Bjorn Sigurdarson is back for Wolves

Bjorn Sigurdarson is set to hand Wolves a boost by returning for their trip to Sheffield Wednesday.


Ahead of Saturday's game, the £2.4million summer signing from Lillestrom is working his way back to full fitness from his thigh strain that has kept him out of the last three games.

New manager Dean Saunders is looking to boost his firepower and was hoping to assess Sigurdarson in a practice game today at Compton, as he continues to familiarise himself with the squad.

Saunders said: "Bjorn’s not far off being available. We had a game today and maybe we will have one on Wednesday as well, so I can get the players on a big pitch and I can see what I have got.

“He’s had a thigh strain and he looks a bit like Jake Cassidy – someone who is strong, scores goals and he wants to run. It’s hard to find players who want to run.”

But, while Saunders was hoping to have Sigurdarson to add to the competition up front, he was delighted with the impact of Cassidy.

The 19-year-old, who has scored 11 goals in 29 games for Tranmere this season in League One, made his full debut for Wolves in Friday’s 1-1 draw against Blackburn.

The Molineux chief believes he has the potential to become a first-team regular.

He said: “I’ve watched Jake – he’s fit and he’s been scoring goals for Tranmere and I trained with him for three days and he’s got a hammer in both feet when he strikes a ball.

“He can score from anywhere.”

But Saunders is continuing to look to sign a striker to address what he sees is an imbalance in the squad.

He said: “I’ve got 40 players but only three strikers – there was only Kevin Doyle, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Jake.

“So we are a bit imbalanced, as a squad, and Sylvan was feeling his hamstring a bit and I didn’t want him to be out for three or four weeks.

“I need to watch our players play. People are wasting their time asking about names because I haven’t spoken to anyone yet.”

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Comments for: "Bjorn Sigurdarson is back for Wolves"


I doubt anyone will be brought in this transfer window.

Lanesfield Wolf

Correct, this club is all about profit and that comes before playing cspsbility. This window will be used to sell as many players as possible, and don't be surprised to see ANY go; I figure that SEB could easily go if the price is right.


Errrr well obviously, he is in the last year of his contract and can walk away for nothing so he needs to go or resign if offered a deal. Makes me laugh, everyone says our players aren't good enough and we need new players, but whenever a name is suggested to sell everyone is up in arms.

Billy Bunter

I feel the same, to be honest with you. Wolves need to sell before they buy , ITFC wont pay the price Wolves have put on Stearman & Zubar.

Billy Bunter.


morgan sacked the manager who was going to ask him for funds for new players, and has brought in a manager who only talks about trimming the squad and bringing down the wage bill.

there wont be any transfer activity for a few years never mind this january.


I guarantee you will be wrong.

for the sake of moaning.....

He sacked the manager because of his poor record & there being no sign of a turn around in fortunes for the team/club! Give Saunders some credit, he has to assess the squad before he decides what is needed & who he can get to play for him.. As for trimming the squad, 40 players is too much to carry, so it makes sense to 'trim'. For goodness sake let him do his job, this is not a 'video game, 'press this button & swap him for this one.......' It's a little more complicated...................bless.

psalm 23

Wear av yow been edumacated, itz "baught" not brought or even bort!!


It is not very often I am wrong but this time you are? Is it not

"bought" or were you being a little sarcastic?


Maybe RB means 'brought in', maybe you actually mean 'bought'. Who knows... who cares? It's a football forum not an English exam.

neil cotterhill

hi from cheddar put hi still soppot jy team wolverhampton wanders i been support wolverhampton for a longe time now when hi was 16 hi see paul inch and seven bull dave jones at the wolves at wolvers next year hi want see my team to go up and got a seane ticket


“I’ve got 40 players but only three strikers – there was only Kevin Doyle, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Jake"

EH?,,,,isnt Siggy coming back?..

Does DS know where the players are supposed to play? or is he MM mark 2 (and seeing Foley's position tother night he probaly is)

Filthy Wolf

I'm confused by SS too. Surely he was a striker, but the E&S called him a 'midfielder' the other day. What? In that case put Doyle in midfield.


Note the past tense in his sentence. He said there WAS only Doyle, SEB & Jake - Sigurdasson WAS injured and therefore WAS not available for selection. Why is everyone always so negative on this site ? Give the bloke a chance before you start spouting off with your nonsense !!!

Balham Wolf

Rancour Bait - you are probably right, but its more important to start getting rid of some of the deadwood we have at the club, now that's not going to be easy!


True as no team in their right mind would buy them let alone pay the wages they're on. DS said the otherday the club would not just rip up their contracts if they could sell them? why not just rip up the contracts as the club value them well above what they are worth and we'll be stuck with them until they're out of contract anyway then lose them for nothing.

