY UP AND SAVE US


"I am Molineux's reckoning"


No poxey is the new villan - Private PieN'pint.


I have worked it out we are witnessing the new Batman film in real like deano is the joker, morgan is the penguin and moxey is Professor Pyg, PLEASE BATMAN HURRY UP AND SAVE US

The Flying Winger

I am still hoping the Lone Ranger will come and rescue us!!!


I`m waiting for Supergranny Smith.


Just watch they don't do you damage you moron just get out of our club an take them two idiots that gave you the job with you


stop stop stop!!!!! changing the team around so much not even the players know what team is going to turn up!

get a team together and stick with it if you really think you know what your doing, all of you need to grow a pair

and man up


You've done enough damage as it is Dean, just go.



Keep it shut and do the talking on the pitch, so fed up of these comments coming out from the manager and players, when will they learn, it just gives the opposition momentum to beat us...

Rusko Wolf

My sentiments exactly! Why give the opposition a reason for ramming the result down our throats!!!! This manager is a complete AMATURE!! He's got to go at the end of the season whatever league we are in!!

Pedant wolf

It's spelt 'amateur'.

Pedantic Wolf

Indeed it is. He should also only use one exclamation mark for correct, grammatical emphasis, but let's not split hairs.


'Damage'? Oh dear ... sounds like the green light for more red cards. Saunders (or as I call him now, 'Forest Chump' [sic]) sounds like he's lost the plot and is calling upon all his reserves (no pun intended).

Concerning taking chances; hasn't this been one of the main problems for so long? With Moxey refusing to stump up the resources for a decent striker, and supporting players, then scoring goals is going to remain a problem.

Getting tough with Bristol City sounds like we are going to be more angry than constructive, more self-blaming than justifiable, more irrational than sensible - all when we have (potentially) failed to score enough goals again.

Saturday's game could be a watershed for this club. If there is anything left in the team that can justify going to watch them again, they have to show it against Bristol City. Failure to do so will only see a bigger drain on attendances and (surely) a final realisation for those more devoted fans that we are likely to go down to Division 1 at the end of the season. That's unless Saunders shows us (post Bristol City) he can walk on water, and Moxey (Ernie Wise-style) unlocks his wallet and stumps up for at least a couple of decent loan signings.

Bush Babbie

Good post. How can anyone say there are positives in his heaviest defeat? We fans honestly won't mind if we buy or loan any decent player. We won't worry too much about the current players having their noses put out by being replaced. Bristol City can pull out results now and again and I just hope next week won't be one of those times. And if they do, how will DS look after talking "Doing damage"? We need some good times. UTW


Dean please who are you trying to kid? Let me tell you that its normally action that speaks louder than words but in your case its the opposite. We have heard your rhetoric since you took over. It started with we don't need any new players our current ones need confidence. Then we need one or two players. Then oh we can't find the right striker because blah blah blah.

Normally I have a glass half full but now its half empty.

Would the editor of this web please stop printing such drivel. What we want to hear is that wolves have won. I know we have only done that once this year. With that in mind you will probably not print anything about wolves for the rest of the season based on this years performance.

What you could do is interview Morgan and Moxy and find out exactly why they have so much confidence in Saunders that he can go so many games without getting fired. Stale had a better track record and at least recognised the problems straight away albeit he was hog tied by those above. And yet he went. Morgan says its because its what the fans wanted. Well the fans want DS gone.

Clampo's shinguard

They need to go on bended knees to get Stale back. Bad, bad decision to sack him

northbank white elephant

Damage??? Too much talk deano,


DS Wants to do damage then, what planet is this guy on , he's way out is depth and his comments are spoken by a desperate man.

Who in there right mind appointed this clown ? he thinks by talking big is the answer to our troubles, DS if you read this keep your mouth shout , and let the football do the talking .

He must think were all stupid like the people who gave him the job .


Yet more spouting off. Do damage? Don't make me laugh. I doubt Bristol City will be quaking in their boots, if anything, they'll be licking their lips at facing our toothless disorganised mess atm. They will see it as an excellent opportunity to move out of the relegation zone, and will fancy a result against us at home.

Dean Saunders is obviously contratually obligated to the press, but I really feel the time for talk has long since passed. Whether Saunders can be a success in Wolves' future, remains to be seen. But continual talking things up is going to give everybody connected to the club an even bigger crisis in confidence (if that's possible) if it all comes crashing down and we are relegated.

IMO, if you are obliged to speak to the press, tell them how nice the new stand and training facilities are, and refrain from saying things that will make the club look even more foolish. Let's face it, since the removal of MM, the decision making and has been abysmal at best with the board looking distinctly amateurish at times.

Who's Going to Renew?

Deadline tonight.

The Flying Winger

I think it's 24 March, but don't hold your breath when ever it is.

But do remember Moxey is working tirelessly!!!

Bring Back S.S

Not me mate. By buying or renewing etc you show the club you believe in the clubs plan/ethos ( whatever that is )

By not buying/renewing its shows you are not happy and dont buy into whatever their plan is.

I dont mind paying more in the summer IF this manager is shown the door and someone with a plan (look at my name) is brought back in and backed.

I know results wont be instant and it will take a season maybe a season and a half to stabilise and sort things out, as there is a lot wrong with the club not just the 1st team but im willing to wait and let this guy sort it all out including scouts, academy, style of play and deadwood being shipped out on top of trying to work with current 1st team.


Well its all come to this Dean. A win, not a draw, is the only result that will do here and we all know it. The time for talk is over. Its win or bust. We have to take 6 points from the next 2 home games.

No excuses, no talking about how we were in games and could have won, its all about the points in these games.

Anything less and we are gone.


How is this joker still in a job? I mean even Sir Alex would be looking over his shoulder with one win in eleven somebody give him his P45 and put him and us out of misery


Why did he change the formation when we were on top we can't play 4-5-1. Need a striker sooner than later UTW


Ward will be a big miss against Bristol. At least with have Hunt who says he can play left back!

John De Wolf

Team for Sat


Doherty Johnson Gorkss Robinson

Davis Doumbia O'Hara

Sigurdarson Ebanks-Blake Sako


Rusko Wolf

I'm liking that team a lot!

Codsall Wolf (the real one)

Not Doumbia, a shadow of his former self since returning from injury ( or it's the cold weather) total rubbish against Cardiff and was rightly subbed at halftime.

Although, not a huge fan, we probably need Edwards in midfield to cover the statue-like O'Hara, who's lost a lot of his pace since being injured, but he's the only one who can knock a decent pass.

I would also make O'Hara captain, as Henry doesn't appear to be bothered since the fans give him a doing at Barnsley?

darren woolridge

We can all but wish but Henry is NEVER gonna be dropped. He is the MASSIVE weak link and we all know it including Saunders, He's substituted him god knows how many times!!!!! How many managers do you know who sub's the Captain like Saunders does. Henry will never be or has ever been a good captain EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leaving aside the catchey headline, there is no doubt that Saturday's match against Bristol may well decide who, between the two teams, is most likely to be relegated. Wolves simply have to win.

