Wolves in a £1m transfer scramble for Alex Baptiste

Wolves were today in a £1million scramble for Blackpool defender Alex Baptiste while they were have announced the signing of a Welsh star of the future.

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Blackpool - Molineux

They are also weighing up a cash bid to prise striker Marlon King from Birmingham.

The club are in talks with the Tangerines to sign Baptiste, who is playing right back but is a career centre-half, after failing with a bid for Birmingham’s Curtis Davies.

But Wolves face stiff competition from Blackburn and Leicester, who had a £1m bid rejected at the start of the month for the former Mansfield man.

Baptiste, who is 27 today, is out of contract this summer and managerless Pool don’t need to sell.

Wolves also today announced the capture of Newport County midfielder Lee Evans for a nominal fee.

The 18-year-old creative midfielder underwent a medical yesterday before agreeing personal terms.

Evans has been watched regularly by Molineux scouts this season as well as Stoke and Leeds, making 22 appearances for the Blue Square Premier high flyers, scoring three times.

Wolves, who are also expecting a late bid for Roger Johnson from an undisclosed club, have cancelled the contract of forgotten defender Steven Mouyokolo.

The 26-year-old, a £2.5m signing from Hull in June 2010, has had his contract cancelled by mutual consent.

Mouyokolo, who had another 18 months on his deal, became the second Wolves player of the day to be paid up after Ronald Zubar, who has signed for French outfit AC Agaccio.

Wolves have rejected a £1m bid for striker Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and an offer for left-back Stephen Ward, believed to be from Crystal Palace and Nottingham Forest respectively.

Manager Dean Saunders is really keen on King, who is available for nothing, but their chances of signing him depend on their offer with Blues unwilling to sell to a rival.

But Wolves could yet face more challenges to their resistance to hold onto their strikers before tonight’s 11pm deadline.

Hull have Ebanks-Blake on their radar but insist they haven’t had a bid rejected, with their main target Queens Park Rangers’ DJ Campbell, who has also been linked with Wolves.

Wolves also have one eye on developments at Celtic, who are expected to turn to Kevin Doyle if they sell Gary Hooper to Norwich.

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Comments for: "Wolves in a £1m transfer scramble for Alex Baptiste"


what a mess we are ,morgan moxey ,deano ,deadwood out ,

london wolf

let doyle go he is a striker that doesnt score goals!

Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson

he's a decent winger Lol


Newport County?



Wont take long for him to make your 1st team atm!


Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish. In English please.

swansea wolf

looks like the big dipper on the move, standby for a roller coater of a day,


Wolves = shambles

Morgan sell up and clear off, you have no passion for wolves as football team.

And take Moxey and the non league calibre so called manager Saunders with you.

You have stripped the ambition from this club.


I take it you have some replacements in mind ?.


You Baggie mug - Shut up!


It didn't take long for Saunders to learn the ropes from moxey did it ? Earlier this week he' said

We won't be signing any players that can't walk straight into the team , we don't want anymore squad players

So ... We sign Lee Evans !!!

They should make a tv show about this club

Andy Jones

The '18 year old' has joined the development squad not the first team squad. It comes to something when 'fans' are moaning about buying young players for the future.


Do the words, "NOMINAL FEE" mean anything to you? In addition to players you want to go into the team now, you have to prepare for the future. I think when he said "...signing any players that can't walk straight into the team..." we all understand he meant major signings.

Still, don't let good common sense get in the way of your dislike of anything the club does.


Totally agree with you. What second rate thinking. Morgan is a waste of time and ww arev his toy. Won't be surprised if Saunders goes soon!


Couldn't agree more, mate. I'm 63, seen it all at Molineux--the great, the good and the oh so poor. But this current owner is a disgrace to Sir Jack's heritage. Moxey shouldn't be let anywhere near any football club. And Saunders---cheap, will do as he's told and is ever so grateful to leave Doncaster. Yep, I'd agree that Wolves are in a REAL mess and it all comes down to the lousy duo of Morg/Mox. Anybody interviewed Sir Jack recently ??????


So we have to pay for a centre back who is out of contract soon, but we give ours away??? Go figure, and why are we offering cash deal for a free transfer criminal, go figure, cos I can't

salford wolf

wouldn't mind DJ Campbell and Baptiste looks solid enough really hope King doesn't come though would like to see wolves go for Jamie Mackie to play off the striker and Mackail-Smith then we could dump SEB and Doyler and anyone who can defend!

Selly park wolf

So we go and sign yet another young talented player for the future!

Well what future!

A future lying dormant in the lower leagues no doubt and as for DS saying he will have a team ready for promotion next season which division is he talking about?

Expect RJ and SEB to go today no replacements then moxey,s usual PR saying we tried to sign everyone! Blah blah blah.

Moxey and Morgan your time is almost up can't wait for protests at the Leeds game this one won't be for the faint hearted


don't disagree with some of your comments -but - protests! and that will really help the team hey! do you really want to send this team down because so far our so called fans are doing a good job of it -support, you couldn't support a one legged bloke, the biggest problem is the SB who regardless oftheir insistance to being"the" support at the mol are the one's that are putting the club at risk by their persistant standing! I agree with standing, but until it becomes legal we have to sit.

