Kaspars Gorkss just the start for Wolves boss

Wolves manager Dean Saunders today declared the signing of Reading defender Kaspars Gorkss as “just the start” after sealing his first major deal for the club.

Wolverhampton Wanderers sign Kaspars Gorkss

The 6ft 3ins Latvia national captain, 31, has agreed a 93-day loan with a view to signing permanently in the summer.

An undisclosed fee has been agreed for the left-sided former Blackpool and Queens Park Rangers stopper, who had 17 months left on his contract.

Wolves saw off late competition from Blackburn for Gorkss’ signature, with doubts over whether owners Venky’s would back boss Michael Appleton for the capture of what would have been cover for Scott Dann and Grant Hanley, whereas he has more chance of a regular place at Molineux.

Gorkss arrives with an impressive pedigree at this level after winning the Championship in the last two seasons with QPR then Reading, playing 41 and 42 League games respectively in each of both clubs’ successful promotions.

And Saunders believes he will soon add more signings in the loan window before it shuts in March 28, with a left back and a striker also among his targets.

Saunders said: “This is a start for me of what I’m trying to build here.

“He’s a good age for a central defender and I think he can help take us where we want to go.

“He’s strong, brave and no-nonsense and will put head in which is what we need.

“He also has a good character and is a winner.”

An uncompromising, ball-winning centre-back in the mould of Jody Craddock, he is seen as major competition for Christophe Berra, who is set to leave when his contract expires at the end of the season.

Gorkss, who boasts around 50 caps, is also vocal and is seen as a genuine on-field leader.

This term Gorkss has made 13 full Premier League appearances, plus three more in the Capital One Cup, but none since December 17.

Gorkss moved to England with Blackpool in January 2007 from Ventspils, where he won the Latvian top flight after spells there with FC Auda then three years in Sweden with Osters and Assyriska Foreningen.

He was also a promotion winner via the League One play-offs with the Tangerines in 2006-07, playing 50 League games for Blackpool before a £250,000 switch in 2008 to QPR, where he played 114 league games in three years before adding a further 55 at Reading.

Reading have a 24-hour recall clause after the first 28 days.


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Comments for: "Kaspars Gorkss just the start for Wolves boss"

Dave O

Jez Moxey please resign


Your point being what exactly ?

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Razor.His point is, like the overall majority of supporters for Moxey to go. Now do you understand.

The Teecher

The overall majority ?

Have you got a list of those supporters who want him to go and we'll compare notes ?

Your sobriquet is worn out. Change it.



When was the last time

moxey played in defence?

he is a book keeper he dose what

he is told

change the record


His point being it's somebody he's never heard of so surely he's no good.

If we aren't signing "headline" players then some people will never be happy.

English Exile

I don't care who he is, we are signing a defender and that means nearer the exit for Berra.

I also agree with Dave O, Moxey must go.

The worst case scenario here is we start winning immediately with Gorkss in and Moxey stops spending.



I have no problem with this signing but here is an active group that do not like Mr Moxey and believe the political type speech and rubbish that comes out of his mouth??? Many flyers were circulated on Saturday with loads of interest!!!

Wolverhampton Wanderers Supporters Petition has over 1000 members and there is a meeting tomorrow night in the City. Otherwise known as the Wolverhampton Supporters Alliance.

Rugby Wolf

Razor... Do you actually go to the matches or are you like the majority of the negative crew, soccer saturday watchers on tv

The Real Bangkok Wolf

No problem with cheap or loan signings as long as they are better than what we have got.

Look at Watford

Moxey still needs to go as we wasted the chance to establish a place in the premier league.



You soon will know who he is. It's a great signing, so much better than the dross we have in defence at the moment. He's a no nonsense hard hitting defender. Did. great for Blackpool when he was there. come on you Wolves

Dave O

My point is having listened to his waffle to Paul Franks

ie. Its the players fault they should put something back they are well paid - he negotiated the contracts.

We need to cut wage bill - he negotiated contracts.

We ciuld have signed players but Dean Saunders didn't want to - Dean Saunders later said he needed some signings ( I dont care what their names are or nationality)

It's Steve Morgans fault he is the owner I am only an employee. - Sreve Morgan said he leaves the Footballside to Jez and Dean.

Its the fans fault - they wont pay top dollar for the crap being served up on the pitch or the crap being sold as merchandise in the club shop.

Paul Franks asked if Wolves were to be relegated would you resign and he said NO !!

