Wolves need to man up, says Dean Saunders

Dean Saunders today warned Wolves’ crestfallen players they are on their own if they have lost their desire for the Championship relegation battle.

Dean Saunders
Dean Saunders

Boss Saunders is still to win a game after seven matches in charge, and admits he is having problems arresting a slide which has seen Wolves plunge into the second tier drop zone for the first time since October 1999 after 11 matches without a win.

Saunders is tinkering to try to find a winning formula after handing on-loan Liverpool left-back Jack Robinson and Sylvan Ebanks-Blake starts in Tuesday’s 2-1 defeat at Barnsley and resting the out-of-sorts Kevin Doyle and Stephen Ward (illness).

In the last four games, he has changed three of Wolves’ much-criticised back four, drafting in Danny Batth, on-loan Reading defender Kaspars Gorkss and Robinson for Roger Johnson, Christophe Berra and Ward.

But despite an upturn in performances, victories remain elusive with the team now two points from safety as they prepare for Sunday’s visit of long-term leaders Cardiff.

And the new Molineux chief confessed he can’t alter players’ make-up.

“I don’t know if I can change anyone’s character,” said Saunders.

“I can make someone’s right foot or left foot a little bit better and I can make them think a little bit differently, but if they’ve lost their desire or hunger, they’re on their own. We’ve got to grind some results out and we need men on the pitch.

“When they were in school, they never got any money but they played with desire, enthusiasm and determination and did their best. But if that desire has gone, I can’t help them – they have to play for someone else.

“Being in football is a very privileged job which we enjoy and not that many people get that in their whole lives.”

Saunders added: “I don’t know if they’re feeling sorry for themselves. As a collective unit, we haven’t been getting the right results and that’s why I’ve been brought in. I’ve got to change it. The performances have been good enough to win.

“I’ve got to turn the whole thing around but it’s not easy because the team has been losing for a long time and we won’t turn into a winning machine overnight.”

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Comments for: "Wolves need to man up, says Dean Saunders"


Get rid of the dead wood.










Only problem is who will want them?


In the picture Mr Saunders is pointing the coach driver in the general diection of Bescot stadium. What a bleedin shambles this is turning out to be.


It's not Bescot he's pointing out, it's the ball cus they play like they've never seen one before. He's right about one thing though, they need to man up or clear off.


'Iron' Mike Tyson

They better start playing better or im gonna chomp their lug holes off

Mills wolf

Lost there desire eh !

Shame we cant loose there wages....

The whole lot of them are underperfoming, but even if. They wasnt there still not good enough for a promotion push.

We sold the only players that could tuen of abit of class to win a match, morgan you should sell up ! Moxey you should resign and the players should get halved wages again if they go down !!

Stanley Accrington

And the award for the worst speller for Feb 21st 2013 goes to........Mills Wolf!!


Burntwood Boy

The players are useless, get rid, cancel their contracts, pay them off, get shut, IF it was a factory they would be GONE. Get the kids in the team NOW, IF we go down then we will have kids trying NOT high paid players giving LESS than 100%.


After reading countless blame comments, I haven't seen any that rightly say that the blame lies with Sir Jack's selling clauses! Okay, a tenner with 30million inject but also that the club do not get into financial difficulties. And the 'top guys' are ensuring that...and we call them "tight". Limited spending is what we are doing but unfortunately its costing us any chance of bringing in quality players. I salute Mick for what he did. And Wolves made us so happy in that first Premier season...until we were found out and couldn't / wouldn't strengthen the team. The 3 M's tried to bring in numerous players but couldn't offer what other clubs could offer. So they could be admired for keeping their promise to Jack UTW.

we need a left back

Add 'past it' - too heavy Blake to your list

Then add Dean Saunders

Since he has been appointed I have seen strange 'kick as hard as you can' tactics in his first match. Come and get the ball from our fullback tactics. Strange School boy set ups at free kicks and so so much talk.

Like the owner clueless


Agreed - McCarthys signing who have had there time!!!!!!

Phil Smith

Silk purse and sows ear springs to mind. Hopefully we can still stay up, but I seriously doubt it. We have just focused on cutting costs intead of investing in quality.

May be we should have changed our emblem from a wolves head to a liver bird, taken down the Billy Wright statue and replaced it with one of Bill Shankly and maybe we should all sing "You'll never walk alone" on Sunday. It may just make Mr Morgan feel like he's owns a team he supports??

Burntwood Boy

IF Mr Morgan would have taken over Liverpool he would be GONE by now. IF Mr Morgan ran Wolves like he runs his housing company he would realise that QUALITY is a must have.


It's called motivation Dean you surposed to fill them with the get up an at them fealing,all you seam to do is have a go at them in the press.


Your right. I think he says what he thinks the fans want to hear to hide his own poor management ability.

When good managers speak like Steve Bruce, BIG SAM, ever dare I say Super MICK players respond and fans take notice.

I fear Dean Saunders talked himself into the job, and conned Mr Morgan into thinking he was the man to change and manage the players by his personality alone.

The players don't appear to want to play for Mr Morgan after his visit to the dressing room red faced against Liverpool. The club has been going down very fast since then.

Don't think Dean is the man to put this mess right.


Remember David Moyes at Preston took him 7 matches to get first win the rest is History,Alex Ferguson at Man Utd about to get the sack Mark Robbins scored a goal that kept him in his job once again the rest is History FOR GOODNESS SAKE GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE !

Realistic Wolf

Personally I think the so called super Mick is the one who started this freefall.

Matt Ayl

Super Mick is the only man who has taken us up and kept us there!!!!! If he was given the support by the chairman and the board we would still be there and pushing on!!!! Anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously mistaken. Just watch him take Ipswich up next year.

Unfortunately Mick has gone now and we have to move on, we all have to get behind the team and Dean to keep us in this division.

Even if you want it there will be no change of manager in the next couple of years, so stop moaning and start singing. I know it works both ways and the players have to start performing but they won't want to if all they hear are negative comments!!!!

people keep saying get rid of dead wood but this is almost the same team that ran away with this division a few years ago. They're not bad players, just a team not playing well!!!!



Can you blame him? Fans seem to be blaming the board, and managers all the time, but lets face it, its the players that are on the pitch that aren't getting the results.

These are players that basically came out and said, without Stale in charge they would have been fighting for promotion still. Personally I find that disgusting that Karl Henry would even suggest that instead of taking responsibility for what happens on the pitch.

On the other hand Saunders should have dropped all of them by now and put in the youngsters who have been performing for other clubs, He said he would be giving them a chance if we were safe in mid table, but we're now in the relegation zone, and its these so called experienced players that have gotten us there, so its only fair to give the youngsters a chance. I'm sure they cant do any worst, and it would put us in a good position next year when all these so called professionals put in transfer requests.

Burntwood Boy

MOTIVATION you associate with the likes of Bill Shankly and Brian Clough NOT Dean Saunders.

Axel Foley

Motivation......Really, surely 20k a week, playing a game you are supposidly good at and enjoy for a fantastic footballing club in a great city with amazing fans is enough to motivate anyone!


I thought this was a Wolves article. Lol


blah. blah. blah. and more blah....................

Mills wolf

Agree, saunders said wolves need to man up

I say wolves need to shut up

Do your talking on the pitch

Time for p.r spin and stories is well over


They've not got the guts for it, let' em go on their much earned holidays while the kids finish the season for 'em.

Frank Chickens

Dean, keep quiet and go away.



once again a comment about a manager who was doing a good job but remember it took him 3 years to get promotion he is no better than what we have get off the managers back its the plkayers who have got us where we are the manager can only do what he can with the players he has got,or do we try and do what watford have done get 9 international foreign players in on loan and increase our wage bill by anouther 5 million GET REAL AND WAKE UP


Get your fact right before posting nonsense. Adkins was appointed Manager of Scunthorpe in Dec 2006 and achieved promotion the following May. He became Soton Manager in Dec 2010 and achieved two successive promotions in the following two Mays.

He is much, much "better than what we have".


Emma, Caps lock is third button up on the left hand side of the keyboard and the full stop is second row from the bottom, just above Alt Gr.

David Wright

Jez, Athletes use hypnotherapists as do some golfers to help them move from a negative losing mindset to a positive winning one. 'I can' rather than 'I can't'.

I am sending you a link of the most accredited hypnotherapist in Wolverhampton. I do not know her but I know with her qualifications she could change the mindset of the players.

Irene, Glen's sidekick was/is a charlatan psychic-totally different.

If you do not get Wolves and yourself into the 21st century then we will be in Division 1.


psalm 23

Saunders added: “I don’t know if they’re feeling sorry for themselves".

That's a very worrying statement, if Saunders does not know, and he's working with them every day then who does.

