Millwall 0 Wolves 2 - match report

Wolves claimed their first win in 14 games to move out of the Championship drop zone after a crucial victory at Millwall.

Dean Saunders also earned his first win in 10 games as boss after Sylvan Ebanks-Blake’s brilliant overhead kick and Dave Edwards’ early goal sealed the game.

It was their first win since a 2-1 victory at Blackpool in December and Wolves are now 21st after Peterborough and Barnsley both drew.

Saunders made four changes from the draw with Watford – dropping Bjorn Sigurdarson, Kevin Doyle, Jack Robinson and Stephen Hunt.

In came Jake Cassidy, Ebanks-Blake, Stephen Ward and Edwards as Wolves desperately sought the winning formula.

And they made a strong start as Bakary Sako’s second minute corner almost out-foxed David Forde before the Millwall keeper palmed it away in a scrappy opening.

But Wolves made light of the game’s disjointed nature with a well-worked opener after just nine minutes.

Ward delivered a dangerous cross from the left which found Ebanks-Blake on the far side of the box and striker directed it to Edwards who swept a classy volley into the far corner.

It breathed fresh life into Wolves and, with Millwall rattled, Edwards’ fierce drive was blocked on 14 minutes.

Matt Doherty then saw his effort cannon away as Wolves denied the hosts space and snapped and harried their hosts.

Millwall offered little attacking threat, although Doherty survived a strong handball appeal in the area after 20 minutes.

They pushed Millwall back and while both sides struggled to carve out serious chances Wolves were comfortable.

Sako was booked after hauling down Adam Smith eight minutes before the break as the Lions finally sparked into life.

Jimmy Abdou drive was deflected over and Shane Lowry’s header was comfortably saved by Carl Ikeme after 38 minutes.

Cassidy then failed to connect with a loose ball after Forde missed his punch as the first-half ended with a flurry of brief chances.

The Lions threw on Nathan Tyson for the ineffective John Marquis at the break – joining fellow sub and ex-Wolves man Andy Keogh who replaced Benik Afobe in the first half up front.

And the hosts almost levelled on 51 minutes when Keogh was inches away from connecting with Chris Taylor’s low driven cross.

The Lions had started to raise the pressure but lacked the quality to unlock them with Kaspars Gorkss excelling at the back.

And Wolves killed off the Lions with a brilliant goal from Ebanks-Blake on 61 minutes.

There seemed little on when Jamie O’Hara headed the ball back into the area after Ebanks-Blake’s initial shot was blocked.

It fell to Ebanks-Blake and with his back to goal he unleashed a brilliant overhead kick from 10-yards which flashed past Forde.

It gave Wolves the breathing space they needed and they were rarely troubled by Millwall. Danny Shittu blazed over with 10 minutes remaining as Wolves easily claimed the points.

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Comments for: "Millwall 0 Wolves 2 - match report"

Ben the single

Brilliant. Well done Wolves

yarmouth wolf

Am I dreaming , we have won !!!


Im 35,000 feet in the air and the whole plane just heard my cheer.

Will make for a happy landing in Dallas!

well done lads, about time!


Nice one. I just landed in Houston and saw the result.



Silver Wolf

I was on terra firma but felt to be in the clouds when the whistle went! :))


First person to say............

"One Swallow doesnt make a summer " gets to be next Wolves manager!

Finally a win, we just need to build on it now! hopefully that's the last time we are in the religation zone!


"One swallow.............!


Unfortunatly Chappo I think you only said that because I told you to....

The Winner and next Wolves manager is.....

'Realistic Wolf' !!!!!!!!!!!!! Three cheers for this Fan in being the first to say the phrase of the day.

Congratulations... my friend..... =P

I want Moxeys JOB

One swallow does not make a summer!


Actually ...

"For one swallow does not make a summer, nor does one day; and so too one day, or a short time, does not make a man blessed and happy."