So alrhough he like the players has under performed for years will continue to collect his alleged

£1.1 million salary.

If we are relegated we will be there on merit we've been there before - No you haven't only a very few of us have (I was one) and we dont want to go back there

We need a football man as CEO not a Director of Football another big salary to pay while Jet will still pull all the Football side of the business strings.

Jet Moxey please leave

Thats my point


Dave O

Sorry I have to apologise for my last comment my spelling was apalling.

Should have been could have signed players, Steve not Sreve, and of course Jet should have read JEZ got to excited whilst typing.

Jez Moxey please resign.


Jez does as he is told and spends what he can, everyone is having a go at the wrong guy, the owner holds the purse strings, as for Gorkss he is a decent defender unless you want to keep Berra. Some people are never happy.

Dave O


I know it is all about opinions but I firmly believe he is the one to blame.

If you are happy for him to keep collecting megabucks and not take responsibilty for his actions thats your choice and I admire you for that.

He has final decision making on the Football side of the business from players to merchandise to the type of food on sale because he will have seen the cost and as always opted for the cheap option.

My question to Steve Morgan is that if he had been in position to take over Liverpool would he have head hunted Jez Moxey to oversee the football side of the business I think not.

Any of you fans who are not old enough to remember the Bhatti era or stayed away during it will not comprehend what it is like to play in the lower leagues we really dont want to go back.

Mr Moxey please resign


can there not be a protest organised againsed moxey.


I am old enough to remember those days. I have said before I am not particularly bothered whether Moxey stays or goes, . Not someth;ing I relsich.but Steve Morgan needs to stay. I have said before if he decides enough is enough through fan pressure. This club will back into the same position as we was all them years ago not something I relish.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Short term addition unless wolves are relegated.


Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Jack. One comment:- Mind your own bl**dy business.




A good signing with a view to permanent. Hope he does well for us, welcome Kaspar, best of luck son. Berra's days are numbered, should go now hopefully. Now for a left back and replace useless Ward and a big,s trong quality striker.

Well done Deano hope we move in the right direction now.#


sports giant

and kaspars days are numbered at 31


Tell me how old Ferdinand is? What about terry? And what age was maldiniwhen he picked up his last winners' mmedal in Europe? It's the comments on here that make me sad to be Old Gold. Then I remember that you lot aren't real fans! You are all whinging gifts. You tell henry to shut his mouth... try shutting yours! It's already been mentioned that we have the most unloyal fans by baggies and the like... now the whole ampionship saysit! We wwon't get big players or big manager because one wrong play or one bad decision and all the fans are in uproar, please, stop supporting Wolves. Go support city if it's all about no ey and glory. Leave us real fans to support the team we love.

Old Gold till I die.

Well done DS, you have started to do something. Please don't let us down. We can do this! Maybe promo on next season with some buys in summer.

tom sandbach

31 is a good age for a centre back. They get better with age, still has 3 to 4 years left. He has won the championship twice in 2 years. He can't be all bad but maybe has struggled in the prem. Who hasn't


excellent signing at last try now get berra to sign for one of our relegation rivals and we should be ok try getting rid of ward to one of the other's as well


"Excellent signing"???????????????????????? Blackburn wanted him as COVER. Is this the best we can aspire to?


Look at his record you numpty. Its a great signing under the circumstances.


hes better than what we have and im glad weve actually got someone in,some people love to doommonger you are obviously one.


From a Reading fan. He is a great defender in the championship. Good leader. Yes he was getting caught out a few times when he played for us this season but he was an automatic choice last year. Not a great distributor of the ball bur really good if you have a yound defender who can learn from him.

PS can we have Doyle back?

psalm 23

It will be quite a drop if the inevitable happens, hope Deano has explained it's a bit rufty tufty in league one. Hoof!!

Stench and Saunders

Is it the same as what you've been watching this season, well done, you are officially the new Stoke. Booooooooooooooooooo


24hr recall clause........................ ouch.


That's pretty standard, Rich. We included the same clause in loans for Guedioura, Elokobi and Hammill last year. It's rare these things are invoked (although not beyond the realms of possibility, of course).

sports giant

one difference why would we want to recall our rubbish


Guedioura certainly isn't rubbish!


rich5wolves....only after the first 28 days

spanish ray

So it`s now official,Morgan and Moxey only want loan signings,they don`t want to pay for decent players.If this is wrong why did they not sign Baptiste and then announce they will go back for him in the summer.Another free or shall we say cheapo signing,although telling everyone they want him will obviously alert other clubs so that when they don`t get him they can always say someone else paid "over the odds" for him.What a way to run a football club by these two idiots.Does this new signing mean that we can get rid of Berra at last,and who is he going to replace,Batth,or Johnson?


