Stephen Hunt and Dave Edwards in boost for Wolves

Wolves are set for a double boost with Stephen Hunt and Dave Edwards returning to full training.

Stephen Hunt
Stephen Hunt

Winger Hunt returns on Monday after recovering from a hip problem which has restricted the £3m Ireland international to just an hour’s action in the Capital One Cup this season.

Midfielder Edwards is back from a torn hamstring sustained in the 4-1 win at Bristol City on December 1.

Hunt, 31, who is out of contract this summer, will give it all he can as he tries to win a new deal.

And, after allowing Jermaine Pennant to return to Stoke and welcoming back Adam Hammill back from his loan at Huddersfield, manager Dean Saunders is looking forward to seeing if Hunt can force his way into his plans.

“He’s ready to train now,” said the boss. “He’ll be on the pitch ready to start training on Monday.

“He hasn’t played for such a long time so he needs to build up his sharpness. He’ll probably take two or three weeks.”

Edwards is also nearing availability again. “He got through a full training session on Thursday,” said the boss.

Saunders is continuing his assessment of 24-year-old Hammill after watching him in a behind-closed-doors game against Walsall on Tuesday. “I haven’t decided yet,” said Saunders. “It’s the first time I’ve worked with him.”

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Comments for: "Stephen Hunt and Dave Edwards in boost for Wolves"


Thank god hunts back utw.

john payne

Neither of these will improve the team, you only have to watch the Football League show on BBC1 to see the quality at other clubs.

Our management have been mean and shortsighted about the need to buy to improve - and SELL the ones who're no longer contributing. It's no good hanging on to them , bite the bullet, take the loss and move onwards - and maybe upwards.


That's a shame, Morgan will now cancel bids for messi and ronaldo now these two are fit

U t w

Killarney Wolf


Clear the 2 of them plus 6 or 7 others

before transfer dealine.

Complete waste of Space.


thats right super positive as usual personally i like hunt he gives 100% i think i will be a good player in the championship and edwards is a good squad player why is everyone on here so negative no wonder the player have no confidence at all


I couldn't agree more


If I played for Wolves, I'd give 100%. But you wouldn't like me, because I'm crap at football. If next time you go on holiday, the pilot announces he's not very good at flying a plane, but hes going to give it 100%. Will that be good enough for you?

Its the "puts a shift in, we love grafters" attitude that has landed us where we are now.


Take those club Wolves rose tinted specs off mate.


Could not agree more Steve... I wonder how the majority of bloggers on this sight would feel, if every day,all their family,friends &workmates were continually running them down. Would they still give 100% in everything that they do ? I think not. Remember every negative has a positive....get behind our team if you are true supporters and put some confidence back into the side. UTW

Kev H

Your so right, negaive, negative, negative!!!

Waggies Left Peg

Don't panic, we have ear marked Messi as our new centre half and Ronaldo as our new left back.



Further to the scandal that horse meat has been found in some burgers, today's edition of the Happy Clapper magazine is reporting that donkey meat has been found in the Wolves Team.

The team owner, and the CEO, have admitted liability - but have said they are safe from prosecution or significant loss of revenue. The CEO said: "We have plenty of supporters who willingly gobble up the rubbish we serve them every match day, and feel confident they will continue to do as as they don't know any better."

However, the Decent United Footballer's Federation has said that Season Ticket holders are entitled to a full refund and should apply to the Molineux as soon as possible to get their money returned. The CEO has responded to this possibility by saying that nobody has a snowball's chance in hell of getting a refund and that he'll continue to exploit them for as long as he pleases.

wolves benalmadena

I think it will take 2-3 weeks to build up his sharpness, he obviously has never seen him play, just another one of Mccarthys headless chickens. He has never dribbled past a defender all the time he has been here, which should be a problem if you are a winger and can never tackle without giving away a foul, get rid as soon as he is fit, but i think he will have to drop down several divisions for anyone to be remotely interested.


is that you dave :)

Prisoner, Cell Block St Josephs

Yes, could be Dave!

If it is ...



They are both duds. Get them fit,sell them on, if anybody will have them


yeah were saved from the drop now lol ,with these two coming back lol ,wolves will not sign any one ,forget frimpong ,and others were after ,morgan moxey out

Broseleywood Wolf

How come I don't feel so great !

