A ray of light amid the doom and gloom for Wolves

Whether it was a token gesture of defiance or the first step on a long, long road to survival is not yet known.

But in these desperate times Wolves will eagerly take the point clinched by an injury-time equaliser from Bakary Sako which denied Watford last night.


The seats are emptying just like the hope at a Molineux which played host to less than 18,500 Wolves fans.

And they witnessed a performance which was at times as unconvincing as the drive-by protest which gathered briefly beneath Billy Wright’s statue.

But who knows?

For all the caustic chants which accompanied a labouring display, those hardy supporters deserved their respite from this season of relentless misery.

Most of all, however, they will hope this was the moment the worm turned. No team is ever going to change its fate by backing down in the face of adversity and, to their credit, Wolves are plugging away in search of a break that could reverse their dire form line.

Throughout what is now a nine-game sequence without victory, manager Dean Saunders has been waiting for a sign from above as much as anything and how he will hope Sako’s equaliser was just such an omen.

“It will only be a good result if we win at Millwall on Tuesday,” said Saunders, and he is right.

Already, you feel time and fixtures beginning to squeeze optimism from the club without some dramatic results being delivered soon.

But they will head for that uncomfortable corner of the football world with a little more conviction for the way this game turned out.

Wolves were again changed significantly by the manager with a surprising first appearance of the season from Stephen Hunt.

Hunt’s touch was rustier than an old bike even though he pedalled as furiously as ever until his stamina gave way after an hour.

Hunt’s left-side patrol pushed Sako over to the right in support of another changed front-line combination with Kevin Doyle joining Bjorn Sigurdarson.

While the manager can be forgiven for his restless search for combinations which might provide his team with a little inspiration, it is equally no surprise to see Wolves continuing to resemble a team making it up as they go along.

This contrasted vividly with the cohesion and fluency of Watford but Gianfanco Zola’s side would pay dearly for trying to see out this game in a complacent second-half show.

They had taken the lead, in a first half they dominated, direct from a 41st minute free-kick conceded by an over-eager Karl Henry, who clipped Matej Vydra’s heels just outside the area. Almen Abdi executed a superbly-controlled clip over Wolves’ defensive wall which had just enough curl to elude Carl Ikeme.

But already Watford had been served warning that their ambitious set-up, with raiding wing-backs always advancing, could provide Wolves with the space for chances.

A little break of the ball after 20 minutes had given first Doyle and then Sigurdarson the chance to score. Jonathan Bond’s save from Doyle’s first shot was competent but the follow-up effort to deny the Icelandic international was superb.

Watford flattered to deceive after their goal, however, with substitute Fernando Forestieri missing their best opportunities to put the game to bed while Wolves nibbled away in search of that elusive break. Their moments came and went, most notably after 77 minutes when Sigurdarson again forced a fine save from Bond, who parried the ball into the path of the fast-arriving Jack Robinson. Sadly, he could not control his chance as the ball flew high and wide.

But as Watford continued to play like a team with the handbrake engaged, Wolves found a little more under the bonnet to grab their game-changing – perhaps season-changing – moment.

Watford failed to deal with a long Matt Doherty throw and suddenly the ball arrived in the path of an unmarked Sako, who duly finished.

Wolves are still struggling – but crucially, they are still fighting. It’s been that sort of week. Much more is needed, but at least it’s a start.

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Comments for: "A ray of light amid the doom and gloom for Wolves"


7,500 silent fans didnt go last night and 'some' of the 18,500 did the Wolves players 'no good' with the ironically cheering, if you dont like it dont go... but if you do .......support the 'players' in YOUR colours! .....less of the irony more of the real support ...believe..... no way will they get relegated.

Never had a Baggie in our seat

Totally in the north bank we could not be more ashamed of the south bank, can't believe there negativity, for a team low on confidence they don't need mocking they need support! Rather all the people who trash talk the club would stay away!

Filthy Wolf

Peterborough winning puts us second from bottom. Thank God Barnsley lost. If Bristol City had scored we would be bottom. Three teams above us, all with a game in hand. Sheff Wednes are FOUR points ahead of us in 20th.

I don't agree with ironic cheering, but this team is useless and the manager is worst than useless. I'll support Wolves til I die but it's time they gave something back.

When we get happy with a point it's time to stay at home.


Please tell me Why won't they get relegated ?


Agreed mate - we had better support with 2,500 in 1985 than we do now. If you can't support the team stay home or glory hunt somewhere else. The "I paid my money so I'll say what I want" brigade are sending us down as much as Morgan, Moxey or any of the players. You DONT have the right to slag the team off just cos you paid money. Keep it in your pocket and go somewhere else!

gold n black on me back

Spot on mate, hunty had a bad game but he didn't deserve that. It does absolutely no good to anyone booing and jeering like that. Some "fans" are about as bright as the night sky


If you don't like the support from the South Bank, you could always try out-singing them. Then there'd be an atmosphere.

The Flying Winger

The point is we are not going to score the goals needed with whatever combination he comes up with, we had our chances in the Transfer Window didn't take them and we are letting games slip past us without activity in the Loan Market.

We are told Moxey is working tirelessly well let's see the result other wise it's more of the same spin.

