Wolves boss will leave it late for signings

Wolves boss Dean Saunders will leave signing players until as late as possible in the transfer window.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Sheffield Wednesday v Wolverhampton Wanderers

The new manager has kicked off his reign with two draws after Saturday’s goalless stalemate at Sheffield Wednesday.

Wolves’ first away draw of the season left them 17th in the Championship, seven points off the drop zone but 13 points away from the play-offs.

They have scored just twice in their last six games and, while he wants to bring in added firepower, Saunders insists major surgery to the current squad isn’t needed.

He said: "We need just a bit of tinkering around, I don’t think major surgery is needed. The longer we can leave it, the better, because as time goes on I’m getting a clearer idea about what we need.

“I don’t want to panic-buy and bring a player in who’s not as good as what we have got. These players are good – they have just had the stuffing knocked out of them.

“If they play like they can play, we won’t have to sign any players, so I will try to leave it as late as possible.

“I’m not David Copperfield – I’m not going to change it straight away so we are like Real Madrid.”

Saunders, who switched to a 4-5-1 formation in the second-half on Saturday, admitted he played for a point against fourth-from-bottom Owls.

He said: “We have got to try to find a winning formula and Saturday was about not losing. I’m pleased that in two games we have only let one goal in and it’s the start I wanted, really.

“I’m not changing the style, but I want to change the mentality. We ha’ve been losing for too long and have got to start winning. We fought and looked together as a group.

“We have got different ways of playing, but there are still things I’m seeing which I have ironed out at other teams. I will do that here as well and that will make the whole thing click.”

Saunders added: “We’ve got some good players here. They have just maybe lost belief and confidence and have had the hangover of getting relegated.

“We have got a couple of decent results now and, if we can get a couple of wins, you might see the players performing like they can.”

Wolves produced just one attempt on goal on Saturday and failed to hit the target.

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Comments for: "Wolves boss will leave it late for signings"


translation - mr morgan gave me a job, told me im lucky to have it given my previous experience, and has told me ive got no money to spend


Spot on

What about the comment "if they play like they can, we won't need to sign anyone"

Is he for real???

Didn't go Saturday, but by all accounts we were lucky to get nil.

If they played like they 'should' we wouldn't have been battered from pillar to post for the last 18mths, and we wouldn't think that going to a club like Sheffield Wednesday & keeping a clean sheet, whilst not having a worthy effort on goal is some sort of decent result!!!!

Well done Morgan looks like you've recruited yourself yet another yes man & on the cheap!!!

Mind you, I bet there ain't many bricks being layed with all this bad weather, profits are down!!!!

This just confirms that my thoughts not to bother with the early bird are spot on, there's no way I'm handing my money over to Bob the Builder to play with for 5 mths.

Not a prayer

The time has come to start voting with our feet, as much as I don't like it this regime will not understand anything else, as they treat the loyal support this great club has with utter contempt.

The Worthing Wolf

Couldn't agree more - my sentiments regarding the early bird were exactly as yours. We haven't been disappointed and I'm pretty sure wont be whilst the manager states that two draws was the start he wanted and he is not going to change the style !!

Can anyone explain those comments ?

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Grace. You have, as always; hit the nail on the head as has t23.

However, be honest,did you expect anything different with the 2 M's holding the purse strings?

I have said may times before, the biggest mistake Sir Jack made was employing Moxey. He has not, nor never will be any good for Wolves. A Dan Ashworth HE AIN'T.

Private Pile

I think Morgan should sell to Planty he's 'gotta whole lot of love' for the club, and we are getting 'Trampled Underfoot'. I see him most home games in the Steve Bull and I might ask him for a picture


Good job we got a manager with league one experience !

So at the end of the month we'll get the dross others can't get fees for on loan or for free

Class outfit our club is


End of month??

More like end of season once themanager has established what the current players can and can not do.

Get the videos of Stale, quick!

Magic wanderer

Talking about leaving it to the last minute? If Jason Scotland is the level of player we are looking to get I'd say don't bother at all.


Perfect translation but I wouldn't be too harsh on the manager. He's just following orders and he's hardly going to state the obvious, some of these players are rubbish. I'm sure he must think that privately but until he has alternatives he has no choice other than to "big them up". Our real problem is the short sightedness of JM and SM. If only SM could translate his building business vision of seeing pieces of dirty land and turning them into gold, the old gold would be riding high, okay mid table in the PL. All we can do is express our view on here, turn up and support the team or vote with our feet by staying away. Hobson's choice really but has it ever been different?


1 shot against Sheffield Wednesday is not acceptable, we're going down.

Bunghoolioo Wolf

No we're not. Don't be saft.


Sheffield Wednesday are one of the poorest teams in the league and we couldn't muster more than one shot at goal. Is that okay by you?

We're going on a League One tour with this clown in charge.


Andy, you clearly know nothing about football. This is a play-offs quality team.

John De Wolf

If the reports are true that we want to sign Jason Scotland then what this say about the clubs ambitions? Not to mention the new scouting team and manager. This has to be a joke.

Agree that there is no need to bring in players unless they are better then what we have already but that shouldn't be difficult.

We desperately need a new left back and centre half. Ward and Berra are useless.

We also need a better midfielder as we have no creativity whatsoever. O'Hara has to start but I'd like to see someone with drive and purpose alongside him like Frimpong.

I'd like to see us bring in another striker but it has to be a target man or someone with pace. I'd see if we can loan Jerome from Stoke or Amichebe from Everton - maybe do a swap with Doyle.

I also think Doherty, Batth, Margrietter, Peszko, Hammil and Sigurdarson deserve a chance and should start/be on the bench at least for the next game, if they are fit.

Molly Mollynew

why on earth would stoke or everton want to swap their players for Doyle!!!!!????????

Frimong.....does he want a relegation battle?? doubt it

fat boy jamie

The club has never had any ambition, this is why, we are, where we are.

i think most people will be happy in league 1 and being solvent.

Billy Wiseman

Splash the cash --Two Defenders with experience and two more attacking players-- Get rid of Doyle please-


here here kev has never given us the return for the money we spent falls over to easy dsnt score enough goals and thats what wins GAMES .

Mountain Wolf

Saunders, please stop saying that we have good players because it's beginning to sound as if you're carrying out a brainwashing exercise on behalf of Moxey and Morgan. You are a new-comer and, therefore, probably unaware of how many times, over goodness knows how many seasons, the fans have been subjected to this poor excuse of the M&M propaganda machine. We fans have heard it, or a variation of it, enough times to know that it is meaningless drivel and we are not for one moment taken in. Whatever you choose to say in the future, do not let us hear those words come out of your mouth again.


Speak for yourself only; not "we fans."

This fan accepts what Mr Saunders says.

Proper Werewolf

In that case, perhaps 'ostrich' might be a better nom de plume for you.


I am so agreed with you. We do not have good players, not many, at least. I am so tired og Henry, Ward with more saying we must get better. We need new players !!!!!!!


I accept what he says but I do not belive it.

I suppose you still believe in a flat earth?

All for one and one knows nowt


It may be a tired line but I fail to see the good in the manager coming out and exclaiming 'the players are a total waste of time'. Not the best man-management move.


Don't think M.W. sugested the manager dist the players. But there isnt no point in telling porky pies either, Wolves going nowhere if nobody can face up the obvious and do something about it.

Realistic Wolf

Excuse me, man management has nothing to do with it. This bunch of losers has had nothing but praise from every manager we have had and that hasn't worked has it. Surely honesty is the best policy and just get rid. As for Colonel Saunders he sounds more and more like he is M&Ms yes man. Reading between the lines sounds like he means we will leave it too late (as usual) Strange how Stale got sacked just as the window opened.

Wolves Fan with Own Mind

Yes, you do not speak for all Wolves fans. I am happy for Saunders to evaluate the situation and do what he feels is necessary.

Hong Kong Wolf

I've thought for a long time we actually need to get rid of a few supporters! The moaning and complaining gets to me. I think the club would be in much better nick if the moaners headed for the Hawthornes.


Don't think you'll have too much of a problem there. At last SUPPORTERS in their thosands are waking up to the con trick that is being perpetrated. The only answer to this crisis is to vote with our feet and don't be surprised if we are soon back to 80's level of attendance figures. Why shouldn't we moan when the Club is being run into the ground. And no the Club will not be much better off if the moaners head for the Hawthornes (which is not the way it works), because whatever you think falling gates = decreased revenue = downward spiral.

Bring back the Bhattis!


Good post PJB.


Or maybe we could send them to Hong Kong.


So constructive criticism is not considered as supportive anymore,in my own opinion neither is blind loyality to at best a totally inept or money motivated management team and players who have consistently badly performed over years,the team needs new blood now or this will not improve.Loyal supporter.

me, me, I know better!

What do you expect him to say? He's got to work with what he has got hasn't he?, Would you rather he said they were all rubbish & he wouldn't pick any of them if he didn't have too? That would work wouldn't it? He's building confidence in the team to get results as quick as he can! Destroy the confidence anymore & where do you think we would be eh? Let him get on with it & try to hold back on judging him before he's had a chance to do the job!


"...if they can play like they can play we won't have to sign any players."

Oh dear, oh dear sounds like straight out of the mouth of Moxey. What an awful omen. How about signing an entire new defence for starters? Where's the money gone M&M???

"Saunders the David Copperfield" somehow doesn't scan as well as Mick the Magician!


God some of our fans talk some drivel, go out and sign a new defence? ok and then when/if we get promotion we will have to get another for the prem, it's not like buying a new car! players have contracts, and what player worth anything will go to a club for one/half a season!

Like it or not the squad we have IS GOOD ENOUGH for this league, we have or are coming back ten players from injury, agree we need another striker? but having said that what message does that send out to the likes of Cassidy/McAlindon, has DS has said he is getting close to understanding what he needs, after TWO matches and our esteemed excuses for fans are on his back, no wonder the likes of curbs etc didn't want to touch us - with fans like some of you lot can you blame them!

Grace! take it you like the other fantastic fans won't be supporting the club if we drop any lower? just like when we were in the fourth? but I bet you will be back in the premiership spouting off about "how you supported" the club in their hour of need! it's b******s, no wonder they call us fickle.

We need to give the manager time, like we should have done with Stale, but then again our want it now, fix it now fans won't give any manager the time - even curbs! that and only that is why we are were we are - THE FANS!

Wednesbury wolves

Where is spelt WHERE not WERE, great spelling John wolf, as for curbishley coming, it was never going to happen you numpty!!!!!!!!' He knew what mr Morgan was all about, and could see right through him and fat elvis!!!!!!! So please go away, and support tesco!!!!!!!!!


Have to agree. Im quite sick of listening to the molinuex "faithful" wingeing whining and moaning about different players, waiting for them to make a mistake and then scream at them like they,re jimmy saville!! It would be great to think the supporters would get behind the team like they did against Blackburn, which for me was the game of the season home and away so far for positive support, and instead of being negative and putting the players down. No, they are not all premiership material but are good enough to get us out of this division. I must admit i was over confident on the result on sat. Drove up, froze my balls of, and came back totally disappointed. I was hoping Saunders might have what it takes but with all the press he,s been giving Sako i,m wondering too about his agenda. Ah well. Bring on Blackpool, and support your team!

Mensa Wolves

So, johnwolf, the problem with Wolves is the fans??!

And we can't buy better defenders because we might get promoted?