Next manager? All other applicants - don't bother to apply. I'm going to get the job!

chris h

Best tweet of the year,so far, from Tim Nash: FT Millwall 0 Wolves 2.Let's have some more of them.Pleased for the fans,manager,players, staff and yes even for the Board.





as for the happy clappers they always knew wwfc would come good.

it's only the internet experts and cheeky tescos that come on our pages and take the urinal.

chris h

Surely we ALL hope the Wolves will win every game,apart from the Baggies fans on here, that is.

Bedford Wolf

As a TRUE and REALIST Wolves fan of some 50+ years standing I DID predict this - in fact I had £10 at 16-1 for Wolves to win 2-0. So COME ON YOU WOLVES!

Out Of Darkness Cometh Light!


your delusional if you think that Dean is going to be the answer = i hope he keeps us up because no wolves fan wants them relegated again.

However medium to long term its not going to happen for him


if dean saunders/mick mcarthy,/stolle sollbakken/graham taylor/mark mcghee/glenn hoddle/colin lee/dave jones were never going to be the answer, lone wolf, then who is??


Thought you spent most of your time on the Baggies site?


I predicted we would win by 2 goals. I thought 4 2 but still winning by 2 goals does for me

Waggies Left Peg

Actually I predicted it, won me a few quid on Betfair as a result. It just seemed the right time for a win, after all Millwall's form is every bit as bad as ours. Still, lets not carried away, are you going to suggest erecting a statue in Deano's honour if he wins a second game. Seems like not all "happy cl;appers" are realists, you prove this point perfectly.


no you did not, i have trawled all the posts since before the watford game and no where did you predict this result.

seems like not all realists are supporters, you prove this point perfectly.

Saunders the Great

Play offs here we come.

This is the start of us getting back to our rightful position, top of the Premier.

Great support as well, as Steve Morgan would say... You'll never walk alone!


Get Real

Come on matey, there's a limit to over enthusiasm!



One word OFF. Should be two really but I am too polite.


just wait till after you have played swansea, mo ode stripey mukka.utw

Realistic Wolf

Good at last 3 points, but one swallow does not make a summer my friend. Get real, MIllwall are no great shakes. Lets get back to the land of reality and see what happens Saturday shall we.

Oh please

. . and one Swallow can leave the glass half empty!



errm Fickle... I think you'll find I posted yesterday morning and said we would win!

CantelloRocket 78

Fickle ( Kenny ),

well done, you really needed those points.

As for 'taking the urinal'-

well if I needed to 'answer the call of nature', and someone took my urinal, I just wouldn't stand for it............:)

Dan D

Drum roll for folks moaning I'm sure but be realistic folks a huge 3 points and results not bad elsewhere either


A good, much needed win, which may just be the spark to get us away from the relegation zone. It sounded like we were fairly solid at the back.

Mike T


Well done

Keep it up

Filthy Wolf

I'm pleased, I'm happy, I'd forgotten what winning was like. BUT I'll believe the 'revival' if Saunders can keep it going. One in fourteen is a hard statistic to get over.

BUT we won! We are currently out of the bottom three. COME ON THE WOLVES!


Nice one Deano nice one son, nice one Deano let's have another one........

typical wolves fan

m & m out now

stale out

mcarthy out

saunders out

ward out

henry out

groundsman out

bloke who sells the hot dogs out

eh ? what ? hang on a sec ?


Great to see Boggies fans on here educating themselves in the Wolves pages. Keep it up and in a few years you may see the light.

I'm Sparktacus

A view maybe but not 'typical' . Merlin always talked of silent majority and he had a point.


I actually agree about the bloke that sells the hot dogs, he parks that van in a stable the rest of the week, and for the horseraddish sauce he uses real raddishes.

Scott Voice

Time for your medication chap


Well I posted on here yesterday that I expected wolves to win this one and of coyrse I was right.

Im amazed how little so many of you know about football. Wolves have been improving over several weeks now.

