Wolves snap up Liverpool defender Jack Robinson on loan

Wolves today signed Liverpool left-back Jack Robinson on loan until the end of the season.

Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson

The England Under-21 international could come straight into the squad for tomorrow’s crunch Championship clash at Barnsley.

The 19-year-old has been drafted in with Stephen Ward Wolves’ only fit recognised left-back with George Elokobi still out injured.

Boss Dean Saunders said: “We have more or less signed Jack Robinson from Liverpool.

“We’ve got no cover in that position with only Wardy at the club and he was ill yesterday so I’ve acted quickly and got the deal done. I think Wardy will be OK for tomorrow, though.

“Jack has played for Liverpool this season and he’s going to be a good player when he comes of age. He is aggressive and he’s going to come and help us.”

Robinson became Liverpool's  youngest player when he made his debut as a 16-year-old against Hull  in the Premier League in May 2010.

However, the left-back has yet to establish himself as a regular and has made a total of 11 appearances in all competitions for the Reds.

He has not been involved in the league this season under Brendan Rodgers, but has featured twice in the FA Cup, Capital One Cup and Europa League.

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Comments for: "Wolves snap up Liverpool defender Jack Robinson on loan"

The Flying Winger

Let's hope he plays him.

Now sign a striker as quickly, we have needed one for 2 years, not rocket science

mark burkes left boot

totally agree lets hope he starts tomorrow nothing against ward it aint his fault he is no left back but we have no time for sentiment back four sorted know lets get the part sorted that gets you three points a goalscorer ,how many games left none are easy we need goals and points doyle will not get them he is a player who is taking a goalscorers place in the team there are plenty not getting games in the prem , we need an old head of good stock ex international any country will do ,it will cost but we need action now asap


So we have signed someone just as cover? He'll sit on the bench and then go back to Liverpool when we do not need him any longer?

Some clarity would be nice.


...... What, no one has slagged the poor lad off yet....... really surprised considering the negative comments of late......

Me? I hope he helps the cause..... good luck Jack....


He needs to start, what I have seen of him he is already at19better than Ward will ever be!


Please give this lad a chance.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

What is the matter with the lads we have at Wolves????

Do you think Morgan anything to do with this? If so can we a have a striker or two.


For goodness sake , more lazy journalism. Ward is not a left back, he is a striker !! Now play Ward where he should be playing, up front with young Cassidy !! Drop Doyle, drop Blake and play Siggy just behind the front two...it ain;t rocket science !


You being a lifelong wolves fan don't you remember why we stopped using Ward as a striker,he was as prolific as Doyle.


And that's why you're not picking the team - clueless nonsense....


I question whether Ward is a footballer let alone a striker! He was made into a left back to suit MM (as his love child, one can only presume). Get rid of him he's not good enough and come to think of it... Neither is Elokobi! We needed a permenant left back but we just need to hope this kid is good enough to force his way into the team.


this kid is top draw just can't get a game at liverpool as they've got so many quality defenders defo one for the future will be england left back in 5 years


Thank You I tottally agree

Chillo Wolf

He was bought as a striker but has played at left Back for the majority of his contract ... hardly lazy journalism.


Can't undertstand why thousands and thousands of us have known for years that Ward is not a left back but 4 managers (I use the term loosely in Connor's case) have failed to recognise that he is a complete liability in this position and even Trappatoni has been sucked in. Fully agree if he is good enough, even at this level, then play him where Mick bought him to play.


Number of trophies those four managers have won in their careers..... tens, maybe even a hundred at a stretch.

Number of trophies the Wolves fans have collectively won..... the odd pub quiz.

Yet you think the brainless morons that are stupid enough to stump up the money to watch the tripe currently on offer at Molineux year after year know better than four learned individuals who are paid thousands of pounds per week to do what they do.....

..... good to know the delusion has not left the gormless thousands just yet!

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Why just Connor when using the "loosely" term. We haven't had a good manager for years.


we have all seen idiot ward and he cant play in any position get rid of the useless idiot nowwwwwwwwwwww


You have to be stupid to be so disrespectful towards a player of your own team! He was among those who played and beat Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool ,,, in the PL.

