Sylvan Ebanks-Blake tipped for Molineux exit

Wolves striker Sylvan Ebanks-Blake is set to spark a scramble for his services before the transfer deadline shuts.

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The club’s 10-goal top scorer, who is out of contract at the end of the season, is being chased by a promotion-chasing Championship club.

Ebanks-Blake was prepared to stay at Molineux for the rest of the season and walk away for nothing in the summer.

But it is understood a club is negotiating for the hitman, with Crystal Palace a possible destination. Eagles boss Ian Holloway is an admirer of the 26-year-old and is now armed with £10m after yesterday's sale of Wilfried Zaha.

Hull or Leicester could also be in the running for the former Manchester United man as they look to bolster their promotion bids and Wolves are considering cashing in on the striker now before he is entitled to a free transfer.

The possible departure of Ebanks-Blake comes as Wolves are playing a waiting game on several deals after ‘frantic Friday’ came and went without any transfer activity in or out of Molineux.

Manager Dean Saunders revealed that bids have been received for a number of Wolves players.

But, apart from Saunders saying winger Bakary Sako wasn’t the subject of any interest, the club are drawing a veil of secrecy over their plans for the remaining five days of the transfer window.

Wolves still hope to sign a striker and a left-back, with serious interest in Norwich frontman Simeon Jackson and Villa defender Stephen Warnock.

Warnock’s destiny looks like coming down to who is prepared to pay the biggest chunk of his £40,000-a-week wages, with Leeds also keen.

But the club are keen to play down the significance of the Thursday afternoon meeting between Saunders, chief executive Jez Moxey and chairman Steve Morgan.

They insist that while the phone lines are “going crazy” with interest in their players and Wolves pursuing incoming deals, nothing is close to being finalised, and won’t be until the final days of the window next week.

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Comments for: "Sylvan Ebanks-Blake tipped for Molineux exit"

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Pursuing deals??? That is a double edged comment if ever I saw one. Pursuing clubs who want to BUY players, or pursuing players to sign? Typical Moxey talk methinks!!!!


how come we sell a striker for 12 or 14 million and struggle to either attract the right players and pay wages as well as the parachute payments what's Moxey doing with the money other than adding to his waistline


Bet you could bag a Villa player in the sale window at a bargain now

Killarney Wolf





Maybe we could get their manager too!


We will not bring in any new signings

Morgan is trying to cash-in on as many players as possible and he will then put the football club up for sale

I hope that we have had some bids in for Moxey because he should be the first out of the door


So frantic friday came and went, but as normal nothing happened. So until moxey stops his saying who comes in we will be in the same state as we were last year nobody comes in. I say again until this clowm leaves wolves we will going nowhere. So do us the biggest favour moxey leave this once great club. I have supported wolves now for over 60 years, and this clown is doing nothing to help wolves. I belive moxey thinks he the manager as well as ceo, look what stoke have done since they got rid of him, and look wat he has done for us nothing. So moxey go now.


Moxey is an Accountant

He has no pedigree that suggests he can make shrewd Football decisions

Why should any Accountant be considered as more qualified to make Football decisions than people from other professionals ?

His Football decision 'CV' both here and Stoke is an abomination.

Until We appoint someone with Football Pedigree AND give them GENUINE Authority and AUTONOMY to make Football decisions, then we will forever be rudderless.

We must have change


Agree 100 percent.

“We will invest the money back into the team,” said Moxey this afternoon. “We’ve got a number of other players in the pipeline which we’re hoping to complete. We’re a little exposed because we’ve sold two of our best players so we have others to bring in.”


Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

rowspalding. I have been posting exactly the same for a good number of years. His record related to not only football aspects but others, have been appalling, yet it appears only the supporters can see this. Until he goes I am afraid the club will not progress. However, I must add the chairman does not seem to be much better. He seems to be prominent by his absence of comments.

I have been a supporter for over 60+ years and it makes me sick to witness to continuous slide into possible oblivion.

Old Golds Worth More

I agree, so much for Frantic Friday. Why oh why, do managers, players, and staff keep shooting themselves in the foot by shooting their mouths off about things that invariably never happen? The E&S is just as culpable in my view, because they more then anyone, like to have headline grabbing stories, regardless of whether or not there is an ounce of truth in most of them.


You are not the first to say that Stoke have prospered since Moxey left them.

