Wolves turned down late Celtic bid for Kevin Doyle

Wolves turned down an 11th-hour bid from Celtic for striker Kevin Doyle as the transfer window shut without new arrivals at Molineux.

Bristol City 1 Wolves 4

Boss Dean Saunders tried for Blackpool defender Alex Baptiste and Birmingham pair Curtis Davies and Marlon King among others.

But neither club wanted to let their players go and Villa’s England left-back Stephen Warnock joined Leeds.

Wolves also turned down a £1m offer from Crystal Palace for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and a £300,000 bid from Nottingham Forest for Stephen Ward.

As reported in later editions of last night’s Express & Star, Celtic were keen to take Doyle – it was initially thought as a replacement if they sold Gary Hooper.

But, after turning down four bids from Norwich for their 22-goal top scorer, Celtic also launched a loan enquiry for Doyle.

That was rebuffed by Wolves because it left Saunders no time to land a replacement in the hours before last night’s 2-1 defeat at Leicester, when Doyle was an unused substitute.

“We had something going on with Celtic for Kevin Doyle which we rejected,” said Saunders.

“They made an offer for a loan, three or four hours before kick-off I think, and we turned it down. We’d have needed more than three or four hours to replace him.”

The £6.5m forward, who is contracted to 2015, could now move on in the summer as Saunders looks to rebuild for next season.

Fans are frustrated at the lack of transfer activity to revive a struggling team but Saunders admitted Wolves had made offers.

“I’ve tried to get some players in but there aren’t that many to choose from better than what we’ve got who we can afford.

“We made offers for a couple, but the clubs were reluctant to let them go.

“Some in the Premier League are on £40,000 or £50,000-a-week and we can’t pay that.

“We also weren’t able to match what the clubs wanted because it’s that time of year when they add 30 per cent on top.

“I didn’t want Sylvan to leave so the club turned down a good offer.

“You need a goalscorer when you’re struggling and Sylvan is our top scorer. And Stephen Ward is our only fit, senior left-back.”

Winger Johnny Gorman has joined Blue Square Bet Premier side Macclesfield on loan.

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Comments for: "Wolves turned down late Celtic bid for Kevin Doyle"


So let me get this right, we needed a left back as we only have one senior FB (if you can call him that) in Ward, and we dont get anyone in. We let 3 or 4 defenders go, and get no one in....our lack of forward thrust and goalscoring threat is so apparant, and get no one in.

All in all i didnt expect much from the transfer window, so wasnt really surprised when nothing actually did. I know we need to trim the squad and get it down to more of a manageable state, but surely we need to freshen things up?

No wins in 7 next home game against Leeds who have spent money, can only see one result happening there...and cue the chants or "wheres the money gone" and "moxey out"...i can see it now and i dont even need my crystal ball for that prediction!!

Jack ♣ Hat.


You should be grateful, you could be like Walsall. wolves played well second half against second in the the league. They just lack a bit of guile in front of the sticks. wolves could have let Doyle go on loan and with time to spare brought in a half decent striker but they missed the boat. wolves need to buckle down now and with the fans and a fair wind behind them they may stay in this league. Never say never.


Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP


John Eltonburger










'Pee Wee' Dougherty to replace Karl Henry in 'Centre Mid' as well?

Moxey's hair gel

I draw the line at Peter Zelem

(sorry Peter if you are watching)


I'm not sure what our 'P, W, D, L' record was when Mike Coady, Willie Raynes & Keith Lockhart all played together in the same line up.

I dont recall a Win

Looking back, we had a Chief Exec called Gordon Dimbleby, whom Moxey is beginning to emulate more and more with every passing Week of his Mismanagement

Waggies Left Peg

Oh such happy memories, nostalga isn't what it used to be.


Read that again slowly, and you will realise if this was meant as sensible it failed. if it was meant to be funny, it failed. If you meant it as a wind-up, guess what? IT FAILED. You must have delusions of adequacy.

Whartons right cross

Why are you always right, and everybody else is wrong?

Reminds me of when the South Staffordshires were marching through Wolvo and the lady next door was so proud because everybody else was out of step except for her lad!

Chris White

Bring back Floyd Streete I say

Saunders Foot

Funny you should mention shambles, I just saw Peter Odemwingie backing his Range Rover up to the bakery opposite the Hawthorns. His agents advised him that he can now pick up a load of dough for nothin!

I'm here all week...

Saunders foot

You put a transfer in, a transfer out,

In, out, in, out,

You mess your club about,

You do the Odemwingie and you turn around,

That's what it's all about....

Ohhh the Odemwingie , ohhh the Odemwingie , ohhh the Odemwingie ,

He's always on the Twitter,

Rant, rant, rant...


What a pathetic, ill managed club Wolves have now become. All the promise of strengthening a flagging,broken team with the cash from summer sales was clearly a lie and a smokescreen. Morgan and Moxey you should hang your heads in shame.


We have a striker available with a proven record in the premiership if you are interested?

you must promise NOT to boo him though! and always agree with what he says on twitter.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Astle. I would keep him then. Any club with a modicum of common sense wouldn't sell someone like that. Unless of course he want's to play for a big club. That's a different matter altogether.

carlos fandango

Well Said! That's exactly the situation as I see it.


I agree that it may be 30 percent on top of fees at this time of year, but how comes other clubs still manage to bring players in at this time of year.

I'll tell you how, because they haven't got a penny-pinching CEO who is dragging their club down just to keep the books 'squeeky clean'.

Real danger of ending up in Division 1!


More to the point why didnt we sign anyone???????