Golden Blood

Steven Ward has played the makority of his career as a left back. He has achieved international caps as a left back not as a striker.

Ferdiand started his career as a striker and was then moved by Leeds to play at centre half.

Jamie Caragher started his career as a striker. He is now an established right back and Centre half.

So why can you not accept that Steven Ward has now found his best position at Left back?


there may be many examples of players adjusting to different positions but in this instance he has been forced in this position,it was a position that MM struggled to sort and when the fans point this out his stubborn side will come out,and then we have to deal with ward there, may i remind you that when we all thought Henry wasnt playing well and he should be subbed he came out with that piece about Henry being the first one on the team sheet, he may be an international in that position but lets face it there aint alot of great irish left backs. i think the point is give the guy a trial upfront, what have we got to loose, as i said before he scored twice the last game he played up front


I fully accept that Ward has found his best position at left back, based on the fact that he was god awful as a striker, and only marginally better than that as a left winger.

Having seen him also play right wing, right back and central midfield I can say for sure that none of those are his best position.

I think the point you missing though, is that Ward is possibly the the worst LB I have ever seen! He never makes a tackle, he never stops a cross, the only reason people struggle to get past him is because hes perfected the art of running backwards almost as fast as most men run forwards! You don't have to beat him though, just move towards him and he literally runs away. In fact, if you give him long enough he'll end up in the 6 yard box blocking Ikeme's view, which must be a bonus as a striker.


“We have more or less signed Jack Robinson from Liverpool." More or less......what on earth does that mean???!! We've either signed him or we haven't!!! Let's get a bit of coordination going in the PR department, or does Moxey run that as well??

Sandy Gray ( a King is born to-day-ay-ay..... )

" more or less" - what?

give it to doyler

Yippee lets hope king conk is still ill !!!


not seen alot of this kid but we do need cover in this position, please then give Ward a try up front, afterall no one has given more and put up with being moved about more than him, i think he deserves a stint in his natural position. after all he does get forward well. the last time he played as a striker he scored twice!, cant do any harm.


Ward is the best striker on our books


Your not the first person to suggest giving ward another chance up front, but have I missed something? Was ward really that good when he played up front? Think some people have got short memories on here.


about time throw him strait in,wardy up front with siggy,hes done a decent job when he has played there,cant play no worse what we have up there at mo?


Welcome Jack - to the most hotly disputed and eagerly awaited position at the club. I hope this releases Ward to continue playing on the left. He proved adept at linking with Jarvis as a play maker and deserves to play.

sports giant

He will learn his trade well off Wardy

Selly park wolf

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! After only 4 years of looking we finally have a left back!

Welcome to molinuex Jack hope you can bring some stability down our left hand side.

Taxi for ward!

Frowning Frank

taxi for yow!

Selly park wolf

I take it your the one and only ward fan ha!

Taxi for you too pal!


You are clueless when you say things like "wardy will be ok for tomorrow"! Ward will not be ok at left back ever! Grow some Dean and play anybody except Ward.

paul davo

Wellcome jack, just what we need, now if i was saunders i would play ward up front after all thats what he was, nobody else is scoring so might as well give him a run up front, desperate i know but we are desperate?

Mr Muscat

Be carefull what you wish for, Wardy up front really is scraping the barrel my freind!

I'm still hoping for this Simeon Jackson deal to come good.


He scraped the Barrel when wardy got the winner at Liverpool ????????????


left back berth sorted now we need a striker who can score goals whatever happened to Doyle at this level for Reading he was knocking them in for fun now he looks like a poor man's Torres runs around a lot and not much else

Orlando Wolves

Doyle was flogged to death by Mick McCarthy in the `lone striker` role when in the EPL.

Don`t forget Arsene Wenger was interested in signing him at one stage.


Okay, well, this is a good signing. I therefore have nothing to say on the matter as I will be unable to indulge in my usual disparaging flannel.


Quality banter.