Every fan who demonstrates should be banned for life! we need support, and has for blaming Moxey? who the hell do you think has the final say!

Wednesbury wolves

Do we live in England!!! Thought so!!! John wolf your welcome to have your say, in England we are entitled to have our say aswell, so shussshhhhhhhhh don't take it to heart, we all have our own opinions how the club should be run, and I'm damn sure even the most idiotic posters on here could run the club better than Morgan and moxey!!!!!! I'm still waiting to see if any other fans want to form a consortium, I'm willing to put £10,000 down to start it off!!! Morgan needs to go!!!!!! Wolverhampton needs to wake up, I'm never going away, will support wolves whatever division we're in. Wolves and proud, but not of these idiots running our club!!!!! Freedom of speech remember John wolf


Honestly , im still on the floor laughing......

£10,000 really ......

Wake up son shine. Hahahaha


"I'm damn sure even the most idiotic posters on here could run this club better than Morgan"

Seems like your the yardstick Wednesbury.

Good luck with that £10k

Selly park wolf

Suppose you will be happy next season in league1 with moxey and Morgan then?

Let's just roll over and die!

As for your comment that every supporter who demonstrates should be banned for life what do you suggest????

Yeah let's join the rest of the happy clappers like yourself and pretend everything is ok!


I couldnt have put it better. Well said Selly

Too many happy clappers with their heads in the sand.


Do not forget it was demonstrating/argumentative fans who started this whole sorry mess by getting Mick sacked.

You get what you asked for.

how can Dean get new players. Has he been spending all his time looking at players from the champiponship clubs for the last year?

No, of course not so why epect him to sign new players?

iI there a lot of scouts at Wolves who have also done the same? Nah.

You get what you asked for and it leaves a sour taste.

next time leave things alone and forget if the Baggies beat us. they are just another club. Sorry, they are just a club.


No hope

Think u hurt moxeys feelings with that one selly..

Moxey + Wolves = Shambles


And they're off! First signing an 18yr old from back of beyond who we will not see.

Who else is in the frame? Anyone better than we already have? Deano's talk is now much more in line with the clowns that own and run WWFC, 'I'll have a promotion team in place for the start of next season.'

That's the fall back safety net being run out if we do not sign anyone or sign someone who is not much better than what we have! Jez will get deano to do his spin to the fans.

We will see what happens but best of luck tonight......you'll need it!


"the" fans want a clear out -DS is clearing them out, new signings! wait and see before gobbing off, and those new signings? who do you think they will be - Messi, Rooney, Torres, Saurez, etc, what planet are some of you on! as for clowns -well you only have to look at some of our fans that resemble cardboard cutouts!


Totally agree with this gents comments!


"From Back of beyond!" - Newport County were formed partly due to Ironworkers who moved from The Black Country to work in Lysaght's and other works.

Newport's kit colour shows the influence of Wolverhampton Wanderers and a number of Newport streets - Dudley Road, Tettenhall St, Willenhall St etc. also reflect the West Midlands heritage.

Final bit of Newport trivia, Newport non league team Lovell's Athletic lost out in a 15 goal thriller in the 1945–46 FA Cup third round, losing 12–3 on aggregate in a two-legged match against Wolverhampton Wanderers!


Like it ThePortamber

Wednesbury wolves

Another 1 for the future!!!!!! Helloooooooooooo we need them for tonight, and rest of season, mr bull we're still waiting!!!!! I really hope your not Morgan's puppet, 13 hours 8 minutes and counting


Broken record springs to mind

Golden Nugget

We don't want people like Mr King at our club. I know football is all about money and greed now, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Show some moral leadership Moxey and Morgan, even if you can't show any other kind.

Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson

He's scored 12 goals and is a strong physical player with presence in the box. He would be an excellent short term signing. And he's free of course. We've got nothing to loose on this one.


Nothing to lose - except any small vestige of self respect we have left...

chris h

We need a Messiah not just a Baptiste.


We had a Messiah but getting promotion and keeping us in the PL was not enough for the so called "fans"........fan power gone mad, as MM now famously said at the time "be careful you may just get what you wish for".......hmmmmm ...... now some may realise what the big fellow did was nothing short of a miracle as he also worked under this shambolic regime.......... but we have to move on, we are stuck with the present senior management incumbents as the reality is there are no rich Oligarchs wanting to invest in this sinking ship..........


Roy Hodgson said that !


i think you'll find it was roy hodgson who said becareful what you wish for !!!!


there's a mess alright, but there's no messiah


Wish someone had kept a log of Moxeys Track Record in 'Transfer Scrambles'

Won't harm the Clubs PR machine to delude and con fans for another Day that we are in 'frantic races' & 'transfer scrambles'

Just make sure we don't accidentally win one of these races eh Jez

'Who's that athletic looking bloke in Reception with his Agent?

Get rid of em. Tell em I'm on me lunch break'

Mark B

If we do not need to sell then don't, sorry that Mouyokolo never got the chance he did well at Hull.


So, when DS said premiership players, he meant Blue Square premier?

Bricks and Mortar

Could be a good day????

