Dean Saunders salutes Wolves' fighting spirit

Dean Saunders today hailed the strength of character shown by his Wolves players after they came from behind to rescue a point against Watford.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Watford

Almen Abdi curled home a free-kick give Watford the lead at half-time at Molineux but Bakary Sako popped up in injury time to earn Wolves a share of the spoils.

And Saunders, who is still searching for his first win as Wolves boss in nine attempts, was impressed with the battling qualities shown by his players.

“I am pleased with the fight and determination from the players. I am happy for the players that we got a point because people think they don’t care,” said Saunders.

“But, believe me, they are trying and I have just got to keep them going. I knew Watford would get a few chances on the break when we were trying to get back into it.

“They missed two or three chances but I thought we did enough to get a draw.

“It’s funny how it goes because I was at Doncaster and the number of goals we scored in injury time was ridiculous. You normally get the benefit of late goals when you are near the top.”

Watford were very slick in the first half as Wolves struggled to get to grips with their passing and movement, but Saunders was happy with his players’ application.

“When we missed the open goal I wondered whether we would get another chance, but we did and at least the players are fighting. The manner of it almost feels like we won,” added Saunders.

“We are struggling to string those together. There are people frightened to make a mistake. But I thought we deserved something.”

A demonstration before the game attracted about 50 supporters.

Members of the Wolves Supporters’ Alliance waved a banner and chanted ‘We want Moxey out’ and ‘Where’s the money gone?’ as they gathered outside the Billy Wright Stand.

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Comments for: "Dean Saunders salutes Wolves' fighting spirit"


well done lads outplayed by watford but you showed plenty of fight and let hope thinks are about to change,dean keep playing 442


Seems to me that Dean must settle on his best team as quickly as possible. We look most dangerous with Sako on the left and Siggy on right. On evidence of last two matches best side is 4-4.2. Ikeme, Doherty,Robinson,Johnson,Gorkss,Siggy,Davis,O'Hara,Doyle and Ebanks.

This side has best blend of youth and experience!


No Batth then? Why not

Fred the wolf

I can't understand why he was dropped he has been consistant since given his chance. Hope it doesn't knock his confidedance.

Kev H

Well said

Why oh why play Sako on the Right?? We out play Cardiff in the 2nd half with a 4-4-2 so why change the personnel?? Why move your best player out of his favoured position for Hunt????

Filthy Wolf

I don't get Saunders. He tries so many different players and combinations after so many games he clearly has no clue.

A few days ago he tells us SEB and Doyle are 'almost clicking' and then he doesn't play them together.

He clearly has no idea anymore and is in Headless Chicken mode.


Agree with you there Filthy. Batth over Johnson, Davis over Henry too, in my book. Why Hunt at all?? Sorry Dean but that was dumber than dumb can be.

Wenger's waterbottle

It is called getting to know your squad for the end of season sale

Nuff said

Confuscious say "Manager who can play ball with hand in pocket never loses his change"

manc andy

ye, i thought they showed abit more spirit lastnight. Everyone slags hunt off, if the rest of the team put half as much effort in as he does on the pitch we would.nt be in this mess,,granted hes no Messi and he lacks basic ball control but dont they all at the minute,,I had to write this my wife thinks Hunts great and as been moaning about the amout of criticism slung his was his 1st game back,,,Henry on the other hand deserves all he gets and more,,,UTW


Agree. Hunty was everywhere. Great spirit. I personally loved the shot of him giving Doyle a boost before kick-off. Irish spirits need lifting. Yes, he miscontroled a pass or two and he drives me mad by standing off wingers outside our box... But the guys a terrier. With a run of matches he'll be a wolf again... Welcome back.


I love Hunts attitude he wasn't good but tried his hardest,I noticed he ran to Sako when he scored shows he cares,,we could do with some more with his spirit!

Bolton wolf

Good ground getting empty .Lets cut the capacity more every game .It was like watching Sunday football.My grandson whose 5 got more guts.Who would of thought we were in the prem 12 mths ago.

Garry Gribbler

Outplayed for the majority of the game,by a what should be an illegally gathered squad from Italy.First half was dire,don't forget Wolves line up has not had time to gel properly.If this fixture would have been played in a month's time,Wolves would have won.

Watford should be docked 15 points for rule bending.


yup i agree for once ....11 players in on loan and 7 from udenise.summat wrong somewhere imo


It's not rule-bending if there's no rule to bend. Watford are exploiting a gap in the rule-book and it's certainly paying off for them. Why should they hinder themselves if they have the opportunity to legally loan/transfer and play players from other clubs owned by their owners? It's not like other clubs' fans would scoff at the opportunity to do so at their own clubs...


Why docked 15 points - its a pity the worlds greatest CEO hadnt been as clever


Or applauded for it.

Seriously, what an absurd thing to say.

The Unhappy Wanderer

Pleased with the point, pleased that the players showed the fight to come from behind, and pleased that Saunders managed to give an interview without saying something ridiculous.

Doesn't alter the fact that we now face two away games from which we desperately need points.

Winchester Wolf

Start with the 11 that finished the game. Looked strong going forwards and more importantly, looked confident. And, what a surprise, there was no Doyle/Henry/Ward on the pitch at that point. It's not rocket science.

