Frantic Friday in transfer window for Wolves

Wolves manager Dean Saunders today set the scene for a frantic Friday after declaring he will decide on the club's transfer window activity this week.


The new Molineux boss was set to wait until the very end of the month before deciding who stays and who leaves Molineux in the winter transfer window.

But, after a meeting with chief executive Jez Moxey yesterday, Saunders has been told he must slash the wage bill and will act.

Calls will be made before Saturday’s visit of Blackpool, after using the rest of the week to form his final assessment on the current squad

He said: "I spoke to Jez again yesterday morning about the playing staff. The chairman wants me to get the wage bill down. I’ve got one eye on that and one eye on making us a better team.

“We’re having another chat on Friday and we’ll probably make some decisions on which way to move forward.

“We’re receiving phone calls for different players and I’ve got my eye on a couple who might be able to help us.

“That’s ongoing and it’s changing by the day. But we’re not doing anything until Friday either way, unless something comes up.

“It gives me a bit more time as well to work with the players and it gives people time to ring up about our players.”

Top of the list is to shed at least one right-winger, while also recruiting a striker and a left-back.

Saunders said: “We have got five right-wingers in Razak Boukari, Anthony Forde, Stephen Hunt, Adam Hammill and Slawomir Peszko – and Kevin Foley can play there, but only one left-back.

"I have to try to balance the squad. They can’t all play, so there’s something we can do there and it’s a question of who comes in for who.”

At least one enquiry has been received for striker Sylvan Ebanks-Blake – who has attracted Mick McCarthy’s Ipswich – while there is interest in other players.

Saunders said: "We've had one in for Sylvan but it wasn’t Ipswich. We’ve had enquiries for a few now.”

Meanwhile, David Edwards and Hunt returned to training yesterday after long-term injuries and are in contention for Saturday.

But Tongo Doumbia hasn’t trained after picking up a back injury on Friday.

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Comments for: "Frantic Friday in transfer window for Wolves"


Reality strikes. There is no 'treasure'. The 'parachute payments' are already spoken for. Mr Saunders has his orders from the chubby duo in charge. We will not sell who we need to - we will sell who we can. We will not buy quality - we will buy players judged 'good enough' who are 'value for money'.

Our future is, at best, in the Championship. If Dean Saunders keeps us up in these circumstances, he will have done OK. No established manager will ever want to come here while the current regime is in charge. Get used to it.

Loyal Wulfrian

I feel for Dean, he has come to our club because he ciould not resist coming to a "big" club. Now he has been told to cut the wage bill and we willsell those players who are wanted, not the ones we want to get rid of.

The future is bleak at best.



Mike - A truly excellent summary of the current sorry position.


Totally agree with you!!!

M & M feed us loyal fans one things but do another. After the transfer window closes, we'll be told how Wolves are going to invest in the squad come the summer..........Please buy a early Bird Ticket!!!

Suckers we are!!!

Season ticket the moment

Suckers ?

They might have a rude awakening when Early Bird or whatever little marketing ploy they come up with to sell tickets.


I think its called mushroom thinking: that is keep them in the dark and feed them $%^£


I'm afraid you are only too correct. What a disgraceful situation their mismanagement has got us into.


100% Correct

Nothing else needs to be said.


Good true post Mike.


Could not the M and Ms saved a lot of time, money, hardship, payments for breaking contracts and outright laughter by the fans by keeping Mick Mc?

What a dynamic duo!

Sorry, incorrect. What a duo!

In terms of what they said about the disgraced USA president (Nixon), would you buy a house from this man?

New t-shirts please.


I don't want you to be right.But.....

1. Surely we should have been looking for players continually. West Brom keep updated files on possible targets. Last minute chases for players is unprofessional.

2. Why no mention of the Fletcher/Jarvis money?

3. Who is going to buy Seb when he's out of contract in the Summer. it would be daft for him to leave and isn't he our top scorer anyway?

But on the bright side... The top teams have not been profligate with their money over the years and they're top. If we were to invest wisely surely we could make a sustained charge up the league. Everyone from us up can beat anyone else so a good run might see us in contention.

I don't want you to be right and I bet you don't want to be right either. Life's hard supporting Wolves but it's always been the same. I've been a fan fifty years so trust me on that....

Please don't be right!


Sadly being in the championship doesn't attract many quality players, even when we were in the premier league it was hard to get players to sign for us. If we had the worlds best scouts and tonnes of money it would still be a tough job for anyone. We all want to leap back to the PL, but sadly it's going to take a little longer than that.

Harrow Wolf

Me thinks M & M want to cut the wage bill so as to look more attractive to possible buyers. All they are intrested in is not getting relegated for as cheap as possible, then cut and run.


I so hope you're bang on the money there !!


roll on friday then ,

Loyal Wulfrian

Jason Scotland on a free is my bet.

Magic wanderer

Dean say's "were going to have another chat on Friday and make some decisions on how to move forward". So nothing will actually happen on Friday, expect a free transfer or a loan at best.


Here we go again. All too familiar. I'm going to stop blogging on here because I repeat myself as no decision I read about ever gives me hope. This is no way to run a professional football club.


Professional??Are you sure about that?

Mark E Smiths Barmy Army

Jason Scotland and some league 1/2 nobody at left back, and that's your lot. Captain Morgans 'Treasure Chest' remains firmly locked. League 1 awaits.

Dudley Buoy

Clubs will only buy WW players at bargain prices because they have all devalued themselves by poor performances. seems ominous that Morgan wants the wage bill reduced given the 50% salary cut most had on relegation. This squad is poor and doesn't cut the mustard. Get rid of them and start again. Does Morgan really have ambition for Wolves.He does my head in

Cornish Wolf

With regard to right wingers, Boukari, Pezko and Forde are keepers any or all of the others could go.

Doumbia seems to be one of those players who get injured at the drop of a hat and if there is pressure on wages what we don't need is passengers. Yes I know he has great potential but can we afford his place in the squad or should he make way for someone who plays regulary.

Top of the list must be a player who can stick the ball in the net. After all that is the whole purpose of the game. Pretty football or hoofball goals is what wins games.

We have players coming back from the treatment bench but are they the ones who will rescue the season? Only the manager can decide that one all the fans can do is pray he gets it right.

Three points on Saturday should brighten things up a bit but then inform Leicester up after that.

Up The Wolves

Crete Wolf

Shame DS isnt interested in a right winger. I watched my other club-Ergotelis-play Panetolikos in the Greek Division 1 last night. Ergo won, are at the top of the league and look good for promotion to the Greek Premiership. Their passing game is wonderful to watch when they get it going. They would give Wolves a game. But, the Panetolikos right winger caught my eye. He ran around a lot and had a few tricks. Apparently he was African Player of the Year a couple of seasons ago. Dean could snap him up quite cheaply I imagine. His name is Henry Camara. One for the future perhaps. He looked young and hungry..


We already have a couple of headless chickens who can run around a lot and you want another

Private Eye

I think that was a bit of satire, snoddy !

Northern Wolf

Oh dear. Read it again and then Google Henry Camara. Or ask your Dad?

BTW - Since when is Hunt a right winger? Always played on the left for Reading. Ask Petr Cech (Google him...)


You should think before you post, Crete is having a laugh or maybe you are so young to not remember Henry.


Hahaha think youve had too many mythos crete wolves... Henri Camara....


At last something is going to happen, I just hope this is not another false dawn at Wolves and the fans can see some of the deadwood cleared out and that we will bring in some fresh faces in the position where we are lacking. I am not expecting to reach the playoffs this season but I hope this is the start of building a team that can compete and give us long suffering Wolves fans a team we can be proud of again.


Will someone explain to me how Jason Scotland at 33 would improve our squad? Surely if we have to shed players (and we do) then you replace quantity with quality?

Or am I missing something?


"The chairman wants me to get the wage bill down"

HOW MUCH ARE WE PAYING THE WHOLE DROSS (so called footballers)?


we have to shed at least one right winger and sign one striker and a left back. come on you whingers and realists, thats your cue.

Tipton Wolves

Isn't hunt a left midfielder.


Dunno - has he ever played for us?

Phil Smith


jimmy paige

Plays for New Cross First XI


Same old spin......! So predicatble, Deano the 'yes man' will dance to Moxey's fiddle. I can't be bothered waisting anymore of my dosh on these idiot, cheapskate for now, I'm gutted to say but I'll be spending money at the Amex watching my well run local team. Thnaks Jez and aren't fit to run my beloved Wolves and you ain't havin any more of my cash. MOXEY OUT!

Mr J

Absolutely spot on, will someone print this off and fax it to Wolves FAO Morgan and Moxey.


