Safety first for Wolves boss Dean Saunders

Manager Dean Saunders today admitted for the first time that Wolves must avoid the drop before thinking about chasing the play-offs.

Dean Saunders

Wolves seek their first double of the season with tomorrow’s visit of Blackpool languishing 17th in the Championship, seven points off the drop zone and 13 points off the play-offs with 18 matches left.

Saunders believes the players can still challenge for a top-six spot but admits there is work to be done to avoid a second successive relegation first.

He said: "I have told them we’ve got to fight our way back in to the promotion race.

"If we get a run of form together, we can do it but I’ve also got one eye on making sure we get enough points so we’re clear of danger.

"The more likely scenario is we’re going to creep up the league. But we just need some positive results quickly so we can put those concerns to bed.

"If we win four games on the trot, that would completely change our position. It’s unlikely but it’s not impossible and we’re going to have a go.”

Saunders insisted Wolves will continue to battle their way through matches, rather than play a more cultured passing game – which suggests Jamie O’Hara may have to wait for a recall.

The Wolves boss said: "We have tried playing our way out of it and we were shipping goals and we have got to have people who want to fight.

“When you get good results, you get confidence and everyone wants the ball. But we have got to get the confidence back into the players first.”

Saunders revealed he has to get rid of “six or seven” players and admits he may have to take a guess on those who leave.

He said: "I have got to make an educated guess on some of them."

Ronald Zubar, Christophe Berra, Stephen Hunt and Sylvan Ebanks-Blake are out of contract this summer.

But the Wolves boss insists players won’t have their contracts paid up.

He said: “No – once one gets it, they will all want it. You can’t just give players away – we are not going to start doing that, unless we are prepared to cut our losses.”

Tongo Doumbia (back) is fit for tomorrow’s visit of Blackpool, as are David Edwards (hamstring) and Stephen Hunt (hip).


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Comments for: "Safety first for Wolves boss Dean Saunders"

pye green wolf

suggesting leaving our best midfielder on the bench for some one who runs around a lot sounds just like a mad mick decision,we huffed and puffed against blackburn for 70 mins ohara on the pitch for 30 secs creates a goal the logic is simple

luke skywalker

Totally agree. Need to be more adventurous, gradually, but particularly at home, starting tomorrow!!! O'Hara in for Davis, Foley to RB and Siggy or Peszko in on right



Actions Not Words!

Yes, Friday has come and gone and what happened? Oh just the usual, NOTHING!

Wolves are full of talk but hardly any action these days and that includes on the pitch.

Just once, it would be so nice for someone to say something and then actually follow it through!

Who will enter the doors of Molineux before the window closes?

Do we already know the answer?

Walthamstow Wolf

So why not put O'Hara in for one of the strikers who never actually strike? This would further bolster the midfield and also gives us one player on the pitch who actually knows where the opposition's goal is.


Totally agree - Peszko on the right Sako on the left, Ebanks- Blake down the middle, Ohara between midfield two and front 3.


You have a half right! However it's not a MM decision as I think the team and transfers are picked by the red faced brick layer and the black greased backed hair pie man. I think Saunders like Stale and the clipboard before him are just yes men. Mr Saunders will be looking at his P45 and his £750,000 bank balance when he fails to say yes.

This could be in 12 months time but could be in MAY!!!!!


One kick does not a good player make.

His distribution leaves a lot to be desired.

Perhaps, he wanted to get in the picture for the open window?

Make him more hungry, on yer bench


What Deano has said is very realistic, down to earth and truthful. Okay the football ain't gonna be pretty but we need results. Let's face it a certain group of the team ain't no where near good enough and hopefully he will start to get rid of Mcarthy rubbish.

His comments are truthfull than optomistic, managerial, spin bunkum what is usually served by moxey et al. A win tomorrow would be nice but Blackpool will be battlers so I wouldn't be surprised at a draw. After last weeks performance more than likely 0-0. I will be behind them tomorrow and don't expect too much.

Look forward to further news later today, we might be pleasently surprised.


Mills wolf

We dont need a manager who just speaks the truth and tells it like it is.... Stale spoke like that also, what we need is a manger who can do something to stop the rot and twist morgans arm to invest where it is needed !

""Saunders revealed he has to get rid of “six or seven” players and admits he may have to take a guess on those who leave.""

He said: "I have got to make an educated guess on some of them."

We dont need someone to guess, we need someone to know whats needed to win and act on it.