With clear, incisive thinking like that there's a job waiting for you on Wolves board.

proof in the pudding!

Is that the defence that has let in one dodgy penalty in two games under saunders?..................Let him do his job!


yes, it's the same defence that is the 12th worst in the division and which has conceded 39 goals in 28 games (16 more goals than Leicester). Shutting up shop and playing for 0-0 results isn't going to get us promoted.


I was positive about Deano two matches ago but when he says things like "If they play like they can play, we won't have to sign any players" my faith starts to go.


Same old, same old - we don't need aany players - sounds like Jezz talking - probably is.




great comment PETENUTS


by your friends shall ye be known


Not friends - FANS.

syd little

Wolves are more Billy Smart than Billy Wright these days.

Mensa Wolves

Billy Smart would provide entertainment.

Wolves are being run by two of his clowns.


There are some players that are coming back from loan spells and injury to look at but it is not rocket science? Players like Zubar, Foley, Berra, Ward, Edwards, Hunt, Henry, Jonnson etc. need to be moved on. Furthermore, now they are fit - Solbakken was waiting for them back - O'Hara and Peszko must play. The old guard need to be dropped and I would go something like this :-

Ikeme Doherty Batth Johnson Ward Peszko Doumbia O'Hara Sako SEB/Doyle Cassidy

We are the fifth worst scorers in the division and the above line up would give us goals!

Imply wolf

How can we get rid of Ward when he's in your starting 11!! Don't think we need to get rid of him but definately get some decent competition in for STARTING places. Not more average players to warm a bench that's already full!

Golden Nugget

Why can't anybody spell DEFINITELY anymore?

Creep in Wolves Clothing

Since when did 'any more' become one word?

Golden Nugget

You will find either is correct. Try a dictionary.


Unlike some, I am not Ward's biggest critic. He would be useful back up as a forward or wide left. However, he is one of the old guard. I am talking starting eleven at present and therefore can be moved on - like the rest - if we sign new players?


Until we have signed people we have to go with what is here but IF we sign he can be moved on. I happen to believe that he should be competing for a more forward role on the left side? He is not the worst player this season. There are many candidates but Foley wins this one, hands down!


I think you'll find we are the fifth lowest scores in the whole country, not just the championship.

Gets better doesn't it!!!


Sounds like you should be Deano's no2 if its that easy!!!


I could certainly pick a better team than some of our recent managers. If Foley is our best player at right wing, we may as well pack up!


Solbakken saw the DVDs n still didn't bring in any defenders or forwards,after the Luton result he had to go.wer desperate.at best a goalscorer has to be priority surely it's time to play Batth n get ismail back aswel


Well, the hineymoon is over before it really got off the blocks!

Folks, they are not worth spending any more money on! How long have we put up with this claptrap from Mcarthy and now Dean Saunders. THE PLAYERS ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Three years in the prem and now the very same players or near enough of them STILLcannot cut it. Tinkering?! What bloody tinkering? I think they cannot even spell the words TRUTH, INVESTMENT, AMBITION!

Lies and more lies. Spin and more spin! Stale was right and now we have hoof ball!

Not even gonna leave the house for the Blackpool match!

Waggies Left Peg

You sum up my feelings perfectly, I too will not be wasting anymore money on this bunch of con-men, the fans have been short changed for long enough and now is the time to vote with our feet. I am no longer prepared to pay to watch the club I have followed for over 40 years being driven into the ground by a scouser intent on using ut to bolster his construction business. Congratulations Mr Morgan you have managed to do what even the Bhatti's coudn't make me do.

I do not need to add what they can do with their early bird offer.


Saunders has his first success..........one moaner less at the Blackpool match!


If losing life-long fans is classed as success then there's no hope for this football club's future.


so we are not signing anyone then...


lee wolf

no signings this window = NO EARLY BIRD for me, been a s/ticket holder since 1990, never have i felt like renewing until now. Not having another one until Bob the builder and Fat Elvis leave my club!


Yes Dean saunders leave it as late as possible, then only the players no one else wants will be available I am sick of this set up. We are no better off now than 10 years ago. Sick of Morgan Moxey and Saunders. All TALK NO ACTION

Dr Wolf

We're shopping for the last turkey in the window again. Nothing changes.


The issue is, us fans want to see some new fresh players, gives some hope and cheer, it's boring seeing the same players who have failed over time still playing in the first team.


“I’m not David Copperfield – I’m not going to change it straight away so we are like Real Madrid.” - So that's how they managed to win La Liga last year! If using the magic circle is the way forward, perhaps we need to employ Dynamo!

Balham Wolf

To be frank its going to take more than a mentality change to get this bunch playing winning attactive football...like some new players with skill, firepower and a will to win.

Berra, Ward, Foley, Henry out please!

101 chicken chow mein

exactly my thoughts balham and take sylvain he fires blanks with em, overpaid useless bunch, see berra spouting off again about playoffs, can i have some of what these idiots are on!

Solbakken DVD Club

Well Jason Scotland looks like a done deal. He'll be an excellent player for us when we are relegated to league 1.

Weybourne Wanderer

I disagree - I think major surgery is needed otherwise we will continue to struggle. Batth, Doherty, Hamill and Cassidy all deserve an opportunity, while Stearman, Foley, Berra, Henry, Doyle and Ebanks-Blake need to be shown the exit.


loosely translates as we are not buying much if anything coz Morgan/Moxey have hired Saunders to sell and slash the wage bill in preparation for selling up.

Note that Solbakken beat both the teams Saunders has faced so far...he went because he told the board unpalatable truth about these players - they're finished and not up to playing progressive football and he was preparing to to replace them but that was gonna cost. A lot.

Saunders' remit would seem to be to avoid relegation with what we've got coz there is no more money (I wonder where all that parachute money has gone?)

john payne

Ratty, you're right, there's no urgency about improvement, this season is gone, just stay up and keep the balance sheet looking good. David Copperfield? More like Scrooge - let's hope M&M can be made to see the light and mend their mean and grasping ways.

The fans are the club really, the players just representing us, and the directors should be managinn them on behalf of the fans.

Sadly Morgan owns the club now, and is running it to suit his own business interests.

Jack Harris

Oh dear Dean. Most of this squad have not delivered in 12 months and for 3 Managers. They might have a bit of skill on the training pitch but in match situations they have shown themselves to be poor for well over 12 months now - just not mentally strong enough for this club. They have to go , Dean. Keep them and we will be treading water in this division. I wonder what Dean's scouting set up is like. Are we going to be plundering League 1 and 2 and non-league wannabees? Something went badly wrong at WW around the time of the defeat to WBA and has never been rectified. If all Dean thinks they need is a bit of gee-ing up, then he is going to find out the hard way. Not one shot on target on Saturday! What have we descended to?

Bridgnorth Wolf

Jack, you are wrong about the last 12 months I would say for the last

3 years these players have proved time and again they are not up to it

Orlando Wolves

The decline began when Mr. Morgan undermined McCarthy and blasted the players in the dressing room!

manc andy

Totally agree with that. These players dont want to win for Morgan after that.

The Flying Winger

I had high hopes with his words after the first week, these however have now been dashed.

He is as deluded as the Owner, CEO & Board Members.

Or as many suspect he is being told what to say and do.

For the life of me I cannot understand why these people cannot see what the majority of fans have seen for 2 plus years.

We don't want another Tinker Man.

I feel sorry for all the fans who travelled again on Saturday to watch tripe.

No Saunders these players are not, will not, can not play.

He will be out of a job soon as the fans get more restless and gates fall, which will happen.

Until Major Surgery is undertaken more of the same is the order of the day, please someone tell him.

Better to bang the drum and get sacked than not do it at all and get sacked.

Morgans fine words are once again lost as Moxey has had his way.

My Number of The Day 0/10 for Saunders, Players & Club.


agree with most of your post, but re morgan. what fine words are you on about.

morgan is the man in charge - moxey carries out his orders, if he didnt he would be out of a job.

can understand why you think morgan is not to blame for what is happening to our club

The Flying Winger

When Saunders was signed Morgan did make noises that he was aware of what the fans said and what was needed, he was indeed at odds with Moxey who went very quiet, but now Moxey looks back in the driving seat, a drive to know where.


so you are surmising that moxey is running the club because he has not said anything?

im not particularly pro or anti moxey - but at a football club the easiest person to sack is the ceo. he wont have a contract for a set period of time that needs paying off. so if morgan was not happy with what moxey was doing he would sack him - wouldnt he?

and as for making the right noises when he said he was listening to what the fans said - is that any way to run a football club - just read these comments pages and see how many different views there are.

we need an owner who has a clear vision of how to take the club forward - but preferably not one that involves doing everything on the cheap, with a second rate manager without any qualifications to manage wolverhampton wanderers

Clear Out The Dross!

'IF they play like they can play', the problem is Dean, they can't so they won't!

The players you have, excluding those Solbakken brought in, over-achieved in the PL for 2 seasons and now are suffering from a severe case of exhaustion. McCarthy dragged them along and extracted every last ounce of energy and enthusiasm from them and obviously most have nothing left to give!

So, if you leave any possible signings until the last minute it MAY just pay off but if those same players continue to underperform, relegation will be staring everyone in the face and the possibiity of Wolves dropping down another division is unthinkable!

If fans from all sides of Molineux can clearly see where the problems lie, and there are many, far too many, then the answer is to ship out the dross and bring in players who will at least prevent relegation.

Yes that could well mean losing out on transfers in & out but what is the best for the club, spending to stay in the Championship for another season and rebuilding from fresh OR dropping down another division and losing 1000's off the gate at every home match PLUS the money that fans will be keeping in their pockets?

Every realistic Wolves fan knows that promotion is fast becoming unreachable but something could be done about relegation IF you act quickly enough BUT IF NOT, yet another managerial casualty could be the outcome - YOU!

That's another fine mess you've got me into...

Is it just me or is Saunders turning into Stan Laurel?

Edwardo Hitlerio

Oliver Hardy =. Jez Moxey


"We are like Real Madrid.”

I can't stop rolling about on the floor with laughter!


When did he say we are like Real Madrid ? You need to learn to read - he said he "couldn't change it so that Wolves were like Real Madrid".

Average intelligence of the muppets on this website never fails to amaze me. E&S, you need to start banning some of these idiots, otherwise the only people rolling about laughing will be the Albion fans.


bingo, wulvz/cr78/jth/wonoh/psalm26, etc all come on here to tale the proverbial,

as if wba are top of the premier and have every right to ridicule wwfc, they've got 2 points from their last 9 available.

i agree with your point about e and s banning some of these idiots.

they just see the headline or read bits of an article and change it suit their way of thinking and go on a rant.

2 games and they want a new manager,new players,new ceo,new owner.......jeeeez and walsall fans think they've got problems?.

no wonder they call patience a virtue.


leave it late as possible in the hope that some fool comes in for likes of Foley, Blake, Ward, Berra, or any of the current team. We are being taken for a ride by the red faced brick carrier and his fat controller!


as i said, no one can turn wolves in to real madrid......especially with morgan unwilling to spend.

2 draws.....blackpool at home they will be out for payback but we should get the 3 points. utw.

We Only Need One Half!

Adkins may be in charge for that game, still going to be talking about the Albion instead?

jacks mate.

Translation from Sandwell into English please!!!

We Only Need One Half!

Jacks mate, what part of "Adkins may be in charge of that game" when replying to a comment about your up and coming Blackpool fixture, didn't you understand???