Divided we fall

I agree. Individual errors (and misses) have prevented DS gaining his first win.

What really is rich are having changed the team around left 'regulars' out and blooded youngsters he gets criticised for not sticking with the same side.

You lot are beyond belief.


Absolutely agree and hope all those people who slag off Sylvan (our TOP SCORER) week in week out will now shut up. We HAVE been improving week on week and we still need to improve further but lets enjoy a long overdue victory and hope for more of the same against Forest.


Inspector Jacques Clouseau is a one in ten


Well done.......... please kick on a bit from here............

We Only Need One Half!

2 shot's, 2 goals, 3 points, fair play.


That's all it takes mate when the opposition score 0 goals.


Cripes! Look out, an actual win... Dean will be talking about "a late run for the playoffs" before you know it.


Brilliant result.Well done Wolves,about time too.The real test will come against Forest,though.


A wise team selection by DS opting for experience in a game that they had to win. Just hope the tide is turning and they get a result at Forest. Great to have that winning feeling, almost forgot what it was like! Well done lads and best of luck for Saturday. Come on you Wolves!


I had to read this article twice as i didnt believ it the first time what a result for us hard work id finally payin off lets just hope we dont get too cocky and let it slip again good win lads keep it up


I have been a wolves fan since I was born. Through thick and thin.

I have been frustrated with managers and sent emails etc. But I realise that we need to stand behind the team. Enough of the moaning and second guessing. If you do not like the management then buy them out. Easy to moan when it is not your investment.

I really do not think that there is a plan to build houses on the ground!

We won to night, we won against the odd's. The team have maybe been frightened by the prospect of another drop. But I think not. I think that they found the strength to get past the defeats, they found the resolve to play football as we so much hoped they could. Sylvan Ebanks-Blake was amazing. Support the club, positive energy will do them the world of good, if you wish to complain go and support West Brom.

Well done lads.

Saunders Foot

Paul, gotta echo your point on SEB tonite, I ain't seen him play like that for what seems years. His touch, strength and all round energy was superb, he played like a man who wants to keep his place, and topped off his performance with a great strike. We can be critical of this team all we want, but I witnessed players who definitely looked like they were playing for the manager, the battle was back along with solid organisation . Everybody played their part, but I thought O'Hara, SEB, Gorks and Johnson were different class. The other plus point that was noticeable was the fitness, it looked like we were finishing at the same pace that we started, if we can keep all tonites positives together for our remaining games, we will be okay. The thing is, you never know which Wolves team is gonna turn up. Wolves ay we.

1066 WOLF

Well said,

I've followed Wolves through the good times and the bad. Fed up with the doom mongers and moaners. Get behind the club.

spanish ray

Well done the Wolves.More of the same please.


Thank you God.

Well done lads, congratulations. Keep it up!







Calm down a little and be realistic! Playing Forest will be a totally different proposition than playing a Milwall team on the slide. Forest are on an excellent run and will make the play offs. A draw will be a fantastic result,trust me!

Orlando Wolves

Pleased with the first win of 2013, and the clean sheet.

The team selection, in particular the leaving out of Sigudarsson had me scratching my head, but, a win is a win.

Now lads - let`s build on this and claw our way out of the relegation zone !



well done wolves just as i predicted after the watford game, i new wolves would win. SO LETS NOW GET BEHIND DEANO TILL THE END OF THE SEASON


Well done now for more....great


be joyous and keep the faith and thats the motto of st david


...and Northern Soul fans everywhere. Bring back Dougan and the Catacombs!

Farnham Wolf

Extremely heart-warming.

And far more important than Manchester-Real, really it was.


We lost 1-2 to Brechin tonight my feet are like blocks of ice but at least the Wolves result has warmed me up, well done the Wolves.


Nice sentiments AyrWolf. Nice to get support from North of the border. Come on you Wolves & Ayr!