Seb was at his most prolific alongside big Chris and that is what is needed, midfield is also crying out for someone, we have known for a long time Henry is not effective and O Hara is doing nothing,

I know it was Friday and televised, but another alarm bell for Morgan & Moxey, 18500.

Will anyone wake up in time???? Ring Ring Ring!!!!!!!???

Fred the wolf

get ALL the players to spend 3 hours a day practising to put the ball into the net. That is the basics of football and just amybe the teram will react to putting the ball into the oppositions net. And the defense spend 3 hours a day learning to dispossess the attackers without giving away so many free kick and risk being sent off. That doesn't help the team. And the supporters encourage the team while the match is being played. Then just maybe that will filter down to the players and they will get the will to win the ball and the games.

old golds worth more

Spot on assessment, Henry yet again proved he is a liability, it was his foul which gave away the free kick, which they then scored from. Full marks to DS, for substituting him. The game proved why we are in the position we are in, an almost complete lack of central midfield cohesion. No chances being created and precious little support for the strikers. The wide men did their best (even if Hunt seemed to be running around like a headless chicken at times)! But nothing of any substance through the middle. I called for O'Hara's inclusion many times, but it seems he (O'Hara) is determined to prove me wrong, time and again he hoisted aimless long balls forward which were easily picked off, and in Henry he had a woefully inadequate rather than a constructive partner. We desperately need a goalscorer, but just as desperately someone who can provide the link up play, and supply the bullets for the strikers to fire. I'm glad the 50 or so protesters didn't hang around long, but saddened at the sight of so many empty seats in the stadium, their gold colouring made the stands look something like a bee's honeycomb in places.


No lack of effort but very patchy quality. I have been screaming for the relegation regular players from last season to be shown the door, as failed, useless , unprofessional and inept. Interesting to note that last night's side included just Johnson, Henry and Doyle. Hunt and O'Hara barely played last season through injuries. Well done on easing those players out and hoping they never return. Davis deserves to start and is becoming a very good player, challenging Henry's place in the side. Dean is right to switch it around in the hope of finding a winning formula but there was a lot of lumping the ball forward and poor choices of passes> Watford were a far better footballing side. Lucky to get a point. Without Sako WW would be a nothing team. He does not deserve to be a Div 1 player next season.

Filthy Wolf

"A Ray Of Hope".

If Barnsley win their games in hand and those below us too, we are DOWN.

We can't play week in week out on blooming "Hope". Saunders talks about SEB and Doyle 'almost clicking' THEN DOESN'T PLAY THEM.

Doyle is now an almost player - always should've. The fans have the 'shudders' just from the way we play.

A lucky goal at the end of the game when Watford could have sealed it before that is hardly cause for "Hope". Three points or nothing now.


I see no hope of recovery.

1 Hunt was a waste of space

2 First instinct when receiving a high ball is to head or hoof. No thought of trapping it and passing to a colleague.

3 No penetration of the opposition box - devoid of ideas

4 Constant passing to the opposition like the players are all colour blind.

Very dispiriting


Blah blah,

Blah blah blah,


Same old,same old.

Moxey out

Morgan out

New owners required

Mick's boys out

Old North Bank required


Morgan out and Moxey out. Yes, let's head for receivership and bottom of the 4th division. Same people calling for Morgan and Moxey's heads were calling for Mick's head, months or even years before we were in any difficulty. The negativity of an element of Wolves fans has got us where we are today. The players feed off the negativity and give performances of equal negativity. You wanted Mick out, you got what you deserved. If Morgan and Moxey go, the best we could hope for is surviving receivership. Who on earth would want to invest in Wolves at a time like this? Somebody along the lines of the Bhatti brothers no doubt. The last 2 people I would like to see leaving Molineux are Morgan and Moxey.

nigel wolfnut

At this very moment 39 years ago I was travelling down to Wembley for the League Cup Final. We were up against a star studded Manchester Team including Marsh, Lee, Summerbee, Bell. But we had stars of our own 'King John' Richards, Dougan, Hibbit, Wagstaffe and probably the best captain I have seen Mike Bailey. Then the news came that goalkeeper Parkes was injured and a relative unknown Gary Pierce was playing. Never mind I thought we are going to win this 'WE ARE WOLVES'.I had absolutely no doubts.

In the pre match entertainment the RAF Guard Dogs gave a display over an obstacle course and the MC said one dog was the Wolves dog and the other Man City. Our dog won that little contest and the rest is history.

But Wolves are more than history to many thousands of us they are an integral part of our lives. How many of us pick up the E & S and read it from the back? The latest debacle presided over by Mr Morgan is an insult both to that history and the present.. It is a stumbling, flannelling mess. I have just been on the website and read Saunders comments that Sako needs to improve his positional play. Well Mr Saunders think on this. Against Cardiff you played him up front, against Watford you started him on the right wing to accommodate a clearly rusty Hunt, and then switched him to his favoured left. Are you noticing something? You change the team more often than I do my socks and when we have lost as a result of your shambolic tactics try to convince us we should have won. Twelve months ago did any of us think we would be in this position? In Shakespeare's Hamlet there is the statement 'Something is rotten in the state of Denmark'. There is also something rotten in the corridors of Molineux and it starts at the top.