We have reached a point of no return where we have to start winning games - and in particular against fellow struggles. No more heroic defeats, or scambling draws, it's now about winning games by hook or by crook.

Also, I think that Saunders really ought to have take a fresh look at bringing back Leigh Griffiths back to Molineux. He scored a cracking goal from a free kick which was disallowed, even though the replay showed it was well over line before bouncing back into play. If Saunders can find a better player to bring in before the loan period ends, I can't wait to see who it will be.



To everyone asking for Griffiths to be recalled , we can't recall him , we don't have a recall option ! ( great wisdom again by Moxey )


I don't think he can bring him back, it's permanent for the rest of the season


Spenno/Bertie - Thanks for the clarification. Assumming this is correct, (and I have no reason to doubt either of you), this was a serious mistake by Wolves. I would think that this was more likely a choice made by Saunders rather than Moxey. Perhaps the E & S can confirm this in a future blog.

chris h

Albrightondek, Of course Moxey will have been involved in the decision making. It was a financial decision .Hibs would have offered a better deal with no recall clause. Just the same with why Peszko is no longer in the squad.Why Guedioura and Vokes were sold.Why Zubar went only days after Deano said he rated the player.


It has been reported on here that there is no call back clause regarding his loan.

Doctor Tubbs

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam , beautiful Spam......

As Jonny Rotten once said 'ever get the feeling you've been cheated?'


Maybe the fans took the word "damage" quite literally when they decided to start smashing up pubs before and after games as late....

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

You mean the same way as your lot trashed all the toilets etc in the South Bank NOT SO LONG AGO!!!!!!!!!!

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones!!!!!


Pot, Kettle and black spring's to mind here Jeffery!!!!!!!!!

Bristol Boy

You couldn't let us have some more tickets lads?

Sold out the 1,634 you let us have?


no problem, you can have my season ticket for the rest of the year :D

geordie wolf

Sorry but all the tractor bays in the car park are taken..

Mostly by the muck spreaders that the Wolves management are driving!!


bristol boy sounds like your bringing the whole of your ave gate with you and you want more who else you bringing there's no one left

My Friend Stan

1994 Bristol City 1 Wolves 5

1998 Bristol City 1 Wolves 6

Those were the days my friend I thought would never end...........

And how about feb 12th 2012

Ticket Master

Don't worry mate there will be 28,000 available on the night. Bring bus loads of your pals 'cos there'll be no locals there at all.

burntwood boy

We will GIVE you 10,000 tickets FREE IF you ask your players to let us WIN.


Have I missed something amongst the posts here? Two small issues, Bristol is a City twice the size of Wolverhampton,so the tractor jokes are a bit lost on me and has it been moved to an evening kick-off as I was planning to turn up on Saturday afternoon?


There be about 10000 in our section empty if you dont beat us you must be bad this is worst wolves team i seen in 47 years


I'm sure we can come to an agreement, how about another 30,066 (give or take a seat or two) ?


We all know what is needed and its goals try taking a pop for goal outside the box when oppurtunity arises. You never know take the goalkeepers by surprise. It is not coming out and saying I want to cause Bristol City damage, what you want and what you get are two different things. Don't you think that saying that it is more for Bristol City players to come here and have a go.

Ye Olde South Bank

Talk about stating the bleedin' obvious! Of course we need to do Bristol some 'damage'. Hell, isn't that the single objective of every game?

However, I'm not taking a pop at Dean Saunders, here. No, I merely wonder why this paper's journalists consistently manufacture headlines that, on the surface at least, appear designed to cause yet more outbursts from disgruntled fans -especially those that question Dean Saunders' IQ, let alone his ability as boss. A simple, yet highly original 'Wolves Lick Their Wounds Ready For Bristol Clash' headline would've sufficed, surely?

Go on, moderator: be a sport and post it. It's merely my viewpoint, after all.


Clutching at straws. If you set up with players who dont have forward moving creative abilities in key positions, you cannot expect the strikers to make the most of the game. Many have said it before !!

10,000 Wolfmen can`t be wrong.


G/ Ikeme,

B/l Doherty, Baarth or Johnson, Gorks, Robinson,

M/f Davis or Peszko, Doyle or O`Hara

F/l Siggadarson, SEB or Cassidy, Sako, Ward.

Experienced with newer ones ?? Must be worth a try !!

This month could tell a lasting tale. `Beware the S-Ides of March`.


old wulf

it does not matter what team he puts out, they are all part of this lousy squad that Saunders inherited. The change i think they should make is Ikeme, he is very dodgy on shots from outside the box and easily beaten along the ground. Brian Clough always said, "if you have the best goalkeeper it is half the battle". I know there is light years difference between Clough and the Wolves management, could you see him tolerating someone like Moxey!


We could have won or drew, but we lost.....well thats all 3 possible outcomes of a football match covered.......people are getting paid to say and write this drivel!


Why don't you keep your mouth shut Saunders until after the Bristol game, they could do us damage, then who would have egg on on his face!!!


Lol!!! Damage!!!! Shut up dean!

Saunders Foot

Damage, it would be nice to damage somebody else for a change instead of the loyal supporters eyes, brains and wallets. Anybody see Billy Davies on BBC late Kick - Off ? I was staggered by his full on commitment and work ethic, he even had a video room at home in Glasgow, so he could check on different stages of play, on Sunday, his only day off. Why do we have to keep delving into the unknown , my Jack Russell wants to choose the next manager.


Seriously man, just shut up.....just SHUT UP!!


Such fighting talk.. Its hard to believe a guy who has hardly won a couple of matches in his whole career as a championship manager. A rough check tells me he has lost 25 matches over 2 seasons with 2 teams both at the bottom of the championship.. Do we Wolves fans not deserve better.. This club is rotten to the core from top to bottom everyone is doing a bad job, it will only turn around when Morgan pulls his finer out and does something positive for a change.

Mark B

Start 4-4-2 stay 4-4-2.

??We did not take our chances !! doing that all season althougth we are creating a few more.

As for damage a 1-0 on Sat would be good however we get it.

Morgan's Conscience

If I was Morgan or Moxey I would get my calculator out and ask each other the following questions.

1) How many additional millions will Wolves lose in the next 12 months if they get relegated?

2) At today's state with nine games to go what realistic chances are there of avoiding relegation bearing in mind that other teams have games in hand and are on average picking up more points than Wolves per game over the last few games if no action is taken immediately?

3) Can we still save the situation?

4) QUESTION FROM WOLVES FANS. If we gambled 3,4 or 5 million TODAY on getting a PROVEN manager in and getting in three quality loan players, a tall striker, another defender and a midfielder and we survived this season in the Championship, would we be in a better financial situation come August than if we got relegated?

