Sheffield Wed 0 Wolves 0 - match report

Wolves somehow escaped with a point at dominant Sheffield Wednesday to make it two draws since Dean Saunders took charge.

Wolves somehow escaped with a point at dominant Sheffield Wednesday to make it two draws since Dean Saunders took charge.

But Dave Jones’s Owls will be wondering how they failed to win a game they pretty much controlled for all but the opening 20 minutes.

Keeper Carl Ikeme was a clear man of the match for the visitors after he foiled Michail Antonio with a superb block, a shot from Jermaine Johnson and he held a header from Reda Johnson on the line all before half-time, as well as a string of crosses and setpieces.

Jeremy Helan crashed a shot into the sidenetting as Wednesday continued to hold forte after the break.

Wolves, who have now gone six games without a win in all competitions, drew for the first time on their travels this season and achieved their first clean sheet in eight matches.

But there was little else to cheer for Wolves on a day when they had just one worthwhile shot – from Kevin Doyle, after 86 minutes, which flew just over.

Saunders seemed determined to be hard to beat and hang on for a draw as he reverted to a 4-5-1 formation for the second half as he switched Doyle to wide right, leaving Sylvan Ebanks-Blake isolated on his own.

Saunders made one change to the side that drew 1-1 against Blackburn in his first game in charge eight days ago.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake replaced Jake Cassidy up front after the 19-year-old made his full Wolves debut against Rovers.

That meant that, as Saunders predicted on Thursday, Jamie O’Hara had to wait for his first start under the new manager.

And his influence was sorely missed during a first half when the visitors created not a single effort on goal and they came under the cosh for long periods.

Wolves had the first chance of the game in the 12th minute when a lofted header forwards by David Davis fell invitingly for Doyle in the penalty area.

But the Ireland international delayed his shot and was crowded out before he fell under challenge.

Pretty much the rest of the half belonged to the Owls, who looked better than their position of fourth bottom suggested.

Jermaine Johnson lobbed wide of an open goal after Ikeme had been forced to come out of his area to chest the ball clear on 22 minutes.

Two minutes later, Michail Antonio easily outmuscled Christophe Berra to leave himself with a clear opening on goal, but from the corner of the six-yard box, Ikeme made a superb block.

Wolves continued to struggle to get out of their own half or create anything themselves.

And so Wednesday remained the dominant team, Jermaine Johnson testing Ikeme with a low shot that forced a falling save after the striker turned Davis.

Helan created the chance from which Wednesday went desperately close to scoring in the 34th minute.

The on-loan Manchester City winger’s cross was headed back into the danger area by Miguel Llera for Reda Johnson to see his header held by Ikeme on the line.

Wednesday had three more shooting chances before the break without Ikeme being called into action.

Antonio rolled an effort inches wide after a wayward clearance by Stephen Ward rebounded kindly off Jermaine Johnson for the former Reading man.

Then Giles Coke blazed well over before Kieran Lee sidefooted fractionally off target as the Owls ended the half well on top.

If Wolves fans thought the first half was hard going, the second half got worse as their team was pinned inside their own half for long periods.

Indeed, it looked as if Saunders was playing for a point as he pushed Doyle out to wide right in a 4-5-1 formation.

Llera saw a 30-yard free kick bobble wide before Wolves brought on O’Hara on the hour to introduce some belated creativity, then Slawomir Peszko later on.

But the Owls remained in charge and Antonio missed another chance when he screwed his shot well over with Wolves players protesting in vain for a free kick as Berra lay sprawling on the turf.

Antonio then turned provider as Wednesday burst forward from a Wolves corner.

The former Reading man ran 60 yards before finding Helan to his left for a shot that crashed into the sidenetting.

Then, with seven minutes to go, Antonio missed a sitter from a yard out after Roger Johnson failed to cut out Helan’s cross.

Wolves finally produced a shot of their own when Doyle cut inside and fired inches over from 25 yards for the first real attempt on goal in the 86th minute.

Wolves managed to hang on for a point as Saunders remained unbeaten.

But the fans will be looking for more form the team than this when Blackpool come to Molineux next Saturday.

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Comments for: "Sheffield Wed 0 Wolves 0 - match report"


Forget the play offs, this season's going to be about avoiding relegation. Although we got a point, we created nothing against a side that's about 4 off the bottom of the table. It's going to be a long joyless haul.

Bunghoolioo Wolf

Well according to BBC football Ebanks Blake had a shot after 26 seconds. It went over the bar as did our next and only shot on or off target a whopping 86 minutes and 8 seconds later. Dear me. We must do better than that dross. A good point away maybe but surely we could muster more efforts than that.

Come on lads.


Scowling Joe

ZERO shots on goal! What a joke!

Stalbokken OUT!!

Realistic Wolf

Yet another dire performance. Sorry to say it but nothing will change with this bunch of no hopers. Proves it was not just Stale. Why oh why keep picking the same old players, unless of course they pick themselves. Kick them out and get the kids in, forget Foley, Ward, Berra, Edwards, Hunt and the other MM signings. Seems more than unlikely that yet again deep pockets will make a move this transfer window. Concerned about Deano, wish he would speak out about what is really happening. Things are improving are they, sorry but rhey are not. Just hope he is not yet another yes man.

Sam wolf

Yes but the problem with using kids is there's a likely chance we'll end up like the villa conceding a ton of goals every week.... We need a solid base first and then we can start more attack minded games, but for now it's like this

Hard Wolf

Had to miss this game, the stats do not look good not a single shot on target, how bad was it?.

Dutch Wolf

After 90mins - Not ONE shot on target ! With the players we have we should open a circus not a fooball team.

Don't blame the manager and feel sorry for the supporters who traveled to watch our clowns perform.

Absolute disgrace and if we stay up this season then we should be happy.

Play offs - Lol

The Flying Winger

Saunders should by now realise the task he has what an awful game, desperate for a point which we managed some how.

Picking the players he did was more of the same we have had, Foley does not work, Davis /Henry does not work, no service to the front 2.

Result no shots on goal, lucky to get away with it.

He said in mid week O Hara is an inventive player who always passes the ball forward, like all good players do.

Sue please note.

We don't seem to have many who can achieve that, especially our midfield.

My number of the day 3/10,

My comment of the day Must try harder.

Dan the Man

Here we go again ...

Do I keep the happy clappers from jumping on my back again and say what a wonderful performance it was and the future looks great for the Wolves? Or do I call it as I see it and sit back and wait great unwashed to slay me?

Today, I was hoping for signs of a recovery of some degree, any degree. I was hoping to see a victory that would lay the first of many foundation stones towards a much better future for the team.

Instead, we got another dismal display from a team containing players with post-traumatic stress and total mental burn-out from two years of struggling in the Premiership - and struggling to stay in the Championship (sorry for the lack of pauses).

Saunders has learned a lot today. But what he has learned is that his job is going to be far tougher than he may have imagined when he took over as manager. If we had played a better team, it would have been the usual turkey-shoot.

All and sundry need to go to church tomorrow. Owner, CEO, board members, players, manager, support staff and supporters. We all need to go down on bended knees and pray for a miracle because only divine intervention will save this club.

OK, we have a couple of weeks left on the transfer window. But will 1, 2, 3 or even 4 new signings change anything? Only if we sign Jesus, Joseph, Mary and the Holy Ghost. Anything less than that and we shall continue to hide behind the settee on matchdays and follow the Twitter feed from Tim Nash from a safe distance.

Alternately, perhaps we should sign-up the Monty Python team - if only for something completely different. Anything that will give us something to cheer, or at least give us a reason to have a good laugh at the end of the day.

Over to you, Deano. I genuinely wish you good luck in the coming weeks, and please try and turn this around ASAP.


Sorry but I don't think anybody would think what a wonderful result, even happy clappers know the limitations, I think we're intelligent enough to know we need better players but I'm one who thinks support means support and we have to support the players in front of us.

I wouldn't slay you, you're entitled to your opinions but I'm a very clean person thank you very much...Have a bath every Christmas whether I need one or not!!!!!

Dan the Man

Thanks for the input, Sue. But our problems are not just with the team. A few extra signings will make no difference.

I'm waiting for the next blog as I want to make some revelations about where this club is going. I'll be focusing on Morgan, Moxey and some of the players. It will not be another version of my earlier almanac, but a realistic view of what is going to happen this year.

Of course, nobody at the Molineux will ever read my submissions, but I'll be trying to get someone to raise my concerns with the 'Untouchables'.

PS. Thanks for not slaying me. I'm sure you are also very beautiful and exotically fragrant!

Dan the Man

As promised, my latest submission can be seen at: "Wolves boss will leave it late for signings".


Shocking performance with no effort on their goal. Two draws in two games that we would have been expected to do much better in. Its going to be a long job rebuilding a successful side again particularly with the history of under investment in recent years. Time will tell if Dean Saunders has the ability to do the job but at the moment there is definately no improvement which means support dwindling and revenue diminishing.


Rubbish same old same old

Saunders out

Moxey out


I cant understand why griffiths was sent back to hibs the guy bangs goals in weekin weekout .we have dole and eblanks on top money and they cant hit a barn door.

Saunders you got a pair of strikers who cant hit a barn door and you got the chance to sell them both this month, man up and get rid of the dead wood at the club.

