Wolves appease fans by slashing Early Bird prices

Wolves today launched their annual Early Bird offer with an olive branch for supporters coping with the worst 12-month spell in the club’s recent history.

Wolves owner Steve Morgan looks on
Wolves owner Steve Morgan looks on

The club unveiled an offer with price cuts for seats all around the stadium – and a letter of apology to every season-ticket holder from chief executive Jez Moxey.

Wolves are returning their prices to Championship level of 2008-09 which means £15 tickets behind the goals.

The club will also be waiving the £6 booking fee for fans renewing within the first four weeks of the Early Bird season which opens after Saturday’s Leeds clash.

Other sweeteners include £5 of merchandise cash and £5 ticket cash for existing season ticket holders.

And the offer landing on the fans’ doormats and e-mail today comes with Moxey’s apologetic tone for the club’s performance.

“We are extremely disappointed and sorry that some of the decisions taken have not worked out in the way we all wanted,” wrote Moxey in a plea for continuing support.

“We are all rightly open to criticism when things go wrong.  As the current custodian of Wolves, the chairman takes his responsibilities very seriously and he and I both take constructive criticism on the chin.

“All the ambitions Steve Morgan had for helping Wolves progress on and off the pitch when he arrived remain the same.  In fact, given what has happened, I know he feels even more determined to get things right.

“During the madness of the January transfer window, we fended off large bids for some of our best players.

"We also made offers to buy new players but, despite the current pressures, the manager was not prepared to sign them at any price.

“Nevertheless, he will look to improve the squad between now and the end of the season, if he can, by way of the loan market.  The club will support him in this and in what we expect to be a busy summer transfer window.”

The bulk of Wolves bookings are now made on-line which is where supporters will now make the biggest saving.

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Comments for: "Wolves appease fans by slashing Early Bird prices "

Noel Tamworth

Surely season ticket prices should be returned to 1988/1989 levels when we were last in the equivalent of the now league 1. Were they about 5 and six-pence back then ?


Like I said in previous posts, as soon as Moxey, the players and Co see their easy money disappearing, the panic sets in. Now is the time for all fans who care about where this shower are taking the club to act decisively. No more attendance until they are half way up the table. You will see a miraculous improvement in performance.

Just do it!!

The Flying Winger

Funny now they want our money how they become so conciliatory and communicate where things didn't work out in the transfer market.

Taking responsibility is an all too familiar get out, taking responsibility for what has happened at this club over the last three years means resigning, something he won't do.

Bids for our best players, who are they?

It's an opportunity for the fans to send a very clear message to these people that enough is enough until they show intent.

Are we really going to keep paying to watch this dross and these underachievers?

I hope he and Morgan get a very big meassage!!!!!!


"We also made offers to buy new players but, despite the current pressures, the manager was not prepared to sign them at any price."

Oh so it was Deanos choice to get no players in the window. I didnt realise he's taken over from Jez as well as Stalle!

We Only Need One Half!

What exactly is this £6 booking fee he's letting you off with? never had one down the Albion? just sounds like another way to fleece the fans to me.


'we fended off large bids for some of our best players.' - yeah, like Doyle, who spends more time rolling on the grass than the bleeding ball. We should've sold him and bought a weeble, at least they wobble but don't fall down!

Muzza's mumblings

'Wolves are returning their prices to 2008-9 championship prices £15 behind the goal ! Well done jez I'm sure you will get loads who want to pay championship prices when there Is a chance we could be 1 division lower than that! Moxey out!


If I remember correctly they cut the £6 admin fee for an early payment last year also, but then still charged £6 postage (which after querying later renamed this an admin fee) when they didn't even have to post anything. My season card was just updated electonically,


At last!

It has taken time but fans needed some comment from the club about the malaise that we have been in this season. Thank you Jez, but why have you waited until now. Oh yes the Early Bird offer for next season is due! Would you have said anything at all if you did not want money from the fans!

Wolverhampton Wanderers is a wonderful club with wonderful, loyal fans including myself. We all crave success and amongst many things we want is a bit of regular information from the people at the top of the about their ambition and aims. This has not happened until now and I think most people will agree with Jez's comments that the players are to blame.

The vast majority of the players were playing Premiership football for 3 seasons and have let the club down. The defence still ships goals alarmingly yet the same players, notably the defence are selected for every match. We are told that we have a 40+ squad, well why pick the same players every week!

We do now appear to have a manager who wants to play attractive football so lets back him and hope that at the end of the season we can put 2012/13 to bed and look forward to shipping out some of the under achieving professionals in our ranks and aiming for promotion to the greed league ASAP.


I would like to contradict one of your statements.

We were in the pemier league, but the vast majority of our players were not, repeat were not playing premier league football.

Its why we were relegated. The players that were of any note were sold.

Now we are where we deserve to be.

Most people will not agree the players are to blame. The blame lies with the people who have tollerated incompetence and not dealt with it.


at least they have apologised and redused tickets but investment is req or were here again for the long haul.

Selly park wolf

Too little too late moxey!

Your time of squeezing money out of this great club is almost upon you!

No one cares about your apologetic letter and £15 match tickets for league 1 next season.