Yep. Too true. Fat controller has far too much control on the player front. Over the last 12months we have become the joke of the midlands!

Woolfie 4371

I can hardly wait until Friday or whenever these players from top teams come into our squad from top teams like MK DONS , CARLISLE STEVENAGE PORTSMOUTH & not forgetting WALSALL . It seriously wets the appetite for the rest of the season . We are a league 1 club in everyday apart from the division YET.


Following on from the comments in yesterdays E&S I'm not expecting many to come in this window - so nothing has changed.

Be good to see some crap leave though.

manc andy

Thats told you Saunders. Another manager undermind by the two loons in suits, i was reading last night that Deans decided to wait till the end of the month to make his mind up, this morning im reading hes had his mind made up for him, sounds like wolves are in finanial difficulty , im wondering if all our football money as been wasted on housing developments, i hope not , but i would'nt be suprised.Are you going to spend the money you make on this clear out on some decent signings, or will we get the usuall excuses instead ???If this new training ground gets up and running we will just be another crew, selling anyone that makes it to a decent standard to liverpool , etc, good money earner though for Morgan, Hes not daft is he ?? UTW


I'd keepthe new guys, but let the old players go, if need be, like Hunt, Hammill & Forde

Ship Out The Dross

Well I suggest that our beloved CEO Jez Moxey makes the first move and takes a 15% wage cut, that will be a great start!

What you don't think he will?

And neither do I!

Saunders is going to be up against it though with Moxey breathing down his neck.

Reducing the playing squad was always 'Plan A' but if that means 'outs' must happen before 'ins' then clearly Saunders cannot win!

As for players being wanted by other clubs, Wolves should put the sign up 'Every player has a price' and sell to the highest bidder but if Moxey has anything to do with it, he will want top dollar for players moving out and want to pay bottom dollar for any coming in and could well be 'free' players who would of course be much cheaper all round, reduce the wage bill and let our CEO keep his fat bonus!

Championship football next season anybody?

League One more likely!


Moxey should take an 85% cut never mind 15% he is a parasitical slug.


Bilo......Best description of Moxey, EVER!!

super dude

what a complete load of bull!!!!anybody in there right mind can see that nobody any good is going to be signed.that leaves us back where we were relegation a real threat and dean saunders enjoy it while you can the next fool is just around the corner!!! moxey and morgan should be ashamed but there pockets are full of our cash so what do they care!!!

John De Wolf

Please do not sign Jason Scotland. Hopefully this is just agents trying to get their players a club.

We should try to attract a proven goal scorer. I'd be tempted put in a bid for Charlie Austin and offer a cash plus player exchange. I'd also enquire about Jerome at Stoke and Anichebe at Everton, again cash or player as they were once linked with Doyle, so maybe we could do a swap with a view to a permeant deal.

Priority for me though is defence and a new LB and CB. I'd enquire about Danny Fox at Southampton who has lost his place and may not fit into the new managers plans. I also think Curtis Davies at Blues would be a good signing for a low price as they are having to sell players.

Frimpong on loan would also be a bonus. However, to do all this we would need ambition which I'm not sure we genuinely have with respect to spending money on players.

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

John. You make some very valid points.

I just hope the 2 M's read this, have a dicky fit and resign forthwith.

BUT!! they won't so it is STATUS QUO and I don't mean the group>


Down Down Deeper and Down!

Sorry I am just going outside I may be some time.

northern wolf

Is Dean Saunders being made to pay for Moxeys incompitance as a CEO . We have 5 right wingers and 1 left back . He (Moxey) knew this when he agreed to sign these players on .So we now have a large WAGE bill for players we did not need. Did he tell the previous managers to trim the staff down obviouly not. from avery cold Northern wolf


I am sure you are capable of making the right decision of who stays and who goes.

English Exile

All talk and No Action......

but don't blame the Manager....

It's been the same story for the last 12 years since Jez moved into the CEO position.....

True though isn't it??

swansea wolf

Out hunt +hammill. o'hara maybe doyle , all on a good wedge.l/b asap. spend some cash and get in charlie austin from burnley,

Mick McSolbakken




gold n black on me back

Smoke and mirrors comes to mind


Wow - 5 right midfielders but bizarrely we play a right back there. Except of course they are a barely played injured player, a kid who probably shouldn't play on the wing, a left winger who is always injured, a problem child who is probably already lined up to leave and our current best option who is just coming back from injury. This is ridiculous. We have £20M in the bank - not a nice little pot of £2-3M that most managers would be glad of in this league but £20M. What are we keeping it for? The summer window? To rebuild the Steve Bull? Are we trying to make a profit this season? Isn't this what the parachute payment is for? Sorry - losing the plot over this rubbish.


Sums up howI feel.


I completely agree!!

But listen mate, HMRC can't even get any money out of these pair!!!

So we ain't got a prayer of them spending any money on the team

Bob the builder needs to spend our funds on mortar, so he can carry on building on the green belt.


Sako and Doyle should swap roles play Doyle on the wing with his pace he will be a danger, and play Sako up front he's a better finisher with a rocket of a shot

Solbakken DVD Club

'I could have done with another month before the window shuts because we’re having to make rushed decisions without actually giving the players a fair crack of the whip.'

Deano, at least Solbakken watched the DVD's of last seasons farce maybe you should do the same. They've had more than a 'fair crack at the whip'. Its these players and boardroom staff who are running us into the 3rd tied of English football and taking thousands of pounds home each week. Also how can they say they are rushing decisions? We were told (and we all know) there is cash to spend, and the problems have been glaringly obvious for the last 12 months. Surely they don't walk around with their eyes closed, they have to have an idea that something is seriously wrong here. But when you hear Berra saying we can still make the playoffs or Deano praising his team after being dominated by Sheff Wed and having two shots at goal, it makes you wonder. Are the lunatics running the asylum?


Free agent 33 year old Jason Scotland,well well well says it all,it really does.Understand the squad needs trimming but give us a break aye.



Wednesbury wolves

Morgan moxey Saunders, after reading this, I have no alternative but to say thank you for all the good times, and the bad times that I have encountered at home and away grounds, since 1978, I NO LONGER want to be associated with this regime, our wonderful club has been and will be continuously ruined, until this regime no longer exists in wv1. Our welsh friend, ( yes man ) says we have 2 players in pipeline, says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off to carry on painting. MORGAN MOXEY YES MAN OUT


Hunt a right winger/ Midfield??? Has DS seen him play? Does SH even have a right foot? Foley can play right midfield but is he effective? I personally think he's been one of the weakest players this year and his confidence has gone. Forde, decent prospect but maybe needs to go out on loan and gather first team experience with a run of games playing week in week out. Hammil has been on loan all season but is reported as the 'bad apple' in the group, probably best to cash in as we havent missed him? Boukari been injured all season pretty much but excitied to see what he has to offer and can bring to the team with Sako and Doumbia i think sounds quite decent.

At least DS has spotted we need a left back!!!!! Thank the lord! Lets see what Friday brings.


more like we got no money wot a joke of a club wer wolves gone embarrassment wots goin on

Blake's Heaven

Deano, Clearly, yet again, money is the be all and end all!

Surely by now you must realise that this shower are not up to the task and a major overhaul is needed. Again we all know that 'Rome wasn't built in a day' but you do need to start somewhere.

Our priority must be to build a decent team first ebfore looking to offload the dross because lets be honest who in reality is going to come in and buy many of our current squad.

I suggest you go a bang on Moxey's door and demand that you are allowed to take immediate action and bring in at least 4 new players otherwise there is only one place you are going!!

Sir Lupi

First team players i would let go are:



E Jonsson






I new forward is required as is a decent centre half. Curtis Davis is available at mo. (just an idea)

We can mek do with the rest of the team until the end of the season.


You forgot to put Henry on your list.Midfield player (allegedly) but hasnt scored for 5 years...Frank lampard has scored more goals in one premiership game than kelvin Henry has in 5 years.

Geordie Wolf

Comparing Karl Henry to one of the greatest English centre mids of the last 20 years? Great idea!! If it was his job to score goals i'd totally agree with you, but it is not, nor has ever been the main aim for henry, he's the ball winner and enforcer... always has been, always will be


I have the feeling we are being prepared for players who are on a free like Jason Scotland or bargain basement giveaways its Moxeys way.


joke joke joke discussing were the money gone fletch jarv kights so if we didnt sell these players we wudnt have signed any1 at all

Filthy Wolf

Yes we need new players in but I think a good clear out would make even more impact.