We haven't even had the usual excuses yet ..................... joke


“I’ve tried to get some players in but there aren’t that many to choose from better than what we’ve got who we can afford." - Oh yes there is Dean.

Please stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes. It's the same claptrap we have been fed for the last 4 seasons. To succeed in football you have to pay for and invest in better players than you currently and progress. However at Wolves the ethos seems to be, we have unearthed a couple of gems in the past (ie Jarvis & Kightly) and we will continue to do that.

That simply will not work. To attract better players than you have you HAVE to pay the going rate - we're not being ripped off it is simply the going rate and unfortunately our club is unwilling to pay that - so we will not go anywhere except possibly down.

Until Moxey and his penny-pinching ways has left this club we will go nowhere


So zubar went for 30% more .? There aren't many players better than what we have ? There is 18 teams above us who have better players than ours in this division


There are 18 clubs. Not there IS 18 clubs.

Billy Wrights curls

Please tell us, what is a pedant?

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Disgruntled. Surely you are aware the reason the 2 M's went for Saunders. HE PROMISED TO SING FROM THE SAME HYMN SHEET as they DO.


Ward's no left back

all he did last night was back off and off and we were 1-0 down

get shut of him he's trash

Bob Wolf

Should have got rid of Doyle, the bloke is in awaful form and needs moving on.

As for Ward, given he was non-existent for the first goal last night there was no point keeping him. Him and Foley must be the worse full back partnership in the football league. Both dire.

Lack of transfer activity will come back to haunt us. League One awaits Mr Morgan.

And Jez Moxley, another abject failure I'm afraid. How you cling to a job God only knows.

All I can say is Early Bird, you're having a laugh!!!

Silver Wolf

BW, in full agreement.


How on earth can we have no money? This club is unbelievable!

Judge Jefferies

Spring term report :

Dear Mrs Saunders

Dean has settled in well in his new surroundings, and seems to make the right impression with most people.

However he can be found wanting and struggle for words at times -subsequently grasping at straws when trying to explain poor performance.

Even out Norwegian exchange students in the past have put a better explaination as to what has and is going on.

However he must try much much harder on his transfer skills as with his friends Steven and Jeremy.

As they see to leave everything until the last minute, and if they all dont change there way they could find themselves being taken down a grade.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Hayward

Head of School


Brilliant, so what was his final grade????


OK - we will never know what really went on behind the scenes, but I for one am bitterly disappointed. It is not as if we are short of money, is it? I cannot see me posting much more - if I could still get up to the games it might be different. I just hope that we can hang on in there and avoid another relegation.


Oi! Stay and suffer with the rest of us Solent! At least you always sound like it hurts rather than the people on here who are happier now it's all fallen apart.


It always amazes me, how easily players could leave.. We paid 6 million for Doyle, but we would of let him go for next to nothing.. We should be building a team not giving players away.. We gave away 6 million pounds worth of players yesterday.. These players should of been sold in the summer..


Saunders went on record saying he wanted a left back and a striker to freshen up and boost his team.

There were options this window. Even players who moved elsewhere......... Warnock to Leeds for a start. We obviously cant offer the same kind of deals to players as Leeds, or Moxey isnt as good as the Leeds equivalent post.

Either way the much needed boost, for fans aswell as the team, was not received.

The statement on the Official site this morning says everything, we can still use the Emergency Loan market............... Its almost seeming the club are after praise to have fended off Celtic for Doyle and then dampening the lack of transfer activity.

Quite simply put, the lack of a boost with a couple of signings could really cost out beloved club. Most of us knew something had to happen this window. It did, we are even weaker.

Haling wolf

There they go again describing wardy as a left back..!


Sack the board....simple!!


DS Ward is not a left back!!! Last night was his worst effort at trying to play in that position and thats saying something.

DS says that Wolves tried to get players better than we have (makes sense)

DS says that Wolves couldnt afford the wages (well you get what you pay for)

DS says Wolves couldnt afford the transfer fee (We are trying to improve the squad so how much was in the kitty)

DS is talking in riddles and makes no sense at all.

Dont worry though the loan market is coming up.

£300k for Ward? I don't care that we dont have another senior left back (thanks mm) Play a youngster as i can't believe that they would play worse than Ward.

Makes sense keeping Blake as we are giving players away now.

Doyle? Loan? yeh i would have sent him to Celtic to get his confidence back and get him off the wage bill, Come summer either sell or hopefully comes back a much better player cus lets face it he is a very poor mans Emile Heskey.

What MM has done to Wolves should never be forgotton

Positives - Winning promotion

Negatives - Left a us with a unbalanced squad and very average players.

Moxey - Your fault we cant get rid with the wages you pay them. If Ward is on more than £10k a week then you should be ashamed as i wouldnt pay him in rusty washers.

Last word for our wonderful owner - You are clueless unless your setting Wolves up to be sold. how on earth your came to the decision of Dean Saunders being our next manager is unbelievable to be fair.

How you have not sacked Moxey by now is unbelieveable.

I am not sure what your intentions are with Wolves but we dont trust you with our club unless you come out and speak to the fans.

In all honesty i wish you would sell and go back to Liverpool and watch them because you couldnt afford to buy them.

How's the new housing estate coming along with money from Wolves?

SM & MM are hated by most Wolves fans and i won't attend 1 more game, i refuse to put 1p into Wolves whilst those 2 idiots run our beloved club into th eground.

Early bird? lmao

Selly park wolf

Well said dave!

That's two of us that won't be returning to the golden palace until the parasites have left the building!