DOYLE,JOHNSON,SEB,WARD OUT! we need to change the whole squad apart from the goalie's and young players get rid of this losing mentallity.

I dont want king anywhere near our club, but would take davis,baptiste,dj campbell also why not make a move for a left back chris baird of fulham is available.


Weren't we after Chris Baird a few years ago?

Would prefer DJ Campbell to King....


He will want at least a fiver a day in wages so we won't get him.


mmmmm another centre half that has be shunted to right back? sound familier? The replacements we have in mind don't fill me with confidence.

Saunders Foot

There's a quote on another thread from Deano saying " I've been bought in here to build a new team". It begs the question of what exactly was expected from Solbakken ? Did the board have it in their heads that Stale could turn these into world beaters ? I aint gotta clue who Stale had in mind to strengthen the Wolves team, but the ones that have been rumoured dont exactly set the pulse racing since Saunders arrival. We'll never know if he had some little foreign gems lined up to lift the dark clouds.

Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson

It was rumoured that Solbakken was interested in PSV's slovenian striker Tim Matavz. I believe he would have brought in quality continental players in the vein of Sako.


You mean players who only play for 45 minutes and half a season ?


No he means quality,the type Morgan wo'nt buy.hence Solbakkens sacking.

Orlando Wolves

I doubt whether Stale would have been looking at Blue Square Premier players. He was looking to signing players to integrate into the first team as he moved players on and broke up the cliques that exist amongst the players.

Unfortunately, injuries to his signings and the player cliques, got him sacked after 6 months.

I still have not been convinced that his replacement is anything other than a `yes man`. We will see.


We keep signing up 'one for the future' who then turn out not to have a future with us

It's no wonder that we have a squad of 40 players who are mostly all dross

How about signing quality players for now



Utter shambles where has the proper real money gone ? We all know where Morgan and moxey at the Leeds game u will see the wrath unfold ... Johnson by the way off to southamton


Left back- DS identified the need for this position after his first match in charge- so why the hell are you not going out to get one ?


whats happening to our f.c. we might now get 1 player in after all the players that have gone out, get team ready for promotion push next year, after saying we could get into playoffs this year, cant even get a free transfer player in m.king, lost out to curtis davies who would only cost £2m. were do we go from here deano i think you have lost the plot, and we can all see that moxey is clearly running this f.c. and you are is puppet, would like to be proved wrong, and you can start by stopping all the talk on what you are going to do and get we a win at leicester then i will start believing, not listening to talk about pushing for promotion next year because the promotion you are talking about next year will be div. 2 not div 1 how we are performing


We were told that we were the best managed club in the prem but we now struggle to sign a £1million player despite of an income last year in excess of £45million youve got to ask where the money has gone.


morgan has ruined us , why are we continuing to build for the future with a total dis-regard for the present ...?

Sir Billy Quite

Clear the decks - get the kids in and give us something to cheer - we have seen enough of the Doyle's, Blake's, Johnson's, Berra's etc and by the way Zubar was a liability as defender and it now opens the way for Doughty to challenge Foley at right back.

3 points tonight would be nice!

SJ Wilmslow

Agree wholeheartedly......the team that won promotion from the championship and staved off prem relegation for 2 seasons has run its course....it's time for a new team to evolve. I have been a wolves fan for 30 years, season ticket holder, and have to say that I find it ridiculous that a lot of fans seem to think we deserve to be in the prem just becuase of what our club/team achieved in the 50's. Well, Blackpool, Preston, Burnley all have similar histories and past glory's but neither do they have ny right to be in the prem just because of their history...and the same for us. We are where we are, becuase we deserve to be where we are. Until the fans wake up actually start supporting the team, and having a positive (and therefore helpful) atmosphere, instead of berating players/managers/owners at the first sign of a bad pass, or missed tackle, then we will always deserve to be where we are now. Man City were in League 2 with 40,000+ fans singing, chanting, SUPPORTING, and guess what...they got promoted....amazing what positive attitudes from the fans can do to help galvanise a team/club...we should thik about that !!!


We should think about that indeed, some of us do but we seem to be in the minority at the moment and if you say anything positive you get it in the neck!

SJ Wilmslow

And that is exactly the problem, Sue. I have many friends who support different teams, and they all know exactly what Wolves fans (well, the majority) are like, and they shake their heads at our unflinching belief that we are a prem club and should be attracting (and paying) 10 mil players. I remember being at Wembley for the Sherpa Van Trophy against Burnley (god bless that team!) and it was a complete sell out. We were Div 4 and Burnley Div 3. Yes, the sizes of the support (of both teams) can be huge, and maybe one day in the future it might be again, but we must EARN our position in life, and not just expect it because of what we once were.....

Wednesbury wolves

I would rather wolves play the kids, than the useless overpaid morons, that we have to watch wk in wk out, ie ward Berra foley Henry Doyle, also include edwards hunt jonsson, think this is why the welsh wizard was brought in, cos a certain Morgan knew he could get of division 1, and that's where we are heading!!!!!! Good luck 2nite, hope batth and Cassidy play, they will be 2 certaintys for next season!!!!!!