5) The answer to question 4) is a definate YES.

Damn it. In that case lets do it. It's a calculated gamble bloody well worth taking.

God help us

You're a genius. Unfortunately Morgan and Moxey aren't interested in Wolves staying up.

Willenhall Wolf

About time someone asked the right questions, however M&M haven't the brains to work that one out.

Mike Bailey

They aven't a clue and neither has Saunders


Morgan's Conscience you should be the new CEO. Morgan and Poxey are too slow to think that far ahead.

Telford Lad

If Morgan hasn't got the cash for your brilliant suggestions then he could always mortgage a few of his houses.

Mad Mick

Well said. If they'd sacked me earlier and got someone decent in giving them some decent cash not for Poundland but Harrods then Morgan and Moxey could have been looking to the Euro League in the summer and be hovering well above the Baggies.


Bristol Boy

Theres about 10,000 empty seats in the home end each home game. Just enter at your own risk




Solbakken first 11 league games = 19 points

Saunders first 11 league games = 8 points


And Solbakken got the sack for this clown.

burntwood boy

So we do "Self Destruct" keep Deano, after al he was recommended by a pal--- Some Pal.


Please God no.

Get the viking back

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Yes the recommendation probably came from Henry and his pals...........................knowing they wouldn't be shaken out of their slumbers. All those that wanted Solbakken sacked hang your heads in shame.


Solbakkens last 4 games – Lost all 4

Saunders Last 4 games – Won 1, Drawn 1, Lost 2


Solbakkens last 7 games, Lost 5, won 2

Saunders Last 7 games: Won 1, drawn 3, Lost 3

Statistics can be skewed to prove any point you want to prove


Beano Beano Beano

Taxi For Moxey

A SOD inspired team has already beaten us once this season but I'm sure our tactical genuis Dean "David Brent" Saunders will suss them out .... NOT!!!


Please shut up Deano, you are mentally damaging us all with your constant drivel. Most of our current team could not damage a team made up of Sir Jacks mates.


I agree with Deano, when we equalised we were bossing game and looked like the team that would push on and win it. Thought Edwards played well. Ward should have backed himself to get to ball first for red card. God know's what he was thinking of. Pity he'd played well 'till then. Great save from Ikeme at free kick. Hope they don't freeze Saturday. UTW

colehill wolf

Does he not think he has done enough damage already how much more does he want to do for gods sake lets just hope they play like they did at aston gate under stale when siggy ripped the right side to bits and Doyle scored two !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder I am shaking doyle scored two WHERS ME TABLETS nurse!!!!!

Ted Farmer

The Future...

September 2013

Wolves v Crawley Town

Wolves Team (4-4-2)


Doherty Batth Johnson Ward

Edwards Henry (c) Davies Forde

Griffiths Cassidy

Attendance 11,232

Result: Wolves 1 Crawley 1


Johnson will leave and Griffiths won't come back- otherwise plausible


I'd prefer



Zeli /Davies / ? New signing/ forde

Cassidy & Liam McAlinden

In fact I'd play that team this weekend !


We need a new manager now!


"....go into the Bristol City game thinking we can do them some damage.” We will play damage football next saturday, what a wonderful register of football philosophy you can offer us Deano, you have brought us back to the stone age! Please resign!


Saunders, read O'Driscoll's programme notes for Saturday - you might learn something!


Yeah, yeah Dean, anything you say mate. Too good to go down, have the players to keep us up. Six points here we come.

I believe every word you say.


A red card for Karl Henry would be helpful. Is Deano afraid to drop him? Deano is also softening his stance on Leigh Griffiths to, 'I've only seen him play once'. (i.e. I can't therefore be blamed for not having our most prolific goalscorer actually playing for us). The SPL must at least be equivalent to the lower reaches of the Championship, a goal scorer is a goal scorer. No good Deano saying we'll have Griffiths next season, that may be too late, mate...


Too much talk Deano, so reminds me of Delia's war cry some years ago ........ "come on, lets be havin ya".

Did'nt Norwich get relegated that that year!!!


Another cringeworthy statement from Saunders. Are you David Brent in disguise?!?!


This man Saunders should win a trophy for the rubbish he comes out with. He targeted 9 points in 8 days and we got 1. He needs to do his talk and 'damage on the pitch'.

If people are still moaning about Saunders, Moxey and Morgan, then why did only 50 supporters attend the protest??????

swansea wolf


Sir Lupi

The second half on Saturday was a total disaster.

Switching formations every half or after 20 minutes clearly proves Saunders has no clear system or gameplan, its so disruptive to a team continuously switching, chopping and changing the formation and players positions.

Doing all this lasp gasp unprofessional tactical nonsence on a matchday, when he has had all week to work things out, just proves how un organised, unsure, desperate and clueless he is.

Seriously Morgan, get Solbakken back, he knew the problems and he knew what he wanted to do, you have taken the club back even further since firing Stale.


Sir Lupi

I don't know why he does that either. Perhaps someone might like to explain it to me as me being a dumb blonde LOL. No wonder the lads are confused as to what they are supposed to do.

John De Wolf

Get Nigel Adkins in now.

Yes we will be slaughtered for sacking Saunders so soon but our reputation is already shot to pieces thanks to Morgan and Moxey.

Just get a manager in now who can manage and assemble a winning team.


Sir Billy Quiet

I used to enjoy debating with other fans the merits of Mick McCarthy and his team selections etc etc on this site over the years but the hate filled rubbish being posted by some so called supporters has turned this site into a complete waste of internet space.

Why do you bother writing the same rubbish week after week? if you hate the Wolves so much please just go away until such a time that you feel you can support the club again. (yes, yes everyone is entitled to their opinion)

Dean Saunders is a young manager picking up the pieces after 18 months of mis-management any right thinking Wolves fan would give the man a chance and pray that we are in this division next season. HE IS OUR ONLY OPTION NOW.

Saturday is a massive game for Wolverhampton Wanderers (probably the most important in the last 3 seasons) if you are not prepared to get behind the team and club now when will you?

Big Phil

Billy- if you don't like it on here,get lost.

Ye Olde South Bank

Only three season's, SBQ? I reckon it's potentially our biggest game in 20-odd years, my friend, because the consequences of failing to survive this season could set this club back for decades to come.

Yes, love him or loathe him, Dean Saunders is our ONLY hope because as I've already said, he's going nowhere.

I just pray that everyone inside Molineux sticks with the team for the full 90 mins, come what may. The recriminations, if needed (perish the thought!) should wait till the final whistle. Me? I'm expecting a home win, mate. No, scratch that: I'm demanding a home win. Anything else is simply not on my agenda.