Ayr and Wolves - that's a character building combination. You must be tough as old boots.

Happy wolf

Well done wlves, whatever happens to end o season let's get behind the team!


and the lads, brilliant. COME ON THE WOLVES.

manc andy

Im heady with excitment,,well done wolves,,didnt doubt you would win tonight for a minute.


Come on!!! Well done all lets keep it going. Now please just for a week at least! get off DS, Morgan and Moxeys back and get behind OUR team and pull together and get the job done:- 1, Staying up, 2, Rebuilding and challenging for promotion next year!!!

Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias

Top result tonight,weem goin up ay it wor at the match tonight,gutted!

The Flying Winger

Didn't like the idea of changing the team again and was disappointed when I saw it, bringing back the same old etc, but fair play to Saunders and the fight the team put up tonight, excellent win and well deserved.

I am not an Edwards fan but tonight he put himself about and made some good attacking runs, along with his goal'

Both CB's played well, thought Johnson had an excellent game.

Henry & O Hara are both still struggling to make any kind of impact

I am delighted for SEB as he is always likely to score and showed again tonight that he can do it if he gets the service and is picked.

I am well pleased for the hundreds of fans who again made the journey tonight to at last see a Wolves team fighting for a win and achieving it.

Now sign a striker and a midfielder to build on the win, so Moxey get on with it.

Let's not hear any more about the hangover etc, get some more wins

Divided we fall

You just CANNOT make a post without criticising Henry, can you ?....even in the euphoria of a long awaited win. He plays his part, you do not!

FFS give it a rest.

The Flying Winger

Henry is the problem, has been, always will be, some inc yourself still do not seem to see it

Until we get a midfielder who can distribute the ball effectively we will no it make real progress.

I did say that I felt that both him and O Hara were struggling to make an impact, that is the truth of the matter.

Where have you been all season.


Glad I'm not the only one to see this, you say that is the truth well it must be then!

Kenilworth wolf

Couldn't agree more Henry needs to get shipped pronto for his attitude and poor performances. He's like a card board cut out and offers wolves nothing apart from a lump who blocks shots - no passing range, no goals, rubbish in the air. We might as well stick big George or donkey centre half in his position.


Well done, boys - a deserved win!!! When is our next match against Millwall?


I can hear and feel a collective sigh of relief from supporters and players!

Finally, something to truly build upon, to help our way back, away from League One abyss.

Well done, both traveling support, players and gaffer! More needed.



Halleluja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'll go to Forest now!!!!!!!!!! Cum on me babbies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corby Wolves

At last well done Wolves

Rusko Wolf

Pleased to eventually win a game, after what seems a lifetime! Well done to the team and Saunders who, I have seriously criticised!! This win must be the starting block for a concerted effort to rid our relegation worries! A win against Forest and Bristol City would do for starters!


Well done lads. Don't worry doom-mongers, nobody will get carried away it's taken over two months to win a game but let's enjoy it and then get something at Forest. A point there and a home win v Bristol City and the table will look a lot brighter. Obviously dropping Sigardarson was crazy, but who cares!


He might have bin knackered after all the work he did v Watford.


At last!!!! Well done Wolves and well done DS. Now on to the next one and keep the momentum going. A long way to go but at last some light at the end of the tunnel.

cheesy pooh

Well done.

SE1 wolf

We won a scrappy match but I was so happy to be there. We even got a huge free flag. So THAT'S where the parachute payments went! ;-)

I'd almost forgotten what it feels like to win and who knew SEB could score like that?? Away fans as awesome as ever.

Wolves aye we?!

John Evesham

well done - ggod team selection (exerience at the Den). Lets hope that raises confidence and keeps the moaners away . Lets continue to get behind the team! Well done all. Nice to get the winning feeling .


Great result which along with the late equaliser at Watford must have done wonders for dressing room morale and confidence. On a bad run you wonder where the next win is coming from, but a couple of good results can change the whole midset. Onwards and upwards, come on.

