Wolves fans protest outside Molineux

Around 50 Wolves fans staged a demonstration outside Molineux tonight ahead of the Watford match following the club's recent winless run.

Fans make their point outside Molineux ahead of tonight's game
Fans make their point outside Molineux ahead of tonight's game

Members of the Wolves Supporters Alliance waved a banner and chanted "We want Moxey out" and "Where's the money gone?" as they gathered outside the Billy Wright Stand.

Organisers said they wanted to provide an "alternative voice" to the official fans' parliament, which confronted Steve Morgan during a heated meeting on Wednesday.

Members say they felt they had to take action as the club plunges towards a second consecutive relegation.

They insisted the protest was meant to be peaceful and said they would not tolerate violence.

Alliance spokesman Chris Bool, aged 44, of Bushbury, said: "I'm more than impressed with the turnout. All we want from the owner is transparency on the running of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

"We would like to know where he plans to take the club."

Members of the alliance said they would not gather after the match as they wanted to avoid any trouble flaring if the team lost.

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Comments for: "Wolves fans protest outside Molineux"

Dudley Bloke

The banner in the photo says it all, get rid of Moxey as accountants should not run companies, always leads to disaster.

Dave Webb

Why stop at Moxey? There is a cancerous clique in the dressing room,that think they are bigger than the Club.


Another mindless sweeping statement. In my opinion Moxey does a good job, and I fail to see why he should be pilloried.

Why do you feel that you are justified in calling for an honest hard-working man to lose his job? When you sink your own capital into the shares of this club you will have some right to voicing such an opinion, but until then......


Simon it may be your opinion,but not one that is shared by all.Each and everyone has a right to voice theirs and not just the 37 handpicked members of parliament.

Moxey may be a good money man in your eyes but as a CEO who has turned a £60 million turnover into £30 million turnover,he should be held responsible.And as i have stated in a previous post he has overseen a £18 million+ profit in player sales added to a £12 million pound parachute payment,add on season ticket sales gate receipts plus all other incomes and yet he still forcasts a £6.5 million LOSS.Where in any other line of business would he still retain his post,surely with his performance on the managerial front alone should render his position untenable.

Take a close look at Stoke and see there run after he left then ask any Stoke fan what they thought of Moxey. He's an accountant not a footballing man, that's why a director of football was needed, but Moxey or Morgan stopped that happening.

expat wolf

Are you related to Moxey or what. Stoke got rid of him

Saunders Foot

I might start a campaign against Karl Henry , what is he actually offering us......slow,miles away from his men, nothing goin forward and passing\ technique of an under 11 s side. He's centre of the park and the game just passes him by, I don't like to single anyone out , but he's been the common denominator in our decline , he's a great bloke, but he's had his day. Thanks for the good times Karl , but the time has come to move over.


I,m with you Saunders Foot when he went off and Davis came on things started to happen towards getting a equalizer, again the goal against was his fault.

Kenilworth wolf

Couldn't agree more Henry was the worst player on the pitch. We immediately improved when he got subbed. He's been dragging this club down for a long time. Come on DS now is your chance to rid us of the dead wood for good!!!!

We Only Need One Half!

I don't like to single anyone out......Karl, classic!


I thought Henry was very poor but Hunt was even worse - he gave the ball away everytime he got it and why did DS move Sako on to the right to accommodate him? We only looked like a team when Sako switched to the left and Davies came on for Henry.


henry is a joke you don't need a spoiler if thats what he is suposed to be when your 3rd from bottom as for steven hunt he is a tryer you could see how hard he was trying even though he had a bad game he defo needs more pitch time to bring out the best in him as for henry for me davis starts everytime for me


Bang on. Couldn't care less about this club, if he did he would start by removing himself from selection. EVERYTHING that goes through him either stops or goes backwards, he is more of a hindrance to our own attacking play than he is the oppositions!

Constantly shepherding and running alongside players without an attempt at a challenge, sick of the fallacy that he is a defensive midfielder, a great protector of the back four, our record this season tells all about that fairytale. Always the first to go missing in derby matches which SHOULD bring out the best in our 'local lad'.

He is holding Davis' career back, he is a much more capable option for the holding role and can pass a ball to boot. Has survived years beyond his expiration, largely down to him being well in with McCarthy, who is now more than welcome to take his diminishing influence to Ipswich. Waste of a shirt


What a load of rubbish! I'm not an accountant, but I bet Pompey wished they were run by accountants when they got into so much debt!