Secondly how many have picked up on alleged comments by Pennant that it was Moxey who signed him on loan and not Solbakken? If this is correct it cannot be right surely?


Moxey also signed Robert Taylor, Temuri Ketsbaia & Issac Okoronkwo without Managerment approval.

If You include Pennant, its a pretty dismal waste of money and further proof of his flawed judgement on any matters Footballing

fed up wolf

i love the comments!! wish moxey would go somewhere that doesnt play football, every club he has been at he has tried to kill, he has to go for our club to move forward,

morgan is only interested in building houses, he too should sell to someone who can take wolves to the next level, and in my opinion, anything above mid table would be a improvement! so i would like to echo this comment moxey go do what you do best, but do it at someone elses club, and leave wolves NOW!!

morgan sell wolves and go build houses coz thats all your good for

South coast Wolves

I couldn't agree more and he should take Morgan with him. I don't care what Bully says we've seen no evidence of his vision to return Wolves to their once greatness and I have been a Wolves fan for over 60 years also.

Ginger Wolf

Good comments rowspalding. Thing is there are many people like you and me for that matter who are life long Wolves supporters, as long as they keep turning up hoping that this the game that turns it all around, this setup will continue to treat us with contempt After all WWFC is run by a Builder and a bloke in the Hospitality business, If the builder bloke had rebuilt the team instead of the stands i am sure he would have achieved a little more respect than he gets. I do not think this setup wants Premiership Football they seem quite content to wallow around in the Championship or lower for that matter. As long as our doting fans keep buying season tickets, big match nuts and pies they will think we are happy. We have been here before, I am sure when the right people are in place with the passion required

The Mighty WOLVES will return


But also look what Rangers have done


Maybe SEB needs a change of scenery but it's a shame, I think. He and Doyle have never forged a good partnership. It looked more promising with Fletcher but injuries didn't help, nor did Doyle being the first name on successive managers' team sheets. The link with Holloway makes sense since he had SEB at Plymouth but I'm not convinced that Simeon Jackson is any better.


Please less talk & get a move on,get new players in & the dead wood out.all we here from players,all the staff top to bottom is talk,no action.


So frantic Friday came and went. Why are we not surprised there are no additions to our stagnant ranks. Warnock will go to Leeds as Poxey won't pay more than £2.50 a week to a player if he can help it. I agree that we don't have to break the bank but if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Warnock will give us a bit more solidity at left back. When he came on at Molineux last season, he is the reason why we didn't have that game sown up by half time.

SEB off... we will see. If he is going to leave when his contract runs out then we may as well get something now. He looks so much off the pace - possibly down to being about 10kgs overweight.

Roll on the cricket season!!


Good. Useless donkey who after all these years has made no effort to get back into shape.


Sylvan has always been a player that will get you goals. Wolves are leaving it far to late to find quality replacements.


Sell him now, get something for him and get his wages of the bill. time for some younger blood to be starting Cassidy or Sigurdarsson


Not as good as he was, but wouldn't like to let him go. Top scorer for wolves.

Magic wanderer

I can understanding us getting some money for Ebanks-blake now rather than letting him leaving for nothing in the summer. We will need 2 forwards signed up this window if he does go. Hopefully players who can score goals at this level, like blake, but who can actually hold up and pass the ball, unlike blake. UTW.


Phone lines going crazy with interest of our players... yeah right? With the exception of Ikeme, Johnson, Sako, Boukari, Doumbia, Cassidy, Batth, Doherty and Sigurdarson we should be accepting reasonable bids for the rest. These players have cost 3 managers their jobs. We need new faces.

Let's hope that Deano does not go with a negative midfield again today? One win and one defeat is better than 2 draws!


Probably one of the best if a bad bunch that we have , no great fan but can think of 7 others I would get shot if before him but I forgot ... We need money don't we so one of our only saleable assets to keep the bank balance topped up .

Don't expect anyone decent to come in though . Why can't we get hold of caragher for a seasons loan ? Would prove a fabulous way to get these under performing to****s playing , pay him what he wants and give him the captaincy , nice thought

Keith Neville

How long until the fans have to start an AFC Wolves?


There is still a residual £20 million from Summer transfers. If Saunders has specific targets to sign why are we delaying until we sell specially if the phones are "going crazy" with interest in our players. Just more smoke and mirrors I suspect.

Moxey out!!