In the 80's decline we had literally got no money( couldn't afford the milkman)

That's what makes this lot worse seeing our club stripped of its assets whilst there must be £40m in parachute payments, sales for fletcher etc not forgetting last years transfer window debacle!

Enough is enough!



Agree with an awful lot of what you say here.

And you refer back to MM, of whom I was never a huge fan of, but, like you, I respected what he has done for the club, but its only now that I realise just what a good job he was doing with this squad & this board, he actually wanted to bring in better players, Demba Ba & Cabaye spring to mind before Newcastle snapped them up & I'm sure there were many more, however the board didn't want to mess about with the team when there was building to done, why would they & now, youre right, we are left with a dreadfully imbalanced squad that are terrified everytime they walk onto a football pitch.

Well done Steve & Jez

Boot boys banter

Fully agree with the above,a lot of people slated McCarthy but he was treated the same as Dave jones,he was not given enough funds and a wage structure good enough to get players like demba ba,cabaye,Adam Johnson(before he went to man city)etc...only 1 person to blame...MOXEY....ok some people will say he runs the club well to keep finances balanced but stoke fans were glad to see the back of him and look how they strengthen year after year now! We have dropped around 36 places in the league within 17 months (7 points after 3 games last year in the premiership!) and that shows a flawed concept in 'unearthing gems' ...erm I'm sure that means the 'cheap' option!

And what happens towards the transfer window when solbakken was here it was quoted ' looking to bring in 4-5 players' Saunders arrives and we are looking to add 3-4 player,then it was 2-3, then it was 1 or 2 and finally we got 'lee Evans'? Dunno the kid and hope he turns out to be '1 for the future...but the way we are playing he might get a debut vs Swindon in div 1 so is that the 1 for the future they are thinking about,

Feel sorry for Saunders as he is already receiving flak from fans but until wolves rethink there strategy he will be in the same boat as jones,McCarthy etc

Moxey out!


What a great post..............Spot on & I am with you on this 100%

Balham Wolf

SEB missed two sitters yesterday- why did you not take the money. Cassidy could not do worse and is hungrier and younger. Mistake No1. Doyle was sitting on the bench, not a lot he can do there but then again even on the pitch he sadly can't compete, should have sold / loaned to Celtic- mistake No 2. Ward well that is Mistake No 3 as everyone could see last night he is not a left back and can not tackle my Grandmother never mind a young championshoip winger. Waste of space sadly. Henry should have been sold ages ago. No pace and can't create much either, how on earth he got a long term contract heavens knows. Berra, what is he doing playing for the Wolves when clearly he does not want to and is actually not a very good player anyway.

Well whoever runs the club has a lot to answer for and I am sure I am not the only one wanting Moxey OUT!


Furzedown Wolf

I first went to the Mol in 1959. I've seen Wolves in every division - and this looks like a team going down.

DS appears to have good contacts in the press and TV - but that's about it. He talks contradictory nonsense. And an 18 year old from Newport County is not what we need.

Its very sad the way this club is being run.

But hey. I'll support the Wolves till I die - though I won't give M&M any more money.


Been mugged off yet again , Morgan and moxey and certain board members u r an absolute and utter disgrace clear off

We cant afford that

Where's the money gone?

Similar clubs to ours who are in a far worse financial situation than us (Bolton, Blackburn, Leeds) who were all active in the transfer market. Absolute shambles, sell up to Planty


Shouldn't that be 'buy us Planty'?


I think Dean is beginning to realise the task in hand in regards to rebuilding this squad. This window has come and gone, lets not worry about the players we should have got and just concentrate on survival.

Hopefully come the summer, we'll still be in the Championship, all of 'the old guard' will be shown the door and the board will back Dean to create a team of his own. The big talking point will be if the group of many promising youngsters - Batth, Doherty, Gorman, Ismail etc - will be playing regularly as they're not kids anymore.


I think your bang on with the comments, the kids should be playing bit parts now, they are better than what we have in certain areas, you can read what is going to happen, some will be sold on for a minimal fee, then make huge impacts somewhere else!

where has the impotence and team building gone, very sad state of affairs - i have voted with my feet until this shambles is sorted out, i have been through thick and thin, good and bad, but we are being conned.... here's hoping but not holding my breath.


Mr Morgan - please come out and tell the truth and give us your long term game plan..... you will get some respect in some quarters and slated in others - sorry but i can see us in the bottom 3 in the next few weeks!!!


Why say you need new players, tell the public you are going after premiership players and then come back with nothing.

Dean Saunders is nothing more than a tool to be used by M and M. You are now part of that gang. You are the fun boy 3!


Looks like Leeds didnt have any bother signing Warnock the one person that would have made a difference as highlighted by our left backs continual mistakes that have cost so dear for 3 seasons.


Excuses excuses.

Loads of other teams managed to do some business.

Empty hollow words straight from the moxeys mouth. Plenty of prem players went on loan to championship clubs who have neither the parachute payments, or £25 million from summer sales, but they still manage.

Smoke screens and lies.

Keep up the good work, cant wait for the next game, might treal my son to another out of date fruit shoot!!

Poxy morons!!!!!!!!!






I would pay for the Doyle taxi fare so as not to watch him keep falling over every week.

Roaring Boy

Build a football club not Houses - Morgan the Muppet


the player available must have been awful them if they are not better than our lot!. Strange seems same excuse as last Jan, maybe we should sack all the scouts then.

Clearly DS is out of his depth, especially when we losing he brough on two midfielders shows he lack of tactical knowledge. DS Out!