I'm a one man banter Kitemark.


finally, taken long enough, now get him in the team, tuesday is probably too early but sunday is a must


Liverpool fan here, I watch the youngsters at Liverpool as much as I can, They are all great players with great futures ahead of them, Jack Robinson looks to be one of our most promising young players who will succeed in the future, Even though he is 19 years old, I can guarantee he will be a great loan signing for you and will definitely sort out your left back crisis with Stephen Ward.

Hope you do well for the rest of the season.


Cheers Liverbloke... We will take all the help we can get. We felt UR pain goin down to the Baggies last week...

Mensa Wolves

Cheers mate. Hopefully this signing is the first of a few more, of similar quality in other areas where we've been lacking for a long time.

Ever the optimist I hope this marks a sea-change in the mood around our club.

If it doesn't.... no, it WILL... it has to. It just has to.


Thank you JJ its good to get a bit of encouragement on this site as we"ve been in the doldrums for what seems forever. Good luck to Liverpool as well


Welcome Jack. Hope it goes well for you. Hope Deano puts him straight in. Another tough game tomorrow and they will be up for it just hope we are as well. We badly need a striker as the present ones have subsequently gone off the boil and couldn't hit a barn door.

Doyle is woeful. The starting pair should be Siggy and SEB or why not give Ward a go at his natural role?





About time.

All you guys banging on about playing Ward up front, dont be daft put Sako up front, at least he will have a pop at goal !

Observant Oliver

He looks like a cheeky young chappy.


Best post ever.


My offcuts > most people's best material


JIWAL and paul davo, barnyanbarker I agree with you. I recall Ward playing as support striker in the Premiership for a couple of games and he looked the part; he was more composed than Doyle and seemed to have an eye for goal too. Play him with a striker and he's a good foil. So Dean, like me, recall Ward upfront please!

Wanstead Wolf

Agree with paul davo. STICK WARD UP FRONT. He's a striker, for goodness' sake! A big strong fit lad, and he's proved he can find the net.


Come on Deano play the lad at left back and give the fans what they have been asking for 18 months Ward has never been and never will be a left back, now get us someone who can score goals, then hopefully that will keep us in the championship and give you time to sort out the players.Morgan & Moxey take note the fans will not tolerate any more delays on sorting out the playing staff, get rid of the want aways and bring in some players that want to play for the Wolves, back the manager or the fans will not back you.


When will you learn? The majority of Wolves fans DO NOT recognize Stephen Ward as a left back. But good luck to the new guy.

Wanderer Will

Noticed him a few times for Liverpool

Gets up n down a lot and is a feisty quick player, put it this way a hell of a lot better than Foley !!!

Striker needed and then its nuckle under and grind out results any way possible

First two signings all be it loans are good signs under Saunders, Why oh why we dont try Sako off the striker is beyond me though, just let him do what he wants as he's not disciplined enough for left wing and Ward suffers more than normal because of it !

dave the rave

come on it so obvious wardy on the left wing and put sako upfront with siggy, sako will teorrise deffences with his pace and stenghth.The left has been our problem all season with berra ward ans sako playing on that side none of the can defend.


From a mate of mine connected to the coaching at Liverpool..

Last game he played he had a bit of a mare, everything he tried seemed to cock up. Suarez was giving him a hard time as well. However he is fairly well regarded. He's young and seems keen to succeed. He should do well for you.




To be fair, if we had to base our signings policy around the notion of only bringing in Premier League defenders who haven't had a hard time from Suarez, our recruitment department wouldn't be very busy.

Wolves Exile

You miss the point - he was playing for Liverpool in the same team as Suarez.

The real problem is our inability to score goals. Doyle's strike rate is poor and no-one (including Fletcher) could/can play alongside him. Re-invent Doyle in a different role or get rid of him in the summer.

Lord Molineux

He ALWAYS misses the point.

Armchair, slippers and newspaper supporter.


@ The Good Lord

Yeah, but the point is, I'm an armchair supporter with the ability to handle abstract concepts and string coherent sentences together.

