Wolves to look out for loan business

Wolves today revealed they may enter the loan window for signings when it opens next week.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Sheffield Wednesday v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Fans are angry after the January transfer window closed with no new senior faces, the only capture 18-year-old midfield prospect Lee Evans, who won’t be considered for the first-team squad until at least the summer.

Boss Dean Saunders wants to continue assessing his players. A month has not been sufficent time to make a considered judgement on a 40-plus group.

He still ended up losing five – Ronald Zubar, Richard Stearman, Frank Nouble, Steven Mouyokolo and loanee Jermaine Pennant.

But the loan window for Football League clubs runs from February 8 to March 24, and Wolves’ new assistant boss Brian Carey believes there might be scope for incoming business.

“We did look to bring in some fresh faces to liven things up during the transfer window,” said Carey. “But the loan window opens in a week so maybe something will happen then.”

Wolves remain without a win in four games since Saunders took over and Carey wants the team to concentrate on tightening up at the back. Their performance in Thursday’s 2-1 defeat at Leicester was their best yet under Saunders.

“We played well enough at Leicester but we’ll be looking to improve on that, especially at the back,” said Carey. “We have to keep the door shut and keep some clean sheets.”

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Comments for: "Wolves to look out for loan business"




This is starting to remind me of last season, we sack the manager when we are just above the relegation zone then go into free fall and the rest is history

League One here we come


I've had a month of us looking at players and nothing happening - don't need this continual spin. They obviously think we are stupid.

Mills wolf

Note the words " we may" look into loans.

Wheres the money gone morgan ?


The only flying pig is Moxey when he falls off his chair laughing at our health bank balance. I have been saying it for 5 years we need a quality left back, center back and now we need a decent forward. Spend some money Moxey!!!!!

spanish ray

At least Carey is identifying the areas that need strengthening,the defence especially.In my opinion loan signings are not the answer to a clubs problems but,in our case,where we have two complete idiots in the driving seat,it is the only option left to us now.I look forward to the day we can say goodbye to these two clowns and have someone who really cares for the club and not someone who just uses it for their own gains.


M & M are both making zillions of cash. But their tombstones will not say that. It should say that together they ruined one of the great football clubs.

They have presided over a return to the very darkest days and Sir Jack must be bitterly disappointed that he gave Morgan such a wonderful chance at our club.

Will Morgan be big enough to stand up and admit how badly he's got it wrong ; if he doesn't he will forever be remembered as an unashamed failure. BUT, will he put it right. There are no signs that he will but I live in hope that the man has courage that he has yet to show us !!!


You talk some utter garbage 'ruined one of the great clubs' 'returned to the very darkest days' get off the bandwagon and support the club like a true fan or maybe go to a game


Just so you know my first full match was 1959, also it was Billy wright's last game!

Still a season ticket holder and drive 240 mile round trip to every game, so don't tell me I'm not a real fan !!!


We've been screaming for some defenders from the rooftops for TWO SEASONS - it ain't rocket science. So they let Zubar go - granted not the best in the world but he was better than what we've kept!


Has anyone forgotten about Danny Batth?this boy is a very good player,homgrown aswell!he"s better than Stearman.Zubar and Berra.....and a new striker will be onboard next week.......said too much already, but you will be impressed!!!!!!!


very good comments cannot disagree with anything you said, agst leicester was the best we have played this season in my opinion.the schoolboy defending cost us the game like you said its been happenig time and time again now,with the same players at the back making the same mistakes ward more than anyone else in my opinion with is backing off and backing off would never get in my team neither would bera cant stand them weaklinks move on wolves for life


a cretin like you, you mean, who doesn't have a good word to say regarding anyone associated with WWFC.

The Flying Winger

I think this was always the plan, if you review the comments made by Moxey, and Saunders over the last few weeks it was plain that it was unlikely we would sign someone.

The plan was and still is to reduce the wage bill by letting players go, then bringing in some players and probably ending up with a reduced wage bill and reduced squad.

I cannot believe that Saunders has not had enough time to evaluate the squad, if he had pooped down to the pub he would have been told, or looked at the results and player used, goals against for the last 2 1/2 seasons it would give him the picture that everyone of the fans of WWFC already know.

Keeping the door shut etc, means a midfield that breaks down attacks, a defence that does not back off whenever an attacker runs at them., something Batth seems to have been taught whilst away at other clubs.

Remedy, get some players in capable of doing that as our current crop do not appear to be able to do so.

If nothing is done, then the team will drop further down and be relegated, the attendances and revenue will follow suit

Interesting times at the Mol again in the next couple of weeks.

Definitive Wolf

I did look to win Euromillions on Friday, but I didn't buy a ticket - so I didn't!

Ron Burgundy's moustache

Looks ominously like we're preparing for life in league 1....

Billy Bunter

How do you figure that out ? there are 16 games left.


16 games left and we can't win a match.

So league 1 is a strong possibility I would say.


Because all the clowns have done is bought in a league one manager who has only managers to attract one player from the non league in the transfer window

You need to take your gold tinted glasses off and smell the coffee

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Billy. I figure it out like this. First. After today's result they will be 4th from BOTTOM. Secondly. They will, at best, win 25% of the 16 matches. Third. No one, yes no one from the Top to Bottom is bothered. Fourth. Who will want to come to Wolves to fight in a relegation battle. Fifth. The manager has not got what it takes to turn it round. Sixth and finally. The club philosophy is all about MONEY at the expense of FOOTBALL or the SUPPORTERS.