Give cassidy and griffiths a chance to play and you might be surprised at the effort they put in......we are not gonna make playoffs but we will build some houses and a block of flats. I cant keep saying utw.

What do you think sue.......


New Manager.

Same rubbish player.

Result; Dire

Sir Billy Quiet

Great to see us grinding out results in games that we would have collapsed under TC and Stale.

Every good manager looks to make the team solid before playing expansive football - in Dean I trust!


now now Sir Billy happy clapping won't be tolerated on here!


Hi Sue,

can't agree that this is in any way positive. What makes me laugh though is that the three of us were amongst the ones who constantly told people to enjoy the days when we were struggling to stay in the PL. "Mick can't take us to the next level" they said, "he's got no idea","he's a dinosaur", "thick Mick and his sons","square pegs in round holes" etc etc. ad nauseam. Well to all those of you who said we were happy clappers who had expectations that were too low, I hope you realise now what good times they were.

Wednesbury wolves

Grinding out results, u happy clapper, mr solbakken got us 6 points from these 2 games earlier in season!!!!!!! Billy quiet you never cease to amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Morgan moxey and Saunders I will never ever trust!!!!!!!!!


Dissapointing performance again, how much longer have the supporters got to wait until something is done about this bunch of players. Morgan & Moxey need to tell the fans the truth about what money is available to buy new players.I do not see many other clubs trying to buy any of this team so that tells you something, just get what you can and bring in some quality players please before it is to late.

Dean Saunders Black And Gold Army

Just on me way bak from match wot can i say in a word awful! Have we ever won amatch with a startin midfield of foley,henry and davis in a 442 formation cus i cant remmember its so obvious its neva goin to win u a match.We av no creativity with them playin there but 3 managers av now done this it really is unbelievable! Dean played for a draw from the start wot appened to edge of the seat football lol


Think he talked about home games! Don't start thinking that you will be sitting on the edge of your seat in away games; no(rare)where to be seen. Changing a manager will not bring miracle overnight UNLESS the players only needed new confidence. ref Sunderland after we beat them last season.

From what I read, only the goalkeeper post is well fitted: back four not good, midfield no creativity, forward cannot hit a barn door! In summary, the whole team is not good!

Stupidity may be defined as "doing the same thing several times and expecting the result to change".

Realistic Wolf

Hiya, edge of your seat football means you are getting ready to get up and go home.

wolves benalmadena

just about says it all really, playing for a draw against a team battling against relegation, Saunders has been employed to keep us as a mid table team with no ambition, if a team play 10 men behind the ball they are never going to score. He will be a yes man for Moxey as he is just so grateful to manage a team as big as Wolves and will make do with the players we already have and no other teams want to buy. Solbakken had 4 players lined up to sign, no coincindence he was sacked before he could spend some money, at least he realised this team were nowhere near enough and Mccarthys headless chickens had become complacent as they knew they would play whatever, i really fear for the future.

old codger

May I ask? Where are you getting this fascinating inside information from?


On the rack for long periods. We need a major revolution in midfield because we just can't boss a game, which just magnifies certain weak leaks at the back. Obviously effort is there but come on Deano, we need more than just huff and puff football. Time to really shake up our lacklustre midfield - get some new blood in there asap.


Bring back Staele for goodness sakes


Good reflection of the game Tim.

It was a desperate game from two desperate teams. We need replacements in all departments, especially central defence, central midfield and a goal scorer.

Well Done for getting report on-line before 5.30pm

Clan Shaw Wolf

Really poor today.

Dean is still learning about the personalities at his disposal so early results can't be taken too literally.

Pescko must start against Blackpool for me and I'd also like to see Berra dropped with Zubar returning to centre back

Farnham Wolf

More effort is required.

super dude

90 minutes 1 shot well done wolves absolute rubbish!!

Solbakken DVD Club

Not good enough. 2 shots at goal is unacceptable


Is this your honey moon period Deano or are we to 'have patience and get behind you; like we were told to with TC & Stale?

Meanwhile Jez's war chest (more like a matchbox) remains firmly shut. No Jez we won't do an Albion, that would be way too good for you cheapskate clowns, Jez we are more likely to do a Coventry.. C'mon everybody, let's clap our way to oblivion.. Deano you talk the talk and are clearly a character but mate, you have to deliver. As for you Jez and Steve...... the Laurel & Hardy show continues at our expense, the players have clearly embraced your ME ME ME, selfish ethos. Wolves in decline!

fat boy jamie

listened to the game on the radio and affraid to say its the same old rubbish.Different manager same old crap.It always seems to be the managers fault, these players must take the blame..Four managers in 12 months and still turning out rubbish the sooner these players are shipped out the better, otherwise its going to be a relegation battle and if Mr Saunders is the man he has portrayed himself to be he should let the lot of them know exactly what he thinks, otherwise they will take us down..But there is hope at the end of the tunnel, according to the express and star Hunt & Edwards are returning, so thats 2 more headless chickens running around, and hunts contract is up at the end of the season so he will need to reknew it, before he gets injured again.


It baffles me as to why Griffiths has gone back to hibs when every Tom Dick and Harry can see that we have a problem scoring goals.

I expect to see quality strikers and defenders purchased before the window closes as I am having serious doubts as to if we have championship let alone premiership aspirations

Time to spend Mr Morgan


I can understand your thoughts on Griffiths.. but.. from what I saw the front line at Man Utd would have struggled to score. There was absolutely no service whatsoever mate. I'm still in shock at what I witnessed!


Ok it's two matches into Dean Saunders reign so by now he must have seen what a task he has in front of him, so Mr Morgan/ Moxley time for you to put some money on the table for at least four new players. Ask the fans and they will tell you that with the group of players that are at wolves at the moment they are no better than an average first division players, possible with the exception of Sako and he will not be here next season. Time to clear the decks get rid of the old rotting wood if not this group of players will take this club down to the first division, so come on lets see some action on the transfer front before the January window is closed. So come on Mr Saunders hold your hand out and ask for the cash that is required and do not take no for an answer, Mr Morgan time for you to put up or shut up and move on.


Deano,its time now to get your new players in.& get rid off these usesless lot.put them all on transfer list & start again.good luck with it.

Surrey Wolves

Far from convincing its going to be a long season. I have to look for a positve as I drive back home. So, errrrrr

clean sheet and a point! UTW

Wednesbury wolves

Can't wait to hear it all now, good point today away to Sheffield Wednesday!!!!!!! Well that's 2 games now that mr solbakken had 6 points from earlier on in season, and our welsh wizard gets 2 points!!!! Priceless, when are mr Saunders mr moxey and Morgan all going to learn, ward Berra foley Henry, 6.5m player dud Doyle now 113 league games and only 23 league goals, they are simply not good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More of the same please give youngsters a chance and stop playing hand me downs


Sheffield Wednesday ? weren't they in the 3rd tier last season tough game hey!

C'mon Morgan show some ambition get rid of Moxey now!!!!


Point away from home....... clean sheet.............. but NO SHOTS on target, and no real attempt on goal till 86 mins.......... Deano needs to make a few changes methinks!


earlybird will go down well after this.

Don't know why we still play blake and doyle when clearly they are well past their sell by date.

First real attempt on goal 86th minute!!! Dean please don't take any credit for this 0-0

You will look better when you have got rid of Mick's boys and got some in who are able to pass and run with the ball. Until then it will be more of the same rubbish we have had to put up with for the past two years. Top 6 no way!

Stafford wolf

A point away from home ain't bad I suppose but next Saturday we should go for it. O'hara and Hammil or Pesky on the right wing please Dean.


BORING !!!!!!!!!!!

Different Manager ------- same Wolves


An awful game in which we were lucky to get a point. Right from the start we were lumping the ball forward to Doyle and SEB who didn't really trouble their defence. The passing was wayward and we never looked like scoring.

The only positive were the 3 subs that came on. O'Hara is a class player who will give us some creativity in midfield. Cassidy actually looks like a centre forward and should definately start. I also like the look of Peszco who never stops running and looks dangerous rather than ineffectual performances from Foley and Sako.

I hope DS can do better than this tactically otherwise we could still be in for a relegation battle!


A point away from home and a clean sheet It's looking good no complaints here keep up the good work lads.

Realistic Wolf

Keep up the good work, oh dear you are easily pleased. We were actually overrun and got a point by poor fluke. You must have the the same philosophy as the two MMs. Heard Morgan was overjoyed when he heard Colonel Sanders say he has something to build on.

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

For christ sake just drop these pathetic players and play the kids!!!!