If you're willing to pay my return train fare from London every other weekend so I can attend games and therefore meet you on whatever wretched little intellectual playing field you seem to think that attendance of matches affords a person, I'll send you my sort code and account number. Otherwise, do be a love and belt up. If there's one thing worse than an "armchair supporter", it's a Johnny Nobody who thinks that ownership of a season ticket means that they automatically get their FA coaching badges. You know precisely as much as me - i.e. nothing - but I put my nothings SO MUCH BETTER.

And if there's one thing worse than THAT, it's people who use clichés.


Come on all you knockers , have another moan now. Albrightonwolf hello!!!


Has anyone 'recognised' a left back at Wolves recently?

Stan Toulouse

My mate, Chopper Charlie, who has a season ticket in the sarf bank, plays left back for his local pub team.

Loyal Wulfrian

At last, things are looking up and Stephen Ward is a striker, although I hope we sign someone up front as well.

Come on Jack, welcome to the cause. UTW

The chickens are headless

Put the lad straight in the team and let Ward go on a free!!

sports giant

Would you want Ward on a free


One piece of advice for this lad. DON'T READ THE DRIVEL ON HERE. Most of them don't attend the games, but feel qualified to tell Dean Saunders and our players where they are going wrong.

They ought to read a Dennis Betts (Widnes Vikings Head Coach) quote after his team lost to Hull Kingston Rovers yesterday. He said, "...We've started the season well and I thought we could come into this game and win. But they got their enthusiasm from the crowd..." That crowd at Hull KR know how to SUPPORT their team, and make a difference. Whingers might say, "Well they support a winning team. Rovers' record this season before yesterday? Played two, lost two. Oh for a crowd at the Mol that would support the Wolves, rather than heckle and boo our own players.

Good luck Jack. I hope you do a great job, and gain valuable experience that will take you onwards and upwards in your career. Let's hope you make a difference to our team, and we can get back to winning ways. Let's hope our "twelfth man" turns up, and supports our team.


Obviously you've not been attending the home games much? The crowd have been more than patient and given the team plenty of support.

Oh and 2 games without a win isnt quite the same as two years of rubbish performances, getting 3 managers the sack and the club generally being run inito the ground!

Dont think the fans at HULL KR have had to put up with quite as much as us Wolves fans.


I attend all games, home and away. The away crowd are fine, but the home crowd continues to look for the players to make the slightest error, and they then gtet on their backs.

Hull KR fans had to wait 13 seasons for Rovers to get into Super League. They never got on the backs of the players.

chris h

Brereton, Nonsense,having a pop at the fans,who are as good as any,especially away from home.The only time I have heard criticism this season is when the wheels have fallen off during a game,never before.Trouble is they keep falling off.Did you not here the boos at Arsenal when they lost to Blackburn.How on earth do you think the Arsenal fans would react if they had to put up with what we have had to put up with in the last few years.Most fans realise where the blame should lie,an owner on a vanity trip wanting to build a new stadium and an overly cautious chief executive who exercises poor judgement in football matters.The fans are the victims in all this and patience is wearing very thin.

Inter mi wolves

Well said brertonwolf, the crowd does make a difference I didn't go to the derby game listened on the radio and the wolves fans were different class. Lets hope we can get something from Barnsley on Tuesday .


Totally agree mate, I thought I would come on here and see some praise for Saunders for sorting our back 4, yet ppl still moan, I personally think this a great signing and we are probably in need of a striker but if u keep clean sheets u cant lose and therefore gain points.


Stop having a pop at the fans, the way this club has been run the last few years they are lucky they've still got as many fans turning up. And if you think everyone's opinion on here is drivel, take your own advice and stop reading it!

chris g

Wardy is the only "recognised" left back.......laugh a minute. i have never recognised him as a left back...come on Deano, play Jack tomorrow lets get out of this hole.

old gold 46

must play him time for the best back peddling irishman to take time out, and must play casady too,dolye had his time too


IMO Doyle had his time a few years ago - we have no place for a striker who doesn't actually score goals. He should have been allowed to go to Celtic - it would have been for the best for him and Wolves.