Is that enough? I could go on!


A positive sign. The loan window is a two way street and would give WWFC the opportunity to loan some of the deadwood out, Berra, Ward, Foley, Hunt, Edwards, Doyle, etc. All with a view to a permanent deal. CB, LB, attacking midfielder and a striker. Look to Europe and/or the prem.

Henry should not be in the starting line up after that tackle, he nearly broke that players leg, the blokes a liability and jittery on the ball has no foot skills at all. Wolves were too slow and flat footed on the counter against Leicester and kept passing it back when they had possesion and lost it on the hoof ball. SEB needs a bigger strike partner who has skill like Fletch had.

Ain't goin overboard on this annoucement, Moxeys' large shadow is always in the back ground waving the financial stick.

Relegation battle we are in!

Farmer Ted

Agree that was a bad tackle by Henry and he was lucky not to be sent off. He must cut out those rash tackles and keep his studs down

However he's the best we've got in that position and in the second half he and O'Hara bossed midfield. If you watch him closely he is a quick neat passer of the ball in tight situations. Yes I know the back pass gets overdone, but, sometimes it's the only option. Also notice Saunders has got him playing a more offensive game with some good forward passes. He actually had a shot too, albeit abysmal.

I think you weaken our side if you leave him out.


Couldn't agree more. He's like a headless chicken in the middle of the park and it's as though he runs forward only to realise he doesn't have a clue where he is. He then proceeds to play it backwards if not straight to the goalkeeper.

The team works incredibly hard to pass the ball up the pitch only for it to reach him and he doesn't know what to do with it.

We give him a new deal?!?!

We give Zubar away?!?!

I know which i'd rather have.

This club has got some serious management problems that need solving ASAP otherwise it's a mice away trip to the Bescott.


"the best we've got in that position...oh dear we are in deep do do then....ship the liability out the sooner the better!!


and who would want our deadwood Newport maybe

Orlando Wolves

What a dumb, stupid, negative post this one is. (A candidate for this weeks award maybe?)

The lad is highly thought of and you criticise him before the ink is dry on the contract?

`Support` such as this, Wolves can do without.


Yes the most stupid post of the week!!!!


I wont hold my breath. We all know you are in financial trouble Morgan ... lets hope we are able to drive you out the club before you take us down with you.

Reality check...

In the current financial situation, is it any wonder his business may be suffering....................& is the football club exempt from the financial crisis?......we are not a man city, chelski or anything like that. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot that needs to be done & done better than it has been of late, but unless you have a billionaire or oil rich sheik in mind, what do you think will happen if he goes? The financial situation means anyone with an ounce of sense will steer well clear of football clubs which are a huge pit for money to be chucked down, with little or NO chance of making any profit at all. I think morgans heart is in the right place, I think he wants to run the club properly, which, agree or not, is the way to go. I simply think he needs to realise he needs the help of an experienced director of football who can make footballing decisions.......all the heart in the world can't give you that, he needs to realise his business acumen has limitations within the club, particularly on the squad/team side. Get someone in who's knowledge can benefit that area of the club, it's a piece of the jigsaw that is desperately missing..

Orlando Wolves

Agreed Realistic. Plus Steve Morgan should reduce Jez Moxey`s influence on the club`s player and managerial appointment side. A Director of Football would do that nicely.

I believe that Morgan is listening to Moxey a little too much for his own (and Wolves) good in these areas.

Good post


Spot on, good post mate, a reality check is what a lot of people need here.


Quite right. Director of Football is essential for our club. The owner and CEO seem to be clueless about football. You would think Moxey would have learnt something after his years at Rangers, Stoke and here but apparently not. What's Niall Quinn doing now apart from the TV ? He did a great job at Sunderland including getting new owners in.


'maybe something will happen then'

havent a clue springs to mind!!!!

we are in up to our necks

Deano Moxey-Morgan

Oh, yeah. Of course I believe everything that comes out of their mouths. Here we go again. Ad infinitum


More promises just as were about to get the earlybird Wolves fans need to wise up and stick it to Moxey/

Codsall Wolf's Wag

Early Bird, my ----! Dead Duck more likely. (I know I've said this before.)


as a club wolves are know a disgrace glad im not going again poxey and morgan will never get another cent from me after forty five years of support im finnished with them.


Ditto, except mine is 50 years of support. I refused to renew my 2 season tickets (daughter and me) last summer as I could see the way things were going. So pleased I saved the £1k and regular 120 mile round trips...


Totally agree with you , have been going for that long too. No more spent while those two idiots are at the club!


I thought you went to a match to support the TEAM! not the CEO/Owner, an owner that at any club is out to make money, obviously after 40 years you still havn't learnt the meaning of "SUPPORT", you won't be missed just like those "who" went missing in the fourth division.


You dont have to be a rocket scientist to know our defence is terrible it has been for years if the management can't see that then we are in real danger of relegation NOT IMPRESSED with Saunders so far MUST do better and quickly we need new blood in defence and attack

Vic Wolfe

"Fans are angry after the January transfer window closed with no new senior faces..."

Erm did I just wake up and it's February 2012? Four different managers in twelve months, but still the same lack of ambition from the bean counters.