2 players we should let go now!

heard it all before

Amazes me how players all seem to be coming back just before the January deadline.

so funny how the board think we still fall for it year after year.


And when their contract is due for renewal

Tipton Wolves

Good we can now sell Hunt and maybe Edwards as well.


Could someone explain what boost does that give us !


Cannot wait for hunt and Edwards to be fit it will be just like the good old days under mick and that will be fun

Getting rid of stale as saved Morgan a fair wedge on transfer money ,as we are stuck with this pile c;!p until ds as decided that they are as bad as what most wolves fans think they are

Finlays Son

A chance for Dean to give Adam Hammill a run out out against Wednesday today, Hope he takes it.


Two more reasons why we are in the league we are. How the E&S can say this is a boost is more evidence of how the views of the paper on the wolves cannot be taken seriously.

Old Golds Worth More

A bit harsh I know, but good, two more that can be sold because they are now fit.

Wolf Blast

With Mick talking about buying, Stearman, Zubar and SEB who else should be exiting. Should we let Mick take these guys?

As we don't have anyone else scoring goals SEB will have to stay. Hunt should be given a chance as should Hammill who presumably Dean will have spoken to 'get yourself together or get out'.

My view is the following but based upon us bringing in or through some good defenders.

Stearman, De Vries, Zubar - this window

Berra, Johnson, Foley, Ward, Elokobi - Summer

We also need to thin out our midfield and bring in some ball controllers we can't always rely on hard graft. This would mean, Henry, Edwards and a couple of others might have to go.

Prove yourself - Hammill, Hunt, SEB


Edwards squad player at best,Hunt free transfer, thanks for everything,time for one of the younger lads to get a chance.

Esso Ian

To be honest I was expecting a few new faces on the pitch. Looks like we will be playing with the has beens again. hope Deano can see them for what they are before the end of Jan. Midd table at best come August .


Very concerned about Saunders thoughts about our central midfield? He prefers to have the more defensive Henry and Davis - the latter had a good game last week. He has said O'Hara will get his chance though. He is a must as far as I am concerned? My big issue is his praise of Edwards. There should be no place for him!

fat boy jamie

Hunt, 31, who is out of contract this summer, will give it all he can as he tries to win a new deal.And then he gets injured again !! Don't we ever learn !!!!

Bricks and Mortar

Boost for Wolves Reserves

I liked hunt but lets face it hes finished as for edwards hes a tryer but no quality. I think there wont be big changes until the summer, what a waste of time the last two seasons have been.

Wednesbury wolves

So we think Steven hunt is one of the answers do we, I think not!!!! Hunt along with dud were only good at reading in the coppell era fact!!!!! They have been absolutely useless since being brought to wolves. I'm afraid if we have to rely on people like hunt edwards then we're doomed, but as I've said hundreds of times on here before, unless Morgan and moxey leave our great club, the only way we are going is down!!!! We are just seeing our football club milked day by day, and us loyal fans being ripped off and lied to continuously!!!!!!!!!!!!!

manc andy

Hunt will do well for us in this league,we are going to need a player who can battle and get nipping at the oppositions ankles when we are in a second half scrap, hes also a good time waster if we need to run down the clock and i like to think he will give his best for wolves. He strugled in the premiership , but didnt they all. Edwards ??? not too sure , used to like him but he seems to have lost his way over recent months, but again haven't they all ? UTW,,,


Great news. Get them on the transfer list, quick!


Hunt yes, Edwards ? You have to be joking. LEague one headless chicken. All effort and no quality.

Mind you, this team is heading for league one anyway so maybe Edwards along with McCarthy's other hopeless buys will finally find their level.

The Flying Winger

That's a boost?

Hunt has been disappointing like his last appearances, just running around similar to Edwards, both players are injury prone and Hunt was injured when he was bought on the cheap by Moxey.

Something we never learn, costs us in the long run.

Best thing for them and us is to try and sell them, which will not be easy as Moxey will brobably want 10M each.

It's half way through January no signing still, sounds familiar?

Morgans fine words, and empty promises!

Haling wolf

Always good news when players return , how long these two stay fit is another story

I personally like these two as there the only midfielders that run past our own forwards...!

Jonny D

Dave Edwards from Luton in Jan 2008…….Steve Hunt signed in June 2010………..the great hope for the future, WOW their both in full training...... it's a headline ‘Boost for Wolves’………….that is how bad its got. Mr Morgan, Get rid of Mr Moxley, this club has gone nowhere due to his running of the club, we are in the same place. You must know someone who can realise your dream.