Sandy Gray ( a King is born to-day-ay-ay..... )

Same old hoof it & hope dross (according to the commentary I was listening to). Thank goodness WWFC are not parting me from my precious pounds, although I wish they were. We deserve/deserved in some sense to lose our best players because who would want to play with the load of c**p that calls itself a 'defence' & some of the other c**p that are well past their sell-by-dates? We sacked the wrong guy (intelligent, articulate, dignified) when we should have backed him to bring in his own players & boot out out the numpties .... I know this is early days in DS's reign but SS was also saying that the squad was too big & that personnel had to be reduced to that magic number of '25' - strikes me that that is an order coming down from on high & that no new players are coming in until we offload - & you can bet your bottom dollar that any new acquisitions will be from League 2 or similar - where was Siggy today? Surely his 'capture' was a real coup & he is a lot leaner & fitter than SEB.....MM said we should be careful or we will get what we wish for but I keep wishing -SACK the players that have dragged us into this mess.....

rowley wolf

really dont know what to say,another poor performance,been the story of our season! i dont think we will go down,but dont think we will be making push for playoffs either! managers in now so we need to get behind him & back him even though he would not have been my 1st choice & probably not everyone elses! the big problem is though at wolves will the owner back him,& i dont believe he will,all morgan seems to be bothered about is profit,the guy really angered me the other week,when he was open his new showhome on news in wolverhampton,& he said we might not be getting it right on the football pitch but we are getting it right in the building of houses,he just does not seem bothered in this football club,he's now come out & said the ground could take 10years to finish,well it should never had been started in 1st place,money should have gone into team,love or hate mick mccarthy he took us &kept us in the prem & last summer he was offered some great players before they signed for newcastle in demba ba & yohan cabaye only for morgan to bulk at the wage demands! i really believe if money had gone into squad we would still be in premier today,but with morgan as owner,i dont think we will ever do anygood,we are just gonna be a selling club,dean saunders has already said this week we are going to struggle to keep hold of sako....morgan probably cant wait to count the pennies,more profit for him!


Just think, if M&M had waited just a couple of weeks we could have got Adkins rather than Hoofball Saunders :-(


well i hope all you fans that wanted staale out are happy? that performance was as bad if not worse at least we kept the ball a bit more under staale,be very carefull what you wish for well you got it now,i think this proves that it was'nt the managers fault but the players they are not good enough and staale new this and wanted 4 or 5 players this window and the board did not want to spend,so they used the excuse of you the (idiot)fans not all of us but a fare few booing all the time and wanting the manager sacked, you fell for moxey and morgans plans and now look whats happened we aint gunna spend no money because now dean's in charge he needs to asses the squad and thats going to take us past january,so there you go idiots its all your fault,,,,STAALE,,,,/\wwfc/\,,,,

Orlando Wolves

I always thought that the problem was with the players, and not Stale. With a few exceptions, limited quality, only know how to play one way with attitudes which leave a lot to be desired.

Stale bought some quality players in, but had bad luck in the majority of those players getting injured.

We now have Dean Saunders, like it or not, and as such he should be supported.

I think he knows how many ASSES he inherited, I think he probably will have ASSESSED them already. :)

The problem being that replacements seem to be being considered from lower levels of football. That is worrying.


Hi buried my head in my hands when I heard the news that MM where looking at Dean Saunders as the replacement for SS. The bloke took over and has spouted the fact he's worked under Graham Souness and that he's got the formula to winning promotion from the championship. Now role back 6 months and the 2 M's were talking about revolution and quality football, tried it, failed at it and now we are longballing all the way to the premier league.

I am not bemused any longer. It is clear that the board of directors at Wolves do not have quality entertaining football on their agenda. They are happy to just exist as a football club. Churn out dross on a weekly basis and then get what they think are players in form to address the fans and say everything is alright, we are moving in the right direction....drivel drivel drivel and more drivel.

How much longer will it be before Dean Saunders says things like..its a bigger job than I initialy thought! We need to win ugly, ironic really because we lose so beautifully.

Get rid of the board, all of them! Dean Saunders will not win promotion with Wolves because he hasn't got the experience or the intelligence to do so. He will buy £1m players with his heart beatingin


Hi buried my head in my hands when I heard the news that MM where looking at Dean Saunders as the replacement for SS. The bloke took over and has spouted the fact he's worked under Graham Souness and that he's got the formula to winning promotion from the championship. Now role back 6 months and the 2 M's were talking about revolution and quality football, tried it, failed at it and now we are longballing all the way to the premier league.

I am not bemused any longer. It is clear that the board of directors at Wolves do not have quality entertaining football on their agenda. They are happy to just exist as a football club. Churn out dross on a weekly basis and then get what they think are players in form to address the fans and say everything is alright, we are moving in the right direction....drivel drivel drivel and more drivel.

Get rid of the board all of them. They continue to fail at an alarming rate and we keep doing the wrong thngs righter

How much longer will it be before Dean Saunders says things like..its a bigger job than I initialy thought! We need to win ugly, ironic really because we lose so beautifully.

Get rid of the board, all of them! Dean Saunders will not win promotion with Wolves because he hasn't got the experience or the intelligence to do so. He will buy £1m players with his heart beatingin

Carlos Fandango




It's the players not the manager get the message Morgan how many more times you can't carry on with these players. No quality with the odd exception. The problem now is no one wants our players because they are rubbish you need to start again. Morgan you have done nothing to strengthen the team absolutely nothing.

Not pretty but we need all the points we can muster at the mo.


All i can say is Morgan needs to sell Moxey and saunders to go before they bring our club to the lowest of the lowest. NO new players, just talk of players from lower leagues, manager who has little experience. No way will I pay for this load of rubbish anymore


Clean sheet, a point gained. That said it is now very very obvious that this team of clueless players are beyond reproach now. If Deano cannot see it then i'm afraid i suspect that he may be the puppet we all thought. We did not lose but then again the performance was disgraceful to say the least. They just cannot cut it. Two weeks to go until the window shuts and the only talk coming from the Mol is that Sako is a prem target and we will not bring in any new players! And Moxey will play hard ball over the likes of Stearman etc.

It's just a money making machine and I for one will not listen anymore to the B......t from Morgan and Moxey!

Only time me and my lads will grace the Mol will be when a significant change has happened.

What a waste of time and money. We should get a refund!

Calvin McClein

Absolute garbage, waste of £95 ticket transport and food/drink.Wednesday totally deserved it.Saunders must be thinking "why have i come here?"

Not wasting any more money on away games until team replaced.

ilkeston wolf

Sat with the Wednesdayites and found the second half comment from someone behind me summed it up- that left back's awful, isn't he, how did he become an international ?

Others can see it but not 4 managers at Molineux.

Ward, Foley, Berra, Davis, all absolutely awful today.

On the positive, a clean sheet and an away draw, both collectors items.

Norway Wolf

To the Wolves Neanderthal fans who demanded Ståle Solbakkens' head - you got what you asked for!

Now you can see that the problem isn't tactics or motivation, it is just that McCarthy signed up at inflated prices a host of very poor footballers.

It was the 86th minute before we attempted to score against a team below us in the league.

How long before the same idiots are going to start crying for Saunders to be sacked?

Angry Allan

"How long before the same idiots are going to start crying for Saunders to be sacked?"

Have a read of the comments on this and every other wolves story. the answer is that they already are.

Capital Wolf

NOT LONG NORWAY, not long. Who ever they are and who ever is in charge, unless we win week in week out it still won't be good enough. Most posters on here will never be satisfied and know very little about football. Yawn.


Didn't take long for Deano to join our previous managers with horse shoe mouth mug shots on the e&S hall of fame! Sign of the times!

Dr Thurso

Maybe Dean Saunders isn’t the new messiah after all, and Mr Morgan possibly jumped a bit too quickly with Nigel Adkins now available, but I guess he wasn’t to know that a couple of weeks ago.

After the desperate display today the pressure is already starting to ramp up on Saunders, and if there is not an improved performance against Blackpool next Saturday then the home crowd will start to get restless. His honeymoon period will be short lived.

If he plays much the same team again, having then had nearly three weeks to assess them then we really are in trouble. It will still be the old Mick McCarthy players that poor lost Stole stuck by; it’s not surprising that the performances remain the same. We need some fresh blood either off the bench or through new signings. He is rumoured to be looking for strikers, but it’s no good signing any more strikers until we get a mid-field that will provide them with some decent service, Doyle had our first shot on target after 85 minutes today; that says it all.

Come on Deano let’s get some fresh legs on, give Danny Batth a run and if Jake Cassidy is the “new Alan Shearer” then get him in, Leigh Griffith is scoring again at Hibs. Unless he starts to do something soon his job prospects will looks less secure; let’s be clear it’s not Morgan and Moxey he needs to keep him in his job it’s us the disillusioned supporters. When we turn, no manager has much of a chance.

Golden Balls

Blimmey we are really poor. I know that it's work in progress now but I can't help but think we need to rip the team apart and start again from scratch as the current bunch are still hung over from the premiership relegation. No spirit, no skill, no togetherness. Just a shocking team.

Wednesday played much the better football and we were chasing shadows.

Deano has one hell of a job on his hands.

I'm getting fed up of spending money on these over paid under achievers.

Poor response for a new manager if you ask me!

Stato's Boring Brother

Be a bit more positive, its a point and a clean sheet away from home. I can't imagine that Saunders would even consider such a defensive attitude at Molineux.

Saunders has had a week and a half to look at the squad and, hopefully, will make some positive additions in the next few days. The difficulty is finding players who are better than we have, are willing to come and available at reasonable prices. We just have to wait and see. I accept his point that the squad is too large and there is a need to clear some players to reduce the wage bill. I hope we hang on to SEB as he will end up with at least 20 goals in spite of the criticism he gets.



Well done lads. Another point towards safety.

gold n black on me back

I didn't think Sheff wed were as good as the report makes out. It was an all round boring sloppy scrappy game with wolves looking clueless coming forward. I couldn't realy understand ds subs apart from o'hara who should have started. A clean sheet and a point away from home I suppose but a poor performance from wolves, will need to be better next week.