So, you'd have been happy to pay money for Baptiste, but not happy to get him for free? You're another fool who doesn't understand Jez Moxey's remit. He's there to get the best deal for WWFC. No one but the players is to blame for this Season. We have the 3rd or 4th highest wage bill. We've lost Jarvis, Kightly and Fletcher - of the players who were any good - and replaced them with, amongst others, Sako. In my opinion, he's better than Kightly and Jarvis. The rest of our players are over rated. We're in the highest NET (you know what that means right) spenders over the last 3 years, up until this season, when we had to "cut our cloth." With this in mind, the fools still blame it on Moxey and Morgan. Which is why I'm giving up my season ticket.....I can't stand being surrounded by idiots. On and off the pitch.


Good post mate, will probably sail over most of the posters heads as its not what they want to hear.

Stafford Tim

Well said Bully, problem is most of these idiots don't have the capacity to understand a reasoned argument when they read one :-)


Bully, do you know what nett means. It means the difference between what we've spent on players and what we've made on players. Therefore if we've spent £500k on one player and sold another for £100k our nett spend is £400K. If another team sells a player for £30million and then pays £30.4m, their nett spend is £400K, and therefore Wolves are the higher nett spenders. BUT who has added more quality to their team. Look at it another way; if we presently have players that are worthless and we replace them with a player for £500k then it looks as though we have a big nett spend. BUT nett spend does not equate to added value or quality (Eggert Jonnson???). Bully, you too have fallen for the Jez spin (Please Jez, stop treating us with such contempt)

chris h

If Jez Moxey's remit is to get the best deal for WWFC and we have the third or fourth highest wage bill whilst the team is in 2Oth position in the second tier of English football ,then he has not done a very good job with his remit has he.The FC bit of WWFC relates to our core businss: football.As Chief Executive he should be responsible for building a decent football team. The net money spent on transfers has largely been wasted,due to poor decision making on his part,as well as by others.He penny pinches,screws down deals and we end up wasting money,not saving money,on poor signingss.He got Stoke relegated to the third division and he is on course to do the same with us.And to think you believe you are surrounded by idiots,have you got a mirror?

Ye Olde South Bank

Absolutely BANG ON, Chris. Well said, pal.


its fans like you that will see this club in the conference. Steve Morgan is a very good business man who couldnt care less about what happens on the pitch. Moxey is doing a fantastic job for Steve so why should he sack him?? As long as Steve morgan owns our club we will be shambolic on the pitch. We have had an absolutly diabolical team for over 3 years and played rubbish football too. You are willing to put up with this but i am not. There is no way i'm going to watch garbage on the pitch. It doesn't matter if it cost £5 or £1000 per match it is still a pathetic excuse of so called football. When we have got rid of 70% of the current players and replaced them with players who play with pride then i will renew my season ticket. Please stop defending morgan, it will get us nowhere.

Wolves for ever!!!!!!!!!


You are deluded. Good riddance.


I agree with nearly everything you say and its easy to make Moxey and Morgan scapegoats but there should of been a point where the owners said to Mick, trim the squad from the 40 players we have in it to 26 - 28 and lets buy quality rather than quantity... they let him buy your likes of Griffiths, E Jonsson, A Hammill, Mouyokolo. You can t have a squad of 40 people because your going to have people moping around causing problems, then you have those players playing in the reserves rather than blooding our hungary youngsters. The reason we have one of the largest wage bills is because we have so many players on our books. Deano has a big job on his hands getting rid of the deadwood because the money has been spent on them the owner rightly want money back for them but the issue is they have been so poor nobody wants them from the looks of it. I hate hearing the boo boys but the decisions made have been wrong and there should be a point if your managing a football club when you say 'hang on' we have to many players here lets trim the wage bill by getting rid of the baggage and focus on quality...

Mensa Wolves

Third or fourth highest wage bill? Top four net spenders? Where are you getting your figures from? Wolves PR department I imagine.

Meanwhile, back in the real world... Deloitte and Touche reported Wolves as varying between the 18th and 19th ranked wage-payers when in the Premier League. By avoiding relegation Wolves over-performed, when relegated they finished one-place below par by being rock bottom.

