Steven Mouyokolo is latest to leave Wolves

Wolves today cancelled the contract of forgotten defender Steven Mouyokolo.

Steven Mouyokolo

The 26-year-old, a £2.5m signing from Hull in June 2010, has been told he is free to find a new club after having his contract cancelled by mutual consent.

Mouyokolo, who still had another 18 months on his four-year deal, becomes the second player of the day to be paid up by Wolves after the surprise exit of Ronald Zubar, who has been announced as a new signing for French outfit AC Agaccio.

And he becomes the fifth this month to leave after Zubar, Richard Stearman, Frank Nouble and loanee Jermaine Pennant – with possibly more to follow over the next 24 hours before the window shuts at 11pm tomorrow night, with the club yet to make a signing.

Six-foot three stopper Mouyokolo has been out since last February with cruciate knee ligament damage sustained on a season-long loan at French side FC Sochaux.

Manager Dean Saunders said last week that the defender is still not fit, and underwent a course of injections in his knee.

Mouyokolo made just two Premier League starts for Wolves, plus another two off the bench, making just seven appearances in total while at Molineux.

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Comments for: "Steven Mouyokolo is latest to leave Wolves"


The club is having a clear out to reduce the wage bill for next season in League 1. Meantime Sean O'Driscoll has guided bottom club Bristol City to 2 wins out of two. Well done Mr Morgan & Mr Moxey, another spectacular decision.


I agree,

There is zero ambition at wolves.

When it comes to the success of WWFC, Morgan has clearly got his sight elsewhere.

Im hoping for improvement , but i cant see where it is going to come from.

Saunder ws the wrong appiontment, we all know that.

Silver Wolf

Quite what is wrong, and how badly, with Wolves is difficult to tell, but I am less uncertain about Dean Saunders - he surely is not what was needed. Nevertheless, he is there and I can't imagine any further managerial change for at least a year or two, so one can only hope things self-remedy. How that fits with the one-sided activity of this transfer window is difficult to appreciate. I can only assume this season has been written-off, fingers are crossed that we don't go down this time and prayer mats will be standard issue for next season.

Fully agree with the idea of Sean O'Driscoll as manager - he would have been my choice as well.


Here we go again all the keyboard warriors will be gnashing the teeth at the loss of another trully great player.

Filthy Wolf

I think the gnashers are mystified as to why we are giving away players when we had offers in to sell a while back. The whole concept Saunders was sold was sell to buy. Giving away seems to indicate we will get Free Transfer trash that no one wants - King is one clear example. Gnash gnash.


Only really remember him playing in a League Cup game where he was so keen to impress he tried to win lots of balls which were unwinnable and gave away endless free kicks. Did look like he had the physical attributes but obviously not the knees! All we need now is the 3 top quality signings that will replace the 6 players out and it will be a good transfer window (allow me to dream for another 24 hours!)

chris h

Noisy, Can't you read tomorrow's headlines,right now'the loan market is still open to us'.


Thanks mate, there's always hope - that's what kills us.


Still not shifting the so called 1st team deadwood at the club but I live in hope.Why are we still not being linked with some new players with only one day to go.


another td why fittness couch saw all 14mins ov his debt




So long sponger !

Neil Masters

I bet the picture editors had to work hard to find a picture of him actually kicking a ball


hope wolves get their cash back off the insurance waste of money reacon that's 500000 a game

Tipton Wolves

Now it time to get rid of the other forgotten player Jonsson.

John De Wolf

What baffles me about all this is that we are constantly prepared to write off a £3M player like Mouyokolo, Zubar, Milijas, Guedioura etc but when it comes to landing a top target in the past, we have often lost out when another club has offered a few grand a week extra. We don't pay the wages to attract top players but how many players do we sign for approx £3M pay their wages for a few seasons but then they never play? Doesn't make sense. Just buy the good players first time around. Throwing away good money all the time. False economy.


How much is that per game without wages? Surely we have not paid up there contracts in full. What is going on?!!!!





A shame because of his injuries, but he has to go down as Mick McCarthy's worst signing for Wolves, narrowly edging out Greg Halford. Mouyokolo looked outclassed by Danny Batth in the league cup match they started together in the 2010/2011 season and this was before Batth went on loan to Sheff Wed and developed loads in their promotion year.

It's kinda galling to see how much value the club is writing off on these players... £2.5m on Zubar, £2.5m on Milijas, £2.5m on Mouyokolo... ok, we MADE money on Nouble but it just goes to show the cost of getting shot of the deadwood and freshening the place up.