Robert Perry

"the wage bill must be slashed" I interpret that as getting rid of players and not bringing anyone in.There is an open invitation from Radio WM to Steve Morgan to appear on their programme. As far as I am aware this has not been accepted..Is it possible therefore for the Express and Star to pose a few questions to our owner?. EG How much does he (or one of his many companies) take out of the club in the form of dividends/management charges each year.How much does Mr Moxey take out the club each year?.How much money is in the bank and WHY is it not being used to buy players to get us out of this division?.I really do think the paper has a duty to the supporters of the club to start putting some awkward questions to our elusive owner. A disillusioned season ticket holder!



This is like asking Pravda to question the policies of the Politburo. Nice idea, but it's just not going to happen.

Robert Perry

I know,but if the E & S cant do it I cant think of anyone else who can (The fans parliament we can forget!)


Fans Parliament has about as much clout as the the "opposostion" had in the days of the Politburo.

Bit of credit to the E&S I didn't think they would publish my Pravda analogy, maybe there's hope yet.

Unfortunatley the only language that Morgan will underderstand is negative cash flow as more and more supporters (yes Happy Clappers we are SUPPORTERS who have the long term interests of OUR CLUB at heart) register their protests by voting with their feet. I would support some sort of mass protest by a walk out or something similar to create a short, sharp, shock but I know that's not going to happen either.

If he is lining up to sell the Club which looks a distinct possibilty then he needs to be careful that he actually has something to sell. Another echo from the past - how many remember the Ellis / Finlayson buy out which collapsed in due diligence and resulted in the immediate appointment of a liquidator.

Bring back the Bhattis!

chris h

Robert, We can answer some of your questions,ourselves from the published accounts.For the financial years ending 2010 and 2011,the last ones currently available,we know Jez recieved a total of £2,268,000, this includes £203,000 towards his pension fund. The accounts also state no dividend was paid in either year,so Steve Morgan is not directly taking any money out of us.He deserves some credit for this in my opinion,we know of other clubs for example where the owners do receive dividends. I know there is the issue of indirect benefits from associated companies, but I personally do not believe Steve Morgan is screwing us .Although he is screwing things up at present. The real long term danger to our football club is the separation of the football club and Wolves Property Company.In the years 2010 and 2011 the football club made a total profit of £25,453,000, but the Wolves Property Company posted a total loss of £14,277,000.So it is clear to me that profits from the football side have directly been used to fund the new stand. There is a danger in the future that an owner may sell off the football club,but keep control of the property company ie Molineux.That could put us in a similar position to the likes of Coventry ,where the football club is hamstrung by high rental charges.

Saunders Foot

That's a great and informative post Chris, it does beg the question of Jez,s salary and the amount paid for zero progression . You make a good point about Morgan and him not taking a divi, I also think that he wants the best for the club, but you say taking payment directly......with the land claimed via our club, I think he's benefitted enough indirectly. Cheers mate, keep em comIn.


Whilst I don't disagree with your remuneration figures, I pretty certain you've got his pension cont's wrong, as the max for the tax yr is £50k to receive tax relief any thing paid into a pension from any source over this limit would be added to his income & taxed at his highest marginal rate, in this case 50%.

I'll get a financial rpt on the club today & check it out.

However, last yr (2010) Moxey was the only director receiving remuneration @ £1.35m.

Talk about money for old rope.

How can that be justified for a business that has failed so badly over a 2 yr period in carrying out its core business???

Then again, we all know nothing, we done understand how it all works us fans........

Too effing right!!!

chris h

Grace, It is there in black and white in the published accounts,'company contributions to money purchase pension scheme 2011,£104k and 2010 £99k.' Like his salary these are gross figures before deduction of any tax.I think the £50k limit came in after 2011,but I could well be wrong on that.Pleased you are still posting,Grace.


Hi Chris

I've had a look at the financial reports we would use for the business & the pension costs you quote are across the business & not for a single employee/director.

The are for the figures to yr end 31st May 11

chris h

Grace, This is my third attempt at a reply to you.Suffice to say what you say is incorrect and the figures I quoted are correct,as per the actual accounts,that are in the public domain.


Agreed... It's about time the E&S started some real journalism and had a closer look at the running of Wolves,. Likewise, some challenge or concern over the current management is long overdue!! C'mon E&S get on it...before it's too late!

The Flying Winger

Welcome to WWFC Dean, Your final assessment needn't take a week.

Also we haven't got a LB.

Not good enough is the assessment. Final Answer or Phone a Friend?

jez 1961

I thought that the panto season had finished.......Oh no it hasn't !!

Message for Saunders......he's not behind you !!

Bully Stig

Fantastic. Saunders have seen what all of us have seen for some years. We have only one left back..... George Elokobi. He has realised that Stephen Ward is no left back. Yes...yes....yes..... Buy John Arne Riise from Fulham and Frimpong from Arsenal and get the free agent Marlon King plus a centre half.

Sir Lupi

I don't want Marlon King at my club, I don't care how good he might be!

Harrow Wolf

I second that. A big second that.


I'll second that


i'll 3rd that, don't want a woman beater at this club or someone that attacks an ambulance crew or someone who mildly tweets racial abuse at a fan.

get shot of any overpaid players and blood the kids, we don't want or need anymore players in the twilight of their careers looking for a final payday


if you have had a call about Blake, shirt puller, Edwards, Ward, Hunt, or Zubar sell sell sell

Bedfordshire Wolves

I'm surprised Dean Saunders does not by now have a clear idea of the players Wolves need. It appears that his only published target is an aging 33 year old centre forward who has been unable to get in the Ipswich side for some time.

I hope I'm wrong but this appears to be preparation for the forthcoming battles in League 1.

The ES also report that Moxey is demanding that the wage bill be slashed, further evidence of League 1 ambitions? By all means get rid of the dead wood on inflated salaries, but surely it follows, for a club of Wolves standing that recruitment of quality experienced players to move the club first to the top of the Championship followed by promotion back to the Premiership.

If that's not the position of Mr Morgan & Moxey it is time they made a public statement on their plans for our club with some detailed explanation of why the financial status appears to have changed so significantly. We had money in the bank when we in the Premiership, with two exceptions salaries reduced on demotion, premiership payments are, in my opinion, quite generous and we have not spent much on new players. So Mr M & M WHERE HAS IT GONE? surely your loyal fans deserve an explanation.

Mike Pearson

I don't know about anyone else but this management confuses the hell out of me!!! We blow millions on a new stand whilst getting relegated. Then we go right through the summer without really slashing the wage bill apart from selling off our better players. We hire Stolebakken who brings on a number of foreign players And does nothing about our woeful defence. Now after dumping a Manager, the new Manager is being told to slash the wage bill!!

And the fact is that the squad has not performed at all and is probably not saleable to anyone. The only potential incoming name that keeps cropping up in the press is a 33 year old striker who is long since past his best. Management keeps talking about its state of the art Academy but how many players have broken through to the first eleven from it?

These are depressing times indeed with no apparent end to the confusion in sight.


How on earth has Tongo Doumbia now picked up another injury, sent to France for special training, then tight hamstring could not travel to Luton but went to Mali training camp all that way only to be sent back because unfit.

Perhaps he got the bad back from sitting on the plane too long


we have FIVE right wingers at the club!!!!!

WHY did we need to loan that waste of space from Stoke?

shows how not to run a house building business!!!


Because of the 5 only Forde was available. Apart from Hammil, who was on loan, the rest were injured.

daddy wolf

saturday no shots on target over ninty minutes solution bring in jason scotland on a free oh how the mighty have fallen.

Left back required

Exit for Hunt please, that would indicate serious intent.


Jez, I thought I might help you on how to SLASH the wage bill, look in the mirror


Hint hint....Berra and Ward must go as well as others!!!


I bet he wasnt told about that when Morgan and Moxey sold him a pipedream!!


Of that list of right wingers, I would not class Forde or Foley as one? At £500k we need to sign Peszko and Boukari apparently cost us £3m? The list of players to shed, should be easy to compile but having a different matter.

Based on this year's efforts and generally, we could listen to offers for:-

Hennessey De Vries Foley Zubar Berra Ward Elokobi Mouyokolo Jonnson Edwards Hammill Hunt Henry Ebanks-Blake and Doyle

Farmer Ted

Well it's a bit more positive than yesterday's outpouring. There are very few of the current squad that we would miss if the right money was offered (do NOT sell Ikeme) and the Chairman did warn us we have too many players. Some poster said recently there's not 40 players on the books there's only 26' but, what he was forgetting is that they all have to be paid whether they are young professionals or injured professionals; some of the loaned out players may well be a cost too. Of those right wingers named Hammill has to be the favourite to go with Hunt a close second. Nobody's going to buy Boukari at the moment and it would be foolish to sell Forde, maybe a loan out, depends on who comes in.

A change of clubs might suit both SEB and Wolves, again depending on who arrives. We desperately need a goal scorer.