....a glimmer of hope?...

I am the first to hold my hands up and say I was getting fed up of the losses, and whilst this is merely one win I hope for all the whole club and its fans that it gives us the confidence to win a few more games and keep us up this year. It certainly is not a given and we will still have nervy moments but for now lets take this glimmer of hope and back the players to use this as a springboard to a few results to keep us up and then take stock come May. UTW


7 hours ahead of UK here.

Daft o'clock in the morning, lying in bed watching the BBC text commentary coming in on the iPad.

0435 in the morning, final whistle blows, I scream YES!!!! Wife wakes up, almost falls out of bed. iPad goes up in the air lands screen first on the bedpost, broken. Dog barking furiously downstairs.

Worth it? Damn right!

Forest will be a tougher game though. Confidence has returned to the players. They will be up for it.


Pacify the dog....................'Oss steak...............3 quid

Make up to wife.................Bag o'daffs............20 quid

iPad.........................................Repair.....................100 quid


Essex Wolf

Well done Dean


Great win and something to build on. Congratulations to the lads and here's hoping this is the start of a run that gets us back up the table.


Great result for the Wolves, lets hope we have turned the corner. So pleased for the travelling faithful at Millwall, you deserved this! See you all at Forest on Saturday. Come on you wolves.

fed up wolf

lets not get carried away lads and lasses!!! so we won!!! how about holding back on the party till season is over??? i hope this is a beginning of a good run, but lets face it, millwall aint exactly barcelona are they??? 1 win dont suddenly make everything ok does it?? yes its a start but i am afraid for wolves, all this has done is give us false hope!!! until we get a team who are willing to die for the shirt we aint gonna win jack all!! lets put it into perspective, forest are a far far better team than millwall!!! you can all post replies but i am gonna say this and i am expecting to get loads of replies, but here goes! WE ARE RELEGATION FODDER AND THE SOONER YOU LOT REALISE IT THE BETTER, and go on say i am not a real fan! but the truth is we have won 1 game in 14 hardly world beating is it???

The Flying Winger

Fuw. No it's not world beating and much of what you say is correct but, and every body is fed up with what has been going on and feels let down

But it feels good this morning to wake up to a win, and credit given to the manager and players who all played apart last night.

Let's hope it does put some belief into everyone no matter how small, the club brings some loan signings in.

At least there are thousands of happy supporters this morning and what a change that is for all of us.

So onward and upward!!!!

Cyril Randle

fuw. Come on mate, a bit of credit where it's due. Climbing Everest starts with one step uphill. A positive look at your team is, 'You've taken 4 points out of the last 6 ' That's promotion form. Only one negative from me is, when ESB landed after scoring, did the groundsman fill the dent in the pitch ?

Norfolk Wolf


Yarmouth wolf i am in yarmouth aswell

on cloud nine wolf

I'm In shock

I was worried about team choice tonight ward ??????

Proved wrong very happy

We now need to push on and build on this win , but we still need to strengthen our squad with a couple of loan players striker centre mid

the fighting spirit seems to be back at last

keep it going and we will be ok

Wolves for ever



Ye Olde South Bank

I'm absolutely delighted and relieved in equal measure. Rarely has a victory been so badly and desperately needed.

Well, that's 3 goals in a row for Wanderers without reply and a clean sheet to boot. Granted, they're hardly staggering stats, but it's a starting point and simply MUST be built on if we're to build a platform to avoid the drop.

Many congratulations to the team and, of course, to Deano on his maiden victory as Manager. However, I'm most happy for the loyal Wolves fans who made the trip to Millwall on a miserable Tuesday evening on the back of such a dreadful run. They're the real stars of the show bar none. Respect, lads.


"3 goals in a row for Wanderers without reply" ....ooh nearly said Watford, but correct YOSB.

