Dean Saunders upbeat despite Wolves' position

Wolves manager Dean Saunders today insisted his side will stay up despite dropping to their lowest position of the season with a 2-1 defeat at Leicester.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Leicester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Dean Saunders

Wolves are still to win under new boss Saunders, whose four games in charge have yielded just two points, after yesterday’s loss made it eight matches without a victory.

Their 15th defeat of the season last night saw them fall to 19th in the Championship, five points above the drop zone with 16 matches left, but with all their rivals having at least one game in hand.

Yet they produced their most convincing performance under Saunders last night. And he is confident his team will ease any relegation fears if they continue to play like that.

He said: “We have got to stay in the league. We have got the squad to do that and if we play like that, we’ll be fine – we’ll beat most teams. It was probably the best performance since I have been here.”

Wolves don’t play now until the visit of Leeds a week tomorrow and Saunders admitted he still needs to get the players to become a cohesive unit and string a run of victories together.

He said: “I’ve got to get them to gel and we need to get two or three wins on the trot. There are a lot of things I’ve got to put right.

“I’ve got to get them to believe what I’m saying to them and that will be helped once they get positive results. Some of the football we played was very good.”

Wolves have taken just two points out of 12 under Saunders but the Welshman is convinced the team is moving in the right direction.

He said: “We played really well. I wasn’t pleased we lost, but things are really improving. We have got a good squad of players who have showed confidence and belief to come back from a goal down.”

But he was disappointed at the awful defending for both goals, which saw Anthony Knockaert and David Nugent run from deep positions before scoring.

He said: "We just backed off and that’s the sort of thing that happens when you are not confident. When you are confident, you meet the winger on the touchline and stop him there.”

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Comments for: "Dean Saunders upbeat despite Wolves' position"


Team played well yesreday and were unlucky not to to say that it was just like watchign a "Solbakken" team, patient build up and good possession etc...

I for one don't believe that style has come from the current regime

MAKE A STAND !!!!!! Mills wolf

Morgan isnt willing to invest in our future

well im not willing to give him anymore of my money to pocket





Yorkie Wolf

....albion fan me thinks...! You boycott wolves then and leave the ground a more positive place. Players applauded off at last two games. If you want Morgan out why dont you offer to buy the club and put YOUR money in???


Very good point. Ikeme was having to pass or throw the balls rather than hoofing it but our fragile defence are not Barcelona! If he was backed in the market, got rid of the old regime and had the luxury of injured players coming back, Stale might well have succeeded? Let's hope that Saunders is not a yes man?


No I think you'll find it was much different to a solbakken team performance, we actually tried to attack the opposition and create a few chances, short memory?

Orlando Wolves

You and me both!


Please could someone tell me want does Morgan see in a so called manager that has a 33% or so win rate, that has never managed any team of note and who took Doncaster down last year???????

Please Morgan try A team closer to home not our team


How can you say that ?

Solbakken's team mustered one shot on target in three games !

I despair


"We have got the squad to do that and if we play like that, we’ll be fine – we’ll beat most teams."

Really?? Have we?? Where on earth have you seen anything to justify that statement???

Could be 2 points from relegation come sunday.

The management of our club is a total shambles right from the very top!!

Morgan and Moxey should be ashamed and embarrassed. I dont suppose they are either.


So unlucky not to get a point... agree best performance so far under Saunders. Woeful defending... let us down. Just need a win to kick on. Confidence will return! Sako man of the match.. Keep the faith! UTW

Jon Worcester

Please, please, please Wolves, Managers, Players etc, etc, etc dont say anymore, dont make anymore predictions about what we are going to do it`s getting embarrassing!!!!!


Well said Jon, All Saunders does is talk, he will do well to keep Wolves from the drop.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Jac, He ain't that good mate!


Ok ,so what are you going to do about it? Who are you going to drop?


Well, he can't drop Batth can he? Thought he did very well on his debut, got Donkey Berra out of trouble a couple of times, drop him instead.


The question is where has all the money gone?