No - Ward is NOT our senior left back. He's not even a left back. He's just someone who plays in that position as he has failed in the other areas he has played in.


Oh dear. This reminds me of that ill-judged comment from Glen Hoddle, when he said "This is not a disaster", only to be reminded every week as we continued to draw that it WAS a disaster.

Stale and Deano seem to have their heads up their backsides, as they can't seem to see the bleedin' obvious.

We're not good enough! Simple.

Where's the £20M+ plus gone from the summer? Why are we not getting any goalscorers in and a defence that can actually defend?

Saunders says he'll have a side ready to challenge for promotion next season and I for once believe him. But only because it's looking increasingly as though we'll get relegated?

We should be nailing half the teams in this division. The players seem content to mope about the pitch and pick up their wages and this is unacceptable to the paying public in these cold and austere times.

Wake up Wolves!

Tipton Wolves 73

Come On Moxey & Morgan I want to hear YOUR statement on yesterday's shambles. So come on you cowards face the fans and tell the truth!!!!!


Sorry Deano but I think you have got it wrong, Ward is not a left back Foley is not a right back, just watch a few dvds from previous games and you will see the same as we fans have seen that they are no good in defence and are responsible for a lot of the goals we have scored against us and they also puts pressure on the other defenders. Henry does not have the ability to find the forwards and that is the main reason Doyle & Blake are not scoring goals. You Steve Bull and the fans have been misled by Morgan & Moxey about transfers coming into the club, there was no intention to bring quality players in as we can not afford the wages ie Warnock. So may I suggest that you look at what players we have in the club at left back & right back whatever the age and play them. We must have an attacking midfielder in the club so plgive them a chance, Henry & davis are to similar and should not play together. Good luck for the rest of the season you are going to need it. 50 years a WOLVES fan.


“I’ve tried to get some players in but there aren’t that many to choose from better than what we’ve got who we can afford."


Oh right..so with £25m from summer sales of our 3 best players and parachute payment protection as well - plus the so called treasure chest money that wasn't spent last January don't forget - we can't afford anyone better than we currently have.

Is this club for real?? Do they think we're idiots. Of course Jez will try to paint himself as some kind of hero who gallantly fought off various offers for our key players. I should think that's the least he could do with no-one coming in to replace them!

Filthy Wolf

The blame lies with Moxey. We should have been dealing and wheeling.

I was glad SS went but wish he had been able to use the transfer window. Some of his signings haven't been that bad.

Axel Foley

Sylvan might be our top scorer, he is also at the top of the falling over all the time list as well as the miss a load of sitters list!

Wednesbury wolves

Take it you don't go very often then to wolves games, because you would know it was Doyle that tops the list for falling over!!!!!!!!!!! Try watching a match doh!!!!!!!!

Bad wolf from ashma

At least doyle faces the goal and isnt 5 stone over weight

Wednesbury wolves

124 league games 23 league goals!!!!! The less said about Doyle the better.


Total nonsence.

We have made money from Premiership and TV payments and the sale of Fletcher Kites and Jarvis.

So there sould be money available.

Zero ambition is what this all shows and DS is the puppet to take the flack.

DS is in Morgans pocket , he isnt going to question a thing.

We re rotten to the core, and in freefall.

Please sell our club Morgan and take JM and DS to your next building project.


Isn't this how Liverpool conned there fans for all those years. Look we haven't signed anyone but we still have Gerrard so that's like a signing in itself. Well er no it isn't.

Why broadcast who you tied to sign and who put in offers for yours unless your trying to make yourself look good. I don't go broadcasting every bid I put on Ebay.


Surprised we didnt sign anyone. I can see gates dropping now. I dont want to knock aunders but is he any better than stale. at least stale had a vision, and his transfer reccord is ok except for injuries.

I pray we survive this,

Moxey out..........

But not Morgan as i see him being good for the club and the city


What I really dont understand is this; We had a chance to get rid of a defender who doesnt defend and a striker who doesnt score. Surely anyone replacing them from the academy could have at least matched these requirements. Now we are stuck with these.

Deano is a puppet, moxey is a muppet (La la la la)


I daresay that most comments on this website will view the events of yesterday - or non-events as it turned out - in a negative way. But to me it was just as important to keep our best players.

Some of those players mentioned may well move out of Molineux in a few months time for little or no money being received by the club. But the overwhelming requirement at the moment is to ensure that we do not get relegated, which would be catastrophic.

To that end, keeping hold of Doyle, Ebanks-Blake and Ward was imperative if we could not bring in equal or better quality affordable players. With the possible exception of Baptiste, there did not seem to be much realistically available yesterday, in which case we are probably, on balance, better off with the existing squad.

Assumming that we do manage to avoid relegation, the rest of the season should partly be about developing some of the young players, as they maybe the basis of next seasons promotion push.

Glad to see Gorman going out on loan. Talented kid that should have been playing more first team football this season out on loan.

Nostalgia is not what it used to be

Would it not be worth employing "one of our own" as Director of Football someone like Mel Eves born and educated in Wolverhampton and played in a great Wolves side . He is a football agent who knows the market and watches hundreds of games and someone who knows the history and requirements of Wolves supporters.he also knows how important a youth system is because he graduated through it.

North Carolina Wolf


Have a nice day.