Another question.... why do we STILL not have any scouts ?? no wonder we aint looking at buying anyone we aint even been looking in the first place

its okay moxey, you just see how "frantic" we are to snap up your ealry bird this year !!

Western Isles Scot Wolf

You are spot on my friend.


If he continues playing Foley on the right wing and Henry and Davis in the centre, how the hell are we going to create chances for the strikers. This must be the most negative midfield that Wolves have ever put out?

The team for tomorrow should be:-

Ikeme Zubar Berra Johnson Ward Peszko Davis Doumbia Sako Ebanks-Blake Doyle/Cassidy

Anyway forget about that... it's Frantic Friday. Watch out for the marquee signings and half a dozen players being snapped up? lol

fickle fans

actually, its next thursday 11pm.

Sedgley - Sydney Wolf

Totally agree Rob about Henry...he's got to be the most non-adventurous midfielder i've ever seen. Yes he works hard, but we really must get someone in there who can play the ball forward and not sidewards all the time...would love to see his stats on shots at goal ...!!


But the Wolves boss also admitted there is likely to be an exodus to ease the wage bill of a 40-strong squad, although Bakary Sako is highly unlikely to be sacrificed.

Can we stop saying 40 strong squad? The 40 comprises of a dozen youngsters and many injured players. De Vries, Foley, Zubar, Berra, Elokobi, Edwards, Henry, Jonsson, Hunt, Ebanks-Blake, Ward, Doyle should be all available though?


so we don't have to pay the injured players then ?

and the young players all have newspaper rounds.

Nit wit


It's progress Rob - they kept saying 'nearly 50 strong squad' until recently

The Real Bangkok Wolf

don't you need to name a squad of 25?

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Why don't we keep the squad here and send the remaining 15+ players out on loan so we don't have to pay wages?


Wasn't it only a fortnight ago the same man said"we can get in the top six" oh how a transfer budget of £3.50 and a packet of fizzy cola bottles changes his outlook

U t w


"Wolves chasing signings from the Premier League"

Yeah and I've seen pigs fly!

Just wait for the well rehearsed words and usual excuses from good old Moxey when we fail to sign any player of note after the transfer window closes!


Yes, we will end up with league one hopefuls.

M and M will say " we made significant progress and we had a few almost in the bag but at the end of the day the players chose other teams for some unquantifiable reasons"

Who wants to come to a club with an untried manager and an M and M who will not spend.

Phil Smith

"may have to take a guess on those who leaves"

Doen't fill you with much confidence does he??

gold n black on me back

O'hara, doumbia, peszko and siggy all need to start if fit. Playing for a draw at home with Henry & Davis isn't good enough


Deano is, for my money, approaching this task with honesty and determination. I think he is doing it right by shedding some dead wood and looking for more senior players to give us a season to steady the ship. Whatever happens we are not going up and we are not going down so the best policy is to prepare the foundations for a serious challenge the season after next. Wolves are a great club and a loyal one too so I think Deano deserves three years to prove he can do it.

Realistic Wolf

Loyal, wonder what happened to Stales three year plan then. Wouldn't trust any of this lot anymore but will still be there tomorrow.


I cant help but say, how disappointed i am with how the season as gone so far. As i said some time ago, i stopped going in the PL, for health and football reasons. But decided to renew my season ticket this season, as i thought playing back in the Championship, with the squad we had, although i like most fans knew the likes of Fletcher / Jarvis would be sold, that we still had enough albility in the squad to be in the mix for an automatic place to go up straight away, or at a minimum easily make the play-offs. So to be were we are now, to say im disappointed is a huge understatement. Im sorry but i still think the blame lies with two people only, and thats Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey. Morgan as made some huge errors, especially with his timing, like not sacking MM straight after the Blackburn game, and replacing him with a proven PL manager. Then when he decided to keep Mick, he woefully backed him in the transfer market, which lead to our expected relegation back to the Championship. I also think he relied far to much on Moxey to run the football club, in my opinion this man is just a penny pinching pxxt, who will fight tooth n nail to save money, in either buying / selling a player, therefore leaving other clubs to come in and steal the player/s off us, when buying, or go elsewhere if we are selling. So unless i see a massive investment in players next summer, i for one will definitely not renew my season ticket, as ive not had anywere near value for my money so far this season. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW LADS:


Why confuse things? "We need to get enough points to stay up before we can challenge for top 6"

Yeah, that is logic. Points are points. Why not just say "We need points, simple as".