People go on about Everton performing miracles on their shoe-string budget, yet D&T show they have the 6th or 7th highest Prem wage bill, and consistently finish 6th or 7th through good management.

Wolves did net spend on transfers once promoted, but nowhere near enough to establish the club. The restricted wage policy meant we constantly missed out on the type of quality player needed to keep advancing the level of your team. Even people with a brief interest in the Prem (or any top class sport) knows that you have to keep improving, if you're not running fast enough you're standing still, and Wolves plodded along, struggling like mad just to hold on to the tail-enders they eventually collapsed through exhaustion.

But still, at least we didn't do a Portsmouth. They sparkled and burned brightly before reality caught up with their madness, whilst we slide into the third tier with barely a whisper.

Waggies Left Peg

This is a first, so,eone not renewing next season because THEY ARE HAPPY WITH THE CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paul davo

Welcome Kaspars hope you fit in well along side Danny Batth on Saturday, good bye Bera & Johnson you both had your chance and proved not good enough, now Dean Saunders go get two full backs and a striker and we might just get away with this season and stay in this league then come summer get rid of WARD,Johnson,Foley,Sigi,O"hara, Hunt,Edwards,MOXEY, they should fetch 5 OR 6mil between them, giving you a bit money to have a go next season, YOUR PLAYERS not micks cause remember they got mick the sack and he backed them,


well done Paul Davo, at last a bloke who hasnt swallowed this Roger Johnson saftness! bloke is a joke, Danny B did more on Saturday than Johnson has done since he's been here.

brizzle wolf

What has 'sigi' done to be lumbered in as surplus to requirements. The lads always looked to have more class than the shower that plays up front week in week out, just hasnt had a proper run. Also I would keep o'hara. The others can jog on tho, alongside doyle. Seb is going anyway but hasn't been at his best anyway


Unconvinced....would have preferred to sign Curtis Davies and Alex Baptiste, what worries me is where has the money gone.

We still need a left back and centre forward with some pace and we need them now.


give ward a forward berth or even up front he is afterall a striker and unlike his fellow countryman doyle has a goal in him..just a thought


How many more Positions and chances do you want to give Ward, can you not see, he is not up to any standard, maybe give a chance to other young and good players that we have, who did not have Dad and Uncle , looking out for them.


we signed him as a striker, then he has played 12 games up front for us and scored 6 goals, a decent return, so why don't we play up front where he should be? that's a good point how could you not agree with the first poster??


Steven Ward has shown tremendous spirit, as you say he was signed as centre forward, and then had to stop gap at left back, and became regular, even for

National side.

Ward was Fletchers preferred partner, and is big, strong, mobile, hardworking,

can shoot and a real team player. Surely worth a try up front with his pal

Doyle. Never really know until its tried.. ???

London Wolf

Too early to comment on this guy yet, very willing to give him a chance, let's just hope Saunders is too, and hopefully we've seen the last of Berra. Now, let's just remove the rest of the stink that's set in at Molineux over the past couple of seasons - whose pathetic attitudes has brought this club to a level that seemed impossible when we won the championship- Henry can go, too much talking bs off the pitch, and nothing but ugly tackles on it. Doyle needs to move somewhere where he can play a strikers role, and not a lone role with no support... Where on earth has all that money we received for Fletcher, Jarvis and Kightly gone?? That was a lot of money - surely we should have spent at least a little bit of it in January!!?? Not a penny!! I really think Moxey and Morgan have got some explaining to do - why on earth are we level on points with the relegation zone, when at the beginning of the season we were talking about making an immediate return - surely it's Moxey/ Morgan's job to explain and perhaps even apologise for the diabolical mess that was sacking Mick and replacing him with an absolute amateur, which was surely the start of all this mess. Being a London wolf takes some convincing, and I am not presently convinced. Brentford play far more exciting football.


stpaul........ thats so true ..... he can hit them ..... not fiuff every shot like the other 2...... so called strikers...


Good point re: Brentford. If we were looking in fist division for a manager Rossler was worth consideration his side have been playing good football on limited resources for a long time. Hope someone gives him a chance on a bigger stage.


Well, signed from a team about to be relegated and he can't even get in it.

I am guessing he's incredibly slow hence his inability to get in a team that can't buy a win.

Follows a well trodden path of signing players that enjoy being relegated though. A team of losers you might say.