The clear answer is on wages to the players and management.

Why else would we accept the possibility of agreeing to sell Ward and considering selling Doyle and Blake and replacing them with loan players when the football manager has aged 10 years in 10 days knowing division 1 is very possible next season


There is so much contradiction in the spin that emerges from the Clubs PR Machine

If we have FAR too big a wage bill, then why has Moxey always crowed about the Relegation Pay Cut clauses being our saftey net?

Either they are or they arent

... and why did he personally sanction the signing of Frank Nouble before SS had even opened his Popocorn let alone watched his 1st DVD?

Specifically (in my opinion) what will happen is that various old guard will leave on Free Transfers in the Summer.

Sako will be sold for around £8million

Moxey will allocate DS a max of £3m of that

DS will spend it on 'honest' players rather than any real 'quality' or 'guile'

Its a long long way back to the Prem with our current 'Policies'

Silver Wolf

Agreed RR. A few £million in the bank viewed from Div 2 must seem wonderful .... but not if you are a Wolves supporter with the club's proud history!!

In truth it is admission of gross mismanagement over the past, say, 5 years, and any proud and dignified CE in charge during all of that time would fall on his own sword.

But, in today's worthless world ... NO CHANCE!


Well that wasnt the way he came over last night ,he looked like a condemed man who had just had his appeal turned down.


If Saunders hasnt worked out whats wrong yet he needs to go to specsavers,I will sum it up in one word WARD.



geordie wolf

Same old story.. defensive mistakes, no one to finish the chances! Saunders could surely see that when he first took over so why wait til the last day of the transfer window? Just a shame Ward, Berra and Doyle didn't leave too and got some quality in to replace them! Just checked our sponsor and even they have got us 5th fav to be relegated (7-1), got to be worth a dabble unfortunately!

spanish ray

Any sign of Moxey and Morgan Bhatti going yet?


gonna have my ww tatoo removed.


That's sad I hate tatoos but to have it removed...........lightweight.

Selly park wolf

Couldnt care less anymore! MORGAN MOXEY out out out out out out out out!

Still without a LB after 4 years all the money from last years window parachute payments as well as £24m from sales.

It is now obvious why he went for DS because he wants us to mount a promotion push on a shoestring budget from league1 next year whilst both the muppets wallets bulge with our hard earned cash!

Not another penny from me after 37 years I'll return when the parasites have left the club and not before!

little nige

Feel for Deano - When MM was sacked (by Morgan not moxey who wanted to keep MM) we were in a similar position in the premier - then under the decision making of the owner (again not moxey) he has single handly taken the first team to the brink of the first division. Deano tactically is out of his depth at this level and kids himself if he thinks if we play like that we will beat most teams - Leicester were poor last night by their own admission - be interesting how much our stars will go for in the summer when we are looking at the league one fixture list. For all his welath and business skills Mr Morgan has made a big mess of the first team at wolves - and will be losing millions in transfer revenue. SEB to go free - how much will we get for Doyle the tryer and striker who doesn't score goals; Johnson the drinker; Ward the winger come left back; O'Hara the I can find an oposition player over eighty yards away. the list goes on...shambles.


How have we come to this, where our manager is saying “We have got to stay in the league" i know he is talking about avoiding relegation, but its been a long time since we've wanted to stay in Div2. Are we not supposed to be getting out of the league, upwards?

I have a gut feeling DS is going to aide our relegation.

Joining Wolves as manager was a big step up for him, but i feel that very soon , if not already, Wolves will be at his level.

Morgan has drained all ambition from WWFC.

There will be no success here until Morgan and Moxey are gone.

Even Steve Bull has turned into a Morgan puppet.for example he backed SS publically and then does a complete u-turn publically. I know Bully was a legend in front of goal. But this shows that our club is rotten at the higest level, until that is cured we can not and will not move forward.

Very sad times.