Good luck to Zubes and Mouyokolo - I hope they both go on to resurrect their careers and enjoy success elsewhere. Nice for Zubar to sign off with an assist and a MOTM performance last week too. The guy always played with 100% heart, and for that he will always be remembered as one of my favourite players of McCarthy's Premiership years.

and the clearout begins

the previous regime bought in dross, and now dean saunders is realising the ones who need to go.





who next?




ebanks blake













and add quality


salford wolf

o'hara and johnson really?

Filthy Wolf

Maybe someone can explain why we are GIVING AWAY players? If Moxey comes out with Messi then I think all might be forgiven.

Tiburon Wulf

Agreed! .. Very funny .. and a welcome relief as we watch this train wreck in slow motion

Farmer Ted

Okay, Mouyokolo has had a disastrous time since he came to Molineux and this is the best for both concerned. Zubar had a great game on Saturday but he has generally been a disappointment in his time with Wolves. Stearman should have done so much better after joining us as a promising youngster, but letting him go to a Championship rival when we are so short at the back with injuries, suspensions and departures doesn't seem to make any sense unless replacements are lined up.

I cannot believe there is not a plan in place, surely a businessman like Steve Morgan knows how important protecting his investment is. Moxey will be acting on board room decisions its no good blaming him for making these decisions without full agreement, so for me the buck stops with the Chairman.

We will see if there is a plan during the next 28 hours (as I write this ). If we let more players go (SEB seems at risk) and we try to survive this relegation battle with the team we have left plus untried youngsters we will finish up as the Aston Villa of the Championship.

The outside world probably thinks Wolverhampton Wanderers are too big/ good to go down.

We know better, right ?

Over to you Steve Morgan, give us a sign that you care about the Club.

The Flying Winger

Good post and sums up the situation very well, I also thought that Stearman would be a good CB, but in my opinion that was changed by McCarthy.

I would also have liked to see Zubar at CB, but as you say has been a disappointment.

We all hope there is a final plan, but I remember Moxey saying a few weeks ago that these players have to get us out of the mess

I guess we will find out today.


It's good to see value for money, if injured have the club recived an insurance pay out? As they must of completed a fitness test when buying any player.

The silence from the Directors shows their arrogance to their loyal supporters. They have also brought shame upon the proud City of Wolverhampton , we are a laughing stock and the butt of every supporters jokes.

Tomorrow is D Day for Directors to answer to the fans, do nothing and risk the major turning of all the supporters.

Live in hope Wolves fans


Who does the medically at ou club ??? Shocking buy , ranks alongside tiny daley , oh I forgot, he's our fitness coach

We are the laughing stock of football for the last 2 seasons and I'm sure there are more gems to come out


Another multimillion pound McCarthy flop shown the door for nowt then. Best just to hold a carboot sale on Thursday, get what pittance clubs offer for Mick's rubbish and start again in Div 3.

swansea wolf



They'll be cancelling our contracts next.


I'm seriously worried if I wear my wolves top to next game they might ask me to put on a subs strip at this rate, we are sinking quicker than the titanic!

Billy Wrights curls

Now we are getting somewhere, but will there be a buy on the last day?

To remain in the Championship we need a proper left back, and a goal scorer.

Building a side for the Premiership is something else, as we have seen with our last two promotions to the Premiership when funds were not made available or were squandered on squad players instead of quality.

chris h

We have shipped out Stearman and Zubar to save on their wages,but what happens if Foley gets injured,bearing in mind we are in a relegation scrap.Has anybody asked them why is it so vital to cut the wage bill now? Steve Morgan was quoted as saying in the summer, the club was in a sound financial position and there was no pressure to sell Fletcher and Jarvis.Since then they have sold players for a total of £24m and spent £10m. So why is it so essential to now cut the wage bill. ? Surely they knew the size of the wage bill last summer when they said we were financially sound. We need to consider,if this is the state of the club when they are £14m up in transfers,plus in receipt of £18m parachute money, just how desperate will things get when we have no valuable players to sell and the parachute money runs out .Gate receipts are likely to drop alarmingly,as well. There may be some logical explanation at what is happening,but surely they have a duty to communicate better to the fans,their customers.


