Wolves start talks with Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

Wolves boss Dean Saunders today declared contract talks are underway to keep Sylvan Ebanks-Blake at Molineux – and the 11-goal top scorer wants to stay.


The club turned down a £1m bid from Crystal Palace in the January transfer window and Ebanks-Blake said at the weekend that he is happy at the club, even though he’s into the last five months of his contract.

Saunders wants the 26-year-old striker to commit what he hopes will be the best years of his career to the club.

“We’re talking about it (deal) now,” said the boss. “We were just waiting for the window to shut and for things to calm down a bit and now we’ll crack on.

“I think he wants to stay and sign – it’s just down to agreeing the figures.

“We’ve got to reach an agreement somewhere.

“He’s always got the option of letting his contract run out which puts him in a position where no one has to pay a transfer fee for him, so he can command more money out of the whole package.

“But my plan was to turn down the money offered and give him a new contract and he bangs goals in for us for the next three years.

“It’s hard to find goalscorers and if you’re going to buy someone to guarantee you goals in this league, it will cost you £2m unless they’re getting on a bit or they’re young like Chris Wood.”

Saunders also revealed Ebanks-Blake is happier now he’s getting more chances again.

“I think he’s pleased because from what he was telling me, he wasn’t getting any chances,” said the boss.

“Now the strikers are getting chances, he’s happy.”

Meanwhile, Saunders revealed Wolves refused to pay over the odds for Birmingham pair Curtis Davies and Marlon King in the January window.

Saunders saw bids for both players rejected, and admitted King would have been a replacement had Ebanks-Blake left.

“Birmingham didn’t want to sell any of their players to us, which you can understand, but I felt they would have added something,” he said.

“I was thinking if we lost Sylvan, then that (King) would have been one route to go down.

“We could have had him on a free transfer but it wasn’t (free) in the end.”

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Comments for: "Wolves start talks with Sylvan Ebanks-Blake"


Congrats SEB a new contract will keep you in pies for a while. A proven Championship goalscorer which is about as far as our ambitions seem to go - if we go down he'll fill his boots in League 1.


You are right I guess the local takeaways will be happy with this news. This news however shows at what level the club are.

It's a fact Blake was clueless in the Premier and in this division misses more goals than he gets. However compared to Doyle he looks world class.


Why do people insist on this, it's the way he's built for god sake...Nobody keeps on about how thin Johnson is , so please leave Blake alone.


Not just based on his size but how unfit he looks after trying to run and move up and down the pitch.

He plays as though he is fat.

Lethargic perhaps is a good word for him!

Certainly not lean and mean in front of goal is not a term you would say about the current Blake compared to how he was when he looked fit.

Also his first touch is a lot worse than what it was when he looked fit!! However credit where credit is due he looks a better forward than Doyle and also he stays on his feet a 'little' more.

Mohawk wolf

Get off his back, did'nt get a chance in prem now he is getting games again he will bang them in


You obviously are too young to have seen Ken Wagstaff. He was a centre-forward with Hull City a number of years ago. Now HE was FAT. It never stopped him from scoring 20 goals a season though.

The job of a striker is to score goals. As long as SEB does that, I won't complain.


Please don't even think about King. I'm in two minds about Sylvan - but if he is to stay, we should be looking to bring in another striker anyway. Chris Wood was cheap - and currently "doing the business". Sylvan needs real competition for his place, whether he likes it or not. Complacency can be destructive. Like everyone else, I'd love SEB to become the force he once was following his arrival from Plymouth - and it might help if we go for a target man some of us want to see to put along side him.


Transfer window is shut, so stop yabbing and sign him up




u t w

The Nightmare Continues

Nice and Cheap again. Shame on you Dean, Marlon King? Id rather play the kids. Go back to the Liverpool old boys club with Souness and take your pal Morgan with you.

Read the article on wolvesblog a real eye opener "WHERES THE MONEY GONE!!!"


Woke up this morning and the money was gone

Oh no we're doing it on the CHEEP CHEEP

Moxey and Morgan have a 5 year plan

Taking us down and doing it on the CHEEP CHEEP


All the dithering has sent us into freefall and League One awaits!