Ask Portsmouth fans where they would rather be at least what I've seen of them they get behind their team. Wolves are in a good position off the field so we can rebuild. Players come and go owners don't. If Steve Morgan gets forced out and the club collapses without a good owner the fans will only have themselves to blame


Completely agree, good post.


Dear me, 50 fans, did anyone see the local news BBC Midlands today, the Wolves Alliance main man was truly spectacular. If this is a representation of Wolverhampton we will be an even bigger laughing stock! Wolves will always be up and down we have to live with this, as much as I don't like Moxey just look at Birmingham. Without a huge bailout at the end of this season they are bankrupt, not just struggling but finished. WE will rise, be a true fan! Fans support whatever!

Stato's Boring Brother

Well all you whingers, numpties and moaners your pitiful attempt at a protest says it all. Although the Star says there were only 50 of you I have to be fair and say I would have put the numbers at closer to 100 but that is still less than 1/2% of our average gate.

You may be noisy, constantly get us a bad name, undermine the confidence of the players and put off potential signings but you are a very tiny minority who wouldn't be missed if you stayed away for good. In fact, I think that the vast majority of fans would be pleased if you stayed away as you poison the atmosphere for the true fans.

Your Wolves Alliance is just like the tax payers alliance - unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable, unwelcome and unsavoury.

Paul The Wolf

Here Here, well said.


Glad to see that those that wanted to follow our team, went and supported them. The 50-100 folks with no idea and no clue, could go to the Albion whenever they play.

Moxey looks after the finances of the club, and regardless of whatever superstar we may want, does a good job. Yes, we miss out on some mercenaries, but they don't really want to play for us.

I'm gutted week after week, the same as all true wolves fans, I cannot see how we are where we are, players that I may not rate aren't performing, and yes I hoped a young manager with new ideas would get them going, but it hasn't happened.

If Morgan left, what would we have? At present, Dwindling revenues, under performing staff who have no resale value, we have little now, except some good kids, so get to the end of the season, get rid of 80% of the existing team and start again, with youth and enthusiasm.

Get a grip, we've been in darker places than this, out of darkness cometh light.

manc andy

Did he compromise ?

manc andy

I can see the clowns but where are the cowboys ??

Ashamed Wolf

How pathetic is this! Just make our club look even more idiotic why don't you. I notice the banner is made by the same person who did one last season when there were 5 people protesting with a crayon and a bedsheet. Support the club first, instead of trying to get in front of a camera.


Great post!

Has to be one of the best ever sentences on here "5 people protesting with a crayon and a bedsheet".

Made me laugh thanks, very true too.

Sir Lupi

So you don't think the protestors have a point??

At least they are trying to get some answers as to why we have plunged to the bottom of the championship.

The fact wolves are financially sound, makes this decline even more disturbing as the directors of the club clearly do not know how to utilise their capital into success or stability.

You can forgive a club for relegation should a club become broke.

This is what is the real embarrassment, the owners have squandered all that hard work in getting into the premiership by bad decision making, not lack of funds or support.

Maybe if more people stood up for what they believed in rather than sitting round watching incompetent directors make a total mess of things, this situation may not of even arisen.


no they do not and never have had a point.

all they shout is morgan out/moxey out and where's the money gone?

players/managers/owners come and go but the supporters remain constant!!

really? so where were the 29000 from the premier matches when we were struggling in the old fourth against aldershot,cambridge,and the like????


I'm so embarrassed to watch these fans.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

50 protesters?

what about the 10,000 that did not go to the match?

Drw Wolf

By that assumption there must be a protest every time we are on Sky then.


making the bedsheet!

Original Bangkok Wolf

The 10,000 who didn't show up are protesting in a way, but not directly at Moxey. Moxey has done nothing wrong, he and Morgan are the last people I'd want to leave the club. The problem is the moaning element among the fans who are never happy and were calling for Mick's head long before we were in any difficulty. They caused all this and they perpetuate it by protesting at a time when the team needs everyone behind them. These 50 protesters won't be content until Morgan and Moxey are gone and we're bottom of the 4th division and going into administration. What exactly has Moxey done to deserve this? Aside from having been educated and enjoyed a pie or three.

Bangkok Wolf (of 18 years)


There were around 18000 Wolves fans at Molineux tonight and this protest numbered how many? 20? 30? Was it really worth reporting?