Orlando Wolves


It is really difficult being positive these days though. UTW

chris h

There is one factor ignored in your assessment and those of your non Wolves fans.For over a decade we were blessed by having a benefactor,in Sir Jack.Given the size of the club, and Sir Jack's wonderful generosity including the unprecedented gifting of the club subject to a further injection of millions;we should be doing a lot better than facing a relegation fight in the second tier of English football.We have been grossly mismanaged at Director and Executive level.Most Wolves fans know this,it appears to be a bit of a blind spot for you.

chris h

Sir Billy, Three points tonight would be a miracle.We live in hope.Playing the kids would be the best way of getting relegated.

jimmy paige

....Quality..... Newport County - someone fill me in where that is? Is it in this country? I guess if he is that good - we will have one star player for when we are playing in the Blue Square Premier. With Steven Mouyokolo playing 7 times for Wolves (I never saw him) what does that put his hourly rate at? Bargain Jez. 3-0 Leicester tonight. Keystone Cops and Laurel and Hardy.

gReEn NiGeL

Jimmy- Newport is the Wolverhampton of South Wales.A bit ugly, with a football club with zero ambition.

Winchester Wolf

I hope 'one for the future' Lee Evans is happy to play 4th tier football as that's where we're heading. If anybody in their right mind thinks that Marlon King is the answer to the problem then turn the lights off. It's all over.

The Magician

New strategy; get rid of a load of argumentative, highly paid losers and bring in “some for the future" and failed journeymen. Does this suggest our future is in the lower leagues?


It pretty much looks like that, because I really can't see us signing any better players than we already have.

SJ Wilmslow

The current crop have had 3-4 years minimum to prove they are good enough. It is blatantly clear, apart from the odd 1 or 2 that they are not. Clear out is required, get rid of the negativity that encompasses the dressing room and pitch, and let Dean bring in his own players and give hime a chance to build his own team. Mick was tasked with that, and got promotion in Season 2. Let Dean do the same.....I suspect there won;t be too many of the current crop playing on the 1st day of next season, which ever division we are in.

gReEn NiGeL

Morgan and Moxey been signed up by Inland revenue to manage the incompetant fools who send out incorrect tax codes grrrrrrrr

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Oh dear God what a mess !! Ref Wednesbury above.........one for the future ? What about now ? Unless of course the management have accepted that relegation is inevitable and they are already starting to build for next season.

Please please please do not bring marlon King to the Mol. I for one do not want that animal anywhere near the club.

Reading the rest of this article...............it implies we may only have the youngsters left to put in the team for tonight !! I really am not looking forward to tonights game....................I have a horrible feeling.......................hope I'm wrong but I fear the worst.


I have just watched on you tube when wolves beat Man U 2-1 nearly 2 years ago, and I am not lying when I say it almost brought me to tears for two reasons, firstly happy memories and what a awesome atmosphere, and secondly for where we are today, I am so gutted at what has happened, I hope Morgan and moxey view this post, they mite not care, but in a rubbish world, this is our one bit of solace as a wolverhampton householder.

I'm also sad that this amazing experience may be a thing of the past now, I'm not greedy, I'm happy with mid table in prem, 40,000 fans singing and the city buzzing, just a dream now.

Wolves till I die

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Are we supposed to get excited about this. Blue Square in 3 years. You heard it first

Harrow Wolf

Very good.

Tipton Wolves

I know we said we needed a creative midfielder but from a blue square premier cos we need players who could get us to the premiership next season.


Totally underwhelmed - AGAIN.

Where are all these premier players who are coming in?

Will anyone be coming in?

Whats the plan Stephen?


Lee Evans is a good prospect and I'm saying that as a Newport County fan who is sad to see him go - would have been nice to see him go to a team on the up though!! :) . Use him though and don't let him fester in the reserves (do you have a reserve team?).


Can you give us some more details, what are his strengths?

North Bank

yes we have a reserve team, and the majority of our 'first team' players definitely belong there. I have never heard of this young lad, we've brought in, and whilst I dont have a problem with buying players for the future; I am afraid we really need a 'quick fix' at the moment. As you allude to we are not a team on the up, and the majority of our places seem that incompetent they would be unable to lace up the boots of your Newport County players.

we dont need to sell any players we are a well run club

just reading a message from mr nash saying those wanting ds to spend now better to wait when end of season when he will have bigger choice who does this guy work for e and s or jez! Nobody expects us to spend 20 mil now but does anybody surely expect ds to begiven the funds in the summer ? We heard this end of last season at that ewpensive end of season awards for failure a war chest would be available ! This team needs fresh faces now or we will go down and jez no more rewarding failure reward the fans who have witnessed 4 wins at home in 27 games and reduce season tickets not freeze lol!

Mick Pearce

I am gob smacked! Wolves are in a fight to stay in the Championship and we are 'signing one for the future', hello! I recell Morgan stating that he would spend the same amount on the club as Sir Jack when he got it for a song, well? All he is bothered about is building! Building an acadamy for what? Who will want to come to the Wolves. Ebanks Blake is a couple of stones over weight, Doyle couldnt hit the Asda in a lorry, and I have seen more fight in a pie shop than the current team. MOXEY" we want to sign young and hungry players" Well theres a kid in Willenhall 19, out of work and hungry sign him. He cannot play football but he will fit in with your method of thinking. I can stand losing if it is through a better team and we have shown fight, pride and dignity. M&M go.