I would be happy if SEB stayed. In our current position he is the only one scoring goals, and a goalscorer is hard to come by. We do need a massive overhaul of the squad though and its going to be very interesting in the summer. Players like Ward, Berra, Henry, Doyle need to go to freshen things up.


"Meanwhile, Saunders revealed Wolves refused to pay over the odds for Birmingham pair Curtis Davies and Marlon King in the January window."

I suspect the truth, as ever, is that Wolves refused to pay the going rate.

Scowling Joe

What a joke of a transfer window!

Stalbokken OUT!!

Moxley OUT!!

Morgen OUT!!


Not a wolves Fan then???

Unless I am blind and deaf, I thought it was Saunder in the dugout???


My Sentiments exactly Scowling Joe you have not got a clue. It is obvious you are not a Wolves fan otherwise you would have kept up with the times.


It's spelt M-O-X-E-Y. No L in the name. Obviously a Baggie WUM.

london wolf

come on SEB. Time to sign!!


If a deal can be done then all well and good, but in my view, he needs a different partner up front than Doyle. Both have different attributes but they simply do not compliment each other. Of the two, at least Ebanks-Blake is more likely to score goals.

It may well be that Doyle will be the one to move on in the summer. Assuming Celtic are still interested in the summer, then I think that's where he'll end up.

I agree with the clubs decision not to pay over the odds for King and Curtis. Both players are on the way down in respect of their careers. Wolves need to sign players on the way up.

whitmore wolf

as i said before i think that doyle should be playing as a midfielder behind the front two, he's more effective with the ball at his feet running at the defenders. whenever he's up front the ball is pumped up to him at head height and he's up against 6' 2" + defenders.


Hard training. Diet plan and then I think we should talk about new contract. Otherwise bye bye enjoy mcdonalds elsewhere.

Balham Wolf

I hope DS is joking, but if he is not God help us. SEB gets enough decent opportunities in a game but actually his conversion rate is poor. If he was a good striker he shold be scorring 20 goals a season in this league. Just look at our position and tell me he is the striker we require. The Leicester game was a prime example of what he is all about- 2 sitters missed and we lose the game.

As for Marlon King he is seriously mistaken if he believes he would be a good replacement - get real DS!

Curtsi Davis would have been a good buy and an excellent replacement for Berra or Johnson pitty our owner does not have deep enough pockets.

Will we stay up? are we too good to go down? Lets see if the players are up to the task as right now we are stearing Div 1 in the face!



Phil Smith

Only because they can command a fee in the summer.

He'll be gone.

Sylvan....Do yourelf a favour and run your contract down or at least make sure you protect yourself against the inevitable relegation.

The management of this club and their morals as far as supporters are concerned stink!!!


What is the case for keeping SEB? Has he improved as a player in the last few years? He was out of his depth in the Prem and still is pretty much ineffective in the Championship. He is typical of the FAILED squad we have> Virtually all of those players who got us relegated should be shipped out. There seems something very wrong among our players.It has remained a problem for a year (WW 1-5 WBA!) Players like SEB let us down last season and continue to do so elsewhere> He is in his comfort zone and he needs a new club as much as we need to say bye bye. The same is true also for Ward,Doyle, Foley, possibly Henry, Hunt with Berra and Johnson also considered We need a NEW TEAM and a huge clear out. I wonder if WW management have any clue as to why these players are such whimps. Who will clear out these moderate, unprofessional, unadaptable, weak failures. Morgan seems clueless - 4 Managers ina year. I wouldn't be surprised if Saunders doesn't last long either. What is going on at Wolves?

london wolf

SEB didn't start enough games last season to let us down! fool!


Ageee with you on that one london wolf. Ineffective in the premiership and championship? Has he not scored 20+ goals in the championship before? and he was third choice behind fletcher and Doyle in the prem so hardly got a chance



"Meanwhile, Saunders revealed Wolves refused to pay over the odds for Birmingham pair Curtis Davies and Marlon King in the January window."

