Sylvan Ebanks-Blake happy to stay at Molineux

Wolves striker Sylvan Ebanks-Blake today insisted he is happy to stay at Molineux.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Blackpool

The 11-goal top scorer was expected to have moved on during the January transfer window after being targeted in a £1m move by high-flying Crystal Palace, while Hull also showed an interest.

But Wolves couldn’t secure a replacement, with failed moves for Birmingham’s Marlon King among others. The Eagles ended up signing veteran former Albion, Villa and Birmingham striker Kevin Phillips on loan from Blackpool for the rest of the season instead.

Ebanks-Blake will now remain at Molineux for the rest of the season, when his contract expires, and he responded with a man of the match performance in Thursday’s 2-1 defeat at Leicester.

Manager Dean Saunders wants the 26-year-old to stay and said earlier in the week that he has opened talks about a new deal.

And Ebanks-Blake says he is relaxed about staying at Molineux, where he has been for five years.

“I’m happy here at Wolves,” said Ebanks-Blake, who has been an ever-present in the Championship this season. “I’m happy with my form and happy I’m in the team and playing – I’m here for the cause.

“Speculation is speculation – my job is still the same and that’s to play football and I’m delighted to be doing that. I’m playing so I’m happy.”

Wolves are still to win after four games under Saunders and dropped a place to 19th before today’s Championship programme. But Ebanks-Blake is convinced the new boss will turn things round in the long term.

“I genuinely believe the way we’re playing that the results will come and you’ll see the tide turn,” he said.

“We have to get some wins and see where that puts us.

“The manager has said we’re trying to build for an assault next season, although you can’t rule out this year as there are still 16 games left.

“So let’s just try to pick up as many points as we can.”

Ebanks-Blake believes players need to get used to the demands of the new regime after four managers in 11 months. “We have to give it time. We’ve changed and we need patience,” he said.

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Comments for: "Sylvan Ebanks-Blake happy to stay at Molineux"


He responded with a man of the match performance !!!!!!! What a load of crap


does it really matter who play's as long as we stay in the division and would you really blame him if he went with fans like you


You're right Steve---there are always prats like Rollercoasta.

Best ignored. I wish we had a couple more strikers of Blake's scoring touch----highest goal-scorer. And you're right : to real fans, all that matters is that we stay up. Those "fans" who know little about our man of the match ( and leading goal-scorer) need to go to WBA.....


You lot make who keep mentioning real fans make me sick

We are all fans, just because we have different opinion to yours you spurt this crap, we don't all follow like sheep


While you happily accept everything that M&M do then nothing at this club will change and we will stumble from one crisis to another. I don't think REAL fans want that do you?


& while we've got "fans" like you who just moan & slag off everyone & everything about this club nothing will change. Every single manager we've had since Graham Turner (& probably even those we had before him but that's how long I've been attending games) has had to endure nothing but abuse & negativity from the likes of you. It's because of the likes of you that Wolves "fans" are the laughing stock of English football. Is there another set of "fans" anywhere in the world who hate everything about their club as much as our lot do?

Rusko Wolf

Agree Rollercoasta!! If he'd have buried his chances then maybe just maybe, he'd have been our MOTM. However, due to his lack of finishing and our PATHETIC defence we lost!!!!! How Foley and Ward are in that team I will never know!!!! Both are completely out of their depth!!!! My lad, whos in the Army, plays RB and he'd play 10 times better than Foley!!!!!


What a bozo----our leading scorer, a natural goal-scorer, and man of the match today. Why do folk like you bother turning up to watch......we need you as nuch as we need Moxey and Moxey Junior.

Orlando Wolves

Such an intelligent, positive contribution from someone who is obviously a legend in his own opinion!

An Wolves and England Manager of the future maybe?

So constructive.


I agree wholly with roller. I watched the match, and Blake missed two virtual open goals. MOTM my backside.


He'll be off in the summer because he is too good for League one!

Palmer & Parkin for England

Really ?! Have you seen him play. Don't you mean League 1 is too good for him.