He said: "We just backed off and that’s the sort of thing that happens when you are not confident. When you are confident, you meet the winger on the touchline and stop him there.” Yeah Dean but has anyone mentioned this to Ward because he hasn't been doing it for the past two years.

syd little

Wardy usually meets them nearer the goal line than the touchline! It reminds me a bit of the old 'Record Breakers' opening sequence which had Roy Castle struggling to keep up with some bloke running backwards. Readers of a certain age will know what I'm talking about.

Left back required

A far better performance than expected, in my opinion. Even so woeful defending let us down once again. Why oh why does Saunders persist with Ward at left beck? The guy might as well have stood still for all the good his back pedaling did him /us for the first goal. Only an idiot couldn't have scored from the position Knockaert was allowed to get into.

Moxey said it would get worse before it got better. Well last night was better. Let's hope we get those wins we need.


Saunders is starting to sound worryingly like Connor did last season, as he watched a Premiership place slip through his hands.


Im afraid Dean, if you are Ward, you don't meet the winger on the touchline. Ward has spent his entire career at left back, backing off from defenders.

And that, is why you should of moved heaven and earth, to replace him.

Killarney Wolf

















Foley has been far worse this season. Last night Ward and Henry were clearly at fault for the goals. We won't do nothing until the old regime are out plus the Fat Controller!


Foely Ward Berra Henry please take note.


Well done Dean. A fine display of stating the obvious. However, to be a good manager you have to take measures to change the things that are wrong and improve on our weaknesses. The transfer window had been yanked shut again and another opportunity has gone begging.

You've got to get this lot playing well - good luck, you'll need it, as there's no way they'll overperform!


He said: "We just backed off and that’s the sort of thing that happens when you are not confident. "

No... that's the sort of thing that happens when you don't address a defence that has been inadequate for years.

How is it that this club allowed Leeds to take Stephen Warnock by refusing to pay a sufficient chunk of his wages. We have £25m which was raised in the summer and parachute payments to boot. Leeds have none of that. Perhaps Warnock would have always chosen Leeds (couldn't blame him) but it just signals the total lack of ambition now.


Heard it all before from the previous manager and now we hear it from the Yes-Man!

Balham Wolf

Could have, should have .......Sadly you are dealing with players who are not up to the task bar a few. Good luck to you Deano as its not your fault we can't defend. Thank goodness we have Danny Bath as Berra and Johnson need to go in the summer as they are verging on useless as for Ward well he is useless and you had your chance to get rid of him... Now that was a mistake, likewise SEB. Can't wait till the summer clear out and a fresh start- it will give us Wolves fans some heart as right now we are down in the dumps with the whole season.


Every statement that comes out of the golden palace these days is exactly the same. All it is is spin,spin,spin, dont know about running a football club moxey and morgan should be in the house of commons!!!! All we want to know is what they are going to do to get us out of this mess not what will happen if this or that happens. Sick and tired of seeing DS say the same old same old,ie IF WE CAN GET 2 OR WINS ON THE BOUNCE THINGS WILL LOOK DIFFERENT. Well of course they will but like most wolves fans I dont think DS or this team would be capable of spinning 2-3 wins together against a blind team reduced to 6 men. Ask any wolves fan what was going to happen befor last nights game and they like me would prob have guessed start rubbish conceed, have a decent spell then conceed again. This is the same team that MM TC Moxey and Morgan all stated was good enough to stay in the PREM.

Wolves now im sorry to say is place full of broken dreams and more importantly broken promises!


"We won't be signing any players that can't walk straight into the team , we don't want anymore squad players" said Dean Saunders recently.

So ... we sign Lee Evans, an 18 year old from Newport.

Let's add it to:

"The money from the sales of Fletcher, Jarvis and Kightly will be re-invested in the team"

"This is not a job for a novice"

"We are looking for an experienced manager"

"We're looking to recruit players with Premier League experience"

"We won't do an Albion" - huh guess they ultimately got that right!

Feel free to add to this list of lies from the club.........


Feel sorry for DS. He has inherited (not from Stale) a bunch of no hopers who as we all know, should have been sold off long ago but with the inept, lazy and poor management/owner of this club he is weeing into the proverbial gale.