Or are you that much of a fan you hadn't realised you have a footy game coming up against Blackpool, really, really soon (simple enough for you?)


Great another load of tosh what it really means is we don't want to pay out an extra months wages while we carry on sliding into the bottom half of the table and then get a few loan deals, Ive got almost £800 for our 2 season tickets saved and if this dont get any better its gonna stay in my account I am very disappointed in the lack of ambition, the club just seems to be sticking two fingers up at us fans....

The Flying Winger

Fiddling why Rome burns come to mind!

More of Moxey waiting to nick someone on the cheap before the window closes.

Never mind the fans will keep paying, keep hoping, etc, etc.

No change there then


I understand now how DS got the job so easily he thinks the same as Morgan and Moxey the players we have are good enough,sorry but Ward,Henry,Foley,Blake all need replacing preferably with Frimpong,Jackson,and a decent LB.


Must be in cloud cuckoo land.


Translation - Mr Moxey wants to leave it late to see what bargains are left at the bottom of the basket.

He wants to see who we can cash in on or off load first, and there are no clear targets.

What a strategy ??

English Exile

12 years Moxey has been there, so why would anyone expect it to change this year???


What a load of tripe. No major surgury needed, this squad has been poor for years. I hope all the people that wanted SS out now realise that the problem is the players not the manager.

Also the comment about us not needing to sign anyone if the players perform tells me no-one is coming in.

I seem to remember a comment from Morgan saying "we are holding of the ground developement to invest in the first team and the acedemy. DONT JUST SAY IT, DO IT.

Everyone with a pair of working eyes knows that we need a defender and also someone who can create goalscoring opportunities.

If we dont sign some quaility, i fear for our position in this league.

Dan the Man

Perhaps Saunders does read my submissions (re. "hangover"). But there again, perhaps he is now more likely just stating what some of us have been thinking for a long time. But I want to use this opportunity to say something more about the club's future.

Saunder's seems quite happy with most of his squad and we can expect little change. He says he does not want to panic buy, but I don't really expect he'll find much on www.iveleftittoolateforadecentsigningandnowihavetopanicbuy.com, come the end of the transfer window.

So here is what could happen ...

Saunders will be under orders to just keep the club in this division. That's why we shall be relying more upon luck (our usual policy) than skill or tactics.

Moxey is planning an escape route. He's likely already made inquiries about leaving the country to go the USA with his wife and kids. I doubt if he will stay if we get relegated again. I'm also sure his wife will be putting pressure upon him to pack-up and call it a day.

Morgan will also put the club up for sale.

Both Moxey and Morgan will look to offload some of our best players (hard to define at this time). In other words, they will sell the 'family silver' and use all the profits so they can to pay for over-valued golden handshakes. The remainder of the board will also be offered some juicy incentives - just so that Moxey and Morgan can get their payments rubber-stamped. I will expect a few will comply and also (eventually) leave the club, leaving the remainder of the board looking like cabbage patch dolls (remember them?).

We shall continue to go into free-fall as players leave the club and struggle to put together a decent enough team to compete, either in the Championship, or Division 1.

The new owner(s) of the club could be a small time interest. No money for players and just there until he/she/they have had enough and also want to bail out with a profit.

Saunders will probably leave of his own accord when he sees the writing on the wall. Who will replace him I do not know. We shall only likely attract a manager with temporary ambitions before leaving to manage a better club.


Happy Clappers, cut me down if you like, but don't say I didn't give you warning. If you can, please paint a better picture based upon fact and not delusional rose-tinted optimism. But if I am proven right, then I'll hope you'll all be prepared to eat a very big slice of humble pie as the last of your dying hopes fades away as this club reaches rock-bottom.

Hugh's Currant

And the Martians will beam Molineux up to play football in the Martian Premiership at the end of the 2014 season. Where upon they will be duly relegated to the Martian Championship, ......... doomed never to play in the top flight again........... Until Darth Vader makes an offer to buy the club, but realises his favourite team strip is red not gold.........

I have seen some bizarre posts on this site in the past but this takes the honours by a country mile zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


We should also be aware that there could be life on other planets, aliens could visit our planet, they could all communicate only by clapping their alien hands and smiling lots. We will all think this is very friendly but they could whip out ray guns and kill us all. Only then could it be revealed that the aliens were actually Moxey and Morgan in disguise. Not saying it will happen but it could and you will be eating very arge slices of alien humble pie if it did (only you'd be dead). You heard it here first.


It could be worse, at least we see the back of Moxey & Morgan!!


I think you need professional help

Dan the Man

As I expected, some stupid responses. Took you Happy Clappers a long time to respond. Perhaps you only drag yourselves out of bed after midday? Who cares? I don't.

Out of interest though, none of you could offer a constructive answer or propose a course of action to make the club a far better one than it is. So what does that make you - apart from juvenile?

As for you, Bertie, I think you should have directed your remarks to Niner and Hugh's Currant. Very much suitable cases for treatment (of the psychiatric variety).

Ta-ra losers!

Dan, Dan the Angry Fan

It all equally itself out - stupid responses to a stupid post.




One goal attempt .........

UNACCEPTABLE at any level of football. Sort it Saunders it is what you are there for.

Clan Shaw Wolf

Uh-oh - the hangover word again.

Good players don't turn bad overnight but if they're not performing or at the very least willing to work hard for the team then they need to go. But to where? They'll be on decent money at Wolves and good lengths on contracts.

I fear it will take Dean a couple of transfer windows to get it right. I hope he gets more windows than Stale

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

I suggest sometime around June. Ready to prepare for 2013/2014 season in Division one.

Hopefully with a new owner and CEO.

Mills wolf

Failed to hit the target against sheffield wednesday after 90 mins of football.

" if they play like they can play, we dont need to sign any players"

17th in the championship, 7 points from the drop zone.

"Just abit of tinkering not major surgery"

2 goals in 6 games.

"We've got some good players here"

##### NEWS FLASH #####

Just who are you lot trying to kid here ? Were not idiots.

We sold our best players before the season and we wasnt good enough even then, most of our players here are earning a living off past brief good spells like doyle and e likes cake and NO THERE NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

You keep banging on about this 40 man squad.... THERES 26 FIRST TEAM PLAYERS HERE !!! 3 LONGTERM INJURYS and the rest are made up of young players developing that have hardly been on the bench never mind on the football pitch !!!!

Why does morgan, moxey and now there new yes man take us for fools ???

Do you really think we cant see whats going on here ???

Well ive got a news flash for you morgan, if we get relagated AGAIN and you havent spent THE CLUBS money to stop it AGAIN, you WILL get lynched and hounded out the club trust me on this.

Morgan you. Know nothing about wolves, you knownothing about the people of wolverhampton and you know nothing about football, stick to building (not our lopside molenuex neither), moxey you stick to banking... Your the biggest banker ever and leave before you get kicked out.

lee wolf

Best post yet, you stated exactly how I'm feeling. Well said.

Mensa Wolves

Here, here!


TOP POST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


..so how come other clubs have been relegated and then got promotion immediately without having this so called 'Relegation Hangover'....we are becoming like 'New Labour'...full of spin, which in the end comes down to all lies since the truth is being masked.


Obviously everyone will moan if we sign Jason Scotland but it sounds as if Ipswich fans really rate him . If we get a season and a half out of him then its job done, he could be just what we need , in the Iwelumo mode.

Hugh's Currant

Jason Scotland's league appearances have produced an average of 0.32 goals per game. That should yield just over 5 goals between now & the end of the season based on this statistic. (assuming he signs immediately)

Golden Nugget

If we just want a big lumbering donkey up front there is no need to sign anyone. We paid £3m for an icelandic one - play him. Also if that's what we want why did we get rid of Vokes


Is this Dean Saunders speaking or the two M's? I suspect the latter. Most of these players have been under performing for over twelve months. It is not confidence, they are just not good enough. SS stated that one of his big regrets were that he did'nt make changes quicker. If we do not get a couple of wins out the next three (I suspect we will not) we are in big trouble.

London Wolf2

Here we go again, we are not going to make any major signings in the January transfer window. Jason Scotland !!! what the hell are we doing trying to buy a player who can't even get into the Ipswich side. It is plainly obvious to all who were at the Sheffield Wednesday match that we are not good enough for the Championship, we were battered by a team several places below us and were lucky to come away with a draw, and that's progress?

I did not want Dean Saunders as manager but had changed my mind when I heard him talk at the first press conferences on how things were going to change for the better. However it is clear that he is not going to be given money to improve the side, I hope I am proven wrong but he is now sounding like a Moxey 'Yes man'.

Sorry to be so negative but I am in despair how my beloved club is being run by idiots who blatently do not give a damn about the paying fans and are just in it for profit. I will always support the team but my patience is wearing very thin.


I know many will not agree, but I do believe that the players we have are good enough to do well in this division (most of them have proved it). However they have lost the belief and/or desire.to succeed and a bouncy manager is not likely to be enough to restore this. We need some new blood and with £20M in the bank I can't see why this is such an issue. We could probably ship out half a dozen players to balance the books and save a packet on wages anyway. Is it just me or is this likely to end with our ace negotiator unable to reach a deal for some top striker on deadline day - we just could agree as they wanted £4M and we weren't prepared to go over £3M he then goes for £15M a year later?


Good post. Unfortunately they should be good enough for this div. but half of them have shot their bolt with this club and need to move on for their own sake as well as ours. We definitely do need major surgery and have done for two years..

Orlando Wolves

They proved it 4 years ago when many of them were fitter, lighter and more committed to the cause of WWFC.

gold n black on me back

Wow this sound familiar, absolutely nobody coming in is there? Even if anyone does come in are they goin to be better than what we've got? Don't think so as there's no money for ds to spend. Cheap and cheerful!

Mark B

Sounds a little like MM played not to lose, if they had scored we would have as we failed to get any attack going.

Get the support back and attack, if we lose then fair enough but I cannot see why we are giving the opposition that much respect.


If Jason Scotland 33 on a free transfer is the extent of our transfer ambitions we are truly doomed.


"I dont want to panic buy and bring in a player who is no better than what we have got".

Totally agree,but then we are suppose to be watching Jason Scotland.

Sorry,but is he any better than Doyle or SEB,and gonna be another one we are lumbered with on the pay-roll.


Calling all Wolves fans who are sick of this rubbish at Wolves, we need to show Morgan and the rest, its not good enough. Come on Wolves fans who are fed up of spending their hard earned cash on this terrible team, lets demonstrate BIG style at the next home match!!

Wolves Fan with Own Mind

How helpful - not.

Every club has its fools, I know, but this takes the biscuit!

South Bank Moderate

Well maybe other fans have their own minds, too. And maybe they think differently from you. Some might say that, calling those who have a different view from yourself, "fools" is just a teeny wit bit sanctimonious. Personally, I will not demonstrate but I would defend the right of others to make peaceful protest.


With comments like this from the Manager's mouth....you do think is it worth putting a £1 on at the bookies for Wolves to be relegated.

Moxey's Bonus

Had £5 at 25/1 months ago. 20/1 still available. Get on. And don't waste your winnings on the Early Bird.

golden wolf

Berra is awful and how the club have offered this awful player a new deal is beyond me, Stearman although he has his critics is a far better centre half. He needs dropping and we need to think about our defence for next season. We need a left back in THIS window or Reckford needs to brought in. Margreitter, Batth and Stearman need to fight it out to play alongside Johnson and Foley and Zubar should be fighting for right back.

