Goalscorer Matt Doherty keeps the faith for Wolves

Goalscorer Matt Doherty today insisted Wolves can stay up if fans and players 'keep the faith.'


Wolves were watched by an impressive travelling army of 2,267 at Saturday’s 3-1 defeat at Nottingham Forest, while despite the awful results, average home crowds are among the best in the Championship, at over 21,000.

The away supporters cheered the Republic of Ireland Under-21 international’s first goal for the club to equalise Henri Lansbury’s opener in the 65th minute.

The latter grabbed a second two minutes later then Lewis McGugan sealed an unflattering defeat for the visitors after Stephen Ward was sent off.

Defeat left Dean Saunders’ side still fourth bottom of the Championship and out of the drop zone on goal difference before a crunch Molineux collision with relegation rivals Bristol City on Saturday.

And 21-year-old Doherty believes the supporters can make a massive difference.

He said: "The fans have been great supporting us and the amount of people there for an away game was fabulous.

“If they can keep that going, I’m sure we’ll be fine and we’ll get out of it. We are giving everything we can.

“I think that showed on Saturday with us getting back in it and fighting into the last minutes to get something.”

Doherty summed up the disappointment in the visitors’ dressing room afterwards.

He said: "We were gutted to lose. We got back into the game and thought we could win it.

“Everyone in the dressing room thought we had give a good performance – which we did – but also win.”

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Comments for: "Goalscorer Matt Doherty keeps the faith for Wolves"

Solbakken DVD Club

C'mon Matt, keep your head down and get on with the football. We don't need anymore talking up our chances anymore. I just wish the other clots would follow the example of Doherty, Batth and Cassidy who should be the first names on the team sheet just for looking like they care.

Another point, our kids are beating some of the best youth teams in the country, why are they not getting a chance??

No less than 3 points on Saturday or we are doomed.

Ps Early Birds in the bin


So true! DS keeps talking about loan-signings that dont carry the 2,5 yrs of losing mentality with them, but we got an excellent couple of youth prospects. Batth won promotion and was named player of the year in a club that's still above us in the league (Sheff Wed), Davis and Forde giving everything and Cassidy looking real hungry. Still they never get played and DS moans about a starting 11 with a losing mentality.

And what ever happened to Zeli Ismael? I can see from the u21 matches that he's been making some bad choices, work with him and play him, if he is anywhere near as talented as first said.

The sacking of Staale was horrific, said we wanted a more european style, passing the ball etc, then turned on our heels and appointed another kick-and-run manager in DS. Stale drew against barcelona with his own FC Copenhagen team, just imagine a couple more Sako-like signings and maybe the utilization of O'haras passing. Oh what could have been. but still, league 1 is great...hrmpf!

The Magician

It could be worse, we could have been bought by the Venky family. Oh, sorry, that would have been better wouldn't it?

Here we go.....

Why would it?.......


Oh shove off magician

wolves mad fan

well when we get beat by Bristol city can we keep the faith then why don't we just face facts the wolves are done and are destined for another fall big thanks for our managerial team steve morgan jez moxey and dean saunders you can almost see it now the deadly trio shouting YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED

The Riddler

Really? There's 6 points separating us and Blackburn. I know who i'd rather have at the helm. Get a grip Magician or make yourself disappear.


I'm sorry, I'm delighted you got your first goal for the club, but I was at the game on Saturday and we did not "play well".

I've been giving Deano the benefit of the doubt since he arrived, he's had to stay positive and keep believeing. but if he is telling the players the performances are good, we are in real trouble.

On saturday, no-one wanted the ball. the ball was just going to Roger Johnson and Kaspars Gorkks at the back. no-one coming short from midfield to have the ball, so they had to resort to long ball hoofs up to our smallest striker in the squad, Ebanks-Blake, who was isolated up front for large periods.

we only really look like scoring from set-pieces. for the first 15 mins with 442, we looked dangerous, and the better side. but we seem to bottle it and go 451 and invite pressure,

O'Hara showed no fight; David Davis must start against Bristol City. We really lack leaders out there, with many of more experienced players appearing to hide.

I am an optimist and up until Saturday believed we could stay up...not I fear the worst.

burntwood boy

I do WISH these players would STOP talking to the press until something sensible can be created, let Deano do the talking, ha ha. We need the kids in the first team NOW PLEASE. M&M appear to be keeping their wallets shut SO no loan players coming, we are SELF DESTRUCTING. IF the kids were played they would get game time under their belts which will help us next season in Div 1, OR maybe the KIDS might WIN a couple of games and keep us up, Miracles do sometime happen..

whitmore wolf

unfortunately it's probably in their contract to talk to the press, and they have to be upbeat, if they were doom and gloom like the rest of us they would have us on their backs. worse still the manager would probably say they've got the wrong attitude and drop them.

Jon The Pope

Whens Griffths going to be given a chance?

Can't be any worse?