How often have we heard this before? I'm not saying I would particularly have wanted either of these players at the Club as I'm not sure they are any better than even those we already have (as well as the baggage carried by King). But the Club really has to learn to live in the real world. This intransigent approach to players' wages effectively destroyed our chances of securing long term Pl satus and now it seems we can't even compete with other Championship Clubs.

And although Moxey obviously calls all the shots the buck ultimately stops with Morgan as he clearly allows / encourages it.

E11 wolf

Who decides if something is 'over the odds'. If you only want to pay peanuts then all quotes for good players will be over the odds. Moxey has been good at negotiating with clubs and getting value for money but this has meant we have lost other good players - players who might have kept us up last year or in contention this year.

No new players is a real blow. Difficult mid table sides coming up - the sort of sides we would need to beat if we were in contention. One or two points in the next few games will see us in real trouble.

Still love you Wolves but you make it so difficult..........


Okay but he is not a premier player mind you he may do well in div 1

McLeish is now available can we get him on a free transfer and cancel Saunders contract? LOL

Tamworth wolf

Hermanus-wolves, you must be joking, are you for real. Have you seen his success outside of the sweaty sock SPL.


Sign him up!! They guy obviously feels at home, and he's right about not getting chances under only 1 striker Mick!

Ebanks-Blake is Wanderers Number 9!!!














Good lord man. Saunders has had 4 games! Two of which were away at the two teams at the top of the form table. I'm all for decisive leadership but you've got to give him a chance!


my sentiments . Adkins in Saunders out of his depth here bloke is almost comical with his in depth analysis of what's going on , on the pitch , MORGAN AND MOXEY don't know how to run a club wonder where Liverpool would be now if SAID MORGAN was at the helm there ,

John De Wolf

I think it's a good move either way if he signs, as we either sell him and get a transfer fee for him or he stays and scores goals.

I agree with Saunders that given the service he is still one of the best strikers in this division.

After what happened in January, it's clear we're not going to spend big so keeping SEB is important as he scores goals.

I'd rather sell Doyle and he should be the first to go in the summer.





I dont think Jez Moxey realises the full implications of the Wolves getting relegated again ! There isnt any Michelin starred quality food available at league 1 grounds, think about it Jez

Norway Wolf

"He bangs goals in for us for the next three years."

So, DS is not expecting to be in the Premiership in the next three years? SEB has already failed miserably at that level, and there has been no change to suggest it would be any different in the future.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Well, that's it then. Nowt will happen re incoming's. Div 1 here we come.

Any thing to say Mr Morgan??? NO not you Mr Moxey, we want the Organ grinder

to speak not the monkey!!

halifax wolf

Dean - I for one would have been disgusted if the club had signed Marlon King. We do not want his sort at our club.

London Bloke

So there we have it- Saunders confirms what these message boards say week after week, the club has little or no ambition and the money banked is not being used for football purposes. The club is in downward spiral but "a goal scorer will cost £2 million". Cheap to most but obviously too much for "we're not in debt" WWFC, who banked more than that from the sale of Kightly.

I was never sure what went on behind the scenes at WWFC but now it is crystal clear, football is simply a cash generator for other parts of Morgan's empire. Very sad. I think that empty seats like those in the picture above will be a very common sight at the Molineux before long. League 1 doesn't draw crowds.

Ye Olde South Bank

Very well said, LB.

knocker knowles

SEB needs to loose about 2 stone, as a club we are going SDRAWKCAB !



2 stone ? Don't talk such utter rot !

If you want your opinions to be in the slightest bit regarded you need to trotting out such rubbish

You're not the only one......is he Trevor

Eubanks-Blake wasn't quite good enough for the Premier, has scored 11 goals in a totally negative Solbakken team and now might be able to prove he hasn't lost it with a more positive approach employed by our new manager.

Two stone ? Laughable


It is no good just relying on what players Wolves have got at the present performaces tell the truth and the position they are in.

Relegation out of the Premiership and now possibly in another relegation battle.

Improvement against Leicester yes but the squad has got to be strtengthen if Ebanks-Blake gets injured who have you to replace him and to be honest he has missed a few open scoring chances lately.