Different manager same old team same rubbish football what are morgan and moxey playing at get your hands in your pockets and spend some money before its too late fed up supporter.

Dutch Wolf

Garbage at the moment. Only Huddersfield have a worse record than us in the last 5 games.

There is absolutely no cohesiveness or threat going forwards, and how on earth are we going to pin teams back and start scoring again with Foley, Henry and Davis in midfield. If I know there is absolutely no goal threat from them and Doyle, and that they only have to watch out for Ebanks-Blake, Sako and Johnson, the opposition must be laughing at us before the game starts!

We must start attacking teams more with O'Hara, Pescko and Sigurdarson in the line-up. Sub em off if they can't last the 90 minutes, but at least play your best players a bit more. I fear the worst if he starts with the same line-up against Blackpool. They'll be chuckling all the way down the M6 before the game - AND THAT IS WRONG.


Not an attempt on target all game.That says a lot!Ikeme played a blinder again and the Wolves goal area had a charmed life.Still Wolves got a point towards safety .That says it all.


dont know why is clapping his team off for, they were rubbish again, keep playing like this we will go down without a whimper.

Clear Out Required

Just back from a game in which the best part was the final whistle.

Notes to Deano: -

You can't play Davis and Henry in the same team

Foley is a full back NOT a midfielder

Berra should be the first out of the door if his contract has ended, he is awful

Doyle is shocking, he runs around like a headless chicken and produces nothing

Ebanks Blake is shocking, his first touch is embarrassing, he has lost his strength and two yards of pace

Peszko should start against Blackpool as he is direct, quick, inventive and gives the side balance which was so sadly lacking today.

Sacko has been replaced by his twin brother, this is NOT the same player who started the season. If he continues to produce performances like today's he must warm the bench while Hamill is given the wide left spot.

Ward should be replaced as his quality is none existent, he is constantly out of position and looks like what he is, a converted left back. It's clear to me now how much he relied on Jarvis.

This is a major rebuild and the sooner it starts the better.

Shocking today - No quality, we couldn't string more than two passes together. Sheffield Wednesday looked like an honest League one team and they dominated. If they had won 3-0 we couldn't have argued. They pressed us all game, we couldn't keep the ball under pressure so time and again we gave it away by hoofing it. It got slightly better when O'Hara came on but even he kept giving it away.

3,000 Wolves fans there and we saw one shot from Doyle towards the end, that was it.

Bloody awful Deano, not your fault but bloody awful all the same.

The Flying Winger

Spot on, what I don't like is the we don't need major surgery being spouted by Saunders, when it is clear to most supporters it is and has been for 3 years.

This message has already been spouted by Moxey so don't expect anything else.

Orlando Wolves

I think Saunders means it dosen`t need major surgery to stay at this level.


Very depressing - don't think a single Wolves fan would select that midfield. Just need Edwards to come in for Sako and we can destroy all creativity.

Dean certainly should be given time, but some of his comments are very worrying. We need a massive clear- out not a little tinkering. A number of these players have been on the decline for the last 2-3years.

Still a lot cheaper to get rid of the manager than freshen up the squad.

Looking back I think Mick was luckier to inherit a wafer thin squad as he was able to build a team without clearing out a load of under performing players.

Kenilworth Wolf

I know it's early days and all that, but I'm not impressed by the team selection or the players reaction to our new manager. If DS thinks that Davis and Henry is a good midfield pairing then we're in trouble. No creativity, no spark not enough technical ability. Dont get me Started on Foley Ward and Berra SHIP THEM OUT NOW !! Some of DS 's comments are already baffling and he is already side lining the players Signed by SS (who have been our best performers) which is a bad bad move.

I would put this appointment on par with TC and he'll be gone in less than 12months. If it looks like the brown stuff, smells like the brown stuff and tastes like the brown stuff it's brown stuff. We're in the brown stuff and very possibly going down!

Sir Reginald

Same old, same old. Waiting for the players excuses now and how they'll fix it.


2 points fron the first 6........ can see dean saunders is checking out his squad and opposition at the same time.

i suppose its as good as 2 points from the last 27 available..........just like those european bound tescos.

i suppose wonoh/cr78/ etc will be typing furiously to claim pride of the midlands.......rofl......


KHS - if you're 'rofling' after watching your side fail to muster a single shot on target against Sheffield Wednesday then I seriously fear for your mental health. You do realise West Brom are absolutely streets ahead of Wolves don't you? Most of your fans seem able to accept this but you, it seems, are mentally incapable. It's fact - we have finished 11th, 10th and the lowest we've been this season is 9th. Now, how about you run along and admit maybe, just maybe, Wolves are where they deserve to be and no amount of comments aimed at 'Tescos' will change that.


Who cares what WBA are doing I for one don't!!!!

oxley wolf

i care i h8 em real bad.

sanders out of his depfh. get atkins from southampton asap


We Only Need One Half!

that's ok Forever, if you read both posts you will see neither of us was addressing you. Your obviously not jealous like KHS.

We Only Need One Half!

KHS, I did suggest to you the other day, in all seriousness, you had missed out on Adkins (currently favourite with the Bookies to go to Blackpool) and you started on a irrelevant subject of the Milk Cup, you going to do it again today? your a joke mate, an absolute joke, if your happy with no shots on goal over 90 minutes says it all. Wake up and have some cornflakes for Wolves sake!

Tell the truth, you not really bothered as much as what happens with the Wolves, has to what doesn't with the Albion. There's a word for that, jealousy.

Orlando Wolves

Be realistic! WBA are at the moment light years ahead of the shambles we have at the Molineux. They are currently the best in the Midlands.

I would much rather see both clubs successfully competing in the EPL, rather than wishing the Albion ill will, support your own team.

We Only Need One Half!

Orlando, said before, say it again, bring back the BCD. For me, Villa just aint the same.

Oxley, have a word with KHS, he would rather talk about 30 odd years ago, than you getting a top rated manager like Adkins.


hey deano try watching stalles 46 dvds.did him no good.leave out ward,foley,and carl the crab,and try some of the kids.hoof ball not very good. utw

John De Wolf

On a positive note. A good point away from home and a clean sheet against an in form team.

Negatives. Same players selected and same problems, no creativity and no goals.

I'd like to see O'Hara, Peszko, Sigurdarson and Hammil start next week. I'd also like Doherty, Batth or Margrietter to be given a chance in defence.

We need some players with fresh ideas as the current individuals being picked look out of their depth and have done nothing to jusify their selection this season.


Same old rubbish 2shots none on target ,not it over a year and this one of the poorest. Wolvers team I have seen in 57years. Until money money go, Morgan and money to some of you we will not get better.


In other words, new manager, same old garbage.ost worrying. We played one of the worst teams in the league, 4 places below us and set ourselves up for a draw. We played virtually the same 11 Stale would have picked. We managed a grand total of no shots on target. We got a point because they are so rubbish, they missed lots of open goals. The malaise at the heart of our club that sees us sell our best players, buy rubbish & refuse to move rubbish on because other clubs won't pay through the nose for it and appoint managers cos their cheap, in other words Morgzn @ Moxey, remain in place. As long as those two are in charge, hold the purse strings & make the decisions, we are doomed to plummet down the leagues. Go Steve, go Jez, there must be somebody out there who can run a football club.


Hanging on by the skin of our teeth for a point against one of the relegation candidates.?Not a shot on target?Still you could argue that it is a point gained.Also we are on a two game undefeated run.These games are the ones that we could realistically look at winning.Two points lost i would say!Can't see much improvement yet.The deadwood are still comfortable within the club.Still early days to judge Dean.

paul davo

sounds like a point hard earned lads, so well done for that, but i have just looked at the table and the play offs are to far away now 13 points is to much to make up with the top six not dropping points, and lets face it SW are 4th bottom and out played us today, I am getting more concerned that we are only 7 points from the drop and do not look like we can get a win , 33 goals scored tells its own story , I fear there will be no players coming in to save the season, lets face it who would come to wolves when we will not pay the wages to get anybody any good, PS any body got a rope. the people running this club have not got a clue, sorry about the gloom, but will somebody turn the lights out.

Left back required


Kenilworth Wolf


Oh dear !!!!!

Filthy Wolf

Hmmm. One shot on target. In the 86th minute. The other team the 'dominant' team.

Sorry, but same old same old. Saunders needs time to hack and slash and remove the deadwood. But it needs to be done sooner than later.

But at this rate, a point a game we'd be on less than made under SS.

Still: POSITIVES: Two match unbeaten run. Clean sheet. A point.

Cheap, negative, boring hoof football. Do you think DS has found TC's tactic book. What a waste of time, money and petrol.

SydneyAU Wolves

Two shots - zero shots on goal - that about sums it up at the moment.

I don't need a crystal ball out to know what is wrong.

Until M&M get the squad down to the size they want - full of squad players no one else wants. It is going to be a long painful period to live through.


The Dean Saunders revival looks to have spluttered to a halt as the usual suspects conspire to produce another load of complete rubbish!

Not one shot on target, same uninterested mediocre team selected, only poor Owls finishing prevent a heavy defeat!

Stale should have been backed by M & M to clear out Mad Mick`s "shiftputtersin" and rebuild with a modern footballing team-fat chance!Even his quality buys are now being touted for sale.