Very well said

wembley 74

So was i. Has it really been 39 years? Where's the time gone? Yeah what stars we had... Mike Bailey! The Jack Regan of Molineux! ''Shut it Franny!'' Ha! And 6 years later we were back there again beating the Legendary Cloughie's European Champions. Makes you weep when you look at the rubbish we have at the club now. Board, Manager, So called Director of Football & Players. All paid a fortune and taking us back to Bhatti Land.

Ginger baker

I was there I rememberer the dog display, the panic when Phil parkers was injured, however we were great that day, and showed a spirit and with fans backing a team and town was proud, I remember Sherpa van, 1980' the uefa cup nights, they live in your blood as well as the delegations, but we still love our club, and always will we just need good local talent who pride themselves in our colours, a strong captain, and supporters that give everything, we are wolves.


I was there also, what a day. we'll be back no doubt, but not with morgan and moxey


I remember that day well. As I remember it was Gary Pierce 21st birthday!


Great memories. I was there in '74 also. Pierce had an amazing game that day. Sadly as an 11 yr old it was one of the last matches I went to with my much missed Grandad.

Nigel, everything you state about our club at present is true.

We are not alone in our suffering though, as recent history shows what can happen to any club that is badly handled.

Not many years ago Man City were in the lower leagues, and still pulling in 30,000.

Personally I think thing will get worse before they get better. I hope I am proved wrong.

Wolves 'Til I Die.




Fluent football by watford? Can you wonder at it when they have 11 players on loan from udinese, fiddling a loophole in the rules, were those rules only allow teams like us to play 5. Something needs to be done because it is wrong for the rest of the teams who cannot cherry pick the best players from the 3 teams that their owners own abroad.

Rons Flowres

Lame excuses Johnwolf. If the rules were changed it wouldn't improve our team one iota. Still playing hoof ball and hope. Very depressing. If it wasn't for the enrgy and effort put in by Ikeme, Sako & Sigadarson, we;d be even more of a shambles than we were last night.

Old wulf

Why are Watford allowed to break league rules regarding the number of players on loan in their team? I have heard the waffle from Zola on this but he is 100% wrong. Being a London club probably bends the rules in their favour, much the same as West Ham can do no wrong in the eyes of the powers that be! Watford are clearly cheating and getting away with it.

It's not orange, it's old gold...

Davis has to start against Millwall. So much better (and that's not saying much) with him on and time to 'rest' Henry for a few...oh I don't know...years maybe?

As for last nights 'protest'. There's no point standing there with your bed sheet screaming Morgan out! Wake up and smell the coffee. Who's gonna come in and invest in the club? Will it be someone from that row of Russian olygarchs and Indian steel billionaires that are queueing at the Molinuex door? No, I don't think so somehow.

Morgan has openly admitted that he's no football expert and that he relies on the people around him at the club to advise. With the catastrophic list of footballing blunders and mistakes that have littered our clubs recent history, maybe, just maybe, it's just time to protest and suggest he gets rid of this so called 'expert' and employs a better 'advisor'.

If he applied these business decisions to his building business I'm sure Mr Moxey wouldn't be deemed fit to even make the tea. Or are we in a business where business blunders, mistakes and shocking decisions are allowed. Surely someone needs to carry the can? Just don't ask Jez as he'll probably drop it...


good review and summary of the evening. lets hope it is the turning point!

Mike Gough

How do you spend a week with the players and not know Hunt was not ready to start ( comment from DS " I have 4 right MFN players") and that Davis is a better option than Henry. If he spotted we actually looked dangerous on Sunday ( 2nd half) when sigurdason was wide of Doyle and EBB


The Wanderer

Agree 100% - Hunt awful, Henry adds nothing, Siggy on the wing really adds something.

Just need a manager who can see it.


A fair enough appraisal of last nights game. All the players seemed to be up for the game.

Both Doherty and Robinson got caught out a few times but the midfield players and the centre backs were usually on hand to provide cover. Johnson and Gorkks were dominant in the air. I see no reason why the back four should change for the next game. The longer they play together, the better the understanding between them.

The last paragraph of the above report pretty well sums up our situation at the moment. As long as the players keep on fighting, and they have the backing of the supporters, there's still hope.


barneyand barker

TIME running out! can see DS doing a CONNOR not winning a match!cant see us winning a match,allways stuck up for HENRY what he was good at breaking play down,not happening!same goes for OHARA nothing like his old self!

Molineux Heights

the side had more of a fighting spirit in the last 10 minutes which was good to see. However, team selection baffles yet again.

Unfit Hunt on the wing, he may try however he can't beat hisman or even control a ball when in space.

Sako on the wrong wing for too long.

Henry is too negative and teams just pass round him making him ineffective.

Doyle should go out on loan and Blake should start with Davis in for Henry.

Wolves kept giving away posession throughout the game, plus there was too much hoof ball.

I would imagine that Zola was unhappy that Watford did not put us to the sword, which they really should have.

How can this be progress? No win in 9, hoofball tactics, poor posession. Not to mention the rediculous post match comments.

Lets hope the results go for us today.

SydneyWolves AU

Sadly I have just about given up on this season, I can't see were the points are going to come from.