Moan, moan, moan. Which is why I won't be renewing. Idiots on and off the pitch. Try giving him a chance. You never know.....then again, you'll only be happy if you're moaning


Thought you'd done a bunk!!!!

Fozzy Bear

Mensa boy is back ! Oh how we've missed your negative ramblings.

Have you been boring your top 5% of brains in the coutry with your total ignorance.

He captained a side that stormed the Championship last season. Seems he might be good enough to help lift us out of the red zone, but, why would that bother you.

Note A player that enjoys being relegated ? Explain that one brainbox. Certainly enjoys being promoted. Ask Blackpool and Reading.

chris h

Be a good idea if you checked for typos before criticising others.Also try Googling 'Gorkss dropped'and have a look at some of Reading fans' comments. 'too slow,too clumsy,gives the ball away 95% of the time,utter useless'. Clearly he will fit in well at Wolves.Still at 31 he has got plenty of time to improve.I wish him well ,nevertheless.We need new blood.

Fozzy Bear

Big deal, the E&S dropped an N out of country.

Concentrate on the points raised.

You miss two points.

1)Richwolf64 won't be forgotten for his attack on posters who he looked down on from a lofty height (in his estimation)

He's a loser, don't join his motley team !

2) we will be playing Gorrks in the Championship where he has proved he can play.

We shall see.

Are you watching what I'm watching

Seems to have some decent championship experience - strange that he always seem to move back into the championship when his team gets promoted but has to be better than what we have now. I have high hopes.

A leader and very vocal - Will he get the arm band ? (cos we know what happened last time)


I wanted to see johnson and baath playing in the centre together. THink it would have been much better. Not sure if we will get to see that now though


Lets all hope that Dean gets the support he needs from Teflon Jez and Steve Morgan or else we will soon be on our fifth manager,because i dont think anyone could fairly criticise Saunders if he walked and exposed the Wolves hierarchy for what it truly must be.

No doubt many on here will still complain but for goodness sake lets give the guy a chance because surely he must be an improvement on what we"ve had, got my fingers crossed anyway

Codsall Wolf (the real one)

So with the loan signing of Gorkss to replace Berra, what happens to Danny Batth when Johnson's ban finishes, surely they can't drop him?

Or will Jez insist that the high-earners should be playing as a 'shop-window' exercise, like Zubar was slotted back-in a few weeks back.


3 at the back, ward on the bench.


Ye Olde South Bank

I'll reserve judgement for now, but any move to kick Berra out gets my vote.

English Exile

"Hear, hear" well said! hurrah! bravo!"

Stafford wolf1970

Richwolf64. Every time I look at this website you are always moaning and writing negative things about our club. We've just signed a player and you are already slating him without even seeing him play. Give the bloke a chance for gods sake. Bog off you loser.


Well said!!!! And also please change your name from Richwolf64, its too much like mine and dont want anyone to mistake my views for your negative ramblings.

Chris Camp

Poor old Ward seems to be general 'whipping boy' at left bac but he was signe as a forward and did wll a couple of seasons ago when injuries forced him up front. Give a chance - he can't be any worse than Doyle - at least he keeps standing up!


Why can't my fellow wolves fans at least be a bit happy cus deano's trying to do something about our **** defence we are leaking goals and they are all from school boy errors maybe instead of win bonuses there should be losing deductions and then maybe it would mean more although they should play for the pride of the badge BILLY WRIGHT WILL BE TURNIN IN HIS GRAVE remember bully era tomorrow wasn't the best of players but at least he gave us 100%

jimmy paige

Maybe we shouldn't be employing schoolboys. Also most of us who support this forlorn club are old boys (and girls) whose patience is wearing pretty thin when comedians are in charge. Most fans on here are arguing the pros and cons of players who shouldn't even be playing football - that's the problem. We don't really have a team made up of quality players. I've never heard of them. Maybe O'Hara. But the rest I have to think- have I met you at a party somewhere? We are a small time club now, as I said over two years ago. This is where we belong with the present regime in charge - get used to it. Or even worse.... I do hope so - as I have a lovely bet we end up in the division below. UTW!

Angry Wolf

Deano, you are dammed if you do, and dammed if you don’t, the perennial moaners will never be happy.A good first appointment..

She Wolf

Some people are only happy if they are moaning.


and now your moaning about others moaning?

meh -_______-

half of you lot are never happy always a bunch moaning

Waffle Wolf

He has been around the block and has experience of the Championship, which is encouraging.