You are right, Sir Billy, we have to get behind Saunders at least until our fate is decided. We have no option. To do otherwise would be counter-productive. However, I disagree with your belief that there are many on here who hate Wolves. I suggest that they hate what is being done, or not done, to the club and the name Wolves: they see a famous name being tarnished by the bunglings of those entrusted to care for it. Saturday's game is, as you rightly say, massive - I reckon we will all be rooting for Wolves wherever we sit on the spectrum of opinion.


Sir Billy Why do you bother writing the same rubbish week after week?

do you really go to Wolves games?

Old Man in Old Gold

Well said Sir Billy, it's hard to believe that some of the posters are Wolves fans and the continual berating of the side certainly doesn't help the team or the general mood of the long suffering fans.


Sir Billy.Why should Wolves fans have to pray to be in this division next season? Your premier division when it comes to spouting rubbish.


Oi !

If you can't stand the heat....

get out of the kitchen.

Back the wrong horse

Because something is broken Like the Docherty, Chapman, Bhatti Bros days we're on the slide. Turning up and cheering is all well and good, but without stopping the rot what does it achieve? The club will still exist in 5, 10, 30 seasons' time as ever. The current occupants (Saunders, Moxey, Morgan and the ragbag of journeymen players) are temporary and will be gone before long in the way that Kenny Hibbett, John Richards, Dave Wagstaffe, Steve Bull etc have all gone. That's the nature of the game, and the passage of time. So stick your head in the sand if you like, but don't dismiss everyone else. One look at the comments every single day will show how passionate we are, how aggrieved we are, how keen we are to get things changed for the better. And "really getting behind the boys" on Saturday might be a fix for (hopefully) a few games, but the future is a long time....

Give the Man a Chance

We have given him a chance. Eleven chances, in fact. And only once did he bring us a result. That was against Millwall, who are possibly the only Championship side in worse form than us. Stop the rot. Fix the leak, our ship is sinking [sadly I still feel we'll be relegated after the Hull game, there's a sinking ship pun in there somewhere]

Old Golds Worth More

I've not always agreed with you in the past, but in this instance you are absolutely right. Getting onto DS's back all the time isn't going to achieve anything, in fact it will only make things far worse. What is needed now is fanatical support from the terraces, give the man and his team a lift for a change. The time for recriminations is after the season ends!


Sir Billy Why do you bother writing the same rubbish week after week?do you go to wolves games?.


Sir Billy we really know you are Morgan incognito.


Anyone recall, all those many years ago, when cricketer Tony Greig said he was going to make the West Indies 'grovel'? Anyone who does recall this knows what happened next.

So, instead of us doing damage to Bristol City (making them grovel), it is our team who could end up begging for scraps. After all, there's nothing like insulting the other team and getting their backs up.

Watch out for all those bouncers, guys!

Billy Kellock legendi

Dean I think you have done enough damage. Its about time you went.

stevieG Droitwich Wolf

We could of drew ?

Yes if we scored 2 more goals !

But we lost

We could of even won ?

Yes if we scored 3 more goals !

But we lost

We will do some damage to Bristol City ?

What are u going to do ? Kick their coach ?

But guess what well probably lose but may come close to drawing or even winning in Deano's eyes !


Dean Saunders should not be managing a Club of the history, calibre and potential of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The Guy who recommended him to Steve Morgan, as the right Man for Wolverhampton Wanderers, is the Chairman of Wrexham

The sum total of our efforts in the January window, and subsequent Loan Market, to combat the very real threat of financially catastrophic relegation, has been 2 temporary loans

Whether we win on Saturday or not, Whether we stay up or not..... Morgan and Moxeys approach to our crisis, remains contemptable


You are quite right!

This guy should never have been considered for the job as wolves manager.

The Wrexham Chairman said Saunders was as keen as mustard, and liked to cut the grass on the training ground..........

Apparently being a keen gardener is good enough to get the wolves job now, who next, Alan Titchmarsh??????


Alan Titchmarsh?

Charlie Dimmock gets my vote. She'd get more wolf-whistles than boos, than I'm sure of!


I'm a gardener and I wouldn't take the Wolves job.


Take it from me,it was Jan Molby who recomended Saunders to Morgan.Yet another example of the Liverpool mafia poking their noses where its not wanted.

WW Fan for Life

This latest outburst only offers motivation to Bristol City and puts pressure on our lads.

I've said before on this site that Saunders was a good player but is out of his depth as manager, even so, he will not get the sack so we should get behind the team until we are safe then get rid.

Usually new managers make an instant impact, Billy Davies &Sean O'Driscoll, but he's made no impact because he says what he thinks we want to hear, ie we'll do Bristol damage, shut up and let the results do the talking, you're making us a laughing stock.



deano, you're giving me the needle, and the damage done... You've had a quarter of a season of games already, yet no idea of your team, crazily changing formations each game, and crucially, a solitary win in 11, taking us from middle table anonymity, to relegation fodder 1pt off the bottom, with more games played. Yet apparantly wr are "improving" by the week! As for 6 pointers, have we ever wom one? Let us pray....

Moxey's Agent

Smack down starts on Saturday folks, come in early and I'll buy you a pie and a pint for free.

We just need to give Dean the time he needs to mould the team into his way of playing and get my man Jez to bring in the re-inforecments.

Don't forget to get your early bird, you're the one's who will get the worm.


Damage! What’s the odds of at least one Wolves red card on Saturday?

Moxey needs a Red Card.

Dean must be being led to make such comments. It shouldn’t be allowed.


He needs to go and now. He is clueless and there has been no improvement at all! We will go down with this clown in charge.


Blame them all:

Morgan - Construction Knowledge ,yes - Football Knowledge, none.

Moxey - Good Accountant - Couldn't care less about W.W.F.C.

Saunders - Way out of his depth.


Keep Morgan, needs advice and help to spend his money.

Get rid of Moxey , Saunders, and all the old stock of 'players'.

Build with a mix of young and still enthusiastic experienced players.

We are at the moment rotten to the core. It can be rectified but major changes need to take place. No more false promises and empty words.

Mr Morgan be a man, sort this appalling mess out asap .




I think no matter what he says he gets it in the mush!

Anyway, if we win on saturday i still can't get excited by it as, like us all, been thumped into the ground by this demise. On paper we are a team to be respected but in reality we are a ramshackle, clueless bunch of has-beens.

Who will we be left with IF we do not go down? That's the question.

Doyle will be gone. Not too worried over that.

O'Hara possibly, don't blame him.

Ward, got to be!

Henry, got to be!

Hunt, got to be!

Berra, already gone!

Sako......rumours already spreading!

Doumbia? Na.

Stearman, hope Mcarthy signs him.

Elokobi, got to go.

Edwards, got to go, is not a contributer and lacks skill like most of em.

We need Director of Football.

A couple of decent attacking midfielders, decent attacking left and right backs, Tough centre back and a seasoned striker.

Give the young guns a decent run now also do not forget Griffiths!

That boys scoring for fun.