Its 2013


Spectacularly missing the point!


Has anyone of you actually watched any of the four games that the new manager has been in charge of ? To my mind they have been the best four performances of the season. The last game was the best this term even though we lost. If you cant see the difference that Saunders has made then you dont know much about football. Give the team a break and get behind them. Give the manager a chance. After the leicester game im getting optimistic that we will easily stay up (mid table) and after a few players in and out it could be a good season next year. You cant expect miricles after four games. How about a few more positive coments here instead of all the negativity.

I hate Tellytubies & Happy Clappers

Are you having a laugh, you aren't Tellytubby Moxey by any chance are you, if not I would stay off the drugs.

Wednesbury wolves

Big fan!!!! Of whom I may ask? Moxey Morgan bully, 2 points from four games and you think we're getting better, please ask your nurse for an increase in your medication, I've never heard so much rubbish!!!! Lmao ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


take it you don't go then! because although we have lost it has been an improvement, maybe if you could try supporting the team we may get somewere, I doubt it with fans like you - but you never know?


Ipswich! Where are they today? Where are we? nuff said!


if thats improvement i hope we dont hit a bad patch


It's a joke our team is a shambles. Sako is only decent player. Morgan only cares about money no passion for wolves!!! I really am losing interest I doubt I'll be up to watch a game this season

Mike Westwood

Different day same platitudes. Supported this club for 57 years and am very sad at what is happening now. The powers that be may have some master plan but to me as an ousider and ultimately a passionate Wolves can see it or where we are going. There seems to be one "folly" after another, not sacking McCarthy after the Blackburn match in 2011, keeping Connor on, building a stadium not building a stadium, taking on Solbakken, who new nothing of the style of play required for the divison and then to rub insult into injury not strengthening in areas of play that you, me and the milkman knew were required just to stay in this division. I am not going to knock Saunders, it would be unfair, but! and it's a big but! you have got to give the bloke some guns and ammunition to fight the enemy, without it and I am afraid in my eyes it is a corrrect analogy, we will sink like a stone. Still love the club and would crawl down the Birmingham Road to support them, but they would try the patience of a saint at the moment.


I wonder what excuses will be trotted out when we don't bring any players in on loan...


nothings going to change until the fans protest outside the ground.it will be to late in league 1.the fans need to invade the pitch cos the situation at the club is serious now.morgan is taking you all for mugs.PROTEST AND INVADE THE PITCH at least the fans in my days (the 80s) had the guts to put up a fight.no use moaning in league 1


'Wolves to look out for loan business'. Boring...we don't believe a word of the PR pap that comes out of Molineux.


Foley, Berra, Ward and Henry- the old regime- need to go. If we dont get loan signings in, we must use the youngsters like Doherty!


Blah, blah, blah. There is so much rubbish spouted about we may do this and we may do that. Stop talking about it and do it!!!! We need players and if it has to be loan that's what it has to be. How long do you need to become aware our squad is not good enough. What happened to a manager's honey moon period? We never have this, O'Driscoll has won the last two at Bristol City and the same for Flitcroft at Barnsley. What do we get, 2 points from 12!!!! I hope I am wrong but it has league 1 written all over it.

Tipton Wolves

I hope he get a decent left back who can actually tackle for the ball instead of backing off all the way to the goal and a forward who can score with less attempts.


Just had a thought - in my 'ahem' younger days I used to play footie in the park with some mates who were far more talented...but after a while my patient cunning was able to nab the ball off them without kicking their ankles from under them.

I never played any serious footie...but would have liked too....think I could have been a reasonable defender or a half decent striker(my 5-a-side days a few years ago...I did score eventually and got a few and a round of applause - which is more than Doyle seems to get).

As for Wolves.....oh oh!!


Be careful what you wish for. I have always wanted to see Crawley v Wolves in the FA Cup which would be the easiest fixture, living in Sussex, for me to go to. I never thought I might see them play in the league.

At the moment we are not to good to go down - we are simply not good enough to stay up. The only glimmer of hope was the second half performance against Leicester.




Clowns Circus! clowns circus! circus clowns! circus clowns! Moxey so comfortable in his job :-)

Farnham Wolf

Now look here, fellow club followers, Mr. Morgan is not a fool and those who believe he is are showing their ignorance.

Good things do take time and some posters are mouthing off far too early in the plan.

Does one really want to see Manchester City overnight? Those who go to their ground must feel they are watching a synthetic side with each and every problem solved by writing a cheque. A million miles away from the good side of 1974, for example, with real footballers striking a tangible chord with their fans.

Mr. Morgan can spend £100m in cash tomorrow if he wanted to gamble. But he is not a gambler. Back your Chairman.


Well he could start by actually investing the £30 million he personally promised to SJH as an add on to the ten quid.


we are not asking for 100 million to be spent just some of the money from sales of fletch jarvo and kightly.he has already slashed the wage bill.with no signings brings no belief.even if he would have bought two players in the required positions for even 5 mill,fans would have some hope.are you moxey in disguise

Wednesbury wolves

You another 1 of Morgan's staff?????? Numpty


Wrong! Morgan is gambling on the survival of Wolves by appointing another cheap 'risky manager' and not investing in the team...wake up mate!

Dave O


Another show of Mr Moxey's football incompetence, he runs the club wonder if he has taken a pay cut.