And for the first time in what seems years, Wolves have gone for somebody whose recent experiences have been connected with promotion rather than relegation. Let's hope he comes with a positive mindset and can help dispel the negativity that surrounds most of the squad at the moment.


Marvelous what you can pick up at Poundland (... or was it the 99p shop?).


Let's get real. He's a loan signing. Not good enough for a struggling premiership team, and loaned out to us with the risk of losing him after 28 days.

Also, if we are relegated, will he want to stay with the club? I think not. And what's happened to the other loanee, Peszko? He wasn't in the 18 picked for our last game. Is he leaving too?

So, Mr Saunders, please don't count your chickens until they have hatched. If all the players we get on loan want to stay with us next season, and they also prove their worth, then fair enough. But if they don't stay after May, then anything the club does in the interim is only a temporary solution.


Duhhh, if we go down who cares if he stays... Everyone we sign on loan has that decision to make, so a pretty pointless point. Perhaps dean should just give up then?


The idiots are back then..................

All Wolves failings this season are not down to Gorkss................ so give the guy a chance!!

And as for Saunders, give him a chance too. Ok 3 points in 5 games isnt great but we have looked loads better in the last 2 games. Made some stupid mistakes hence why a defender is in.

This year has not been ideal so far and we are under threat of relegation but who do you expect to sign, Rio Ferdinand? This guy has been promoted twice in 2 years and played most of his clubs matches in that time! So why are people already expecting him to fail?

As for the stupid comment above somewhere saying he cant even get in a relegation threatened team as he must be too slow............. then why did they put a 24hr recall clause after 28 days in his contract.............. some people are just thick.

Good signing Wolves, now a striker please and we have half a chance.

Im angry about this season as much as anyone else but now isnt the time to moan and slag everyone off, get behind your team and say what you want in the Summer but the club needs backing for the next few months.


Well said, You do know it doesn't matter what is done or said the usual suspects will be on moaning...Could never get you mixed up with Richwof64.


Welcome. A step in the right direction - hope that 24 hour recall after 28 days doesn't come back to haunt us.

loyal wolf

Rich64wolf "I am guessing he's incredibly slow hence his inability to get in a team that can't buy a win." that would be Reading would it? who have won 3, drawn 1, lost 2, scored 11, conceded 11,in their last six matches, 1 point less than chelsea, man city, arsenal and 2 less than spurs, not the most informed appraisal is it Rich??


Rumor has it its him, johnson and Batth as a three at the back!


Sir Lupi

You could have a point, lets have a look:


Kasper, Johnson, Batth/Margerrita (not alot of cover for injury)

Sako, Davis, Henry, Doumbia, Pseko (ok)

Ebanks, Doyle.

We are weak up front imo, we need a 6ft ball winner up front for Ebanks. If we sign that type of player, Deano could put Doyle in an attacking midfield role?

Did Saunders play three at the back at Donnie or Wrexham??

Wanderer Will

Sako wing back ????? ARE YOU ON DRUGS ?????

Baggie Kevin

Your going down just like the titanic did.ha ha.ha

north bank wolves

Bring back jody get foly henry come bac bully show them were net is

Hugh Curran used to be my landlord

You are 100% right Angry Wolf. We could sign Bale and that would be wrong.


Give Dean a chance first signing might be the one to build a new team around, as everybody else has said where has all the summer money gone? we shouldn't be reduced to loan signings. Having watched the Wolves for over 60years what worries me the most is when a player (Karl Henry) who has previously said it was the players fault on 3 occassions when managers were sacked, now says "we are too good to go down" with leadership like that reduce him to cleaning players boots and give us a captain who can lead


Give the guy a chance - Some of you will never be satisfied. If we had signed Messi people on here would have wanted Ronaldo instead.

This negativity is getting past a joke...


Good! Now let's get in a couple of pacey full-backs (especially a left back), QUICKLY!


moan moan moan, glad you lot aint CEO of this club, where would we be if you were.........................


Another pr cover up ironic early bird offer goes out and we sign someone ...... Do you think we are brainwashed and deluded ? :... Take note sir billy quite !


Another pr cover up ironic early bird offer goes out and we sign someone ...... Do you think we are brainwashed and deluded ? Some of us know the truth :... Take note sir billy quite !


Out of the Darkness cometh Light (at last)


31 year old from Latvia on loan and the happy clappers are making themselves heard again,


So now you're moaning because a player is Latvian?