I do not believe he his the only answer and very clearly the defence had got to strengthened left back and another mid field player (missed opportunity Emmanuel Frimpong now on loan now at Fulham) but no sign of anybody.


its no good moaning on these articles.the club is going downhill fast.PROTEST at every home game.show morgan and the board wolves fans are not to be messed with

Carolina Wolf

Got to start somewhere and getting rid of our only goal scorer is not the place. Sign SEB and get on with it.

As for Morgan and Moxey.........well, one owns the place and the other thinks he does. The only way to get their attention is to not go to the games. Morgan signs the cheques and I am sure thinks he knows better

than we do. But the fans have seen this all before.

"To ignore the past means we are condemned to repeat it.Not a good sign".

Filthy Wolf

Forget the Fitness Coach, we need a Fatness Coach.

Quite happy if he stays but I wish we could offload Doyle. Never a proven goalscorer and busy and hardworking is not winning games or scoring goals.

spanish ray

I agree with what someone said earlier,Ebanks -Blake is only good for the Championship or lower.Once again ambitious thinking by our dynamic duo Morgan and Moxey.Hey Phil Smith,these two don`t have any morals where the fans are concerned they use the club for their own ends and it`s not for the good of the club or the fans.By the way,I thought we had a Board.Where are they? have they all gone on holiday together or what?This club is desperately in need of a huge shake-up starting with Morgan,Moxey then the board.A good new management would sort the playing side out at a cost,but someone with the cash along with respect for the club would eventually do it.


What board ! Only two people make the decisions. The others are grace and favour members who contribute nothing. Do you really believe they vote on anything. It's just ' Yes Steve' or 'Yes Jez' ! Only two people are to blame for this mess - they think the players we have are good enough and we are stuck with them.


Sign him he is the only striker at teh club who is actually scoring..

I cannot believe how far we have dropped in a year (yes this week-end last year we were getting ready for our local derby with Albion), and since that match its been down hill all the way....

Some fans need to get real.... We are not going to have a massive clear out at the end of the season!! Yes we have lost a few so far (Sterman on loan maybe stay at Ipswich and Zubar and Molo gone too) the team is far too big (with a large wage bill), which ever league we are in come August we need a smaller (dare I say younger) better team. Some of the players the club quite rightly will want money for... I think the team will change slower than we think. Plus if we go down will DS be backed with funds?? If we just stay up will he be backed with funds?? If we do go down like Coventry Leeds etc at least we do not have masses of debt around the club... If we did go down maybe there would be a greater chance some of our youngsters will get matches...


Ihave noticed recently that all the talk has shifted to Blake & Doyle and that we need to grt rid of them, surely we need to get back to the fact that it is our midfiel & defence that are the problem at Wolves, the players who need to be replaced are Ward Berra Henry Hunt Foely & Jhonson, They are and have been the main reason for our decline on the pitch and Morgan & Moxey off the pitch. I belive Doyle & Blake will fire again if we can change the above players.

Are you watching what I'm watching

Looking at the photo above I hope Moxey and Morgan like the crowd they are getting these days - save a penny & lose a pound !!

Northampton Wolves

Lets face facts. Morgan does not have disposable cash and his money is tied up in assets. He will come out on top if he sells Wolves tomorrow which rarely happens these days.

The main thing is that we d'ont have out of control debts so we would be attractive to a buyer.

Teams have dropped to league 1 ie Norwich, Reading, Southampton, Baggies and Stoke and ended up better off.

Would rather do that than bouncing round the Championship for donkeys years with the 2 clowns in charge.



... When did West Brom drop to league 1? Granted they played in the old division 2 (third-tier) but not since the start of the 90's which I think is hardly relevant...

Northampton Wolves


That's what I meant and it was'nt an insult to you lot.

It is relevent coz I was saying a lot of teams can drop two leagues and still bounce back and establish themselves

Get on you own thread anyway or do you only go on there when you you win more than 1 game in 9.


