Wolves will be going back for Alex Baptiste

Wolves are set to make a summer pitch for £1m-plus rated Blackpool defender Alex Baptiste after having a bid rejected in the January transfer window.

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Blackpool v Birmingham City - Bloomfield Road

Manager Dean Saunders is understood to have made the 27-year-old Tangerines skipper a priority signing after his club rejected offers from Wolves, Blackburn and Leicester.

Baptiste is out of contract in the summer when he will attract plenty of interest.

But although he refused to confirm Baptiste was the target he was chasing, Saunders is known to be keen on the right-back or central defender and is expected to return when there is no fee involved.

“There’s only one player I tried to sign who I see in my plans for next season, to put the first building block in place,” said Saunders.

“We made a big offer for him but we will have to wait until the summer to get him. He’s contracted to another team until the summer and he’s not available.

“We never put a written offer in, but it was knocked back verbally. But I’m still pursuing that one and we’ve got to be better defensively.”

Asked if it was Baptiste, Saunders would only say: “He’s contracted to Blackpool.”

Fans are angry at the lack of spending in January with Wolves receiving up to £28m from the sales of Steven Fletcher, Matt Jarvis and Michael Kightly last summer.

Saunders insisted money was there for him to spend – but on players to benefit the club long term.

“It wasn’t that there was no fresh money – if the chairman feels it’s someone we’d be putting into place for next season, he’s prepared to spend the money,” said the boss.


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Comments for: "Wolves will be going back for Alex Baptiste"

Are you watching what I'm watching

Wolves are expected to return when no fee is involved - the whole reign of Steve Morgan summed up in one sentence.

Lets hope the lad is prepared to drop down a league and join us !!


Morgan......sell up





So back to your beloved Albion than heh.


There there, do you feel better now child.


You are so right. Almost every player has been purchased with value for money in mind and not because they are the best. Wolves have gone to buy from clubs who are in financial trouble and / or have been relegated:- examples are

Foley from Luton

Halford from Portsmouth

Johnson from Birmingham

Shirt puller from Hearts

That's why the club has £30 - £50m in the bank and will still ask £500 a season for the early bird ticket in the Billy Wright!!

Mr Morgan is fool!

We Only Need One Half!

To be fair, Johnson was hardly a cheap buy, was he?

jez moxey junior

Or Fletcher, Doyle or (considering the limited use we got out of them) players like Mouyokolo and Milijas but facts often get in the way of people who just want to find any reason to criticise an owner who, despite some of the awful decision making he's been responsible for during the last 12 months, continues to spend significant amounts of money on making the club a success in the long term.

Those criticising Morgan need to learn lessons from McCarthys departure (which I personally believe to have been overdue) and be very careful what they wish for!


“We made a big offer for him...but it was knocked back verbally."

Jim Melrose

He is contracted to Blackpool, If his club won't sell then we can't sign him. What would you have us do? offer 3 million for him with only six months to go on his contract. And when he gets injured or turns out to be crap, you lot are the same reactionary numbskulls who will come on here and start bitching about how we spent 3 million on a crap player who we could have picked up for nothing!

Angry Wolf

Is he good enough for division 1


I'm sure he'll love to come and play in League One!!


made a big offer for him DS, hope it was more than £20m because thats the only offer that will please some of our fans who want the club to spend "big", you know Messi, Torres, Saurez, etc,etc. I know it's laughable - but so are some of our fans who are in another universe!


That's a bit of an odd comment John. Why would fans want the club to pay £20M for someone whose contract has run out and is available for free? I'm sorry but your comment makes no sense at all. Could you explain please?


Thats a rather bold and inaccurate statement!! I think the fans expect a decent and competent defence, maybe a midfielder who can create something rather than throw himself studs first into peoples legs?

Im guessing you'd prefer oblivion?


Totally agree, there is so much negative rubbish posted on these forums.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

What planet are you on mate?

We don't want BIG players like Messi or Saurez.

We just want players that are better than what we have got.