It's my guess that this Guy is not going to be allowed to see out his contract. Squeaky bottom time!!

Mills wolf

Nice blokes dont make good managers

The sort of manager needed was a leader time manager with passion and not scared to show his temper

Alex ferguson great example of this.

How aout roy keane, paul ince would of been ideal, paulo di cannio

Trouble non are yes men, thats what m&m want so they dont have to show the money.

you think Mick Mc was a yes man ?????

get a grip


keep your comments for sandwell town


DS '' I give up''.

Scowling Joe

This is a joke. Moxley needs to man up and sack Stalbokken, Stalebacon, whatever his face is called!

Morgan needs to man up and sack Moxley, then sack himself.

If i hadn';t already ripped up my season ticket before christmas, I'd be booing every game until this happens!! Get rid of this tippytappy rubbish football and get the ball up the park its out only hope now thanks to the muppets in charge, and the players who are just a disgracement.They all should be booed non stop at every game!

Stalbookken OUT

Moxley OUT

Morgan OUT

Scouse mafia OUT

Rojo OUT

Henry OUT

Ward OUT


Saunders is the name I think you're searching for. Solbakken has already been sacked!


Is this serious?

Sedgley Wolves

Is he having a laugh here??


Do you know Solbakken has already gone?

Penkridge Wolf J4

Are you American? Irony a little lost on you here pal…

think your a little behind the times!!!


Is this guy for real? care in the community really does have a lot to answer for! Deep in the mire tho ay we?

wolfy in disguise

ans its moxey, whos this moxley character???


Joe, you are now the only reason I read the comments on here any more. You sum everything up perfectly - and I don't mean the team or the club...


Nice to see you keeping up to date with the developments at the Netto Ghetto!


Scowling Joe In

Wandering wolf

Bet it was a little difficult "wripping up" a plastic card


avnt mentioned the worst one of the lot feeble sulker foley?


Wolves need to get in a professional hypnotherapist. I mean it!!!.

The players all are lacking confidence and have a negative mindsets.

An accredited hypnotherapist could work with each player on a individual basis and turn a negative mindset into a positive winning one.

Hypnotherapy is used to stop people smoking as we all know. It is even used in heroin addiction.

I tweeted this to Jez Moxey and all he could do was take the mick.

We are living in the 21st century now Jez and other sports such as athletics and maybe football teams use hypnotherapy.

Give it a go Jez, Mr Morgan! What have we got to loose. EVERYTHING!!


Can't we just get this clown out of here? Completely out of his depth. Get Adkins or Di Canio on the phone right away.

Burntwood Boy

Most sensible comment on here, you're spot on mate.


No silly boy, it's nonsense. M&M would sack, bungle the appointment then bring in Connor Mk II.

old golds worth more

It doesn't matter who they get, it will still be the same bunch of players. If the players aren't motivated enough to earn new contracts, or stay off of the end of season clear out list, then it doesn't matter who comes in. I agree with several others in here, leave these players out, and draft in the youngsters. If nothing else it will at least give them some experience playing at this level. DS and the players could do with not speaking to the E & S for the rest of this season, and just get their heads down and concentrate on their jobs.

Blake's Heaven

Absolute Drivel!

No wonder we are sinking (sunk) FAST

The Flying Winger

News from the Bunker

I don't know if I can change anyone's character.

How many times has this club got to be told, it is the players who need changing, activity in the loan market is vital, what are we doing?

Not a lot by the deafening silence, after a performance like Tuesday I would have had loan players lining up outside my office.

The senior Director picked up £1.19 Million last season, what a farce, P45 should have been the payslip.

On Tuesday I was disgusted to see so called fans swearing and abusing the players, yes travelling and paying for that is hard to swallow, but abuse like that is never justified, the Police should have arrested them for foul & abusive language.

There must have been Children near by I would have thought.

Makes you wonder what sort of world we are living in, it is after all a game of football, it is of course not only our club that is affected.

My Word of the day is :Disgusted


Its the same crew who abused Graham Taylor and in my opinion put us back 10 years. I for one am looking forward to league one and even league two, if it gets rid of those abusive fans, fair weather players, Morgan, Moxey and probably Saunders, who seems naive.


well said FW, I'm with you....

Dr.Dre's Pool Guy

Spot on, Totally embarrassing, nobody deserves to get that kind of abuse. Its understandable but totally unacceptable. I'm expecting ugly scenes on Sunday sadly. Time for Morgan to sell up.


They learnt the language off their children

The Flying Winger

Sadly you are probably right

And I say to myself...........

Flying Winger, after all you just said, why do you wonder what sort of world we are living in? It's not surprising, it's obvious that people will players for the sort of rubbish performances they are dishing out every week. I don't condone abuse at all but when you see people who are earning more in a week than a lot of the fans do in a year it's hardly surprising, their anger needs venting somewhere. Better directed at over paid footballers than at grannies in the street or their wives and children.

yarmouth wolf

Tell them they won't get paid anymore until they win some matches, that seems all they are interested in . They sure don't care about wwfc and the pride and passion that goes with wearing the shirt . SHAME ON YOU !

Wolves till I die !


Or to paraphrase "I haven't got the faintest idea what I'm doing or how to put it right"

Penkridge Wolf J4

Spot on the Yes Man does not have a scooby doo what's going on!

English Exile

Got to agree with everything Saunders says, but obviously the jury is still out regarding his long term future.

This is STILL McCarthy's team and they still bear his hallmark's unfortunately.

Mr Morgan, it is your club and you cannot be happy with the way your CEO is running it for you, surely.

We have had nearly 13 years of Moxey and his penny pinching with a net result of, we are worse off now than when he joined us.

Moxey took over in June 2000 and we had just finished 4th in the First Division.

Albion were 21st in the First Division.

Stoke were 6th in DIVISION TWO.

Anyone noticed where both these clubs are now???


Thank God for sanity. Why every fan cannot see the common denominator in our problems is the Fat Controller. Morgan does not run this club, Moxey does and has done for almost thirteen years. We have struggled to improve on where we were back then because of a lack of investment. How much did we spend in the season we were first in the Premier in 2003/4? Next to nothing and we were fed the excuse that because we went up via the play-offs, there wasn't enough time to sign players. Remember that Dave Jones signed a non-disclosure contract when he left Wolves. And we all know why Moxey. People keep saying I'm a fool to blame Moxey as it is Morgan's fault. It is not. Moxey is the CEO, he runs this club and advises the Board of what we should be doing. Until this overpaid accountant is given the sack, we're going to continually struggle from one disaster (Connor) to another (Saunders). We cannot get the right experienced managers to work for us anymore because of Moxey's reputation.

Emma Dale

i can tell you for a fact it was morgan who appointed conner moxey new nothing of this till it was done he also appointed solbacken on the advice given to him by jan molbey,it was also morgan who appointed saunders moxey has no controll of wolves he has to do what he is told by morgan get rid of him would make no difference morgan would just put anouther do as i say and you take the blame man as for selling the club how many idiots do you think are out there who would love to throw away 30 million a year yeh you guessed none

English Exile

Emma, that is absolute tripe....

Who are you Sir Biily Quiet???

M & M's

For god's sake Emma, you write like a five year old. Don't you know what a capital letter and full stop are ?

psalm 23

If your "facts" are as good as your spelling then your post is seriously flawed, in fact garbage.


You dont know what your talking about


you need a miracle deano!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burntwood Boy

Miracle NOT needed, easy to solve--- get rid of these deadwood players, pay up their contracts and let them go, NOW, kids in please.

Big Willy Topp

Dont think he will get the supporters backing to see if he can perform a miracle. Already crying out for Adkins and DiCanio, one of which is still unproven at the higher level.


"we won't turn into a winning machine overnight"states DS. Terry Connor must think he is dreaming as DS is fast approaching his record of being Wolves worst manager!!!!. with 12 games to go.

Drop Edwards, Foley, Henry they contribute nothing. Why change a formation that had the opposition on the back foot and revert to our established drop deep and invite pressure 4-5-1 formation. Only a complete fool would try and get Wolves defending for 75 minutes in a game.


The first sensible post in the list I've come across. The longer this goes on the more extreme the rubbish that is posted here.


If you had been at the game, you would know the answer to your question about changing the formation. We had gone 1-0 up, and were then being overrun in midfield as Barnsley tried to get back into it. He tried to shore up the midfield by taking Sigurdarsson on the right, and moving Edwards to the middle. that put three central mdfielders in to try and prevent being overrun. It wasn't an attempt to deliberately play defensively. It was an attempt to correct something that was already putting us under pressure. With the change, he still had Sako, Edwards, O' Hara, SEB and Sigurdarsson that could attack on the break, as is evident by the fact that O' Hara actually scored, only for the goal not to be given after hitting the bar, and clearly (on the TV replays the day after) crossing the goal line. That would have put us 2-0 up, and probably out of reach. (2-0 gives a player a lot more confidence than 1-0.)