How much bonus this year after another pathetic season

They only common denominator for ripping off the fans for over 10 years


Chris Chilton

'Spot on' Tipton Wolves - I've just blasted a letter off to Dean saying exactly the same, (ie) Ward crap at tackling so backs off everytime and we keep on conceding goals and lose games.

Doyle runs for ever, falls down and never scores any goals and finally Ebanks Blake needs at least 5 or 6 open chances to score 1 and again we lose the match by not scoring any goals - he's cost us big-time in both our last two matches.

Until this trio of underchievers, well passed their sale buy date are shifted we will continue to let in needless goals one end and score nothing at the other end.

And to think we had offers for all 3 it makes your heart bleed !


Years of going .....no where................., fans are fed up with the lack of ambition, and Moxey always saying 'he understands the fans frustrations'? you will next year when the crowd dwindle below 16k!

In the words of 'The Specials' ...............people getting angry!

Dave Jones and Mick Mc Carthy may be looking down the table on us tonight, .....................we lack ..............leadership

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Liquid. They are!! and WE DO.

Perhaps IF we had a statement from Mr S. Morgan (not his mouthpiece)

on exactly what we the supporters can expect then it might go some way to appease us. That is of course a big IF.


Why don't we sell the club to the owner of Poundland. That level seems to be where we are heading at the moment.


LOL! So funny! A multitude of contributors to these threads on the Express & Star have said over and over that they'd trot out a line about getting people in via the loan market.

And guess what?

They went and said they'll look to get people in via the loan market!


Altogether now: "Oh no, they won't!"

Too funny!

Moxey out. Morgan out.

Frank Chickens

Them Bean Counters ain't counting ANY of my beans.

Old Golds Worth More

The trouble with this club is that its being run as a profit making business, instead of a break even sporting facility for the community. As long as they make a profit then ambition goes out of the window, a profit in Division 1, is preferable to breaking even, and mid table obscurity in the Championship it seems. Does Moxey still get a bonus, if we only break even or go slightly into debt?

We all know that transfers are inflated during the January window, because clubs are desperate to improve their chances of either winning something or avoiding relegation. Unfortunately for us its the latter case, and what was even more unfortunate was we failed to do anything despite promises to the contrary (I believe even Steve Bull, though that someone was coming in, when he was spoken to recently).

The E & S keeps going on about the fact we got rid of 5 players, which is only a half truth. Pennant would have been going anyway regardless of the need to trim the playing staff, as he was only on a loan. Nouble generated a fee (undisclosed), which I suspect was minimal in today's market. We actually lost money on releasing Zubar and myo (whatever his name was), as they cost £4.5 million between them, and that does not include wages and bonuses, which was very disappointing considering the rumoured interest in Zubar both before the season began, and then again in this window! What has happened to Hammill? no news of him rejoining Huddersfield or anyone else on loan, and he wasn't on the bench at Leicester!

Worrying and troubling times are ahead, I just hope to God that Moxey and Co get their fingers out, and get some decent players in during the coming loan window, or there will be more ructions ahead.


Just more talk from Dean, He is really starting to test my patience.

How much more time does he need to work out why this team cant win games?

Let me tell you why Dean.

1) the team are so used to losing and bottling in games they dont know how to win.

2)Some players have been at the club too long and has gone off the boil and need moving on

3) we dont defend as a team and let in too many soft goals

4) We rely totally on Sako for creativity

5) we are very poor on the ball

Dean If you dont know this by now I would be really worried and if you cant see that the players we have are not good enough to get us out of this mess then you need to go to specsavers.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Come on Simon did you expect anything else? Don't you realise that "not upsetting the apple cart" was part of the parameters of the job specification. We are the next Portsmouth and Coventry, mark my words.

Out of darkness comets night

No signings....and don't tell me there aren't players out there.

Released two experienced defenders, one to a relegation rival.

No cover, except untried youngsters, for both full back positions.

Can't score goals for love nor money.

Well done Steve Morgan, you're doing a sterling job.

Just received a text joke.

WARNING. If you receive an email from Aston Villa, subject matter FREE TICKETS do NOT open it.

It contains free tickets.

I've changed Aston Villa to Wolverhampton Wanderers and sent it on, copy to Molineux.

Dave the Rave

Dont worry Lads Lee Naylor is back training at Wolves.

super dude

looks like the bad old days ..the bhatti brothers second coming......i enjoyed the old 4th division .when we signed tommo and bully mutch too but i wonder what moxey will make of the 4000 and sometimes below gates we had.we need players!!!!at least 1 centre half a left back and a striker .if you cant find em give the kids a chance.


OK this 40+ (which at least is an improvement from 'nearly 50') players thing is really winding me up now. Ignoring players out on loan and those with long term injuries (and Jody Craddock, who is early as old as me) and players after 29 on the list (who casual observers won't even recognise the names of) this leaves us a squad of 25. Of these several are barely fit (and likely t be injured again shortly). We actually have barely enough players to name a squad for a game. Signing Jamie Tank and giving him a squad number of 50 would only fool an Express and Star journalist. PS Ipswich winning again- wish we'd found another manager as thick as Mick!

