Dean Saunders vows to excite Wolves fans

Wolves manager Dean Saunders today promised to have fans on the edge of their seats with exciting and winning football.


The new boss kicks off another era with tonight’s televised visit of managerless Blackburn before an expectant Molineux.

And Saunders is aiming to erase any concern at his appointment by bringing back the passion and energy missing under sacked boss Stale Solbakken.

Saunders has told the players to get on the front foot to get Molineux rocking again.

He said: “ I have told the players that, in the first 10 minutes, we have to show the supporters we mean business.

“I’m sure they will be on the edge of their seats. We have got to give them something to cheer. If the tempo of our game is too slow, it will be like sitting in a library.

"Wolves supporters get excited by effort and passion and we’ve got to excite the supporters. I want to sit in the dugout and enjoy what I’m watching.”

Saunders added: “I will get this team winning. “My job description is to win games and I’m obliged to entertain the public who pay to get in.

"So what they’re watching has got to be entertaining as well. If you have got money you can do it quicker, but it still takes time to build a team.”

Saunders urged the fans to stay behind the team after revealing the way the crowd can ‘turn’ is something the opposition play on.

He said: “One of the weaknesses about this place is, if Wolves aren’t winning inside the first half an hour, the crowd might get on their backs or the players crumble.

“So everyone here has got to rise above that. “We’ve got to be able to take a 1-0 win no matter how it comes, because there will be games where we win 4-0.”

Chairman Steve Morgan believes there has been a lack of effort from players and Saunders insisted that will not be tolerated.

He said: “If there is a lack of effort, then I will tell them ‘I did instruct you what to do – don’t be surprised if you’re shown the door.'"

Meanwhile, Wolves under-21 defender Ethan Ebanks-Landell has rejoined League One side Bury on loan until February 9.

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Comments for: "Dean Saunders vows to excite Wolves fans"

Uncle Bob

DS is certainly making all the right noises... Let's not get excited just yet, let's just see what happens tonight....

Wise man said.....

I'll be more interested to see what happens AFTER tonight.............


You might have to show a few the door tonight.

Deano , Deano , Deano


I had my reservations, but everytime this man speaks he impresses me more and more......

Exciting times.....

Shame it came just a little too late transfer-wise, he may get a few in, but im concerned he will sell players we want to keep i.e. SEB!!!!! he seems the type that will listen to fans though :)

out of darkness cometh light!


You thought that about Stale also

Cookridge Wolf

Couldn't agree more, getting the 'tingle' back thinking about tonight's game. UTW!!!

The North Bank

'players we want to keep such as SEB'

He is slow, overweight, his positional play is awful and the shadow of a player he was when he won the championship golden boot.

Saunders should attempt to offload him and rake a few notes for him.

But to be fair to him he has been a decent player over the years for the club


Im not excited with the names we have been linked to recently as transfer targets. Why add to an already huge squad with even more players to sit on the bench. I would rather see someone who would get into the side.

Solbakken DVD Club

I agree, Jason Scotland? The guy can't get a game at Ipswich. May as well re-sign Marcus Bent and Marlon Harewood, or even get Big Chris back in.

Mick Mccarthy 'put a shift in' club

couldnt agree more, we've also been linked with a bid for Andy Webster who from what I've seen is very similar to Berra. And we all know how bad Berra is.


its because saunders has already been told that he hasnt got any money to spend.

and as for the big squad - most of its made up of kids. i count about 23 players who are actually experienced and fit

Scowling Joe

Lets tell Morgon and Moxbury exactly what we want!!

Stalebacon OUT!!!!!

Left back required


Bojangles Wolf

I like what Im hearing from Deano... I just hope the players take on board what he is saying dont let him down.

I hope he succeeds and makes us a force. Time will tell!

Come On You Wolves!!!!

Dean Saunders Gold and Black Army!!!


Deano is coming out with all the right noises,so lets get behind him.

It's what the team needs is a kick up the backside,a new voice,new idea's and lets hope better football.

This side to side back to the defence passing was painful to watch at times,so if we can get the ball down and get the tempo right from the go tonight then come on we should win quite comfortably.

Wolves on paper have massively underachieved this season and we should be minimum be in the playoffs right now,lets regroup finish up as high as the league possible and kick on next season in the Championship.


That suit is certainly exciting, although it would be stretching the definition somewhat to describe it as "winning"...

English Exile

Dean Saunders vows to excite Wolves fans.....

Nice to hear Dean and good luck getting the 11 extra players you will need...

The only way this squad will excite me is for them to leave......

Almost all of them have been McCarthyised, which, for the uninitiated, is pass it backwards until it gets to the goalie, then chase after it after the keeper has booted it up the park....


Battle plan? I don't even need to go to the match to know what it'll be. Hoof!


