Wolves eye Norwich striker Simeon Jackson

Wolves today were weighing up a £1million move for Norwich hitman Simeon Jackson as they let Twitter race-row striker Leigh Griffiths return to Hibernian.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Norwich City v Queens Park Rangers - Carrow Road

Wolves are considering a move for Jackson to address their problems in front of goal and new manager Dean Saunders has made signing a striker his No 1 priority.

Head of football development and recruitment Kevin Thelwell watched the 25-year-old in action on Saturday in a goalless draw against Newcastle.

A £600,000 signing from Gillingham in July 2010, Jackson has been a bit-part player for Norwich so far this season.

Vying with Grant Holt and Steve Morison for a place, Jackson has scored three goals in 15 appearances, although he has only started six games.

Saunders is casting his net wide to land the right man and joined Thelwell at Carlisle's 1-0 win at home to Coventry game on Sunday.

Saunders also wants left-back cover and familiarised himself with Sky Blues’ left-sided defender Richard Wood, along with Carlisle striker Lee Miller.

Although the club remain angry at Griffiths’ actions, they stress the decision to send him back home on loan is for football reasons.

It's not in response to the racist tweet sent by the 22-year-old last week, which sparked a storm of controversy.

Griffiths, who has 13,000 followers on Twitter, tweeted an obscene comment before it was later withdrawn.

The 14-goal Hibs striker, who apologised for his comment, is now at the centre of enquiries by Lothian and Borders Police, while the Scottish Footnall Association is also looking into the matter.

With Hibs insisting they will mete out their own discipline, however, it's understood the Scottish Premier League are unlikely to become involved.

Saunders is desperate to sign a striker, but after assessing Griffiths for three days last week, he is happy to allow him to remain at Easter Road.

Meanwhile, Wolves’ Championship clash at home to Watford on March 2 has been brought forward to Friday night, kicking off at 7.45pm, for Sky TV coverage.

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Comments for: "Wolves eye Norwich striker Simeon Jackson "

Sedgley Slayer

Not sure what to make of this. Sounds more promising than Jason Scotland but I think that if Saunders wants to play more direct (as he did against Blackburn), surely we need a big target man?


I am not sure who could get on the end 'hit it as hard as you can up front football'!!

Feel a little sorry for Doyle who was a good player but is clearly not happy with high balls. He needs through balls on the ground from midfield not 60 yard hits. However if he stayed on his feet more and did not keep looking for a free kick I think he could do a lot better.

As for Blake, he needs to lay off the pies and get fit if he has any chance of being a good footballer again.


Seen Jackson play quite a few times. Very impressed with his pace. Could be a good addition


That maybe true...but surely we need a proven target man-given the position we are in....and perhaps Deano could teach SEB how to stay onside ...once sorted he'll be back scoring again....UTW


Direct football doesnt mean lobbing it forward for a Big Man and then pick up the scraps. It means getting the ball forward quickly. Think more Man Utd than Bolton.

Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson

He's pretty fast also, so he's quite a complete forward. Exactly what we need.

John De Wolf

Is Simoen Jackson better then Ebanks-Blake? Really? Do you not think if we had a creative midfielder and two wingers supplying crosses, SEB couldn't score 20 goals in this division?

We should only bring inlayers bette then what we have already. I'd also prefer a target man, like Jones or Jerome from Stoke.

I think we have enough up front in Ebanks, Doyle and Sigurdarsson - if we added a target man I'd be happy.

It's the supply and creativity where we are lacking. I'd look to sign a winger and I've even give Hammil a chance.

I also think defence is priority over strikers at the moment. Our full back are not good enough and we need a decent central defender.

If we could get Frimpong on loan too, I think we would have a good team. It requires us bringing in at least 4 in this window though and that is unlikely to happen.


He's fitter than Ebanks-Blake who only has 6 months left on his contract.

That could be enough to get Jackson the gig.

Saunders is wants a left-back and a striker in this window. Doubt we'll see any other additions.

Walthamstow Wolf

If he doesn't fall over every time he is challenged for the ball then he is better than Ebanks-Blake.

Dan the Man

You forgot to mention about continually being caught offside. If Jackson can avoid this, then he is also better than SEB.

Walthamtow Wolf

Good point Dan. If Jackson is fit and sufficiently aware of the offside rule, then there would be a second reason why he might be a better option.


I too would like to see a target man brought in. And yes, as we have been saying for ages, the defence requires strengthening - they weren't cutting it in the PL and things aren't quite right now in the Championship either. However, after a bout of Wolves depression post-Christmas, I'm feeling slightly optimistic again - my spirits will be lifted if a) performances improve, and b) there is meaningful activity in this transfer window.