Well done Dean!

I am told by Reading Fans this guy is as competative as hell!

Now 3 good central defence options. Danny finally getting his chance (Did the last 3 managers understand their squad at all?!). Johnson IS a class act, remove the non-footballer that is Berra and we should look quite different.

Need a left back (only the last 3 managers didn't think so!) and some bite in midfield.

Thanks SS for your signings, that is your legacy after a short time. MM & Partner, both hang your heads in shame for your legacy after 5 years, players who have/had no right to be putting on the shirt.

Off to see Les Miserables tonight....................looking forward to seeing some blood and bodies being removed on the barricades of Molineux in the next few months!!


Lot of them on here Les Miserables that is! Take a tissue..went to see it last week, made me cry and I never cry!!!

Silver Wolf

Les Miserables? I recall a tv series of many years ago (60's) with Frank Finlay - come to think of it Wolves glory days were already over by then, it's simply taken me 40+ years to realise. ;) However, hope springs eternal and if we avoid the drop this time, next year we might ...... be totally miserable.




And where have you been for the last two seasons....a parrell universe may be

Mike Pearson


jimmy paige

...sleeping tablet... Goodnight Mike.


the major problems lie with the fat controller and his captain ,morgan. if danny hadnt euqalised sat the rumbling was beginning to start.+doesnt matter which players are brought in during the loan window,the fact are,WHERE HAS THE MONEY GONE. FLETCK,JARVIS,KNIGHTLY,ADEALENE all generatet a substantional amout of money. then on top of that you got parashute and tv money. big question,and still no answer.


WOW, thought it was half term next week, you're another misery guts!!I should take extra spelling lessons if I were you!


like sako for instance?

manc andy

I will wait and see how he does before getting his name on my shirt,,i hope he gets a game instead of Berra, UTW


I vote that we all call him "Kaspars The Friendly Gorkss." Who's with me? Anyone..?


lol Seems like something id have said after a few beers

spanish ray

Bully 1012 shut up.It`s now we wanted these players not tomorrow.We have to look for safety now not later.Please go back to your hole at the boing boings.


A left sided central defender!Sounds promising.Let's see what he is like.


Please resign Moxey..........................................Go now


A welcome singing regardless of all the negativity. We'll see how he performs alongside our other "top" players. I understand the cynicism that many of ourb fans have. This is due to poor communication and appalling club management. I say, let's give the guy a chance and a proper Wanderers welcome. We need something to be cheerful about.


Was feeling quite good on the way home .Now I made the mistake of reading these posts. Fans really know how to drag a club down. IF we had positive backing from fans then poor players may play a little better and the club could try and get out of the mess.Years ago football was about life or death but not today so forget about it until the next match and leave the club to sort itself out. Football may have been a way of life but lets get real none of us like what money these players earn, the lack of loyalty etc etc especially when nearly every club is insolvent so either choose to pay or dont go. At least when you stay away you can turn the radio off the moment the game has ended without 3 points. Find other interests to keep your mind off Wolves and you may live a healthier longer life.

Barbados Ben

To all you clowns having a dig at Wolves fans moaning all the time, what have you been watching for the last 2/3 seasons, because its obviously not what I've been watching.

The problem is pretty much everything the club does (on and off the pitch) gives you no reason to be positive and every reason to MOAN


Perhaps this will cheer you up, despite all the moaning on here about JM and SM being cheap.

Wolves have the highest value squad in the championship based on fees spent / player valuations. That’s more than the top 3 in the division and the two clubs that came down with us.

Wolves £57.000.000

Cardiff £ 31.500.000

Leicester £24.500.000

Bolton £52.000.000

Blackburn £47.500.000

Hull £29.500.000

Just think how much we could have spent if our owners weren’t so mean.

Source: www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/championship/startseite/wettbewerb_GB2.html


footballs played on grass not accounts pages. look at the division were in and what position wolves occupy. who should be happy about that?


The facts are the facts. We have spent money whether it has been spent well is neither here nor there. To say JM and SM are mean is simply not true

jimmy paige

I would have laughed if the photographer had put Deano on a 12" high box / ladder / queue of applicants for Moxley's job / list of complaints to Bob the builder / complaints about Early Bird / size of pies complaints / applications for left back / museum attendant part time attendants / tenders for South Bank stand rebuild / etc... etc... then he would have looked as high as..... the Latvian chap (what's his name again...?)