Can't defend and also no creativity in the last third of the pitch.

I'm not sure we will even survive in the first division with this lot, especially when some of them are on long term contracts that don't reduce payments if we go down this season.

It is turning into a real catch 22 - players that won't move and M&M won't pay out to move on.

Sad, very sad.


IS IT TIME TO PRAY YET????????????????????????/


I don't know about the rest of you, i saw hope for our battle to avoid relegation last night. I saw Wolves working hard, even after we conceeded to that free kick they carried on and showed they were not going to get beaten. We are not to face another team as good as Watford i think they are by far the best that's come hear this season. So if we can carry with performances like last nights, we will survive. Well done last night lads, keep it going. COME ON THE WOLVES.


Davis has to start on Tuesday. In 20 minutes he did more than Henry did in 70. His touch is better, he looks to get the ball forwards and crucially he looks far, far more comfortable on the ball than Henry.

Hunt, despite his effort isnt ready, Sako has to start on the left, and we need ideally Psesko on the right to give the team some balance.

Ikeme, Doherty(who looked solid),Johnson, Gorkks, Robinson, Psesko, Davis, O'hara( but give him licence to get forward rather than sitting at the back tryng to play 40 yard glory balls), Sako, Ebanks Blake, Sigurdarsson.

spanish ray

"Seb and Doyle ready to click" then DS doesn`t play them together,the mind boggles.Hunt,why play him? he`s a complete waste of space.O`hara is not yet his old self,Johnson,in my opinion is just not interested,he still has an attitude problem.Henry is another one that is a waste of space.Why can`t someone tell him that he can kick the ball forwards occaisionally and to a player in the same coloured shirt that he is wearing.The Wolves certainly upped their game when he went off.Batth is still worth playing but will DS drop Johnson to the bench?and Davis is also worth a go but,Why have we not got a loan striker in and I don`t mean Church,I mean someone who can score regularly ie.weekly not monthly.After what I saw last night there is not much difference with teams at the top of the division and those at the bottom,the one thing we lack is a little bit of confidence and self-belief.What is the real reason the we won`t get our striker back from Hibs,I can`t think of his name right now,but he is scoring regularly for Hibs.Surely in our position we could give him a chance.Finally,Has Morgan got rid of the fat controller yet?


Griffiths scored hat trick this weekend I bet you he will be close to 30 goals this season.

And before anyone berates the sol remember Fletcher also did well up here with hibs...and I bet we all wish he was still at the mol.

Anyway Griffiths is on fire I see the highlights on tv and he scores spectacular goals, free kicks, penalties, run with the ball, has pace, great 1v1, tap ins, and makes goals for others with his drive n determination......everything we are missing.


I could not agree more Pal!!

Wolf Blast

A point is a point and with two away games the lads will probably play better without the home crowd pressure. I think a win no matter how its achieved will do wonders for everyone.

At least under Dean S we have steadied the defence and with more games together I think they will come good over the remianing games so the focus has to shift to midfield where O'Hara is startng to drift without fitting partners. Yet again Henry gave away a crucial free kick which resulted in the goal. If its not petty fouls its getting sent off.

Up front we are suffering from Torres disease - woodwork, brilliant goalkeeping etc - so even what look like goals don't go in and it saps confidence. Will it change? It has to as we don't have many games left. Equally, there are few decent strikers availble at this time of the season for a loan deal.

I remain optimistic that we will stay up but if Rafa is not wanted at Chelsea then maybe he would like a real challenge at Molineux on the basis of a big success bonus rather than a big salary.

jon mason

dont know what match people was watching but to be honest that is the worst team i have seen since 1985 keep stales imports get rid of the old school ward henry doyle ebanks get the young uns in now. henry cost us 3 points again with his dirty play which led to the superb free kick he and the others mentioned should of gomne when mad mick went


We're all frustrated, but a few points...

Henry may have cost us 2 points in a simplistic way, but not 3!

It wasn't his dirty play, he was just trying to get back and caught the guy accidentally, clumsily if you like.

If Mick is so mad how come Ipswich are disappearing over the horizon?

Caption competition slide 14 - 'he's put Hunty back in the team'

Left back required



Hear Hear (parliamentary cry of 'Hear him, hear him)


What ray of hope, this match was no different to the other matches Saunders has took charge of. A mix of poor tactics, poor selections, and a little bit of play by us in the oppositions half. But considering the match is 90 odd minutes long, most teams will get a purple patch in a match, as it's rare to see a team dominant from start to finish.

There is more of a will to win in the team than with Solbakkens team, but sadly the tactics look like they were put together in 5 minutes before the game.

Please Saunders if you still have a job come the Millwall game, do not play Hunt, he might be rusty, but the last couple of times I have seen him play over 2 years, all I have seen is a player running around like a headless chicken. He does not work for the team, he works for himself, endlessly losing balls, by not just looking for the simple pass. He was one of the reasons we had no fluidity in our team.

Morgan if you care for this club, please offer premier league clubs as much money at they want to loan two strikers.. You have penny pinched all your way to getting us relegated twice nearly in 2 years.. Please offer whatever it takes to get some pace upfront.. All our front line is faltering, we need an injection of enthusiasm, as virtually all our attacking play is predictable, boring, or misguided. We have no game plan to put the ball in the net, it's a joke really, after all Saunders has said about helping our strikers.