I know there is a 21yo goalkeeper in Willenhall...who could be good too.


well dont know about the others but from yesterdays fan comments . marlon king not wanted ... keep seb

mick the miller

What a small minded pair are Moxey and Morgan. No ambition at all, quickly destroying our beloved club. How do they sleep at night??? Disgraceful, the pair of them.


We pay £ for soon to be out of contract players, but we give our own players away for free, and or end multi-year contracts by mutual consent?

Mr. Morgan and Mr. Moxey are having Wolves join the circus!


It would appear that reading Dean Saunders comments he has already given up on this season, the fans should do the same and not waste any more money watching what has been served up by Wolves in the last two seasons.

The club is in a dreadful state maybe not financially, but in terms as a football club an absolute disgrace.


the joker




mac ralph

As wolves fan for sixty five years i am ashamed of whats going on the mol .It all started to go down hill when Steve Morgan took control. But a lot of so called Wolves fans are as bad as him,all they ever do is moan.It would serve these so called fans right if he moved the club miles away and left all of us with out a club,that would shut those idiots up for good.


Just spoken to a friend who lives near Fleetwood.

Hes says stay wll clear of Baptiste,he drops more clangers than Stearman,Berra,Ward,Johnson combined.

For god,s sake Saunders,just give Batth a run in the side,and see what happens.(Mind he has to now RJ is suspended and Zubes and Stearman gone).


Mad Irish Mick gave us an Irish team

Welsh Deano going up the Welsh team route

Cant we get a manager from Barcelona next please :) UTW


PML..............Nice one!!!!!!!!!!!

The Unhappy Wanderer

Last season Eggert Jonsson. This season Lee Evans. Are we sure they are not talking about the comedian?

What's the point in buying "one for the future" if we never pick them in the first team?

This season feels more and more like last season as it goes on. League One looking more and more likely.


Anyone know what the odds are on our getting relegated? I might just place an insurance bet if they're tasty enough.


Dear, dear, dear, dear...its a total farce! Fearing the wust tonight:(:(:(:(:(:(:(






Says a lot when a new owner starts building houses on the training ground complex............... Spin, masked with justifications can only work so far, wheres the money from the parachute, Jarvis and Fletcher, Adlene and Kightly???


Steve Bull said wait and see to the Wolves fans just a few days ago, I think just like the fans he has been conned by Morgan & Moxey, they have no intention of spending any money on decent players, instead they are trying to bring in thugs and cheap non league players, I am glad that we might be getting rid of the boozer Johnson and Ward Blake could go ,please god, it will make my day if Berra & Henry go aswell but perhaps I am hoping for to much. We have telented youngsters at the club and with a few additions I am sure we can have a team to be proud of again.


No matter who we sign the TRUE fans on here will allways moan,(they probley never bin to a wolves match in there lives).


I can see a mass protest outside the ground at the Leeds game.

Unless there are a couple of decent signings today that is.......................

fat boy jamie

Whats the point in signing young players, they never get a game anyway ..!!!!!

Swindon Wolf

Exactly..!!! Last player who came through from the academy was Hennessey - and that was only because Matt Murray got injured..before that, who else can you think of....?? Mark Davies, albeit far too briefly, sadly....and before that, Robbie Keane..!!! Arghh...why do we even bother with an academy if we never ever cultivate it properly..??


There will be plenty of opportunities now though by the look of it! However if they do play can I make a plea for patience - Davies made a great start and then his form dipped a little (as often happens to young players) and this site was full of people writing him off.

Regan Scott

saunders thinks we've got a strong team who can push for play off but we cant even score, we need to bring new players in asap or were playing league 1 football next season.


The hoffsleftsock

Totally agree l was at the Wolves Manchester United match with in fact a True United fan who l bought from Abersytwyth because he suffers severly from emphysema what a atmosphere even my friend said Wolves deserved the win although obviously he was gutted Wolves being the first team to defeat United that season

It will take a very long time before we see and feel that atmosphere you could see how proud those loyal fans were absolutely fantastic.

l honestly do not know what they are doing to this famous club, they seriously require a left back and there is no sign of one being bought in.

We all knew that substantial amounts of money were not going to be spent in the transfer market what next l ask?


Breaking News.....the latest transcript from the boardroom." Jezwood, yes Steve, i need er er er a few extra quid for the homes at Compton any ideas, yes Stevie Red Cheeks my son, ive got a belta of an idea. Sell that well rounded bloke our number 9 cant think of his name, give away Zoobs, offer that nice bloke who aint very good to Ipswich and if we cant sell Doylo, i think thats what the fans call him, he could could paint the houses for you,tell him what and where though cos he aint very good with areas"

Breaking Breaking News...........Doylo was last ween with a paint brush inhis hand.