You clearly haven't watched Doncaster this season. You're shooting the bloke down before he's implented his changes.

Wolves fans like you do my nut in.


Cowshed Lad

You clearly haven't seen the dross that he has got to work with. You happy clappers suddenly believe that we are going to storm this league just because we have a new manager!! He still has a load of muppets that dont care what happens to us. Lets see after tonight who exactly has their heart in the Wolves. I say don't pay them again till we win, then you'll see a totally differnt team I bet.

Saunders Foot

Is there anybody else out there who's sick and tired of this 'style of play' claptrap.? Most of us remember the Inter and more recent Chelsea performances against Barca, neither team put 3 passes together but both went on to give the fans the best day of their lives. Tippy - tapp, long ball, counter attack.....the best teams can do the lot, the best teams do what they gotta do to WIN. Ferguson was asked about it once, "good players win games, not tactics" was the reply, the question we should ask ourselves is ...are our players good enough to get us challenging? The extra fitness should make a difference, but that dusty cheque book should still come into play and make us far less predictable. Fresh start tonight please lads...


No, our players are not good enough to "get us challenging." No pace at the back, no composure on the ball and no creativity in midfield.

It will be interesting to see what has happened by the end of this window. There will be no promotion challenge, nor much change in the current position, without some incoming quality.


Big words Deano! I hope that you are right!

Dean Saunders Black and Gold Army

Well dean definately talks a good game lets hope he can deliver! Lets get behind the team tonite and not turn on them


I only hope that your words do not come back to haunt you!


Lets do the talking on the pitch enough said now and good luck for tonight UTW.


let's hope the football is better than his suit choice !

Great Barr Wolves

I think Deano has swallowed the PR manual, he's definitley saying everything that everybody wants to here just hope it all comes true for us. Jason Scotland, yes 5 years ago, now no thanks. Good luck tonight lads its the start of your last chance at the club!

Aldridge Wolf

Deano seems to be saying all of the right things so lets hope that the proof is in the pudding tonight. Personally, I'll be dead happy to see us playing with a bit of width and some urgency at last because its been so boring watching Wolves this season.

Good luck Deano, come on you Wolves!!!

Dan the Man

Deano is appearing to make all the right sounds. If he lives up to what he has said, then perhaps we can see a ray or two of sunshine again. Will take time to disperse all the clouds though!


So much for the talking, now let's see some real action!


so basically he doesnt have a clue does he. style of football = make it up as we go along, and if you cant do that - run around a lot


The odd kick at goal would be a start


Too much bravado too soon for me, but at least we're all getting excited rather than suicidal. People are forgetting that the majority of the Wolves team had been DYSFUNCTIONAL under McCarthy for his last 6 months, as well as under Connor and Solbakken. They have developed a phobia of playing well under any manager or tactics! Can anyone actually remember what it looks like when Henry, Doyle, Blake etc. play well?? I can't...

tamworth youth

if he gets the players playing as good as he talks ,we will have one hell of a team out there to night ,come on you WOLVES


ST holder in the south bank. Can't make tonight due to a family bereavement but will be watching on TV.....good luck DS and to the on me babbies, lets get thsi season going!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COYW


Always wary when a manager of any organisation says "we will do this and that". It usually means all talk and no improvement.

Still doesn't alter the fact that the team, mainly purchased by McMuppet, is over-valued and average at best. We will suffer the loss of 80 million on useless players for some time yet.

Still, one lives in hope if one dies in despair. Apparently, it's all going to be action in the first 10 minutes but no indication what happens in the other 80 minutes. Probably the triple H display (hoof, head and hope)

Farmer Ted

All of the professional pundits say what an enthusiastic and energetic man Dean Saunders is, and it certainly comes over in the numerous interviews and quotes he'd made this week. Five days is a very tall order to turn this ship around, but, hopefully if his enthusiasm can rub off on a team that's been clearly lacking it under the last regime there are players good enough to make a fist of it tonight.Also suspect he will revert to sensible British tactics and discard the unworkable zonal marking system. Thank the Lord !

Law of averages says we are due to beat Blackburn at home and alsojust a win at home is look out for the draw !

It'll be interesting which team he picks tonight, probably won't be too different from the one that's let us down so badly recently

Roaring Boy

Only 1 team Arsenal, have managed to rip up how the team play and ethics of the club.

That was never going to happen with us with the numpties we have playing for us. I have been brought up on my old man saying we got the ball up quickly to Hancocks and Mullen they wipped in crosses. When I was a kid high ball up to Dougan who knocked it down for Richards to score. Ball over the top for Bully to run on to - that is Wolverhampton Wanderers, that is what we are about. I'm in my mid 40's and Mick Mcarthy was my favourite manager, but his time was up forget the end of season on survial Sunday he deserved another chance. The game Mcarthy should have gone was the after we lost 0-3 to QPR, the Kelvin Henry game.

