Dean Saunders wants Wolves to toughen up

Manager Dean Saunders today insisted his side must ‘toughen up’ on the road and get back to liking the ugly stuff if they are to climb the table.

Dean Saunders

Saunders takes his side to struggling Sheffield Wednesday for his first away game in charge this Saturday.

The new Molineux boss was encouraged by the battling spirit the players showed in Friday’s 1-1 draw against Blackburn.

But Wolves have lost seven of their last nine away matches and he believes they must at least match Friday’s effort against Dave Jones’ Owls at Hillsborough.

He said: "We need to toughen up all around the pitch and, if we can stay in games a bit more, our quality players will win them for us.

“We have got to make sure we resist the things that can hurt you in this league.

“You have to be able to go away from home and absorb the things they throw at you and keep the ball out of your net.”

Saunders added: “I know what it takes to get out of this league – I know the formula and it’s different from the Premier League.

"I’m not going to say what it is otherwise everyone will know. But it does revolve around going away from home and not getting turned over and being able to resist pressure.

"You can lose every away game in the Championship if you’re not right mentally and you’re not determined and you don’t want to stop the ball going in your net.

“That’s because the pressure will be on you in every single away game, from every club from the bottom up.

"There’s not a lot of difference between the teams so you’ve got to have people who enjoy defending and enjoy doing the things a lot of people don’t like to do, otherwise you’re too easy to play against.”

Wolves have also been told by Dutch club Willem II have told their offer for forward Jeroen Lumu is “far too low.”

Lumu, who has been on trial at Wolves, is contracted until June 2015.

Willem II chief Marc van Hintum said: “The offer from Wolverhampton was far too low. A departure is no more on the agenda.”

Meanwhile, the March 2 Championship fixture against Watford at Molineux has now been brought forward to Friday night, kicking off at 7.45pm, for live TV coverage.

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Comments for: "Dean Saunders wants Wolves to toughen up"


Shame as apparently he is one of Hollands best youngsters. Still if the money isnt there to be spent, or the valuation is over inflated, what options do we have.

I dont know where the money has gone at Wolves from the Summer but maybe there is something Morgan isnt telling us.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Moxley wont pay again.

The last 5 managers find quality players but Moxley wont pay the going rate.

With Moxley it"s all about the money which we have loads.

If he wont spend on players why is the Bully stand not pulled down yet?

for the sake of it.......

For goodness sake! so you have first hand knowledge of 'the going rate' do you? A ridiculous statement, if the money is above the valuation of the club then move on....'haggle' even but you don't just 'cough up' what they're asking. If it was your money you would want a good deal wouldn't you? If you buy a house do you not have your valuation and the seller theirs? Do you just pay the asking price?....No! Clubs know we have money so will ask over inflated prices, it's not a reason to pay them............................................unless of course you want to put your hand in your pocket?


If you are going to try and appear intelligent and knowledgeable, at least spell the guy's name correctly. It is M-O-X-E-Y. There is no "L" in his surname. True Wolves fans would know that.

chris h

Brereton, Surely you realise people deliberately mispronounce and mis-spell his name.It is a way of showing their total disrespect and disconnection with a failed CEO. It was just the same with Fred the Shred, another failed Chief Executive.

psalm 23


Saunders Foot

What's that noise coming from up the road.....can you hear it ? it cattle?,no, it's not mooing.......good lord is, it's actually booing. Booooooooooooooooo. Kiddies Mr Men books are half price in the boggies club shop from today, if you can't find Mr Tickle he's probably hiding behind Mr Fickle....Boooooooooooooooo


That's really funny actually.

I must admit I was expecting you to screw it up and the more I read the more I thought "here it comes..." but no - you kept the quality going right through to the end. Unlike the Albion at Reading, obviously.

Still, good effort. Keep it up. Or call it quits while you're on top? Up to you.

Saunders Foot

You and your brothers are quite well known down the Golden Palace, I often hear a couple of thousand shouting , a Takk......a Takk.....a Takk,a Takk,a Takk. Not exactly Peter Kay, but at least it's a reply.

Er Terry Butcher

Well said lets stop all the doom and gloom and have a little chuckle at the tesco bags losing again and yes boooooing i think that bubble has bosted. We are Wolves and i still laugh my socks off when Bully smashed that winner in the last minute back in the day those were the days my friend.

Pork Scratchings man

Sounds like Mick McCarthy all over again "put a shift in and we will win".

Also not liking the idea of hoofball. BORING


But we have to put up with it because the South Bank moaners wanted us to "gerrit forward!"


How do you score goals if you dont "gerrit forward" then.

Oh, is Saunders still here!


Cullis Years

I saw your disgraceful remarks about our fifties team playing hoofball on the Karl Henry thread, but, unfortunately it had closed and I couldn't make comment.

Let me tell you that the long accurate passing of Flowers, Clamp and Slater was a joy to behold and there was no more skilful an inside forward than Peter Broadbent around during those years. Add to that the fast and clever wing play of Mullen Hancocks and Deeley and you have made an utter fool of yourself and will have angered a lot of Molineux fans.

Get your facts right in future and stop using stupid cliches just because you haven't the knowledge or vocabulary to do any better.