Stormin Norman

Any club that accepts Sky money for TV coverage of a league match on transfer `deadline day` cannot be serious about buying players, will DS be at Leicester tonight? All the board are interested in is making money. UTW


Said this 2 yrs ago,but Ohhhh Nooooo he would'nt would he.Well yeah he has.

Thrifty Thursday

I like Lee Evans, about time we had a proper comedian at the club!


Mouth watering isn't it. This is what it's like for a club that is rotten to the core. Maybe if we had a proper chief executive, we would be still in the premier league.. Moxey is the one who organises the contracts and money...

Ilkeston wolf

Lets get real over this weeks mini clearout. It has been long overdue and anyone who thinks Stearman, Zubar and Mouyokolo should still be around must be mad. Between these 3 there must be best part of 2 million per annum in wages, N.I. and pension being paid out per annum for nothing. If we were able to add Ward, Berra, Hunt, Edwards and Elokobi to the list that would save 5 million and who would miss any of these under performing missfits.

The reality is that M&M are finally realising the enormity of their error in keeping McCarthy beyond that first BPL survival season.

He saddled us with inadequate players on long contracts and blew 42 million post promotion on players of which only Johnson, Doyle and maybe O'Hara are still at the club and retain any residual sell on value and even then nowhere near the fees paid out for them.

Calls for jam today are simply unrealistic given the legacy left from the McCarthy era as all his missmanagement has to be corrected before we can start afresh. Those of us who lived and supported through the years of dropping down the divisions know that we will be back as the foundation in academy and stadium that we see today was not there in the truly bad times.

Spending the remainder of this season and the whole of next paying stupid money to the waste of space group listed above would be folly and ultimately lead this club towards the situation 'enjoyed' by the fans of Coventry, Leeds, Portsmouth et al over recent years.Income next year despite parachute money will fall dramatically, action is needed now to address this-accept it if you want a Wolves to watch in years to come.

Its tough right now but we will come through it and stupid protests will do more harm to the morale of the younger players who must now step forward than can ever be achieved by calling for the heads of people who know already that they have messed up big time. The way to protest is not to buy your ticket. Lots did in the 80's, but 5000 of us carried on and came out of it the other side.

If all the above could be got rid of would a team of Ikeme/Foley/Batth/Johnson/Margreitter/Sigurdarson/Henry/O'hara/Sako/Cassidy/Doyle be unable to keep us out of trouble ?


The first probably only intelligent post on here,I was one of those idiots standing outside the ground waiting to hear news if we had bin saved,for all these years later to read some of the drivil on here was it worth it.


Wolves have to bite the bullet and cut their losses. Get rid of as much of this disillusioned squad as possible and start again. It's going to be a long job. MM couldn't inspire them any more, TC couldn't and SB couldn't. So let's have a cleanout and give Deano a chance with fresh faces and clear minds.


Just warning you now,


We are heading one way and that is down(that is why we are clearing the wage bill and taking on nobody's on a pittance in football terms), we will be drubbed by Leicester tonight and i suspect there may be a few protesters at Molineux at the Leeds game.

I hope, i am proved incorrect on all the above and that we manage to get the points we need to SURVIVE, but that is all it will be, Survival.

Stormin Norman

Totally agree. Nobody at the Mol tonight to conduct any business on trWansfer deadline day, they are all at Leicester collecting the Sky money.

Dave O

Even if we manage to win tonight (no I aint been drinking) it's about time Lord Moxey was shown the real feelings of Wolves fans to him.

You can all have a go a Steve Morgan but Jez Moxey always has the final say on football matters and i am sure you'll all agree he has certainly been earning his massive wages and bonuses over the last few years - Incompetence of the highest order but banking millions


2 comedians now, lee Evans and Dean Saunders. What a joke wolves are becoming. I'm afraid the curtain is coming down on Wolves.

psalm 23

Fire sale and stellar signings, all due to the White Elephant stand!!


One things for sure - I would be better off cash wise and mentally if the Club moved to Liverpool!!!!

Weary of all this inactivity and failur to address fans .Fear the worst tonight- dont know if I can bear tuning in to Sky at 1930.



Waffle Wolf

So the rumour mill goes into overdrive asusual on deadline day. But I doubt any of the players being linked with a move will actually arrive. On the other hand one or two of the rumoured sales will probaly happen. SEB to be substituted at half time to-night and sign for Palace or Hull during the interval maybe??

Still, let's look on the bright side. At least, Wolves haven't been linked with Andre Santos.....yet:-)


hurah, Roger Johnson out, best news all week!!!!



I for one don't mind seeing these over paid "stars" going! Roger Johnson is still on prem wages and even though is playing well this season, id rather give Danny Batth ago, or that other guy we brought over the summer.

I'd rather get rid of the losers who got us relegated and are pushing us down to league 1. If the kids are playing no true wolves can moan at the team. WE can moan at the management though :)


I have supported Wolves since 1967, but thank heavens I no longer live in the area. Their current fans must rank as the worst in the country, seemingly looking for reasons to complain about the club they're supposed to follow. I bet they loved it when Saunders bought a teenager from a non-league club - what ammunition to fire at him and the owners! (for the record, Newport County are on course for promotion, mainly thanks to the efforts of Lee Evans and others). If you've got nothing good to say about your club, just shut up! Or support another; one where the owners and manager are as intelligent and knowledgeable as you are (yeah, right!). And stop trying to be clever and funny - most of you are neither!!!