Playing Foley, Henry and Davis is so negative its unbelievable. I would go with the following V Blackpool 4-4-1-1

Ikeme, Zubar, Johnson, Batth, Reckford, Pzesko, O'Hara, Doumbia, Hammill, Sako, Doyle


Better team than will be played that's for sure.


Youve got to asses the squad efor you being in new faces?

Us fans have assesed the currrnt dross for years!! Listen to us and you can bring in new faces asap...

A new RB

A new LB

A creative midfielder

A new CB to partner johnson

And leave the striker till last for god sake! We got sigs seb and doyler and boukari when hes back from injury..not to mention cassidy.

Is this a joke Mr morgon? Ur not gonna spend? Your actually gonna take us out of football league? This is wolves im ashamed of the people running this dieing club.

Any good points? We somhow got a point!

chris h

You have to wonder what plans they have to keep the fans and especially existing season ticket holders on board.It is perhaps not so important in the Prem when you are guaranteed a minimum of £60m just from tv rights.But in the Championship ,especially when the parachute money runs out ,season ticket revenue is vital. They must be aware surely that large swathes of the fan base are disillusioned with broken promises and awful performances on the pitch. Unless they can at least offer the fans some form of hope for a better tomorrow,they will a face a huge backlash in season ticket sales for next season.Do they know this,do they even care.?

Phil Smith

No you are not David Copperfield...... Exactly why you need to change players.

It doesn't need much tinkering around around?.....If that's your assesment after watching these clueless idiots then we have the wrong guy in charge. We do have some reasonable players...Can't think of one good one, but I'd settle for reasonable at the moment. You say we have had a couple of decent results?? What planet are you on?? It's just better than losing that's all and what's more we've been damn lucky. Luck will soon run out and so will your honeymoon period.

The stratergy of leaving it late?? What's going to be left Dean?

Words fail me.


Best post out of the lot.

I'm not going to be sucked in by the "2 M's anti propaganda brigade" or am I with the "back him till the end" either.

Dean's comments border ridiculous. I honestly believe this team (the championship winners of 2008/2009) are shell shocked of how much better this division has got. New blood needed indeed, football has moved on from your average players that give 200%.

Jason Scotland? Isn't he a poor mans Ebanks-Blake??

Anglian Wolf

Allegedly competiting with Doncaster for a player who cant even get in Ipswich first team. Sums it all up really.


Mick McCarthy is prepared to let Jason Scotland leave Ipswich. Dean Saunders is vying with Doncaster Rovers to try and bring him to Molineux.

This is progress?

Tas Wolf

I bet if Jason Scotland could choose which club he could go to I reckon he would go to Doncaster as they would have more ambition than this sorry lot!

Dingle Dave

Ok reading between the lines it tells me

1- Leave it late and we just miss out on the 11th hour for quality premiership players and have to make do (Heard that one before havent we)

2- Moxey says leave it late to save 2 weeks wages (wouldnt suprise me)

3- Saunders is telling the truth (wow if he thinks he can make a decent team with that dross then we are doomed)

Lets face it i am not expecting any worthwhile signings at all this month, If the romour is true in Jason Scotland then i would prefer to go to the youth and give them a shot. Honestly? Jason Scotland? If thats our level of ambition then we are bang in trouble with tweedle dee and tweedle dum running our great club.

Morgan needs to build houses and let a owner who understands football.

Moxey just needs to go - one of the highest paid ceo in the country and we have not progressed one bit on the field (bank is full of money though for Morgan to fleece us)

On another rant, Morgan promised to invest in Wolves. I am no Carol Vorderman but with the Sky money and transfers sales etc i fail to see he has put £1 in yet or am i missing something? Even the stupid looking stand at £18m is covered with the Sky money etc.

I just wish Morgan was successful when he tried to buy Liverpool but they saw he was a 2 bob millionaire.

Put yourself in Morgans shoes when he sacked SS, Do i go for the usual like Curbs etc, Do i head hunt a proven winner as a manager? No my first choice is Dean Saunders!! No offense to DS but he done zip as a manager at this level. I hope i am proven wrong but i doubt it.

super dude

whos gonna b the first turkey for the early bird scheme this year!!!!


All that will happen in this window is we will collect more cheap dross like Eggert thats why we have 40 players who no one wants.


Now we might be going cap in hand to the baggies

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Snotty. Cap in hand to the filfth. You are joking.

Orlando Wolves

Well if we get an Andy Thompson or a Steve Bull off them, why not?

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Orlando. You ask why not? Because they haven't got any Andy Thompson's or Steve Bull's.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO,

Sorry, we've let a Steve Bull type go to Leicester for £1.25m. His name Chris Wood and he has scored six goals in three matches for them and they've rocketed up to second place in the Championship league. I believe Leicester will be champions of that league.



I feel that DS will not change a lot saturday, maybe bring in O Hara for Davis even though it should be for Henry or Foley. I reckon he may also switch Foley for Edwards if fully fit.

I believe that with the confidence that low and the senior players still not willing to' step up to the plate' clean sheets are all we can wish for at the moment.

I would like to think he is giving these so called 'senior players' three or four games to prove their worth before he starts to 'tinker' or even bring in new players. That should more than enough time to assess who is up for the fight, and it will be a fight then change things for the better. There is enough time to salvage something from this season although we all know that the play offs are too far away. Would we want to go up yet anyway?

The best I am wishing for is to travel to Brighton last match of the season to watch a team that are producing and converting chances, are solid enough at the back and midfield with enough creativity to change games. Something to build upon for seasons in the championship ahead. Pointless going up until we can sustain a style and level of play that will keep us there. (SWANSEA / NORWICH / ALBION etc..)

Judge Jefferies

"The longer we can leave it, the better, because as time goes on I’m getting a clearer idea about what we need."

“If they play like they can play, we won’t have to sign any players, so I will try to leave it as late as possible."

i.e. that becomes a panic buy !!!!!! JEESH !!!!!

“I don’t want to panic-buy"

........ someone has been on the 'Moxey-Juice' talking in riddles and contradictions.


deano out ,moxey out ,morgan out ,and all the deadwood out need new owners oh well league 1 here we come

Wolf Blast

'Try and make do Deano' is what SM has said 'but if you can save some money then great.' Leaving signings to the end of the window is a who blinks first approach which again is money driven not Deano's view I suspect.

MM at least had the respect of the other PL Managers so do loan deals with Chelsea and Arsenal was down to him not Moxey. I would like to see Frimpong back but frankly having seen Arsenal yesterday I think they need him.

A few weeks back I was after four defenders and a midfielder. With only days to go two defenders would be acceptable as long as they are quality.

Sussex Wolf

Personally I think it makes sense to wait. Why waste 1 or two mill on a player who isn't any better than what we have now. Even at championship level its best to buy in the summer and then at least he will know who has to go. We supporters might know who has got to go but he is still new to this squad. Lets face facts, we aren't getting in to the play offs this season, and the lot we have got are good enough to keep us up...... just!

Robert Perry

And by leaving it as late as possible it will give Moxey the perfect excuse to tell us that was why any deals didnt go through in time. You really couldnt make it up. Mind you what else would you expect ,when last year we had a reasonable chance to stay up and we only purchased a second rate Scottish player. I wouldnt mind us not buying players if our home grown talent were being produced in quantity but unfortunately from what I have seen so far none of them(apart from our goal keepers) are good enough.When Saunders says major surgery is not needed I know we are in trouble.

buy Paul Caddis off the bluenoses, played well against us

mick the miller

Well Dean you certainly fooled me with your opening salvos when you were appointed with laying down the law on discipline, training,and producing exciting football, moving players on blah blah. Now you talk about feeling great that Dave Edwards is fit again(groan!) and this useless bunch doesnt need replacing at all, just some fine tinkering...........................oh the despair. The nightmare goes on!

Baz the wolf

Leave it till the last min. and buy the leftovers.

My Friend Stan

Reading between the lines I reckon Morgan is getting ready to sell the club.

Angry Allan

Moan Moan Moan.

Why don't you moaners clear off and support the baggies?! We could win 10-0 and some people would still find something to moan about, or someone who should be sacked. Little wonder the players have no confidence when the fans are queueing up to kick them when they're down.

antony compton

I dont know why anybody should be surprised, its was obvious from the appoinment of Dean Saunders we are continuing with the same hopeless policy " Young and Hungry " translated reads " Cheap and Cheerful "

Which is the reason why people like Alan Curbishley and Steve Bruce where never appointed.

Oh sorry I forgot Terry Conner was always the first choice to follow Mick McCarthy

It's time the owner and the Board stopped treating the supporters like unintelligent individuals.


Confused Wolf

We had the `Experienced but Elderly` era (Ince, Irwin etc), then moved into the `Young and Hungry` era (during which incidentally we played very few academy players), now we appear to be going back into the `Experienced and Second Rate` era with the clamour for Jason Scotland!

What policy does the club have for the future?

They had one at the beginning of the season - but that ended when they sacked Stale.


Have rarely felt so negative about my beloved WWFC... can't remember the last season I attended so few matches, home or away. I just can't see the point anymore in investing my hard-earned cash, and precious time, in a pastime that is so regularly unrewarding; and one that shows so little prospect of significant improvement in the foreseeable future. Prove me wrong, someone, DS? Someone, anyone? P-l-e-a-s-e.


Sick and tired after forty years of supporting Wolves. We sack a manager that was trying to build long-term success and replace him with Saunders, enthusiastic, but inexperienced and a Morgan-Moxey yes man. so it's more years of disappointment and anger. The only people that truly care for this club are us,

the fans.


Can someone explain to me where all the money is we got from Jarvis, Fletcher and Kightly??


Not just that money, but the parachute money also, and lets not forget the massive wages the 3 players you mentioned were on is also saved, there were seven out and seven in but I guarantee they still reduced the wages by half.

Stafford DeWolf

Don't forget though, if their agents earned their money, Johnson will be milking the club on Premiership wages till July 2015 and O'Hara likewise until July 2016. We could be in the Conference with Wrexham by then.

Robert Perry

And dont forget the original £30,000,000 Morgan was required to inject into the club when Sir Jack left.

Filthy Wolf

It's as much about selling now as buying. Leaving it late sounds like a soundbite to convince us that something will happen but it's likely to be too little too late.

Rumours of him chasing Jason Scotland are a bit strange when Ipswich let him go. His past record for scoring is good but he's 33 (34 in February).

We won't get anyone from the top flight, other than a loaned bench warmer. Better to pick up a lower league top scorer.

Leave it much longer and we will be fighting relegation seriously.

I suppose it's better than listening to someone who has 'watched all the DVDs'.


That translates as there is no money, except for the big bonus Moxey will get yet again..

The Flying Winger

Looks like no one shares the same view as the manager, shame the E&S cannot send them on, he may learn something.

Graham M

It's a ruse. He cleaned up Doncaster after they went down and he's gearing up to do the same with us. A painful but effective way of getting shot of the overpaid dross we possess and rebuilding from scratch.