Thame Wolf

With reference to Wolves having only three strikers and i know he's played on the wing alot but I was under the impression Sigurdarson was first and foremost a striker.

mark the wolf

are we forgetting WARD is a striker might be better option than at left back


My nan would be a better left back and she's been dead for 57 years.

Tricky Dicky

Mark the wolf - You have hit the nail on the head!!! Give Wardy a chance back up front. Remember the one on one against Liverpool a few seasons ago? That was a goal taken from the top drawer. Finished with pure composure in front of the famous KOP!!

There you go DS...put Wardy up front with Doyle, he has an eye for goal and if he had regular games up front he'd soon develop into what we've all been longing for....who knows??






So which one are we selling?


WOW - 'Sicknote Sigurdarson' is back!


I know he hasn't set the world alight but I'd cut Sigurdarson some slack regarding his fitness. He's a young bloke coming into a much more physical league than the one he has been used to and don't forget he virtually played a full season then didn't have any break before joining the Wolves.

Personally, i think he has got some potential shown in flashes. I'm reserving judgement until next season. One plus is Everton were really keen on him. Despite what anyone thinks about our recruitment faults over recent years I trust Moyes isn't a mug when it comes to spotting potential in players.


I agree,Sigurdarson has great potential.We have to remember all the factures such as his age,injury problems,lack of arun in the team,new country the list is long.......and anyone who eats Reindeer and Whalemeat on a regular basis is fine by me....!


Well said, he is a quality player with the potential to be a good Premier League striker, he has pace, power and skill and the right attitude when he's on the pitch.


“I’ve got 40 players but only three strikers – there was only Kevin Doyle, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Jake"............. Does Deano not class Bjorn as a striker then??????


Players will be leaving this window and im guessing some loans coming in.

This season for me has already gone in terms of promotion so providing we can secure safety, never thought id be saying that at the end of last season, then maybe in the Summer we can bring in some more permanent signings. Over inflated prices this Jan will no doubt put Moxey off doing that and baring in mind where we are in the table and the fact we need to offload he is probably right.


I can't see him bringing another striker in. All depends on who goes and how much is available from the transfers.


Good news. Let's see him up front with Cassidy this weekend. Hopefully they can build a partnership that works.


You can never be certain, but if a football fan from another galaxy was looking in on Wolves over the past 12 months he/she/it would no doubt conclude that the timing of each managerial sacking/appointment, allied to the timing of the selling of players, appears primed to allow as little time/opportunity to seriously consider the squad and spend on fresh talent as possible. The being would probably conclude that - with instant warnings of a '40 man squad that needs trimming' from the latest incumbent (though it might've been from a Saunders-look-a-like hand puppet with Mr Moxey's hand up its jacksy) - yes, little will be spent, on no one of note, from Lidl Town and Aldi Rovers, and intended as more 'for the future', whom we loan out until, until eventually allowing them to leave... but say they make up this 'bloated' 40-man squad. Aren't like ten of the current '40' out on loan at present, and another ten or more injured? Sounds more like a 20 man squad already Dean.

Tricky Dicky

Can we all have that in English please!?!


No players coming in.All money gone on Stalebacon compo,and paying off WV1 and museum staff.


Stephen Ward is a striker...................

Roaring Boy

100% agree but like yer man says squad is imbalanced then who is going to play left back, we dont have another. Too many players who are just not good enough

Chillo Wolf



I doubt any major purchases like Rancor_Bait! All sounds as though the object is to reduce costs and prepare for a stint in Championship! Where is the ambition? Where's the cash Mr Morgan? If we wait to unload some of the dross we have, we could be in for a long wait (2 years seems OK for our owners to dally!). Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!!!!!!!!!!

Mark B

3 Strikers?

What about wardy, and the lad in the column.


Mark B & Others - I think what he meant was that he only had three strikers to choose from, fit enough to play last Friday. A bit ambigous I grant you.


Quite right. The quote about three strikers was originally reported by the E&S before the Blackburn match. It is a bit misleading to try to re-contextualise it as part of a report about BBS coming back from injury. ....It gets a reaction I suppose.

Saunders Foot

I keep bangin on about it but Thelwell is the important cog in our wheel of squad improvement. Hopefully in a few months time, if any player is needed for any position, Kev will have dossier on players that offer both quality and value for money. I got a feelin that solbakken probably had the edge over Saunders in the pin-pointing of targets ,but this can be overcome if we get in a couple of star attributes, get the ball rolling, and let Saunders have more time gelling the team. He said last week that 75% of his last jobs were nothing to do with football, we can all only hope that this stopped as soon as he signed for Wolves.

If the weathers gettin you down , just have a browse on the boggies thread, they're talkin bout relegation,lol...lookin at the up and coming fixtures they might have a point. We'll have to board our windows up when the booing starts again. Fickle or what!