1 (1) Wayne Hennesey - (injured)

2 (3) George Elokobi (injured)

4 (5) Richard Stearman (out on loan)

5 (6) Jody Craddock (painter)

6 (7) Slavomir Peszko

7 (8) Karl Henry

8 (9) Sylva Ebanks-Blake

9 (10) Bakary Sako

10 (11) Steven Ward

11 (12) Stephen Hunt (just about fit, but how long for?)

12 (13) Carl Ikeme

13 (14) Roger Johnson

14 (15) Bjorn Sigurdarson

15 (16) Christophe Berra

16 (17) Razak Boukari (maybe fit soon?)

17 (19) Adam Hammill (not wanted)

18 (22) Eggert Jonsson (useless)

19 (24) Jamie O'Hara (fit - let's hope it stays that way)

20 (25) Danny Batth

21(26) David Davis

22(27) Anthony Forde

23 (28) Tongo Doumbia (fit in the sense he can start a game)

24 (29) Kevin Doyle

25 (31) Dorus de Vries

26 (32) Kevin Foley

27 (33) Jamie Reckford

28 (34) Georg Margritter (injured)

29 (35) Jake Cassidy

30 (36) Aaron McCarey

31 (39) Michael Ihiekwe

32 (41) Jack Price

33 (32) Tim Jakobsson

34 (43) Ajaz Cotman

35 (44) Kris Kostrna (injured)

36 (45) Jordan Cranston

37 (48) Sam Whittall

38 (48) Jake Kempton

39 (49) Liam McAlinden

40 (50) Jamie Tank


Lots of mysteries in the Wolves' management locker. Why this sudden emphasis in the last weeks on reducing the number of players on Wolves' books ? Why was this not begun / talked of earlier ? It must have been as clear then, as it is now that there is money to be saved and to be used more productively. As many have asked, why all the statements of intent about bolstering the team, then either no or contradictory action ? Have setbacks in Mr Morgan's attempt to have his Bridgemere Securities (owner of Wolves) take full control of Redrow blunted his appetite or ability to spend further on the football club at a critical time ? Only Mr Morgan has the full picture, and he's not rushing to provide any answers.

It looks as though the current intent is to sit tight and (hopefully) manage the club out of its present precarious position with the resources it already has. Let's hope it works.


I'm well up on the City side of things - FT is more Full Time than Financial Times to me, but it is hard to believe that there is not some attempt to move funds from the club to other interests within the group (like the shiny new jet). I did find this quote on the Bridgmere site which made me laugh (in a kind of masochistic way) "substantial refurbishment work has been completed at both the hotel and football club as each strives to be best in class". Presumably this means the best building rather than the best football team.


Missed the NOT out of that as the second word!


is not the official squad the one named on the back of the matchday magazine? theirfore Tank, McAlinden, Kempton, Whittall,Cranston, Kostrna, Cotman, Jacobsson,Price,Ihiekwe,Reckford are NOT part of the squad, they may be youth/reserve players but not part of the squad has named in the magazine.

Maybe Mick wasn't so thick after all!


Stearman gone...................Only Berra, Ward & Foley need to go now!!!


Time to make Molineaux a very uncomfortable place for Morgan and Moxey me thinks. Its been an outrageous last 2 years following the circus that is Wolves!


at last someone as wrote a great comment


Two points from relegation you could write the script.

Any player of any quality going to Wolves on loan will have to be paid substantial wages so it did not matter if they had be bought in the transer window, its a no brainer.

Dean Saunders saying they had a chance of play off position then to saying important to stay in the Championship, safety first build a promotion challenging side, Wont waste money

Any loyal supporter is NOW saying its fighting relegation.

What a joke

ken causer

tipton wolf

i have never known such a load of morons in my life,i have been a wolves supporter for nearly sixty years through the good times and the bad. very bad times bhatti brothers but all you hear know is criticising owner and management jach hayward saved us and he put in loads of money into this club ,but even he got moaned at ki i were morgan i would not put another penny in our club while there were louts like you about.you so called supporters, why dont you go and watch park football you would be more at home there


Thats all well and good but moxey is only prepared to pay £7 an hour cash in hand to save money, best hppe there is some talent at chasetown nowadays!

essex uni wolf

21st in the championship , now thats what i call progress Morgan and Moxey you must be delighted with the progress we have made in a year and thats after Ipswich have leapfrogged over us with Mr McCarthy in charge and just a thought on Mick McCarthy three of his signings have made wolves alot of money and other clubs wanting players he brought into the club and we have not had any managers for along time who have done that.


Agree with Simons comments. If after one month Mr Saunders cannot see what's wrong with the team when it is clearly starring him in the face, then I'm afraid he is not fit to be a football manager.

It appears Mr Saunders is having his strings pulled, perhaps that was why he got the job.

If it is the wage bill that needs reducing then perhaps Mr Moxey should go, along with the others who are taking the proverbial.


Well, is there anyone who doesn't think we're in a relegation scrap. Look at the table. So Mr CEO and Chairman, do you really think getting rid of our best right back and back up centre half with no replacements a plan? One leftback, one right back, rookie centre half and no real striker. A manager who is finding his feet in tis league. If this is not a crisis then I don't know what is. Yes, we had good spells on Thursday but lost. They should've had a stonewall penalty when Sako pushed in the box and Henry was lucky not to get sent off. When is the owner going to make a statement. If it was about houses he'd be right in front of the media. Where are you, the silence is deafening.


