Wolves close in on Villa's Stephen Warnock

Wolves were today hopeful of a deal to bring out-of-favour Aston Villa left-back Stephen Warnock to Molineux on loan.


The Express & Star understands Wolves boss Dean Saunders has enquired about the experienced defender’s availability, although they face a battle with Leeds for Warnock’s services.

Stephen Ward is Wolves’ only fit senior left-back, with George Elokobi ruled out for the rest of the season after ankle surgery, and has reeled off 72 consecutive league appearances for the club.

But Saunders is keen to redress the balance of his squad and add some competition for the position.

Warnock, who is out of contract in the summer, has been frozen out at Villa by manager Paul Lambert this season and been banished to train with the club’s youth team at the Bodymoor Heath.

The 31-year-old had a three-month loan spell at Bolton at the end of last year where he made 15 Championship appearances, including one against Wolves in the 2-2 draw at Molineux in October.

Bolton manager Dougie Freedman had hoped to sign Warnock on a permanent basis but the Trotters were unwilling to meet his wage demands.

The former Liverpool and Blackburn defender reputedly earns £40,000 a week at Villa, although it's understood Wolves would only be prepared to pay a percentage of that figure.

Premier League sides West Ham and Fulham have also been linked with Warnock, but there were no concrete offers from either club.

Capped twice by England – his last one came against France in November 2010 – Warnock was in Fabio Capello’s 2010 World Cup squad and was picked ahead of Everton’s Leighton Baines.

Warnock was signed by former Villa boss Martin O’Neill from Blackburn for £6m in January 2009 and has made 84 Premier League appearances.

He hasn’t played for Villa this season but was a regular last term and in 2009-10, making 35 and 30 Premier League appearances respectively.

Saunders is also closing in on a striker as one of two potential signings this window, with pacy Norwich forward Simeon Jackson one of several targets.

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Comments for: "Wolves close in on Villa's Stephen Warnock"


we might have a left back at last ,fingers crossed ,

allan kronenbach

good solis left back when he played for villa last season stopped kightly every time snap him up he help us out

Jon The Pope

We can only pray..


great news, then we can send Ward to Ipswich because he'll never get in the team on the left wing

Solbakken DVD Club

Don't know what to make of this one. I've never been a big fan of the guy but I will say he's twice the player of Ward

Solbakken DVD Club

Also didn't mick go for him last season?


Hallelujah! A common sense signing - albeit on loan. Hopefully.

But wait - Jez has got to negotiate the % wage terms yet.

Realistic wolf!

What a joke!!

Definitive Wolf

Only interested in done deals. If it happens, then I'll celebrate.

Phil Smith

I'm the first to criticise lately, but this is some good news.

A proven left back. His best days have gone, but still good enough for this league and much better than Ward.

Come on Wolves make this happen plus a couple more.


That's good we can then try Ward on the right wing

Phil Smith

Hope that's tongue in cheek??

Wilts Wanderer

Centre forward! Job done ;-)

Darlo Wolf

He actually looked pretty good at centre forward when MM put him there...!


And you should have gone to specsavers

john payne

great! killing two birds with one loan. New left back will release Ward to play as striker.


try getting some money from his dad

if not suppose he could paint the ground

Hard Wolf

Wardy got quite a shot on him id give him a strikers roll, No i am not joking!!

John De Wolf

Great news we need a left back!

Personally I'd put in a bid for Danny Fox at Southampton, he's lost his place and may not fit into their new managers plans.

luke skywalker

great call


Yes, Danny Fox is a very good shout.


I wouldn't get too excited. Moxey won't pay his wages so I'm pretty sure he'll end up at leeds.

Mark E Smith I am curious oranj

What do you want a medal. I also said Wolves would go down if they didn't buy last January, does this warrant praise?




astlelostustheworldcuptherefore howcanhebeakinggodonlyknows - keep to the sand dwellers message board son. u & jacktheprat really do need a wee burying


I am Leeds and are pretty confident that he will NOT end up at Elland Road with those wages. Maybe we'll pay him 10% of what he's on now.


As mentioned by me as a player of interest last week on a loan basis!

We are deeper in it than I thought if people are listening to me though...