We need a championship 20 goal striker to play along side Seb and at least a left back!

Is that really to much to ask?

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Sorry forgot,

MOX"L"EY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Clappers Suck

You are a total idiot.


Ok then if this explains the lack of spending then I hope you are still a championship manager next season Dean............. You said we had to stay up firstly so maybe rather than planning this window on a promotion push to the prem next season, you could have ensured safety this one as I fear the worst to be honest.

Barnsley havnt lost in 6 games by the way.

Having said all that, I think if Morgan came out to communicate with the fans it would be better than you explaining things for them Dean.


This is a fairly pointless exercise... he's going to be a free agent, which includes the magic Moxey word 'free', but in football 'free' doesn't usually equate to CHEAP (except at the Mol) and besides that other clubs want him, so in the end it comes down to who will pay the most. Would that be Wolves?

I'll get me coat for even joking about the possibility.


what ever same old same


Right strategy. Reduce the squad but increase the quality. No more Halfords and Majerhoffers, Hamills and Jonssons, use the cash to invest in quality. Well done DS.

Chippy Wolf

Fair comment if there was any evidence but to do that he would have to buy someone which he hasn't he's just shipped out players including a right back who was arguably the best part of a poor defence and certainly a lot lot better than Ward.

I'll reserve judgement until Easter but all the signs are of a manager under the thumb of greaser Moxley and that should worry everyone as the guy is only interested in £'sss. The strategy (if you can call it that) is to save wages and sell players but what use is it if we are in Div 1 with a crowd of 8,000.

Really really depressed as we have just become a free fall laughing stock from what was a golden opportunity to become a great side but it all went on a bloody stand :-(

Phil Smith

Don't think we will be bidding £1,000,000 for a player when we are in Division 1. Nor do I think he will want to play there.


Won't need to bid £1m as his contract expires in the summer, so he will be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Will he want to play at the Bescot.no chance of anybody coming until we improve....come on

Distant Wolf

Hold your horses, Walsall might not be in that Division! They might make the playoffs.........................it ain't all bad in the black country.


What a load of pants !!

'expected to return when there is no fee involved' - yes that sounds like a good idea, he will really be able to help save our season and avoid relegation then wont he !! and why would he want to join Wolves given the state of the club at the moment. If he is going to generate 'plenty of interest' from other clubs then surely he will choose elsewhere unless things dramatically change at wolves in the next 4 months!

More trash to try and justify doing NOTHING !

If they wanted him that badly why didnt they just pay for him ???????????


DS contradicts himself every time he does a press conference.


No he doesn't, actually... I think he does... or maybe not


By which time it will be too late again

spanish ray

Dean,if you believe Morgan or Moxey you really have been brainwashed.Come the summer there will be other reasons from them not to buy.I don`t say pay over the odds but we really should have bought him during the transfer window.It`s now that we need these players not tomorrow.If you want to loan players next week remember these two will only pay the minimum wage.

christopher (again)

I just read the Tim Nash bit where DS says he didnt want to waste money on loans. Is this telling us not to expect any activity in the emergency loan window?

The Flying Winger

As usual it's Jam tomorrow again, if nothing is done in the loan period then the slump in gates will continue along with the results.


As for a goalscorer costing £2m as stated in another thread by Dean, you said £3m - £4m is what a goal scorer costs to replace during the window..................

Please explain to me why you had lined up a free transfer in King to replace Blake then??? You said yesterday that was the intention if Blake had gone............. FREE!