Yep 11 goals and hes too good for league 1. PATHETIC

Definitive Wolf

"So let's just try to pick up as many points as we can." Yes please, Sylvan - that is what the game is all about!! By the way, not a good idea to mention the word "patience" any more, not to a Wolves fan.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Definitive. I lost patience immediately Sir Jack bought in Moxey then sold it to Morgan. That my friend is when the ROT set IN.

jez moxey junior

It amazes me that you people even have the intelligence to make a post on here:

Sir Jack employed Moxey in 2000 and didn't sell the club until 2007 during which time we actually got promoted which must be the 'rot' to which you refer. Never let the facts stand in the way of posting ignorant tripe though!!!


Great comment Junior !

chris h

Jez Jnr, |Still on commission I see.If you are so good on history tell us all about the first transfer target he messed up all those years ago.Pulled the plug on Kuqi deal which would have been a bargain.He did it for effect and this failure set the trend for the next 13 years.It is a history of wasted opportunity ,and one day it will be portrayed as such in the museum.

Jonny D

And in the 7 years 200 -2007 Wolves spent 1 year in the top division. Relegated without an away win. Again Moxley would not release funds to improve the squad. Again we were relegated.

So under Morgan we have had 3 years in top division, but ended up being relegated with Moxley saying the exact same things about the squad.

So, lets change Moxley and let Morgan get a new man in who has the same vision as Morgan. Morgan will make Wolves a great club, but not with Moxley running the show.

Empty Seat Row C North Bank Upper


The same moxey who gave dave jones a whole 6million to keep us up! Moxey has never been and never will be good for this club, he has no appreciation of the fans in anyway.

Did I ever tell u about the time I was in stoke and had drinks brought for me because we had took moxey off there hands? And where are stoke compared to us now with quality all over thepitch on a very reasonable budget may I add.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

JM jnr. Nice of your to defend your Dad. However IF

you care to read the posts that have berated him over the 10 years I respectfully suggest that you be very careful when referring to posters mentality and the ignorant tripe.

Your silly comments are very likely to come back and smash you in the face, particularly if you care to take a look at the current championship table!!!

Rusko Wolf

No he's not, he's only L1 standard!!!!!


Well said SEB I hope you sign a new deal, Unlucky not to score twice at Leicester, could have won it really but we were let down by the likes of WARD and HENRY.

Hope DS brings in a decent strike partner although Siggy is making ground now.



Two points

How did Henry let us down ? He was one of the reasons we bossed midfield against Leicester.

Sigudarsen had to be one of the worst players on the pitch and missed the best chance of the match because he couldn't time a simple header.

Try watching without prejudice.


Did you see the match? We must have been watching different games. Both Henry and Ward had good games and the second half performance from the whole team was impressive. What/who will you have to knock when they start winning?


I watched the game, and generally it was an improved performance, but Henry and Ward along with Berra had poor games. Henry was very lucky to stay on the pitch after that awful challenge.


Agreed Henry was lucky with that tackle....But poor game ?


Stop drinking in front of the telly

rowley wolf

sorry teecher & wolf but i think it was you 2 who didnt watch game! seb waz awful he was marked out of game by morgan & chances he had he fluffed! dont get me started on ward & henry! how did they have good games? ward was constantly caught out of position & 1st goal he could have put challenge in 2 or 3 times but kept backing off & the best was when he tripped over his own feet while running back & then theres henry LOL,should have not just been sent off for challenge in 1st half which would have left us with 10men,he should be banned4life,reckless,also negative on the ball as usual,i also blame him for 2nd goal he run 2edge of leicester's box & instead of shooting he bottles it,starts looking for someone2pass2 theres no one there,we lose the ball they go down other end & score! SEB,WARD,HENRY OUT! WELL SAID DOYLER TAKE NO NOTICE OF THE NUMPTYS!


So he won't be taken any notice of you then!!

Selly park wolf

I cringe every time I read one of the players posts!

So SEB is the latest player to think we could still make the play offs!

What planet are these lot on!