Keith Bradbury

Well said fellow Fifties fellow!


Very well put, they were a fantastic team, best in our history.


well said Cullis Years,theres a big difference between the long passing then and the long whacking now,i just wish todays players had half the skill and ability of the players you mention then we wouldnt be in the position were in now,,,,/\/\wwfc/\/\,,,,


I agree 'Cullis Years' we had a very good team then and the rest were afraid!! I am not sure that we will return to those heady heights again in my life time!!

karlis osis

well said mate, those were the days when we had quality players not like these nancy boys e have today, just think what they'd be like if they had to kick or header a soaking wet case ball they'd soon be complaining boss i've hurt me head or me foot. these guys aint a patch on the real footballers of yesteryear, think back to the 70s with billy bremner and ron chopper harris kicking hell out of each other and still getting on with the game real men playing the real game the real way ! to many prancing pansies in the game for my liking today.

Burntwood Boy

I remember going to games in the 50's and todays players are NOT good enough to lace their boots, Broadbent was a GREAT player.The team were brilliant, in those days "Who were Man Utd?"

Orlando Wolves

Exactly ! In Stan Cullis`s era, the Wolves teams were superbly skillful, and very fit.

Tamworth Wolf

Well said Andy, I couldn't agree more!


I am sorry but I dont know who is paying you to support them, either get behimd them or dont support them


thats what they have to do PUT A SHIFT IN and if hoofing the ball means winning HOOFFFFFFFFFFFF rember bully and co ? that was hoofing and it was great

Weston Wolf

Are we forgetting that MM got us out of this league??!!??

It might not be the best looking football, but in this league its the way out. We had a new manager come in who was brave enough to change things around for more attractive football but the club and the fans didn't give him enough time for his ideas to develop fully.


of course you know what it takes to get out of this league. relegated once as a manager and 5 times as a player...


Are you related to Psalm 23? Must support the same club at least


yes i do - and thats why im sickened at seeing it dragged down into the gutter like this by mr morgan and his cheap idiotic appt


I think you mean BOO the same club Noisy. God only knows what kind of stick they'd give them if they'd been through what we have!!!!

Tipton Wolves

I don't think I want anymore players for the future, cos we needs players right now who could turn wolves into a capable side.


Looks like we really are going back to the hoof it and coose it mentality. May as well as hung on to Mick if that's what we want. If we get up I think itv will need to change but will the players be able to?

January half way through and no incomings or departures.

Chillo Wolf

Nouble has gone and it's only the 15th ... be patient

I'm guessing whatever happens though, you will not be happy

Magic wanderer

itv has changed have you not seen the new logo?


As you may be aware from my previous comments I am a pessimist. From this interview I tkae it we are to become even more defensive and we are still trying to buy players 'for the future'. Surely we need a few players brought in who can actually get in the starting 11.


i thought morgan ,said he was backing deano ,in the transfer window ,looks like more lies morgan moxey out


seriously????????? some people cant be fans on here. He has only been in the job a week........ get a grip folks , we can't just keep on signing players ............ he maybe more direct but i would rather that than the complete garbage for past 6 months,

No but we could start to sign players and let the dross go to walsall

Burntwood Boy

Walsall would NOT want them.



I agree with what you say. Some fans have not got a clue. You have to give Managers the benefit of the doubt which is what I gave Stale, I could see what he was trying to do, but it was not working and his way would have seen us going down into the first division.

Friday night could see the fight back and this was only with Mr. Saunders being in charge for a couple of days and the crowd actually got behind them too. Just a shame about the ref. I agree with Mr. Saunders comments but as I have said before the proof will be in the pudding, but what I saw Friday gives me some hope.


I bet if Morgan and Moxey did leave then some moron would still complain. I can't understand why so called supporters can find reason to moan at any story that comes out. It could be worse, we could play in a strip made from a Tesco carrier bag!


DS, you've already told the whole footballing world about 3 ways of playing and getting out of this division

Watching the Blackburn game makes me think it's 'hoof & hope', 'kick & rush' and 'boot & chase' (hang on a minute, I seem to recall that it's the same type of football as MM & TC)

Anyway best of luck and I will support you in the hope that you find the right formula and get us back in the Premier


Are you serious? The guy was here less than four days and you think that was the finished article.



Yeah and what did that style of Football do it beat

Man utd

Man city


got some great draws with some great teams as well

Spurs oh and that goal off Jones after all that Hoofing was it about 10 passes and a goal at the end yeah some times you have to Hoof sometimes you play a passing game some times you mix it look at Stoke they are the Biggest Hoofers going and have the players to do it

would be great if we could get like them Waggy used to put a lot of balls on Dougans Head from the Half way line thats hoofing but it worked and Waggy was a great crosser of a ball


Well, Deano has spotted the same attitude as Stale did. Sounds like the players have not got the true grit it takes to battle it out.

We have known this for the last two seasons and nowt has been done really. Stale was not given enough time and now Deano has identified it. Okay. We now have an opportunity (this window) to start to sort it out but will we? Rumour about a young Dutch lad Lumu or somebody and the bid is too low. Okay but is he worth a higher bid? It's half way through and not much bubblin is there?


