Wolves snap up Newport County starlet Lee Evans

Wolves today snapped up one for the future with the capture of highly-rated Newport County midfielder Lee Evans.

lee evans2

The 18-year-old playmaker completed a medical and agreed personal terms before signing for an undisclosed fee as Wolves acted quickly to step in before other clubs.

The Wales Under-18 captain has penned a two-and-a-half year contract and goes into Wolves’ development squad.

If he impresses, Evans, who has made 22 appearances for the Blue Square Bet Premier high-flyers this season and scored three goals, will step up to the senior squad at the end of the season.

Evans has been tipped as a future Premier League star and has attracted the attention of several clubs this season, including Stoke and Leeds among others.

The central midfielder broke into Newport’s side last season and won a place in the starting line-up in the FA Trophy final against York at Wembley last May.

Wolves head of development and recruitment Kevin Thelwell said: “There has been a lot of interest from Premier League and Championship clubs in Lee.

“We’ve been tracking him for a long time and Stuart Webber and Chris Badlan have gone a great job.

“For an 18-year-old it’s going to be a good step for him coming into the Elite Stage of the Under-21 league and those games – and the pace and intensity of training – will be different to what he’s been used to.

“I very much see the remainder of the season being an induction into the Wolves way and into our style of play and getting him up to speed both mentally, physically, technically and tactically.”

Evans said: “I’d been aware of a few clubs looking from reading the local press back home,” he said. “But as soon as I knew Wolves were interested I just wanted to get here as quickly as I could.

“The facilities are superb here and it’s a great opportunity for me.

“I’ll go into the Under-21s set-up and from there it’s up to me to impress and see if I can get in and around the first-team squad.”

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Comments for: "Wolves snap up Newport County starlet Lee Evans"

Judge Jefferies

Fingers crossed this is Kightly mkII

All the best Lee and welcome to Wolves


New Gareth Bale????


Not another "one for the future"?!? What's happened to signing the "one's for now"?


We'll have to turn to these 'players of the future' next season when most of the current squad have gone and we'll be mounting a promotion push from League One.

Gary Thornton

He's a bloody good player and next year he will prove that.


Good luck to Lee.

But if this is the current managements statement of ambition and moving forward, then you are having a laugh.

Wolves Board, Management = Zero Ambition.

League one here we come, at least i will not have to travel far to watch us play at Shrewsbury.


And cheaper away tickets.

and walsall

fat boy jamie

Might be Burton Albion aswell..Third in league 2 !!!!


Always a pleasure to. Welcome our neighbours mind you the run we've been on we could be travelling in opposite directions Bring on the Villa


Let's hope he gets somewhere near the first team or it will be wasted cash AGAIN!!

Joe 90

Lee Evans ? Joining The Comedians!

Matt Wolf

Let's hope he along with the other youngster's get a chance at some point, rather than releasing or selling for a nominal fee only for them to prove themselevs as better than the rubbish we pay millions for and bet on big contracts.

Bricks and Mortar

Couldnt evan be bothered to put his name on the front of the shirt like they do every other signing. One for the future, now where have i heard that one before?


should fit in to our division one team next season.


The name Lee Evans name just about sums up this joke of a club when they said they were going to make premier league signings they ment blue square premier oops


Dont be kidding,this boy is 1 for the future,a treat prospect,great talent

One true wolf

Wow !!!!im soooo excited about this!!!!

He comes from the blue square league Deano silly suanders said he's onefor the future....... Proberly because thats where we'll be playing in a few years

Morgan and moxey out now !!!!!!!!!!!!

wrexham wolf

Have you ever watched matches in the Blue Square Premier division? If you did, you might have noticed that there is a high standard of football amongst many of the teams. Its not much removed from the 2nd division. This has the potential to be a good signing but we need players to improve the first team now. I tell you what, i'd rather watch Wrexham than Wolves at the moment.......


What kind of future will he have at wolves, it's looking like a league one future

Ginger Wolf

2 more seasons and he will be back in the Blue Square.But it is Premier!

old wulf

Lee Evans!! With a name like that he should fit in well with the comedians in the boardroom and on the pitch.


Welcome aboard Lee and good luck for the future. Great to see new young talent coming into the club. Not an immediate fix but we need lads like this to succeed in the coming years.