NO ONE BOUGHT IN! Unbelievable given that Morgan when standing on the doorstep of the show home dribbling with excitement at it being complete, stated that he will back the manger and give him the funds. Funny thing, he did not say when! Bring the wage bill down! The man is driven purely and simply by MAKING pots of money and building things, alas not building the team, thats the bottom line. After last nights game the rumblings were, NO MORE, FED UP WITH THE SAME OLD RUBBISH! I was even offered another season ticket from a mate who said he will not go to any more games now and i'm afaid this sentiment was echoed by quite a few other fans as well. We may keep going but we are being taken for a ride. I do hope there is something in the rumour that Morgan wants to sell. Why can we not have an owner that is more inclined towards football instead of hiding behind a veil of false fronts, building a new stand when we did not need one and houses, more ruddy houses. He can use the excuse that he HAS invested but it is misappropriated investment.

Get the team right and everything else will follow.

There is a lot of criticism from pundits and others who blog on various sites at how Wolves are being mismanaged and underfunded. Don't take my word for it scan yourselves. I am now being very selective of what i watch now and if there is now improvement over the next two games then i will spend more time doing other things more worth while.

Been a fan a long time, like everbody else, we just want some success, which WE ARE owed. We will not do this until Morgan and Moxey are gone!

Very, very disappointed!


Boring........ Talk is cheap, start producing results!!

Dorset Wolf

Spot on. This club is now rotten to the core and will not change whilst these 2 muppet's are running the show.

I also hope the rumor mill is true and that the club will be sold next year.

My hope is gone and so is my 380 mile round trip for a home game.

Definitive Wolf

Heard this sort of thing before, haven't we? For the past year or so. Just a different person coming out with the same old words. Used to think that a new manager gave a certain "bounce" to a team, for a few games at least. Not us, no chance. Dean has got to be positive, of course, and you can't blame him for that - but at the same time you can't blame some of us for feeling down and cheated of what might have been. If we are cast adrift in the wilderness for too long, despite all the prudency of recent years, the whole infra-structure of WWFC will be threatened and possibly become unsustainable due to the loss in revenue from Sky and home support. It doesn't bear thinking about. We have to claw our way back somehow. The clock is ticking.


"I’ve got to get them to believe what I’m saying to them and that will be helped once they get positive results."

Ahh, so it's true Dean... Wolves' players obviously DO have the mental age of Primary School kids - that's why it appears to be boys against men on the pitch! Mystery identified, if not solved. You keep telling then boyo.

By the way, have you had a word with headmaster Moxey about the problem, or brought it up with the leader of the School Governers, Mister Morgan?


Yesterday the Express and Star was challenged that if Wolves displayed a complete lack of intent during the transfer window that they should embark upon a journalistic campaign to uncover why the core of Wolves has become so rotten. Well I think that the E&S has been given a clear green light to progress given the complete absence of new faces - so please E&S find out what has gone so wrong at Wolves. I am sure the E&S will garner far more support and increased sales from the local community if they set aside the cosy relationship with the current Wolves board and make life uncomfortable for messer Morgan and Moxey and find out what is the truth behind the board's recent decisions.


I saw the game this morning and I think Wolves were a shade unlucky not to come away without a point.

The surprising and rather pleasing aspect from what I saw, was that at least they tried to play creative football, instead of just whacking the ball upfield at every opportunity. It would have been understandable if a few of the players had had their minds elsewhere on such a mad last day of the transfer window. However, all them seemed well focused on the task, if not on the same wavelength at times.

Perhaps that selection of players deserves another chance when we play Leeds next week.

Ever the Optimist.


paul davo

well dean you are spot on if they are 2nd top then we should be ok because we played them off the park in the 2nd half , the back 4 is still a big problem but Batth played very well , the other 3 well 5 out of 10 at most, we must get a couple of lone defenders in, and a goal scorer what about a loan deal for odemwingie after all the S--- sent him home today, just get by this season then invest in top players in the summer to have a real good go next season, And for god sake Mr Morgan get rid of Moxey and install a top Director of Football,


He has more confidence than I have of staying up , if he was so dissapointed in the defending he had better get used to it because it has been awful for. 3 years , no attempt at bringing anyone in and we wil pay the price .