At the start of the season all the talk was of rebuilding and mounting a promotion challenge. Now it's all about making sure that we avoid relegation.

I don't feel quite as dispirited as I did in the last few months of last season, but I find it hard to work up any enthusiasm these days. It seems that we are not going anywhere fast. Having somehow managed to get to 3rd spot earlier in the season, we now find ourselves in 17th position hoping to keep out of the relegation zone. The two points Wolves achieved in the last couple of games has, for the time being, steadied the ship and left us with some breathing space.

I feel as though we've averted disaster by jumping off the SS Titanic before it went down, and climbed aboard the Marie Celeste where we will just drift aimlessly for the next few years.


Albrightondek, you once suggested that your thoughts were similar to mine on a particular topic. Reading your post, I have the same feeling. Your final paragraph is a superb summing up and mirrors my thoughts exactly.


Get a room!


First bit of sense from Saunders yet....and I'm tellin you, he ain't half been talkin' since he arrived !!!!!

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Dean, while I like your infectious enthusiasm, if you don't make the right signings NOW, then I'm afraid relegation is more likely than play offs!!!!!

Now get to it you under performing players and lets see what you are really made of tomorrow...........and you Dean.

Come on me Babbies

Super Saddlers

Safety First....that's because that's all he'll achieve!

Noel Tamworth

Maybe these managers and players need to stop talking so much to the press, stop playing around on social media websites, and instead put a decent shift in and justify their extortionate pay cheques to the people who pay their wages !


Complete regression! From surviving in the premier league to just about surviving in the championship. What a poorly run club! Yet, our fans are so loyal and deserve much more.


Having been watching the way in which our club is run over the past few years I have come to the conclusion our owner Mr Morgan has the management and leadership style of David Brent….. We really are completely leaderless both on and off the pitch!

David Brent's Lawyer

David is not very happy with this comparison and is considering taking legal action.


Pratt, Pratt, Pratt & Bumble Solicitors


think we should be positive best form of defence is attack at home , get this crowd going with a few changes from team that had only 1 shot all match last week. i would play a bit more creativity in side by playing hammill ohara pezscho & siggy.and firstly lift this crowd because i think this is one of the biggest problems we have at the wolves they need to see more shots on goal . if you start of with same team as last week the crowd will be quiet from the off and we will play into there hands and the slightest mistake they will be on players backs ,but i think if you freshen it up from the off,you will see a different reaction to crowd because they now deano means business and if we were to score early on the crowd would go crazy and the players could relax more and go on to win football matches again .


Where is the waiting till Friday decision for those who are leaving, no comment on new blood especially a left back.

One week left in transfer market talk sport have indicated Warnock has gone to Leeds, so we have to wait and see what transpires

It does not look very positive that any new players are coming in, cutting the wage bill seems to be Wolves target at the moment

Stallenbokken OUT

What a joke!

Sticklebrikken OUT!!

Moxley OUT!!!

Morhen OUT!!

Happy Clappers OUT!!!

Sarcy wolf

That's sooo narrow minded !!

cant you see were building a footballing empire here ?

in 30 years from now we'll have a lovley huge stadium

it'll look great too as you be able to see all the gold seats when were playing in division 2

its all part of Morgans master plan... his long term vision so dont take the mickey eh ! #CLAPPINGHANDS !!!!!

The Real Bangkok Wolf

We have years of this to come mate,


Phil Smith

3 weeks ago....."we can still make the play offs"

Now...................."Safety first" Avoiding relegation is a priority.

I wonder why his head's now in a different place? Is it because he's seen what he's working with and there's little cash to invest?

The Riddler

Can i suggest you read the article again?


Oh dear Mr. Saunders don't think leaving Jamie O'Hara out is a good decision but hey ho your the Manager


frantic friday ,like watching paint dry ,although just seen frimpong his on the move again ,hope its to us but i doubt it

Mike Pearson

The situation becomes increasingly laughable. Since when has anyone accused us of playing attractive football or any football for that matter? Friday is here and, so far, there is no sign of this alleged clear out of players, never mind anyone coming in!!!

It's going to be a long season for the fans, AGAIN!!!


With this 40 strong squad why don't we give the kids a chance. Doherty or Batth are far better than shirt tugging Berra.