If we are relegated then shudder to think what will happen to this club. Completely let down by gross incmpetence. What is the use of being in the financial position we are in when it will be all lost on relegation?

Even the pundits are now questioning why he built the Stan Cullis stand while the team needed funding!

Morgan can praise Moxey all he likes but the fact of the matter is that that man has clearly refused to accept the the norm of what was required to keep us up and that is player investment. Who was signed before were mostly mediocre and bad signings, (latest ones excluded) but more needed doing.

A director of football would not let this dispicable situation emerge again and would surely put in place a rolling transfer policy and scouting system which would look at NOT this country as they have fallen back into doing but Europe. What has happened to the potential signings Stale was looking at?

Does DS not favour them?

Like other fans i have supported this club for nearly 40 years and am weary of the spin and incompetence that is shown weekly from this team of extremely overpaid losers!

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Damn we're good at this talk !! Pity we can't play football as convincingly !!!


Remind me again....why is Griffiths playing for Hibs and not us ?

Did you see his Free Kick that was disallowed...we havent got anybody that has the confidence to hit the ball from that far out.

I still dont get it.


cus hes rubbish. made to be better than he is by playing in a sunday league team.

why do people think griffiths is any good . hes playin in the worst league in the world.


Fair enough. I haven't see much of him so dont know how good he is. Now I understand...so might as well sell him whilst Hibs think he is brilliant.

Sakos left peg

Except for Sako you plonker.


Possibly....not sure he technically strikes the ball in the same way to put the same movement on it. But I take the point and many thanks for your considered response.

Ben the disgruntled Dingle

Have some pride Dean; just go.

Morgan again.. AGAIN went for the cheap option in December despite everything that has happened to our great club in the last twelve months.

The result? We are now about to be relegated into division three. Something that will set the club back ten years at least and will permanently relieve Wolves of a good 5,000 supporters.

This is a disaster, a complete and utter disgusting, incompetent and almighty disaster. Mccarthy should have raised hell and squealed like a pig when Morgan and Moxey wouldn't back him in the Premier League instead of being so professional about the situation.

Absolute disgrace.


where is paul john ringo and george when you need HELP


I'm just starting to laugh at everything the bloke says now. That's what generally happens with the village idiot.......


Will be interesting to see the outcome of this one.

All centres around the Sean O'Driscoll Team Talk.

He did not take the Barnsley Job because there was a chance he may get the Wolves Job.

A risk admittedlly but he is a Wolves fan.

Will he arouse Bristol City for being miffed himself, or demotivate them because he is a Wloves Fan?

mmmm let me think????

Bristol City 1-0.

Someone else can have my seat, I'm going to a Book Fair, to spend the money i would have spent on the Early Bird.

No longer UTW

Moron Taxi


Where's the book fair Barnes?


St Andrews Church Sedgley, its really good.

Coffee and biscuits £50p

i wished id known abouit it sooner in the season, save me wasting time watching some of the drivel served up at the Molyneux

Taxi Moron

bemused wolf

are those new contract offers still on for Ebanks Blake and Edwards after their missed chances on Saturday Deano ? Well done for eventually finding out the Doherty is our best option at right back and has been for the last eighteen months. Any chance you might realise that Danny Batth is a better option that Johnson or that Gorkss is a better leader than Henry or that Davis is now a better player than Henry ? You might work this all out for yourself by the time we're relegated !

Stafford wolf1970

Oh shut up you moaning lot. Stop having a go at Saunders all the time. If it was o ' Driscoll or Adkins as manager we'd still struggle because the midfield is'nt good enough. As soon as Henry and o'Hara get replaced the better.

Realistic Wolf

At least Stale made sensible and knowledgeable comments. Should not have sacked him on the pretence it was the supporters. Real reason in my opinion was he wanted new players in and the transfer window had opened. That aside how can our new ace supremo lose so many games and yet still be in the job. Problem is the two Ms cannot concede that yet again their selection strategy appears to be more than somewhat flawed. Loan players in, are you joking, what is the point when the fiddler is happy to put them on the bench and selects the old tried and failed brigade. Ward, Edwards, Hunt etc etc. Give the youngsters a fair chance, Batth, Davis and the likes. Before anyone has a go at me, in my defence I am delirious and deluded and also have a screw loose. To prove it I have just renewed my early bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dean just shut up! We didn't have a shot on Saturday because you tinkered again and we can't play 451. Why put Siggy on the right again. Any decent manager would have some tactics that work, got in some more loanees by now, and any decent owner would have brought in a proper manager. Why haven't we had the bounce every other team has had? There is really no reason for us to lose 10 games if you find a team and stick to a plan instead of panicking after 20 minutes. How are the players supposed to know what to do when you keep meddling.

I've just heard Owen Coyle talking about his time at Bolton and saying their chairman had spent at least £100 million, so Morgan what have you actually spent? Did you and your Bob the Builder Board think that £30 million would see us established in the premier league and you would not have to put your hand in your pocket again from time to time?

What answers have we really had from Morgan and Moxey and what has happened since the parliament to shore up the team?

Oh, and what is the truth about Peszko? Has he fallen into the Molyneux triangel? And if we don't want to sell Griffiths then what do we want to do with him? What is coming out of this club you really couldn't make it up.



Ron Burgundy

The only way we'll "damage" Bristol is if our team bus hits the gates on the way in!!!

chillo Wolf

We are at home so there wont be a team bus.

Sorry to have to point this one out Ron.

Waffle Wolf

I can just see O'Driscoll pinning a paper on the dressing room wall which reads "Saunders pledges to do us (Bristol City) some damage". That's his motivational team talk done for him!

Not the wisest choice of words Deano. Please engage brain before speaking in future.


Delusional!!! O'Driscol and Bristol City have a far superior win ratio since his take over.On form it's the bottom of the league v one of the top. Out of his depth, out of ideas and soon to be out of the championship! I will watch the boy's in league one, but i wish it was with Nigle Adkins in charge!!

wolves benalmadena

I hope we do not lose again on Sat because of the tactics and formation from Saunders, Forest have only used 14 players whilst on their unbeaten run, he has Managed 11 League games and still does not know his best team, chopping and changing every game.

I know he has to see all the players, but he is at training presumably 5 days per week with them and surely after the first 5-6 games he should know his best team and formation, we are running out of games for him to get it right and to say we keep missing our chances is rubbish, we never have more than 2-3 shots on goal, whereas most other teams have 7-8, so it is a miracle we have scored what we have done with the paltry amount of chances we create.

We are desperate as all the fans seem to know for a creative midfielder and some one to take a few of the 7-8 chances we should be creating.

St. Louis Wolf

Anything other than three points on Saturday and I think we can say goodbye to another manager. Alan Curbishley or Nigel Adkins would be suitable replacements; I’d even take Steve McLaren at this point!