The Grassy Knoll

Dream on.

"Clearly a goal". Look again.

Whatever you say, the tactical changes did not work.



Chris White

Who would stop here about 5 minutes, even if he decided to come !!!

Doncaster Wolf

Adkins? Yes. Di Canio? Are you serious about wanting a neo-nazi at Wolves?

Sir Lupi

Yes. We should of gone for him instead of appointing Saunders.

He was a top player and is a real talent as a manager. He would sort out this lot of underachievers in no time.

I'd have Di Canio in tomorrow, however he will be at west ham before Moxey can say 'Paulo who??'


can someone with any football no how please tell me what di canio as ever done in football managment .


Adkins is the only other but is it saunders fault i ask you. i think it lies more with morgan & moxey. everytime a manager even thinks about spending any serious amount of cash on players there on there bike.




Waffle,Waffle bore off you sound like an MP

We are doomed under this regime. We all know it.

Morgan....please sell

New Owner.....Appoint new CEO

DS.....back to doncaster please.

pete 44

spot on mate


Lost desire! I suggest you get rid of any player who has lost his desire. These players get paid more money in a week or two than the supporters earn in a year.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Dean. It wouldn't be a bad idea if the "management team" of Morgan and Moxey did the same and manned UP.

Instead of you and Moxey being the mouthpiece's of the club a statement from Morgan would

not go amiss.

Do they not realise just sitting in their ivory tower is not good enough. Building a stadium

to house 30,000 plus supporters is not much good in the third and fourth tiers of English


Selly park wolf

So DS states we need to 'man up' well so does he by requesting a striker from the two misers!


Keep working at it Deano. Confidence, is a huge factor and we haven't got any.

Good Luck


Reply to myself

If we can get some confidence, might take a bit of luck, and even with these players (and all the complaints on here about them) we could be a totally different team !

Gornal Wolf

A polite way of saying "the players dont give a damn, theyve got it too easy, results dont hurt them like they do the fans...",


Whilst I agree that players need to man up, Saunders must pick the best players at his disposal - something he clearly has not been doing. Furthermore, he should be working on the training ground on formations and tactics? Last but not least... some of the players are in shocking form or just not good enough - Henry, Foley, Edwards.

Who knows.. as we are playing top of the league and its England v Wales, we may see some passion on Sunday. God help them if they don't? If they thought the abuse was bad on Tuesday, it could be much worse at home!

Stour Steve

What total and utter negative nonsense. Well done Morgan and Moxey, 3rd ridiculous managerial appointment in a row. Idiots.


man up deano and please leave our club ,before its to late ,SOS MR ADKINS ,OR DI CANIO

Sedgley Wolves

Keep changing managers aint gonna help a thing here as we have found out over the last 18 months. The disease in this club is the board and the players who have been there over 5 years. These should have been cleared out ages ago but it was the board and Mick Mc'Carthy who stuck with them for far too long. Until we get the deadwood out of this club we will continue to slide no matter what manager we have.

Henry, ward, berra, edwards all out! rubbish players

Oh and Moxey out now!!

sports giant

If anyone asks where's the money gone I can tell you it's to pay our sacked managers contracts up can't wait for relegation at least we might see our dross win a game


'We won't turn into a winning team overnight'... turning into a Football Team would be a start. I can't get to the games any longer but I do wonder what the atmosphere will be like on Sunday... depite the result it will be very interesting to see what transpires following the game.

I just wonder if Dumb & Dumber will break the silence...

999 a real emergency

Barnsley have

The Molineux Ghost

The Wolves team and the fans have been totally let down by those in charge at the club. Since Micks sacking the decisions made by them have led to the position we are in now. I think Deano has one hell of a job on his hands to turn it around. He and the players need our moral support if we are to avoid being relegated again.

My Friend Stan

How the hell did this guy pass the interview?, answers on the back of a fag packet please

Wolf at gate

You mean this may have been an interview !!!

Colley Gate Wolf

Because he was happy to be paid the peanuts that tightwad Moxey offered


You mean postage stamp surely.

Roaring Boy

In other words don't blame me if we go down!

Morgan the Muppet won't sack him even if like clipboard he never wins another game, and looks like we won't

Need to think of something to protest and I don't mean shouting and spitting by the Billy Wright

10 mins in the whole ground boos' for 1 min

Don't buy a single drink, pie, place a bet etc

Anything we are doing nothing the Scouse Arrogant Idiot needs to no


Booing for 1 minute! That's really going to achieve alot! If you want to protest, vote with your feet and stay away from the bloody ground!

Roaring Boy

I suppose you will tell Morgan he is doing a good job everythings great and Happy clap.



Far from a happy clapper, the way the club is being run is a disgrace, but booing achieves absolutely nothing. It will hurt them more when attendances start to fall. So get your bloody facts right.



Is that sad?


the roots of this lie with mick. he got the best out of average players in the 1st prem season but did nothing to really strenghen the squad and add quality. the majority of these players like ward,foley,henry,doyle , berra were due for replacement 2 seasons ago and mick,tc and stale have continued to reward their shambolic performances by picking them week after week, and to add insult to injury offering them new contracts ???. no i dont miss mick, he couldnt make the tough decisions by dropping his favourites and lettin them go when they were no longing performing and will do the same at ipswich too.


Keep quiet and win a few games! That's what we want. That's what all the players and management staff get paid handsomely to do.


DS is quite right,no one can teach you character.Its there or it isn't.

Players shouldn't be relying on someone else to dig in and battle to the end.

You wouldn't have seen Bully rolling over as these players do.

Chase Terrace Wolf

I think Bully has already rolled over by buying one of the houses in Compton he has defected or been brainwashed.


1. You obviously lack motivation.

2. Johnson is you problem and has been since he arrived (Big time Charlie)

3. You dont have leaders (Get Jody & Bully into the club in some capacity as defensive & striker coaches until end of season, Wrighty does it at MK Dons. They are part ofthe fabric and want to do well)

4. Get that illusive mature striker in quick or we are going down

5. Do something as a team and introduce them to each other in a personal way. Go to an army training camp and put them through the mill and train them to man up)

6. Get in a Hympnotist (Paul McKenna)

7. I have run out of straws to clutch at sorry?

Aldridge Wolf

Its true that there is a defeatist nature about our team but its been there for well over 12 months now. Why has it never been addressed? Why after conceding so many goals during this period have we stuck to predominantly the same back 4?

If we had blooded a handful of the club's promising youngsters earlier in the season, they would have been settled in by now and aware of their team mates habits, strengths and weaknesses. In true Wolves shambolic style, I can see us throwing in Ismail, Cassidy, Forde, Doherty and possibly others in a desperate bid to freshen things up with about 5 games to go but it'll be too late by then and they'll be rabbits in some very bright relegation-bound headlights.

The biggest and best club in the country (Man United) always allow their promising youngsters time out on loan to develop at other clubs and gradually introduce them to their team. We just seem to send them out on loan for years and eventually release them (Mark Little, Elliott Bennett). The saying is "if you're good enough you're old enough" so what are we waiting for Wolves? Lets get some young, hungry players into this team NOW


Another day, the same old rubbish. You are out of your depth Mr Saunders. Go back to playing Golf with Mr Morgan please and leave this club alone.

Wolf Blast

Dean says he can't alter the players character yet most of these guys held their own in the PL but we all knew they wouldn't be good enough longer term. Every club knows this which is why you have to invest in new talent. I therefore don't accept that these guys are not up the Championship. I think a malaise has set in due to poor management by the 3Ms which is up to the manager to get rid of thats his challenge.

I thought with the changes in defence we had stopped the leaks but I would still persevere with the new arrangement get a couple of draws and then one win as I believe the confidence will come back in a dramatic way. Hope I am proved right.

Suggest Dean doesn't speak to the press everyday so he doesn't make these pointless statements just to say something.

Wouldn't say no to Di Canio though

Wim Doomed!!

This bloke is clueless. What's Steve Bruce doing these days?


taking Hull up to the premiership by the looks of it.


Its wrong to blame the players for the managers errors (Barnsley 4-5-1) These players gave their all and at time produced superb flowing soccer. Standards have improved since Baath / Gorks / Robinson arrived.

Johnson is much to good to be left out and might well fit in at right back with above defence and of course

C. Ikeme in goal. J. O`Hara is essential on left m/f and try Peszko / right side (Hunt/Hammil subs.)

Creative forward DRIVING midfield can be acheived from players already at club. Suggest that KH does not fit this profile and Doumbia needs to regain earlier form and commitment.