My sentiments entirely. I've never followed the "Jez and Morgan are idiots" rubbish, we've been run very well for over a decade when we could easily have been Leeds or Portsmouth. However, something isnt right - as you say, 24 million quid comes in to a club that was run well financially and had clauses in players contracts in case we were relegated. Minimal outlay (I've heard the 10 million quid a couple of times but I think thats high), and yet now we have to "trim the wage bill" and sell players before we buy?!? To my mind, we should have at least another 10 million to spend, PLUS anything we recoup from selling. Why are we not doing that? As the crowd chanted after Blackpool, "Where's the money gone?" Something is seriously amiss and we all deserve answers, Mr Moxey and Mr Morgan. It's OUR club, you're in temporary stewardship of it, and this very supportive and patient fan demands some answers


I am completely mystified by the current events at Molineux as this panic operation now seems to be ongoing. As you indicate none of this fits in with the revenue received from transfers, paracute payments and gate receipts over the last few months. It is difficult not to be deeply suspicious that something is seriously wrong with the Club's finances unless someone comes out with some logical explanations.

Chris White

My only thoughts are that somehow the Bank is currently pulling all the strings at Molineux. I can only assume we have entered into financial arrangements to build the new Stand and now they are pressurising to repay debts. I know it doesn't quite explain where the money from the Summer went but I can't think of any other logical step unless we are preparing to sell the Club and want to reduce all costs to a bare minimum.

The Wanderer

Another quality McCarthy signing leaves...wasted £2.5M plus wages....unforgiveable

manc andy

The forgotten defender cost wolves £350thousand a game plus doctors bills and wages, another shrewd signing.The cull as began. I wander if Deano knows is starting 11 for Leicster ?? UTW


Another one of micks wonderbuys

Saunders Foot

Do you reckon that in the above photo Mc'Carthy is just about to say "oh eck, I've bought another one". We sat in the pub after a game some time ago and compiled a list of how many players we had bought/played as centre half's under MM, we got to 12 and stopped counting, might be more, somebody will know.

Kev r pride of Sandwell has been a bit quiet lately, he said Wednesday afternoon, 'I got a good feelin bout tonite ', must've had a curry ordered.

chris h

Like Fletcher,Jarvis and Kightly.


shame with all his injuries we never really got to see him play. unfortunately, to be a professional football player, you have to be able to actually physically play football at some point. best wishes, steven, hope you get healthy and get another chance somewhere.

interesting that we're now down to 5 senior defenders (with johnson suspended and craddock apparently never going to play again). foley, batth, berra, and ward are the sure bets to start, leaving margreitter on the bench. i suppose DS assumes hunt and forde can fill in if necessary, or does it mean doherty will get a seat on the bench?

sigh.... there's so much to be depressed about right now as a wolves fan. i want so badly to have a team take the field each game that we can be proud of and excited to watch play. as it is, the players we see week in and week out just look like they don't want to be there. they look "broken". when SEB scored against blackpool, he looked like he didn't even know how to celebrate a goal anymore. its very hard to support a group of players that don't seem to want to support the club themselves. and now they're supposedly looking to bring in marlon king, a convicted sex offender, and we would be asked to cheer and support him??!??! it's so sad, so wrong to do to this club.

i would love it if this group of players could get back to playing exciting football, but it's so hard to see any hope with all but a few of them after so long. our win-to-loss ratio over the past 2 years must be one of the worst in the entire country, at any level. at what point does "its a results business" apply to the players? to the CEO? to the owner? it's so sad to see the way the current caretakers of this club have made a hash of things. please, somebody take wolves by the scruff of our neck and get this wounded puppy healthy again!

Drw Wolf

Is it any surprise M&M are careful with the purse strings these days? Fans spend enough time slating all the players, bad buys from previous managers, M&M know nothing about football... etc etc.

You really think they're gonna trust anyone with the tens of millions you reckon they have (not that the stupid Jan window is the time to spend big cash anyway)?




Fantastic return on £2.5 million , that shower at Ipswich really left us in a mess , its like a clowns gallery Zubar , Berra , Mairerhoffer , Jonnson , Johnson , Ward , Milijas , Stearman etc.. all will leave for nothing wiping out most of the Jarvis / Fletcher money , at least I have a lovely seat in the new stand.

Silver Wolf

Re: your lovely seat in the new stand - don't you get lonely? ;))


Shame he never got to show his ability, he was pretty promising when with Hull. another £2.5m wasted by Mad Mick

chris h

Mick McCarthy spent £40m on players but we have got £30m back in selling Fletcher,Jarvis,Kightly Van Damme and others.In winning promotion and keeping us in the Premier for 3 years he earned the club over £150m in tv money alone.McCarthy was not supported enough in the transfer market by Morgan and Moxey ,he had to make do with cheap jack signings too often and not first priority tragets such as Dann,Gardner,Carroll,Ba etc.The problem at Wolves is in the Boardroom.