I never thought I'd say this but I'm not going down the Mol again until OUR club is run professionally. At the moment I feel like I'm being taken for a fool so I'm not spending any more money there. Moxey should take note as I bet I'm not the only 1. UTW

Burntwood Boy

It needs all fans to vote with their feet, when the ground is 1/3 full only then will M&M take notice.

The Flying Winger

It's a good call to keep SEB, but only if a centre forward similar to big Chis is signed , or you can create passes quickly from midfield and the wings.

Non of this has happened in this season, we keep hoofing it up the field hoping he will get something from it.

He was also messed around by McCarthy & Connor in and out of the side, which didn't help.


After all these years SEB is still unfit and 2 stones overweight. Please include a diet plan in his new deal.


Yes agreed let em av it both barrells.these guys are takin us fans for mugs.

by the way is that u above taff?


Saunders wanting to keep SEB has convinced me I was right, he isnt the right man to move Wolves forward. Also turning down the chance to clear more deadwood like Ward and Doyle too....transfer window came and went and nothing to be pleased about. Our players are not up for a relegation battle and thats exactly what this is !!. At least the E&S will be offering free season tickets with every paper sold this summer........Fear I may get lonely there soon how many empty seats there are each week !. UTW


Seb i wouldnt waste any more of your time with this club, they ARE doomed, can you imagine the likes of Liverpool, etc putting up with this crap, wolves fans are the most weak spined fans i have ever known, when we are back in the 3rd div, you will all be saying i wish we had done something to change it, now is the time, not next week, PLEASE SIR JACK SAVE OUR BELOVED CLUB WE ARE DYING BEFORE YOU EYES


i thought that we were having a clear out ,trying to sign sausage..egg..bacon. big mistake

DS he is only a 1 in 4 striker would rather see some youth come in paying him 20grand a game is a disgrace at least Dick Turpin wore a mask

Codsall Wolf (the real one)

We don't want Griffiths back, he's another bad un off the field?

The only way Moxey & Morgan will listen is if the attendances start to drop, which they will given the continued dross on the park.


Morgan's Conscience

My hangover,

I celebrated my 60th birthday at the weekend and I know that I had a massive hangover, VODKA, BRANDY, VODKA. Can someone please tell me that on Sunday morning I wasn't still flying. I looked at the BBC Sports site, Sky Sports site, a couple of National newspaper sites and even the Wolves official site and each one showed that Wolves were in the bottom three even though the number of matches played were not correct unless I was asleep for at least a week. Am I an Alcoholic or are the BBC, Sky, National Newspapers and the official Wolves site MORONS. Please answer otherwise I will be signing into a Lunatic Asylum with Morgan and Moxey tomorrow 32nd of February 3024

Ye Olde South Bank

Somehow I doubt Moxey will be taking another penny from me next season. There's a huge difference between supporting a club with realistic, on-field ambitions and supporting a club whose primary concern is raking-in the cash and ripping-off its customers with unfulfilled promises. Thankfully though, most fans are opening their eyes and finally smelling the coffee. WWFC are nothing short of a shambling disgrace as things stand. No wonder there's talk of protest.

Where's the Money Gone Jez!

Well said mate. Couldn't agree more. It is well worth while perusing the Where's the Money gone? on the Wolves blog. It is very insightful.



Of course I like SEB, but his ship has since passed. This is unproductive business on our part. Even if his goals help contribute to our escaping the drop this year, he is not a viable solution if we plan to win promotion.


I'm not sure why these talks didnt begin at the start of the season if both parties were so keen? Why run down SEB's contract which has put him in a stronger position when we are too tight to fund a decent replacement?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but for me Marlon King is a top performer at this level. He can do the simple things that none of our current strikers SEB,Doyle,Sigardson can do.

He is strong and can win headers,hold the ball up, he can run with the ball, he will shoot from inside/outside the box. Ooh he can score goals regularly too unlike Doyle, Sigardson.

If I was DS I would have let Doyle go to celtic and signed King.

I think SEB and King would be a very decent partnership.

Again curtis davies with Johnson would be a really good pairing.

For me there is far too much dithering by Wolves towards getting their targets especially considering our position in this league.