Also with two Business men in charge (M&M) we need someone who understands football. Ray Wilkins as Director of football would be a good choice


Current form... It says it all, have a look http://stats.football365.co.uk/dom/ENG/D1/oform.html The only team we have beat in months is in a worse run than us lol..

Ted the Wolf



Is Saunders really a better manager than Solbakken was.? I have my reservations.Hate being a Wolves fan at the moment.


It has to be said that Saunders doesn't appear to have the qualities required to ensure survival this season, but over the last 18 months the same can be applied to 2 other managers plus the comedian Connor. The common threads, in personnel terms, in this slide towards calamity are: -













Until recently Stearman

Ebanks Blake

We can't keep heaping blame on one manager after another as there is clearly something very rotton at the heart of this football club and until the fundamental underlying issues, whatever they may be, are addressed the downward spiral will continue, possibly even culminating in a Bhatti or Portsmouth type scenario.


What's happened to these "2 or 3 loan signings" that Saunders felt he needed? It's not the fact that we're dropping out of this league that sticks in the throat, it's the constant lies/rubbish we're fobbed off with. Prove me wrong Saunders/Morgan.


I totally agree with this post.


I`m getting tired of all this verbal abuse from so called supporters.

Yes it looks bad at the mo, but Saunders is here to stay( for now) so i think its time, people, to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and basically latch on to the affirmative. And thats what gets results.

Western Isles Scot Wolf

I agree Crunge; but your philosophy unfortunately does not score winning goals and gain points. The Wolves team can 'latch on to the affirmative' as much as it wants, but it's when the ball ends up behind the opposing goal line that counts. Unfortunately, we lack the skill and leadership to do this.

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Yeah.....................of course......................just like Solbakken.........................he was here for the long run.......................Doh !!

Green Wolf

If your happy and you know it clap your hands, If your happy and you know it clap your hands, If your happy and you know it and you really want show it clap your hands.

quality counts

How many Mondays do I have to read Deano's rubbish. I like the upbeat "we can win this one" spirit but he must be watching a different game on Saturdays. The bad news is that after Morgans and Moxeys lack of understanding what it takes to have stayed in the Premiership we deserve to be in Division 1, afterall the two main players in running the team should go back to basics of how to run a football team and then progress. Alternatively, Moxey should be fired and Morgan find some middle eastern buyers and get back to his Bob The Builder job.


ds next game pick your formation 4-4-2 & STICK TO IT!!

Pick the best team no favs or players who dont give a toss (we all know who they are & so should you by now) NO POINT HAVING A GOOD LEFT BACK & RESTING/DROPPING HIM HE IS HERE TO HELP US. If yo lose just apologise & go.

I can see youg Danny Batth not wanting to stay with you in charge - whatever did he do wrong?


I think he means Damage Limitation rather than all out damage

Oh please


By damage I think he means getting a late consolation goal to make it 1-2, that'll show 'em!!

Jokin' aside, I have to agree with those on here who say this comment could backfire.


I'd like to see Davis start in place of Henry on Saturday and I'd also like to see Peszko in the squad in place of Hunt. For some reason though, I can't see either of those things happening. How DS can justify picking Henry at the moment I'll never know - Davis breaks up the play better than him and at least Davis has got a forward pass in his locker! As for Hunt being involved over Peszko, that's another mystery to me; with the exception of the odd game here and there, Hunt has been very dissapointing since he arrived from Hull. Whereas Peszko has looked like a clever player with better technical ability than most other players in our squad.


100% agree. How on earth can Saunders put Peszko out of the team??? He is one of our best players, no doubt about that. Bring back Solbakken!!!


Saunders needs to say less and do more. I'm not sure what he's asking the team to do? I just know it's not working. Like many others, I experienced the dark days when we slid to Div 4 and had half the ground closed. This time around we have a great ground but that's the only thing that's different. I'm dreading the outcome but still try to believe we can stay in the Championship. Keep the faith. UTW


I keep coming here hoping to read that Saunders has been fired. I also come here hoping to see that wolves has won.

What a disappointing life I lead.

Lockerbie Wolf

Sitting here on a remote Scottish hillside but connected by computer to the woes of Wolves, I cannot but think of two things. Brian Clough said "Keep a clean sheet and score one up the other end...that's all you need to do!"...He worked it against the fabled Liverpool side and won two European Cups and went 42 games unbeaten at that time. Tony Pulis has a "similar approach and Stoke will probably enjoy Premier League football for the forseeable future. Second, I am amazed at the people who say we can do a "Swansea"..who went to the bottom and almost out but rose to play Premier League again...I would like to remind those people we have ALREADY done a "SWANSEA"!!!..have you forgotten almost going out of existence..being saved by the council, dropping down to the fourth tier...and then acquiring Steve Bull (thank you Baggies!!) and Andy Much and the long grind to the Premiership!! Wolves should be where Swansea are NOW!! Please do not let us have another 10-12 years grind to get back to where Wolves belong!!


Like many on this site, I sometimes cringe at the comments attributed to Dean Saunders. He really does need some training on speaking to reporters, ( as do his players). Surely it would have been better to say " We are very aware that Bristol City is one of the top ten form sides over the last six games. They have had a long hard season but it looks as though the tide is turning for them and we will need to be at the top of our game on Saturday. It will be tense but we must be calm, resolute ,well-organised and take our chances when they come."


Time to stop the chat, man up and grow a pair boys! Last chance saloon me thinks this Saturday!


Haven't you caused enough damage, Saunders?


does anyone remember approx 1 week into his job (saunders) stating he knew " exactly how to get out of this division" i only recently recalled this comment in light of all the other rubbish being spoken +

secondly are there training sessions open to the public it would be interesting to see just how hard they are working to improve there game ?


Why does he not keep his mouth shut & just get on with the job in hand!

Mr Fact

Saunders V O'Driscoll since they took over new jobs

Wolves Saunders P 11 W 1 D 5 L 5 F 11 A 15 Pts 8

Bristol O'Driscoll P 11 W 5 D 2 L 4 F 15 A 9 Pts 17

Nine points would have put us eleventh, did we get the RIGHT man???


NO!. A hundred times NO.


Damage??!! Hasn't enough already been done by Morgan, Moxey and Saunders?

Wednesbury wolves

McDermott in now, if a certain Nigel Adkins can't come!!!!

The Unhappy Wanderer

I accept that some of Saunders' comments are deeply worrying (e.g. "we've got seven right wingers"), but I really fail to see why this particular interview has triggered some of the vitriolic responses above.

Point 1. He's the Manager. He is required to give interviews. Imagine the reaction if he refused.

Point 2. Doing Bristol City some damage. He obviously doesn't mean physical damage, as some people want to believe. The fact is if we win, not only have we got three points, but it also means that they've got none, thus making their situation worse.

Point 3. Talking up our chances of winning. He can see that the players' confidence is on the floor, and wants to improve it. Again, does anyone expect him to say "these players are useless and we'll probably lose"?