Will 2 Win

I think it's desperation rather than "will to win". Hoof it up the park, chase, no plan, no possession, no tactics, nothing.

Go, Saunders. Go and let the wolves recover.


as soon as you start relying on other teams results to save you you are in trouble.ok we salvaged a point against a top team,but draws are no good to us.this season the horse has bolted due to inept management.dont entirely blame saunders as his hands are tied however you still have to have some nous in tactics,not just fumble about in the dark hoping to hit the lucky formula.get this third loanee in now and make it a striker please.simon church,simeon jackson,john carew anyone.

Lost the plot

Lets appoint this Ray O'Light as our manager then !

He must be better than No Win Saunders !


And not a word about that Karl Henry is a shame and worst footballer in a Wolves shirt ever?

John De Wolf

Hunt and Henry were ineffective last night. We looked much better when they came off.

I'd like to see us sign a target man (as we play long ball but done't have anyone to hold it up) and a midfielder on loan if possible.

We also still lack any real creativity and I'd like to know why Hammil or Peszko aren't given a chance.

Team for Tues:


Doherty Johnson Gorkiss Robinson

Hammil Davis O'Hara Sako

Sigurdarsson Ebanks-Blake

john doe



greeny 38

Football and other teams have moved on we haven't. Watford played some quick passing football with plenty of intent and mixed this up with direct play when needed. We have no real drive or playmaker in midfield. Henry breaks play up unfortunately ours and when he tries to get physical he gets carded and gives fouls away in crucial areas. I do not doubt his willingness for a second but his legs have gone. I believe in the saying you have to win your personal battles and to often in midfield we are bumped off the ball, out thought or outclassed. Until this is put right teams will continue to enjoy our midfields hospitality.


I cant see the next win coming anytime soon at the moment - never mind 5 or 6 what has become of our club , the draw just papered over the cracks ...but i believe the chasm is going to open very soon.

Deano i'm sorry but at the moment either the club or the league is making you seem out of your depth



Sorry, but how does a last gasp equaliser in a Championship home match represent "a ray of light." Worse still we were outplayed for most of the game (43% possession) by a team who should have had the match won long before the late, late show but failed only due to complacency.

The only ray of hope that I can see is that Saunders seems to be making it a mission to take on the dressing room clique as with Stearman currently elsewhere, Ward and Edwards now seem to have been marginalised and hopefully after last night's performance he has now seen through Henry whose only "talent" is as a self styled enforcer who has neither football skills nor a football brain, is clearly at the hub of the Luddite faction and yet again conceded a goal through his stupidity; he is a complete liability and must be replaced by Davis sooner rather than later, hopefully on Tuesday.

Woolfie 4371


Realistic Wolf

Saunders is obviously struggling and hasn't got many combinations left. Get the feeling his teams are selected purely on hope rather than logic. Hunt not fit shouldn't play, simple. Sako on the right to accommodate him another bloomer. Davis should replace Henry, Doyle has completely lost it so why persevere, it must be as painful for him as it is for us. Did anybody see Stale on Skysports in the week, summed it up a treat and boy what a clever gentleman. Saunders on the other hand should resign, on par with TC if you ask me. Fans parliament is also a waste of time, not representative at all. Secondly did anybody challenge Morgans answers, very unlikely, therefore pointless exercise. Division THREE here we come.

Kenilworth wolf

DS = TC (I've been saying this for the past two months and unfortunately it appears I'm right)

Sako's excellent performance is papering over the cracks big time. Whatever happens Henry has to go, he was the worst player on the pitch by a country mile. Every time there was an opportunity to attack he either slowed it down or passed it back to our keep. For most of the game it was just Ohara on his own. The defence at times looked a little jittery with a constant need to hoooof the ball to one. The second worst player was Doyle, unfortunately this lad has lost it he'll never score more than 5 in a season SEB has to start with Siggy.

Isn't it funny how all MM's favourites are pony . Mad Mick has sent this club back a decade should have sacked him after the promotion party - just google worst prem manager of all time and guess who's name pops up.



After the results Wolves have been having, a draw ia a draw,


The ray of light has now got a lot dimmer. After Tuesday it will go out altogether.

This is my last and final plea to Mr Morgan.

Please get rid of the CEO Moxey and bring in a Dan Ashworth type of CEO.

Bring in a Manager with experience for LONG TERM because Dean Saunders

is NOT the man for the job.

Finally admit your mistakes and fire the man that has given you such

duff advice. I am sure then us long suffering Wolves fans

will give you the support.


Peterborough are coming into form at just the right time. We, my friends, will not pull out of this tailspin. That £10 at 12-1 I stuck on us is looking like a smart investment.


...that's money in the bank! We will finish bottom for the second consecutive season! I lumped on £25 at 16/1 at the end of January when we did not bring any new signings in. The only way we will survive is if we bring an experienced manager in, sooner rather than later!


PeteNuts: you should have thought of this sooner. I got 33-1 against Wolves going down in September. Hoping this will pay for the holiday in Lanzarote.