Whoops, Was that McCarthy that just shot past ? Blimey, are we really only 2 points (one game) off the bottom three ? Let's hope the much vaunted improved performances actually bring us some points very soon. I can feel the draught from the trap door

Filthy Wolf

Saturday. PAst 6pm and at least we did not lose - did that Thursday!

But Ipswich won. Sheff W won. So that puts us ONE PLACE ABOVE RELEGATION places.

And the team below us - Barnsley. They won. ONE POINT BEHIND.

When will Moxey and Morgan WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitive Wolf

Ironic the Ipswich 4-0 win - a team managed by Mick, coached by TC - with Stearman at right back and Nouble coming on for 25 minutes. Ah well ...... I still say UTW.

Palmer & Parkin 4 England

Spot on, We are the "non" form team in all 4 divisions. We'd be considered lucky it if other teams around us were as poor as we currently are, but they ain't. By and large everyone else is picking up points and we're not.

Form and confidence is rockbottom. Do you see anyway out with the "quality" of these players. I don't !!!


I get the feeling that Wolves were never genuine in dealing in the transfer window.I would expect to see some activity.I would hope that maybe we can ship some of the deadwood out on loans.


saha has been released he would do


Patience or complacency????

No new signings..

The table doesn't lie............

We ARE in a relegation battle, not too good or big to go down. Morgan obviously prefers a Manager with RELEGATION on their CV....because they are CHEAPER!

(Not so) Chirpy, chirpy...CHEAP, CHEAP!!!


Looks as if we are doing things on the cheap. stating the obvious really. We will be relegated and players will leave. We will replace them with cheaper options and become a non entity. Morgan & Moxey will ride off into the distance and Wolves will

become an irrelevance. I'm gutted !

John Evesham

after today everyone must know we are in a relegation battle.


Support the team, support the club

support the new manager

bring in a director of football - no loss to anyone to do this.

look at the PR - its diabolical

stop players and others opening their mouths all the time.

get some proper leadership on and off the pitch

bring in some experince solid players who know how to fight -not many around but there must be one or two.

reduce the prices to absolute base to fill the stadium every match

Looney tune

I like your comments and agree totally. Every football fan in the country dreams their team is going to win a title, cup even beating MU. Reality is lots of disappointed fans, that's the heartbreak of supporting a team but you/we keep on turning out, game after game.

Wolves fans need to keep the faith, this is not the time for dissecting the club and team, that should come at the end of the season. We have not yet been relegated, why on earth would anyone except this as written, I bet the supporters of the three teams below us don't.

Support the team and the manager like never before, we fans are surely premiership quality, remember Wolves 0 Southampton 5.

Keep the faith.


It was 0-6 to be fair!

The Unhappy Wanderer

Like some of the others on here I'm finding it harder and harder to get angry as each intelligence insulting quote is released. Don't the management realise the seriousness of the situation? Even clubs like Blues with real financial problems are showing better form than us as we sleepwalk to a second relegation.

What I don't get is that Morgan being a businessman must know that a Championship club is worth more than a League One club. He may only have invested £10, but he won't want to see his profit dwindling away.

I don't expect any loan signings, and in any case it's not the answer. My only hope is that DS turns out to be a good appointment, and manages to turn things round, but if he does it's despite what Morgan and Moxey have done. And if we do go down, DS has his excuse ready; "this isn't really my team", which is basically what he said at Doncaster.

Frank Chickens





The club has been mismanaged since Feb2012.

Dean Saunders too much like David Brent for me.

Understandably, fans feel let down. This feels even worse than the "bad old days" to me.

We have no Board,as such. Morgan makes all the decisions, mostly bad ones. Pathetic really.

Sherpa Van

Spot on mate. I wondered if anyone else had noticed it - He is David Brent. Just what we need. UTW


MOUSA SISSOKO. €1,8m. 'nuff said, Moxey?

Capital Wolf

"believes there might be"

Spin, spin, spin all you like.

old gold and black

here is an idea, only let people support a football club if......

they can prove the following.

1. faith




5.a thick skin

6. an ability to tell the differance from a disgruntled /apathetic wwfc supporter and a jealous tesco.

7. if you have a pathetic personal life/job, dont blame wwfc.

8. if you are aged below 20, dont give up , after all liverpool have'nt won the premier league for 21 years.

9. and if you are aged over 50, dont give up, after all wba have'nt won the top league since 1921....utw

Disgruntled Wolf

Just for you future reference, disgruntled and apathetic are not synonymous.

What a surprise

Down down down down down

Run by idiots. The drop looks inevitable. Off you go Morgan. Take Moxey with you. Just go now and don't look back either of you. Do the decent thing

You've got to laugh

Priceless ;)


I think that Wolves supporters want to get behind the team.The trouble is that the team is undermined by the policies of Morgan and his puppet Moxey.All we are doing is lining their pockets.Voting with your feet may be one way for Wolves fans to show their disapproval of M & M.Hit them where it really hurts.ie.in the pocket.







Cyprus wolves

I pretty much agree with "big fan" for the simple reason as much as I wanted solbakken to work out, it was pitiful to watch, most of you on this site were moaning and Okeh we've brought in a young(ish) manager in Saunders but its not his fault we're in this mess, the players must take the full brunt and I expect them to get us out of this mess they got us into,get behind Saunders and give the guy a break, at least he's got the players coming in on time and showing a better commitment to the fans and the once proud team Wolverhampton wanderers. He( Saunders) can't really keep buying players when others either can't or won't leave, he needs to reduce first and then start with a smaller yet more equipped set of players and at least he's playing a few of the young uns.