I'm not saying I'm full of confidence; quite the opposite; but for goodness sake let's give the guy a break. I really get the impression that a lot of posters on here want us to go down and will put a negative slant on anything.


eleven games plus in charge

wat"s the starting line up

how many of our 50 stronge squad have we used and still cant find the winning team

plus loan signings

brian mcdearmot is up for grabs oh that will be four managers

here we go its a bit like mike read and run around



You use the term 'Damage' Deano.It is the Wolves team that is damaged goods.Would you drive a car that had many of its parts that were damaged?I don't think so.

Sawdust For Brains Saunders

Does DS actually have a brain to engage before he keeps spurting this drivel ?

Surely one of the archaic dying breed from years gone by as in an empty headed footballer of whom should never have gone into management with far too much vacant space between the ears .

He hasn't a blooming clue still what our best 11 is or can't comprehend that 442 is the only formation that the mix of mad Micks dross and Stales better buys can get to grips with and win a few games.

He reminds me of the old liberal wishy washy MP Paddy Ashdown a neither here nor there drip with less of a clue than clipboard ( that really does take some doing )

Between the pair of M's and DS we have been made the biggest laughing stock in the midlands if not the country .

Thanks for nothing guys , you won't see a penny of mine in tickets or merchandise till you sort this mess out !!!!


Everyone renewed their STs then >? The table doesnt lie and we have been absolute rubbish all season. Damage? I think Deano's knocked his head.


Damage? I think you've already got that Deano!

I truly think Morgan must stay but he seriously needs to reconsider his backroom team, particularly Moxey and Deano. They're like a really bad music hall act ... and we ain't laughing no more!

South West Gold

Maybe Saunders meant to say 'we need to take some points off Bristol City' but he couldn't articulate it properly?

It's a big game for Bristol City as well and it will be about which team can hold their collective nerve. I think we will win or, at worst, draw.

Tamworth Wolf


You are obviously a new supporter, the club is going nowhere. I am happy to accentuate the positive, tell me please where it is!


Do you mean Crunge????

Jonny D

BM, manager on the loose

swansea wolf

only one for the wwfc to revive usbrian macdermot ,sacked at reading, did'nt we try to get him before, show some sense get the experiance guy in asap, before it gets worse.

Windsor Wolf

Couple of questions.

1. On the basis that Morgan promised Jack Hayward that he would invest £30 million as part of taking over the club for £10 if he walked away tomorrow as he has threatened, how much money would he lose?

2. Directors were appointed on the basis that they did not receive remuneration. Is this still the case?

Food for thought?

chris h


Point1 He will be looking for a big fat profit.Even worse he might sell off Wolves 1986 Ltd,ie the football business,but keep control of Wolves Property Ltd ie the stadium and training ground.That might put us in a Coventry type situation,who get screwed with a massive rent bill.

Point 2 You are right many years ago the Football League rules did not allow for paid Directors.But that has since been changed.According to the accounts Wolves have only one paid director.And we all know who that is ,don't we.


Sorry lads I think I can hear the fat lady singing, even the baggies supporter I know now feal sorry for me so that about it.


They are all constipated - full of it. Give 'em prune juice. Saunders is obviously drinking it.


really getting tired of the whole mess.saunder sneeds to man up,ship henry and hunt out of the squad, get griffths back,put hammill,peszco and davies back in the squad,start either hammill or peszko.


Well i put my money where my mouth was and signed up again - another £690 - whilst the wife was asleep

I have no confidence in the Team -The Manager -The Directors

But I Never Ever Signed up to support them

I signed up over 40 year ago to support the Club - and Always i will support this Club and you lot (my fellow supporters) however barmy you may be ....... Its a Life sentence in more ways than one

chris h

All you are doing is endorsing failure.Saying to the people who got us into this mess',that's OK just carry on doing the same'.Virtually everyone who takes control of professional football club,have to spend millions of pounds to the previous owner.In our case Steve Morgan got the club for nothing,he inherited a manager with the ability of getting the club to the Premier and earning over £100m in SKY money.And just look at what he has made of all this since.This decline was inevitable when he put his trust in Jez Moxey to look after football matters. One of the greatest examples of poor executive management in the history of English football.I have been going for 50 years,I even stayed loyal under the Bhatti era, but this time I don't think they deserve our unquestioning patronage.I will wait and see what happens in the summer.Too many words not enough action.

Hard Wolf

We have to give Saunders a chance, he has inherited a deflated squad that almost every player was brought by mick McCarthy and change takes time even slow only managed to bring in a few players sacko the best of those the rest have been sidelined through injury most of the time, getting these players to believe again is all he can do this season and lets face it there are few managers that would come to wolves with that sort of caliber that could turn it around, to change managers again now would sink us for sure anyway is that what you want, stop and think before you start moaning about calling for deans head. Yes good players have gone, yes the squad is being trimmed making it harder to pick from however it is required, shrink the squad then afford to choose some quality players if they will come. yes this is next season if we make it out of the darkness.

Silent reader

I have supported wolves since I was in diapers, I'm now 34 this has to be the worst I've known Wolves play. My knowledge admittedly only comes from the radio commentary (theGoalZonfitterree radio 80s). and the occasional televised match. So I've kept quiet for this reason.

But reading the comments on this site over the last few weeks I have not once seen anyone point out the fsct Saunders is only on a rolling 1 year contact. if wolves go down then hopefully the contract will be terminated. I hope if we stay up he stays and given the backing to build a new team while getting rid of the out of contact dead wood.

From what I can see he's done a lot of good for wolves, yes he's won 1 in 11 games. but look at the defence we have now it's stronger, as well as tge teams overall fittness lwvels, the players from what i hear are looking fitter than there were under Stale..

The main problem is that the team is dejected but another good win on Saturday will raise the team spirits higher.

they go and lose Saturday and the fans will be downing the spirits instead.


1 said it right about how do we build on something when the foundations are crumbling.The structures are falling apart.Hopefully we will stay up but if we do there needs to be immediate reconstruction and get rid of all the rubbish.

Joe Wilson's Clog

I feel that it is unfair that some of the negativity has been directed at Dean Saunders.He inherited the problem.I also feel that Stale Solbakken got a raw deal at Molinuex.Things have to change at Moliniex but there have been forces preventing them.Solbakken made a big mistake in giving the deadwood another chance after watching the 38 videos of the previous reason.One can only speculate that 'player power' and interference from management did not help Stale's cause.TRying to get out of trouble with players who are simply not up to the task.One would hope that they may just hang on.The Championship or Division One next season,we have say that enough is enough and show the door to the deadwood.Failing that,put them out on loan .The rot must stop now.


The DAMAGE has already been done by this self interested Chair & CEO and their incompetent management.

McDermott or Adkins, c'mon Morgan if you are sincere about Wolves get one thing right, appoint a decent Manger with experience...or GO!!!!