Wolves are back to kick & rush; searching for lower div. bargains,who'll fit in when we're relegated!

Early Bird anyone!!!

Dave O

Welcome to the real Wolves Deano who picks the team Moxey or Deano

anyone who thinks SEB is a striker DREAM ON






Negative but funny so well done. Maybe it's time we dropped Blake for Siggardason?

Fat Bird

Phew, a point and a clean sheet.

Get Atkins in NOW!

Carolina Wolf.

Not to worry. All will start improving in the next two - three weeks.

Orlando Wolves

I hope so Carolina - my optimism is being severely tested at the moment.


A very poor display from Wolves. No decent passes, no movement in midfield, no crosses, no shots on goal, no leadership and no ideas! Why deano set us up with Henry, Davis and Foley in midfield i'll never know. It was clear to see after 5 minutes that there was no creativity in the middle of the park and we had nothing going forward from the wings as sako was marked out of the game and foley was none exsistent on the right. Pezsko and O'hara should have started to give us some more attacking flair going forward. Watching them it is obvious to see that Wolves are a team shot of confidence and and very low on team spirit. The last 3-4 games have been awful and DS has got to get them lads working again soon or risk falling further down the table. I know at the end of the day we gained a point but after watching the performance it feels just as bad as a loss. I dont like slating the lads but there were no positives I could take out the game.


MM's left off's, simple! we have no chance until we clean out. SS knew it and brought it up when he left, now Saunders will see it too! Best of luck Deano! i pity you though, no heart or respect for WW FC with this bunch. I hate to sound like a winging fan, but thats the way it is. I hope you get time to sort this mess out.

Orlando Wolves

I have only been commenting here for a few months, so people should know that I am the positive kind of guy.

This weeks positives can be summed quite simply, we got a point, and we didn`t let in a goal.

Having said that, the travelling fans hopefully found the real ale pubs around Sheffield (I have been in them too), and had a fair swig or two before going to Hillsborough.

Looking at the stats (can`t watch the game here from N Power League), it looks bloody awful! Ninety + minutes, two attempts at goal with 57% of the play, and nothing on target (figures from BBC Sport).

Lower league aspirations for transfer interest, and an apparent lack of fight and quality, does not a good team make.

Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

Orlando Wolves

Oh and I forgot.....the excitement of a Wolves player foul every 6 minutes. (Also BBC stats)



Hardly awe inspiring is it, a goal less draw at a worse performing club than ourselves and being outplayed for most of 90 minutes with just one shot at goal. Steve Morgan take a long hard look at where we are today and realise how badly your decisions have affected our club. Renew my season ticket- you must be joking. If I am daft enough to want to watch this garbage at anytime I can just turn up at 2.55pm, doubt if there will be any queues to get in.

Canada LEE

Just a few observations from Canada about the mess at Wolves.

There have been four managers in the last 11 months, but the team is basicaly

the same.

The back four haven't changed in four years. Doyle can't score. SEB is four yrs older than his ptime year. He is four seconds slower and 49 lbs heavier. No wonder we keep shooting blanks. Until the new manager makes gets some new players in, things won't change.

The present team has been a complete failure for the last four years, but they still play every week

Until yesterday Saunders was saying all the right things, then he said to quote "The squad doesn't need major surgery".

He has obviously been told by the 2 controllers he does it their way,

We have no defence, midfield or attack, that's why we are 17th in the table and will continue to struggle.

Anyone and there has been many who play Ward at LB, Foley R Midfield, Henry, Doyle to score goals, Berra to defend, Zubar at RB is not in control of his marbles, or is being told to do it.

That is where the start of the major surgery is required!!!!!

Did I expect more, no probably not.

The Flying Winger

Until yesterday Saunders was saying all the right things, then he said to quote "The squad doesn't need major surgery".

He has obviously been told by the 2 controllers he does it their way,

We have no defence, midfield or attack, that's why we are 17th in the table and will continue to struggle.

Anyone and there has been many who play Ward at LB, Foley R Midfield, Henry, Doyle to score goals, Berra to defend, Zubar at RB is not in control of his marbles, or is being told to do it.

That is where the start of the major surgery is required!!!!!

Did I expect more, no probably not.







Silver Wolf

There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the squad. It matters not what permutation of players any manager uses, performances and results are wretched. It's almost impossible to know how to put things right, the team is so lacking in spirit, balance or style it would have it's work cut out to survive in any of the English leagues. In any other form of employment most of them would be facing the sack!


What can you say about the rubbish people paid good money to watch. These ;players should understand that they probably earn more in one month that the majority of the supporters earn in a year. They and Saunders should be embarrassed. If that is the best they can do then go home.

They got rid of SS for this.

I guess M&M will be looking for a replacement for Saunders. He's gone from bad to worse. His selection this game was terrible. Where's the motivation he spoke about? Where was his game plan? One shot at goal the whole game and we didn't win! WOW Hows that possible!!!! Perhaps if we can get a draw out of every match we won't go down. Who's the next MANAGER?

SS knew what was wanted, he had already players lined up for transfer in.

wolves benalmadena

Same as before, nothing has changed with Saunders from Solbakken, one shot on goal in 90 mins against relegation threatened side. To play with one up front just shows our ambition even in this division, utter disgrace. Wolves fans are being treated like mugs, at least Solbakken bought half decent players and could see the need for change, that is why he had others lined up for the transfer window, but any Manager that states Hunt is a Premier Division player really leaves me concerned at what sort of player he will buy. He appears to be a yes man for Moxey as he is just so grateful to be managing such a big club as Wolves so he will do what he is told to make sure he keeps his job, i know it is early and everyone should be given a chance and i really hope i am wrong but the signs so far are very ominous.


Wolves finally produced a shot of their own when Doyle cut inside and fired inches over from 25 yards for the first real attempt on goal in the 86th minute.............. Business as usual then


Playing this lot always reminds me of 1995 in the F.A cup,still send shivers down my spine.John De Wolf legend,Paul Jones legend,David Kelly legend,Don Goodman legend and lets not forget Chrisy Waddle legend lol.When the Molineux rocked.


Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end!

The Kentish

Well, that was a stunning performance from a freshly motivated and reinvigorated team. Staale was employed to change the entire footballing philosophy of the club. This showed in patches in the early days when he had more of his own choice of players available. Once injuries started to bite, and Henry's little clique realised they were woefully short of the standard required and so effectively went on strike, the performances started to drop. Stale said it was a 2 year task to turn the club around and was given 6 months. Saunders has stated it will take him 2 years to perfect the hoof and chase football the players are already used to.

And now all hail the Saunders the saviour. He has given the press more copy and cliched soundbites in the last few weeks than we ever heard from Staale. The promises he has made and the battle cries he has issued instilled some confidence in many. And the result? Another game where many of the team should have been made to buy a ticket as all they did was watch. The goalkeeper was man-of-the-match and we had one shot on target in the 86th minute. The Henry clique know they have dodged another bullet and will not be sold so have dropped back into their comfort zone. Let us hope that the players are good enough, and Saunders is inspirational enough, to ensure we go into the last game with some hope remaining of avoiding the drop. That will keep our interest alive and give something to cheer if results go our way and we survive.

All hail chief Saunders and his band of skilled and determined warriors.

The Flying Winger

Summed up very well


Amen. Saunders out.


Ikeme 0 - Sheffield Wednesday 0

sounds like its business as usual !!


Although it looks a good point after commentary indicated we were under cosh seconf half particuklarly we should be gaining 3 points against teams like Wednesday. Dont think we have the players for the job at this moment in time - but then our Board ambitions seem low anyway.


Express and Star Breaking news?

"Ipswich manager and former Wolves boss Mick McCarthy still intends to raid his old club for Richard Stearman, Ronald Zubar and Sylvan Ebanks-Blake this month." do us a favour Mick and take Moxey as well


According to all reports yet another seriously sub standard performance from the same group of players who have consistently failed to reach the mark for nearly 2 years According to BBC stats. 56% possession but only 2 shots at goal with none on target. What else can we expect with a midfield including Henry, Davis AND Foley none of whom will create anything as they can only pass sideways and backwards.

We are now headig towards the the end of the transfer window and it is clear that there is no intent to give the new manager the tools to do the job. Meanwhile £20 million remains in the coffers from the Summer transfer income.

Where do you intend to take this Club Mr. Morgan?


Any fans of fiction should read the official sites match report. According to Deano, Carl Ikeme only had 1 shot to save, and we looked like winning the game in the end. He also goes on to praise our recent results against the world class sheff wed and blackburn.

Jack ♣ Hat.


....... at least Deanosaurus smiles when he talks.


Jacks strange comments

So what?? Richard Head.

Stafford DeWolf

Decent result against a side that caused Hull problems, but 2 shots off target in 90 minutes won't win many games in any league, and is a pathetic statistic for a club with Premiership pretensions.

The 4-5-1 2nd half line up with Doyle wide right + 3 defensive midfielders with Seb ploughing a lone furrow an admission that Wolves were being outplayed.

Where to now? Certainly not to the Premiership this season.


New manager, same old story!

MM had an immediate impact at Ipswich but nothing ever happens with Wolves!