chris h

I have made comments on here for years,all in a similar vein,the club continually makes poor footballing decisions especially in connection with buying and selling players and negotiating contracts.We have two examples in the news today that demonstrates this. 1 we signed Zubar because a proposal to sign Scott Dann was pulled due to the player wanting an extra reportrf £5k a week to match an offer from Birmingham City.So we sign instead Zubar as a centre back, a player who was never considered reliable enough to play centre back(four managers never picked him there for a league game.).Now we are told he was moved on because he was on a massive salary.So we bought in an inadequate replacement for Dann and still paid this replacement a massive salary.2 We are told they didn't sign anyone in Jan because selling clubs wanted £1.5m for players whose contracts run out in the summer. But in economic terms ,how much will we have saved if as a result of not strengthening the team we end up getting relegated? Also evidently it was considered unreasonable that clubs wanted such fees for players soon out of contract,and yet we were quite prepared to sell Ebanks for a million,and he is also out of contract in the summer. Is it so sensible at not paying an extra £500k for a player who the manager thought would strengthen the team,and help us avoid relegation? If we now revert to the loan market a player's parent club will still want a fee and the player involved will be gone at the end of the loan period.

Distant Wolf

I think that we have to be realistic here! Wolves have for many years not been a big club and I know that there will be a backlash from the people who write on this site and feel that we are.

Let's take a look shall we, where did we spend the big money when we were in the premiership, was it Doyle? O'Hara? Fletcher? No not really, Hunt then? Nope, I could go on. We descended like a stone into the championship and have continued to sink amongst the rest of the also rans in the Championship such as Sheffield Wednesday, Ipswich, Birmingham, Bolton, Blackburn, Derby, Leicester who are all as big as us and if we drop into Division 1, we will be alongside Sheffield United and Coventry who are clubs of a similar size and stature.

Let's face it, who really wants to come to Molineux, an appalling Chair and Chief Executive, who whatever you may think of Mick McCarthy, sacked a far better manager than the three that have followed and who joined a Ipswich with poorer players, cash strapped and really in trouble, yet are above us in the league. Then you have the supporters, many of whom weren't born, or even their parents born when Wolves were a great team: yet still they chant about what the opponents have never won. Who would want to come out to play for us on a Saturday and play for our team and get a more hostile reception than what they do when they play away.

As a Wolves fan of over 50 years, I have travelled from all over the world to see Wolves play. I have really enjoyed it and felt that we were on the verge of a new era when we were promoted, but no more. Not a loyal supporter? More someone who has had enough of it. Travel to Molineux expecting a great day, good football, lively banter and an all round great experieince. You have got to be joking, a team with no heart, lacking in leadership and a squad looking for the back door, supporters some of which can best be described as foul and without any interest other than shouting at their own team and lording over it all in his Crombie coat (if he is there) Mr Morgan accompanied by his mate Mr Moxey.

So in a nutshell, why didn't he come to Molineux? He is obviously a perceptive man. It has taken me 50+ years to say that I can't be bothered any more, he has probably played a couple of games at Molineux, seen his opponents get harangued, managed by nice enough people who havent a clue and a group of supporters whose expectations far exceed the ambitions of the clubs owners. As for Mr Morgan and Mr Moxey, Mr Morgan owns the club and like it or not he can do with it as he wants and Mr Moxey, well he is doing the job that the owner and directors want him to do.

Said it all and awaiting the backlash.

London Bloke

Distant Wolf sums up the situation extremely well. Nobody believes a word of the meaningless pap that comes out of Molineux now, regardless of who says it. Equally, his comment about some of the fans is perfectly accurate although it will upset a few people.

It is pointless Saunders talking now about who he missed out on or who he wanted, nobody cares! Repeat, nobody cares. The club failed to make things happen, are already looking for excuses about the plummet to League 1 and have lost the locals. Sad, but the lights are going out.

Perplexed Wolf

Not everyone will agree with all of your sentiments but I doubt you will get much of a backlash. Frustration is rife at the moment. Things don't quite add up do they - we were told we were aiming to get back to the PL and yet we seem to be shopping in Primark whereas once we might have gone to Beatties. (I know, we got lucky with Kightly - how often is that going to happen?) The question is, what sort of a club are we really shaping up to be? Are our aspirations smaller than they used to be? Perhaps Steve Morgan could put our minds at rest by spelling it out for us. He really should speak out under the circumstances, such a large fan base deserves that. Reading Dean's comments doesn't do it for me I'm afraid.