Forget Solbakken should have given us more time, we stuck with him we would have gone down. Good guy but not right.

Lets get behind Deano making right noises - sounds like a Wolves Manager

Daz Wolf

Is it wrong and misguided to get excited about all this. We are hearing all the right things being said and I believe we already have the players in the club to play top, winning footy they just need direction. I don't think tonight will be the night to judge though still too early. I will take a draw.


There's some shockingly negative comments on here from some people....

Is Dean Saunders known for his 'hoof it' football? No. Quite the opposite, but it doesnt stop people maoning about the way he'll get us playing before a ball is even kicked. Ridiculous!

I wasn't too impressed when it was announced he was our choice, but the guy is definitely saying all the right things and he deserves our full support.

Could be very exciting times ahead, so get behind them and raise the roof from the first whistle, will give our team a much better platform and environment to perform the way we want them to.

Not sure id produce my best at work if i had 20 odd thousand giving me a hard time while i sat at my desk. Although having said that, theyve deserved everything thats been given to them over the last few weeks.

But those are the old days, these are the new!!


wolves benalmadena

Dean Saunders is saying a lot let us hope the players match his hype, i have been quite excited by what he has been saying until i saw in the E&S that he thought StephenHunt was a Premier League player, now the alarm bells are beginning to sound. Hunt has never and never will be Premier league class, he has never ever beaten anyone by dribbling which is a must for a winger and never makes a tackle without giving away a foul, just one of Mcarthy's put a shift in headless chickens which we already have more than enough of, what we need is a bit of quality not over the hill runners.


Lets hope Dean, as given ALL the players a good kick up the axxe, and told them how lucky they are to be very well paid footballers, living a life of luxury, that supporters can only dream of. I agree with him, that we need to get at them from the first whistle. I will take 1-0 wins every game, Arsenal won the League doing just that. And at least look as though their interested in playing for WWFC. Their is plenty of time to turn our season around, if the players are willing to dig deep and fight for our club,and show some pride in wearing the Gold and Black once again, and fight for the new manager that THEY wanted. GOOD LUCK TONIGHT LADS: UTW:

wanderer in eire

Give the man a chance "ANDY".Stale wanted to play barca style and these players were not upto the passing game.

Also anyone who watched barcalona last night will know not only do these guys play brilliant football but the tracking harrassing and winning the ball is second to none even when they are 4-0 UP.


Sounds good Deano, but so did Stale. You know what will happen when or if you don't deliver...................?

The Flying Winger

His first few days have been good and he has quickly identified the issues with training and coaching etc, I am sure we all wish him well and it is important for everyone to stick with him tonight and the rest if the month.

He along with Morgan will be judged with what happens in the transfer window because unless he is a super star, he will not achieve with the current staff.

He will probably go with the same team tonight.

Great Barr Wolves

Got to be realistic about tonight because who would you all fancy in a contest between RHODES and BERRA?

Phil Smith

He's the new manager. Does anyone really expect him to make the wrong noises?

The facts remain. These players are not good enough. He'll soon find that out. Then lets see if the board will back him...I doubt it.


Does this mean that Kelvin wont be passing backwards and sideways !!!!


Good luck tonight lads, get stuck into em. COME ON THE WOLVES.

Woolfie 4371

You can talk a good game DS but its all talk because you've done nothing of anything to write about in your managerial career. And I for one think you can talk a good game but I'm not convinced you can deliver giving your record at Big clubs Wrexham and Doncaster .you didn't exactly bring quality to them so not expecting you to deliver here. But I will give you the 20 games to turn it around but I'm don't expect you to get anymore than 18 points from the 20 games. Your a cheap choice in my opinion .


It will be interesting to see what team he picks based on performances off the training ground and who is actually fit? In my opinion Doherty, Batth and Reckford should play! Foley, Berra, Ward, Stearman, Edwards, Hammill and now the idiot Griffiths, should be frogmarched out the ground!


Sadly we didnt hear a word from Steve Morgan during all the past few weeks turmoil but chatty now on the video with his new houses. Still no explanation as to why matters were allowed to continue for so long. Best of luck tonight Wolves . Hopefully 3 points.

wembley 74

I've told you all before. Forget his lack of experience. After my initial doubt it's his infectious enthusiasm that does it for me. It's priceless that, believe me. He's Kevin Keegan in disguise!! (circa N'Castle '92 & Man City '02). Just you wait and see!