In the meantime, let's hope that this isn't our only activity for today apart from giving away players.................


Agree we always need to add young players, but we are also in dire need of quality players in their best years. Anyway welcome Lee and best of luck for the future.


Where's Zeli Ismail??????? Is this guy better than anything at academy?


Do you not read the website, Zeli is on loan until the end of the season @ MKdons


Zeli is at m k dons, thr 100mil player of future, would be nice if we could secure our fizzy pop status with 6 games to go and try out a few of these promising youngsters


Buying for the future.? Whats the grade 1 academy for then.?

Wanderer Will

Lets get it right Wolves aint signed this kid the development team has as we wont see him this season !!!

We have got rid of 2 right backs, a centre half released and one suspended for 4 games and Ward looks like he's on his way and our other left back out for the season SOOOO who do we announce as our first signing ????? A MIDFIELDER ????????????????????????

Cant catch me breath !!!! Batth Berra Foley and the pizza boy we aint seen for 5 months are our only 4 defenders hahaha HAPPY BLOODY DAYS ...................... Yeovil here we come


Welcome to WOLVES

Say it as it is

When you do discover the Wolves style of play, can you let everyone else at the club know!

Welcome to Wolves and good luck Lee


If this transfer window closes and Wolves are left making the usual excuses about the squad being strong enough and parading a series of players making meaningless statements about what they will do in the future and how Wolves can still make a run for the play-offs. I hope that the Express and Star will start to do something that has been missing for years and that is to break the cosy relationship with the Molineux board and do some proper investigative journalism. The E&S needs to ask the awkward questions of Moxey and Morgan that should have been raised over the last 2 years.

London Wolf2

Could not have put it better myself. Totally agree with your sentiments! When are the Fat Controller and Bob the Builder going to explain their actions (or rather non-actions) which are contributing to the downfall of our once great club?

Is this going to be the summation of their ambition - hoping to pick up talent from non-league and lower divisions and then sell at at profit e.g Jarvis and Kightly?

Disgusted at the way our club is being run by incompetents!!


Wholeheartedly agree but I doubt it will happen.


Luton Town embarrass Wolves ,Newport County thrash Luton perhaps Wolves should buy the whole Newport Squad


One for the future just like Egert,Griffths and Surman. This club has lost the plot. How about sign one for now that might make some sense what you reckon DS

Dr Wolf

'lee will get ....an induction into the Wolves way and into our style of play...'

And what has he done to derserve this?

Steve Morgan OBE

You nay sayers make me sick.


And you make us all sick!

spanish ray

Good luck to Lee but I thought now would have been the time to get excited about first team signings.It just goes to prove Morgan does not give a damn about Wolves and it`s time for him to sell and get out taking wonderboy Moxey with him.Morgan,have you no shame?

Hear Hear about time

super dude

another midfielder??!!!! strikers and defenders needed get a grip wolves .theres no such thing as 1 for the future .now is the time if he is good enough play him!!

manc andy

Good luck Lee, im abit worried about the doing things the Wolves way bit,if i was you id do it ur own way and keep ur head clear of the losing mentality overwheliming the club at present,stay well clear of Berra he doesnt want to be here along with one or two other premiership flops.Why dont we get Ismail back , was he not one for the future and why carnt Ward agree terms with Forest he shud just be happy hes not heading back to irland, whats the starting 11 tonight Deano,,,good luck,,wolves win 2 nil....my wifes says reading the E& S comments on here as turned me into a moaner,,,,give us some good news Tim Nash tommorow morning just for a change ....UTW


Yet another 'one for the future' (the list is endless) and who will find out that there is no future with us for youngsters

A chance for Morgan & Moxey to say that they did buy in this transfer window


Head Banging!

30 days 15 hours of the transfer window gone, a few players gone and an 18 year old signed from Newport County?? oh and we could have got a mil for SEB but turned it down??????? So much for Frantic Friday, DS saying we are looking at Premier League players but the club wont pay the £30-50k a week wages, its a bit like window shopping in Harrods and buying from Primark! Where is it all gonna end?? And who's stupid idea was it to play a match on the night of deadline day? how do you name a team when you dont know what players you will or wont have?


Frantic friday was the weather forecast,heavy snow to hit wolverhampton

Silly me thought he meant new signings.


But we have brought a Premier League Player; a Blue Square Premier League Player.