Er, actually he didnt, i seem to remember they had a couple of bashings in his first few games......but yes he has turned Ipswich round. But at the end of the day we know Mick is an excellent championship manager. It is when he gets to the prem he has been found wanting........CAN WE PLEASE LET GO OF MICK


A quote from


"I thought Ebanks-Blake looked dangerous. He looked as if he could get a goal for us. Obviously Kevin Doyle is an international, so we have some good players, and they just lack a bit of belief and confidence.

"If we get a couple of wins, it will be good. It might see players play like they should."

If this is the type of rubbish he is going to serve up to the fans I see no hope , we were playing a team 4 th from bottom !!!! No shots on target all game is a disgrace , promotion play offs is not going to happen and thiis season had just fizzled out . We're playing no better than when McCarthy was here with no obvious chance if it improving so why get rid of him ( and I couldn't stand the way we played under him ). Totally disalusioned , I actually thought we may win a game today ,


Poor display.

Okay let's look on the bright side.

Unbeaten, clean sheet and another point. Also shows DS he really does need to bring players in.

Hopefully M&M can see the uphill task he has and UNTIES THOSE BLOODY PURSE STRINGS !

Disappointed of Haringay

WW are crap. Our players are so poor. What has gone wrong with these guys? Or is it they fooled us that they were better than they were in the McCarthy era with their spoiling tactics we defaulted to when MM got us promoted. We are predictable and unexciting. Our players are mediocre without spirit. I read we did not even manage a shot on target against a poor Wednesday side.Why was Solbakken not given the time to make his revolution happen. So how progressive an appointment is Deano? Back to basics, hard work, being organised are already his mantras but don't tell me Stale had abandoned that. It is so sad to see our great club, with awesome fans, having to witness rubbish like this. What has gone wrong ? Will we ever know as WW are now a closed doors club, highly adept at spin, feeding bland daily stories to the press , but not telling fans anything. I feel absolutely remote from WW who are now Mr Morgans plaything. A rich boy's accessory. Steve Morgan has the arrogance of man who has made it in constructional and thinks he is the dogs whatsits in football! He made this DUBIOUS appointment of Saunders (who has not got much of a CV has he?) after 2 poor mangement appointments since sacking McCarthy. Mr Morgan, get a grip or get out. You have not covered yourself in glory over the last year or so have you? We are sliding into the morass of mediocrity and becoming a Championship/League 1 also ran club. Sir Jack must be regretting selling up to you.

Wolf Blast

Carl Ikeme like the Blackpool game kept us in the match so again well done Carl.

We failed to retain possession - when we had the ball - which yet again highlights the need for a midfielder(s) who can hold the ball and beat men rather than the sideward, backward passing which always seem to end us up in trouble.

Nevertheless, this is progress and an away point is an away point so well done Deano and keep the pressure on.


I listened to the match on Radio W.M. and it appeared that Wolves performance was absolutely disgraceful.

Mr Saunders was talking in an Express and Star article that SAKO was premiership quality etc, Radio WM described his performance diabolical and appeared not interested, listening to the commentary you would have thought he was not playing

Not until Peszko came on did Wolves improve clearly he should have come on earlier. One positive was that Wolves did not lose, another team would have scored six or seven given the chances Sheffield Wednesday missed.

This was a repeat of the Blackpool match only that Wolves did not score, with only one shot at goal what do you expect

Mr Saunders has got a big problem and there has to be money spent in the transfer market

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Two weeks into the job as manager and Dean Saunders starts singing from the same hymn sheet as Morgan and Moxey.

Quote:- No major surgery is needed we have got some excellent players all it needs is a bit of tinkering. Unquote.

Well, that's the January window FIRMLY closed, the fight against relegation will proceed and Morgan and Moxey will continue to line their pockets. We appear to have recruited a YES MAN AGAIN!!!!

I think I will go back to my original post name of NOT KEEN ON THIS MANAGER.


I heard that the manager asked Doyle & Blake to go and fetch a spare goal set up in training so they could practise scoring, when they came back they only had 2 posts & cross bar, they manager said where is the rest of it and, they said we can not find the net, and Deano said I know thats why I am trying to find a striker.

come on Deano get some decent players in if Morgan & Moxey will let you.


Nothing newis there? Well Moxey amd Morgan what do you think of your planning over the yeatrs, Ah Yes, mm is the cause.


Still haven't been convinced even after the 'amazing' Blackburn draw. Why is Berra the clueless grabbing ideot still in professional football, where is Hammill ? He is brilliant and all you ideots who say he should never play for us again etc i say get lost and go on holiday with morgan skiiing ! He is the most creative player in our ranks and is quality - Mccarthy treated him like rubbish and never gave him a chance.

Also why aren't Baath and Margrietter being given a damn chance for once ? Wish all wolves managers would stop praising Forde and Davis so highly . . they are completely average

Luke skywalker

Hmmm...... Early days in the Saunders reign and aware he has to be given time. But IMHO, we have gone backwards in the last 12 months (which incidentally, has nothing to do with Saunders). Have always thought Morgan was an astute businessman, with a long term strategic plan, but has shown no evidence of that recently. We should have developed each year whilst in the Prem, but no, too loyal to players and management who couldn't take us to the next level. When you have a 250 mile round trip for every home game, think you're entitled to a rant!!!

northern wolf

what a pathetic display ,we played like a team of total strangers seb just going through the motions puts in little effort but does nothing. Sako didnt want to know he didnt try to loose his marker to recieve.the ball it must have been to cold (poor lad).Johnson one of the better players of a bad team display. Dean saunders must remember to tell the players we play in old gold and to pass the ball to agold shirt .the only bright spot was when Ohare came on tried to start a passing game. also when Cassidy came on he actually challenged for balls and won some unlike SEB Ikeme saved us again from a very cold Northern Wolf thank you . UTW


The board make the same mistakes over and over again. The decision to appoint Saunders is appalling. There was no other candidate even considered.

This team will go down. This club is falling apart.


Oh well not a good game by all accounts but at least we seem to have stopped the rot, just need a bit of class and composure up front

binda maan sunny spain

this was the first away match i have been to in over 15 yrs firstly bera and ward were very poor gk ok and johnstone very good but in midfield saunders got it wrong he was more about losing than winning u can not play two defensive midfielders we do not have any creativity in there ohara must start sako kept drifting in no use lumping high balls to 7 foot defenders i dont blame doyle or ebanks no service pesko looked ok but on this form the squad kneeds a major sortout we are in a relegation fight survival is a priority cant wait to get back to spain in the warm utw


Being outplayed by the mighty sheff wed.Oh dear how far have we got to fall before poxey packs his bags.These players are the worst i have ever seen in the gold and black.Foley,ward,berra,seb,henry,just not good enough.Could somebody on the coaching staff PLEASE tell doyle to stop wearing flipflops.I have never seen a player spend so much time on his backside and what do we do keep hoofing the ball up in the air hoping for a flick on to nobody.SAD TIMES AT THE MOL.Morgan back deano or its league1 here we come.


Very accurate and objective report, except for the comment that Sheff Weds were better than their position in the table suggested – fact is that Wolves were pretty inept and made them look much better than they are. Bear in mind that they are recently-promoted from League One and we were in the Premiership last season. We might have expected there to be some sort of gulf in class. So what did we get? We conjured up one shot in entire ninety minutes, plus one really smart (and dare I say Premiership-quality) cross field move from right to left that completely bamboozled the opposition and served wholly to illuminate like a beacon all the dross that surrounded it…and that was about it! Intelligent (if luckless) running from Doyle and SEB; whole-hearted performances from Henry and Zubar; some stirring blocks and timely tackles from Berra and Johnson ; and a strong (and much-needed) showing from Ikeme….. but as for the remainder? Sako didn’t find his own man with a pass in the whole 90 mins, O’Hara looked (unsurprisingly) off the pace and his passes were equally inaccurate; Ward hit and hoped…and so it went on. Playing for a draw is one thing, but we could (and should) have been four down in the first half hour, so playing for a draw suggests we need to score four goals per game at a minimum. It won’t happen. Our positional understanding (or lack of it) at the back was again woefully inadequate and exposed, and Sheff Weds constantly found a spare man, just by using a bit of off-ball running and vision. All too easy. Are we marking or parking? Nevertheless, to our credit, the commitment and fitness levels of the whole team survived to the end, as did (amazingly) our clean sheet. And the team went off to a fair degree of positive appreciation from the long-suffering (and freezing) supporters. I, for one, didn’t detect much (if any) pattern to our play, and, on this showing, it’s going to be long journey back. But it’s early days. Unbeaten in two. And there’s always next season.

101 chicken chow mein

boring boring boring . shots = goals = points simples! is it the system we played or are the players more c%$p than we thought, not 1 shot on goal. players blaming stalle but no improvement.

Alan in Cyprus

It also means no wins.

Reports are not good, not yet out of the woods.


This club is a joke.No shots on target !!! Saunders not the answer,bring back Sammy Chung.

What a load of rubbish.

Moxey out

Where's the money gone ?