You're right they never backed McCarthey properly and it's a pity that he never came out and told it as it really was (confidenialty clause in pay off I presume).

They then stymied Stale by leaving it until the last minute to sell Fletcher and Jarvis and sacked him as soon as he asked for backing in the January window.

Meanwhile we're still stuck with most of the losers who got us into this position.

Presumably Dean Saunders just likes to say yes Mr. Moxey.


Well he was a waste of money

we're doomed !

Just checked my calendar - had a real shock - i thought it was April the first.

I agree he was a bad signing and agree we need to get the wage bill down but while Morgan makes his millions playing bob the builder around wolverhmapton any chance we can sepnd some of the parachute payments and transfer money on staying this divison ?

Morgans legacy will be a like the Bhattis - a lob sided ground and playing in the bottom tier of the football league.

Morgan makes the Venkys look as if they know what their doing !


Something must be seriously wrong behind the scenes if we are just cancelling contracts to release players to cut the playing staff and save on wages. Where has the money gone? Morgans first mistake was going into the dressing room after the Liverpool game. Second mistake was sacking Mick when he did, I believe Mick would of kept us up. But after the decision to sack Mick, its been one disaster after another. So much more to say about how poorly the club is run, but I would just be wasting my breathe.


Again, another who was unlucky after promising so much, at this rate there will only be the tea lady left, turn the light off love while I remember the old days standings on the south bank watching bully and Mutch destroy everyone, a very simple but very happy memory from a then 14 year old, not like this tripe we are served now, HARK NOW HEAR THE SOUTH BANK SING A NEW KING IS BORN TODAY, HIS NAME IS STEVIE BULL AND HE'S BETTER THAN ANDY GRAY!.OOH BULLY BULLY, OOH BULLY BULLY, sad times ahead

: (

brian Davies

what is going on at this rate we will have no defenders left.Dean Saunders what are you doing ? Is it you or Jez that doesnt have a clue?


Let craddock come back into the team


Yay ! No Zubar, no Mouyokolo, no changes to the back four (unless enforced) Yay ! Go Division 1 ! Yay !


Most of the deadwood ios still there.


Why can't haven't we bought in good players. I'll tell you why.

1. They have no faith in the senior management

2. They don't think the manager is good enough

3. They can't see wolves going back into the Premier but they do see them going to div 1 and so does M & M. And that is why they (M&M) want to lower the wage bill cause there won't be enough of a gate in div 1. Players we buy now will want to leave when we go down so loss in monetary terms.

4. Wolves do not pay realistic wages.

5. Overall other team players aren't good enough. (There are good ones (one or two))

6. The team we have is a defeatist team as seen with 2nd halves lately.

7. The players continually let the manager down. (Mick Stale and now Dean)

8. There is no team just 11 individual players.

9. Wolves doesn't want to pay realistic transfer fees.

10. We don't have a manager that can select good players.

And these are just a few.


In a recent article, Moxey was described as CEO and 'football advisor' to Steve Morgan ! Sick joke or what !


Pie and wet look 99p hair gel advisor more like. Since he left stoke they havnt looked back, what have we really achieved with him over the last 10 years when we look where we are now, relegation fodder with mish mash stadium with 3 type of different stands in fizzy pop league, no players worth playing and nothing looking promising on the horizon, on the plus side, u can buy a THREE bed house in Compton for £400,000 built by bob the builder, he didn't take forever to sort that side of the business out did he!

W t i d

Silver Wolf

I think it's called 'gallows humour'!

spanish ray

One big laughing stock this club.I don`t think Morgan has a clue as to what he`s done to this once great club.It`s time he started listening to what people are saying,GET RID OF MOXEY THEN GET RID OF WARD,HENRY,JONSSON,BERRA, HUNT,DOYLE,SPEND SOME MONEY AND GET IN SOME GOOD PLAYERS WHO ARE PROFFESSIONALS NOT CRAP LIKE THIS LOT.You missed out on O`Driscoll,Frimpong has gone elsewhere and ,all in all, you are a disgrace to the name of Woloverhampton Morgan and Moxey.


Why can't we cancel Moxey's contract?

Nostalgia is not what it used to be

Would it not be worth employing "one of our own" as Director of Football someone like Mel Eves born and educated in Wolverhampton and played in a great Wolves side . He is a football agent who knows the market and watches hundreds of games and someone who knows the history and requirements of Wolves supporters.he also knows how important a youth system is because he graduated through it.

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