As somebody said yesterday, this is your big chance Dean, don't miss it !


Always respect your posts and agree with most of this, but do you think that McCarey,Whittal, Reckford, Postma, Ihiekwei, McAlinden, Price et al will be earning as much as Stephen Hunt on his own? The trouble is how would we sell Hunt? For my money at the moment the problem is that we are not even creating chances and a large part of this is down to playing Davies AND Henry together when they are clearly and either or in a 442.

Farmer Ted

These youngsters are still a cost to the business and presumably the total has spiralled over and above the Championship business plan. The amount of injured players has been a problem (hence the additional cost of Pennant) but I guess every club has that problem to some extent or another.(injuries NOT Pennant !)

Agree Davies and Henry should not start in midfield together and the question is why is O'Hara not in there. DS maybe feels he's not yet ready for 90 minutes. It's baffling to me, but, I'm all for letting Deano get on with managing the squad.

The 'war chest' maybe out of his tenure!!!

Haling wolf

The ambition of those in control just reach out to us all ...!


Oh dear, cheap and less than cheerful is the new order!!!!!!!!!!!!

We do have too many players but why do we need to cut the wage bill? There is at least £35million sitting in the bank!!!!

Here's an idea ....let's cut the wage bill by sacking Moxey!!!!!


Saunders said: “We have got five right-wingers in Razak Boukari, Anthony Forde, Stephen Hunt, Adam Hammill and Slawomir Peszko – and Kevin Foley can play there, but only one left-back.

Boukari has an unknown injury, Forde is a rookie, Hunt is a left winger and is also ancient and past it, Hamill is not wanted by this club anyway and Pasko is not our player anyway - on loan

What total spin this is. It's nonsense. I thought we were a well run club? God knows it's been rammed down our throats often enough by the board so what's all this about massive squads and wage bills?

Wolves fans...we are being sold down the river, it's time to wake up

Cowpats & Teapots

We have one or two made for the Championship players, tried and tested in the Prem. Check em out, please.

Ridgewell, Tamas, Fortune and Rosenberg > freemans you can have em.

Dorrens is a different story, big bucks for him.

real left back

Not sure any of this report can be fact!

If we had five right wingers why would a well managed football club hire another past his best winger on loan from Stoke?

Also can Foley play anywhere but full back?

Also do we have a left back at the club



Boukari, Hunt and Pescko were all injured when Pennant came under false pretences, and Hammill was bigging up his sell on value on the streets of Liverpool. Forde is not ready yet, and not even sure he is a right winger anyway.

Pennant was a major let down and Jezzer should ask for his wages back !


You have our blessing Deano to sell who you want, but please bring in a striker who can score in the Championship. forget Premiership quality, we are where we are, anyway what Premiership player will join us at the moment ? Left back has Needed attention for three seasons now so good luck with that too.

Can't wait to see what Dan the Man's got to say for himself today, yesterday's ' edition was quite the most eccentric rhubarb spotted in Wolverhampton for many a month

Dan the Man

I'm here just to entertain all and sundry - including the feeble-minded like yourself.

PS. Nice to know that 'Deano' needs your blessing to buy players. Perhaps you think you are the Pope? Perhaps you know 'Niner', who thinks he is Napoleon Bonaparte. I think he lives in the same institution as yourself.

Don't forget to take your medicine! Ta-ta.


I sincerely hope you get what you want from this great club one day Dan and that you are happy (not in the clappy sense, just happy) and that you can enjoy the football you wish to see, under the management you think fit.

Please don't insinuate I am in an institute of some sort or have mental health problems. Thank you. Niner.

Dan the Man

See, you can answer without immediately resorting to snide remarks. There's hope for you after all.


Wow, you've been a busy bee with all your posting Danny Boy. I can see as far as Wednesbury from up here on my papal balcony. You have a real talent and ought to concentrate writing your particular kind of humour for Keith Harris and Orville or the Krankies.

Love your line about Niner not having to resort to snide remarks. The irony is side splitting.

Anyway you've told all and sundry your offski, so you probably won't read this.

Dan the Man

Have read it, Bertie. Will be leaving in due course (please don't happy-clap until I've finished), as there is little left to write about.

I've made all my points of view very well known. No point in going over the same issues time and time again. I'll let future results and events speak for themselves.

So, I'll wish you farewell.

PS. Assume you saw the Bradford result. Be nice if our club could show the same level of grit, ambition and determination.


I've been reading some of the posts youve been making and you have the temerity to accuse other people of being feeble minded.

Ha !

Dan the Man

Oh dear, just when I thought it was safe to turn off the lights, another one wakes up.

So who are you really, Rogerthewolf? The Pope and Napoleon Bonaparte are already on the ward and fast asleep.

Maybe Groucho Marx?


I'm confused as to how DS can call Hunt a right winger? he hasn't been winger quality for 2 years now.

Ikeme, Zubar, Johnson, Batth, Ward (as i have no choice)

Hammill, O'hara, Davis, Sako

Cassidy, Doyle



Wolves got promoted last time after signing the most in form striker in the league at the time. Take note Dean, Jez and Steve.


It shows our ambition, when we are busy fiddling our thumbs as Molineux is burning.. I have nothing against Dean Saunders, he could be a great manager in the making, only time will tell. But his lack of experience is showing in recruiting players.. He has not been in this position before, needing to get quality players in fast, it will really be a test of his character, especially with BIG Jez Moxey holding the purse strings. If I only see one signing. make it a striker that will excite the fans and score goals.

The Riddler

Good grief, patronising much?

Bearwood Wolf

Fess up we won't be bringing anyone in!


If they need to cut the wage bill, I can think of one annual salary (and a large on at that) they can save - named on the payroll as Mr J Moxey!

Pruning the wage bill is sensible in readiness for Division 1

The Flying Winger

We have five Right Wingers and Kevin Foley can play there, no he cannot but for some reason he and the other managers have persisted with this or does some one else make the decision.

Perhaps ask the fans, guess that's a move too far.

My number of the day for Saunders is 0/10

My comment of the day. Ask Stale for the DVD'S back before Friday, ie Phone a Friend


Finally something positive to go off. Praying to god the striker he brings in isn't Jason Scotland! Wouldn't mind marlon king as he had proven he can score for us ;)

Stafford DeWolf

“We have got five right-wingers ... and Kevin Foley can play there, but only one left-back."

Yes and he's a striker!


Seems Stale got the sack and his 3 year plan went out the window because he wanted some new players.

Dean's brief seems to be urgently cut the payroll, work with bare minimum 25 players with as many as possible free over the hill players.

So the grand 3 year Barcelona type football revolution has now been abandoned for the championship cheap as chips, one month blockbuster HMV style plan-Plenty of unwanted stock there as well.

Maybe the finances aren't as good as we have been led to believe,sounds like a fire sale coming to me.

No new stock as which players in their right minds would want to join Wolves after the last 12 months, out of work free agents I guess.

Watching the championship highlights show the other evening it struck me how slow and pedestrian Wolves looked compared to some of the other championship sides.

Cannot see Wolves rising again until at least 2019 by which time i personally like many others will be past caring.

If they want to slash the wage bill start with all the proven failures, give them free transfers.

Rather see the youngsters struggle at Walsall than watch this bunch of overpaid, over the hill lot any more.

Lets put them all up for sale with the exception of Ikeme and the younger players like Davis And Forde.

Stalle was the lucky one , moved on with his 750k and even the weather's better in Norway than Wolverhampton.

What a shambles this club has now become, a supporter for 50 years, but not anymore until the ownership changes.

Dont any one dare mention league 1 early bird tickets.

Its enough that my garden is full of Baggie birds enjoying the snow.

nigel wolfnut

So there you have it! Trim the squad, cut the wage bill. Five right wingers may be but Hammill was sent out on loan, Boukari injured, Hunt only just returned to training and Peszko only just got back to fitness. Three out of those five weren't available. Tongo - injured again I see. The agenda is fairly clear. Has anyone asked how we got such a big squad in the first place? Can't disagree some need to be moved on but are they going to replaced by cheaper options? Difficult to see what the policy is here. If Mr. Morgan had managed his company like he is managing our club he would have been bankrupt. Where has the money gone? Cardiff go for Campbell, we go for Jason Scotland a striker who couldn't command a first team place at Ipswich who have just taken a striker who couldn't get in to our team. We will have to wait and see. It's a funny old game.


It's a shame there's no comments section on Christopher Berra's cloud cuckoo land on finishing in the play offs,what planets he from Zog


Jason Scotland might be able to help? Come on Deano going backwards


The disgraceful running down of the Football side of our Club hits a further 'low' under the Moxey stewardship.

This was telegraphed as early as the last Window.