Empty seat Row C North Bank Upper


the only place the majority of wolves fans want to see hunt, is out the exit door, with his mates steerman, ward, berra and henry.


get him in the team ASAP HUNT's a fighter!

Hunt, a good player whose footballing skills went downhill fast (only happens at Wolves)

Edwards, still a 'headless chicken' (not a footballer)


HUNT, a good player whose footballing skills went downhill fast (only happens at Wolves)

EDWARDS, a 'headless chicken' sums him up (not a footballer)

Hednesford Wolf

With so many players on our books apparently and with these two returning no problem with next weeks training schedules then, Molineux should be clear of snow by Tuesday and no need to switch on the undersoil heating which should save Moxey a few quid, and Deano will be able to see some of them working up a sweat on the Molineux for the first time in their careers


Get rid of both when fit with 7 others we are carrying too much baggage.


Good news or not, healthy players are at least "sellable!"

No disrespect to either, bot decent in how they each battle and "put in a shift," as I will give them both that, respectively, but neither is dependable because they each have long and growing histories of being injury prone. Feel for each of them, but when are we going to realize the cost of carrying certain players who are unable to I tribute on a consistent basis?

I have nothing against either player, personally, because they always, both, give a 100% when they suit up for Wolves. Yet, historically, neither has rarely shown that they are essential pieces to a brighter future for Wolves to get out of the Champuonship.

Twelve days to go. Thinking each of these humble grafters, as nice and team oriented as each are, because they seem to get along with their fellow teammates, truly need to recognize they could be a part of Morgan's "ten to thirteen" players that need to be sold or let go.

Sheffield Wednesday 2 - 2 Wolves


The Real Bangkok Wolf

12 day's till the transfer window shuts.

Come on Moxey earn your pay.



I think lets see where we will be in the league come may, give the players an opportunity to show the new manager in charge what roll they could play if any, if they come back with an average approach they will not be at the club come the summer, players have to play to be in the shop window.

Dont forget Deano has a major re build on his hands, players will respond.

paul davo

Hunt is a player at this level if you can keep him fit, I don"t think a lot of our medical team as we seem to buy players who are sick-notes after 15 games for us, Hunt, Edwards, Sigi, Margritter , all cost good money but never seem fit, and its gone on for years, I hope deno tells them to man up or get out.

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Get rid .

Dingle Dave

Dave Edwards, He couldnt trap a bag of cement!!! Get shut and Hunt? well the jury is out, Me? i would let them go this window for nowt to get them off the wage bill. Followed by at least 8 others in the summer. God knows what our wage bill is for the dross they serve up


Good news.I think that Steve Hunt is a useful player and i think that many supporters are unfairly on David Edwards's back.Give him a chance.They are not the core of the deadwood.Most of the deadwood are in defence.One gets the feeling that Wolves are not going to be active during the transfer window.


When I saw the headline boost for Wolves I thought we had sold em.

Wanderer Will


Strange as my thoughts when I read this was ... ' Great thats all we need another 2 headless clowns to go with 3 or 4 others who still get the nod '


strikes me deano is the ideal wolves manager....with a remit of dont buy and sell who you can,and hes happy to go along with it.he should be banging on moxeys counting house office demanding players.yet another season of disappointment and frustration.maybe hes planning for league one ??????????


wer goin nower but down unles we get a goalscoring fwd-now.need more quality not quantity like hunt+edwards both garbage as for playin 451 dint deano no we need wins ther n again tho we Avnt got a goalscorer at the club flog doyle

scouse wolf

i think we will need more than these two to move up the table.

Micky moo

Moxey stop being so tight fisted and spnd some cash.

Hunt and edwards are past it. Get rid ASAP!!!!


Micky Moo

Start offloading all the squad players Edwards, Hunt,Berra DOYLE(not a goalscorer)

We need more quality and not QUANTITY

Micky Moo

You only have to watch the football league show and see the talent other clubs have and the way they play.We are a million miles from clubs like Palace and Leicester, Cardiff.....

My question to the 3m's is how ambitious are we ? Is Morgan only interested in houses?

I despair - My football club, the club thats been in my blood since birth is sowly going down the pan...Thank you Morgan and Moxey||||