Ward, Sako, Cassidy and Siggo across the front should provide the most potent attacking force, and this

formation combines the most skillful performers who possess the attitude to lift the spirit to new heights,

and given two or three games together, to obtain the needed results. Suggest this must be worth a try.

C`mon DS, you`ve about had time to assess your players matchday potential, and its not too late to obtain

the needed wins. Mid March will tell. Success breeds success, full crowd support needed and go for it !!!

old gold46

yes but you playing edwards and foley both a waste of time and cassady need to start it time to give other a try the rest have had there chance for long enough and have come up well short.

Willie Carr but Robbie's Keane

"... we won't turn into a winning machine overnight."

I don't think we've got much choice.


"As a collective unit, we haven’t been getting the right results and that’s why I’ve been brought in. I’ve got to change it. The performances have been good enough to win."

No they havent Dean, thats why we havent won. You were the wrong man for the job!! Not that i have any hope of you leaving, but youve done a worse job than Solbakken, and we know what happened to him!!

Tipton Wolves

"Saunders is Tinkering" I think Deano habit of tinkering is part of the problem especily during matches as to why we not winning.

Ikeme Foley Batth Gorkss Robinson Peszko O Hara Doumbia Sako Sigurdarson Ebank Blake.

Sandy Gray ( a King is born to-day-ay-ay..... )

The men on the pitch aren't up to it Deano- be bold & brave & drop them - stick the boys in and let's try & score more goals than the opposition......I've not felt this down since we plummeted through the divisions 30 years ago & almost into non-league oblivion. It's been such a long road back and thanks to astonishingly bad management decisions we find ourselves heading the same way again.....FOR PITY's SAKE HAS ANYONE IN THE CURRENT SET UP GOT ANY SENSE OF HISTORY & OUR HURT?

stafford pete

cant anyone see we are not interested in quality management,it would just cause problems for m and m.we wont be touching adkins or de canio.they want a yes man who will try and create a reputation with the rubbish he has got to work with,but dont worry most of these fine stars of ours will find their level next season in the next division down and everybody will be applauding when we are managing to score a few goals and maintain our position in that league.and finally alex furguson couldnt turn these players around so whats the point in getting on deanos back


We need two or three more loanees. What we have are not good enough and haven't been for years. They may have played in the prem but as sure as i am writing this blog, Henry, Ward, Foley, Edwards, Berra, Elokobi and SEB are not prem players and never will be. They play but do not contibute like O'Hara, Sako, Siggy etc. Im sure if DS was permitted to bring in more loanees we will see a change. If he has been instructed by Morgan to lower the rubbish wage bill why has he not offloaded more players on loan or told them directly they are not in his plans and find another club. We get relegated then we will struggle more so as the players we have most of them will be sold or want to move on and if Morgan has not put his hand in his pocket now then DS will have to either get a part time job or take the bottles back to the offie!

They can deny and 'bat off' all the poignant questions put to them all they like but when the fans, pundits and media look at the overall pattern of this clubs obvious decline they will all come to the same conclusion, NOT ENOUGH INVESTMENT IN QUALITY PLAYERS TO KEEP THE CLUB IN THE PREM BUT BUILT A USELESS STAND INSTEAD! WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE TRANSFER KITTY FROM SALES?

I hope it makes them squirm with embaressment!



les buxton wolves

how about di mattio and ray wilkins


Morgan and moxey I have watched wolves now for years. If you need a plan for the future I will help you. First dean saunders is out of his depth and comfort zone so he needs to go and bring in Adkins proven manager he's been in league 1, championship and the premier league, second get rid of the clowns on the pitch they clearly don't want to play for wolves any longer. Maybe Morgan should ask himself if moxey is the right to remain as CEO. And Morgan needs to stop listening to recommendations from Liverpool as they making you look foolish. You got wolves in this mess you need to get them out! Otherwise you will loose out when we stop buying our season tickets.


Spot on Tomwolf.


Edwards on the right wing????????? And you were saying how many right sided midfielders you have....... try a winger Dean?? It isnt that difficult to work out.

A right winger plays ................... on the right wing. Thats right Dean.

or if not Edwards you have played Siggy there.................... a striker...................

derrrrr lol

London Wolf2

Well said rich5wolves. Could not agree more. Please play players in the position that they were signed, it is not rocket science!!!


A few real facts about the Wolves:

Taken from their published accounts.

In the 2 years we were trying to win promotion we lost 9 million pounds, wages averaged 15.5 million per year and directors costs averaged £492,000 per year.

In the 3 years in the prem, we made 14 million pounds, wages averaged 35 million per year ( up 225%) and directors costs averaged 1.15 million per year( up 235%)

In the year to 31st may 2012 the club made a profit of 2 million.

By anyones standards we should be a club envied by many.

Seems to me only problem is the performance on the field.

I am not at all defending anyone on the board ( they don't seem to have had a drop in pay for poor results) , but seems to me the lazy , fat cat players have one hell of a lot to answer for.

Premier wages, non league results.

The damage was done in the last two years in the prem, overpaid under performing virtually to a man.

Time to start winning and earning their wages , even 50% this year is far to much based on results.

We Only Need One Half!

Serious question about Premier wages, am I right in thinking when Johnston signed he was guaranteed his Prem wages even if you got relegated? and does this still apply if you go out the Championship?

Saunders Foot

Serious question about smugness, do you still hold the world record ?

We Only Need One Half!

I take it no one knows the answer then?


Look at Doncaster's record and look at ours. I should think Dean and his back- up men must be asking themselves what it was that persuaded them to come.


So - 7 matches in and he shows us what most of us knew all along. He is totally out of his depth. A guy who's CV as a manger (forget his bit part coaching roles which coincidentally were not all that successful either!) is to have taken Doncaster down in similar circumstances. The messages from Dean have been sliding since he got the job. Week 1 - we can still put a run together and make the playoffs. Week 4 - We need to turn this around or we are going down, forget the playoffs. Week 6 - I can't help these players. Gross misconduct in my eyes - a disgrace.


And Wolves' manager of the month for February is........


manc andy

If you carnt motivate them anymore and they need to go somewhere else, as you say then dont play them,,play the kids,why play over paid premadonnas if they arnt willing to give there all for the club and supporters,,its a disgrace and its not going to change while you are sulking to the press.I wonder if they would find their desire and hunger if you docked their wages after a loss.Maybe the players you are talking about should be sat in a room with a handfull of supporters , and if they arnt motivated then they never will be Dean,,i fear you are now flogging a dead horse.Good news i see ,Wards fit again..........fit for nothing...UTW

Bemused Wolf

How about appointing a captain Deano ? You know someone with leadership qualities who can lead by example. Rally the team when they are up against it. How about Danny Batth ?


Sounds as if he has now given up just like most of the fans. The statements he puts out just state the obvious.


I'm certainly not a happy clapper but I think it's far too early to start slagging off the manager. Totally agree the jury is still out regarding his managerial skills but what he's saying is bang on right. These (well-paid) bunch of players have not only not performed for him but for three managers before. I honestly believe the task at the club is that difficult that much more experienced managers than Di Canio or Adkins would struggle to turn things around quickly.

There's a deep rooted stink at the club. Everyone agrees that there needs to be wholesale changes to the playing staff - 'out with the old, in with the new' but the problem with that is it's going to have to be 'the old' that keeps us in this division. And... why shouldn't it be? They got us in to this mess, they are paid handsomely for their (sometimes lack of) efforts and above all they represent the club so 100 per cent should be a given every time they cross the line.

It's certainly not good times at The Molineux but let's hold all the stick and protests until we know what league we're in next year. We all love this club - okay at the moment we might not love the team, manager or players - but I'm sure we stand a much better chance of averting disaster and relegation by sticking together. Yes - at the end of it - whether we stop up or not, serious questions must be asked to everyone concerned but let's deal with that when the time's best!

Billy Kellock legend

Shut up Soundbite Saunders. Its not all doom and gloom. We will have the Johnstone Paint trophy possibly to add to the trophy cabinet, as long as we can get past Crawley and Barnet etc in the first round.

Bruce, Trinidad

Sorry, I can't see us winning the Johnson's Paint Trophy next season. We'll field a team of reserves at Barnet. They will show great promise, by leading at half time, but Barnet will come back to grab a win in front of 945 spectators including 75 travelling fans. Those of us not in the country will be able to follow all the exciting action on the live blog on the Wolves website.

P.S. Are the JPT games two legged? Even more exciting: two blogged games to follow!

Shifnal David

This is absolute drivel, if it wasnt so serious it would be laughable, we all agree SS had to go but to get rid of him at Saturday teatime and appoint Saunders by Sunday night, a man who has no track record of success or handling a "Big" club (well, we used to be!) a man who experiencec relegation with Doncaster last year..... Was he really only appointed because of his friendship with SM I am beginning to believe so? How much longer can we put up with these terrible mistakes from those running the club, We really will go down if this continues, I hope you are there on Sunday Mr. Morgan i think you may get the message that we are not happy!