Steve Morgan are you related to Sir Henry Morgan the Privateer and Pirate?

He certainly likes to hoard our gold.


When the dust settles on this mad January transfer day, I think this signing will be seen in a different light.

For a young lad to have been made captain of his countries U18 team and have already made a Wembley appearance in a FA Trophy Cup final he sounds like a very good prospect. Well done to Thelwell.


A tenner on Wolves to get relegated at 12-1 with Bet365. Fingers crossed for me, eh chaps?


hope you lose your tenner, you could of got better odds on Betfair


That's not very nice, now is it?


All very well and good to sign young lads for the future but where are the signings to get us out of this mess now Saunders? There obviously won't be any because the two fat controllers won't back deano like they never back solbakken.


“I very much see the remainder of the season being an induction into the Wolves way and into our style of play"

Oh dear..... I hope that doesn't ruin the lad.

On a positive note, fair play to the club for nabbing him. What concerns me is that in the last few years our club don't seem to bring our youngsters through, loan them out then eventually move them, only for them to shine elsewhere.

Old Golds Worth More

Hope he proves to be as good as everyone thinks he is, only thing that puzzled me was the quote from Thelwell, “I very much see the remainder of the season being an induction into the Wolves way and into our style of play and getting him up to speed both mentally, physically, technically and tactically.” Hopefully that won't happen, if the first team are anything to go by!!!

In fact they should leave the lad alone, and go and get the first team players up to speed mentally, physically, technically and tactically (something the previous three managers have failed to do)!

Oh well, I just hope he doesn't turn out to be the Eggard Jonnson of this years January transfer window!


wot future, wot a load of rubbish


Lee Evans? A comic that works up a heavy sweat? Makes a change for the squad of Wolves comics who rarely shed a drop of perspiration!


Well done Dumb..Dumber and Dumbnest(suanders moxley and morgan) will look out for your rresults in the newspaper when you play Yeovil next season

Wouldnt waste tuppence on your club..what a joke.Good idea lets try Jonnsen in goal and Ikeme at centre half could be a move for the future!!

Mr Pedant

Really not sure you should be accusing people of stupidity when you can't spell 'dumbest', 'Saunders', 'Moxey', 'results', 'wouldn't' or 'Jonsson'.

paul davo

well lee you have just made a massive mistake, we just don"t give our young players a chance , one for the future don"t me laugh, the best players are good enough at 18, I hate to say it but with only 7 hours left in this window, and a game tonight it looks like we will not be getting any new faces in this window, not players of any quality anyway, This club of ours is set for a bumpy ride with the builder and his hoddy in charge.

Old Gold Portion of Chips

"induction into the Wolves way".................................I hope not !!!!!


What's the sand taste like ? Steve the ostrich Morgan


I see Wolves have signed another comedian `Lee Evans` Lol!!!



sb wolf

according to nottingham post wolves have acceptted a second bid for wardy but wardy has turned it down on personnel terms whats going on at the molineux

Millenium Man

Lee all the best for the future & welcome.


North Carolina Wolf

Sigh. If only we still had Joleon at No. 2 as the wall suggests. We wouldn't be in half this mess on the pitch.

Good luck, Lee. If you're as good as the media suggest then I don't know why you aren't getting a run out against Leicester. We need all the talent we can muster. Some crazy stuff going on.

Have a nice day.

verwood wolf

The future is bright the future is orange.unfortunatly the present is black and gloomy oodcl

Compton Wolf

Good luck to the Lad.

I do only have a couple of words for the Wolves board though.

No not those 2 words

Underwhelmed and disappointed


Disgraceful if DS has been instructed to reduce the wage bill ignoring how it weakens the team. We may not have lost the best players in the world but we have lost players with no obvious better replacements!!!! I've lost the plot with Wolves and I can only see us wallowing in the bottom 6 or 7 until the end of the season. I just hope it's not bottom 3.

Broseleywood wolf

Good buy, used to playing in the lower league, so just look out Shrewsbury and Walsall, we will be playing you next season, with Lee from Newport as our main weapon. Cheers Dean your a legend already..........................NOT!!!!!

Old Golds Worth More

The article on fans transfer day hopes shows Wolves megastore with 50% off posters in the window, is this for the players? If there are no takers, then do they get their contracts cancelled by mutual consent!