Saunders you are not the manager to take us forward and I have no sympathy with you at all , Morgan and moxey obviously told you there was no money to spend so let's see where we end up , 3 managers since the McCarthy era and worse than ever , guaranteed loss to Leeds coming up

Realistic Wolf

Is this guy for real, our excuse for a defence has always backed off has been rubbish for years. Appears to me all the garbage about assessing the players was just a ploy to save getting anyone in. Ward can run faster backwards than forwards, mores the pity he can't tackle. Berra and Foley oh dear. Performance was a lot better but the bottom line is we lost AGAIN. Two points out of twelve and one of those was lucky yet we still don't get anyone in. It is a complete and utter joke and the yes man needs to start saying it as it is. Ah well the loan window opens soon, can't wait for the excuses. Reckon Jez needs to consider renaming the early bird the dodo.


Defending as been the problem for years now,back four are all even paced thats why they fall so deep.Foley as usual,no discipline ends up where he should not.Ward can play well when the team is organised,but he gets exposed when he as to defend one on one and then he is not quick enough or strong enough to cope.

Bath did well.


I think his face says it all... would love to be a fly on the wall when he's getting his daily orders from M&M... Poor bloke, he's certainly up against it.

As for the comments and excuses he is feeding the fans I would love to hear a Dean Saunders point of view instead. However he would probably be sacked in secret overnight if he dared...

North Carolina Wolf

Yeah - he looks upbeat doesn't he? He looks like we're all feeling.

Have a nice day, mate.


It WAS a more postive performance, and they should have got a draw. BUT it's still another loss which will kick the player's confidence yet again. We shouldn't go down but it seems more likely every week. We could be 21st by tomorrow evening. We need a good 2 or even 3 seasons to completly overhaul the squad, this may have to happen in League 1. It wouldn't be all doom and gloom though, look at Southampton and Norwich.

We cannot be successful with some of the players at the moment though, need a new back four, although I am a Foley fan, new strickers, (sorry SEB) new centre midfield (running out of patience with Henry), and a new Chief Exec. Never been a board basher but Moxey has been there too long and always thinks he knows best, he a fresh man with fresh ideas to work along side Saunders, someone who's not ridiculously loyal to some of the players


He said: "We just backed off and that’s the sort of thing that happens when you are not confident. When you are confident, you meet the winger on the touchline and stop him there.”

So buy a confident left back who is actually a left back. Actually, Foley looked a better left back than Ward on Saturday against Blackpool.

On television last night Dean didn't look the chirpy chappie of a couple of weeks ago. We really are in trouble (to state the obvious).


WE played well but were let down by poor defending!This is not a new comment about the defence.Nothing has been done to address it.Sammy Chung,excuse me Dean Saunders says he's got the players to do it.I don't think so.


We did not deserve to lose. Same old Wolves' fans, always putting down the team. One goal should have been disallowed as there was a handball. SEB came close to scoring. We had possession. Had shots. Had set pieces. No wonder they have no confidence, seen as there fans have been on their back since promotion to the prem. Of course you could all do much better. You could be consistent when having manager changes and style changes, you could hold your head whilst the people meant to be on your side just bitch like they know so much. Do usa favour and stop supporting wolves. Old gold ddoesn't need tarnishing with your hate. So go on, bugger off, and let the real fans have their say! Maybe then our players can play with confidence and not have to explain themselves to a bunch of whinging know-it-alls that think because they play a bit of FIFA and football manager that ey know best.

Well done, Sako, you are one hell of a buy. SEB, we know you can score. Henry, now is your time to lead from example. Come on, wolves. This season was always gonna be a no hoper with all that's happened off the pitch. I still believe. Up the Wolves.


Well I thought I was the only one left,you give me faith,thanks.

Ever the Optimist.