Ha ha ha

Hope he plays better than he did against Oldham in the cup, had an absolute mare. Hope he plays and not there just to seat on the bench.


“Wardy is the only Senior fit left back at the Club” , how does taking a 19 year old on loan alter that, and do we not already have our own youngsters, if not why not, surely that's what this youth development is about.

That said if he's a left back then stick him don't let his age prevent that, as we aint had a proper one of them in years, maybe just maybe Deano is a big beleiver in playing players in their proper positions, something we haven't bin used to for some time.


Put Robinson straight in at left back and put Ward upfront. Ward has always played well upfront, in guess what HIS NATURAL POSITION. He is good in the air so could be the "big man" Seb needs to play along side. For Seb to be effective he needs a big striker next to him eg Iwelumo. Get it sorted Saunders asap!!

Mike T

Bearing in mind we have to keep Sako out of our own penalty area at all costs, is there not a case for playing Ward

left mid field? Give Sako a free role (but out of our area!) playing off whoever gets the striker role.

Given the lack of goals recently from Doyle & Co lets give Cassidy a go.

Waggies Left Peg

Positive move, now we desperately need someone to stick the ball in the back of the net on a regular basis, until we address that problem we will still struggle.


For people getting too excited about this loan signing - although a very good one - it is unlikely that he will replace Ward? Read the comments from Saunders! Personally based on the lack of goals and new recruits, I would like to see a team like this against Barnsley:-

Ikeme - Foley Gorkks Batth Robinson - Davis O'Hara Sako - Sigurdarson Ebanks-Blake Ward


this teams bang on for me went to derby saturday can't for the life of me see what henry brings anymore time he was warming the bench

Andrew from Atlanta


Would like to add a suggestion to your line up.

Replace Ebanks with Cassidy Move Ward to midfield (attacking midfield) with Davis, O'hara and Sako.



Nobody deserves a chance up front more than Ward. He`s tall, strong, mobile, good crosser, powerful shot.

Play him left wing with Siggo on right and Sako, Cassidy up front.

Johnson is too good to drop, play him right full back, Berra or Robinson on left.

Midfield creative support play, requires consistent high energy levels, l/m/f O`Hara, r/m/f Peszko

Tuesday team Ikeme, Johnson, Baath, Gorks, Berra/Robinson, Peszko, O`Hara, Ward, Sako, Cassidy, Siggo.

Height and skill up front and at back with creative midfield = increased opportunities !!!

Go-Go for it !! Bully Bully !


Still persisting with this one then? Good for you. Nothing like flying in the face of public opinion / logic / the simple act of playing people in their actual position.

kenny hibbitt scorcher 79

hands up all those that have been saying since the dawn of time that dean saunders does not know what he is doing?

(fans,and i use that term lightly) could see we needed new centre backs and a new left back, and what did those fans do? rubbish every positive move at the club.

we all know, its a results business, but when the club has been relegated because of lack of investment in the team and is in transition, what is the point in booing the lads who are trying(its not their fault that they are not very good).

most of the internet trolls on here never go to games and have no intention of doing so, and along with the mischievous baggies, they come on here because they have little else to do.

its very easy to pick winning teams on the internet/paper, but in reality very few can do it in the real world.

morgan out? really and which wealthy wwfc fan is waiting to buy the club.

moxey out? the new owner would just replace him with another accountant to reduce operating costs.

d/s out? after 6 games? and replace him with another unemployed merry go round manager, who without investment will win nothing.

and to totally ignore my own post here is my team for barnsley







doumbia(if fit,if not,edwards)




new striker(if not siggy) utw.




London Wolf2

Welcome to Wolves Jack!! Great news, I just hope that we play him and not Ward. Why has it taken three years to identify the need for a proper left back? Love Wardy's effort but he is never a left back and never will be. If he is to play in the team why not try him up front where he played when he first signed, can't be any worse than Doyle and maybe, just maybe, have a goal in him.