There was never going to be a reinvestment of the £25 mill summer sales & the Parachute Money.

All this latest carefully orchestrated release tells us is that Moxey has told DS that we will have to sell before we can buy.

Specifically, what will play out is a game of Transfer 'Poker' where Moxey will wait until the absolute last minute to sell / loan out anyone who is the subject of a serious bid.

We will then sign a maximum of 2 players on loan/ free agents at the eleventh hour. Moxey will blame the late timings of departures on this.

Predictable continued ruination of our Great Club by people who care only about their own burgeoning personal wealth.

Frantic Friday???

More like 'Fill Your Boots Friday', for a CEO who is amongst the Top 5 paid in British Football.

Ever Decreasing Circles (tbc....)


Charlie Austin? Victor Anichebe? Cameron Jerome? Don't make me laugh. They already earn loads more than we would pay and all command a transfer fee way beyond our limit.

Let's hope DS can find a cheap unknown (like Austin and Le Fondre were, once upon a time.

Get real people. If you've heard of them, they ain't coming to the Mol!


After taking up every Early Bird and as a Season Ticket Holder for many years before then I have finally had enough and will definately not be renewing again!

Sir Jack Hayward loved Wolves but Steve Morgan with the help of Jez Moxey is destroying our beloved football club

No short success will make me change my mind and renew my season ticket because I believe that under Morgan there is no real long term ambition

As the saying goes 'stick to what you know best' and Morgans' is building houses and he is paving the way to sell up!

One robbie dennison

I have said this before and I will say it again! Where has/is the money going???? We raised a fortune in player sales still got parachute payments plus the revenue we generate anyway someone is doing very well out if our club. It's just not the fans!!!!

Old Golds Worth More

What is it with all this Jason Scotland talk? He was a decent player 5 years ago, but can't even get a regular place in a team below us in the league! If Saunders is determined to sign him, then make it a 6 month deal so he can leave at the end of this season. We all know we need a left back and have done for ages, a few good names were mentioned but of course nothing ever came of it, so stand by for another one for the future from a lower league team (or Hearts!!!), who are desperate to sell to raise funds! Please, please Jez, come the end of this window, make me out to be a liar!

Dan the Man

Can't say I'm holding my breath. I would have preferred to say I'm excited about new signings, but most of us have become accustomed to being let down in transfer market dealings. And when we do sign some interesting players, they get injured and miss many games.

There's so much wrong with this club, and to be honest, I'm giving up caring any more. But at least the Happy Clappers will be pleased by my last statement.


Why dont we just put the lot on ebay (buy it now)

Dan the Man

One should be careful about buying stuff on auction websites. Often it can be a defective product, out-of-date, not as described, or never delivers. I think the club qualifies on all four.

Bidding starts at £10?

Losing the will

As soon as Saunders was recruited it must have dawned on even the most positive of supporters where M&Ms ambitions for the club lay.

Bargain basement recruits who will just about keep us in this division if we are lucky and any remaining players of quality will be sold on

This is wholesale asset stripping being done before our very eyes!!.

Morgan isn't yet in need of another building project yet so the ground will remain lob-sided.

And you can bet should the club be sold, a clause will be he recieves the contract for any further development.

But I would not advocate not turning up and giving support to the team,


But we don't have to buy the merchandise or refreshments do we??


just go to the away matches instead! that will hurt them more seeing a large amount of away fans!!

Phil Smith

Ebanks Blake is on his way so is Stearman. Probably 3 million for the two. Hamill also.

And the replacements are??Let's hope we're pleasantly surprised, but somehow I doubt it. My faith is shot to pieces.

The supporters are here for whats on the field not what's in the bank.


£3M wow -I thought I was an optimist!


lets get crouch lump the ball up 100 yards and bounce it off his head


From that statement I think that; as we have 5 right wingers and we need no more than 3, then Stephen Hunt and Hamill will be the two to go, with maybe Forde out on loan somewhere.

As we have only one left back, our old adversary Ward, then I am afraid he will be staying, its just a guess lads as to who will be coming. This new left back will not be first choice so either a free, out of contract player, a loanee or a player from the outer regions of the football league.

We also need a striker, Scotland is a free agent so there is the financial answer for Moxey, no fee just a year or two contract.

Then again Saunders has a problem because if he has received an offer for Ebanks Blake and this without a rebuttal with Saunders saying he is not for sale.

We therefore have a one in and one out situation, this giving a couple of the younger players Whitall or McAlinden to join the first team squad along with Doyle and Sigurdorson.

Then we come to the senior players who are out of contract in the summer.

Berra is one and I think Ebanks Blake is another but there will be others no doubt.

Saunders is under orders to reduce the wage bill and is in daily contact with Moxey.. the Controller!! so his hands are tied.The number of professionals on the books has to be halved and the butchery will be completed this summer

The outlook therefore is bleak. Really bleak.

The revamp of the club will have been completed in the summer and a new squad will start the 2013/14 season the season start in August, ready for a promotion bid. The Championship I hope but the way things are going it may be a League 1 promotion push.

Money wins, whether it be at the top or the bottom and I am afraid, for me, that the club is run on a money orientate, no risk strategy. This is the way good business' are run but it does not suit the majority of football fans.

The club is well run from a business point of view but there is no football nous at the top and as a result we will not become a long standing Premiership club, just a good Championship one.

Yes folks the outlook is bleak and I really fear that we have reached a level which we will have difficulty in raising. I do hope I am wrong but after 68 years of following the Wolves, through the good (1950's and the years 2008-11) the bad( the late 70's, early 80's and now), I am weary and fear the worst.

I do hope this article gets published.


Utterly dejected

From being a season ticket holder for 15 years running until last year when I decided to select the games I wanted watch. Now I just don’t want to go anymore. I feel I have no affinity with this club anymore. Under the current club ownership we have a total lack of leadership and direction. My beloved club has become an embarrassment


spanish ray

I hope Morgan reads these e-mails and then gets the message.We need to get a few players off the books but it is obvious that we will not get rich off them.The players we need to get rid of ,namely,Ward,Hunt, Henry,Stearman,Berra,Elokobi,Edwards and Doyle,will not fetch a lot of money.After the clearout we need a good centre -half,a good left-back and at least one good striker who can score goals,NOT,Jason Scotland,he is 33yrs.old and had his day.If he was any good why didn`t MM buy him in his time here.Now ,he`s trying to sell him,tell him to get stuffed Dean,he knows we don`t want cheapo`s any more.It really is time that this club was run in a proffessional manner and not the amatuerish way of the past.


What an absolute joke our club is !. As others have pointed out the players contracts had a "relegation clause" which would have aided the salary aspect. For all most of the dross players believed there beloved Mick would come knocking form there services it seems somewhat quiet !!. Maybe reality will hit them that they are truly rubbish and would struggle to get in first division squads. We do need a clear out of the McCarthy brigade and for me Elokobi, Stearman, Berra (wants to go so GO), Hunt (age + injuries), Foley (poor season so far), Ward (Micks son), Edwards (never been good enough), Henry (yes best season this one but sums him up as Championship only - need to build for future), SEB (older + not as fit as 4 years ago when he used to score in Championship - lacks height and pace so bye bye please), Doyle (great at holding up the ball but someone needs to point out the obvious about the need to score goals as a striker.Therefore if good money received let him go). In fairness to Stale he purchased better quality players that should prove good additions (still unsure about Peszko though) but the Barca way of playing with one footed Championship donkeys as most are (McCarthys buys) would never have understood what he was trying to do and in the end even Stale himself lost the plot dealing with those plonkers on a daily basis !!.

Well Mr Morgan, after getting rid of my indicated players you should have enough revenue to offer some Jacuzzi's and wet rooms in your more important Redrow homes !!..

Good luck Deano, wrong man for me but who else would want such a job....Tom Cruise seems to fit the bill given the "Mission Impossible" roles !!!..

UTW, roll on saturday.


the only 2 right wingers that are good out that 5 at the moment are hammill and peszko bakari is still injured so we dont now how good he is hunts not fit forde s not ready yet needs loaning out and foley no way his he good enough at right wing dont go down this road again like we did with mcarthy a club like wolves should be spending money on players who will keep us up in the premiership when we get there and as for sighning jason scotland if thats true a 33 year old stiker well i hope it pays off deano because if not the fans wont be very happy to put it mildly and it will be another on the payrol who we cant get rid of thats my view any way of the players you mentioned deano


Why is it the word "Dross" so over used on here?


Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish. In English please.

Realistic Wolf

Probably because it is an apt description, simple!


Hope the stories on a Wolves fans site arent true that weve turned down an offer of £1.6 mill for Stearman,because Moxey values him at £1.8 mill.