I still recall the comment he made just after the appointment of SS saying "things might get worse before they get better'

I wondered what he meant by that but after this disastrous season we all now know!

Moxey OUT

Morgan OUT

Hednesford Wiolf

Thanks but no thanks. Why should I invest in this club when the board haven't backed the managers and the players don't provide the results or entertainment required..


More lazy reporting as per usual....SLASHING? really? if you sat in teh North Bank last year , this is actually a £15 increase !! Do you think we are all fools? No early bird for me thanks...and how come the £6 booking fee is only dropped for 4 weeks when this is one of the main bones of contention? Why would I pay 345 for L1 football, because that's where we will be

Shove your all bird, and your patronising comments Moxey, and for goodness sake get some reporters that ask some probing question, not ones like this that just roll over for tummy tickling

fat boy jamie

Why does anuone need a early bird season ticket.!! It's not as though the games are going to be sold out in league 1 is it.We couldn't sell out in the premiership...

Mark B

Appease Fans should that not be TRY and Appease the Fans

Codsall Wolf (the real one)

'Slashing the prices' you must be joking.

A tenner a game & a fiver for OAP's & kids whould be slahing it and then given the performances some would think it over-priced.

The idea of having a season ticket from a fan's perspective is to guarantee you a seat in your preferred stand on match day?

Well I don't think we'll need one for next season given the recent Home form?Bring back turning-up at 10 to 3 and paying on the day at the gate, paying all this money in advance is driving the fans away.

Gman Wolves

Thank you WWFC you have just lost me as a season ticket holder after 18 years. I do not think this move will appease anyone. True the ticket prices are going down. A whole 31 pounds in my stand! definately not enough. How they can justify charging this much baffles me. £461 for a team battling relegation and possibly playing in league 1 next year. In the words of Dragons den. I'm out!!! I shall be sending the letter back direct to Mr Moxey with a letter of my own explaining exactly why I am not renewing. Will I get a response? I doubt it.

Kev in Mallorca

If that don't work in two weeks time the club have booked a stall on Bilston market to auction any unsold tickets, after that and I shouldn't be telling you this but the club have done a deal with Poundland.



Go away you boggy supporters! Well done Wolves, lets get behind em!


as much as i dont like west brom at least they now how to run a club

The Real Bangkok Wolf

"We also made offers to buy new players but, despite the current pressures, the manager was not prepared to sign them at any price."

So Deno did not want any new players then Jez, that was lucky as we have no money and are going to make a loss this year.



It should be a letter of apology from the playing squad, not Jez Moxey or Steve Morgan. They're not the reason we are fighting relegation.

kenny hibbitt scorcher 78

jez, here ia a novel idea. just leave. utw

Richard Walker

We have fended off large bids for some of our players? Why would we do that when they clearly are not good enough and do not care

Clear the decks and start again build around young hungry players with ambition not journeymen who are sat idling on fat contracts

30 years a seson ticket holder



It's the players on the field that has let us all down, no early bird for me. You wait and see next season it will be pay at the door, and in order to boost the sales it will be cheaper than the early bird prices, you mark my words.

mr smug

why would people bother with a season ticket at all. We've not sold out consistently for YEARS!!

you'll rarely have a problem in getting to games next season, allowing you to pick and choose when you go.,

Do yourself a favour chaps. Spend more time with the kids and wife... Wolves really isn't worth it.


'As the current custodian of Wolves' ....... very ironic that


try the B O G 1 free offer you might get at least a few mugs to purchase 1 u t w down with Moxey and Morgan

manc andy

im not a glory supporter but i dont think div3 football will entice me to buy a season ticket , i shall choose my games one game at a time after the current debaclel,if only to show the powers that be my displeasure and lack of trust,,what on earth have you done to our club ??? UTW

Kford Hoaxer

Thank you Jez. Everything will be fine now. I particularly like the £5 off merchandise as Wolves have some of the highest quality products of any club. I can't wait to get to the sorely-needed Megastore - it's just like Manchester United's. With the spare money I think I might take my three kids to the new museum - the way we have been accumulating trophies in the last decade it's about time we had one. In particular I think you should congratulate yourself on the brilliant choice of kit manufacturer - it really puts West Brom's deal with Adidas to shame. I welcome this statement as it really does sound like yourself and Mr Morgan care about Wolves, the fans and the club. I mean, what you could have done is employ a PR company to write this statement for you but that's the lazy option eh! I'm sure we can all forget about all that blip over sacking that northern fella, that silly relegation stuff and that unfortunateness with the nice Norwegian chappy and the assistant that looked like a graphic designer. Everything's alright forever now.

hang on a minute

Im pretty sure my season ticket cost 330 last year? This year its 345!

You have to wonder if the man who reports for the e+s is related to jez moxey if they call that 'slashing prices'.

Im out.


it is time we stopped moaning and got behind the team. Anyone who has played the game and been at the wrong end of the league knows the pressure the players are under. we are solvent and will remain so, we will start winning matches and we need to get behind our players and club and help lift them.

nothing can be gained by moans. what players would have improved our club, at this point in the season i find it difficult to name one that is affordable. our current team is good enough to remain in this league and be rebuilt.

fans please cheer on saturday don't boo or jeer.