Hope he stays after the summer though but knowing the two clowns they will let another one walk for free without replacing him!

Old Golds Worth More

Think he was talking about next season when we are in Division one!!


i'd be happy to knowing i could walk away in the summer and get a massive signing on fee else where


SEB should have gone. He has not kicked on and showed he cannot cope with the Premier League. He is one of those players who let us down last season and, his goals apart, contributes little to open play ythis season. I would have taken the £1m on him. HOWEVER, if Marlon King came, WW would have had me return my season ticket. I think he is comfortabale at Wolves and does not extend himself. He needs a fresh challenge in a new club. I would love to know why players like him have gone downhill in the 12 months since the WBA trouncing


Good on you SEB for staying, with no rocking the boat. Must have been a hard decision with the Eagles after him and up the top of the league, he's starting to play like the old SEB. COME ON THE WOLVES.


Get Bully on the sidelines. He'll show these lot what compassion is all about. Can't remember Bully spouting off too much in his day. His boots did the talking. Delia addressed the fans . Well we fans are now addressing you players " Lets be having you "


Get real Bully is a great club legend but is a dinosaur when it comes to the modern game.

Golden Nugget

A much maligned guy. His goals per games ratio is excellent. As to all the idiots who go on about him being overweight - do you really think any of the managers he has played under would have put up with that? It is obviously the guys build! He will be as fit as any other player. Couldn't get many games in the prem because we had to play one up with the extra man in midfield to help our pathetic defence out. Not his fault the managers have never sorted the back four to let us play two up! Seb cannot really play up front on his own. He is a goalscorer who needs someone to feed off. Play the right system and shape and he will score goals.


Well said my view entirely.

bemused wolf

Before you describe people as idiots who don't agree with you, think you should take a look at the goal scoring opportunities he squanders ! His misses have cost us dearly this season. He cant jump for a ball and his first touch is woeful. But then again its all about opinion isnt it ?

Golden Nugget

I think it is idiotic to say he is not fit. It's a professional game - no manager would play someone who did not train to maximum fitness. That's not an opinion, it's an obvious fact. As for idiots - Green Nigel - enough said!


You certainly know what you are talking about Nugget!

james t kirk

Sylvan Eshoots-Blanks! Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha. Oh.


at least he is hitting the back of the net more than any other player so what is the crap eshoots blanks why dont you criticise those that aren't doing there jobs ward lets back off oh no its agoal henry oh were shall i go lets pass side ways or even back wards


Sylvan E Eats-Burgers.


Dicanio available?


I think the previous comments were a little harsh. We are having a tough season but we have got to keep faith in the lads!

Bromsgrove Bill

On what evidence do the fans believe Wolves are anymore than a third ranking football club. Yes Iwas there when they played at the level required ,it was fifty years ago,Wolverhampton was a half decent town then too!


Sign him up! Not as good as he was but one of the only ones who seems to truly care & he's still scored 10 goals in half a season in a very poor side!

SEB will still score 15-20 goals in this league & if he's not doing it for us next season he'll be doing it for one of our rivals and against us! Gotta be good enough to at least be 1 of the 3/4 strikers next year!

As bad as it's been & as much as it hurts to see us like this don't let the last 18 months completely cloud your judgment & start slagging off the players who actually seem to care & want to be here. He's only got 6 months left & could've pushed for a move in Jan & jumped off a sinking ship but didn't.

SEB missed a couple of chances Thursday but he's was unlucky with them & worked as hard as anyone! At one stage he raced all the way back to left back to cover for the useless Ward which ive never seen him do so he must be fighting for the cause & to stay here!

Be careful which you wish for! Cuz the same "fans" who are slagging him off now will be saying "typical" and "why did we sell him" when he scores down the molineux for someone else next season.

Ebanks-Blake is Wanderers Number 9!!!


Mills wolf

Very true words lee, point well made on seb

Only thing ill say against that is if he isnt scoring us goals, he offers nothing else, might as well play with 10 men when he hasnt got his goal scoring boots.