We need a new striker or two, stop going on about the players attitude, we all know they care more for money than our club.. They should have their wages froze until they win again.


For god sake deano will you please just shut up ! Get on with it you,the players speak a good game blah blah blah , just get bloody on with it you fool !


Saunders is the most out of his depth manager I've known at the club as a fan of 25 years. I could even understand how the club got the decision to give Connor the job last year, it is not unknown for an assistant to get the job short term in football after all... but to actively recruit Saunders from outside, a man whose only experience at our level is one relegation year is just shocking.

If Moxey is really advising Morgan on these decisions he needs the boot, if it is Morgan alone, for god's sake, Steve, get some proper outside advice instead of your mates at the Cheshire Golf Club (ie Jan Molby recommending Solbakken, and now Ian Rush no doubt tipping Saunders). Remove DS as soon as the summer comes and give us a proper experienced manager with some essence of gravitas instead of these David Brentisms.

Head Banging!

Who's decision was it to go to a 4-5-1 after going 1-0 up???

Who was it that said Doyle is like Bully??

Who was it that said that we have the players of keeping us up??

And we always get the players like Henry praising whoever is in charge?

The same old stuff we just need a win?

And guess what the transfer news is in the E&S for today 'all quiet on the transfer front for our teams today'. The loan window has been open what?? over a week now?? and not one sign of a striker when we actually need 2 more strikers???

If a company is repeatedly failing, the buck stops with the Chief Exec and he gets the chop but here that does not seem to be the case??

And as for not being able to change things overnight, what Flitcroft at Barnsley?????????

Mike MAlick

Dean...Your clock is ticking





ADKINS is on his way ....


And how long would Adkins get? Or Di Canio? Or anyone else mentioned? How often can a team expect to change a manager, and get existing players to play for that manager, when they know he has a few weeks at most? Why should they change tactics? They know that they will have another set to learn in a month or two.

Oh, it's so easy on Championship manager, isn't it?

Sedgley Slayer

No he is not. There is no way that Moxey/Morgan will sack Saunders now. They wouldn't dare admit that they completely messed it up yet again.

So I am afraid that you are dreaming if you think that Adkins is on his way. I would love it if he was but it aint gonna happen! Besides, why would he want the job anyway?


Mike. Don't bank on it. Wishful thinking methinks.

Mark B

Needs something, early bird sales will be dependant on a win or two

101 chicken chow mein

weeeeer all dooooooooooomed


I get sick and fed up of reading the same old people whinging about the same old things, but who get no nearer Molineux than what they read on here. Just man up, and stop hiding behind your keyboards.

You complain about Dean Saunders coming on here and saying how he feels things are, and yet you complain also that Morgan never says anything. You can't have it both ways. If Saunders and the players say nothing, what will you bunch of whingers have to moan at? NOTHING!! Most of you can't vent your feelings at the games, as you just don't go to the games. How many of you were at Barnsley on Tuesday? How many will be at the Cardiff game at the weekend? Most of you will be listening to WM's biased commentary or reading it and commenting on here or some other website under your nom-de-plumes. You know nothing other than to moan, and do it incessantly. We all know we are in trouble, and that there is a real possibility we may get relegated again. That doesn't mean we have to pick apart everything that is said, and add fuel to the fire by reading into comments things that are not meant. If a certain lager company did supporters, they would be nothing like most of you.

You say Saunders is out of his depth, and yet it is obvious he is changing things. We actually look as though we may win games now, and that will be followed by actually winning. We were unlucky again on Tuesday with O' Hara's shot that actually went in off the crossbar, but was not given. That would have been two-nil, and we would probably have gone on and won. You feel that your knowledge is better than Saunders? How many of you have played football at the top level, and played for your country? He obviously isn't failing at the moment, but is being let down by certain players. He has changed three quarters of the back four. Wasn't that something that was needed? He has given some of our youngsters a chance to play. Were we not asking for that? He has changed the method of football to get the ball forward quicker. Didn't some of you insist on that when Solbakken was here? If he is thick, then so are some of you lot, because he has done several of the things YOU wanted. We need another striker, and he has already said he is trying to get one. you can't just wander down the garden and take one from the Striker Tree. Give the guy a chance.

Head Banging!

The best protest of all is silence and no one there, a total boycott. That will send the loudest message


Well put, I couldn't say it better myself. About time someone was positive for a change. Get behind the team and keep the moaning for the end of the season when we can reflect and truly judge what has or hasnt been achived under Dean Saunders. If the fans constantly slate the team and the manager then how will that help motivate them to stop WWFC from dropping down another league!

Dominic Whitehouse

You have said everything i wanted to. Protest on Sunday? get a life Wolves fans - What the heck is that going to achieve actually? I will tell you - Nothing. Sorry, it will - it will have a very negative effect on our team and then guess what will happen?

Get behind the team on Sunday - yes, things aint right but we can help change that. Support the team he plays. Everyone has their own opinion on who should be playing, but get this in to your heads - they are Wolves players so you should support them !

And one more thing - I believe that this team will avoid relegation and lets see what the summer brings eh !

Willenhall Wolf - WFE

Bob drifter

Playing for your country or playing at the top level does not make you a good manager, just as you going to Barnsley does not mean that you know more about wolves than anyone else on here. You call people stupid for moaning about results then go on to say after 8 games you say what we're actually close to winning a game ? If you haven't noticed , wolves are now taking up a relagation place in the championship . If you think that looking close to winning a game after two months and a slide from mid table is nothing to moan about , then you are easily pleased. Fans have the right to view their opinions whatever they are . When your board appoints a manager who's only achievement as a manager is to get his team relegated , he can't win one game in 8 and now looks odds on to add another relegation to his cv of course people will moan! Fans want the truth on how Morgan views our club and the truth about where he can take it. Not day after day of drivel off the manager and the players . The stats never lie , we're in big trouble and its nothing to clap about!!!!!!!


Some of us can't get to the games, Breretonwolf. What are the expats in Oz, NZ, USA etc. meant to do? The troops serving in Afghanistan? They can't get to the games but they are fans nevertheless and these threads are their only link. I'm amongst those unable to go due to age/health reasons. I live 150 miles from W-ton and for 17 years held a ST and travelled to virtually every home game in that time. It cost me a lot of money - and time. Prior to my season ticket holding days, I attended whenever I could afford/manage it. I've followed the team since 1951. In recent years I've gone from Happy Clapper to Somewhat Disillusioned. I don't agree with all the posts I read, and I don't know if you disapprove of mine, but they have become my link with the club and its fans and as such I can live with what I read - and if people are unhappy with me I can take it. What you have indicated is largely true - the E&S gives us soundbites and sometimes we respond with a knee jerk reaction rather than pausing to think or even check the story against the fuller version on the Wolves' web site. It is always wise to check comments taken out of context. And yes, Saunders has fulfilled the wishes of some people in his attempts to implement change. Isn't it a case of "you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time?" But, Breretonwolf, go easy on those of who are no longer in the crowds because, believe me, we'd give anything to be there if only we could.


Sensible post Solent.


Clap clap clap. Agreed, very well said Breretonwolf!


Spot on.

I can't believe it took this many posts to get to a properly thought out 'argument' against the standard 'x out' 'x is rubbish' 'x doesn't know what they are doing' - your points about wanting the defence changed, the style changed and the people moaning from a distance are all absolutely accurate.

I guess what everybody actually wants is a 100% win record and the rest isn't so important!!

I think Dean can do it, i'd like to see him being given a couple more loan players but at the same time, what is around that is better than what we have? I'd throw Cassidy in personally but then no doubt some fans would be booing him in a few games when he has only scored 1 in 4!

Bewdley Wolf

You should know better than to come on here with a reasoned, well informed view based on actually going to games and looking at the bigger picture.


Totally agree and the latest in thing is I'm not renewing, well I'll tell you something,I am..Been through worse than this, I'll give him a chance, love it when people come on here give us their team as if they know better...It's like someone said it's like deserting your family when they're in trouble,it's in the blood. ta ra from an happy clapper(oh the shame).

Italia Lupo(Italian Wolf)

Well said Sue! I wish I could come to the mol. Many years have passed since I did but for 50 years I have been a fan and if God allows I will be for 50 more years good times or bad! Now for you young doubters stay loyal and try not to be too critical ,Yeah!

Waggies Left Peg

Unbelievable, didn't the mighty Deano state when he took the job that he would change the players losing mentality into a winning one, now he claims that he can't be expected to do it. The man is an idiot, we are well and truly rubber ducked, God help us Morgan and Moxey have managed to find someone more clueless than Connor, now that must have taken some doing.

wayne wolves

same as last season we dropped into the bottom 3 and never won another game and got relagated we are doomed while Redrow Morgan is in charge


DS is a nobody, what he is doing managing my great club i will never know.