See you both down the New H for celebratory / commiseratory bubbly then, I reckon.

Silver Wolf

Wolves' football is poor, unbelievably so at times. A few players are surely passed their sell-by date. Survival is looking less likely as the sands run out, and the financial mayhem Steve Morgan outlined the other night gives the dreadful scenario of relegation and no spare cash to get decent players to replace the dross.

The owner can justly point to the money invested over his time at the club, but just as surely it does no good if he overlooks the appallingly poor use of that money. He owes it to himself and the fans to clinically review the 'investments' in players, and explain how they can be judged on a value for money basis.

A huge squad and, consequently, a huge wages bill cannot be reconciled with a side that plays desperately poor football and in the process is heading for successive relegations, thus becoming the only club in England to achieve that dubious distinction, twice!

If it's 'start again' time, maybe in Division One next year, at least let everyone understand why we are there with little or no funds to buy our way back. And, along with that truth, needs to be a promise that it can't happen again. After all, somewhere along the line >£70m has been blown, and no business should let that happen, even less give a corporate shrug of the shoulders and carry on regardless.

Waggies Left Peg

While we did show more fight last night there was little in the way of quality, in fact there was an element of Watford letting us off the hook and any encouragement must be tempered with the desperate nature of our position.

We are fast reaching the point where snatching a dramatic point at home will not be enough. What was apparent last night was the gulf in quality between the Watford midfield and ours, they had creativity to spare while we had Sako.

I appreciate that we desperately need a goal scorer but likewise we need at least one creative midfielder and we if we do our usual trick of chosing the cheapest option, well then we will well and truly be stuffed.

Old Gold Portion of Chips

On to Millwall for the win then ! Keep the same team that finished -no Edwards please or Hunt ( ran around like a 5 year old and got in the way of his own team mates thus affecting O'Hara) . Interesting to see the armband handed to Ikeme once Henry was off . Henry looked shocked to be subbed. He hasn't played at his best since winning the Championship and the first Premier season - time to move him on .



sako and sig up front

o hara davis pezko boukari/hammill midfield and then same defence as last night maybe replacing johnson with batth

Putza Shiftin

Playing Hunt seemed like an act of desperation. I don't want to knock a young manager, but one thing you need to do is decide on your best team pretty quickly and try and have some continuity.

Above all we need someone to put the ball in the back of the net regularly. SEB can do this but he needs the right partner. Doyle seems to have been highly rated by many in the past, but he just doesn't score goals regularly and we are not keeping clean sheets so need two goals a game at least to get the wins we need to stay up.

Orlando Wolves

Before a manager can pick his best team, he has to know who his best players are, and I don`t think Dean has worked this out yet.

How you can drop Batth and ignore Peszko is beyond me.


and most off us wanted stale out,he did better than what ds is doing right now. old saying from last season,be careful for what you wish for? stands to mind,us fans really are fickle,you wanted stale gone and now were going to be gone out off this league


my prediction watch wolves beat millwall on tuesday, you can all stop laughing now, but i really believe they can. oh by the way i thought the support on friday was excellent from the fans

Wolves Forever

Did Saunders watch a different game to me by saying we deserved to win? seems a nice guy but he is like a rabbit caught in the headlights and he has more bull than my last lasagne I am sure he wants whats best for the club but he clearly cannot pick a good manager perhaps he should get better advice and hopefully get it right next time which I fear maybe sooner than you think.Perhaps Mcarthy wasnt so bad after all

0ld man in Old Gold

Liquidhateor - Love your optimism mate but if we definitely aren't going to get relegated, which, in you opinion, are the 3 sides who are? No spoof question, just can't easily see the 3 sides we are going to overall. Or do you see it going to the wire and Wolves staying up on superior goal differance. Scarey times ahead.


Tuesday's game is one that players will need to 'step up to the plate' if they want to stay up.Mind you i said something like that before the Barnsley game and see what happened then!


Latest odds on relegation 1/2 bristol city. 1/2 peterboro, evens wolves, 5/4 barnsley,5/2 huddersfield, 6/1 + any other, so it looks like any 3 from 5, latest form from last ten games bristol city 13. peterboro 14. wolves 5, barnsley 22.huddersfield 12, it looks bleak and on any interpretion wolves to go down looks a good bet. having said that still live in hope


Like most I have been critical of what has happened at Wolves but now I think we have a good manager in waiting and it is time to stop complaining. Yes, Saunders will be successful: he was a brilliant player and he has a good footballing mind. I would have liked to see Andy Townsend on the staff somewhere for his insight and tactical knowledge but alas. At least half the problem at Wolves is the negativity that has become oppressive. Let Saunders and Morgan etc get on with it and let's see what happens .

Cambridge Wolf


Good players do not make good Managers so comment totally irrelevant.

As for thinking Sauders will be successful - Dream on. He has 45 Championship games behind him and averages 0.7 points per game.

Do you honestly believe he will turn things round? I would love to think you are right but the facts heavily suggest otherwise.

Bertie Barratt

Steve Morgan does build fine homes, credit where it's due.But didn't his shiny new North Bank look stupid on the telly ? Multi-coloured seats mixed up look a lot better as they make a half-full stadium look fuller.