Lets face the facts... we will never sign Warnock. The scouse mafia wont pay the wages... we'll end up with some nobody from a div 1 side... Every transfer window its the same!! False promises!! False hope!! Scouse mafia out!!! And take that greasy tool with you!!

Broseleywood Wolf

Sorry, just think that the Manager we have now is the wrong man and no matter what we do it is going to end in tears. I've never felt so negative about the the Wolves ever!!! Remember watching Wolves in the 60's and when I was born in the 50's we were champions. The club has took a wrong turn on this one, if we get relegated then it may speed up his departure. Wolves as a club are in a very poor place and the appointment of Dean Saunders is a very bad move. Why could we not follow WBA's example and learn from previous mistakes. MM had to go but should have gone the season before, Stale should have been given more time. I feel the same about Woverhampton Wanderers as I do about the government's now and that is nothing.


I am astounded at what seems to be happening at our beloved club, make no mistake folks Saunders is a yes man who will sign and sell only who he is told to, wont leave us short in areas so who are we tipped to sell a striker. I have had enough of the money grabbing pocket filling idiots that are running the club. The only thing us fans can look forward to is a few years mediocrity in a second tier League


The lad we need is Tom Ince...........


Thats what we like to hear, sales of our players to other championship teams, while we sign no one... How the mighty have fallen... Thanks Morgan..


Today will be like the big last shopping day before Christmas at Poundland..Jez will probably dress it like Harrods window..I expect the biggest shift of the season and everyone looking keen as mustard with injuries shaken off all match fit even if they're not fit for a match. Many know their days are numbered, whether it be they think they are better than they are or they know they aren't what is needed, this is the last shop window. Hopefully this will result in a resounding win when them lot who know who they are play for themselves, not for you or I or indeed the club. Biggest worry is what comes in unless the talent we have in U21/reserves that have performed in other scenarios are allowed to thrive with us given the chance.


Please don't go S E B, u are as good as any fizzy pop striker in the league and at 26 the next 4 years will be your best, and u know where the net is unlike most of our players

W t i d

Wirral Wanderer

No good looking for new signings if we can't even get out top striker to sign a new contract. We wont pay the wages and we wont get Warnock for that same reason. Yes we are in a good financial position but without showing a bit more ambition and put the boat out a bit, we will be in this league or lower for many years to come! UTW!


"But the club are keen to play down the significance of the Thursday afternoon meeting between Saunders, chief executive Jez Moxey and chairman Steve Morgan.

They insist that while the phone lines are “going crazy” with interest in their players and Wolves pursuing incoming deals, nothing is close to being finalised, and won’t be until the final days of the window next week".

Wake me up when we buy someone. Begining to think the primary reason Staale was sacked was that he insisted on bringing in new players to replace the crap here now.


After 47years of following wolves I am amazed by the keyboard warriors on here calling for the heads of the board,do they not know wolves recent history so get a life join me at wolves today and lets cheer them on.

Stafford wolf

I wouldn't let SEB go personally. If he'd get good service he would score more goals on top of the 10 he's got. Give him a 2 year contract.


I have never heard of any business in any other industry being run so badly. Sure, money is in the bank, but that is because we sold our crown jewels. In return we have a club who's board in so inept in beggars belief! Attendance continues to drop and will continue to do so unless we invest in quality players rather than the average player who is past his sell by date! Back in the 70's we built a stand before the team and rapidly went down through the divisions. Do I sense some déjà vu here? For the love of God and the sanity of the faithful Wolves fans, Mr. Morgan, LISTEN to what 95% of fans are saying and GET RID OF MOXEY!!


same old flannel...look jez we know the score do everything on the cheap.the transfer window will come and go jez will dust off the cliche book and say...january is a notoriously difficult window and a few of our targets didnt many times have we heard it...well i for one am sick of some quality and get us moving up the table.deano should be banging on moxeys door ,not just being a yes man

Frantic Friday

Did i miss anything !!!!!!!


Are they trying to be a good club or are they more worried about making money off of players? They must have enough money from the sale of their stars over the summer. I don't think SEB will bring that much anyway and they could just sign him if they think he is still good enough.


We're Doooooomed! Doooomed I say! Dooooomed!

The Real Bangkok Wolf

We have been told again that we need to get rid of 6 or 7 players to reduce the wage bill.

Is that Moxley talk for the squad is not good enough?