Keeping the ball out of the net = a good thing!

Trust our most stupid of fans to turn that into a negative.

Saunders will mix up the tactics to get the results we need, that is what he has been saying.

Solbakken and Mick both had one tactic remember, both different, and both useless.

Mensa Wolves

Not even an idiot would say that about McCarthy.

To mention him and Solbakken in the same terms is an insult I couldn't let pass.

I would get despondent about your comments but at least they help prove that Wolves is an equal opportunities club.


Mensa Wolves-LOL


We should play Doyle on the wing, His pace will help him get past most defenders.

gold n black on me back

If it takes "hoofball" to get us results and moving up the table then bring it on. I just want to see wolves winning again


Oh dear...


Would rather us play hoof all and put a shift in and do well, than play pretty football and stay in the champ for five years! Some people just can't be pleased


Playing a more direct game is a short term fix. Stale was in part trying to play a more modern game but these players are both not good enough and probably did not put the effort in? Saunders might get us out this league in the next two years but we have to get rid of most of these players, as they struggle to pass the ball and create chances!

Now O'Hara and Peszko are back - with Boukari to follow - things will improve. We have a really tough game on Saturday from what I saw of Sheff Wed at Hull but then we have Blackpool. With what I saw on Friday our team for that game should be:-

Ikeme Zubar Berra Johnson Ward Peszko Davis O'Hara Sako Cassidy Doyle

Realistic Wolf

You are obviously a Mick or a stoke City fan my friend. Hoof and hope is not entertainment.


pissssst pisssssst

Have a look over your right shoulder at the premiership have

a look who is in there yeah Stoke City and have been there a few years & seasons now playing what you call HOOF Football Don't knock it it does work if played Right ;-)


Obviously a mick fan, only guy in the modern era to take us to the premier league and keep us there for more than one season, people seem to forget so quickly.

Can't criticise stoke I any way for that they have done, they're an established premier league side now. .

Selly park wolf

Im trying to remain positive and hopefully DS is the man to get us moving in the right direction but im really concerned that we are half way through jan and still no sign of any new players?

If as expected we don't sign anyone in this window apart from'another one for the future' or a loan signing then the fans have got the right to demand where our money is going?

Stop putting stupid prices on the players we are trying to ship out moxey get rid of them now and bring in some quality!

We still need another striker( missed a trick with woods from down the road) a creative mid and a LB(have been weak there for 4 years).

Morgan and moxey this is your last chance b4 the fans really do start voting with their feet. You have been warned!


Typical Wolves Fan's comments coming through. Whether you like the idea or not, we've got to back Deano. It seems you have trouble committing to any manger.

Let's see what happens in the next 3-4 games and who he decides to bring in, then maybe you can critise.



fully supported mick - and thought we were wrong to sack him. bought into stale philosophy and thought we were wrong to sack him.

but can you give me 1 single factor / achievement that makes saunders fit to hold the title of manager of wolverhampton wanderers



Over the years there have been lot of managers here whohad not won a thing

Sammy Chung

Sammy Chapman

Graham Hawkins

Colin Lee

Mark McGhee

Just to name a few. So just wait till something happens before wanting to take him apart.

Also to all the hoofball people. The long ball got us through the biggest part of our history. Things have a habit of turining round so accept it



As far as I,m concerned the jury remains out on Dean Saunders until he (unlike Stale) has been given time, but most if not all those on your list were abject failures whereas any successes over the last 50 years or so have been achieved under experienced managers notably -

Bill McGarry

Barnwell / Barker

Graham Turner

Dave Jones

Mick McCarthey

The only standout exception would be Ronnie Allen who I think had his first managerial position at Wolves.


There are quite a few fans down the Mol that have difficulty committing to a Manager


Looks like Deano has spotted the failings of the team.......No balls!

Well it's half way through now and only the odd rumour or so but nowt concrete only aboiut a bid for a young Dutch lad who I ain't heard of.

It goes to show that the likesd of our deadwood are not good enough for this league even as no one wants them.

What a god awful mess and all the owner and his CEO want to do is buy one for the future and cheap and cheerful. We need quality impact players now not next year or the next!

Same old!

Not interested in we musts and they should and this that and the other!

We have heard this before so i expect Deano to do exactly what he says on the tin.........GET RID! Bring in new!

Open minded about the Sheffield game. maybe another draw!



We need quality impact players now, think later about next season. toughen up with the players we need to get out even if it means Moxey lowering his price expectations. Who in their right minds will pay for his and only his perceived valuations of players leaving. THEY .WILL BE LEAVING AS FAILURES & AS SUCH VALUED ACCORDINGLY, THE SOONER THE BETTER.


2 players we could get in, know their job inside out, are available, wouldn't't cost the earth & are exactly what we need - Fullbacks

Stephen Warnock & Luke Young

Both have links to the area with Villa & would help the team do want Saunders says we need to, tighten up!!!

I think the time is to move Ward on & perhaps Foley or do some work with Him, so he doesn't panic every time he's in possession of the ball, it's like watching a kid on his debut every time he plays, I've never seen a senior pro not want the ball as much as him, ever!!!