Agree with everything you say, especially the bit about SEB I've been saying this for ages give him the chances he will put them away. People forget last time we was in the championship we created lots of chance whereas this season we create next to nothing.

Dave O

SEB totally over-rated Lazy player


A lazy overated player thats already into double figures this season in a team that doesn't create chances, speak sense please.


i agree how can SEB be that bad at least he as goals in him,as for Doyle play to his feet and he will chip in with the goals . it wouldnt hurt getting another good striker if he is better than we ave alreadfy


Far more mobile than Blake. Why cant you see this?


I think Peszko and Sako are both creative enough down the wings and good at whipping in corners, and O'hara can slice in some trough balls. Doyle's just not great in the air like old #headsgone was, and SEB is short and fat. As for through balls you never really see the two of them making great runs for people to pick them out and they don't really ever run and take on defenders either. They essentially arn't really fulfilling their roles as strikers! If I went to my job and didn't do the work i'd been told to do I'd get fired! I'd sell SEB, play Doyle in midfield, and bang Siguardson and (inset strikers name here) up front.


We dont need left-back cover, we need a left-back full stop. same on the right hand side


Stup up the money and buy the dutch youngster

Tony Owen

yeah agreed he could be worth a fortune in the future..time to invest show some ambition

Tricky Dicky

Nice one Deano! Start bringing in some new faces, change the dynamics of the dressing room.

Get rid of the deadwood. A fresh start, we've got a new manager, new beginnings, that is exactly what we all need here at molineux.

Come on Wolves!!!!!

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Can I have some of what your on please.

Short arms and deep pockets are the norm with the 2 M's

Tricky Dicky

lol...ok.. maybe!

Isn't it ridiculous though? not being able to get excited, because 2M's don't want to spend money for players which could make a difference and point the club in the right direction?!

Don't us loyal wolves fans deserve something back after all these years?! Frustrating or what!!

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Most certainly we deserve something back.

However you must remember when you have nothing to give (in the case of the CEO) and other things to spend it on (in the case of the owner) what chance have we got in the success stakes?


YAWN, the way DS wants to play we need a 9 foot tall bloke with 3 feet and a very long neck


Maierhoffer then!

What a farce this club is becoming


Sydney_wolf - Maierhofer?

dont hastle the....


Bricks and Mortar

Would not be a bad signing as people have got to realise deano aint going to have the money stale did (10m on 4 players). Rip grithhs contract up hes a bad apple also get rid of ambulance basher hammill


and why isnt he going to have the money - how much did we get for jarvis, fletcher and kightly!

Norway Wolf

Silly boy!

That is profit and is going to the board, not on players!


£10m on 4 players is a little out of context

Needs reading in the context of the near £30m we got for AG,MK,MJ & SF

Where is the missing £20million?

All correct answers go into the draw to win a Show Home

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

The price of raw materials required for house/office building has gone up. Plus the Real Estate market in the USA is on the slide.

Does that answer your question?


Spot on with the Show Home comment, my man.

Stato's Boring Brother

It was closer to £25m of which 20% went on VAT plus god knows how much on agents fees, signing on fees, loyalty bonuses etc

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Stato. Are you Morgan's and Moxey's agent or a relative of both?

gold n black on me back

Be a good move I think we do need another striker, plus its nice to be linked with someone who isn't playing in the lower leagues.

Is anyone on here going to Sheffield on Saturday? I'm planning having a drink in the railway pub first, can anyone tell me if this is the best away pub to go?


The station is a long way away from Hillsborough. You have to get a tram!

Tricky Dicky

At last, after the last few threads on reports, there's some positivity reading down the comments!

New faces, new beginnings. COME ON ME BABBIES!!

Tell YAWN man - Sydney Wolf - to get a grip and support the club, that also means the manager!!


I will support the manager as long as he is given more of a chance the Stale, I am hearing the same tune but Stale was stepping out and that is why he got canned


I won't be going on Sunday, but I went to a Sheff Wed game a few years when we were previously in the championship. There are not many (if any) pubs near the ground for away supporters. I met up with friends in the New Barracks Inn (real ale pub ) which from memory is about a 10-15 minute walk from the ground on the main road. Good luck.

gold n black on me back

Yes I heard about the New barracks inn, I'll give it ago thanks

Wolf at gate

Agree, New Barracks tavern A great Pub ! Landlord very friendly and good beer, been using it for years !

Tipton Wolves

Jackson could be a good signing for wolves, I not sure about Lee Miller he a bit seasoned. Richard Woods sound good as well.