Xchurch son of Reg

You can change the conductor as frequently as you like, but if some members of the choir do not have the ability to hit the notes required then the outcome will still be sub standard. So far, 'The song remains the same' . Slowly we are being drip fed the same old rhetoric. " There will be some money to improve the squad ",......, " need to sell before we buy",..... then ..." can't buy before we move some out "...." expect Doyle and Ebanks to get another 10 goals each by end of season ", ....., " not big problems just needs a bit of tinkering ". That should solve the problems then ! Well, we know what to expect again in this window ! Disappointed to see how rapidly DS has bought into the 'party line'. Saturday was a familiar tale. Shots ON target ZERO. Few openings developed by a creatively barren starting midfield line up. Plaudits for not conceding go to the goalkeeper, one centreback and Wednesday's inability to take clear chances. I had hoped DS would shake this lot up, and his early statements showed promise. I don't know how he concluded we had made 17 chances v Weds. In conclusion, once again we have to suffer false promises and agonising performances. I just hope we do not get subjected to another shovelfull of tripe from Ward, Henry and Foley in the press this week !

Old Golds Worth More

Yet another example of why we desperately need a creative midfielder and a proven goal scorer.

Gordon Bennett

Well if he is in any doubt about the bunch of no hopers he has inherited then this should have convinced him. It is time for new blood, bring in Baath, Pesko and Siggy. Doyle and SEB are just rubbish and can't justify their selection. If he is happy with this then I just give up. Please Mick come and collect your boys and let us move on. Morgan open the wallet.

Dave O

Welcome to the real Wolves Deano.

Who is picking the team ?

Saunders Foot

The Sunday paper comments coming from the manager about major surgery not being needed are not what any Wolves fan wants to hear. I am no massive fan of the 2 M's, but I am prepared to look at the bigger picture for this season. Say we were goin all out to sign a striker, how much homework would've been done on him and how much extra would we have to pay for a mid-season gamble with no guarantees. This squad needs freshening up probably more than any other championship club, but when some players leave in the summer, they gotta be replaced with better quality. I never give up on anything (except diets) but the play-offs are looking more difficult than ever, the club will have to sign players to sell season tickets anyway. If we keep this lot any longer the club will have to make dates for ten testimonials.


ok so we didn't loose so thats an improvement but can we try to have a few shots on target and at least 3 consecutive passes to players on our own side!!!!


average at best..were lucky if we stay up..players are poor.


terrible football if you can call it football at moment players need moving on no creativity at all with a midfield of foley henry davies only sako worth is shirt defence awful only ikeme & johnron worth there shirt attack non exsistant 1 shot all match bring in siggy hammill ohara also give griffiths chance if we dont sighn anybody because a team without goals in championship is going only one way wake up mr morgan & mr moxey give deano some help he needs it


Big improvement, Keep it up Deano. We will do this. COME ON MY WOLVES.

fat boy jamie

Big improvement !!!! You obviously didnt see the game or listen to it on the radio, it was awful...You can't blame Solbaken now .


Give the man time. He needs Our support. What other choices did we have?


a good point. We need 4 or 5 wins though to make sure we dont go down.

I see Dean is using all the old guard again and this really worries me. He probably wants experience in the team right now,

but he has to freshen things up. These players have let Mick,TC and Stale down time and time again and cant be trusted. We are not too good to go down.

Did anyone see the Leicester v Middlesboro game?? The quality of football from both these teams is something I havent seen at wolves for some years now. I cant see us competing with the likes of these teams and dont think we have a realistic chance of reaching the play offs without letting some of old guard go and bringing in some new players

Jonny D

Very true, the players do keep letting the managers down, 4 managers to be exact...........But Mr Moxley thinks their good enough.............So, maybe if all the fans protest. Mr Moxley will get us a new manager, again.

Empty Seat, Row C, North Bank.


That would have been a loss a few weeks ago. Include a clean sheet and one more point away from the drop zone...

Who really believed the gabagook about Wolves turning around their season, immediately storming up the table and getting themselves into the promotion playoffs?

Whether at the beginning of the campaign, with Stale, or the current reset button being pushed with Dean, Wolves were and will truly just be trying to irradiate and see off the cancer that has lingered ever since they went into the Premiership half loaded.

Personally, less the supporters knee jerk quick-fire patience that gets worn out after only just two or three games, something that is oddly very, very endemic to this club, give this man some legitimate time to breath normally and settle in. I hope the skitterish owner allows him time, too!

Wolves, the "Sleeping Giant." Give the club some time to gingerly but surely wake up from the groggy nightmare of the past several years. The club will rise again, with Dean, if we all can truly show some dedicated patience and make the greatest sacrifices by being by being unwavering in that endeavor.



If Dean didn't know before he know's now the squad needs a massive overhaul,

Rodney Trotter

Worst Wolves team in living memory, all the heroes are gone.Not one of these players will ever be in the Hall Of Fame.Get rid of them all starting with Jez Moxey.Wolves Museum and out.

GrEen NiGeL AP50

The only thing Wolves are any good at is ruining your weekend.

Moxey out

Morgan out

Berra out

Efires-Blanks out

Doyle out

Foley out

Ward out

Stearman out

Zzzzubar out

Johnson out

Doombia out

Edwards out

That other bloke from France out

Lights out.

Wednesbury wolves

Agree, but where's kelvin Henry on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scowling Joe


Stackenblokken OUT!!!


I was reflecting on a phone in I was listening to several years ago and Charlton fans were complaining about finishing mid table in the PL and they needed a new manager as Alan Curbishley had taken them as far as possible. He left and we know how many relegations they had. Hindsight may be a wonderful commodity and I was one of the many who thought MM had taken the team as far as he could therefore needed replacing at the start of last season. I'm beginning to realise that these players have probably played above there level for a few seasons and are really as dire as the table suggests. Mick managed to get them to punch above their weight and whether he was the right manager to spend a good dose of transfer investment was immaterial as he never really got the chance. I don't think to this day we really know who chooses players and given our record of not giving signed players a chance, it is no wonder released players always seem to progress once they have left.

It is now very clear that there will not be any decent signings this window, permanent or loan. The remainder of the season is going to be dire and a mid table finish will be about as best as we could wish for. I wish Dean Saunders the best and will be behind the team as always but without wholesale changes and that will not happen, I can see the next three years (the time it will take to see some of the current squad through their contracts) being very poor.

Old Gold Portion of Chips

We appear to be playing league 2 soccer and with a disappointing lack of team changes.The 2Ms may have called it wrongly too early with Adkins now available . Hindsight is a great but useless thing.


What did you all expect when you got Stale sacked 6 months in to a project that would take at least 2/3 years, back to square one and your moaning already. I give Saunders less than 12 months before he gets binned because of the impatient "fans" that want immediate success.

Why not vent your frustrations at the next home game with a MOXEY OUT banner, tell Morgan what you think of this prat!

Jonny D

Or, if every one did what I'm doing until Mr Moxley is replaced.

Empty Seat, Row C, North Bank Upper.

You are so right, Stale was a 2 to 3 year project. The fans and the board did not give him time. as Mick M said..........'the Wolves fans got what you wished for'. I didn't!!

Bill Wright's curls

The purpose of the WWFC franchise is to make money for the owner and it has succeeded up to date.

However, with everything tumbling down around Moxey it is only time befopre Morgan realises that Moxey has always been the weak link, and not the solution.

Orlando Wolves

Agreed re Stale. He had bought well in my opinion but suffered injuries to the players he bought in unfortunately. I also note that he had 4 players he was going to target for transfer, as with any good manager, you do not want to identify them for fear of inflating the price unnecessarily.

I am pretty sure that these players however, were not playing for Doncaster Rovers, Carlisle United or a South of England non league club.

Six months into a massive quest of getting a quality football team to play in Wolves shirts was not enough in my opinion, and Stale suffered a knee jerk reaction, following poor player performances and results. (Injury forcing him to play Mick`s players in the main).

Now we have Dean Saunders.

I for one have lost confidence that this club has any clear plan for the future. I hope I am wrong.


In my 50 years{this year} of following the Wolves i have never seen such a useless bunch of cu lowns not even in the dark days of the eighties as it been this bad,no more away games 4 me,Dean Saunders get out now before your rep is destroyed along with all the passion 4 this once great club,

Jonny D

I read in the Mail on Sunday that DS said...."it's a great point away from home, it's a clean sheet. I'm getting a clearer picture of what we need to do well in this league. I don't think there's major surgery needed. We just need a bit of tinkering around".

Are those the words of a great new manager.........I think not, just another Moxley yes man. Is DS the new Tinkerman...............SS wanted to replace the whole squad, why, because that is what it will take to change things at Wolves, that and get rid of Moxley, it's the same old story. Sorry, but Wolves are going down, and the players are not capable of playing football.

Empty Seat, Row C, North Bank Upper.


I generally assume that experienced pros who have played international football and managed for years understand the game better than me but for my money there were three simple mistakes.

1) Not playing a genuine wide right player (Pescko or Hamill)

2) Continuing with Henry and Davis together leading to no midfield creativity

3) Dropping Cassidy

I didn't think Saunders was going to be a tactical genius, I expected him to be a motivator, but surely he can see these basic things.


not sure about blaming moxey - hes a ceo at the end of the day, answerable to the chairman, if the chairman didnt like what he was doing he would be out of a job.

but morgan on the other hand - apart from buying the club - what other good decisions has he made since he joined us. inherited a decent manager, but did he ever really back him. decided to do the premiership on the cheap. even after the first and second season did he spend to bring quality in.

went into dressing room - undermining the manager. sacked manager and approached curbishley. who turns him down. now curbs has been out of football for 4 years - why would he turn him down - would love to know the answer to that one.

then appointing connor, enough said. then the change in philosophy with stale - but sacks him as soon as we approach the second transfer window. and finally the appt of a manager with no experience of promotion, one relegation as a manager and 5 as a player. this is the most obvious example of a cheap, be glad to have the job so do what i say appt that i have ever seen. saunders is already talking about trimming the squad, cutting wages.

so the question i started with - what decision has morgan made to date that has been correct for wolverhampton wanderers fc?