Hednesford Wolf

Have some doubts perhaps about his current form but he is a proper left back with bags of experience and vastly superior to what we have , but will we meet his wage demands, should be interesting to see the boards commitment.

Prince Cheese

Too late,Wolves goin down.

Moxey out


How is it too late? Back the team for once instead of criticising it all the time...actually too late....go and become a chelsea fan.

London Wolf2

Hope this rumour is true but why would he want to come to Wolves when Fulham and West Ham are looking at him? We also badly need a new centre back and a forward with pace who can score goals and/or make space for whoever Deano picks as a STRIKE partner, yes I did say STRIKE partner. Any news on Fripong as an attacking mid-fielder?


Because he's local and might not want the upheaval?

"Any news on Frimpong as an attacking midfielder?" Yeah, he isn't one.


Wouldn't have to move to London? A more sustainable commute? Although £400,000 a week would probably cover helicopter expenses...


you mean £40,000 surely...........lol

Also Londonwolf Frimpong is not an attacking midfielder...........

London Wolf2

He's more attacking than what we got at the moment in Karl Henry etc !!

Are you Albion in disguise?

Really LW2?, you'll be slagging Henry off for being no good in goal next..

Chillo Wolf

'Attacking midfielder' like it!

Have you seen him play London Wolf?


Anything would be better than Kelvin henry, midfield player who hasnt scored a goal in 5 years,absolute garbage


Trust me, this rumour will bring out both lots of fans, the ones who don't rate him and the ones who do. Nothing changes. It will also bring out the anti M&M brigade, saying we won't pay his wages if we try to sign him, or he'll be off to Leeds if we try and loan him. It's Moxey's fault whatever, and whilst we're at it Henry, Berra and Ward too. Fetch me my hod and point me to Redrow


Finally........we look at positions we actually need players in! Throw in a Right back, creative midfielder and a winger and we might start creating chances for our strikers!


Well Charlie Mulgrew did a pretty good job at Celtic and Van Damme fell out with Mick almost before he arrived.

Winchester Wolf

I can think of a few I would like to see banished to train with the youth team, except they might give the youngsters some bad habits - turning up p***ed, turning up late, no effort when they do turn up, etc etc etc.


I personally think he would be a great addition! However, will Morgan be willing to spend the money for the transfer plus wages is yet to be seen.


Welsh Wolf

At LAST it is recognised that Wolves NEED a left back. Let's not forget Ward was signed as a Striker and we have not had a left back (good one) for years. Not since PARKIN, before that Gerry HARRIS( Mathews would not play against him) and then we go back to the "Golden Era) of Springthorpe and Kelly.

david abel

surely you've got to include Andy Thompson. If not for his penalties alone, and then there was Dennis Irwin in our first prem season. He was decent. I'd also say Lee Naylor in his prime wasnt too bad, playing Champions league with Celtic. i might be stretching it a bit with the last one!!


Andy thompson was a right back

Mark E Smiths Touch Sensitive

What about Dennis Irwin?

Doog is still King

Bobby Thompson?


What about Dennis Irwin?!?!

Wilts Wanderer

Andy Thomson? Happy days!

Chris White

I think those who remember the Late Bobby Thomson might disagree ?


Actually he was that good he played for England

Eddie Clamp's Shinpad

Gerry Harris - now you're talking. Chuck in Clamp, Wright, Slater, Flowers, Showell . . . . . . . aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Charlie Mulgrew (though he never got a sniff......)

The D

Stephen Froggatt Imho did a good job when they dropped him to left back too (a crime we sold him).


Loved Froggy on the wing and at wing-back. Never the same player after he had his ankle done at Palace though.

Steve Sedgley

Remember me?! :)


at last a decent full back may be joining wolves??


Be a very good signing for us if we can bring him in!


I really rate Warnock, i always have.

Looks like he could be a good signing for us. I do actually like Jackson too.

We have to releaise were not a "Big Club" anymore, and can't attract the big names.

i'll be surprised if we finish top half this season.



Ok so it would add competition for places I guess.

A striker is needed too so hopefully we can close in on that one asap.

As for players leaving, Zubar should be kept. I know he is one player that may actually command a fee but since Dean took over we have apparently got a lot stronger in defence. Zubar has played both games so if we get rid explain that one?