The team for me should look like this:

Ikeme Zubar (Who i thought was unfairly taken off against Blackburn) Batth Johnson Ward Pesko/Hunt (But we know he won't start Hunt tomorrow) Henry/Doumbia O'Hara Sako Doyle Sigurdarson

We need some creativity and energy going forward, if we sit back against Blackpool tomorrow we will lose. If we attack like I know we can then we will win as there defense is awful. However I do admit ours is not that much better. But we're not going to get very far if Foley is playing Right wing, I don't know if Deano has said he can play there or Foley thinks he can but he was awful in that position.

Frantic Friday......

..........In transfer window for Wolves.

If this is frantic I'd hate to see a slow day!

Wednesbury wolves

Frantic Friday!!!!!!!!! Thought as much, there all talk!!!! Now the welsh wizard tells us we have to be aware of relegation before playoffs, HELLO we knew that you numpty!!!!!!!! Morgan moxey welsh wizard out 2moro!!!!!!!!


Totally aree, but what did we expect with a prat like moxey controlling the who comes and who goes. Moxey get out of the club because until you go we are going downhill Fast. So do the club and the fans a big favour go.

Bicester Mike

I do not read other club's fans comments but Wolves seem to have an abundance of those who think of a half empty glass rather than half full. Many do not speak proper English and cannot spell! They obviously do not understand how to run a business. They also seem to belief everything that is written whereas after 60 years dealing with newspapers I take everything with a massive pinch of salt. Until it is FACT I hold back any comment.

My suggestion is wait and see what actually develops and in the meantime GET BEHIND THE MANAGER AND TEAM.

wolfy's pants

wait for what exactly ?

ive been waiting since Mick got sacked for something to get behind.

the ONLY thing that has developed with Morgan i charge is the Northbank and a fat lot of use that will be in Division 1

pye green wolf

mike i think that belief should have been believe.


I agree with your final comment about getting behind the Manager and the Team.

I have been saying that for a long time. I also think with some of the fans who write on here (if they actually attend matches) that it would not matter who was in charge, they would still have something to moan about. Whatever WWFC do they still will not be satisfied.


How can anyone other than the hopelessly disillusioned have a half full glass given the events of the last 4 years.

Autocratic owner only interested in furthering his own personal interests against those of the football club employing a CEO also following his own agenda.

Premier League status squandered by total mismanangement and lack of investment with the loss of the ever increasing associated media revenues.

The Connor fiasco.

Relegation compounded by more of the same.

Player power (McCartheys clique) firstly ostracising Roger Johnson, then demanding the appointment of Connor and subsequently engineering the demise of Solbakken.

The recent appointment of a low profile, inexperienced manager who by his own admission doesn't know who is leaving or signing during this transfer window (see separate E&S article) a scenatio clearly being overseen by Moxey not the manager.

Attendances already falling and likely to plummet exponentially, with the consequential reduction in revenue.

Sorry my glass isn't even half full, but I do agree with you on the spelling and grammar issue.

Morgan's Conscience

Biscester Mike. don't knock other peoples spelling if you can't get your words correct. It should have been believe and not belief in your fourth sentence. One up to me.


Before you give us your pompous views, would advise you to check you posting before you send. Think that you mean Believe not belief.

We live in a democtactic country that some of us have fought for and some with there life, so please accept everyones view, and please note we are all not as educated as you seem to think you are.

chris h

Mike, In the 60 years you have been reading newspapers,have the league tables ever lied? Is losing £30 million in revenue by getting relegated the way to run a business? Was spending £27m on infrastructure rather than on players (the core business}, a sensible business decision. When the Chief Executive has said more than once that the business case for the new stand was not robust.When the existing infrastucture was perfectly adequate,and all paid for.When the financial benefits for staying in the Premier league will be at least £60million from next season. It might be better than Portsmouth,. and a few other exceptions, but Is this really sound business management.? One thing is indistbutable,executive management lack ambition for the football club,whilst'earning' a very lucrative remuneration package.

Spell Check

'Many do not speak proper English and cannot spell.' People in glass houses........

'I do not read other clubs' fans' comments.....'

'They also seem to believe......'

Italia Lupo

Hi Mike,

Well said and I agree with what say in principle.

We must give Dean time first as he has only just started and we should have a better idea of his worth by Spring!

I must mention that it is believe and not belief you should have put surely?

A genuine mistake I'm sure....I do wish the some of the regulars had a bit more patience and belief and optimism.....and the same goes for the squad too!