You should know if it's your club

Nick D

So, DS has finally admitted that he is in charge of a bunch of players who have no desire or fight for the club or its long suffering fans!! Deano, I could have told you that 2 seasons ago!!

The quotes he has come out with today scream that he has not got the foggiest how to get the team up for a game and motivate them. It seems we are in even deeper trouble than I thought. Welcome to league 1 chaps!

Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

At last Supporters are wakin up too the real Culprits here. Mr Morgan Mr Moxey, you are BOTH responsible for the downfall of the Club, Not TC, nor Solbakken or Saunders they are just fall guys for your incompetance. We re not asking you too Bankrupt the Club, just spend a little money to buy some decent Players who will be able too win promotion from League 1. Your gonna have too start planning for next Season. God knows what will happen If you dont

John De Wolf

Had Solbakken been sacked a week later, I'm sure (or at least hope) we would have gone for Adkins not Saunders.

I have not been impressed since he's come in. He's proved to be worse then Solbakken who on the basis of our last 7 games, shouldn't have been sacked.

Saunders has not won in 7 matches and if his main attribute was his motivational ability what does this tell us?

Although we would be the scourn of football by sacking Saunders, ultimately we have to do what's best for the club. Go and get Adkins.


And when Adkins gets 2 points from his first six games, you`ll be crying out for someone else to come in. And so it goes on.


get rid of Saunders now he is another totally inept coach

Adkins is free get him and we survive if not down we go with this totally inept dreamer


There is something more to this situation than mets the eye. Anyone remember when we were going well under Dave Jones and then we missed out on the play offs. That was because the team didnt want to be in the play offs because most of the team had booked their holiday to Las Vagas. It was Paul Butler that informed Dave Jones what went on. He got rid of the players involved next season. Something is going on behind the scenes. I wont pay to see this rubbish

Eddie Pye

Dean - I was going to say nothing as I had nothing to say. But since the result & your comments I have only this to say. I am no football manager so I carry no experience with what you are currently going through. Nevertheless it seem you are playing the same trusted 1st eleven that failed McCarthy, Conner, Stolbakken & now unfortunately you. These guys have a losing mentality? Seriously Dean you need to introduce McAlinden, Doherty, - Batth is now part of the team.

Dean you need to sign Pezko & Sigiardsuun . Boukari, Sako - you will not keep O'Hara, Johnson or other idiots who won't want to play for us.



The team actually looked quite good and was doing fine before you tinkered with the formation Dean. Play the same side again, replacing Edwards with Pzeko, keep Siggy and SEB upfront and we will win games. Do not under any circumstances replace Robinson with Ward!


In the wider context of things is it that important if the Wolves go down?

I think not.If you are really miffed off then do not go to the matches, do not buy a season ticket but go on a holiday with the money.

Look what happened with Southampton and Reading. They both went down and came back stronger.


Come on get real.......................................Mr Morgan needs to man up, if I ran a business like himselg & Moxey have I would have been sacked years ago, it all comes back to not having a plan B when they decided to get rid of Mick.............................Bad Move fact


I guess like a lot of Wolves fans I fear the next two matches as we entertain Cardiff and then Watford, on paper two matches that will not reap any points, but we live in hope. So two weeks time we could be bottom of the Championship... And would life in Division 1 be different??? Well hopefully we would maybe win some matches (which is what we hoped for this season) but after TC and nil wins in 13 (with SS and that football so like those terrible days of Hoddle in charge) and at the moment DS no wins in 7, we thought it could not get any worse... Gates will fall and in the worst recession ever those fans we lose will maybe not renew in the future.. It's wins (and if possible good footie to watch too) that puts bums on seats... I really hope that DS can get some wins (but from where at the moment), just to build confidence, and maybe give us hope for next season which ever division we are in...

So looking forward, come April what happens then.... Well I think we prepare for next season. give some of the youngsters a chance and look forward to May when the curtain will fall on yet another dire season, end end this nightmare, and we all thought it could not get any worse that the end of last season..... So what will happen well if Baath and Gorkss (who both so far have offered us a change in defence, at last) and with Robinson lets hope he is a success... That will mean Berra (out of contract) Johnson (save on his wages big time) and Ward (been here far too long) Elokobi will need to go... Margeitter always seems be injured... Doumbie maybe on his way with Pesko (both on loan here I think) and Hunt (out of contact)... Henry to go to Ipswich.... Doyle maybe (another save on big wages) and maybe a host of others.... A team with two relegations in two years (and under 4 managers) really needs changing big time

And if we do go down will DS still be in charge and if so will he be backed with funds??? And please please which ever league we are in a Director of Football is a must....

Could be worse we could be in loads of debt and go down....



Bring on David Beckham. Midfield transformation. New owner-player-manager.

spanish ray

I have never heard such drivel coming from a Wolves Manager who according to the two MM`s would be the saviour of Wolves.He was hired too quickly and I would like to know why.O`Driscoll was available and so was Adkins,why were`nt interviews carried out in a proffessional manner and why were no interviews carried out at all.Why? because the two idiots who run this club panicked and showed they do not have a clue on how to run a football club.Well I`ll tell you now Morgan and Moxey niether of you will be favoured by our fans if you don`t do something now to stop our demise.Drastic action has to be taken and you should be telling Saunders that he is not the man for the job and calling Adkins to come and sort the mess out now,not at the end of the season bedcause I don`t thik he will want to run a division 1 side.That`s what it will be if you continue to sit on your back-sides much longer.For god`s sake,WAKE UP.

Sedgley Slayer

Feel a bit sorry for Deano. He is clearly trying his best but I'm obviously not convinced that he has the credentials to stop the rot. This is entirely Moxey and Morgans fault for their woeful decisions over the past 13 months (with sackings, appointments, and lack of ambition/funding for the manager). However, I am also very angry with the players. They clearly have the ability and they are letting us all down, week-in week-out. Its all talk and no substance. They don't show any heart or passion, it is pathetic.

Since I was 6 years old I have always had a season ticket (I'm now 26), but I really don't feel like showing loyalty and throwing more money at Moxey, Morgan and all of these passionless players. Afterall, who am I showing loyalty to? I have lost all trust and belief in everyone at Molineux from the boardroom to the players.

Filthy Wolf

Saunders is out of his depth. We need to urgently bring in a back up - not sack him, we do not need that. But surely we can bring in an 'advisor'. Yes, Di Canio would be a funny choice because he would physically slap them into shape, but to sack anyone now is going to get us nowhere.

Saunders was a bad choice and whatever happens should be let go in the summer. Morgan? Go BEGGING to Wilkins or Curbishley. Show some ambition!

AC Slater

Can somebody who wants Moxey to resign please explain to me what he has actually done wrong? I am not the most intellegent person in the world but I believe Moxey is an employed by the club to look after it's finances under orders from the owner?

Moxey negoitiated £18 million for Feltcher and Jarvis, more money than most fans would of expected. Sold Frank Noumble for a fee despite buying him for nothing six months previous and negotiated contarcts with our top earners so there wages dropped when we were relegated. He also knocked Birmingham down by about £5 million pounds when signing Roger Johnson when people at the time thought we'd never have a chance of signing him.

Steve Morgan owns and runs this club, if he has not invested as much money as he should or has taken money out of it to bolster his own pockets that is a choice he will of made himself. Moxey is employed to save the club as much money as possible and negoitate the best deals in regards to players, sponsorships and corporate which I think most people would agree he has done well.

Maybe its me and I am more than happy to be put right but what is it that this man has done that means he is at fault for where we are today. To me blame the players for not being motivated, blame a mixture of all four managers and certainly blame Morgan for his lack of investment but to blame Moxey doesn't seem to make sense?


This is all very sad and embarrassing as well as extremely annoying and frustrating ! We r a laughing stock ,everytime dean speaks he embarrases himslf and the club !what a load of amatuers from the board down we are !rewind to justover a yearv ago around the time MM was sacked ,,everyone is of the opinion he should have been fired at the end of the previous season ,but I tell u why he wasn't ,bevause morgan and moxey didn't have the vision to see WWFC without MM at the helm and the way he did everything more oir less on the cheap !there was never a plan B and there still isn't we r going from one catastrophe to another !! Morgan u really need to take a backward step walkaway ,and take the blame for this catastrophic mess WWFC finds itself in ! the buck stops at u" MR STEVE MORGAN" this is all of your creation steve !!!!please do ythe honourable thing and sell our famous and beloved club to someone who is capable of leading our club with a competent and professional apptoach ,something that is obviously well and truly beyond U!!!

codsall wolf

Whilst Dean Saunders continues to play Dave Edwards over Pezco I will have absolutely no faith in any of the rubbish comes out of his "David Brent" esq mouth.