'We are desperate for new players - we'll do anything/pay anything' - thats what it sounds like most of you want Deano to say. Hardly a good negotiating position or incentive for anywayone to join a club thats so desperate. Doesn't do much for the morale of the current players either. We can do without Scotland that's for sure but lets get a sense of perspective here - we have some recently signed players courtesy of SS that are coming back from injury and have never really had a run out. We have some players that struggled but did survive for a little while in the prem. A bit of belief and a few well chosen arrivals and departures and we may find ourselves getting a few wins. I know a lot of you will say 'Rose tinted' but lets be careful what we wished for. It is only 8 months agao that we were saying we need a new manager with a new way of playing, then 2 weeks ago it was thank heavens we are going back to basics with a new manager. Fickle. Be careful what you wish for...Portsmouth, Charlton, Leeds...big depts holding them back.

Orlando Wolves

What I find interesting is that apart from being lumbered with Mick`s signings who are under performing, we are now in a transfer battle with Doncaster Rovers to sign a player, who isn`t good enough for Mick at Ipswich!

Is it me, or can anyone else see the irony here?

Steve Bull Stand

Interesting to see Zubar being linked with Wigan. No surprise really because the players we have are more than good enough for this division but since Feb 2012 we have been managed by two of the worst managers in the clubs history so we are where we are. To read some of the comments on here we should expect the players to be transferred to end up at Tamworth or Stourbridge but the reality is they will mostly go to Premier League teams or decent Championship teams.

Lets hope Saunders gets the best out of them as McCarthy did and Connor and Solbakken clearly didnt.

spanish ray

Well said John De Wolf.I don`t think it would be hard to get better players than Ward,Berra,Henry,Edwards,Hunt,just for a few to go on with.Frimpong alongside O`Hara is a good pairing,a good leftback,a good centre-half to partner Johnson,plus a striker who can score goals,not Jason Scotland.If he cannot play for MM then he is no good to us.I also think that when DS says he is leaving it late to bring in players I think he really means the great Morgan and Moxey have told him not to spend,These pair do not have a clue on how to run a football club and if they remain Div 1 here we come.

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot


Sir Billy Quite

You lot posting on here and the worst kind of supporters looking to slag the club off with every quote that the E&S print.

Get a life - stop following the Wolves if you hate the club so much - leave it to the rest of us to support the team.

Moaners moan for the sake of it because they live in a world where negativity is better than actually doing anything useful............

The Truth Hurts

Sir billy quite. Here was i thinkng you were a changed man but alas you are still a happy clapper. THe supporters who write on this forum have a right to say what they feel You go your way and think every thing is ok in the the ww world. The majority of us know different.


Reading the majority of posts on here is making me depressed, It's worse then it's ever been, moan,moan, I'm not getting my early bird,Moxey out, Morgan out and now Saunders out my god it's depressing All the players are crap, it's hard trying to be an happy clapper with you lot give me a chance.



Fully agree the majority of the the posts are negative, but please ask yourself why.

Of course Saunders out is ludicrous.


The players ARE crap.

Morgan & Moxey ARE running our Club into the ground.

"Happy Clapping" is actually damaging the long term interests of the Club as it camouflages the fundamental / structural problems which need to be addressed.

Will you be happy when we are in League 1 or even 2?

The current regime is an insult to our once proud football club and is motivated by nothing other than self interest.


PJB Sorry but can't agree, don't you think all the negativity is very demoralizing for the players?, could you work to you're full potential with all the rubbish that is directed at them, I do tend to agree with you about Morgan, don't know about Moxey is he just the organ grinder, I think you know more than me about that! I just wish fans would give Saunders a chance, they're already trying to hound another manager out. No wonder we can't get any decent players perhaps some come on here and think I wouldn't touch that team with a barge pole with their supporters.Rant over, I really must get out more....

The Unhappy Wanderer

So Dean, it sounds to me like you are gambling on the current squad to keep you in a job by keeping us in the Championship. They have got McCarthy, Connor and Solbakken sacked, so I really wish I had your faith.

I'd love you to prove me wrong, but do you really think playing Foley, Henry and Davis in midfield is going to improve our goal scoring record?


Dean, whether you are David Copperfield or not we will NEVER be like Real Madrid.

aussie wolf

No one should be surprised with our inability to score goals...lets have a real good look at our strike force..

We have Doyle and Ebanks, both over rated, out of form, mental midgets , neither capable of using their heads in front of goal, with Doyle hitting the deck whenever he loses the ball, or a chance for a penalty, should he ever wander in to the goal area. Lets face it we need height like Fletcher gave us, and in midfield, we need drive and determination like Fringpong showed us while with Wolves


Mike & The Mechanic

Forget Madrid! Lets have some ambition!


How can anyone after this season not say we need to buy. We needed a Left back for the last 5 years!

How did we let Aide and Mijilas go when we have no attackings midfieders. A midfield with a defender and two defensive midfielders is never goign to create much. Play Hammill on the opposite wing to Sako and get Ohara in, give Docherty and Batth a chance at back.

Ship out Doyle when we can, doesnt matter how well you play a striker needs to score goals. As for Scotland really is this best we can do? how is he better than Nouble we let go other way?


We need someone like Richard Dunne perhaps on loan from Villa, Dunne & Johnson would be solid in the championship.

Left back - Big time.

Midfielders we got enough - Tongo, Henry, Ohara, Edwards, Davis - Enough

Strikers - 1 more like a DJ Campbell - Yes he is better than what we have got.

I hate to say it but we are not looking nothing like a play off team, let alone a tittle challenger.

Next season in the Championship, perhaps the season after...


we played with no strikers on sunday morning and had 4 chances and a half chance. Gave 2nd string lads a go.... ring any bells with anybody?

Give the young uns, cassidy, Batth, Doherty a chance, hammil has a lot to learn off the pitch, but the ball comes in at pace, pezko isn't fit and Sako could play at the head of a diamond. O hara to play, and please someone explain how after last year and his drunkeness, and stand off with Henessy, how Roger Johnson has pulled the wool over so many eyes. He is rubbish, and only here as his wages dictate, no one else would want him......

sack the Bhatti's.....

Bill Sykes

Dean, I agree you are not David Copperfield - more like Mr Macawber hoping something, ie a good bargain, will turn up at the end of the transfer window.

Is this waiting game what you meant by your promise to keep us 'on the edge of our seats' as the football so far certainly does not! More likely to drive us away.

Next week we are at home so if you think our players are so good at least play the better ones (if fit) such as Siggy, Pezsko, Baath, Doherty, Ohara. Hammill also should be given another chance. If not for Ikeme we would be in serious trouble.


Deano my son - the word is fire-power, something we plainly don't have and didn't have in the Premier either according to Fink Tank in this Saturday's Times. Football is a pretty straightforward game as you well know. They score none we score one - result!. They score one we score two - result!! They score two we score three - result!! etc etc etc. We just need to get the ball in the back of the oppos net more times than they get the ball in ours. Simples. Tempus fugit. You have until the 31st January to sort it out. Best of luck!!

Sir Lupi

Anybody studied the next eight fixtures??

I predict 3 points tops out of a possible 24.

Ever the optimist ay I.


the rebuilding of WFC ?no wonder deano got the job,talk the talk,and does what he is told.ambition a 33 yr old reject past his sell by date,and this is ambition,be real mr Morgan.your sidekick is doing the club in,holding the development back. if was houses mr Morgan would know how to sort it.he dosn't and we have to put up with it.the signing of deano makes sense,a yes man,that's why we haven't got a top manager,you know the sort who says we need to SPEND a bit on some decent players to help out the dross what we have hear.lets just play hoof ball better than stalles ideas.until the click are gone and the driftwood you will not see much change here,hope i,m wrong but 4 managers latter and it virtually micks same team,and left back position as still not being addressed.utw

Dan the Man

Just want to add a postscript.

There is a common trend in E&S Wolves blogs for the Happy Clappers to continually blame the players lack of confidence on moaners who dare to say what they think.

So, it's not Morgan's fault, it's not Moxey's fault, it's not McCarthy's, Connor's, Solbakken's or Saunder's fault, it is not the player's fault.

All we realists have to do next match day is jump up and down, cheer, sing rousing songs and happy-clap. We shall then thrash Blackpool by at least five goals to nil

So b****ing obvious, isn't it?

Miss Volunteer

More worrying is the trend to use 'Happy Clappers' to rubbish anyone posting anything remotely positive.

The connotations associated with the term make its use crude, vulgar and publicly unacceptable in the 21st century. I would have thought someone with your level of intelligence would know, and act, better.

Dan the Man

'Happy Clapper' is not a term coined by myself, but one commonly used here which some people can identify with.

I look at it this way. If you are crossing the road without looking where you are going, and you are about to be knocked down by a large vehicle, then I try to warn you. Maybe even run across the road and pull you away from harm.

Equally, if I think you are being exploited, or are being used in some way or another, I'll tell you.

I'll also give you warning if I suspect someone is up to no good and it can have a detrimental effect upon you.

Some of my posts here try to warn of these dangers. But I get put down by some of the 'happy clappers' who just condemn anything I say.

So, IF and WHEN this club is languishing in the 2nd Division in a few years time, the owner and CEO have jumped ship and taken all the cash with them and taken all the supporters for a ride, then don't say I haven't warned you.

I should NOT be criticised in a juvenile or ignorant way for saying what I think. And if I am, and by people better suited to attending a chimpanze's tea party, rather than comment on here, then I'll call them out for what they are.

OK. I do like some to publish some humour, some of the time. But whatever I publish, there is a small number of respondents who like nothing better than to put me down. That's OK, if that's their 'thing'. But they tend to be humourless, unintelligent, boring, juvenile and without any ability to reply with something other than meaningless drivel.

I'm happy with the way I proceed. It is the 'happy clappers' who have the problem, but they are too naive too realise it!


I hope you don't mean me, I'm known as an a happy clapper(I take that as a compliment), perhaps I'm wrong will keep an eye out for that lorry.. I hope I don't react to your posts by putting you down that's not my wish, I appreciate your views , just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I'm right and you're wrong! I think you're being more judgemental by calling people humourless(definately not me)unintelligent, boring(never) and juvenile(maybe), I never resort to offend just putting my opinion over.

wednesbury wolves



Leave it late ha ha ha, prob feb 1st

U t w

How backwards are we going to be linked to 33 yr old Jason Scotland on a free, not even 5 yrs ago was he good enough


Here we go.

Berra - carthorse, always has been, MM liked him, MM ain't here now. EXIT

Zubar - liability, no quality, would drive him wherever he wants to go. EXIT

Foley - had potential, but has become a rabbit in the headlights. EXIT

Stearman - consistently poor and likes to panic. EXIT

Doumbia - SS signing. Flash in the pan. No engine. Thinks he's a better than what he delivers. EXIT

Doyle - No goals. No goals, No goals. Must think he's bullet proof. EXIT

Henry - 'The Crab'. We will never get promoted without creativity. EXIT

So looks like we should keep an eye out for a good 6-a-side league.

Deano - I wish you all the luck in the world kidda. We are Wolves!


“I’m not David Copperfield – I’m not going to change it straight away so we are like Real Madrid.”

No, that was Solbakken's job, the one he was hired for. Or at least to get us playing like Swansea. Deano's job now is firstly, avoid relegation, secondly have a respectable finish this season, and all on no money... When we're in competition with Doncaster for a striker, god help us. The stuffing's been knocked out of the players? They should count their blessings, come back, and start performing to the best of their ability


Remember the early bird begging letters will start soon. Should tell Moxey what to do with them.


OMG what the hell have we let ourselves in for. Saunders what a plonker. Yes lets leave it to the last minute and then we can buy the players no one else wanted, You don't get a bargains by sitting on your backside.