We have let Nouble go and sent the trouble maker back to Scotland and cancelled Pennants loan, but others to go could be:

Elekobi (release if not to costly as injured),



Cassidy (on loan),



Blake (out of contract so make up your mind),

Berra (same as Blake)

I make that 10 players potentially off the wage bill till at least the Summer.........................

We need to sign some quality rather than some of this dross. Ebanks used to score for fun in this league. He may be worth giving a contract to in the hope he re-discovers his golden form but we are currently missing a 20-30 goal a year striker. 15 would be an achievement this year for any of our front men.


Warnock had been in the running for Fabio Capello’s 2010 World Cup squad only to miss out to Everton’s Leighton Baines.

Errrm, I'm pretty sure he did go! Baines missed out after talking about being home sick!

Bush Babbie

Erm, think you should read article again. UTW


James why are you arguing with your self?


Villa fans never describe him as a left back, I can't tell you what they call him !

Phil Smith

They would call Stephen Ward a lot more!!!

Bradley Bill

Most would have him back now if it meant keeping Joe Bennet out of the team - Lamberts biggest mistake!


close in on, more like enquired


some other club will pay him more wages than us, why not buy him.?


If we can secure a loan deal for Warnock, I for one will be pleased. Fulham and West Ham have supposedly shown interest in taking him on this year, so it may be more than Leeds that we are up against. This would be the sort of loan signing that I would welcome. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


quality left back in this league, could really improve if we didnt have ward in this league, and also if we get Simeon Jackson he would definitely add to our attack because we have nothing at th moment with Doyle and SEB, SEB can bag goals but only with a supporting striker with him, Doyle has lost his touch completely now and if we lose SEB then we must bring in a goalpoacher.

Green NIgEl

Too expensive for Wolves,anything over £37 per week would give Moxey a coronary.

any excuse

Yeah, shame it's not your money to chuck around..


He went to the 2010 world cup. it was leighton baines who missed out.

Cornish Wolf

A highly rated player with just the right attributes to fit the bill for our left back problem area.

Simeon Jackson would also be the one to replace what seems to be a want away E-Banks Blake.

The noises are encouraging today and with Boucari likely to make a return soon all of a sudden I have my happy face on. The Wife will be suspicious though!!

Up The Wolves


Fantastic news. Deano raiding the Villa - happy days.

He's under pressure to reduce the wage bill first, which surely means good-bye to SEB and Zubie.

Given Doyle's 4 year Stat "always on the winning side when he scores" - and because he is our most valuable asset - I hope the next priority is to find a formation that gets him into the thick of the action. How to do this is the question!


Warnock did go to the World Cup in 2010.

Sedgley Slayer

Finally! I wont count my chickens but this at least sounds promising.


would be a good signing nice and solid, also gives us a option of pushing ward to left midfield and maybe give sako a free role when we decide to play 3 in the middle?? (most away games) like what deano is saying though. Its all about getting a balanced squad, would like to see Simeon Jackson come in and maybe even Daruis Henderson?? free transfer from millwall that would give us a good mix of strikers i think - pace and power!!!!


Finally a replacement for Ward who's been a liability for years! Tries hard but has no skill, pace or attacking side to his game.

Cuddly Dudley

Whatever may be said about Stephen Ward's defensive work you just CANNOT say he has no pace or attacking side to his game. When he linked up with Jarvis they were a great attacking duo and Ward's crossing at times was better than Jarvis. Stale definately restricted this side of his game, but, against Blackburn he was back to his attacking best and produced three of the best defensive splitting passes of the game. Two to Sako and one to Doyle.

Yes defensively he stands off his man too much for me, but, he might just be the answer to left sided midfield with Sako pushed more forward and inside.


At last a left back at our club! MM, clipboard and passitnowhere could not see that Ward was only good to carry the water!


Why do you have to be offensive to OUR players?

Did he chose to play there? There are 5 managers who play him at this post including for his country! Do you believe there is no other left back from Eire?


At last !!!!!!

A fullback, worthy of the name


Welsh Wolf - Don't forget LB and PK king Thommo!

Woolfie 4371

Believe me when I say at best it will be a loan move and even then I don't think it will happen. SM WON'T SOEND THE MONEY THIS MONTH TO BRING ANYBODY OF QUALITY IN MARK MY WORDS . Cheap club Cheap Owner & cheap CEO . Nothing will have changed by the end of month , just excuses saying we were close , we couldn't afford wages etc etc.