Woke up this morning to find we've signed the one and only monkey boy Lee Evans,should be good for a few laughs in the dressing room.Tee Hee Hee.


Is that supposed to be funny? I think not.

old wulf

I know it is not really funny Sue, but if you don't laugh you would certainly cry at these buffoons running what was once a respected club. Even Albion supporters have stopped taking the mickey they know it is not nice to laugh at a club that is terminally sick.


To be honest it was actually Suebo,get a grip or get a life,better still get over yourself.


Face facts no good player will sign for us, we are in a relegation dog fight and present form the bottom club!

Going for the cheap option since we got promotion has lead to this, how many players have we bought with "he's one for the future" instead of buying quality.

The next three months are going to be very PAINFUL!

Wednesbury wolves

Even froggatt come out and said, wait to see what happens, we're still waiting!!!!!!!! Left back, right back, centre half, creative midfielder and a striker are musts in my opinion ( John wolf) take note my opinion!!!!!!!!!! Freedom of speech


Let's build another stand we can all watch the paint dry on it

wolves roy

never for get jes moxey sold the south bank for a pie & apint ................thats the sort of bloke he is ?

Moxey's Bonus

Dean Saunders:

“I will say this to the supporters: We will have a team ready at the start of next season to challenge for promotion.''

I should hope so too. After being relegated again this season we may be good enough to make the League One play offs next season.


Don't know about you guys but I am still waiting to learn of a plan that involves buying decent players, moving of the bottom end of the league and I don't mean by going south to Div 1.

Does anyone at the club have any ideas.

Lets see how much we lose by tonight!

rojo uk

Mr Morgan + Mr Moxey = No ambition. Please can someone tell me why we're selling and not buying. When we have money to buy?

Lee Evans scorcher 2017 League 2

Hope Wolves are relegated now.It might bring a change in ownership.

Aldo 2012

Guys, You'll probably sign somw experience today BUT this Lee Evans is a quality youngster, just 18yrs ago and a regular for Newport, your scouts watched him loads of times and were impressed .... Oh, remember you're not that good anymore, he'd probably get in your 1st team NOW !!

FairOak Wolves

Although I am here posting, I can't really be bothered posting. It's all been said before. I am usually reluctant to say it can't get any worse, but of course it can. I also fear that it will.

I thought before Christmas that we were good enough to finish ahead of at least three of Barnsley, Bristol, Sheffield Wednesday, Peterborough and Ipswich. Two of those teams have beaten us at home since! I am no longer sure of anything, other than I will not be driving the six hour round trip from the south coast again until we at least get some answers to the questions being asked about the ambition (or should I say lack of it) being shown at Wolves.

I might go support Bournemouth instead - give it six months and they will be in a higher division than us!




Steady on, Tipton. I can understand FairOak Wolves' frustration. When you are a travelling supporter and when things aren't going well with your club, those hours in the car can get to you. As a fellow Hampshire-based fan, I can sympathise with him. It's not like the days when I lived in Wednesfield, could go to the match and then afterwards be home in no time. Believe me, you don't undertake 6 hour return journeys to W-ton unless you are a genuine fan. By the way, doesn't/shouldn't "the buck" stop at the top anyway?

Realistic Wolf

Excuse me, yes it is the players who are the problem but remember who bought them in. Answer, a certain yorkshire guy as I recall.

Yam Yow Wort...

Newport County ... Big club like Wolves... Pride of South Wales.... Same colour kit... Cos Wolves gave Newport them... Seventies mentality fans.... Rollercoaster team.... Crashed and burnt in the eighties.... Starting to get resurrected in 2012...


Lee Evans, he very funny, although Frankie Boyle is much sharper.

psalm 23

I prefer Frank Skinner.

Fat Controller

We still have the best centre half that has pulled on a Wolves shirt in recent years and although he has only played a bit part over the last couple of seasons when ever he played there is a sense of confidence. I recall the Sunderland away fixture a couple of seasons ago he hadn't played for some time he makes an appearnce scores a goal and we win simples!!!!

I know his family comes first but come on Dean lets see Jody Craddock put that shirt on again what a professional, how much has he done for this club? true commitment is what its all about and Jody has the scars to prove it.


Apparently we have accepted a bid for Wardy from Forest, I hope DS has a couple coming in today! We need a leftback and a right back.


Roger Johnson can go aswell, as long we have someone coming in to fill in the gap, too much of a bad egg in the dressing room and too much cost in wages with a poor return on the pitch overall.


Lee Evans? Great Another bluddy comedian ! We've got enough of them in the team already.


Well done to everyone who noticed and commented on the fact that our new playmaker has the same name as a popular comedian. You are all unique and original individuals. I honour you all.


Thought you'd pipe up.take a break,have a kit-kat Mr wit


Don't ask me to to down my game, it's you lot who need to up yours.

(See that big key at the bottom of your keyboard? It's called a space bar. Learn to love it)

London wolves loyal

It's a good job we re away tonight as I feel a sense of rage from all , and justified as well .