Agree with what you say, but just to add with 10 matches left we may even dip back into the zone again, but it's just a matter of fighting our way out, again.

There is improvement and there is certainly something to fight for, so let's keep working on it.

Well done the Wolves.

Ye Olde South Bank

Avoid defeat at Forest, wolfshead, and for the first time in months I might just truly believe there's a genuine chance of survival. Here's hoping, son!!! UTW.


Out of Darkeness cometh Light!!!!! UTW

russiawolf alias rushall wolf

Great to see how a win can exuberate confidence! Some good positive comments from us Dingles! Let's get behind the team for Saturday. A point at least! Well done DS, you deserve some credit for this win!


Great result at last, now lets make sure the monkey's off our back. Don't get carried away lads look for something at Forest. We all know what has to be done for next season but everyone pull together to stay up. Still a lot of tough games mind! For now enjoy!!!

Millwall Wolf

Good performance tonight by the front two, in particular. Two centre halves looked in control and Dave Edwards controlled things in midfield. Millwall were poor but definitely a step in the right direction! UTW


My - what an opposite on here tonight after the the disparaging comments the past few weeks. All we have to do now is maintain a winning run otherwise we will be back in the bottom 3 again fast as you like. Hope this isnt a one off. Where are the prophets of doom tonight.

gReEn niGeL

Brilliant night all round,especially Northern Monkeys are out of the Champions League..Yeeeeeehaaaa


Great win.two shots on goal,two goals though we did have the higher percentage of the play.Disappointed at the team for Robinson.Every game will be a cup-tie.Not sure if the defence can hold out.Still let's savour this result!


Gorkss was outstanding tonight - as was Johnson. Very encouraging performances from Doherty and Cassidy. Superb goal from SEB. Great win and I even got home from Millwall alive - double result in my book!

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Spot on with the match comments . When I heard the team announced I was in despair .However , full marks to everyone who played their part . It wasn't pretty to watch but we eventually started playing the ball on the ground once the lead was 2 goals and you could see confidence coming back .I feel we do have the players to get out of this mess but perhaps not the tactics just yet.


Omg we won a game!! Must be the birth of my 2 day old daughter or maybe that Milwall are on a worse losing run than us!! Delano seems to be giving all the lads a fair crack of the whip and took into account that we had two games in 5 days. Tough game at forest but whatever happens lets get behind the players especially at home. Sarcastic cheers and stupid singers who sing songs about how rubbish the team are don't bother coming!!!


Cannot stop smiling! Been a dreadful season but we ain't going down.


I just hope that his press conference isnt sterotypical of the last 10 ..... but let Deano bask in the sun ..


I’m either dreaming or pregnant. Probably both. Either way, it’s a terrific result. Well done, lads! Real Madrid eat your hearts out.


Never thought it would happen, lets hope this will get them out of relagation trouble and start planing for promotion next year. Got to be positive.

Bruce, Trinidad

Congrats to the lads. Please don't let this be a false dawn: beware those just below us in the league have a game in hand. But for once we dominated possession (56% to 44%), so more of the same please.

Toronto Wolf

Did not see the game, and not surprisingly, am not as depressed as I was earlier today.

Congratulations to all. 4 more wins should do it!!!!!

Toronto Wolf.

Mike Pearson

My son told me Wolves were winning and, being so bereft of victories, I thought he meant we had won the coin toss!!! I will take anything at this point so three points away from home and a clean sheet is something to have a drink on. Especially beating Millwall!!!

Still not convinced we are out of the woods as we have left it really late to get out of this mess. I hope we stay up and that our squad realize that they must build on this result. League One for this Club is just unthinkable.

Forest next - I just hope we are up for it. If we could pull off a victory then I would say we have a fighting chance as this is not going to be an easy match.


So pleased for SEB - he's a great player, but needs service - not a ball winner. But that's the same for all out and out strikers. And we're out of the bottom three! And Saunders - remember the rule - don't change a winning team. Best of luck a the City Ground.


