Dave Edwards wants fighting spirit from Wolves at Barnsley

Wolves midfielder Dave Edwards today demanded “fight” from the team at Barnsley tomorrow – and insisted victory at Oakwell could kickstart the Dean Saunders era.


Saunders’ side will face their relegation rivals with the new manager still winless in six games at the helm following Saturday’s goalless draw at Derby.

But Edwards claimed success against the Tykes would inspire Wolves, although he insisted the game is not a ‘must win’ affair.

“We will do everything we can to win the game because we know how important it is, but if we lose we’re not relegated and there is a long way to go,” said the Wales international.

“But we need a catalyst and three points and we will do everything in our powers to do that at Barnsley.

“We are desperate for that win, and as soon as we get it I think the confidence will come flooding back.

“A point wasn’t a bad result at Derby but if we can go to Barnsley and get a win, I’m sure that’s all it will take to kick us on.

“We know we’ve got better players than the position shows, but we’re only going to get out of it by rolling up our sleeves and putting in a performance and getting some points.

“As soon as that happens I’m sure the confidence will come back.”

“It is one of those clichéd six-pointers at Oakwell and we’ve got to be up for it.

“We’ve got to win the fight in the first 20 minutes and make sure we want it more than them and I’m sure our quality will then prevail.”

The draw at Pride Park brought Wolves their second clean sheet in six games under Saunders with new loan signing Kaspars Gorkss impressing in central defensive alongside star youngster Danny Batth.

Edwards said: “They are two proper centre halves. They both want to chuck their bodies on the line and head the ball.

“It was Kaspars’ first game but it looked like he’d been in there all season and Danny has been a revelation since he came in.

“I’ve known all along, as a lot of the boys have, that he’s going to be a top player and it’s good to see him in the team and I’m sure he’ll keep his place.

“He’s a great professional for such a young lad and he’s a monster. He loves defending and winning headers and that’s what he needs to do.

“He will have a very good career.”

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Comments for: "Dave Edwards wants fighting spirit from Wolves at Barnsley "


You had to say all this, Dave - now just do it. The fans expect nothing less.


shut up


Fighting spirit should have been displayed months ago? There are sides towards the top that have got limited players that are miles away from us. Talking limited players, Edwards should not start but is a useful impact player to have off the bench!

The good news is that Gorkks could be an excellent signing but we now need to start scoring, as we have one of the worst goalscoring records in the division. Tomorrow night is a must not lose or confidence levels and pressure on Sunday against Cardiff - the best team that I have seen this season - will be intense!


I'm sorry but Edwards has got to go.

He spends 90 minutes (if he does not get injured) just running around, he has no impact on games at all. Please Deano get rid................


And hopefully, Dave will be able to witness that fight unfolding from a nice comfortable position on the substitutes' bench.


Danny looks to be a great player, come on the lads one win will send us on the way!


lets hope danny does come good. morgan will get a nice return on him.still boring football which begs the question is saunders really improving anything.pretty confident we will go down unless we get someone who can score.


not a big deano fan.but atleast hes the only manager to give danny a chance .not like previouse managers,

Wednesbury wolves

David, as much as I respect you on the numerous occasions I have met you, can you and the rest of the wolves players stop talking nonsense, you have all been promising to put up a fight since the 5-1 drubbing by smethwick town, and you have all failed, so please let's start by seeing the passion us fans so really deserve from you so called players on Tuesday night.


Nice to hear you are going to try hard not to lose tomorrow. Jolly decent of you Dave.


Then i would suggest dropping the headless chicken that is Edwards for a talented midfielder in Pesko!. I daresay Edwards Welsh connection will ensure he remains in the starting 11 when fit. We may as well start the game with 10 players!!


Are you out in Kandahar now mate?

manc andy

tell ur team mates,,its no good telling us,,,mind you in my oppinion if you need telling to battle when in a wolves shirt you shouldnt be at the club.UTW

The Flying Winger

So he has known all along about Batth, along with many Wolves supporters although not the managers we have had?

"We have two proper CH, bet that's made him popular with Johnson and Berra this morning.

More rubbish from him about rolling up sleeves etc, no Edwards we want some loan players in as the 2 M's didn't do anything in the window.

We need people to put the ball in the back of the net, on a regular basis, unlike you.

Lampard would be a good idea,.


Once again talk is cheap. We've heard all this before. If Edwards was one of the better players at Wolves you could forgive him for talking in the press all the time. I suggest he shuts up and stops gobbing off because if Dean Saunders is talking the truth about some players heading for the scrap heap, Edwards should be the first one gone. A player of very limited ability who brings nothing to the side.

Frantic Friday

You made a similiar statement like this back in October saying " a defeat would kick start our season" Well. it certainly did dinn't it Mr Edwards...You and your merry bunch of men are part of the reason why we are in this mess, so best thing to do is keep your mouth shut with all these quotes and do the talking on the pitch...


Dave why would you put this is not a must win shouldn't the team be going out with a must win attitude for every game .

Dave O

Not having a go at Edwards in particular but this "Not a must win game we wont get relegated tomorrow night" seems to be the attitude throughout the club.

I always remember when we were 10 points ahead of Albion with 10 matches to go Dave Jones saying " We are not worried about the teams behind us "

and I was left with the worst feeling i have ever had from football at the end of that season.

THEY ARE ALL MUST WIN GAMES thats surely is what football is about WINNING


Fed up

Need a catalyst? I'd think the huge amounts of money they're paid each week would be an excellent catalyst.