I'd send Forde & Tank out on loan, but would keep Doherty here & also give him his chance in the team.

Keep Hammil & Cassidy in the squad at least until the end of the season to assess them properly, Hammil has loads of ability but a suspect attitude, perhaps Saunders can get the best out of him, he's still only 24, but he does need to lose the chip on his shoulder.

Also we should try to get Frimpong back at the club til the end of the season.

For me that be this transfer window well used, defence, midfield & attacking areas of the squad all freshened up, without spending a fortune & a lot of the changes are actually our players that have been farmed out for one reason or another.


Heard today that there,s possibly going to be a new system to replace Early Bird.

The problem with Early Bird,was that in previous seasons,we were either in the Prem and looking to stay there,or in the championship with a realistic chance of getting promotion.

TBH,that option now looks doomed,with being eleven points off the Play-offs.

Moxey now has some soul seaching to do,what to dangle infront of us,if he wants to attract any new fans,or those wishing to renew their tickets for next season.


Totally disalusioned after reading this , same horrible football mick and co played , no future at all with this as our mantra

Hoooooooffffffff and run here we come !!!

Angry Allan

Are you going to back up your words with actions, and boo DS at the next game?

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Rollercoasta.....................and I bet you were one of those that hounded Stale out of the club because he wanted us to play a different type of football ? Managers at Wolves have no hope of winning over our fans

Sam Wolf

The offer for Lumu was "Far Too Low" that's Gerald's corner shop dealing, always too low but never too fat.

Toughen up and offer some decent money.

Gerald's Corner Emporium

I'll have you know I have bargains in all departments

.....and I give Green Shield stamps !

Furthermore my shop ain't a shop it's an Emporium.


one game, and all the internet experts are judging dean already.

roll on saturday.

old gold and black for ever.


Yes and the latest in word for all the experts.............hoof , one says and all the sheep follow.

Farmer Ted

Got it in one Sue. They haven't got a brain between them.We even had one clown on another thread accusing Cullis' teams of playing 'hoof' ball. An absolute insult to our great club.


Khs, one game is enough! This is not how we like to play our football in Wolverhampton.

Lord Molineux

You clearly do not understand what Wolverhampton football has been all about. From the Stan Cullis years when we powered the opposition into defeat with speed, wingers and a midfield that could play long or short. The McGarry years when Waggy crossed, sometimes from the halfway line for Doog to knock it down for John Richards . Then Graham Turner's Side with Bully rampaging his way down the channels.

How dare you tell us how we like to play football in Wolverhampton when you haven't got a clue. Invest £7 in a visit to the Wolves museum and learn a thing or two, sunshine.

One game is certainly not enough to judge a man who had only been in charge for 4 days and,unlike the Norwegian, played to the strengths of his squad. Give him a chance.

NB The 'H' word was not mentioned once.


Lord in your title doesn't mean you can be so condescending. Manners please sir! Others are entitled to their opinion and mine is that the club have taken a backward step in not giving Stale the time he needed to develop a good footballing side - and he has been replaced by a man who hardly likes to play the beautiful game, look at his record at Doncaster. Many Wolves fans are disappointed by this change, we are entitled to our opinion my Lord.


Well said your Lordship. The site is riven with numpties who haven't got a clue, not an iota.

Your mate petenuts will be on soon with his offerings and help with punctuation, sometimes humorous, but, often not very well informed.


Hoof and agression is needed until better quality players are added. Friday's statisitcs were much better than last 3 months on average. The fans deserve action in January. We've been too long without a top stiker that scores 20+ goals a season. Two more players of Sako's quakity please.

Loyal Wulfrian

What's happened to Frimpong? Is he fit yet and if so why aren't we after him?


If this Lumu kid is any good £1m is not a lot for a decent striker, especially with what we made on transfers in the summer. Too much for Moxey though it seems. Plus ca change....

old wulf

You are spot on Tony, £1 m in todays game is chicken feed. Only at the Wolves is that considered big money. Small minds running what is now becoming a small club. I know it's a bit of a gamble but if Lumu turned out to be a quality striker he would be priceless. There are times when a little speculation can earn huge rewards. You would think Steve Morgan who runs a multi million business would see this.


So, Moxey pays three Million for the kid, he comes to Wolves, and is a flop, you will turn around and say, "Oh well. Jez paid three Million for him, but at least we tried to do the right thing?" No???? I thought not!!! Sometimes you have to decide what something, or someone is worth, and make that your limit. This kid is not the finished article, and would be "One for the future." We know how you and folks like you have taken to such players, and supported the club in buying them, with perfect understanding that they will eventually be worth the outlay and training.

chris h

Brereton, Jex Moxey is the Chief Executive and with the massive money he is paid,he should take responsibility for the decisions made in the transfer market.Trouble is time and time again he gets it wrong.Opportunities are wasted and we end up stuggling in the second tier of English football.This is nothing to do with fans opinions ,support or lack of support.It is everything to do with poor executive judgement. I suggest over the years you have demonstrated on here a better ability to evaluate a footballer's qualities than Jez's. And I remember you are an accountant as well. Failure in the transfer market due to an over cautious approach is as inevitable, and as predictable, as it is disappointing to all Wolves fans. This is the fate the gods decreed on us the day Sir Jack appointed your mate.He has done some good things at Wolves as well,but his legacy overall will be one of underachievement.