We Only Need One Half!

Well, yeah, if for nothing else but to show the rest of the footballing world how ridiculous it was.

mr idiot

henry waste of space , and FEB [fat ebanks blake] needs to lose a stone or two , hunt , to slow , johnson gets in the way , bring the young ones in ,


That was the worst protest ever done , you have made yourselves look stupid !!

All we need is a director of football introduced and not sacking moxey ! He has made wolves a lot of money since he took over but I do agree with what others say he needs help on the football side of things !

So instead of making wolves fans look like idiots on tv get inside the ground and sing your hearts out and get behind the boys because that is what they need more than anything !!! Just my thoughts COYW !!


Not sure what is the most amusing. The state of the club or the managers press releases.

Does the guy with the crayon write for DS


This is not even a story. That is less than 1% of the fans who were at the game.

If you were going to report it you should have said Wolves fans snub protest with only a tiny tiny minority turning up.

Chestnut Wolf


Nick Wolf

Oh lord what an embarrassment! The real protest was the absence of 10 k fans from the game.

Ricky Shields

This is what happens when fans oust managers. Would not be in this mess if they kept mick McCarthy as manager

Learn your lesson


Why make that poor little boy hold the bed sheet!

Orlando Wolves

Sue - It`s his bloody bed sheet, that`s why!

spanish ray

1.I agree with Moxey going.He is a book-keeper and that is all.He doesn`t have a clue about football and the running of a football club.Tell the truth Moxey why did you leave Stoke.Talk to Stoke fans and they all say it was the best thing they did to get rid of Moxey so why should we suffer him.2.I also agree that Henry should be gone.He is a waste of space and it was said earlier that when he went off and Davies came on was the point at which Wolves showed a bit of an idea and in the end scored the equaliser.Morgan you were there you must have seen and heard again how the fans feel so,wake up and act now.


Are the idiots in the protest picture the same morons who insist on standing in the seated areas at away grounds? .I travel over 230 miles for every HOME game to see the team that i have SUPPORTED for over 50 years and nobody is more angry and upset at our current plight than i am. It only makes the situation worse by slagging off players and officials of the club, when what is needed is unity and support; proper vocal encouragement from the terraces not the childish chants that were evident at the Watford game.It is said that that the crowd can act as the 12th player to a team, last night sections of the north bank were aiding the visitors with their continual abuse at the team they claim to support, try looking up the word support in the dictionary! If these so called fans can do a better job then come forward conduct proper meetings and thrash out constructive ways of putting OUR great club back on the map or if not stay away and let the real fans sort it out.


Moxey is going nowhere, he is one of the best football CEO's, i would agree Morgan needs a football man to rely on at board level and give Saunders the support he will need. Maybe if this group of fans were as vocal in the ground as out (hunting moments fame on sky cameras) then we would start to see unity and the twelth man again.

hungy wolf

Let's just get behind the team. Stop all this nonsense.


what abunch of idiots

Democratic Wolf

So, presumably PohWolf, you are very happy with the situation in which this club finds itself. Are you aware that protesting and supporting are not necessarily mutually exclusive? Thought not,you are just intolerant to those who think differently from yourself . Perhaps 10,000 absentees were also protesting or haven't you thought of that either. Actually, I wasn't at the protest, although I did go to the game. However, I would defend to the hilt the rights of others to protest if they wish. I trust you NEVER moan or criticise?

ste wolf

what a bunch of wallys


the gate of the match will tell the owners the truth 18,500 v Watford

vesus Blackburn 26,000 same period March 2012.

50 noisy people protested, 7500 quietly protested by not attending.

Stourbridge wolf

Moxey does not identify players to buy or loan.He does not pick the team.He does what he is paid for & that is to keep the club

on a safe financial footing.I think he does a damn good job.


You can say that again.

Orlando Wolves

Who was it that signed Frank Nouble ? (Correct me if I am wrong, but I don`t think it was Sate Solbakken).

A quality Director of Football is badly needed at this club.

Orlando Wolves

CORRECTION - my previous post should have ended with.......... Stale Solbakken

Stourbridge wolf

Moxey does not identify players to buy or loan.He does not pick the team.He does what he is paid for & that is to keep the club

on a safe financial footing.I think he does a damn good job.


I didn't mean it!


Most sensible comment today. He runs the financial side of the club

This is a business.