Don,t, buy other clubs bit part players Deano, show some ambition and add quality we already have quantity, with the kind of players that are being linked to our club of your choice, it makes me believe that Solbakken was far better than you in the transfer market as he casted his net in far bigger waters than you, use our youngsters if you don,t have much money at your disposal, and leave it till the close season so you you can buy some quality, and consentrate on shifting some of our deadwood in this window, lets put this season down to Morgans experiment and the fans experience..........


Here goes.....

1) We had £4m that was not spent in last January's transfer window.

2) We sold Fletcher, Jarvis, Kightly, Guedioura, Vokes, Mendes-Laing and even got something for Nouble. We would have got £24m and probably have a further £4m-6m to follow!

3) We had parachute money.

4) We halved most players wages.

5) We have spent on Sako, Doumbia, Sigurdarson, Boukari and Margreitter less than £13m.

And now....

We are linked with a £1m ex Gillingham striker. No wonder we were relegated? Mad Mick wanted Distin, Gardner and Demba Ba and we got Eggert Jonnson! No worries though for Derek Branning - £4m for a small plastic bottle of cider, £1.50 booking fees and an early bird is round the corner!


Excellent post. It will be unforgivable if Deano does not get a chance to splash some cash.

To be fair, how many 5Mi rated players will want to join? Maybe buying some captains from the lower leagues will be a better investment... Kights and Jarvo style.

But let's see new faces please!

mark 1973

Yeah, all very strange. On the subject of Nouble, he was not bought or sold by a Wolves manager. Is this an insight to the comings and goings at the club ?

Stato's Boring Brother

We signed Jarvis from Gillingham


Dan, sad but probably true....cheapskates!!


You could argue with the numbers, but in reality, ain't it the truth.

On the oche BRW.

Dan the Man

A number of points ...

First up, Griffiths. Perhaps he made his remarks on Twitter because he was angry at having to return to the Wolves. Perhaps he thought that if he could bring himself into disrepute, he would be shipped back to Hibs. More likely though is that it was just a knee-jerk reaction to being returned South of the border.

Secondly, new signings. As we continue to see, the club is aiming low. Bit-part and lower league players are all we can attract. No doubt this pleases Moxey and Morgan. We shall spend little and achieve little. Of course, there is also the distinct possibility we shall not get the players the club has set it's sights on.

Thirdly, whether we get relegated, or just manage survive in this league, we shall be at risk at losing some of our more valuable players next season if we fail to improve. If we do not improve, then the prospects for this club are as grim as the prevailing weather.

Overall, this second half of the season will be make or break for the club. If we don't achieve something very quickly, then we can be sure that by this time next year, the team will be further depleted by some of our (to be) disillusioned players. So, will it be Division 1 for us in 2013/14, or maybe 2014/5? Or can Deano work some miracles. I hope it is the latter.

Hugh's Currant

It is being so cheerful that keeps us going.......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

UTW !!!

Dan the Man

Actually, it is Happy Clappers like yourself that keep Moxey and Morgan (and their bank managers) absolutely ecstatic!

Yours sincerely, 'A Realist'.

Drw Wolf

Dan, yet again if someone disagrees with your post you resort to name calling. Why is that, is yours the only valid opinion?

Dan the Man

Drw Wolf: People who criticise me are sometimes blind to the truth, rude or just sarcastic. They will get the type of response they deserve.

Those who make a fair and objective critique of my views will get a reasonable reply - if it is justified.

So, what do you think I should do? Perhaps give a permanent Ritalin-induced and 'viewed through rose-tinted spectacles type view to life', where everything is so good and nothing bad happens?

Or would you prefer I make my opinions known based upon observation and considered opinion - even when the truth may seem upsetting to the Happy Clappers? Let me know!

Drw Wolf

Well Dan, as you've asked I'll tell you what I'd prefer. I'd prefer it if your lengthy, boring gibberish didn't appear on this site, but I guess that probably won't happen. So as a compromise how about trying to be a little more concise and a little less conceited. Can you manage that?

Dan the Man

Guess I'm just far too smart for you to understand.

Not that I'm an 'Einstein'. I just like to use my brain cells to construct something worth reading and not just the same old diatribe I see from those who don't like the truth being printed here.

Guess if you don't like what I, or some others have to say, I suggest you go back to picture-books. You know, something which does not require a great deal of mental energy or the ability to read plain English.

Oh! And next time you throw your toys out of the pram, don't expect me to pick them up for you. These are my final words to you. At least that should make you happy (and dribble and gurgle?).



Sadly I see things pretty much as you do.

I've predicted for months that this is just a sophisicated replay of the Bhatti Brothers. We now even have a manager with similar experience and background to the one we started out wih in the old Fourth Division - Brian Little. The comparisons and parallels are frightening.