LEAGUE 1 here we come .

whinge, whinge, whinge......

Clueless Boggie....disappear back up to the poorthorns.....

Stale fan

Decent left back - certainly wouldn't be disappointed!! Think Danny Fox from saints would be a better addition, cracking footballer and possibly available.


Danny was offered to Wolves whilst he was at Coventry, Wolves turned him down, but he would be a really good signing for us.


Danny Fox is also worth a few goals from set pieces and assists.

Stale fan

Currently behind Luke Shaw in the pecking order. Also 26 not 31 like Warnock - so has a few good years ahead of him.


he was awfull when we destroyed them at the mol in the first half when we were leading 2-1, could have been 4 or 5 -1, when kightly ran rings around him,

but henry got sent off and o'hara got outmuscled,frimpong got carried off and we lost that game.

no wonder he's been training with the youth squad, bad attitude.

40,000 a week for a has been, no in my opinion wwfc can find a more skilled left back from france/or another championship club.

on the steve bull thread, he revealed some insider knowledge about possible striker coming in/left back/winger......so much for the we wont sign anybody in jan/we will be relegated brigade 7 days left.

stearman/zubar/ebanks blake/hammill/forde all leaving.

meanwhile on the darkside, they're all congratulating each other on a point gained against pride of the midlands(villa) a team who lost to league 2(old division 4) bradford.

2 points from their last 9.....heady days indeed.

roll on blackpool. utw.

The Wise One

khs, villa feel humiliated losing to a division 2 club,good job it wasn't a non-league club,that would really make a league club a laughing stock,aye?

We Only Need One Half!

Khs, you truly are a prize plum! oh my ribs. Still if Luton reach F.A. Cup Final you may have a valid point.

Well, there's a first time for everything!

emma dale

your ribs? why did eden hazard kick you that hard? lol.

wise one? non league luton? actually played league football untill recently, unlike woking!!!!

wonoh i see you;ve taken on cr78/jth's duties of patrolling the wwfc threads to stamp out any fun poking at wba's expense.

now that is funny. utw

Haling wolf

In the first half of the villa game kiaran Clarke played left back , a natural midfield player , who kightly was up against , second half they put warnock there & kightly never got another touch..!

spanish ray

He won`t come to Wolves ,why? because Moxey won`t pay his wages.Everyone should know by now that Moxey is holding this club back.I don`t believe in throwing money away but I do believe in paying good players what they are worth.Come on Morgan tell Moxey to keep his nose out of the football team business.


I bet he will join Leeds to play for his dad!


He has not signed yet? Also bear in mind, when he was at Villa last both him and Hutton were slated and classed as some of their worst players. Personally, I hope that we get him and he can recapture his Blackburn form. Also this would give Ward a chance to challenge for a place further forward!


I can't wait for Frantic Friday.

Filthy Wolf

Warnock in, Ward back up front where he was signed for.....................:>


first thing I thought when I saw 40k was it's not going to happen but if you remember if we can get rid of deadwood and then use there wages to get quality in



OUT Zubar, Stearman and Hammell = 40k a week

IN Warnock = 40k a week - 2 players from the 40 man squad


Wonder if Teflon Jez will do the right thing for once,if pastperformance is anything to go by, i suspect we wont get him. Please prove me wrong Jez

Broseleywood Wolf

This is just a gut feeling and I hope I'm wrong. Dean Saunders becoming Manager at Wolves, not the smartest move & some of the signings that are being spoken of are poor. Just feel we have gone backwards, we will end up in the position that Mark Mcgee left us in, hope I'm very wrong.



Could this mean Ward to Left wing & Sako to the highest bidder????


Cornish Wolf

Shush Grace, shush. Please don't give them upstairs ideas, they just might act on them!!

Up the Wolves

chris h

Grace, I have been having problems with the moderator,something you yourself complained about the other day.Just to say I stand behind thoses figures I quoted the other day.I don't know where you were looking,but your assumpions were wrong.The figures relate to pension provisions for the one Director at Wolves who receives remuneration. the rest of them don't get a penny.

chadsmoor wolf

marlon king on a free why don,t we go for him

Sir Billy Quite

Becuase he is a convicted criminal?