However would prefer for us to aquire another forward on loan in the Chris Iwelumo mould who can score the odd goal and make chances for the likes of Ebanks-Blake. Interesting You Tube feature on Stale, it appears he had identified targets but Messrs Morgan and Moxey (Dumb and Dumber) would not sanction further spending as it is not bricks and mortar. Please M and M let Deano get more loan signings in before it is too late.

Onwards and upwards, good luck on Tuesday, we desperately need the three points.


I know he is injured at present and as much as i kinda 'like' him as a player George Elokobi is nowhere near good enough - this shows as he has been almost permanently been kept out of a side that employs an inept striker at left-back because he his our 'best option'.

And Ward simply is not good enough either and we need to get him out of the side - play the lad AND let Ward be the cover for him! He will be young and hungry where as Ward has had the position to himself for too long and makes more than his fair share of costly mistakes and his positional play is awful....

BUT hopefully this will put paid to any ridiculous ideas of Lee Naylor playing for us again


More or less? Have we signed Robinson (because Saunders wants him), or have we not signed him (because Moxey cannot agree on a loan deal)?

That's more or less my thought on the subject!


Well done Dean you have identified the defense problem in 4weeks and hopefully solved it,McCarthy couldnt do it in 3years now we need a striker.

Joe 90

Like a great deal of other comments I believe that WARD should be left-back:-

1. Left back on the coach when playing away games and

2. Left back in the stands for home games, with BERRA as company.


So what about Reckord our u-21 skipper? I thought we were after an established FB not another "one for the future"...sigh


I must say, i find it incredible that people are now begging for Ward to play up front.

Mind boggling!!!!!

Sedgley Slayer

I am amazed at the number of people calling for Ward to either be played up front or got rid of.

Personally, I think that Ward would be a handy player to have on the bench as he can cover for a number of positions (left-back, left wing, upfront). However, he was never prolific as a striker and is not a natural defender so I don't think he should be starting in either position.

I like suggestions from a couple of posters to try Sako up front. He has all the attributes to be a great striker and as Saunders keeps saying; we have plenty of wingers!

paul davo

Just had an email from a Cardiff fan he says all the other fans in the league are loving that we are going down, he says we are not a big club anymore and had better get used to being a nothing club , it seems the whole foot ball league is having a good old time at our demise ,

Nothampton Wolves

Just get Griffiths back from Hibs will ya.

He is the only one who knows where the onion bag is at the moment.

We have one of the best squads in the championship but confidence is shot.

I have said all along that I would rather get relegated with the young lads playing.

See Stearman has shored the defence up at Ipswich. Was bound to happen.

Farmer Ted

Not sure what' more or less signed' means, but being positive Dean Saunders should back his judgement and do what he did with Gorkss....put Robinson straight in. Ignoring the morons who come on here with their usual rants about Ward, I agree with what many have suggested and play him left side, pushing Sako inside with SEB. Sako hasn't helped Ward down the left side at all this season, but, I think Ward could help Sako (and SEB) and create chances.

Think most of us agree that Saunders has improved things a fair bit, he just needs the strikers to come good and get that first win. Barnsley are one of the most improved teams this year, they were pretty poor at Molineux, so it won't be easy. With Cardiff coming, we need this one !


Talking sense as usual Ted.

Sako is totally wasted on the left. He's too easy to mark, often starved of the ball and, as you mentioned, doesn't support Ward at all.

Give him a free roll without defensive duties and we'll get the best out of him. He's strong, quick and has a hammer of a shot with either foot.

wounded wolf

surprised he is on £60k a week


Last time I remember Ward playing up front was alongside SEB against Blues at home, season before last - and the pair of 'em ran Blues ragged that day. I like Ward - he gives 100% every game and he's a good footballer when the ball's at his feet. I agree that his positional sense ain't great when playing left back, so let's have him up front - he's mobile, good in the air and he can finish. He scored 26 in 93 appearances for Bohemians, which ain't a bad ratio, and he will create space and chances for SEB with his tireless running.


And 5 goals in 5 years at the mol.

Head Banging!