I'm flabbergasted that given both our run of form and our position that we are not going hell for leather to sign some players.

For starters we should be looking at both strikers and defenders as a matter of urgency!

If we lose on Saturday it's a massive crisis and opens up the possibility that Wolves will be relegated to League One.

Waffle Wolf

A rather unfortunate use of phrase by Deano:"I know what it takes to get out of this league" considering his experience with Doncaster. For all his passion and desire to do well, hopefully he will stop to think before opening his mouth sometimes.

And all this talk of toughening it up around the pitch. Again, whilst the intention is good, it comes over as a challenge that will be like a red rag to a bull where Karl Henry is concerned. I see more rash tackles, red cards and opprobrium in store.


Well said. Most thoughtful post on here. Deano has seemed pretty naive in a lot of his comments so far. Hopefully not as naive in his tactics. My gut tells me he's another manager out of his depth, a la TC. On the positive side, all the moaners who used to say Wardy was Mick's son, it's pretty obvious from pictures that Moxey found Wards real bio dad, Deano!


You're right

You do waffle!!

What is Saunders supposed to say???

We've been battered from pillar to post for the last 18 months, well done lads, just carry on as you were ????

Of course we need to toughen up & wise up, that doesn't mean smashing your opponent into row Z of the stand, I think Henry understands that!!!

It means toughen up mentally, don't leave half the pitch for your opponents to run into (Ward), don't cr*p yourself every time you get the ball (Foley), don't play Rugby when you're supposed to be playing football (Berra), do track back with your opponents (Davis), Do try to stay in the opponents last third, that way you have a better chance of scoring(Doyle), don't try a shoot every time you see the goal posts (Sako).

You know, I'm pretty sure he means that sort of thing.

That way we would all see an improvement, where it matters, on the pitch.


give the guy some time be a bit more positive. lets see what the next few games bring..plenty of hope there at the last...

The Real Bangkok Wolf

We need 2 strikers that can score 20 goals each, 3 midfield players that can score 10 goals each and at least 2 more defenders.

That's 7 new players needed and only 16 day's left in this window.

So it look's like we will be in this league for at least another 3 year's.


Chris White

It also makes sense to build the ground now while interest rates are appallingly low and to avoid paying wads of Tax on the profits we must have made on the summer clear out of players. The supporters who are critical of Dean Saunders after just over a week are clearly bonkers and have extremely short memories of what was happening before.

chris h

Chris and |Bangkok, NO NO NO ,it is spending on infrastructure and taking our eye off the core business on the pitch that has got us into this mess in the first place.This is not hindsight ,I predicted this would happen on here many times two years ago FOOTBALLERS NOT BRICKS.It is ok saying interest rates are low,but the capital costs are immense,probably £50m for two new stands.And who is going to pay for it,not Steve Morgan that is for sure.So where is the money going to come from.Borrow £50m from the bank .And what on earth is going to happen to team building whilst we take on all this debt to build a new stadium we cannot fill .The economics of football are dominated by SKY money,a minimum of £60m each season starting next season.Getting back to the Premier is where our priorities should lie.In any event the new North Bank is poorly designed,most of the bottom tier get wet when it rains,because the roof is too high and not big enough.

Farmer Ted

Blimey, they've really said the wrong thing to you Chris !

Worry not our illustrious leader has said any further rebuilding plans have been put on hold.

I think we can trust that (notice how quiet Jez has been recently)

I still think the two ( building the stand and the squad)could have, and should have, worked successfully together, but, for a number of reasons we now sit near the relegation zone in the Championship. The main one being senior people in the set up made the wrong decisions.

Slightly stale pie anyone ?!!

wembley 74

Yes you did predict that Chris. I remember disagreeing with you at the time but you were right & I was wrong. I swallowed Morgan's spin about funding for the stadium being seperate from funds for team building but as we all know one has to affect the other. I saw it as a giant leap forward at the time unlike our failure to rebuild the stadium from a position of strength in 1960 which would have secured our future and would have been a '66 World Cup venue. My only concern when Morgan announced the rebuild was that the Bull stand should have been demolished first if there was even the slightest chance of halting the re build because it was built in 1979. It's 33 years old and is looking a little tired. I wouldn't have started by flattening a modern 1993 stand! The stadium has lost it's attractive symmetrical look. A new higher stand along the pitch length would have looked a hell of a lot better than the awkward lopsided ground we have now.


Exactly what a few of us have been saying. Why wait until the demand exceeds supply...........if you are going to build the ground and shut a large part of it in the process then how about doing it now whilst the attendances are relatively low....................??

chris h

Rich5 Who on earth is going to fund the £50m needed to build the two new stands.What is going to happen to team building whilst vital funds are diverted to spending on bricks.The only way to compete in modern football is to get in the Premier league,and stay there,to get hold of the multi millions guaranteed every season from television rights.To do that you must concentrate on the football.Jez Moxey himself has stated ,more than once ,that the new North Bank did not have a robust business case and the decision to build was not based on economics.