Stafford DeWolf

A very, very dim ray of light.

Unless Dean Saunders pulls a striker out of the hat in what remains of the loan window we won't score enough goals to win enough games to survive. The defense looks marginally more secure than the horrendous one that McCarthy put together, but calamity Johnson remains to snatch defeat from the jaws of a few precious victories.

The level of first half performance on Friday night will not be good enough to sustain the club in League 1.

The level of managerial incompetence required to produce such a downfall with a business turnover at Wolves' disposal far exceeds any of the misfortune seen in the cash strapped Thatcherite 80s, and beggars belief.

Survival or not, some big heads must roll.


I hope the manager as realised what the Wolves fans have Know for a long time Henry is not a captain and is not capable of lifting the players on the pitch, he consistanly passes the ball back or sideways an gives away a lot of free kicks, along with Ward Foely Berra Edwards Doyle also incapable of lifting there game they all should be left out of the squad for the rest of the season, and give the other players the chance to show the fans what they are capable of and keep us in the championship.

Bedford Wolf

The folly of sacking Super Mick has come home to roost and all those who screamed for his head have what they deserve. We have gone from a team of organised, hard working, closing down in-your-face battlers with quality players like Jarvis, Fletcher, Kightly etc capable on our day of beating Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool (oh yes we did!) to what we are today - a leaderless, frightened shambles devoid of confidence. Get off Karl Henry's back - amazing how ignorant some people are, seemingly only noticing the spectacular and unable to see the crucial part players like Henry do for the team - and get off SEB's back too as he is our one true goalscorer. We need 100% support and backing to help the lads confidence - one win and the gloom will lift and we can then break clear of the relegation zone ready to prepare for a proper season next time.

Out Of Darkness Cometh Light!!!!!


Will Saunders please explain how he thinks a totally unfit and useless Hunt is a better option than Peszko?


Hmmm....looking at Peterborough's form of late - hate to say it but Wolves really are the most likely candidates for relegation.


we definately need another striker who can hold the ball up. like a chris iwelumo,carew. This is a big problem area both at home and away as Doyle and SEB are poor are keeping the ball and giving the defence a breather.

I dont think DS has done enough to get someone in who can play in the championship. Its not as hard as they are making it. A good league one player could do the job???

Hamill, or Peszko need to start at Millwall for Hunt who clearly needs a few more reserve games. We need 2 wingers not just rely on sako.

Henry's place is under threat as he offers nothing going forward and we need to win games. I would start with Davis and put Henry on the bench.

I would start with SEB for Doyle and Peszko


We will win on Tuesday by 2 goals. Johnson 1 and O'Hara 1 and Siggy 2.

Then we will go on to win all the rest and challenge for the play offs.

By the way I must say these mushrooms that grown in my garden are very nice.

mick the miller

Always been proud to be in the South Bank because it has been the heartbeat of support for the team. It has all changed!

Whatever we feel about the team or certain players we have to get behind them and encourage them. The first misplaced pass and the supporters are on the players backs with shouts and jeers. I certainly wont sing with these clowns when they sing derogatory songs about the team. Either get behind the team, whoever is playing, or stay at home because that isnt support.

Disgusted South Bank ST holder.

Orlando Wolves

Well said Mick - `support ` like that is the fastest and most sure way to consign Wolves to League One.

EITHER SUPPORT THE TEAM OR DON`T GO! If they are to have any chance of survival the home fans should support them, not slag them off.

Be positive and we may have a chance. Continued negativity, demonstrations, jeers and criticism is certainly not the way to go.



Good result friday we are on the way back, see you at Millwall.

Back to the future

On the way back to Div 3 perhaps but nowhere else. I know it's a different thread but the pig at Dudley zoo could surely pick a better team. Honestly, now, can you really see us taking a point off Millwall?

Wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sadly, there's an idiot with his lucky daffodil and his welsh socks in the way. 9 games, 5 points zero win%. I reckon we'll be relegated at the Hull game but it might be sooner the way we're going.


Watford took their foot of the gas even though their gk gave an outstanding display when a goal look certain..it's a very different place the Asda Dome when the crowd is thin and there appears to be two lines of support from the end zones...Several where abysmal Doyle,Hunt taking the money not producing the goods..should go..a ray of light with some new faces....Get behind the team please and we my stay up........Time to ring the changes get players in their rightful positions and use the wings no boxes in the midfield..O.H stay of the pies and get fit........crowd get of the Directors back and shout for the team... CD

Exmouth wolf

To all our wolves fans in the ground sing loud and hard supporting what lads get selected it make 50% difference to me were all in it together (fact) outside chant moxely out see stoke and how they progressed after he left. Gut feeling we can beat milwall now wood has left. Please no more ironic cheering as u can see its efecting the already shot players. Come on you wolves

Honest Roy

Think its a terrible shame Stale wasn't given more time! He brought some good players into the team and I feel would have got his systems through to the players eventually. You cant argue with how Sako and Siggy play can you? DS has come in and is trying to get some sort of partnership going, I feel that its too late for so much tinkering, yes he has got more fight out of his players but they certainly lack skill in favour of trying to grind out a win.

Loads of people have said get rid of the board, I think the club is run well considering, and people should heed what Mick said.