Never have I heard someone use so many frankly ridiculous cliches in three weeks,

It was your tactics that invited pressure on Tueday Dean - playing deep with no outlet to allow the opposition to come at us again, and again, and again, thereby fanning the flames of low confidence that you refer to, so maybe you need to man up?

When you came in you were all about changing mentality blah blah blah, but with the exception of one 45 minutes at leicester, you have failed to this. At all.

You have not even had the immediate positive run that usually comes with a change in management.

In my eyes, whilst I don't blame you for taking the job, you are clearly not capable of delivering the immediate short term results we so desparately need.

Dean Saunders - A novice

WWFC - Not a job for a novice (Jez Moxey, Feb 2012)


At least you wont "Do an Albion"


DS time to man up, no chance the players are quite happy pay packet every month , see out my contract , find another club.

Mr.Morgan it is time for YOU to man up , Jez Moxey CEO , a failure but a well paid one , another manager appointed who is out of his depth , just like last season when TC was appointed , we will not win another match this season under DS , he will break the record ,that TC created .

Mr Morgan time to take control and show the Wolves fans YOU do care.


Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, Sheffield United, Coventry, Charlton, Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke City, Leicester City.. all clubs of similar size to WWFC (or indeed bigger than WWFC) who have dropped into the third tier in recent years. I think we all know we are not too big to go down, nor do we have any God-given right to stay up even though we know we should be doing much, much better with the squad of players we have at our disposal. Something at the club is rotten to the core and I sincerely believe it is going to be too difficult a job for Deano to fix this season.. chances are we might stay up by the skin of our teeth but personally I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that relegation is looking extremely likely. Still find it amazing that the mentality of essentially the same group of players who took us to the Championship title only 4 years ago has become so different.. so too damn right they need to man up, they are the ones who are responsible for us being in this mess so ultimately they are the ones who need to get us out of it... and for all you utter mugs who keep mentioning the likes of Nigel Adkins coming in as manager, do you really think that is going to happen? Get a grip. Give DS a chance to try and arrest this slide and at the very least see where we are at the end of the season...

London Wolf2

Another sensible and intelligent post. I agree wholeheartedly.


You forgot to mention Norwich and Southampton.


E&Y, please can we have a separate daily column called 'Deano says'. That way, I can concentrate on real stories about Wolves, and only turn to the Deano says column when I'm bored and want a laugh.

Father Doogal

A message to Brother Saunders, if you cant change their characture change the man, the 'charactures' you have playing for you are not good enough........ here endith todays lesson, go in peace.


i dont feel sorry for dean, he must have known that there were big problems behind the continued poor results over the last 3 seasons. he may need to do a lambert and play some youngsters and fringe players who will at least keep goin for 90 mins and wont give up after we let a goal in like henry and co.


I am a life long Baggie and whilst we have our share of moaning fans you Wulfies seem intent on driving out any sense of pride at Molineux.

Mick was hounded out when the club was in trouble, the executives are accused of not spending ( take a good look at what was spent vs WBA or Swansea!), SS was abused and now DS is being hounded. Individual players are openly harassed and even to the point of members of management being verbally attacked outside the ground and threatened.

The atmosphere is poisonous and the root of that is within the fan base. When things are bad your team of players needs you the most.

Orlando Wolves

Quite right Canuk - constructive criticism, or comment is acceptable. Vitriolic abuse, jostling of players and their families, damaging managers cars and other similar behaviour is not.

Negativity is counter-productive. If fans support the team on Sunday, who knows, we might even get a result.


Mr Saunders, listen up.

We were actually performing quite well (based on reports) against Barnsley, and then you changed the team formation while we were on top.

So, do not just blame the players this time. 'Man up' yourself and take some of the blame for what happened last Tuesday night.



Burntwood Boy

Look at Moxey/Morgan's Interview records over the last 12 months, TC right for job, Rubbish, then Stale, Rubbish again, then Deano, another waste of space. The NEXT Manager should be interviewed by a FOOTBALL EXPERT. I suggest Mr Morgan gets his cash out and PAYS all the deadwood players contracts off, get rid NOW. BRING IN THE KIDS, give them a basic wage with EXTRA CASH FOR POINTS GAINED, easy.


Dear Mr Saunders, please can you concentrate on footballing matters, like training, etc, instead of pandering to journalists EVERY SINGLE DAY?



Time for team to man up

And time for u to shut up

Your constant drivel and the lack of a single win, shut it, u are giving me a headache and twisting my melon man!

paul reynolds

Could you ask to Dean Saunders to have a look at Lyle Taylor at Falkirk goals machine and runs all day.


You dont need to be a genius to see who are the problem in the Wolves team, FOELY not a right back.

WARD not a left back

HENRY not creative midfielder or a captain.

DOYLE not a out and out goal scorer.

All of the above need to be left out because I belive they are the reason SAUNDERS can not change the losing mentality in the team, bring in some players who have somthing to prove ie some of the youngsters before it is to late.

The fans will get behind a team of tryers not the above who keep trying to tell us a load of crap. The manager needs to attack the opposition when get in front and not to try and defend a one goal lead, like the Barnsley game.

Sir Lupi

To fair mate, you have a very strong point.

I can't put my finger on the situation to be honest. I've gone from blaming mick, to blaming the board, to ultimately blaming the players.

We won't beat Cardiff and things will be even worse on come 5.45pm Saturday, sorry but we are woeful.

The only way out of this is with a total revamp with a real manager like mick was/is. I'm not saying mick is great, and he was not the future for the club in our third premiership season, but he knows the ropes, and he did shake the club into the premiership from an equally if not worse squad than we currently have, because he is a proper football manager with intent and authority.

I'm unsure Saunders ticks those boxes and in the situation we are in, we cannot risk another inexperienced gamble.

I'd be so upset if we went down, but at least if we did go down we can clear out this rabble, maybe that's the plan so as to cut the wage bill?? But one thing is for sure, Saunders is no better than mick, TC, or Stale.

We have had many opportunities to get the right manager but missed all of them. I fear the board have made another mistake with Saunders .

I hope I'm wrong, maybe the simple solution is to drop ward, Henry, Doyle and foley.......I know the likes of cloughie would not of hesitated.

Unfortunately, the longer this mess goes on with these players, the longer it will be before we get a whiff of top flight football again.

Dean Saunders, are you a man or a mouse?? It's time to make a statement of intent rather than waffle on in the local rag and conclude you don't really know what the problem is!

Mama Mia, dove signore Di Canio?

Definitive Wolf

Consider the infra-structure at Wolves - all those people behind the scenes who mann the offices, superstores, kitchens, etc. Will relegation signal redundancies? I sincerely hope not, but you can't help but wonder.


Yet More drivel! Getting really fed up of hearing the same old, same old but at least they are changing the person saying it more often........

Chris Camp

DS needs to realise that we must score goals not just get one and then try to hang on. Goals against is not too horrendous but goals for is a reciope for disaster. Get someone like Jackson in now you are wasting your time with Doyle and have been for a long time - works hards, falls over and gets nowhere.

Winchester Wolf

Sent from the future (Monday to be precise):

Wolves manager Dean Saunders says he's 'gutted' after watching his team lose to Cardiff.

'I thought we were looking good until their 5th goal went in. It's just about luck. I'm gutted. Once we win one, I know we'll be okay. And if we're not, it won't be my fault. It'll be the players who haven't 'manned up'. They've lost their Tiger Feet and That Loving Feeling.'

Saunders went on to say he is the man to turn it all around, but he hasn't got a clue how to do it.

Que sera sera, we're going to Shrewsbury.

Dukinfield Wolves: Fairways division

Best post on here for a long time; here, here!!

paul davo

Look the club is now rotten to the core, BIG clubs make tough decisions but our top men are not up to it, once again saunders not the man , i seem yo remember Moxey telling us after mick went it was not a job for a novice , Conner, Stolle, and now the man who"s CV says Relegation, don"t get me wrong it"s not the last 3 men who are at fault, they are simply NOVICE"S , IF big Sam is free in the summer he is the man to get this club sorted, Moxey has to much sway at the club and i bet a few of the staff have stab wounds in the back, Mr Morgan i can only think you have made a mistake well admit it and move on, I am certain you have made your 30m investment back so sell up and let someone with real money have a go,


"Performances have been good enough to win!" Er, no they haven't, we are where we are because the performances have been lacking in quality and desire for the majority of the season! The league table dosen't lie!!! Apart from sako, I can't remember the last midfielder we had who scored regularly! Or even scored! Don't get me started on Johnson and Berra!!!