Yes we have great players that is why we are near the bottom. there are worse but they are lower than we are. But we can't even beat them. From the jaws of victory we head for relegation Saunders knows the way he did for Doncaster.

From all the reports it would seem we held on by the skin of our teeth. We were not playing a premier team and yet we played for the draw! When do we start playing for a win?


Ok Mr Saunders we understand your predicament we know you cannot replace the whole team in one go, but even you must see that this club needs defenders and goal scorers to be able to maintain our presents in this division this season. Maybe during the summer break you might be given the cash to start rebuilding a more successful side and then push on for promotion, but your aim now must be to consolidate this club in the Championship this season and if you listen to the fans who have been subjected to watching these players they will have voiced their opinions on what is required. You would be wise to listen to their comments and their knowledge that they have regarding this club, the last manager thought he only needed to watch videos and look were that got him. No one expects you to do miracles well not in the next few weeks but we are expecting you to show us some get up and go, and I don’t mean up the road. Mr Morgan show him the money and let him start clearing the decks, if you think this division is hard let’s hope you don’t have to try to get out the first division next season.


why oh why do us fans have to keep repeating ourselves. 80% of the team on the pitch at the moment,are the same players that were hopless in the prem, the fans know it so why cant the manager see it.to come out and say after only two games that we will only sing some one last minute if required is utter rubbish. ward ,steerman, berra, hunt,e,johnson and henry arent good enough. we ve been crying out for a decent left back before l naylor was playing for us, but again the manager ,board stick there heads in the sand and ignores the bleeding obvious. Berra is more like a www wrestler than a footballer,how he hasnt conceded a penalty before now? hunt runs around like a headless chicken,when was the last time he took someone on, beat them then put a decent cross in,thought not.steerman spends more time on his backside than his feet, e.johnson,dont need to say anything, weve all seen him.yes karl henry makes brilliant tackles,but whaty does he do once he makes them, gives the ball back,passes backwards or sideways,or gets booked sent off.these plkayers need off loading asap,truth is nobody wants them,ask berra. these players need replacing with better qualitythen we might stop the rot.

Farmer Ted

Saunders is hardly going to tell the press that his squad are a load of rubbish and none of us really expected wholesale changes, maybe a couple of buys and a couple of loans, in the January window. However it is disappointing and worrying to read this interview. We need fresh blood to liven up and improve this bunch. Morgan said he would back Saunders and I don't see any reason why he might have changed his stance. It looks as though its Saunders who is trembling on the brink, I just hope he changes his mind. Not over the moon about Jason Scotland, although to be fair Chris Iwelemo surprised us, maybe Scotland could do the same. We need a goal scorer that's plain to see. I mentioned Marlon King a few weeks ago. His baggage may upset a few, but, he's done we'll in a poor Blues side and he's already off the mark for us ! The young lad Dawson would be an excellent addition on loan from that lot down the road, although it would be a bit of a kick in the teeth for Danny Batth.


Sorry, but Saunders is not anywhere near the quality of Solbakken as a manager. But maybe a better match for Wolves.


Typical Wolves luck really - two weeks after we appoint a new manager, one of the best managers in the country becomes available. Saunders out, Adkins in!


Whilst sympathising with Adkins and the disgraceful way he was dealt with by the Italian despot, why on earth would you suggest we sack a manager, unbeaten manager, only two weeks into his tenure ?

Explain yourself man !


Oh my sweet Lord.



Hopefully these comments from DS are some sort of camouflage for some devious plan, otherswise they certainly don't wash! I hope DS doesn't treat the fans with any disrespect and poo poo their football knowledge, this will backfire badly if he isn't careful.

What becomes clearer is that we will spend peanuts if anything, rather than show some ambition and desire. Mr Morgan and Moxey have accomplished a complete and utter mess of this club over the last couple of seasons and show no real nous how to turn things around. Only conclusion I can see is that their is no real desire, just opportunism, get money out the club an run the 'business' on a make do level.

A club run by a tight scouser and a money bags non-footballing CEO doesn't leave much to the imagination. I would prefer an owner and top brass who care about Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club end of!


its " the bhattis " all over again ! vote with your feet lads , its the only way thinngs will change !


Oh my god! Now we really are in a mess. Leaving it late, just need tinkering - Saunders you must be joking! These players are total rubbish, they don't need tinkering with they need getting rid of!


If deano wants to tinker why not try calamity zubar in right midfield and put foley to right back with zubar tracking back . Zubar is much better going forward than foley. It might be worth a shot until pesko is 100% fit.


Bet Moxey shops in Asda at 7pm every night waiting for the clearance goods. What a total laughing stock this club has become. A third rate outfit looking around for third rate players who are dirt cheap!


Not sure what all the moaning is about? as the show home is open and looks great!




To all regular posters.

Make I suggest you make your thoughts known on Twiiter with regards WWFC.

As Mr Moderator on here seems to have become somewhat over sensitive.

As for some reason he has decided not to allow my post agreeing with the first post on this thread, which contained no bad language what so ever & nothing more contraversial other than Bob the Builder appears to have recruited himself another YES man & that the fans loyality to the club is being treated with contempt & as such we such start voting with our feet.

This aint the forst time something like this has happened, so I don't see why I should waste my time any more.



Don't go Grace. Your comments are one of the few I look for for being sensible.

Golden Wonder


don't rush into ditching these forums as you obviously care about Wolves as the majority of us do.

I myself don't agree with voting with our feet as i think it solves nothing other than destabilising the club more.

I'm fed up to the back teeth with the bulls%%t that we constantly hear that we are mentally tired of relegation, players can't understand tactics, don't get on with the gaffer, too strict. What next will the excuses be too smiley, cheesey jokes, route one. training too hard.

Mental exhaustion is living on the money that most of us live on not a 90 min kickabout that our pampered overrated pussies have to endure.



They've since posted my comment, so I'll hang about for a while, haha.

I agree with your comment about not voting we out feet, but I'm really with fed up how badly run the club is under this regime & it spreads further than just the playing staff, not sure if you saw my post about no hot food or drink being available in the SB stand on Boxing Day, just prior to half time, our cheap & nasty merchandise that we peddle in the club shop, the dreadful, poor quality strips from Burdda that can barely hold themselves on the hanger they are that flimsy, with 'iron-on' badges yet still warranting a £50 price tags.

I sick & tired of everything we do being on the cheap.

As fans we get no value for money from the club at all, either from the 'entertainment' on the pitch or commercially.

This hurts, but as a club at the moment we are a joke & that view is shared by people within the game.

The last time I didn't have my season ticket was when McGee was kept in charge too long.

We all know that we have millions in the bank, yet the club are either just hoarding the money or wasting it on Morgans building projects, either way I'm now of the view that if we keep turning up, nothing will change & that ain't my idea of fun on a Saturday afternoon, I'm too 'long in the tooth' to keep to keep tolerating the lies.

And everybody I speak to, long term season ticket holders, feel the same way.

Apathy is returning to Molineux, IMO that's the most dangerous thing that happen to a football club.


Please don't go you're one of the only ones that keep me sane. Only a few of us left! You talk a lot of sense...

E & S

E and S trying to create trouble again. Stats wise 2 shot off target one on 1st 25 sec of game by blake 2nd 87th min by doyle.

It is very poor but E and s and also fan should get fact right before they print


UTW no time for window waiting


Early signs for me, are that we have basically appointed 'Mick McCarthy lite' as Manager

It's basically all of the putting a shift in qualities, minus the Track Record of delivering Promotion at this or any level.

Plus, it's no coincidence that MM lite is so grateful to get this amazing job, that He's happy to be dictated to from above on Transfer Policy

The dream of Premiership mid table has been replaced with the dream of hitting a similar spot in the Championship.

The Recruitment of Players is a mirror of the downgrade of Management Pedigree we have been expected to settle for.

Ever Decreasing Circles

Still, At least we've got a CEO who is amongst the Top 5 paid in British Football.


We should continue to support the team to the maximum, looking at the team on paper, you wonder whats wrong. I find it hard to believe we are where we are. Compairing Cardiff City's team to ours, man for man we look better and stronger than them. D S could be right, 3 seasons fighting against relegation and the moaning they get off us as got to them. As for new players coming who would want to come here and receive the abuse we regularly dish out. COME ON THE WOLVES.


Do you know what, half the problem is us so called fans constantly showering our team with abuse. I wonder if I could perform at my best with my so called supporters (think about the meaning of the word SUPPORTER) constantly name calling and insulting me and my team mates. Seems to me there has been one constant since the glory days, the team changes the manager changes the owners change but the attitude of large preportion of our support remains the same, critical doom and gloom merchents who seem intent on bringing the club down with rude derogitory remarks against any player who doesn't play like Dougan or Bull. Isn't it about time we realised we are all in this together, we will never have the team success we want unless we all do our bit to create the right atmosphere around the place, we should be part of the team not against it!

chris h

'We will never have the success we want',until we get some quality footballers.Dougan and Bull are revered because they could play. No football fans in the land would be happy if they had to suffer the poor football we have had to put up for the last 12 months plus.Some fans at other clubs would want lynchings.As for we are all in this together.Yes we pay our £500 season ticket money,Jez gets his million pounds plus salary package ,Steve gets his houses, the players get £10,000 a week.| We are all in it together,it just is more lucrative for some than others.


Whilst I agree that we need to play our part and I have never booed a Wolves player, a number of these players have taken us for fools in the last 12 mths. Mick said he was too loyal and that was his downfall, their capitulation at home to Liverpool and Albion was there for all to see, they wanted TC and yet failed to play for him.

They clearly did not like the truth that some of them had now become stale at our club so needed moving on and played to get Stale the boot. Henry's joy at a return to kick and rush clearly showed his reluctance to adapt to a different style of play.

Yes, some of these players were good enough to get us out of this division, yes Doyle was excellent first season, yes Henry played a vital role in the first 2 premier campaigns. That was then - they did not perform last season and have not this season.

Do we really see that team on Saturday as the future? Maybe Edwards in for Sako and we can rid ourselves of all creativity.

paul davo

""i don"t want to panic" well someone had better panic before its to late, without new players in the old players will be able to play as they want , SELL UP SCOUSE LAD we have gone backwards since 2010, no investment on the right players has left us close to league 1. albrightenwolf is right lets let Morgan know who this club belongs to, after all he was trying to buy his BELOVED Liverpool not so long ago, Does he think he would have got away with the investment he has put into wolves at Liverpool, He can"t even finish the ground, Should have built a football team first Mr Morgan

Bring Back Bully

It seems to me that we are hanging out until the end of January, trying to cash in on as many players as possible, all in time for the 2 M's to leg it. I don't expect anything less than the club to be sold after the end of the season with Morgan running off with his fully lined pockets so he can start his next building development.

I fell sorry for Deano - Maybe he is starting to realise what he has actually let himself in for...................

Codsall Wolf (the real one)

The only way to make the owner & CEO to fully understand that the so-called numpties are not happy is to stay away and let the attendances fall.

Both are driven by financial gain not entertainment or tradition.

If the average gates fall below whatever the break-even figure is, they might start to take heed or jump ship?

Codsall Wolf's Real Wag

I see that Jez is currently offering tickets to a family of four at £40. Yet another concession that makes me wonder why I ever bothered with a season ticket. No doubt he'll be full of how good the attendance was and as usual assume that fans are so thick they cannot see the true picture.