Under mcarthy, Connor, Stalebacon from the kick off the ball is rolled back to the keeper then hoooooofed down the middle and back it comes, Im amazed no one comments about this, your not telling me that all 3 managers have sat down before the game and instructed this diabolical way to start a game ? It must be down to bad players,the first rule in football must be to keep posession and dont give the ball away cheaply, exactly what we havent done for 2 years. If we start like this tonight the beer bottle is going through the plasma, im sick of it. Heres hoping we actually try and play football but im not holding my breath


You will find many managers and coaches insist on their teams putting the ball onto the oppositions back line at the earliest opportunity. the ploy is to put them under pressure before theyve had a chance to assess the pace of the game. Sometimes, not very often it results in a mistake which can lead to greater things.

Bad players ? Not a chance, it's a basic opening gambit.


Give Me 3 point every week and I don't care how we play(well I do but 3 pnts are 3 pnts)

Good luck for tonight Wolves aye we

Saunders has made enough comments to fill a book already in his few short days at the club. There is a confusing mixture of common sense, contradiction, passion and old school discipline in there but at least he sounds excited and ready to shake the players out of their current torpor.

I suppose that depending on the result to-night the message boards will be filled with either doom merchants predicting relegation or over optimists claiming play offs are possible.

I don't think either scenario is remotely likely. Let's all keep our feet on the ground, not come to hasty conclusions and give him the last 20 games to try and sort things out, impose his own style and methods and see where he takes us next season.

We should not expect miracles in the transfer market either. He has been quoted as saying that the type of player he gets in depends on whether he shops at Lidl or Marks and Spencer. I think we know which is more likely with M & M controlling the credit card.

Old Golds Worth More

Actually looking forward to tonights match, with something more then the doom and gloom I've was feeling towards the end of Stale's reign. If we do get anybody in during this window, then please, please, make them class acts, we've got loads of bench warmers here already!

Up the Wolves

Alan in Cyprus

Can't wait for 9-45pm tonight.

Let's all back the Wolves.


To be fair he sounds great. Doesnt pull his punches.

On a note about Griffiths, get rid asap. For him to put a comment about McDonalds on Twitter after Dean had commented to cut out all McDonalds etc.......... is a direct attempt to anger the manager and board. His attitude stinks, never mind the racism he is supposed to have come out with...............


Morgan is only interested in his REDROW, he will not spend money on decent players. We have a cheap manager doing all the right talking. Cannot see how we can make playoffs. We will be just a mid table team. what did Saunders achieve at Wrexham and Doncaster exactly, I missed it sorry.

super dude

how about a signing or 2 to help the new man out mr moxey?!!!!!


Do you think we're all in a position now where we can safely describe Leigh Griffiths as "troubled" or "problematic"?


Yesterday, whike I was listening to my car radio, The Who's famous song, "Won't Get Fooled Again" came on. The whole time listening to it, it took on new meani g for me.

I am hoping that Deano and his positive vibes sink into the fans as much a we hope it will his playing staff. Let's aim to be a spearhead of support these next few weeks, to give Saunders and Company a fair crack of the whip, to make the Molineux a bastion of "true" Old Gold and Black die-hard support!

Wolves 3-2 Rovers


good luck deano, you will need it with all the idiots who make comments on here

even if wwfc lose tonight, back deano, otherwise we have nothing. just look at wba


Well done Deano - good first result

They looked hungry and the equaliser was much deserved. First time in ages I actually enjoyed watching the Wolves.

Keep it up and must try harder!!!

Patrick Thorpe ( nephew of John Ireland - a former Chairman of Wolves)


rushall wolves

Let's hope some of Deano's enthusiasm rubs off on some of the so called WW supporters who have sent in their comments. What on earth do you expect DS to say to motivate a team who have been completely lacking in motivation this season?

Albion fans do my head in but marginally less than some of the WW fans and their comments on this page.

Well done Deano and the Wolves for the result tonight. Let's build on this. UTW!

a point, is better than nothing!

wwfc players were shocked at the amount of times they found themselves in the oppostion's penalty area,

3 opinions from tonights game,

1. foley is not a midfielder

2.ward is not a defender

and doyle is finished.

at least dean saunders has halted the run of defeats, now to sheff wed away.

Noodely Vague

Like many previous subscribers I will refer to moxey,s contribution to our downfall over the last few years.Just how much say does he have in the running of the club.? Having worked with many Stoke supporters I well remember their pleasure when they found out he was leaving Stoke and their taunts when they knew he was joining Wolves..You,ll never do any good with that clown at the club was the polite version of what I was told.How true they were.Stoke have gone only one way since the demise of moxey and Wolves the other since his joining Wolves.Perhaps morgan should take more notice of Stoke than his Liverpool mates,and more interest in football than skiing and building sites.As a 75 year old season ticket holder I have witnessed many great times as a Wolves fanatic and nearly as many sad ones.Unfortunately this is one of the sad ones.