Sir Lupi

Just a rumour, but I have heard Saunders is very interested is signing Ollie Palmer from Havant & Waterlooville.

Don't pre-judge this guy, he is quality, Chelsea have also been sniffing around this 6' 4" powerhouse.

I big forward for Doyle, Ebanks ir Siggy to play off is just what we need.

Tipton Wolves

If Deano is interested in palmer then I think he could be a good player for wolves with hoof balls he could score headed goals for us. 6'5 and scoring about 15 goals for H and W and with better players around him.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Will he be cheap?


Should cost around a taxi fare and a new set of training balls


40 players??? wow! and still no decent full backs or right wingers amongst them!


Stephen Ward is a striker...................

God Help Us

Orlando Wolves

Correct me if I am wrong by all means, but, I believe the last time Ward played in a striker position, he scored the winning goal at Liverpool.


Yep, I can correct you, he played up front the next game away at West Ham and we lost 2-0

Orlando Wolves

Then I stand corrected !


Well said!! Let's stop all this rubbish comments!!


The only players anyone wants are the three strikers, Seb Notts Forest, Doyler Reading and Jake Tranmere!


Fozzy Bear

Jeeez ! There's some nincompoops on their computors today. Must be the snow keeping them in and irresponsible parents leaving the child locks off.

The guy has only had a few days and has to be allowed to assess what he's got rather than take the word of people who get on here. I'm sure he was talking retrospectively about the strikers he had available on Friday, hence the remark about SEB being slightly doubtful with a hamstring problem.

The window, as always, has been relatively quiet, so don't condemn Steve Morgan yet and FGS give Dean Saunders a chance !


Hey Fozzie you still got a drawing of Joe Jordan I did for you years ago?

Wolf Blast

The focus should be on defence in my view as consistently it has been our weak point. If we can tighten up the back then we can then look at midfield and attack. I think if we got our defenders sorted and Frimpong on loan that would eb a goof windows work. The reality is that as others have commented that money will be the deciding factor.

Tipton Wolves

I like to see Siggy play against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday cos if we going to play hoof ball then Siggy could score some headed goals.

Chicago Wolves

Frimpong? Is there talk of him coming back?

chris h

He has got an awful injury record,so he is probably on our radar. Jez is always on the lookout for a bargain.The fact that he is never fit ,what has that got to do with it?

Orlando Wolves

To be fair, a torn Anteior Cruciate Ligament will give anyone an appalling injury record over the 9-12 months it takes to fully recover.

Before this reconstructive surgery was available, this injury would have ended his career.

Dudley Buoy

Do your work, Dean, assessing this the squad. I anticipate you will conclude we have a lot , especially those who got us relegated, who need to be shown the door.The quicker they go the better as they have under-performed for well over 12 months now. I don't mind this season being a write off as long as we get rid of the dead wood.If they haven't performed for 12 months, surely they need to go.

Sam Wolf

Gerald, these words such as better, quality, talented don’t enter into your vocabulary, it’s more like buy 40 on the cheap or average and we may be able to turn them into a profit or in your case a loss.

Finally, a manager who knows that talent and quality is the answer unfortunately he will need a Kango to get it into Gerald’s head and an Oil Rig to get the money out.

What a mess, 40 players that were expected to survive in the Prem are just off the bottom Championship, that’s Gerald’s way of running the club, Corner shop.

chris h

Sam, I don't know.mate. I think he likes better cars(certainly faster cars},better holidays[ ,especially at Christmas}.It is just the day job that he does on the cheap.

john Evesham

my goodness there are some moaning minnies who are Wolves fans! Give the manager achance to get to know his squad - after all its 3 times bigger than what he' is used to!

Scowling Joe

No. He's had enough time!

Stalebacon OUT!!!!


Hate to tell you this Joe but we sacked Solbakken a couple of weeks back. Welcome back to the human race from wherever you've been hiding :)


He's taking the mick!!!

Dan the Man

We know from experience that the club does not spend big on individual players. And let's face it, who would want to join the club anyway - apart from lower league talent?

Personally, I don't care where they come from. I don't care if they get their main income from flipping burgers in a fast food restaurant. As long as they can do the business at Championship level, that's OK with me. But it does sum up the £1 shop mentality that will prevail under Moxey and Morgan.

Oh well, back to sleep. Wake me up when (more likely IF) something happens.

PS. Before I nod off - only 40 players and 3 strikers? Guess you'll have to get use to becoming a chain smoker, Deano.

paul davo

Same old songs coming out of wolves, not enough strikers well if we had not sold our best players and got rid of the dead wood, we could have paid off the contracts or took low fees for the dead wood and be sitting top of the league, and it would not cost much to buy 2 or 3 top players ready for the return to the prem, after all the two M:s say this season we will be 30m down from dropping out the prem, so when we miss out this season that will be 60m , total madness.