With Nouble gone I would say we have only 3 senior forwards at the club, Siggy is the 1 that only scores goals, and now it looks like Ebanks is off. Even if we get Jackson I think we are still 1 short.


What a pathetic joke this club is.Wolves are less ambitious now than they were 25 years ago.Until Moxey has gone,i won't visit Molineux.I have been a follower home and away for 44 years,and enough is enough.



This club now has a vile stench of Moxey about it. Players leaving and not being replaced,Players must be sold before being replaced,Probably the ones who will fetch the highest price, Promises, Promises of getting the manager's to do his dirty work to tell the media expect frantic Premiership signings on a non eventful frantic Friday, When his only intentions are plain to see his puss is staying firmly shut again,How long is this up himself clown going to take to name one of the stands after himself and why does he have so much say in affairs pitch side? Morgan Talk to us fans.

spanish ray

Spot on rowspalding I am slightly behind you at about 57yrs.Moxey must have a hold on Morgan somewhere.If Morgan can`t see what is happening under Moxey then he must be blind.Niether of them have a clue as to how a football club should be run and niether of them are interested in our great club,they are only using it for thier own ends,ie.orders for housebuilding and well,I think the fat controller is just on an ego trip.


New owner + get rid of Moxey and about 30 players + bring in 5 good players.I,ll give Morgan 20 quid,he will of doubled his money + the money he,s taken out of the club.Sounds like a good deal to me.

Steve K

I'm at home listening to the match on the radio. After 45 years of solid support for the club I won't be going again till that clown Moxey has gone. He is so full of B......t it is unbelievable!

I can't say anymore.......too upsetting for words.

paul davo

Just the same as last year, lots of talk , if new players are coming in stop the bull and get them in , but i fear the same old excuses will come round from moxey, ie club won"t let players go without a replacement , players wage demands to high, we will not be held to ransom , prem clubs want to much money. QPR & Newcastle have taken the best now anyway, no messing around for Harry, Harry to chairman look boss this is who i want if you want to take this club forward, boss says no problem Harry we will get them before any other club get a look in, THATS the way to run a football club Mr Morgan,

Frank Chickens


Costa del Sol Wolf

So it was Not Frantic Friday - more interest on Morgan's bank money

Remember when Moxey first came to us a mate of my Dad's, who is a Stoke fan, said he was no good

wordsley wolves

Surely it makes more sense to try and keep a proven goalscorer in this division as its more than likely we will be plying our trade here yet again next season. I hate to say it but it looks more and more like the wages are being cut and the plan is to try and go up on the cheap aka the way McCarthy did it rather than a genuine attempt to get to the Premier League. I'm all for some financial sense in matters like this and never want to see my club sold down the river by some foreign owner but surely the reduced crowds give the board a glimpse of what is to come for next season if the current poor performances continue.

Frank Chickens


Filthy Wolf

If we had cover I'd be happy to see SEB and Doyle out. But are we going to replace them? Unlikely. All this crap about 'wait and see' seems to be a case that the club has closed shop. God help us, but we had the Bhattis do this to us. Please not again.


Here we go again another loss time to wake up and get some players in saunder or soon the fans will turn on you.

Morgan invest some of the money from the last 3 years and make saunders spend it dont just bring managers in to field tbe burnt out rubbish weekin weekout.


Wolves will do very well to avoid relegation this season.


here here!

Bob wolf

Like so many supporters, and I've been a supporter for over 50 years, the plain truth is that the team simply isn't good enough even for this league. No matter which position you look at in the line up we need to spend and rebuild the whole team. The defense above all is very suspect across the back and the midfield lack real penetration. Moxey must go now!!!


well mr saunders... i hope you now realise the utter dross you have to work with... Does anybody at our club, other than the fans have the first clue about football. How many successive managers are going to say "we have a good bunch of lads here" or "we have some good players"... we DO NOT!! and i am sick to death of people from within the club telling us that the players we have 'with a few additions' will serve us well... You do not get silk purses out of a pigs ear... you just get another pigs ear.

If we do not bring in at least 4 players next week then yet again us the fans have been short changed. mr saunders has identified a left back as being required... i would have said a whole back four myself...

he isnt the striker he was last time we were in the championship but ebanks blake is the only player hitting the target this season and it looks like he may be going.... and i bet a penny to a pound that there wont be a player bought in to replace him or at least not one that will improve the squad!

distraught... angry.... and had it up to the back teeth!!