Realistic Wolf

Excuse me but if you notice we LOST AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! The reality is you probably do not like the truth. It is not the fans who are fault it is Micks left overs and the two at the top. Saunders should have stuck out for the players he allegedly wanted, instead he played the diplomacy card and appeared to follow the yes man route. That my friend is why we are in the sad position we are in.

Sir Reginald

Yes- lets all get behind the team. It's the owner and the CEO that deserve the flak. You have to agree with fans frustrations. We pay good money in the stands to watch this. It's not right that there has been minimal investment in such a proud club. M & M are ruining us. We have been a weak side for a long time and have punched above our weight regularly. The players think they are better than what they are.


Yes, there was some good football played last night. We looked a better team than Leicester for much of the second half...but, WE NEED SOME PACE IN OUR DEFENCE, or we will continue to concede goals no matter how well we play!!! Why hasn't something been done about this??? It has been painfully obvious for at least three seasons!!!

Tipton Wolves

I'm getting fed up of hearing them saying we going in the right direction when we play well in a game then play rubbish in the next game cos I won't believe we going in the right direction till we string up a few wins in a row and climbing up the table.


How have we come to this, where our manager is saying “We have got to stay in the league" i know he is talking about avoiding relegation, but its been a long time since we've wanted to stay in Div2. Are we not supposed to be getting out of the league, upwards?

I have a gut feeling DS is going to aide our relegation.

Joining Wolves as manager was a big step up for him, but i feel that very soon , if not already, Wolves will be at his level.

Morgan has drained all ambition from WWFC.

There will be no success here until Morgan and Moxey are gone.

Even Steve Bull has turned into a Morgan puppet.for example he backed SS publically and then does a complete u-turn publically. I know Bully was a legend in front of goal. But this shows that our club is rotten at the higest level, until that is cured we can not and will not move forward.

Very sad times.

Stour wolf

Time for Fatman and robin to leave our club


yes and dont forget to take all those old fictional sayings with you.

Ted Farmer

Despite last night's loss and a good chance of us going down again - Premier to League One in a season, Moxey will still get his £1 million salary for the year. Why not link his salary to the team's performance -'performance relate pay' they call it, Jez!. No doubt he got a bonus when Wolves got into the Premier!

Rocking Ringo

Keep the faith and Up The Wolves!!

Waggies Left Peg

Why the hell did we appoint this idiot, oh hang on he was appointed by a couple of idiots, that explains it then.

major buckley

two positional changes and we would be alright. A proper left back and a central midfielder. Much better performance last night.

Vincent Cagliostro

Some of our defending last night was truly woeful and so now we really are in serious trouble. If we are to be relegated again it could be decades before we rejoin the premiership. Is Saunders really as clueless as Moxey and Morgan? Judging by the nature of some of his bewilderingly lame comments (army indeed!), coupled with the abject failure to strengthen the team, the overwhelming evidence points to a resounding yes! No other profession so readily rewards failure as football mangement, so it may be only a matter of months before our latest manager is recycled (again).

into the darkness

For the love of god Morgan give Sir Jack his tenner back and walk alone out of Wolverhampton ...


Prediction...wolves will escape relegation by a point or two(only because there are 3 worse teams)

Prediction.. Sako will be sold for 8 to 10 million

Prediction...Wolves sign two free transfer one for the future and a has been

Prediction... the 3 dummies ,dumb(saunders( dummer(Moxley) and dumbnest(morgan) will say we are happy with the squad and either get relegated or just escape next season

Prediction..Wolves will never be a decent premiership side until M and M leave(no ambition)



Well said, Ian. It's a pity the entire Wolves fan base don't follow your lead and desert the Molineux until the situation improves. We are all being taken for mugs. If they played to an empty stadium for a month or two and the cash dried up to pay their ludicrous wages, then they would soon find some form.

It's the half-wit fans who turn up and pay their £30 week in week out to watch this rubbish which keeps us in this lamentable situation. If I wanted to watch rubbish I would sit in the garden and stare at the dustbin for free. We will never get back to the Prem while we have fans who will keep these incompetents in flash cars.