Phil Smith

He was a convicted criminal.. but agreed. Still wouldn't have him.


What does his being a convicted criminal have to do with whether or not he can play football to a level that determines whether we should sign him?

We shouldn't sign him because the man is Jason Scotland's age, and doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

He's done his time mate

monday night football

erm. Jermaine Pennant?

Wednesbury wolves

So is kelvin Henry!!!!!!! Short memory, no mot, no tax no insurance ring a bell, go and support tesco sir billy

Farmer Ted

There are a number of convicted criminals that have returned to play professional football, the same as there are in all walks of life.

What he did was reprehensible.

However he has served his time and should be able to continue to earn a living during whatever time is left of his career.

He's done very well at St Andrews, but, they are in financial melt down. If DS and M&M decide he could be the man for Wolves it will cause a big split in opinion, no doubt about it. I would give him a go, but, if he struggles he will hear about it from the 'other half'


So if messi and ronaldo was a convicted criminal you wouldnt sign them either !

old gold

re: RichWolf64 s comments, so you think Leeds pay more wages than Wolves , dream on my son;


There's no doubt we need another left back for competition and/or cover for Ward. But, surely we should be looking for a young up and coming fullback, rather than someone who's clearly on the way down.

"Banished to train with the youth team", does'nt sound good to me.


Welsh Wolf, don't forget the great Bobby Thomson, Eddie Stuart and Roy Pritchard. I hope we get Warnock i have liked him ever since he burst on the scene at Liverpool, Steve Morgan should be able to persuade him to come to us. Simeon Jackson looks a good choice as well, i think SEB needs a change of scenery.COME ON THE WOLVES.

mark ww

about time !!!!! 5yrs iv,e been saying we need a leftback ....... maybe wolves should give me a job lol.......


Yeah, because the rest of us definitely hadn't noticed that we needed one. If they gave everyone in Wolverhampton who knew that we were deficient in that position, a job, then it would solve the city's unemployment problem in one fell swoop.

ian clarke

surely Ward Doyle and Henry Hunt must be sold not SEB AND Hamill and Zubar complete joke Sylvan scores more than Doyle. favourites again or what. Deano has lost the plot already defensive football very exciting I dont think. hey moxey/morgans wheres all the money fgone from Jarvis and fletcher, start signing players now Jackson Zigic Elliott from blues and Redmond and Beckford would be nice oh and Mcglashen from cheltenham and wells dont leave it to late get rid of the deadwood that took us down keep sylvan hes way better than Doyle


The most stupid comment on here for awhile


He will go to Leeds then, lets face it the way wolves operate nowadays, I wouldn't be confident of getting him if Dudley town were in for him

paul davo

its not at the back we need players in this window, Boro have the same goals against and are 5th 3 points off 2nd , strikers and a top class attacking midfielder needed, there are only 3 teams got a goals against worse than us, so it is attack we need to address , 10m should do it Mr Morgan, then we can build and gel a side for a big attack next season, i think it is to late this year.


He is somebody experienced.Probably better than what we have got

Sir Billy Quiet

I bet Stephen Ward hopes we get another left back into the club soon at least then when he is selected the Wolves fans will know that the manager actually chose him as first choice as opposed to the only choice!

I am keener to see who goes out at the Wolves - we need to get rid of the dead wood and player 'clicks' at the club.


So Sir Billy, you want to get rid of the dead wood. Would this include the same players (Ward, Henry, Edwards, Stearman & Co) who you were so steadfastly defending 12 months ago. And where did you stand on clique when I constantly challenged the attitides of "The Gang of Four?"

Glad to see that at last, after they have seen off 2 proper managers and their mate Terry, you can see the damage that player power has done to the Club.



Well lets see who he signs for then!

Dan the Man

Wait for it ... ear-shattering applause from the Happy Clappers! I'm going!!

My final post here is about the club in general. Please pay attention ...

The club is like a patient who goes to see the doctor with a bad headache. The headaches continue unabated. The doctor keeps prescribing aspirin. Some months later the patient dies of a brain tumour.

OK, here's my point: The club (the patient) had got more than a headache. There is a cancer in this club and all the Molineux (spin) doctors are denying it.