Good luck again Dean Saunders, I think you're going to need it.


its starting now out with old in with new ,hes a good striker in deano i trust ,for now .........


just what we need some lightning pace - doyle and siggy can play the hold up play doyle is one of the best at it , he did it alot of the time in the premier league for us - we just need a box to box midfielder that can get up and support the forwards. Jackson would be a quality signing though as we really havent got anyone that can run in behind the defence with pace. We need a left back and right back also. I think DS will give Hammill a chance which wouldnt be a bad idea if he can put his off field problems behind him - we were crying out for a tricky pacy winger friday night.

London Wolf2

Sorry but I feel that if this is true this is going to be another of Moxey's 'cheap skate' bargain basement buy's. Why not get rid of all the 'dross' and buy a quality proven stiker, centre back and a left back? Don't forget we already have 40 'player's' on the books and don't appear to have had any offers for any of the bench warmers! Don't expect any major signings in the January transfer window. I hear on good authority that Dean Saunders budget will be restricted because of the usual mantra "we need to sell players before we buy".

Does this club never learn? I am sorry to be so negative but have heard the same PR spin from Moxey for the last three seasons, - promises the world, but fails to deliver. Feel very sorry for Dean Saunders as he is making all the right noises and appears to have reclaimed the dressing room but I fear that lack of investment will result in the same fate as Stale, Mick and Dave Jones. However we can only live in hope! Good luck Dean you will need it.

Will always give the team and the manager my full support as 'barracking' and booing when things do not go right does not help.

Wolves are we!!!

Capital Wolf

JUST EXACTLY how many 'proven, quality strikers' are there for sale right now? Have you got someone in mind London Wolf 2? Why would any club which had a 'proven, quality striker' want to sell him, in this transfer window, or at all, come to that? Likewise with a center and left back? Don't get me wrong LW2, I'm not saying for a moment we don't need one of each as I think we desperately do. But where are we going to unearth such proven talent is what I'm asking?

The fact is anybody who fits the bill of each of those positions is unlikely to want to keave the club they're playing for and come to ours, particularly as Wolves (Jez Moxey) are known for not paying realistic wages....Roger Johnson aside. Yes it's depressing and Deano is destined for the same fate as the past four Wolves managers. Good luck to him while he's with us though.

London Wolf2

Yes, Capital Wolf I can't disagree with what you say. I am just living in hope that Messrs Moxey and Morgan will for once be willing to pay a 'realistic' price/wage for a couple of quality players to get us out of the mess they have created. If no 'proven quality' players are available in the UK why not look on the continent? Although I did not appreciate the Stole Solbakken approach he did unearth a couple of gems without breaking the bank!

super dude

same old story plenty in the paper about the odd no mark might be coming.get seb fit and get him some service then buy a proper left back and we might get some where.sadly at the end of january we will be no better off than now.but moxey and morgan have a new whipping boy so unlucky for you deano just a matter of time before the booing starts again.unless of course you can get these overpaid slackers to actually earn their corn. hope i am wrong but seems like a similar story yet again...


I think realistically this is about as good a signing as we could expect given our current position and Moxey's hand on the till.

But I don't see how buying strikers is the answer when the service through to the front two has been so poor this season. Granted I think O'Hara will help that situation and Sako when he's on his game but I think Ebanks Blake would still score plenty of goals if he was given the ball where he wants it.

I'd also like to see Deano telling Doyle to get in there where it hurts and spend less time working the channels and running back to find the ball.


this guy is proven at premier and international level, is 25 and different class to ebanks blake and doyle.

and dean saunders is trying to bring in a left back. so ward is on the way out.

meanwhile on the darkside, reading and now qpr have beaten the champions league wannabees/wba......and villa are next.lol

nigel wolfnut

Have to agree with John De Wolf up above. SEB scored 20+ two seasons running with Kightly and Jarvis playing wide and Wolves playing a pressing game higher up the pitch. I think he would do it again but strikers need supply and that's been the problem. You could put Van Persie in our team and he would struggle to score. Lack of creativity has been a problem. Hopefully O'Hara can add a bit to what has been missing. Get Frimpong and possibly target man like Iweluemo. In this division the centre backs are all big and we need someone who can mix it BUT that's only for this division it will have to change again for the Prem {or am I being the eternal optimist?}

Balaham Wolves

3 day assessment and he fails. Griffiths is obviously a square peg in a round hole and is unlikely to play for The Wolves. Having seen him play recently I did mnot think he was that bad but his destiny is obviously elsewhere.

Jackson would be worth taking on as he has pace which we lack up front.