Wombourne Wolf

It is about time Morgan got rid of this moaning minnie, he came here with the knowledge of the squad and said he could sort it. Well he certainly has sorted it, the results speak for themselves he is a loser.

The squad is not going to change and we need a manager who can motivate these players into some sort of performances that get points, it does not matter how.

So it is no good winging about the players, we need someone who can get them to play.

Do it Mr Morgan before it is too late.


Most of the Wolves' players must be utterly fed up. Imagine: four bosses in a year, each wanting to do things differently. My guess is that most of them just want out of this unholy mess. Money doesn't mean anything when you've already got enough to see you comfortable, as most of these players now have. Let's have a clear out at the end of the season and a fresh start, most likely in League One.


Deano matey - take it from me it all went a over t when Wolves sacked the team psychiatrist or whatever he was called. You see the trouble is the players can't think for themselves and we have no true leader on the pitch at the moment who can tell them what to do when the opposition has the ball. Bring in a Mick Bailey type player - he'd soon sort it!


if the players are feeling sorry for themselves and dont want to put the effort in,put them out of their misery,show them the door, and i mean straight to the job centre. we did it with zuber (who we could of got a fee for). get these wasters out of our club and give the youngstrers a chance, i bet they would put some effort in and certainly wouldnt be feeling sorry for them selvers.


Morgan is a silent destroyer. I sometimes dismiss him as a man who is involved in Wolves in order to portray the image that there is more to him than building houses. Rich men do these things of course. But unfortunately for us his (second-choice) chosen hobby is Wolverhampton Wanderers.

But it’s not just a plaything is it? There is Compton to consider. Green belt land, surely he can't build luxury houses there? Oh he can – not sure how it’s happening, but it is. He’s pulled that off but of course it’s only on a little bit of land behind the platinum-standard Wolves academy. But he has succeeded in building where other firms have failed – he must know his way around planning law eh?

It's a shame he can't deliver the same level of scrutiny to his other project in the city – WWFC. But he has Jez Moxey for that, someone whom, if he worked for Morgan’s building firm, would have been sacked years ago. A dangerous mixture of bumbling incompetence and blind arrogance, here is a man who delivers football failure and is consistently rewarded for it.

The frightening thing for us is that because Morgan doesn’t understand football, he doesn’t understand that Moxey doesn’t understand football either. So he won’t act.

He chooses to continue on blindly, adopting a removed stance that he probably feels is dignified but comes across as belligerence and contempt for the fans. Against all this, the ‘football division’ side of Morgan’s “Project Wolverhampton” is sliding into oblivion. The new stand looks great though, especially the patterns on the seats – forward thinking that as they will be highly visible soon enough


Lets face it even Sir Alex Ferguson could stop this lot from loosing, why do we still call them footballers they have no idea how to play football. With perhaps the exception of one or two of the younger players who have only just been selected to play and one on loan defender the rest are rubbish, division one if they are allowed to stay another season then this club be in even more relegation battles. Mr Saunders if you are still here next season and I think that something tells me you will not be here, perhaps it's time to throw caution to the wind and play all the youngsters for the rest of the season. Then that may just let the rubbish that pull on a Wolves shirt now see that they are no longer required at this club and by their performances this season and last season will not be wanted by any-other club. As for the management at the Wolves time for them to pack their bags and leave this club before they can inflict any more damage on this once GREAT CLUB, PLEASE GO AND GO SOON.


After being a loyal supporter to this club through thick and thin for 45 years the time has come for me to sa enough is enough as i wont pay another penny into this club its gutless,desireless,players and the muppets at the top M&M WE ARE AGAIN THE lAUGHING STOCK of the Midlands and i hope many other supporters follow my actions and Vote with there feet and stay away its what they deserve


I cannot see any point in sacking Dean Saunders.He has inherited this team.Tuesday's result has 'gutted' most Wolves fans.This was a must win game that they blew.One comment about the game was that the Barnsley players wanted to win the game more than the Wolves players.With games against Cardiff & Watford next,one wonders where the next win is going to come from.Division One beckons!WE need a complete overhaul of the club.Cancel the contracts of the deadwood or transfer list them and start afresh.Let's just cut our losses with these has-beens/no hopers!Bring in the younger players and hopefully acquire players who are going to contribute to Wolves' revival.This is going to take years.

It is apparent that Steve Morgan is not committed to the club.Please Mr Morgan sell up and let's have someone in who is committed to the club.Jez Moxey must be one of the most hated people in Wolverhampton.Time to say goodbye to Moxey and let's have a CEO who is Football oriented and committed to the club.THe fans have given their all for the club and have been let down by the club.However i feel that they will back the club to the hilt if they feel they are going in the right direction.The rot must stop now.


One of the prob. is Henry, he is a disaster. Why have now 4 manager used him and Doyle in front. Doyle is not a goalscorer, put him in to Henrys place og throw Henry out. Do it and I think we will be a little better.


if anybody on here needs a reason to really get behind OUR team in the season run in take a quick look on the boggies page,all the usual suspects are on there laughing themselves hoarse at our current situation,at the moment they're riding high and rightly loving every minute of it but the gloating is something we should all keep in mind for the future.Remember these kind of things go in cycles so eventually we will be back where we belong and that's on top,so for goodness sake let's put all the moaning and bitterness to one side and get behind the wolves,our team,not Steve Morgans,then with our support hopefully we can save ourselves this season then kick on next.Before certain others call me delusional or a happy clapper,I'm neither,just a born and bred Wolves supporter that would like nothing better than to ram the idiot boggie taunts down their throats .Come on we've all got to at least agree that there's nothing quite like a good result to fire you up and it's been a very difficult time of late,but let's get up there on Sunday and get behind OUR CLUB WWFC.


Man up...man up. What kind of management talk is this...hardly inspirational is it....this is terrace talk not the kind of thing to get the team going. Are they feeling sorry for themselves?......aaahh bless them. Cardiff must be trembling with fear reading this kind of stuff.


i have worked hard in my career and achieved well, in my first senior position as CEO my third year was a disaster and i issued a letter of apology to our shareholders, 24hrs later i was sacked.

I learnt some valuable lessons and built a team of winners around me and we had a collective accountability and guess what we succeeded.

Jez you have failed and admirably admitted it so please Steve man up and sack him and as a builder let your appointed manager build his team of winners with the senior support he needs, thats financial backing from you and a strong football director to help in the commercial arena.


Go on Sunday, BUT DON'T GO IN THE GROUND!!! Stay outside. If everybody did this, there woul be no revenue going into Morgans pockets. Do it time and time again, till he realises...simples.

Then, pull the new stand down, put the old one back up, reverse time, invest the stand money in the team.......etc etc etc


Why sack Solbakken. He would have turned this around. He is quality. Why he didnt succeed in only 6 months here.. Its not about the manager is it..?


Get bully out of retirement these so called players mite learn something

Golden wanderer

May get my head shot off for this but here goes.

1. Stop slagging Deano off what's the point he's inherited this lot what else can the bloke do with so much rubbish and so little support from the top give the bloke a chance and no I'm not his agent,brother,wife etc...

2. I can't believe so many wolves fans keep are now on here saying we should have given solabakken more time etc... Maybe so but what annoys me is at the time all the fans that are now moaning at Deano were shouting for solabakkens head so make your mind up please.

3. Mcarthy was a great manager at the time but maybe we should have taken on someone else after the first season in the prem Sunderland tells you that he is good at motivating teams to get up but not keeping them there not his fault sometimes just that some people have their limits. I think mcarthys limits are this division nice bloke but not great prem manager. It's no good whinging about thevfact that we should have kept him in hindsight as we didn't and again the fans wanted him gone i wish him luck with Ipswich though.

4. The players are accountable for some of this mess and need to sort it out whether there are squabbles going on or whether a hangover premiership, beer or otherwise they need to show some pride Sunday and say to all those fans that turn up we do appreciate you spend money you struggle to find in this climate and we know how gutted you feel and were not going to let you down because we care. so please wolves players pull out all the stops Sunday and lift all our depression think of every game as a final. Run at Cardiff and don't let them settle they will soon get frustrated.

5. The fans I know it's hard I have seen us in the lower leagues too it isn't nice to think we may slip back there i have never felt so depressed. However I know it's hard but let's shout the team on Sunday forget protests we can do that at the end of the season believe me it won't change anything as it hasn't so far so let's show the jump ties how much this team means to us by roaring on the p,ayers Sunday trust me it will work 90 mins of roaring not being quiet lets put things to GED stop the bitterness and get behind whoever is on the pitch Sunday it will motivate them I assure u.


At the end of the day, you can't polish a terd. And until Morgan & Moxey get thier act together, and start making proper footballing decisions, nothing will change for the good.


How do you know you can't polish a terd?have you tried?