Wanderer Will

Well 3 games in 2 points and Saunders hasn't got a single player in ....... Foley Ward Berra Stearman Henry Doyle Blake Hunt Edwards basically get rid of any McCarthy signing as they can only play for him and I will admit they did give their all under him but he isn't here anymore and neither should any of them ............. Massive clear out needed and if I dont see 10-15 gone and 5 DECENT players come in ......... WE ARE DOWN !!!!!!!!

The Unhappy Wanderer

Moxey has shown with previous dealings that he will always try to get some money for a player, rather than let them run their contract down (e.g. Guedioura, Kightly). So SEB will go if we get anything approaching a reasonable offer, and football considerations won't come into it. I think Morgan and Moxey genuinely believe we are too good to go down, which just shows how much they know about football. We are in big trouble.

Lets beat Blackpool......oh dear we lost again

We all know the mystery club is Ipswich...MM wants him and Zubar!! Looks like Villa will be having a clear out soon, lets get Warnock in!


Let's not let "Frantic Friday" become another of this board's idiot catchphrases. What with numpties, happy clappers, Mad Mick and the rest, we already come across like a bunch of chimpanzees whooping as we punch soundboard buttons that activate familiar-sounding phrases.

stamford lincs wolf

the last 4 managers picking the same crap players. deano had enough time now to see they are not up to it. let them go for nothing. just get rid.

Baying Wolf

Cannot believe that after 68years of passion for this club that I would feel the need to write the following.

1)I beg the players who do not wish to play for this club to tender a transfer request forthwith.

2)Will the management identify those players they do not want and place them on the same list.

3)No long term contracts to be given to incoming players who are here for a short term fix,

4)If the kids are good enough - play them al la Major Buckley/Stan Cullis mode oof management - have no fear

5)Out of Darkness Cometh Light





I guess selling SEB now before his contract is up can be seen as good business.I think that he has run his course at Molineux.I agree with what Dean Saunders was saying about not wanting anymore squad players.It has got like it was when Mark McGhee was here.Reading between the lines it looks like there will be no signings and the 'deadwood rules OK'.


SEB was always looking like being one of the candidates for the door with Wolves getting what they can before his contract runs out.The way things are going it does not look like he will be replaced as DS tries to prune the playing staff.

So we say we have over 40 players and need to offload people Ok i get that, but why when we have 3 strikers why are we trying to offload the only one who is actually scoring (s.e.b)(10goals) even if out of contract why not offer him a year extension or unless we have a guaranteed goal scorer lined up id rather take a loss of sale at this point we will get what 300-600 thousand for him and we have 50 mil in the bank moxey needs to think football rather thank bank account on this one.

Stephen Morley

What doom hangs over our beloved Wolves! To all out there go to your local bookies and bet on us to be relegated , for sure it is written. Only two people to

blame a win double pair Morgan and Moxey, and clearly Saunders is already

out of his depth having gone from we can do the play offs to lets avoid relegation

in a couple of weeks and saying all this team needs is confidence, this man is a real idiot! Broken Hearted long suffering fan of 53 years.

Eleven in Gold

Moxey out

Rushall Wolvesi

auf weidershein Moxey!

Drw Wolf

What's the point of this story other than to rile a few fans? It's based on nothing and pretty much says nothing, pure speculation.


Unfortunately for us fans the team has lost its rhythm and cohesion - the chemistry has gone. There is only one way to tackle the problem and that is to rebuild from the bottom up. Wholesale shedding of the whole squad and restarting with fresh players whose morale is high and who are willing to mould themselves around Saunder's style. The make do and mend approach will take much longer and be less certain - so, a bumpy ride ahead for us Wolves supporters!


A thought just occurred to me: can we put Moxey and Morgan on the transfer list? Any bids would be very welcome I am sure.


What sort of fee would SEB command at thie stage of the season? Is he worth more than the fee to keep until the end of the season & hopefully keep us from the drop? How much income will the club lose for another relegation? These are the decisions that Moxey will have to make very quickly. What I'd like to know is whether Moxey's pay is reduced the same as the players for each relegation? Surely he has to bear some of the responsibility for the state the club is in, after all, he seems to have the wherewithall (money) to either make or break the club! His financial decisions will decide the future, not only of the club, but also the employees (ground staff, caterers, cleaners, office workers, stewards etc). As the club sinks further into the lower leagues, their jobs will go along with the supporters & revenue. For someone with so-called financial nouse, he's not looking all that clever to me! Let's hope that with the next relegation, Moxey's name is the first on the list for the Axe!! Surely Steve Morgan is too good an owner to let this fiasco continue.