Rick in Italy



Mark B

Be critical if you must, but do not make errors doing it (belief)

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Bicsester Mike - For someone who claims to have been dealing with newspapers for 60 years, and who further asserts that Wolves fans on this site cannot spell, may I as a former Express and Star journalist refer you to line four of your post. What do you mean by 'they also seem to belief' ? A complete and utter misuse of the word!!! Go back to night school elementary English lessons pal.


Even his spelling of Bicester was correct

aaaargh !


Don't usually play teacher but your rather pompous comments warrant it. It's many do not speak English properly and as we are writing speaking doesn't apply does it? It's believe not "belief". In short, people in glass houses!


Belief or believe?

Wednesbury wolves

Mike, look at your spelling before having a go at others!!!!! Belief instead of believe!!!! Oh dear u really need to go back to school, and may be go and support your local team Oxford utd!!!!!!!!! People on here!!!!!!!

Igno Rant

Mike is it really so that "Many do not speak proper English and cannot spell!" ? I don't BELIEF you. Whateffer makes you fink dis?

Sir Reg

Believe old bean.

just bin

wulvz ay we


Where's Petenuts when you need him ?

I belief he's thumbing through his dictionary trying to find if 'The Oxford ' has accepted GOTCHA as a word yet !

nigel wolfnut

We can still mount a promotion challenge but need to avoid the drop first. Please wake me from this nightmare! Where is the direction in this club. Under Mr Morgan's stewardship we have gone backwards. The only thing that has gone up is the stand {and I need oxygen when I get to the upper tier - and wet when it rains}. Develop the academy? When we get the kids we don't play them. Why is Zeli Ismail on loan and Anthony Forde in the first team squad? If Forde is good enough then try Zeli. Or at least send Forde out on loan. We are shuffling the same cards time after time to try and get a winning hand. This group of players evolved as a team then needed freshening up. They still do - but how can you bring in players if you don't know what style of play you want them to adhere to?

Tipton Wolves

I thought this was suppose to be frantic Friday, cos I'm not seeing much happening as the moment. I think we need wing backs who are strong and fearless instead of relying on wingers to help them and a strong physical striker who would tussle for the ball.


Okay, by the time we've finished thinking about avoiding the drop, it will be too late for us to think about the play-offs. Here's an idea: let's think about winning a load of our remaining games by being chuffing better and then we can think about BOTH avoiding the drop AND having a run at the play-offs.

Of course, I know full well that we have no chance of the latter and will probably only do the former because the teams below us are so hopeless. But there you have it. A season to remember for us all!

manc andy

I hope frantic friday does'nt become sad saturday, i wouldnt bet against it though,UTW,,,

Wednesbury wolves

Static Saturday, and then tomorrow Saunders sacked on Sunday!!!!!! We can only hope. I'm expecting a convincing win today, after the 2 previous games it can't get much worse can it?????? Solbakken got 3 points v Blackpool, welsh wizard it's down to you and players now, cos clearly you couldn't match solbakkens 2 previous points tally of 6 points, hoping to see a different team, come 3pm!!!!!!!!!!! Come on we all want a win!!!!!!!!!


take a guess who will go you should now who is in or out ,shall we guess who we will bring in well mmmmmmmmm

paul davo

I can"t see anyone paying money for players out of contract in the summer, unless the signing on fee is bigger than we want now, I think moxey is to sharp not to take a reduced fee for zubar,seb, and bera, if he gets around 3m for them and there wages are gone he will be happy, Doyle to Leeds for 3m, thats a few more houses built Mr morgan , Quality players in don"t hold your breath , Next weeks headlines, we could not get the players we wanted there clubs did not want to sell, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deano, get o'hara in the middle with henry holding, o'hara can get forward and ping the ball about and pick the right pass out . Peszko out wide to get behind defence and get some decent crosses in.

Josh Pritchard

Why is it "unlikely" that'll we'll win 4 games on the trot in this second-rate league?! With the players we have?! Unbelievable comment!


I couldn't agree more, they alone are responsible for the sorry string of results. We should be flying along with the top in the division, but look where we are. Defies belief. Mr Saunders needs clearly lots of time, a real clean out and without doubt 100 per backing from the " born to suffer" supporters. I haven't mentioned our owner or his CEO only because I read a little of Steve Bulls radio question time, given the time he's spent with our owner and CEO and seems to be convinced of their vision for our beloved club. Steve Bull is Wolves in heart and soul . I really want to keep the faith and see it through. I truly hope our owner and CEO hasn't hoodwinked one of our few true here's and 1000s more around the world. Utw


We sold 3 main players last season(28 Million) i think........ but still no investment !!! all we hear is cut the wage many players... new stand to replace the old!!!