Here here !! These players are earning WEEKLY what the majority of our fans would gladly accept as their ANNUAL salary...and they (the players) still do not put in a proper shift.

Lanesfield Wolf

I think that Saunders is trying to beat Connors record of games without wins, which already stands as the Wolves most shameful record ever.

I just hope that Moxey is pleased with his handiwork. If there is such a place as Hell, then the fat-boy will be selling his pies there one day after all the crimes he has committed against God's chosen team!



I am still waiting for the football that will have sitting on the edge of our seats!!!! Saunders needs to shut up if he cant talk sensible. Team just needs tinkering! What plantet is he on? I am sorry to see the dreadful position our club is in. Time for Morgan to sell, Moxey and Saunders out. PROTEST they are taking our hard earned money off us.

The Unhappy Wanderer

I can't take any more of this nonesense. Do your talking on the pitch. It's what you are paid for. DS said there was enough ability in the squad, which many of us who have been watching for a lot longer than him doubt. Please prove us wrong, then speak to the E&S.


Can we trade him in for an attacking midfielder who actually has some technical ability and scores more goals?


We already had one or two actually but let them go, David Jones and Adlene Guedioura infact you could add Nenad Milijas to that list. maybe did'nt score many goals but has more ability in his left foot than Edwards in his whole body


I wish these crap players would stop stating the obvious, they should just get on and do there job instead of telling others what to do. Some of these players days are numbered and will be got rid of soon then we will not have to listen to all this crap and be able to see PRIDE & PASSION from our new players.

john payne

There should be a'like' button on this board so we can show our agreement with comments. We all seem to agree that Dave Edwards brings very little to the side except a lot of talk.

Welsh international? They are about 189th in the world rankings. Our reserves could beat them.

The good news is Gorkss and hopefully Jack Robinson will be playing tomorrow instead of Ward.

But we still need a striker _cassidy should get another chance. Blake has had his last chance surely........ ?

Nobby (TelfordWolves)

I havn't got any optimism left anymore. I am expecting Barnsley to beat wolves comfortably. The tykes are at home and on a good run of form, were doomed.

Ye Olde South Bank

Yet another dressing room mouthpiece telling fans the blatantly obvious. Tell us something refreshingly different such as: "We don't deserve to get paid, let alone receive the fans' backing. In fact, we won't take another penny out of the club until we're safe. Accumulated wages will then be donated to Wolverhampton's charitable causes". At least it would be original.


We really have heard it all before, a win will kickstart our season. By the way, a loss will kickstart our relegation! Less talk and more action is what I want from the players. I can't for the life of me see why players are talking to the media again and again. Surely if you're doing badly, as we are, you should keep out of the limelight? Back in the autumn Kevin Doyle was quoted as saying that games were easier in the Championship! Yeah, right. I'd rather Doyle stuck his foot in front of a ball instead of in his mouth. It was a major mistake not loaning Doyle to Celtic, it might have been the only way to get him performing again. I'd have moved him on even without a replacement, as we can still get a good PL striker on loan in the emergency window. Sad to see the decline of a player like Doyle, with his talent. Conor Wickham anybody?


Now it is Edwards' turn to open his trap.Just shut and do any talking on the pitch.I've never been a great fan of the huddle.Again do all that teamwork,team spirit & commitment on the pitch,not in the huddle.


Glad, the players from all nations, and differing quality, can see what I can, that Johnson and Berra, aren't proper centre halves.

How this Albion style love affair, complete with song, for the joke Johnson, has even started, I cannot understand.


Anyhow, few wins, regroup, sell and release the dross, then build again, and bring us the glory back Dean, simple really

Eleven in Gold

Edwards out, Peszko in

Tividale Wolf

Come the end of the season and if we are still in this league, then Dave you can talk as much as you like, until that time we expect 100% effort from all of you and in return you will get our full support.


I wish someone would just gag 'em - Edwards, Ward & Henry - the three biggest wasters at the club - the ones responsible for our demise - the ones that continuously are quoted in the press saying "we must do this... we must do the other" or "all it takes is one win..." Sick to death of hearing it. Its the same old tripe we've heard for 3 years from the same 3 players... just shut up!!

The day the 3 of you prove to people that you are worthy of wearing OUR clubs shirt is the day you can preach to us or the other players about what needs to be done - and we all know that is a day that will NEVER come.


A battling performance eh, Dave? Now there's a novelty. As your bunch of useless colleagues have not won a match since the 12th December 2012, might I suggest you refrain from:

a wittering on in the press about your performance

b continuing with the huddle on the pitch every game as it is obviously a useless activity which has not improved the situation.


Let's put a gag on talking up the games ahead.I agree that we shouldn't do the huddle.DO ALL THE TALKING AND HUDDLING ON THE FIELD!


Such empty, cliched, newspaper-talk comments by Edwards should be avoided.He is basically a reserve.He does not command a starting place because he is not good enough in a squad full of failures.YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM David!!! You are one of our more experienced players with a lot of Welsh World and European ties under your belt. YOU SHOULD BE A LEADER in this squad. You aren't. You have been inconsistent and at times when coming on as a sub, ineffective and inept. You should be up for transfer asap. YOU and your mates have badly let us down. Just how back are things at Wolves? There must be terrible players rifts.


Nice one Dave giving it large again! Same 3 players always biggin it up, Henry, Ward & Edwards. You ain't good enough. Said for weeks we are the worse team in this league and wil go down. Mr moxey would you invest your money in a badly run company? Stuff your early bird cus I ain't falling for it this year!!!!!










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