Tommy burns

We have to keep the ball out our own net ! The mans a football genius !!! Lets hope his secret formula isn't to score more goals than the other team :-/

Hugh's Currant

moan, moan, groan, groan, moan, moan groan ............... sounds like a typical Wolves fan in 2013

The guy has only been in post for a week ................. give him a chance!!!!. I can understand fellow Wolves supporters getting worried and concerned, (all part of being a loyal fan especially after all the dross during the last few years) but this moaning, groaning and whinging before the Manager has had chance to draw breath, is ridiculous & does not encourage at all. Support the Club positively !!!!

UTW ...........

The Wolf man

How can you judge Deano after just 1 game? I couldnt care less what style of football we play if its going to help results wise, and improve the team. I mean come on you dont here the stoke fans moaning about the style of football Tony Pulis has his teams playing & look at them, still in the Premiership & have proved a hard to beat side, ask any manager in the prem & they will all say that stoke are a difficult side to play against. The style that stoke play may not always be pretty to watch but it has been effective for them, so whatever style Deano wants Wolves to play just back him, I mean come on hes only had 1 game so far & already the doom merchants are on his back!

Mrs Solbakken

Hoofball it is then because this load of has beens proved they can't play passing football as the old saying go's "you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.

Stafford DeWolf

The board should have paid the mega transfer fee and got Gus Poyet down here if only kick and rush will be on offer?

The quality of Premiership opposition demands Continental patterns of play by players that can look after the ball.

It may avoid relegation to League 1, but the reinstatement of kick and rush alone, and buying players to suit will undoubtedly end in tears once again.

Let's hope Dean can put together a squad that is flexible enough to play against all types of opposition.


This article has echo's of the past. Seem to recall McCarthy saying something similar about a couple years or so ago. One of our players took the advice too literally, and starting kicking everthing in sight.

The pendulum seems to have swung from one extreme to the other. Solbakken's over cautious, keep possession at all costs approach, looks like being replaced by, belt it up field at the first opportunity coupled with a bit of GBH to win the ball back.

Perhaps I'm being a little pessimistic, but I can't help thinking the strategy is short sighted. Having watched a few of the championship matches involving the top clubs on the television, they tend to play fast incisive football without the need to just hoof it up the field and hope.

Even if we were to somehow achieve promotion using the Saunders method, how successful would it be in sustaining us in the premiership?


I can understand your caution. I feel a bit like that myself quite honestly.

Dan the Man

Was amused to read about Deano telling our players to get tough and then the postscript about a player called Jeroen Lumu.

For a moment there I thought the reference was to (Jonah) Lomu! Now that is what I call tough!!

'nough said, back to sleep ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


No, you must be dyslexic! It was Joanna Lumley we were trying to sign!!!

Disillusioned wolf

Hope they give Deano a fair chance (not like Stale) so we can judge what he can do for us. Transfer window, could have been a shrewd business move by the two Ms waiting for it to open before getting rid of Stale. They then have every excuse for not doing anything as the new man needs time to assess the players and then lo and behold it is too late because the window is shut. Ah well we can always wait until the season is over to see what division we are in rather than break into the big pot now. Disillusioned you bet I am!!!!!

London Bloke

Oh dear, oh dear. The bewildered and confused are out in force today. Saunders has managed for one game and faces endless pressure from ignorant and impatient fans for a situation which is not of his making. You wanted McCarthy out, you got it. You wanted change. Solbakken brought change and an ambition for more style. He lost a few games and you wanted him out. He's gone. What the heck is a new manager supposed to do? He is trying things that he thinks will win games using the players available. He's stuck with most of the squad as nobody wants them so buying options are limited and he wants to spend carefully. It seems that the transfer money from last season is unlikely to be spent on players so what does he do now?


Whilst we have fans like this in the club you are always gonna get the ones that just have not got a clue. Some Wolves fans make my brain ache.


Ok here are 2 scenario's for you:

Play lovely pretty football like Middlesborough and do nothing for a few years, or worse, end up going the way Crewe did playing pretty football


Play hoofball like Stoke and get to an FA Cup Final, play in europe and become established in the Premier League?

Take your pick


Well Said Walshie

Bully fans how did he score his GOAL's well 99% of em anyway HOOF

the ball dropping over his shoulder COOKIE was a great Hoofer right where Bully wanted it if you have the players to play the HOOF game it can be great to watch I loved the Waggy Dougan & Richards days I loved The BULL & Mutch Days HOOFBALL Great Goals winning most weeks going to work happy on a Monday Morning

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Very negative views bearing in mind we're only a few days into the new managerial reign . The only thing I've learnt from these posts is that Moxey's name is Gerald and not Jeremy !! Please support the team and give Saunders a chance. Up the Wolves !!