Saying that he WILL get into double fugures in this league and will score an easy 20 plus in division one. Sign him up, well need his goals next year in division one !!!!!

Tipton Wolves

Nice of Blake to stay at wolves if only he needed less attempts to get the ball in the back of the net.

Doncaster Wolf

Little fat man was "man of the match!!??" It can't have been Leicester away where he missed TWO golden opportunities in the last 5 minutes to WIN the game for us - SO, which match was this?


We have to get some home wins seb said? now who do you blame for that :-(

paul davo

Sign him up now i say seb never goes hiding unlike a lot of others, all he needs is a big man to play off and he will get you 20 goals in this league no problem and now he has the wisdom Dean Saunders to improve him even more, he"s only 26 and has the best years ahead of him, so why let someone else have him for nothing in the summer, he loves it at wolves so for me get it done now, its all down to loans now , just 1or2 new faces to give the club a lift is needed then tell Saunders to make a list of the players HE wants to bring in at the end of the season, TIME TO BACK YOUR MAN Mr MORGAN,

Filthy Wolf

It's not SEB it's Doyle. He runs about but rarely seen in the box.

Hednesford Wolf

I for one would rather cash in on Doyle and offer SEB what ever he wants, we already have a natural replacement for Doyle in Siggy but we need a proven goalscorer and SEB is potentially the only one we have.

Dave the Rave

Lee Naylor training with Wolves we are scrapping the barrel

Stafford wolf

Well said golden nugget. If SEB had a big striker to combine with like Iwelumo he would score more goals in this division. At the momement we need a creative midfielder to get out of this mess we're in. I thought we played well the other night and deserved a draw.

Esso Ian

Meza Thinks there are at least 3 worse teams in our league than wolves. we wont go down. Roll on next season we will a much better with plenty of new faces in the squad. KEEP THE FAITH !!!!!!!

Old Man in Old Gold

Esso mate - with hindsight of this afternoons results you may wish to think again. We are def' in a serious relegation battle and I would not put my money on us coming out of it on top. Methinks as a unit we will be relieved to finish 4th from bottom, thus missing relegation by the skin of our teeth.


I have no problem with SEB staying at the club, because he and Doyle have suffered with the lack of decent midfield players who can pass the ball foreward. Henry should go he is not good enough along with Ward Berra Foely, Deano needs to take a close look at these players because the fans have seen for the past two years these are the players who have not performed and have been responsible for our clubs decline. Morgan & Moxey should also shoulder the blame they have done nothing towards building a decent team and need to put up or leave.


Not sure where we will be playing next season, certainly not the Prem thank goodness. I am looking forward to a concerted promotion effort next season but believe it may be two years before the team is reconstructed to have any serious chance. Much sooner be in the top six of this division than in the bottom three of the Prem, I hate where we are and the management should hang their heads in shame. For a club of this stature and with the resources it has access to it can only be mismanagement that has us where we are. Good thing is we seem to be financially secure and several young players are coming through. Let's see what the summer brings and hopefully come August we can all start to enjoy our weekends again. This season has just been a miserable failure and in most organisations the CEO would be fired, problem is he is judged on financial performance not the playing performance so he is deemed a success. Unlike most businesses Wolves customers, us FANS, cannot change service provider as Wolves are our life. So suck it up my fellow sufferers and look forward to better times.

chris h

Caribbean,It has taken you a few years,but you have finally got round to agreeing with the comments I have been making on here for ages ;the club has been mismanaged at executive level.If he is judged on financial matters,how come he is not held responsible for a 30% loss of income ,this season alone.Gates are plummeting,they probably count the season ticket holders whether they attend games or not,most of the other seats are cut price. Sales of replica shirts are being marked down just to try and shift them,WVI bar shut midweek and the pies are getting very stale.But like you said a few years back,at least we both saw Peter Knowles play.

Oh! dear

Offered £1.8 Million for Zubar, turned it down then gave him away for nothing.

Offered £1 million for SEB turned it down and he will walk away for nothing in the summer.

If Mr. Morgan runs his business like the Wolves, God help him!! They couldn't run a tap.