Mat Cole

Mixed messages and double standards at Molineux. Firstly, the article suggests we accepted an offer for Ward but then Saunders states that we couldn't consider selling him as he is the only senior fit left back. Which statement is true? Secondly, clubs, we are told, inflated their prices by 30 per cent for their key players. Surely that is what we did when we got a (reported) £25m for Fletch and Jarvis? If you are playing the game you should know the rules and don't be surprised when they count against you as well as for you. No ambition some would say - no foresight in my opinion. I've been a member of the small minority that held M & M in high esteem but this January has radically changed my view. This squad may just be good enough to survive but can they be sure of that? I'm certainly not.


No matter what manager is installed by Moxey it's the same old clap trap! Welcome to the Wolves Deano. The motto above the door should read 'We want it on the cheap!' You may well build a TEAM but a team fit for promotion, Hhmmm!

You may well get the club promoted but with them tight fisted pair in charge it will all fall apart. Use the club to better your career prospects and move on Deano! Because this club will not be going no where. It used for Morgan to make money,

No more, No less.

It begs the question........How come other clubs have managed to bring in better players and not us?

Not teaching him to suck eggs but we have been around a lot longer than him and we know how it works!

I will take bets that Sako will go at the end of the season!

Jackie Griffiths

O deary me babs.. What's going on with me babies?! .. Please sort it out babs..

Northampton Wolves

Same old same old. We tried this we tried that.

There were 600 odd Wolves fan who went to Leicester last night Moxey and Morgan. Straight after a hard shift at work no doubt. They sang their hearts out with pride.

Something you pair have'nt got.

Leave my Wolves.


Wolves BIG mistake was making investments like the new stand (which was a total waste of money) and not on decent players.When Wolves narrowly avoided relegation from the premier league, the writing was already on the wall.Those players with the exception of Matt Jarvis and Stephen Fletcher were poor quality and not good enough then.This season quite a lot of those players still remain at Wolves.They are older and a lot worse too.Kevin Doyle should have been sold.He is a waste of time and too lightweight to be any good.Likewise Stephen Ward and Stephen Hunt.Carl Henry is just a poor footballer with no quality.The way Wolves are heading they will be relegated.I cannot see them picking up points against Leeds, Barnsley or Cardiff.They will be bottom of the premier league at the end of february.Look lets face it Bakary Sako will be gobbled up by a premier league team at the end of the season anyway.The time for excuses is over.Its reality time.


I'll take being bottom of the premier league by the end of February!! That means we'll be at the top of the CHAMPIONSHIP!



Everyone boycott the Leeds game, stop buying their horrible pies, waterered down beer, over priced programs and cheap make football shirts, its the only way our so called board will take any notice.

you all no it makes sense

we all no we have been shafted by the board, and this club is going in one direction. only we can stop this by voting with our feet then they will have to take notice.

i feel sorry for Dean, and i dont blame any footballer not wanting to come to this club its a joke we are the laughing stock of the football league (along with mr Odemwindger)

Filthy Wolf

When Ward joined us he scored 3 in six and was Player of the Month. As a striker. It was Mick that took the guy's 'I'm happy to play anywhere' and stuck him at left back where fair-dos he became a International. But he looks and always will be a centre forward.

The lack of dealings in the window speaks volumes of Moxey and Morgan being obviously unsure where we will end up. I hope they will spend in the summer if we stay up, but if things carry on and we go down again I reckon Morgan will think that quid he paid for the club will be too much to lose.


Come on for goodness sake give Deano a break, we know who the two culprits are. Dean is doing the best he can with what he's got, last night especially in the second half I thought the team played well and I firmly believe he will be winning games very soon, a little bit of faith in Mr Saunders please.

The Unhappy Wanderer

Is this meant to make us feel better about the lack of activity?

Last season it was blindingly obvious we needed strengthening and we got Eggert Jonsson. Surprise, surprise, we were relegated.

This season it's blindingly obvious we need strengthening and we've got Lee Evans. The writing is on the wall.


So looking forward to League 1 - so many stadiums I haven't visited in that division!

Sorry guys I'm trying to think of a positive out of all this!


manc andy

Unfortunatly us older long suffering supporters have been them all, and let me tell you lostfaith ur soon get sick of sitting in the rain at a windy rochdale,,shouting moxey out.

Mrs Saunders

Dear Mr. Hayward,

Please rest assured that Dean will be dealt with in the strongest possible manner when he gets home from training later today.

In the meantime, I am intrigued to know how you managed to aspire to your position as Head of School, given the absence and/or misuse of punctuation and the incorrect use of the possessive noun "there" when it should have been "their", in your correspondence. Mind you, some people may be asking the same question about Dean, and his new job.

Kindest regards,

Deanetta Saunders.


"As the transfer window shut without any new arrivals at Molineux."

I would like to point out that we somehow managed to snap up Blue Square Prem's hotshot who everybody wanted on the 31st day so how about some positivity?


Didnt we do the same with Leigh Griffiths


A reported £1m bid was placed for Alex Baptiste, If Blackpool was asking for a so called 30% extra, thats only £300k. Not a whole lot more taking into account our position.


So Saunders wanted a left back, centre half & striker & got nothing.

Mixed messages here.

The club have admitted accepting a £300k bid for Ward,(judging by last nights performance thats about £299,999 too much, but never mind) & he couldn't agree terms.

The club have also whinged about the prices of players being 30% too much???

Q, Who sets the prices for players the buyer or the seller???

A, The selling club as per Fletcher & Jarvis.

Now I might be wrong here but our Jez seems to be wanting to set the buying & selling prices of players, so that said, he wants to change the way football business is done in the future, shall we call it, "The new Law according to Fat Jez" ?????

The two execs at the helm of our great club are very quickly turning us into a footballing joke, that's actually not very funny.