Signing over-the-hill, unwanted, and / or lost-the-plot players is not going to cure the patient. They will represent no more than artificial life-support.

Sorry if you find this upsetting, but if the current condition prevails, we can expect the patient's condition to worsen (relegation to Division 1).

I'm off now to buy a 'Norwegian Blue'. This is because I think it has more life in it than the team.

Ta-ta, Happy Clappers!

PS. I may attend the club's funeral, but in disguise!

Sir Billy Quiet

Goodbye - and take the rest of the 'We hate Wolves even when they were in the Premier League crowd with you...'

Dan the Man

SBQ: Your's is the sort of narrow-minded sickness I'm glad to leave behind.

The supporters who want this club to succeed are those who want to see the right action taken. We don't hate the Wolves, we simply are angry at what is happening to the club.

chopper clamp

Dan the Man did not say hate Wolves why not comment on the content of his post

The Riddler

Yawn. . Shut the door on your way out.


Can't stand the heat..byeee from the queen of the happy clappers.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

I remember not going on holidays, buying old cars, second hand Christmas presents for my kids just to watch them play home and away in the 90's and 00's.

I was living the dream of chasing the premier league and when we got there it was not worth it.

The way football is now it's all about the money and Morgan wont spend the clubs or his.

Stay away mate and spend your money on your wife and kids.

monday night football

you try to be funny.... but you really arent.

stop with the cliches and metaphors and learn to get some proper footballing knowledge.

do you actually like football or just hearing your own voice?


What you have to relise is that the Happy Clapper club, is full of folk like SBQ and co, just read some of their comments, they even think Ward is a good player now, want him playing upfront, jus about sums WW up, why not try him in Goal, Anyway Dan, Dont go, would be better for Sue and SBQ to go, and take the other club members, and join the we love failure Club.


What is your problem? Does it really upset you when anything remotely resembling good news appears on here? The whole 'Happy Clappers' thing is dead an buried. Some said we should be grateful for the time we had in the premiership and some said we weren't spending enough and would be relegated. We were all right and now we're all fed up. Move on.


What's this, the long goodbye ?

If you have got a friend he should tell you that you really do need some help. There are a few of us very worried about you. Worried that you may turn up sitting next to us at a forthcoming home match.

You have to understand that just because we don't agree with the drivel you've put before us over recent weeks doesn't make us Happy Clappers. It's just a childish cliche which I suppose works well with your attempt at humour. Which, by the way, was simply NOT funny.

one down.....

One black cloud less....................things just got a little brighter.


You say you're going because of the happy clappers I think on a previous thread you called them everything under the sun! I bet you do come back on here with another name!

Wednesbury wolves

Dan the man!!!!!! Don't leave us bud, we will still be here when the happy clappers have long gone!!!!! We will be able to say told you so, but there living in cloud cuckoo land, and only see things through Morgan tinted glasses!!!!!!! We all love the wolves, but some simply can't see the problems ahead!!!!!!!!

Harrow Wolf

A disalusioned ( i know i spelt it wrong (upset)) happy clapper who thinks you have a good point.

Definitive Wolf

Bet you return under another post name. You won't be able keep away. It's like a drug - you're addicted. Go on, admit it.


dan the man, goodbye, another realist gone. what are wwfc goona do without him? really some people, get so absorbed by their own self importance.

as for funerals, you wont be welcome mate.

old gold and black for ever.


So you have problems with realists ?Doesn't that make you a fantacist?

Drw Wolf

Listen... barely a ripple.

Rich Stone

He should have been sent off against us two years ago, slow and easily out pased. We are going to end up with has been/cast off's!!!

Wednesbury wolves

Exactly, wasn't warnock the left back who put our star player out of action for months, a certain mr guedioura, who we dearly miss!!!!!!!!


No it was sidwell

Wednesbury wolves

Oh yes, that's put me in my place, forgot we tried to sign him aswell, but unfortunately mr halford scuppered that, allegedly!!!!!!