Jackson certainly knows where the net is, but we could do with a more physical specimen up front - I think their Steve Morrison would help our cause more. Regardless of the style of play, we have no-one up front who can head the ball.....


Check out Jackson's height - 5ft. 8ins. We need a big target man - like you say, someone who can win headers.

chris h

Solent, That is the point ,he comes in a small package.Jez has tried all the other cheapjack approaches,signing players with low buy out clauses,signing players nearly out of contract,signing crocks,signing players from clubs in financial trouble.None of them have worked.So now we are going to sign players by the foot.Expect a five foot three inch centre back next.


you don't need to be 6ft 4in to be good in the air, it's more to do with how much you want to win the header, positioning and agility. Look at Tim Cahill he's only 5ft 8 ish and was the best goalscorer of header i have seen in recent years

Dean Saunders Black And Gold Army

My son was a mascot last year at bolton away game, met all the players includin Adam Hammil who seemed like a really nice lad.I think dean shud do wot he says and have a look at him i dont think Mcarthy really gave him a chance and i think he cud do a job 4 us.I know he did a stupid thing but hes bin punished and everyone deserves a second chance.Ive heard hes a bad apple but wasnt the same said of Johnson and hes won people over give the lad a chance!


3 goals in 15 appearances is almost as poor as Doyle returns record. If these are the type of players we are aiming for then good help us all. We are in a serious mess. We need quality not a squad of cheapos from the lower leagues.

Morgan / moxey how do you sleep at night? Ruining this football club.

They can't buy a clue, utterly inept.

Where's the money gone?

Don one

3 goals in 6 starts aint bad , he would have more chances in the champs , im sure if he started all 15 he would have cored more. Ebanks aint the same player he never faces the goal


Odemwingie would serve us well. Local too.

cuckoo cuckoo

Here we go......ha,ha.....How about Messi..?


Bargain basemt rubbish !!!!!

So this is the best we can hope for is it ? Shocking

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO



I think you need to have a look at who we could get in reality, we are at the bottom end of the Championship. Even Kenwyn Jones would not look at Wolves at the moment. We are now rebuilding the team and the clubs reputation. Jackson is a good start


It is a tribute to Jez how low our expectations have become-£20M+ in the bank in the bottom half of the Championship and in need of a striker - how much would you spend?

Wolf at gate

Sounds like a pretty average group of potential signings ! Will we have any of the Quality of Sako etc... ?


That would be typical of Wolves. Buy an off form striker to join our other off form strikers when with McAlinden we have reserve players scoring more goals.

Just shows either how much influence the back room has on transfers or that Deano is a bit too desperate to buy in and as the last three have done is ignoring our bloody awful defence.

It's like Skype dictating when games are played and screw the fans who have to make plans. Nothing changes does it?

I wonder if they put Doyle on he list if anyone would buy?


So should have got Chris Wood, how many goals could he of scored.......


Im glad Griffiths has been shipped back out on loan, he obviously doesn't want to be at the Wolves and has an attitude problem. I agree with BlueWolf as well, we don't need left back cover we need a left back to replace Wardy.


Put it this way sir, would you want to be in his position when he scores a bag full and was never given a chance .. now he returns to a pathetic state of a club with no ambition or ideas ??


We will not sign any quality players but just add more basement bargains to the existing squad of dross

I bet DS will keep Ward as the main left back just like all the previous managers

Northampton wolves

Put a cheeky bid in for Pope from Port Vale. I like the look of that lad and he is scoring for fun.

Strong forward and good in the air.


spanish ray

Have to agree with John De Wolf on this one.I would certainly get Frimpong and at least one defender .A good centr half to partner Johnson and a good left back.Ward is not a left back but would work with him in training as the forward we are after,don`t forget he was a forward in the first place.


Hi Ray

Whats the weather in spain

Reference Ward

Lets just get rid of been given anough chance, just not up to standard along with many others in the first quad, thats why we got religated and why we are in the position in the CCC

See ya

gold n black on me back

Agreed, ward ain't good enough but yet always the one talking to the press.


Our defenders are world class............

............they must be, at least in training, coz every time a transfer window nobody ever mentions replacing any of them!!!

I'm quite happy about the link with Jackson, he'll give something that we've been missing all season, pace & boy do we need it!!!

The Teecher

Like your style

Invented a few new words there, or is it double Dutch ?

Not quite sure what you're trying to say but nice to hear from you and thanks for turning up.

CCC is that Worcestershire or Warwickshire?

Wolves play in the Npower


spanish ray

Just a thought,why are we looking for cheapos once again?


Think Mick made an offer for him when he was at Gills,but nothing came of it.

Wish we could go for George Boyd at Peterborough,much better player,and is capable of playing at a higher level.