Malick Wolf

Not been to Mol for 3 years,certainly don't miss it anymore.Been going since 1969,even against Bournemouth in the Freight Rover Trophy.Doubtful if I will ever go back.


ta ra a bit!!!


Morgan owns the club so he's staying until he decides to sell. Moxey is the money man and we're in the black so Morgan aint gonna fire him any time soon. Deano is the new manager so we're stuck with him. We have the players we are stuck with until the end of the season so no point going on about who's good and who isn't. Last night's performance was pretty good against a promotion candidate team. The defence let us down but again we have been saying that for 4 years so no change there. I support the club and will continue doing so during thick and thin. I'm not saying I like it but we are where we are so let's just hope we get enough points over the next 16 games and get to mid table. That would be a reasonable outcome bearing in mind everything that has gone on. Then fingers crossed the powers that be have learnt enough lessons to get a few good players in and go for top 6 next year.

Ever the Optimist.



Can we just get a couple of facts straight

1. Steve Morgan is the owner of the club. He makes the key decisions. 'It's his money' is the phrase that is often used. Jez Moxey is an employee and director of the club (albeit very well paid by any commercial standards) whose job is to run the business on a day to day basis. He is not the ultimate decision maker though - that is Steve Morgan.

2. While the £10 paid to Sir Jack was a good story at the time it is not the whole story. The offer to sell the club for £10 was the consideration for the transfer of the shares (a legal requirement is that there needs to be some value paid). However sale at that price was was conditional on the new owner investing £30 million into the business rather than paying it to Sir Jack. Apparently this sum was then invested into the Holdings company and sums would be pulled down into the football company from time to time.

Therefore Steve Morgan invested / paid £30m plus £10 for the club. He isn't therefore going to sell it for a tenner.

Just saying.

northern wolf

WE should have taken what we could for SEB and DOYLE yesterday and give Cassidy a longer run in the team. All though SEB was on his own he did not show enough skill to hold the ball,pass the ball or even beat his marker does he ever win a challenge in the air. A change is needed.


I'm waiting for "if we put a run together, we can make push for the play offs"! Smile from Deans face didn't take long to disappear! Backs to the walls stuff now, expect a very bumpy ride with a none too pleasant outcome!

Silver Wolf

Btw, I see the back pass to the 'keeper from the kick off is still the way forward - I had no time for MM but given that tactic at Leicester last night, he might just as well as stayed!!

Golden Wolf

Have read a number of posts on here - the one above makes the most sense - we are where we are - the loan market needs to be used wisely though and lets get behind Dean Saunders and give him the 100% support he will need to ensure we stay in this league - rebuilding can and will take place in the summer - the manager will have more time to buy the right hungry players than overspend in a crazy January Transfer window - I would urge all Wolves fans to get behind the team not continue to slag them off


look enough of slagging of a brilliant team wonderful chairman excellent ceo exceptional manager steve ward is in is strongest position team is playing well so stop slagging them off now where have I put the magic mushrooms


"Out of Darkness Cometh Light" - when oh when!!!!



Waggy Wolves

On a positive note i thought Danny Bathh was absolutely fab, henry and ohara linked up well from the back with some good direct, pressing and possession football with some good incursions into the opposing half. I can see this team getting better and better. Yes we lost again but there is much more to be positive about. Sako's goal was a gem and with more confidence in his role we will score more. The blooming transfer window has passed - thank goodness so lets get on with it, support the lads with a vigorous, positive noisy support at all home and away matches to a new level.

UTW love the gold and black till i die :)


Well put JOHNEBOYWOLVES lets give Dean a chance, there was certainly signs of encouragement last night against a good Leicester side, keep believing everyone, where there's pain there's gain THE ROCKET IS ABOUT TO LAUNCH

Cookley Wolf

Second half was best performance for ages and we really did deserve something from the game. Leicester were only poor because we bossed them and more importantly fought for the ball, kept and passed the ball and built up a few atttempts on goal. More so than for ages.