Jonny D

Mr Moxley not Morgan, Mr Moxley runs the Wolves and has for the last 13 years.

There's yur problem, do you not remember 2000 - 2007 before Morgan. Same story.


Do you mean Mr.Moxey, does my head in, people him Moxley, not clever not funny!


seb done all thats asked of him all thats missing from the wolves team that could get automatic promotion is a centre half and a left back why Mr berra is still anywhere near the starting 11 is behond me it just show's how good he is he wanted to leave and not one team came in for him and solbacken was going to open contract talks with him and send batth out on load

Not sure if anyone thought how much better our defence played with Danny Batth in. when Johnsons back they will make a good pair Berra should be selling badges at the enterance to the subway. i like ward i think he's a tryer he just is'nt a left back and never was

Woolfie 4371

All these players coming out and saying things will improve under DS yeah when ? When we are in league 1 because that's where we will be playing our football next season . Thanks to mr Morgan for selling everything apart from the one player you couldn't now give away that being Stephen ward. We will struggle next season is my prediction we are that bad and nobody of quality will be here next season. And in his first four games in charge DS has proved to me 100% he ain't the man to turn things around just as bad as SS . Can't wait for this season to end it's been a bloody joke a really bad one thanks to Morgan & moxey.

fat boy jamie

“The manager has said we’re trying to build for an assault next season, although you can’t rule out this year as there are still 16 games left. Does he mean an assault on league 1 !!!!!!


Best striker at the Mol Seb.

Man of the Match is a bit of joke, Leicester defender had Seb in his pocket for 80 minutes.

Then he missed 2 sitters.

Sako had a good game, o hara played well second half,first half he was rubbish.

Sigurdson at the moment cannot trap a bag of cement.

Ward and Foley, can they be coached? they are all over the place,

Foley as never been able to read the game,wanders of up front,he even ended up on the left wing up front at one point.


rowley wolf

LOL seb motm on thursday,no way,this guy is so wasteful in front of goal,should have had a hat-trick but fluffed them all & morgan had him in his pocket 4 most of game! should have took 1million 4 him & got rid of ward & henry because they let the team down on thursday! danny batth was wolves motm by far,looks so comfortable on the ball & good at tackling & heading! its obvious 4 all 2 see we need a left back & a new captain & defensive midfielder so i say send karl up2 ipswich next week on loan & get reo-coker in,he's available on a free & we are obviously lacking goals & need a striker! some of you fans might think seb's answer but he's not & doyles never bin a goalscorer he's sum1 who will run the channels & work hard 4 team,should have more goals than he's got but very low on confidence!


What an absolute joke our football club is turning in to, a good business is always run on good investment yet we get nothing, sold down the river as always & they wonder why the crowds are falling..................Soon to be announced the early-bird ticket scam for next season....................I have not heard much from the fat controller for a while now, does this mean Morgan & Moxey have fallen out............I hope so for the sake of our once great football team..............What a mess & I cannot see it changing while these clowns ruin what is left. Dean Saunders must have been crazy taking this job on, he was on to a loser before he even signed up..................Moxey I have never liked the way you do your business, if you have anything about you, you will resign now, please

From a really unhappy loyal supporter


Is this bloke for real!!! We are 2 points from relegation from relegation and he's talking about an assault, i just don't know where these people are coming from with statements like the ones that are made...We are in free fall and the owners dont care one bit...We must boycott all games ...


Just watched Forest Green Rovers v Wrexham - 0-0 but FGR had a back four who didn't back off, stood up, challenged and thumped it forward when necessary. Sign them up. But Dale Vince at FGR probably pays more than Morgan.


No wonder he was man of the match. The way he buried that equaliser as you would expect a top striker to. Just like the game before against Blackpool when again presented with a glorious chance to equalise. Oh hang on, he missed them both didn't he?

Wake up Wolves. It's no use having a 'striker' contributing around the pitch who can't put glorious chances away. A striker's job is to score goals. We need to sign someone who can do that, not keep missing great chances.