I hope SEB stays, he's starting to find his form. As for Doyler, i would like to see him in midfield, he as got good football control quite quick can pass the ball good and coming from deep i can see him having good shooting chances. If i was Dean i would try it against Leeds. My midfield would be Sako, Henry or O'hara, Doyle and Peszko, Doyle could be our Lampard. When Boucari comes backand Doumbia is properly fit, that will put the pressure on the midfield to perform at all times. Our strikers any 2 from 3 Siguardson, SEB and Cassidy. COME ON THE WOLVES.


I would like to see Sako playing in a 'Gareth Bale' all over the field role. He could really do some damage. At the moment he is too restricted playing on the wing alone and too easy to mark. He also lacks concentration defensively and fails to cover for Ward. When Ward goes forward and the move breaks down he cannot be expected to sprint back 80 yards to cover a break away. That is Sako's job and he's not doing it.

gReEn NiGeL

I would rather see Gareth Bale playing a Sako role ;-)

I would also like Jez Moxey in a Ronald Zubar role......

Markie b

A player does not just loose ability over night does he!!!! There is a good player somewhere in Blake, you know the same one who scored that goal at Charlton, he just needs his confidence back what McCarthy ruined by not playing him.. He's still our top scorer for god sake

paul davo

Well said mardygit if you read my comments i have been saying this for 18 months now, Doyle is a very clever footballer and i think it would be his perfect role for him, Wolves should have appointed a top manager after stolle but wanted to save money so we get saunders the yes man " I bet he is one of the lowest paid in the championship " What a comment ( 3 years) Zubar"s wages were in line with prem wages where we were until the boss at our club stopped the investment in players we needed, Morgan must know Quality costs, After all you can"t buy a mansion with semi money, YOU MR MORGAN have not only let the fans down, you have let the whole CITY down.


How on Earth could an experienced champions league manager be sacked for the inexperienced Deano from Doncaster?????? We don´t give foreigners much time as we showed with Stale, six months is a long time indeed. As for the welshman Deano, hoof we go Wales is not far away, Deano out!


100% agree Deano out!

The Real Bangkok Wolf

I remember the stick Hoddle, McGee and even Mick got but Moxley has never had a rough time from the South Bank.

Why has he had it so easy from the fans for so long?


Seb has had his day - not good enough for Premier or Championship - to slow and a poor first touch why sign him again lets move on and look for better .

Generaly from the comments coming out of Dean Saunders Mouth he appears to be a Jez and Steves Love Child .... i hope i wrong but i do not thing he's that clevera manager

Rod Portugal.

mardygit. I think you could be right, but why can't the management see that


Stats show we are in the bottom few teams of all four divisions for defensive problems i.e. we let too many goals in. This has been the case for over three seasons and until a manager gets to grip with this probkem then we will be i trouble and possibly division one.


You do have to wonder why they built a new stand instead of cementing our place in the Prem first. Now they can only get 2/3 attendance. Hopefully they'll start learning that you need to put some in to get some out.

tipton wolf

I understand everyone's frustation but demonstrating at games is just gonna make the players even more nervous and zap there confidence, what we need to do is get behind them and cheer them on to stay in this league then we are safe then let the two fat controllers know how we feel because at the end of the day. Fwaw

rushall wolves

Sue, couldn't agree more about the comments re SEB. Nobody sees him as a key Premier League player but he is our main goalscorer in the Championship. Love to see the shape of some of the Dingles who comment on this site. Guess they have been eating all the pies!

we need pies

Yes he is our main goalscorer in the championship and that's why we are one place and two points off the bottom three. Wake up! Is a shame Blake has a eating problem but I guess £30,000 a week buys nice pies.


How do you know he's got an eating probelm? Come on Sylvan show these people what you're made of. Like a load of sheep one mentions pies and they all follow.

rushall wolves

We need pies - Wake Up! Have a go at the poor service he gets rather than single 1 player out. How is SEB responsible for the position we are in? There are 10 other players in the team accountable too! As for the money he is on, you help to pay his wages, assuming you aren't an armchair supporter. You have the choice not to!