After this disastrous season n the poor standard of football ive paid to watch this season,players being paid in full even when at times, it looks like they can't be bothered to play with any heart or desire, and certainly no pride in wearing the shirt, I want a reduction on my season ticket next season

Realistic Wolf

Went for a point against lowly opposition. Disgusting Saunders. Looking more solid are we. More by luck than judgement. Why not try playing all defenders if you want to think like that. Utter dross. Edge of seats stuff, yeh right, total garbage. Stale knew the truth and wanted money for decent players instead of Micks has beens. Seems like Morgan supported the players and probably took the easy option by sacking Stale.


Looks like even the happy clappers have given up defending em ,Not many posting on here just lately.

swansea wolf



Whats the point playing for a draw at a team below us when we were already 11 points behind the play offs? We got a draw and now we're 13 points behind!

Pathetic attitude. We need to get rid of the deadwood and invest in a striker, left back and centre mid - everyone can see it, sick of stubborn and tight morgan and moxey. Particularly we need to spend big on a proven striker.


Ominous signs here. Last minute bargain buys and loans again.

We have needed quality not quantity for the last 2-3 seasons.

Stale has bought some quality and cannot think of more than 2_3 players from rest of squad I'd keep.

Why is Griffiths still at hibs....he is bang in form and better than what we have and far better than what we are looking at too.

If we don't start scoring goals then we will be relegated...Griffiths has 15 and has made most of the other hibs goals.

Seems stale was right about our team and Saunders I hope isn't just a yes man.

We're in a relegation battle and the players should be ashamed of themselves


Everybody moans but you still turn up in your thousands,stay away for a couple of games and then they will realise what we want.


I have read all the comments and most i agree with however to say that to get saunders out after just two games is unbeleveible ! yes you do look at the 2 mms but remember a lot of the boo boys wanted mick out and look where we are ! there have been a lot of bad decisons made and i blame the board from top to bottom we need a clean sweep, do you think that sir jack would have employed 3 foringners to run our club but do not blame saunders for what has gone on in the past , but i do think it is time for mr morgan to renew his box at anfield and walk away please


Nice one, Saunders must be given a chance. We can't keep changing the manager, some fans need to get a grip.

Dan the Man

Jason Scotland? Could be worse, could be Jason King from Department S (one for the oldies). Of course, the 'S' in Department S means something completely different for Moxey - which means he may be tempted to try and sign him!


as soon as i read this i thought, in other words you have been told you cant buy until you see what we have sold, and the names being mentioned are a joke, then after the tranfer window closes you will say you couldnt get the targets you want because the other clubs wouldnt let them go....sorry weve heard it all before!,

Someone mentioned early bird, surely the club must realise unless they drastically reduce prices there will be a sharp fall in sales as lets face it you wont struggle to get a ticket for any match you want to see next season, and with the amount of offers, freebies etc already this season, is it really that good value to have a season ticket anyway?.

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Only tinkering required ? Really ? I think we need to read that there isn't any money available and we have to mke do with what we have. Oh you people that wanted rid of Stale !!! All we do now is go back to the hoofball that MM introduced to us !!! At least Stale was trying to do something different. When will peole realise, it's mostly the players that aren't up to it....................not the manager.

West London Wolf and Son

How can Deano say we have good players at our club and that it only needs a bit of tinkering with. We were at the game on Saturday and it got to the point where we and the people around us were just laughing at what we were watching, it had gone past the point of anger.

To be fair Shef Wed were as bad as we were and we spent 90 minutes watching 22 cluless fools playing head tennis in the snow. They could still be playing now and it would still be 0-0.

It is simply unacceptable to take money off of working families and produce such a poor product in return. If Deano had said he was going play for the draw I would have stayed at home and spent my hard earned on on beer, although from what I saw I don't think they knew what they were playing for.

Both clubs should issuse and apology to the supporters and refund the price of the tickets. What we got was not a game of football by any stretch.

One for Watch Dog me thinks

Rant over back to work!


100% agree as long as moxey is at molineux

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Just picked up on Sky Sports news...........Cardiff have signed Fraizer Campbell.............................where were we while this was going on ? Not saying that he was particularly the one to turn us round.....................but it's certainly the calibre of player we should be looking to bring in. We simply have no idea........................

Stafford DeWolf

"... and if no one leaves I won't be signing anyone, not even young and hungry Jason Scotland, the last piece in my jigsaw"?

The season gets more underwhelming by the hour.


Most of these players have got THREE managers sacked, Deano!! Don't let them get you sacked!

There are too many overpaid, over-rated, technically-inept players in the team/ squad.

How much longer will us long-suffering fans have to continue to suffer watching them "perform"? A good clearout is needed.

It's been fairly obvious for (what seems like) ages now that we are especially SO WEAK up front, powder-puff stuff in fact - hardly anyone can shoot at goal properly and no-one (i.e. forward) seems to have the mental or physical ability to get on the end of crosses into the goalmouth/ area to convert them. IMO we will not progress until both Doyle and SEB are removed from the attack. We have got to give others a chance up front - they certainly can't do much worse than the present two(??).

Personally I would play Siggurdarson and Cassidy, - youth, enthusiasm and willingness to improve - until we can bring in some half-decent STRIKER (in the true sense of the word!!).

The only chink of light/ optimism at this moment is that we have gone 2 matches without conceding a goal in open play (but that, I feel, was mainly due to some very bad finishing by Wednesday forwards on Sat).

stamford wolves

why dont some of you moaning supposed wolves fans apply for the managers job next time it becomes available if you think its that easy. give deano a chance.

John EltonBurger

Saunders out,Adkins in to get back into Championship.


I have to agree with most of the posts on this site,we have a certain amount of dead wood....Stearman, foley, Ward and Ebanks Blake,Berra but hardly anybody has mentioned Dave Edwards who has no ability what so ever.

Saunders is right we have some decent players but we need a left back a centre half and a centre forward with some pace,maybe some like DJ Campbell if not then give kids a go.


Zubar,Johnson,new signing,new signing


Doyle new signing

ps do not sign Jason Scotland a absolute waste of time.


what a complete load of idiots deano is a yes man the board have told him no money to spend well done morgan another transfer window without opening your wallet we are going down anyone could see that who went to sheffield

bu lly bash

sell the lot

Woolfie 4371

We've spent £10million on a few players so by my calculations we should have £14.25million left to spend yet the boss aint got much to spend . This club is run as a mid table league 1 and not even like a championship I really hope we get what we deserve and that's relegated . As this club is a complete joke, I've stopped going as of DS and I'm glad cause we will either end up relegated or in just above relegation zone . Mark my words DS WILL BE GONE BY THE END OF THE SEASON . What a joke this club is glad I'm not paying to watch this rubbish anymore.

Valentino Rossi

Fed up with watching toothless Wolves ?

Fed up with giving huge amounts of cash to Fat Cat Jez and Steve Moregain ?



I DID.......

Jorge Lorenzo

Fed up with your Ducati ? Valentino Rosso was, so he now has a Yamaha.


When Dean says he is not David Copperfield, I have to agree. However it is looking rather like Dean is unde the spell of Fagin. Unless we start improving rapidly we will really be in the soup.


45 players ,Saunders will need to move on players before any are bought in, i can understand that.

But who is going to take them?


Forgive me, but I am on a mission to debunk this myth. We do not have 45 possible first team players. We have around this many with a squad number, but without looking it up you try listing them..

Old Gold Portion of Chips

It's started !!


If you want to know our history, its enough to make your head go bang.

Moxey out

Morgan. you have some unfinished business in Wrexham. Get out of Wolves


I'm sorry Mr. Saunders but you are talking absolute rubbish. The only players that are any good are Solbakken's imports plus Ikeme / Hennessy, Johnson, O'Hara and Doyle (yes Doyle). Don't know abpout the youngsters but from what I've seen Davis and Forde won't make it even at this level. The rest of of McCarthey's washouts, notably Foley, Ward, Stearman, Berra, Elokobi, Henry, Edwards, Ebanks and Co. have nothing to offer the Club other than trouble and are cynically milking their lucrative contracts to their own advantage.

It seems that you have been offered this job on the basis of "what you see is what you get" and don't expect any money to invest. You along with the rest of us are being played by Morgan & Moxey. I think we can all read between the lines of this headline - "leaving it late" = something along the lines of signing Jason Scotland on loan.

Is this really the sad level to which our Club has descended?

And how much further will it be allowed to fall into the abyss?

Esso Ian

I think all those who want moxey out should ware a different colour scarf like the man utd fans do. It would show morgan just how many fans are sick to the back teeth of him.


Another clueless manager appointed by Mr Morgan. The club has become an embarrasment.


A point away and three this weekend what more do you want ?


lets go and buy becchio from leeds at least he knows how to score on a regular basis


Sadly it looks to me that the core of the present team was assembled by MM. They did well in winning promotion. Some good players were added and a few duds. Things were tough in the PL, but a downward lurch commenced by December 2011. Relegation followed. OK, I can understand that previously good players are now underperforming because they are hungover from relegation, but they have to snap out of it, otherwise collectively they are paralysed as a unit. The only answer may be to break up the team. Individual players may thrive again in a more upbeat club. Great teams have been broken up in the past by top clubs because they have become too old. We have become too depressed evidently. Time for wholesale change, for everybody's sake, especially the players!

Golden Wonder

I said that SS will need this window and the summer to get in players that will be more suited to his system. Unfortunately that never happened and we will never know if he could have improved us. Results were suggesting that he couldn't.

I get as frustrated as the next fan with our continual poor displays but to call for the head of Dean after 2 games is laughable.

I want some fresh faces here as the only players who can come out of this season so far with any credit are Ikeme and Sako.

No one knows whether DS can turn things around here unless we give him time.


thanks Grace i put the first post on this thread,ended up 2/3rds the way down cos mr moderator dos not like what is before him.talk about being sensitive.its till taking along time for folks on here for the penny to drop.Deano is just cannon fodder for there excuses(moxey) and(morgan)there making money at the expense of the fans and the club.utw

Mrs Solbakken

sounds like moxey gave dean the same song sheet as my husband.

Mrs Solbakken

Whats my jd sports football and wolves got in common? yes you guessed it they both keep going down.

West London Wolf and Son(almost an ex happy clapper)

Deano says we don't need major surgery and only need bit of tinkering around. I dont think so! I was at the game on Saturday and I and a lot of the fans around me were just laughing at what we were watching, it had gone past the point of anger.

To be fair Shef Wed were just as bad so we were subjected to 22 over paid ,unskilled bafoons playing head tennis in the snow. They could still be playing now and we would still be no where near seeing a goal. God help us if we had been playing a team that gave a toss.

I wish Deano had said he was playing for a draw and I could have stayed at home in the warm but be honest I do not believe the team knew what they were supossed to be doing and if they did they do not possess the skills to carry it off.

This alleged football match was nothing short of a rip off, in any other walk of life we would be entitled to our money back under the trades description act. One for Watch Dog me thinks.

I'm sorry Deano but if ever a team needed major surgery then this is it and if you can't see that then you are the wrong man.

Rant over.

Uriah Heep

We don't expect you to be David Copperfield Dean. Just expect you to gives us something to look forward to on the pitch (such as Wolves scoring some goals), apart from the sound bites,

Useful Contribution

Simeon Jackson? Well it could be worse could be Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5, he's... well he's dead.

Erm... oh yeah Moxey out!