But the first half was the complete opposite- playing the usual sideways and backwards patterns around defence before either Ward or Ikeme eventually punted it up the field to give possession away, again and again and again.

I think the second half was excellent- at one point we were having something like 67% possession, which I bet no other team has done at Leicester this season.My question is: why were the tactics and execution so poor in the first half and why did it change so much in the second half? If we know the answer to that, let's bottle it and play like that every week.

The game showed we are only two players short of being a decent side. What we clearly need is someone to stick the ball in the opposition net, and someone else to keep it out of ours!

Shincliffe Wolf

Mr Saunders comments appear to be considered and well thought out. I believe our club has uncovered a gem here and I look forward to seeing how his managerial tenure develops over the rest of the season. Good luck Dean.


You know that sarcasm is not translated well into text, and if this is not you having a laugh, I have nothing to say

Ever the Optimist.

Only time will tell but fingers crossed here.


Didnt take long for Saunders to learn the 2M spin ... you will last long here Dean, just dont think many fans will be around to witness it. MORGAN OUT !


This morning, the 16/1 I took yesterday afternoon on my beloved Wolves being relegated looks far from a foolish wager. If the worst comes to pass, then at least I'll have some readies to comfort me.

Don't know whether to laugh or cry at our current state.


Well we have been here before on the last day of the transfer window, throw a few names about just to keep us long suffering sopporters happy to make believe we have attempted to improve this squad of has beens. For 4 years now we have had an Irish centre forward playing at left back who tries his best but constantly lacks positional know how.Moxey and Morgan continue to show their lack of ambition which I will I will match when the early bird letter arrives on the mat in the next few weeks.

They do not give a struff what division we are in as long as we remain in the black, shame on you both for your mis management and ruination of our once great club.

Burntwood Boy

Steve Bull said recently "Judge Wolves after the transfer window, you maybe surprised", well Steve-- We are NOT surprised, money stays in Bank whilst our club slides in to the 3rd tier of football. Bring Walsall on.


So Solbakken got us 31 points from a possible 78

Saunders has got us 2 points from a possible 12

Can't wait to hear the Moxey Morgan spin on how this is supposed to be an improvement !


Sod it, just get rid of Saunders now!!

Get Nigel Adkins and we'll actually see progress!!

Mark Bowdler

Now I realise y I dropped my season ticket 5 years ago after 21 years , at least I seen the bull who u all sung about last night and never saw him lol ,


If any of you where at the game then you would have seen the fight and confidence of the players, I think this was partly due to our support we clapped the players off and sung all game and if you want to boycott the Leeds game please do leave Molineux to the true fans who want to go!


Thanks Jez Moxey 21st in the championship and staring at relegation. Why o why o why, do you keep penny pinching.. You would not pay 30% more to bring players in.. I could understand if the selling team asked for double or triple.. But 30% more.. Its a joke.. We needed to freshen up the team.. Especially a new striker and left back.. But no MOXEY knows better than all of us!!

Old Golds Worth More

After today's (Saturday) results, there are only three teams below us and two of them are two points away, one of them has a game in hand as well! Could be in bottom three soon, good going Moxey!


The problems in defence have not been addressed with the same old deadwood playing in the defence.I di feel that Dean Saunders is powerless to do what he wants due to the management,The club is not going ,or will go anywhere with Morgan and his mouthpiece Moxey at the helm.Please do us a favour Moran and sell up to someone who is genueinely interested in this great club of ours and take your pet poodle Moxey with you.

Southampton Wolf

Adkins now

Adkins now



Adkins. Adkins


Adkins Adkins



This is what is frightening about Saunders, he is upbeat about our position. He must be the only one.


After their abject failure in the recent transfer window,lets wait and hope what the loan window offers.Hopefully we can get in players who can provide what it takes to stay up this season,while shipping out the deadwood.WE live in hope!

ding dong

We needed to sign carol vorderman so she could work out where all the money has gone- ANSWER = BRICKS AND MORTAR , NICE TRAINING PITCH

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