Well this season is finished for Wolves Lets hope we can stay up and kick on next season Mad Mick did it he had no players when he came to Wolves and built a team out of nothing that cost Not a lot and that team won the Championship and with a little tweaking stopped up in the top flight for 3 years but if it's because M&M wouldn't spend the Money or they didn't trust

Mad Mick to spend it so they sacked him I think if Deano buys some good cheap players they might give him a few bob to spend

the end of the season to build his own team that is if they don't sack him at the end of the season for not getting us up lol

nigel wolnut

Tipton Wolf above says 'It's not the Manager its the players!'. Mmm whom does he think brings in the players? It's ten to four and all we have is an 18 year old 'for the future.' Fine, no problem with that but why do it today? And this time last year wasn't Eggert Jonsson 'one for the future' as was George Friend {one for the future who we let go} Andrew Surman, Elliott Bennett {now Norwich} Dave Jones {now Wigan - and with the other two mentioned now in Prem League}. This 'one for the future doesn't cut the mustard with me. When we are in a mess how about one for the present - or more? Look face facts, this is about cost cutting - expect Morgan to put club up for sale in next 12 months or so. No ambition or strategy. I am not moaning just stating the obvious. I go down to the Golden Palace to cheer them on but there is apathy on the pitch and it has spread to the stands.


Im a Newport County fan but when I was based at RAF Cosford I took in a fair few games at Molineux and I gotta say you guys have a cracking support!! Can I assure you that you have made a spectacular investment in Lee Evans. He is a quality player. He gets stuck in, a good eye for a good pass and always gets them perfect, can hit a hell of a shot and is one of the best dead ball/set piece players ive ever seen at his age. You have a top talent there and he WILL be a first choice Wales international in 2 years!!!! In the space of 6 months he was a hopeful youngster who turned into arguably our best player. He started at Wembley in the FA Trophy final and i expect him to make a first team appearance by the end of the season!!!


Thanks for that Taff hope your assessment is correct. Cymru am Byth.


Evans is a good signing. You beat at least one premiership and a championship team to get him for next to nothing. He'll be a regular for you next season.


The only fight we will show for rest of season will be with each other in the stands !

Blatter late than never

JW, are you related to JM? I thought so. How you defend what is going on is beyond belief. The people running this club do not have a clue. We now have one right back and one leftback, notwithstanding their ability, there are no obvious replacements. I'm not sure whether Jody Craddock is still around but if not, our only back up centre half is a kid. We have a few central midfielders non of whom can pick out a pass or control the game. We have three central strikers of which one scores occasionaly and he looks to be off. No real replacements for Pesko and Sako should they get injured, well maybe Hunt but he'll be off next.

The so called additional squad players didn't appear here out of magic. Now tell me that sounds like a well run club.


You see - fellow suckers - we maybe genuine Wolves fans but to Moxey and Morgan and the players we are customers who pay out our hard earned cash so they can live the lifestyle of football groupies but whether we like it or not, at the end of the day we are customers and they OWN the show.


I didn't have a season ticket this season for the second time in 25 years. I have been to nearly all the home games and several away. However we have clearly written this season off and assuming (as seems highly likely) that we do not make any significant signings today I will do the same. Have no idea why anyone would pay £24+ a game to watch a team that aspires to 20th in the Championship while keeping £25M+ in the bank.


Oh my lord what a mess we are. Stale would have done this better. Deano, our inexperienced manager..I'm ashamed!

we need players now not for the future get rid of the deadwood i say give the kids a chance,onwards and upwards

Realistic Wolf

Don't expect any significant signings, Colonel Saunders is preparing us by talking about signings in the summer. Stale was obviously sacked not just because of results but more like the fact he spoke the truth about the present squad. Of course expecting the money to actually appear for his proposed transfer targets was never going to happen. Good luck to Lee Evans, just hope he gets the chance to move up, unlike the other youngsters.

Mr. G

Get Stale back.


i agree he had 3-4 targets in mind and deano wanted to leave it to the very last moment and i cant believe he thought that would work stupid.

Old Golds Worth More

Not at the match tonight, but watching it on SKY. Quick interview just before the match with DS, he was asked about any new signings to come, and replied "we had bids in but they were knocked back and we won't pay over the odds". So it looks like Lee Evens is to be our seasons saviour then! Don't know how he's going to manage that from the youth team though!!

Half time and we are 1 - 0 down, O'Hara isn't having a good game, he's playing far to deep if you ask me, but at least we seem to be giving leicester a better game then I thought we would. Henry is lucky to still be on the pitch after a shocking over the top, studs showing tackle (he really is a liability at times), and Sako lucky to get away with a blatant shove in the back in the area, should have been a Leicester penalty. Replays seem to suggest their goal was handball by the scorer!! Lets see if we bother to turn up for the second half, if we do it will make a nice change!

Kenilworth wolf


Look at the similarities a knee jerk sacking following a painful defeat. Then the panic sets in that they haven't got a clue who to employ next. Oh dear oh dear !!


pre match comments by mr saunders before leicester game we have good players and very good players in this team could he please identify them have watched every game this season i cant see who they are