I don't think so, you think this is going "To Appease" the fans ??, then you are all more stupid than I thought on the wolves board.

Stick it Moxey, I aint coming back and I have been a supporter since 1966

Moxey's Bonus

After being a North Bank season ticket holder since it was reopened 20 years ago , there's no way i'm renewing this time. They should have really slashed the price by 50% , not the pathetic amount which makes the headline a mockery of the truth.

It'll be amazing if more than 7,000 ST's are sold , if they'd halved the price 14,000 + would be sold so it would also make economic sense.

As it is , Molineux will be 2/3rds empty next season , no atmosphere , the new North Bank looking a total white elephant. The only way i'd eben consider renewing would be Moxey leaving. The thought of even 50p of my money going to pay his fat cat wages disgusts me.

Sir Reginald

You Moxey are not the Custodian of the club. You are just an employee like the tea lady and all the other staff. Yes, you are a bigger cog in the wheel. The fans will be here when you and Morgan are long gone with pockets full of gold. Get out and stay out! You are an embarrassment and the vast majority of fans want you gone. Morgan - you need to grow a pair and get rid of this clown. If you don't you may as well go too because the fans will soon call for your head. UTW.

wolfo_Moxey_out! WAPTPTW FC

i dont think the letter of apologie is really acceptable, £400 to watch that dross all season no thanks. even with the price drop i wouldnt be interested. And glad I didnt renew last season, if we are relegated now though what will be the average price of a match be? season ticket? will the fans who get an early bird now be refunded? molinuex will not get much more than 11-12000 in league 1


Buying an Early Bird ticket is now totally pointless. As an earlier comment suggested, the ground will only be two thirds full maximum next season, and potentially half empty against unattractive opposition, there will be offers galore, far less to pay than £15 a match! And Walsall, Shrewsbury as potential away games. May give Scunthorpe a miss..............


Funnily enough I was talking about this with my old man the other day. I'm not going to renew my season ticket on the early bird because if by chance we do go down there's no way I am paying £15 a game especially since I will be getting phonecalls to renew after the early bird finishes anyway like my brother did at the end of last season.

Tividale Wolf

A desperate, blatant attempt to 'buy' our support for next season - this is all 'too little, too late'. Wolves fans have had enough of Morgan & (especially) Moxey - he has the knack of upsetting fans without even trying...just ask Stoke supporters. He was reviled up there and they couldn't wait to get rid of him.

I will always love the club, but how can any fan be expected to put up with what we have been subjected to over the last 12 months. Just when we thought we'd reached rock bottom against Albion, things have deteriorated even more - quite an achievement from the comedy duo


101 chicken chow mein

you can tell when moxleys lying his lips are moving , should have been a politition mate.

where has the money gone, and if this bunch of losers are the third best paid in the league you aint doing your job sunshine would not pay em tuppence , and dont get me started on giving useless henry a 4 year deal and trying to get berra to sign a new deal ,this is why we need a director of football not a bean counter, you could not spot a good player if one kicked you up the a$£e mate! god almighty give me strength got to go for a lie down youv,e started me off again


Nothing Moxey can say will excuse what the 2 have done to our wonderful club.

What worries me is that he's still employed.

If Morgan thinks he's doing OK then we're all doomed.

I really can't see us staying up and whatever they reduce prices to will still be too much..


this is the same plonker who gave away our home end,to the enemy,now he thinks he can passifiy our fury with some cheap gimmicks.


Those two muppets aint getting no more money of me for season tickets so me an my sons will wait till Morgan an Moxey leave for us to return


A shambolic 12 months of poor management decisions at all levels of the club. If you had intended to disenfranchise the fan base then this is the model you would have chosen . A series of conflicting statements of intent such as "we aren't a hiring and firing club " ( 4 managers in 12 months) , "it's a big job for someone with experience" ( we go from TC to SS to DS) etc is hardly going to engender confidence in either the fans or the players. (Who have grossly under performed on a consistent basis).

Now we have DS who doesn't inspire me with his "soundbite" statements and limited tactical nous.

Lets hope SEB can knock in the goals to keep us in this division, I don't have any more expectation than that now...

And, I concur with statements above, you don't actually need a season ticket, the ground won't be full and you can pick the games you actually want to see....

This is an olive branch. More than hat though it is an acknowledgement, for the first time, that we are in decline and have had an annus horribilis! This is the first time in aaes I can think of the club seriously considering fans . What I really would like to see now is Morgan/Moxey actually openly engaging us with direct and serious conversation about the predicament at Wolves and how things went wrong over the last few years. They have made errors and we all know that. We are currently divided. club and fans, when we need to be more together. Morgan/Moxey should commit themselves to some serious questioning from E&S staff and some WW fans. We need this blood letting and clarity about where we are going. Marlon King would have been a huge error even though getting rid of failed SEB would not. The Fans Parliament is not the way forward for debate, with a cozy, hand-picked group of fans who they will woo with prawn sandwiches and free Museum trips. Come on Morgan be brave enough to talk to us on the level. Things will continue to fester if you don't!!!

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