Think this is just fantasyTBH.

But if there is any truth in this,then our CEO should be made to walk the plank.

In all honesty,id take whatever was offered.

Its no wonder we have such an unsubstanial pay-roll,if we are quoting these over inflated prices.

There's not a lot in this article that we did'nt already know, or surmised. A similar article a few days ago highlighted the fact we had far too many players for a championship club. In this respect, the chairman is quite correct in saying that the wage bill needs to be cut.

Players such as Mouyokolo and Hunt are out of contract in summer anyway, and should be first on the list of departing players. If the club can get any money for them so much the better, but if not so be it. Hammill should also in my opinion be sold as he does not seem to be able to fit into the team.

However, what concerns me is the rumour of recruiting a player such as Jason Scotland. Some years ago he was a promising player, but he can only now be likened to old carthorse, fit enough only for Tesco beefburger.

Only the most super optimistic supporter can think that we have any chance of promotion via the play-offs this season. In which case we need to be thinking in terms what we can do next season. It maybe better not to bring in any new players until the summer rather than sign someone just for the sake of it.


The above comment is mine. Pressed the submit button too quickly before putting my monicker on it.


I hope we can prune back the squad and the wage bill drastically. A team that's hungover from relegation and devoid of confidence needs to be broken up, for everybody's sakes including the players. It's a sort of group depression that's taken hold. There are good players here but they're paralysed with fear. Solbakken knew that I believe. They need to play elsewhere to recover. With the money raised I would buy a few better players, without the defeatist baggage of the present team, but I guess Wolves won't spend. We'll probably get a couple of lower league buys, and/or a couple of PL/Championship loans. Southampton and Norwich were lower league a couple of seasons ago when we were in the PL, but look where they are now with lower league players.


doumbia will be world class

paul davo

I told you all my fellow wolfs, Morgan is a Liverpool fan, and has no love for wolves , his only ambition is how to make money out of our club, If he had any wish to own a top prem club its all now blown out of the water, We all know it takes mega money to be the best, and he does not have it, so move over and at least try to leave us in a place were we look half good to investers, Mr Morgan you must know about the unrest, you have to come out from behind wall and tell us what your plans are, I fear we are the next leeds, wednesday, or even god forbid portsmouth , VERY CONCERNED

Tamworth Wolves

Frasier Campbell (an England International) sold to Cardiff for less than a million pounds says it all. Is he not better than the usless bunch of Buffoons that we call a strike force. If we happen to sign the useless Jason Scotland I for one and I suspect many others will not set foot in the ground again whilst Moxey and Morgan are in charge. I have supported the club for 45 years and have never felt so pessimistic about the future.


With Solbakken's appointment, we were sold a dream: a new playing style, a new direction - methods that would sustain us once we returned to the PL. Some of us expected immediate promotion, some of us (self included) saw this season as one of rebuilding followed by a promotion push next time around. Others had different agendas of course. Whichever camp one was in, it all seemed to go wrong for all the reasons already put forward on sites like this. The way football works, Solbakken's sacking came as no real surprise. However, with his departure, the "dream" put before us has now gone out of the window. I question in my own mind the abilities of SM/JM to lead us in the right direction. I try to convince myself that the development of the academy, the rebuilding etc. are not the work of an unambitious owner. Why else would he bother, I ask myself, if he was not looking to see us again, one day, as an established PL club? Other fans with more insight than me can possibly comment more astutely on such matters. It's just that, naively perhaps, I wonder if SM's intentions are the right ones but it's just that he keeps getting things wrong, especially timing-wise. You have to wonder where he gets his advice from. A Graham Taylor or a David Pleat behind the scenes - real football men - could offer effective advice. Well, we have to get behind Dean Saunders, whatever we think of his appointment. Poor bloke has only been here "five minutes". And what else can we do at this stage, anyway? I hope it goes well for him (and us) and that he hasn't just been put in as an interim appointment. Realistically, I can understand the need to shed players before we take too many more on. I question the type of player we seem to be looking at however. With all due respect to him, Scotland is now a far cry from say, Rhodes who I wanted before Blackburn moved in. As a club, we still have some stature and we warrant better players than some we have been liked with. As ever, the end of the transfer window will be the proper time to pass judgment rather than now. The real interest may centre on who we have managed to move out.


The answer to Your question is Christian Purslow, and one or two ex LFC players who have achieved nothing in the game after their Playing Careers ended.

The more I write, the more I am absolutely crestfallen with the shambolic way we are being run into the ground in the short term


Solent, your views are much the same as mine. I believe that Steve Morgan's intentions are honourable, but his judgement is sometimes questionable when it comes to making the right choices.

There was a time when I dismissed the idea of having a Director of Football at the club as a sheer waste of money. However, I now think that this is exactly what is required to provide some good sound advice to the owner and the rest of the board. As you rightly suggest someone like Pleat or Taylor. This is probably far more important than any other issue - including any January signings.

My view of Scotland is about 5 comments above yours.


Agree with you both. Morgan is a businessman and the only way you make money out of selling a football club is if it is successful. No businessman in their right mind wants an investment to fail.

The biggest mistake Morgan has made was after the Blackburn game when we stayed in the PL. He said that it would never happen again and he should have changed things then. Sacked MM and TC and appointed a Director of Football. Moxey only likes yes men below him and has too much of a hand in something he knows far too little about - football. He is an accountant, is risk averse and balances the books. Morgan needs to get Moxey away from the day to day football decisions and appoint a Director of Football.

It's interesting when you consider the character of the managers we have had down here and those that have turned the job down. Does anyone think the likes of Curbishley would want to work with our CEO and be told how to manage the football side of the operation??

I just wish Morgan would ring up a few ex board members at Stoke City for their view on Moxey.

Where next

I thought we were a well run club. One that could survive the drop from prem without having to sell our key players. I thought we cut our players wages by 50% already after the drop.


Who is this left back then? If we have one why not play him instead of Ward!!

Uttox. Wolf

I see west ham are trying to sign a quality left back George. Friend. Where have i heard that name before.


I give up with this club it is a total joke, you lost 4 of the 8season ticket my family had ,next season there will none we had it with be skewed by you jokers money money that all you 2 are the sooner you go and give us our club back the better.

Darlo Wolf

I'm still trying to work out why they decided to ruin the ground rather than improve the team... UTW.

Robert Perry

And I thought I was the only one who thought the new stand looks awful!


And it certainly won't look any better when it's about one third full, which sadly is the way things are going. I've said it before, this is becoming a nightmare deja vous of the 1980's.

Bring back the Bhatti's!

johnny patricks

Berra thinks Wolves can make the play offs...whats he smoking?????. this team will never ever get back to the play offs unless its blown up and we start over, and I mean from the very top. This is one sad team and getting worse by the week,

Cannot score to save trheir lives

Paul cooks left foot

Why bother employing dean Saunders if you ain't gonna give him a bit of ammunition to get out of this wretched division.. sends out a clear message that m and m are happy enough to sit in this rut

Wolfman Jack

'Saunders has been told he must slash the wage bill '

The players have had their wages cut by 50% on relegation. 'Parachute' payments are being made. We've just bought in the best part of 26 million quid by selling our 3 best players.

Given all of this, I'd like to know precisely WHY we need to cut the wage bill ?

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

For the simple reason that all that cash is being used elsewhere outside the football club ! That I think is a prime reason why Solbacken was sacked. M & M new they had to give him some decent cash to continue his transformation of the team.................................and they simply didn't want to do it. On top of that sacking him in the transfer window leaves no time for the new man to assess what he has no money spent. M&M can also see that they can save more money by trying to get rid of players as well. The way our club is being run is a joke.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Filtonwolf (Bristol),

Liverpool have bought a new striker!.



We need to slash the wage bill because we have too many poorly performing players, even though they are earning less then they were. The wage bill is just not value for money. We probably need to get rid of 15 players in order to get 5 better ones in. Having done this, the wage bill will probably be the same but at least we will be on the road back.


I stpped going to Wolves in 1999 - no flair, no ambition, no entertainment. I now watch BTFC, where i get all three of these things at a mere fraction of the cost and i don't feel suicidal on monday mornings! I understand that Wolves needs to be run as a business - but look at some of the teams that are in the Prem who don't have either Wolves potential following or past - who try to play an attractive game, Swansea spring to mind, as just one example. We need to get up & stay up and build for a future and to do this you need vision. I simply don't see this anymore at Wolves. What, for goodness sake was behind the idea of the new stand - cos you'll never fill it playing the way that the team are now! I dispair for my number one side. And as another footnote i wtched Roma last year (Italy's Wolves)win 5-1 for 13 Euro's! Enough said i think!


Same old - same old...if any one of us thought that things were going to change - the last laugh is on us.. AGAIN!