Saunders asks, Morgan sanctions, Moxey negotiates, work it out Albion fans in disguise.

What we are missing is a football brain (director of football whatever) who can advise these guys on some of the decions, that they've so obviously got wrong.

We could be like Pompey without these pair. Have a look at any business, this is how it's run. Wake up

N Sharp

And is responsible for hiring managers, TC, Solbakken, Saunders


either the express and star,the club or the fat controller himself,put out a rumur on twitter yesterday,that the protest had been called off ,that is why 100 were there. i didnt attend for that reason. those of you sticking up for the fat controller must be blind or stupid.you obviously will be happy,with millions in the bank,crap results,so div one football next season.


It's a free country and I suppose if a handful of disgruntled fans want to protest outside the ground, then so be it. Somehow I don't think either Steve Morgan or Jez Moxey will be too concerned as most supporters simply ignored them.

I could'nt help thinking about another group that was formed in the 70's by Robert Lindsey's appropriately named character Wolfie in the sit-com Citizen Smith: the Tooting Popular Front. The grandly named Wolves Supporters Alliance will probably be just about as successful as the TPF.


No wonder they call us the Dingles, oh the shame!!!


It's obviously had an Impact as plenty of comments , crayons and bed sheets are primitive however you are getting the message loud and clear MOXEY OUT.


To suggest that 10,000 or so stayed away in protest is ridiculous. Was it just coincidence that the gate was lower on a Friday night and when rhe game was on Sky - have think will ya, gates are always lower for televised games.

If it were true it still makes for a rubbish protest, imagine the impact it would have had if this imaginary 10,000 protestors had turned up to the actual protest.

Dave Webb

People go on about Moxey like he's some sort of God.

This is the same bloke who wouldn't allow funds to be spent strengthening the squad when it needed it. Take Billy Sharp for instance. Back in 2011 MICK McCARTHY was lining up a £2.5million bid for Billy Sharp only for the move to be vetoed by....you guessed it, Moxey!

You pay Peanuts, you get Monkeys!

Why blame Moxey?

Back in 2007,Moxey refused to be drawn on Billy Sharp , he reiterated the club's desire not be forced down a route that has seen them burnt in the transfer market in the past.

"The owner (Steve Morgan) & myself have stressed that we are working hard behind the scenes and we expect to announce signings soon," he said today.

"But we have also said we will not pay over the odds for players in a market we think is over-inflated.

"There are one or two players attracting interest from several places but we will only pay what we believe is right for a particular player and if that means we don't sign one player then so be it," he said.

"In that situation we will go out and sign somebody else instead."

THAT WAS 2007, this is 2013.Some things never change!

You pay Peanuts, you get Monkeys!

Chapel ash BAZ

My first blog,,Well here goes, my first visit to wanderers was in 1949 I have seen the greatest players that ever lived, i am a true son of wolves born400 yds from our stadium . The current crop of owner , executives, are as bad if not worse than the Bhatti bros, a club we are informed as being well run? In what context ? I could argue that some ice cream vans are well run , is this what we aspire to be? . If we had gained promotion this season no genuine investment would have been made . I have invested through the molineux plenty of money in 65 years,. In any business you are only judged by success or failure , if it is the latter heads roll , what an insult to Sir Jack, and the rest of us this bundle are , If anyone thinks they are doing a good job they need to sea a physiatrist , .A new broom is needed, or continue with these Herbert's . Last point where's the dosh gone?..

Nippy Lobo

Maybe, just maybe, the 50 protesters were speaking for the silent 10,000 fans who stayed away. 10,000 fans stayed away, 18,000 turned up. The division is getting closer to 50-50 every passing day.


More protesters there than there were fans attending the Fans parliament.


Let's take this by the throat. I followed the Wolves all the way down back in the Bhatti days, I was a mascot in 85 against Blackpool and I have always worn my Gold and Black with pride. And you know what, currently working with West Ham and other assorted London fans I am even more committed to the cause. So what if we go down again, I welcome the chance to regroup and come back stronger. I was always a Mick fan but he went at the wrong time, and we are left with his 'Put a shift in' squad. Moxey does a good job, there, I've said it. However we need someone with football nouse to produce the figures an finances into a reliable squad.