About Time...

Read this on my phone in Hong Kong at 5AM Wednesday, Made my day, my week....

Now Onwards and Upwards


Melbourne Wolf

Great win tonight boys couldn't be more happy, but one thing why is Cassidy getting a start while Doyle sits on the bench its a joke Cassidy sucks


Hi Melbourne Wolf. I guess you're in Melbourne Victoria and not the one in Cambridgeshire without the "e" on the end.

I'm in Bayside, which 'burb are you in?

Wherever you are

Whatever you do

We are The Wolves






Raging Ralf

Great win for the mighty wolves!

Just to set you straight, we have 10 games remaining. 30 points left to play for. While the play offs are now just a mathematically possible fantasy, we should at least be aiming for mid table security now. With a bit of confidence, there's no reason why we shouldn't be trouncing teams in this league.


One here m8,Same place as the happy clappers have been for the last 14 games. Waited along time to have a go ain't ya? Fair play Wolves enjoy your odd one night of glory old pal and the rest of the happy clappers.

Jonny D

Out of Darkness, Cometh Light :-)

Could this be the start, Come on the Wolves


I am over the moon and thrilled to bits. Onwards and upwards same at nottingham on saturday please. Perhaps the moaners will stop critisising Dean selection now.

Anyone would think we had won the league



Scowling Joe

Good points


same old - same old - whinge - whinge - yawn - yawn


Jiwal-you are No.1 whinger. whinge...whinge...whinge...


Things do look better this morning, but I think the real picture can only begin to emerge after the Bristol City fixture. Beware the Ides of March!


Well thats shut the tescos up for abit. Good win lads,more of it please.

bill mcghee

Durban wolf GO WOLVES GO


Great win but let us not get too carried away yet.Wolves need to get results week in,week out.We got a clean sheet though my main concerns are in the defence.Too many times the defence have displayed an inability to hold on to leads with many games losing late in the game.The forwards have also been enough goals scored.Hopefully we can get enough wins to survive,but Deano just remember that it is the team that have got us in this mess and big changes are needed in the close season.Let us not rely on the deadwood and finally show them the door.

Disillusioned wolf

One win in fourteen, MIllwall are worse than us so don't get carried away. No creativity and very few shots on goal (AGAIN). Glad for 3 points but stick with this team on Saturday and we will lose. Negative, perhaps, but more importantly a realist. Good clearout of MMs squad still needed, Ward, Edwards, Henry, Foley for starters. Worried, with Saunders persistent tinkering, still I suppose at least he didn't play Sako on the right.

Joe Wilson's Clog

Good win though we must not get cocky.This is a beginning!.Players need to keep their heads and their discipline.I only hope that the players are up to the task.

Mary Berry's Sponge

Well Done Lads Suggest the following be put up on the dressing room wall might instil a bit of confidence and take us further forward?



K.T., G.C.B., G.C.V.O., K.C.I.E.

Commander-in-Chief, British Armies in France


Three weeks ago to-day the enemy began his terrific attacks against us on a fifty-mile front. His objects are to separate us from the French, to take the Channel Ports and destroy the British Army.

In spite of throwing already 106 Divisions into the battle and enduring the most reckless sacrifice of human life, he has as yet made little progress towards his goals.

We owe this to the determined fighting and self-sacrifice of our troops. Words fail me to express the admiration which I feel for the splendid resistance offered by all ranks of our Army under the most trying circumstances.

Many amongst us now are tired. To those I would say that Victory will belong to the side which holds out the longest. The French Army is moving rapidly and in great force to our support.

There is no other course open to us but to fight it out. Every position must be held to the last man: there must be no retirement. With our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause each one of us must fight on to the end. The safety of our homes and the Freedom of mankind alike depend upon the conduct of each one of us at this critical moment.

(Signed) D. Haig F.M.