Well said. Don't think we are shopping in Primark more like they are shopping in Poundland!



ABSOLUTLEY SPOT ON SIR!!! No backlash from me,just full agreement as your saying it as it is my friend! I feel that if Mr Moxey and Mr Morgan ever read this,they would be angry as...well,the truth hurts dosent it? However as i`ve already said on this site,they`re too arrogant to be bothered even reading the posts on this site.In fact they probably dont even know of its very existance..TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU LONE WOLF...WELL SAID!!


One of the best comments I have read on here. Not one point I disagree with, especially about the fans. Well said


I agree with you 100% the atmosphere around the place is poison at the moment and that has nothing to do with how much people pay to see the team or how far they travel it's to do with passion for their club, and unfortunately the lack of it showed by the players and hierarchy Morgan has no desire to progress this club and as a business man it is failing when the money dries up hopefully he will move on.


Spot on about the attitude of some (many?) of our 'supportrs'.


First, with Boucari to come back Peszko and Doumbia get back their match fitness i don't think we will go down. As for getting players out of contract, it as happened to us once or twice, remember the late Dean Richards we lost him out of contract, so maybe we can do the same, only he's 6 or 7 years older than Dean was. COME ON THE WOLVES.

Mark B

Is he any better than what we have has been the main question before if not why bother.

Start bringing in the youngsters.


"We made a big offer". Look, Dean, we don't do big offers - it's not in our psyche - so don't give us that. If he's that good, you'd have made sure you got him. Especially if his contract is up in the summer - didn't you say with regard to our own players coming to the end of their contracts, every player has his price? If this how we are rebuilding, I'm disappointed. In fact the old expression "jerry-building" comes to mind, doing things on the cheap, etc.


dear jez , our beloved C.E.O , which could stand for CHIEF ENGINEER OFOURDOWNFLL , or CASH EVERYTHING OUT or CHASING EVERYONE OUT ! which car boot will you be shopping at for the rest of our nobodies ?


Of the stories that have been printed today... Is Baptiste - ex Tamworth - really that good? Was Zubar really on massive wages? No one believes or takes too much notice of what comes out of Laurel n Hardy's mouths or their spin doctors these days. The business we have done in recent times in the January transfer windows has always been nothing short of farcical and a joke? It has only been tempered by Odemwingie's actions in Steptoeville!

Roaring Boy

Heard it all before from Bob The Builder, we will spend then nothing, he is a Muppet. Clear off back to Scouse Land


Get him on loan, see what he's like! but first of all get Moxey out someone has to pay the price for all the none activity...


I will cut M&M some slack on this one. I expect they wanted SEB in return and the deal became impossible when we refused to give him away for silly money. Things are never as easy as they seem.

And if we play like we did vs. Leicester then Summer will be a happier time to welcome Baptiste to Mol.


If we play like we did against Leicester? News flash-we lost again against Leicester. For the umpteenth time this season we only turned up for 45 minutes. If the referee had done his job properly in the first half we would have conceded a penalty and Henry should have been sent off. We could and should have started the second half 2-0 down and with 10 men.

Do we really want to keep playing like we did against Leicester?


Hes not coming to wolves, they know full well he'll go to leicester or blackburn. (you know things are bad when you're wishing your club was run by venkys!!)

Nice tactic tho, going after players you know you wont get. Dont think you can fool us!


This is a complete nothing story. Why?

We may well be in League 1

If we are in League 1 he will not want to come

If we are in League 1 we will not be spending big money anyway

If we're still a Championship club in the summer - he will be free and that will mean lots of other clubs in for him. Which usually means other clubs offering more money (wages) than Moxey.

The restricted ambition at the club prevented us from establishing in the top flight and in January we weren't even competing with what Championship clubs were offering. All this when £25m was banked in the summer. Nuff said.