I don't see how a 1990s boy band are going to help us against Bristol City.

Seriously, you can talk of damage all you like, the reality is that a dour 1-0 ground-out attritional win will do us just fine, because if we draw or lose this one, then we are going down and probably deserve to be doing so. I'll be there though, in the VIP bit enjoying a free lunch - be sure to wave at your old mucker PeteNuts!

chris h

I know there is not much interest these days and it is difficult to find enough corporate visitors.But I didn't realise things are so bad.Clearly they are scraping the barrel.


Sorry mate, I have no idea who you are so I can't return your snippy comment in the same spirit. All I know is, you don't know how to use a space bar properly and you're probably a bit jealous, other than that you're a blank page.

chris h

Pete, It was mean't to be a joke.Clearly, you like dishing it out,but not taking it. A bit jealous? Give it a rest . A decent restaurant in Paris or the smoke,maybe By the way I was the blank page that told everybody on here two years ago that it was a mistake to spend on a new stand instead of building a team.


I love taking it, it gives me a reason to dish it out some more, and always, always better. But if you have to explain that something was a joke, the joke probably hasn't worked...

Ah, Paris. Snails in garlic butter... Heaven. Unfortunately the last time I was there happened to be 7/7 and so I had to leave in a bit of a hurry.

Ye Olde South Bank

In the past, I've had a fair few free lunches thanks to corporate hospitality, PeteNuts. Nice grub for sure, mate, and it definitely made a nice change to see how the other half live. However, a fan can't escape his roots and I've always felt at home in the muck and nettles that is the South Bank (and it's just as well, really, because there's no more VIP freebies to be had, these days).

Enjoy your lunch, aer kid, but don't choke on your caviar if City score first -by jove, no! Toodle pip, you lucky boundah....


I'm jealous of you both! I'd have thought 17 years of travelling up from the South was worth at least one freebie.

Ye Olde South Bank

Just nothing pure luck in my case, Solent -it wasn't even my company's hospitality that I was enjoying. In fact, even though I had several more opportunities (on top of the half-dozen occasions I actually attended), I turned them down. It was much more fun mixing with the South Bank wags and having a pre-match jar or two with my family. A collar and tie jobbie on matchday just aint me, bud. However, the long-distance, loyal fans such as yourself do deserve at least one dose that VIP treatment, aer kid. Boy, you've earned it, Solent, and for that you get my utter respect. Top lad.


17 years of sharing a ground with the mug who made the next comment, deserves nothing short of a knighthood and state funding.


At least we won't have to read about how you want your money back after this rare appearance at the ground.


I've been enough times this season to know that the few times I have been this season, were enough. But still, here's a rousing tsunami of applause for you, for having been to watch a football team more times than me. Now, if only repeated attendance of football matches could somehow be converted into intelligence and originality of thought and wit...

Where will you be sitting? I'll be sure to raise a glass of free wine in your general direction as you enjoy your warm £4 halftime pint.

Very Important PeteNuts


Just to be clear, you are sometimes quite amusing, though never anywhere near as you think you are. Your arrogance in saying you don't know who chris h is, despite the fact that he is one of the most regular posters on here and your pathetic attempts to belittle others for the slightest typo, sums you up. Although there are plenty of unintelligent posts on here, none has your egocentricity. By the way I am very highly qualified and have a job of considerably greater importance than scribbling for a soft porn magazine.

Best wishes for your corporate day out, I will, as ever, be with the real fans.


Change the word "sometimes" to "always," "quite" to "very", lose the next half of the sentence because it won't make sense now, change "pathetic" to "laudable" (come on now! How can it be a bad thing to try to instill greater standards of literacy in one's peers?), and let the world know what your greatly important job is, and you have my co-signature on all of the above. I love you too. xxx

"I am very highly qualified"! I'm getting that on a T-shirt!


I think the only kind of damage the DS is going to cause is Brain Damage or is too late for that????

wolves boo-boy

I note Mr Morgan at the Liverpool game on Sunday.


If we lose on Saturday then let's all sing ....there's only one sean o'driscoll !!

Eye For An Eye

Why don't you keep your mouth shut Saunders? last week you targetted 5 wins from the next 5 matches and got hammered at Forest now you are going to stop Bristol City, It goes without saying Wolves are the home team and Bristol City like Wolves are not even worthy of being in this division, You are treating the Supporters of our once great club as if they don't have any sense. In fact I think you have already been brainwashed by Morgan & Moxley they too don't have any idea of how to run a football club, one things for sure I bet Sir Jack is pig sick about letting this club go to a property developer after all the hard work and money he put in. Time to go Dean and take the other two clowns with you!


Just a quick addition to this thread: could the E&S types make some kind of pact that if a story is going to make its way into the Transfer Rumours updates, they should actually be relevant to this club? One of today's stories is about a long-departed striker who failed to make the grade at the club, signing for a non-league side, and the other is about our former manager establishing a scouting network for his current club. Why are these stories of any interest to our club and in any way likely to affect its plight?


Won't someone please tell DS to stop coming out with these ridiculous comments and phrases !!

At the end of Saturday a scrappy pathetic win will do never mind 'Damage'...

I have a reasonable feeling about Saturday, we have only once this season lost two games in a row following a win...


That squad still has "McCarthy" written through it like a stick of rock. 5 years of rot has not been chopped out - the changes have been like putting plasters on a terminal wound. BrisC, Barnsley and Posh look at least as good as us. Disgusting.

Eye For An Eye

Trouble is Bazza, Fletcher, Javis, Keightly, all sold fo a lot of money and replaced by players who wouldn't get a game in League 2, If Mcarthy had still been in charge ok we still wouldn't be in the Premiership but a least we wouldn't be where we are now,Terry Connor, Stale Solbakken, Dean Saunders all appointed by Morgan, So don't blame Mcarthy. Bruce, Curbushley didn't share his vision for the club Neither do 20,000 plus fans. Just name the quality players they have bought since Mcarthy's sacking? Morgan Doesn't even know what a transfer window is, the only window he understands is the ones he puts into his Redrow Homes, he doesn't give a fig about Wolverhampton Wanderers.


I'm ashamed to be Welsh - this man is a muppet! If he keeps coming out with such twoddle he will have no credibility with anyone.

Its red nose week soon - and there are three clowns at Molineux that don't need to go out and buy one! Sorry that should be two clowns and a Jezter - that's an amateur clown!

Trouble is there are another 18,000 clowns without noses that are daft enough to keep the three clowns at the top there by going each week! There is only one way to force change - that's by staying away until they get the message. Then you will see change!!! Mark my words its the only way!

Never mind April 1st is around the corner - we're probably buying Gareth Bale and Harry Rednapp is coming to rescue us. Oh and they are building houses all over Molineux soon - that bits not a joke!

Chirk shrew

Saunders,there will be plenty of DAMAGE next season when the shrews put 5 past your awful defence,not to mention walsall