I remember a five year plan by Moxey. Now we are back in a worse position than when Hoddle was here. The players dont want to know and we wont see any improvement until the deadline has gone. Virtually every played would jump at leaving. sacking mcCarthy is still around the clubs neck as we continue in a downward spiral.

Dingle Dave

Sell as many players as you can and just take what other clubs offer, We are a club in a absolute state with a terminal negativity vibe, Can't be fixed with thses players.

Also been told by my Villa mate that Warnock is poison in the dressing room and the last 3 Villa managers won't let him near the first team and he trains with the kids so best leave that one i hope.

I pray every night that the rumour of Moxey leaving Wolves in the summer and going to liove in the USA. This clowns ego is unbelieveable!

On another issue i wish DS wouldnt harp on about the transfer polcy as we all know we wont be signing any player of any worth.

Last question to Morgan


Brian Lockwood

Here we go again selling our best player and we will finish up keeping the rubbish.


Thank The Lord we are getting rid of the first one of a bunch of useless losers. Mind you, Greggs profits in Wolverhampton will suffer!


For God's sake-----Morgan & Moxey : JUST GO !!!!!! When I think of what Sir Jack did for the rejuvenation of Wolves, and a good manager in MM, I am horrified at 2 bozos like Morgan & Moxey being the REAL problem. GO GO GO


Here is an idea, we sold last seasons top scorer in the summer, now let us sell our current top scorer in January, then we can spend the rest of the season complaining that we are not scoring enough goals. Brilliant.


I too have supported Wolves since the mid 50's and am saddened at what is happening to our once great club. Morgan and Moxey should both go. The manager can only use what he has and those two have not helped our recent decline with the appointments made since MM went, Sir Jack must rue the day he sold the club to bob the builder morgan

good get rid off him to over rated and lazy. if deano wants to play long ball then at least put somebody up to who can win the ball.. this season as gone now need to get the likes off cassidy in and batth get some experience for next season.. moxey out


I don't want to see the players or manager writing in the E& S, saying we can still make the play off because we effing well can't. We have too many players who i believe now just don't want to play for the club, if that is the case i wish they would come clean with the club, are they still sulking over Steve Morgan storming into the dressing room after we lost so tamely at home to Liverpool, his home town club. He obviously wanted to beat them or put up a bloody good fight we did neither, what was he supposed to do, go home and kick the cat, the players let the fans and the club down, in his passion for the club right or wrong he went in their, it's never been known what he said to them. It's about time they stopped behaving like spoiled kids and fight to get this club out of this mess. Prove me wrong, i think you are in for one hell of a hiding Thursday night in Leicester.


If EB goes who will score the goals for Wolves? Lets hope someone comes in for Doyle instead because workrate alone ain't going to help us get out of the mess were in.


Has he been sacked yet !!!

Orlando Wolves

I believe that the Mr. Moxey is more interested in trimming the squad than improving the squad, hence the comment that `the club are drawing a veil of secrecy over their plans for the remaining five days of the transfer window.`

I hope I am wrong, but in a few days, I will find out.

Two points out of three games, although better than the Terry Connor era, it is not good, especially when the players are now playing the type of football they say they are happier with.

I know that Mr. Moxey, is a legend in his own opinion, but he really needs to come up with the goods and fast. The current position of this club, in footballing terms, does not warrant a Chief Executive Officer on the elevated salary that he is being paid.

Unless his salary was trimmed following last season`s disaster (like the players was), then perhaps you might see where the lack of passion, fight and dissent is coming from.

Steve Morgan please note.


Get McCormack from Leeds they need the money. No matter what he costs

Selly park wolf

Whether you like SEB or not one thing that has been proven over the years is that at this level he will guarantee you goals and even in this horrid season he has still scored 11 so far in a team that has no creativity!

I understand that he could walk away for nothing in the summer but unless a proven goal scorer replaces him this week then this will just put the final nail in our coffin.

Personally I would rather Doyle be sold and have SEB up front with Cassidy or a new striker!


we need to boycotte the next wolves home match then perhaps morgan might get the message life long wolves supperter