Morgan is Bhatti in disguise. He is Bhatti in disguise. WW are the rich boys plaything and he seems unwilling to invest. Steve Morgan failed to see WW on the pitch matters had slid alarming in the last season on McCarthy's reign> In retrospect he should have gone for a MANAGER TO TAKE US FORWARD. Instead we get 3 inexperienced Managers and an about turn on the Sollbakken experiment without giving him time. Everybody knows you need to give a newboy 2 years at least to see it right. He treats Stale appallingly then appoints a novice in Dean Saunders who clearly has a downscaling brief. WW don't treat the fans very well> We are marketed to as REPEAT SALES clients not as fans with an emotional investment> I posted before thatthey should have a deep, open and clear analysis of what went wrong with WW last season. It is evident our playing squad are poor, even by Championship standards. The best players are those brought in by Stale. The ones who got us relegated should all go -SEB, Doyle, Edwards, Ward,Foley, Stearman, Elokobi, Hunt, Berra, Johnson and maybe Henry. They got us relegated with barely a fight. They failed to show character in bouncing back or adaptability in changing to Stale methods. They all need to be cleared out as FLAWED FAILURES. What a pity this has not started. These guys are now no good for Wolves.Saunders is clearly a motivator manager. I am unsure about his nouse at this level.... and he is inexperienced.I can see him doing a McLeish. What is going on at Wolves? Morgan has got no idea. Who advises this guy? Moxey? He needs to level with us rather than hiding away. I am so disappointed with how quickly we have sunk with such inept players. My 260 mile round trip to games seems such a waste to see dross. No season ticket renewal for me at this moment in time.




Here we go again moan moan moan. You lot, who appear to be the same lot out of work gormless moaners think that spending money any way on anyone will make things better.

No idea other than spend. As a previous writer stated they think that Wolves can entice the likes of Tevez or Surridge or any top class player. We do not have the attendances to pay top wages. We cannot compete with the top clubs. It takes a lot of luck to get the right manager in, with a squad of players who all come good together at the same time and just go from strength to strength.

Take McGhee at Reading, a world beater just for a season or two and now gone with the wind, Adkins at Southampton, and others who come and go.

These moaners deserve someone like Hughes at QPR. Spend spend and then what, he has gone. The patient ones succeed, both club Chairman with managers they trust but you lot of moaners are the worst people and I ommited the word fans. We do not need you, Wolves do not need you so if you do go to the matches which I very much doubt, then stay away.

All things are in place at the Wolves, the young players are coming through, a young ambitious manager who is looking at who are the good and bad players. He will make the judgment so as I said, either stop moaning and/or buy a season ticket, or stay in the pub having a whinge!!!


I heard we put a 50k bid in for Surridge mate. Glad that you are content with the way our football club is being managed.


I think you are looking at it from two extremes and not considering that there is a middle ground. There are those of us who never want to see the likes of Hughes or Harry here because they would never fit in with our style of club. Likewise, we are not so stupid as to expect a Tevez, etc. to be signed because we cannot afford such luxuries (you weren't being serious I hope. Those managers/players you refer to would never come near us anyway). No, we middle grounders would agree that at academy level things look promising, though we question (some of us at least) what has been going on where it counts - first team level. Can you see our academy being as attractive to talented youngsters if we fall into Div. 1? As opposed to the academies run by some of our rivals? We feel that the team should have been refreshed and rebuilt as we progressed and that opportunities were missed - and now it is as if we are starting from scratch, all over again. Look at Stoke, the Baggies - they did just that and look where they are and look where we are. We don't even look good enough to be a Yo-Yo club. What is there to come on here and be positive about, based on the last three years or so? Yes, I'm afraid this has become a forum where folk come on and moan and others come on here to complain about the moaners. Look, I used to be one of the Happy Clappers (I felt MM's hands were tied) - but I am not any more. I will try to be positive when I can, but it is difficult right now.

Mel Sleeves

Were not relegated , it almost sounds like all of you are wishing this so you can say "I was right" lets back the management/players & staff.Regroup during the Summer.