Old Golds Worth More

We are now just above the bottom three, two points is all that's between us, and two of the teams in the relegation places, and one of them has a game in hand, if they win it we are in the bottom three! What a way to run a business Moxey!

Beduth Wolves

Need a big man up front to nod the ball down to either SWB or Doyle. The nice football is nice but we are not very good at it.

Lets go direct

How can a stiker who is was knocking goals in for fun at Reading a few years ago

go down the pan its got to be the system.

SWB lay of the yorkshires and perhaps the ball control will return

The final solution might be to blood the youth. I think there time may have come or are they just selling stock for the future


I actually cringe reading some of the posts people make on here, it's embarrassing that these people call themselves wolves fans.

People criticise players for having no loyalty, but I think the fans are worse, they have the shortest memories, and as soon as a player hits a bad patch, they can't wait to dig the knife in.

Karl Henry has been a great servant for this club, and over the last few years, when he's been missing from our side we've looked to open and we've missed him. All this criticism about passing sideways and playing safe passes is a joke. Every team has player like this in their side, and if we had a decent enough creative player along side him, his 'sideways' game wouldn't even be noticed.

Stephen Ward gets so much flack as well, when for me, two or three years ago he was one of our most solid performers, I agree he's had a poor season , but it looks like he's going to be in the side from now until the end of the season, so why slag him off every week, when we can just get behind the guy.

I also feel its to easy to play The Moxey out card. . The players haven't been performing at all and yet people blame Moxey. He did great in the summer to get over twenty million in for three players, and it's hardly his fault if Morgan decides not to re-invest.

We all know that the team needs every bit of support from now until the end of the season, so lets give it to them, especially at Molineux where they need us more than ever!

We're all in this together!



Don't talk sense you will get called an happy clapper!!!

chris h

Dave,If an auction house sells a Van Gogh picture for £50m is it because the auction house have a good CEO or is it because there is great demand for Van Gogh paintings.Likewise for strikers who can score frequently in th Premier. Given how many goals Fletcher has scored this season,I have heard some commentators say Sunderland got him for a bargain price.That is not the point.The point is a CEO should be held accountable for the quality of the entire playing squad.Our current squad is not good enough .Numerous previous managers wanted better players.Jex Moxey failed to sign them.Sometimes he negotiated to sign better players,but due to wage restraints and other cost factors these players joined other clubs.JezMoxey as one of the most highly paid senior executives in English football ,he should have strained every sinew to improve the quality of our playing squad.This he has failed to do,being always content to make do with second best,signing the minimum he could get away with to keep within a tight budget.Given such a strategy, failure was inevitable .Jez Moxey should stand up and accept responsibility for large part he has paid in this failure.

Orlando Wolves

I cringe too, so I know how you feel Dave. The apathetic section of Wolves fans, I believe, is having a detrimental effect on the club`s and the players performances.

For example; I didn`t see the Leicester City match as it isn`t screened here. From what I read, Ward made a good cross at the Leicester end of the pitch and his position was exposed because of an intelligent piece of goalkeeping distribution. No one on the pitch backed him up when he attacked - so, it being Stephen Ward - most of the posters on the E & S pages criticised him, and not the fact that when a full back attacks, his position should be covered. I also read that this didn`t stop Ward charging back some 100 yards in an attempt to quell the danger.

I know Stephen Ward is not a left back (and, I believe, even he knows it) but you can`t ever say that he dosen`t give his all in every game he plays, unlike some.

Constant criticism and negativity from fans undermines any confidence player might have. Encouragement and support however, can have the opposite effect.

Booing, constant criticism, insults, ridicule, jostling, demonstrations and criminal damage to cars is not the way to go.

To those apathetic Wolves fans, WAKE UP AND SUPPORT YOUR TEAM OUT OF TROUBLE!