This season should have been the big return to the premership with the amount of money that will be available next season..... and now we are talking about relegation..... one fed up wolves fan.....!!

Mike Bicesters sister

I believe this is you, my belief is with you too.

Paul Allen

Wolves will need to play much better than they did against Blackpool away, we were lucky to get a win. Need to see a solid performance for the fans on saturday.


whats with all this frantic friday rubbish? the window is open till thurs 11pm nxt week.

bicester mike excellent post, be carefull you might be accused for talking sense.



Unlikely to happen to you though khs!

bazza from donny

Surley we could at least start the ball rolling my getting rid of just 2 players even if we have cut our losses. that would set up funds at least for a loan signing. come on deano start earnig your corn. You should never accepted the job if you cant make decision what most other supporters could tell you.. If we have offers for some of our players, bite the bullet & show you mean business for us the loyal supporters!!


Perhaps the 1st Pivtotal Game for Deano

5 pts from 3 Games will look a reasonable start

2 or 3 points from 3 Games ... Doubting Thomas's to the fore

Ian Robinson

Even having to mention relegation shows how badly M & M have dealt with our club.

Its bloody disgraceful.

We gotta get rid of Henry, he is the negative. Stoke saw it and never looked back.

Oh, and Moxey as it happens ;)


bicester pike , belief ? correct yowa gramma owa kid!

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Has anybody seen our paddle ?

Loyal supporter

Bicester Mike

I think you should have said "believe" not "belief"

Many loyal supporters have been paying hard earned money to watch the poor performances time and time again at the Molineux and deserve better and so do the people of Wolverhampton

Respect is given to Mr Saunders who will hopefully get it right the main fear is that not bringing in new players which has obviously caused Wolves downfall.

Time will tell

Esso Ian

O Hara on the bench again REALY!!!! Is he on pay as you play now and has fell pray to another moxey cost cutting measure. Same old Same old I fear the worst tomorrow.


Said it before and I'll say it again. Survive this season and clear out the Prem left overs. We need a complete shake up and new desire. 2-3 year project. The majority of this team failed in the prem so that's whats needed. Plus commitment from the board once promoted.


JUdging by the way Morgan and Moxey run this club it is hard to imagine them as successful businessmen.

My fear is that when the playing staff has been pruned the deadwood will still be there.

Deano_the _donkey _driver

"although Bakary Sako is highly unlikely to be sacrificed" translation = we have had an offer and he is gone next week


if the gaffer plays defensive sat i will be missing for a long long time.

The Unhappy Wanderer

Anyone who has watched our performances this season can see that this team is quite capable of another relegation. However, a big part of the problem has been, Sako apart, a complete lack of creativity in midfield. We don't score enough goals because we don't make enough chances. I thought there was some excuse for that when our creative players, mainly O'Hara, Peszko and Boukari were all injured, but now that two of them are available again, and with the option of Hammill, to not pick them is plain stupid. The only threat we carry is Sako, which means our opponents only have one problem to think about. Don't give away free kicks around the box and Wolves aren't going to score.

Packing the team with defensive players in midfield, especially at home is just gifting the initiative to the opposition.

No need to be gung ho Dean, but please be positive or this could get as bad as last season.

Wednesbury wolves

Oh we'll, looks like ping pong gone to Fulham!!!! That's the 1st one we have missed out on. Just hope we don't lose 2moro!!!!! If so Morgan must come out and tell us what his plans are!

Fair Oak Wolf

Where has the money gone?

Morgan, if you are not going to invest it in the team and sort this mess out, then zark off and take Moxey with you. To say we have to sell before buying is crap, and insulting to the fans who know better. Why don't you just admit you have no ambition other than building things to make us more attractive when you finally sell?

Can't wait for the Early Bird. Hopefully you'll get the collective two fingered salute from the fans that you deserve.