The Ward bid was apparently from Nottingham Forest, and was for £300,000, which we turned down. Now I know a lot of Wolves fans would like to sell him, but not at that measly price surely? After all he is a current Irish international. I'd have thought £1 million was nearer the mark in today's market.

Wednesbury wolves

Being positive for a change!!!!!! Good luck, hopefully you will get in the 1st team asap


Wolves are sleep walking to relegation.

Wednesbury wolves

Can you please help me out fellow wolves fans, what do I watch 2nite? Jim whites antics, or wolves getting done over by Leicester, if I watch my team, that means I miss all the transfers that are on our way to the golden palace!!!!! P.s I mean watching wolves beat Leicester

Wednesbury wolves

Well done mr beckham, giving your 5 months salary to a French charity, there is hope after all!!!!! Looks like having to wait till next wk now for loans!!!!! Warnock just signed for Leeds, bully and froggy I'm still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just wonder what Sir Jack makes of all this?

lancs wolves

i believe real madrid, man utd man city were also intrested in this kid lets get real clubs like barnet ,torquay more like a kid for the future perhaps but what about now iv followed wolves for years last season we had the worst defense i can remember we should have got rid of the lot of them. this club is going one way and im sorry to say its downwards. who the hell spends money on a ground but nothing on players fit to play in it. the board in my mind are clueless and are not fit to run our club.morgan, moxey please leave this club now and take saunders with you


Will there be a reduction on Season tickets if we go down?? A stupid question I know but, will I pay £435 to watch Div 1 football? There is an obvious lack of ambition from this so called board, I am slowly losing my patience. DS is already a puppet, being controlled by Moxey/Morgan, apparently we are in for premiership quality players REALLY!!! Know one wants to play for 10bob and a big orange!



Another not so shocking result feeling the pain now and even my nine year old daughter no longer wants to go to watch the team ive supported all my life daughter been going since she was three and even she can see where the problems are in the team and that from a nine year old who has also lost all faith sad sad days


yep tonights game summed it all up , sauders stating his phone was off before the kickoff and all his targets not available , doyle not played , he will be out by the morning , ohara was total rubbish , david davies gets 5 minutes and makes more contribution . Football is a passion not a buissness Moxey and Morgan ..... why not leave and let someone who wants to invest in the club takeover.

Old Golds Worth More

Lost 2 - 1 at Leicester but a much better display, at least we fought for two halves this time, I actually thought we had a good chance of snatching the points after we had equalised (silly me)...sigh.

After the SKY sports quick pre-match interview with DS, it looks increasingly unlikely that we will get anyone in during this window! Moxey hang your head in shame, we all know that transfer fees get inflated at this time in the season, so please don't give us the usual crap about players being to expensive, after all aren't we doing exactly the same thing to bidders for our players?

A double relegation is a very real possibility, and if it happens, then that's what I would call a financial disaster!


We're are the signings?

It took a bit of sako magic to score after that useless!

Sell Doyle he can't score in a brothel


I am totally frustrated with the running of this club. Moxley and morgan have shown that they are totally inept at managing any January transfer window to the advantage of the club.

This team has learnt how to lose games successfully and instead of bringing in some players who can help us from being relegated we bring in some rookie.

Sorry Lee but your one for the future.

M Knowles

I am hearing woles have released Jody Craddock, does that mean he will not get a testimonial if so that is not good, can you find out?


Mick McCarthy: Lower League Irish Players.

Dean Saunders: Lower League Welsh Players?

The future looks bleak.


Much improved perfprmance tonight - let's be positive. Good to see investment for the future - there's no quick fix for our problems. Thank god we didn't sign King - we don't need the likes of him at our club. Keep the faith Wolves fans and let's look to the future. We are still sound financially in spite of public criticism.


We'll be financially sound in league 1!!! Great!!

Darlo Wolf

I can only wish you aboard, Lee. You have signed for a great club but we're going through difficult times. Get used to us fans moaning and get stuck in. To quote New Labour, things can only get better!


Good luck Lee, hope you make some of the numpties on here eat their words.

The situation the club is in as nothing to do with this kid.

Palmer & Parkin 4 England

Into the Development Squad ?! Eeh gads, if the lad can run quicker than my mom and pass the ball forward to a team mate, get him in the first team now.

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