See George Friend name is being linked to 1/2 Prem sides

The Article below was written

The 25-year-old's performances have not gone unnoticed with Friend's versatility in that he can play left-back as well as centre-back making him an attractive proposition for interested clubs

Well Mad MM got rid so the carthorse Ward could keep the position, another player never given a chance


If Saunders has to remind WW players of obvious truths of playing in the Championship, then these players are even more unprofessional that I think they are. Just how poor are Wolves right now? Big January sale Deanno.They had their chance, now wave bye bye

Flick on from Mutch

Like it or not but Wolverhampton Wanderers is a club steeped in direct football. It's not ideal, and the football snobs will be out in force but if it works I for one couldn't give a monkeys. Go and ask Stoke fans how they feel about direct football, its only snobs outside of the Potteries that moan about it meanwhile they've had five years at the top table, been to a cup final and played in Europe. So what if it rubs people up the wrong way. Good. Get over yourselves, we're Wolves not Barcelona and never will be.

Hugh's Currant

Very well said, and a valid point ! The moaners and groaners should take a short ride up the A41 & support the Tesco booo boys !!!!

UTW........... !!!!!

paul davo

don"t care how we play it as long as we win, you can hoof it or play pretty who cares, just win,win, win


Deano, the idea always has been to get the ball into the oppo's net, so hoofball is certainly one tactical way of getting it up there. However you have to play to your strengths and at the moment we don't have the right mix to succeed at it. Whilst Doyler works like a trojan, most of the time, he doesn't have the height to make a consistently available target man. Ebanks Blakey is (or certainly used to be!) an excellent goal snaffler in the six yard box but is not getting the supply he needs. In the good old days Richards and Doog cracked it. Truth is we need a skilful target man if you want to kick on with the hoofball approach. Good luck and hope you find him before the end of the month!! UTW

Cheap as Chips

All these people saying not to hoof the ball, what a load of rubbish. If you get the ball forward quickly and into the opponents 18 yard box there is more chance of scoring. Not tippy tapping round your own 18 yard box playing nice keepy football and allowing your opponents to get behind the ball.

Get the ball forward and have a few more shots!!!! Possibility of more goals!!!!!!


It will be the same this January, no players will come in again because of one man or if he is a man MOXEY, the sooner Steve Morgan gets shot of this idiot who cares nothing for our great club that is until he arrived, he should have gone before MM was sacked last February, so get rid of this clown now before he can inflict more damage.


Interesting to read on Skysports News that George Friend is attracting interest from Premier League clubs.


Telling players to 'get tough' when many of these players have consistently failed us before is flogging a dead horse.Reading between the lines one gets the feeling that there is not going to be much transfer activity coming in.Use ful players like Hammill look like being on the way out>Morgan said about the 30 Million loss after being relegated.Do the Maths-16 million + profits from transfers covers it with little left over.NO CHANGE AT MOLINEUX!

Ayr Wolves

If Cassidy and Doyle can get half the hofffffing success Bull and Mutch did then I'll be a happy wolf, have a little faith in Dean he'll pull it around

manc andy

All this talk about lets play like Stoke is a joke, i live in stoke and most of my mates have not bothered renewing their season tickets over the last year or two even though they have been winning a few games at home,,its dia to watch and will lead to a further fall in gates. Im sure if Man utd or spurs were playing the teams we are playing they would beat them playing premiership passing football so why carnt we compete playing the passing game, its only a few month since our players were premiership players,,so i dont buy all this hit and hope , kick and rush rubbish. Get back to playing quality football with some quality signings, we can all leather the ball 50yards and hope sombody gets on the end of it, but professional footballers are there to entertain and hopefully win a few games.Take us forward deano not 10years back UTW


I think Stale tried to change our play too radically too quickly a slower more gradual change may have worked

Hopefully and time will tell DS may be able to bring about this gradual change we have I think to play to our current teams strengths and move on from there. Certainly kick and rush is somewhat discredited for the Premiership and I would like to think DS can do that.


Keep hearing "Moxey andMorgan out". Nice sentiment- Never gonna happen. Unless you know of some rich billionaire wanting to flush his coinage down the toilet. Crap owners, crap staff, dire managers. Vote with your feet! Can't. My team from birth. Addicted. (Just like you).

Wolf Blast

I have been a moaner for the last three years as I watched our opportunity to stay in the PL disappear primarily through lack of investment. We did invest in the players to take us to the next level or bring any through.

I think Dean Saunders should be given his fair crack as I like his attitude. This means investing in good young players as the 'starts' won't come to us where we currently stand. However, we won't be able to get everyone at the level or wages we want but that doesn't mean we take those we can get at Moxey's price.

Dean get involved with the dealing and if the players right tell Moxey to go get him.

Its Jeremy Derek Moxey by the way

Terry Tibbs

George Friend ... a few Premier League clubs after his signature... Ain't this the guy we let go for nothing same as the guy who went to Celtic and has been player of the year... Our Scouting Staff are obviously not up to the metal... I should know I worked there and I was the scout who was told that Tom Huddlestone at 15 was not going to be any good. We have now moved Kevin Thelwell to basically Director of Football ... why ... I will tell you why because he was free..... The club is rotten to the core.. Unless SM gets rid of the bad eggs we will never maintain or even get back to the Promised Land... Good Luck Deano but I think you will end up like some of our up and coming players either move downhill to eventually go uphill or just fall out the league... YOu have been warned....

Mr Bitter &twisted

Wow, sounds like someone's a little bitter !!