Sorry Dean. what position are we in the league again??

There are loads of better performing players around in this league alone as well as leagues below us. ie. Bradford and Luton.

In case you didnt realise Doyle, foley,ward,henry,berra and co havent played consistently well for 2 or 3 seasons now and they dont really deserve a place in the team..

Keeping SEB makes sense but Doyle doesnt.

You have looked totally out of your depth talking about signing premiership players when you know you cant pay that level of wage???

You have not been helped by tweedle dum and tweedle dee aka Moxley and Morgan who always carry the wooden spoon in the January transfer windows

To the fans please ignore the loan window next week and more talk from Dean,Moxley and co, as nothing is going to happen.

If this lack of ambition sends us down, I think we will need total change from the top down.


The gloom and despondency amonst the supporters has got so bad,apathy is creeping in just like the days when the Bhattis were in charge,Does us all a favour Morgan and sell up and Moxey,on your bike!

Stafford DeWolf

When Wolves let a player go supporters are told "every player has his price"; suggesting that successful player recruitment is primarily a matter of the size of the bid.

Yet Wolves have been unable to prise a career left back from any 1 of 90+ professional clubs in the January transfer window?

With a precarious league position due in no small part to weekly defensive errors, the team are to continue with a makeshift left back valued at only £300,000 by Nottingham Forest.

Is Dean Saunders destined to become just the latest victim of a flawed "Every player has his price but we never pay it" policy?

manc andy

How far into the masterplan do we have to be before Morgan and Moxey start taking the state the teams in seriously? iv noticed is houses are up.If the grand plan is to ignore the position of the team untill the training facilieties, houses , stands, bars, discos , museums and carparks are sorted he should really come out and say.How longs it all going to take and how far will we drop whist waiting for you to open the warchest,,,sort it out Morgan,,concentrate on looking to bring quality players in next summer and start the charge back to the promised land ,i think we all know ur excuses off by heart nowThought thyey played abit better lastnight, maybe they were just trying to sell themselves,,only time will tell,,leeds should be interesting if i can be arsed to go, still not convinced about Deano,,hes looking like another Conner to me,,i think we sacked the right man for this team transformation too early,,the two MS panicked when they realised Stale was no push over and it was going to cost them in this transfer window, but we are where we are and we are the wolves, when you sink to the bottom divisions with dreadfull football its great watching a team of youngsters and battlers play there way back up the divisions, we have done it before and it wasnt all bad. { KELLOGS } was my wolves player of the eighties, lol,,UTW


money being spent on land and building projects. Why should Morgan or Moxey care (I"m all right Jack).

They are both wealthy men who will profit from Wolves when its eventualy reduced to a nothing club and with valuable building land as its only assett,and guess who is first in the queue

Droitwich Wolf

Wake up everyone. Morgan is skint and wants out. Moxey is his puppet and doing what he is told. The club is in freefall with no investment in sight. Morgan has had his £30M back form the club and should now do the decent thing and give the club back to Sir Jack for a tenner. Morgan knows nothing about football as is evidenced by his record at the club. We are doomed until this guy has gone for good. Div One beckons......








Waggies Left Peg

Joke club run by idiots, Doddy and his not so diddy man (The Fat Controller Moxey) can quite frankly do one, I will not be back until their baleful shadow has been lifted from our great club, no more hard earned pennies from me and I suggest you all do the same, boycott games or if you must go then boycott their merchandise. Buy no food or drink in the ground, no programmes, nothing from the club shop. Lets see how the Fat Controller likes that, think he might not be so popular with Doddy Morgan if the revenue dries up. Come on guys lets hit these prats in the pocket and take back our club.

The Flying Winger

After last night I would think Forest are very pleased they still have their £300000 in the bank!


Sadly Wolves had their priorities the wrong way round in the transfer window. Quite obviously it was, sell before we buy. Only trouble is that offers from those pesky clubs come in very late on transfer window day leaving us no time to get a replacement in for anyone we wish to sell. What a charade, from a club not short of a bob or two. I can understand it if we don't have the money, but we do. We're acting like paupers. If we had been close on a striker we could have sent Doyle to Celtic on loan, it could have turned his career round. Worst way, we'd get him back in 6 months, same as he was before, best way he'd be a success in the SPL and even Champions League, and worth a mint come summer.

Parkin's squeek

I'm not a businessman - but, if there are genuine reasons why Wolves are short of cash for players, it would help fans (and Mr. Morgan himself by the possible greater understanding that he might get from the more reasonable fans amongst us!) if he gave some explanation of how so much money seems to have been "lost". Maybe he knows perfectly reasonable things we don't know!

Apart from money in for Fletcher, Jarvis and Kightly, there were, additionally, the parachute payments - partly counterbalanced by loss of other income from relegation and buying Sako, Doumbia, Margreitter and Boukari - but this still should leave several million to spend on "something". If the money has gone elsewhere, then where? Maybe there has been equivalent expenditure somewhere else - maybe it's being hoarded for a rainy day (which may have arrived!) - but tell us - what is the real situation and what are the plans to move forward? Without some reasons (which Mr. Morgan is not legally obliged to give), it's hard to put up with the way this persistent losing messes up our lives (Christmas was horrible - as it frequently is - because of Wolves results)!!

Mr. Morgan doesn't have to give an explanation - but it might be the nice thing to do - and it might benefit him if he keeps things a little less close (at least with reasonable fans). It's easier to suffer if you know the reasons why!!!

Parkin Palmer and Daley for England

Took the words out of my mouth, can't the Express & Start help?