2 strikers who know where the net is please! Didnt Bully produce a son and heir??? He would be in his early 20s by now and then we could have had a 2nd coming!

sir billys quiet

Just what we need a left back with prem experience........3 games!!! On the back of a mare against Oldham, I'm sure we can help him learn his trade . Let's all get behind him........he's gonna need some cover!!

Streetly wolf

Good piece of business now lets go get jay bothroyd back on loan. If not agree with people that either ward or Sako up front as Doyle and ebanks are too small to hold the ball up. Please get off doyles back as although I didn't watch derby game I thought he played well against Leeds considering he was playing right mid. If we start heckling him what good is that going to do. Lets get behind the lads from now until end of season as it is imperative we don't go down. Saunders looks good and we are playing better but we just need one win! All those asking for Cassidy to play, we can't play all youngsters at same time as look at villa. Bring them in slowly apart from Batth although Davis looks better than Henry especially going forward. Come on Deano / me babies!!!!


Robinson is a left back!Things are looking up.

manc andy

Good luck Jack welcome to the madhouse,,will Wardy be leftback in the changing room on tuesday,or should we start him up front, afterall last time i saw him play as a striker he scored the winner at Liverpool,,you carnt ask for more than that from ur front men,,,UTW


Start him ASAP, if not tomorrow then the next game. Sorry Wardy but MM's team must be removed and replaced one by one.

North Norwegian Viking

Welcome Jack! I know you will perform good. Can I have a wish? A creative midfielder please.


Ward off on loan to Ipswich with a view to a permanent deal

Dave O

Is that just wishful thinking Grace lol

Mr Moxey please resign

The Flying Winger

If only

Jonny D

Central Defender, done!!

Left Back, Done!!

Striker........... get a striker and that is my 3 requested complete.

Well done Deano.

I feel a Wolves match coming on

Victor Meldrew

At last the arrival of an actual LB - I don't believe it!

Put Jack straight in at Barnsley and move Wardy up the pitch where he has always been more effective and not afraid to have a pop at goal, Rest Henry. I like the look of BrummieRobWolves starting eleven above. I know it's contoversial but I would be tempted to have Hammill on the bench to provide a spark late on against his old club if we are in need of a lift. We all know how former players have a habit of scoring against their former clubs.

old golds worth more

Only thing wrong with the signing is the phrase "signed as cover", quiet frankly it should now read "signed as the left back with Ward as cover for that position"!

old wulf,Cullis era

shove Ward left wing,drop back to support robinson,Sako on right,Cassidy Seb in middle,watch goals come.

Eleven in Gold

If he's played for Liverpool this season, he's more than good enough for Wolves

Ashmore Wolves

Happy days we have signed a left back! put him straight in and put Sako up front see what happens!


heres the plan,drop ward and play the new kid play sako up front with cassidy,the centre forwards we have got have no confidence and lets face it they are have hardly been prolific in the past few seasons at the minute we are going down to league one and lets face it it has happened to better teams than us over the years,i hate to say it but maybe it would be a good thing then maybe they can get rid of all the underperformers and get players who want to play for the gold and black with pride,di canio has just left swindon we should get him in charge


Hope Jack goes straight in the team. Wardy can do a good job LM and help ease Jack in. Wardy will be trying even more to impress at LM to keep his place. Next we need a proper striker. Wonder if Dean will give Hammill a look in at his old club? Would sure be a wild card to play, but you never know, it might just pay off.


Great to see a left back at the club - whats the betting now, that if this lad does play, a totally bonkers decision is made in another area of the pitch? Something daft like Ward Left Midfield, Sako switch to Right Midfield, or another attempt at square plugs round holes elsewhere?


Blimey...if that's him at 19 I'd hate to see him at 45 !!! Hard life those scouses.

Still, he can't be any worse than that carthorse Elokobi, and Ward can now push further up.