Come on you Wolves.

Mel S

Mike Pearson

Surely, the key point is that we need new defenders NOW not at the end of the season when we could be playing MK Dons, Crawley etc!!! The Club is really making it hard for supporters to comprehend what the policy is with NO experienced, quality players being acquired in the transfer window. Saunders keeps talking about assessing this squad - a group that has forgotten how to win, defend properly or score goals.

In case you have not noticed Messrs Morgan, Moxey and Saunders there are now only three teams below us!!! Time to wake up and smell the roses!!!


Dean Saunders a k a the puppet on a string, if u look close enough u can see Morgan hands where the sun don't shine

The Real Bangkok Wolf

“They’re a very good team, and made some good additions in January,”

Did we sign more than 1 player in January?

Who please because I've missed them?


As previously stated by Ian - A nothing story -tells us nothing new and is meant to try and appease the masses

The sound of silence is deafening from our directors ...says it all really they treat us with contempt


Im afraid my friends the club as no money, as Steve Morgan really got the club at heart, i for one dont think so,im afraid west midlands football is in a crisis just go the dark side and see what them clowns are saying, we are being run by muppets.


Jam Tomorrow

..Its always the next Transfer Window

Sadly, Moxey is always at his busiest just AFTER a Transfer Window closes... churning out pointless 'non stories' like this promising how different it will be next time.

DShimself, should perhaps take a look at every interview and press release He has given to the E & S alone, in the few Weeks of his reign.

Its a catalogue of contradictions, and contains more U Turns, than a Political Parties' Election Manifesto.

All that matters now is Results and Survival.

Talking about what may happen in the Summer is... well ...just Talk

....and as Moxey knows, .... unlike Action ...Talk is reassuringly cheap


Great supporters turned sour. Who ever is to blame....a visit to Molyneux is not a good experience, unless you are an away supporter.


when i saw baptiste mentioned i thought not a bad signing,then i read other clubs are in for him ,so immediately put him out my mind.


We are rebuilding for the future, I thought we did that 4or5 years ago, what would morgan do if he had to rebuild his houses every 5 years I, m sure he would do something about it, don't think his heart is in our ONCE great club, I for one have lost faith and will not be renewing my season ticket




Empty Mollispew

How can we be in the gutter and still hope to attract players of this class, we've got no chance. Dreaming.

Jason Jones (South Bank SL2)

This year s stategy is this: Wait and see said Bully. This year is about staying in this division and offloading poor players. SEB we will need. We will offload as many as we can and just stay in the league. Next season the salary will be raised for players. (quality not QTY). I for one are looking forward to next season. Becks will be with us for promotional purposes and to become our new club captain and embasidor !!! He will captain a new yeam that will bring untold riches to our club and drive us into a new ara. Mark my words. I know, I,m always right. Put your mortgage on this !!! Next season will be rocking !!! remember you heard this first for me !!







To be honest baptiste would be a great signing but is he really wanna gunna come to a league 1 side!


Lets hope they don't fight the drop like last year.......or its curtains I tells ya!!

gReEn NiGeL







Sorry Saddlers at least players earning the shirt there..hope you do get up.....I am worried not looking good for us and sorry talk with us trying to get players.....


The most instructive part of Saunders statement was, " If the chairman feels its someone we'd be putting into place for next season, he'll spend the money."

In other words, Morgan is making the football decisions.

Saunders, at the beginning of his managerial career cannot rail against the chairman - he can be nothing but a yes man.

McCarthy obviously stood up to Morgan, demanded funds and insisted upon full control and trust in football matters. His luck ran out, aided and abetted by some dodgy purchases. In his defence, McCarthy moulded a team and got the maximum from each individual. We didn't realise we were seeing them perform at their best until this season's diabolical performances.

Saunders is in a bind. He is paying for previous managers waste, dealing with a largely disparate, uninterested squad and constrained by Moxey and Morgan. He hasn't affected the team as many new managers do with an immediate change in fortune.