Ashma wolf


Sign george boyd now moxley mog & get a new LB & RB. We also need a good CB to partner johnson, and finally a decent playmaker who can see and deliver a good ball.

No so hard at all i guess....

Playmaker- 5m

Left back/Right back-5m

Centre back-5m

That still leaves alot of money in the bank mox, do it now and save the club.

Alan Davis

Exactly what have Wolves got against giving Leigh Griffiths a chance. He is a young/hungry type forward that has been regularly scoring in the SPL and if he wasn't one of our players would be the kind of player we would be looking at; crazy!

It reminds me of when Mark McGee bought Jason Roberts and never gave hime a game and as soon as we sold him became a player to be reckoned with

If we're going to buy players then at least give them a chance; Andrew Surman is another example of never giving a promising young player a run in the team to see how they can perform.


Read between the lines................ his attitude stinks! Have you not noticed any of the stories in the last couple of years?


Better quality ?

Didnt we used to be a club with ambition!!

The players being linked over the last few days,havent & waterlooville striker,Carlisle full back says all you need to know on the money Morgan is making available!!!

Filthy Wolf

Slightly worried that the sights have been lowered on transfer targets, but I suppose it will be a case of rebuilding over the next 2 to 3 years rather than quick fixes. SS actually bought a few decent players in, but seemed unable to play them in the right way. Always get a bit worried when talk is of buying lower league players but remember that two of the ones we bought are now in the Premiership - Kites and Jarvo.


MM got us into the premier league with lower and non league players e.g MJ and MK who are still playing in the Prem so why not look around the lower leagues we are not going to attract established prem players


I hope that this is the last I see of Griffiths, he is a trouble maker, and will cause more distributions in any team he plays for. I don't know why the express and star keep saying he has 13,000 followers, any old fool can get that amount on twitter..


By the sound of Fridays blizzrd warnings/forecast I doubt we will be turning out at Hillsborough Saturday

Dean Saunders Black And Gold Army

Lets hope theyve got it wrong as usual.Im just about to tell me son we are going as part of his birthday!

Woolfie 4371

DS IS ONLY GOING TO BUY CHEAP QUALITY PLAYERS CAUSE HE HASN'T GOT THE CONTACTS THAT SS HAD I MEAN SS BOUGHT 4or 5 players who got injured and if they had of given him the money more quality players would have come I'm sure of it. Ok he didn't get the best out of them but I saw enough in the early days to see that he bought good quality unlike DS WHO WILL BUY CHEAP FROM CARLISLE AND TEAMS OF THAT CALIBRE MARK MY WORDS WE WILL EITHER BUY CHEAP OR SIGN NOBODY AT ALL THIS TRANSFER WINDOW. And DS WILL BE GONE BY THE END OF THE SEASON WITHOUT A DOUBT HE WILL BE FOUND OUT TO BE A VERY POOR QUALITY MANAGER.


Bargain basement again, sorry but I just cannot understand how low the sights have been set. Ambition is not a word to use with the current board and owner. Wolves need good defenders, attacking midfielders and competent strikers. So how far short of that do we currently fall.

Quite a long way I would say. DS is not a magician and Im sure he has now realised the task ahead of him and that could explain his Sky interview after the Blackburn game where he seemed home sick already for Doncaster.

We are in a mess and its going to get worse before it gets better, however I will still be right behind whatever team is on the pitch and truely hope that DS manages to bring Wolves back from the edge.

Tricky Dicky

Left Back option, what about John Arne Riise? I know he's 32, but a free transfer from Fulham, and might help stop the leaking of goals whilst we look for other options?!!


What about Saha just been released from Sunderland if he can stay fit worth a punt,wages mite be a bit high but what we pay in wages we have saved in transfer fee just how moxey likes it

paul davo

well well Jackson 3 in 15 games why waste 1m on a failed prem striker, come on wolves QUALITY costs that why, he is no better than seb so save 1m and resign seb, I know its hard to sell the club to players, but money talks , 30 m lost this season and a another 30m when we don"t go up this season , god give me the 60m and i will give you a top 10 prem side, DO YOUR MATHS JEZ


Different league and 15 games yes but only 3 starts.......



Get rid of Kevin Doyle.He is way too lightweight.Louis Saha could be a really good move for Wolves.A decent striker.


Couple of names to throw into the mix for the push for the playoffs....(or fight against the drop)

Possible loan signings to give us experience and quality over the next few months:

Warnock - training with the kids at Villa. Not the best, but better than what we have at left back

Bothroyd - we have had him before and admittedly his head often isn't right but he's decent in the air and skilful. Had a storming season for Cardiff City before he was picked for England for one cap. Might be able to pick him up by paying some of his wages from QPR.