Onwards and hopefully upwards.


Silver Wolf

It's possible to balance the books but still have to downsize the business in order to do so - in footballing terms for downsizing read going down a division.

I do appreciate the potential for disaster if the realities of sound finance are disregarded - but just as surely to look to an annual financial surplus as the measure of success is just as misguided.

Mistakes in the timing of MM's departure, appointment of his three replacements, and the balance sheet being the only measure of success short, medium and long-term, are ongoing.

Our defence is woeful, surely a loosening of the purse strings was essential for that to be remedied?


But your last statement relies on us having a CEO who understands what the problems are on the pitch so that he can advise the Board to agree to signings. Moxey's line on all of this is that the players we have should be good enough to keep us up / push for the play-offs. They clearly haven't been good enough for the last three years. We stayed in the PL for three seasons based purely on luck and a bit of hard graft, but we were never good enough from the day we got promoted.

Moxey needs to be moved away from the day to day footballing issues and we need a Director of Football. If he doesn't like that option, as he didn't in the summer when he put a block on Stale, then Morgan and the Board should follow the example stoke set and get rid of him.

There are a number of high profile managers, including Curbishley, that undoubtedly didn't want the Wolves job because of Moxey's reputation. There lies our biggest problem.

Saunders is a yes man, nothing else. He says the right things and I for one want him to do well. But changing the manager at our club will solve nothing. People should not forget who runs this club - Moxey. There's the man to blame.

Here's to Early Bird................


Demonstartyions a waste of time - just stay home and reduce revenue until some positive action is taken from the top. Make Leeds on Satur day a stay away day - but I bet people wont. It is the onlt solution to the "grave" silence of our owner.

He never seems to speak on club/team matters but is always there on tv and press for bilding projects by his Company.

Enough of being taken for granted for


first goal down to ward,who managed to jog back alongside the leicstewr forward, and never made a tackle.second one down to berra, who turned his back on the shot,so his poor little face wouldnt get hurt. ship these wasters out now,and take the other rubbish with you, hunt and henry who is deffinately a libility.









N. a d k I n s


Adkins. Adkins

Stuttgart Wolves

This is an extremely sorry state and unfortunately, based on the curent form I believe relegation is inevitable. The question is, what can be done to stop this?

Each player has a contract whch, rightly or wrongly, the club has to honour and although the general consesus here is that we have a poor squad, everyone has a different opinion for each player. I'm guessing it's no easier for DS!

There is no question that WWFC has been managed to ensure the club remains financially viable, which is good for the long term future. However, man-management at the club appears to be very poor. This is illustrated by the debacle surrounding the sacking of MM and the appointment of TC, the 'out-of-the-blue' appointment of a manager who had failed at one of Germany's biggest clubs (FC Köln) and the 'rash' decision to bring in an unproven manager from a lower league. Combine this with a PR Dept who are totally inept and you've got a recipe for disaster.

In short, nothing drastic is going to happen. The club will be relegated, revenues will fall, fewer 'qualtiy' players will be interested in coming and WWFC will remain in League 1 for a few years. MM will leave, SM will sell up and who will come then?

Like I said, a very poor state of affairs.


PR has been poor....but then again its been all words no action.

Beetroot Face

Just incase the 2 M's have not noticed, we are 14 points off the play off's and only 2 off the drop zone.

Don't think either Morgan or Moxey can ignore this FACT



Your vision of the future is pretty much on a level with mine. My historical perspective varies slghtly.

I fully agree with you on the fiasco regarding the sacking of Mick, who should have gone at least 2 months earlier or been given the chance to rescue the situation.

The ridiculous situation regarding Connor clearly resulted from the fact that several experienced managers would not come to the Club on the basis that Morgan had little or nothing to offer them in terms of security or prospects as it has been subsequently shown that he has no intention to invest in the football side and has no short term, medium term nor long term plan other than to use it as a building block (pun intended) for other projects.

We will never know whether Solbaken could have made it work as he wasn't given the chance and was sacked as soon as he started to tell it how it really is. We don't know much about Saunders other than he has little experience and appears to be prepared to toe the party line, which is probably why he was chosen.

Now as much as I distrust Morgan and have defended Moxey in the past on the basis that he only does as he is told I am beginning to agree with the multitude who believe he is at the root of the problems. It is clear that he is heavily invilved in major football decisions on both a daily and stategic level. He is not qualified to do so and this is a function that should be solely in the domain of the team manager / head coach which was obviously not the case under McCarthey, Solbakken and now Saunders (I don't Count Connor as he was never a manager or chief coach, just a puppet.)

So, Mr. Morgan if you allow this situation to continue then don't be surprised if your £10 investment becomes a League 2 liabilty. But then I guess you will be able to walk away with


What has happened to the Wolves ?, players not good enough for the Premiership or the Championship. Managers coming and going, no new bodies in during the transfer window now looking at loans. OK MOXLEY / MORGAN why don't you come out and tell the fans what is really going on at the club, because looking at the league position and results I do not think you have any idea on how to put it right and neither has this unproven manager. We hear he is a nice guy gets on well with the players, but that is not good enough Saunders was employed here to do a job and at the moment he is not up to it, either he should have been given the money to buy quality players or is he only here to clear the decks get the club relegated then he will be sacked for doing that. Come on MORGAN / MOXLEY lets hear what you have got to say on the matter, seems like it's all gone quiet on the western front.