Very good post, but too reasonable for Morgan I'm afraid.


We have a team that is low on confidence. I think I know what that must be down to. They must have been reading some of the comments on here, and been dumb enough to believe them.


Every single decision at this club is that it must be cheap in this world you generally get what you pay for and that is why we are heading towards div 1.The Fans have been paying top dollar for tickets and merchandise and are being fed cheap aldi type products in other words they are being taken for fools.


This is grim even by Wolves current standards. I really cannot see any prospect of improvements on the pitch. It's going to be a struggle to stay in the championship now. I am finding the statements coming from Dean are an insult to our intelligence. He is just being used as a mouthpiece for M and M who are hiding behind him. Wolves are lucky to have such a loyal fan support.

Burntwood Boy

Money in the bank, cannot afford to buy any players, same old story, SO Money stays in bank and all the fans can look forward to 3rd tier football next season. I have never known someone who is daft enough to run the company in to the ground like this, IF Morgan runs his house sales like this then God help the buyers.

Walthamstow Wolf

Are we supposed to be pleased because the club wouldn't sell a striker who scores twice a season? Why couldn't we do a straight swap for one of Celtic's surplus strikers? Any of them would be an improvement, Stokes in particular. If we were seriously interested in making progress we would have paid an equivalent £10m for Hooper this time last year, offering Celtic Doyle or SEB as part of the deal.

Not taking £300k for Ward because he is our only LB is crazy - he isn't a LB and ANY actual defender would be a better option in his position - and finding somebody else to play there wouldn't be a problem because our squad is, by common agreement, too big.

I wish Stewart Lee were a Wolves supporter, because the level of self-serving irrationality and double-talk is typical of the corporate targets in his best routines.


What a complete shambles. The money is there but they don't want to spend it. We cannot even get Blackpool to part with a defender. When they say there wasn't anyone of any quality surely there must be looking at the rubbish we have got. Maybe the truth of the matter is players don't want to come to wolves because they can see the total lack of ambition. It's so embarrassing. So what happens when the early bird come out? Hit them where it hurts. Make it an early turkey instead. This once great club is being strangled to death.

sb wolf

might as well turn molineux into a full time concert venue afull house every time and a least your guaranteeeed to be entertain

Palmer & Parkin 4 England

What's the picture with this article. The lads celebrating a corner !!!


Words cannot explain how i feel about our Wolves today, so i will say nowt.


Should have sold him. Doyle has been useless this season like most of the muppets on the field.


Sad as it makes me to say it I feel that as we have been so badly let down in this window there is no alternative than to boycott the club.

I dont see anything else getting a reaction from the " silent two" - the silence is deafening and an insult to humanity. The Club is obviously closed for business - so no need to visit it.

Ghost of Doog

I ask a question of E&S why is that the newspaper of the city which supposedly represents all Wolves fans isn't camped outside Morgan or Moxeys door demanding that they speak to and answer the outraged Wolves fans questions and worries? It is quite disgraceful reporting, who do You represent? Are You just M&Ms propaganda sheet? Wake up, do Your jobs and ask the questions. Demand answers, perhaps up in their ivory tower they might hear You As they continue to ignore the fans.


so we cant even get one quality player in during the window.we will only go one direction while those two idiots have the purse strings.we were told we have to trim the squad before we buy.NOUBLE,PENNANT,STEARMAN ZUBAR,MYOLOKO.AND ARE PURCHASES ARE? YOUVE GUESSED IT .......NONE....SHAMBLES

Ted the Wolves

Trying to workout why we did not sell Ward, then it came to me he must be Morgan's son.

After playing like he does, let's face it he came to the Wolves as a striker and MM turned him into left back or not.

Let's face it we are being sold

Get the banners out and safe this club next home match.


I wouldn't sell Ward...... I'd sack him!!!!

Left back required

I wouldn't even bother to talk to him.


So, are we supposed to be impressed. What is the point in telling us what didnt happen. We know!

We didnt sign anyone and the management havent a clue how to run this club. Pathetic.

Stour Wolfie

I reckon we did actually try to sign players behind the scenes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but isn't it a simple fact that players do NOT want to come to Wolves.

Andy London wolves

If we are to make use of the emergency loan system, are we allowed about 8-9 of these?


No transfers , no money available . Same words again and again. Morgan and Moxey need to either start showing passion for this club or leave.


I know I shouldn't be but I am staggered by the lack of transfer activity. The idea of changing your manager then not supporting him in trying to sign players to lift us is at best strange and incredibly stupid. We have a team/squad that consists of an alarming lack of confidence, some lacking form and others who are such dross they wouldn't get a game in the blue square prem! We needed a career left back not someone who is there by accident, a centre half, a midfielder and a striker at least. If Baptiste cost £1.3 mil why didn't we pay it. Billy Sharp would have been my choice probably cost between £2 - £3 mil, only on loan at Forest. Or DJ Campbell, try Tom Pope of Port Vale I could go on and we could have tried to get Dorrans on loan fron the Albion. All this needed Morgan and Moxey to show real ambition and actually realise that these players are responsible for 4 wins in 27 games and without a remarkable turn round will get us relegated. Will we sign anyone when the loan window opens next week, I would say no. Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee appear hell bent on destroying our great club. I think the fans have been amazingly patient but that will run out and maybe at the Leeds game next week. I desperately hope I am wrong but I feel we will be playing Carlisle, Walsall and Yeovil next season.