Jesus H Craddock

I thought Stephen Ward's best games for Wolves were when he partnered Fletcher up front ... Get a new left back and play Wardy where he was bought to play ... The bloke gives you everything, he's just not a defender ... Maybe play him wide left and stick Sako up front where he won't have to track back as much (because he doesn't anyway) ... How about:


Zubar Johnson Batth Warnock

Peszko Henry O'Hara Ward

Sigurdarson Sako


Ward on the left wing???? Thats Striker, Left Back and now a Winger..........


HEARTS have a plyer RYAN STEVENSON cracking player, type his name into You Tube and see the goal he scored for Ayr against Alloa a couple of seasons ago, hope you read this Deano


Even I can be made to look good on you tube and I am 64 good grief


That means nout

Doyle was playing well a couple of seasons ago look at him now


Not bothered if he scored a worldy once in a lifetime lucky strike, i think most players in their lifetime have. We need players with technical ability that can also defend, not hoof it merchants and certainly not players from the awful Scottish leagues


Steven Fletcher came from the "Awfu Scottish League???????????


What, Burnley?

Scowling Joe

What a joke!

Stallenbokken OUT

Moxbury OUT

Morthan Freeman OUT!!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Scowling Joe,

You've forgot "Lights" out. L☺Ls.


mark hill

Its true there are some players at wolves with bad habits and getting pissed the night before a game and then winge when we lost and they wonder why for this reason i would Stop any player drinking the night or day before a match! and some have a weak mind and think doom and gloom.why do i know this because they put it up on twitter and somewhere amongst my replies are what they put! but this is one SEE YOU IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP NEXT SEASON if that person sees this he wont argue about it but i lost all respect for him!

Decent LB's we let go

George friend

Charlie Mulgrew

Van Damme

Jamie O'Hara has also played LB at spurs for a spell

could go back 3






Ward Wing backs





Doyle up top







Cassidy (until we get a new striker)






Zubar wing backs










Boukari (when fit)


cassidy (until we sign a new striker and get him out on loan)


bytham wolf. lincs.

why do some people keep saying we must keep seb hes too fat too slow. let him go 1 fat controller is enough for any club. u t w.


He couldn't hit a barn door from 2 yards

Bangkok Matt

Got to agree with what a few have said. IF we do get a LB in then surely worth trying Ward in mf or even up front with whoever else is picked. He was signed as a striker after all. Our current goals for would suggest we have nothing to lose by at least trying it. Got to get a LB first tho !

Esso Ian

That Warnork is a decent player , But dont think he will come to us, Not after Moxey has finished talking to him.

chris h

They take a legend,give him a bit of a job,and turn him into a 'yes' man.Is nothing sacred anymore?

Frank Chickens

Warnock will not come to Wolves,because they not ambitious and have no direction.This club no longer has any heroes in it's current playing staff.

chopper clamp

Stephen Warnock is past his sell by date is he best we gan get ?


Im not warnocks biggest fan but cant be worse then playing an irish league striker there, but then again I wont get my hopes up til it happens! Im glad to see that Saunders is getting the fact that there is a serious imbalance to the squad, I cant believe there are fans out there criticising him 2 weeks into a job.

I went to sheff wed and we were awful but it was the likes of berra, ward, doyle and ebanks-blake who looked below the required standard not the likes zubar

I think ebanks-blake could still score goals with the right strike partner, a tall lad who knows when to head at goal and when to knock it down aka iwelumo like, I heard kris boyd wants to come back to england and may not be a bad shout. There is no point having talented wingers with no aerial threat in the box


Has been, he is too small and is a 'never was'! There are better players out there. Why do so many people think Frimpong will single-handedly reverse our fortunes? We need a team, not a load of individuals who can't communicate.

c f sevlow

Stephen Warnock is past is sell by date Ben O’Hanlon yes

Brazil Wolf

I am just flabergasted why Wolves alway's leave it so late in Transfer Windows.

When you look at the transfer news from different clubs, it seems most clubs have a strategy and work to it. To my mind Wolves have not had a coherent strategy since Mr Moxey was appointed to negotiate for new players and the selling of players out of contract or on a Bosman.

As en example look at Newcastle United, okay they are in the Prem, but they are struggling, like so many this year. Wolves are in the Npower Champ and when they get their act together I believe they will start to climb, maybe not to the play off positions but that will come next year.