I dont understand why saunders dose NOT play griffiths as hes banging the goals in for hibs. We got dole and eblanks who cant hit a barn door.

now is the time to sell these pair along with o hara steerman edwards.

Wake up saunders and spend morgans money before the end of the month...or are you both all talk blah blah blah..... Man up before its too late.


Morgan and Moxey have not got a clue on anything football ,Simple as, Root of all the trouble these two.

Stale Chung

Until Morgan sells up,Wolves will never progress end of.

WV1 failed

Museum failing

Team failing

Attendances falling


Spot on Pal!


Deja-vu equals one shot on goal in the 86th minute. No cohesion, no collectiveness, no bloody idea!

What is it with Wolves managers reluctance to use our "Premier League rated Academy youngsters" the last manager to do so (when it was just the academy from Graham Taylors vision) was Dave Jones who blooded Robbie Keane, Lee Naylor, Joleon Lescott - yet since Hoddle, McCarthy, Conner, Solbakken & now Saunders these youngsters still are not given fair go.

Working back, a 15yr old in the Hoddle era would now be 22 - 23yrs old.

Bloody sort it out - Ismail has gone backward, we hear so much about McAlinden, could he be any worse then this sqaud that can't score.

Quote from Dean when he took up the post: "Football is a simple game where you score goals to win" - Dean to do that you need to have shots on goal during the whole game including time added on!

C. Revell-Horwood

Honestly Darlings,i don't know what's happening to your famous old club......

Wednesbury wolves

Funniest comment on here, but until Morgan and moxey have left wv1, it's only going to get worse, so it's up to all of us at the golden palace, to get rid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

May I respectfully request that you reserve your comments for the darlings down at the strictly sliding down the premiership place. Darling!!!!!

Len Goodman

I think we need a new number seveeeeen.

Golden Wonder

I'm just glad that my away days are behind me when you used to be hearded into cattle trucks on the train home and then walk home in the early hours of the morning for about 4 miles after a crap performance by your team.

Sorry ladies and gent's who went today.

Rambling Rose

Look on the bright side. Wolverhampton's a lovely place for a walk in the early hours......

Evenin' All

Yes, but don't forget to pack a taser and a pepper spray

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Agreed. Much much better than anywhere in the district of Sandwell that's for sure/

Mike Pearson

We do not get the Championship games on Fox here in the States anymore - they replaced it with so called Premiership football from Scotland!!! So I read everything I can to see how my Wolves are doing. It sounds like the same old rubbish we had under Mick with the same players, same defence etc. I cannot see how anyone seriously believes we can mount an assault on promotion with this group of players. And now we have a Manager with precious little track record who talks about assessing the players he has!!! Where has he been? what is there to assess? If he was truly in touch with what was going on he would already have had a game plan coming into the job. Add in a clueless ownership and Moxey, it is a recipe for disaster.

There appears to be no effort to bring in new players and, given how poorly our squad is playing, why would anyone want to buy them?

I hope am wrong but Deano sounds like Kevin Keegan Lite!!! All positives, happy talk with precious little substance.


Listening to the match on the radio it sounded like it was Sheff Wed versus Carl Ikeme. There was not one shot by Wolves on target, which I suppose just about sums our situation at the moment.

The only positive to come out of this is, a point taking us slightly closer to securing our championship survival. This is a far cry from our hopes and expectations at the start of the season.


Well well, Dean you can certainly pick a team - of misfits. Why we didn't win when we had ONE shot a goal. If that's the best you can pick for a team we are doomed. Doomed to life in the lower leagues.

I really thought that SS had a better chance, at least he had players lined up to buy in the January window. A thought perhaps thats why M & M got rid of him they didn't want to spend the money. Saunders thinks we have good players! What planet is he from?

For the last 3 years I doubt if you add all the shots on target we still haven't reach 100. That;s including all matches cup etc.

I read that Saunders if looking at the lower league for a striker. This is a harder league we should have kept Griffiths he is the top scorer in the Scottish premier.

Oh well Saunders you know the way down you took Doncaster there last year.

Deano_the _donkey _driver

How do you of you plebs who thought SS was a clown feeling now, there is no way he should of been sacked so soon when there was a two year plan in place. Now back to hoof ball and less shots than virgins in Brixton

Wednesbury wolves

Stale solbakken played Blackburn 3 points, played Sheffield Wednesday 3 points, then had injuries, to significant players!!!!!! Then lost a few with underperforming useless idiots, our saviour from the valleys then arrives, played Blackburn 1 point played Sheffield Wednesday 1 point, how on earth is this better!!!!!!!!!! Every wolves fan knows that Berra,ward, foley, Henry,dud Doyle, are simply not good enough, so why on earth is Saunders picking them, or is it, what we all know, and that moxey and Morgan picks the team, cos why else would these idiots still be playing!!!!!! Morgan moxey Saunders out'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry chaps but i dont believe anything will truly change while the two M"s are at the club.

I think that the players are very aware that Moxey will never spend money as long as he is there and the consequence is that the players feel fairly secure and never realy under threat

I think Dean Saunders knows this but he has managed to take a step up (maybe).

If he fails in the job with the current squad i dont think it will harm his CV because every club in the league must know how mean Moxey is and wont hold it against him.

I also think that Morgan is way in over his head and with Moxey realy running the club ,i fear the worst.

I realy hope i am proved so wrong


Grab a few games when I can, don't go to many games, used to go all home and away, read the blog, said to myself (self) bit of a thread forming here, if they can't see it what can you do.

Haven't seen the latest performances live, just setanta sports, same same, nothing new, what can you do.


Perhaps it is time for Morgan to admit sacking Stale was a big mistake, and that rebuilding the team will take time and money...

A free advice; sack Moxey and bring Stale back!!

Trust The Manager

In Mick I trust, in TC I trust, in Stale I trust, In Dean I trust. I wonder who I'll be trusting in next?


Latest transfer rumour mill from E & S.........Deano to battle it out to sign Mcarthy's sloppy seconds Scotland!

If they sign him then i think that will be the straw that broke the camels back. If that is AMBITION, then it will put the knife in. Sorry but i think my home seat will be vacant. Do not goto away matches any more IT IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!

The club is being dragged down by greed!


Why are you all complaining about a terrible performance in the last couple of days?!?! There's more important issues at hand - Billy Wright didn't appear in a meaningless FA mural!

I'd just like to shout out WolfiPad, singularly the most illiterate person ever to respond to any of my comments.

Wednesbury wolves

Petenuts, your a journalist, any chance of getting the express and star and other papers, to try and force these idiots out of our club.


We have 2good goalkeepers but the rest are not even average at this leval but new man and still plays the same poor players in 57years never been so disalosion as I am now have a season ticket but have not been to half the games waste of time not 1 player worth coming to watch Morgan moxey sell our club to some one who cares.

Robert Perry

" I dont think major surgery is needed" Dean why dont you just say Morgan and Moxey have told you there isnt any money available and stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes! It doesnt matter who the manager is ,while Morgan is the owner of our club we will never get back to the premiership.We are in real trouble. Even if we escape relegation I can see Ikeme,Sako and O 'Hara sold in the summer to pay for the fall in attendances.


'Dean Saunders happy with draw' on sky sports news. That pretty much sums it up for me. The fact that our manager is happy for us to go to teams like Sheff Wed play awfully and still be happy. I'm fully behind you Deano but don't spout rubbish like that to us fans who travelled to Sheffield and watched possibly one of the worst games of football we've played so far this season. You got your tactics and substitutions wrong, and we all know you did.

oxley wolf




We'd have been better off sticking with Staale. As others have said we at least tried to keep the ball rather than hoofing it around like a hot potato at the first opportunity. He had transfer targets who would've actually improved the team. Who have we lined up under Colonel Saunders? Jason Scotland. The limit of the club's ambition is a 33 year old striker.


Just what we do not need! Berra, the useless shirtpuller spouting off yet again. Keep it shut son, we do not want to here it.

'Going in the right direction' 'building for the future' What future? It's always the same from these idiots. Like they are programmed to spout the same drivle everytime. 'Reach the playoffs'! Your having a laugh mate. After That performance

you might reach mid-table at best with you and the other Mcarthy donkeys! We got some hope..........Bob Hope and No hope!

Thats what! We are being taken for a ride yet again by the Morgan and Moxey circus. This is a giant step for Saunders and he maybe overwhelmed. By the time it is sorted out the season will be over.

Another point........When Newcastle got relegated they kept most of their players and bounced back up. None of this, poor lambs they are suffering stress from relegation. They got down to it and sorted it.......the reason........ quality players, good manager, Owners who are passionate and invest and no CEO who does not know what he talks about.


While Morgan is here we will do no good...........endex!