In your comments you say "Every team has player like this in their side" please state the teams !! Do arsenal, liverpool , spurs man city, etc etc have midfield players that have not scored a goal for 5 years, i think not.Henry is one of the reasons why we are heading backwards, but probably league 1 is about his standard.Take the leicester the other night.He was on the edge of the opponents penalty area facing goal with the ball at his feet and he didnt know what to do, obvious thing to do was try an effort at goal, but no, Mr henry goes backwards and leicester go up the other end a score, just one example of the lack of skill midfield player..


Time to take stock: 30 points below top club, fourth from bottom, two points from a possible twelve, players don't know whether they are coming or going, four managers in almost as many months, style changes, new personalities, changed priorities - what organisation could possibly prosper under these constraints?

Our biggest problem is midfield. It was last year and the year before that and unless something is done it will be the same next year when we are in Division 1, or whatever it is called by then. A weak midfield means pressure on our average defenders and it makes them look bad. The same for our forwards: it drags them too deep and hence forward moves must start too deep and wait until someone gets upfield to receive. I am convinced that two good central midfield players will make a world of difference. We don't have one at present. Forget the defence and the forwards and get active in finding two 'giants' for mid park. With less pressure our other players will produce better and more consistent performances.

chris h

James, I agree if you don't control midfield you usually don't win a football match and it has certainly been a problem,especially in the Prem. In the Championship we have usually been outnumbered in midfield ,but that was not the case last Thursday and I thought there were some encouraging signs with the return of Doumbia and O'Hara getting fitter.In my opinion we have two big problems; getting caught on the break[which is partly down to midfield not covering],but oue biggest problem is we are nit scoring enough goals.We lack a cutting edge and if they don't solve that problem ,we could well end up relegated again.


'happy to stay at wolves' ...i wonder why.....






10 goals and we're 4th from bottom wolves wake up and get dehind your team all this take on here is so negative i thing you guys need to get on prozac


Steve, I wonder where the negativity comes from, maybe the wolves heirarchy...first in the transfer in the choice of managers....and lastly in the treatment of fans always being fobbed off and lied to. And anyone who thinks this team is sufficient for wolves needs wake cant make a silk purse from a sow,s ear!!

yorkie wolf

...and yet Mick McCarthy beat Man United, Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool with many of these players and moaners on here thought he wasn't good enough.


Time to start scoring some more goals if we are to stay up.With our defence we need to score around three goals a game.

chris h

Some questions for the Express and Star to ask on Monday;

1 if it is so difficult to sign players in the transfer window,how come virtually every other club in the Championship managed to do so.

2 a BBC WM commentator has stated he has been advised that the manager wanted specifically to sign two players ,but he was told the club was not prepared to sign them for financial reasons.Is this true ?

3 do the Board accept that the club is now facing the prospect of being relegated for a second consecutive season.Who accepts responsibilty for the club being in this position?

4 Why was it necessary to cut the players wages bill halfway through the season,when the owner has repeated on many occasions that the club is in a strong financial position?

5Specifically what are the owner's short term and long term plans for the football club?

6 Is it correct that this season the club's net transfer activity is in surplus to a sum of at least £10m,and why were these funds not made available to the manager in the last transfer window?

7 What would be the financial consequences if the club is relegated to Division1?

8 Are there any plans for an Early Bird offer for next season?

Sam Wolf

Chris, you write a lot of sense, Wolves the football club is no longer somewhere to go to get entertained, they put on an average show that would attract few if it was put on the West End.

But the problem is people keep paying to watch it, Moxey has no value without the supporters because they are in control of his destiny.

All they need to do is stay away if they disagree with what is going on.

It is very obvious that Moxey is operating a successful business under the Wolves banner that will inturn provide for his future giving no consideration to supporters.

He is very much corner shop when it comes to putting on entertainment but very good at despensing hype to attract people to by tickets.


chris h

Sam, I don't know,my missus persuaded me to go to the West End last month to see Chekhov's Uncle Vanya,and I can assure you it was a lot more boring than watching the Wolves. Mind the pies were better afterwards.

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Glad to see Batth finally given his chance - deserves to play instead of Berra . Trouble is , if Ward plays next to him , it could upset his game as he'll be covering Ward while potentially getting out of position to play against his striker . The solution is obvious - DROP WARD !!!