Defence getting sorted, but we still need to score goals......where are they coming from Dean ???


mmm wardy?????, i personally think that he as done a job at left back, not a natural i agree, but never the less been thrown into that position, ive seen him on lots of occations play that role quite well, but in the last two seasons not perticualry that convincing, so WHY ???????????, maybe, and only my guess, he is not to happy there, but fair play to the lad he as got on with it, lets get the new lad in and give wardy his chance as a striker, lets face it were not scoring at the minute, so lets just try it, who knows it might just be the answer to the drought, and for all the doughters, i amongst everyone else would love him to prove me wrong, the most important thing is we all buy into the fact we all want to see our beloved club move forward, lets not get too caught up in the morgan/moxey debate we all have an opinion on that, and YES i amongst you all question some of the decisions of our so called leaders, but rest assured, they are here for the long haul, i believe we should take a look at at a director of football, thus taking jez moxey out of that role leaving him to do what he does BEST, love him or not, we are in a VERY strong finacial position, and thats down to HIM, and before the haters come on and lambast me, look at history of some of the clubs that thought THEY WERE BIG, COME ON LADS WE LOVE OUR CLUB, WE HAVE RIGHT TO OUR OPINION, LET THE BOARD HEAR US, AND AT LEAST HAVE THE BALLS TO SPEAK OUT, I SEE THE POST ABOUT THE BHATTIS ETC, NO WHERE NEAR THAT YET, BUT ITS HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!, PLEASE DONT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN, HAVE THE FIRE IN OUR HEARTS THAT WE ALL FEEL WHEN THE BABBIES COME OUT OF THAT TUNNEL, THEN AT LEAST WE CAN SAY WE WENT IN WHAT EVER DIRECTION STILL LOVING OUR CLUB, I FOR ONE WILL ALWAYS HAVE THAT FEELING


Stephen Ward is never a footballer as long as i live!!

Saunders wrong appointment! Better managers available at the time

Moxey trying to bleed us dry like he did at stoke!

kev R B

I QUESTION the point of these sites, its mostly full of comments by NUMPTYS who dont understand either football or business sense.

chris h

But they can read the league table.And what does that tell you?


Thank you, Oh Great One.

whisper wolve

Has Deano been reading the Fans' posts?


Dave O

Wonder how many extra earlybirds have been sold

Jez Moxey please resign

Sorry couldn't resist it


come on morgan - get back on that managerial merry go round. you know saunders is not the right man for this club.

di canio leaves swindon - on his way to west ham - leaving big sam for the wolves.

you know it makes sense morgan.


On what basis do you come to that opinion ?

Saunders has certainly brightened up what's happening on the pitch even with the players he inherited, he's actually got some of them playing quite well. Unfortunately the strikers have let him down badly, but, maybe like other positions he has identified as weak and strengthened he will find a solution there too.

The only criticism I have is the constant stream of spin, but, he's young and enthusiastic so I'll put up with that for now. We may have a very good manager and I'd hate to think he achieves that elsewhere because small minded twerps like you hound him out.

Lets hope that first win comes tonight.

Give him some space

And so say all of us !


really bertie - exactly who is playing quite well.....

and what on earth is happening on the pitch that is brighter - dont just come out with meaningless statements like saunders does - put some substance to your remarks ....

what is his style of play...... what is his football philosophy........ and as for hounding him out - he should never have been here in the first place, cant think of one reason for believing he is better than mick or stale


I can't imagine that Liverpool have sent him merely to warm our bench.

Sir Billy Quite

What a surprise Wolves make a signing at Left Back and the so called fans on here are still moaning!


Im personally still not sure that Saunders is the right man for the job but fair play to him he's sorting out our awful back four and hopefully there's still more loan signings to come. Come on Wanderers! Let's have 3 points off Barnsley tonight!


At last! Now get Ward up the park, should never have been played at LB, one of MM's square peg round hole decisions that should never have been a long term fix. Ward has alwasy created options playing further up the pitch and for all the slagging off he's had at LB (rightly so the last 6 games!), he is a solid Championship player. Could bring some needed balance, get Sako on the right, drop Doyle (waste of time at the moment, #headsgone). If defence stays stronger O'hara will get more chance to attack. Cassidy and SEB to start. Fingers crossed.