My point is this, Newcastle United have recently succeeded in signing a Fullback, a Mid Fielder and a Striker low and behold all three are from the French Leagues all have a good pedigree, some if not all have represented their countries at under 20 under 21 International games.

Why oh why are Wolves still looking at the dross in the Championship and lower leagues, okay I know we are looking at Villas left back but give me strength,,, S.S. plundered the French Leagues and secured GOOD FRENCH PLAYERS. Now it looks like Newcastle have taken a leaf out of S.S's book and are strengthening their team with the same quality players S.S. knows are out there.

Please MR Saunders cast the scouting net FAR AND WIDE to secure quality players who want to play for Wolves and despense with the old guard put a shift in mercenaries that seem to be the norm of managers.

chris h

If you appoint an accountant to run a brewery,expect watered down expensive beer.If you appoint an accountant to run a football club,expect second rate expensive football,just like Wolverhampton Wanderers .

Old Golds Worth More

It has been left late simply because we have a new manager, who doesn't yet know who among the current squad, he wants to keep or let go. He has had precious little time so far to make his mind up, especially as some of the players have only just arrived back after loan spells at other clubs. We have 50 odd professionals here and obviously some have to go, who those players are, he has yet to make his mind up about. Moxey will not sanction any transfers in, until we have transferred out something like seven or eight players. Until some club comes in and bids for our players (those we will let go), we are in effect in limbo. We know what the players are worth, but in the case of those who's contracts expire in June, we haven't got much chance of getting their full market value. At the moment its like a game of poker, who will blink first, and if a buyer either pay the full market value, or if a seller accept a lesser fee! This is why there always is a frantic scramble on the last day of the Transfer window, people have started to blink!

Spanish woof

Chris Boyd on a free?


If it happens great but I won't hold my breath. That George Friend looks tidy!

Brazil Wolf


However I have a sympathy for what DAN THE MAN is trying to put across.


I know our club is in good financial straights, I realise from Bully's comments our Owner is all for the club. What I cannot forgive the club or owner for is the continuing situation where Mr Moxey has the shout on players, and their wages. There should be a Director of Football who has a footballing brain to mull things over with the Manager, Mr Moxey is an accountant, and in my professional experience of accountants for 27 years is that they should stick to accountancy and not the heart of the company that generates the passion of the company, I say this because all my accountants did a fantastic job for my company but they had no idea of PASSION AND WHY THE COMPANY EXISTED.


Well Said. Totally agree

Wednesbury wolves

Not long now till frantic Friday, so excited!!!!!!!!! Bound to be let down!!!!!!!


Until i see him wearing a Wolves shirt starting a game will i believe we have signed a real left back, but i think his attitude stinks thats why he's being left to train with the youth team. Rather have Danny Fox, would like to see Tom Pope considered from Port Vale as he's been banging in the goals


“We will invest the money back into the team,” said Moxey this afternoon, (24 August 2012 ) after the sales of Fletcher and Jarvis.


Yes, he has put money back into the team! I expect he's bought this pampered lot new fast and expensive cars, new luxury houses, exotic holiday packages, etc.


Remember me!

jon the wolf

ward is useless he practically gives goals away everyweek. get him to ipswich, and get warnock in who is twice the player ward will ever be.UTW


Its like a dream come true.

Warnock is my favourite left back in history


well its friday frantic ,still nothing lol


Do not get excited talk sport say hes gone to Leeds


Warnock has gone to Leeds this morning.

You might know Moxey cant tie up his shoelaces, never mind a deal for a decent player!

Doubting Thomas



Where did this "Frantic Friday" heading come from anyway? (Not that I was expecting much, to be honest.)

Chris Wilcox

At last we have a manager who has noticed we need a left back who will hopefully close players down, and we also need a striker that can score us goals, he has noticed this in a few weeks the other two managers seem to think we were ok in these positions.

Nice one Deano!!!!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Craig Dawson has chosen Bolton, Now Bolton have a classy, cool on the ball Centre Back.


Drw Wolf

And Albion don't!

Boink boink!


Maybe Odemwingie will join him?


Frantic Friday? Nothing happening. Maybe Manic Monday? Anyone players 'going for a song'?

Frank Chickens

I saw Moxey in Bully's restaurant on Tuesday nigbt.He asked the waitress if they served £1 fish, as he said money was tight..

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