We played well and lost, we are now in the bottom 3. You tell me if we have a decent team. Remember the majority of these guys have been playing together since we were last here. So what is their excuse for not playing together>

As for our managers, how come Mick is now with Ipswich who were where we are, they are now above us as is the majority of other teams.

My question is; is it managers or senior management that are to blame. I think Morgan's next construction job is a revolving door in the managers office. When he's doing that can he get a non return door for Moxley's office.


Moxey, morgan and Saunders out. Its time to vote with our feet. This is our Wolves!

Wombourne wolf

4matches have gone under the new manager

Can he now reiterate his confident words that we will make a playoff place.

Can mr. Morgan confirm we have the right man for the managers job.

Can J ez Moxey confirm that being viable in Div 1 is better than staying in the championship or even better trying to get back in the Premeir League.

The club has totally lost its way, surely we should have sold any player that out of contract in the summer rather than let them walk away. If we had had any ambition to get back to the top surely a better management team should have been appointed and been given 2/3 years to sort the club.

I am a 50 year supporter and have seen this happen before, Mr Morgan says he cares but where is the money to support that statement. He has put the cart before the horse it is wonderful having a new ground but its better to have a football team that can fill it first.

Surely there is a Black Country boy who has the Money to step in and save us, what about Robert Plant


For those of you that THINK you know SEB let me put you straight, he's not fat or unfit I know SEB and he loves the wolves, his pet hate is not playing when he played under solbakken he used to hate being dropped to the bench, and like a lot of wolves players they're having a tough season, SEB is definately embarrassed at this seasons form, he and the others will turn it around of that I believe so keep hollering on those terraces.

It's about belief and the players need to start believing again,I do believe that wolves need to reduce the squad and add fresh impetus by getting rid of the dead wood,and bring in fresh talent. but until the 2 m's sort themselves out it'll be same ol, same ol.

Onwards and upwards(hopefully)













Well done wolves in appointing 4 managers'...each one worse than the preceding one......Morgan apparently is away at the weekend , and wont be at the game, if this is true, he should be ashamed


Give Sunders a break 4 weeks and he's worse than SS I must be blind if the Leicester performance was worse than the Luton game. Don't blame Dean for the M&M lack of foresight.

paul davo

SO my last comment never got printed so here i go again, Dear EDITOR will you please ask the Questions wolves fans can"t get any answers to , what are the intentions of MR Morgan regarding the future of our club, the E&S is our only chance to find out what has all gone wrong in the last 18 months, Please MR EDITOR BE our CHAMPION and challenge MR Morgan to a no holds barred interview to explain were its all gone wrong . PLEASE PLEASE AND PLEASE AGAIN< THE CLUB BELONGS TO WOLVERHAMPTON.

Wolf Blast

SEB has delivered so far this season. However, he struggled in PL where Fletcher delivered for Burnley, us and now Sunderland so if he can help us stabilise this season and gets a new contract next season I wouldn't mind but if we ever get back to PL then he has to recognise his limitations. The top defenders in the PL don't give you time so you have to make it which he can't.

Our priority is to stay in Championship which is not what I thought I would be saying, not even in early October.

The thing that irritates me more than anything is the lack of communication we have had from the senior management and owner. People are calling for their heads and even now they still say nothing about the failure to sign any players or even loan signings just a young guy who we have on a 2.5 year contract so when we know he is good he can leave - very good business.

The fans want to know what the plan is and that money is available and that you have targets in mind. Newcastle - Graham Carr - has shown the way to operate in France. I don't even know now under the new set up whether we have anyone on the continent know or in Ireland where historically we have done well - Robbie Keane.

Come on Morgan stand up and tell us what the plan is as I am sure Dean would like to know as well.


Seb is that good that not one premier club came in for him - i'm sorry he has a very poor first touch - isnt much good in the air and now is one paced ...

He has had his day ...then again he's probably going to find his level next season ...its a shame we all will be in the first divison at the same time.

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