Gold & Black

We need to get back to basics ASAP. We simply need to get the right mix of quality pro's with an abundance of youngsters around them. Keep: O'Hara, Sako Boukari, Prezco, Zubar & Ikeme and then get rid of the balance. We must surely want a squad of 20 to 25 players all competing for a straing role.

I might get shot down for this but if Villa stay up this season and continue working with their youngsters it will pay massive dividens going forward. Lets think of the youngesters we have: Cassidy, Bath, Zeli, Forde, Davis, Gorman to name a few. If we can then mix these in with up coming players form lower leagues as we did with Jarvis, Kitely etc.

The Wolves fans will start going again when we can behine a squad of youngsters with something to prove and ticket prices to macth the cheaper wage bill. Lets finish mid tale with a crop of youngsters!!!

worcester wolf

does not look good for the near future.time to rest from the season ticket .hope others follow as protest at moxey morgans poor ideas and thinking.come april by by molineux .

Swiss Wolves

O'Hara will be sold. This is why he does not start, he is protecting him.

Sadly Sako will follow as will Hennessey.

We can not sell any others, nobody will come in for them.

Dark days and Saunders took the role as puppet for Moxey, he knew what he was asked to do.

As per Wolfman, I do not understand why we need to cut the wage bill. But Moxey can see reach his objectives and get a nice bonus in April.

No ambition.


Lets be honest the best we can expect is Scotland on free, and then the two MMs we will say we tried to sign Keane, Kaka same old tripe new manager. we are Wolves.


All this nonsense around right wingers including both Hunt and Forde and even Foley may be used as a reason not to take up the option to buy Peszko and that would be very disappointing. I would still like Forde to be given a more central role in a couple of games as he looks more comfortable on the ball than a number of others.

Have to say I am pleased that somebody finally realises we need a left back though.

Would not be unhappy to see most of this squad go, but will again be disappointed if the new signings are forced out and the old guard remain.


To be honest I would imagine that the manner of the running of our club presently will prevent any sane footballer from coming anywhere nearMolineux - not to mention our supporters

Ginge wolf

I wish, at least we would win all our home games this way


You are all saying this and that. there is no one that can tell us what is going on at WOLVES this is now a business not a sport anymore, you are all guessing as to which players are going which players are coming in, yes we have too many players, all I may add are not putting in a shift just look at Saturdays game very very poor football. I have just stopped going but may go down on saturday have not been for 3 months, yes I am a poor supporter I can not sit there every other week and watch our team fall from what I know they can do. SO deano sort it.


i know the club is apparently being run prudently, and each year our financial results usually show a small profit.

The issue I have where the money is going out from the club, has anyone had a real thorough check our outgoings and some of the companies/people that are getting the money?

Has steve got the capital to buy back redrow yet? Im sure after a few more pie sales he'l get his old company back, then sell us up and make a tidy profit. win win situation.

Babylon GB

What I can't work out is, if we have 40 players, why is it the same old 11 who keep getting picked every week...?

And who plays left back in the reserves?

Dan the Man

I've virtually reached apathy. Had a look around and seems quite a nice place. Think I'll stay here until I get a good reason to leave.

Heck, I'm so carefree now, I might even be nice towards the Happy Clappers stuck in Dreamworld!

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Lucky you ! I can't be bothered to reach apathy .


We have to get the size of the squad down and get rid of the dead wood. We have cut and burn many of the players MM brought in. The balance of team is down to his buys, not improving the defence, buying too many poor midfielders and forwards. Only once we get a smaller squad can we look at improving with maybe more higher profile players. This is at least a 3 year project now, to then be knocking on the prem door with a squad that maybe could stay up.

Dutch Wolf

'Kevin Foley can play there'. I think he means for Walsall.


Why have we bothered employing a new manager. We may as well put Moxey in a tracksuit and let him sit in the dugout and run the team because that is what is happening. Deano says he will decide on Friday, i'm afraid not, he will be told who he can keep and who is going. League 1 here we come.

mark hill

Oh here we go again!we seel our good players and left with coffin dodgers and why?because mr morgan wants more houses and jez wants more investment in mcdonalds talk about fact cats.some of our players may be on more money than most but its nothing compared to other teams and as mr moxey keeps saying we ARE making a PROFIT!so no money and less quality Dean i feel really sorry for you came from a team you built to the telly tubby double m's(ha ha m n m's) with these 2 around iam afraid to say we wont get any glory days and sir jack you made a mistake or 2

Down, down we go

Why do we play two strikers week after week when they only score one goal a month between them?

But what we need is someone who can create chances for our new strike force.

Without that we will be playing Stratford Town in a few years and not because they have been promoted!

Esso Ian

Lets get the wages down then ! Goodbye Moxey .

Jonny D

I've been saying that for years, but he's still there

Empty seat Row C North Bank Upper

chris h

I know why they are after Scotland,they want to get their hands on all that oil in the North Sea.


This is what Saunders says on Auntie Beeb

" If I can get the belief back in them, I'm sure you'll see some of those players playing like they can play, and we won't need to sign anyone."

Has anyone told him this is the same squad that that stayed in the premier by the skin of their teeth 2 years ago, the same squad that got relegated. last year.

What planet id he from.

Cut the wage bill - get rid of M & M then Saunders, then all those players who have been with wolves for more than a year but not the youngsters they may still contribute.

Why do we have 5 right wingers - because the ones that were there previous were useless.

The only problem we have with selling players is finding someone who will pay the fee that M & M. But as they are desperate I have a feeling that when they say cut the wage bill they don't care who as long as the bill is cut. We then have a bigger problem.

sedgley slayer

With regards to the other article on O'Hara - I think he is right to be frustrated at not getting a game.

He has more ability than the rest of our central midfielders put together. Davis and O'Hara would compliment each other well IMO.

If Saunders doesn't start O'Hara on Saturday against Blackpool then he must be a fool!!!!!!!!!!

Woolfie 4371



Tipton Terrier

Being realistic...we are currently under performing.However despite our embarrassing / humiliating league position we STILL have a fighting chance of making the play offs

Fair enough.... if we need to to reduce the wage bill, simply accept any fee for the following players who's contracts are due to expire this summer: Berra, Hunt, Zubar , Edwards, (not sure if he has signed another contract) and Ebanks-Blake. Then perhaps if we still have any ambition replace them with players like Nigel Reo-Coker and Saha ( both free) initially on short term contracts - unlike the players named above they have proven pedigrees and will hopefully inspire the fans and players alike.(certainly worth a gamble)

PS Chris Woods, Wayne Bridge , Michael Tonge and Fraizer Campbell all went for peanuts and what about Billy Sharp ?




Jack ♣ Hat.

Tipton Terrier,

Chris Wood has scored six goals in three matches for Leicester. Leicester will win the Championship.



just a prediction but next fridays spin when no one comes in is we have failed with our targets and january is a difficult window.mark my words.seen it all ambition just money before the good of the club.the quicker those two jokers get out the better


Surely, it should be obvious that the problem with the team’s make-up is not that we have too many right wingers but that we don’t have enough! Take a look at how we line up from any goal kick or clearance - everyone herded together like sheep in a pen on the right touch line, leaving 60 yards of open space in the rest of the field. I suspect we must be applying for our left wing to be declared a site of special scientific interest: untouched by human foot. So let’s get a whole team of right-footed, one-footed wide-men. And let’s ditch the goalkeeper as well. The opposition is sure to be fooled into thinking we have a Master Plan. And it might take them all of two minutes to see through it.

Beware of Ince for Blackpool on Saturday – this boy has terrific speed and skill, and is likely to destroy us single-handedly, then come back for more. Oh – and he’s a left-footed right winger. Ward could be in for a very interesting 90 mins.


This board and these players gave up our premier league status without hardly a whimper,they have made us a complete joke.They are doing the same in the championship,we cannot change what is going to happen before the deadline closes,but we can vent our anger and frustration,vocally,after the match against Blackpool.DO IT.....


As fans we need to vote with our feet and not buy tickets and watch the dross week in week out! While the club is getting our money nothing will change.


spot on Mike.also goes for players who would want to come here?only the washed up and cheapo good i am,s.just wait for the excuses,we nearly we just missed out,we where that close,problems sorting out the money ect ect.utw


Everything is pointing towards club being sold.


I have said this before,a disgrace how the football side of the club as been run, Dean says it all, one left back and 5 right wingers,ludicrous. Moxey should hang his head in shame.


Did just that last season, WOLVES (it really is no good for my health!). And as someone else said - though I long ago surmised it - the Odd Couple upstairs (or at least one) are sadly spending way too much on buildings rather than building the team. They've got it WAY, WAY WRONG, and don't give a monkey's toss over us suffering fans!!! They're destroying my beloved babbies!!!