Realistic wolf (again)

Ok - here is the list - suspended for gesturing at his own supporters (twice). Charged with allegedly racist and inflamatory language on Twitter. Responded to Saunders saying he wanted players to eat properly by tweeting pics of himself with a burger and saying I will eat what I like...........there could be more to add but you get where I am going with this. Think it is safer for everyone (especially in Wolverhampton) if he stays where he is


Who cares what hes done. Hes a terrific goal scorer who is proving again and again that be can do it in the top league in scotland, which is as good a level for sure of where we are, most likely better!

All players have baggage, when we signed seb he was up in court for hitting a bloke (albeit with his missus handbag) and look what he did for us.

Griffiths should of been given a chance in the 1st team, end of.

Wednesbury wolves

So it's ok for kelvin Henry to have no mot tax and insurance is it realistic wolf, get real mate, we needed griffiths goals, but it was quite obvious to the clowns who run our club, that he was more useful at hibs!!!THIS IS 1 REASON WHY WE ARE CLOSE TO BEING RELEGATED. FACT!!!!!!!! (Lack of goals)


Once and for all,Griffiths is on SEASON LONG LOAN WITH NO RECALL.


Forrest away, or home for that matter was always going to be a tall order with our form the way it is, but I feel the next two games are vital. Our home form is the reason why we are where we are but Bristol City's away form is even worse so there is a good chance there and then we have Middlesbro' who are currently in freefall down the table another great chance there, if we come away from those two games with six points which is very realistic I recon that will give us the platform to survive this awful season. If ever we needed some positive home support my god we need it now COME ON YOU WOLVES!!!


i hear the bhatti brothers are looking to buy a run down fc to build a supermarket on the site

stamford wolf

i agree with above about bringing kids in i also think its time for de vries to come in ikeme seems to get beat by long range shots even thou they have no power. not convinced about him.

London Wolf2

Well said 'Solbakken DVD Club', could not agree more. I would add to that why is Peszko not being considered?

molunew man

Looks like we need the rest of the kids in the first team

Esso Ian

Tired of saunders . He was going to bring back the attacking football . He has dumped pesko and plays E Banks on his own up front for starters, What chance do we stand . Last chance on sat win or bust !







To late to even try Griffiths there's no call back clause in the loan deal.


Jon The Pope, Griffiths is on a Season long loan at Hibs,


Sadly we're moving from 'Griffiths isn't good enough for us' into 'We're not good enough for Griffiths' if we go down.

McDermott is suddenly available, and I think Dean has kept the seat warm long enough. His tinkerman tactics mess up every game as we shift onto a back foot (which we don't seem to have). I'm sure McDermott would play the kids and get rid of MMs leftovers too.

paul davo

McDermott "REALY" i have just fallen off my chair, ware are Reading , What we need is a top name and for me it has to be one of our own, WHO! why big Sam of course, a WOLVES FAN who has done a great job at west ham, but the hammers fans don"t like him so i have been told, and he could be free to come to wolves at the end of the season, A manager not to be messed with is just what is needed to sort this mess out, IF we stay up make Saunders his number two and start to rebuild the club for the future not just two or three years , the club can then get rid of the old boys club , FIRST out MOXEY, it might take a while but the way things are we have to plan for club to grow next time we get to the Prem.


good idea mate. my brother went to school with big sam, and i know the football will not be dissimilar to what we are playing now, but he sure would get the best out of the bad bunch we've got!


Solbakken was sacked because, according to Morgan, results were not up to the required standard for a club of Wolverhampton Wanderers' stature. If that's the case then why hasn't Deano gone yet? His results are far worse than Solbakken's and the performances are shocking.


the trend at wolves now seems to be,if you rock the boat and not squeaky clean,you are out of the door or out of the team. hammil, griffths,adealen and johnson.the first 3 mentioned should now be wearing the wolves shirt on a regular basis,but for some reason the clubs policy is step out of line and your out of the door.well we sold our best right sided winger in knighly, so hammil should of been the ideal replacement,adealne is one of the best midfielders ive seen at wolves,he would win the ball ,take players on and a decent shot,much better than o hara and henry put together. but he too steps out of line and is shown the door. we all know about griffths mister meaners, but he is banging in the goals,might be the spl but goals are goals,and if im correct,something we are lacking. in rogers case he turned up for training drunk,and if i had to play with the likes of berra,hunt,henry,steerman and ward,id reguarly be pissed. he also gave the fans at wigan stick,im not saying he was right but if 3 people were giving you stick in the street,would you not retaliate. anyway look at roger now,our best centre half. so proof is in the pudding,so long as a player is doing it on the pitch,what he does of it shouldnt stop him playing for the club that pays his wages.


The problem with most Wolves 'fans' is they want immediate success, immediate change in style of football, immediate everything but you can't. Managers/coaches need time, players need time and i'm afraid until the fans get off the backs of every single player and manager whoever is in charge we will not move forward. You wanted change from kick and rush so we appointed Solbakken but because his style was slow to take shape and he did'nt get the results fans jumped on his back and the board with a knee jerk reaction got rid then with another knee jerk reaction appointed Saunders and back to the kick and rush rubbish we were getting under McCarthy. YOU CAN'T WIN, EITHER BACK THE TEAM REGARDLESS WHO IS IN CHARGE OR DO THEM A FAVOUR AND NOT TURN UP TO GAMES!

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