British Armies in France

General Headquarters

Tuesday, April 11th, 1918

chris h

Why repeat this? A needless war waged in a manner that maximised human suffering'.Must fight to the last man ,freedom of mankind ' ???? The Germans had previously made peace representations ,ignored by the British Govt at the time . Then at the end of this dreadful war , we had the excessive reparations against Germany which directly led to the rise of Hitler and an even more brutal war.My grandfather signed up at 17 years of age for one and my father landed on a beach in Normandy for the other.Both were pleased future generations avoided such conflicts.Stick to the football and not wasted words sending young innocent men to their graves.

Stafford DeWolf

Hope springs eternal. May the remaining opponents exhibit equally poor form, and the Wolves players gain confidence from the win and survive the drop. Still all to do though.


great result for everyone. one of earlier comments said Milwall poor but to be honest the standard of most of the teams we have played this season has been poor and in my opinion no better than wolves but we have just lacked that spark to go on and win and this has caused the frustration. perhaps this result can supply that light- lets hope so


Well done, lads. We won - couldn't have asked for more. Not too worried about the quality of the win - let's just enjoy the moment. Another success and we will all get a further lift and begin to look towards the future with renewed hope. UTW


A clean sheet against the mighty Millwall! And SEB back at his best.

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!


A win at last, a win at last, thank god almighty,we won at last. [with apologies to Dr King]

old golds worth more

It's true we won (I got the wife to pinch me, and the result still said 0 - 2), hooray. Well done DS and the team, now lets push on and beat Notts Forest on Saturday. As for JIWAL above, I don't care if its wallpapering over cracks, just as long as the end of season table shows us no lower then 21st, then we will hopefully do something in the summer transfer window, and push on from there.

Brizzle wolf

Of course I'm happy with the result but baffled again with the team selection. Glad to see Cassidy get a game, but at the expense of Sigi??? Ward recalled?? Edwards recalled?? (fair enough he got us a goal). Neither a happy clapper or a glass half empty man so don't shoot me down and I have always backed our managers until they become un-backable (MM Everton away, Solbakken Ipswich home). However I do fear this constant tinkering by DS will catch us out with more assured opposition (like our next opponents). Remain unconvinced...

However hopefully he will prove me wrong. Well done lads, forgot how it feels. UTW!!


Well done to the lads, it sounded on the radio, that it was a comfortable win. Yes Millwall are in a similar situation to us, cant score, cant keep clean sheets, but its the 3pts that matter, nothing else, at this time of the season. I know it will be a much sterner test against high-flying Forest, but hopefully after a good win, and a clean sheet, it will give everyone in the camp a huge boost in confidence, going into Saturday's game.UTW:


I still firmly believe we need a big strong target man, ive felt this all season, and still do.UTW:


Agree with you, Tomwolf.


Is it just coincidence that we were playing AWAY from home,and the boys produced a great performance and got a much needed 3 points.? Take a hint from what Hunty said the other day,the players do hear and do take to heart the jibes from the fans.Nows the time to draw a line in the sand and change the Molineux minoritys mentality when it comes to OUR team.COYW


Fair comment.

Bullys Left Foot

Well done lads, knew this was coming.

Glad I'm not the only one who is fed up of all the moaners and groaners!!!


Thanks! I needed that more than you Deano, believe me.

You don't know depression like I do.

Need the 70"s team back

Does Henry have secret photos on management, even Perth Glory would not sign him, something wrong, not sure, mmmm.


great win,lets see what happens sat before we all get carried away. i will be happy with a point, but 3 would be nice. my mate went last night,and mr hunt did nothing to change the oppion he isnt needed. TAXI FOR HUNT!

Kenilworth wolf

Excellent win !!

However I was dissapointed that Henry wasn't dropped for Davis and saddened that siggy didn't start. I'm no expert but I would have thought siggy a striker with pace would be the ideal striker to play away from home.

I hope DS proves me wrong and we go on a run of wins.