Mrs Solbakken

razor please do not mention the albino fans unless you have some derogatory comment included.


Just hope that Dean puts out a team at home to Blackpool that has the potential to score some goals at the right end. Start with Siggy and give Hammill a chance to show what he can do on the pitch.

Farnham Wolf

Mr. Saunders,

You must never admit to playing for a draw. This was not the away leg of a European Cup semi.

You must always play to win - at all costs. There is really no point turning up whatsoever, otherwise.

And when you go shopping next week, please choose the intelligent players- as distinct from the 'good' players.

If you these things, we shall be behind you. All the best.


ps. Please also spend a night on BOBPAISLEY.COM instead of skysports.


Dean - what the hell are you talking about.?????

These players have won 4 matches in 18 this season.

They LOST 24 matches last season

they LOST 20 the season before and you think they are good enough????

You cant change the losing mentality until you break the team up and let some of the old guard go.

This is your big chance, dont blow it and get sacked like Stale,TC and Mick because you put your trust in this bunch of losers and underperformers.

Jonny D

COME BACK STALE, ALL IS FORGIVEN...........................Mr Morgan, tranfer all Playing staff to Redrow, they must be able to do something..............Let Stale start again with a complete new squad......................

Stop, I want to get off............

Empty Seat Row C North Bank Upper


If I hear anybody else say that 'we've got got players here' or 'they've got a hangover from being relegated' i will cowing scream! We have watched these players for the last X amount of years and we know they're not good enough. And as for the hangover, or having the stuffing knocked out of 'em - what about us - the fans! We've been dragged through the mill over the last 18 months in particular and treated like mugs... And already the excuses have come out about not buying anyone in the January transfer window and come the summer we'll end up with a whole new bunch of league 1 rejects to add to the oversized squad of non-achievers we've already got...

... The club needs to cut its losses and release (not hang on until you can sell - release) 15 to 20 of the squad... save 100's of thousands per week and use that to bring in 3, 4 or 5 BETTER players....

... or have the club already already planned ahead and got a manager that has proved he can 'win' in league one because they know that thats where they're taking us next season!?

nigel wolfnut

Have to admit I was underwhelmed by Dean's appoinment but there is a thread running through these posts of disillusionment and anger. It cannot be denied that under SM's stewardship the club has gone backwards and much as I am grateful for what MM did for us his management of the playing side, tactics and style probably as much as anything cost us dearly. Well that and a lack of proper investment in improving the team. I hav heard the mantra 'Won't buy unless it is better than what we have got' before. Result? Stick with what we have and that means we stand still.

I completely understand why Dean wants to look at what he has and as for the criticism levelled at SS for perusing the DVD's - what else could he do? He was appointed in the close season, started in July, assessed the squad, made some signings and tried to change the style., Players couldn't adapt so bye bye Stale. And face it a lot of fans wanted him to go. Dean has the same problems 6 months later. The trouble is the board and by that I mean SM doesn't know what he wants. Mess up MM's sacking and appointment of or rather lack of, and then this time appoint in indecent haste.Get rid of Nouble and consider Scotland. That's the extent of our progress and I didn't know when they said we were interested in Scotland whether they meant the player or the country. Because at this rate that's where we will be playing. The tribulations of being a Wolve supporter. Early Bird anyone?

Herod the Wolf

Moxey out! The club has to clean up the mess after him, and give the manager time to build a unit and get rid of players. It was a short sighted decision to sack Stale so soon. He was about to take the club in another and better direction. The problem is the players. They are either injured or disillusioned and understands only hoof football. What a mess we're in now. But with Peszko back in form he may give a boost for the other players. Sharpen up, lads!

A tamed wolf

Nearly every comment on here is from negative fans saying get rid of this and that person, bring in this and that person. . . notice the trend people, the players we have, have been performing poorly now for around 12-18 months, who wants to buy these players off us??we cant cancel contracts because they cost too much so we cant get rid unless held to ransom which in turn means money not coming into the club (i know we have money from Jarvis, fletch and kightly) but to add to a squad of 40 players is unrealistic. Its like your kids learning in a class room - they wont get the education if the focus is over to many people. We need to loan out some of the youngsters (get them playing under a different environment/get them confident) and by downsizing start some educating at a more personal level and let Saunders get his ideas across before we jump on his back. There will be the inevitable loss of money on players like stearman etc but im sure the club will take a couple of blows to trim the squad. Then lets wait and see who is bought in before having a go and booing an already struggling in confidence team and back the lads. As for the comment earlier about doyle never offering us anything - the guy was deployed up front on his own for the majority of the premier league and ran every cm of grass every game so lay off. Hunty is getting fit again, O'hara is nearly back to full 90 min fitness, Doumbia, Boukari, Edwards, all close and i think the competition will be healthy.

manc andy

Dont panic,,Berra says we can make the playoffs , what planets he on.I carnt believe we are in this situation, 12 month ago we were in the perfect position to show some ambition and splash out on a decent manager and players, i bet Morgans regretting his penny pinching now, this is only heading one way , and thats to the likes of port vale , bury etc. This is going to take some sorting out who evers at the wheel.The wolves of the old 4th division would have ran rings round these idiots ,,,splash some cash and learn from ur mistakes,,,Berra sod off back to scotland you dont want to play for us and we dont think ur good enough. UTW WHERES ARE TRANSFER MONEY GONE


Wolves never won a match under Clipboard.

Wolves won the occasional match under Stale. Okay, only very occasionally, but we won at least one. I think. Perhaps. I may have imagined it. It does seem a very long time ago.

Wolves have never yet won a match under Dean Saunders.

All the players are, to the greatest part, the same players that have seldom won since Mick McCarthy (remember him?) saw us thumped at home by the Baggies. February 12th, 2012.

It feels a lot longer ago than that.

And in this story, the constant familiars have been 90% of the playing squad, the Fat Controller and Bob The Builder.


I think we all have to accept MM (as much as i didnt like him) got the very very best out of these player.

Players who are only lower champ / league 1 standard. Infact most of this team came from those leagues, we have to realise that NON of them are good enough for this level. MM just got enough out of them through hard work to be a good Champ team.

Really when it comes down to footballing ability they are not good enough.

Dean has clearly been bought in as the cheap option, a manager who has achived nothing. Except a relegation. Maybe the board would be happy with that.

Bring in 17500 people each week to watch shrews and Walsall. Can offload all of the current team on the way.

This is a business to this guy and the only way you will impact on that is not go. Will you listen though?? Noooo 20000+ will be there to watch another "good performance" as we draw or worse this weekend.

Last yr i voted with my feet, threw my season ticket onto the pitch at half time against QPR at home, 0-3 down. I will not go back until i see huge changes and it just wont happen.

Did no one ever question where 60m a year went in the prem?? Signings?? NO, Wages?? NO, we were the lowest payers in the league. So where did it go???? Then there is the stadium. WHY OH WHY, did they knock down a 15 yr old stand, which we couldnt fill in the first place?????


Vote with those tootsies guys!


I saw wolves at Palace and it was the same team as last season except Sako and Ikeme, the Wolves team that played in the Premiership and proved they were not good enough. Now they are supposed to be 'trying' to get back into that league , they also know that if they achieved that , as proven failures they would be sold. Most of them are Ok players for the Championship but they lack confidence in themselves and each other. They need new challenges and Wolves need a new team. At least 7 new players in the starting line up. Wolves have a big squad so there must be some untried combinations that could work.

Stafford DeWolf

Has anyone at the club explained why it has been deemed necessary to sign 40+ players on professional terms?

The late 50s' sides managed to win two league titles with a squad of as little as 14 players, the first XI and 3 deputizing from the reserves?

Do we really need 29+ players to warm 5 places on the bench and cover for injured players no matter how frail? Although Mick occasionally liked to field a different set of players at Old Trafford, it's not as though squad rotation has been popular with any manager Wolves have ever hired.

The size of the squad is certainly proving a big liability in this transfer window for a new manager currently making little impact with an inherited squad, as large as it is.

If no new signings are made fans might reasonably ask exactly why Solbakken was sacked at this time?

Another fine mess!


"Berra says Wolves can make the play off's", mathmatically correct, but you sir are a knob and the majority of the defence are to. Frankie Munro would be rolling in his grave, God bless


pye green wolf

great news we'll be leaving any signings to the last minute and were being linked with a 33 year old striker who could'nt make it at ipswich. you just could'nt make it up. morgan get a grip and start to put the club 1st not moxeys yearly bonus

Wednesbury wolves

Have we moaners, who pay £400+ every year, who should have no view at all on wolves games, according to Lincoln wolf, and rich5wolves!!!!!!!!!! Noticed, they haven't appeared on this current comment board!!!!!!!!!


I wonder why that is? fed up to the back teeth of the whinging,moaning and slagging off, it's hard to try and be positive when this forum is full of negativity, what do you expect them to say????

paul j

Be nice for you sue, when you and your 2 mates can sit anywhere in the ground and keep cheering.


Don't worry about me and me mates, I've got loads of others who are in the same mind as me they think I'm mad to come on here, I was told when I first came on here that the majority of fans on here do nothing but moan..It's been confirmed but I'm addicted now, it's like a drug.

I can assure you I don't sit there cheering all the while actually not much this season but I will back my team to the hilt..supporter that's what it's called.

Ye Olde South Bank

Setting out your stall to take a point at Sheff Wednesday -a team with a whopping 8 home losses and practically zero confidence- is disappointing to say the very least. Every game in this league is winnable, so I much prefer positive intent (even if I do recognise the need to stabilise the defence).

That said, this group of players are clearly mentally shot. Sure, many of 'em were around when Wolves won the title, but they're 4 years older and acclimatised to the losing mentality after taking so many thumpings in the Premier League. They also know they're not good enough to play at that level (and never will again), just as they know their careers from this point onward will be in the downward spiral, once they've left. So, where's the incentive for them to perform? As they're already minted (thanks to top flight salaries), there isn't one. Meanwhile, the club's left with a whole hangar-full of dead wood thanks to accumulating quantity rather than quality since our promotion. That's what you get for doing things on the cheap, Moxey.

As for myself, I'll continue to back anyone wearing a Gold shirt 100% for 90 mins on a match-day. It's what attending fans are supposed to do, after all. Likewise, our new boss gets my support, too -as is only fair. However, it's patently obvious from Dean's words that he's already in Moxey's pocket, as some of you have already pointed out. As drearily expected, there's little to look forward to this transfer window but, who knows, there might be a few icicles hanging from the stand roofs to grab my attention in the (possible) absence of meaningful attacking play.

The 1,600 Hillsborough attendees have my great respect and sympathies in equal measure. This club really doesn't deserve your support, lads.


You're one of the few on here I take notice off,respect you.Wish this snow would stop, I'm getting stir crazy, got to stop these people winding me up........


note to self of not off....I think!!!!

Ye Olde South Bank

Thanks, Sue. I'm just speaking from the heart as always ;-)

Hey, don't worry about the snow and freezing temperatures, luv, because it's the icy blast of sheer incompetency over the past year that really chills the bones!

Let's just hope that the club's current fortunes are more akin to an overnight frost rather than the beginning of a new Ice Age.........


It sounds like Dean saunders is saying that he has the players to do the job.Is he Sammy Chung in disguise?


Iwould hope that Dean saunders took an objective look at the ream and what they can or cannot offer.However i do feel that he will be a yes-man with the deadwood still there and probably the more creatrive players leaving.