Maybe the time has now come for Mr Saunders to listen to the fans about his team selection, these people have been looking at these players for a number of seasons and have identified there weaknesses on the field of play. Mr Saunders has only been at the club a few weeks so would it not be wise of him to listen to their comments and value their comments regarding certain players and their abilities, by all means respect his position as the manager but he could use the knowledge that has been obtained by the fans to his advantage. After all every club has it's scouts looking at players so why not use your own fans for the same reason to report back their comments on your own players, at least you will get an overall view from the paying fans on what they see from the spectators perspective. 20.000 pairs of eyes are better than two nothing gets missed.

N Sharp

Sack anyone who says Stoke are the model to follow. Imagine if Wolves could play like Swansea, that's the model to follow. Does Saunders fit the Swansea way?


Decca and Stourbridge, Wolves will never be successful whilst Jez Moxey is at the club.source former club captain Paul Butler.Looks like he was right,doesn't it.As club captain he would be aware of Moxey's role and infuence. Look at all the decent players various managers have wanted to sign and Moxey has failed to close out the negotiations due to wage restrictions and budget restaints.Look at the cheaper dross we have signed,year on year money thrown down the sink,due to a failure to sign quality players.Maybe Moxey is just unlucky with all these missed opportunities.Unlucky to have multi millionaire owners like Sir Jack and Steve Morgan,who have both put millions of their own money in,so many poor managers who have all failed and so many hopeless footballers.Maybe it is everybody's fault except our highly paid Chief Executive.Maybe we should enter him in the Guiness Book of Records as being the only Chief Executive who is devoid of any responsibility for ongoing core business failure.


see the happy clappers are on here again, talking crap.

Why is a building still called a building when it's complete?

Give me ONE plausible reason why you would decide to expand any stadium that was rarely ever filled to capacity?

This is the lunacy of Morgan and Moxey and the reason the majority of us are dead set against the direction (which in case any of you happy clappers didn't realise is heading south quickly) this club is being taken in.

Does the fact that we are not in debt and that Moxey sells the majority of players for a profit really suffice for us falling off the radar altogether? Give the devil their due they are astute businessmen, their hefty bank balances say that much, but they collectively know as much about football as a Louisiana housewife. So of course the business side of the club is looking up, because we are all still paying our money and expected not to want to see some production for it.

I ask you, if you went to the cinema and thought the film was rubbish, or went to a concert where the band didn't turn up, would you feel that you couldn't have an opinion because you'd chosen to go and watch in the first place? No. It's the same principle, the freedom to be heard comes with the admission, especially if we are now treating Wolverhampton Wanderers as a business as the owners obviously are.

The real issue is that in the right hands, under the right management we are every bit the same as Stoke and Albion in terms of fanbase, facilities, infrastructure - so why is it they are riding high in the Premier League while we are forced to become the laughing stock of the Midlands? OF COURSE WE ARE FINANCIALLY SECURE, we recouped 27 million in the summer and didn't spend a quarter of it, so does the fact we are in no danger of liquidation make up for the naive circus of decisions M and M have made in the last 12 months? Does it boat.

And while Stoke continue to be the measuring stick, you've only to look at their ascent since they drove that cancer out of their club - proof is very much in the pudding happy clappers!!


I smiled at the suggestion that 10,000 who stayed away did so in protest. The truth is probably, in most cases, that they are only "Fair-weather Supporters." All clubs get them. When things are going well, they suddenly become "Life-long Fans," and attend every home game, depriving true fans of places at big games. As soon as we start losing regularly, they disappear again. I say "Most cases," as I believe in times of economic difficulty some stay away due to not being able to afford to go.

chris h

Brereton, The biggest problem at Wolves is the complacency of the Board. A failure to react to seriously changing circumstances,a lack of understanding of our dire circumstances. Think you are falling into the same trap.I know a number of lifelong Wolves fans who are saying enough is enough.We have also had plenty of loyal fans post on here saying after 50 years,etc,they have hit the end of the road.We will have had thousands of young kids in the area,the potentiial future fan base,ashamed at the club's failure and no doubt turning to other more succesful football clubs.Messrs Morgan and Moxey have messed up big time,and it not as if they were not warned,footballers not bricks.If you love Wolves football club ,it is time to take the blinkers off and hold those responsible accountable for the abject failure we are all witnessing.