Its becoming apparant that we seem to be having some type of 'CASH FLOW' CRISIS at Molineux-now if we take it that we havent got the same out goings this season and further we have had a lot of money coming in why is this.

An article i read last week suggested that Mr Mogans construction empire was extending itself into london developments - and needed some cash flow stimuli .

The question is i suppose are the wolves supporting his business empire now with the cash that we have got from the Premier league and Transfers ....Can he do this ? ...guess the answer is that its his bussiness and he can do what he wants .

Perhaps the Express and Star could ask some real questions for once

Toronto Wolf

twp years ago we beat Man utd at home and I thought it was one of the greatest days ever, I can still remember those last few minuets as they dragged on with the score 2-1. Fast Forward and we have sacked the best manager we have ever had, after he was clearly not backed in the transfer market. Mick said openly he had the chance to sign BA, and Cabaye and Morgan would not slump out the cash.

I am sick of these two clowns driving this great club into the ground. MORGAN OUT!


Well Toronto Wolf - I am glad someone agrees with me, I said it at the time we would rue sacking MM, since then we have sacked another good manager in Stale, who given time would have turned us around, his problem was that a few people said he was like MM - that was the end of him, now we have a good young manager who has taken on one hell of a job, not just with the players but some of the fans as well who after four managers are calling for his head, you only have to look at some of the nasty comments to him to realise this, if they want to have a go at Steve/Jez then have a go at them -AT THE END OF THE SEASON! the team needs all of it's fans to get behind them and become the twelfth man - not the opposing teams twelfth man.

Stuttgart Wolves


Totally agree with your comments regarding Mr. Moxey. It would definitely appear that he is too involved in personnel matters however, this seems to be the norm today when one considers the problems Alex McLeish is having and also even Mr Rednapp was thanking his Chariman for 'doing the deals'.

I do not believe Mr Morgen or Mr Moxey will provide the supporters any transparency regarding the way the club is managed day-to-day. Indeed, Mr Morgen's failure to publicly address the fans who, after all provide the revenue, shows a distinct lack of respect for his customer. Mr Moxey's absence from the last game was either ill-advised or badly-timed. Either way it did not send out the correct message.

If WWFC are to turn this around, it may be time to really shake things up by terminating contracts with non-performing players. This will cost money which the Board may not be prepared to spend however, I would see it more as an investment in the future - and let's be honest, the club has continually demonstrated its commitment to the future by investing in young players who can't be included in the first team straight away! Such an investment would clearly show customers i.e fans that the company is responding to its customers' needs so as to ensure that these very customers do not take their business elsewhere. Simple business logic that has proven to be correct many times. For example British Airways, who invested heavily in recruiting new staff and re-training old staff, is now a much more profitable and respected organisation than it was 20 years ago. At the time, the costs were high but the investment has worked.

Players who continually fail to produce the quality of football that is expected of them or de-value the club's reputation through their individual actions e.g. Mr Henry is well-known for his aggressive manner which resulted in continual criticiscm of the club or those players who have ended up in Court due to violent conduct are, in my opinion, breaching their contract with the club. Such a breach cannot be ignored and in any other business would result in the employee being dismissed.

If Mr Morgen is reading this and is interested in how my vision for Wolves in the future looks, he can get my E-mail address from the E&S. I am currently responsible for advising businesses in Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and Japan on how to maxmise growth through customer satisfaction - and I'm a simple lad from Wednesfield - lifelong Wolves fan through and through.

@Mr Moxey: Business acumen is one thing, customer relations and respect for your customers is another. If you are responsible for the appalling mess that Wolves appear to be in (and we don't have an alternative picture upon which to base our opinions) you should consider stepping aside and allowing someone else to take up the role. WWFC may be a job for you but for many people in Wolverhampton, it represents their entire life. Indeed, they are prepared to spend hundreds of pounds indulging their passion. If your actions and/or decisions drive these very customers away, WWFC will return to the dark days of the 80's.

North Carolina Wolf

Sorry to hijack the thread but I just read that DS is quoted as saying “Kevin’s a Steve Bull type – strong, a team player, he works hard, he’s hard to play against and he doesn’t give you an easy afternoon. He just needs a goal.”

Dean, son, I know you're new around these parts, but if you want to keep your credibility then please don't even try and compare anyone to Steve Bull. There's a good lad.

PS: by definition, anyone that "just needs a goal", couldn't possibly be compared to Steve Bull anyway.

Have a nice day.


Morgan and Moxey having a conversation with their heads in the sand must be entertaining.

Anyway from another story Edwards backs Batth, he's quoted that Danny would have had more game time this season had it not been for the form of Johnson and Berra! WTF what form? Berra is still a shirt grabbing clown and Johnson has no pace. Danny looked more assured in his first start against an in form Leicester side than those 2 have all season

Berra can go back to Scotland come the end of the season cos thats the only Premier league he could play in and Johnson well he's not been too bad this season but if we sold him i would'nt shed any tears. Give Margreitter and Batth starting places!

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