Add to that Frimpong and a couple of players we have never heard of who turn out to be mini-Messi's and off we go!


Remember when we had the like of Ince, Irwin and lescott in our team? We will never have players like that in our team agin while morgan and moxey are part of this club. Morgan please give it back. Moxey OUT


Sick of stupid, negative comments about Steve Morgan. Who's gonna buy it ? What about you Newbridge ? No - didn't think so - so who ? You want some Russian Mafiosi to come in, or what about some Triads -that might be fun. To get the type of money you lot want to spend you need yet another Middle-East oil tycoon with nothing better to do and they ain't exactly queuing up are they ? Get real - we are a well-run club financially - ok we could have made better decisions on choice of Manager, but I'd still rather be where we are than the clubs who chased the dream, ie/Portsmouth, Leeds, Birmingham.... You can't spend what you ain't got, or ain't likely to get - simple economy of scale !

Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson

Sako is better than all these 3 players together ;=) Morgan is a sensible fellow

narch boy

Guys, Jackson will serve you well. He has bags of pace and an eye for goal if played right. the only reason he is not starting at Norwich is the system Chris Hughton favours which is 4 5 1. He always puts a shift in when he plays, unlike Morison (who frankly i would rather off load to you lot ) I personally owe him a debt of gratitude for scoring the goal that took us up to the prem. By the way I rate Saunders as a manager and i hope he brings you success.


The most sensible comment I've seen I would welcome Jackson great addition to the squad


"Wolves need a Suarez" said our new leader - agreed.

Now we're looking at:

Simon Jackson?

Lee Miller?

Jason Scotland? (rumor)


I'm missing the connection.


Dear plastic scouser, raise your sights above car boot quality !


George Boyd is out of contract in summer... Seen him few times to know he's a class act and best player in the Posh team, probs offer like 1mil now might be enough, I'd get him in

Burntwood Boy

Do NOT knock Carlisle, I remember some years ago Wolves buying a striker from there, His name was Hughie McMoyle (maybe not correct spelling) and was one of the best headers of a ball seen in football at that time, players up and coming show far more effort than Premier know it alls on huge wages. I do wonder what has happened to all the cash made from the Summer selling, it's time for spending, get the Dutch kid IF he's as good as the reports suggest and get rid of the deadwood players even IF you cannot get much for them.


Why isn't the defence the priority? Surely, this is the obvious weakness - keeping clean sheets.

I'm surprised Saunders is apparently more keen on signing this striker (with very little playing time) than recalling Griffiths, who has been playing and scoring. I don't care for his off-the-field antics, so long as he plays well. And since he hasn't ever been given a fair crack at the whip, it seems a waste of an opportunity.

Besides, I'm sure Saunders (as an attacking coach) will be able to get the best out of the existing strikers.

Still, I like what he says and way he says it. Stopping the rot is what matters. Avoiding relegation should be the priority.


Jackson would bring something much different to our team than is currently offered by SEB and doyle. Pace, better finishing, and more athleticism that makes defenders actually have to work to try and stop him. He's a player that looks to get in behind defences and will challenge every ball into the box. And yes, he's not 6 foot 4, but he's strong, a good jumper, and fast enough to get in front of defenders. How many times each game does Sako hit a driven ball across the face of goal that goes all the way across the box because SEB and Doyle are either too slow or not far enough to forward to get on the end of it? Jackson would be a good signing, and let's face it, we're not going to be raiding any premier league teams for their starting strikers, or getting any player worth more than 5 million to come play for us. I think the 1 million offer (if true) is too low though, and Norwich will reject that. 2.5 -3 million may tempt them?

Good to see DS looking at the left back position as well. Frankly, any left back signing would be a plus for me.

Fine with Griffiths going back to Scotland. It sounds like he just doesn't want to play for us, so let's find a player that does.

Hammill hasn't exactly set the world on fire at Huddersfield, so we'll see how DS rates him, I guess. My guess is Pennant is going back to Stoke. Didn't even make the bench last Friday. Fine.

Loyal Supporter

PPPPPPPlllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeease !!! Stop... Been a loyal supporter for more years than I will admit. However, leave off our owner and moxey. thay run our football club and have got great acadamy status, awesome new plans for the stadium, and buy players at the managers wishes. (Batti Bros spring to mind). unfortunatelly Stolle inherited MM player, this means punching above their weight. We had 3 years in the prem, and I will never forget the Championship winning team !!! It was the players left behind that got us relegated and the same players that refused to adapt to Stolle new way. In Deano we must trust, the Championship is fight or die football. Lets get this done and if we do regain our Prem status (Miracles do happen) then Id bring in the best and have to higher the wage structure !! Were here now, so lets stop moaning and punch above our weight once again and get to the promised land !! Barmy Army !! Oh, and just one more thing, Doyle wanted Championship football

Oneforthefuture lol

Well I'd go for Crouch on loan from Stoke he aint getting any games, just a thought?