Last season I had quite an exchange with new WW Supporter Liaison Officer, who was at pains to emphasise how commited WW were to hearing the fan's voice. WW version of democracy is a kind of loose focus group of hand picked fans (ie the Fan's Parliament). Bless the FP for their good intentions and commitment to WW but they are there to represent themselves and not as our representatives. My big beef with WW is how I am kept at arm's length as a fan. There is a a veil of secrecy and exclusion. We are fed tit bits but not part of an open, meaningful dialogue. I want truth not merchandise offers. We are treated as REPEAT SALES TARGETS, not as Stakeholders, who deserve to be included (and not just the chosen few FP reps). I followed the FP blog last week and it was frustrating - a million questions, selected answers. Objective; present Steve Morgan as one of us (a fan) who hurts as much as we are. OK , so Steve hurts, but, as the custodian of our dreams (I am a fans of 51 years) knowing your club is run by a guy who is messing up the big decisions is hard to take. I believe Morgan has his eye off the ball in the sense he is often absent and Moxey is his man in situ. Neither spotted the need to replace McCarthy, probably at the end of the season we initially stayed up. MM was not given the funds he need and then there was the folly of the new stand. We all questioned it. Better players to replace our limited ones should have been the priority. Our squad stagnated. Those players (Mick's boys) floundered and it appears something started to go rotten amongst the playing squad. What did go wrong? This malaise remaines and we ended with our worst relegation humiliation last season, without a fight. We were whimps! Dithering when sacking MM and not finding a replacement. Hanging Terry Connor out to dry. Appointing a "new broom" in SS and not having the guts to back him. Then the left field appointment of Dean Saunders, who is trying to keep us up with a squad of players ideally he would get rid of. How ironic that most of us could see that 12 or 13 of the relegated players needed to go yet the management changes meant they didn't and now we rely on these FAILURES to try to keep us up. Steve, you have mucked it up. Have I lost faith in you as the keeper of my dream? Yes, I have. If we survive relegation it will be a miracle. Whatever happens, start the healing by getting rid of the dead wood players who are a disease. This means, Steve , you will take a thumping loss on your players. Assets they are not (most will go for free), liabilities they have been for some time. As long as they are at Molineux the club will sink. Bad players and bad decisions got usin to this desperate situation. I go to Millwall tomorrow full of dread and disbelieving how far we have sunk in 2 seasons. What went wrong with this squad? Somebody please tell me. How could they get is so wrong?


The WSA was setup to get answers to the questions, mostly asked by Mr Swain, for the fans outside the confines of the Fans Parliament. How much of the last weeks statements out of Wolves can be directly attributed to this group is anyones guess but probably more than people are giving us credit for.

We are trying to constructively get the questions answered for the fans but we have been met with derision in the media and broadly by the Wolves fan base. We are not after conflict, alienating the board and players or cause splits within our fans.

The Wolves fans aren’t fools we can see there are problems at the club, the atmosphere is a key issue. Yes we are in a relegation battle and most fans haven’t got much to sing about but even before recent events it is becoming a sterile experience supporting our club.

We are going into the most important two months of our clubs recent history and we want to be united behind the team to give them the best opportunity in staying in this league.

We want what is best for our club. Bring back the liquidator, get the flags out, sing your hearts out. Lets all get behind the team!

Dingle Dave

I wll tell you what's wrong with the squad, Rumour is there is a click with the senior players. They think they run the club and Henry is the main man. DS has a huge job, firstly keeping us up and motivating the players which i think he is not doing a great job with quotes like i will get rid of the dross etc.

Secondly and hopefully we are in the championship is rip the squad to pieces, give players away, pay players to go. Do whatever is needed to cut this cancer out that is killing us. The players are taking the Mike they really are. They will still be on good money regardless of relegation so getting rid won't be easy.

Players to go

Henry - Free

Jonsson - Free, still trying to work this signing out.

R Johnson - Free

Berra - Bosman and who cares

Ward - Free - should have ripped forest arm off at £300k

Blake - bosman and who cares and he will go to whoever offers the most pies

Ikemi - get what you can

Foley - Free

Elokobi - Free, this man is not even a footballer ffs

Edwards - Free

Doyle - should have let him go to Celtic, poor mans Heskey

I bet there is more but that's the list i think the problem is. How much does the above cost Wolves in wages i wonder? To be honest i don't wanna know. Get rid and start again, there is 11 in my list and i will take that and only bring in 5 that are willing to sweat. Blake is the only player i know that put weight on during a game.

Bearwood Wolf

That footage I gotta say was embarrassing!