Be careful what you wish for! which is evident with the change of manager its not really changed much has it we're not winning matches are we.

Wednesbury wolves

Reason Pezsco won't play again, because if he plays again wolves have to pay a fee and that is a fact, you couldn't make it up!!!!!!!!

Blind leading the blind

Absolutely NOT TRUE

clowns like you who retweet this garbage should be wearing blue and white

Wednesbury wolves

Think not mr moxey, why don't you nip off to smethwick, oh no thought not they have garlick to replace ashworth!!!!


‘MOST’ of the players are trying their best? (Quote by Colonel Saunders). So now we know! Some aren’t. Best way forward is to divide and rule. If we don’t play Karl Henry, one or two other slackers might get the message. Henry is an alleged midfielder, but has a career average of only one goal every 45 games. Sadly, he’s more likely to get a red card than a goal! Steven Gerrard is a midfielder but has a career average of one goal every 4 games! John Terry, a defender, has a career average of one goal every 11 games. Don’t get me started but Henry is just not the business. He and his cronies in the team should be sacrificed. Forget about any transfer value they may have, write them off. They weren’t all trying for Solbakken (obviously) and now some of them aren’t even trying for Saunders. Outrageous. When they pick up their pay cheques they should be ashamed all the way to the bank. By the way, encouraging performance against Watford. We should have had a penalty at the death as well.


Twice, under different identities, I've tried to make some pertinent contributions. Neither have been published.

So, my new question is this: Has the Express & Star become Morgan & Moxey's obedient new puppy? If not, then why not let the supporters now what is really happening at the Molineux?

Time to 'man up', E&S?


I went & watched Banbury Utd V Bedworth Utd yesterday as they had a minutes silence for my dad who passed away this week..................Got more enjoyment watching Southern League football than I have at the Mol all season! at least they put the effort in

Orlando Wolves

CUDGIE - My commiserations on the loss of your Dad.


the headline of the article sums up how bad it is - 'a ray of light...' is how desperate injury time draw is greeted - our THIRTEENTH GAME (12 in league) without a win, EIGHT under a manager who has no clue how to arrest the slide, and who has taken us to the edge of the precipice

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Will someone at Molineux PLEASE take on board that Leigh Griffiths played yet another blinder today in the Scottish Cup semi-final. He scored a hat-trick (two absolute quality goals and a penalty) in a thrilling encounter v Kilmarnock, which Hibs went on to win 4-2. The match was as entertaining as anything I could watch in the Championship, and I feel the lad would excel in the Old Gold and Black. He definitely has a touch of the Bully about him..............

Orlando Wolves

Dean can spot a goalscorer when he sees one! He packed Griffiths back to Hibs - and is now concentrating on signing Church!

You couldn`t make it up could you?


I agree. How stupid to be in need of a striker, when we have loaned out a goal machine to a team north of the border. It's total madness.Please Wolves its time for a total recall.

Bearwood wolf

Ray of light Griffiths got a hat trick today hes now scored 22 if it's possible he should surely get recalled to help out can't do any worse than Doyle.


it might be a ray of light but it is starting to flicker and it will soon be out .


We can't score a goal. Who got a hat trick for Hib's today? Yes Griffiths!!!

Come on Mr Saunders eat some humble pie, you never know it might work.

IF as you say he is NO better than what we have got, then what we have got

ain't worth having.

tony t

So much has been said,its just not worth going over and over the same issues every day, all us Wolves supporters must

now pray for a minor miracle and somehow lets hope we can survive this season and trust in Dean Saunders to shake

this club from its slumber during the summer

Jack ♣ Hat.

So poetically put.


Jacks strange comments

Pathetic as always.

Your thriving on our demise Jack. Do not come on here with your patronising drivel.

Amstel wolves

Is that steve bruce sitting behind moxey? Perhaps thats the ray of light to which the article refers!



wolvfman wilfred

Reading da paper 2day in bed[retired] i had sky sports news on and half listenig 2 it,when i heard a footballer being mentioned name of Griffiths,still didnt twig until they said, thats his 22nd goal this season and was on loan from wolves playing 4 Dundee utd or Dundee cakes utd [local derby] then i thought were not scoring enough goals to win games and we badly need a striker,so we purchase a comedian [LeeEvans]from some country called Whales for da future. Now i wonder if anyone at at Wolves remember loaning out this guy because after his first 10 goals alarm bells should have been going off in everybodys ears at Molly ,and to politley ask Dundee doughnut rovers could we borrow him back to get us ou of da s....the name is GRIFFITHS, anyone at wolves know him? and Mr morgan and Mr Poxey it wont cost u a penny..well maybe a dundee cake.


Myokolo. Hunt. Pezsco. O'Hara and many other names of players signed whilst carrying injuries.

Can you image a "Football" type CEO of the calibre of Dan Ashworth allowing this to happen??

Mr Morgan you need to look very closely at the CEO of Wolves and make a decision. A decision

that many if not ALL supporters feel you should have made a long time ago. Give him his P45


The question is not 'will we be relegated', but 'will we go down as the bottom club?'

Its possible we might win a game before the end of the season, but just as possible we could go on as now, stealing the occasional draw. Its a mess.

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