Jonny D

Anyhow, I can see it clearly now.........Jezz says, Well Dean me old Yes Man, how can I help you. Dean says......Well Jezz What can I spend, I need to know cause the transfer window closes soon............Jez says, Well Dean me old yes man, if you can shift some of our best players like Stale did just before the transfer window closes, you can may be spend20% of the cash that comes in on new players........Dean says, Well that sounds OK Jezz sir, but what happens to the other 80% of the cash from the players sold.........Jezz says, Well Dean me old yes man, may be you can buy some players with that cash in the next transfer window, but if not it can go towards my bonus next christmas.............Dean says, Oh is that what happened to the money from the summer 2012 sales, cause i thought i might have that to spend..........Jezz says, No Dean me old yes man, Dean says, Yes Jezz, sorry, I got to go to Compton to train the players to play football............


theres only 1 fing to say we need to get rid of moxey he is a big fat waste of space and needs gettin rid of and for morgan he jus a waste of time aswell he cudnt buy liverpool so he settled for us he ay intrested in our club, he promised to spend 50million wen he first brought us and where is that money i fink we have spent about 20million on bout 10 players wtf a club of our history we shud b spending 5+ million on 1 good player hu can prove hiself yh u can get bargains like michu for swansea but our scouts ay tht good so wee need to buy good quality players or looks like league 1 footy for us

paul davo

Just seen bradford beat villa no team talk needed this week DS just rerun that to the players PURE PASSION


Wolves Supporter Home & Away since 1967 my seat on South Bank has been empty for 6 games this year!

I for one will not be renewing early bird, the club continue to take us for granted and give nothing in return only lies.

Where's all the money gone? Saunders will take us down, player power got rid of Solbakken. Morgan & Moxey have turned this club into a joke (have a read of article on Sky Sports site).

Depressed Wolves Fan# MOXEY OUT NOW!


The reality is guys what mick brought in was shocking!!!!

Year after year whilst in the prem the fans said certain names to help the club progress whther that be a robbie kneane loan move, bassong, huddlestone, lescott, rhodes last jan, the list was endless. yet mick was stuck in his ways on low earning hard workers, albeit they are shocking and incompetent of geting 4 shots on target in most games in the championship let alone the prem. the full back positions have looked week since van dame lost the plot!!!! the money is there its whether the manager doesnt want to go hes own way.


"All Change at Wolves" by Adam Bate.


MOXEY OUT MOXEY OUT MOXEY OUT! Banners and chanting next home game please, it worked for McCarthy it can work for this prat too.


Jamie "Hollywood" O'Hara best player on Books? if he's fit play him...................reckon Moxey wants him sold?

Stafford DeWolf

Based on the reported salaries, Johnson and O'Hara will each be milking £2 million per annum from the club until 2015 and 2016 respectively.

If the owner's managerial gambles carry on who knows where the club might be playing in by 2016.

Moxey and his accountants must be having kittens.

rushall wolves

SOLENTWOLVES - Great comments! Totally agree that we should wait and see what happens after the transfer window. DS is right in his assessment. Why do we need 5 right wingers at the club, when we clearly lack a solid & creative midfielder, a left back and a recognised striker.

Come on you Wolves fans, give DS a chance. The bloke has only been in charge for 2 games and you are already pre-judging him! By all means vent your anger at the management but at least get behind "The Boss".

Orlando Wolves

The exit door is very much open - let`s see how many takers there are for the players we wish to unload.

No mention of welcome mats for new signings though. Perhaps we don`t need any !


why not cut moxey wages?

oh please

2 points from our last 2 games, one clean sheet....all those calling for moxey to go, fine and a who do you suggest as a replacement?

for those calling for morgan to sell to someone who cares about the (fans, ah bless) and who cares about the football, who do you suggest?

and for the gloating baggies 1 point from the last 3 games!

villa embarrased by bradford.

walsall got no money, ditto coventry,brum,notts county,shrewsbury,

wba remind me of the well dressed school boy, well behaved, tries to be one of the clever high achievers the ones you know will get great grades but he does'nt quite have what it takes. ah bless. utw.


i was left feeling so embarrassed yesterday. I was watching post match analysis of the Villa Bradford game and realised that the man now managing our football club doesn't have two brain cells. Nothing intelligent to say, and to cap it off, he closed with "this win will set up Bradford city for 20 years finically". What is a million quid divided by 20?

He might be ' one of the boys' and good for player moralenbut he is more fit to manage a pub than Wolverhampton Wanderers football club.......


The only way to get shut of Morgan and Moxey is to stay away, Why give them your money just to stick in there pockets? Morgan is clearly bleeding Wolves dry.

I was a season ticket holder for 7 years, I no longer go. Many years ago under Sir Jack i went with my mate to every home game and as many away days as possible roughly 10 a season.

I no longer go because well i just dont care anymore, I love Wolves and it will always be in me but Morgan and Moxey have ripped the heart and soul out of Wolves.

Liverpool had problems with Hicks and Gillett and the fans got them out eventually. Morgan was in the background in that situation as well.

Morgan doesnt care about Wolves does he? Morgan just wants us to fund his housing empire. This man is no longer welcome at Wolves and the only way i can protest is to stay away. Once this clown has gone and he will go eventually when he realises there is no more money to bleed from us once the parachute payements stops i will return and but my hard earned money in to Wolves.

If the comments above are correct with how much Moxey gets then well that says it all really, That man has done nothing for Wolves. Stoke fans hated him and so does the Wolves fans. We all can't be wrong can we?

Sir Jack please take our club back and sell to a person who gives a toss


Looking forward to the £600 plus quid I will have year in year out from now on, after 20 yrs as a STH..thanks for making my decision so easy to come to SM over the last 12 months. See Ya !

Relieved to be out of it

Wow look at all this response above, it would seem that you guys are now seeing what I saw last year after 30 years as season ticket holder...... i didn't renew and I haven't missed it at all.... there is more out there to do than be hood winked by the current management. Another season.... same old problems!!

Loosing faith

The rot is setting in!

When Sir Jack sold Wolves for £10, I understand that the deal was for Morgan to invest £30 in club. It appears that the only investment has been in property. Peel house, training ground and the white elephant North Bank! It seem that the only money spent on players came from the income and not from the Chairman. The whole programme seems flawed.

Sir Jack built a stadium with potential to expand the corners to take 32,000 fans. Until those seats are sold week in week out at inflated ticket prices, why do we need an £18m stand? That would have provided Mick with the cash he needed.

Many questioned Mick at the end. In my view he got as much out of the players he could get and hit the buffers as frustration set in. Unfortunately there was three mini divisions in the premier and we needed that £18m to get us out of the bottom one! Absolute disaster!

Morgan could have appointed Martin O'neil at Xmas 2011, but in my view Morgan would not pay off Mick, pay o'neil and give him a £20m war chest to invest in the team! Instead they gave a vote of confidence in Mick and confirmed a "war chest???" of a measly £2m!

If you want to own a football club you have to be wealthy enough to "Twist" on a £10m purchase. Morgan only gambles on bricks and mortar where he is comfortable. We are now playing poker with untested manager probably on the cheap rather than a tested premier manager. Yes, we need to spot talent and future prospect, but we need a spine to the team of premiership role models. we do not look like a club from board to boot room set up for premiership jump. The cock up will stale has cost us dearly.


What left back?Since when has ward been a full back.Things are not looking promising.Perhaaps it is time for fans to show their disapproval and vote with their feet and possibly have another boycott,


Thanks to Morgan and Moxey's total mismanagement with the club....(Hey Jez...we don;t do an Albion , right?)...I've had enough, I've spent good money for far too long watch dross and lack of ambition. Morgan should have sacked McCarthy when we survived against Blackburn, but just "assumed" everything would be ok. In reality, we all knew the squad was rubbish, but the owner hadn't the balls to act. Relegation was assured before a ball was kicked. Now, we have a squad on good wages, who are devoid of passion, they have zero respect for the fans that pay their over inflated salary. Moxey is a common denominator, being paid millions whilst we are now in a worse league position from when he took over. Time to sack Moxey, and time for Morgan to clear out. So for the first time since 1967 I shall deliberately not renew my Season Tickets (2) , and put it towards a holiday. I really don;t care anymore....thanks Morgan for making me feel like this, you should hang your head in shame...the club is dying on its feet, and there is still no action in sight. I vote with my feet

Robert Perry

I have been a season ticket holder for many years and it is getting to the stage where I am not looking forward to going and I am becoming increasingly apathetic as to what is happening at our club. When loyal committed fans start to feel like this the club are in real trouble