Deano is talking about quality rather than quantity, thank goodness for that. Cheap is not good and good is not cheap. Ship 15 players out and sign 5 better ones. Simples! Should be possible to do this and end up all square financially as a result. Deano is a good 2-year project, but, hey, that's not to say we can't make the playoffs this season.

South bank wolf

Don't know why we don't just get rid of some players on free transfers and have done with it!

We have been linked to loads of players over the past week and I can only see a striker coming in!

Wolf Blast

I think there is a danger of that but what we are good at is generally keeping the lid on things until they are done or almost down. The problem is very few of them have been good business.

Defence first and then work your way through the team which means we can survive and rebuild when Dean has a better handle on everyone and havea big clear out as so many have suggested.

Taxi for ?

Spot on John Evesham to many FIFA13 managers on here some on here don't know how to support a club think they would rather see us go the Portsmouth route. we need to ofload first.

Stop the moaning FFS.



My big fear is that over the transfer window,the useful players will be sold off still leaving the deadwood intact at Molineux.

quality counts

The question is simple, why did we get a low budget new manager? Spend Morgan, ya should have gone for someone who has taken a team to the Premiership, not someone learning his craft... its why we are going to be a lower table team, when Saunders gets better so will the playing adults game I fear.

Brittany Wolves

Should take a look at Imbulla at Guingamp in France saw him play at left back just before Christmas young fast good in the tackle. Also knows how to score see goal last weekend v Le Harve.

give it to doyler

Im glad he is back someone with real talent , shame I keep having the same nightmare everyday that henry , ward, berra, stearman, edwards and last but not least our profilic striker doyle are still at the wolves ! Think it will take years to rid the club of them .


There will be at least one signing, maybe two if you include loanees. However, they will be short term as Dean has been briefed, out before in. I fully agree having a smaller more competitive squad has itd merits but where do the 2 unremarkables (SM &JM) come from. It is not as though these half wit signings happened without there sanction. The problem we have is that a large proportion of these so called "deadwoods" cannot be forced to take wage cuts regardless of whether we think they should. Therefore, unless a club is going to pay at least their current wage, plus Jez's vaulation, they're going nowhere until their contracts expire. Net result, pretty much the same core of players for the next 18-24 months. Perhaps we'll have another view of Mad Mick if Dean cannot get more out of these players.



Ayr Wolves

Surely Griff is a striker loaned out to Hibs and come you lot give Dean a chance I'm sure he spotted a few exciting player in League one and I bet some fresh faces come in before the end of the month.


farmer ted, agree, probably kids stuck at home, no school, bored. but at least we did'nt throw away a 2 goal lead with 20 minutes left to a team bottom of the league, eh?


whos the man who scored a last minute equaliser againest blues (adam hammil a wolves man good orthodox right winger proven in this league !) who is cracking in goals for hibs in scotland leigh griffiths a wolves man a striker! get them both back! give them a shot! who are all these centre halves on the books? give them all a chance for gods sake is hunt nearly fit????? can we have some communication do something!!!


Well if DS states he wants a squad of around 25 that can challenge for a starting place then he does'nt need anymore strikers does he? unless he's planning to offload one we already have there's no point. SEB and Doyle are probably your first choice with Bjorn and Cassidy as reserves, if one gets injured Mcalinden is there to get a chance. In theory a 25 man squad means he should have at least 2 players for each position that could play.

Ikeme, De Vries and Hennessey(when fit)

Zubar and Foley

Johnson, Berra, Batth and Margreiter

Left backs we have none (no i don't consider Ward as a left back)

Peszko and Boukari

Henry, O'Hara, Doumbia and Davis

Sako and Ismail

SEB, Doyle, Bjorn and Cassidy

add 2 left backs we have 23 players so theres room for another defender and another midfielder, Forde could/should go out on loan.

Players sold should be Stearman, Ward, Hammill, Griffiths for a start

manc andy

Well,,whats the game come to when its hard to find players that want to run,Id of thought the minimum requirement for any footballer would be a willingness to run, especially seen as they carnt seem to head it, pass it or shoot straight at the minute, UTW

Itcheycoo Park.

Some dour comments on here! Never mind, THE THROSTLES down the road are have got problems again, as well as poor recent form.


I wish we had the same problems as them - however I couldn't help laughing at this ....

"Birmingham face competition to sign striker Adam Cunnington from non-league Tamworth"

The Unhappy Wanderer

Bit of advice for Deano. If, as he says, the squad is too big, don't make the same mistake as Solbakken and keep picking underperforming players (not Solbakken's only mistake, of course). People like Henry, Berra, Foley, and especially Doyle, might feel motivated to play a bit better if they don't assume they are never going to be dropped.