Right then we all knew wolves would not bring in the players we required so let's just hope the ones that have so far et us down for 3 seasons find enough quality to keep us in championship before all going off to other clubs good luck to them (ward Berra foley Doyle lee grifiths Hamill )

Lets go get some young and hungry again Boyd pboro. Pope port vale. Husband donny rovers

And please please give Ebanks a new contract and let's play batth Doherty forde Cassidy Mendez Laing. Zeli more often

Please all those that can afford to attend games and all those that can travel to games please stay together support the manager support who ever takes to the field and continue to back the club .

Then at the end of the season when all points played for then make your feelings known and get moxey away from our club ( in his words a new voice is needed. ) new ideas




lets All boycott

What a disgrace, clubs an absolute joke and gunna get a lot worse before it gets betters! MOXEY and Morgan out!

Long live super mick!


The team played really well last night and we were unlucky. Keep playing like that and confidence will grow and results will improve. Its all about staying up now and rebuilding for next season. Impatient people will not get anywhere. Its not what we want to hear but its a fact so accept it. I thought they looked good last night and if you look at every club the fans are expecting success right now. Too many comments are based on emotion. Get on with your jobs and leave the club to get on with its job.

Definitive Wolf

For confidence to grow, it needs to feed on something - like winning. If we don't win, sorry, our confidence will not grow. Play well and lose too many times = disappointment, which eventually leads to a demoralised team. Of course there is emotion, how can you come out with a statement like that? Tell a Liverpool fan not to be emotional with their history, if you dare. And as for "get on with your jobs and leave the club to get on with its job" you might as well say "forget about football altogether"! Actually, you might have something there.

carlos fandango

WEST HAM went straight back up on the back of parrachute payments.

We are being given a load of rhetoric about needing to slash wages and sell before we buy.

I don't know how a football club is run but clearly either Morgan or Moxley has got it badly wrong with a succession of poor performances off the pitch.

Whichever one it is please leave now so that we can rebuild without your incompetant imput.


Lanesfield Wolf

West Ham had a decent side. We had the dribs and drabs that Moxery was able to buy cheaply.

It is obvious that these second raters would not be able to get us back into the Premiership, which is why Mr Morgan appointed SS. Since then player power supported by Moxey got rid of SS and now we have an inexperienced Welshie with a big gob!

That's why West Ham went up and were going down!

darlo wolves

Moxey an morgan give us our club back I've been a season ticket holder for 25 yrs you've run this club in to the ground wolves till I die but not in ur cases


Richest club in League 1 2013/4.

Congratuations to Bob the builder and the fat controller, you must be proud!!

Enjoy with the lowest gates in 25 years, dont forget fans are only a nuisance anyway!

Joe 90

"Smell the Coffee" Yes I have said this twice before BUT both times "Censored" the only extra to mine was that ON BOTH OCCASIONS Wolves were relegated from the top division they were thrashed at Home 1-4 by NEWLY PROMOTED Q.P.R.

same result as earlier this year to NEWLY PROMOTED Q.P.R. Deems well aye?


..... no early bird renewal for me!


Moxey is employed to run wolves, he is responsible for the shambles. Should not be let anywhere near the footballing side, and he is a pr disaster.The amount of spin that comes out of Molineux is a disgrace.


The question is....if we stay up ,have we enough young blood in the academy to field a promotion seeking team next season!.

Lets admit it ,at the end of the season ,anything higher than the relegation places and we`ll be happy.

Sell off the old guard and start fresh with a new team for the future.

Painful ,long term ,ambitious ---possible?

I`d rather we regroup and start to enjoy football !


What happened to Kevin Doyle? He has gone backwards at Wolves and certainly has not performed for over 12 months. He is a massive disappointment. We needed a supposedly talented, experienced international like him to be a big presence for us ... and he has been a whimp! He has shown himself to be nowhere near a £6.5m lalued players. Shame on you Kevin. Why have you declined so much? They will not get £2m for him. He needs a fresh start elsewhere. He needs to go

Dudley Buoy

£300,000 for a moderate talent like Ward. WW should have bitten their hands off. Why didn't Saunders clear out all that FAILED, 3rd rate dead wood from the squad that got us relegated? We have to start again without the taint and disease of these guys.b So many at WW are unfit to wear the shirt. Ward is one of them. The buck stops with Morgan and he seems to be inept in football terms. His last 3 managerial appointments were suspect.He needs to level with us about where he is taking us. He seems to be settling for us being a run of the mill Championship team.


This should be the sign of things to come at Wolves, clearing the decks of the deadwood but not replacing them with better players in fact it would appear to the fans that Mr Morgan / Moxley and manager Saunders are heading for the first division and do not seem to care. Why would a manager leave a club that looks like getting promotion into the Championship for one that is going to take it's place in the first division ?, Mr Saunders I think you have made one hell of a mistake in believing what they told you at your interview. It would appear that you have been brought in to do the dirty work for Moxley and Co by lowering the wage bill, then maybe it will be time for them to show you the door at the end of the season for getting the club relegated. Lets see what happens at the end of the season perhaps Moxley and Morgan might try and sign another manager who has no skills at managing at an higher level. Disgusted at the way this Wonderful club with it's loyal supporters are being treated come on Morgan show us your hand and tell us what you are really doing at the Wolves, because it has nothing to do with Football.

Kiwi Wolf

Sounds to me Dean Saunders is nothing more than Morgans puppet !

Does Morgan want success at this club or has the novelty worn off now?

Alan in cyprus

I can't even be bothered to be apathetic anymore.


Lets face it guys, but unless we win this weekend and gain some confidence we are going down...