Jonny D

I have decided to let the whole thing pass me by. Jezz Moxey is the CE at the Wolves, He has managed the club from a business point of view for 13 years. There is no way he will ever leave Wolves........So I have to admit my mistake...........I will return to my Empty Seat for the Watford game.

And hopefully we will have signed a striker, a left back and another central defender by then.

Although the last 12 months have been a complete joke, I will support Dean for the next 18 months and I will decide if Deano is any good after 18 months, when he has been given the time to rebuild the team. His comments regarding the team after the Leeds game make me think that he may be the right man for the Job. He has said what the fans have been saying for a long time. The team is not good enough and it needs rebuilding.

But Morgan does need a football man, and Moxey is not that man and should not make comment on team matters. Director of football maybe.

Come on you Wolves, onward and upward!!!


Anybody for a 5 3 2


New lb





O hara





Seems a better team than previously thought just need new left back and 5 at the back will surely stop us leaking goals especially with batth performing as he has just a thought UTW


Give Saunders time. I appreciate that we are in the religation zone ,but thats due to miss management by our continental nordic disaster. What you have to take into consideration ,is that seven of the current side , held their own for three seasons in the premure division ???????

The Wanderer

Pleased to see this. I'd also like to see a change from Mick McCarthy's approach of bringing new players in then not playing them (most notably Steven Fletcher in his first season with us).

Also note that there are too many nay-sayers on here - please get behind your team and at least give the manager a chance!

Golden Wonder

Welcome to the madhouse Kaspars.

Tin hats available at the club shop by the way.


The thing about Gorkšs, he's a proven winner in the Championship, having won promotion to the Premiership with QPR and Reading. He's big and strong and left sided, which is where we're weak. Wolves will be the biggest and best equipped club he'll have played for, so he'll make every effort to oust Berra and win a permanent Wolves shirt, which is in contrast to Berra will only be playing to leave the club. It's a win, win signing and Moxey and Saunders et al are to be congratulated for this very important capture.


Aarh some how this is not going to mean after 27 years i'm going to renew my two tickets just yet


Orlando Wolves

Welcome Kaspars, I hope your time at WWFC is mutually beneficial.

The Flying Winger

Good addition, hope it works out, reflecting on Henry's comment about being too good to go down, it seems at odds with the manager who has said he needs to strengthen the defence as we're cannot defend properly.

It also makes you wonder who clears the statements the players make, you would have thought the Manager would have had a sign off.

Anyway looks like he is now going to do what many of us have been calling for for three seasons, still cannot understand why it has taken 4 managers to see it and make the board do something about it.

The Flying Winger

Interesting article in the Mail, where Moxey states Morgan leaves him to arrive at the decisions that need to be made along with the Manager.

Moxey talking about he knows the fans think the club should have bought in the window but we have second highest wage bill,

Well who signed off the wages and contracts then Moxey?


Jeez, I'm no fan of Moxey but with so many people berating him for not spending money and now you're knocking him for signing off expenditure, what's a guy supposed to do?!

kenny hibbitt scorcher 79

a good signing, maybe too slow for the premiership, but could do a job for wolves at this level. now for a left back /striker/

for derby possible lineup


new left back?






henry-for now





Stafford DeWolf

Finally someone is actually doing something about this disastrous situation where it matters, on the pitch and in our defense!

What on earth was all that January window dithering about?

The problem is, if the left back replacement/cover isn't addressed, Kaspars will start to resemble Berra's twin brother before very long.

PS someone to put the ball in the net wouldn't go amiss either. Hope springs eternal.


One loan signing doesnt change things yet for me. I will wait until Mar 28th and then see what we have ( or dont have )and if reasonable will wait until I see the contribution from new signings on the pitch. The past few years does nothibng to encouraghe me about vWolves after 65 years support.


This a decent loan/signing and good bye Berra. We need a left back of course because Ward is not a left-back and people should remember that before having a pop at him.

We more than anything deperately need a goalscorer because if we rely on Sako, Doyle, SEB we will fall short and go down.

Cassidy was banging them in for Tranmere I would like to see him have more starts.

In fact I see it like this, the more we 'rely' on the old guard the more chance we have of going down because their heads are the heads of LOOSERS. We need to bring fresh blood from the youth aswell as outside loans. Danny Baath only played cause Roger Johnson was injured and look what happened.

O'Hara needs to be at his best too.