Is it just me? but I think we have a possible super striker in Sako. He is big fast and runs at players and has a hard a shot as I have seen in 50 years of watching football. Not many championship centre halves would enjoy marking him. Given the fact he is a defensive liability and obviously tires tracking back all the time I think this could be a great switch. Granted he is not much of a header, but there again we do have a forward who can - Steven Ward ?????????


Please can we stop this love in with Ward

can you not see he is no a Pro Footballer

Just a very lucky Guy

colehill wolf

Reading most of the above comments you would think we were top of the league 30,000 gates every home game everything hunky dory at the club but we are not so how do we attract big names to our club? answer me that


i cant see this being a good deal as Jackson doesnt score enough goals.

He is quick though and a lot faster than SEB or Doyle. He could cause problems for the opposition.

Dingle Dave

Gets better, Now DS Coach whatisname is saying the mood is positive and they know what it takes to get out of the championship.

Anyone else just getting a bit bored with the new management talking too much? They sure do have a lot to say bearing in mind they have achieved nothing in club managment.

Reminds me of one of the classic Ali quotes when he said about being the greatest, If he says it enough he will believe it himself.

Do youself a favour a SHOW us and don't tell Wolves fans, You will save face and we won't get pelters from the tesco lot down the road when it goes belly up.

Remember Barry Fry when he took over the Blues? He promised the board he would get them out of the championship and he was right cus they got relegated. Don't make the same mistake


My god, only one knowledgable post on here and it comes from a Norwich fan! Laughable!

The Wolfman

If its a big strong target man we want then what about Burnley's Charlie Austin, 20 goals so far, mind you Morgan probably wouldnt stump up the cash like he did when we signed Fletcher from there! I do agree that our main priority should be to concentrate on getting our defence sorted out, defo need another centre back, left back & a right back. We still dont know whats going on with Christophe Berra but personally I dont think he wants to be at Wolves anymore tbh. Its suprising that Saunders hasnt mentioned nabbing any players from Doncaster which is what managers of previous clubs do!

paul davo

Well said gor i said the same thing a few weeks ago on here, and with Hamill back who is a very good winger we save money to buy 2 fullbacks and a top playmaker,

Lost to Luton!

Oh dear. Not very exciting looking players are they?Are we settling for being a Championship team then? Nouble goes, without barely a chance to impress and then we are interested in a Norwich reserve. Derrrrrrrrr! This is maybe where Deanno comes up short. How extensive is his scouting network and knowledge of players to build a Championship promotion squad ready to compete in Premiership. We find WW now in a terrible situation. Poor players who we can't offload on long contracts preventing us bringing in quality replacements. Are we fishing for Di1 and 2 and non league bargains? I would like to hear Dean's assessment of our young players and academy players. Give them a chance!!!

The Assessor

Sell SEB. He is a dud like so many of the relegation players. Hasn't done anything for a few years.Out of his depth in the Premiership. Now one of the many floundering in the League from Hell. Seems lacking in ambition. On his way to Ipswich for £500,000? Give Siggurdson an extended run as hit man and play off him


Half of us just don't get it. This club have no commitment to us fans. This is a business where the people at the top earn. We are not an ambitious club any more hence the crap being reported and the appointmenty of DS. Stop moaning and turn your attention to the fools that are making us one hell of a laughing stock. Razor are you out of your mind sir?

Wolves aye we


jackson will be a good signing but fraizer campbell is the one for us mr morgan wer has my our money gone mr red row wots goin on with my club TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sedgley slayer

Agreed, if we are going to sign a striker of this ilk, Campbell would be a very good option. As you are eluding to though, Campbell may be too ambitious for Morgan and Moxey!


Another manager who cannot see that defence is very much the priority

old canary

Norwich fan here in peace: Jackson has been a good servant to us, and played an important part in our promotion to the prem. He is out of contract soon, and we have to sign another ( premiership quality)striker to help us stay in the prem. Jackson has plenty of pace, is a genuine player and will do very well in the championship. Please don't write him off before he joins you. Remember that one mans loss is another mans gain!

The Newt

According to the official Norwich FC website his contract expires in June 2013 so in that case why pay £1m for a player out of contract in 6 months time? Especially one that is no better than Doyle, SEB or Sigurdarson. Makes no sense at all.

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