1)Every club lets players go who go on to achieve. Good luck to him, my Friend. He was awful when he played at the Mol and he did get his chance. (Pj above)

2)Scottish football is rubbish, that's why no Premiership, even Championship , club has even enquired about him.

3) Thelwell is obviously a close mate !

chris h

Is he or is he just being realistic?. And are you just trying to defend the indefensible? I don't agree that the club is rotton to the core but we do seem to be making a pigs ear of things and they do seem to be doing most things on the cheap when it comes to the football side.And it isn't just Friend,is it ,we let others go on the cheap such as Bennett and Davies.All about keeping the wage bill down so that they can make a profit and then earn a big bonus.Footballers with potential sometimes need to be given time ,but they are the players who attract fees and hence are sold off.

North Norwegian Viking

Well, if us so-called supporters does not soon start to behave and get behind the new managers plan, back the players for a change and, at least for a couple of weeks, stop moaning, we WILL end up relegated. Believe me.

Sacking SS was not something i applauded, but I promise you that I will back this new gaffer, at least till the end of this season - cause I have a black and gold viking heart!

We have everything to lose if we not support the team in this situation, even if we like it or not.


Why have Sako's goals dried up? Probably more than one reason but a solution would be to play him more on the right wing giving him more opportunity of cutting in from the right and using his left foot. Watching him against Blackburn, good though he was, how many shots did he have? Did he ever switch to the right wing? He really is reluctant to shoot with his right so why play him exclusively on the left? Where's the flexibility?

Does Adam Johnson (Sunderland), also a natural left footer and winger, only play on the left? Remember his goal against Man City coming in from the right and beating Hart at his near post? Worth a try.


and how did readings victims get on tonight at home in front of 11000 against qpr? lost 0-1 , oh dear , lol. utw

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

15 days left and the vision through the "INPUT TRANSFER WINDOW" get's cloudier every day!!!


Hoof!! we go backwards and downwards.

Hullo Mr Morgan> Deano here reporting onb my initial squad assessment. I don't know how to put it but those players who were here last season when you got related .... well.... er ... they are all rubbish. No wonder you got related without even a whimper. I want to offload the following immediatedly as they are a negative influence - Ward, Foley, Stearman, Hammill,Doyle, SEB. Sorry to say but I think the lot would fetch about £4m. Can Jez alert Ipswich as they might take the lot. Sell that Griffiths too to some Scotttish side. I will keep assessing Henry, Ford, Berra and Johnson who we might keep. Young Davis and Ikeme are on the money and we should keep them. Our best players by far this season. The players SS bought are the BEST in the club and he deserves credit. They are the future of the club. Can I bring SS as my coach? O'Hara could be a big player for us but doesn't he get injured a bit, as does that Hunt? No good if they are on the treatment table all the time. We need 2 new wing backs, a leader in midfield and another striker. Basically , this squad will continue to struggle and I can recommend more that adequate replacements from my old clubs, Doncaster and Wrexham. The morale of the players is very low and they seem to be rather cliquey. I need a dominant figure to come ina as captain and be me on the pitch - just like Paul Ince was for the Dave Jones team. A team ethos there is not. Basically I would like to scrap the majority of the players who got us relegated and go for players who have heart and something to prove and who have leadership capabilities> Mr Morgan, many of your team are taking your money and give nothing in return.

Old Golds Worth More

Any type of ball will do, be it hoof ball or whatever, just as long as it keeps us in this division. The way things were going a double relegation was definately on the cards, fans were calling for a manager who understands the English game, well now we've got one, so let him get on with it!


braindead manager = hoof = English game


Big problem for WW is the knowledge that vitually all of the relegation players need moving on. Thet have proved beyond doubt in the last 12-18 months that they are not so talented, they are not professional, they have no bottle and they seem unable to adapt to new styles. As Saunder hinted, how to you get rid of them. Trouble is replacing them.This will take several transfer windows (2years). The following need to go - Ward, Foley, Stearman, Doyle, SEB, Hammill, Hunt, Griffiths. Possibly Berra and Henry. Davis and Ikeme are to stay for a long time and are our most promising players. Something stinks in this squad. Is it cliquishness, one or 2 bad apples. Until this squad is culled we will remain crap. But who would buy these failed players? Maybe Ipswich

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Fellow Wolves fans, get ready for another few years in this division. Why? because there is no serious ambition by this board the appointment of Dean Saunders as manager is proof of that. Not that i am knocking Deano, its just that he fits in with our current position, not able(read as too tight) to atract any real class, at player or managerial levels. We missed our chance to establish ourselvs in the Prem through lack of investment, to only sign Roger Johnson and make Jamie O Hara's deal permenant when it was clear to everyone that we desperatly needed investment in the team after surviving by the skin of our teeth. Relying on players having to play out of their skin and above their real level took its toll and still is. Well it looks like its back to the begining (again) whilst Deano rebuilds the squad with 1m players and the like. It will take a long time to get rid of the deadwood as nobody wants them. On the bright side we will probably get to the playoffs a few times (not this season) and win as many as we draw or lose. I dont believe we will ever be a genuine Premier club while we have hatchet man Moxey at the helm!! So sad

Come on me Babbies