If we don't win soon............Curbishly anybody??


I agree with your observations. As for Curbishley, I assume you have your tongue in your cheek, knowing he wouldn't touch us with a barge pole after the events of the last twelve months. Anyway, I suspect the two Ms don't do humble pie.


Baptiste and his agent are not going to aim their sights on Molineux. I really struggle to say this, but the club is a poisoned chalice.

Whom ever we can lure here, best to be young and hungry; clear out the deadwood.



I've said it once and will say it again and again. we should not have fired Stale.

Look at who he brought in they are a better class of player than the rubbish that we have. Okay O'Hara is okay, SEV okay for the Championship but excuse the pun out of his league in premier., Doyle is not a scorer but a good number 2. Our keepers are very good.

If we keep buying from teams that don't want their players then why do we. Also what's the point of buying from a .team in a lower div. They have no experience that we can use. Okay there are exceptions but they are as rare.

Do we buy players to stay in this division or to play in the premier cause what we buy now we will have to keep if and when we go up.

Stale had the idea don't chase fairies, he knew we would not go up this season and we all know why. He was planning for the following season.

Even if Dean could (LOL) get us up he is not the manager to keep us in the top league in the world. Nor was Mick.


“There’s only one player I tried to sign who I see in my plans for next season, to put the first building block in place,” said Saunders.

So we actually only tried to sign 1 player and couldn't even do that. i actually don't believe it was even tried, no written offer was placed...so in effect no offer was placed. they want him on a free and used the media publicity to let the player know.

I was really chuffed with what Saunders was saying initially now i realise he is just a puppet for the muppets.

Vote with your feet people...and if not with your feet, with your voices...they're raping our club!


No better than what we've already got really...


has anyone wondered why blackpool havnt offered him a new contract and let him run it down?is he any goood? but then again our board have let seb's run dangerously low so the football world goes to show it does not operate in the real world


Baptiste in the summer?which summer would that be?aiming high again?utw


I you must be related to morgan,seeing as you are sticking up for him. through your rose tinted glasses you say there is nothing wrong at wolves,and we arew all moaners with nothing better to do and probably dont attend the games.well mr i therwe is alot wrong at wolves, we dont expect stupid transfer fees or silly wages to be paid by the club. what we do want is our football club to be competative,want to win and at least give 100% on the pitch.none of these things have been happening since last season. the board have not stated an ambition of intent. they have showed a total lack of ambition. you state that there is atream of youngsters ready to play for the team. well the truth is while mad micks dead wood remains at the club, they arent being given a chance. ismail was being tipped as a very exciting prospect,being chased by chelsea only a few years ago,still hasnt been a first team regular. dont through gone out on loan to gain experiance at me. if he is as good as they say,like robbie kean he would be in the team. but since mad mick,more promising youngsters have left wolves than played for them. the whole situation stinks,how can you go from premier league to championship relegation contenders, answer my friend is a boar with no ambtion,time for them to go. ps ive only missed 4 home games this season


Baptiste valued at 1 Million +.One can only wonder how good this player is.WE already have some awful defenders.I would only hope that we may be interested in another dud.


After so many false and broken promises from management,many Wolves fans can only feel very cynical when Morgan and Moxey speak.Morgan owns the club and it is up to him what he feels is best for the club.If the supporters are not happy with him,they can vote with their feet and stay away,boycott,protest,etc.

Moxey is his mouthpiece whose responsibility is to keep the club financially solvent.A decent owner and CEO would be on good terms with their supporters.At this point Morgan and Moxey are extremely unpopular amongst the supporters.At times they have shown a lack of will about strengthening the playing side of the club.Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club are above Morgan and Moxey.eg.their history,success,an idenification with the City of Wolverhampton and further afield.The fans know how BIG this club is.I feel that Morgan & Moxey have failed to get their fingers on the pulse of what this great club is.I would suggest that they move aside and sell up ASAP,and let us get people in who genuinely believe in this club.

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