Ard macha wolf

As a devoted long distance wolf of over 45 years who wishes he didn't care as much as i do about our club, one question has always puzzled me about all off our recent managers ? Why do they not give our kids and young players a chance ? I normally see 4 games a season at the molineux and have never seen Danny Baath play, so is he not good enough ? Or will dean Saunders not risk him until we are more settled. Reason I ask is that he was one of Sheffield weds best players last season and committed to us this season, but has spent most of it on the bench - ditto for matt Doherty ?


I do sympathize with this comment. The club has spent thousands on training facilities and from what i see we have some promising youngsters. Are M&M frightened of success?


In his own words We must avoid the drop.He has obviously seen What the fans that have some knowledge of football { Non happy clappers } that we lack quality players.

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Bicester Mick ........... Talking about spelling. I think you meant to say belive and not belief!!!!!

I,m Spartacus

Still can,t believe we,re in this position, every day i wake up and hope it was just a nightmare.WOLVES 3 blackpool1 {had a nap this afternoon}

paul davo

Good comment Bicester Mike, but these comments are made to the E&S by the players, unless our local paper are making it up ! Just seen that Fringpong "s gone to Fulham on loan for the rest of the season, another one bites the dust, I just hope Deno has his own players to come in, I think there will be a 1 or 2 very big players coming in to try and get the fans back on board , STILL DREAMING,


albrightondek and solventwolves,fact is nobody at wolves before the season started,suggested promotion was a target. because all mr morgan and the fat contoller are intrested in is making money. they have done absolutely NOTHING to help their manager with funds or anything else to get this club back in the premier league. they could not care what division wolverhampton wanderes are in,so long as the cash tills keep on ringing and their pockets are filled. the only team mr morgan cares about is liverpool. mozey only care about his wallett. enough is enough,they should both leave and sell the club to someone who supports wolves, and not see it as a money making machine.


First Stale Bacon, then Deano Sausage, who´s next?


Why challenge premier league players, luckily we have a whole bunch of players back from injuries, no excuses not winning now Deano


When it comes to football,i don't think that Morgan & Moxey know how to run a business..I have watched and supported Wolves for over 50 years now.This club is a shambles!The club is solvent with money in the bank but have owners who will not invest in the playing side of this Great Club of Ours!Morgan & Moxey you certainly have not got your finger on the pulse of thousands of people who believe passionately in this club.You are taking them for granted and are basically insulting them which includes me.We deserve better than this.If you can't stand the heat Morgan & Moxey then get out of the kitchen.


The Wolves Supporters deserve something better than this considering what they have been through over the past couple of years or so.Time to clear out the deadwood and give some of the younger players a chance.The deadwood have had their day.Come on Dean be brave and be positive!Also be prepared to stand up to the two jokers running this club.


The problem is when you pay peanuts..........


Well, well, well, missed Emmaunel Frimpong gone to Fulham on loan, had the chance and Wolves did not step in.

Good enough for Fulham? He wanted to come back to Wolves and deserved the chance another player who may haught the Wolves.


gone to a bigger club.


Wednesbury wolf

Totally agree Emmanuel Frimpong to Fulham he wanted to come back to Wolves after his injury which was sustained at Wolves.

Wolves said they were looking at him again no common sense hear and lost him to Fulham and l understand Warnock to Leeds what next supporters are asking

Come on Mr Saunders who are you looking at?


Spelling error better be put right

"Haunt" sorry


'FRANTIC FRIDAY' CAME AND WENT THEN!!! Keep up the good work Moxey...Tight, Cheapskate, Parasite!

Chris. Camp

Frimpong off to Fulham, Warnock off to Bolton. Wolves, again, too slow or tight to bring in some quality. Time to stop sitting on their hands and get out and do some business. Wait until next Thursday and get the dross that no-one else wants!!!

Ghost of Glen Hoddle

Time to move over and let Ipswich overtake ?


Dont try and pull that stunt Wolves fans have been starved of good attacking football we wont tolerate were rebuilding it will take 5 years thats Moxey talking.

The Unhappy Wanderer

Dean Saunders is really confusing me. I thought I was reasonably familiar with our squad, but apparently not. According to our new manager, we have 5 right backs and three strikers. Even if you discount McAlinden, we have SEB, Doyle, Sigurdarson and Cassidy; so who doesn't count? Doyle because he never scores, or SEB because Moxey has already decided to sell him perhaps? And five right backs? We have Foley and Doherty, but Stearman and Zubar were both signed as central defenders. Even if you count them, who is the fifth?

So before "taking a guess" Dean, have a look for yourself. Don't just take Moxey's word for it.

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