Nigel Atkins

Why has nobody in the the management or players taken responsibility for the free kick being taken 2 yards further back than should have been the Watford payer would never have got the ball up and down into the goal from inside the D this is basics . Also disgrass that R Jonson blames M Docerty for throw in right in front of Wolves bench as he was not good enough to control the ball.PLEASE bring my namesake in befor all is lost.


Is Adkins the same as Atkins then?

Load of Bull

I will agree with the fighting spirit,after going 1 down they didnt stop and heads didnt drop,Hunts tanasitiy after so long out took me by surprise and we looked alot better after Henry went off but we are not going to get champagne football so i will be happy with a beer, Keep fighting lads its not over till the Fat Lady Sings


'Supporters' Those protesting weren't supporters. Supporters were those who chanted for the wolves for over 90 minutes THEY are Supporters. I can't tell you what the other 'supporters' can guess. Well done lads last night you did us all 'supporters' and SUPPORTERS proud.


Next game lets win eh. The spirit shown at the end can we have for 90 minutes.


We did well to get a point, I would of took that at start of game, defence looking more solid, glad to see Henry taken off we played much better and more fluid when he went. We need a win now boys come on.

Wolvesboyuk stoke

Well needed point.

Morgan out

Moxey out


You would think he won the league the way he's going on


same protestors were also in the ground singing there hearts out and supporting the team. i wasnt one of them protesting,i heard rumur it was off.anyway at least these people carried out the walk and not just talk. there is plenty of fans on these blogs that slag of the fat contoller,rightly. but along with me where were you last night?


Hardwork and getting stuck in was evident, lack of confidence and pattern in play was also evident.Dean now needs to stick with this side, no more changes and differebt formations.Lets bed in an eleven,and fingers crossed.


We're gonna need fighting spirit in league one! Although I quite like Dean Saunders, I think his position will be unattainable when he takes his second side down in two seasons! His 'panic' formations show a certain lack of confidence & experience! You look at most sides who appoint a new manager, and you tend to an improvement in their points haul! No win in 9 now beggars belief! Just need to draw Chorley in the cup next season and our transformation will be complete! Here's hoping miracles do happen! Stay UTW's


Good battling team performance, i am not going to single anyone out, we played more as a team last night than i have seen this season. Keep it going lads and we will be alright. We are to have a fight on our hands to keep Sako, but i appeal to our bosses only sell to a team who are in a european competition, so we can see his progression. £15- £20m should be our price for him. COME ON THE WOLVES.


Very happy with a point, and to be honest even if we were tucked up nice and safe in mid table a point from Watford would have been a good result. So given the dire mess we are currently in a point is actually a superb result, the performabce was not too bad either, although was a bit (a lot) frustrated when watching Hunt and Henry on the ball, off the ball, tripping over the ball, or doing whatever they were trying to do.

I just hope that they can dig out a result again Millwall cuz lets face it every team in the Championship must look at their fixture with us and think its an easy three points, lets just try and raise a few eyebrows at the very least and start getting some points ! fans also need to stay behind the players, ironic cheers and targetted chants wont help at all.

Joe Wilson's Clog

Disappointed that they benched Danny Bathh.

Yeovil john

Nobody has said about the goalkeeper ikeme who has been at fault for goals perhaps a change there


I'm so happy.... not just co's we got a point but there are at last some positive comments on here! Must be a sign we will be turning the corner..

Palmer & Parkin for England

Although not a Johnson fan (wouldn't call distribution his strong point, would you !), I thought both he and Gorky the Cat did their "job" of central defending very well.

Bit concerned at both full backs, but we can't go back to Foley & Ward so hopefully the current pair will gain confidence.

If DS hasn't already done so, he should tell Sako to just attack defenders. At this level, they're scared of him.

Midfield - Davis for 'enrie (do you think making him French would turn our skipper into a better player ?).

Upfront - DS make up your mind - Perm any one from three to go with our Norse Thunder God, then stick with him. Daft as it seems I think that might still be the Doyler !!!


Bring on milwall!! Up the wolves

Billy Kellock legend

Thats an unusual salute from Dean Saunders. Right hand in pocket and left hand raised in the air stuck inside a football.

Roy Hudd.

Billy. It is called keeping you finger on the Ball. sss

Farmer Ted

Billy Kellock !

Wow, here's a guy who played pro football with a bigger belly than Jez Moxey.

Well done for remembering him does Chris H recall him ?

Billy Kellock lives on !


Just watched Leigh Grifiths score a Bully type hattrick against Kilmarnock ~ The answer lies within

Sad Face Panda Wolf

Aye and he can stay up there thanks lovely chap that he is.


Ayrwolf watched him against aberdeen a few weeks back' he was the danger although he did not score against us everytime he had the ball he looked dangerous his movement is v/good and now 6 goals in 3 games?


Nice to hear some positive comments for a change. Hoping the confidence of the team improves after Friday's effort, which let's face it, no one expected. Great result lads! Come on you Wolves!



Brizzle Wolf

Got to say E&S are doing DS no favours with their photos. A few days ago they had a photo on the training ground and he was caught in a walk like an egyptian pose. Today he has a football for a hand. Come on E&S he's a big enough muppet without you adding to his woes. :)

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